3 Steps to Retrain Your Brain So You Can Be More Productive Than Ever

June 27, 2017

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This may seem strange, but I thought of you in the shower.

Amidst the soap and steam, my mind was busy working out how to best inspire you to watch this episode. (This is a regular occurrence. Making weekly videos is no small feat — so you’d better believe that I’m equally as invested in you watching them.)

Two distinct approaches emerged. Both have their merits.

Approach #1: Emphasize the neuroscience, ease of application and undeniable productivity gains that come from implementing the 3 strategies shared in today’s show. Because what you’re about to learn will undoubtedly help you when it comes to prioritizing tasks and increasing your overall productivity.

Approach #2: Mention the appearance of a turquoise mankini (man included), a dancing T-Rex and an homage to what some claim is the world’s very first choreographed dance video, circa 1981. While science-backed approaches to boosting productivity should be enough of a lure, who can resist a well-placed mankini?

Thankfully, you’re about to get both. Our world is more distraction prone than ever before and that trend is not slowing down anytime soon. The good news is this:

When it comes to productivity, you have the power to take back your time, energy and focus.

But it will require a change in thinking and behavior. If you want to get big, meaningful projects done and feel a sense of vitality while you do it, these 3 steps will help.

DIVE DEEPER: Stuck in perfection paralysis? These five strategies will help you strive for progress, not perfection, and finally achieve your dreams.

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One last note, you can also listen to the podcast version of this episode on iTunes or Stitcher, however — I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention you’ll miss some priceless visuals from the video version!

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