Relationship Problems: Should you take business advice from your spouse?

June 11, 2013

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Trying to “outman your man” can take the spark out of your business and your bedroom.

Today I’m writing you from Italy about a topic that can get as firery as a good sugo all’arribbiata!

Riddle me this:

Have you ever taken — or totally resisted — business advice from your spouse/significant other?

For many of us, we resist way more than we take. So strange that it’s often the person we love the most that we hate to take advice from.

Well if you can relate to this struggle, watch as I share four simple, but powerful, questions to ask yourself to help relieve the tension.

(By the way — I used to be horrible about taking business advice from Josh and, thankfully, I’ve gotten better. He has some damn good ideas and I’d be a freakin’ idiot not to listen to him!)

If you can relate to this topic, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Specifically, do you take business advice from your spouse/significant other?

If so — are you happy to get it or does it cause tension?

Leave a comment with your best strategy for keep the peace at home when you’re both smart, ambitious and driven.

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