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September 26, 2011

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I had no idea this was going to be such a gut wrencher.

Over the past five days I’ve been watching, reading, crying, laughing and then re-watching and re-reading in absolute awe of YOU.

From the rapping, to the singing, to the incredible use of animation, graphics, music and the pictures you’ve painted with your words, you’ve inspired me to the core.

Your businesses and dreams are so unique, so gorgeous, and so needed in this world.

Many of you are succeeding wildly right now and need help expanding to the next level, and many of you are just beginning your journey.

Wherever you’re at, I want you to know I believe in you. I’m cheering you on and I know you can do this!

The amount of time and effort you’ve poured into your entries is fully appreciated.

While I do have an amazing team supporting me, I want you to know that I’ve reviewed every entry.   With over 260 entries this year, it’s taken me a wee bit of time :).

Thank you for having the courage, the creativity and the chutzpah to publicly declare your dreams. Simply by sharing your story, you’ve made a deep impact on me.

But what really stopped me dead in my tracks, though, is the beauty and generosity of our community.

The connection that’s formed from this, ahem, “competition” is just awesome. I use sarcastic quotes there because this has been the most non-competitive competition I’ve ever seen!

To witness strangers sharing such deep support, love and respect for each other’s dreams is a clear demonstration of what our world can be.

It’s a small taste of the kind of community we are collectively creating together right now.

Without further adieu, here are the winners this year.

Grand Prize Winner

A complimentary ticket to RHH Live, two nights in a hotel and a snazzy ride from the airport to the event goes to…

1. Marlo Balmanno– She’s an incredible designer, mom and wife who fully deserves a weekend at RHH Live to recharge and strategize her next level of growth. Be sure to read her entry!

Additional winners!

As always, it’s impossible for me to choose just ONE person. The following women are awarded one scholarship ticket to RHH Live.

1. Paloma– I love her “challenge” to me and it’s officially GAME ON.

2. Genevieve Cote– Genevieve with her purple hair and love of herbs, won us over.

3. Share Ross– Share perfectly illustrated the “fear” that can hold us all back, plus, she rocks. Literally.

4. Joanixx Ochart– Joanixx will represent for our Spanish speaking sistas!

5.  Corinna Hood– The 22 year-old owner of Jitters Coffee House and lounge in Kansas. I love supporting young entrepreneurs.

6.  Katrina Padron– Open heart, clarity in her message and gentleness in her delivery.

7.  Rebecca Berdel– Motion Graphics artist. Probably the quirkiest of the crew, and, we love supporting female leaders in media and tech.

Please give our winners some love in the comments below!

My promise to you…

I will continue to pack as much value as I can into my free weekly videos and find new, creative ways to bring you the best tools, strategies and resources to help you achieve your dreams.

Thanks again for all of your support and I hope to see you at RHH Live October 21st – 23rd!


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