Women: A Bold Approach To Reclaim Your Power

September 20, 2016

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“Marie, can I come over? I’ve got a BIG decision to make fast — and what I’m thinking of doing right now feels a little crazy.”

This was two summers ago when a friend of mine was contemplating the title for her latest book. One in particular was…how shall we say it, uncommonly brave.

While I knew she’d given significant thought and consideration to all her options, I could feel her apprehension about making the final call. That’s because a bold book title like this could:

  • Get her banned from certain media outlets
  • Unleash the Kraken of puritanical haters
  • Damage her reputation

Naturally, I proceeded to do what any good friend would do. I made her muscle test it in my kitchen. (Side note: If you’ve parsed through any significant dilemma using your intellect and reason and still have doubt — your body knows your answer.)

Fast forward to today.

I’m proud she opted for the brave choice: Pussy: A Reclamation.

Regena’s book wisely questions many assumptions we’ve held about one of the most pejorative words in the English language and challenges us to return that word to its rightful place as a sacred living prayer.

This is a rich conversation and speaks to reclaiming the part of ourselves that’s been pushed far underground. Because all of us, regardless of sexual preference or gender identity, hold within us both masculine and feminine energies.

Unfortunately, the majority of us have been taught so much about the masculine (hand raised!) and very little about the feminine. The challenges this imbalance creates, both individually and collectively, is what Regena’s book aims to address.

If you’ve got little ones around and don’t want them to hear the word Pussy a bunch of times, please wear headphones for this episode.

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