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Should You Quit Or Commit? 2 Ways To Find The Answer

January 13, 2015

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Let’s talk for a minute about what it takes to accomplish something important.


Writing and selling a book. Starting and running a profitable business. Reaching your ideal weight, and staying there. Working your buns off to create lasting social change.

You know. Bringing any seemingly out-there or even “impossible” creative idea into physical reality.

Most of us start new endeavors with total optimism. We’re either super confident. “I soo got this.” Or at least, enthusiastic and hopeful. “I think this could really work!”

But during any project, there comes a point when the proverbial shiz hits the fan.

Plans go haywire. You get sick or creatively blocked. Key players disappear, have accidents or meltdowns. Technology decides not to work. In other words, you get slapped hard by Murphy’s law.

It’s usually around this point when the thought of giving up crosses our minds. We wonder…

“Is this really worth it? Is this some weird cosmic test to see how truly committed I am or is this a sign from the Universe to cut my losses and get out?”

If you’ve ever struggle with the question, “Should I commit or quit,” you’ll love today’s episode of MarieTV.

I’ll tell you about an expensive meltdown that happened in my business a few years back. One that made me realize I should absolutely quit (and I’m sooo happy I did).

Plus, you’ll learn two specific strategies to help find your answer to the often agonizing quit or commit dilemma.

Today’s topic is really important, especially for us as creative risk takers. Logic isn’t always the best guide for the quit vs. commit question. Your heart is.

Following your own gut, even when other people think you’re crazy, is a key strength to cultivate in life. Especially when you’re taking risks creatively, personally and professionally.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Do you subscribe to the notion that quitters never win?

Have you ever faced the choice: commit or quit? If so, what helped you decide?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

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