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Do Your Clients Drain Your Energy? This Could be the Problem.

April 5, 2011

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I just got back from an amazing weekend in Toronto.

One of my B-School clients made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  She invited me out for a rock-n-roll photoshoot weekend.  It was AMAZING.  Full-on hair and make-up, crazy clothes and in the sexiest little hotel called the Gladstone.

Plus, I had a chance to see some of my Adventure Mastermind clients, shop, see a movie and indulge in my all time favorite naughty food, Poutine. (In Jersey, we just call it what it is: mozzarella fries + gravy)

I’ll have photos to share with you shortly.

Big lesson here.  Many of my “clients” also become friends.  How is that?  Because I’ve consciously created my business to attract people who I love to spend time with.  Clients who energize and inspire me.

Do your clients energize and inspire you or, are you secretly saying this to yourself…

“I looove what I do, but I feel freakin’ exhausted when I’m done working with clients.”

Sound familiar?  Yeah, I’ve been there too.  It’s nothing to feel ashamed of and thankfully, there’s a fast and fun fix.

If your clients drain your energy, you may be missing an important “client identity” refinement that can make all the difference.   So much so that you’ll actually start feeling more energized after a full day of working with clients.

Watch this video and learn what I mean and how you can put this strategy into practice right now.

Action Jackson time:  In the comments below, list YOUR top ten attributes and tell me what concrete actions you’ll take as a result of watching this video.

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