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The #1 Marketing Strategy Almost Everyone Overlooks.

July 7, 2010

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Last night, I was sitting at my computer about to close up shop and an email with this subject line pops in.

“OMFG!! This is un-BLEEEPIN-believable!!!”

It was from Adrienne, one of my incredibly awesome high-level adventure mastermind members. She owns a classy intimate apparel store outside of Chicago and at our last Mastery retreat, Adrienne needed a simple way to increase revenues fast.


Now, keep in mind when you read this, she’s only had this marketing strategy in place for 4 short weeks. Adrienne wrote:

"I’m so excited I can barely contain myself! June was INCREDIBLE!

It was our biggest month in the last 18 months AND it was 45% over our average month YTD!! Also, we’ve been getting calls to schedule fit appointments. We NEVER get calls and this week we have FIVE fit appointments booked!”

So are you curious what powerful marketing strategy we told Adrienne to use to produce such big, fast results?

Here it is. The #1 marketing strategy almost everyone overlooks…

It was the marketing strategy she was already using. She just wasn’t using it enough.

Here’s what I mean. During our mastermind retreat, we asked Adrienne what she’s done in the past that has produced foot traffic and sales in the store. Her response?

She sent out an email promotion. She said, “…anytime I send out an email about a new panty brand we have in stock or even if we just announce new store hours, we get an increase in sales.”

BOO-yah bitches! She had a marketing strategy that worked, she simply needed to use it more. Like, a lot more. Turns out, Adrienne was mailing out to her list less than once a month.

She had an unfounded fear that she’d be “annoying” her subscribers if she mailed out more frequently. And Adrienne, like many of us women entrepreneurs, was also grossly underestimating how much her clients loooove to hear from her.

We crafted a plan for Adrienne to send short, fun and valuable emails to her list on a weekly basis. While she was a little nervous, she agreed and took immediate action. Because we’d kick her sweet little ass if she didn’t! ;)

The results, well . . .they speak for themselves.

As entrepreneurs, most of us are addicted to novelty. This is a blessing and a curse. We love new strategies; charting new courses but often, wind up making things waaay more complicated than we need to.

We make the mistake of searching “out there” for the some secret ninja marketing tactic that all the big shots must be using. Something we don’t know about. Something we must not be aware of yet.

But here’s the kicker. More times than not, this constant searching “out there” means that we overlook the gold that’s RIGHT in front of us. (Kind of like we do with life . . . but I digress.)

Here’s the reality. When it comes to quickly bringing money into your business, what’s simple and proven is often best.

So now it’s time to look at YOUR business. What marketing strategy has worked for you like gangbusters in the past?

What is proven to bring money in the door in your business?

Do you make calls? Ask current clients for referrals? Guest post on blogs? Do interviews on radio, TV or on webinars? Speak live? Send email promotions with straight up, irresistible offers?

Now ask yourself, can you increase the frequency? Can you find more places to roll that strategy out?

Whatever your proven marketing strategy is, it’s time to rock on, more, with your bad self.

This doesn’t mean you won’t add new marketing tricks to your money-making tool box. Of course you will!

But don’t make the mistake of overlooking something magically delicious just because it’s sitting under your nose.

Remember, often the fastest and most profitable marketing strategy is to simply do more of what already works.

So what’s your take on this one? Do you have a simple, proven marketing strategy that works? Are you addicted to marketing novelty and overlook deeper implementation of what already works?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.  Excited to hear your thoughts on this one.

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