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How to Make Time for Creativity with Morgan Harper Nichols

May 3, 2021

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Time for a SUPER important creative reality check:

“Instagram ‘likes’ don’t pay the bills.”

Take it from Morgan Harper Nichols — musician, artist, and author of How Far You Have Come with over 1.7 million followers on Instagram — that there’s more to building a successful career from your gifts than you’ll see scrolling your favorite feeds.

What does it take?

In today’s MarieTV, Morgan shares the secrets that took her from college admissions counselor, to touring musician with a record deal, to published author and one of the most prolific and inspiring creators on the internet today — even as a “low energy person” with a toddler at home.

The best part? You don’t have to hustle, chase likes, or have superhuman stamina. You just have to show up.

Your wildest creative dreams can fit into your life — TODAY.

Watch to learn:

  • 2 practices to train your brain to create consistently.
  • How to thrive as a multipassionate entrepreneur.
  • What writer’s block is trying to tell you.
  • The secret to surviving social media as an empath.
  • How to turn life constraints into creative fuel.

Plus, adopt Morgan’s mantra for lasting fulfillment as a creative entrepreneur.

If you’ve been telling yourself you don’t have enough time, energy, or space to pursue your creative dreams, think again — and watch this episode!

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Now Morgan and I would love to hear from you.

In the comments below, answer these two questions:

  1. What’s your #1 insight, aha, or takeaway from today’s episode?
  2. What’s one step you can take to make space for creativity in your daily life?

As Morgan reminds us, “It’s okay to modify the dream.”

Adapting to your circumstances is not failure.

Ditch the hustle, quit drinking compareschlägger, and give yourself permission to be where you are.

You are magnificent.


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