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The Dangerous “Scarcity Loop” That Keeps You Stuck, Miserable, & Always Wanting MORE

November 7, 2023

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Ever notice how, no matter how much you accomplish or accumulate, it’s never quite enough?

Happiness is always just around the corner. Success is one more launch, goal, or promotion away. No matter what we have, we crave just a little bit more…

More food.

More attention.

More money.

More likes.

More recognition

More stuff.

We’re addicted to *more* — and it’s killing us.

The good news is, this “scarcity trap” is natural. And there’s a way out.

In today’s MarieTV, Michael Easter –– author of Scarcity Brain and a top expert in behaviorial change –– discusses why we crave more, how to break our worst happiness-sabotaging habits, and how to rewire your brain for abundance. Plus, he shares the ultimate happiness hack!

If you’re ready to experience life in a new and more satisfying way, watch now and discover:

  • How to avoid the “motivation serial killer”
  • The creative blindspot 99% of adults have. Do you?
  • What everyone gets wrong about Dopamine (& why it matters)
  • The REAL reason social media gives us anxiety (it’s not what you think)
  • An unexpected method to break bad habits, for good
  • Why we care SO much what other people think — & how to get over it
  • How to rewire your brain for abundance and experience true satisfaction

Our world is overloaded with stuff engineered to make us crave and overconsume. But as Michael says, "Once you learn how the machine works, you can decide to use it differently."

DIVE DEEPER: How to stop caring about things that don't matter — for good with Mark Manson.

If you enjoyed this conversation, do yourself a favor and order Michael Easter's book, Scarcity Brain, immediately. (My highlighter ran dry reading it!) 

Then, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and let me know:

  1. What resonated with you most from this conversation? 
  2. What’s one action you can take today to break out of a scarcity loop in your life? 

Share as much detail as you can. Your comment could spark a breakthrough for someone else! 

Remember, more is not always better. When you find yourself craving more of anything, ask yourself: Why do I want this? Is it a true desire which will feel good and fulfilling? Or am I caught in a scarcity loop?

Soon, you’ll find yourself OFF the scarcity treadmill and living a life of abundance, satisfaction, and enoughness.

With SO much love,

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