Marie’s 2013 Summertime Special

August 6, 2013

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Ahh, the last drops of summer. Bittersweet, right?

As I’m writing to you, a cool morning breeze is carrying the first hints of fall into my world.

But before the leaves start turning and we break out our chunky sweaters and jeans, we’ve still got August to enjoy.

For me, it’s the perfect time to clear my mental decks, savor the sunshine and get myself ready for what’s always a bustling fall season.

That’s why I decided to do something different this year.

For each of the four weeks in August, we’re going to focus on revisiting a classic MarieTV episode.

As long as you’re on the email list (if you’re not — sign up in that green bar above, pronto!), you’ll know which episode we’re focusing on and why.

Of course, I’ll be with you in the comment section of the episode we’re focusing on each Tuesday for some real-time discussions.

Since you and I both love a little ‘behind the scenes’ insight, here’s why we’re doing this.

1. Change is necessary for growth.

Consistency is vital for long-term success. Howevs, change is necessary for real growth. Innovation requires us to step outside of our everyday patterns and look at things from a fresh perspective.

Plus, I’m a creative — just like you. I adore changing things up, experimenting, risk-taking and trying out new ideas, so here we go!

2. There are some mighty fine MarieTV episodes you’ve likely never seen!  

While some readers have been around for years, many folks in our incredible community have just joined the party.

That means unless you’ve binged on all 154 MarieTV episodes, there are some great episodes you don’t even know exist.

So this is your chance to catch up and see some classics.

3. We’ve chosen episodes to help you reset your foundation so you can rock this new season like a champ.

Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been outta school, there’s always a strong sense of getting ‘back to business’ once September rolls around.

And for all of my Aussie and Kiwi friends heading into spring and summer, same dealio! A season change always sparks an inner drive to clear the decks and start anew.

OK, so now that you know how this is gonna roll, let’s do this.

Week of August 6th

How To Deal With Overwhelm:  A 6 minute workshop to get you focused and productive.

I wrote this post back in 2011, when I was with one of the most productive people on the planet, Sir Richard Branson! In our current update, I’ve included four simple resources to help you stay out of overwhelm once and for all.

C’mon over to the episode now and I’ll see you in the comments.

Week of August 13th

How To Reach Your Full Potential. This week we’re focusing on one of THE most important concepts I’ve ever learned. Yes, ever! It’s about Turning Pro with my favorite author, Steven Pressfield.

This interview isn’t super old, but it is super good. In fact, it’s the material I revisit anytime I want to take things to the proverbial next level. And you know what? It works. Every. Single. Time.

Join me in the comments over here, as I’d love to know what you’re ready to turn pro about.

Week of August 20th

How To Stand Out From The Crowd. This week we’re going back to one of the very first MarieTV’s of all time! And the topic couldn’t be more relevant.

If you feel like you may be getting lost in a sea of samey competition, you’re gonna love today’s episode. You’ll learn two simple strategies that most people never use — that can help you stand out in an instant.

Join me in the comments over here because I want to know who YOU think is doing this right!

Week Of August 27th

This week, it’s all about How To Recognize Great Opportunities from Time Wasters.

Because if there’s one consistent challenge that every creator I know wrestles with (including me) it’s time.

So what is the secret to managing our most precious resource? And, more importantly, when loads of opportunities come our way, how do we know when to say yes vs. when to say no?

In this week’s classic MarieTV episode, you’ll learn how to use “filter questions” — a simple and genius decision making framework — to make sure you’re always spending time on what’s truly most important.

Get your buns over to the episode now. In the comments, tell me your top 3 goals and the filter question you can use to stay on track!


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