How to Coexist with People Who Drive You Nuts According to Kirsten Powers

November 22, 2021

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That dreaded dinner table moment.

When cousin so-and-so says the thing that goes against your strongest values. Suddenly, instead of peacefully sipping your apple cider you feel springloaded to jump down his throat. But as my MarieTV guest Kirsten Powers says:

“You’re not going to solve the world’s problems over Thanksgiving dinner.”

So what should you do? Bite your tongue to “keep the peace”? Or speak up because it’s “the right thing to do”?

Kirsten Powers is here to help solve that dilemma for you. She’s a USA Today columnist, senior political analyst, and the author of Saving Grace: Speak Your Truth, Stay Centered, and Learn to Coexist with People Who Drive You Nuts. After working for both CNN and Fox News, she’s used to being surrounded by people who passionately disagree. And she has good news for you and yours.

You can disagree vehemently, love them anyway, and have healthy conflict without ruining the holidays.

In this MarieTV, you’ll learn how to:

If you want more love and less friction at your next get-together, especially with people who push all your buttons, this episode is for you.

DIVE DEEPER: Learn three effective ways to opt out of family drama, plus my two magic words to “win” any argument, fast.

Now, I would love to hear from you.

What resonated with you most from this conversation? What ahas did this spark in you? And where can you have more grace for yourself and others?

Please share your biggest takeaway in a comment below.

And remember, we’re all growing, learning, and evolving. No one person has it all figured out. As Kirsten says, “Having grace means seeing the humanity and the wholeness of a person.” We’re all doing the best we can with the tools and understanding we currently have. 

I won’t lie and say it’s easy. But, it is possible — and I believe so so so important — to find a way to respect and maintain relationships with people who have different views.

A better world is worth it.


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