Feel Like You’re Never Doing Enough? Ditch These Productivity Myths

June 17, 2019

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Do you work your buns off every day and yet… still feel like you’re never doing enough?

Today’s guest will change everything you once believed about productivity, your worth, and the value of 40-hour-plus work weeks. In Kate Northrup’s new book, Do Less, she makes a science-backed argument for a slower paced, more meaningful life — without sacrificing your ambition or results.

Kate is an entrepreneur. After becoming a mom for the second time and managing a series of health issues, she was forced to do less. In fact, her life required her to cut her workload in half. That’s when something surprising happened. She was able to achieve the same results while working half the time. How exactly did she do it?

Learn How to Do Less with Kate Northrup

Today on MarieTV, Kate Northrup shares the counterintuitive, science-backed productivity strategies she’s learned along with the time management myths you must stop believing if you want a less stressed, more energizing life. Spoiler: doing less has nothing to do with dialing down your ambitions, settling for less, or living a life of leisure.

No matter your circumstances, you’ll find productivity strategies here that will help you regain a greater sense of ease, purpose, peace, and control over your time and life.

Join our conversation and learn:

  • How some companies are achieving higher rates of success and productivity, while lowering employee burnout.
  • The “Do Less Filter” you can use to get the same results in half the time.
  • Why managing your energy is even more important than managing your time.
  • How to know what work is essential, and what’s just keeping you “busy.”
  • How to stop measuring your worth based on how much you accomplish each day.
  • Why refusing to ask for help actually hurts your relationships.

Yes, there is an alternative to feeling burned out and overworked. You can do less, and devote more time, energy, and focus to what really matters.

What’s one area of your life that you want to do less, but are afraid to try? What would be the worst case scenario if you experimented with doing less for a week? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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So many of us feel a constant sense of anxiety and dread, fearing that no matter how many hours we put in, we’re still not doing enough.

But what if that notion is a lie? What if it’s a destructive, dangerous cultural myth that we need to break?

As Kate says, “The world doesn't need you busy, the world needs you here. And that’s enough.”

With so much appreciation and respect ❤️,


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