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From Fired to Forbes: How Jaclyn Johnson Turned A Career Setback Into A Multimillion-Dollar Company

August 28, 2018

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In her early 20s, Jaclyn Johnson was on the fast-track in her career. She was an early social media adopter, working at highly competitive firms in NYC and moving quickly up the ranks. One day, she got an incredible opportunity to transfer to LA. This was a chance for more money, prestige and growth.

Three months later, she was fired.

If you’ve ever been blindsided by a devastating career setback, you’ve probably asked yourself: How do you move on after you’ve lost everything? Where do you even begin?

Today, Jaclyn’s got the best career advice you’ve never heard: “Rock bottom is the best place to start.” She went from fired to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in just a few years.

She’s now the CEO of the multimillion-dollar brand, Create & Cultivate and author of WorkParty, a fantastic new book filled to the brim with detailed, practical career wisdom from the trenches.  

Jaclyn credits that crushing setback to her current success. This episode is packed with smart career advice that can help you create the career of your dreams — even if you’re starting at square one.

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