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Introverts, Empaths, & Homebodies: How to Succeed in Business without Changing Who You Are

July 26, 2021

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Not sure you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?

If you’re an introvert, empath, homebody, or just plain shy, read this twice:

You don’t have to be an outgoing, type A go-getter to start and grow a successful business.

I promise.

Thick skin and charisma aren't prerequisites for success. They are skills you can build without changing your personality or compromising who you are.

In today’s MarieTV, media strategist and B-School grad Angela Chee helps me answer this far-too-common listener question from Tamara:

“I have this irritating belief that I just don't have entrepreneurial skills. I'm quite shy. I'm not the pushiest of people. I'm introverted. I feel like all these qualities are NOT good if I want to be a successful business woman. Can people like myself still create a successful business?”

This dangerous myth about “what it takes” squashes thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs like Tamara before they even get started.

Don’t let it stop you, too.

Watch now and learn how to:

  • Gain the business skills you need without changing your personality.
  • Build unshakeable confidence in your unique voice.
  • Get over your fear of being on camera — for good.
  • Grow a mega-successful brand without leaving the house.
  • Delete the destructive stereotypes that hold you back.
  • Be 100% yourself and THRIVE in business.

If you dream about starting a business but struggle with self-doubt, watch this episode now.

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Now, it’s your turn.

Take a moment to think about the biggest insight you had from today's conversation. More importantly, brainstorm what you can do to turn that insight into action starting right now. Because where inspiration meets action? That’s where all the magic happens.

Take the first step by answering these two questions in a comment below:

  1. What assumptions about successful entrepreneurs are holding you back?
  2. What qualities do you already have that would make you an amazing business owner?

Sure, you could just think about your answers. But I STRONGLY urge you to leave a comment below because amazing insights come when we share our thoughts and ideas with others. Share your answers in a comment and — for bonus points — respond to another aspiring entrepreneur with some encouragement!

Remember, we all have new skills to develop and business lessons to learn, but that does NOT mean you need a new personality to succeed. Who you are right now is absolutely perfect.


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