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Everything You Need to Know About Writing AMAZING Content

April 18, 2022

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You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there.

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Never forget, your words have immense power. Like a magical elixir, they can open minds, heal hearts and inspire courageous acts.

If writing great content feels like a time-suck and a struggle — please know it DOESN’T have to be that way!

There’s an easy fix.

And no, it doesn’t require an MFA, Heminway’s fountain pen, or hiring an expensive copywriter. I promise.

In today’s MarieTV, you’ll get the best writing strategies I’ve learned over the last twenty years. These writing tips — from best-selling authors like Cheryl Strayed, Tina Wells, and yours truly — will help you craft your message joyfully, professionally, and fast.

Bye-bye writer’s block. So long staring at the blank page. And hello to your creative flow.

Watch now and learn:

  • How to write FAST — 8 strategies that work.
  • A foolproof process to writing bestsellers.
  • What Cheryl Strayed says every aspiring writer needs.
  • How to become a writer at any age (5 tips from a self-published 12-year-old).
  • “The Spotlight Method” to write persuasive copy.
  • 2 surprising habits that dramatically improve your writing.
  • How to make time for writing — and get that book done already!

If you ever struggle to come up with ideas, connect with your audience, or keep up with the slog of blogs, emails, tweets, and newsletters on your to-do list, press PLAY now.

DIVE DEEPER: Join The Copy Cure today and learn how to joyfully write words that sell (and sound like YOU).

In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you:

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to content creation?

Do you go blank as soon as you open a fresh doc? Take forever to write an email? Or do you tweak endlessly, terrified to hit “publish”? Share your struggle in the comments below. I guarantee you won’t be the only one!

Then, I challenge you to watch today’s episode and choose ONE writing strategy, tool, or mindset shift to try. Because the truth is this:

The noisier the world gets, the more essential great writing becomes.

Your words matter. And in today’s world, skilled copywriting is a superpower to get people to pay attention.

That’s why I created The Copy Cure: my step-by-step online writing program with expert copywriter Laura Belgray. You’ll learn how to write copy that’s powerful, persuasive, and 100% YOU so that people love and buy what you sell. And here’s the best part:

Enrollment for The Copy Cure opens today!

Whether you’re a business owner who freezes at the sight of a blank page or a seasoned writer looking to level-up your skills, The Copy Cure will transform the way you write so you can express your unique voice, make an impact with your business, AND create long-term financial success.

It would be my honor to help you do just that.

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