How To Recognize Great Opportunities vs. Time Wasters

July 12, 2011

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Does this ever happen to you?

You’re determined to stay top of mind and build your business, so you start saying yes to every “opportunity” that comes your way. Guest posts, interviews, speaking engagements, teleseminars, and meet-ups, oh my.

Pretty soon, you’re on the fast track to burnout. I know how tough it can be, especially in the beginning, to know exactly what to spend your time on so that you can avoid massive overwhelm.

In today’s video, learn an incredibly simple + effective tool to help you recognize the great opportunities vs. the time wasters – fast. This tool is highly adaptable for your business + life, and best of all, it’s free.

Think you’re too busy or not ready to work toward your dream? Think again. Watch this MarieTV on how to overcome procrastination, so you can get your special gift into the world.

As you know, insight without action ain’t worth jack.

Leave a comment below and tell me your top 3 goals, as well as the “filter question” you’ll use to help keep yourself focused and on track.

Please be specific and share from the heart as your comment might be just what someone else needs to have a big breakthrough.

And I can’t wait to check out your insights too.

Thank you for reading, watching and sharing!


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