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Great Branding You Can Smell From Miles Away

July 29, 2014

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I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for poo jokes.

Yes. I know it’s not the most sophisticated topic in the world but then again, I never said I was the most sophisticated person. But stick with me for a minute…

Because if a brand that focuses on poo can accurately be described like this:

Courageous. Joyful. Undeniably Useful.

There’s some creative magic happening that’s worth paying attention to.

In today’s episode you’ll discover three inspiring lessons from a small brand that’s causing a big stink in the marketplace. I really think you’ll appreciate their inventiveness, humor and unwavering commitment to keep doing what they do best.

But more importantly, I hope you’ll appreciate the broader message of what they stand for: unbridled, open-hearted, good-natured, full self-expression.

Too often in our world, we’re afraid of being our true selves.

We hold back from expressing what (or who) we love for fear of what others will think. We’re so busy trying to look cool, or smart, or evolved that we lose touch with the simple joy of creation and the gift of being alive.

In every corner of our day, we have the chance to express our creativity and bring light into people’s lives. I hope today’s episode inspires you to do just that.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Which one of these three smart strategies could help you the most, and what’s one action step you can take right now to move ahead?

Please be as specific as you can in the comments below.

Details paint vivid pictures and help us get to know you, and ourselves, better!

And, thousands of incredible souls from every corner of the Universe gather here each week for connection, insight and support – your share could be the breakthrough that someone else really needs.

Thanks in advance for reading, watching, and sharing.

You make my world!


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