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Franchesca Ramsey Gets Real About Creating a World-Changing Career

October 10, 2017

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You might know Franchesca Ramsey from her MTV web series, Decoded. Or maybe you’re one of the thousands anxiously awaiting her new show on Comedy Central.

When a mutual friend connected us, I was so delighted to learn that Franchesa’s been a MarieTV viewer for years.

One of the countless things I love about Franchesca is that she’s the perfect example of a thriving multipassionate entrepreneur.

She’s built a flourishing career combining beauty, comedy, activism and graphic design. Not everyone would think they’d be able to put those together, but they work in tandem beautifully.

We sat down to talk about her multipassionate career and how she found the courage to run with it. In this episode she shares:

If you want to use your many gifts to change the world, but still feel like you “have to choose just one,” this episode is for you.

Once you’ve watched, I’d love to know:

Has there been an idea you’ve been harboring in your heart or something you’ve wanted to create but have been too afraid to try?

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