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How To Use Fear To Your Advantage + A Cool Brain Trick

April 12, 2011

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I’m sunkissed and ridonkulously inspired after a weekend business event called Summit at Sea.

Myself and over 1000 other thought leaders, authors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and artists (think Imogen Heap, Pitbull, The Roots, and world-famous Swedish DJ Axwell) took over an entire cruise ship in the Caribbean for a weekend of extreme mind-expansion and endless late night dance parties.

It was absolutely incredible.

I L-O-V-E connecting with people.  And events like this are filled with folks who are actually making things happen.  From ambitious start-ups to multi-billion dollar ventures (yes, billion with a B), I noticed a common thread in my fellow Summit cruisers: the ability to use fear to one’s advantage.

In fact, this common thread is the #1 “inner game” skill that separates the uber successful (and happy) business owners from those who struggle to make any real progress.

Here’s the good news.  Anyone can develop this ability!

Here’s the bad news.  Most of us have been programmed in exactly the WRONG way to deal with fear and instead find ourselves completely debilitated.  Most people think fear means fu*k everything and run.   And unfortunately, most people never break out of this misinformed, painful mind state.

In the video below, I’ll show you the right way to deal with fear and how to use it to your advantage to fuel you ahead. Plus, you’ll learn a simple method to set your brain on autopilot to help you achieve your dreams.

I honestly believe what you’re about to learn can positively alter the trajectory of your business and life so I highly recommend you watch this now.

Leave a comment below and tell me your three biggest insights.

Bonus points: how can you “actionize” these strategies in the next 48 hours?

I can’t wait to hear your feedback on this one.

And if you find this useful, go ahead and share it with your friends.

As always, thanks for reading and watching.


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