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Why Faith Is Essential to Entrepreneurial Success

January 14, 2009

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Do you ever wonder whether or not you should move ahead with a business idea? Do you dream of having the life of other successful entrepreneurs?

Do you procrastinate on your big dreams and find that time is passing by faster and faster?

Many of us make the mistake of suppressing our creative desires because we’re afraid.

Mostly, we’re afraid of failing and looking foolish.

We play it safe and get stuck in our comfort zone because we falsely think we should know exactly how our venture will turn out before we take any action.

Well guess what? The “playing it safe” mentality is deadly to your success.

You have a creative truth that lives inside of you.

Taking action on that truth before you have proof of how it will turn out is the secret to living powerfully and authentically.

When you have faith in yourself and your dreams, and take action from your truth, your inner desires become outer realities faster than you can imagine.

Faith is the essential characteristic that all successful entrepreneurs share.

You’ve got to start exercising your faith muscles if you want to use your business as a vehicle to make the difference in the world you are meant to make.

Here are 3 key ideas to help you strengthen your faith muscles.

1. Your Ideas Are Here for A Reason.

Isn’t it wild how passionate and alive you become when you talk about growing your business and sharing your creations with the world?

That sense of aliveness around your ideas is an indicator that you’re meant to take action.

It’s a signal from a greater intelligence to turn your dreams into a reality.

God (The Universe, Source, etc.) gave you unique talents and gifts for a specific reason. You are designed to create and serve others.

And as an entrepreneur, you have an incredible opportunity to use your business as a force for good and make a tremendous difference in the world.

Have faith in your ideas and take action on them.

Otherwise, you’re squandering the beautiful gifts your Creator has blessed you with.

2. The Universe Is Always Supporting You.

The Universe is always supporting you.

If you’re present in the moment (vs. lost in the chatter of your mind) you’ll always see the perfect opportunity to move your business (and life) ahead.

I pay close attention to what shows up in my world.

Whether it’s a magazine article that leads me to a website, successful entrepreneurs I’m inspired by, a workshop I feel compelled to take, or a big scary (a.k.a. exciting) opportunity that requires me to step up and play bigger, I do my best to take action as quickly as possible.

Take a look in your own life.

Are you lost in the conversation in your mind or are you in sync with your truth and your Universe?

What opportunities are in front of you right now, just waiting to be claimed?

3. Motion Beats Meditation.

What if you started playing with the idea that it was impossible for you to make a mistake?

What if you couldn’t make a “wrong move?”

What if all the time you spend thinking about whether or not you’ll do your project “right” (whatever that means) is just an old habit that keeps you stuck in dissatisfaction land?

In my experience, I’ve found that faith-based motion beats meditation every time.

While I may not know what the heck I’m doing at first, consistent action allows me to gain knowledge and experience fast.

Once I get moving, I’m unstoppable.

Here’s a secret: It’s a heck-of-a lot easier to change direction when you have momentum behind you vs. trying to get something started from ground zero.

As always, your entrepreneurial success begins and ends with you.

As Dr. Martin Luther King says, “Take the first step in faith.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase.  Just take the first step.”

Remember, having faith means recognizing the value of what you are here to contribute to the world and allowing your actions to be grounded in that truth.

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