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Ed Mylett’s Secrets to Success & Happiness

May 24, 2022

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“It’s not the events of our lives that’ll define us. It’s the meaning we take from them.” @edmylett

“Eddie spaghetti, your meatballs are ready!”

That’s how the kids taunted him on the playground as they waited to give him a good pummeling.

You’d never guess it by looking at him now, but my MarieTV guest today grew up as the scrawny son of an alcoholic father, with three sisters, a pro-baseball pipe dream, and ZERO self-confidence.

Today Ed Mylett is a globally recognized entrepreneur, performance coach, and speaker. By his 30s, he’d become one of the wealthiest self-made — or as he’ll say, “team-made” — entrepreneurs in the world. He’s the author of the best-seller MaxOut Your Life, and his latest book, The Power of One More, which comes out June 1st. Ed is also the host of MaxOut Live — an exhilarating live event on May 27th — and yes, I’ll be speaking! (You can score FREE virtual tickets to attend here.)

But by far, what most impresses me about Ed is NOT his millions of social media followers, private jets, or bulging muscles (though they are impressive!). It’s his genuine love for people and his dedication to help them succeed.

Today, he’s on MarieTV to share his hard-earned success secrets with you.

Because, according to Ed, there’s a predictable science to success and fulfillment. You don’t need expert skills, special talents, or a perfect childhood to make your dreams a reality.

In this legendary conversation, you’ll learn:

  • The ONLY thing you can truly control in life.
  • How to succeed in business *without* neglecting your relationships.
  • The #1 question top performers ask themselves every day.
  • How to turn shameful experiences into opportunities to serve.
  • The power of “ONE MORE” to fuel your motivation.
  • One special thing Ed and I have in common, that he’s never spoken about!

Plus, you’ll hear about the moment Tony Robbins called Ed OUT and challenged him to leave his comfort zone.

If you ever have that nagging feeling you’re meant for something more, watch this episode now. Then keep reading for today’s insight-to-action step below the video.

Now Ed and I would love to hear from you. Today’s insight-to-action step is powerful. So grab a scrap of paper and get to it!

First, think of one specific problem that’s troubling you. Your car that keeps breaking down. A relationship dynamic that isn’t quite working. Or a recurring challenge at work. Hold that problem in your mind and ask yourself:

What would I need to believe about this for it to serve me?

You might have to read that question a few times to let it sink in. Take a deep breath, tune in, and write down whatever comes up.

Then, please share your insights in a comment below. Because you never know what beautiful soul might be struggling with the same problem. Your comment could spark the aha-moment they need.

As Ed says, “It's not the events of our lives that are going to define us, it's the meaning we take from them.”


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