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Crazy Sexy Evolution: How Kris Carr Turned Her Passion Into An Unexpected Business

July 10, 2012

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Do you ever wonder how successful, inspiring people got to be where they are? I know I do.

Most of us see success after someone’s made it. We see bestselling books, TV appearances and beautiful branding.

But what about the early days? What’s the story before the success?

How do people get started, make enough money to fund their dream, get over their fears, deal with rejection and naysayers, overcome self-doubt and all the spiritual and emotional hurdles we human beings must go through in order to become who we’re meant to be?

If you’re interested in knowing how one courageous woman turned her cancer diagnosis into a movement that’s inspired millions of us to lead healthier, happier lives, that’s exactly what you’ll learn as I interview Crazy Sexy Kris Carr in today’s episode of MarieTV.

While Kris has been on Oprah, the NY Times bestsellers list and nearly every media outlet you can imagine, most of the time she’s teaching us to live like we mean it through eating more veggies, drinking our green juice and moving our God Pod.

Today, however, Kris reveals her journey to becoming who she is today.

It’s a behind the scenes look at how she she stumbled upon her calling, and the shocking truth about how many years she worked on Crazy Sexy before it became a sustainable business.\

This one even surprised me and she’s one of my dearest friends!

As always, my mission is to help you turn your inspiration into action.

In the comments below, tell me ONE specific insight you gained from this Crazy Sexy MarieTV interview and how it’ll help you along your journey of growth, impact and happiness.

Please share as much detail as possible – you never know how your comment could help someone else with a breakthrough.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing!


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