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How To Find The Work You Were Meant To Do

April 5, 2016

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Have you ever met someone who genuinely loves what they do? They’ll often quietly confess, “You know… I love it so much that it rarely feels like work.”

People like this have hit the career lottery. They’ve found a way to earn a living doing meaningful, profitable work that perfectly aligns with their skills, strengths and experience.

But what if those folks aren’t just lucky? What if there was a way you could crack the code and get your own golden ticket to livelihood Shangri-La, too?

Because let’s be real. When you’re creative and ambitious — not knowing what you’re “meant to do” quickly becomes one of the most overwhelming, frustrating, anxiety and shame-inducing struggles of your life.

At least that was my experience, when I was first getting started on my path.

If you or anyone you know is struggling to figure out what you should be doing with your life, have a listen to my conversation with my friend and best-selling author, Chris Guillebeau.

He’s just written an entire book on the subject called Born For This and today he’s sharing some of the key lessons you need to find the work you were born to do.

Two parts of this wonderful conversation that I think you’ll love.

  • Why both myself and Chris fiercely believe that “Everyone should think like an entrepreneur.” (You need to hear this whether you plan to run a business or not!)
  • The reason Chris believes that, “Winners give up all the time.”

Since this is a topic close to my heart, here are three other episodes that’ll help you find clarity and perspective to move ahead.

Now, Chris and I would love to hear from you.

What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away from today’s interview and how can you turn that aha into action?

Leave a comment below and let us know!

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