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How To Change The World & Live Your Purpose with Adam Braun

March 18, 2014

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It all started in the club.

The music was thumping, the strobe lights were popping and this guy and I were pretty much shouting at each other.

While other tipsy clubgoers stumbled past us, I made him a promise. “One day we’re going to do something great together.”

Fast forward four years. We’re building three schools with that guy I met in the club — Adam Braun — and his incredible organization, Pencils of Promise.

Our school in Laos is complete and has 76 kids registered. The other two schools are still being constructed. And in four short years, my dear friend Adam Braun has launched a global revolution.

If you ever feel like you’re meant for more in this life but you doubt that one person can make a difference, you’re going to love today’s episode.

Listen in as my friend Adam and I talk about how to live your purpose and change the world — no matter who you are.

Click here to buy Adam’s incredible book right now.

In the comments below the video, Adam and I would love to hear from you. What’s your impossible dream? Can you take a step towards it right now?

Be as specific as possible.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the comments and choosing 10 folks to send a free copy of Adam’s brilliant new book, The Promise of a Pencil.

But please don’t let our giveaway stop you from buying the book now. This is one of those books where you’ll want multiple copies. One for yourself and others to give away to people you love who dream of using their life to make a difference.

I’ll give you time to take action and review the comments and will post the book winners by Thursday March 20th by 5pm EDT.

**Here are the 15 book recipients (we couldn’t just chose 10, you know me!). Congratulations and please send your full name and best complete mailing address to scholarships @ And for EVERYONE – please know that we read every comment and our hearts are so full with the wisdom and bravery you showed.
Andrea, Renee Bergan, Karen, Kelly Bennett, Grace, Shai Ford, Theresa Malone Clode, Eva, Sara, Deanna, Adaeze Diana, Catharine, Kelvin W., Sophia, and AJ McKeever                  

Thank you, as always for reading, watching, sharing and being so darn cool in the comments. This community is incredible and I am so honored to have you here.

With all my love,

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