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Business Partners: Should You Go Into Business With Your Best Friend?

January 15, 2013

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I’m finally feeling settled here in LA. The fridge is stocked, we’re totally unpacked and my body clock has reset to the west coast time zone.

Kuma is happier than ever, too. He’s getting long “bike runs” with Josh, plus he’s got a big back yard here to run around in.

Everytime we come out to Cali, it makes me realize how vital being in the sunshine and having an active lifestyle is for my well-being. I am SUCH a summer girl!

Oh yeah…

I also want to say how MUCH I’ve appreciated meeting some of you! Feels like almost everywhere I go, I bump into an amazing MarieTV viewer.

If you see me in Whole Foods, at a restaurant or walking around town, definitely say hi!

Now onto this week’s episode of MarieTV, which is super important.

Especially if you’re a creative collaborator (like me!) or you’ve ever considered going into partnership with someone else on a one-off project or a full blown business.

While partnering up can feel fun, exciting and expansive — it can also end in disaster if you don’t know which red flags to look out for or if you don’t handle the worst case scenarios in advance.

See what I mean here as we dive into a juicy Q about whether or not this viewer should go into business with her best friend.

Since I believe that the future of business and life will involve more collaboration and working together, understanding the ins and outs of partnership is vital.

If you’ve ever had a partnership that went well, or that went up in flames, I want to hear from YOU in the comments below.

Your wise moves will help us keep collaborating in a way that’s win-win, and your lessons learned may save us from some expensive missteps.

This space is sacred so if you’re sharing a lesson learned, do so with kindness and compassion.

Remember that it takes two to tango in any situation so, even if your partnership went sour, don’t comment from a place of blame and anger.

Everything in life happens for us, not to us and there is a gift in every circumstance.

Call upon your higher wisdom and share the lessons that can help us all. Thank you, as always, for reading and watching!

P.S. If you have friends or family who are considering going into partnership together, forward them this email! It’s free and could really make a difference to their success.

With all my love,

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