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Three Business Lessons I Learned In Mexico

September 24, 2010

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I just got back from leading the best ever Mastery retreat in Mexico. Check my ladies out (we missed you Dee, Dana, Jeannette & Marguerite!)

It was a non-stop fiesta of ninja marketing, explosive business growth, ground-shaking personal development, luxurious spa treatments, bright sunshine, breezy cabanas, crazy dancing and EPIC parties.

If you want dibs on next year’s program, get your butt to RHH Live in New York City this November.

In the meantime, here are three business lessons I picked up south of the border.

1.  Never, ever give up on your business dreams.

I’ve fantasized for years about about running a business centered around serving hot, successful, go-getting women who party as hard as they work.

Women who adore their husbands; who love making money, are committed to genuine service, who jump at the chance to be in a music video or pole dance or simply help another sister out.

Women who can talk business, negotiations, marketing, life, death, sex and spirituality in one fell mango mojito laced swoop.

Trust me when I say, no matter how out-there you think your business dreams are, there are beyond ideal customers out there just waiting for you to create your offering.

Don’t water yourself down. Don’t censor your creative desires.

And never, ever give up on your business dreams.

2. Go balls to the wall, or stay home.

Most of us are afraid to go full out and commit 10,000% to our desired outcome because we’re scared of an ego bruise.

We’re terrified of rejection; of screwing it up; of public humiliation.

So what do we do? We unwittingly kill our success before we even start.

We say we’re truly committed to a result, yet our actions tell a different story.

For example, we want to sell a shit bunch of our new product or service, but our launch plans are meek, pansy ass or largely non-existent.  We say, “I’m just going to do a little launch.”

And then when hardly anyone buys, we have proof that this whole thing is BS, and, we’re a loser.

(can you say self-fullfilng prophecy?)

We all need to stop that.  Now.

Remember, marketing is 99% of your business game.  No matter how incredible your product or service is, if the marketing behind it isn’t compelling, you’re going to have a lot of disappointment – emotionally and financially.

If you want big success in any area of your business, or life, you need to go balls to the wall.   That means pouring your heart, soul, and resources into doing the very best you can possibly do.

3. Saying you want to “get to the next level” or “go BIG” means jack.

Look. I’ll admit that I’ve said both those things before.  But the truth is that wanting to “go big” or “get to the next level” doesn’t really mean anything.  It’s vague and elusive and impossible to execute.

And, it’s impossible for anyone to support you.

Next time you start saying I want to “go BIG” or “get to the next level”, get uber specific.  What exactly does that statement mean to you?

Do you want more revenue?  More net income?

Exactly how much more?  By when?  From what products or services?

Does going big mean you want to change more lives? Have more readers? How many more? How will you measure success?

Remember to look at how these changes will impact your lifestyle too.  You know, how much time you get to spend with your family vs. how much time you’ll be working.

Don’t worry about locking something in stone.  You can definitely make adjustments as you go.

But the real secret to getting to that elusive next level is to be as precise as you can be.

You can have anything you want in your business (for realz!), but until you can articulate exactly what that is, no one can help you get it.

Got thoughts or feedback here?  Gushing compliments on how beautiful our ladies are? Leave a comment and let me know!

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