Marie Forleo’s B-School 2015 Scholarship Recipients

February 20, 2015

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I was up until 2am last night, reviewing all of the incredible videos that came in for our 2015 B-School scholarship contest.

Here’s what I have to say. You blow me away! I was laughing, crying and cheering at my screen. The heart, creativity, sincerity, and love you expressed to the world in your entries is awe inspiring.

And, I also loved seeing the support and community that’s formed around the contest this year. Expressing genuine appreciation and encouragement for another’s dreams doesn’t cost a dime, yet it’s priceless in its impact.

We’ve watched close to 1,500 entries and have made our selections for this year. Before I get to the recipients, I want to share a few things. Most importantly:

Your dreams aren’t made, or broken, by anyone but you.

You have wisdom within you that you can never learn in any textbook, classroom or program. You are creative, and loved and divinely blessed with capabilities beyond what you can imagine.

Not receiving a scholarship to B-School, nor any other disappointment in life can’t stop you from continuing to expand the greatness you already have within, unless you let it.

Whether B-School becomes a part of your world or not, know how much of a winner you are right now, and how deeply I respect you.

I respect your courage. I respect your bravery. I respect you for being an action taker and for setting your fears and insecurity aside to express yourself — fully and authentically.

I respect your focus, determination and willingness to get it done. I respect you for figuring out technology, and for all the work that goes into to creating a “simple” 90 second video.

And if you let me, I’ll love to continue to support you — week after week for free via MarieTV.

We give our all to the show. We’re here to inspire you and provide encouragement, wisdom, strategies, tools to keep you moving powerfully ahead.

You are brave, creative and beautiful — inside and out. You were born with everything you need to answer the call of your soul. Don’t ever forget it.

And now, without further ado, here are the 54 recipients of a 2015 B-School Scholarship.

1. Elizabeth Boardman – Military & Philanthropy
2. Melody Fugazzotto – Military
3. Holly Sanders – Military
4. Caitie Sherrick – Military
5. Erica Stein – Military
6. Catherine Saunders – Military
7. Yasmine Bryant – Military
8. Natasha Moorer – Philanthropy
9. Corazon Ketchem – Philanthropy
10. Ana Maria Saad – Philanthropy
11. Sabina Mihaela Manolache
12. Vani Murarka
13. Sarah Carman
14. Gabi Pezo
15. Julie Sando (and check out Jake’s submission on her behalf as well!)
16. Manjinder Singh Sidhu
17. Nalie Agustin
18. Lori Hoeck
19. Tiisetso Skosana
20. Grey Doolin
21. Rainbow But
22. Ginger Kennell
23. Amreta Sidik
24. Patricia Qhobela
25. Donna Harris
26. Lore Morales
27. Kristyn Brady
28. Emma Cheape
29. Alena Kuzub
30. Marshall Dunn
31. Kerstin Geissler
32. Maisha Hudson
33. Jenni Kowal
34. Shawn Madden
35. Maria Lola Edun
36. Josette Souza
37. Holly Hazen
38. Kenya Elder-Toussaint
39. Stephanie Roth
40. A. London Arrington
41. Pelin Boran
42. Elisabetta Colabianchi
43. Britt Ford
44. Anna Alandia
45. Marcela Macias
46. Natalie Cruz
47. Janice Layne
48. Jasmine Cabrera
49. Adrienne Patterson
50. Shalanda Moten
51. Linda Kelson
52. Sharee Cammon
53. Rachel Schmidt
54. Faith Cornwall

**If your name is on this list, write to us at scholarships at marieforleo dot com with “I’M A SCHOLARSHIP WINNER” in the subject line and we’ll send you information on accepting your scholarship. Since we’re in the middle of B-School enrollment, our email volume is way higher than usual, so please be very patient. We’ll make sure you’re fully taken care of well before the course begins!

P.S. Since many have asked, B-School enrollment closes on Wednesday March 4th at 3pm EST. We will not be opening up again until early 2016. If you know this is right for you, you can join us here.

With all my love and sincerest appreciation,

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