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How to Believe in Yourself (Even When You’re Not Seeing Results)

September 13, 2022

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This might sound backward — but it’s the truth.

To succeed in anything, you must believe in yourself before you have the results to back it up.

A real conundrum, right? Because seriously — how can you be sure you’ll pull something off if you haven’t done it yet? The answer may surprise you.

In today’s MarieTV, I coach Julia — an ambitious artist, entrepreneur, and B-School grad from Germany who dreams of achieving financial freedom. But, she’s gotten bogged down in self-doubt along the way.

To get Julia — and YOU — back on track towards your dreams, there are three key actions you must take.

Watch now and learn how to:

  • Banish your self-doubts the moment they creep in.
  • Shift your frequency to the “vibration of creation.”
  • Uncork your deep energy reservoir when you’re feeling bleh.

If you ever struggle with self-doubt, uncertainty, or insecurity, click play and I’ll help you believe in yourself — and your dream — once again.

DIVE DEEPER: Learn how to “put your ass where your heart wants to be” with Steven Pressfield and build confidence with Lisa Bilyeu.

Now, it’s your turn. Before you go on with your day, take five minutes to create your own list of “Energy Boosters.”

Ask yourself: What makes me come alive? What people energize me? What music turns me on? What activities plug me into my power and creativity?

Write them down. Then post them on your fridge, your phone background, or a post-it on your desk. Next time you feel flat, discouraged, or off-track, pick one and DO IT.

In a comment below, let me know: What’s one Energy Booster from your list? And how will you build that into your day today?

Remember, when you’re living from your highest self — fully alive and energized — that has the biggest impact on the world. You create an energetic ripple effect that heals and inspires everyone around you.

So, please. Do whatever it takes to walk this earth as a fully alive being, one who’s passionate and unapologetic about going for their dreams. And on the days you don’t quite believe in yourself — remember I do.❤️


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