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Advanced Marketing: Who ELSE Influences Your Customer?

August 23, 2011

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Before we get into the advanced marketing lesson of the day, I’m proud to be on Oprah Radio for the Lisa Oz show this Wednesday at 12 noon ET on XM 111 or Sirius 204.

Lisa is an absolutely fantastic host.  She brought out my best and it was an honor to be with her.

Please send Lisa and Oprah Radio a huge thanks for having me on by clicking here.

Now onto today’s Q&A video. . .

Whether you realize it or not, your customers do not make decisions alone.

There are many people around your customer who influence what she thinks, feels and most importantly, whether or not she buys your products or services.

In today’s video, I’ll show you why it’s vital to know the “key influencer” in your customer’s life and how to make sure your marketing includes this very important person.

You’ll also see exactly how we’re putting this strategy to use in our own business right now.

This one idea can add thousands (or hundreds of thousands of dollars – depending on your scale) to your bottom line. More importantly, it will help you take better care of your customers.

Click here to check out the “Convince Your Partner” guide, referenced in the video.

It’s important to note…

While I only address one aspect of knowing the “key influencer” in the A to this Q, there are dozens of creative ways that this concept can help you create better marketing, and frankly, better products and services.

In the comments below, tell me who your customer’s “key influencer” is and how you plan to implement this strategy in your business now.

Bonus points if you share even more ways that knowing the “key influencer” can help any business owner create more powerful marketing, products and services!


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