2012 RHH Live Scholarship Winners Announced!

September 13, 2012

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The past few days we (my team and myself) have been watching hundreds of massively inspiring videos from our annual RHH Live Scholarship contest.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude and inspiration. Here’s why.

The generosity and kindness of spirit that is shared among our community continues to take my breath away.

Giving love, attention and encouragement to someone else’s dream costs you nothing. It is, however, the most valuable gift you can ever give another human being.

When I read through over 980 comments on the scholarship videos and see the depth of love and genuine support that is given and received, amongst mostly strangers in a supposed “competition,” it reaffirms my belief in the kind of world we can create together.

It’s a world where we know that there’s “enough” for all of us and the more we lift each other up, the more rich and fulfilling our lives become.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned is this:

When you look for and affirm the best in others, you help them unleash their full potential. When you believe in someone, even when they don’t believe in themselves, you give them a ladder to reach new heights. And when you stand witness for others with a kind and loving heart, you help them become as great as they can be.

This is what we do here.  And this is what we’ll continue to do, for each other and for everyone we meet.

A huge heartfelt thanks to each and everyone of you who have submitted a video. By expressing yourself with such passion, creativity and courage, you’ve set the Universe in motion and strengthened your resolve to fulfill your dream.

Without further ado, this year’s LIVE scholarship winners are as follows:

Ngoc Khong
Tania Marchand
Sara Ballard
Jessica Sandhu
Ruth Morlas
D’Arcy Benincosa
Erin Giles
Ekene Onu

If you’re a winner, please write scholarships at marieforleo dot com as soon as possible and we’ll tell you all about the next steps. We look forward to seeing you in October!


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