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Everybody’s got problems.

But imagine if your most pressing dilemma was this:

All your wildest dreams have come true… so what’s next?

For Erin Benzakein — B-School grad and founder of Floret Flower Farm — this is the question she’s asking herself. But it didn’t start that way.

In her words, “It started in my backyard and it stayed in my backyard for years. Really just me fumbling along, making a thousand mistakes, not making any money, killing so many plants, just really sucking at it for a long time.”

Fifteen years and 40,000 handmade bouquets later, Erin is one of the nation’s leading farmer-florists. She’s authored three books including Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden, which won the American Horticultural Society’s book award, the New York Times Bestseller A Year in Flowers, and her most recent, Discovering Dahlias. She’s received the Martha Stewart American Made Award for floral and event design and is now the star of Growing Floret, a new reality show on the Magnolia Network.

Don't lose heart if you're not good yet, just keep getting back up. ~ Erin Benzakein, Floret Flower Farm via @MarieForleo Click To Tweet

But my favorite thing about Erin? Her honesty and wisdom about what it really takes to stay true to your heart and make it as an entrepreneur.

In today’s MarieTV you’ll learn:

  • The power of saying NO to your customers.
  • Where to look for answers when you have no idea what’s next.
  • The scariest part of entrepreneurship — and how to cope.
  • How to use debt as a HUGE motivator.
  • Erin’s ten-year roadmap to becoming an “overnight success.”
  • How to follow your heart when it doesn’t make sense.
  • Plus, how B-School transformed Erin’s business! 

If you’ve ever wondered if you have what it takes to turn your unlikely dream into reality, today’s episode is a must-watch.

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Now, Erin and I would love to hear from you.

Do you have a hobby or idea you’d love to turn into a business? Is your heart tugging at you to try something but you keep shrugging it off? 

Leave a comment below and let us know.

No matter how unlikely your dream seems, the bravest thing you can do is listen to your heart.


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  1. So many good takeaways from this. It’s all figureoutable 🙂

    The power of connection is so important, and from a neuroscience perspective we learn only when we fail so I love the reminder to suck and fail.

    And storytelling is one of our key human superpowers; from the psychology and the neuroscience and just… our human experience. We’ve evolved as a species through communities telling stories, sharing myths, finding the patterns and sharing the lessons of the past in fairytales… we are natural storytellers and listeners.

    We are meant to share these tales and to fail and share about the lessons learned. It’s what we’re here to do as humans, and it’s what I try to teach in my own business workbooks. =)

  2. That was such a lovely episode 💕
    Setting clear boundaries which are in alignment with your own truth. That’s definitely the most authentic way to develop a business.

    And I loved the journaling prompt from Julia Cameroon 🙏.

    Thank you Marie & Erin, and team.

    • teamforleo

      We love that you found the conversation helpful. Boundaries are so very important- and so if your personal truth. Thank you so much for watching, Ailyn. – Heather

  3. This one hit home. Amazing and wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

    • teamforleo

      You’re so welcome, Cindy. xo- Heather

  4. This was so wonderful and just what I needed to hear today! 🙂 Thank you for this beautiful interview and the many wonderful soulful reminders! 🙂 xxx

  5. Thank you Marie and Erin. I agree if you commit to bschool do all the work.
    What brought me bschool was hearing there is no competition. After bschool I understood that statement.
    I own a cattle and goat farm. I’m now offering farm animal science camp after 10 years of running the farm. I love connecting children with the animals and soil. I know there is more God wants from me. Thank you for sharing how you fugure it out by listening.
    Great episode!

    • teamforleo

      We can’t love this more, Mary. We’re so glad that B-School has served you, your business, and your amazing animals! Keep listening and know that we’re here cheering you on. xo – Heather

  6. This episode came to me in divine time. I cried when you mentioned “Believing mirrors” because I realized what’s bogged me down are those people that have served as the exact opposite of that (because I didn’t believe in me). I’m definitely at a burn out phase in my business, and feeling that “it can’t only be this” feeling Erin mentioned she had when making bouquets in her garage before signing up for BSchool. I think my biggest takeaways were to ask my higher self for guidance right now, and to go back and audit Bschool again. Thanks for this excellent episode. I’ve been admiring Erin’s business for years 💜

    • teamforleo

      Tara, the lifetime access you have can serve you, your business, and your goals over and over again. When you revisit the content with the additional years of knowledge, your whole perspective shifts, and the a-has come! We can’t wait to “see you” in the halls of B-School. – Heather

  7. Hi Marie and Erin,

    What a flourishing exchange, thank you both!

    What I felt the strongest – beyond all the inspiration for myself – is that there could be an opportunity for the two of you to collaborate on a project to guide all those in the ‘ceiling’ place to their next level. Like an Advanced B-School for Next Level Soulpreneurs.

    This already felt like the first session.
    And then from there go deeper into individual heart-brain-storming sessions.

    This came when I was listening to you two radiant beings, both clearly IN YOUR ELEMENT. Just seeds for new visions?

    I am grateful for all your amazing work,
    Have a lovely rest of the week,
    Hugs and smiles,

    PS I am fired up for August for Summer School, because I was in the middle of moving during the last B-School round. Thanks for this opportunity. You heard me 🙂

    • teamforleo

      We’ll see you there, Tanya! We’re looking forward to a summer session too. We always appreciate your support. – Heather

  8. Thank you for this episode. You are on fire and loving life. I start and stop and have a small foundation with so many dreams but I need to leave my job that is draining me of my creative spirit. I am afraid to leave for the fear of money issues. I want to rise above my fear for the life and energy I see you and Erin exude. Thank you for being a beacon on the rocky shores that happen.

    • teamforleo

      Victoria, you’ll know what to do and when to do it. Trust in that voice within. We’re cheering you on. xo- Heather

  9. Thank you Marie and Erin for this beautiful interview.
    I’m touched how Erin’s business helps bees thrive and regenerates the earth.
    The conversation strengthened my resolve to work from my heart’s wisdom and to trust the deep process even when my rational mind has no clue what to do.
    I journal daily but will now ask questions of my muse and higher self as recommended by Marie.
    Just sent my novel-memoir to a professional editor. I’ve worked on it for seventeen years. I can’t see what else to do with it and that’s OK.

    • teamforleo

      We love what you shared, Angela, and CONGRATULATIONS on sending your novel-memoir to an editor! That’s awesome news and a huge accomplishment. Keep us posted on what comes of the next steps in your journey- we can’t wait to hear! – Heather

      • Angela

        Thank you Team Forleo 😊
        Will do

  10. Such a joyful episode that hit home on soo many levels! I can’t tell you how often it happens that I’m toying with an idea or a concept or new approach and doubting if that could work and the very next day the marieTV episode guides me on those exact things! You have truly woven a web of magic here and I’m a fan for life. Also Erin – thank you for leaving the flowers for the bees – that made me cry with gratitude and inspiration 🙂 x
    Now where did I put my journal ;p

    • teamforleo

      We’re sending you so much love and appreciation, Andrea. Thank you for your generous and kind note- and for being in our beautiful community. We’re so glad Erin’s presence came at just the right time. xo – Heather

  11. Loved this episode! I took Erin’s online course this year and it was the best investment I could make for my farmer/florist business. I have the flowers, I have the drive and what I lack is the business know how when it comes to capturing my audience and getting them to buy. I cannot take the summer B School because we are knee deep in harvesting but I am going to sign up for the winter session. Hearing Erin speak about how much it helped her was my tipping point. Thanks for having her as a guest.

  12. Great episode! Very inspiring, got me all pumped up and ready for re-taking the B-school. Thank you for all the beautiful work you do and the wisdom you shared, ladies! Sunny greetings from Cyprus 🙂

  13. I have followed you and Erin for a while. But always felt unworthy about making my business work. Covid gave me the “out” to think about what I want I want out of my business and that I am worthy to dive into the Bschool that I paid for a couple of years ago and didn;t complete!!! I just finished Erin’s episodes on Magnolia last night and I am grateful for her honesty and drive! I am ready to jump back into life and B school and see where I should be going! Thank you!

  14. Wow, what a coincidende – Tanya already said here in the comments what I wanted to express as well – the enthousiasm for the Next Level Soulpreneurs ( when your dreams have come true, which is a blessing for sure, but would be fun to explore the new, almost blank slate together ) – AND also the moving part, we also moved house (country!) the last time B-School was on, so I’m very grateful for the opportunity of doing the summer edition soon!
    Thank you Marie, Erin AND Tanya!

  15. I am feeling so inspired by this interview. So many good things to learn. I am so emotional lately, so this may mean nothing but I am near tears thinking about how long I have been building my business and how many times I STILL want to give up and to be reminded that this is not an overnight success…ugh…I just keep going and going and going. Wow. Thank you for the inspiration!

  16. KC Smith

    I’ve been sitting on the fence for soooo long I’m getting splinters in my trunk! What holds me back, too multi-faceted? Which one do I concentrate on or incorporate them all? Don’t know how much Bschool is but I will take the plunge. There is so much I could divulge here but I’m going to leave it at that. Now, i must face the cost of the school and live with intention!

  17. Barkat

    I visited your blog post. Wonderful

  18. Making it to 72 I’ve learned so much, by following my gut it got me here by always finding the right people along the journey. Chip and Joanna are two more beautiful souls who are bringing new exciting voices to the conversation of how we can grow, become successful and how we can do this if we just listen to our hearts and trust in each other. Oprah was the pioneer of all of the beautiful souls being free to have a safe place to speak and share with millions, that we are all in this together, this thing called life. You two young inspirational human beings have arrived and have even gotten me excited for those looking to rise above their doubts. Blessings to everyone I’ve met by watching your show Erin, your family and those that work with you bring much beauty to our world. Thank you Marie for your teachings, an entrepreneur can even bring riches if your business is about being a better human being.


    So inspirational!

  20. Suzanne

    Such a timely reminder and inspiration! Everything you discussed echoed with a big YES! along with a sense of peace and truth. Everything, to even the same type of journaling that I have been leaning on since college. It has all paved my path throughout my life, and lately I have forgotten, and I have been swept up with what others tell me to do. This discussion is steering me back! So many thanks! You both are an inspiration, including how you live your life. ❤️ Btw, I am not typically a commenter on any platform – that’s how much I am moved and want to thank you!

    • teamforleo

      We appreciate your presence AND comment, Suzanne. We’re so glad this episode moved you in the way that it did. – Heather

  21. Shelly J Bowman

    This was amazing!! Love loved loved it!

  22. What an inspiring – and honest – conversation. Marie asks great questions and could those flowers B anymore beautiful? B school is so worth it! Thanks for sharing, Marie!

  23. Laurelle Guillet

    Absolutely love the messages I received watching this interview. I am 61 years old and love ,love flowers. 🌺 When I was in my late 20s I wanted to plant a field of flowers. My ex husband did not like that idea at all. Lol. So I have continued with keeping it small. I so wish I was younger to do what Erin is doing. I feel like I missed my calling. Erin is doing exactly what I wanted to do when I was younger. She is so inspiring. In my heart I keep thinking there’s still more for me in this lifetime. There’s still something that I can do to be successful.

    • teamforleo

      Laurelle, we see you and we’re so glad that you shared your heart and words with us here. We believe that you’re never too old and that dreams can come to life at any season of life. How can you make that dream come to life in a way that feels right for you at this moment in time? Those nudges are there for a reason. Your dream doesn’t have to take the same form as Erin’s, it just has to honor what you want and need. Hope that helps! – Heather

  24. Loved every minute of this! I had been on the “can I really afford B School” fence since 2015, all the while watching Erin’s journey as I grew my own business, also from literally nothing. In late 2019 doing some late night (re)searching (aka, How do I make my dreams happen?) I learned that Erin is a B school alum; I could hardly wait to enroll in 2020. And yes: do the work, every bit. Nothing is as hard as not listening to your heart–Erin nailed it when she said, Go for it. Thank you for this Marie and Erin!

  25. Christin

    Thank you Erin and Marie so very much for this interview. I arrived here from a link in Erin’s email newsletter this morning. I’ve been in a dark, dark, sad place emotionally, praying to the universe in tears all day long, praying for answers, praying for any kind of guidance. I am so moved by what Marie said about journaling from your higher self, and what Erin and Marie said about trusting your heart and instincts, from a place of abundance and peace. I feel deep in my heart that I am called in another direction than the one I am deep within, but I am such a dark place right now that I feel absolutely lost and afraid and unsure, and I don’t know a way forward. Thank you for being. a spark of hopefulness in this dark moment.

  26. thank you I need to change things up. I realized I don’t want to change my business but I need to change how I do it. “Mind Blown”

  27. Marie – I absolutely look forward to my Tuesday emails from you! It’s a little extra Me Time in the morning to listen as I wake up 🙂 I so enjoyed the concepts discussed in this one and need to check out this series! Thanks again for all your inspiration!

  28. Mary

    I really enjoyed watching this! Thank you for all the insights and information and motivation. I loved hearing more about the beginnings of Floret Farms, and I’m now a fan of Marie as well :).

  29. Dear Marie and Erin, thank you so much for your inspiration and enthusiasm! Marie, could you tell us more about the guided journalism, please? Thanks a lot! Eszter

  30. Susan Colket

    Erin and her story are so real. I love that she and her family said NO to people coming to the farm because that is what worked for their family. I love that they let the 24 acres next door sit until they were clear what was next. I love how the filming came to be, so organically, and they are showing the real story, not some drama-y thing. So the takeaways, having the courage to say NO, having the courage to wait until things are clear, and having the courage to share the story with a team that will reflect the whole/full picture. And also, that she keeps coming back to BSchool every year.
    THANK YOU for this great interview.

  31. Lynne Netschke

    I love all the beauty that Erin in sharing with the world. I love your insight on how to share my gifts with the world. Not looking to start a business, but definitely looking to learn how to share who I am with the world. Would love to hear other interviews you do with such inspiring people.

  32. Thank you Erin and Marie! You both talked about the one thing I have been wondering about the most – where was the farm business before B-School and after B-School. I’ve just signed up and feel like I’m right at the same point that Erin was…my businesses are surviving, but not thriving, I’m not sure where or how to grow next, I feel like I’m at my ceiling of what I know how to do and feel deep down that there is so much more. This episode spoke to that inner hope I have and barely whisper aloud because it means so much to me. I so appreciate you both and am happy to have such amazing mentors along this path. Thank you Thank you!

  33. Aníka Rós Pálsdóttir

    Just loved this show. My biggest take is the journaling and let the inner voice come out because that voice does not have scarcity thinking in them.
    Thanks Marie 😀

  34. Such an awesome story and episode!
    Marie, I did BSchool w you back in ’15, when I was fairly directionLESS and had no true business to focus on, but I did it anyway. NOW, 6 yrs later, I am finally actually DOING what I have wanted to do/be for about 14yrs – which is ceramic art/pottery! Thanks to covid (ha!) I stopped what I was doing before – I was a massage therapist for 21 yrs and really wanting to not be any longer but of course gotta pay the bills and had great clients and so never said no!…Covid gave me the full stop, the reason to say no – seeing as how massage and pandemic don’t really mix in my world – and I finally got my tiny little cellar studio into full swing by renovating a 2 car garage on my property into a fully functioning studio! YAYE!! and I am LOVING it! But now, as there’s inevitably always a ‘but now’…I need to grow – get on the global radar – and SELL many more pots! that’s where I’m at which is years away from where I was only a year ago – but it needs to now really take off and be able to sustain me. I’m totally ready to put in the hours as I already do – point is I think it’s the perfect time for BSchool round 2….! Can I still access it or do I need to sign up all over again? Look forward to it! Carola

  35. Maria Dreamer😉

    OMG— Marie and Erin-
    I truly love this interview, it’s so heartfelt, my “take aways “are being so grateful that I’m in B-School, to know I will be better after …no matter how long it may take me or how many times I tried something that didn’t work, I’m okay with sucking and failing 😉 then I’ll simply dust off the embarrassment and keep working on “that thing” re-tweaking, testing and connecting until this thing that I’m so passionate about becomes a profitable business /service that will help hundreds of thousands or more people. And then I will be invited to be a featured guess with Marie. “Our guest today is a 65 yy B-School Grad- she shares how being homeless helped her to save enough to invest in B-School and how that investment changed her life, she’s a singer, songwriter and CEO, founder of… __8FIG_TBA” 😉

  36. Marisol

    Dear Marie & Team: Flowers are so so so magical since I came back from the death (ill) while healing my body, rewiring my mind, retreating my soul from the ancient forces of nature that give us all life, and reconnecting to some of my eternal concepts such as to be of service which is also what feeds my true self–Nature, and in particular observing how the first grass and new tiny flowers (some called them weeds for me as a city girl they are flowers), the miracles of life become so so so tangible as Erin’s work.

    Farming is such hard physical & emotional labor but so rewarding, so plentiful growing in unexpected shapes that teach us so much impossible to convert to words. Yet, as Erin explain is the sharing that we love, is so beautiful to keep it just for our selves since there’s always someone out there that has way less than a fresh farm-garden grown flower. Thank you for putting words to the years of sucking until we materialize own own flower to share in service with the world but also doing it because is our own soul delight. Looking forward to B-School now with more health-energy!

  37. OMG! Worlds collide! Two of my favorite entrepreneurs TOGETHER! I’ve been on the fence about B-school for like a year. After binging the Growing Floret doc and seeing that Erin is an alum – I’m sold. I’m at a crossroads with my 6 year-old comms consultancy, and can’t wait to get started.

  38. Susie Black

    I was so tickled to see this show because I love Marie and I love Erin, and to have them talking together is so inspiring. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Erin took B-School and it’s marvelous to hear how it helped her plan her business. It is also a huge testament to the strength of Marie’s program and what she does so well for so many people. I live in Point Roberts, WA, somewhat near Erin’s farm, and I had the joy and the pleasure of meeting her last year at her book launch at the local nursery (Erin, I was the last person in line for the book signing, and I am so sorry I had so many books for you to sign – mine, my friend’s, and gifts too). It was an awesome opportunity to chat with Erin, with so many delightful members of her team, and even with her mom and sister. I loved every minute of it and so did the other people who were there. Anyhow today is my day off and I have enjoyed watching this interview immensely. Wishing both Erin and Marie (and their teams) so much love, peace, joy, and success in all that you do!

    • teamforleo


      What wonderful feedback and thoughts that you have shared with our community. We are so very happy you enjoyed this episode and that you are a part of our community.


  39. Sylvan

    Thank you for this beautiful, flower-filled episode! My biggest takeaway is that even after all the hard work, Erin still would recommend following one’s dream, full heartedly.
    I love The Artist’s Way and have worked through it, and loved hearing about that exercise to ask the Universe/Higher Power/Higher Self for guidance what comes next. Where I am right now is that I feel like having a business is what I am drawn and called toward, but I don’t have specific clarity about what value I can bring to the world.

  40. Mary Ann

    This episode speaks so clearly to a lot of things I have been learning lately. The asking your higher self for guidance; setting clear boundaries; the value of regenerative agriculature (kiss the ground). Love, Love, Love it all! Erin was so uplifting and inspiring. Heading over to her website right now!

    • teamforleo

      Mary Ann,

      YAY!! So glad you enjoyed this episode and sharing your feedback with us. Glad you heading over to Erin’s site, enjoy!


  41. Tammy

    Two of my favorite inspirational ladies right here. THANK YOU!!!!!

    Two online courses that I invested in….B School and Floret. Two incredible teachers. Thank you for this episode. I got a boost just when I needed it

  43. Really enjoyable interview with lots of encouragement to keep going. As an herbalist, I enjoyed learning a little about the farm itself. Seeds are very valuable indeed. All the best to Erin and her next endeavor.

  44. Evelyn

    What a joyful conversation to be able to listen to! I love the passion, genuine excitement and honest thoughts shared between the two of you. This was a good investment of my time tuning into you!

  45. Tara

    Wow. This episode truly could not have come at a better time for me. I LOVE Erin, and she inspires my love of gardening in general. And some how I feel connected to Marie.

    Recently, more than ever, I have been considering a life change. A change to end a career and start a new journey. The way this episode fell into my lap this morning and it’s contents have truly inspired me and embolden me to take that leap into what could be and what I am capable of. This episode showed up in my inbox from Floret Farms today after a few days of being deep in thought about what I want to do. And Marie’s book title “Everything is Figureoutable” coincidentally has been a quote up in my office for the last three years. I’ll take the signs universe!

    Thank you ladies for what you do and for who you are.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Tara

      So happy that this episode resonated with you. Sounds like those signs are lining up to bring you the best in life. Thank you for being a part of our community!


  46. I am a gardener and I love flowers, so the topic was delightful. I can also relate to the topic of transitioning… Thank you for reminding me to check my journal and look at what I discovered through the process. Sometimes I need to be reminded. Thank you!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Catherine,

      Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I too, love flowers and love having house plants in my space.


  47. Whitney Wimer

    Loved the episode! Boundaries are something I’ve struggled with. I don’t put them in place soon enough even though I know I should. Hearing about the power and peace Erin achieved by having boundaries in place from the beginning is inspiring. I’ll be listening and take action when the little voice tells me to set a boundary early.

  48. Loreley

    Such a great interview!!! Thank you Marie and Erin! Such inspiring energy!

    Is Erin making honey on her farm? Sounds like an ideal place with all the flowers and bees!

    • teamforleo


      So glad you enjoyed this interview with Erin!


  49. nataly arias

    I sooooo needed to hear this on so many levels

  50. Jean Howell

    I gave up on my business idea 3 weeks ago when I had to return to a 40 hour week to clear off debts after 4.5 years of staying home and working on my idea. After watching this video and hearing that overnight successes are really 10 years in the making, it has inspired me to pick up the pieces and start again – still at least another 5.5 years to go before I surrender!

  51. Sheri Hayward

    Very inspirational to hear & see how people make their way to success!

  52. Tsakane

    I love the idea of being comfortable with sucking and failing! Especially when you in the process of trusting your instincts on what to do for the business. I love the beautiful flowers, I want to be surrounded by that type of beauty all the time.

  53. Suzanne Cerrone

    This moment was just what my heart needed. I needed to hear that where I am is exactly where I need to be to launch. I need to put in more work, get back to B-school, get clear and really follow my heart. My greatest take away was that it is ok and necessary to set strong boundaries and build my business my way. Thank you Marie and Erin!

  54. Amazing story.
    Elderly neighbours… that was so amazing. Wow… ‘meant to be moment’ definitely.

  55. This was SUCH a great episode, so many good reminders and so much inspiration to take action from. I’ve also loved flowers for a long time and it’s been so nice to see your journey Erin! I loved the most this honesty and heartfelt conversation between the 2 of you. Amazing video, thank you again!

  56. Heather

    OMG. I have been following you from the beginning and this is my all time favorite video ever!!!! There is so much here that resonates that I will need to watch it multiple times, journal, and meditate on it to get it all organized. I asked the Universe for some very specific guidance and bam, this was in my email the next day! Thank you!

    • teamforleo


      Wow! We are starry-eyed reading your comment! Sounds like the universe delivered right on time. Thanks so much for being part of our community!

      -Monika, Team Forleo

  57. The ONE HUGE thing that stuck out , was asking your higher self for clarity , and journaling …Im a big believer in listening to my higher self , and yes I def need some clarity ..My fear of Money , (of not having enough ) …hmm old thought patterns ? maybe ? ….Listening to this was encouraging and Invigorating …Lots of great take aways

  58. I’ve been seeing Erin and her farm in several magazines and it always amazed me how she could have done this. How did she manage to create such beauty and abundance of it? All I could do so far is to keep my plants barely alive. Accept the failure and move on. Also, trust your calling. This is what I’m learning from this episode. The early childhood connection to flowers brought sweet memories to me too. Thanks a lot!!!!

  59. One of my most favorite interviews! Thank you! Feeling so inspired and so ready for the Summer Session of BSchool. I joined the first time in 2020 and I definitely need to reevaluate what my dream business looks like, so much has changed in a year (including increase in revenue, thank you!).

    • teamforleo


      We love hearing about how inspired you felt after watching this episode with Erin! We can’t wait to get started in our summer session of B-School, and we’re honored to have you join us again.

      -Monika, Team Forleo

  60. Eleanor Burke

    This has got to be one of my favorite MarieTV episodes! I’m a big fan of Erin’s work and have been growing Floret’s seeds for several years. Biggest takeaway is the reminder of how much failure it takes and to just keep going. Great interview! Thank you.

    • teamforleo


      We’re so glad to hear you enjoyed this episode as much as we did!

      Wishing you all the best!
      -Monika, Team Forleo

  61. Jordan Schnur

    Okay I am LOVING the journaling exercise Marie explained! Cannot wait to see what my higher self is waiting to tell me:) As always, incredibly inspiring!!! Thank you Marie for your words of endless wisdom!

  62. I needed to hear that it takes a long time. I was almost feeling like I’ve failed because my success has not been what I thought it would be – BUT, I now feel like I want to put in more work, repeat B-School, do more homework and keep moving forward. Thank you!

    • teamforleo


      We’re so happy to hear that you are inspired by this episode. You got this!

      We hope to see you back in B-School soon! We appreciate having you in the community.

      -Jeremy, Team Forleo

  63. Susan

    This was a gorgeous episode, I’ve written down the journaling prompts – thank you! It’s beautiful what Erin has created, and it took time, which is a great reminder for me. Now to dive back into B-School, I’m so inspired by Erin and how many times she’s done B-School to refine the work she does in the world. Thank you!!

  64. Chelsea

    What an incredible interview with two badass business women!! Erin really lit up when she started talking about the new flowers she was breeding… I feel like she answered her own question about what’s next! 💐

  65. Karen

    My great takeaway is the journaling. I personally have journaled and it was very inspiring and it continued to help me grow . I feel like that was a message for me to pick up a pen and pad again and help my life start a new chapter . Thank you very much for the inspiration. I look forward to your email on Tuesday .

  66. So inspirational! Thank you.

    I felt reminded of the power of persistence… and also how the more we dare to create beauty in our lives, it ripples out into the world tenfold!

    I am a B-School alumni, and I’ve signed up to do the summer course live, and this story makes me even more determined to figure out the childcare to make it possible to put in the best effort I can into the program.

    • teamforleo


      Very well said! We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode.

      We will see you soon in B-School again shortly!

      -Jeremy, Team Forleo

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    • Miriam

      Me too. 🙂

  70. Setting clear boundaries that are in line with your own truth is something I agree with. That is, without a doubt, the most genuine approach to grow a firm. Erin’s testimony about how much it aided her was the final straw for me. 🙂
    That was a wonderful episode.

  71. What amazed and inspired me the most is Erin’s completely out-of-the-box pivot! Not selling flowers and deciding to “expose” her introverted self, wow… the keys to scaling up up up! A wonderful lesson!

  72. This has been my favorite episode that I’ve watched so far! Hearing about slow biz growth, growing pains, and the first ever B-School Summer Sesh has got me pumped up!!!

    I’m a new coach and I’m getting VERY slow traction. I haven’t landed my first client … yet. I joined B-School for the first time back in Jan/Feb (whenever it was) and I’m THRILLED to get a refresher soon.

    HERE’S TO SLOW GROWTH and lessons learned along the way!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Melissa,

      This is so great to hear, and we’re equally as thrilled to have you back for Summer B-School! Best of luck on your business path (slow and steady wins the race). We know you’ve got this!

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

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    So much JOY in listening to this podcast episode!

    Husband recently discovered Erin and the show. We binge watched. He loved the flowers. I loved Erin’s work ethic, words, focus, eyes on the world (serving, sharing, teaching, discovering…) – all in my world, too. She resonated with me. (little did I know she was a B-School grad!)

    Imagine my surprise to discover she’s an alum! To hear her talk about her decision to invest and how she discovered you and B-School kind of last minute, but followed through with a quick decision to enroll… I 100% related.

    Taking that leap, making that investment in 2020 after learning of you and B-School only a few days before… Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Knowing Erin audited each year and now does deep dives into the parts she wants to focus on, Yes. I’m loving participating in B-School a second time… with a much deeper, richer understanding of All The Things… at a still relatively new level. I can at least breathe this year and not feel overwhelmed. 🙂

    And lastly (but soooo cool!)… you talked about journaling as a way to figure things out. Oh, Marie. The Universe was smiling. 🙂 Yes! It is what I preach.

    Use those words. Let your soul have its voice. Yasssss!!!

    Thanks for sharing Erin with the rest of the world.. loved the interview!

    Robin Le Roy-Kyle
    RobinLK Studios
    B-School Alum, class of 2020

    • teamforleo

      Hi Robin,

      WOOOOO! We’re so glad you enjoyed this interview, as well as immersing yourself back into B-School this year! Yes, it is so beneficial to jump back into B-School from time to time. Your goals, expertise, market, etc. can continue to evolve with your business, which can be so wonderful to see. Thanks for sharing!

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

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    • teamforleo

      Vlada, this is so great to hear! Thanks for sharing.

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

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    • teamforleo

      Hi Stephanie,

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this interview! Thanks for stopping by.

      – Jeremy, Team Forleo

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  87. Sue Dempsey

    I took Erin’s video course this year. I decided my charity was worth my $2,000 investment (I have grown/harvested flowers for 3 yrs in a community garden to donate to a dementia daycare for their flower arranging therapy). She’s right up there with the top teachers I have encountered. She’s PASSIONATE about having her students learn the info she has gleaned from living/failing. My biggest takeaway from this is Marie’s talking about people telling you to “hang on” to a very successful project, something you are good at, when you feel like you are “done” with that. “Those are only the voices of fear and scarcity that have you thinking you need to keep everything going.” “How do I want to continue my mission in a way that feels so spacious and so sustainable. . . where are the other places I want to play. . . from a total place of joy?” The program has been successful beyond anyone’s wildest expectations, but I’m done with training dozens of people and they don’t show up (it’s an all volunteer organization), or they still plant/harvest incorrectly, or they they argue for low standards (“these flowers are ‘good enough’ for those people to work with”).

    • Thomas Labriola

      A very inspiring story. Thank you Mary for sharing. Success in flower business should inspire and contribute to the development of other farmers who want to achieve success. You didn’t think to post this story on Instagram, as this social network is now very popular with flower growers. If you want, you can also use the help of to increase the number of followers.

  88. That’s such a great story! Thank you for opening up and sharing. 🙂

  89. Linda Kuo

    I truly loved this episode. She is so real and transparent and how she started trial by fire and failing time and time again but just getting back up and never giving up, really resonated with me. I also especially love that her husband Chris kept telling her to keep going. Having support and someone believe in you, is essential.

  90. Linda Kuo

    I truly loved this episode. She is so real and transparent and how she started trial by fire and failing time and time again but just getting back up and never giving up, really resonated with me. I also especially love that her husband Chris kept telling her to keep going. Having support and someone believe in you, is essential.

    I also especially love how open, present, and engaged Marie is. “The Artist’s Way” is so magical and wise. We were all given the gift of intuition. Paying attention to is. Listening, is paramount.

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