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Does the thought of sales make you squirm?

In today’s MarieTV, I answer a question from Bettina who runs a social enterprise in Australia, but struggles with the selling part of running her business. She asks:

“How do I get my audience to understand the value of my business and its mission? I’m trying not to be too salesy and at the same time be firm about my price.”

Bettina’s not alone. Big-hearted business owners get tripped up SO often when it comes to selling. But if you want your business to thrive, you must fall in love with sales and marketing. And trust me, your customers will thank you for it.

In this episode, you’ll learn three timeless principles of selling with authenticity, integrity, and heart.

When you believe in your products, making sales isn’t a “necessary evil” — it’s a gift.

If you want your business to thrive, you must fall in love with sales and marketing. Click To Tweet

Like this:

Right now our flagship writing program, The Copy Cure, is open for enrollment. I don’t just want to tell you about it, I want to shout it from rooftops, knock on your door, and throw a dance party in your living room about it. Why?

Because The Copy Cure has helped tens of thousands of people get BIG results. Like Miana, who tripled her online sales and grew her community to 70k people. Or Avital, who started a global parenting movement and grew her YouTube views to a whopping 2 million. And Natalie, who made $12,000 teaching people how to pair wine and cheese.

If you want to learn how to write influential and persuasive messages in a way that’s true to your heart, you need to get your butt in The Copy Cure now. But hurry, doors close Wednesday, April 7th!

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Now it’s your turn.

In the comments below, let me know your biggest insight from today’s episode. 

Remember, having a big heart doesn’t mean settling for a small bank account.

I want you to embrace making a difference — and making money.

Stand in your power and be the most effective, prosperity-minded, abundance-generating business owner you can possibly be.


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  1. “Facts tell and stories sell” is such a powerful reminder: as a writer and educator stories are how we as a species have passed down warnings and morals (think fairy tales) and thus we are innately primed to take the salient lessons from story. So share those tales and let the customer pck out the nuggets of truth thatresonate for them. <3

  2. I can summarise all my aha moments in one big thank you, Marie and Team Forleo <3!

    • teamforleo

      Sending you loads of Team Forleo love, Monika. Thanks for being here with us. xo- Heather

  3. shift the spotlight to your customer, so checking out that training after this 😉

    • teamforleo

      We hope you gain some great insights for you and your work- and of course your customers. – Heather

  4. “Choose your customers” stood out for me. I’ve heard “target audience” and “target market”, but I figured it meant who are the people buying from you? It never really occurred to me that I had the “gift” of choosing who I want to “click” with. Thanks, Marie! I’m off to think a bit more deeply about this topic.

    • teamforleo

      One of the beautiful things about building your own business, Marquina, is you DO get to choose who you want to work with. Cool concept, right? The more you examine who that ideal customer is, the more you can create magic to meet their needs. We’re cheering you on. – Heather

  5. Wow!! FingWoW!! Marie
    For years I have sold jewellery for 40, 50,$100K for companies without hesitation; however, with my jewellery, I am feeling my prices are too high for my handmade jewellery. I definitely need to target a client base that can afford my work.
    Thanks as always Marie.
    Loving yah

  6. Michelle

    All of it was awesome! I need to listen over and over till it sinks in.

  7. Elle Shaver

    I was inspired by the whole message. However, facts tell and stories sell just clicked a lightbulb on for me. DUH…we all tell stories in one form or another, it makes perfect sense to me.

    • teamforleo

      Sometimes reminders go a long way, Elle. Here’s to you sharing some fun stories! – Heather

  8. This lesson is so timely as I’m prepping for a virtual conference presentation for educators. I want my audience to DO something after hearing my presentation, to buy my book and start using it with their students. I’m going to rethink everything with these three amazing points in mind. Thank you!!!

    • teamforleo

      Laurie, we’re sending you all the good luck vibes for your presentation. You’ll be amazing. – Heather

  9. “What’s in it for them?!” It’s perfect. Love it. And I have The Copy Cure! Gotta get it. It’s the bomb. 👏🏻💓

    Thank you, Marie!

    • teamforleo

      Thank you for being in The Copy Cure with us, Tabitha. We hope to see you in the Live sessions coming up in April and May! – Heather

  10. I’m loving the Copy Cure! It’s making me excited about sales again.

    • teamforleo

      Vanessa, you are signing music that we love to hear. YAY! Sales should be exciting and fun. Way to show up and do the work.- Heather

  11. I’m “STILL” working on this. My gut still twists when I think about marketing. Does that mean I don’t believe in myself or my service? What steps can I take to enjoy and look forward to marketing? I could probably teach a course on what Marie teaches, I intellectually “get” it. How do I encourage my gut to join my brain??? I’m in one of the most lucrative markets in the world right now, and I’m resistant to take advantage of it. I don’t know if the emotion is fear, or insecurity, and it’s deep in my essence. The more I “put myself out there” the physically sicker I get. (Upper limit) I’ve worked with therapists, taken massive action, gotten huge support from seemingly random people. And I’ve failed, over and over.
    I’m getting back up and want to beat this, embrace it, work with it, erase it, whatever it takes. I’m 55 this year. I’ve made great strides in many areas of my life.
    Where do I focus first to break through this barrier?

    • my two cents…you aren’t failing! and if visualizations (5 mins a day, like an athelete) haven’t work, then try hypnosis!

  12. 2 Big Take Aways:
    -Facts tell and stories sell!
    -Putting myself in the shoes of my IC (WIIFM) was my big take away.
    Mind-blowing! Like Bettina, I was thinking in “reverse”. I want my customers to value the product and mission, but if they (customers) don’t know how product and mission benefit them, there will always be a disconnect. Thanks Marie!

    • teamforleo


      Love your takeaways from the episode! So glad you enjoyed the episode.


  13. Annette

    Goodness this is me to a T! I seriously have a thing for marketing, I really don’t like it and I find that when I try to talk about what I do, I fizzle out into a puddle and sound terribly unconvincing. It’s gotten to a point where I feel like I have or could become “lazy” about it and procrastinate but actually it is a facade to hide from the real fact that I am afraid of it. It’s so ironic though cos I used to be such an extrovert when I was younger and loved meeting people. Now I’m just happy to be out of the limelight, I don’t know why. What struck me was actually a line in Marie’s message: “When you believe in your products, making sales isn’t a “necessary evil” — it’s a gift.” I never really thought about it that way. I believe in what I do, and I remember Marie saying before that if I don’t get out there and sell it, I am denying other people this gift that I have. I need to rewire my brain now. ☹️ Thanks for the reminder Marie!

    • teamforleo


      Thank you for sharing your insight with the community. We all have gifts and we need to share that special gift with the world!


  14. ‘You have to understand who your customer is – and who you are selling too’ love you Marie. Thanks to the Copy Cure I have your lessons in your brain everytime I am writing! headlines, tours, blogs & even emails x x x

  15. Alyson K McDonald

    Choosing the right customers is SO on point! It creates a win:win for your business and your clients.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Alyson,

      Yes, we agree with you! A win:win is the relationship we are going for.


  16. I tried googling “Marie Forleo, the Spotlight Method” and am not getting any results for it. Is it possible for you to reply with the link?

  17. Hi, Marie and everyone!

    I’m so grateful for this episode. There are two best ideas from this epsiode which I want to share:

    1. Choose the right customers. I think this is so important becouse you are not trying to sell something to everyone. When you choose customers, you are finally in peace around selling.

    2. Your business have to care about your customers. About they’re problems, and they’re mision. I mean about everything that you want them to care about your business. And I believe that when you’re doing this, the customers will care more and more about you and everything around you.

    Am I right? Thank you very mych! 🙂

    • teamforleo

      Hi Alexander,

      YES! Customers are who we serve and targeting the right customers for your business is key. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the community.


  18. Facts tell and stories sell. I’ve been focusing on that lately and just ordered a book on telling stories for your business. Love your videos! It’s a great reminder to get focused back to the basics and not be so consumed with the details.

    • teamforleo


      So happy to hear that the episode provided a focus for you on your business journey. Thanks for sharing!


  19. This is so on point. Healthy business are profitable and when they’re profitable they can do good work in the world, create jobs, and create products that make a difference.

    • teamforleo

      Yes! Patricia, you are so on target and thank you for sharing your feedback.


  20. I need you in my life! ❤ I almost cried watching this as it truly spoke to me.
    Thank you so much

    • teamforleo

      Hi Nadia,

      We are so happy to hear you enjoyed the episode and that it really resonated with you. We love having you as a part of our community!


  21. Reading and watching you demonstrate the principles you’re talking about is super helpful! Seeing the tips in action added so much clarity – thank you!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Terra,

      So happy to hear that the principles provided were helpful! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us.


  22. Thank you, Marie and Bettina, for this Q & A.

    I’m a B-school alum who put off the Copy Cure for two years and am SO excited to report that this year I hopped in on Day 1, am devouring the modules and LOVING every single thing.

    Coming from the nonprofit world, I always thought having premium pricing for my services and selling without being slimy was impossible, but no more. Marie is showing me how to do it with heart in a sincere value exchange.

    It’s changing my life.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Celeste,
      Wahoo! So glad you are enjoying Copy Cure! A wonderful addition to your B-School program. Thank you for being an alumnus of B-School and now continuing your learning journey with Copy Cure.


  23. I just want to say that it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, this is gold. I have two businesses. One is a targeted coaching business, and the other is good, old fashioned retail. In as far as premium niche products sold exclusively online is old fashioned retail. My husband works for me and we’re currently looking to expand into his specialist interest area, which is wine. We’ve just been touring vineyard for the last three months (in NZ so it’s safe) and the main thing we are looking for is story. Even the best wine in the world needs a story to make the consumer experience the best it can be. People buy off people and stories sell.

    • teamforleo

      Thanks for sharing your feedback! We know that you will develop a lovely and intriguing story for your wine business. Cheers!


  24. Biggest insight: stories sell. It’s a classic, but I’ve really seen it in your, Laura’s and Cole’s emails these past few weeks.

  25. Candice Wagener

    “Choose the right customers” –the fact that I get to choose the customers I want to work with is such an important reminder for me. Rather than just throwing darts at the board, I need to hone in on WHO and WHERE my ideal customers are and then connect with THOSE FOLKS. Thank you, as always, for your wisdom and energy, Marie!

  26. A big thank you for this video. So many great insights and truths. I love your enthusiasm which is very contagious.

  27. I love this, thank you!

  28. I am truly impressed by the content; this is some valuable things to keep in mind for every business person.

  29. Sumit Chakrabarty

    Hi !! Marie, yesterday i purchased your book “everything is figureoutable” i just can’t stop reading it……….its so amazing. The reading is smooth like a flow of a river”
    I m interested in knowing about how one can achieve the grace of the Divine, how to be aligned with that great force called God. My dream is to be enlightened one day and to know the power of human potential and how it can serve others in a fruitful an happy life. Imagine how nice it will be if all of us align to this power and live a commune with this beauty. …. I ve written something that i am writing, don’t know why ? but i feel like sharing with you:)


    If you have the slightest inclination to know “Who you are” it means the Cosmos wants to reveal that from within you. If you are drawn towards Spirituality, it is a clear sign thats what God wants you to discover.
    Our action’s are all influenced by the intelligent consciousness, as it pervades everything and has a plan for everything.
    Its the veil of Maya, that conceils our true nature and does not allow it to come to the forefront.
    Only way to advance is to purify your habits by surrendering to that higher power.
    Devoution plays an important part in melting the barrier between yourself and God.
    Devoution does not mean offering love to God in return for something but loving God for the sake of love only . True devoution comes with grace but as you give love to God and offer yourself at his feet , you can feel the reciprocating love in proportion by measure of your expanded awareness.
    Our innate wisdom comes from God, for there is only One. We are all connected in a family that is one infinite conciouness.
    Self Dialogue:- I ve been practicing Self dialogue as advised by teacher. It is a very Goodway of establishing friendship with your mind. It is a inner dialogue where you put up questions to the mind and receive answers , slowly and slowly you can observe that there is something that is observing the all process, that is glimpse of our very Self. By practicing self dialogue first and then sitting for meditation becomes easier, because you are already inert and aware.

    For me meditation means to attend to. Its ways of grounding and establishing oneself in his very beingness or self.
    What i practice:
    I close my eyes and sit traight with erect spine, shoulder resting. I simply observe my breath coming in and going out from very point entering my nose to the very point exiting from my nose. My attention is steady on the feel of the breath entering and leaving the nose., thereafter my awareness expands and there is a complete inner viewing of the upper body from inside. Sometimes the head becomes free , as if there is more clarity & lightness.but to be true everyday is not Sunday. So sometimes the meditation is good and somes times not so good.
    Meditation can be of different types:
    You can start by putting all your awareness at the centre of the heart and breathe, as if the breath is starting and ending from that point. This will help you in expanding your heart chakra, as well as cleansing it. You can apply the same method at your navel putting all your focus there and observing your breath. You can try this on all your chakras.
    By breathing at your chakras , will eventually align them and expand, resulting in a smooth and dynamic meditation. You will feel the flow of the breath uninterrupted and smooth.

    2. If you love God, then God has your back.
    I firmly believe in the divine intelligence the pervades all matter living and non living both.
    Once you align to that very essence then you are protected and helped along this journey called life.
    beginning with prayer, then a inner self dialogue and meditation one can definitely inherit this power into his or her life.
    Purification of your inner essence and exercising self control is the key here.
    By exercising self control one lets his mind inward and by purification of his thoughts he is able to cut through the veil of maya.
    With purification one can feel the divine presence as its nature is pure as water. One can even feel light of conciouness shining within and the more it grows the more divinely can you feel the presence within and without. As if you are in communion with God. Outside things slowdown, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun , chirping of the birds, these are indicators of your nearing to Oneness of all things.
    The mind will eventually calm down to a point where you become the witness of all phenomena.

    • teamforleo

      Thank you for sharing your personal insight with the community!


  30. Many thanks! When I put a lot of effort into creating a product, it’s hard to think about marketing as well. And your advice helps me a lot in this difficult matter.

  31. This is very nice information for my knowledge.

  32. Once you are involved in creating a product, you would naturally know everything there is to know about the product.
    Selling the benefits of the product will become more accessible.
    Sometimes, the issue is about the change that users will have to undergo to implement your product/service.
    We also have to remove the fear; most people don’t like “change.” Thank you for sharing great tips, Marie.

    • teamforleo

      Thank you for sharing such feedback on selling products. We agree that removing the fear is so critical as a step.


  33. Great marketing is at heart of business success. As author and marketing master Seth Godin once said: marketing is a competition for people’s attention .
    And in today’s hyperconnected world , that competition is really tough . Standing out from crowd requires us to put a lot of energy into marketing.

    Thank you for sharing your insights about marketing. This is significant things to remember for each business specialist.

  34. For me to be good at seller you have to pin point your costumer that like your product that your selling and practice your sales peach so that when your going to sell it will come automatically and you can answer the questions of your consumer. 🙂

  35. If you need to succeed at selling, it’s essential to imitate the attributes of the individuals who preceded you.
    Regardless of whether you’re pitching a startup to financial backers or selling vehicles at a vendor, deal abilities are essential to all undertakings. As numerous who have taken a shot at deals can confirm, however, not every person is ready to deal with this profession. So it is required to have a lot of ideas about how marketing goes to become successful.
    And these are helpful tips indeed! Thank you

  36. Amazing content and valuable information.

  37. Now, This is what I’m talking about. 🙂 Marketing or Sales are really good career. If you work hard there’s a high reward. 🙂

  38. Kym

    Thanks Marie. I so agree. No-one ever likes the idea of being “sold to.” So thought of having to sell as a business owner feels uncomfortable too. However, being taken on a journey through storytelling is part of our human nature. We connect with others through our stories. I like to remind my clients that selling is just a conversation. A conversation that includes an “invitation” for people to explore your services and how you can help them.

  39. Mary

    You have no idea how much your help has meant. Thank you, Marie.

  40. Thank you, Marie and team F, for everything you do and for all the wonderful life-improving content you provide. 😘🥰

    • teamforleo

      Hi Steven,

      Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean the world to us! We’re happy to hear you’re enjoying the content.

      -Monika, Team Forleo

  41. Such an informative post it was. I am looking forward to using those tips!

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