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If you’ve been feeling stifled or stuck in your head, get ready for your creative floodgates to burst open.

Seth Godin, one of the most prolific writers on the planet — with 19 bestselling books and 7,500 blog posts written over 20 years of daily blogging — is here to spring you from your creative rut.

After I read his latest book, The Practice, pages and pages of new ideas poured out of me. It felt easy, expansive, ELECTRIFYING.

Tough circumstances? Motivation stalling? Feeling bleh? Seth says, “Creativity is an action, not a feeling. Your work is too important to be left to how you feel today.”

Creativity is an action, not a feeling. Your work is too important to be left to how you feel today. @sethgodin @ThisIsSethsBlog Click To Tweet

If you’re ready to dissolve your resistance and find the courage to keep creating no matter what the world throws at you — get your notebook ready.

In this MarieTV, Seth Godin dishes up aha moments like hotcakes on Sunday morning.

You’ll learn:

  • 4 words that’ll take you from amateur to professional.
  • A paradigm shift to get past your excuses.
  • How to release imposter syndrome — for good.
  • Why being authentic is killing your creativity.
  • How to find your true audience (and who to ignore).
  • How to know for sure when your work is good enough.
  • 2 questions to ask yourself before starting anything.
  • Seth’s trick to beat writer’s block.
  • Why going it alone never works.

Make sure you watch ‘til the end to hear Seth read a passage from The Practice that gave me goosebumps.

Hit play to watch now or listen on The Marie Forleo Podcast.

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DIVE DEEPER: Do you love Seth as much as I do? Revisit our episodes on seizing the moment and marketing that works. Then get my ultimate guide to creating fresh content to turn your inspiration into art.

Now let’s turn those insights into action!

Are you sitting on any creative ideas, unfinished projects, or latent dreams? Seth says there are two things you must ask yourself before you start anything.

In the comments below, let us know what you’re working on this week, and then answer these questions:

  1. What’s it for?
  2. Who’s it for?

Whether you’re cooking dinner for family or launching a new business, your answers will help you stay aligned with the purpose of your project and the person who’ll most benefit from your work.

Creative blockages happen when we forget who we’re serving and why. As Seth says, “Generosity subverts resistance by focusing the work on someone else.”

The world needs that special gift that only you have, whether you feel like it or not.


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  1. Steve

    What really stuck with me is: “There is no plumber’s block” lol!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      If something is going to leave an impression, that’s a statement that will! Thanks for sharing, Steve 🙂

  2. Hi Marie and Seth,
    Just wanted to say a big thank you for the conversation and sharing this. I started a daily blog almost three years ago after reading one of Seth’s blogs on why we should all be writing a daily blog and am now just over 1000 posts. And Seth has been so supportive in this time so thanks for that. And now my writing day always begins with a daily post and morning pages, one is published and the other not (tic) And today just starting a new blog on my feelings as a writer as the UK goes into another lockdown.
    Marie, keep doing what you’re doing because you’re amazing.

    Thank you

    Paul Jefferson Woods

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Paul, your process sounds pretty amazing and reflective. We love seeing that one is for publishing and one is for you. Both are important writing practices to have as a writer. Thank you for being here with us and please know we’re sending you so much love and compassion to the UK. Stay healthy and safe -and keep writing!

      • Heather,
        Thanks so much for taking the time to reply, always so cool to get a response from the team. And ditto with the love and compassion to everyone across the pond especially as you are about to decide the next president. Best wishes to all writers and keep doing what you’re doing.

  3. What an amazing interview and I ordered the book as I was listening!!
    My big aha moment came during the talk of imposter syndrome. God knew I needed to hear it because I have been struggling with a project. Seth’s words- “This is work worth doing, even if it doesn’t work. It’s work worth doing because the process of me doing it the way I feel doing it, the effort of doing it, the chance that it could touch someone else, all of those things make it worth it. And if it doesn’t work, I’m still glad I did it.”
    were exactly what I needed. It made me cry and send a thank you to God right on the spot. Have an awesome day-

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you had that moment with those words, Tanya. If you’re called to it, it’s worthy work. It’s as simple and beautiful as that. Be glad in your doing and know that we’re so honored to have you here with us.

  4. Oh yesssss ! What a wonderful and inspiring conversation !!!
    Can’t wait to get that book !

    Thank you so much both of you!
    I’m finishing the creative workshop Seth talks about and it’s really amazing! It gives me so much energy!

    I’m working this week on the development of my online course of “urbansketching for beginners”, or how to be able to draw everything you want without stress! 😉
    … after having received a lot of demands from the readers of my blog from overseas to have an online course, as they can’t fly over to Europe to attend my workshops. So I’m really excited now to finally get to developing this: thanks to confinement…. or how to turn a negative event into something positive…. 😉

    Thank you Marie and team for all your energy !

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Barbara, we always love reading your words and are so grateful for your presence here in our community. How AMAZING that your readers are creating momentum and shift for you that is certainly a positive. YAY! That’s how you turn an opportunity into action. Keep us posted on all you’re up to- we want to celebrate it all.

  5. Curiosity. Generosity. Connection.
    This hit home in such a BIG way! And you are so right, Marie…the timing is spot on.

    Thank you!!

  6. Mary Axelsen

    Seth & Mario – thank you! You gave me just what I needed this morning. There is no guarantee and that is okay. Show up everyday, step up to the plate, and swing. It’s okay if it wasn’t a home run. Missing the ball doesn’t mean you are unworthy – just means you got some more work to do. Keep swinging – it’s the only way you will ever hit the ball. I woke up this morning feeling unsure of myself. Doubting my decision to leave my job and start a business. After listening to the interview, I can acknowledge doubt, uncertainty, and it’s there hanging out with me. It’s okay yet I won’t let it own me. I’ll show up, swing – practice! Some days I’ll hit the ball. Have a most fabulous day. Mary

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Mary, may you swing and hit that ball day after day after day. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be. We’re in the stands, cheering you on.

  7. Mary Axelsen

    Marie & Seth – thank you! You gave me just what I needed this morning. There is no guarantee and that is okay. Show up everyday, step up to the plate, and swing. It’s okay if it wasn’t a home run. Missing the ball doesn’t mean you are unworthy – just means you got some more work to do. Keep swinging – it’s the only way you will ever hit the ball. I woke up this morning feeling unsure of myself. Doubting my decision to leave my job and start a business. After listening to the interview, I can acknowledge doubt, uncertainty, and it’s there hanging out with me. It’s okay yet I won’t let it own me. I’ll show up, swing – practice! Some days I’ll hit the ball. Have a most fabulous day. Mary

  8. Lacey

    I find it hard to choose what stood out for me because I enjoyed the conversation in its entirety. Morning Pages and inauthenticity are standing out to me. Thank you for sharing the conversation; it was refreshing.

  9. “You know that tingly feeling when someone tells you exactly what you need to hear at the perfect moment?” You mean like today’s episode? Like what Marie TV does for me time and time and time and time again? Nope! No idea what you’re talking about. 😉

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We see what you did there, Brigitte 😉 Here’s to the tingles!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing the Seth Godin interview. It was exactly what I needed to hear today. Am ordering his book today. 💖

  11. This was exactly the conversation I needed to hear to get myself back on a productive track! Thank you both for sharing your magic with us.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad the magic found you right when you needed it most. We appreciate you, Debby.

  12. AM

    Marie and Seth, always a beacon of light. So many useful bits to take with me into my day. The one thing that stuck with me, or that I realized, is that I NEED A PRACTICE! I’m trying to build a small business and every morning I wake up and think… “Ok, what do I need to do first?” Well if I had a practice, I could wake up already KNOWING what I had to do first.
    Thanks for the inspo! Big love to you both!

  13. I’m only 13 minutes in and this episode has given me permission I’ve never been able to give myself. Thank you for freeing me from myself.

    Look forward to the rest of the video, and to getting your book.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Tuck that permission slip into your pocket, Lauren. You’ve got this.

  14. Susanne Melo

    Love this talk! Thank you both for such contribuition on my daily inspiration.

  15. John

    Listened to this while in holding doing background work. Some of Seth’s thoughts were new to me, some not, but I ordered his book because of his heart and logic. Thanks for this.

  16. Thanks for the reminder Marie and Seth,
    I’m lots of drafts into writing chapter 12 of a book, and I was getting really philosophical and the words read like a mouthful dry poundcake. You two unlocked the problem: “Write to the reader. What’s the change I seek to make? What do they need to know?” I was putzing. No more gluten. Hahaha! I’m gonna unscrunch my forehead and meet my deadline. Perfect advice at the perfect moment. Thank you kindly!

  17. That was a great interview. My two takeaways were:
    1. If you are waiting for perfect, you are hiding.
    2. Focus your work on someone else. Show up as a lifeguard for them.

  18. “The only way to do it better is to begin” for me that is the very escence of the practice.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      You’ve got that right, Rafael.

  19. Wow! This was the best! Was not aware of Seth, but have already ordered his book!!! I’m a new fluid artist and this so resonated with me! Thank you for all that you do!

  20. Liliana Novoa

    Marie and Seth, thank you so much for a clearly encouraging and supportive chat!!! Learned a ton, especially, will keep serving others, writing blogs to whom they are meant to be, and trusting every step for it speaks deep from my soul with every breath! My little social platform…lol! is slowly revealing its service to others; just like I intended it to be. One stitch at at time, weaving a brand new community. Seth’s words regarding practice and just trusting, were the cheering bells I needed to hear. Yes, it is a community, so Marie, you too, thank you for your amazing contributions and these wonderful chats, recommendations, books, suggestions, etc. that are like a Christmas gift every Tuesday! All the best to both of your and your families!

    Liliana Novoa

  21. I got this email JUST as I was beginning to commit to daily practice. The whole interview was useful but the things that were new to me: we can only deliver what our audience needs by being consistent, making intentional, crafted art that GIVES THEM an authentic experience. (Takes away some of my preciousness and the imagined need to be super emotionally charged when I write!) Also, that professional work is professional because it is FOR someone else at least to some degree! (AND this is not the same as people pleasing or perfectionism; it’s the opposite, since you have to acknowledge it won’t be for everyone. )

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Rebecca! What incredible and powerful takeaways. Especially the part about serving others not being the same thing as people-pleasing or perfection. YES TO THAT. Thank you so much for your share and being such an incredible part of our community.

  22. Loved this conversation so great! Definitely getting the book now. I love the idea that nothing is really fully authentic. It’s always a polished perfected version of authenticity. And instead of worrying about being authentic we should be thinking about is it good. And what is our definition of good in the first place. Love it!

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Nicholet! YES. I’m completely with you. I think that part is such an important message for the world. Thank you for sharing and being here with us.

  23. Hi Marie,
    You did it again! I mean you outdid yourself AGAIN and AGAIN! What an Episode! On my way to buy Seth Godin’s “Practice”.

    Thank you for being! I am soooo darn happy that we are contemporaries. One day in 1000 years people will read bout Marie Forleo’s work in the first decades of the 21st century. Yay!

    I am sending you all my Bulgarian-Canadian Love,
    Alma (of the Airwaves)

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Alma!

      Oh my gosh your post put the biggest smile on my face! Thank you so much for sharing and being here with us.

  24. Anati

    What a fantastic talk. Thank you Marie and Seth.

  25. I must admit after sometimes to not watch Marie Tv show.

    The last two one where on point. Give my juice back.

    And that’s the magic, it’s always the right/ divine timing when I connect.

    It get me back on track to right my 2021 energetic sheet.

    To persevere in my book about practical spirituality, faith and hope keeping when life is rude, or the hearth is broken even when your outside life seem like you have it all.

    I find myself in your words.

    5 years that I write everyday on my Facebook page insight of the energy we are in, spread the wisdow I earn through time, experience and pain.

    This year was hard, find again the meaning when the world is falling apart.

    But it was my call of duty and love to keep going, to bring light to people who read me everyday.

    It’s not about perfection, it’s about showing up and sometimes I’m making some really good stuff.

    Thank for everything

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Hadda!

      Thank you so much for commenting and we’re so happy you’re here. Thank you for sharing and we’re so happy that you’re truckin’ along with your dreams, even when times are tough. We’re cheering you on for your book!

      And you’re SO right that it’s not about perfection, but about showing up. You got it.

  26. Tracey

    My takeaway: Our work is for Other People. 😘

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Tracey!

      SO simple and so important! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Véronique Julienne-Rambaud

    So much to choose from! Thank you so much Marie and Seth. I was amazed by ” writing block actually is bad writing block!”. (related to “there is no such thing as plumber’s block”!!). It is SOOOOOOO true, and I realize I am hiding myself behind that much too often. Of course it is related to fear of being judged, yet if I really want to get better, there is no other way than to produce each day, no matter what. Then I deeply appreciated the idea of making progress together : it does not have to be always lonely work, on the contrary. “With whom could I go further? ” is such a nice question I asked myself thanks to both of you!

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Wow Veronique! That sounds like such a powerful discovery and we’re so happy you’re here with us today to share it. As for work not always having to be lonely…that’s so so true. We’re glad this spoke to you today and thank you for reaching out.

  28. I don’t think I can pick just one thought -I loved it all! As I’m just embarking on a blogging journey myself, I have been experiencing doubt and hesitation, not just about my writing but also about defining what am I trying to do and for whom. This episode is the reassuring, empowering sign from the Universe I have been hoping for. Thank you, Seth, for sharing your wisdom! Thank you, Marie, for the best questions ever and for all your inspiring work!
    P.S. I chose EIF as an audiobook and now I feel like we are friends, Marie😊 because you’ve been talking to me on my walks😂

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Katarina!

      Ha! That’s so fun to have had Marie’s voice right with you during your walks. What a fun way to engage with the book.

      Thank you so much for commenting and we’re so happy to hear this episode spoke to you and gave you the reassurance you needed. Sometimes things show up at the exact right time to inspire us. <3

  29. Byron TGIF Friday

    Copying / duplicating someone’s morning routine isn’t necessarily going to optimize our mornings. What works for one person doesn’t automatically translate to another.
    Example; morning pages and blog post can be counterproductive if you’re lacking discipline when it comes to optimizing and being efficient with our hourly daily schedule.
    My practice; follow my hourly and daily time block blocking out unnecessary distractions. E.G. optimizing my minutes.

    Another great episode. Marie’s show notes are world class.


      ***time block 😬

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Byron!

      It sounds like you have such a solid and helpful routine for yourself and that’s INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much for being here with us and sharing this.

  30. Good morning Marie and Seth. Every word spoken today hit me in the heart. I truly needed this to continue moving forward on my path to complete my book series. This conversation was filled with so much beautiful energy that I was awestruck. Blessings to each of you and thank you for taking time to connect with each other to inspire me.💫
    With gratitude,

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for being here with us Pamela. We’re so happy to hear this spoke to you.

  31. Thank you Seth and Marie for such a profound conversation. Creating a practice through a commitment to curiosity, generosity, and connection is the ultimate work one can do. I loved how Seth spoke about “inauthenticity, practical empathy, and the myth of writers block”. All concepts that are easily put into practice when approached with a mindset that doesn’t block but allows for growth. Thanks again.

  32. Wow, wow, wow. Such great nuggets of inspiration here. Thank you both for sharing and inspiring! I will be watching this over and over.

  33. Kathleen Carr

    Dear Marie,
    I love your book talks. Thank you
    Seth Godin my new fav.
    I learned so much
    Creativity an action word
    We are all going through Difficulty , Trauma and In Justice
    The World is upside down And I can help by being a Teacher!
    Relocating from Portland, Maine to St. Petersburg, FL.
    Lots of emotions, tears, yelling…….
    This is going to work and it might not
    I, Yes, I had the confidence to try ! True Confidence
    I feel sometimes I have to do all by myself However I know it works better Together!
    I loved the reading
    Thank you both you made my day with happy tears and Love

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      “I know it works better Together!” YES YES YES. That’s so true. Thank you for sharing Kathleen.

  34. Wow! I woke 45 minutes before my alarm. Struggling with “how in the world am I going to muster up the focus/energy to complete a writing project with an upcoming deadline?” I lied there trying to search deep within my soul to find the umph to keep moving forward, to not loose any more ground on my entrepreneurial journey. Then I found Marie and Seth in my Inbox!! This episode opened my eyes to the struggles I was facing hours earlier AND has pointed me in the right direction to be the creative I know I am born to be! Two key takeaways; “Attachment to the outcome can paralyze us.” and “Show up and do the work regardless of how the world or YOU are feeling.”

    Thank you so much! Motivated to begin my day!

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Katherine!

      I love how things tend to come to us at the exact moment we need them. We’re so glad this episode spoke to you. Your takeaways are SO good and so important. Keep up the great work and motivation. You got this.

  35. Wow! I loved this interview – it was totally important and divine for me today. The resonating part for me was the twist on authenticity. Brilliant. Bloody Brilliant.

  36. What a great interview with Seth! I am inspired by the two of you in the same room. Love ❤️ the idea and practicing of focusing the work on «  the other » and how will this benefit «  others », so as to impel one into action of doing the work. Very inspiring ! Thank you

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Vanessa!

      YES! The part about focusing on others is so important and makes such a difference. Thank you for sharing and thank you being here with us!

  37. Great interview! Thank you. What stood out for me are the conversations around:
    – Have a practice, regardless of who’s watching
    – Will this be on the test!! Process over Results orientation.
    – Authenticity. Here, I feel, it’s about being authentic with compassion, framed in being of service to someone else and having tact.
    – Practical Empathy….!!! You can’t save the world, and not everyone is going to like you. Trying to do so, betrays a ‘red flag’ in you, and WILL exhausting!
    – It works better together. Indeed! Inspiring to go out and get in a creative circle to co-create and learn.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Anthony!

      Thank you for chiming in and we’re so glad this episode spoke to you. Those are all SUCH incredible takeaways. I’m just gonna take your list and post it right by my computer to inspire me. 🙂

  38. Full body shivers. Thank you Seth Godin. Thank you Marie Forleo. I can’t wait to read the book.

  39. Yes to all of this.
    Practise. Consistency. Show up.
    That’s it.

    And I definitely find the “oops i need to write a blog for today quick” are actually more human – authentic – connective than the whole “i will write this much on this day for this person.”

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Katy-Rose…

      YES! Often those posts that are in the moment can be so real and speak to the hearts of so many. It’s all about finding what works for you and your audience. Sounds like you’ve found that balance really well. Thanks so much for sharing.

  40. Wanda Bowring

    In the first part very reminiscent of Steve Pressfield in, The Art if War.

  41. This brought me to tears. As an artist, actor, writer it is so easy to let yourself off the hook, remain there, and hide. This is no longer working for me! The screenplay, the book, the song, the dream – it’s already here and it’s coming out in my practice!

    Thanks Marie and Seth

    -Helen Hostetter

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Helen…

      Wow, yes. I think any artist reading your post has been there, probably many times. We’re so glad this inspired another way of thinking. Thank you for being here with us.

  42. Christina Miller

    Wow. What wisdom. Tangibles that I can grasp hold of and use as tools behind him. His gentle grace only reinforces the strength of his no-nonsense, practical insight. I am left with a freeing realization that I will not write for success or affirmation, but with “practical empathy”. I understand that I am not guaranteed success, but rather lots of mediocre writing. It will be The Who and The What that propels me forward, and not the need to be seen or understood. An empath with a pen.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Christina!

      Thank you for sharing this and I am stuck by how powerful it feels. Like a manifesto, or a line in the sand. A decision and a commitment. That’s incredible. An empath with a pen…indeed. We’re rooting for you.

  43. I’ve been a Marie fan for years and loved lots of episodes but today’s Seth Godin was a gem. I was really touched. Went back and listened to parts over and over. I certainly needed this kick into action. Thank you. I’m getting clear and putting my practise into place. It was so on target for me that the quote at the end made me well up with emotion. Amen! Let’s do the work.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Katherine! We’re so happy to hear that this episode spoke to you. Thank you so much for watching and being here with us.


    What a lovely interview…. for me, it’s the fact that I have to establish a practice, regardless of how I feel….. I’ve been using that as an excuse. And also, if I’m waiting for perfect – I’m hiding out. And last, its a race for contribution – nothing else. I’ve let a lot of things stop me through the years. People, perception, my mental health… but it’s time to go to another gear and dial in. And stay.
    I have so many things I wish to use my voice for – I get overwhelmed and let it stop me.
    Thanks Marie and Seth. I’m going to go make a ruckus now!!!!!! There must be someone who needs to hear what I have to say.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Michelle…

      Thank you so much for sharing this. We’re so happy to hear this episode spoke to you, and you’re definitely not alone. One Marie-ism I like to remind myself of often is “progress, not perfection” and that helps to get through some of those moments where I want to hide too. We’re rooting for you and for sharing that voice of yours!

  45. Hi Marie & Team, and Seth, Thanks for today’s episode. I love when things are coming my way so easily 🙂 As we got back into lockdown in France since last Friday, I started wondering how I could step out in a bigger way and serve more. It’s got even more obvious this morning when I participated in a webinar, that I wasn’t hosting, so I couldn’t talk and I thought “I’ve got to share what I know”. I loved everything about the conversation. It even got me to start re-reading another one of Seth’s amazing books: Permission Marketing. What I loved most: “If you can’t work with someone who doesn’t know what you know and doesn’t believe what you believe, then you’re toast!” and “You have everything you need to make magic”. I will start my morning pages again tomorrow morning to clear my throat and commit to a daily practice of writing. Thanks again. Sending you lots of love from Paris.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Sophie!

      Thank you so much for commenting and this part really stuck out to me… “I’ve got to share what I know.” YES.

      That sounds like such a clear and powerful message and reminds me of what Marie always says… “The world really does need that special gift that only YOU have.”

      Thanks for being here with us.

  46. Wow! Wow! Wow!! Paused the episode and ordered The Practice! Key takeaways: 1. Don’t let yourself off the hook. 2. Commit 3. Love what you do…is for grownups

    Deeply grateful!! xo

  47. Got this email when I was dodging writing content. I get caught up on all the other bs that runs through my mind. I tell myself my best work is what comes from inspired action. YET, when I heard this interview, inspired action started with me DOING it! lol I am getting ready to write to my little hearts content because the world DOES need to know they can create insatiable toe curling connections in and through anything!

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Yamile!

      You are DEFINITELY not alone. So many creatives feel that way, and I’m so glad that you also saw another resonant perspective. We are cheering you on for all your creations about toe curling connections! 🙂

  48. Leslie

    My new love! Thank you …. really great conversation!!! My sticking points- Authenticity is overused but you must be you – for you! That’s it for me. Curiosity and generosity are drivers… human connection and making things better for at least someone or something …and throw out my morning pages! (although I think my drawings would scream at me while I burn them; ) Thank you again – will follow! -Leslie

  49. Kelly

    Brilliant! I love Seth 🙌🏻 Can not wait to read the book. Ordered it immediately after watching the interview. Perfect timing for me as I shift gears into a new business venture and many new learnings. Much love to you Marie, and the team, for continuing to show up and create content for all of us 🥰

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Kelly!

      We’re so happy to hear you enjoyed this episode and it came at the right time. So fun when the world delivers us what we need, eh? Thanks so much for sharing and for being such an incredible part of our community.

  50. Janelle

    Thank you for sharing such a great interview! Seth Godin is a wealth of knowledge. I wrote so many notes and look forward to sharing them with others. I just ordered the book on my Nook. Can’t wait to start reading it! Might even order one for a creative friend, as this would really resonate with her.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      What a fun gift for your friend Janelle! That’s super kind of you. 🙂

  51. Dave Cobb

    The Practice will be my next Read!

  52. “Human connection weaves together culture and possibility where none used to exist.”
    “Your people use it to co create the next thing.” Build that bridge now!

  53. Marie, Thank you for doing this book review Marie TV episode. Seth has been in my inbox every morning for the last 13 or so years. And like you noted ..He keeps getting better. Years ago he did a post about the 12%. 12% of the people won’t read the manual, press the wrong button, return the dress after wearing it etc. One must plan for that. Be cognizant that 12% of everybody won’t get it. They will complain they will yelp. Keep shipping your work. Regardless of the 12%.
    The practice will be in my library soon. Excellent interview with two top notch forward thinkers.
    In my world it’s all about the audience. That hit home again with “what is it, and who it’s for”.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Robert!

      Thank you so much for chiming in and we’re so happy to hear that you enjoyed this episode. Sounds like you’re already a Seth pro and we’re excited for you to have his next book!

  54. Rebecca

    Loved this episode! My biggest, not my only, takeaway from the interview with Seth Godin was “Race for contribution, not credit.” Pivoting from a place of seeking to be the best to asking, how is what I am doing contributing, is such a relief and helps to find meaning in my work.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Rebecca!

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode and YES. Contribution is so so important. Thank you for sharing this and being such an incredible part of our community.

  55. I’m watching this and I just feel angry, not at Marie Forleo or Seth Godin – I love you people! I’m angry at life. No, that’s not true, I’m angry at cancer, which for the second time in two years is making me doubt I have any control over my life at all. And that’s not me. I’m a “go-getter”, a “let’s do this” person who’s usually positive, upbeat and masterful.

    I’ve been following my dreams for almost two decades and I feel blessed most of the time. But not today. Today I feel lost at sea and drowning. I watched this podcast and tried to take in all the positive messages therein but I just kept getting angrier and angrier. I know I need to say “oh well, I have cancer, so what? Let’s just get on with it” but what I really want to say is “*u*k you cancer. *u*k you and your damn, evil, clandestine assault on my perfect life!!” Part of me wants to scream “Marie and Seth, how can you know what it’s like to be in my shoes and simply say – just get on with it, show up, practice. You don’t have what I have, it’s easy for you” but I know that’s not true. You too have your own stuff going on that I know nothing of.

    I’m venting here and that’s not fair because this is a positive forum and I love it for that but I’m desperate to get this stuff out. So, I’m sorry to dump it here but it feels to me like I will be loved and taken care of here. I did B-School two years ago and The Copy Cure since then, both of which I have found invaluable. I’ve been “trying” to get a new venture up and running but with the cancer and COVID restrictions I’m struggling to progress anything.

    Maybe what I need is a daily practice and maybe make anger management a part of that because I guess one clear message from this podcast is: keep moving forward, no matter what life throws at you. Even if you can only take one step at a time in the beginning, keep taking those steps because before you know it, you may well have conquered a mountain!

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Alison…

      Wow. Thank you SO much for sharing so honestly and so powerfully. That takes a TON of courage. Thank you for letting us in. I have experienced some of what you’re talking about and wanted to say that it’s OK to be angry. It’s OK to feel like things don’t always apply to you and to be really frustrated by that. Not everyone can (or should) just “get on with it” immediately after life throwing really challenging things at you.

      Sometimes the right call is to feel the anger or the grief or the sadness before leaping to productivity. I think the important thing is that we all do our best to take care of ourselves as much as possible. I love what you said here… “keep moving forward, no matter what life throws at you. Even if you can only take one step at a time in the beginning, keep taking those steps because before you know it, you may well have conquered a mountain.”

      It is so so true. All we can do is take one step at a time. One of my friends always says “Life by the inch is a cinch. Life by the yard is really hard.” One step, one day, one blog post, one comment, and one beautiful, heart-felt share at a time. Thank you SO much for being here with us. Sending big Forleo hugs your way.

  56. This was the most meaningful video I have watched all year. I think it answered just about every question that’s been on my mind. Seth Godin is a voice of sanity in this sea of “find your passion” overkill which has created so much confusion for me. Such simple brilliance. I am so glad I watched this. Thank you!

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      WOW Louise! We’re so happy to hear that this episode spoke to you and answered some questions. That’s incredible. Thank you for watching and for sharing.

  57. Interesting. Good point about work and world without internet.
    Thank you Marie and your Team.
    Thank you Seth Godin.

    Best wishes. Stay healthy ✨

  58. LOVED this. My first time hearing Seth speak, and just loved his warm, inviting, and kind presence. I have newly adapted a writing practice these past months after a lifetime of intellectual drifting and sleepwalking. It has been the single most important practice I’ve adopted. I am also having a cringe moment, sensing how much of my output has been pretty much about… me. I’m learning how to use my voice so that it supports others and integrates my personal experience, vs Here is My Personal Experience. I see how we also must accept that there is an audience that is *just* right. (Rather than think that everyone believes your thoughts are bunk. Over it.)
    Hugs and sincerest thanks,

  59. Hi Marie

    Thank you so much for this episode with Seth Godin – I have listened to it over and over. You asked what resonates – well – all of it!
    I am just embarking on a huge project and definitely had to lay out a plan and a daily practice to enable me to not only start but to stay the course and actually finish.

    Identifying the “who and the Why” freed me up from worrying about any monetary gain ( or not) and just focusing on doing the best work possible to serve my audience.
    I want to use my art to amuse – inspire and uplift people – so my intention is to post one of my sassy coffee angels every day – every angel will be inspired by the national holiday of the day ( there are oodles of crazy national days). I am so sick of the depressing news and pandemic that I want to everyday provide something to celebrate and have a giggle. Of course this means I have to paint 365 angels ( using coffee) so you can understand how inspiring Seth’s advice is for me personally.
    Thank you once again for all you do – you rock

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Linda! We’re so happy to hear that this episode resonated with you. Thank you for sharing and we’re so glad you’re here.

  60. I am literally in tears. I have been on a writing/entrepreneurial journey of sorts for over 2 years. And this just warmed my heart. I want to create something meaningful to help others change and live a magical life. I Cannot thank you enough for your work. I have a book club And we all adore you. We started with The Artist’s Way and will be doing your book next!!! So excited! Thank you for your work and your example.

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Barbara! We’re so happy to hear that this episode spoke to you and that you’re already en route to your magical life. That is awesome that your book club is reading “Everything Is Figureoutable.” Tell them all that Team Forleo says hello!

  61. I’m going to reach out to the few creative small business women I know and see if they want to read this book together and support each other on our journeys. That’s what I was thinking half way through the interview, then Seth said that piece about it being better together, so, Yes! That’s what I’ll do. Thank you sooo much Marie and Seth, you keep me focused on the creative work that matters. I really appreciate you! Getting a little teary eyed here even!

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      What an incredible idea Leslie! What a fun book for a book club. 🙂

  62. I needed this not only for myself, but for a budding writer in my house. I am going to have her watch this because this is for her. I am going to get her “The Practice” for Christmas. I may have to borrow it after she finishes it… Took so many notes and it just really clarified my journey in business. Thank you Marie for bringing Seth on yet again to pour into us his magical wisdom. He is right, we will attract those who need what we have and that is not everyone. I am continually amazed that God puts the things in front of us that we need right when we need them. Thanks so much and blessings!

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Melissa! We’re so happy to hear that this episode showed up at the exact right time for you. Thank you for chiming in.

  63. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou – Marie and Seth
    I am so inspired by both of you
    Thankyou for sharing your Heart and your joy and passion
    I am writing from this day forward
    and will always think
    Whos is it for?
    What is it for?
    I have a created an ONLINE program for Health and
    I wasnt moving forward with it for various reasons but now I am thanks to both of you !!!
    Love Love Love what you both do
    Kathryn xxxxx

    • Sally - Team Forleo

      Hi Kathryn! We’re so happy to hear that this episode inspired you to move forward on your program. That is INCREDIBLE! Keep up the good work and we’re cheering you on.

  64. Sandy Rocourt

    Hello Marie and Fabulous Team Forleo
    OMG! Another fascinating interview with the marvelous Seth Godin. 3x is a charm to have him on your show. I appreciate the power of conversations between you and Seth. What stuck with me is, “if you wait to be perfect, you hiding. One more way to stay off the hook.” As for me, I will stay on the hook no matter what life throws at us. During these crises, I have been journaling every day and writing out my morning pages. My goal is to be proactive in my blogs and build a community of belonging. Create a workshop gear to goal setting right now before 2021 rolls over. Thank you for all you do. Everything is Figureoutable. Be well!!

  65. Biggest takeaway: Just decide it’s a practice. Shed the cognitive load of reconsidering every day! Funny how I can know something intellectually but not really GET it until I hear it said a certain way. When he said “cognitive load,” I was like, That! I have that! So, thanks 🙂

  66. Looooved this episode. Thank you so much to both!
    I loved the two questions: Who is it for? What is it for?
    My first reaction was “I already do this”… and then… oh I don’t, I really need to apply it more. Big thanks!

  67. I needed this so much today. I am editing a mini book this week. It’s called Dear Singer and it’s for my voice students as they graduate from higher ed and enter the world.

  68. Nisha

    Thank you Marie and Seth!
    What resonates with me are three things:
    1. Be passionate about WHATEVER you do, don’t necessarily SEEK your passion. (Sometimes it likes to hide when you are so intent on finding IT!)
    2. Enjoy experimenting without being attached to the results — a theme that has come up over and over and reminds me to not get trapped —
    3. Find people you can talk to! That is why I am part of your team because in real life I have maybe 2 people, kind of, to talk to about these things. This also makes it clear that if I find a place where there are others of like mind, to pay attention and see how to integrate that space and people into my life as part of my DNA. I have been doing the ‘important-things-to-me’ by myself for some time now and my energy is waning.
    Thanks for being there and making great content!

  69. You guys brought me to tears when Seth read out loud in the end. It was like someone was reading inside my heart. As an artist and a heartwarming marketer, I strive to help artists and artisans transform their passion into a creative business that fills their hearts with fulfillment. Speaking out loud about the practice and discipline of showing up was my life’s lesson this year and it brought me immense joy to hear both you Marie and Seth talking about it. Especially because you both show everyday the result of what it means to truly embrace your creativity.

    Thank you so so much!

    Hugs and kisses from Romania, Sibiu!

  70. Trista Hendren

    You are both so incredible. Thanks so much for this wonderful conversation. Can’t wait to read the book!

  71. WOW!! I cannot thank you Marie and Seth for such an informative and incredibly helpful session. My sister Dee, in Sydney sent me this link and said I absolutely HAD to watch it because I was waffling about continuing writing and making excuses.
    I had Julia Cameron’s book years ago and started them but let them slip as I wrote my first, and only, book and Seth’s words gave me a kick in the backside!
    A massive thank you Marie for organising this fabulous talk with Seth Godin…now you are both on my radar!

  72. Marie and Seth, I have tears in my eyes as Seth reads from his book. Thank you. XO

  73. Thank you Marie and Seth. Love the conversion between you two. Looking forward for more conversion like this 🙂

  74. Kimberly Simmons

    I’m self-publishing a self help book in January and the most empowering thing Seth Godin said was “it’s not for everyone…it’s for someone “. Thank you SO much Marie & Seth!!!

  75. Happy to see Marie here again and Seth as well, both looking well in spite of 2020. I want to enter the teaching space, as an MBA and ‘goal getter’. Hope you’ll have Denise Duffield Thomas on one day, kindred spirits!

  76. So great to hear Seth on the show. Always full of practical wisdom for better business.

  77. Nichole Talbot

    I get a tingling feeling in the pit of my stomach when I hear or read something at the exact moment I needed to. Kismet. Thank you, Marie and Seth, for sharing the truths about what it means to ship creative work, specifically about developing the practice and trusting the process. I’m a distance swimmer, and I have never, in my 28 years of swimming competitively and for recreation, said I have swimmer’s block. Of course not! I know some days I’m going to do some crappy swimming and that’s ok. Even during my crap swim practices, I can still manage a decent set. And I trust that the workouts I have planned for the following days will probably be better. Creative work is no different. The brain is a muscle and needs consistent use and struggle to improve. If I trust the process, improvement will come. Thanks so much for shining a light on this important truth.

  78. Pantea

    Marie – the questions you ask, and the insights you capture are phenomenal. I have started to listen to your podcasts anytime I need a little inspiration, advice, or sometimes when I don’t even know what I need. Thank you for the work you do, and the practices which have led you to it. New to Seth Godin and his work. What a gem.

  79. You have a really good site and I enjoy seeing your energy
    Thank you

  80. Marie, you’re such a gem in the world..

    You know this saying “better done that perfect”.

    the thing is we all start somewhere…
    nobody is born with all the skills. we grow, learn and develop

    i think is SUPER POWERFUL to REMIND OURSELVES that in order to succeed, we need to try, learn and test.

    Just reading how world-know legends, often are time that they are college drop-outs, people, who failed so many times before the MADE it.They achieve what they wanted. made it BIG. So big, that the WORLD is talking about them…
    sometimes even after their death…

    Before building his empire, Gates started a business called Traf-O-Data which went nowhere and he dropped out of Harvard to focus on building what would become Microsoft.
    But his passion for computers and his vision was soooo big and he was fully in , no matter of the outside world.the result world wide know Microsoft.

    Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs the Founder of Apple quit Reed College in Portland, Oregon after just one semester.
    He then joined Atari as a video game designer, but left shortly after to backpack through India.
    Lots of people have called him a looser….But wait…
    He started Apple from the Jobs family garage after coming back from India. And the rest, as they say, is history.

    Although he died in 2011, people still NOW him and TALK about him.

    Henry Ford

    The first 2 Ford’o car companies failed and left him broke.
    What lots of us would do?
    Quick, right?
    No. This hasn’t stop him from founding Ford Motor Company and become the first to apply assembly line manufacturing for cars.
    The Outcome- Henry Ford became one of the TOP most famous and richest men in the world.

    Richard Branson

    A lot of us know Richard Branson, but do we know this story?

    The fifth richest person in the U.K. didn’t get to where he is now without a few failures along the way.
    Along with his famous Virgin Records and Virgin Airlines, he also developed Virgin Cola and Virgin Vodka.

    Walt Disney

    Disney was fired by an editor because, “he lacked imagination and had no original ideas.”
    not only this…
    His 1st animation company went bankrupt and it’s said that he was turned down hundreds of times when he sought financing for Disney World.

    today The Walt Disney company makes about of U.S. $30 billion annually.

    If you’re still waiting for success, just DO it.
    Grow up and show up… and DON’T give it Up
    it is sooooo inspiring, that shivers go up & down up my body….

  81. Que

    For me what stood out was the literal point of the conversation: seeing my work from a professional standpoint and creating consistent habits around it. I’d never say my work is a hobby but since transitioning from corporate, I have not created that consistent practice of work around my creative work such that “I’m a writer, then write.”

  82. Thank you both Marie and Seth for stirring that inner voice that keeps telling us writers that our work IS good enough, IS worth putting out there, and IS okay if not perfectly perfect. But most of all that our work IS important in that it might stir the inner voice of someone else to keep moving forward and feeling supported. It feels like so much of a pay-it-forward practice that you guys put out for the rest of us. Every time I listen to you or read your email (even if I don’t have time to watch) it positively motivates me and gives me back hope that my work has potential and possibility in reaching the people it is meant to reach. So thank you both from the bottom of my heart for keeping hope alive in us writers.

  83. “Authenticity isn’t a guarantee of success.” I’ve been wanting to better understand what was missing in the collective conversation about authenticity and this was it. So many gems in this interview! I can’t wait to get his book!

  84. Daniel

    I just wanna subscribe.

  85. Lee Lukehart

    From Seth’s reading at the end of the video… “The path forward is about curiosity, generosity, and connection.” These words strike deep and true. Thanks to you both, Marie and Seth, for spreading this message.

  86. Who is the most successful person in this world? He who is satisfied. Heart and mind is satisfied. Is not it?

  87. amazing stuff. Feeling good to read it.

  88. Michaela

    I think this is exactly what I needed right now. The only thing I’m wondering about is the part about not doing what you’re passionate about and being passionate about what you do. If I have this project that I’ve been sitting on for basically two years. The business has an amazing potential for growth. It targets people who are really struggling to learn Italian and I know how much of a transformation my potential students could have. I’m just not sure I’m passionate about it. Do you build a passion by practice? So much of the advice I see is that you have to be passionate about something or you’re never going to stick with it. Is being passionate about helping people enough? I’m very interested in language learning, but I don’t have much of a background, I just found this really unusual way to improve my skills. I also love learning, so learning about language learning wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve just been stuck for two years and don’t know whether that’s a sign that I’m not passionate enough to start or whether I’m just overthinking (which I do, all the freaking time).

    • teamforleo

      Hi Michaela, Marie has a great saying that I always go back to when feeling paralyzed by thought. Clarity comes from action, not thought. Try it. Open your idea to only a small group at first, see how that goes, how it feels, you’ll learn a ton of how to move forward by DOING. We’re all cheering you on. -Sarah, Team Forleo

  89. Bravo. Brilliant. Touching. Can’t wait to read the book. I needed this today. Interview is a gem. Focusing on the outcome has become paralyzing and slows me down. I’m inspired more than ever now to keep showing up and, fingers crossed, have hope for lucky days. ❤️

  90. That episode was the best it’s so hard to pick just one aha take-away (seriously I took over 500 words of notes). I just can’t pick one so here’s the two most important take aways for me:

    That confidence is the a surety that something will work, but that creatives—by nature of their work—paradoxically can never have confidence in it, and must instead place their trust in the process. My entire career is already a paradox—I’m a writer who’s dyslexic, and I’m an extrovert with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. To hear that the life of ALL creatives are a paradox was very freeing.

    The other take-away was to hear that I’m not alone in my way of thinking. Instead of focusing on all the things I can’t do due to chronic illness, I focus instead only on what’s the one thing I can do next. And then the next thing. And then the next thing.

  91. Heather

    This was so motivating for me! Thank you!

  92. We can define who we are by what we do, no what the other way around. Amazing!
    Thank you !

  93. Bianca Treasure

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  94. As a co-founder and ceo of a web agency I often need some creativity when I feel a bit tired. Nowadays our clients require more than “a good web site for business”. So, I have to do more to help them. So, I thank you for these great ideas. It inspires me.

  95. It’s better together. After listening to Seth on these two questions, I decided to send an email to my list with a survey about an offer that would help begin to foster a sense of community. Thanks so much to Marie and team for constantly and consistently bringing inspirational and action-inducing content. All my love. XO Réshanda

  96. Antoinette - Team Forleo

    Reshanda – Thanks for sharing the love! We love having you as part of our community.

  97. Joy

    Thanks Marie and Seth for this wonderful moment, I enjoyed every bit it. It had a profound effect on me and I’m truly grateful for that. Thanks you Marie for bringing transformative books along my way. You are a blessing!

    • teamforleo

      Thanks so much for watching, Joy. We’re so glad it was helpful.

      – Heather

  98. What a fascinating discussion. I loved the part that gave weight to taking action and not about being perfect every time. The part where you need to always think about Why am I doing this and who is it for – really resonated. Thank you. I have shared this link with all my colleagues.

    • teamforleo

      So glad you enjoyed the show and sharing the link with others — Share the love!

      – Antoinette

  99. Thank you so much to Marie and Seth for this interview. The part where Seth talks about focusing on what you can contribute, rather than seeking credit, was a light bulb for me. It’s taken the pressure of needing my work to be “perfect” (ahhhh, such a energy trap!!) or to be a certain way, and put the focus on the people I’m writing for. Also loved the simple but powerful reminder: what is it for and who is it for”. Needed to see this interview today, it’s lit a fire under me to get going! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • teamforleo

      Katie – So great to hear that you loved the powerful reminder! We are glad you are part of our community.

      – Antoinette

  100. Melissa

    Thank you Marie and Seth for taking the time to share with us all who are watching. 2 simple questions I will always ask myself before starting something , “Who is it for?” and “What is it for?”.

    • teamforleo

      YAY Melissa! Great to hear that these two questions resonated with you. They are golden nuggets that give us great insight into ourselves and what’s important to us.

      – Antoinette

  101. Ilona

    Loved this conversation thank you Marie and Seth! Off to order The Practice.

  102. Natasha

    First of all, I think that here you just need to get high from your work. And such minor difficulties as finding a job, communication with clients can be easily solved. For example, I had a problem that I was looking for a suitable vacancy for a long time, and after 20 minutes of searching on the Internet, I found a periodical, this is an aggregator of vacancies, just the same focused on how to save freelancers time to find a job and increase performance. besides, it is also free. So, do not be discouraged, believe in yourself and everything will work out

  103. Nina

    The problem is, making yourself do something that isn’t your calling, that isn’t what you have to contribute in the world, which is “just a job” and is boring to boot.

    But you need to do it, because you have to pay the rent, buy groceries, pay for therapy for your kid with autism, and save towards a home. It’s so dang hard. And I feel everyday like I’m failing and cheating those who pay me to work.

  104. Kristin

    Hi Marie and Team!
    This interview has really sparked something inside me that has been dormant for a while now. I am a stay-at-home mom and a former teacher, and I feel like I am having a bit of a midlife crisis at the moment. Now that my kids are school age, I want to do something different with my career and bring some joy and purpose into my daily life. Hearing Seth and Marie talk about creating a practice and the fact that flow and passion come from committing to this practice was a real “ah-ha” moment for me. I have been reading, searching, wishing for a passion and it’s been emotionally and mentally draining! I have a blog idea that I feel could serve others and also tap into the creativity that I know I have, but has been gathering cobwebs for a while. Thank you so much for giving me the perspective shift I needed to take the first step. Oh! And I am loving Seth’s book.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Kristin,

      Your post made our hearts sing! Thank you for your vulnerable share. We’re truly honored to hear your story, and we’re overjoyed that this episode served as a catalyst to your perspective shift. Wishing you so much success!

      -Monika, Team Forleo

  105. Just listened to this podcast episode and the 2 things I’m taking away from it are: #1 always ask “what’s it for?” And “who’s it for?” & #2 don’t feel entitled to have people love the output just because you worked hard on it, accept that some (or a lot) of it will be subpar & keep working at your craft.
    Thank you, Marie & Seth! Love you both!

    • Oh! And also, that we’ve forgotten that before the internet it was common knowledge that “life is work” 🤯🤯🤯 and that we won’t always find purpose in our day to day work but we can cultivate it outside of those obligations. THANK YOU!

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