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Do you love the story you’ve created for yourself? Or are you following someone else’s script?

Today’s incredible guest knows a thing or two about crafting the perfect story. For twenty years, Sheri Salata was the Executive Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show and Co-President of Harpo Studios and the Oprah Winfrey Network. She’s a master storyteller.

But after years of success — at her dream job no less — Sheri realized there was one story she didn’t like: her own.

This revelation brought Sheri to a crossroads. What could she do after already experiencing a “dream-come-true career?” What did she really want? What dreams did she have tucked away — ignored for so many years?

I will dream my life as if I will live to be one hundred. I will live my life as if this day is the only one I get. @SheriSalata Click To Tweet

Sheri decided to write a new chapter.

In this special edition of The Marie Forleo Podcast, Sheri Salata discusses her life after Oprah and how it started — all told eloquently in her new book, The Beautiful No. If you’ve ever faced rejection or felt in your gut that it was time to make a change, this conversation is for you.

You’ll learn:

  • Why Sheri was an unlikely pick to work for Oprah (she says it’s a miracle she even got the job).
  • How to trust the process and embrace each ‘Beautiful No’ you receive.
  • Sheri’s best advice for finishing a creative project, especially if you’re struggling through it.
  • The radical decision she made three years ago — and how it changed everything.
  • What to aim for instead of work/life balance.
  • The cultural myth about women over 50 that Sheri wants you to stop believing.

This conversation will make you laugh and inspire you to look at your life with fresh eyes. Don’t miss it.

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Once you’ve had a chance to listen, Sheri and I would love to hear from you.

What’s one insight or takeaway you got from this episode? What harmful story are you telling yourself right now — and what’s one action you can take today to change it? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Share as much detail as you can. Because hundreds of thousands of souls come here for insight and inspiration. Your story may be just what someone else needs to have a major breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be removed.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and encouraging this community with your voice. It matters and it makes more of a difference than you know.

The story you tell yourself is everything. You really can create a life you love and you don’t have to fit into someone else’s box to do it.  

I’m filming more MarieTV Call-In Shows on Monday, June 17th from 2-4pm eastern. I’d love to talk with you live!

With SO much love ❤️,


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  1. OoOoo! I’m listening to this book right now and LOVING it—can’t wait to hear your interview. I plan to gift it far and wide, mostly to my clients, many of whom will see themselves in Sheri’s story. Thanks so much for the consistently amazing interviews.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank YOU so much, Liza! We’re so glad to have you tuning in, and hope you love this interview!

  2. I’ve always known how to manifest, but only in recent years have I become more aware of how we all manifest. Whether deliberately or by default we always manifest. Everything in our immediate awareness is everything we had manifested throughout our lives. When something new shows, it is what we have more recently brought to life. Whatever disappears from our lives comes from forgetting about it. Do you want it back, focus on it. The more you focus on something, the clearer it becomes. The clearer it becomes, the more real it becomes. The more real it becomes, Whalla!! it’s manifested. So whatever you have manifested, whether intentional or by default, is in your reality right now.
    This is the most insightful interview you could have produced. It allowed me to realize how much I have manifested by default. Now I can take where I’m at and move towards my future which comes to pass now. LOL

    • I just manifested a broken foot right after I was writing out a plan for a dance class I wanted to teach. How do you explain that? Not meant to be? Supposed to focus on something else? It seems like every time I’m close to being clear about what I want and start moving towards it a tragedy strikes.

      • Kj

        Here you go manifest tragedy in your life. Stop it now!

      • Caroline - Team Forleo

        That kind of thing happens to me sometimes too, Sivitri, and it’s really tough. What I’ve often found for myself is that if it’s something that really pushes me out of my comfort zone, or something I really want, I sometimes unconsciously self-sabotage by getting sick or having something happen that will get in the way of doing what I wanted to do.

        It’s not that we WANT to get sick or break our foot of course, but our brains are sometimes invested in us staying small … not to punish us, but to keep us “safe” in a place that we’re familiar with.

        We did an episode about this a while back, so I thought I might pass that along in case it’s helpful:

        Thanks so much for tuning in this week!

      • I’ve done a lot of deliverance. If you go to the Sapphire Leadership Group online, they have deliverance videos. The Holy Spirit will show you which one you need for the right time to start taking those blocks out of your spiritual path.

  3. Susana Karlwn

    I see myself in her story, feel change is here and creating my dream life is all up to me. So encouraged by her comments. Thank you Marie for bringing Sheri’s story to us.

  4. This is such an AMAZING interview and story. This is exactly why I signed up for B-school….I wasn’t going to keep looking at the door. I decided to not open it but knock down the door. Keep on inspiring others as soooo many people need this. 🙂

  5. Kathy Carr

    Good Morning Marie and Sheri

    Loved your podcast this morning. I am in the same tribe as Sheri.
    I love saying, No with a smile.
    What a story, Yes I can relate.
    Thank you again and again for the greatest books to add to my library.
    I need to order Yours
    Bravo !! To you

  6. I made a radical change at age 50 and left a 24 year marriage to figure out the next chapter of my life. My marriage and my family seemed perfect from the outside and we were legendary for our amazing adventures and celebrated in our community for our hospitality and all of that was real — but I was also deeply lonely inside my marriage, and felt there wasn’t room for me to have a SELF, only room for the public persona. But I stayed and stayed and stayed because I lacked insight (that what was missing in my marriage was never going to change, so I kept trying and trying to “fix” it) and I lacked courage — I had so many fears about leaving: that I would not be able to support myself financially, that I would end up living in poverty, that I would lose all my friends and my community, that I wouldn’t be able to create a home for my children, that they would be traumatized, that I would become mentally ill.

    I did leave, and it’s 3 years later and I have the life of my dreams. I am blissfully happily remarried, my kids are thriving, I have a home, I am building a business, I am physically and mentally healthier than I’ve ever been. I’m 53 and feel like I’m 23. It’s the most exciting time of my life.

    But here’s the thing: all of my fears came true. Every one. My divorce became inexplicably acrimonious, I did lose my home, all of my friends but one, my church, my community, I couldn’t provide a home for my teenager son for a year (after being a homemaker and stay-at-home mom his whole life), I ended up on Medicaid and food stamps, in massive credit card debt from medical bills to cope with the severe clinical depression and trauma I suffered — it was a terrifying, crazy-making crucible.

    I don’t have any regrets. I did exactly what I had to do, and even my children’s suffering — the very very worst part of the whole ordeal — was necessary so that I could become the mom they need and will need for the rest of their lives. It was all worth it. But the sacrifices and the suffering were real, and the fact that I made it through was not entirely about “manifesting” or “believing” or a “positive outlook.” I made it through ALSO because ObamaCare and then Medicaid meant I could get healthcare and SNAP meant I could eat; I made it through because in my formerly middle class life I was given a ridiculous credit limit which I maxed out on a brilliant shrink who saved my life (literally) but who doesn’t take insurance; I made it through because my one remaining friend was able and willing to loan me money so I could buy a house and because I found someone to love who was able and willing to carry me for awhile. Not all of that was entirely in my control and without it I could very well have sunk into mental illness and poverty and even homelessness.

    We need courage and hope and vision and grit and positivity, for sure. We do have agency and we need to grab onto every bit of it we can. But we also need safety nets. Not everyone can “manifest” their way out of poverty, out of serious mental and physical illness, out of addiction.

    I now have a home that I love, in a wonderful neighborhood that also happens to be very low-income, very high crime, and I see poverty in action all the time. I see mental illness and addiction, I see kids raised in the trauma of poverty and systemic racism … I know, from my own experience, how much courage and grit and belief and “manifesting” if you will (I kind of hate that word) matter, and how much they really can change a life. I adored this interview and feel like such a kindred spirit with both Marie and Sheri, and Sheri’s story is resonant and inspiring. But every time I hear these kinds of stories about personal transformation, I wish there were at least a little bit of a discussion of privilege, and of structural violence, and some vocal advocacy for safety nets — universal healthcare, guaranteed minimum income, affordable housing, quality childcare and education, reparations — that would make these sorts of stories possible *at scale* for people living in poverty and under the boot of racism.

    Ok, stepping off my soapbox now! Great interview! And one question: any chance Sheri has ADHD? That’s a big part of my story… I’ve wondered about Marie too, tbh!

    • Andi

      Marta Rose,
      Absolutely love your comment. I could not agree more. You perfectly expressed my own frustration with these types of conversations. I also believe in the power of manifestation and am in no way knocking this conversation (I love Marie!), but it is more complex for some than, as you say, simply manifesting their way out of very serious issues and circumstances. I feel we do everyone a disservice when we sell the notion that individual will is all one needs to make significant changes in their lives, and don’t talk about privilege or advocate for social safety nets. Rarely does anyone truly do it alone.
      Thank you for sharing your story. It was inspiring to me on many levels. Be well!

      • Patricia

        Yes, Marta Rose and Andi, I agree about the missing pieces to these kinds of stories. Some of us have fewer advantages than others do and we have to find ways to move through the challenges, regardless. It’s easy to think about working from Italy for a year when one’s physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health provide the freedom to change course. But for some, that freedom is a harder to achieve. I know Marie says everything is figureoutable and I appreciate that positivity. But sometimes what needs to be figured out is super tough. I think caring for each other is really a huge key. None of us can do things alone and it’s often the case that help is not available unless money is available to buy that help. And that’s where the social safety nets provided by governments and institutions is critical. Out safety nets need mending.

      • Andi, thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind words. I suspect many people agree with us about privilege and safety nets, but for some reason almost no one ever talks about it except sort of as an afterthought. I just feel that this conversation needs to be way more central! So glad my story resonated 😉

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Marta Rose. I would love to see the idea of “collective manifestation” become popular! No one journeys through life alone. Some of us are blessed simply by the year we were born. (No college debt for me! No crushing medical bills either.) Personal transformation is the starting point. As an older woman, I’ve been through the journey to discover and embrace the self hidden beneath dutiful over-pleasing daughter/worker/wife. I am so grateful for my journey towards wholeness – and for the social capital that smoothed the road. Everyone deserves to take this journey towards wholeness. Everyone deserves to be held in a container of support along the way. Everything is connected. Thank you for inspiring my morning musing 🙂

      • LS

        Oh my gosh – your response meant more to me than the interview, which I respect, but I apologise does sound a bit self indulgent. Which perhaps is deserved after a 20 year career? Shame she put her life aside for that time? Or did I misinterpret? Wow, life is tough sometimes huh? I am not American, a mum of two, who split with her husband of 20 years and is now in a new relationship. I would give the world for my kids. I work so hard to ensure they are provided for, but constantly feel on the knifes edge. Maybe I need therapy – or a retreat! :). Its been a long day.

        I love your comment. We should support one another – always.

        • thanks LS, I really appreciate it!
          being a mom is tough, do take good care of yourself. put your own oxygen mask on first! your kids will thank you for it later 😉

      • Aw, thanks Janet! I love what you’ve said here, and I adore the concept of “collective manifestation” — what a great way to put it. And I do feel like it’s way more possible in the current entrepreneurial space than it was in my coming-of-age in the 1980’s — I love the focus the “kids these days” have on empathy and kindness and generosity. They really give me hope.

    • LS

      Oh my gosh – your response meant more to me than the interview, which I respect, but I apologise does sound a bit self indulgent. Which perhaps is deserved after a 20 year career? Shame she put her life aside for that time? Or did I misinterpret? Wow, life is tough sometimes huh? I am not American, a mum of two, who split with her husband of 20 years and is now in a new relationship. I would give the world for my kids. I work so hard to ensure they are provided for, but constantly feel on the knifes edge. Maybe I need therapy – or a retreat! :). Its been a long day.

  7. Haike

    Good Morning. Great podcast. What resonated with me is realizing I have created exactly the life I want and love and need to stop feeling guilty about saying no to the things I don’t want. This is my life and living it to please others is no life at all, so I can be happy and confident in my “no’s” and enjoy the spectacular life I have created. Contentment is blissful. Thanks Marie and Sherry

  8. Brilliant and inspiring ? i’m In my 60s and always feel like I am starting another new chapter!

    • Dee

      Thanks Linda,
      You and I both Linda – – I treat each day as a new chapter – I am having so much fun. Life just keeps getting better and better.

  9. Glenda Hutson

    This was an awesome interview…as they all are. This one hit a home run because that’s exactly where I am. I retired about six years ago after 35+years of working in the medical field..I was taking care of others but not myself. So here i am in my 60s not willing to listen to others that i should just sit down. I know there’s this interview encouraged me..two awesome females that did it in spite of… Thank you I am following that knock on my heart to encourage and move into Energy healing..I can and I will..peace and blessing to you, Sheri and all the souls who are creating their new story. GH

  10. Rosie

    I’m in my early 30s and needed to hear this right now because I’ve currently been living in fear. Shout out to Sheri – I’m a fellow Chicago girl and her success and journey resonates with me more because of it ❤️

  11. Somer

    Thank you for always bringing relevant guests to my in box Marie! It is as if I called you up and said “I need help with this today, Marie”
    You always hear me! Sheri’s part about age really hit me. I never realized until today, it is one of the things keeping me from going through that door! Not anymore!!!
    So happy to be supported for who I am right now! Thank you!!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Somer. We’re so happy to hear this episode was exactly what you needed! 🙂

  12. I am in my middle life, just like you Sheri, born and raised in a third world country, South Africa, who wanted to overcome poverty and discrimination, by selling everything we had at the time, to “come visit” the USA, with 3 young children and 14 suitcases, on 4th of July 1997, to teach my kids English at night, for their new school the next day. After 10 years to realize my ex, a serial cheater, is not for me anymore, to leave Maryland for Virginia, to work for a doctor’s office, while going after a PhD, which also failed after 10 years, to sell everything again, and go to Spain for 3 months, to write my Spiritual book, “See The Gift Not The Curse,” and brand myself as “YseeU~Because you are in me and I am in you” which I felt also failed, to now be a Flight Attendant for an American Airlines regional airline.
    A dream job I’ve always wanted to BE.
    My job! Not a job for money, not a job for prestige but a job I dreamed of when I was a little girl but forgot about!
    I don’t make a lot of money but I can travel with awesome benefits. My girls are now all grown-up and self sufficient enough to each build me a “crash pad” in their homes for when I am not flying. I stay 6 months with one, with 4 grandchildren in NC, then 6 months with one, who have 2 grandkids in MD, for me to love.
    I have created a dream life for myself after all my failures, and like you, I am only just starting!
    I am in the now, creating a new life to add to this Flight Attendant job where I can say, “I AM A MEGA ENTREPRENEUR!”
    Book number two, which I’ve put off, just like you, Marie and Sheri, because of fear and resistance, that’s been in the writing for more than 3 years, might be soon.
    It’s all about explaining my biggest gift, I share with my deceased mother, on how to understand the reason why we dream when we sleep.
    My mother, who was a psychic, would share some of her encounters with me growing up, but my father, (and later my ex husband) were both Priests, in our church in South Africa, and they would condemn us talking about interpreting dreams or her visions, as it wasn’t for us but for the Elders. So when she passed on, she would come tell me in my dreams how it was on the other side…
    You see, she asked me one day, in South Africa, after my 2nd child was born, “No one knows what is on the other side, and if ever I die before you, will you allow me to come tell you what it’s like?” I thought she was just depressed after she found out my father, while being a Priest, cheated on her, and just said, “Yes, sure!” Then she said, “Promise me you will do the same!” And I promised. She passed over before me and the dreams kept coming! So I guess I can say I am a psychic too then because I also talk to dead people…?
    Thank you both for your open and honest conversation, filled with love and respect for each other.
    This was my first podcast listening to you Marie. I heard another talented young lady said she is who she is today because of you, and I googled your name.
    I enjoyed you both!
    May we meet someday!

    • Yvonne,
      I LOVE your story and your strength and your perseverance and your grit and your devotion to your children and their devotion to you. I want to follow your unfolding journey. May you meet Marie one day and may I meet you both. Xoxo

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Yvonne. We’re excited to welcome you to our beautiful MF Insider family, and can’t wait to share more great episodes with you soon!

  13. Zoe

    Oh, this is SINGING my song. As a 44 year old who has embarked on a new adventure that is weirdly and wonderfully aligning itself with the universe, this interview is speaking right to my heart. Bookmarked to put on repeat. And just popping the book onto my kindle. Thank you, Sheri and Marie.

  14. Halle—frickin’—llujah. I am 44 and I am JUST GETTING STARTED. I intend to live many more lives, and the advertising world is in for a great awakening when it realizes the overlooked demographic of women 50+. I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to my own mama, who came to life at 53–tragically only after her diagnosis with terminal cancer. But she came to life nonetheless, and her last three years were her absolute best even as she was dying. It has taken me a spell to get out from under the grief that losing her brought on—and I do understand, too well, how tempting it can be to feel hopeless when things are HARD. But I am also proof positive that the no’s in our path that threaten to knock us down for good can actually be invitations to discover the yes’s around the corner. I am writing my book, authoring my life, and salivating about the day when I might be able to help others do the same damn thing. Thank you to Marie and Sheri and Oprah and Elizabeth Gilbert and so many other trailblazers showing us not only that it can be done, but how to do it. Watch out world. The future is female—and self-compassion is the key.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Jeanette. Thank you so much for sharing. ❤️

  15. Martina

    I really enjoyed listening to this. but im also very curious how to overcome the fear Sheri is talking about. Or why is it so hard to take good care of myself…

    All the best

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Martina, I know you’re absolutely not alone. I think it’s actually a struggle for most of us to prioritize self-care. Although more and more people nowadays are talking about how important it is, it isn’t something that most of us grew up practicing … or even being aware of.

      We did an episode a while back with guest, Latham Thomas about strategies for self-care, so I thought I might pass that one along for a few nuggets of wisdom:

      In terms of fear, we also did a great episode about having the courage to do just about anything, so here is that one as well:

      I hope you find those helpful, and thank you so much for watching this week!

  16. Loved this show. I’m in my 60’s now and have reinvented myself every decade as I’ve crawled, and sometimes run, along the path to the real me, if you will. I’ve been everything from an accountant, a business owner, a tax lawyer, a single mom (best job ever!) a pilot, a flight instructor, a successful novelist, to now continuing my writing and launching a new entrepreneurial venture. It’s never too late to flow your dreams and where life leads you! All it takes is the willingness to jump off the cliff and know that somehow you will land softly.

  17. Mary Margaret

    Thank you Marie and Sheri this was a very timely podcast for me (no coincidence of course). I am becoming 50 this October and I mean becoming. This second half of my life is being lived on purpose with purpose. I am literally leaving the only life I have ever known and starting over. The end of an unhealthy relationship and marriage from the time I was 15 years old. This time my decisions come from making my Self happy. Awakening to an authentic life where you can be led by the Spirit and honor the past that brought you to this moment is truly a blessing. I am eager to share my perspective and help others know how loved and worthy they are. We all have a story to tell. We just don’t all believe that our story is valuable enough to share with others. Thank you for the advice Sheri ,“do it be it, it is waiting for you.” I know it is! Much love xxoo

  18. Seriously this is the episode I needed today! I’m a 48 year old grandmother who just left an abusive relationship with an alcoholic to Change my life and find a path of happiness! Thank you for your insight and encouragement! I can’t wait to read your book Sheri and I’m always inspired by you Marie, you Rock girl!!

  19. I woke up a little early this morning, and for the first time in MY Life, I found the earphones for my phone, plugged them in and listened to the podcast – from the beginning – to the end. And right in the middle, a tiny but LOUD voice spoke out to me, when Sheri said, “You know, Marie, we don’t want our students to depend on us. We want to give them the control.”. And you said, “Yes, yes, yes.”
    That made me think, hmm, my Intuition was right. I might end up being one of your BEST students.
    Once, when I was teaching a grade 8 student mathematics using a System of Learning I developed to teach kids how to learn math easier and faster, his mother was so impressed with the results that she wanted me to ‘coach him’ full time. I told her, “He doesn’t need me.” You see, I am NOT an entrepreneur. I wanted my students to NOT depend on me so much, that I let them go before they were ready. Anyway, I have learned that lesson, but I did love hearing it from both of you.
    Who knows, having learned something from this podcast, I might even be inspired to tune in again. Thank you for this one!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love this, Brian! We’re so glad this episode really resonated, and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Feel free to tune in anytime!

  20. What a fantastic conversation. I love the concept of the Beautiful No! And “dream fires”… hell yes, I feel them burning as we speak. Thank you so much for sharing your stories and wisdom Sheri! I’m in a huge transitional phase myself and this convo could not have come at a better time. I’m leaning into the change that is coming with an even more positive mindset now. Much love to you both!

    • Anja, we love it when there’s synchronicity with how episodes line up with your needs. Happy leaning into those changes and discovering what’s on the other side! We’re excited for you.

      • Thank you Chelsea 🙂

  21. I enjoyed this very much. I took a whole page of notes. I loved the ‘middle of the movie’ metaphor and the ‘door’. “All my time is my time, I choose how to live it.”
    I’ve been ill for three years now and before that grief and loss and raising children and divorce, yet my dreams have not changed, only developed and grown and I am energized by them. I am in love with surface design and fabrics and have been moving forward slowly these last years but still forward. I published my first children’s book and illustrated it during a period of loss and grief. Now I’ll be 60 this year and getting better in my body and the future feels so full of possibilities and hope. Thank you for sharing your own journey as inspiration. I tell my youngest daughter that throughout history, a woman here and a woman there have stayed true to their mission and changed the world, that’s a lot of people that can change from one person, (a woman). Thanks again.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wow, you’re amazing Hanna! You’ve moved through and achieved so many things to be proud of already in your life and we love that things continue to feel hopeful and inspiring for you. Congrats on publishing your children’s book – how wonderful! Keep sharing your wisdom and example with your sweet daughter, she’s SO lucky to have you.

  22. I wanted to go to law school. But law school rejected me. My LSAT was terrible. Then I tried being a lawyers assistant–paralegal. But that’s not what I wanted. I wanted to be in business for me not the lawyer. I wanted security. I wanted the kind of security that you don’t get from working for others. You can’t fire yourself. Then my son was born. And he changed it all. I wanted him to have the life I didn’t have. So I began homeschooling. Then my husband moved us to Houston. I needed a sense of community and friendship. So I joined a direct selling company. Then my husband was laid off. And at 58 yrs old, he wasn’t getting any younger. We moved back to Colorado. I am like… I need to created something that is making money in my sleep so I can feel free to do with my time what I want and not have to work to make someone else money. But feel I hold myself back with my own limiting belief.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Marla, we adore your entrepreneurial spirit and how connected you are to what you most desire for your life! You’re definitely not alone in feeling like you hold yourself back sometimes with limiting beliefs and I encourage you to check out our collection of episodes on overcoming fear and self-doubt here:

      Also be sure to watch this episode for some more inspiration from females doing their own thing later in life:

      We know you can do this and will be cheering you on over here!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Marla, we adore your entrepreneurial spirit and how connected you are to what you most desire for your life! You’re definitely not alone in feeling like you hold yourself back sometimes with limiting beliefs and I encourage you to check out our collection of episodes on overcoming fear and self-doubt here:

      Also be sure to watch this episode for some more inspiration from females doing their own thing later in life:

      We know you can do this and will be cheering you on over here!

  23. I just turned 75. After hearing Sheri’s story, I’ve decided I’m still in my “middle years.” Whatever time I have, my days are mine to design. My clients will love the excitement and optimism I’ll be bringing into their coaching sessions from now on!

    • Freda Carrick

      good stuff MARY, older women need optimism and energetic responsiveness every bit as much as younger women. Freddy

  24. Thank you, thank you,. I am always so inspired by everything I hear. Marie one of my dreams or rather goals is to share the stage with you or be a guest on one of your shows, sharing my message of eradicating disability stigmas, othering and limiting beliefs and celebrating disability inclusion and the power of resiliency.
    I decided just to put it out there today.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      The work you’re doing in the world is SO important, Diana. Keep it up – we’re honored to be connected with you and will be cheering you on as you share your message of inclusion! XOXO

  25. Oh wow! Listened to this in the way into work. Yes yes and yes! I love you Marie and Team for your constant giving and loving. I know I say it all the time, but you are helping me change in such a deeper level. I can even say thank you enough ? this episode is amazing and beautiful. Will listen again later today – love Nyla ?

  26. Freddy Carrick

    Yes I heard you, keep writing and don’t give up… I so need to speak to mid life women and keep feeling no-one will be interested in what I have to say…

  27. Pure GOLD, Sheri & Marie.
    I call this soul-centered living.
    Nothing better than hearing wise women speak this truth and help other move forward.
    Love and appreciation to both of you.

  28. Work / Life balance is a fallacy and sending many into a tailspin. It’s so refreshing to hear two “successful” women agree. For the past 5 years that I’ve been bouncing back and forth thinking I need to go back to the 9 – 5 to somehow be “complete.”

    Now I’m 62 years young and a week ago began building my website to sell my handmade jewelry (10 year Etsy shop is stagnant). It’s so releasing to be heading the direction I really knew I should all along.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      GO Mary! Huge congrats on launching your own website for your jewelry. That’s so exciting and it’s fantastic that you’re feeling aligned. We’re wishing you so much success – your own version of course!

  29. Dee

    Wow !!! What a great conversation. I followed my impulse to listen to the podcast and now I know why – – the minute Sheri mentioned “cooperative components” I knew that we were followers of the same teachings. Of course, as the conversation went on there were even more confirmations. One of those confirmations that was great to hear Sheri share is how important for us to get to the point that we become our own coach – develop from a place within each of us that works for our path – – I call it “honor your journey”.
    Thanks, Sheri and Marie for being “cooperative components” in my day.

  30. Mary Ramos

    Thank you for your contribution to my life. I am way older than you I UNDERSTAND what you mean, I live my life jest one thing after another and another, now I looked bock and see how much I mess out in life.
    I am happy, loving nd free, I shared my experience with others in hopes that I can contribute to others to have a more fulfilling accomplish lives.
    God bless
    Mary Ramos

  31. Sarah

    I’m about to turn 44, and just today requested my architect’s license to be reinstated. I put it on ice during the Great Recession, turned to tech, and honestly never thought I’d be back. But now I find I’m in a place where people need help with buildings, particularly remodeling, and the lessons from B School are showing me a way to provide that help.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      How exciting Sarah! We just never really know how the pieces will fit together throughout our lives, do we? Keep us posted on how things are going in this next chapter of yours!

  32. Patricia

    Thank You!!! This came at just the right time! Love your door story! “Just walk through it!” At 61, beginning a new adventure, P.S. Bloom! This is just the dose of reality I needed!!! Dancin’ through my door!
    Much LOVE and Appreciation!!!❤️??

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hooray, Patricia! We’re SO happy Sheri’s story came at just the right time for you and has added a little boost to your day. We’re wishing you all the best as you dance through that door!

  33. Dave

    I’m 66, recently left a job I’d been at for 15 years, in a career I’d been in for over 25, because of a toxic work environment. I should have left long ago. I was hanging in there, thinking on what my next phase would be, but when I realized how banged up I was feeling, and the crap at work started up again, I had to just go, no notice or specific plan.

    So here I am. I know should be envisioning the Grand Ideas that are my Deepest Heart’s True Expression, with clear specifics that will cause it all to Manifest in short order, and fuel a new life as an Entrepreneur self-promoting my wondrous New Plans. But I feel like I just need to heal, from that job, stuff in my family life, stuff I’ve done, stuff I didn’t do, stuff I let happen.

    I don’t know how to do that.

    I know I’m telling myself a bunch of scarcity and self-blame stories, but I don’t know how to replace them.

    That’s very much not all there is to me, but what do I do with that bit? With the fear of letting my family down?

    I’m really having trouble finding the emotional space to figure out what I’d like to do. something good for the world, for me, and for my family. I’ve always been a pretty positive person, but that’s not the internal talk I’m hearing now. This isn’t my own personal therapy session of course, but I thought I’d put this out there, instead of just sitting on it. I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling some of this.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Dave. Thanks so much for sharing what you’re going through right now with us here. This sounds really tough, and we admire you for making the right decision for you in the face of unknowns. Remember to be incredibly kind and gentle with yourself in this process of discovering what your next chapter is, and remind yourself, too, of why it was that you left your previous work. A part of you KNOWS there’s something more for you, something better and more fulfilling. Give yourself the space to find what that is – we know you will!

      I have a feeling you’ll find these episodes of MarieTV helpful right now, too:

      We’re sending you lots of positive wishes, Dave!

  34. Diane Cursons

    Wonderful to listen to two authentic women chatting heart to heart. There is so much we can learn from each other, but we must believe in our own capability. Inspiration is everywhere when we open our eyes. We are the authors of our own ambition; there has never been a better time to empower ourselves, encourage each other and soar beyond our highest dreams. Blessings.

  35. Maria

    Hi guys! I love you all and I follow you religiously but I’m deaf and even if everything is figureoutable I just cannot figure out what is being said without a transcript or captioning to the podcast. Week! ? You guys normally are so great at providing subtitles I’m sure this must be an oversight. I can’t wait, as s middle aged woman who feels like a 20 yr old, to access Sheri’s insights on age, opportunity and everything else. I hope you can help?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Maria! Thank you so much for staying tuned into the show – we’re honored to have you in our community. We absolutely do our best to make all our episodes accessible for all members of our audience, and you can actually turn on subtitles for this episode of the podcast by clicking on the little gear icon in the bottom-right corner. From there, click “Subtitles/CC” then “Add Subtitles/CC” and you’ll be taken to YouTube where you can select your language of choice. Hit play and you’ll see the captions displayed on the screen! While it’s not perfect, it should be helpful for you in following along with the conversation 🙂

      • Maria

        I love y’all team Forleo. I honestly do. I hope you feel the magic and power of helping others feel included. Thank you. These are the little HUGE things that make a massive difference.
        Thank you.

  36. Maria

    Sorry I meant to say Eeek!!!! ???? LOL!!!

  37. angie

    If you come to Italy, please let me know. I’ll show you around and get inspired by your example and what you do.

  38. Elaine Dolan

    Sheri Salata and Marie Forleo? Woohoo! *The Beautiful NO!* and *Everything is Figureoutable*. Loved the podcast. Thank for sharing your lives. I just helps, okay? It does.

  39. The one insight for me was the new definition of the ‘all rounded life’, which is an idea, but rarely the reality.
    Being healthy and happy is all that matters and matching situations and people will cross our path.
    Thank you, Sheri and Marie!

  40. CanCan

    I just bought the audio book after listening to this! <3 What an inspiration!

  41. Jen

    This was exactly what I needed to hear today. Sometimes, I catch myself freaking out a little because I’m 32, I’m not married, don’t have kids, I’m still building my business, I’m not financially where I want to be yet, and sometimes doubt if I’m on the right path. This sense of urgency stresses me out sometimes and sucks the joy out of the journey. I really needed to be reminded that we all have different paths and timelines. Thank you so much for today’s episode!

  42. Carole H

    Thank you SO much for this MUCH NEEDED, real life inspiration. As a 55 year old who has changed almost everything in my life this year, the little tape in my head has gotten stuck lately, where the old messages that serve to deflate me keep looping around. I needed to hear Sheri’s amazing example of taking it all in, and giving myself credit for that 1.5 step net gain step forward. And to know that I have company. Like her, I was on a stellar trajectory, the envy of many people, but then chose to walk a new path that was undefined but more meaningful to me. It’s wonderful to know that there are other pioneers out there, we need to have the courage to stand proud in our own shoes. Can’t wait to read The Beautiful No!!! Thank you Marie!

  43. I absolutely loved this interview and can’t wait to read Sheri’s book. I’m 51 ….and just so you know, men go through this as well. It’s easy to get stuck on a number (age) and to allow oneself to believe that we can’t do something new and radically different . It’s a nothing more than mental chatter and learned beliefs, and most importantly….it’s BS.
    Thank you !

  44. I’m turning 62 in a couple of weeks. I’ve been focusing the past year on the things I’ve always wanted to do, including getting my Health Coach Certification, learning guitar, salsa, writing a book, and making a vision board with Cooking in Italy, and riding horses on the beach (as well as buying a horse AND a beach house) on it!
    This was awesome! I feel like I’m at an age to do what I want now! I love the change in attitude that is in the air, that she spoke of, towards those of us pro-aging. It’s super encouraging to hear her success. And I would love the insider info on Italy, too Marie <3

  45. Hi beautiful women, I’m so excited to come across you here… I’m new to the US!
    I love your energy Sheri and Marie. You both inspire me and confirm what I know is that everything is ready for us when we are ready inside and outside and value who we are… my life journey has shifted as I have learned to understand the synchronicity of everything; signs, choices, setting intentions, unconditional being, events turning up when you feel all is lost…after a NO… when you think it’s never going to be…

    I have just turned 70, young looking for my age, I’m British, 8 years ago I met Jim American in Budapest Hungary Nov 2011- I flew from London, he from Las Vegas, neither of us wanted to go to this conference and there we were.. 62 and 6 7 at the time… first forward, after a magical conversation, we went our separate ways, 45000 words later, I flew to Las Vegas for 10 days, his proposal day 8, at Beach Boys Reunion Concert I said “yes” we married Oct 2012 Little White Chapel then our happiness took a new turn with two post cancer operations (his) that took us to 4 years in Malaysia to recover, with no funds and me needing to work, back to California, then Nevada..

    I am the Ambassador of Magical Conversations, a “people performance” entrepreneur of 30 years history, my first book came out this Jan – Magical Conversations “Transforming Conflict into Collaboration” – and my goal is to open up the all male boardroom of Corporate America and bring men and women together to save our society and economy!! Jim is well right now, a musician, my #soulmatelove, I don’t know how long we have together, we live in the moment and smile at the world with abundance.
    I would love to share my story that it’s never too late to adventure with love….

  46. Main takeaways:
    1) Trusting the process- means that sometimes things would not work out for you but have HOPE because one day you will get something for you.

    2) Being patient with ourselves –we feel so much pressure sometimes but it is okay, take one day at a time.

    3) Being conscious and being present with how we are feeling, etc. Because we go through low times and during those times we can practice self care.

    Thank you Marie for this awesome podcast! 🙂

  47. “What am I going to do today that will make me feel good?”- my one take out message from this podcast discussion.
    Just anything, however small will do- is what I say for now.


    • Yes, Clive! That’s the sweet sauce right there! I love your take… ‘however small will do’. Amen to that and we are right there with you, relishing the small pleasures of life.

  48. I needed this today. Never to late to change your story and start something new. Love it. Thank you.

  49. Clare

    I love this podcast so much! I’m a recent B-School graduate and I’ve been working on my own book for a long time now. Everything Sheri and Marie said about how hard it is to write a book, was so refreshing for me to hear! Keep writing! Thank you! And thank you for empowering women over the age of 40 by reminding us that we have value, we have a place and a voice in the world. My favourite takeaway: “Manifest a joy ride.” Hell yes!

  50. Beautiful podcast <3

    Work-life balance is something I support people with and have recently written about on my blog because it's such a… complex idea and there are so many definitions out there!
    For me, "balance" is that i'm doing what I NEED to do, and not burning out.
    But really, my course about balance is about that realisation of unrealistic expectations and focusing on what lights you up, so not the traditional "be as productive as a machine" approach.

    'All of my time is free time' – love this idea. Definitely something for me to pause and think about. I also love the "hey, this is 1.5 steps forward."

  51. Thank you, Marie and Sheri, for opening up a new world of conversations. For being vulnerable with your truth and giving the generation that follows, a path that follow.

  52. I needed to hear this today! This stirred my ephiny and dusted off my dreams. I am nearing the end of one career and want to start another. I have longed to be an entrepreneur but — for so many reasons — did not pursue it. I often thought I was too “old.” Love the idea that everyone is on their own timeline. I want to re-invent “retirement” and go after my ideal life!

  53. Alessandra

    I am having a very down week, where everything seems to be out of line, nothing works… I have been staying positive and mindfull for a while now, and I am aware where all the frustration is coming from. I´ve been teaching English as a second language as a way to have more flexibility to go back to College since last year, but things don´t seem to work in that aspect. I teach at a school right now but it is a roller coaster, I can never know for sure how much I will get paid, I keep having class cancellations and other stuff like that, or students leaving the School, and I can´t seem to get any private students. It is like the Universe is screaming for me to quit teaching English, but I don´t see any possibilities to do it, as nothing else seems to appear, no opportunities. I mean, I´ve always advocated on staying positive and not blaming yourself for the economic situation in your coutry, which is not very good right now here in Brazil, economy is detracting, unemployment is at a high, etc… But you know sometimes it is tough. I know what my dream life is, but frankly, I have no money to go live it right now, and things just don´t seem to realign. Sorry, I hate writing this kind of negative messages, but I am just tired and in the worse of moods this week. I actually loved the interview, and I was needing to hear it, but nothing seems to be chearing me up this week. Though I did manage to engage on selfcare, I am eating right and going to the gym and it has been improving my overall mood, at least for some time during and after the gym.

    • Thanks for sharing Alessandra, we’re sending you lots of love and peace right now– we’re so happy that you’re taking care of yourself when you need it most! Have you considered switching it up and teaching Portuguese online? By doing a quick search
      * teach Portuguese online * many options popped up. I suggest this because I teach English online and it is flexible, secure, and fun! May be worth looking into as an alternative as you build your dream life 🙂 Wishing you so much success!

  54. Theresa

    I loved listening to this podcast and got so much inspiration from you and Sheri that I can’t wait to read this book! I am approaching 50 and sometimes feel as though I am too late in the game. I am in the midst of writing my first book and have so many dreams for my life that I feel overwhelmed and anxious which gets in the way of manifesting. Learning to let the Universe work in my favor has been a challenge for me. I have so much to say, but the negative voice in my head becomes so loud sometimes. I am determined to overcome my fears and move forward with the life I deserve. Thanks again for the inspiration.
    Peace and Love

    • We are loving your insight and courage, Theresa! We can’t wait to hear an update on your book. xo

  55. I loved it! Is Inspiring to hear that Sherry feels she’s starting the best part now at 53!
    Yesssss!!! I feel the same, I feel like I’ve been practicing my entire life for this specific moment. I feel that it is so near that I can almost see it in my mind, like a movie where I’m the main character. I just turned 50 this past April 22, and is so refreshing hear Shery talk. I love the energy between Marie and Sherry❣️

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful perspective, Camille! Have fun writing the script, it can be whatever you want it to be.

  56. Tracie Marie

    This was such a kick in the pants for me! I’m at that “Middle of Life” stage at 56. After being a stay at home mom and involved with every school event (home educated for 11 years), volunteering and had a side hustle not to mention an amazing career prior to kiddos, I don’t know where to start. I have so much to say and ideas to share. But then, listening to my negative voice of “you had your time and not looking as young I should just step aside for the younger beauties to take it” this podcast kick it out and I am just gonna do it!!!!
    Love the comment to do what is good fir me and the time is mine.
    Love how you get us inspired and give us hope through all you do, Marie! Loved this guest especially❌⭕️❌⭕️

    • Hi Tracie, that sounds like a big transition from being “on” 24/7 to thinking… “now what?” We love your enthusiasm and we’re excited for your next great idea!

  57. Dimitria

    Oh Sheri! I’m so on board with everything you talked about! I turned 50 this year and it’s crazy the cultural mind*%!# that that can hand you, but 8 months in and I’ve SO got my mojo back. I’m meditating every day AS MY FIRST PRIORITY, then next in importance is sexy dancing for fun ?
    I’m studying tantric sex and treating my wonderful body with so much care and respect ?
    I’m painting and teaching painting for a living now, and enjoying my dating life ( mostly younger men but there are lovely older guys out there too).
    Basically: cultural expectations can kiss my ass ?
    I’m having so much fun. I came from a lot of years of just wanting to kill myself most days, so I speak from experience that you can actually make your moment-to-moment happiness your first priority, and after a while your life will begin to fall in line with your dreams.
    I have a lot more to experience, and the outside world might not be impressed with what my life looks like, but I FEEL GOOD, and (I think you know) everything we want is because we think we will feel better in the having of it ?
    Love to you and Marie!

  58. OMG I really want to get his book but unfortunately it’s not available on kindle or audible in NZ 🙁
    Loved this podcast 🙂

  59. So very relevant for me and for my son. I am at the end of my 43 year career in nursing ( I started when I was a baby) and am so ready to rewrite my story and stop listening to the old stories I have heard, listen to and believed for over half of my life. My son graduated with honors from a masters program in marketing and is having a constant relationship with those beautiful “NO’s” . I know his frustration and feelings of defeat and rejection after rejection is getting to him. He has however had the opportunity to develop a music venture or what musicians now call “project” Has met and recorded with some awesome talented people. Yesterday I had a big talk with God about this very thing and made it clear that we needed Him to show up. And today…well I get this. Thanks Marie and Sherry so uplifting.

  60. OMG, had I had any doubts about resurrecting my business at age 73, they were slightly weighed down by this interview. Gosh, I loved the interview and these young gals, but hearing that many see 54 as over the hill – so to speak – was daunting. And, then to hear Marie speak about her Mother. I am an entrepreneur that filmed my Chef Teton DVD series when I was 60!! Launched it when I was about 63. I now have several online courses on healthy food. I think I was the first fool who put out an entire DVD series and wondered how the hell to market it. Years later with my cooking shows steaming world wide, I found myself at a cross roads. I joined B-School. Do I continue down the coaching path or throw in the towel. Am I too old? Damn. Am I blind? Is there something I am not seeing. I don’t see anyone close to my age doing what I am doing. I even got my yoga teaching training certification at age 67. And, now after a few years of side stepping into some much needed activism on my island of Maui I am back. Actually, I feel like I am just getting started as I embark on my 3rd book, and launch Chef Teton TV in the coming month. Is there something wrong with me? Should I be sitting at the resorts with a MaiTai in my hand? Just can’t see me doing that.
    Becoming your own impeccable steward of self care is my motto. One size does not fit all. I help women (and men) find their own diet and self care regime, which includes a spiritual component. I love what I do and have lived long enough to share some wisdom, inspiration and skills. If you are 50, 60 or 70 + and hungry for some new adventures, then I say – abandon the age stereotype and join me and these other inspirational women in living our adventures as they ebb and flow through our lives. Thank you Marie and Sheri for breaking some molds. Your movie is not even half over………….

  61. Thank you for sharing the story of someone in the much maligned 55+ crowd. So inspiring to hear someone own their age and speak optimistically about mid-life. Already enjoying Sheri’s book!

  62. Bless you two Sisters!
    You say: “I can’t go on” God says: My grace is sufficient (II Corinthians 12:9 & Psalm 91:15)
    You say: “I can’t figure things out” God says: I will direct your steps (Proverbs 3:5-6)

  63. When I heard Sheri’s story I felt so justified in my mission to begin a movement that I started after writing my book 5 years ago at 50. I’ve been a successful entrepreneur & Interior Designer for 34 years and felt like there was something missing and more to give, so I’ve committed to a new and uncharted future as a spiritual thought leader and feel so aligned with Sheri’s message. Thank you for bringing these truths to light. That it’s possible at 50 to just be getting started!!

  64. Krysten Lange

    Loved this interview! It’s so nice to have such an inspiring reminder that feeling “behind” is just a mindset, and mindsets can be shifted! Phew. Thanks, I needed that.

    Also, Marie, have you ever considered getting together with Emilie Wapnick? She is a pioneer for all of us multipassionates (or, as she lovingly calls us, multipotentialites or multipods). She runs a hub of support and information for those of us who don’t fit into the box of having our One True Calling and has a TED talk on the subject as well. I just think she would be a great fit for this audience, and it would be fun to see you two together.

  65. Clarissa

    Loved this episode ? I’m in my late 40’s and feeling like I’m just getting started.

  66. lisbeth

    Ok, I am probably going to be ousted for this….but I had my own biz way before it was hiop and cool..and it was a process of events not a driving ambition. Because when I did take the leap and it was successful and I was pioneering many told me based on what I was doing with what industries….I never pursued it because I was happy in every situation I was in; people pushed me for years and said you are a “one woman band and you will make more money”! Since giving that 7 year biz up when what I thought was the next truly dream role ..and then went to several more it was clear to me I don’t love being a solopreneur…I did realize however in every company, I was already entrepreneurial because I was the first one in the role in nearly every company and I built a business/agency within a business from scratch in each situation and it continued when I went back inside from having let go of my own biz. I feel like an ALIEN b/c I don’t love that status.. I LOVE THE EXCHANGE OF THOUGHT /COLLABORATION…I FEEL I GROW MORE..working around and with other great minds younger and older more experienced different arenas….so what do you do with that passion when no one seems to get it. It was easy for me to build my own business as I had been doing it all along in house and never realized it until them. I love to help others grow, to bring out their spark! CONTRIBUTE!!!

  67. I loved this episode. It was so amazing and inspiring.

  68. This podcast is heaven sent. I’m starting my business as a spiritual teacher (B-Schooler here!) and have so much doubt. I’m also 37 and feel like I’ve been a big career failure. Sheri and Marie, you’ve cheered me on to keep going and keep hoping on this marathon called life. It’s not over ’til it’s over!

  69. Roberta Giannini Todrzak

    Another great episode! I am inspired by both Marie and Sheri — your intellect, positive attitudes …. you are brilliant!
    Thank you??

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad it resonated with you, Roberta!

  70. Roberta Giannini Todrzak

    I wanted to add that I am 68…I don’t know how you are suppose to feel at this age but I believe I much to share with others. I am starting my own Company?

  71. Absolutely one of my favorite interviews. Loved the insight about savvy companies in the future advertising to attributes vs age, particularly for women over 54 years old.

  72. I believe that no one too old to do anything. Anyway, a nice article

    • Maja - Team Forleo

      We’re glad you enjoyed it, Antonio!

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