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In her early 20s, Jaclyn Johnson was on the fast-track in her career. She was an early social media adopter, working at highly competitive firms in NYC and moving quickly up the ranks. One day, she got an incredible opportunity to transfer to LA. This was a chance for more money, prestige and growth.

Three months later, she was fired.

If you’ve ever been blindsided by a devastating career setback, you’ve probably asked yourself: How do you move on after you’ve lost everything? Where do you even begin?

Rock bottom is the best place to start. @JaclynRJohnson @CreateCultivate Click To Tweet

Today, Jaclyn’s got the best career advice you’ve never heard: “Rock bottom is the best place to start.” She went from fired to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in just a few years.

She’s now the CEO of the multimillion-dollar brand, Create & Cultivate and author of WorkParty, a fantastic new book filled to the brim with detailed, practical career wisdom from the trenches.  

Jaclyn credits that crushing setback to her current success. This episode is packed with smart career advice that can help you create the career of your dreams — even if you’re starting at square one.

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  1. I highly recommend to check out BLUEPRINT OF WE- a powerful resource to talk about your relationship in teams. How you look on good days, how you look on bad days, how to return to peace when you have stress with each other and a commitment to not reach out harm to each other.

    • This is such a good piece of information. Thank you, Anna for sharing this. : )

    • Oh my dayz, Anne, this Blueprint of We is JUST what I needed! I was struggling with my team and have been going over different ways of how to handle it. This is exactly what we need right now! I’m curious to test it out. Thanks for mentioning this. I happened to be at the right place at the right time to read your comment.

  2. My biggest takeaway is to TAKE ACTION. Action leads to momentum and mistakes are part of the journey. This is a daily struggle for me as I tend to get paralysis by analysis, but I’m getting there !!!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      YES, Lisa! Like Marie says, ‘Clarity comes from engagement, not thought’ so the more you do and create that awesome wave of momentum, the more progress you’ll make. Mistakes are just part of the fun 😉 You’ve got this!

  3. OMG!!! We always laugh when we get haters in our comments. It means we are reaching a new audience, LOL! So we see it as a very positive thing. Our haters make us famous :-p

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      That’s a great perspective to take, Melissa!

  4. tesa guevara

    Thanks Marie and Jaclyn…..for rubbing off that positive vibes once again. Will try to get a copy of your book, Work Party and learn some more and put my butt off to work.

  5. This episode is definitely for me! Last December, I was laid off from my almost 6-figure job without any warning. This year has been challenging, to say the least, as I work on building my business with very little financial resources. Thank you for such a great (and timely!) interview, Marie!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We hope that your business thrives, Christine, and you touch so many people with your purpose and mission. You’re a beautiful example of driving forward even when things go a way that you weren’t prepared for. We’re cheering you on.

  6. My biggest takeaways were Take Action so I will write the outline for my book today! Also, I was sooo happy to hear her say Be a F^ck!ng Pleasure to Work With! I live by this!

    Best career advice… My former boss and first client told me to NEVER turn down a client for any reason! Just price my services outside of their range. He said you run the chance of them saying yes of course..but If they do its a win-win because you’re in business to make money and I know you, the client will be more than satisfied with your strategic prowess, dedication and passion for excellence!

    • Love that career advice…. Great idea!

  7. I love the reminder to use the expertise you have (i.e. not an event expert but able to use skills to see issues) and remember we all have more skills and knowledge than we consciously realise! This is exactly what I teach in my life re-design mentorship, but having the concrete examples is definitely a good way to be reminded!

    As for the best career advice, I have to say it’s the idea that decisions are made by DOING, not THINKING. That has changed my life in multiple ways, especially when I’m trying to choose between two life directions, or two social media or blog posts to write.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re all for ‘doing’ around these parts, Katy-Rose. Here’s to more people realizing the great skills that they already posess and sharing them with the world in a way that makes them come alive.

  8. karen

    Absolutely loved this podcast. So on point and completely relatable for us fellow woman entrepreneurs! Thanks for sharing…

  9. I am a yoga teacher and yoga studio owner, and was literally feeling like it might be time to throw in the towel. I’ve been feeling so weighed down by the responsibilities of the business that pull me away from my creative genius and true purpose – which is to hold sacred space and create sacred experience. I’ve been doing it all mostly “by myself” up until this point, and don’t have a lot of the business skills (bookkeeping, marketing, etc.) to know how to build the business and generate more revenue, and it is exhausting. I feel like my “best” ideas aren’t coming to fruition, and yet in the beginning, opening this studio was my “dream come true.” I feel so far away from the excitement and momentum with which I started this business!

    Listening to this podcast gave me perspective on a few things:

    1. It’s ok to fail, and I don’t have to feel ashamed for what hasn’t gone right.
    2. I know I was meant to be a stakeholder in the world. I believe in the power of money to create positive impact, and I know I was meant to have it. Lots of it. That I make for MYSELF, not just by riding the coat tails of my husband’s entrepreneurial successes while I smile and nod as the “lucky” supporting wife.
    3. If I want bigger success, I have to take bigger risks, and that means it’s time to take a leap and invest in my business. It’s been all very grassroots-y up until now, but if I want to take it to the next level, I’m going to need to find others to fill the gaps of the gifts I don’t have, to help my vision come to fruition. I need to hire a creative team of visionaries who see what I see – and also my blindspots.
    4. I’ve got to get over my fear and let my passion for what I love to do be the driver in my work.
    5. Time to re-think the model. How can I make this business more of what I LOVE and less of what I PROCRASTINATE!

    • I admire your willingness to look at your fears. When I know I have fears I will often write then all down and then do a “reframe” for it. A reframe might be how I want to reframe my idea of what I am predicting. I might explore what is not true about that fear statement. Then when I can see what might not be true about my fear I can then change the written statement into a “reframed” statement of the place I want to come from.
      Example: My fear statement might be …”I don’t want to invest time and money into my business because I really want to _____________ and I don’t have enough _________ to give”. “If I give my all to ___________ I won’t have enough for ____________ (the other things important to me). ”
      Then see were those statements are holding you back, and how you want to feel instead.

  10. Thanks for this great interview, Marie! My biggest takeaway from Jaclyn today is to FOLLOW-UP FOLLOW-UP FOLLOW-UP!!!

    I tend to do just one follow-up because I don’t want to “bug” them, but it’s true… people’s inboxes and lives can be crazy and they NEED what I have! So, thank you for the reminder!!

    • Jennifer Chappell

      In the last business I worked for, we had a timeline of when to follow up with clients: two days, two weeks, two months. Then, after their next interaction with you, start a new follow-up sequence.

      • Christine

        Nice timeline. Thanks for sharing, @Jennifer Chappell!

  11. Thank YOU!!! ?I loved this Episode! ❤️ The biggest takeaways were.
    ✅ 1. Side Hustle to BRAND “Muscle” ???❤️?
    ✅ 2. Passion ❤️can coexist and “should” coexist withTHE “I love money!” ???mindset. ??I say, “Empty plates don’t feed mouths.” Take your passion and make money to elevate others!
    Money is portable power.
    Many women have great passion, but have self limiting beliefs about money, which hinders their business from growing. So many takeaways today! Going to create my “Work Party!” ? Building my website, now! ?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      LOVE your enthusiasm and awesome money mindset, Paula. Your enthusiasm is felt in your comment. Good luck building your website and creating magic in the world. We’re so glad you’re in our community.

  12. Loved this interview Marie! I took 4 pages of notes and had so many aha moments while listening. My favorites were 1) be a f’n pleasure to work with – I’ve always believed in this and tried to demonstrate, so very glad to hear it’s a real thing! 2) Money isn’t a 4 letter word, and 3) you start when you start!
    I learn something new from every interview you do – love it!
    Thank you :o)
    On a side note you mentioned your top 4 money books… have these been shared on the website?
    Keep doing you Marie!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      That’s some serious note taking, Jeanette! We’re so glad that this episode resonated with you. Here are Marie’s recommended books for this specific conversation:

      David Bach: Smart Women Finish Rich
      David Bach: Automatic Millionaire
      Suze Orman: Women & Money
      Suze Orman: The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom
      Tony Robbins: Money Master The Game

      Be sure to also check out Marie’s inspiring interviews with David Bach,, and Tony Robbins,

  13. Vasko Kotevski

    Hey girls,was a plesure to folow youre voicees,hope next time goona be supported with video.According the Calendar of Macedonian Pravoslav Church today is a day of death and uprising of St.Mary-mother of Jesus,this morning visited a Church in my city dedicate to Her,light a candel for health and sucses of my Family and friends.Last days almost finished with reading of the book The Power-Rhonda Burn.She say The Power is Love.It is very good to have a loot money,but more important is to have Love and to shaire with the rest of sociaty

  14. Kenita

    This was for me. I left a job of 5 years to go to another job. I thought I made the right move and 8 months later I quit. I know quitting was the right thing. It was a very hostile environment. For awhile I kicked myself for taking that job but it was the risk I was willing to take. Now I’m really looking at starting my own business. So on one hand I thought I made a bad call but on the other I think it was what I needed to step out on my own. Biggest take way follow up and persistence. Thanks.

  15. Monique

    My take away, when we want we can. Although I am at a major turning point in my life, I am in the right place and proud to be there. This feeling is precisely what propels us to follow the path that has a heart. The motivation of the first day I decided to jump into the void (1992) to learn to swim solo is still the same today: to become the entrepreneur of my life and share this experience with others. Congratulations to you both for sharing this podcast.

  16. Thank you for that interview. My biggest take away it that is takes time. The three years of building eventually took off and became huge!

  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! for so much inspiration and normalizing my failures. I am re-energized by your passion, persistence and truth. Did I say thank you?! Thank you Marie and Jaclyn.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      You’re most welcome, Julie. Sending you a big re-energizing hug.

  18. Jessica Plassman

    The biggest takeaway for me is to pursue something you’re passionate about. It takes guts and lots of long hours to start your own thing and if you’re not into it for more than just making money, it’s not going to work out. I’m still trying to find that thing and am dabbling in a lot of different stuff to get there, but I’ve had tons of opportunities to start businesses already and have had to turn them down because my heart just wasn’t in it!

  19. Miriam

    Hi Marie ! Thanks again for sharing these inspiring stories. I was wondering if you could share some of the books on money you recomended to your friend’s daughter. Thanks !

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi there, Miriam! We’re certainly happy to share those titles with you. Here are Marie’s recommended books for this specific conversation:

      David Bach: Smart Women Finish Rich
      David Bach: Automatic Millionaire
      Suze Orman: Women & Money
      Suze Orman: The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom
      Tony Robbins: Money Master The Game

      You can find them wherever books are sold. Be sure to also check out Marie’s inspiring interviews with David Bach,, and Tony Robbins,

  20. Mary Eastham

    Great conversation. I just worked out listening to you both. Win/win! The best take-away for me was you start by starting. I’m putting together an online course on getting things done in a month and I am going to use some version of that to get my participants pumped. I know I can be too much in my head, I think a lot of women are, and we need to quell those voices and as the old Nike ad advised JUST DO IT!

    Great way to start my day. Thanks beautiful girls…

  21. Ginger Lordus

    Investing in women is good for the world. Women are all about love, unity, commitment, colaboration, relationships, sustainability, inclusion, attraction. By bringing feminine inspiration into the masculine business model, Women and the world will thrive. Our time is now!!!

  22. Wow! This couldn’t come at a more serendipitous time! I’ve been struggling launching a content writing business and this morning my room mate suddenly announced, I would need to move by April (and in very nasty tones). I’m not at rock bottom, I’ve already been there, so I know how to shift quickly, and I’ve learned how to reframe what my goals and desires are.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this message connected with you at the perfect moment, Marie! We’re so sorry to hear you’re facing some obstacles in your life and business, though it’s wonderful that you’re staying positive and focusing on moving forward. We’re sending you our very best wishes for peace and abundance this season!

  23. Chrystal Edwards

    Love every piece of this discussion! Especially-Be someone others wish to work with:)
    I am a connector and never understand when a coworker is completely unpleasant to work with- drives me crazy! Even when I pour it on:) LOL this is a refreshing point.

  24. Loved listening to Jaclyn’s insights and excited to read her book.

  25. Ashley Caron

    Hi Marie and Team Forleo!
    Thank you so much for another inspiring conversation. I just finished training to become a Meditation Teacher so I’m thinking a lot about what my next steps should be in sharing what I’ve learned. The insights in this conversation really made me think more deeply about how I’m gonna start and gave me clarity about ways to move forward. The two biggest insights are:
    1) The experience I already have can still offer valuable skills and tools to the vision I’m trying to bring to life even though it’s in a completely unrelated field. My most recent job was in the corporate world, and even though what I’m about to do is completely different, I can already see the ways some of those skills might come in handy.
    and 2) There’s no shame in wanting to make money, and there can even be power in claiming that desire. I decided to start teaching meditation because it changed my life so much (I no longer have anxiety attacks, I’m much happier and more peaceful and I even lost some weight). Naturally I want to share it! But I was feeling a little conflicted about charging for this service. While I probably still won’t charge everyone (students from underprivileged communities for example), I should probably feel less conflicted about having a fee for my services.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Those are some incredible take-aways, Ashley! Thanks so much for sharing. We hope these powerful insights provide some clarity for you as you continue bringing your vision to life. We’re sending you our very best wishes!

  26. Thank you for this. I’ve been working SOOOOO hard as a photographer and I was scammed over the weekend and they wiped out my entire business checking account. I’ve been on the phone with the bank and at the police station like it’s my 2nd home. I’ve been so discouraged. Hearing that being in business is SO HARD and takes SO MUCH ENDURANCE and can be so heart breaking is actually really encouraging. Thank you

    • Jennifer Chappell

      I’m so sorry that happened to you, Michelle.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so sorry to hear that, Michelle! We can imagine how stressful this experience has been for you, though it’s beautiful that you’re remaining so open during this difficult process. We hope everything gets resolved as quickly and smoothly as possible! – Hailey, Team Forleo

  27. Tha Keo

    I love this podcast Marie!:). Thank you, and looking forward for more listening here! I love and agree woman with lots of money and the mindset to love money makes the world a better place!!!! Jaclyn Johnson, I have to say you are on my list ‘You Are A BADDASS!!!:)))))). Thanks for the motivation to take more action and follow up!!!

  28. mogeeb

    peace be upon you , first of all l’m over the moon to give this golden chance ,to comment on ur greatful motivation speech,and l would to say thank you very much

  29. My goodness! I love when Jaclyn talked about thinking in the billions. Seriously, that’s bold!! It made me realize I need to think much bigger about my food blog + photography.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Such a great reminder to dream BIG! Thanks for sharing this takeaway. We hope Jaclyn’s message continues to spark some new ideas for you and your own business!

  30. Claire

    Follow up! Follow up!! Follow up!!! I have emails to follow up on and some to send out but I don’t like disturbing people, especially if I’ve sent them one before, inviting them for a service I offer. So I will follow up on potential clients and send out more emails.

  31. The biggest takeaway for me was the partner pre-nup. I’m about to start a new business with a partner. We are in the very early stages of starting this business and what you both said about how a partnership is like a marriage really rang true. If you have other resources about dos and don’ts about starting partnerships that would be super helpful!!

    The best business advice I’ve ever gotten was don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. My brother actually shared that quote with me when I was starting out five years ago and it’s something I get to remind myself of almost every day! LOL There is often a gap between my vision and what I’m able to execute with the resources I have so this one is huge for me. It may not be perfect but it’s good enough and it’s done.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this message connected with you at the perfect moment! Congratulations on starting your new business– that’s so exciting! Working with a partner can be an incredibly rewarding experience though it definitely helps to manage expectations and maintain healthy communication. In addition to a “pre-nup”, these episodes from our MarieTV archives on this topic may provide some clarity and encouragement for you:

      It’s wonderful that your brother has been so supportive of you along your business journey– and he sounds like a smart guy! As Marie often reminds us, it’s always about #progressnotperfection. Keep up the great work, we’re cheering you on!

  32. Great interview. what are the 4 Money Books that Marie refers to? Thanks x

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for tuning-in Stephanie! The books Marie mentions are:

      David Bach: Smart Women Finish Rich
      David Bach: Automatic Millionaire
      Suze Orman: Women & Money
      Suze Orman: The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom
      Tony Robbins: Money Master The Game

      You can find them wherever books are sold. Be sure to also check out Marie’s inspiring interviews with David Bach,, and Tony Robbins, from our archives!

  33. Tha Keo

    I GOT THE BOOK:)!!!

  34. Etheria Goosby

    While listening to this podcast…I literally thought this was me! I was “let go” five weeks and one day into my new job and the only thing they told me and wrote on my letter was that they simply could not afford my salary yet they set it!!!!! I was given great accolades in the 8:30am team meeting and let go at 5:00pm that same day!!! I was sooooo EMBARRASSED but more so HURT!!!! I am still jobless today (4 months and 1 day later) and I am still looking for work. I’ve been beat down greatly by depression. I swear I am in a place of the unknown!!! I am having to start directly at the BOTTOM at age 46, with a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (a career I ADORE) and many years of talents, gifts and experiences under my belt! Listening to this podcast confirms that I am unsettled because I am suppose to be an entrepreneur and I am ready!!! So my answer to
    #1: You Start by Starting!
    #2: Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up

    So thank you enormously for your story! I needed to hear this TODAY! ? I am in tears!!! Thanks soooo much for your transparency!!!

    • Jennifer Chappell

      Thank YOU for commenting! I’ve been here, wondering if this is meant for me, starting all over at my age. Your comment makes me feel not-so-alone.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing your heart and a bit of your story with us, Etheria! We’re so sorry to hear your previous job didn’t work out as you had hoped and that you’ve felt so isolated in your struggle with depression. It’s clear you pour so much of yourself into what you do and your future clients and colleagues will be so lucky to work with you. We’re thrilled that Jaclyn’s message provided a bit of clarity and encouragement for you today and we’re sending along our very best wishes as you take the next steps toward your dreams of starting your own business!

  35. Thank you Marie and Jacylyn for a great interview with lots of pearls.. and thank you for mentioning Nonviolent Communication.. recently recommended to me also is the book The Science of Service. We are all human beings after all. I look forward to reading Work Party!

  36. Caroline Flynn

    I really struggle with the idea of having to get to rock bottom to then succeed. Or the advice that you must love something so much that you are willing to fail at it.
    I’m not a millennial so maybe that why I’m so uncomfortable with this idea. I’m 40, I have kids, a husband and a mortgage. I can’t just fail and not bring home money. I also am a long-time sufferer of depression and anxiety and the thought of hitting “rock bottom” literally makes me feel sick and heavy in the chest.
    I have a failed business attempt under my belt, lost money and have a secret debt from another fail. I can’t take anymore fanatical falls and I don’t think my soul could survive hitting rock bottom.
    But my current work situation is also making me sick. I believe that I deserve the business and life I love. If rock bottom is the best place to start, how will I ever survive?

  37. Lots of juicy goodness in this episode, thanks so much!
    Also I like the podcast format a lot- I often listen when I’m working with my hands making stuff 🙂
    #1 Takeaway: I love the idea of follow up, follow up, follow up- when customers take a long time to respond, I often beat myself up about it or get lost in my thoughts stressing about it. And now that I think about it, the times when I’ve closed bigger jobs is when I’ve followed up consistently.
    #2 Biz advice: My brother owns a fast growing roofing company. Sometimes things go wrong, mistakes are made. He told me sometimes the best thing you can do for a relationship with your client is when you make a mistake, just apologize quickly and go above and beyond to fix it. I’ve made some mistakes and poor judgment calls but this advice really helped me to save a lot of time and move forward with the customer, rather than waste time making excuses, getting defensive, trying to cover my tracks, etc. I mean it seems like common sense…. but before I had this business I worked in a company where the primary goal was to cover your mistakes or somehow blame the customer, and essentially strong arm them into accepting your poor work. It was incredibly stressful and wasted a tonne of time with emails and basically fights with customers.
    Like I know there is a time to stand up for your work if people are just being negative and there truly is nothing wrong, and they are undervaluing you. But I’m working on cultivating the wisdom to know how to handle these types of situations.

    It was really helpful to hear about how you both handle negative feedback, thank you for that!! and to think bigger, in the billions, and the frank money talk… omg I could go on and on with all the goodness I loved but will have to stop there.

    xoxo have an awesome evening!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for tuning in today, Stephanie! Your kind words mean the world to us and we’re thrilled that the MarieTV podcast is a part of your own creative process. We’re so glad you enjoyed Jaclyn’s message and that it sparked some great takeaways for you. It’s wonderful that your brother has set such a positive example for you as well. Making mistakes is part of being human, but you’re totally right that apologizing and seeking a resolution quickly can be the best way to move forward and maintain healthy boundaries with clients. As Marie shares in an episode from our archives, “Positive action is the best way to put your mistakes in the past.”

      • Hi Hailey,
        Thanks a lot for the episode, I’m gonna listen now- I haven’t heard that one yet!

        I put the Follow Up tip into action yesterday, and already had some great news back from some customers….OMG action action action. I was scared to “bother” them- turns out they welcomed hearing from me!
        Thank you again for reminding all of us to just keep reaching out and taking steps forward.

  38. Loved the info about partnerships and prenups.
    Also the idea that persistence is key even if it’s annoying. I couldn’t hear this enough 🙂
    Very very smart!

  39. The timing of this entry is literally perfect. I’ve had the same encounter with my co-founding partner and I couldn’t agree more about having gone through this experience is like being divorced. That’s the perfect emotional explanation. Hearing this made me realized that i’m not alone. Maybe i’ll write an article about this.
    You’ve inspired me to jumpstart my career back again profoundly.
    Maybe one day, if I’ve created my platform strong enough, I’ll have the courage to invite you to speak at a conference in Manila.
    Thank you again, Marie.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy this message connected with you at the perfect moment, Soleil! We’re sorry that you’ve had a similar experience with a business partner, but we’re glad Jaclyn’s message gave you an extra boost as you continue building your dreams. We’re so grateful to have you in our vibrant, global community!

  40. Etheria Goosby

    Jennifer…you are NOT alone hun but together we WILL conquer this and be victorious! I believe it to be so and we will be able to share our testimonies with such POWER and JOY! 🙂

  41. Etheria Goosby

    @Hailey-Team Forleo, thank you sooo much! I am now connected with MarieTV and I will share my triumphs as I soar out of this hole with angel wings! Many blessings to all of you!!!!

  42. Great podcast. Thank you to both of you.
    My takeaway from this was the FOLLOW UP! FOLLOW UP! FOLLOW UP!
    I have not followed up enough with people that I reach out to for meetings if they do not respond. Probably mostly out of embarrassment for myself. Get over it.
    Good point about possibly they DO want to meet up but the message got lost.
    Nothing wrong with asking again. I like that attitude.
    I have nothing to lose, right? 🙂
    Also, the emails. Having a well crafted clear concise bullet email to potential clients and then having your A list, B list and C list and juggling between them all the time. Something is bound to come out of that amount of effort. For sure!
    I will order the book today. Thanks Jaclyn.
    Hugs from Sweden!

  43. Thanks thanks thanks! Needed this so much during this crazy growth period in my biz! Love that you’re back, you keep me in that positive rhythm.
    Much love!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Emily! We’re so excited to be back and we’re looking forward to sharing more MarieTV goodness with you as you continue building your business! Thanks so much for tuning in.

  44. Laila

    Hi Marie,
    I love the idea of the ‘prenup’. Do you have any examples to share? Or ideas or questions to consider when creating these kinds of contracts?


  45. Loved the inspiration, positive energy radiating out of my computer and – as others have written – the powerful reminder to take leaps, initiate launches and take ACTION! I am so vulnerable to the perfectionist overthinking cul-de-sac, and this was a nourishing interview to provide abundant encouragement and role modeling.

    Also LOVED the attention and energy in the conversation around women and money.

    Thank you, Marie, Jaclyn and Team Forleo!

  46. Great stuff ~ thank you!
    And haha Marie… “puh-leasssse….” ~ hee hee
    I laughed out loud!

  47. Danielle

    Taking action is huge for me and one element ia deciphering which component to start with, ie. Teaching yoga, offering workshops, creating online content. So it simply is just that; begin!!

    There was mention of the four great money books; can anyone provide the names of such recommendations?

    Thank you!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi there, Danielle!
      You’re so right- it’s so much about starting before you’re ready. One action after the next.
      Here are the books that Marie recommends in relation to this conversation:
      David Bach: Smart Women Finish Rich
      David Bach: Automatic Millionaire
      Suze Orman: Women & Money
      Suze Orman: The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom
      Tony Robbins: Money Master The Game

      You can find them wherever books are sold. Be sure to also check out Marie’s inspiring interviews with David Bach,, and Tony Robbins, from our archives as well.

  48. Shawn

    I so miss seeing you and the guest. Podcast doesn’t have the same feelings of inclusion. But, thanks for the info.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We sometimes mix it up, Shawn, yet a new episode of MarieTV will be here before you know it. We appreciate you being a part of our community.

  49. Hello Marie and Jaclyn,
    So good to hear that it’s quite normal for thing to take time, takes time and hard work, many evenings, weekends, days off and is scary too because of how long it takes, gaining clarity and to do the work, but it’s all on the right track. I’m persevering , working away, even taking breaks to re energize and have to stay away from friend who think my job should be done by now! It’s getting there is all I can say to them and ignore the comments, keep going to get my very own thing off the ground. So good to hear this is normal and not just me ….taking too long lol , I am miles ahead of where I was before I started …. and thanks to B School I will be on my way soon, love the encouragement and insight I get from all Marie TV, video’s and talks, have to offer, Thanks

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Stay in the beautiful lane that’s all yours, Frederika! You’ve got this. We’re so glad that you’re in B-School. Thank YOU! xo

  50. Michelle

    The insight that helped me the most is START! Wherever you are, just start. I don’t have to have it all figured out and it can change and develop over time. I get caught up in overthinking and self doubt and fear. Great advice Jaclyn!

    Also, Marie, you mentioned 4 money book must reads. Please share your recommendations. Thanks all xo

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi there Michelle! As Marie always says, ‘Start before you’re ready’ so let’s do it! You can do it and we’re cheering you on.

      The books Marie recommends in relation to this conversation are below.

      David Bach: Smart Women Finish Rich
      David Bach: Automatic Millionaire
      Suze Orman: Women & Money
      Suze Orman: The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom
      Tony Robbins: Money Master The Game

      You can find them wherever books are sold. Be sure to also check out Marie’s inspiring interviews with David Bach,, and Tony Robbins, where they take on the information in more detail from their books.

  51. Marie mentioned 4 books she would recommend about money-would love to hear what they are!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi there, Julia! We listed them in a few comments right above yours. You’ll find them there 🙂

    • Marwa

      yes, likewise.

  52. Janet

    “When women have more money they generally have less children.” ?? Could you clarify this?

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi Janet-
      Thanks so much for asking this question. We’re happy to provide a bit of context to explain this point within reference to this conversation.

      There is a proven correlation between women having fewer children and those women being able to better provide for the children that they do have. For a little more information about this worldwide trend, here’s a link that explains it a bit further—>

      Since women having fewer children in many cases leads to fewer unwanted children, and fewer children born into extreme poverty, it can be a good thing, which is what was referenced in the episode.

      We appreciate you taking the time to listen to this conversation and ask your question.

  53. Biggest take away it to take action on some interviews I want to conduct because I love the topic of interest.

  54. Shannon Kelly-thomas

    I am inspired to take action on a podcast interview I want to schedule because I love the topic.

  55. Marwa

    thank you for sharing your story. It’s so familiar! what resonated most was ‘I didnt know how to write a book, I just did it!” Starting even when you don’t know how. Just do it!

  56. Aloha- thank you for this lovely and luscious segment- Marie what are the four money books you recommended to your 19 yr art girl?
    Warmth and Mahalo

    • Hailey – Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for tuning in, Heather– we’re so glad you enjoyed this inspiring interview! Just in case you haven’t found them yet, the books Marie mentions are:

      David Bach: Smart Women Finish Rich
      David Bach: Automatic Millionaire
      Suze Orman: Women & Money
      Suze Orman: The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom
      Tony Robbins: Money Master The Game

      You can find them wherever books are sold. Be sure to also check out Marie’s inspiring interviews with David Bach,, and Tony Robbins, from our archives!

  57. Heather Lea Poole

    Thank you!

  58. Shawn

    Anyway…that podcast was WONDERFUL!!! I was up at 2:30 this morning listening to it! I ESPECIALLY LOVED the talk about money. Getting a comfortable attitude, approach and likeminded people in your life, that support and encourage the ways you need to address money in your life is essential. I loved that you encouraged your friends daughter with her savings from her summer job for her goals and dreams. But then, you recommended BOOKS! (Oh how I LOVE BOOKS!) for her to read and gain more insight, comfort, knowledge and empowerment.

    Would you be able to send or post that list of books? I’m a “woman of a certain age”, so if you had a recommendation for the later blooming entrepreneur I’d appreciate it. 🙂

    Thanks for listening 🙂


  59. I find iTunes Podcasts really frustrating – especially since I like to download things and keep my phone in Airplane mode to reduce radiation. Is there an archive where you have the podcasts in MP3 form (or whatever iPhone compatible form) for direct download? Even if you just put the longer ones – over 20 minutes – that would be great! Thanks.

    • Hailey – Team Forleo

      Hi Jini! Thanks so much for stopping by. You can edit your settings in the iTunes Podcasts app to automatically download episodes as they’re released, or you’re welcome to manually download them one at a time. Our Podcast is also available on other apps like Overcast and Stitcher which could be a better fit for you. Thanks so much for tuning in!

  60. Nia

    This email was sitting in my inbox and now I know THIS was the perfect time for me to listen to it. My biggest takeaway is not being afraid (or ashamed) for liking and wanting more money. That tip struck me the most because I realized my viewpoint surrounding money were ideals passed on to me from my family, society and media.

    The truth is, I want to be lavishly paid for my gifts, time and talents so I can use those funds to further my mission of bringing people to a place of empathy and connection. With that said, I’m shifting my language and action around money so that this year(my birthday is in a few days), will be not only creatively but financially abundant. Thanks for sparking this conversation! [insert “praise hands’]

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES, Nia! Happy Birthday and we love that you’re starting this next year off on such a powerful note. 🙂

  61. I think what hit me most was thinking bigger. Not just small businesses for women, but women billionaires. And I began to think “What would that look like? What would running a billion-dollar company feel like?” Sometimes we make ourselves small, women in particular. Guys just do it because they decide to. So, that is my take-away. Think bigger, and then start, even if you don’t know what the end is. Also, money is power. Yes. I think myself in particular have been afraid to wield the very great power I know I am capable of and money is a huge part of that. Each one of these interviews and episodes has served to unlock tiny bits of my power piece-by-piece and bit-by-bit, helped me take it back. This episode caused me to lift my eyes and think, “why not me?”. Bravo, thank you, as always, Marie and Jaclyn.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Jenna! I can feel your power unlocking just from reading your comment. Keep going. 🙂

  62. Hi Marie!

    Thank you for sharing these inspiring stories and keep share this kind of Stuff.

  63. Anon

    This podcast is so great and brings variety to your content. I loved it! I think the BIGGEST insight for me is that it is never too late to get back up and do what you want, despite failure. In fact failure shows that you have to grow. I also admire how you and Jaclyn have put in numerous hours of hard work and sacrifice for your “overnight” successes in business. Also, “hater blockers”, is something I struggle with. How do you know if criticism is good or bad? I end up taking in all critique and implementing it when it is not necessary. I just don’t get how to differentiate between the two!

    I think the best career advice I have gotten is to always keep learning. Learn from the good and learn from the bad.

    Thanks Team Forleo! Keep up the great work ?

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and sharing your thoughts and question with us.

      Your question about criticism is a great one. There’s a few ways to tell if it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’.
      When someone’s comments come from a place of unkindness or a mean spirit, that’s not good. That’s about them not you. You can even tell how it makes you feel when you hear or read it.
      Yet, if someone comes from a place of compassion and helpfulness, like a mentor, then you can listen and see where your intuition tells you that it fits in with what you want and the goals you’re looking to achieve.
      You can truly tell the difference between feedback and criticism. And more than anything, trust your own heart. You know exactly what you need.

      • Anon

        That is a good point. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question :). I think this will help.

  64. This is so inspiring! Sort of like how Oprah was fired at her radio gig before becoming the superstar she is! Rock bottom is truly the best place to start!

  65. Inspiring!

  66. Liz

    I was listening to the audio and you were saying “if you are not obsessed with your idea, go and get a job”. I am from Ecuador, here you can have a university degree, experience and be looking for a job for 12 months and not being hired! Sometimes the only option for feeding your self is to start something even if you don’t love it….

  67. JimmySoony

    Binary options + cryptocurrency = $ 7000 per week:

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