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One of the things I appreciate most about our community here at MarieTV is this shared value: the desire to make a positive, lasting difference in the world.

But how do you make real, lasting change when it’s just yourself? Especially if you’re starting from nothing and don’t have the resources, staff or visibility to support you?

My friend Alexis Jones has insight on this. Because she’s been there. Twice. Alexis has been changing the world since college — when she founded I Am That Girl, an organization that empowers girls to embrace their self worth and build one another up.

It started with 6 members, and now has over 1.2 million members in 24 countries. Alexis now speaks at prestigious places like Nike, Harvard and the UN.

The only difference between a superhero and a villain is who you choose to serve. Do you serve yourself or do you serve others? @MissAlexisJones Click To Tweet

Alexis Jones is the first to admit how long the road was, and how she never expected to be where she is now.

When she was invited to talk to the top 18 high school quarterbacks in the country about respecting women, she had her doubts.

Why would these star athletes listen to her? Isn’t there someone else more qualified?

But as you’ll hear in our interview, Alexis’s simple decision to show up and connect with these athletes set her off to start a new organization that’s revolutionizing education about sexual assault prevention: ProtectHer.

How to Change the World with Alexis Jones

If you’ve ever wanted to change the world, but that goal feels too big to fathom, here’s your chance to learn from a woman who’s been in the trenches, and is actively doing the work today.

You’ll hear from Alexis about:

  • Why “the world of inspiration” actually prevented her from taking action.
  • The 10-second trick that helps her make hard choices in even the trickiest situations.
  • Her “Indiana Jones Method” to failure.
  • Why her desire to change the world started for selfish reasons.
  • And her unusual approach to sexual assault prevention—that’s working!

For more, check out Alexis’s book I Am That Girl and learn about ProtectHer and its mission to revolutionize education about sexual assault here.

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As Jane Goodall so wisely said, “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

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  1. This was incredible. I had no idea the astounding numbers of girls/women affected by this. Absolutely LOVE what she is doing. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Kristi, we’re so glad this episode touched you so deeply. Alexis is amazing, and we’re so glad to hear you’re inspired by her!

  2. Michael

    No share button?

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Hi Michael! If you look on the left side of the screen, you’ll see some options to share this episode via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Thanks so much for watching!

  3. Being in the UK I hadn’t come across alexis but wow, what an inspiration! What a speaker. Speaking as an older woman, what sticks with me about listening to this interview is how fabulous these two young women are. If these women are out there, the future looks bright. When you hear older people complain about the younger generation, just show them this. I feel grateful that there are young women out there taking risks to change the world and make it a better place. Thank you.

  4. Katherine

    Loved it!
    One of the pieces that stuck with me was when she said “it is different when it’s her” showing the pictures of the athletes’ female family members. Great strategy! Kuddos for her hubby too! I hope “ProtectHer” also pushes hard on three things that are important: 1) educating mothers and fathers; 2) educating girls on treating themselves in the same way they want others to treat them; and 3) using celebrities to promote respect towards women instead of promoting obscene behavior and attire on videos, shows and movies. Such great message is overshadowed by the media and even LANGUAGES . We live in a patriarchal world designed to empower men and belittle women. The worst is when I see women embracing the “macho” behavior and teaching that to their male children and submissive behavior to their little girls. That is truly the root of this problem, the cultural acceptance due to fear, religious beliefs or simple habit.

  5. Angie Dixon

    I am the mother of three sons, 14-20. It has been hard to know how to marry the feelings I have felt these past years with everything coming out regarding consent, MeToo, the current political situation and how I feel as a feminist with regard to the sweet boys I see in front of me and how to make sure they really ingest how important it is for them to stand up for woman without putting them in a position of the “other”. Alexis is beyond brilliant and this talk has really helped me to know how to frame the conversation. Protecther is so beautiful. My boys always played dress up and wanted to be the superhero’s. They ARE the superhero’s, right next to us supershero’s. Thank you for giving an honest image to bring them along side this human movement!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Angie, we’re so glad to hear that Alexis’s message is offering you a tangible way to address these issues with your boys. It’s clear that your commitment to their powerful and positive interactions with girls and women is strong, and being so influential in their lives is such a tremendous way for you to make a difference in how they contribute to the world. We’re thrilled that this conversation stood out to you.

  6. CN

    Great interview! Love her cause and the target audience that she happens to be working with, even though it is systemic, as stated.

  7. Kristin Klein

    I think this is so smart! Are there programs like this in middle schools and high schools?

  8. I was supposed to see this! I too am an advocate for girls and women, and was praying about how to get the message out there more. I reached out to a few HBCU’s on this very subject, and never heard back. I would love to work with Alexis in getting this message out to ALL colleges, and high schools. Can you forward my information to Alexis, I think we can take Empowerment to a whole other level?

    And thanks to Maria, for sharing her shine. Women have to do that more.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Danielle, we’re so thrilled to hear how connected you’re feeling to Alexis’s work, and that this video came at such a perfect time for you! Alexis mentions in the video that the best way to get involved or connect with her team is by visiting the Protect Her or I Am That Girl websites:

      We’re wishing you all the best as you continue to explore ways to help make an impact; this community is so full of beautiful hearts like yours and we love seeing your spirit shine!

  9. I don’t even know where to begin. This interview was probably the best episode that I have ever seen on MarieTV, bar none. This is true feminism and I love how she recognizes that women have suffered abuse since the beginning of time and now it’s time to talk WITH men rather than about or to them. Beginning at the root rather than just trying to eliminate it or go around, is where this will create change. I just kept nodding my head and saying “Yes!” to everything she would say. Sharing this so that more people can use this interview to start a new and different conversation that will inspire progress in the right direction. Thank you!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing this Jackie! YES – beginning at the root is so important when seeking to change a systemic issue, and we’re so glad that you resonate with this. The more we’re all committed to raising the next generation of men and boys in this way, through engaging in conversation with them, the more progress we’ll all see.

  10. Charlene

    This is incredible & so needed! As a football Sister, Mom & Aunt, I am jumping up & down!! What really stuck with me was Alexis collaborating with her husband to find such a unique perspective that would not only get attention of young men, but ENGAGE them in the importance of the conversation! So thankful for the amazing work both of you women are doing!

  11. Simply awe-inspiring!! I love what Alexis said about “death by comparison.” Coupled with what she said in regards to Heroes vs Villains and that Villains serve themselves why Heroes serve others, another trick to use to prevent being overwhelmed by inspiration is to focus more on the effect of that inspiration (the action, the fixes, the solutions) rather than getting distracted by the superficial, self-serving spoils that come with being a hero. What’s more powerful and motivating…a decade of work to become a 5-time NYT best selling author or a decade of work to help 1.2 million girls? Thank you, Marie and Alexis, for showing us this power!!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Katie, your perspective is spot on here. Thank you for sharing your insights and take-aways; we’re so glad this episode spoke in droves to you!

  12. Carolina Maduro

    This is beautiful! Her unique positioning gives an awesome perspective to these two particular challenges and she went for it. It just makes me realize that seemingly quirky attributes can very well allow for a connection to create change and true meaning in the world.

  13. Rebecca

    Utterly blown away by Alexis, her passion, energy and knowledge, the world needs more Indiana Jones faith leapers 😉

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We absolutely agree Rebecca; leap away!

  14. Wow. Brilliant. This was so wonderful and encouraging. As a Life Coach, I’ve been coaching an increasing number of young-ish men and they are vulnerable, wonderful and confused. How are they to behave? What is society expecting now? On the one hand they want to be strong and confident, but they absolutely do not want to be brutes or oafs. They are much more sensitive, caring and reflective than they are ever given credit for. On the other hand, so many of my female clients have suffered sexual abuse (though that is not why they came to coaching, it just comes out along the way), so integrating this work so it can address both sides is just wonderful. Thank you for sharing and I will bear all that was said in mind and pass it on.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Karin, this is definitely a complex issue and the absolute perfect time to begin addressing it from all angles, all perspectives, and in conversation. We love that you’re looking for solutions as well here, and we hope this episode offered some new ideas and insights as you continue to work with the young men in your world.

  15. Really interesting interview. What stuck with me the most was the relating of the stats (which is easy to stay distant from) to a name- mother, sister, daughter etc… and letting the realization come to a person on his or her own. We own things that we come to realize ourselves rather than what gets “told to us” that we should understand.

  16. I love that Alexis stresses that the kind of amazing success she’s experiencing started out small and took ten years. It’s reassurance to me, I’ve been on my journey as a filmmaker for four years and I do compare myself to others all the time- Alexis’ reminder to check that comparison angst at the door really resonates with me right now.

  17. Alia B.

    Just finished B-School but this is SUPER inspiring, particularly the idea that as women, we feel like we’re constantly “under-qualified” to go after something, I am definitely a sufferer of “needing more experience” before I jump into most things.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      You’re so not alone there, Alia! Huge congratulations on finishing B-School– we hope Alexis’s message continues to be a source of inspiration for you as you take the next steps toward your dreams. We’re cheering you on!

  18. Carla

    Hi, Marie! I like very much. I hope this work I will spread all over the world and that men will come to respect all women. It is very sad, we are in the 21st century and there are still aggressions of all kinds to women. The continuation of good work!

  19. Love how Alexis says that the young men can be the Hero …..great way to broach a hard conversation and relate to her masculine audience

  20. Brilliant! “Every dude wants to be a hero.”
    Anxious? Stressed out? Count backward from 10, it brings the brain back to logical.
    Thank you for sharing yourself and your vision both of you Marie, and Alexis,

  21. I appreciate so much how Alexis activates the protector in the young men in the audience. That and the invitation to participate. Thank you!!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Such a powerful takeaway, Laura! We hope Alexis’s story continues to spark some new ideas for you. Thanks so much for tuning-in today.

  22. Marie, thank you so much for asking about how we can get started building our own impactful movements. I deeply admire women who have created powerful organizations around women’s issues and have often thought about how it would be a dream come true to create one myself. Love the advice about taking the first few small steps. Thanks ladies!

  23. Wow, I had goosebumps so frequently during this episode. Thank you Marie and Alexis. ❤️

  24. sadhna

    Almost unbelievably, I had just sent out an e-mail to a teacher asking for his help in getting middle school boys to treat each other better so they can grow up and not feel they have to gain power by taking it from others. As a mother, I know that the boys need a young, accepting male voice to really listen.
    And then I just happened to watch this video, and I am taking it as a sign to keep going step-by-step and believe I can make a change. Thank you.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Sadhna! We’re so glad Alexis’s message connected with you at the perfect moment and we hope her work continues to be a source of inspiration for you. It sounds like you’re already setting a beautiful example for your own children and we’re grateful to have you in our world!

  25. Awesome message and work being done ! Love it! Sounds like team is BUSY with the athletes…. yet … suggestion for a ‘next step’ of groups to talk with… fraternity’s. These young men want to be hero’s abd protectors too and are so impressionable still! They are also drilled and taught to be gentlemen – though that does not mean all lessons are internalized. As a mom of a young man who just graduated and knowing many great young men – who were all part of fraternities … you’d have another whole group ready for the message . The alumni ‘brothers’ of these fraternities , I think, would receive this program well to be brought to their younger ‘brothers’ . Just saying…

  26. So many hell yes moments! Love what Alexis is doing for this movement; being inclusive, compassionate and real. I haven’t heard of this stretching into Canadian locker rooms but wow this kind of education and approach needs to be everywhere. Bravo!

  27. Sandra

    This was awesome to hear… meaningful work with young men on this issue. I was not aware of how bad it is. However, being older, I am aware of the obscene amount of violence and sex on TV – and how even small children can access it with ease. It is no surprise that there is so much sexual violence against women. I have two sons in there early 20s who think the violence and sex on TV doesn’t matter – doesn’t affect people. This is the part of the programming, though, I believe. How very encouraging to hear these young athletes – these young men are requiring that the schools they go to be aware and are actively engaged in changing the situation. I know TV/media is not the sole reason for the current situation – think it does make a considerable impact. May one day, we all turn off any TV/mass media the shows obscene / cruel / violent actions. Thank you, Alexis, for being you – for creating your foundations/businesses… a thousand blessings! and, thank you, Maria, for being you – for sharing your brilliance and insights … a thousand blessings!

  28. Marie, thank you so much for this powerful, relevant, and dynamic interview with Alexis Jones! It is so refreshing to witness two female leaders interfacing in such respectful and loving ways. You both represent integrated feminine and masculine energy that teaches us how to take tangible steps towards our vision of living change in the world. What struck me most was Alexis’ honesty around initially wanting to build support for herself and other women; alongside being receptive and collaborating with her boyfriend’s insight as a male athlete understanding both the masculine/feminine wired “protector-superhero/heroine” archetype! I am in gratitude to you both for helping sanctify the relationship between the feminine and masculine for our youth, parents, families, and culture!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Mary! Thanks so much for tuning-in today and adding your voice to this important conversation. We hope Alexis’s interview continues to spark some new ideas for you!

  29. Jen

    Wow. This was beautiful. It was all a brilliant take away. My boys are 4 and 7. I am so excited to know that this will be ‘normal’ education by the time they are in the locker rooms.

    Thank you.
    I also love the end about taking the first step. I am struggling taking my first step and I need constant reminders that I need to just take it and trust that there will be some where to land that next step.

  30. Jay

    Love you guys! Love the Trans Europe Express music theme now too.

    People just don’t know. It’s like many other global and human issues today.
    The message needs sharing. More and more and ….more!
    Abuse, violence, even sarcasm is detrimental to members of any community.
    Upbringing, advertising, movies, the workplace are all perpetual arenas of abuse.
    “Sex sells”. Well this is not good. Because advertisers and big business keep promoting ugliness in this area to the masses. They keep pushing buttons that they know they can keep pushing. When and how will it stop? I can’t even begin to imagine how you stop the mass media machine from telling the public to treat women as objects. This is a major problem that needs a movement. Needs more messages like the one you shared today with us. Marie and Alexis times a thousand.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for stopping by, Jay! We agree that while we’ve come a long way, there’s still a lot of work to do. Compassion and change begins with communication and we’re so grateful that you’re committed to continuing this important and timely conversation in your own life. Thanks for being part of our community!

  31. I loved this! As I have developed my business plan for my nonprofit, there is a direction that I’ve been going in. I realized that sometimes it’s the small step, not the whole plan that needs to be implemented. Listening to how Alexis got going in her current direction, was when she was trying to say no. It wasn’t obvious to her, that this was in alignment with her work. It’s always reassuring to watch others who are making a significant impact, see the messiness of the journey. Thank you for this very timely video. I appreciate how she acknowledged her (colorful) language and all parts of her beingness are utilized in her current work.

  32. I love this episode. Thank you for the inclusive stance.

  33. Kristi

    Awesome episode and love her story of how this was formulated to reach this audience. Making a connection by meeting them where they are and emotionally connecting with them on such an important topic. There is so much work to do on this topic, I see endless opportunities to educate and begin these talks, ie… work place environments, middle and high schools, fraternities and sororities too!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      YES, Kristi! The possibilities are truly endless. We totally agree that the work won’t be done until this is conversation is part of every aspect of our lives. We’re grateful for your commitment to sharing this message in your own community!

  34. Tha Keo

    Hi! love this! especially ‘The Villains vs Superheroes’ part. Listening to this interview and multitasking. Texted my sister she said she is feeling ‘poopies’. This interview just help me to reach out with this. I texted her back ‘Villains poopies. Don’t let the villains serve u, your superheroes are inside of u!’ Thank you!!! Very inspiring! and very strong voice!:)

  35. Judith

    Thanks to Marie Forleo and team for highlighting Alexis’ work in this way. And every congratulations to Alexis (and her hubby) for this ‘game-changing’ work. It is one of the few critical parts of tackling the systemic nature of sexual violence across the whole spectrum. Keep up this work and thank you also for the work-model offered and particularly the ideas about sustainability.

  36. Farah

    Incredible interview. This woman has created so many off shoots to this very taboo topic.
    I love that she taps into that protective instinct we all have and shows men especially how to wield that power and strength for good.
    Its so easy for young guys to take their macho locker room behaviour too far. So easy for any of us to dehumanize someone after lots of alcohol and in certain situations.
    We see it everyday with road rage.
    I am stealing that counting backwards thing….
    Thanks Marie and Alexis.

  37. Marianne

    This episode came at the right moment in time. I am taking my book and my story and turning into a Virtual Reality experience for women to see what it takes to move forward. It’s never been done and the advise to not plan it out and know where I am headed, put me in a better place. Now I will focus on meeting the VR people see what is possible.

  38. My favorite part about this is extending the invitation to men. She’s right – making men out to the be the villain gets nobody anywhere. I have 2 brothers and 2 nephews and they are good guys and good young men – as a lot of men are. But sometimes even they fall into the trap with comments, etc. due to societal conditioning. Would they think of me, or our mom or grandma in that light? No. So, putting it in perspective and activating that protective instinct with women they love is perfect. Bravo to you, Alexis, and your husband for doing such good work! And thank you Marie for always bringing me new resources I had no knowledge of before. I love getting connected with important issues like this and figuring out how I can educate myself and help.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      That’s such a powerful takeaway, Jenna! We’re so glad you enjoyed this interview and we hope Alexis’s message continues to be a source of inspiration for you. Thanks so much for tuning in today!

  39. Kristina

    This episode is just what I needed. I really love how Alexis said she fails fast, but she tells herself not to do that again. Taking the “leap of faith,” like in Indiana Jones, is what I needed to hear to know that I will succeed. Thank you so much for all the inspiration!

  40. This was a great interview. Any change is a step in the right direction and seems like Alexis has found a true way to be of service to a broader issue. A win-win all around!
    There was only one time I took issue with what she had to say. As a feminist and a scholar, it is unfortunate that many continue to believe that the feminist movement in any way, at any time, excluded to men. This is a common misconception and has certainly lead to many women choosing to step away from the term “feminist” because they believe it is an ideology that hates men. When, in fact, feminism has NEVER excluded males, but asked them to come to the table. Feminism as a belief system or as a movement seeks equality for all – not just women. A small off-hand comment to be sure, but one that, I believe, requires some clarification.

  41. ‘Meet them where they are at.’

    I am a Water Healer, Social Artist and Rights of Nature Advocate. I was given this message 5 years ago by the Land in Alberta Canada, and it is important for me to remember now as I begin to work internationally on behalf of urban Rivers to improve their social health and living conditions. Thank you Alexis, your husband and Marie.

  42. Inspiring! So happy Alexis mentioned shelters.
    I know there are many types, but speaking of animal shelters in the US… and all around the globe… the need is great.
    The more people that step up to volunteer, adopt and foster animals, the better.
    And even if you can’t do these things, just visit your local shelter and give the cats and dogs some love they desperately deserve. It doesn’t take much time… take the kids! They’ll love it and learn to respect animals in the process.
    And if you can’t do that, support shelters and animal rescue organizations on social media and donate where you can (as with anything, be wary of fake accounts).
    There are plenty of legit and literal angels out there doing amazing work – they would love your support!
    I live in Italy and actually teach yoga to raise money for one shelter I support in Istanbul, Turkey.
    When my NYC client was planning an event, I thought a charity component would be a good idea and suggested Brooklyn’s BARC shelter… They loved the idea and, in fact, are going to adopt from them!
    There are so many ways to take that first step, do something good, and create positive change. It doesn’t have to be big. A great quote from Theodore Roosevelt… “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Love that quote, Sara– thanks so much for sharing! You’re so right that there are many ways to make a positive impact– it’s simply about taking the first step. It’s clear you have a big heart for animals and it’s wonderful that you’ve found ways to incorporate this in your own work. We’re so grateful to have you in our community!

  43. Kate

    Loved this conversation. What struck me the most was actually at the beginning of the conversation where Alexis states that her first reaction to being asked to give a talk to the best college quarterbacks in the nation was “I’m not qualified enough … isn’t there someone more qualified?”

    That SO resonates with me.

    I want to start my own content consulting business and have for years, but I am stuck in my self-doubt even though I am the Director of Content Strategy for a Fortune 100 and absolutely have the qualifications to do it … I am just stuck in fear. So Alexis’s comment really struck home. Thanks for this conversation.

  44. Katell Le Guern

    Loved this episode, especially the part about being a human movement and not just a girl movement. I am going to check both websites. Thank you Marie and her team for the awesome content. Keep it coming!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Such a great takeaway, Katell! Thanks so much for tuning-in today.

  45. Kitty

    Here in the Netherlands I often hear women putting their sisters and themselves down in order to be ‘one of the boys’. They say women should stop complaining and act like a man. I’ve always been wondering where the common sense is in all of this so called women’s lib of trying to fit in so hard into a man’s world.

    That’s why watching this interview feels like coming home to some real sisters, who really know how to get the message across that it’s not about fitting in with the boys, but inviting the boys over to see what we’re really all about and to start the conversation about how to truly ‘run our worlds together’ with mutual love, understanding and respect.

    Marie & Alexis, thank you so much for being you!

  46. Bev

    The entire interview was incredibly inspiring and motivating but the insight that meant most to me was “Start somewhere.” Mostly because literally yesterday I decided that instead of waiting until I was healthy enough to launch a project (I live with chronic illness) I could do it in phases so that way I can both test my ideas, experiment and build an audience while I take care of my health and work on the larger aspects of the project when I can. So today me and my partner in the project launched our Instagram account to start building a community. So I am starting somewhere!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, Bev! We’re thrilled that Alexis’s interview resonated so deeply with you today. Congratulations on taking the first steps toward launching your new project– we’re sending along our very best wishes for your health and abundance in all areas of your life!

  47. Adriana D.

    La actitud feminista de alejar a los hombres, siempre ha sido un problema para nosotras, les hemos dejado el camino fácil para no intervenir, ni participar, ni asumir, a no tener voz, ni responsabilidad alguna en lo que se refiere a la violencia contra las mujeres y esta actitud se nota mucho en Latinoamérica, dónde el machismo lo propagan las mismas mujeres; al apartarlos seguimos manteniendo actitudes consideradas socio-culturales que no cambiarán en modo alguno, sin la participación de todos, ya que son temas de bienestar humano, no de un género en particular.

  48. Elizabeth

    Thanks for this episode! Alexis has had such an interesting journey and does such amazing work. I really appreciated her honesty about anxiety and how she copes with it. I’ve found that just taking a minute to sort of breath and shut your brain off has always helped me when I find myself in an anxiety-brain-funk.

  49. fantastic, I needed to hear “just take the first step and don’t try to plan the rest” or compare to where you think you need to be. Thank you!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      That’s a great takeaway, Ginger! I think that’s something we all need to hear, often. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

  50. The actionable items to me were: The trick from counting down from 10 when overwhelmed or stressed and having a tribe of 5 people to talk to when you don’t know what to do.

    What made me think: this idea of inclusion in solving a problem can be translated to racism as well. If white people felt included in the problem of race, a lot more could be achieved.

  51. Jacquie

    Marie and Alexis,

    This segment was so good I needed to share. Alexis, how powerful your voice and the dedication to lots of your time, effort and hard work will be indelible on the next generation of men. You are creating a legacy!

    Marie, thanks for always sharing such uplifting and powerful stories that we may otherwise never know about!.

  52. Beautiful interview. Thank you so much for this.

  53. Love, Love Marie TV! always sooo inspiring! I think the BEST advice Alexis Jones mentioned that hit me on the head was ‘Recognise Death by Comparison!’ Yikes! how often do I do this!! as you always say Marie…”The world needs that special gift that only you can give…” How easy is it to think everyone is doing so much more! or WOW! they are sooo amazing!…we can all contribute! we all have the power! I am FINALLY learning this! Thank you soooo much for another amazing episode!
    Love you all!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this message connected with you today, Colleen! We hope this interview continues to spark some new ideas for you. We’re so grateful to have you in our vibrant community!

  54. I still have my childhood dream of changing the world and working hard on figuring out how to do that. And I’m sure that we woman will succeed in whatever we want because…everything is figureoutable ?

  55. Julia

    It’s refreshing to hear of a program that’s inviting solutions rather than vilifying a whole group of people.
    I was wondering if a similar program for young females would be helpful as well. I’ve heard more stories over the past few years with women being the villains. The latest being Yoga teacher Uma Inder in Bali who was simply asked to leave rather than any proper investigation. Young women should be able to recognise and never stay in a situation of abuse.

  56. “Insight without action is worthless.” What is my first step?

  57. I’ll just appreciate and thank you for a synchronicity moment … I’m working on virtual sisterhood, just about to finish the landing page and this came as a blessing. I’m where I need to be … Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

  58. Thank you, both of you, for this insight. I am going to share this with my college age daughter and her friends – both young women and men! In addition, the insight of how to “get started” is so timely for me. For the past few months, I have changed my life so that I can share business and life lesson’s with aspiring leaders so they can springboard into contributing their amazing gifts with the world sooner! I have been consumed with options of how to do that, so I took Alexis’s advice on counting down from ten to one and you know what, it worked! I have settled on an idea on how to get started! Thank you! Thank you!

  59. As an owner of the only co-working space/community dedicated to women in Las Vegas, Alexis’ advice of how to handle anxiety really spoke to me. Sometimes I think I’m the dumbest woman on the planet for investing everything into this dream of mine but I know if I hadn’t taken the risk, I would have always wondered what if. I also liked comparison is the death of joy, because it is. As we say in the Navy: Eyes in the boat. Meaning don’t get distracted by the bullshit. (That’s my paraphrasing.) Loved this episode, exactly what I needed to hear today. Women need each other now more than ever, absolutely.

  60. Deb

    Thanks for sharing this with all of us. What an incredible gift Alexis has given the world, awe inspiring. I loved the comment about generally anything without action isn’t really anything at all. How many great ideas have languished in the darkness because we were afraid to take a leap of faith and believe in ourselves. Well no longer for this woman shall that be the case, thank you for the push.

  61. Jennifer

    Amazing evolution of an idea! What really stuck out for me? When Alexis flipped the script in her presentation to the top quarterbacks, and shifted the paradigm from “other” girls to girls in those players’ lives.

    Keep up the great work, Alexis and Marie!

  62. LOOOOOOOOOVED this episode! What stuck with me? The “just get started” bit. I was preoccupied by trying to lose weight for 10 years. When I finally got healthy I was like, I have no idea what I’m passionate about. I was worried I’d lost my chance, over that difficult decade, to figure out who I was.
    For ages I was devastated. But time went on and soon I was looking back and realizing the importance of just getting started.
    I went to teacher’s college, developed a kids program called Who Is NOBODY? (that helps young people build self esteem by using their interests to help others) and then when I finally understood my struggle with weight (and stopped feeling ashamed) I started blogging about it. Sharing how I got healthy is my own personal Who Is NOBODY? project. However, I never could have planned this trajectory sitting at home with a pen and paper. I needed to GET STARTED!
    It didn’t need to be the perfect place. It just needed to be somewhere. Then slowly one thing leads to another … Just getting started is powerful, actionable (as you say!) advice. Thank you for sharing this interview.

  63. Obu

    I simply loved this episode because I am big on women empowerment too. In 2013, I said I want to help educate 10,000 girls in South Asia. So far, through family and friends, I have been able to help 6 girls. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed! But this episode just shows that it takes a long time and consistent action. Thank you Marie for this episode.

  64. Sara

    This was an amazing interview – thanks to you all – we are that girl! I didn’t know what to focus more on – our inner twin sitting there on the couch, or … the message – both were mesmerizing!

  65. Catherine Vaughan

    Thank you for interviewing Alexis. I agree with all these positive comments. As a kindness advocate, I’m thinking her approach to these athletes might help in bringing kindness to the attention of a broader male population. One of the verses in the Kindness song is, “When I feel kindness in your touch, I feel strength and gentleness … and I give thanks for the kindness in your touch. I give thanks for the kindness in your heart. I give thanks for you.” We do appreciate a protector’s strength and gentleness, and, I imagine, most boys, teens, and adult males want to feel appreciated. Kindness counts. Choose kindness!

  66. WOW! We have established a NFP for Prevention of Violence Against Women in Western Australia. Thank you Marie, and for your untold gems of wisdom Alexis! The overwhelming paralysis is real for me right now and your encouragement to plough forward, step by tiny step has provided much needed motivation and confirmation. Traditional approaches are not working at the speed they need to, nor are they focusing on the areas where real change can be achieved. I look forward to checking out your achievements.

  67. Georgina Egerton-Warburton

    Finally someone who publically acknowledges all the amazing men out there who are not abusers but are upstanding citizens!
    It’s not men vs women per se.
    Personally I can see why Alexis has been so well received by the male community, such a non- discriminatory approach.
    Congratulations Alexis and Marie for sharing with us.

  68. My biggest takeaway was that you just need to start somewhere – what she has achieved is incredible and it all starts with one small action. My next action step will be to write five sentences of my book. Thank you so much.

  69. My only pet-peeve – the use of “girl” to describe women 18yrs and older. Otherwise, giving a standing ovation and am adding these organizations to my donation list. Thank you Marie and WAY TO GO Alexis!

  70. Alexis and Marie are true sisters – it’s not only about their amazing hair.

  71. Sarah E Frenay

    Hello beautiful women. After viewing this video I am feeling very grateful for the coming together of both men and women. The exchange, the conversation, the invitation to openness. So much of what the world is craving….the sense of connection. These incredible initiatives, I feel bring so much expansion and inclusiveness for all. My ‘~ah ha~ moment today was the quote “death by comparison”. By staying on task to our inner truth and gifts, we can all bring wonder to this world. Thank you from the depths for all you inspire and share Marie and Alexis. x

  72. Safena Winfield

    Powerful interview. Many takeaways. I agree men can also be the cure. I don’t think they have been given the invitation. I am also going to say something possibly unpopular. The women’s locker room or water cooler talk. Maybe it’s time to hear what we say about men. How we rank them and rate them. My hope is as men become more vulnerable and wear their hearts on their sleeves and go to battle for us that women can also go to bat for soft hearted not so rich not so hot men! We need to be honest about our programming giving power to the bad boys!! We all need to take a hard look at ourselves and be honest about being ok with a new definition of what makes a man a man! Thanks Marie for the opportunity for this conversation. ????

  73. Rebekka

    Wonderful interview! I really enjoyed learning about Alexis Jones and the work she and her team are doing. I’d love to watch the documentary on her work (I think you mentioned there is one). I’m looking on the ProtectHer website, but not seeing it. Is it part of the program or do you know where we can view it? Thank you!

  74. Thank you so much for this episode. I feel very deeply touched when someone stands up there and cleverly heartily talk about what matters. What touches me the most was that Alexis’s husband put his touch to the “how” of the project, because then we’re not only talking about men’s involvement, we’re practicing it.
    Thank you to Marie, Alexis, Her husband and anyone that has made seeing you guys on Marie’s TV today possible.

  75. Emma

    Phenomenal woman! I feel so positive about the future 🙂

  76. Deb

    Hi Marie,
    You always bring the best of the best! You and Alexis have inspired me as I am a recent victim of domestic violence. It’s scary because the “system” doesn’t take care of women in these situations, (especially if the ex husband is mega wealthy and connected)! Never mind waking up to the fact that , “Holy shit, how did I get here?! Why did I put up with the abuse so long?!! And, where do I go from here!”

    You’ve inspired me to make a difference #AbuseisnotOK!
    I want to help women get out of the environment and be protected against abusive men and I’m starting today! My action step is to gather “my tribe” of 5 women who are strong, loving, loyal & brave to make sure Justice is served and these men are punished and don’t keep “getting away” with this unacceptable behavior!

    If you can share with me any other ideas for action steps, it would be greatly appreciated as I am so alone in my battle not being able to discuss it with my friends, and feeling isolated. ?

    Warmest, D

    • Hailey- Team Forleo

      Hi Deb! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your heart with us. We’re honored to have you in our community and we recognize the courage it took to share some of your story with us. While our past experiences certainly don’t define who we are, they’re often an essential part of helping us move forward.

      It’s wonderful that your own experience has inspired you to take action and we’re grateful for your commitment to helping other women get the support they need. When it comes to building your own tribe, a good first step is practicing compassion toward yourself and your loved ones, and letting them know how they can support you. It’s also important to recognize that the only person who truly knows what you’re feeling is you, but communicating with and including others in these conversations can lead to greater understanding and growth.

      Finally, I’d love to encourage you to connect with other women outside your immediate community who may be able to offer additional support for you. Local charitable organizations, business bureaus, shelters, clubs, schools, and more can be great places to find or share about events in your community. Of course, everyone on Team Forleo is sending you tons of love– thanks for being a part of our world!

  77. Tam Pham

    What Alexis does is commendable.
    However, do we know the ROOT CAUSE of “Violence against Women” and “Violence against Humanity”?
    Imagine a world without any “ism” any “gurus” any “faith” any “teaching.” Where does violence come from?

  78. Loved this idea totally. We are asking the problem creators to volunteer. This changes the attitude and reduces crime. It’s like asking the naughtiest boy in the class to mind the class. It always works. Giving them the responsibility will definitely make them see the problem from a different perspective as we are not blaming them. I just loved this idea.
    I am working on a personal mission on how we can reduce crime by wearing protective devices or protecting ourselves. This is so important for me. Becuase the day every girl wears a protective device of some kind, men will be more alert and never indulge in groping or rape as they will be afraid of being caught. Most of the men who involve in such activities know that a girl will not or cannot shout as she freezes with shock. So, these things happen usually in lonely places where SHE cannot get help. With these devices or the fear of women using these devices, men will be more cautious and mind their own business.
    I have a long way to go in my journey of spreading this idea. Truly inspired by today’s episode.

  79. Thank you so much for this interview! I agree completely this issue and all issues we face are not female/male issues, but, human issues.
    In the beginning and end we are all both female/male and actually neither. We are all one being peering through billions of eyes. To hurt another life is to hurt yourself.
    Thanks Marie for all you do!

  80. Oooooooh my gosh. This is such a timely one for me. In B-School, and several other programs I have been becoming more clear of my direction and it is directly related to this topic. I am a relationship coach with couples with baggage (like women with a MeToo story), and I have been struggling with how to market this to the men. This was incredibly powerful. Thank you so much to the both of you!!! I am totally thinking about it in a new way.

  81. It is sooo inspiring what you are doing Alexa. And it really helps to know that it hasn’t come over night and pacience is a very important aspect of building the lives we want.

  82. Nadya

    Loved the episode. 2 thoughts stuck with me:

    1. Men who wouldn’t rape someone feel like the conversation doesn’t apply. I know a lot of very kind men who feel afraid of this movement because simply by being male they feel villainized or worry that they will be falsely accused of something because of all the job firing repercussion happening now over sexual harassment. Alexis’ approach to get men onboard as protectors I think is one good option.

    2. Language: Many movements for equality have used the reclamation of language and words as a part of liberation. Mayim Bialik’s 4 min video called “Girl vs Women, Why Language Matters” changed my life and how I saw myself forever. Using the word girl is keeping us small. I really believe that a girl will never become president. A woman might. But we need to lay out markers for young girls to shoot for, as in you don’t stay a girl your whole life. You step into your power and become a woman.

    • Qelsey

      I love the point about step into our power and become a woman. YES!

  83. Great initiatives, and amazing change.
    What a body of work – very inspiring!

  84. Love what Alex is doing. I saw her video last year and sent it to everyone!!
    Thanks Marie for having her on. I always am inspired by your shows.

    p.s. I loved that you were dressed all casual 😉

  85. This is my favourite Marie TV episode so far!
    Alexis is on the same mission as me, and I didn’t know she existed. It’s a mission I am so passionate about, and yet, feels impossible.
    Thank you for sharing this interview – not only was it insightful, and inspiring, it’s shown me some more, non-linear ways I can continue to do the work I do.
    I feel sooooo energised.
    Love, Hayley

  86. That was awesome! I got so much from this interview but I LOVE the ‘count back from ten’. Believe me, I will probably use that advice before the day is over 😉

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We’re so glad that you found it helpful, Michelle! Keep on countin’ 😉

  87. I sent this info to the school board at my sons’ school and asked them to purchase it. They already wrote back and said they are looking into it. I hope they get it. My boys are good kids, and I have had the talk with them about respecting women and assault, but they have asked me questions that I really do not have the answers to. This program will help an entire generation of our sons. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      What a great idea, Janis! Keep us posted on what the school decides to do. This program will help a generation.

  88. Oh my God!!!! One of the best episodes ever! It came to me at the perfect moment and taught me so much! What a brilliant idea to use their social media pictures to help create empathy! I love when people find clever ways to address a serious topic in a way that´s not aggressive but it´s still effective! Here in Brazil we´re still way behind when it comes to gender equality so this was like a breath of fresh air. Finished watching with the feeling that there´s a solution for the problem and it´s not as complex as it looks like. I´ll write about in my blog and make sure I put her wisdom into practice!

    Go team Marie! You guys just get better and better!

  89. Patricia Albornoz

    From my heart to yours, thank you for curating content from your heart! Each interview guest you select comes ready to share their passion rather than a product. I have been following for over a year and continue to grow here.

    The answer Alexis gave to your last question shifted something within me. Her response of, “Start somewhere” called the voice inside my chest to responded, “Oh, that is me. I have done something. I never thought of it that way before!” My passion is providing a positive place and space for our children. Positive words, positive energy, positive acceptance. I have been a teacher for nearly twenty years. For the past year, I have been pulled towards creating awareness of the voice of our children. Six weeks ago, I signed up for volunteer training at the child advocates center in our district and will be sworn in by a judge tomorrow! This is just the beginning, and I can’t wait to see what comes next on this journey. I will continue to be a follower of the Marie Forleo team while traveling this path. Thank you for feeding our creative souls!

  90. I loved that you spoke about how long it actually takes to get to a point „where“ others really see your vision come alive – or even you yourself feel like dou are being successful with what you started maybe a dacade a ago.
    Just take one step at a time! Thank dou so much girls!!

  91. Loved the talk- I think the idea of personalizing violence and assault against women by bringing in images and names of the women in the athletes life is key! Thank you

  92. Mansi Arora

    What a inspiring story. You both ladies are doing great job and kudos to your team too.. You are really making a difference in this world.My dream is to make the journey from childhood to youth worth remembering for every kid.There are so many cases of suicides by young kids. Today the kids are taking extreme steps out of aggression and intolerance. I want to make a difference in the lives of all the kids so that they are full of motivation, compassion, justice , loyalty etc. I want there should be mandatory value and life skills education in all the schools so that they are prepared for life and not just to earn a pay package. This is my Dream but i was very much confused from where to start and your words ,take that first step has really inspired me..We need not to have complete plan on day one, but what matters is taking that first step and consistently walking on the path.. Thanks a lot for making me start towards my dream..

  93. Once again I am in love with the work Marie Forleo and team puts out here for the world and viewers to see, learn, and grow from. Your relationship with each other is so cute lols Love the two movements and concepts of combining two topics together. In addition to that, the tips of removing yourself from comprision and just taking the first steps and couting 10-1 are great tips. Going to use them now. Thank you ???

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      We truly appreciate you taking the time watch and share your beautiful words. From our hearts to yours- thank you.

  94. I LOVED the entire talk and am hungry for Tacos now! LOLOL

    But seriously, I really took to heart the point about “violence against women” being a military strategy. What we found at the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe protest known as “No DAPL” was that the mercenary corporate paid force – TigerSwan – used violence against women as their MAIN tactic. They routinely implemented methods to get their men hooked up with women in an effort to suck out information from the girls. In one major case, Red Fawn was pushed to a remote part of the frontline by her boyfriend, then he threw down a gun and officers attacked her saying she brought it to the front line. She faces Federal charges today because of her TigerSwan boyfriend.

    When you look at TigerSwan’s Human Terrain System, you realize that one of their social scientists discovered the ins and outs of dating in the Afghanistan culture. Since then, they have been undermining tribal and military groups by placing men in key positions, having unprotected sex with women in order to get them pregnant, and always have a way back into that society.

    It is the worst crime in the modern era and TigerSwan promotes it worldwide across all of their objectives.

    Ms. Alexia’s words fill me with the hope that we can fix this problem in this Century.

    As a species, we definitely need it.

  95. This is FANTASTIC! Quick question: if she wear trucker hats and jeans, why is she dressed up here? Just curious as it stood out to me….

    Thank you team Forleo!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      That’s an interesting observation, Elizabeth. Well, like any of us, maybe that’s what felt like the right outfit for the day. And clearly, she likes hats- and rocks them!

  96. Cami

    WOW!! This is incredible. So grateful to hear about Alexis’s work. I will definitely be sharing ProtectHer with our local schools. So important and so needed.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      What a beautiful action and idea, Cami! Keep us posted on the outcome of your reach out. Thanks for watching and sharing your words with us.

  97. This girl is AMAZING!!!
    I love that being able to “speak their language” is precisely the reason why she’s the right person to do this!
    I’m also a girl who’s been studying, working and living in a very man-dominated branch of the industry for decades, and I know that learning how to speak to boys so that they “get it”, has always made things sooo much easier for me.
    I do not yet know how to make that work for my business… but as of today, I have Alexis as a role model to learn from!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Maria, yes, this observation is so powerful. Being able to relate through language and experience is vital to making strong connections and big change. Keep exploring how this might relate to your business; we love hearing that Alexis’s model is inspiring you!

  98. KG

    Such a huge paradigm shift taking place in our world. Thanks for sharing!!

  99. Hi Marie and Alexis,
    I´ve just honestly adore the interview and the approach. I am starting and detected the paralisis for comparison, and this was really helpfull for me. Just to start and it will begin and develop during the journey. And to fail a lot and fast. I am very afraid of failing, I learned it as a bad thing. So the other paralisis is analysis seeking perfection and no taking action. It is like failing equals death (reptilian brain). ProtectHER is amazing, it would be awesome to make it global! Thanks Marie for MarieTV!

  100. Kim

    Such an important topic, Alexis is doing important work. Her comments on getting past manalysis paralysis’ resonate with me. What’s important is to simply ‘start somewhere’ .

  101. Tika Soedarto

    Thank you so much for having this video released and able to be watched. this video gave me a lot of insight of how accumulations of small actions are able to make a huge movements and eventually shift people’s perspective about an issue.
    However, in my case, I kept doing this small actions, which will make the small group of people that I talked to feel inspired and feeling the need to do some action. However,
    not a lot has improved since, I feel like I’m still stuck in “just do that first step” phase for years. So it’s starting to feel like I’m not going anywhere, and my value to the society keeps going down. I’m also starting to feel like I’ve been doing it wrong the whole time, and the more I tried to fix it, the more I see people looking at me like I’m not relatable anymore.

  102. Thank you so much!
    Looking and listen to her, was very exciting, she is doing such a great work.
    What I most resonated with, was her attitude about us coming together as humans. No separation into man and woman, it is one planet and we are all earthlings. In this case we all need one another to solve our problems and it doesn´t help us, to point fingers on to each other.

  103. Thank you Marie and Alexis. What a wonderful conversation. One item that stuck out was when Alexis talked about putting pictures of images of females that were close to the audience she was speaking to. This resonated with me as it made sense to really made your speech and your conversation incredibly unique to those in the room.

    Thank you for sharing this conversation and making sure athletes understand their role in society and chose to do good with their power.


  104. Thank you for your open attitude and honesty, this was a great episode. I really enjoyed this conversation, especially from the point of view that instead of alienating boys and men, you are working to include them in the conversation in a way that makes sense while asking for their help. I have not appreciated that some of the people who call themselves feminists have done more to make my son and my husband feel bad for being males than any good for girls and women. We see and hear media knocking boys and men all the time and it sickens me just as much as degrading and knocking girls and women does. We are all humans who deserve love, respect and inclusion. It’s often at the males expense to build females up and that doesn’t work for my family. I have a 14-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter who both deserve to be built up and celebrated for their own unique gifts they bring to the world . I’m forwarding this podcast on to our superintendant and I will definitely go to the website and see what it entails to help bring this to our schools. I would also be interested to know if you have partnered with any organization that helps build males and females up for their own self worth and confidence in middle and high school.

  105. Alexis rocks!! So happy to watch her here. Excellent episode! 🙂

  106. Milad Khosseini

    It’s clear that Miss Alexis Jones is trying to promote white privilege and I’m not amused by her story. Miss Alexis Jones and others should recognize that America is made by immigrants for immigrants… If she wants to succeed in America then I encourage her to work towards an inclusive world.

  107. Linda Poindexter

    This was amazing! I love that the conversation was to include men in the conversation and not to blame them. Using familiar faces was an excellent suggestion to get them to genuinely pay attention to the issue.
    I am a Soroptimist and one of our passions is to bring awareness to and the prevention of sexual trafficking. What you’re doing could also incorporate that in the discussion. Thank you for doing what you do.

  108. Thank you Marie and Alexis for the great idea that I was happy to hear: start somewhere, take a first step. AND: you don’t need to have the whole plan (or see all the stairs). This reassured me again that it’s fine not to know the exact way to get there.

  109. Lydia Maria Eichiner

    Conversation Intelligence – she’s got it. To involve all this young man to ‘protect her’ is the idea and the had the courage to do it, without closing them up.

  110. Anne

    Although I’ve heard it before, it really sunk in today… You have to take action, you don’t have to know all the steps or where it will lead, but you have to take the first step! Great interview.

  111. Such a beautiful and inspiring conversation about a really important topic! “Empowered women empower women”, thanks Marie and Alexis for the great work you do! 🙂

  112. Thank you for sharing this. Such a beautiful and inspiring conversation you shared

  113. Danielle Peet

    I am a little behind but when I opened this email to find Alexis as your guest I almost died of happiness. I found I AM THAT GIRL in 2013, I was struggling hard and became a chapter leader in my community because of the same reason as Alexis said, because I NEEDED IT. Fast forward 5 years later and I can not begin to even express what the organization did for me. Not only in my personal life but as well as my professional life. This is a must need for all girls of all ages, everywhere! As I have grown older, I have realized just how much those conversations matter and how having that support group of non-judgemental ears to listen and lean on means everything.

    When it comes to ProtectHer I also can’t say enough good things. My hope is that her program spreads into my country of Canada and far beyond. I was lucky enough to attend a screening for the program last July and it is something I think about often. My small town would really benefit from this discussion and I think that the young men here could really become the “Heros” we know they can be. It is about time that they are invited to the table, to the discussion and to the decision of doing more!

    Thank you Marie for sharing Alexis’ story, mission and values. And thank you Alexis (for the millionth time :P) for fighting for what is right ALWAYS. You are so appreciated.

  114. Hi Marie and Alexis <3 I so loved this episode and I got really touched by your work Miss Alexis! Thank you for being such an inspiration <3

  115. Does this applies to ALL women? If so, could you please ask her to stand up against the outright disrespect and call to violence (including rape, kidnap) against the women serving in the Trump administration? Are they not women also?
    Would you kindly make mention of the horrific way people are treating, joking, insulting our First Lady? — I will never believe in any if this so-called crusaders until they call for ALL women to be respected regardless of political, religious views. This is a long shot and I doubt someone here will take a step and help our nation heal. Its appalling the things some celebrities and people of high positions do and say, yet they advocate for women, such a double standard. Oh please leave any “justified” reason why out. Nothing justifies that type of behavior. What you say Marie? Would you take a step in that direction? I truly hope so. Thanks!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Lulu, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this matter. We absolutely believe that all women, regardless of political affiliation or any other distinguishing factor, deserve to be treated with respect and consideration. We appreciate your voice in the conversation, and your conviction to stand up for all women. We share that.

  116. The College of William & Mary — the second oldest institution of higher education in the U.S. — has named Katherine Rowe president, making her the first woman to fill that role.

  117. Wow so inspiring. It wonderful what she is doing and her work is so amazing. People like her inspired me to create my inspirational and motivational designs.

  118. Ian

    On the video for Muzzle, I really don’t pardon my language give a f— what people think of me . You can make it much further in life not worrying about what anyone thinks of you. As long as you can sleep easy when you want to sleep.

  119. Tanya

    How can we start a chapter in Canada? There is a real need for this in Atlantic Canadian Universities and High Schools!

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