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While there are countless upsides to working from home, there’s one consistent challenge — and it’s a serious one.

“Marie, I’m lonely! The isolation of remote work is wearing on me. How do I get out there and meet new people?”

Whether you’re a super busy entrepreneur or feel shy and introverted, social connections and community are crucial to your well-being. Yet many of us fall short in this department. In fact, social isolation is a growing epidemic.

Since the 1980s, the percentage of American adults who say they’re lonely has doubled from 20% to 40%. The physical, mental and emotional consequences are serious. Some research indicates that loneliness might be as much of health risk as smoking.

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But forging new friendships can be hard, especially as an adult. Even more so if you’ve become more comfortable interacting with people online than ‘in real life.’

So what’s the fix? Do we need to memorize a bunch of icebreakers? Practice how to start conversations? What are the exact steps for how to get out there, meet more people and make new friends as an adult — without feeling wildly insecure and awkward?

Thankfully this challenge, like everything else, is 100% figureoutable.

In this episode, you’ll get 3 practical and easy-to-implement strategies to meet new people and make new friends, including a dead simple tactic that practically guarantees people will be interested in you.

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Now, I’d love to hear from you.

What steps have helped you get out there and make new friends? Anything else you’d like to share about how to start a conversation, or great icebreakers to use?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be removed.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and adding your perspective to the conversation!

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  1. Thanks for the video!
    Two words: Facebook Events. When I like pages, they send me information on local events they hold. I am already interested in these events, I can look them up by day, and Facebook puts them in order by time of day. When I go to the events, we already have stuff we’re mutually interested in. From the video, what I do is an interesting topic that incorporates naturally in the conversation. If I don’t find anyONE to talk to, at least I’m already interested in what we’re doing, but I’ve never gone to an event and not made a few new acquaintances and usually some friends.
    Best wishes to everyone out there!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love this, Lindsay! What a fantastic, simple way to connect with like-minded folks over common interests. Keep up the awesome work and thanks so much for sharing this tip here!

  2. Hi there! First of all, thank you for your incredibly intuitive and intelligent work, I often get your emails and say to myself… “wow, they must be reading my mind!” I wanted to share my best strategy for connection outside of my comfort zone, volunteering. The organization I use has a range of options and I choose the ones that give me the opportunity to get hands-on which keeps me busy and doesn’t allow for any type of lollygagging because the group we are working with requires my full attention. I think this is a surefire way for anyone who is introverted to easily get outside of the norm and then naturally have a great point of connection with others who share the same interests. Thank you again, Team Marie. Y’all rock my world… Corny, but true!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      What a great idea, Katelyn! This is the perfect way to contribute to meaningful causes we feel passionate about, while connecting with others who care about the same things. Thank you for sharing your strategy for connecting and getting out of your comfort zone! We’re SO happy to hear this came at the right time for you 🙂 XO

  3. nice top. nicer episode. Resonated with me this topic. Good tips. thx. Enjoy following you Marie, followed for years now since taking the big step being self-employed, so bit of a fan, your videos are always a positive. Thank you (from Hong Kong).

  4. I try to make it to functions that meet my interest. The other people are there for the same reason you’re there too so it’s easier to talk with them. I’m super introverted so it’s an extra effort to meet people but once you talk about something that you both like it takes the internal pressure off of you.

  5. I really needed to hear this one. Love it. I like the “I don’t believe we’ve met before, my name is ……” I teach piano and voice at home and through Skype but still miss meeting more people!

    • Aina

      Yeah this line is perfect. I love it!

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Debbie & Aina, so simple – and it really works! Sometimes we can over-complicate getting out there and meeting others. So glad this was helpful. Wishing you many meaningful connections!

    • Lana

      Hi Debbie, I am thinking about taking up piano again because I am a singer any suggestions to how to get out into the world as an introvert with intense anxiety?

  6. Best advice I’ve heard about how to make real connections when networking! The party line was perfect, too.

    I’ve always gravitated and looked for events that have a dual purpose such as a luncheon that has a speaker and networking time or a conference that has breakout sessions and a bit of networking. These feel more comfortable than the mixers where everyone seems to just be exchanging business cards. The more structured and purposeful the events have been the more it seems to ease my introverted soul 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome Katie! We love that you’ve found the approach that feels and works best for you when it comes to getting out there and networking. We know this can be especially challenging as an introvert! You’re doing great. Just in case you haven’t already seen it, check out this episode with Susan Cain with more helpful networking tips for introverts:

  7. Susan

    Not working from home
    Would love it
    Owned business for many years til money stolen by employees
    Did not have energy or heart to persue but so long and lawyers complicated. That is Over. Now best friend and mom dead .very lonely with no motivation . Had girlfriend but had to finally mostly end it. I seem to choose badly. Trust a factor. I am older than most of your readers and have found no real training in place for old lonely women. Really much harder than I imagined. Thanks for advice.

    • Hi Susan, you sound tired. I’m sorry to say there are lots of people in similar positions to yours.
      Here’s to wiser choosing, and sending energy and hugs from NZ,

    • Hi there Susan! A lot of my folks are in a similar situation than you so I hear ya! It is hard. One resource that a lot of people I know have done is Meetup groups. There are ones by interest and also just ones for your area.

      Another is to simply pursue an interest. Comedy? (I see a lot of older people at open mics I frequent who are there for the community … and I think that’s fantastic!) Writing? Learning a language? There are classes you can take and communities you can join.

      Hope this helps! I know it’s all easier said than done but keep going!

  8. I was talking to a friend of mine about this like 2 hours ago. What we realised was that new people don’t necessarily like you because of how you feel, they like you because of how you make them feel about themselves. The jist being shut up and listen. This just confirmed everything for me, thanks so much. I needed this, while sitting in my pjs at 5pm…

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      YES Lelaine! You’re so right on here. We’re really glad this episode resonated with what you were already feeling and came when you needed it. Listening really is such a powerful thing!

  9. Anna

    OK, so you may be shy or not very proactive, BUT whenever people ask you out – say yes, and I don’t mean dating – any social event you are invited to. I started a new job some time ago, and some colleagues asked me to go to a concert to a distant city with them. I did not even know the band but I said yes, because I liked those colleagues and wanted to socialize and suddenly they ask me to go with them 🙂 So as a result I had a great time, and a trip, and made new friends (we are friends now) and we meet up a lot because we like each other 🙂

    • Anna

      P.S. And I’m in late 30-ties and my colleagues are younger than me but believe me, it’s worth to say yes sometimes, even if you don’t feel like to.

      • Julia - Team Forleo

        Anna, thank you so much for sharing this here. Saying YES is so powerful when it comes to opening ourselves up and meeting new people in unexpected ways! Such a simple way to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones and self-imposed limitations. We’re proud of you for taking this leap with your colleagues!

  10. Hi! I have lived in NYC for nearly 7 years and the first few years I lived here, I felt like I had very few friends. That changed when I started taking classes. I took sewing classes, embroidery classes, writing classes, basically anything that seemed interesting to me. It helped if the class met more than one time because it gave me more opportunity to build connections. I made a lot of friends this way and now have a lot of fun hobbies to discuss with them. Also, NYC is a big daunting city, but Marie’s stretch tip is a great. You’d be surprised how you can strike up conversations with any one around you! Even if you don’t make a lifelong friend, striking up a conversation with people nearby helps the isolation feeling disappear. Finally, since I do live in NYC and so do you, Wendy, if you’d like to meet up for a coffee, I’m totally down!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love this, Darcy! Taking classes you’re interested in is such a wonderful way to meet people and make friends with similar interests. Amazing job of putting yourself out there and building your network in NYC! Thank you so much for sharing all you’ve learned about making connections in a bigger city 🙂

    • This is so true about New York. I find myself talking to people on the train all the time! I met a girl on BART in Berkeley—I live in New York—and she invited me to a concert next time I was out there and I went and it was super fun! Besides the train, I meet people doing things- taking classes, being in shows, and people who take my ballet classes.

      Thanks for the episode, Marie. Despite my natural chattiness, I’m actually really shy, and the term networking terrifies me. I love your intorduction at a party or event—that’s so good, nice and direct. I also cracked up at the Interesting Perfume ad. Hilarious! It’s true, I try to be interesting and chatty, so this is a good lesson for me—to shut up and listen. ? Thanks Marie!

  11. Marie, you are hilarious – that perfume ad – LOL! And you look stunning in that top. 🙂 Thanks for the laugh and this message today.

  12. I try to meet everyone I can at a meeting. I increase my connections by introducing the person I have met/meet with others that I meet. Then we have a group/circle forming, and it just keeps growing.

  13. Hi Marie and Team,
    As always, what an amazing video. Informative, fun and inspiring!
    I can totally relate with Wendy. As I’m traveling to different countries, it has become very difficult to make friends given difference in languages and also given that we are only a max of 2 weeks per place.
    What has worked to get the conversation started is to ask a question. In our case, as we tend to be among other travelers, the easiest one is “where are you from?” or asking for help or a recommendation to break the ice. The biggest connection happens when you find something similar like speaking the same language, liking a specific sport, food, hobby or other.
    And the most important one is #2 in the video: “be interested”, make it all about them and ask a lot of questions. At the end you will make a new friend and learn a lot from the people you get to know!

  14. Julie Johnson

    Another great MarieTV video! The yoga farts skit and perfume commercial gave me a much needed belly laugh. Thank you!

    I work from home too. I’ve found joining committees at professional associations is a great way to meet people, socialize and increase my professional profile. I’ve gained some lifelong friends, made great connections, secured work projects and staved off loneliness through the committees I’ve joined.

  15. Marc Durand

    LOL hilarious…yoga farts

  16. Eva

    For me as a MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) and EMS (electromagnetic sensitive) it is very hard to me new people. Most people are perfumed and in most locations there are plenty of wireless devices… which limits the possibilities to very few.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Eva, we completely understand that sensitivities can make it more challenging to put yourself into new settings with lots of people. I wonder if there are special groups where people with similar sensitivities meet up on a regular basis that you could find in your area? A simple Google search could be super helpful in this regard. I know that in places like yoga studios or other mindful, natural-living focused communities, people do tend to be very conscious of their fragrance and device usage. We know you can find like-minded people despite your sensitivities, and this may even help lead you to some great, meaningful connections!

  17. Good stuff! I’m a caregiver for our daughter with special needs and coach other family caregivers. Isolation is a big problem for us and your tips are great. Being interested in what is going on with others instead of dumping your pain on others is key to getting social again. I find that is one of the hardest things is to learn to listen first when you so desperately want to share your hurts – or even your triumphs – with others.

    • Jolene Stevenson

      This resonates with me so much! The difficulty of just listening without my feelings or emotions taking over the conversation. Thank you for sharing this advice. ?

  18. Shelby

    Greetings from the Tall Corn State, Miss Marie ….
    I just loved this !! It’s so relevant, in today’s thing about how computers are creating less than great interaction IN PERSON (I. P. is my term) . I also really dislike the so what do you do question so I have a little story for you years ago when I was living in Vegas I have couple girlfriends we would go out you know a girls night out and I had this guy come to our table and he’s sitting with us and he’s talking and he looks at my friend and he asked her what she does and she tells them and he looks at me and he says” So, Shelby.. .what is it that you do “? ….My reply : ” whatever I want, …how about YOU “??? HE WAS SPEECHLESS. Which was my intent. He recovered kinda quickly, said ” that’s really good, great response. You sure told me !” And it wasn’t in a rude way that this conversation occurred. My friend about fell off her chair , it was hilarious!
    The point being I don’t ever ask people what they do because like you pointed out that will find its way naturally into the course of it and when people ask me what I do I kind of tell them what I just told you , about that story but I don’t say it in quite that way. Lol. I say, ” oh, there’s so many interesting things to know about a person besides what they do … what’s the last great book that you read..?’ I just think it’s weird that people are always asking each other what they do I mean that’s something that should come later and it should not be the whole focus of you know a conversation. Sure people want to find out about other people …..but I leave that out of the equation …. because in due time, it will come into conversations….that’s just me, lol. Love the ‘ party line “. …cheers, make it a Wonderful Week, Miss Marie and Team !!
    ~Shelby Lyn

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love this, Shelby!! Thanks so much for sharing your approach to getting to know people in a more interesting, nuanced way 🙂

  19. Diane L Pollack

    I recommend starting with small intimate events. Then you are not in a huge overwhelming room that can be intimidating.
    I actually lead a women’s empowerment group for women entrepreneurs in NYC. It is a small, safe and intimate environment.
    My next event is Jan 23rd at 6:30 pm. The group is called BIG.

  20. Anik

    Just want to send lots of love to you Marie and team. I have no problems with meeting people at parties or at the bus stop or wherever, but I do need to figure out how to meet creative partners who will invest time and seriousness to do madcap videos with me like your perfume ad. So Interesting!!! Loved it. I’ll be reading the comments to see if anything comes up on that.

    p.s. I also have a suggestion for event-planners. I notice that networking is often at the beginning. But I always find myself wanting to talk after the event, that’s when I feel people can make meaningful connections over the content. Like Book Club. Or this comment section.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Anik! That’s a great point about following up and continuing to connect after initial meetings or events. Connecting over content that is of mutual interest is a fantastic way to maintain these connections – thank you for sharing that! In regard to finding creative partners, check out this video about how Marie initially joined forces with one of our original video producers:

      • Anik

        Thanks Julia. Great video! Just what I needed. A reminder that if you put yourself out there, you draw the right people to you. Beautiful!

  21. Hi Marie,
    Really enjoyed your video first thing in the morning as it arrived in my inbox!
    Having moved to a new city, beautiful Victoria BC, and being a solopreneur and an introvert, I have found it very difficult to meet people and make friends here.
    What has helped is joining business networking groups and going to meetings and events. This has taken me out of the house and into social time and interaction.
    I prefer smaller size groups as they better fit my temperament and they make me feel more energized as well as comfortable. I really enjoyed your video with Susan Caine too by the way!
    Being physically weak due to an invisible disability is an obstacle in getting involved with any kind of sports or physical recreational activities. Therefore I opt for the things I can do and attend to that I have an interest in and enjoy, like anything related to the Arts and Photography for example.
    I wish you could do a video on that topic: “ How to deal with the loneliness and alienation that comes with invisible disabilities “.
    Thank you and be well!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Emmanuelle! So happy this came at a good time for you. You’re lucky to live in beautiful Victoria and we love that you’re putting yourself out there in the ways you’re able to and that feel good to you personally. Keep up the awesome work – it can take some time to build up those meaningful connections, but you’re well on your way already! I personally have two friends living in Victoria with an interest in art and photography who I’m sure would love to make new friends – so know that you’re never alone where you are.

      If you’d like to submit an official MarieTV question submission, we’d love for you to email us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom so that we can help you do so!

  22. Great episode – per usual, however I think you should REALLY do a perfume, and use that ad because it’s the perfect play. Love the moves, love the name (did not know that part was green screen -we are so easily fooled!!)
    I LOVE MEETUP GROUPS. The first week in January I said to myself, I really want to go dancing… wish I had single friends that were fun to go with. Voila! Went on, found a group of women that were going that night and I was out of the house and having a great time in literally under an hour. Dancing to Hookers and Blow – great name, huh? Really good band and this group has about 1000 people and maybe 8-10 show up but that is all you need. Networking, again, Meetups. Some entrepreneur friends really love the co-working spaces to meet people. It is winter here in MN, I’m fine most of the time meeting people online in January ;>)

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Amazing Marj – sounds like such a blast! Thanks for sharing these great ideas for meeting people with all of us here 🙂 Stay warm!

  23. I’m experimenting with two techniques that seem to be working so far. The first is to invite people I find interesting, or who are doing something I’m interested in, for coffee. I connect better with people one on one, so this works great for me. Then, in the course of the conversation, I ask the person if they know anyone else that I should talk to. It feels a bit like a networking treasure hunt. The second is to host monthly small gatherings at my home where people can bring a project they’re working on and hang out and chat with others. I try to invite the new people I’m meeting each month, plus some regulars. Again, I feel more comfortable in my own home than at a networking event, so I can be more present with the people who show up.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love, love, love these ideas Stephanie! Such greats ways for us introverts to keep reaching out and connecting with the right people. Keep up your awesome creativity and engagement!

  24. Shelby

    P.S. ~ From Shelby…. I am 63 years young and half of my life is ” gone to the wind ” lol…. so, having been blessed to come across your videos a few years ago and now I’m part of your readership and viewership….; it’s just been really really nice to be able to implement some of the things you offer and to look at things from outside your own little perspective so thank you. 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We’re so grateful to have you in our community, Shelby! Sending lots of love your way. Thank you for staying tuned! XOXO

  25. Maria

    i so loved the perfume commercial, you are funny, thank you!
    i am going to use the “we haven’t met before, I’m Maria…” line, makes total sense and sounds easy to do.
    generally, i can meet people anyplace anytime. it happens naturally but i am going to be more focused about it now and take everyone’s tip to attend functions/events in my areas of interest. i want to have some friends i can hang out with and play with and make more business connections. thank you Marie & team!!

  26. Anati

    You crack me up 🙂
    Your perfume ad and Yoga farts… LOL

  27. Alana

    I typically have no problems getting out there but often find I skim the surface of connection as I love to meet everybody! so- I took a page from my husbands book and when meeting someone new (or even catching up with an aquaintance) I pretend to be a reporter – digging deep for the whole story / I get curious!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      That’s such a great strategy for digging deeper and building meaningful connections, Alana. Always stay curious! Thanks so much for sharing with us 🙂

  28. Oliver

    If I am willing to become a part of an organization for civil or worker rights, or an institution like the federal government, it provides access to opportunities to forge relationships. This may also apply to educational institutions, corporations, private organizations like bicycle riding clubs, or extracurricular retailed based organizations like REI. On the other hand, I have found that moving into a neighborhood and buying a property does not necessarily always guarantee friendships. Many human beings resort to using back entrances and remaining inside during most if not all times of the day except when going to and from work. Maybe I am on the outside looking in, but there is a lack of community in the community. It appears as if people in the community live in some form of abject fear as a consequence of personal, work or political circumstance. This is the price of consumerism, property rights, and civil law where people’s freedoms are protected and lack based sentiment engenders forming an identity by ascribing to a sect, mindset, or religion of sorts. Being able to cross this divide as Marie and Team emphasize requires an all inclusive and broad robust emotional band with for listening to the pretty and not so pretty view points of human beings.

  29. Omar

    Hello: Happy to be with you, There are professions that help to make new acquaintances within the working group or with the people who come to buy a commodity or learn a language or a sport … and other trades or our only friend is work. Only to have a friend is to be caring, to have an active listening, to understand the other, to know how to give …

  30. C. Renee

    Hi Marie, this video couldn’t have come at a better time. However, I have no problem meeting people but more so maintaining those relationships. It’s as if it’s going great; I give my attention and interest but eventually they become a memory of someone I use to know. I even find myself in situations where I’m being a great listener and offering my precious care and attention but they are not giving the equal ear or simply don’t care. And lastly, is it me or does anyone else hate hearing and watching endless videos and tales about someone’s kid. Like ugh! Yes, she’s cute for goodness sake!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      This is such a great point, C. Renee! I think many of us can relate to this, that it sometimes becomes harder to maintain the same level of attention or careful listening once we feel we “know” someone. It definitely goes both ways in relationships, as we develop them. Perhaps a way around this is to always strive to look at people in our lives with fresh eyes, as ever-evolving beings who we can always learn more about on new and deeper levels. Thanks so much for bringing up this perspective!

  31. Great tips! I work from home and this is sooo true. Thanks for the tips Marie.
    P.S. Love the shirt – so cute!

  32. Michele Cipressi Dean

    Marie you are so funny, and thoughtful, and smart. Thanks for your awesome free content. Maybe I’ll do B school one of these days…hugs….and ….thanks…

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words to Marie, Michele! We’re happy to hear you’re enjoying our content and would be honored to have you join us in B-School if you decide it’s the right fit for you. Let us know if you have any questions at all! xoxo

  33. Jacque

    Great video Marie.
    Networking events on Meetup or Facebook or other Local of community based events are a great part to start with. Look for the ones in your interest – go network and in the future you might even be shocked to find yourself being in an organizer or speaker in such events.
    I was feeling lonely behind my machine until I decided to start going to meet other entrepreneurs in my line of interest. Its a great place to start. But, like someone has mentioned here, the key is usually to maintain the relations, which is even harder to do.

  34. Daniel Pereira

    The biggest stamble in anyone life, can be loneliness, poverty, mentally disturbed because you did not do or express the way you wanted too, not be able to relax or sleep and a few more. All that is caused by FEAR believe it or not. Believe is a stumbling block in all that are not aware what fear can destroy.
    Eliminate the fear out of your life, and you will look and feel your life, your world in a most fantastic pink relaxing manner, capable to do anything that you desire.
    Take one step at the time and work on each point of fear close your eyes and go for it regardless, and you may find that it was not so bad after words.
    Just remember, laughter is the best medicine can anyone take or practice everyday.

  35. Regina Antonio

    I work from home so I have to make an effort to connect with people. I get my fix by doing volunteer work in my community and my church.
    I like the party line! Will be using it for sure. 🙂

  36. Thanks for the video Marie!
    I found that when I go to a party or a networking event I focus on getting to know two people so that they remember me and we can start that relationship. Works every time! The next I go to the event, they’re happy to see me and we have a great time connecting.

  37. Thomas LeVine

    Everything you said, discribes me. I have not seen any light at the end of my tunnel.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      We see you, Thomas. Keep pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, we often find upon reaching out to connect with others that we’re never alone and things aren’t so bad as they seem in our minds. Sending lots of positive wishes and light your way!

  38. Susan

    I moved to the Silicon Valley in the South Bay of California 1.5 years ago and, coming from the east coast/mid-west, I’m finding people WAY less friendly and self-absorbed and “entitled.” I’m struggling to be the one to put myself out there and be the open one to engage others. Any suggestions to NOT lose heart and be sucked into the culture here?

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Susan! It’s so brave of you to make this leap and the big decision to move to a completely different place and culture. We definitely understand that it takes time and isn’t easy to put yourself out there to make new connections. This effort and engagement must always start from us, and a willingness to be curious when it comes to learning about others. Try staying as positive and open as you can around new people! You may also find some helpful tips in this episode about how to bring ourselves back to connection when we get a bit stuck in judgement of others:

    • Hi Susan,
      As a fellow east coast/mid-west transplant living next to Silicon Valley/Southbay, CA, I would love to meet up!

  39. Tal

    As an introvert that is quite shy, I’m always struggling with the tension between going out and meeting people and being alone so I can feel recharged. What would usually happen to me is that I’d be somewhere and I’d want to talk to someone, but I’d start overthinking it and work myself up to a point where I’m too nervous to speak. I usually would leave feeling a lot of regret and shame about myself.

    But in the past year, I’ve really been trying to push myself to get over this in a couple of ways:

    1. Making small talk with everyone I encounter so I feel more comfortable talking to strangers in general. Even just a small exchange with a cashier while shopping helps me feel like I’m connecting with someone while practicing this at the same time.

    2. When I catch myself in a moment where I start overthinking about what will happen if I approach a person to talk to them, I become aware of what I’m doing and immediately just jump into action. My mind usually panics at this point for a second, but once I’m there talking to the person it quickly goes away.

    3. I’ve been researching how to ask better questions. I’ve always struggled holding conversations with people, and although I’m good at listening I have trouble coming up with questions. I think this also has to do with a tendency for most people to talk “at” you rather than “with” you these days. I’m naturally into researching and collecting data, so I put my skills to use to really study how to be a better conversationalist. It is helping so far!

    I will try to put your tips into use as well, and I’m going to check out the links you provided to your other videos on the topic. Thanks for the fun and informative video, Marie!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Tal! Thanks so much for sharing your helpful strategies here. You’re so not alone as an introvert who wants to connect with others, yet also needs and treasures alone time. We love these simple, practical ways of moving through any anxieties that can tend to come up when interacting with people. Keep up the awesome work, it makes such a difference – for yourself and others!

  40. Dear Marie,

    Thank You

    Peace and Grace,
    Diana Elizabeth Jordan

  41. I love that you’re addressing this topic Marie!

    Yep, truly listening is everything! I’ve definitely dealt with my fair share of isolation and loneliness while working from home. It’s still a challenge but something I’m actively working on. I’ve noticed that if you put the effort into it and put yourself out there, meeting new people can be pretty easy.

    I’ve been going to more meetups lately around my interests and have also started using an app called ‘Hey Vina’. It’s an app for women to make new friends and I’ve met some really wonderful women through it already! I’m not affiliated with them in any way btw, but I think it’s just a great invention, especially for us “work from home” peeps.

    One thing I also wanted to share is that I’ve made a really good friend in B-School (which I did in 2014) We have been Skype friends for years now, and we finally met in real life just a few weeks ago! So yes, online groups can be a great way to meet people too 🙂

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Love all you shared here, Anja – thank you! We appreciate you sharing about Hey Vina – it sounds like a fantastic tool that many women could benefit from. And how cool that you made a good friend through our B-School community! That’s beautiful 🙂 SO very grateful to have you in our world.

  42. I go to church so how I meet people is after the service and say something random like we all a line haha ? that gets a person talking and laughing then it becomes a conversation. I prayed for a connection with people the universe heard my prayers.

  43. I go to a Crossfit gym. I don’t take the classes but I go lift with others and do my own thing, but no one there wears headphones so we usually end up having conversation.

  44. Marie koliko god da se krećem u bilo kojem gradu ili mjestu odmah isti tren stečem nova prijateljstva kao da se lijepe za mene dajem im savjete dijelim svu svoju Milost koju sam i sam dobio samim ukazanjem Majke Božje. Te sve velike Milosti jednostavno samo dijelim svim potrebitim ljudima,bilo gdje da se nalazim. Nunatoć velikom radu i meni je ponekad potreban barem mali odmori samoča koju provodim opet radno uz računalo. Svakako se treba mnogo kretati među ljudima davati im savjete, činiti dobra djela. Amen.

  45. Suzanne

    This topic is so timely as I’m reading the classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and a huge piece of advice is to be interested in others versus talking about yourself and here you are validating that point! Very cool. I am naturally introverted however, I find that simply smiling at others and making eye contact is a great way to be open and friendly. I’ve met several people this way – especially in places like the gym or bringing my child to dance classes, etc. where I see the same faces. Smile and say hi and many times it leads to a conversation. It’s not always Earth shattering conversation but it gives me good practice to hone my skills.

  46. Heidi

    I joined a hub with social entrepreneurs but then found it to be very corporate, less artsy and forward-thinking than I had hoped. Now, I have joined the board of our local community association and one of my responsibilities is reaching out to the community. One thing I really want to do in our community is to bring the marginalized out into our community so that they may feel a sense of belonging as part of my interest in mental well-being (and suicide prevention). I’m also considering starting a BIA (business improvement area). I have an interest to bring artists, musicians, and business owners together in the hopes to bring our community out to connect to one another – and have started a Facebook Group to showcase local talent (I’m still deciding on strategy for this). We are undergoing a lot of development in our neighbourhood and the community is being asked to shape the vision for the future of our community. I am happy to say that many wish to have an art hub. So, to answer your question, I would say that what I have been doing is seeing opportunity and creating ways to bring people together. I have a vision for my community where I want to have the avenues for them to create meaningful connections and to have the opportunities to meet others and to showcase their talents to the rest of the community. It’s about creating community pride. I am hoping that we will have our first art show this summer in our local park that the city is rejuvenating this summer! So this is how I am meeting people, by getting involved in my local community.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Bravo, Heidi! What a beautiful way to bring like-minded people in your local community together. Your vision for sharing talent, a sense of belonging, and community pride is so inspiring and important. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing in the world – we’re cheering you on big time over here!

  47. Hey Marie,
    Love the suggestions. I recently read how in France, the question “what do you do?” is rarely asked because the connections wanted are something other than work. In the US we are so work-focused that it’s hard to get outside that paradigm. The article suggested asking about interests, hobbies etc. rather than work, because as you stated, what work you do will come into the discussion naturally.
    Thanks for continuing relevant info!
    Mary Jo

  48. My best advice would be to form a meetup group based on your interests/values. This way you are sure that people gravitating towards you are the one who will be the best fit. I found it when I am not on the same page with someone, a connection isn’t really there and I don’t feel like forcing it at all costs.

    I am naturally interested in other people so for me that part isn’t hard, but I’m more guarded about myself because I don’t want people to put a label on me based on what I do … but again this probably has more to do with me than with others.
    The last thing that came to my mind … do a volunteering speech or more of them at Lunch&Learn event of your choice. This way you will address your audience, connect and be seen as an authority on your field.

    I do hope it helps and best of luck everyone, be yourself, don’t compare or compete but connect and care 🙂

  49. That perfume ad! Still laughing…

  50. Dana

    I made a new friend this weekend because I invited my new neighbour to my house and we have snacks and tea.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Dana! That’s so kind of you 🙂

  51. Marie you crazy flower eatin’ flower farter! Beautiful!
    Biggest lesson for learnin’ I’ve found, and I try hard to keep it at the forefront of my mind, it just ain’t all about me! I try and get over myself.
    Everyday I want to be a real good listener, get out of that comfort zone, make an effort to keep in touch with friends and meet up with others face to face. Writing letters, making a phone call, inviting someone over for supper, drop in unexpectedly for a visit, volunteer, join a group your interested in, go somewhere alone, where there are lots of folks, like a restaurant, say hello to a stranger, stop being afraidy cat and keep my sense of humour keen. People love it when you make them laugh. Who doesn’t like to laugh? Puts every body at ease.
    Helping someone else in little ways, doesn’t have to be major, can in turn, result in feeling less absorbed with my sorry self. I don’t have time or energy these days to feel self-pity. No body needs pity. 24 years of recovery has taught me the meaning of a little saying we have in the program. Poor me, poor me, poor me another drink.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Oh Catherine – just love your sense of humor! Thank you so much for sharing this perspective and your wisdom here. It’s true, that in all these simple ways, we can take the focus off of ourselves (and our self-pity) and help others wherever we can! You inspire us 🙂

      • Thank you Julia…the feeling is mutual <3
        I once read this wonderful book called The Spirituality of Imperfection. The author Ernie Kurnst I believe his name was. He said the three things we need to remember in order to get along in this life is having a sense of humour, to have a love of humanity, and to have humility. He pointed out the root word of each of these words is humus, which of course is worm shit. It's a good thing to know we all share that same DNA., the great equalizer, affirming we're no better, no worse.

  52. Hi, Marie! Your e-mail was right on time. As a solopreneur, loneliness is part of the daily routine. And I love the party line! I’ll definitely try it more. Even at the co-working space I’m using right now.
    However, I realized that we would have more opportunities to connect with people in the real life, unless we are stuck in our devices, listening to music, reading, facebook-ing. Sometimes, all we have to do is to get offline and pay more attention to those around us – who’s sitting next to us in the bus or who is next in line at the grocery store. That’s my current challenge and I must confess that is really getting me out my comfort zone. But this can work everywhere, anywhere, without much effort (except that of overcoming our own fears). And it’s interesting how much people have to share and how eager they are to be listened to.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Iulia! Love that you’re making opportunities to connect with people on a more regular basis in real life, in the simplest of ways. This is huge! Know that pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone in this way makes a huge difference to the quality of your own life, and that of others, too.

  53. Please start hiring Canadian B-Schoolers! Love ya Marie and the humour you bring to sometimes boring topics. Mouah!

  54. Yub Raj Khadka

    Thank you Marie. You and your shows are really great. Could you please focus the next show on how to grow long term relationship? Thank you.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Yub! Thanks so much for your kind words and great suggestion. We’d love for you to email us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom, so that we can help you officially submit this as a potential MarieTV topic!

  55. Beryl

    Marie and team! This is wonderful. How do you always seem to know exactly what I need each week? What a timely and compassionate video- it truly is an art to stretch your social skills in a genuine way. And the perfume ad ROCKS. I lol’d so hard.

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Beryl. Really glad this one came at the right time for you and you enjoyed it! Thank you for tuning in and laughing at our jokes 🙂

  56. Thank you, Marie! I rebound in the morning listening to your podcasts – and you are such an inspiration! This is such a timely and important topic – so many people, it seems, are talking about how to be an introvert and run a business, which is awesome. But as an extrovert, I need to make sure to keep my human connections fresh and consistent! I am about to launch into being my own boss full time after a few years of side-gigging, and one of my fears is that I will get super lonely! Also love the comments people are leaving about meetups, facebook events and other community events/groups. We all do better when we connect and lift each other up!!
    PS. I can’t wait for another round of B-School!

  57. This was great content- as always. My comment is I LOVE MARIE’S OUTFIT TODAY! A+++! Marie always looks great, to she looked super great;-)

  58. Caroline

    Thank you for a great video, some great tips for when “out there in the world”. Personally, I’m ok at being sociable. HOWEVER. What to do if, like me, you have a fear of going to the supermarket, let alone anywhere else? Going out in general. Tonight, I’m trying to force myself to do Just THAT. What will probably happen is I’ll make minimum effort & pop over to shop 2 seconds away, not get all I need & spend more. ALL because a) I don’t have motivation to get “properly” ready & b) the worst ~ I don’t like to be seen.
    Oh & I’ve had all day to do this. It’s now 8pm & I’m still struggling.
    Lastly, if I could “get over myself” ~ There’s NO place to go to meet anyone.
    Apologies if this comes across as negative, pathetic or any other similar superlative. I’m simply being honest. Watching the video & writing comment are another example of avoiding leaving the flat.
    Take care….

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Hi Caroline– thanks for connecting with us today! We’re thrilled that you enjoyed this video and felt inspired you to add your voice to this important discussion. We can absolutely understand how communicating through an online platform feels more comfortable for you, and you’re so not alone. In fact, self-confidence and networking in person are things many people in our community struggle with, and topics that come up often on MarieTV.

      Many of our best days actually begin the night before, and there are some practical steps we can take to help ourselves be more positive and productive. Laying out our clothes, getting enough sleep, meal planning, and making lists can all be great time-management strategies. In addition, rewarding ourselves (like with a favorite snack, fresh flowers, or even an hour to enjoy a book or TV show you love) when we follow through on a commitment can work wonders. Of course, as Marie often reminds us, it’s about “progress, not perfection”, and I’d love to encourage you to start small, wherever you are, and be gentle with yourself. In the meantime, I’d also love to share a few episodes of MarieTV that may provide some more encouragement for you at this time: I hope that helps, Caroline. Thanks for being a part of our world and letting us “see” you here today!

  59. Yoga farts! I’m dying!

  60. Susan Alderson

    I volunteer at the local SPCA Op Shop. The ladies are lovely and we do dinners. Also do Pilates and made some amazing friends thro that.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Susan! Giving back to animals, taking care of your health, and cultivating a vibrant community in the process?! You seriously ROCK!

    My upper-middle class English grandmother was – as a child – taught to socialize with adults at parties. The worst crime imaginable… was to be BORING!

    My grandmother never needed Dale Carnegie’s book “How to win friends and influence people”. The funny/sad thing is, for the most part, we are not taught social skills these days.

    Personally, I figured out a great ice-breaker is asking people what their passions are.
    Good follow up questions include “are their passions the same as their work?” If so, that’s a fun segue into their work. If not, why not.

    The passion question is a refreshing change from “What do you do?” that doesn’t immediately define people by their occupation (which may not reflect the ‘real’ them).

    I find 95% of people respond with relieved positivity to the ‘passion’ question. Interesting conversations ensue.

    I find the 5% of people who respond negatively to this question are globally negative people.

    The passion question is a real time saver in finding interesting, fun, positive, people and avoiding those who, unfortunately, are not interested in having an interesting life.

  62. Christine

    Thanks for the video with great advice! I am an introvert and work from home but I am not lonely because I have lots of clients, collaborators, friends. Today I had a meeting about a new project and was reminded how many important relationships have grown in one way or another from volunteer work I did almost ten years ago. It had me thinking about how for younger people or anyone feeling stuck and ready for new connections it can totally pay off to find a good cause give time.

  63. Working from home is great – I won’t say that I’m lonely. I can have time to think, listen to myself, be in touch through the Internet. Before my home-based life started 5 years ago, looking back, I was over-the-top social – at every single party or threw parties, every opening, every new gallery, new play- literally all over, and of course, all over the social pages. In my new life of working from wherever I am, I have my privacy, I still make it a point to keep in touch with the people who mattered in my life then. I still get invited, but I have become more selective or, am
    not in the country, which gives them more reason to connect with me on a one-in-one when I return, which I like. These get togethers are more personal rather than having to dominate a power corner at an event. I really like it this way now and have decluttered the ‘fluff’ friends and kept the good ones. As far as meeting new people- meet ups, networkung events, have been kind to me – meeting a variety of people I never would have thought to say hi to – many have become new friends. Thanks Marie for all the work you do – you and the fab people in your tribe gave me the courage and on-on to be out on my own!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Dina! Congratulations on all of the positive changes you’ve made in your life over the past five years. It’s wonderful that you’ve found such a great balance between work and social events and are continuing to invest in the relationships that inspire you. Thanks so much for sharing!

  64. This is so me. Super connected online and happy to share about my life and biz using the written word – but get me out in public, speaking to real, live people and I overthink what they might be thinking about me and how I’m coming across.
    What’s really helped me is joining two groups here in London: Driven Women Network (small monthly meet up groups where we share our goals and do fun and insightful exercises) and Speaker Express (the aim is to gain confidence with public speaking but it has turned into much more than that. We are all learning and growing together and forming great bonds.)
    I’m feeling much more authently ME when I meet new people now and feel less anxious, more relaxed and CONNECTED.

  65. The weird questions had me in tears laughing. Great tips. I struggle to tell people about my business but I will definitely slowly challenge myself.

  66. Hi Marie,
    Great Topic! Granted, yes, I am an entrepreneur like yourself, and heck ya, it get’s kind of lonely sometimes. BUT, this is just a suggestion..I do it practically full-time until my IT business gets Lit up; but here goes:
    Try Uber and/or Lyft!
    OK, I work all shifts: Morning, afternoons, and yes, evenings.
    Plus’s:You not only meet people, but get to know some fantastic(I have in Milwaukee, anyways) people. All different vocations from professionals to students, to office workers and nurses!
    Downfalls: Granted, you only have them in your vehicle for 5-10 minutes, sometimes 15-20 minutes. Sometimes you bond with some passengers, and of course most of them you don’t.
    For the ladies: Try it during the daytime. Try it for a 2-4 hour shift. You’ll find out if it’s a great go, or not.
    Doesn’t hurt unless you try, right?
    I’ve met some wonderful people during those times, some of those people I wish I could have contact with again. Sometimes you see them again, sometimes you don’t. IF you’re a lady, and meet another interesting lady, maybe you two could meet for lunch or who knows? The next exciting event.
    If you’re a guy, well, for me at least, it’s a little more difficult. I tried meeting up with someone and they thought something else, and that wasn’t the best decision. So, for us guys, stay tuned until I can think of a better answer. Maybe offer your info to them, and if they call/email/text you back, then viola’!
    Hope this helps you out! Let me know how it goes!
    P.S.–God bless you Marie! Loved your video

  67. This was a great question to take on Marie, Thank you and your team! You guys rock! I do recall using this kind of strategy right here:
    I was attending a large event where access to the guests and the celebrity speakers were all going to be in the same location for various hours. I knew I would end up speaking to various people. What I did was research each person that was either a speaker, presenter, or guest. Not like FBI research, just a simple research on their background, their career paths, things that interest them. I didn’t know if this would work, but in short, I ended up speaking with lots of people, most of the time, they were telling me about themselves because I started out with a simple “Hey, I don’t think we’ve met before” as Marie suggested. From there, I pulled from what I recall about that person. What I found that with the longest conversations, those came from me asking them about their story, and as Marie stated, it worked.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Mosik! Congratulations on putting yourself “out there” and making so many great connections. We’re so glad Marie’s tips were so helpful for you. Thanks for sharing!

  68. I just talk to anyone, anywhere, without worrying what they think. So what if they think you’re a weirdo; chances are you will never see them again and even if you do, who cares? Just be nice, compliment them (if you like something about them), keep it light, comment on what’s going on around you etc. Most people aren’t used to others randomly talking to them so if you do, you automatically stand out.

  69. Thanks so much Marie and Team!
    I’m still working at a day job, but this really helps me visualize what I’m gonna do when I leave. I have a lot of fear around leaving my job, and it’s not all money fear (because that’s getting more and more pushed aside after B-School). But I do have a hard time picturing what my life will really be like! Because actually, as my business has been growing, my job has been going better. Still and all, I feel a lot closer to my clients than I do to my work community. This helps a ton.
    Much love,

  70. Lillian

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you so much for this episode! It turns out I was pushing myself to meet people that I really wasn’t interested in or whose business I wasn’t excited about. I was wearing myself out trying to stay connected to all these people that I didn’t really feel a connection to because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. As it turns out, I don’t just want to meet people, I want to meet people that I can maintain a real connection with. With this in mind, it’s a lot easier to know who to meet and what to say, and I don’t pressure myself to force connections anymore. Thanks again! -Lillian

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode, Lillian! We hope it helps spark some new ideas for you as you continue investing in relationships that bring you joy. Thanks for tuning in today!

  71. Valerie J Runyan

    Hey Marie-
    All of your tips were on the money because I use them all! I really don’t have trouble telling people that I am a Creative which of course that gets them to ask me “What do you create?” My favorite opening line is a genuine compliment to them about something I have noticed about them as I approach them and you are right on when you open simple by saying “We haven’t met yet I’m Valerie, and you are?” I love your show and you are absolutely stunning in Black and White!

  72. Jennifer

    Ayy I must say that line “I don’t believe we’ve met before, my name is ……” Awesome!! I am an Isolated Extrovert!! I hate my 8:30 am – 5:00 pm job! I love interacting with people. but I meet and Greet the Unemployed!!

  73. Dori Birch

    Hi, Marie,
    I liked your advice, but what kind of advice would you give to people who have more than usual obstacles to meeting other people? I’m isolated because I work at home, but I’m also partially disabled. I have a lot of difficulty walking, and I can’t drive. Meeting new people is hard, and traveling outside my neighborhood can be even harder. Taking Ubers is also expensive. I hope you might have some suggestions for me.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Dori! Is having people meet at places close to you or even your home an option? It may help to find people on or even start a Meetup of your own and let people know your book club/knitting circle/etc. meets at your home or a location close to you that you’re comfortable traveling to and from. That way you can not only meet people who are interested in the same things as you, but you’re setting the expectation that the group meets in places that are convenient and accessible to you.

      There may also be events and gatherings close to you that you don’t know about. The local news or Facebook might have a listing of nearby events.

      And depending on where you live, there may be public transit options to help you travel more, if that’s something you want to do. Some cities have dedicated buses that serve the disability community and they can be scheduled to pick you up at your preferred time outside your home.

      I hope this helps! We’ve got our fingers crossed you’ll meet the perfect group of people soon.

  74. Hi Marie
    Your outfit is amazing and the purple looks fabulous on you. Thank you Elsa!!
    I have just signed up to Elsa Issac’s “Create Your Signature Style – A 5 day style challenge”!!
    I am a shy person by nature and I want to feel friendly and confident in my clothes when I go out to meet new people. I find “practicing” meeting people really helps me. That means I force myself to attend events where I will meet new people. I often find people as shy as me and we are relieved to find a fellow shy soul.
    Offering a genuine compliment is always a good ice breaker and helping people is always appreciated.

  75. Courtney

    I’ve had great luck meeting people at the gym in a class. Met someone last week and now we typically make plans to meet there. It helps us stay accountable and I’m making new friends! Just a quick comment like ‘Have you done this before?’ breaks the ice and I can either follow along a vet or, in my case, meet someone else who’s new to class and connect over that.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a great tip! 🙂

  76. Anna B

    Perfect timing! My New Years Resolution was to talk with one new person every day. Growing up my mom talked to *everyone* all the time. They weren’t strangers, they were new friends waiting to be made! This really annoyed me, so I went the other direction. Now I’m trying to find the happy medium. I think in my mid 40’s I’m getting there!
    Thanks for your inspiration!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      I feel like we had the same Mom growing up, Anna! What a great shift in perspective you’ve done to celebrate the ‘new people’ in your life. Here’s to chatting it up more each day.

  77. Christina

    This was a funny one for sure!! I have observed that asking questions like “what is your dream job” is a great ice breaker! Also, since I’m living my dream it’s an easy Segway when they ask me ?

  78. Mandy

    I strongly recommend meetups. Even start your own meetup group! I ran one for two years after getting frustrated with not making any new friends after I moved to a new city, and now most of my closest friends are connections I made through meetups. Running one worked for me because it forced me to step up and be friendlier than I naturally am (as an introvert), and of course I had to attend every event. Sometimes you just have to force yourself out of your comfort zone because you know the end result is worth it.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      That’s awesome that you found something that works for you, Mandy. Meetups are such a great way to make new friends and connections. Here’s to busting out of comfort zones and loving the results!

  79. Henry Michael Africa

    It helps to join a club of some kind. Sports is a place to go. Hobby is perhaps as good, because you find like minded people with similar interests. Establishing a support group, because if you feel like that then ten to 1 others feel the same.
    Visit an old age home, an orphanage or a children’s terminal unit. It helps when you focus on things outside of you. There is nothing more rewarding than giving.
    A Pastor friend always reminds me… “In giving God gives us a reward”… I trust that simple phrase… It challenges me to remember that God is in control… We always just need to take the first step… That goes for every one of us, at some stage of our lives… Thanks for reminding me too Marie… God Bless Marie TV…

  80. Great video. Thank you

  81. Best perfume ad ever, Marie. I love when your videos make me laugh out loud! 😉

  82. In a season of loneliness, I decided to be the person that resolved loneliness for someone else. I signed up to be a mentor in Big Brothers/Big Sisters for a young woman looking for female leadership and personal role model in her life. And I went to the other end of the spectrum (a local Assisted Living facility) to be matched to an elder as a companion that could visit, help out with lighter tasks and be company for someone who’d look forward to my company and conversation. Being for someone else, what I wish to experience more of the in the world.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      When we give to others we reap so many beautiful benefits, Denise. What a beautiful experience you’ve given to others simply by being there and sharing your time and heart with others. That’s how you change the world and you’re doing it. Thank you for making the world a better place.

  83. Katherine Koenig

    I sought out a non-profit that I had a passion for, and suddenly I was a board member. I have connected with so many new people in the last 6 months and it has been amazing!

  84. I have been volunteering for community organizations for many years. This has given me another life. I help organize events, attend meetings or socialize during other events. This is two fold as it gives me a social life and helps the community. Win-win.

    All communities are dependent on community organizations and their volunteers to fulfill their dreams so you just need to find the right organization for you.

  85. I love that you took this on, Marie! The loneliness that I felt while working from home was actually inspiration for my multi-character video project called Yule Log With Friends. The isolation can be crushing and this set of videos was designed to help people overcome those hard feelings.

    Looking for ways to use my talent to help the world is also a skill I learned from B-School ;.)

  86. RJ

    I totally dissagree about listening and not talking. I am an introvert, so I don’t like to talk much, especially about myself. So I am the best listener. People talk about themselves and I listen. But I am a boring companinion and there is nothing to remember about me, because I did not tell an interesting story. I have very expressive friends who talk a lot and peaple really like them because it’s fun with them talking all the time.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing your words, RJ. When we listen we learn more about others and I’m sure you have an amazing perspective on people and the world. If people don’t take the time to get to know you and your amazing heart, that’s their loss. Speak up when you feel moved to and keep being the person you’re meant to be in the world, RJ.

  87. Judy Rodriguez

    I work at a window all day calling numbers and helping customers. Half of them just have questions, others are angry and not happy with much I answer. That itself makes me feel lonely, for me and for them. But one day, a young lady, seemingly a mother from all the description and identification for herself and her child, stood out. She had gold rimmed aviator glasses, long silky simple blond hair and a hoody. I looked at her id and there was a little cone of her hair wrapped on the top loosely and big round metallic earrings, with a smile I cannot describe. I told her “you are a fun person, are you.” She said, “of course I am!” I also added, “look at you with those neat sunglasses.” “Yeah, good way to hide half my face without makeup and look good still.” Her image and her energy stuck with me for weeks, until the next angry, cranky person comes along and wipes it away for a second, then I remember her and get through the day.

  88. Summer Bragg

    I think there exists one huge solution which is often overlooked. Often times people assume you must be an entrepreneur who works alone, or that if you want to work with others you need to expand your business and hire people (which creates a hierarchy). A great way to work with others on your passion is to be a part of a worker owner cooperative, like the Mondragon Cooperatives in Mondragon, Spain. These are organizations which are highly effective at alleviating loneliness, income inequality, societal violence, and feeling powerless on the job. These organizations are horizontal in nature and not vertical (with hierarchies of bosses which tell you what to do, but rather allow you to participate in decision making). Plus, in a worker owned cooperative, you get to own your job, which means it is nearly impossible for you to lose your job- which means you can have job security! Finally! I’m a huge fan of Richard d. Wolff and his show economic update & democracy at work. He explains it very well if you google his name and Mondragon cooperative you’ll find it. Also, my favorite book which talks about this topic is Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein. Happy business building!

  89. This is so timely! Thank you Marie! It’s winter in New England and though I thought I beat the solopreneur loneliness bug – even wrote a piece for Thrive Global about it – here I am feeling this yet again. The struggle is real in semi-rural areas! I went out of my way today and pushed through my comfort zone to connect with a woman who’s new to my yoga class. We chatted for a few minutes and I introduced myself. That felt amazing! A bold move for us introverts. I love your advice on this! Gamify the whole thing and give yourself something great or meaningful to celebrate if you meet X number of people a day.

    The things that helped me this summer when I saw my mojo slipping and were incorporating in-person vs. online-only work into my weekly routine. I’m a digital strategist and a proud B-School grad(!). I joined a corporate tutoring company for my local area and quickly (within 24-48 hours) was certified to teach video production, HTML, photography, and Apple computers. This meant I could meet people from nearby at my local library and teach them. It was fun, they appreciated my help, I got paid quickly, and they wrote nice reviews. Longer term clients meant regular contact with lovely humans.

    I checked out the local co-working space and from that one visit I was invited to do a brown bag social media session for a local BNI group. I got to meet some biz folks from my town and a couple will be hiring me or partnering with me.

    But the BIGGEST WIN was finding a local mompreneur community that popped up. It’s called Pepperlane. One of my podcasts is for mompreneurs so this was the jackpot – my tribe! The group has had a bunch of in-person fun events and a holiday party, they hired me to create elevator pitch videos for their event and partner on a giveaway. Honestly, it’s been a Godsend meeting like-minded women in real life. It’s so energizing! I’m getting clients from that group too. Now I’m just trying to get new friends out from their warm cozies in the midst of random snow days and a flu epidemic. 🙂

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing, Stephani! Winter can be an especially challenging time of year for entrepreneurs, so it’s wonderful that you’re continuing to invest in activities you love and connecting with like minded people in your community. Congratulations on the networking opportunities you’ve found through your local co-working space, Pepperlane, and your podcast. If in-person meetups aren’t always possible, a group Skype call to check-in and share about creative projects can be a great way to stay connected, AND cozy, this season. Thanks for being a part of our community!

  90. Nicu

    Thank you!
    I get it…. yippee! 🙂
    Love & Joy!

  91. KG

    Great tips on the show and in the string of follow-up comments! Thanks everyone!!

  92. Susana

    Hi Marie! Wonderfurl topic and such a common 21st century problem.I’m 42 and I have no social life apart from the moments at work or attending my son’s football games.I’m a person who loves laughing and entertain or be entartained, but I seem to fail in every attempt to maintain a friendship…so I’m pretty much disapponted right now and unwilling to embrace new friends…any magical advise? Thank you so much…watching your videos is always so motivating…

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks for stopping by, Susana! We’re thrilled that Marie’s work is a source of insight and inspiration for you. It’s wonderful that you’re supporting your son, though we’re sorry to hear you’re struggling a bit in your own social life at the moment. If one-on-one friendships feel too demanding at the moment, you may want to find a group event or class that sounds interesting to you.

      Nowadays, there are seemingly endless resources for finding and connecting with like minded people at our fingertips., local Facebook groups, community centers, college campuses, small business bureaus, and more often have calendars of weekly and monthly events, many of which are free to attend. In addition, book clubs, writing groups, open-mic nights, fitness classes, or volunteering with a local organization that’s doing work you admire can all be great ways to get us out of our comfort zones, even for just a few hours a month. Of course, we’re so grateful to have you in our world, and for the opportunity to support you right here, through MarieTV! Thanks so much for tuning in.

  93. ML

    I think joining a club that you are interested in might be helpful. I think you gave great advice about stretching yourself making yourself engage with other people on a daily basis. I guess in a way it’s a numbers game when it comes to finding someone you can connect with. Love your show:)

  94. OMG Marie! I laughed so hard!!!!!!!! The perfume ad hahahahaha “She was…Interesting” priceless haha! XOXO

  95. I really enjoy reading you content.
    If I can chip in my advice, it would be to join an improv club. The training and workshops we do really helped me with my self-esteem, and of course I’ve made some new friends 😉

  96. Yes earned media is a sign of trust, credibility and authority.
    It shows you do your work well and hence your potential customers can trust you on their deal.

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  99. Ana

    OMG the perfume ad
    “She was… interesting”

  100. It is surprising to know that the number of people who claim that they are lonely has reached 40%, which doubled its previous number from 20% since 1980. I believe that in order to solve this problem, one can make use of technology such as apps for making friends, as this will allow them to connect to another person and alleviate their lonely feeling. Thanks for this information about the number of people who feel lonely, and how it can be solved with the help of technology.

    • It has definitely reached epidemic levels. It’s a real concern! So many folks in my circles + channels are dealing with it.

  101. Funny video!

  102. Ai

    Such a great insightful topic! And love your sense of humor!!

    I can be a friendly and fun individual to others; however, I’m a hardcore introverted person in nature. I am good at 1-on-1 communication but have a tendency to be very shy and uncomfortable in group of people. Trying to get out of my comfort zone to meet new people but it takes my energy tremendously and makes me feel like to hide for a while… I always have been wondering how I can overcome this feeling.

  103. I like your blogs because it gives me great inspiration to live more actively. I used to earn a lot of money, but couldn’t save loneliness every night. You say right, balance everything, what we need is happiness

  104. Nice blog with great content and explanations.
    Yes its very good …. earning money is not everything … earn and spend and enjoy every sec….
    Go for trip, travel this beautiful world and meet with different kind of people.

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