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Everything worthwhile takes time, energy and massive commitment. Your relationships, health and, especially, the growth of your career.

Building an engaged audience, designing a winning product, rolling out an effective marketing plan — it all requires significantly more time and effort than most people imagine.

But sometimes no matter how hard or long you’ve worked, the results just aren’t there.

That’s when we have to ask ourselves a really important question: should we stay the course and double down on our commitment — or do we cut our losses and move on? The answer is not always obvious.

But knowing when to quit a project or marketing strategy is a must-have skill if you plan to have a long and fruitful career.

Quitting doesn’t make you weak — it can often make you a winner. Click To Tweet

If you’ve ever felt torn between whether you should commit to or quit any creative project or marketing strategy, this MarieTV is for you.

You’ll get three must-ask and must-answer questions to help you decide when to quit and when to commit.

What’s more, these same three questions are crucial to ask before you launch any new endeavor. Write them down now and save your future self untold amounts of time, money and heartache.

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For more on this topic, check out our earlier episode which deals with the quit or commit dilemma from a different perspective. Once you’ve had a chance to watch today’s show, I’d love to hear from you.

When it comes to a marketing strategy or any long-term creative project — have you ever felt torn between quitting and committing? What helped you decide?

Leave a comment below and let me know. Remember to share as much detail as you’d like in your reply.

Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Your time on this planet is so precious. My hope is that today’s show will help you spend it on initiatives that genuinely matter.

As always, thanks for reading, watching and adding your voice. You continue to make this one of the best and brightest communities online!

With so much love,


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  1. Hey Marie, I want to thank you for this A and thanks to Michelle for asking this awesome Q!
    I am in the very middle of making this decision, so this post was suuuuper timely for me. What has been helping me is really taking a step back. My business was beginning to feel yucky and it was really overwhelming to my mental/emotional health. I decided to completely let go for a couple of months now and it’s helped me to evaluate my feelings and look at my work with fresh eyes. It was like I was elbow deep in advice from this guru, tips from that masterclass, directions from this book etc. and I stopped making strategic decisions for myself. It’s brought me clarity on what I ENJOYED doing in my business and HOW I want to serve others, not how everyone else has done it.

    SO, as I am still in the process of figuring out how to get back into it, this has definitely been beneficial. Marie, I especially liked when you talked about quitting and how it’s not always a sign of weakness. This was a new idea to me. I never want to quit anything because I feel flakey, weak, or like I’m giving up…and how the heck would I explain myself to everyone? They’d all think I’m a failure! I know these are limiting beliefs, but they still play like a broken record in my head.

    Marie now I’ll go and not only remind myself why I got into this business, but also ask myself if this is still something I believe in. Is it still in alignment with who I am today?

    Thank you kindly,
    Maddie xo

    • Maddie, I’m right there with you! I put a dream on quit before and now I find myself thinking about it. Did I really fully deeply quit or did I just press pause and let myself grow into the person ready for the life I want. Your why brightens over time. It’s elementary at the beginning but naturally, it grows into a huge beanstalk ready for you to climb and see the world from a new perspective! My friend Audria came out with a book called Uncloned. I think you’ll enjoy it as it’s all about living a life and doing business from your most authentic core: yourself.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hey there, Maddie! It sounds like you are listening to- and following- those amazing instincts that you have within you. If you think about quitting when following that instinct imagine that the creative energy you were using for that project will now flow into the next thing that you heart knows is on it’s way. We’re so glad that this episode was helpful for you!

    • Danielle

      Hey Maddie! Just a quick quote I tell myself when I’m feeling flighty….
      You are not flighty. You are a firework. You are pop rocks. You are birthday cake every day of the week.
      Use that fire girl! Listen to that voice saying to jump and see what’s going on. You got this 🙂

      Your she-tribe,

    • hey Maddie, I have been going through the same thing. I didn’t so much quit was I was doing as I love every moment of it but I did stop and stake a step back to listen to my inner guidance who told me to step up big time and serve a greater number of people. I felt safe in my 1 to 1 clients. I had this deep feeling to ‘do it my way’ and break from all the teaching how to create/build/market, what I should do and how etc. etc,, much like you. And to call on my own gifts and do it my way …Scary ! But thats what I am doing . I’m pulling out all my wisdom and gifts to teach others how they can do the same. I always thought that I had to be there holding their hand. That break showed me another way which is so much more exciting and the potential is unlimited and I have to put on my really big shoes. Give yourself time. Ask your Soul to guide you and to show you what is next for you. It will provide you with the answers and direction you need which is right for you and who you serve. much love

    • Maddy,
      Just recently, I hosted my vision board and healing retreat. I advertised heavily, personally invited what felt like millions, and despite all of that…

      NO ONE CAME!

      I’d been battling with feeling disappointment as the days grew closer to the event, but by the day of, my perspective changed completely. I didn’t see my event as a failure, but as an opportunity to get under the hood and reevaluate how things were going. I even took it a step further and LIVESTREAMED from the empty room (although my mentee / assistant was there). I was completely transparent and honest about what happened and what I had learned. It was absolutely liberating!

      To date, that is my most watched video and it has the highest comments too! I’ve made a ton of connections since, have all kinds of meetings set up, and a ton of momentum. This experience has shown me exactly who I want to be, an open and honest coach and magical manifestor. I’m so excited about where all of this will take me in my life and business.

      So to you Maddy, and any one else in this situation, I say that you are asking the right questions. Taking it back to the drawing board to see if what you are doing is in alignment with your values and who you’ve become. Be open and prepared to hear the response, then get ready to act on it. You’ll be amazed at what happens next. Blessings and best of luck to you!

  2. Hey!
    I always ask myself how much fun am I having in creating this piece of work, whether it’s marketing or an actual product. FUN is the answer to all your problems and questions, girl.
    That’s how I roll 😉
    B-schooler since 2015 and all the way from Kuwait.

  3. Jan

    I asked that question myself this morning. I rely on tarot readings when I want intuitive guidance. The card I received strongly encouraged me to continue with my project because it makes me happy and the outcome will be very positive.

  4. Thank you for this awesome Q & A, as always: Perfect timing.
    I have quit multiple things in my life, just for an internal knowing that there is something else I need to express and give birth to. I believe it has always come down to doing what I really wanna be doing.

    I believe that we sometimes start things that are ”safe” and something that is easy to explain to the outside world. For example: A masters degree or applying for a job in a big company with benefits, insurance etc. Those are great decisions if you feel called to do that, but I also believe that many of us have the internal need to express something from within, something that makes us extremely vulnerable and we somewhere know that thats what we really want to be doing. Kind of like you Marie started doing videos on your webcam in your kitchen. And those are the things we are scared to do.

    So I always try to make decisions based on what I am scared to do and what makes me the most vulnerable. Those are usually the things that end up bringing most value to other people – and that bring most value to myself.



    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Great insights, Charlie. Fear is oftentimes a sign that you need to do it! Bringing value to yourself and your life which then brings value to others is the most important goal. We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode.

  5. Sue

    Hi Marie, thanks so much for this, you always seem to pop in my inbox with the thing that is forefront in my mind!! I need to change the way I work, but at 62 yrs old, its a different decision from when I was 32 yrs old. I am now going to sit and answer your 3 questions. The last one really hit the spot I think as I have been doing the same thing now for 9 years in a sort of holding pattern but I can feel changes brewing just need to know what to do… thank you

    • Good for you Sue! Right there with you: changes galore. Courage to you on your explore!

  6. Michael Cheng

    Hey Marie,
    Thank you for your A.
    I am currently having trouble deciding rather it is right to leave my family business and work outside. Are there any tips that you can provide me to make this hard decision.
    Thank you for your time.

  7. Kathy Biggs

    Timely as always! Thank you Marie! Thanks for sharing that special gift that only you possess, you constantly keep me on course! And you let me know it’s OK to be a girl from Jersey, we are unique!

  8. Hey Marie
    This is one of the BEST answers I’ve heard you’ve given on Marie TV … Really really helpful and insightful AND measurable emotionally and strategically … Thank you!

  9. You are are the best!

  10. Emily

    Wow. Love you Marie! Just got my book back from the editor today, and feel happy and proud. Before I kept asking myself, did I do the right thing? Maybe I should have been focused on marketing instead?!! But no, according to Qs 2 & 3, this is what I HAD to do. I also like Seth Godin’s quote from your show about Kick Finisher not Kick Starter. Thanks for all you do.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Congratulations on your book, Emily! That’s an amazing goal realized.

    • Congrats Emily!! Everything in its season. ?

  11. Thank you Marie!! I really needed this. I am also a bschool grad (OMG Thank you for bschool it changed my life)
    I’m about 18 months into my journey of going online with my business. I’ve poured my heart and soul into my content. I’m dealing with the tech headaches but hey everything is figureoutable. Your questions gave me the answers I needed to stay motivated. My list is growing as is my engagement on social media and blogs.
    I know my offerings are going to help others immensely and this will impact my life positively. It ain’t time to fold em for me babe! Thanks.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Keep those cards in your hand until you know you’re ready, Jessi. We’re so honored that B-School was a part of your business journey. We’re grateful for YOU! xo

    • Jessi,
      Congrats on taking your business online. Your site is BEAUTIFUL! It is so inspiring to see someone who has taken their passion and found a way to share it so effectively with the world. Go, go, go! Best to you in your continued journey.

  12. Thanks for this timely episode. As usual (and seeing in the comments above), you tend to hit a hot topic right at the perfect time. Starting out it’s so scary to navigate whether you should keep moving forward when all you’re hearing is crickets. But you hit the nail on the head when you bring it down to your why. I game changer for me was reading Big Magic and recognizing that this beautiful idea and creativity would find a home somewhere, so it might as well be me since it made me come alive.
    What you have created is so, so much the path I want to take. I’ve had the awesome advantage of running my father’s business for the past 14 years and learning all the ends and outs of not only building a business from scratch, but being in the business of coaching others on it as well. And what I’ve learned is this question of quitting or committing doesn’t go away once you are “established.”
    We’re in a new stage with my father’s company – after over 20 years, there is still an opportunity to re-evaluate your “why” – and to decide what you will keep and what will you take on. For every new project/product/business endeavor, we look at what we may need to eliminate to add it to our plate. And it all boils down to the why. Does it line up with your mission? Does it fire you up? Would you do it even if you weren’t getting paid for it? And does the benefit outweigh the cost (both in money and in time).
    Thanks for sharing your personal background as well. I’ve been blogging on my own site for over a decade. I added products and coaching 2 years ago, but hadn’t given it my full effort until this year. It’s definitely a two steps forward, one step back (thank you Paula Abdul) process, and it really helps to know you went on this same path. You are my #1 inspiration for crafting my business, and the biggest part of it is how you are authentic and bring the play into it all. Thanks for hitting these awesome questions, delivering solid content, and keepin it real. The outtakes and goofiness are definitely the icing on the cake.
    I’m committed to building Mama Says Namaste because the world needs the special gift that only I can give – and I’m loving the opportunity to share it with others. 🙂

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      When you can reference Paula Abdul and the WHY for your business- that’s a magical comment. It sounds like you have a beautiful way of thinking about your decisions and which direction you want to head in. Consistency is key.

  13. Hey friends!

    I’ve been watching MarieTV since 2011 and it’s been an inspiration to me every single week. Marie, you are a bright light and I can’t tell you how much this advice has helped me.

    Actually, a similar video you’ve created in the past was what helped me to know how to quit health coaching even though I was so invested and afraid to leave a more “reputable” career. You interviewed Chris Guillebeau and he had amazing insight into “quitting”. Super helpful. Here’s the link to the vid for anyone else who’s needing more on this subject:

    Anyhow, thanks a million.
    XO, Bri

    PS – this vid is also perfectly timed. I’ve been mulling over starting a YouTube channel for sometime now and it was encouraging to hear you talk about your metric for starting it. It was a fun and creative way to share your content. I’m excited to see you vlogging!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thanks for sharing that episode, Bri. You’re so right- Chris did give some great insights in that conversation. Thank you for sharing your life with us for so long. 6 years of episodes adds up!

    • Karen James

      Thank you Bri (and thank you Marie) for providing the link to Marie’s interview with Chris Guillebeau. My life could go in almost any direction right now so I’m grateful to anyone offering information to help me on my path.

  14. Marc Durand

    Great episode. Often, the most revealing information comes from dreams, meditation, and the “whispers of the gut”. Many people I have coached have been ignoring their intuition and feelings in favor of their thinking. Their intuition frequently already knows the answer and what action needs to be taken. Bringing our “inside” into the conversation is valuable.

  15. I also like to just straight up ask my audience. I’ll ask questions like…
    – what other benefits could I add to this package to make it more appealing to you?
    – how much $ would you spend on X?
    – would be more interested in this vs that?

  16. Thanks Marie!!! Love your 2nd answer about knowing your why. That’s what really helped me out of my shiny object symdrome!! I’ve learned to really listen to my intuition when it comes to figuring out what direction to move to next. It’s made a HUGE impact in my stress levels, progress, and ability to actually take action:)

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      That’s awesome news, Mals. Intuition shows up in many different ways and learning how to listen to it- and trust it- can make a big difference in how you make decisions. Cheering you on every step of the way.

  17. Deborah Hoppe

    I have been slogging through making cold calls to nursing homes, sending faxes of my marketing flyer, following up with emails, doubling back to previously sent emails on a state-by-state basis to make staff development depts. aware of my staff learning modules. It is tedious, low-rewards work. And yesterday I asked the Universe to please throw me a bone, to help me know if I should stay the course.
    I had ended the day with four phone conversations with staff development directors who all gave me their email addresses so that I could send them additional information about myself and my learning modules. Four!
    Watching today’s “Three Q’s”, my metric is how many return calls I get from my faxed information flyer per week. And four in one day is a good up-tick! I’ll now take this a step further and track the numbers daily.
    I am in the process of having a website designed for these learning modules, with luck it should be up and running in August. Tracking return calls or emails before AND after website launches will provide accurate data as to the success of my faxing vs website success.
    ps: my daughter, Kate, turned me on the Marie TV and email and I’ve read it and watched all the videos, taken notes and have benefitted from M.TV. Thank you Kate, and thank you Marie!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      This is some amazing action, Deborah! Tracking also allows you to see how, and where, your efforts give the most impact making your decisions in the future hopefully a bit easier. We’re so glad that Kate told you about MarieTV and we’re honored that you have learned so much from it. Sending you a big Team Forleo hug!

  18. Thanks so much. Oh, I have wanted to quit so many times but then I reach out and listen to Marie TV or other help to get the motivation and then realize – always – you’ve gone this far. WHY NOT!

  19. Hey Marie,
    I always love the way you look at the tough decisions in life. Helping to sort through the BS, its what you do! I loved loved loved the fun dance at the end. You and your crew have a bright future in Country Music Vids! lol
    Thanks for brightening my day,

  20. I think that the success of a project has a lot to do with timing. When I start a project I have good reasons to do it. Creative impulse, intuition, fun – all the good reasons. If it doesn’t work, it’s just a matter of timing, so I can quit it for a while until it finds its place, or redesign it, incorporate it in another project, tweak it.

  21. Oh Marie, I teared up when I saw the title to today’s email. I am also a B-schooler and have been implementing some of the things I have learned. I thought that it would create the results that I needed in my business. I’m still struggling to feel confident with my business because everything I try is just not working. I don’t know if it’s just that I’m horrible with marketing or if my product is just not desirable or if it’s something with me and the energy that I’m sending out? Right now I am technically just doing a hobby instead of running a business because the sales are not coming in like none, zero, at all! I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong. It has been really emotionally draining and disappointing. I feel like I am pushing against this brick wall, working my butt off doing it, and not moving forward at all. I’m a mom of three little ones and my husband works out of state a lot. So I feel like I am taking away time that I could be spending with my kids and I could be a much better mom if I wasn’t spending all my time on energy on something that just isn’t working! I also feel like I’m just throwing a bunch of money into this hobby that my husband has to sacrifice to make. If the results were there maybe I wouldn’t feel so selfish, but they’re not so I’m struggling to see why I’m doing this. I make little girl’s dresses so they are time consuming and not cheap to make. I pride myself on my sewing skills but I’m not getting any traction. I have been doing this particular business since last November so I’m wondering if I just keep going at it till that one year mark or if I just stop now. I know that running a business is not supposed to be easy but I also feel like if I’m doing it right that it shouldn’t seem impossible. So I’ll be doing lots of pondering over these questions. I am multitalented so I feel like there is always something else I could do. I really thought that this was the one. But maybe it’s not, and if it’s not then what. How do I find what I’m called to do? I’ve had sooo many ideas over the years. And tried many of them. This is probably the most unsuccessful I’ve been and it’s killing me cause I really wanted to do this. Thank you everyone for your tips on how you decide as well. Lots of love and gratitude.

    • Jessamin,
      I’m right there with you girl! I know exactly how you feel and the things you mentioned having been eating away at me too these last few months. It’s always somewhat comforting to know you’re not alone.

      • Annie, thank you so much for that comment. It really does help to know I’m not alone in what I’m going through too! I hope that everything works out great for you and that you find your dreams!

        • Totally with you on that one. It is hard to have your own business, and after many years of being self employed, I still live on minimum. We can have a great skill or offer an amazing service, but to be able to live in over-flow and being able to take holidays when we want because money is flowing in is not always the norm. Not for me, and I find it deeply frustrating and very hard. In fact, many of the self employed people I have connected with over the years are facing exactly the same thing, no matter what. I have done the B-school myself, I have invested in several business projects, etc over the years which have all been great. However, it isn’t always what works and I haven’t experienced any rise in my bookings, etc. I know a huge part is marketing but if you don’t know the “kick ass” marketing people or “kick ass” SEO people, it is hard for a small online business to survive. I still struggle. Often, it is about the right connections and if you don’t have those connections or know the right people who can do “kick ass” marketing, it is long dry way forward. I am working every day on optimising my site, blogging, using the “right keywords”, etc – nothing seems to work. For those marketing things and to be seen on page 1 on google, etc it takes some high skilled people to do this work. It is not always about out product. I know myself that I have a great product and service which people love. I simply don’t have enough bookings and customers. All because of marketing.
          I know very few small business who are actually thriving without having to pull out money from their savings or being supported by their partners.
          Have a great day and sending warm wishes 🙂

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Hi Jessamin. Thank you for sharing your words and for being an amazing B-Schooler. I would suggest that you head back into “Start the Right Business” within B-School with an open mind and fresh heart. Take your time with it. You will find those ideas and nudges may, in fact, come together in a new way through the guidance of the course. When we take a step back and take an introspective look, you may be able to hear within yourself even more. Sending you a big Team Forleo hug.

      • Heather, Thank you so much for those words of encouragement and love. I absolutely loved start the right business though the last time I went through it I was already convinced that what I was doing was the right thing. Thank you for suggesting that I work through it again with new introspection. I’m so grateful to be a B-schooler and for Team Forleo. I don’t know where I’d be without you all. It’s the difference between giving up and pivoting because I have the resources to do that thanks to you all and B-school.

  22. I am looking at a project I have been working on for a few years and expected this episode and your other one to point me to quit. I am surprised that the answers to all the questions lead to staying the course…so I am! It feels right, I love doing it, the metrics are headed in the right direction and 10 years from now I would regret bagging this. So, onward! Thanks for the insight getting me through the messy middle.

  23. Monique

    Hi Marie and team! Wonderful question and answers. Thanks for taking the time to put this episode together.

    For several months I had been asking myself “these” questions, although formulated differently. To see them here so well described confirms the decision I made three weeks ago. Even though I knew that a change of strategy was required, I was far from knowing how this would take place. But a window of opportunity opened, unfortunately following the death of my father last June, which brought me the answer.

    A change of importance is the result, a move of countries. A return to my roots (Montreal after 25 years in Costa Rica) who will bring the resources (emotional , professional and intellectual support) that were lacking while living in Costa Rica. It is worth mentionning that it is a continuity that requires a better commitment to the call of my heart. Help people shine their light.

    All this to say that no matter what change takes place in our lives, this was preceded by planning, whether conscious or not. The 3 questions that Mary offers us here are essential because we will be able to recognize the opportunity when it arises.

    Thank you so much for this confirmation and opportunity for us to grow!

  24. Marie,
    I have been watching your podcasts for probably two years. I love what you are doing and want to thank you for the upbeat messages you send. I don’t have a business of my own but isn’t “life” a business that everyone needs to get better at doing?
    Keep Smiling!

  25. Christina Gouveia

    LOVE Q &A Tuesday’s! Fave day of the week!
    I watched your previous episode and immediately thought- hmm, what else could be added? And THEN YOU DID add some new insights!! Totally worth revisiting questions because as you grow Marie, we do too.
    I decided that I wanted to leave the corporate world because I KNEW in my GUT and wholeheartedly that I would REGRET being there 10 years down the road. Well, even 1 year later I would be pissed. So I quit! And I WON big time. Cuz I earn a living with my private practice doing exactly what I want and I’m doing pretty darn good too!
    Worst case scenario- I go back to the corporate world. But I was willing to fight for this chance and let me dream either grow or crash. Like Your previous interview episode, it’s a time commitment: 60/40, 70/30, 80/20. Then you leave. And it’s gonna be alright. And you’re gonna learn along the way.
    Your brain stops you from doing new things as a protective mechanism. “Be afraid of the unknown”…..but you might like it!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      It’s our favorite day of the week too, Christina. Congratulations on following your instincts and winning big. We’re so happy for you. Keep following those nudges and you’re right, you might like it!

  26. This is very timely as I just went to a conference for my company and am struggling with how to proceed. I will clean my house from floor to ceiling before picking up the phone to call people… but my house is still a mess! 🙂 So, figuring out why I want to continue is a challenge. First it was for the income, but then is was for the camaraderie and getting my cup filled from these awesome ladies. Is that enough? Will that help fulfill the first why?

    I still struggle to figure out my ultimate goals, which changes as life goes on. But ultimately being available for my family, especially our daughter, is key. Making some extra income (while having fun) on the side is just icing on the cake! My house is still a mess, but it is home!

  27. Sometimes we should stay the course but carry our project more lightly. Example: I’m running my home as a sort of mini hotel, it’s a project about tiny living, minimalism, meeting key people who visit our city in the Deep South of New Zealand, & modelling how to live without working all week to cover living costs. I’ve been tempted to quit because offering rooms for rent online takes time & is a financially unpredictable (as it’s a newish project). The key realisation is, I can still develop my greater vision (build PANBAM brand) while doing this if emotions & time don’t control me! And living like this has cost money but hey, what doesn’t?!
    You & I can either shrink back & try cutting costs or raise our standard, do two things & decide to re-evaluate in October (or another date), instead of constantly thinking about whether to press on or not.
    What do you reckon?? 🙂

  28. Rachael Taylor

    Hi Marie!

    It’s funny how the universe sends us the answers when we need them the most! Since this February, I have been in the trenches of launching a virtual bookkeeping business. I’ve been a part of my mom’s bookkeeping business for the last several years and I saw striking out on my own as my way out of corporate life and building the lifestyle I want. I went through an online course, spent thousands of dollars in startup, sacrificed hundreds of hours, and I am getting the hang of digital marketing, creating content, etc. BUT I still don’t have any clients despite all my efforts.
    I kept thinking “this is just what the beginning looks like” and kept on trucking.

    The thing is, after working through a money bootcamp with a life coach I realized that
    I didn’t love my business anymore but felt guilty about leaving it because I had spent all this time and money on it. It took me weeks to admit that to myself! But the day I decided to stop hustling for that business it opened my eyes to other possibilities and after a lot of soul searching and your “How to Get Anything You Want” course, I discovered what I actually want to do is health coaching! (That audio is amazing by the way, those exercises made all the difference!)

    Through coaching tools and exercises, I was able to take a step back and look at how far I’ve come and what exactly got me here. I’ve lived with fibromyalgia for the last 10 years and have learned to manage it through a diet that is balanced for my body, exercise that works for me, and stress management techniques. Gentle movements like yoga, pilates, horseback riding, swimming, etc. have all help build my stamina back and lower my stress levels. This natural, organic way of managing pain, fatigue and stress has been the only long lasting treatment that I have tried.

    I went from being blasted with medication that didn’t help, from being so fatigued that I needed to be driven around and couldn’t work to now working 15 hours a week at Equinox, going through an online Health coaching school, exercising 3x a week, horseback riding every week, spending time with friends, being active in the ocean and outside, and having minimal pain and fatigue. I’m balanced between work and play and actually listen to my body when it tells me that it’s done for the day. I don’t judge it, I listen to it.

    When I realized that my pain and fatigue were in my control and I wasn’t a victim anymore, it shifted my entire world view. And I realized, if I could learn this then so could others! This is teachable!! Right then I knew that this is something that I HAVE to share with the world and empower others to get past what’s stopping them in their diet and exercise. Just talking about sets my soul on fire!

    This is how I know that it’s ok to quit my other business. It’s ok that I’m not in love with it. I am grateful for the time and money I spent on it because it brought me to this place of realization. Now I am learning the skills to teach someone lasting habit change, how to find out what triggers them, and see them get to a place where they are no longer plagued by pain, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. For me, it is so much more rewarding to work in this field and I can’t wait to share my knowledge with my clients! I’m excited about building the foundation for my practice and now have the tools to work smart and keep faith!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      What an amazing shift in mindset and perspective, Rachael. Your clients will benefit immensely from your new found energy and perspective. Thank you for sharing that with us.

  29. Thank you for posting this video! I find with my own creative pursuits that the WHY is extremely important to know and hold close. If the WHY disappears, or perhaps isn’t super clear to begin with, there’s a pretty good chance the project will naturally disappear on its own. I agree with Steve C (the comment above). Sometimes proceeding with lightness helps a lot in maintaining the longevity of a project! It protects a passionate person from burning out.

  30. Thank you for this fantastic topic!
    I just quit working for a toxic employer and am trying to get my own business going. I know I am good at what I do and that all I need is some clients to get things going (everyone says this right?).
    So, I am deciding whether to take the plunge and get a business loan so I can make mortgage payments and put some money into marketing myself or keep on working for others while secretly resenting that their name goes on my work.
    For me, it is all about the fear of not enough money. My husband just found work after almost two years of being unemployed, so our savings is gone and our debt load, while manageable, is still debt. Like most people, we cannot make it on a single income with our savings gone. I am terrified to get further into debt and risk our financial recovery but I also know I can no longer be a good employee. My heart and soul tells me to go for it and it will all work out – my brain tells me to be responsible and earn an income regardless of what I feel! I am leaning towards “commit” and I will keep watching this episode until my brain listens.
    Thank you so much for your inspiring message! 🙂

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Melanie, building a business on the side while you have steady income coming in from a job is always a great option. We have a recent episode of MarieTV that you may find helpful on this very topic. You can check it out here —>
      Ensuring that you have income coming in is a great way to have stability while your ideas and creativity work to create a business that you love.

  31. Can you read people’s minds? It seems that way. I agree that this was timely.
    Thank you

  32. Hi Marie,
    Here is Chima, an empowered B-Scholar, I am prepearing to show up a responsive brand which you will be invited to see and celebrate with us.
    Thank you for this wonderful episode full of useful inspirations.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Great to see you here, Chima. We’re so honored to have you in B-School.

  33. Started a business with all that I owned, took on a family member as a possible partner, and decided that was not the best combination of personalities. Folded the partnership idea and found that it destroyed the family unless I paid a HUGE chunk of money out from a fledgling business. Best lesson out of this is to have everything in place before ready, fire, aim with a partnership. My direction is solid and I plan to be a part of next years B-school again to learn more about concepts that I missed last year. Thanks for allowing us to be lifers!

  34. This was really helpful…I’m going back to school at 58. I have a great training job – I make good money – but I travel all of the time.
    I’m going to use my IT skills – It’s the topic I most often train on to become a Diagnostic Radiologist, the fusion of analysis, healthcare, and IT. It’ll take four years but for me it will be worth it to be home with my wife.

  35. Thanks, Marie (and Michelle)! I love that you say quitting is not a sign of weakness. I wholeheartedly believe that…I’ve recently backed away from several things that didn’t feel right for me and I’m in a better position in life because of it.

    This is so timely for me as I pour much-needed energy into my freelance copywriting/copy-editing/proofreading business. In fact, this week I’m spending time on (finally) updating my website having dragged the chain for far too long. I’ve still quite a bit of work to do on my website but the creative juices are finally flowing! I actually started by business last year, and am happy to say I’ve got client work, but I’ve been really reluctant to promote it/myself. From now on, that’s going to change!

  36. OMG those outtakes!?
    Thanks for being you – and your team.?

  37. Hay Marie, thanks a lot this is the really pointing question I hope it also give others the same boost sincerely Louise

  38. Three short questions but so helpful ones! As I was listening, I was looking at my current goals and refining them so it was clear what metric I was measuring. Then with the second question, I realized that for the past 20 years that on top of my 9-5, I’ve been writing – for essays in college via distance education, for ten years as a never-published romance author, back to college again via distance for my Masters and for the last year as a blogger. Creating meaning through written words is obviously super important to me. And thirdly, right now the opportunity-cost is pretty much nothing, as there’s nothing I’m not doing that I would want to be doing instead of this. So if I have some two steps backwards days, it really doesn’t matter.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Kate, by sharing your gift of writing in any way you can is YOUR way of making the world a better place by using your gifts. We’re so glad that 3 questions can give you guidance and support as you refine your goals and rock them!

  39. I’ve been blogging for ten years and have often wondered, should I keep at this?? It’s my #1 marketing tactic (in conjunction with social media, email newsletter, etc.) so in 2016 I committed to posting on my blog twice/week for the whole year–and the results were fantastic! More followers, more speaking gigs, and best of all–more feedback from my readers that they were inspired or learned something. That’s what keeps me going–when my readers and followers say something I wrote about gave them a new perspective, encouraged them or helped them take action. So for 2017 I’m committed to posting once/week and again, I’ve booked strategy sessions, color consults, etc. The best part is, I looove blogging. So it’s a keeper as long as I’m still enjoying it and my readers are still enjoying it!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      This is so awesome, Tabitha– huge congratulations on an entire decade of blogging! Your message reminds me of Steven Pressfield’s book “Do the Work” in which he says that the two most important motivators for anything we do are “beauty” and “fun”, and it sounds like your blog covers a bit of both. Keep up the amazing work, we’ll all be cheering you on!

  40. Marie – I always love the advice you give on MarieTV. But my favorite part of every episode is the behind-the-scenes peeks and the hijinks of your team. You need to introduce us to everyone on your fabulous team that appears in show.

  41. Hi Marie
    Thanks for your perspective and personal perspective on how to quit vs commit. I’m not a quitter and I’m in the journey of deciding whether to continue with a large project. Conversely, I had another project that I had put on hold, as others have commented in this thread, that I feel pulled to pick up again. Sometimes I have trouble trusting my intuition, and the questions you list are good ones to come back to each time I’m feeling this way.
    And, I tell myself, at the end of the day, you just have to make the best decision with the information you have and learn from the process.

  42. Elle

    Hi Marie,

    This was helpful. I’ve been so stuck. I’m a business owner and I’m going on year five now. It’s the make it or break it point. Within the five years I haven’t been able to fully give my business the attention it needed in the capacity I wanted. Half because I felt insecure and the other half my home life was so busy. I had over three children during the course of running the business. I ventured into two other businesses (and ended up closing them within a year) hoping to build more revenue because the current business wasn’t producing enough to support me financially. However, doing so severely crippled my business and now I’m in a financial bind. I feel drained financially and physically. I’m struggling with the idea of closing the company because I’m in a financial hole now due to the other businesses I tried to venture into. So my struggle is deciding to keep investing more money in hopes I’ll be able to sustain it or close it. Either way I’m financially strapped and both decisions feel painful. I don’t want to let it go because it has become a part of who I am, it also serves women – specifically mothers something that touches home for me. On the other hand I just feel completely drained to keep it open and it hurts to keep putting money into it knowing I will probably never make that back. I’m just completely lost and cannot decide what to do. Trying to find clarity…

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Elle, I’m sorry that your business has hit a rough patch, and we so appreciate hearing this episode was helpful to you.

      While I was reading your note, an older MarieTV episode popped to mind that talks a bit about deciding whether or not to close a business specifically since it complements this episode pretty well (funny enough, it actually includes the same Kenny Rogers tune):

      It sounds like a really difficult decision either way, and we’re sending you our very best thoughts and wishes as you sort out the next best steps for you ♥

  43. This is a very important decision. The right moment is what you need and wait for but sometimes fail to figure it out. The commit or the quit timings being wrong can make things worse. Really nice article. Thanks! 🙂

  44. Hi! The Quit or Commit video was a great support for what I am doing right now. My mantra is “Everything always works out for me” but, by quitting, I was putting my business reputation on the line. It was the opportunity costs that helped make my final decision.
    I agreed to 18 months work on a Project in another town. The Project was taking longer, and I decided to quit and not commit until Project completion. Since I am sole proprietorship, this decision could have negatively impacted my company’s reputation.
    I decided to take the job because it was what I like to do, and they had called me because of a colleague’s recommendation. The job would generate consistent income for 18 months, and my personal goal was to get out of debt. I packed up my house, moved to a different city, and rented my house with the intent of returning home after 18 months.
    The job was still going after 18 months, and they liked my work and wanted me to stay. However, my renter had moved out early and I was paying a mortgage and rent. Even though my finances were in much better shape, I hadn’t accomplished my goal of paying off all of my debt. Also, I was struggling to be happy because I missed my friends and home. I had put aspects of my life “on-hold” by moving to a different city and working this job. Plus, I was putting off a surgery that I had learned about nine months into the project. Additionally, the job was excruciatingly difficult. I was a sub-contractor and the overall contract was not well written, the client was difficult and the working environment had gotten toxic.
    I had met my initial commitment of 18 months, and I had to make the decision to quit – or commit and stay until the end.
    Being self-employed for 34 years, I sometimes have found myself “in between” – meaning in between contracts, work or income generating activity. Although I did not have a project lined up, I had been “in between” before and lived through it. However, it would be a risk to quit without a commitment for the next paying project .
    Finally, the opportunity costs were too high. The surgery, my health, the cost of rent and mortgage, all the activities I was missing at home and my struggle to quell my depression and loneliness on weekends were costing me too much. I decided to quit after 20 months and go home. I kindly gave the main contractor 6 weeks notice so they had time to figure out how to replace me. At the writing of this, I have 4 more weeks.
    This was a marketing strategy. My company has a good reputation – I have a good reputation – and I was taking a risk of gaining a bad reputation by quitting. However, by being cognizant of my client’s responsibilities to replace me and meet their commitment to their client, and giving them plenty of notice, I was able to retain my good reputation. They have assured me that they will not prevent one of their offices which is situated closer to my home from contracting with me. To hear this was a relief, and confirmation that I had acted with integrity.
    As a follow-up to this story, the minute my end date was official a friend called and wanted to rent a room from me. They have a job opportunity near my home and will start the week after I return! What a coincidence! That was proof to me that I had made the right decision. My motto and mantra – “Everything always works out for me” – came true again.

  45. BrendaM

    In looking for answers to my situations I found a video about a Great Leader and that was amazingly on point. It was an interview to Simon Sinek. It answers some of my questions about why people are so miserable in a job. I am 49 and I will be 50 in a couple of months, so, I am strongly considering becoming and entrepreneur. My only issue is choosing what? I know a bit of a lot but I am a master on none. How do I define what it is that I am most passionate about so I can pursue it? If you could please help me with some direction I will really appreciate it. Thank You!

  46. Oliver

    Thank you for this very helpful segment that includes 3 questions we ought to pose to ourselves.

    At this time I am so confused about answering the questions I cannot say anything else.

  47. Hi! I loved this and so perfect timing for me!!
    I am so in this place now.. I’ve been wondering if I should ‘pause’ my coaching biz and head back to work on yachts as I have literally not been working for 1.5 years to build my biz minus a few clients and bit of cash here and there. I don’t know why I just can’t make it happen.

    My financial stress has really been affecting my whole life, happiness and my “WHY” for creating my biz. It’s influencing my decisions and how I’m working and putting a lot of negative energy on it.

    Then I got my 1st 1:1 client last week (this year) and I feel like momentum is really starting to swing in the right direction as have a few other things in the pipeline and hosting my first yoga + meditation retreat in September (although no sign ups yet). I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to yachts (not a lot of work I can do to cover my living costs in Barcelona where I live as I’m not fluent in Spanish yet) so this seems like only option which can be tricky as life on yachts makes it difficult to do anything else as is like living in a bubble and working long hours.

    I don’t want to quit my dreams if I’m literally at the boiling point or diamond point but I need to start earning some serious cash soon. I was wondering how do I actually know to quit or commit but now I know I’m going to journal on peeling back the layers of my true motivation again as it seem my motivation has become too much about money.
    It wouldn’t be quitting but putting it on hold.. meaning a massive setback but maybe it would give me new perspective?
    Definitely going to start journaling on this ASAP!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Gillian, thank you so much for reading and commenting. It sounds like this episode arrived at just the right time for you, and I hope it helps serve as a little point of inspiration as you’re deciding whether to keep digging in with your business or explore working with yachts again. We’re sending our best wishes that journaling will help you decide on your next best steps!

  48. Great episode. Metrics are so important and they often tell a very real picture, but as you say you also need to listen to your gut instinct. I took a 3 month business sabbatical in April as I just wanted a break from everything. Business was going well but some metrics were definitely starting to drop and so were my energy levels after 7 years of giving and providing content, mentoring and coaching while traveling the world.

    What this did for me and my business was amazing. One it carried on without me for 3 months thanks to my systems and my great small team, and I recharged my batteries and came back fired up and raring to go and in love with my business again. Highly recommend it to anyone.


  49. Great video Team Forleo!
    Right now I’m running Google Adwords and haven’t seen the results I wanted. People are going to my site but I would like to have more conversions. So I’m wondering if facebook ads would be better. Just finished the video Getting Started with Facebook Ads and it seems more simple than Google and more effective. So I’m wondering to keep the ads with google going and add Facebook or just do one.
    Oh, and by the way, I loved the dancing at the end!!!

    Thanks for the tips!

  50. Hi,
    I have been working on my online business for last 4 years and still haven’t made any sales. Lot of time have felt like quitting but something has always stop me from doing that as got a very deep feeling that I can make this work. This video has helped me a lot.

  51. Tegan

    I worked at developing a product for about a year – getting the supplies, labels, setting up the website. Spent about $2,000 on it. After 6 months of selling, I pulled the product off the market. It just wasn’t feeling right anymore. I don’t regret it. I learned a lot from the experience which I can now apply to other areas of my life.

  52. Another great one! I finally got that deep feeling of why I do what I want to do. I’ve played with ideas, I’ve written them down for days but until now I didn’t realize the true why. That why that hits you in the core & makes you want to cry because you feel it. Thank you for that question-it really helped. I want to do what I do because I love to learn- and I love to teach what I’ve learned and share it with passion even more! That is a great reason to do what I want to do. Onward and upward!

  53. Hey Marie,

    You rock girl! I just watched both your videos on whether you should quit or commit. I am almost 66 years old and just started out (6 months ago) on a new marketing and business development project. I know I should be thinking about retirement but not yet – for many reasons. I am having some frustrations around not having enough progress yet. My decision to quit or commit is not wholly mine. I have responsibilities as most people do – children, grandchildren, charities and underprivileged people to whom I support. Your video has helped me as I answer the questions you pose. I’m gonna commit for another 6 months!

    Wish I could meet you for coffee and a good gab sometime. I feel and love your energy.
    Your fan,
    Grant Kelly

  54. beth

    Very timely video for me Marie. I am wavering about ending my endeavors and continuing on. A friend of mine recently told me that I was quitting and that she didn’t think I was a quitter. I told her there’s a difference between being realistic and a quitter. I am also a B Schooler. I joined BSchool so as to enhance my skills to bring forth the ideas I have in business & life. But I have ran into hurdle after hurdle. The Universe seems to be guiding me to being on track but I gotta admit, I feel beat to hell and not sure it’s worth it anymore. I am going to watch this video again.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Hi Beth,

      We’re so glad that this video is helping you to figure out for yourself whether moving forward or taking a step back is the right decision. Take your time and allow yourself to clue in on how you’re feeling and what you really want. And remember, sometimes letting go can reveal opportunities that were previously hidden. We’re wishing you well!

  55. KG

    Committing or quitting for me comes down to answering the question, “Can I not do this?” If something is so in me to do and I know it in my gut and heart then I’m committed. Sometimes that can change for a project, business or relationship, so I’m always awake to the moment. Sometimes a project I undertake is a growth opportunity that compels me until the “in me to do” falls away. Usually, at that same time, something even more “perfect”, that my initial project prepared me, shows up. There are lots of variables that I consider before committing or quitting, but the primary one is, “Is it in me to do?” Bottom line for me is trusting myself and that life is my steady partner who will guide me every step of the way. Also, second guessing is a real killer to your having the persistence required to realize “what’s in you to do.”

  56. Good episode. We need to think carefully before committing to something.

  57. I am totally agree with you. This post from you once again inspires me greatly, thank you girl, Marie. Now I know what I need, what I want, and what to do. When to work, when to play, when to play, this is is happy

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