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Life doesn’t always go the way you want it to, right? Whether it’s a minor inconvenience like unexpected traffic or a major setback in your career, relationships or health, one thing is certain.

Much of our success and fulfillment comes down to how we see things.

It comes down to the meaning we choose to give the events and circumstances we find ourselves in. It comes down to what we believe this one, precious life is all about.

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Your attitude impacts everything. It directs your thoughts, your energy and most of all, the actions you take.

If you want to master one of the most underrated secrets for how to be successful in life, this is it.

Train yourself to not only have a positive attitude, but also express it consistently.

Before you balk, when I say to have a positive attitude I’m not talking about being Pollyanna, wearing rose-colored glasses or ignoring real-world challenges. I’m also not talking about being fake or suppressing your not-so-positive emotions.  

What I’m suggesting is to use more of your intelligence. To become aware of how much power you have in this area and take responsibility for the impact your attitude has on the quality of your life, and on others.

Because the actions you take, the energy you exude and therefore — the results you create are vastly different when you have a positive attitude rather than a negative one.

While that might seem obvious, most people just react to the world around them and allow their attitude to be dictated by their ever-changing circumstances.

Look. Even if you have good intentions, do the right things, and work really hard, if you don’t also have this energetic skill mastered, this ability to maintain and express a genuine positive attitude, you’re not going to be as successful or fulfilled as you deserve to be.

That’s why I want to tell you a story about a man who took my car keys in L.A. My brief encounter was a potent reminder of this, one of the most underrated secrets to success and happiness there is.

Watch and learn 3 reasons why training yourself to not only have a positive attitude, but also express it — is so important.

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Now I’d love to hear from you.

  1. What’s a specific example where how someone did something, meaning their positive attitude and energy, really impressed you?
  1. What area of your life might profoundly shift if you focused more attention on your positive attitude, meaning you focused on how you did something, rather than just going through the motions?

Let me know your answers in the comments below.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your example may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you a million times over for watching, adding your perspective and enlivening this discussion.

If anyone you know could use a little a reminder on how powerful they can be, please share this post.

With tons of love,


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  1. This is one of the most resonant of your recent videos for me Marie. I am a customer service nerd in the biggest way and I wholeheartedly believe in the “delivery”. But I’m going to backtrack and say that for the longest time when I was unclear on my business I would ask people (including clients) what they appreciated the most about me and everyone (everyone!) said my energy. Yeah…great…how you gonna write that on a sales page son!? But they were on to something and it’s something I try to really foster in the people I work with now. Building a livelihood based on your values, working only with people you really dig…it sets the stage for you to deliver whatever it is that you do with incredible energy and yes, that sh*t rubs off! Great energy actually turns into increased income. Great energy looks like excellent customer service (and usually is). So much gold here.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Heather! It’s so cool that your clients and all the people around you immediately picked up on your jubilant energy. 🙂

      • Hi Marie,
        I had a great career as a high school teacher. The kids loved me because I loved them, loved my job and was there for them. I wanted to see them do well, express themselves and move on in life and be successful in whatever endeavor. I do have a positive attitude in life and they got that. I miss them now but know they probably remember me well.
        One thing I have learned and want to share is that you have to persevere with a positive attitude even though you may often run into those out there who are jealous and begrudge your happiness. So Marie, it’s always cool to hear you say “So stay on your game because the world needs you and what you do…….”.
        I’m an artist and staying on my game of making art, reminds me every time that this ( and teaching ) are my contribution to the world. Thanks Marie and staff for being so dedicated, funny, kind and loving.?

        • Susana Lourenço

          Loved this video! Thank you! It really is important how we do things, what is the energy that drives us.

    • Jena Mckelvey

      LOVE THIS! When you started the story I immediately thought of one of the bus drivers that does route 41 in Arlington, Alan. Alan goes above and beyond for our community and brings so much joy to my life. He shakes my hand as I board the bus. He knows my stop and many others. Some friends kiss him goodbye every morning on the cheek. What a treat it is to have such an incredible and joyful friend in the community that lifts people’s spirits everyday.

    • So brillantly put. Couldn´t agree more!

    • Heather I was exactly the same – such a great post! I have been focussing on what I have been putting out all week and I am really noticing some big jumps!

  2. Yasmine

    Great video as always Ms. Forleo!

    My only qualm is that I don’t understand the need to identify the valet gentleman as “Latino.” Would this ethno-racial construction have been mentioned in your sentence if he were “White” or “Caucasian”? I don’t believe this label has any relevance to his personality, and I would caution the use of such superficial constructions when describing another human being., especially since you’re a public figure with much influence. I’ve noticed that an individual who appears to be a so-called other is always labeled in conversations, which is disturbing for a host of reasons.

    Anyhow, I look forward to viewing your upcoming videos for the year, as they always start my Tuesday mornings on the right foot!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing your concerns and letting us know how this episode landed with you. You’re absolutely right that one’s race, sex, age, etc., doesn’t have any relevance to one’s personality. There are positive, loving people of all varieties. I think Marie mentioned what he looked like and how old he was, as well as the traffic on that day and why she was in the parking garage, to help viewers get a clearer visualization of what was happening that day since it made such a positive impact on her. It’s always helpful to hear feedback on episodes, so we appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

      • Erin

        Great advice. However, I am a bit disappointed that it would be brought up as a bad thing that the valet probably did not make a lot of money. What it said to me was that Marie questions why one could be happy being a valet if they don’t make a lot of money doing it. If he was 60 he may have been retired and happy to be doing a job to stay busy etc. I have met a lot of retired people like him.
        Why think that a job is not good because you don’t make a lot of money doing it? All jobs have a good and bad side wether you make a lot of money or not.
        Thank you for letting me give my opinion,

      • Xio

        Its really interesting how people feel towards this subject.

        I am a latin girl living abroad and it made me smile when Marie mentioned the fact he was latino, firstly I could picture him better in my head and it also remind me of our friendly culture. People always say im so bubbly and smiley and that is partly to the fact i am latin. Living in Europe I have noticed people avoid mentioning the fact that I am brown or latin and try to use other adjectives when describing me to someone else (normally they pick little or short girl haha!) I am not embarrased at all of who I am and dont understand why people are so unduly sensitive, if my hair is black and my skin is brown why would I be offended if someone uses that to describe me, being surrounded by blonde people its actually a quite handy way to differentiate me!

        Everyone could do with relaxing more about being PC and just actually be nice to each and learn to laugh at things! I really recommend the comedian Russell Peters, he makes jokes about all cultures, specially his own, its so refreshing!!!

        Have a nice day everyone!!

        • Freddie Brown

          A++ for Xio’s comment. Everyone is trying so terribly hard to take things so personally and being so personally politically correct, that they set out to be the police of the world. Can we just chill out and take things less combatively and smile more and as the topic says ” have a positive attitude”. See the other side of things not just your side. I agree that Marie wanted to give us a visual that the person wasn’t a high energy white kid, high on caffeine or something. Just chill people. We don’t need to be lectured by self proclaimed politically correct police.
          Let live a bit.

        • ❤❤❤

    • Kirin

      +1 for this comment. It can be helpful to describe someone by their race, but do we want to continue to live in a world where white is the assumed default? For example, if the attendant had been white, would the writer of this episode have felt it necessary to use race as a descriptor to paint a clearer picture for the audience? Something to think about!

      And also, +1 for the message of this video! Thank you for this show every week– I always look forward to Tuesday and seeing Marie in my inbox.

    • I feel like she was simply illustrating the story more vividly. I also feel like picking apart everyone’s words when race comes up is one of the problems that keeps us divided. She didn’t say anything negative about his race … I don’t see anything wrong with including this as a descriptor. We always hear “celebrate diversity! celebrate diversity!” and then when diversity is celebrated by name, we want to homogenize the conversation again. It’s confusing and tiring.

      • Marjorie WEIR

        I agree with you Dorothy – it felt as just a descriptor to visualize the story, so you didn’t feel it was just some white Jersey kid with hustle that ‘identified with her’. I also think it illustrates that you can embrace your job no matter what your age or circumstances and have fun with it, instead of “this is beneath me”. I’ve written a few times about my mom being the nanny (and substitute grandma) for a black family and how she loved those girls more than her own grandkids. To me it was important to the story that not all are race biased – just see people as they are.

        I was telling a story at a Meetup last night to strangers and described the guys as a couple poor black teens from Chicago because – that is what they were! And important to my story to understand it and what I learned from them. The story may come across completely different if a different age or race.

        Her MAIN point – attitude matters is something no matter what your race is important and most likely to divide people – those that walk around with a ‘chip on the shoulder’? expecting the worst often get it. (Been there too)

        • Freddie Brown

          Go Dorothy. I don’t like that there is so many self proclaimed policing of our words and language that these days, it’s impossible to be spontaneous and joyful because you could offend someone if you’re not uber careful. People need to stop this nonsense of divide and conquer. No one needs to be chastized unless it is a blatant insult to race, sex, etc. People need to take a chill pill and know that they don’t have the right to be the worlds PC police.

      • Tania

        Couldn’t agree more Dorothy!

    • Bea

      Marie may have included the fact that the gentleman was “Latino” because it is not uncommon in the Latino culture to be kind, and welcoming to others. It may be a good idea for you to study up on the culture… I am Latina, and my parents instilled values of service in me, that many of my friends from other cultures don’t practice, frankly. Simple enough, there is never anything wrong with mentioning a person’s ethnicity, especially in good context such as this. Could the racisim bit you mentioned, be only a fragment of your imagination?

    • Interesting – I actually loved that she included “Latino” in the description; it helped paint a more vivid picture in my mind – which is really important when story-telling.

      I also do think that his race may have been relevant to the story and his personality as the characteristics she was talking about (love, passion, friendliness) are certainly characteristics I find to be more common and pronounced in Latino people.

      Anyway, that’s my two-cents!

  3. Hi Marie,
    This is a great episode. I’ve been finding that whatever starts to go south in my life, it can be fixed by throwing love at it. This episode is a reminder for why that works. Love is the answer!! Keep on powering along. You are an inspiration.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true, Jana! I love the mantra “love is the answer” too. 🙂

  4. Lindsay

    This is so amazingly timed for me, thanks for sharing, Marie! I woke up this morning and spent some time in prayer for the first time in over a week. I’ve been struggling with perspective lately and I was recognizing that my current routine has not gearing me toward the positive attitude I normally have. I really have just been going through the motions, and with my 30th birthday about 8 months away, I’ve been asking myself if I’m where I want to be and if my focus needs to shift. It totally does. I’m going to put this into practice today, this is what I needed to hear.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Sounds like you’ve got a great plan, Lindsay! I’m so glad this episode resonated with you and where you are in your journey.

  5. Susanne

    Hi Marie, oh so true, eveyone can make the difference. A few weeks ago I was at Londen airport, where it was – early in the morning – very busy. Long rows in front of the passport- and suitcasecontrol. Everyone has to pass the detaction ports on their socks and lift their arms. Hands up! The two people – a man and a woman – who had to do the control, made a show out of their work, by singing christmas songs, making jokes and do some dances with the costumers. They really made my day and I am sure that I was not the only one 🙂

  6. This past weekend in San Antonio. My friends and I were finishing up dinner at Paesanos Riverwalk and wanted to take a pic. Our waiter wasn’t around, we thought he may have clock out and gone home so we just asked another one to take our pic. Well our cutie pie waiter came out of nowhere and said noooo I must take a better pic for you.

    We were a little alarmed because he was so passionate and adamant about taking it. I mean he had already cashed us out and everything. He happily took our camera and snapped 2 great pics that we all loved. It was his energy and positivity that stuck with us, we talked about it and how great his attitude and service was on the way home.

    The area of my life would be my relationships with family and friends. I am working on being fully present and focusing more on them than thinking about what I need to be doing or forgot to do.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Mimi! And you must doing a great job at being present with the people you love because that dinner with your friends sounds really fun. 🙂

  7. MARIE!!!! This was my favorite videos EVER. I want this message to be every where. I agree 150%. Thank you for putting your thoughts out into the world. I hope this one truly is contagious! It reminded me so much of Charles Swindolls, “Attitudes”.

    “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. It will make or break a company … a church … a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you … we are in charge of our Attitudes.”

    • Tati

      Stacey, thank you for your comment and quotation. I really like it! When I’ve watched the episode, I could not understand how to use it in my life, especially in my job. Then I started to read comments and after I’d read yours I recognized I have to change my attitude. And I will.

  8. Deanna Arrants

    Thank you Marie. I have been feeling in a rut.
    My fiancé is always such a joy magnet. He pours joy and love out of his soul in everything he does and I am beyond blessed to have him. For example, he writes computer programs and he is working on one. He is so excited about solving problems to hear him talk about this tedious process as if he just got tickets to Disneyland is heartwarming.

    I’ve been in my current position for almost two years. I started the position full of energy very infused with positivity. Slowly that has changed to resentment and feeling beat down. Other places in my life are wonderful and I feel like my work life should be too. I have to take responsibility for my own energy and not let energy vampires drain my joy!
    Be blessed continuously. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad to hear you have your fiancé as a source of abundant joy at home, but sorry to hear things are stressful at work. I’ve got my fingers crossed that you’ll be able to use positivity garlic on the energy vampires. 🙂

  9. Anati

    You are amazing and your energy is contagious! Love you videos!
    Where can I write a personal note to you – that I don’t think is of interest to anyone but you? It’s not about the content…

    Thanks for brightening up the world with your fantastic attitude!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Anati! If you want to send a letter via mail, write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom we’ll be happy to tell you where to send it. Otherwise that email address is the best place to reach us. Please note that our team does check that email inbox as well as the physical mail inbox, so there may be people on our team who see the message too.

  10. Just the other day I was wowed by a guy who was running the t-shirt kiosk at a mall. My daughter wanted to buy a t-shirt and this guy was all smiles, and really enthusiastic about us being there. He complimented us as a mother-daughter team and smiled from ear to ear. He complimented my daughter on her taste in music and said the t-shirt would look fantastic on her. It was so uplifting and fun to interact with this man. My daughter – who is a teenager and tends not to smile very much these days… was smiling and bright eyed. It really moved me.

    I personally will be focusing on ‘how’ I do what I do on my partnering with my husband. I’m excited to see what my impact will be when I enthusiastically greet my husband tonight and ask him with true curiosity about his day. This was a great reminder Marie – thank you!

  11. Kirsten

    I completely agree with this. I felt it ….then my family and I had to do a big move. The thing with the move was it came with a lot of “unfortunate events”…but the main thing i took from it was it also helped me slow down a bit…I was working too much and it was effecting my son and hubby. But with the move it brought on a bit of depression I was not doing what I loved anymore. I am still in my line of work but it just isn’t the exact same. I have been researching alot in the past month and hubby and I have talked alot about how I can get that feeling back without sacrificing family life too.. I am so happy to have supportive people in my life and watching this video solidifies that I just need to put more of my energy into it to make it happen…while learning how to balance both work and home life (now that I have had the best of both worlds). Thank you marie! Been watching and following you for a few months now and just loving every video; you are just so fun to watch!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been going through a rough time, Kirsten, though I’m glad you have a supportive family to lean on and a plan for getting back to a place of happiness. We’re cheering you on!

  12. Your awesome Marie. Attitude is so important. Thank you for sharing.
    As an IIN grad I’ve been fortunate to hear you present a few times. Always a positive take away.
    Kind regards always,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so awesome, Paul! It means the world to us that you’re enjoying Marie’s work. We appreciate you tuning in.

  13. Stéfanny

    To answer your first question, every great teacher or professor I have had have embodied this attitude. Their passion for the subject that they teach, and their enthusiasm to share it with us (the students), always made the transmission of information much easier, and I almost always had better grades in their classes because of it. Their positivism radiated through their slides, their examples, the way they would answer questions, and even when I would go to their office hours and would have one-on-one time with them, they kept that same high energy, that I’m-soooo-crazy-about-my-job-that-you-are-going-to-want-to-be-a-physics/math/chemistry/constitutional law/__(fill in the blank)__ teacher-too! What a joy and a break from the monotonous drones who really looked uncomfortable in their job and like they resented us for asking questions.

    As for your second question, given that I am currently unemployed, I will apply this ‘secret’ to my cover letters. As in, maybe I should try to continue my enthusiasm while I type my letters , and transmit that through my writing. That might make the reader more excited about my candidacy and actually call me back for an interview!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’ve had some amazing teachers, Stéfanny! We’ve got our fingers crossed you’ll find the perfect job for you soon.

  14. Dewi

    Hey Marieee, you are the Queen of positivity. Always throw away negative toxic. And I can’t thank you enough for your work besides sharing it to everyone I know. I am wondering after being your student for quite long time, is there any plan to let us contribute, sort of like a contest maybe ? So we can join to create impact with Marie ?.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Dewi! Occasionally Marie will ask her audience to pitch in on humanitarian goals. For example, she partnered with The Compassion Collective to help Syrian refugees. If you’d like to check that out and contribute you can do so here:

  15. Emily

    Hey there,
    Lately I’ve felt so synchronized with Marie TV. My family got some painful news this past weekend. Last night, I woke up around midnight and my husband still had the TV on because the wound is recent, and trying to fall asleep can be frightening. So I did Tonglen (unbeknownst to him). It worked. He fell asleep within 20 minutes and I had the energy running through me for a while longer, but it caused some deep epiphanies, and 40 minutes later I passed out too! But I have to say, that stuff is real. Sometimes to go back to being positive, it helps to just fully feel it first.
    So much love.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad Tonglen has been helpful during this difficult time, Emily. We’re sending tons of love and healing wishes your family’s way.

      • Emily

        Thank you so much. 🙂

  16. Nastia

    Marie, great video. But somehow I have this enthusiastic and positive spirit, educated and have the hardest time to land the next great job opportunity.

    • Emily

      I know what that’s like! GOD! The wait can be painful. Lately I’ve been telling myself that faith is the practice to focusing on the solution before the solution arrives. Sending love!

  17. Wow this is so untuned with th my mom Morning! I try my hardest to always welcome each person in the office where I work. Since I am there first, I want to be sure I am rubbing off good vibes. Today I wasn’t the first one there but I made sure to walk around and say good morning. Attitude is everything. Thanks for the reminder Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Keshna! I bet your team is really happy to have you around. 🙂

  18. Lisa

    I’ve been searching for a new job for a few months now. I’m looking for my next career position while unemployed so I’m approaching it with more of a ‘must do’ than ‘love doing this’ attitude. I know if I could continue to focus on the positive aspects of what this opportunity is affording me rather than the negative, and if I approached my job search activities with a more enthusiastic attitude, I would feel less frustrated in my search.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That does sound stressful, Lisa. We’ve got our fingers crossed you’ll find the perfect job for you soon.

  19. Thank you for this video message about positivity and how that energy affects your day and others you interact with. I needed that nudge before taking on the world today!

  20. Webly

    Great video as usual Marie.
    People remember how you treat them. I remember a gentleman helping me at a grocery store. He went above and beyond to help me find an item and even helped me carry all my bags to my car. I know they only get minimum wage but such dedication and service definitely made an impact. I gave him a tip and he was extremely happy and told me I just got him his beer for the day.

    I carry this into my business. I tell my customers as much as I know can help them make an informed decision. They are not buying just for today, I aim at building relationships.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! This is so spot on, Webly! 🙂

  21. One of my distant family members always makes my day when I see her, she is so happy and smiling all the time and tells me how proud she is of me all the time, this is a lady who has been through some of the worst kinds of things in her life in the past from domestic violence to getting evicted from her home to literally selling stuff on the side of the street just to support her kids. Yet every time you run into her she has this big, bright smile on her face and is thanking Allah (God) for all her blessings and lately her situation changed for the better thanks to Allah and her living conditions are excellent.

    One thing I could infuse more attention to and emotion into is matters related to my health, when someone tells me to do a certain exercise or diet or take certain medication I always do either neglect it or hate doing it, my health is excellent thanks to Allah, however i could really pay more attention to and do it with more love.

    Love you Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad your relative is living in a great place now, Zuhur. She sounds like a wonderful person to have in your life!

  22. A positive mental attitude is vital!… Once we understand time is an illusion and focus on the “Now” by becoming “Present”. We then strip the Ego of some of it’s most powerful weapons which are the “past” and the “future”… Love all of your videos!

  23. JaNohn

    I don’t know where you get your timing skills, but please know they are on point. I have been blessed with a naturally exuberant energy. Unfortunately, those around me aren’t as joyful. Creating this environment of joy and excellence is sometimes a challenge when you rely on a team to make client proposals/executions successful. After watching the video, the missing link appears to be in the transfer of joy. I haven’t shared my joy in a transferable way. I just expect the joy because it comes so easily to me. Just yesterday I was at my local fancy GW. Yes, I shop at Goodwill is one of my favorite pastimes. A gentleman walked up to me and my daughter asking a question. We answered and talked. He finally said, “Thank You and thank you for your energy, it’s wonderful”. He was double excited. He found an Armani sports jacket for $5 and he met two cool chicks. Our energy matters and we have to be infectious. This week I will approach my team in a more joyful, yet direct manner. I’m expecting big things.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really smart distinction, Janohn: the transfer of joy versus expecting joy in others. It may not always come so easily to others—maybe something happened in their life, or they’re positive but more of an introvert so they’re not as outwardly expressive or energetic. It’s hard to say, but it’s really cool that this is something you’re thinking about!

  24. Toni Mangas

    Might seem an obvious truth, yet it’s much needed to have it present. A routinely visit to the oculist (unexciting as it might sound) was really enjoyable thanks to the good vibes and big smile of the doctor. It works! 🙂
    Saludos everyone.

  25. This episode immediately reminded me of when I was 8 years old, and decided I wanted to create a school magazine. I was SO pumped about this idea I managed to get the whole teaching staff and loads of students and parents on my side and we sold out every copy month after month. When I left that school they actually presented me with an award for my ‘positive attitude’!

    What strikes me about this though, is that I can’t think of many projects since that I’ve embraced with the same enthusiasm and joy. Somewhere along the way I’ve lost that, and creativity was SOMUCHMOREFUN when I had that extra oomph.

    The last person to totally wow me was a lady called Sonja who was telling me about a holistic garden party she was putting on in the South of France. She was so excited about it, I got totally excited about it!

    As for the second part, I’d bet that EVERY area of my life would change if I went at it with that pure joy and enthusiasm, but to start with, I’m going to apply to my client work and get really enthusiastic about what we’re creating, and to bring that energy to their projects.

    Loved this episode Marie, total game changer! xo

  26. As always, this is such a poignant reminder, Marie! It occurs to me that I do a good job of this when I’m working with clients or potential clients. I feel so energized by the women I work with and passionate about helping women heal their relationship with food and body. Because the work I do stems from very personal experiences, when I connect with another woman who faces these same challenges, it feels like my “calling”, as if everything in my life led me to that moment, which is super powerful. But it also made me realize that I don’t bring this same energy, passion and love to promoting my business or seeking out new clients. That very much feels like a chore and the “must do” part of my business. I need to shift my approach to marketing my business with the same positive energy that I bring to my actual client work.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’ve got some truly amazing ladies you’re working with, Emily! It may also help to consider that when you’re seeking new clients and promoting your business you’re attracting more of those awesome ladies you’re working with. There are clients (future friends) out there you haven’t met yet that need your help. 🙂

  27. I can’t remember any one specific situation for question 1, but oh my goodness, do I see how this works out every time I start a new Facebook Ads campaign for a client!

    Even with something so, in theory, technical, as Facebook Ads, the results people get are so much dependent on the energy that the creator puts into their copy or their video. It REALLY shows and comes across on the other side, creating different results depending on whether people actually REALLY wanted to be seen or heard, or if they were doing this, but secretly hoped not too many people would react (because we carry some stories sometimes of what bad things would happen to us if we were to shine brightly with our genius – sounds crazy but we all do this).

    So as I will be recording my content for the next 3 months soon, I vouch to do exactly this: focus on HOW I feel when I’m doing these, and try to infuse as much positive energy into my videos as possible, so that people on the other side can feel that too.

    Thanks for sharing awesome content every week, Marie. You and your team are a great (and very positive) role model(s) for a lot of people out there, including myself. Thank you <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good point, Kat! Even things that seem like they’d be all technical have a lot of feeling infused, so perspective and attitude are still important.

  28. 1. There is this guy at the window at Tim Horton’s (Canada’s local coffee spot) who is incredibly upbeat in the morning. He greets me with a sing-song “How you doin’, girlfriend?” and listens for the answer every time I go through that drive-thru, it’s uplifting. I’ve told him repeatedly how he’s the best part of the morning. I could make tea at home, but my kettle isn’t quite so friendly.
    2. How I approach training my dog. She’s a handful, and we’ve been working on getting her under control for over a year now, and she still pulls on the leash and barks at people & lunges at dogs. We’re on our third trainer and to say I’m frustrated would be an understatement. I’m certain my attitude isn’t improving the situation. She really is an awesome dog & is very sweet at home. I have to remind myself of how great she is when she’s in the middle of embarrassing behaviour when we’re out for our training walks. I bet she’d respond better. Whew! That’s gonna be hard!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I had to chuckle to myself about the drive-thru window because there’s a fast food place near me that does that too, and it always makes my day. It’s a chicken place, so they’ll say, “cluck, cluck chicken, which combo are you pickin’?” and it cracks me up every time. It’s such a small, silly thing, but it really does make a difference.

      I really hope things get better with your dog. It’s also a really good reminder that other creatures (not just humans) feel our energy too.

  29. So true! Thanks for the reminder Marie!
    Ok I have a few examples that come to mind… But let’s single out this one:
    Last December I found a piano restaurant where I could play a song I wrote for my now fiancée.
    I booked and said what I was planning on doing but didn’t go into too many specifics. When we showed up (30 mns late. Oops!) we were still greeted warmly and showed to our table. Next to the piano! I didn’t even think of that detail. No briefing from me but all the waitresses played along, and in the end it looked very spontaneous. She had no idea! I asked if I could play the piano. Was told “yes of course, we welcome a little ent entertainment”. Played the song, popped the question, got hugs from our waitress AND some of the customers. And I am now engaged to marry my complement sent from above!
    Which reminds me I have to give them a great review!

    2) If I was to bring this energy in my writing and videos, not only would I feel more aligned with myself and engaged (no pun intended haha), I would be more engaging and would contribute more to the happiness of others!

    Mmmhhh… Need to remember though!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so beautiful, Rudiano! I’m so glad the restaurant helped make your engagement special. What a great story, and congrats to you both!

  30. Hi Marie & Team,
    I can’t think of a specific time where I’ve experienced someone who has swung my mood around, but my daughters do it for me frequently.
    And I would benefit in my full time job as a police/fire dispatcher with some more joy. I love my job, but I deal with a lot of grumpy people, inside and outside the department. I am going to start just being my most upbeat self when appropriate and be the happiness I want in my life!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That does sound really hard, Tracy, especially since people usually only call police/fire when they’re in trouble or panicked. It great that this is something you’re thinking about because I bet they’re in big need of joy in that moment.

  31. Amy

    I do believe the universe is sending me reminders about attitude and energy. 🙂 Thanks for this video, Marie! I’ve been head-down in a project for what feels like too long. And I’ve been feeling more frustrated and desperate to finish than excited about sharing the final result. Perhaps it’s time to take a step back and revisit the reasons why I’m writing and find that energy to bring back into the process.

    When I think about someone who exemplifies a positive attitude, my college pastor comes to mind immediately. Pastor was (and still is!) radiant. He was always genuinely happy to see students and community members and hear about our experiences. His exuberance could win over even the skeptics. 🙂 I like the idea of following his example in my own work and life.

  32. I absolutely loved this episode! So much truth in such a short video 🙂
    The most recent moment when somebody wowed me with how things were done was last week at a pet shop. The guy there was the bomb! He was willing to show us and let us pet all the animals, answer all our questions and add extra info, and all with a big smile on his face. The shop is always packed and now I know why!
    For me, an aspect of my life I could put more effort in how I do things is definitely emails. I think just a small shift in my attitude when answering my everyday endless queue of emails will make a great difference. And I’m going to start right now!
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Cris! I hope you found a great fur-ever friend to take home. 🙂

  33. Thank you for this reminder. It is so true, and sometimes, so challenging to put into place. Especially if you find that there’s a lot of stuff on your plate, both professionally and personally. I’m always in awe of the people who manage to see the positive through it all! Something to emulate for sure…

  34. Kristin Davis

    I thought this video was amazing and absolutely true. It’s funny, ever since I’ve been thinking about acting with integrity, more and more situations keep coming up about being grateful and I am being treated so differently. It is “how” you do things. You have to show up because the act that you do is your unique way. Thank you for asking what I want to contribute. I’ve never been asked that before. I want to give people peace.

    • Diana

      “I want to give people peace.” Love this!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this episode came at just the right time, Kristin! You have some wonderful gifts and talents to contribute and I’m really happy this episode got you thinking in that direction.

  35. oliver

    I was wowed by the service of a person helping me apply, register and obtain a rental vehicle.

    – As he processed my rental paperwork he was willing to withstand the cold in order to preserve the intimacy of standing face to face rather shutting the sliding glass door between us.
    – He offered a free sub-compact to compact car upgrade.
    – On my way out he opened the door to the car I was renting, said goodbye and shut the door.

    I can do better by how I show up to work and in general situations if I am willing to change and accept the fear and distaste that arises when I am overcome by a sense of people .

    • Chris

      I work out at a particular gym and have for the past decade. It is a boxing gym and probably the preeminent one in the world. It gets pretty dirty and grimy during the course of a week and the bathrooms are the worst.
      One day I walked into the bathroom and the guy who cleans the place was mopping the floors, a really terrible thing to have to do. I watched him go about his work for a bit and I noticed lo and behold he was whistling. He was actually whistling. He had managed to find the joy in what he was doing amongst the dirt and sweat and garbage. In that moment his impact on me was as much or more than anything I have encountered so far in my life. This unassuming, part of the background, quiet gentle man had shown me grace in a way I had never seen it before. He was living it . His attitude transcended his physical surroundings and he deeply touched me. In some ways I felt ashamed for my attitude toward many things. I knew in an instant he was so far up the evolutionary ladder from me.
      Sadly he passed away a few weeks ago but the lesson he imparted to me lives on as I ALWAYS refer to that day as a living example of what beauty, grace and a Godly presence is. I can only hope that one day I may too may be that kind of example.

  36. Nikki Higgins

    Unfortunately I don’t have one example I have too many examples of people whom have “wowed” me by just having a positive attitude in life. No matter what these “life guides” as I refer to them remind me constantly that it is all about a positive attitude. I have adopted this way of thinking and feeling but sometimes I falter. It is not so easy when you have bills coming in, a sick parent and you recently left your job because it was destroying you.
    In December I took what I refer to as a “big leap of faith” and it was the hardest decision I have made to date. I resigned from my job without having another. Yes, that was not a smart move at all and I more than anyone knows it. I can’t explain it but everything in me said “nothing will happen for you if you don’t make a move, but you have stay positive and believe”. Spiritual hooky it may seem like to some and crazy stupid action to others but I know it in me that it was a move I had to make. Through it all I am constantly reminded to stay positive in my actions and thoughts. My “life guides” remind and always give me words and feelings of kindness, they always say to me “you did a brave thing and I am proud of you and you will get everything you want, stay positive”. At times life “tries” me by bills coming in, job rejections and so forth but my attitude is that it is okay and things are good.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’ve got a great perspective, Nikki! We’ve got our fingers crossed you’ll discover your next adventure soon.

  37. Marie,
    I have always felt that my secret sauce was my PMA (positive mental attitude). Lately, my personal circumstances have changed and made me quite unhappy. While I am trying to work my way out of this place I find myself in – I feel like a negative Nelly when close friends and family members ask me how I am. I feel like I should be honest – after all if you can’t be honest with your very close friends and family who can you be honest with. My mother-in-law is always trying to put a happy face on my situation, and I could look at it that way – but it wouldn’t be honest.

    My question – when is it OK to be honest and yourself with close friends and family and when are you just being a victim? To the outside world my PMA has not stopped, I believe in everything you said in the above message. But we get two messages: Be yourself, be real, be authentic and then on the other side of things – paint a rainbow, smile, no one wants to hear about your woes or worries. In tough times you need your friends and family to support you. Advice?

    Just interested to hear your take on this.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Lynda! I can definitely see how it’s a tricky balance. If you’ll write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom we’ll be happy to help you submit this Q for consideration for a future Q&A Tuesday.

      • It is a great question and would really love to know Marie’s view on it.

        • shikha

          I would also like to know how to not let monotony or boredom not get the best of your attitude..

  38. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for this post, it really means a lot to me. I remember a similar infectious joyful service experience with a dental hygienist. I am no fan of getting my teeth cleaned but oral health is a big priority to me and so I go, dragging my heels as required. This woman was on a mission! She was patient and gentle but let me know that her passion in life is to scrape plaque off teeth. We laughed and I now see her three times each year and I don’t dread trips to the dentist anymore. It makes me think about how I can share my own authentic passion in my new project of bring yoga for good mental health to the world using Facebook Live for the first time. Yesterday was my first kick at it and well, everything went wrong! I told my viewers I would go live on my Facebook page at 4:00pm and it finally got working at 4:40pm… ahhh! I had to pull myself together. In the end, the video had good sound but my head was cut off! I try again today and I also love what you have said about progress being more important than perfection. So I thought of that, and kept going! Thanks for these helpful motivators, please keep them coming! With gratitude, Michelle

  39. Shovan Banerjee

    I am a negative attitude man.. Nothing is incredible to me. I am much more emotional than professional that’s why pulls me back in every aspects. Sometimes feel energetic but many a time feels less energetic and full of agony. Though I don’t allow depression to take over my soul but I feel negative feelings haunt me as I have some bitter experience in my past life. These videos and motivational talks doesn’t motivate me at all . I see and want to see the real life pictures and wish to get motivate. At this age I extremely feel money matters and that I am lagging behind. I agree with Julius Minor that ” Focus on the “Now” by becoming “Present” ” . But many people like me who have a blunt “past” and want to make a glittering “future”, they have a very edgy and sharp “present”. One mistake will make a bloody end. Its who I see my past, its who I see my present and its who I see my future. “Sun rises every morning after the dark night” a good quotation of some well known books, ” Tough time never last but tough people do” are some famous taglines.. It is the individual who believe that standing on the edgy sharp sword of PRESENT.

  40. Diana

    Hey Marie, thanks so much for this video! I’ve hand-written out the two highlighted quotes above and posted them on my computer monitor. Overall, indeed, I feel ya! Pre-holidays I was so whiny about how tired I was. Then, this past weekend, I spent a day with a new acquaintance and she whined constantly… it was exhausting! I instantly thought back to my poor colleagues that heard me say day-in and day-out, “Wannnnhhh, I’m so exhausted.” My poor co-working darlings! Thank you for the reminder that we have an influence on others and maintaining a positive attitude is just another form of social responsibility. <3 XO

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a great way of looking at it, Diana! Attitude as a form of social responsibility—love it!

  41. Muhammad A. Khan

    Thank you for sharing such an important episode!
    Let me share too; I have been a presenter exploring and making my listeners to become aware of a concept called “Fourth Dimension”.
    Briefly its theme and focus was “Think positive, feel positive and do positive; you will always meet success in life. Let me elucidate it a bit more; when you come across any stranger, there are emissions like magnetic radiations between the two simply called vibrations under a natural process. These vibrations at times are in harmony and sometimes not so. That is why when you just see some one you develop a liking without reasons and the converse of the same is also very true. However, when it is expressed by warm articulations, it is called a win-win situation.
    To conclude, if I come across Marie one on one; her and my personality charisma is that we would be so loving with each other as we had a long loving, adorable and cherishing relationship since centuries- I say it with complete positivity. I am sure you would agree, else try it out…. I wish we get closer more than what our souls feel at this moment
    With earnest and warm love!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing this great story, Muhammad! That’s a really good way of explaining our impact through attitude.

  42. Leslie DeSchutter

    Great video this morning. Thank you! Would love to see you track this gentleman down and do a follow up with him. An interview with him would be awesome.
    Thanks Marie for all your beautiful contributions!

  43. My husband and I will never forget the concrete pump truck driver that showed up to help us with our house foundation 21 years ago. He was so excited about his business, about his job and about all things to do with concrete. In the course of the day of pouring concrete, he kept referring to articles he read in ‘Concrete World’ and ‘Concrete Construction’. It was obvious that he loved what he did and was always looking for ways to improve! His energy and enthusiasm is embedded in our minds (pardon the pun) – we still remember him, with enthusiasm, from over 2 decades ago!

    For the 2nd part, thanks for the wake up call! I hold Creative Retreats that are a HUGE amount of work (mostly ahead of time and behind the scenes) because I try to truly pamper the attendees. The retreats are very successful, however, I find myself dreading the set up process – I’ve been doing it all – cleaning, cooking, set up, breakdown, marketing etc. The energy of holding retreats sometimes exhausts my reserves even before the 1st student arrives!
    As I listened to your video, I realized my attitude and energy are more important than whether every speck of dust is cleaned up and more vital than whether there are 2 or 4 gourmet salads for lunch! I need to farm out the work I don’t like (cleaning, marketing), to focus on the work I do love (cooking, teaching)… because if I can master the balance, then I know I can approach each retreat with a much more positive attitude – which, as you point out, will affect the entire energy of the retreat.
    Thanks for the nudge to work this out – I’m going to hire a cleaning service!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Beverly! Marie is a fan of hiring work out that you don’t enjoy (when you’re able to do so) because it frees up your creative energy so you can keep doing your best work.

  44. Leslie Frey

    Sometimes, I wow myself. It a playfulness, a non-sexual flirtiness (okay, sometimes it’s sexual, too). I’m channeling my inner magician that KNOWS that this world is all one big funhouse. When I’m in that groove, I feel the divinity within me. I am a walking, talking ray of glory. I light up the grocery store line.

    Thank you for reminding me of the true light that is my highest self. It is my choice to let it shine or to hide it in fear.

    I’m about to transition to a new (utterly unlike any thing I’ve ever done) career. I’ve been very afraid that I’d have to behave like a stodgy, buttoned-up business person to be successful. But this reminded me that there is room for true joy, service to others, and laughter in EVERY career. EVERY DAY. Those that don’t want joy and compassion dispensed with their financial planning — they aren’t the clients who will resonate with me. And that’s their choice.

    I will shine, and that will serve the world. That is success.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on transitioning into your new career, Leslie! That sounds really exciting, and I’m so glad you’re committing to positivity.

    • Saydur Rahman Mukul

      Hi Marie, In response to your first question, I have a childhood friend . He had many odds to face in his life as his father died when he just completed college and going to attend University. We studied together , played together . Besides his all odd situations and being a talented boy , he knows what’s his limitations. This one impressed me a lot that knowing limitation and act according to that which I can’t.
      And, in reply of second one, I would say I’m not the person to go with motion. I have learnt to take the motion which i like most and I have interest on it. I am soft and emotional about my parents and my family .Eventually, their thoughts make me shifted from my future plan and my interests. And, I can’t help it . Apart from that I always choose what is right for me . By doing that I may loose or win . Whatever is the outcome ,I will be glad to accept it.

  45. I enjoyed your video on how one comes over to other people by ones attitude– but Marie I feel you use your hands and arms to emphasize a point far too much. As a language instructor, I have learned when and when not to use my hands and arms. Misuse can do ´the exact opposite to what you intended- people get mesmorised by your antics, and the points you want to make are therefore made more feeble .
    I hope you are not offended by this remark- I say it as it is my opinion !

  46. Thank you Marie. Wonderfully simple yet amazingly powerful steps that EVERYBODY can do right now, today and get immediate joy from doing. Confucius agrees; “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Vincent. Ireland

  47. Meliss

    This is such a great concept to be reminded of! However, what happens when we are just not feeling the love to give? When we don’t have it in us to conjure up that energy? What then?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question. If you’ll write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom we’ll be happy to help you submit this question for consideration for a future Q&A Tuesday.

  48. Fanny Santiago-Saavedra

    Oh my God I need it this message today… i will stay on my game do what I love so much and do it with positive attitude…

  49. Zabdi Rengifo

    I agree 100000% Being optimistic is contagious, and also being negative. I choose to be optimistic everyday 🙂

  50. Amy

    this was super helpful for me these days,thanks Marie
    I’ve been always the ‘happy go lucky’ person despite my own struggles in life but recently I’ve been dragging myself to work feeling that i should be somewhere doing something else,however,today’s episode made me to think seriously about my current attitude toward my own work and life—–
    i guess i need to revamp my soul~~~~~

  51. Oh my goodness! This is a video I think EVERYONE needs to see. I pride myself in keeping a smile on my face and a positive attitude no matter what happens at work (or whenever in public). I work as a Barista, and since coffee is one of the first things people run after at the start of their day, I feel it is important that they are also getting a dose of good vibes served with their AM espresso. Some of my co-workers from years back certainly weren’t morning people and didn’t really care to conceal that from customers. The result? People walked out feeling grumpy and oftentimes would not return again. :C

    Eventually we replaced our staff with a much more upbeat gang and ended up having loyal customers that would return nearly every morning, were always commenting on how smiley and cheerful our staff was, and who seemed to be happier each and every time they returned.

    How you present yourself is SO important. It doesn’t take much effort to flash a smile (or at least pretend that you like what you’re doing) but it can totally change the mood of the day for others.

    Fantastic video Marie! It’s getting lots and lots of shares from this little mermaid! ♥

  52. One of the ‘situations/universal siblings’ that has really impressed my spirit lately, is a ‘tribe’ siSTAR offering to be of service on my journey. She is a psychologist and put herself out there to ‘walk’ with me through this phase of my road less traveled. She understood what I was taking on and thought I could use some LOVE (I am referring to ACTION(love)) It is by far such an example of the real definition of having someone’s back. I am honored and still a bit shocked by her willingness to be of service. SO grateful.

    I believe that my positivity could best serve my journey more by ‘infecting’ other people with my verve for life. I know I am contagious. Using that to ignite other’s passion is a ‘responsibility’. I am still trying to find a way to reach my demographic. It’s a hard one. My passion lies with high risk youth. Juvie’s, group and foster homes, the ‘forgotten’ adolescents. They don’t often find their way to regular computer use, so I’m trying to brainstorm how to reach them until such a time as I get to speak to them in person!

    Thank you so much for this timely message, sat nam lil siSTAR!!!!!! (AND to all my tribe members)

  53. Lucy

    Hi Marie, i recently visited a martenity ward where i will be giving birth at and at first i didn’t like the idea of giving birth at that particular hospital but waa very impressed by one of the nurses who was extremely friendly and so passionate about her job. I have never seen such a kind nurse in my life and im excited to deliver my baby at that hospital.

    I work in a bank and believe me, in my work environment nothing seems to motivate me, because regardless of the hard work and good service delivery, my efforts seem unnoticed and this is one thing that makes me unhappy at work. After todays video, i will do my best regardless of the treatment i get..

    • Charity Odere.

      Hi Marie,
      It’s true that most of the times we encounter people with very rude manners and of course when you meet someone with good manners you must take note
      Just last week l was going to the hospital and that was my first time of going there, l needed a direction, the first woman l approached simply glimpsed at me and walked past. Then l stopped a guy who gave me all that l needed.
      To be honest, you can not determine the response you will get at any good gesture you offer.
      I have resolved that everyday of my life from now henceforth l must project a good gesture.

      I have r

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this video was helpful, Lucy! When you said your efforts went unnoticed I wasn’t sure if you were referring to the customers or your coworkers, but I wanted to share this MarieTV episode, too, in case it’s helpful:

  54. Martha

    Hi Marie!
    It’s true that attitude makes a huge difference. I am a grad student and I’m trying to wrap up my research. I wanted to comment about my account attitude towards a big meeting I have coming up in which I have to advocate for myself through showcasing my research. I know that during this meeting my attitude will have a big impact. But I feel like I’m on the witness stand or something and I tend to mirror my advisors attitude, which is not positive. Do you have any tips on how to shield myself from his negative attitude?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Martha, and such a stressful situation! Marie has a MarieTV episode on turning negative energy into positive fuel that I hope you’ll find helpful as you’re defending your research: We’re super proud of you and are cheering you on!

  55. I’ve been working this contagious happy energy into my days since the beginning of the year. Most of my friends and even my husband wanted to know if I was ok at first, it was funny. But now, I’ve found that my happiness has become the new normal for me and for everyone who’s around me. I laugh more and so does everyone else. Thanks for the episode, it was a great reminder I’m on the right track.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Melissa! 🙂

  56. Hi Marie,
    Another wonderful episode as usual! I often think of people with whom I connect in terms of Winnie the Pooh characters – goodness knows why, but I think someone once used a Winnie the Pooh character as an analogy and it resonated with me. So, how I connect to folks who show Eeyore characteristics or Tigger characteristics (you get the picture) is part of how I conducted myself unknowingly until I took notice! However, this allows me to understand the basic characteristics or archetypes of certain folks so that I can resonate with them. I agree that bringing joyful energy boosts one’s connections – I love the way you described this in your episode. Thank you for your continued

  57. Joanne G. Larkins

    Fabulous episode. I am working on smiling more, because I want to be remembered like my Great Aunt, whom we lovingly referred as Auntie. A couple of years before she passed away, I was watching her, sitting serenely in her chair, in the retirement home. The smile never left her mouth. I wondered how that was even possible, and then it dawned on me, years of practice. Duh!!! And so many people loved her, and admired her specifically for her positive attitude with that ready smile.
    I plan to try this more with my perfectionist husband. While he rants, I will rave and bathe in my positive attitude, and as the song goes, “Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag, And smile, smile, smile.”

  58. I had to laugh… my Dad has said to me many times over the years,

    “Remember to keep a positive, mental, attitude.”

    My sister and I will joke, “PMA, all the way!”

    Thanks for this. oxox

    • Eloïse

      PMA all the way, I like that 🙂

  59. My sons’ Tae Kwon Do teacher is a real example of someone who not only loves what he does but knows how to impart this to the kids in his class. He has up to 20 kids ranging from 8 – 12 years and they spend the entire hour of class smiling and doing their best for him. He also has the parents watching and throws in jokes and comments that make us smile too. It’s the only activity that my boys both look forward to every week and miss when it’s not on.

    I’m a proper positivity warrior and am known for always looking on the bright side of any situation. Even my recent marriage breakup couldn’t keep me down! If I had to work on one area of my life that I need to be more positive about though it is my own health and fitness. I got used to putting myself last but I am slowly changing this and looking after myself more. I’m taking better care of myself but I’m going to ramp it up!!

    Thanks for another fab video and very timely reminder that no matter how much I am already doing on the positivity front, I can always do more! H x

  60. Possibly the best video I have ever watched on Marie TV, and I’ ve seen a lot. Thanks so much, Marie. Great reminder. You rock!

  61. Hi Marie,

    I wanted you to know about my husband’s TedX talk on not giving events meaning. He actually teaches a tool that your listeners can learn that will teach them how not to give meanings to events and further, events actually have no inherent meaning. When the meaning goes away, the emotion goes away. When the emotion goes away, you can handle things with grace and in a positive way.
    When my daughter was a teenager she would say things to me and I would get angry. When I realized that I was giving her behavior the meaning that she doesn’t appreciate me, I quickly used our tool to get rid of it. It totally transformed our relationship. Magic!
    Thanks for all the you do to make the world a better place
    Warmly, Shelly Lefkoe

    • Hi Shelly,

      Wow, that is an excellent TEDX. Thank you for sharing.

  62. Eloïse

    Thank you Marie for this vidéo. It was a good reminder for me. I always remember 12 years ago, I was working in an office and there was an amazing cleaning lady? She was so warm and I was very young. I had a hard time with my work and one day, just seeing my face, she knew that I wasn’t well. So she asked and I was so happy to find someone to talk to. And even better, the next day, when I arrived in the morning, I had a beautiful daisy in my desk, oh my God, I almost cried, it was so nice. It was 12 years ago and I still remember it like if it was yesterday.

    And because you ask, I think the area that might profundly shif if I focus on my positive attitude is of course during my rehearsals. I’m a choir leader and I always can see the difference If i’m tired or irritated. The reponse is immediate !!!

    Thanks again for all the good advises !

  63. This is such a great validation Marie!

    1. A woman who helped me via phone when a payment I was supposed to receive was super delayed. Everyone else I called was grumpy, short and didn’t seem to care. Then I finally found this woman and she made me feel like the most important person in the world and was so kind. She complimented my name, made sure I understood what happened, and told me my request was on the top of her list. It made me feel so great!

    2. I feel like a positive attitude is one of my strengths, and I’m proud of that. I feel I do a great job of radiating good, happy energy a lot, but I’d like to make sure it’s always infused in my communication with clients so I can make them feel the way I did with the woman who helped me. Also with my partner, I feel like I can always do more to show him how much I love and respect him!

  64. Samira

    Hello Marie !

    Another great episode full of insights that I needed. My first example of positive energy and attitude is you Marie and your team. Dances, songs, fun and life lessons altogether 😀

    Second example is the hair stylist I met last year in a salon. She was enthusiastic, friendly and with a good and big heart. We had a great conversation. She suggested me different hair styles and cuts. I just wanted a simple hair trim so she did it and reduced the price since, it was too simple for her. I gave her the tips.

    I need to bring this positive energy and enthusiasm in every area of life work life, social life and personal life. Specially, specially! personal life and social life! Making new friends is my big challenge so I have to bring this energy while making conversation with people.

    • Lauren Kepler

      I agree! Marie and her team always make me smile & laugh…one of the many reasons why I keep coming back to visit 🙂

  65. Giovanna Minda

    Hi Marie,
    This was a great reminder, as all of your videos are. I am usually the positive, happy one, and I can say that when I have my “down” days, is when I really appreciate people that come into my life with their light. That’s how I see it, spreading light where there is darkness. We all need it sometimes, I am grateful to those that can pick me up when I’m down. Sometimes it’s my 4-year-old niece, who constantly reminds me how exciting the little things in life can be. She “bought” a small, sparkly, glass dolphin for me at her Holiday Boutique at school, as a Christmas gift. Recently, while we were on the phone, she asked me how I liked it AND where I put it! I told her I loved it and placed it in a very special place, near baby Jesus, in my Nativity. Oh, the joy she expressed! She was thrilled I had picked the absolute best place for her gift to be displayed. Expressing such joy, is what everyone needs to experience as a giver and receiver. I adore this sparkly little fire-cracker!
    My relationship with my husband would be the area that I’d like to work more excitement and joy into. Sometimes we get so stuck in our routines, conversations, etc. with long-time relationships, that we forget to bring in the light that is so necessary. I will start this today!
    thanks for inspiring me,
    xoxo giovanna

  66. Monika

    Hi Marie and Team, years ago 2 friends gave me special neckles as a present. At this time I thought wow they realy must love the way I am. I was very thankful and appreciate it but At this time my ego was proud. Over the years I studied a lot about positive atitude, true love and so on but the most importend I learned about consciousness. I mean I was a very positiv and energetic person but I was not aware of it. I’ve got the message from my mom and others I am to sensetive, don’t do this and that. I thought there must be somthing wrong with me. But now I stand up for myself share all my true love and get so much nice compliments.

  67. Celeste Eden

    I wish there was printable’s for the points, something to save/ hang on our wall. This was great info that I know… but often forget!

  68. Joanne Wu

    I remembered one colleague in my previous workplace, she is a polio patient and works as an assistant in my office to deal with some chores such as cleaning office, delivering documents…there is always a sweetest smile on her face. She greets everyone with energy and kindness everyday. I admire her attitude toward life so much. Thanks, Marie, for reminding me of this friend and this key to success!

  69. I was at Starbucks the other day…I pulled up to the window and BAM, the barista blasted me with her gorgeous, contagious energy. I went back to work not only with the energy from the coffee, but from her energy alone. I could tell she was having the same effect on her co-workers and the other customers.

    I could benefit from adding more energy and genuine enthusiasm to the relationships in my life. I think a lot of times we all try to “play it cool” and not show others how grateful we are for their presence. Or maybe we just take it for granted! Well, my new goal is to remember the impact those relationships have in my life, and remember to convey that gratitude 🙂

  70. Mona

    Hello Marie ,
    Thanks for all your advices , it’s helping me a lot in so many situations, but i have a problem in applying what you talked about in this video.
    I always feel like struggeling to keep a positive attitude, and i have changed my job many times though i always find a way to prove to myself that it is a pointless job and everything about it is just meaningless and stupid (knowing that i am an engineer and probably those jobs are sophisticated enough and not stupid at all )
    But still i always have this negative attitude that down sizes anything good i do and make me think that it is pointless and stupid and i am never proud of anything i do , which of course sooner or later makes people look at me the same way and underestimate me.
    I really want to get out of this cycle especially that i am 29 yo now and changed my field of work already three times and planning to do a fourth change .
    But i am really scared that changing my career again won’t be the answer because it’s my attitude towards what i do is what makes me see it so little and pointless no matter how good it is.
    Please help !!! how can i guarantee that i will stop being that miserable after changing my career next time.
    (Ps: i also changed countries and relocated from egypt to germany and still not happy with any of what i have achieved and always depressed unhappy with my job and feeling lonely and useless )

  71. Marie, this is excellent. Sometimes we forget that what we do is important enough to focus on how we do it.

    I have the best business mentor in the world. I work in the investment and insurance industry. We get a lot of negative feedback from people who are constantly afraid of being sold to, or people who don’t understand how investments and insurance work and believe them to be s a scam. Our approach is different. Our company does financial planning, and using investments and insurance as tools. We are client-centered and we strive to build a comprehensive, bulletproof plan for our clients, educating them along the way.

    My mentor never assumes any negative outcomes or feelings, even when potential clients express discomfort, negativity, doubt, and fear towards finances in general. She is the most gregarious, generous person with high standards, and she delivers high quality to every person she comes across in her life. Being around her has made me take on her “success formula” energy. She often takes me out to high end restaurants with money out of her own pocket, and is enthusiastic to listen to anything I have to say. She treats everyone really well, no matter who they are and she does not calculating about relationships.

    I am working on myself in many ways. One of the things I believe I need to work on is to show the right amount of vulnerability. It will help me connect better with my clients and the people around me, as well as become a stronger influence.

  72. Dear Marie,
    As often as I watch your short videos, I don’t believe I have left a comment to thank you: They frequently uplift my day, remind me of things I – kinda – know, and today’s episode is just one of those: Not entirely new, but then you never pretend to have invented anything out of thin air, which I like. You do give things the flavor that “only you have”, as you like to say, and your authenticity and aliveness with it is inspiring. Thank you for the reminders we all need (Buddhism calls this a Sangha, I suppose: a group of people who support us by practicing with us and reminding us! Thank you for bringing me those gentle increments of joy and useful reminders! From my heart, Matthias

  73. Did my website make it into the previous comment? Here we go again just in case

  74. Thomas

    Thank you Marie.

    1) A woman came to church a few months ago, and her presence was completely different from the rest of us. She was so present and so in touch with herself, it was amazing!

    2) I have a meeting coming up in a few minutes with someone who’s late! I can be gracious, caring, and make sure I really mean what I say. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

  75. Eve

    Ideals are dangerous, as they encourage us to be something impossible to maintain, perhaps impossible for us to be. Looking to the natural world for example, guidance. Yes the sun does feel good and is necessary for life, for living. But the sun does not shine 24/7 and it’s influence is balanced, modified with the night sky, where moisture condenses and falls to earth. Water is also essential for life, and sun vaporizes it. so to truly shine, we have honor the need for night where water vaporizes, storms, storm clouds that bring vital water. There are lots of stars, planets etc. that do not provide sunshine, but provide other types of energy. beneficial and necessary. Everyone cannot be the life of the party. Think how boring that would be.

    • Camilla

      Positivity and joy comes in every personality.

  76. Alison Muxworthy

    Brilliant episode! Marie’s experience with the Valet reminded me that just before Christmas I went into my local shop and went to counter to pay for my quite large bag of shopping. Found that I had wrong debit card on me and no cash. Very embarrassed as long queue of people behind me and I said that I was so sorry but would have to put all the goods back. Guy at till said, don’t be silly, I know you are a regular customer and you’ll be in again. I’ll pay for your shopping and you can pay me back. To cut a long story short, he went to back office , got a £20 note from his bag, paid for my shopping with a smile and said please don’t worry, I’ll see you soon. Best customer service ever and he proved there were some good Samaritans in the world! ( Ps I paid him back the next morning)

  77. Heather

    Reminded me of my high school English teacher. She was the most positive person I ever met, even when things weren’t going well. She didn’t just hand out assignments; she genuinely cared about each of her students. I still think of her advice if I’m having a rough time. Thanks for reminding me to be more like her.

  78. Sha

    Oh so timely…..

    I am currently project managing a building project and the foreman can be a REAL downer! I just realised how much that affects me and how that negative vibe is contagious.
    I’m inspired to get out there now and turn this whole thing around. Time to start spreading some GENUINE and POSITIVE energy out there on site:-)
    Thanks as always Marie!

  79. What I find with great distaste is the distaste of others being happy.
    I’ve had problems where others despise a cheery soul at work.
    So, I say: Do what you want. Be your gold. Let it shine!!!!
    But understand some (possibly quite a few) may not like that.
    Don’t let it discourage you; throw some empathy on them and juggle working with their angst while maintaining your cool shine.
    You can do it!

  80. Truly a great gentle reminder to always be kind. I own a business that exemplifies and encourages people to be happy, calm, and and feel rejuvenated. Negativity breeds negativity… choose to spread happiness!

  81. elissar

    You are what you choose , i love you Marrie ❤❤❤

  82. Kimberley Mulla

    Wonderful episode, Marie! I had a similar experience when I was visiting NY! I have since used this example every time I deliver service training. We stumbled upon a street vendor in Manhattan and I was blown away by his enthusiasm and genuine love of what he was doing. He was selling sunglasses! It was such a life lesson for me- loving life and what we do is possible with a change in attitude. I recently received feedback about my work that reinforced this for me- a customer was complimenting my baking, I described our quality ingredients, local and organic, it’s small-batch, etc. She replied with, “but there’s something more, it’s How you feel when you bake it.” She was absolutely right. I infuse my work with reverence and this customer could literally taste the difference. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  83. Great reminder…to look in the mirror and reply the audios of my complaints of what happened to me by moving into a small town. Yi! I caught their attitudes and mirrored them back in this “fractured fairy tale”…especially weird because it involved people in the same denomination of church even!

    It did cause me to realize that I had gotten sucked down…pruned…forged in the fire. It has been interesting how your free YouTube videos are one way that God and my guardian angels seemed to help me stay making progress against a very stacked deck!

    As a lifelong intergenerational care-giver, it also informed me that people that react to me and twist my intention to keep others judging and avoiding me, have actually been humiliated at some point in their life and they do not like people that take on “messy” projects that they were unwilling to do.

    Thanks so much for your positivity and helping replay the very words that I used as I gave health edutainment presentations years ago dressed as “Helen, MD” with a surgical mask on…”Attitudes are contagious…we must assess whether we want to catch what is going on around us!”

    To quote the line of the woman in the diner when “Sally” (Meg Ryan) is doing her famous scene of a faked orgasm in a restaurant in for “Harry” (Billy Crystal), “I’ll have what she’s having!”

    Thanks for spreading positivity and being a Queen B…you are so photogenic and full of great energy…fit to B Queen Bee!

    The Prairie Tooth Fairy has sprouted Bee wings to help Queen Priscilla Buzzoo, from “Show Me the Honey” from Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that series, get out of the hive, become a pollen jock and find the best nectar to share with all the people and businesses that are so STRESSED! It is time to help the world turn that into healthy DESSERTS and be sweet, playful, innovative… with our concerted effort so it can be second nature until it comes naturally.

  84. Deborah Lorde

    I took a friend of mine to the supermarket to do grocery shopping. We collected the items required and paid for our purchases separately. Without any indication the packer decided to alternate the bags with my stuff having a white bag on the outside and her bags having an orange bag on the outside. When we got to the car we did not have to search the bags to see what belonged to whom — he had thought ahead. I was so impressed with his thoughtfulness that I gave him a sizeable tip.

    What would change in my life if my attitude changed, would be the way I feel at the end of each day after an unproductive day at the office. I am learning however to fill up my days with learning new things (coaching, meditation and the like) so that I could have that change in my world perspective.

  85. I am totally lucky in that I get wowed all the time by people’s energy because I work in schools with kids, and they are so open with their enthusiasm for something. Kids roll into each other when they laugh. Kids say stuff like, ‘You are too funny, I have had to go to the toilet twice already!’ Kids give you a piece of paper with a little picture they’ve drawn just because they want to show you that they enjoyed what you did. Kids are awesome, man, and you’re right, it’s infectious!
    As a writer I find that a shift in energy lives on the page. If I write a book that I am writing because I think I should, it’s okay. But if I write a book I am totally into and am loving writing, and it’s making me laugh or cry or whatever, the energy comes trough to the reader as well, and that is when a connection is created and that is awesome!
    Okay, I’m done now. Great episode, thanks heaps, have an epic day!

  86. Mercedes

    My daughter’s bus drive was so energetic, happy, thoughtful and caring that it always put all of us in a good mood when he picked the students up in the morning and dropped them back at home in the afternoon. Typically buses have a designated corner where the students meet, but whenever there was inclement weather, he would deliver students right to their driveway! Additionally, he not only greeted all students by name, but also their parents, with a great big smile. We always think of him and smile!

    Generally, I am an extremely upbeat, high energy, people person, but lately my work has got me down. Business has changed which required roles to change and it is not something I am particularly passionate about and actually dread doing. However, if I attempt to put my energetic personality back into it, perhaps I can get through the day much more successfully and become much happier as well! Let me give that a try!

  87. Paloma

    Having a loving kind compassionate midwife made all the difference in the world to giving birth feeling safe instead of fearful. It really does make a difference. Thank you for a great reminder on the effects our own attitude has. I will try to keep remembering to take it into my parenting where the impact of attitude is so important. Thank you Marie X

  88. Thembela Njenga

    Two years ago, I sold my house and at the end I was left with no place to stay. This was after I was approached by an agency who was just happy to sell my house but was not interested in me as a person. We had agreed she would also help us get a new place to stay. Towards the end of the sale, we were clear in our minds, we would never work with this agency again. Her attitude towards me and my husband – her clients had changed. We were no longer sure whether she was still our agency or not. We found a different agency who not only helped us find a new home but showed genuine interest in us as a people and our needs. At the end of any house sale, a housing agency wants their share of money right? No, this one was interested in getting us a home, appropriate to our needs. When it seemed like we were going to lose our dream home because we were not able to raise sufficient funds for the house, she always encouraged us that there is a solution to every problem. We did not know how we were going to make this works. We learnt late that she had negotiated with her company owner for help. The company owner made an offer we never heard of anywhere else. She offered to forfeit her share of the pay out for months so we can pay off the lawyers. She then made a deal with us to repay her later. She did not know us from a bar of soap. She just believed we would pay. Today we live in our own home, and we share a beautiful relationship with our agency and the company owner. Recently, we shared dinner with these two great women. Since then, we have been referring any friends we know of, who are looking for homes to the same agency – because we know, they will find caring people who are not only interested in a house sale, but will show genuine interest in them as a people and their needs.

    2. I wish I would show a positive attitude towards my admin work and those involved in it. I love organising conversations and sharing with people and organisations about the work that I do. I find myself always complaining about what has not been done. Perhaps, if I showed up every day with a bit of smile, I would not be seeing so much that is not happening. I guess my expectations on myself and others are always too high. In the process, I tend to miss out on important things in life, the people around me.

  89. 1. What’s a specific example where how someone did something, meaning their positive attitude and energy, really impressed you?

    My business coach – I often watch her videos just to get infected by her energy.

    2. What area of your life might profoundly shift if you focused more attention on your positive attitude, meaning you focused on how you did something, rather than just going through the motions?

    My business for sure – focusing now on the solutions, rather than letting myself bothered by the problems.

  90. Shout out to the woman in the toll booth at RDU Airport. If by any chance you are reading this I hope you know that I’m talking about YOU! The last time I left I actually waited in line to pay YOU because you are such a shining light of joy.
    Marie – I had so many of the same thoughts you just shared after passing through her toll both. Wow! That woman was like a benevolent queen sitting on her throne taking my dollar bills. I thought about her for days, especially when I heard myself whining about something stupid. I’m still thinking about her and it’s been over a year since I “experienced” her!
    Because of her I have often “burst” into conversation with strangers, always positive, funny or complementary comments. The response is (almost) always the same – joy and gratitude for unsolicited and genuinely positive human connection.

  91. Good advice. Lets see how I can implement this. Thank you.

  92. Thanks for sharing!
    I was just thinking about this the other day, after I was wowed by the cashier at the fast food drive through. Not my best food choice moment, but hey, I’m human. She was, and had been every time I interacted with her before, a joy. She made me smile. My day was better for her having been in it. I mean an extraordinary person. In Taco Bell.
    I remember something I used to say back when I was in the habit of thinking of things to say. It was something like “I don’t care what you do for a living, but do it well. Take pride in your work and be happy.” That’s all that’s needed.
    I love that this came out at the same time as I was having that thought. Universal consciousness and all that.

  93. Hi Marie nice message for the day!

    I remember when I was sitting in the coffee shop, I noticed one boy selling sweet potatoes inside the coffee shop. It was a high end area and thinking why the hell those people working in the coffee shop allowed this boy to sell inside approaching each customer inside the coffee shop to sell his stuff. And by the time the boy approaches me, his brief introduction to me is “they allowed me to sell inside because I have bone cancer and I just need money to see a doctor”, I can’t stop my tears and pull out my wallet to give him some money, but he refuses to accept my money. This really “Wow’s” me. He just simply ask to buy his sweet potatoes. I was touched and bought his sweet potatoes even if I am staying in the hotel and no way to cook it!

    I was also impressed with those people working at the coffee shop by giving this boy a chance to sell his sweet potatoes inside their shop. In the end, I just gave those sweet potatoes to the coffee shop stuff to take home 🙂

    One great experience that change my paradigm…when I started to remove my emotions to make money and just focus on the process on how I do it, that’s when I see great impact to my business.

    Have a great awesome day Marie and continue to keep inspiring us!

    Stay safe,
    jeng cua

  94. som

    Thank you Marie! So true and I needed to hear this!

  95. YES! Our mindset and attitude make so much difference.
    I intend to infuse my enthusiasm, joy and LOVE into the online course I am building and the blog posts I am writing for my target audience.

    I loved your sharing that we have “mirror neurons”in our brains. What a great reminder for me to be the light I want to see and bring to the world. Thanks Marie and Team Forleo!

  96. Nazma Sulthana

    Hello Marie,
    I loved this video a lot, conveyed importance of positive attitude in such a positive way..!! To share an example, I am lucky enough to meet an enthusiastic lady I never ever had encountered before. She, in her mid sixties welcomes new people into her life whole heartedly, sits for hours of conversation with completely strangers and learns new things every day with an instinct of new born baby.

    But Marie, I really wanted to know an answer for this question. IS FEARING EQUAL TO NEGATIVE THINKING? Fearing accidents, fearing job failure, fearing that you might not end up in the career you choose, fearing loosing relationships etc., Are all the fears part of negative thoughts?

  97. Linda

    I “always” enjoy getting lunch in the drive through of Chic Fil A. When they take my order, my name, get it right and add it’s my pleasure. I get giddy. As someone who rarely hears that type of feedback at work, I’m delighted, i work with good people, they just aren’t that excited to help. It literally blew me away one day when they said, lunch is on us when I pulled up to the window!! Also, I like to either have cash or small gifts at hand to give out at will. One day I gave the lady at Sonic Drive in a dozen donuts, they were thrilled. Love being kind to others. I’m a RAKtivist.

  98. One of the things that really struck me is how you said the valet asked you how your day was…and really wanted to hear the answer. I think that’s so powerful and something I need to remember to do. Stop…and listen.

  99. I love you Marie thanks for sharing us .

  100. #1. In my work place our cleaning lady has this way of putting a smile on our face. She mops the entire building everyday but you will never ever see her complaining. Instead, she greets us happily, asks us about her day, and then cleans with so much joy. I see it in her eyes. She doesn’t look tired at all. Her happiness is so viral. She’s a daily reminder that how we do things matters, and that no matter what we do, we are changing the people around us. I feel so blessed that I got to meet her.

    #2. I think it will really change my performance in the business that I am building. Being in a state of joy will prevent negativity from creeping inside my head. Hence, I can keep on building my business without being rattled by my fears.

    Thank you so much team Forleo for this. :*

  101. Oh, This is lovely! Thanks for the information marie! So subtle but so freakin important! i was just going to meet a very demanding client and was sulking at doing so, but now im like “hey i gotta get my happy energy on like that valet guy!”. Lets hope my meeting goes well, and i get extra tips along the way 😉 😉

  102. Your experience got me thinking about a valet in Vegas who just blew me away!! I mean, this guy was crushing it.

    He was funny, he was full of energy (but not in a “What’s this guy been sniffin’?” kind of way); he just lit up the whole damn strip. I tell you, he had a crowd of onlookers that couldn’t walk away from this guy; so magnetic was his appeal.

    I’m from Australia, so tipping isn’t something I’m ‘trained’ to do, but I remember pulling fifty bucks out of my pocket and thrusting it into his hand, just to thank him for the inspiration he was giving off. I wasn’t even staying in the same hotel…

    As for me, I might actually have to sniff something to deliver that kind of performance!

  103. Teboho Tsotetsi

    Hey Marie thank you for the great video, the is nothing exciting like walking in a restaurant and and you meet this amazing person who will just flash you with a smile. I remember visiting on of the restaurant and it was my first time there and obviously i was not familiar with the food the serve the but believe it or not i had the most great service and the guy love his Job and the energy he putted in it was amazing.

    thank you Marie once again

  104. Joni

    Attitude is everything and I have always lived by this mantra. There are, however, times when compassion needs to be exercised, to allow humans to be humans, to be able to express grief, disappointment, pain and to allow healing. Isn’t judging a little heartless and insensitive? So yes, attitude is everything and it’s lovely when humans are “up”, but its not always possible to be “up” and its not always about ‘us’. Wouldn’t it be just as ok if that valet attendant, had expressed sadness, hurt or, maybe even anger, to have lifted him/her up- this is especially when compassion is required even when it isn’t easy.

  105. Rosinah

    Wow! Mario this video just move my spirit to a higher thinking . I Will have to change my plans seriously. Thanks a lot.

  106. Nicolae

    All we need is love!
    Love & Joy!

  107. Barry Hall

    Hi Marie,
    Fabulous show today and always appreciated. I retired from sales Sept 25th 2015, started a part time job at Costco in Leeds on my Birthday Sept 29th, New Years resolution 2015 to get employee of the Month, I had my picture on the wall for employee of the Month for May for customer service. I have a couple of poems that always get a smile and comment from members –
    “Roses are Red and Violets are Blue, Costcos thrilled to have members like you”
    “Roses are Red but never Green, your the best Costco Member I’ve seen.
    Keep up the great work Marie and thanks. – Barry (aka Mr Fabulous)

  108. Jamie

    Wow this is so essential! Thank you Marie! I’ve got the same impression from the delivery boy who distributes parcels in our area, he always shows up with this genuine smile and is totally happy and always wishes you a nice day before he leaves! The weather can be rainy, snowy or cloudy, you always see his smile and his enthusiasm in what he is doing! That is absolutely inspiring. When I see this delivery guy I feel like oh, isn’t that wonderful? That’s what I can give when I give lessons to my pupils.

  109. Dear Marie
    I am so grateful for your generous sharing of these jewels and the honest way you post them. You’re not a fake and we can tell.
    I fall for people with that warmth showing through, and tune in to their good positive and open attitude.
    Yet, my problem is the fear of being wounded if I open up too much, or maybe I just want to take no risks , so…I am a quite reserved person, and self-defended.
    How can I train myself to let my light shine more?
    thank you

  110. Janet Pullen

    Love, Love, Loved this video!!!!

  111. Sabrina

    Your story reminds me of a wonderful valet at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York. Now, you know New Yorkers can be abrupt and all business, but this woman greeted me every morning with a smile and was so efficient and great at her job (while some other valets were just standing around). She saw what needed to be done and did it, with a great attitude and smile. When you have a loved one in the hospital and you drive in from NJ every morning to Manhattan, this was so much appreciated. At the end of the week when I was taking my husband home, I went up to her to give her an extra tip (it was Memorial Day weekend and she was working) and tell her how much I appreciated her service and to have a drink on me. While we were waiting for our car, some guys she knew delivered her a bunch of pizza from a terrific NY pizza place. She then brought the box over to us and asked us if we wanted any. My husband took a slice (they were huge) after eating hospital food all week. Now if anyone knows anything about NY pizza, the tip I gave her probably equaled the cost of the one slice.

  112. After my son was discharged from the hospital the orderly who pushed his wheelchair to the lobby was so full of life and personality it was a gift to be around her. 2 months later I still remember her warmth and genuine interest.
    An area where the way I do something would make a huge difference ? Paperwork! I detest it, but maybe if I focused on the good I’m doing others and tried to find the joy in it (it must be in there somewhere…right?) maybe instead of feeling odious it would be a source of pride and enjoyment. Even if it’s just pleasure at seeing the pile get smaller. I’ll give it a try!

  113. Susana Silva

    Hi Marie and Marie’s Team!
    Congratulations on the great job you are doing. Marie, let me tell you, you were born to do this!Not that you didn’t know or heard this tons of times.
    I love your blog and videos, they are are truly empowering and they definitily make me stand up and start doing something. I totally get you on the positive energy. Our mind can be our worst enemy – that’s my issue. You know, overthinking, creating scenarios, getting frustrated because things just don’t happen the way I expected…bla, bla, bla…
    Sometimes I’m just sick of myself not moving from the same robotic place like if I had handcuffs or was fully tied. Around me unfortunately it’s not very common to see people really happy with what they are doing. I can remember a few episodes that I treasure – one day I was buying a present for my son’s father and we were both so happy that the shop assistant for some reason decided to compliment me for my beautiful (totally ordinary) earrings; another occasion after a massage, the therapist told me I had great flexibility (which I had never realised); not long ago I went with my son to a cafe I used to go when I was 15 (I’m 41)…the place was exactly the same, nothing, and I mean nothing, had changed, it’s was really like entering a time machine – the most interesting thing that happened was that two other ladies (about my age) sitting at another table were having that exact same feeling and as they talked about it I was smilling at them like if they were reading my mind – it was definitly a great positive moment.
    If I could I would change my mind in terms of how I deal with the past, I’m stuck there and I can’t move on. Sometimes I walk along with the past, as if we were having this great conversation with it and it felt really good, in other ocassions, though, I feel dragged by what should had happened and didn’t and I enter this spiral of negativity, I see defects everywhere and eventhough people from my past have already moved on , I’m still stuck. I really want to change this which is actually making me so unhappy.

  114. Carla Lopes

    Hi Marie!
    I remember going to the bakery one afternoon on quite a bad day and the guy behind the counter was so enthusiastic that he managed to make me smile with just two sentences! Wow! No bad mood survives a smile like his!
    Honestly, I hadn’t realized how important attitude was until quite recently. I used to think that doing a god job was all about performance, about doing the best you can with the time and resources you have – being productive and efficient. But that’s just not enough. I’ve come to realize that in any job, as time goes by, its is a challenge to keep your levels of enthusiasm. I’ve been working in retail for 2 years now and I’ve always tried to do my best in order to achieve a promotion, I worked hard and did the best I could… but in this process, I struggled with attitude, for various reasons: because, at first, I was simply not aware of the impact I could have on others; I was so focused on results (the”what”) that I forgot everything else (the “how”) and I sometimes felt really impatient about not developing professionally that I succumbed to negatives thoughts. If only I had made the effort of taking it one day at a time and focused more on my attitude! No doubt that my efforts to improve will go to the professional aspect! Thank you Marie Team!

  115. Jessica Reid

    I learned a while ago to train myself not to get the best of my environment. Whatever I was doing whether it was filing, or doing a job I didn’t want to do, I realized how you do anything is how you do everything. I couldn’t always control my environment, but I could control my response. I could find meaning in anything and also impact lives by being positive. A lot of my co-workers and friends tell me my energy and encouraging spirit are my biggest asset No matter where you are your personal brand is your character and shouldn’t change despite the circumstance. Any time I’m feeling down about a situation I write down all the negative emotions, and then write down how I can spin it to a positive, work it to my advantage.

  116. It’s a great reminder. In my field working 7 days a week is common and I truly believe that if I’m gonna work this much then I’m going to LOVE it!!!! I know my clients feel that.

  117. Hello Marie,
    I have truly enjoyed your wisdom, insights and the empowerment you put into this world. I would love to share with you a story that is truly the epitome of a person, who has always despite facing a life-altering injury, chosen positivity. And like you said, not just a “rose colored glasses” type of positivity. This is an example of putting the power of it to the test…this is a living example of the power of the human spirit and what is possible when you put positivity into action…when you turn “attitude into action.” I would love it if you would take just 3 quick minutes to watch this video, which shares the journey of a man making history on history by becoming the first person to push himself to the geographic South Pole in a sit-ski using only his arms and fueled by the power of positivity and love. I believe in my heart you will enjoy this and find a very powerful message within…In gratitude – Shawna

  118. Heather Beasley

    Spot on message. I’m “positively positive” . Always is even when things “happening” in my life experience are not positive feeling by any measure. Choosing to be positively positive no matter what happens makes a HUGE difference in how I feel and how others feel around me. I have a habit of saying , “I’m awesome” whenever asked, “how are you?’. And. I immediately always follow up with, ” you’re awesome too! We’re all awesome at our centers. We just need to rember that.” My simple greeting practice has created the effect of being greeted by others everywhere I go with “Hello Awesome!” What goes around comes around. In. In my experience, It simply feels better to be a bright bulb than a dim one.

  119. Right on Marie! What a great episode, one of my all time favorites from you and that’s saying a lot! It definitely is the most underrated success secret and a great reminder on not just what we do but how we do it. For me, Attitude isn’t Everything…It’s the Only Thing!
    Thanks for everything you do!

  120. Hey Marie!

    I’m so glad you brought up this topic and I have GREAT example to share. Recently, I was in St Pete, Florida for NYE. I was with some friends and family celebrating the New Year and we ate at a local place called Cassis Brasserie.

    As you can imagine – it was a VERY busy night. The weather was perfect in Florida and there were hundreds of people out in downtown St.Pete – eating al fresco, enjoying a local fair/event by the water, preparing for a beautiful fireworks display and enjoying adult beverages :-). The restaurant was jam-packed and full staffed. Our reservations weren’t until 10:45 so it had already been a long night for the staff (who almost assuredly had other things they would have rather been doing on NYE than working in hospitality!) There was a lot going on, a live DJ had the place pumping and people everywhere but this man STOOD OUT!

    Shortly after we were seated our waiter (who was also quite friendly and nice) told us that someone would be bringing bread to the table soon. A moment later I see this older gentleman pushing a bread cart our way. I immediately noticed him because he was DANCING and using the cart sort of like his dance partner. This man was probably late 60’s – but moving like he was 20! He had a wide smile, pep in his step and was clearly enjoying passing out rolls to all the tables!!! He came over – danced all about – smiled the entire time and sweetly offered us our selection of breads/rolls. Picture this “retiree” – passing out bread on a cart to mostly “kids” half his age. You would assume he would rather be home reading or playing cards – something relaxing and quiet – instead of WORKING on NYE late at night. But his attitude was infectious and adorable. He made you feel like he was delivering GOLD to your table. And he made you feel special! Even though we had a great meal and a stellar night – it was this man and his wonderful attitude that stood out above everything else! His attitude made all the difference – not just for HIM but for US TOO! I sure wish I had gotten his name….. but thanks for letting me share praises to him anyway!

  121. 1.) President Obama. Hands down. If you want to see an example of keeping a positive attitude when things get tough, look at the way this man lives his life.

    We have to look at the big picture here. Decide what’s important and what you are going to spend your energy on. The positive or the negative? If it’s not going to matter in a year from now, you shouldn’t waste your worry on it.

    2.) My health.
    Instead of focusing on a negative body image, the amount I weight, etc., I should focus on the “feeling” of being healthy. I’m glad to say that I have overcome this and it’s because I shifted my perspective from how much I weigh and what my body looks like to how I feel.

  122. Love this episode! As a psychotherapist I was constantly told in Grad school “emotions are contagious. You want your clients to catch yours (hope, peace), not the other way around” This stressed the importance of self care in order to be present for clients. But in reality, it’s good to be this way with every single person.

  123. Julie

    I work with young children, so a positive attitude every day makes a difference! When I walk into the classroom, greet kiddo’s by name and say something kind about them, they light up like a starry night! I greet shop clerks with a warm smile and use their name to say “Hello.” This has an amazing effect on people. As I think about this video and your questions, I find that I do not enter situations that I am unsure of or find intimidating with the same energy. So, my goal is to bring the sunshine with me every time I have an encounter with someone!
    Thanks Marie! 🙂

  124. Ankita

    This one resonated really well! There have been so many instances when people have been so nice and infused me with their positive energy. Lending a hand when fixing my bicycle, or buying a pair of shoes or when serving food at the restaurant. Positive energy does drive your behaviour … and motivates you to do good! I have often experienced that while cooking food… it is not the recipe that matters but the love and enthusiasm with which you make the food that adds the magic flavour to it!

  125. I Think we are as a radio and it depends de frecuency we are, the things and people that we get. If you want to known how a person is, look the people who stay with.
    I had an very desgasting car accident las year. The consecuences was horrible. Nothing happens to anyone, but the justice problem and I can´t ever drive again. I have 2 baby girls and that is a really problem, and I have full time work (I work as Investment Manager on a Bank) and I Founder with other womens in a Foundation to improve carrers and womans to CEO´s (
    But I put my best energy on that and I think that is the reason because the justice problems are began better to me.
    Sorry my “Tarzan English” is not my born language.

  126. Things might shift for me it I brought JOY abd positive energy into dealing with finances instead of reluctant boredom, annoyance and fear ;-O!!!
    I’m going to pay a bill right now with that in mind… Thanks Marie!

    • Aziza Clayton

      Wow, what a great way to implement what we just heard! I think I may have just been inspired by you, Stéphanie. Thanks for sharing!

  127. Kelly

    Great episode, Marie!
    My husband is extremely positive and friendly. Once, when we were ordering food at a restaurant he was chatting with an employee so enthusiastically that when we left, I asked how they knew each other. His response was, “we don’t.” He just has this way of making everyone he meets feel like an old friend.

    I would benefit from approaching my work with a more positive attitude. We experienced a failed adoption match last year and due to my grief I think the joy and positivity I had before the match has faded more than I realized. In many ways I’m just going through the motions of my job and I’m feeling bored and unhappy. I really do have a great job so I’m going to channel how I felt when I first started and make a stronger effort to insert joy and positivity into my work. The loss will always be there but I know I’ll be better prepared for the next match if I am happy myself.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom!

  128. I was at a conference on my lunch break and decided to order some Chinese food. The young man serving the food demonstrated excellent service. When I rejoined the other conference participants, everyone was commenting on the young man’s service and proclaimed that his future was bright because he was bound to receive a great opportunity due to his servitude.

  129. OK – first time video commenter here – although I’ve watched dozens and dozens of your videos.

    I encountered an example of this recently at our local hardware store here in NZ (and it’s a pretty common theme with their staff so they must be doing something right!)… One of the customer service reps approached us and asked if we needed assistance, an older white man, maybe 65 or so. Anyway, we didn’t need any help but regardless he leant down to my 5 year old daughter and said, “You stay right here a minute, I think I have something for you.” The he walked away.
    My daughter was a bit confused and apprehensive while we waited. A few minutes later he returned (he must have walked quite a way) with a yellow plastic ducky toy in his hand. Ducks are my daughter’s favourite animal so this was a real treat! He was so friendly and kind – we’ll definitely be shopping there again!

    One area of my life I imagine could shift dramatically with a more positive attitude is doing all the home ‘chores’ and ‘duties’ that are part of being a mother. After a hard day of work, and with a late night of study ahead, it can be really easy to become resentful for having to cook the dinner and do the dishes and put the kids to bed and wash the clothes… I think if I approached theses tasks with more love I could experience a lot more joy.

    Thanks Marie – you’re amazing.

  130. Another 10/10 video, Marie! Years ago I went to order a local burger joint and I ordered a burger and the guy fully sang and danced while he made my burger. Totally made my day!

  131. Ranganathan

    Hi Marie,

    One of my friend is always enthusiastic, what ever work he enjoys, everybody is loved to speak with him. I am opposite to him, then asked one day ‘ What is the secret of your freshness whole day’ , he said ‘every day I love to learn some thing from the Day, no matter what work may be’, ‘ if you speak closely from your heart with the people definitely all the people loves you’ he made me WOW ….

  132. Thanks Marie. This was so needed. Always look forward to your videos in my inbox.

  133. Attitude is everything in life.

  134. ivana

    You Know, Im very reflexive about this video. Sometimes I complaint when Im receiving a services from the cashier, the girl who attend in the store, the person in the call center, etc etc. sometimes because they are doing just a job, o sometimes because they are apparently doing a good service but is very robotic, it doesn’t feel genuine. However my reflection here is that I complaint about others, but what about me … Im really doing my best, Im just focus in the what and the how? I focused on leave something to others or just doing a chore … great insights to reflect about that. And you are right when you find that type of people like the valet guy … you always say oh my I want that too!

  135. Being able to find your positive spirit is so incredibly critical to driving the results you want to achieve in your life. It can be life changing, truly. My philosophy is “anything is possible if you can just see the possibilities”. I made a complete transformation in my life in my early 20s after I finished college. I used positive thinking to change how I saw the world. I moved past a great deal of anger and hurt from the past by filling my mind with love and positive ideas. I would read a lot of books. Lots of different types of work by Deepak Chopra, Dali Lama, Lao Tzu, Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale and more. Like the saying “you are what you eat”. In the same way, you are what you feed your mind. It can be easy to let fear, doubt and negativity creep in so make sure every day you are feeding your mind with positive messages.

  136. We recently experienced the epitome of what you described in your video… It was @ Samba Kitchen and Bar in New York City last December. (W 45th/9th Ave.)
    Our waiter so genuinely loved his Brazilian culture and heritage and the food (and seemingly us) that we couldn’t all help but love him back!

    It was by far the icing on the proverbial New York cake for us. He was fabulous and we all exchanged hugs and kisses before we left… he pushed us to learn how to pronounce some of the names for the cocktails and other foods… he was effusive and lovely. I know that sounds cheesy to but seriously there’s really no better word !

    We will definitely be back . To make your case in point (and echo some that others who have left comments made), this energy does in fact help your bottom line… How could it not?
    However, the most important thing is the way we all felt after dinner was over; like we have a new friend …

  137. Definitely agree and love. I’m amazed at how little ‘niceness’ there is anymore – especially in the service industry. And I still get the ‘Pretty Woman’ situation and find it offensive (especially at my age)! HAHA
    Ironically my BF is a non-friendly person (at first) but he loves watching ME be the friendly person to everyone! It’s what I enjoy.

    I’d love to share some of your video’s on my own blog as well!?

  138. Barbara

    I recently retired. I worked with a very spiritual woman who made it a priority to enthusiastically hug every staff member the first time she saw them in the hallway each day. Everyone loved her. I used to say that she’s the smartest woman here, because she gets more hugs than anyone else. Her positive energy was so special!

  139. Love this! Being more present with people is so powerful and rewarding…..

    Very close to home but I have been doing this more with my children instead of plowing through the daily routines and it feels really good for all of us x

  140. Nicole

    Few days ago, I had a date with a friend who we never met since long time ago. She is friendly, enthusiastic, and dynamic. Her ideas always innovative, she gave me much more useful advices about my future, I very thanks for her.

    I hope I could have second abilities about what I interesting, so I use my free times to learn more skill.

  141. Marie! You are Hilarious as well as Brilliant! Thank You!
    – The Fabulous Miss Wendy

    • Aziza Clayton

      Yes she is!

  142. Great post Marie and it really reminded me about an old training video I saw which at the time we were trying to implement in our workforce. The old FISH training based on the fish markets in San Fran who noticed a huge difference to their business once their staff started to have fun at work. The staff were happy and the flow on effect to the customers was happy – so much so it became a tourist destination.
    This week I’ve been reminding myself about my energys and vibrations since watching the video and its already feeling progress and leaps 🙂 Good juju coming my way

  143. Aziza Clayton

    Marieeeeeee!!! THANK YOU for living this message!! You are so bubbly and jubilant (we are very similar in that way!). One of these days our professional paths will cross and it will be like we’ve known each other for years! 🙂 You bring so much light into your audience’s day with your videos and solid business and life advice.

    I commend your ability to be transparent and free with your public platform. As a budding entrepreneur (who hasn’t yet left her 9-5), I garner a lot of my business acumen from listening to your content and watching how you have navigated the choppy waters of brand-building, marketing and monetizing your natural gift. I also appreciate being reminded that I can make a difference in the world, not matter what I [currently] do for a living.

    I know my comment does not directly address your two questions but I needed to share this with you and the rest of my fellow MF’ers (that doesn’t sound right…LOL!). Anyway, thank you for being YOU, for you have allowed me to be a better ME! <3

  144. I met this great shop assistant just before Christmas. It was so busy, the sales had just begun, so there were a lot of queues in the shop and some of my stuff didn’t have their price tags on, so she had to go check the prices. She was so cheerful and sweet all the time. We had a nice chat while she was registering my purchases. I just had to go and buy her a gift certificate as a present. It is not something I usually do, but this girl really earned it with her easy, cheerful attitude that made everything seem so easy. She really made my day!

  145. Luisa Clark

    Marie you are such a great source of inspiration and motivation for me! I have always wondered how you felt during your life journey, because when we look back it is easy to see what one did right and what worked, but i’ve always wanted to know how to move through your life when everything isn’t as clear as you would like it to be . I’ve always wanted to know in your day to day life where do you find the courage to go after your dreams especially when you don’t know where they will lead you and if they will work out?

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Luisa, this is a great question. I can’t answer for Marie personally, but I can tell you that part of it involves taking action before you’re ready. There are always ups and downs, but one key thing Marie does is take action on ideas instead of simply thinking about them. Like she says, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” Hope this helps!

      • Luisa Clark

        Thank you so much for your response! i love your answer it really has inspired me, if i had heard this a month i wouldn’t of hit me like it has now. Thank you!

  146. great take for the working nation….. we are what we eat. love eating yout food for thought keep it up. regards!!!!

  147. Terry

    Thank so much for you sharing this video to us .let me know, if I wanna succeed I have to do what I have to do.

  148. I love the practical advice that comes from a not so happy event

    • This one wrestler Fake Razor if your a wrestling fan you know who i’m talking wrote a book on wrestlers and concussions.
      He’s a nice guy.

  149. Being happy is more important than we think!

  150. Detroit Metro Airport Enterprise bus driver who calls himself the “candyman” he always has a bowl of candy and makes the what would usually be a slightly awkward drive to the rental car pickup into a fun adventure. It is magical.
    I have been in the process of “making their eyes shine”, but this is a great reminder that how I homeschool my 4 kiddos can make a difference in our day and their lives!
    Thanks Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love that! He sounds delightful. 🙂

  151. LisaR.

    I LOVED this video! I agree with Marie that attitude is contagious and it is how you do what you do (I call it bedside manner). Thanks again for these gems of information!

  152. As James Allen was saying, calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. In order to achieve that, we must train our inner voice to say only those things that helps us grow, and to silence the critic inside us. Then, in order to reach the so much wanted positive attitude you talk about, we should practice gratitude, because we can’t be both negative and grateful at the same time, right? So this can definitely help.

  153. Some people have a positive energy that just really sticks with you.
    When my husband and I were on part of our honeymoon on Hvar, Croatia, there was a local farmer market each day. One of the stalls was a small cheese, wine, and charcuterie shop with a father and son team running it. The father was in his late 70s and son in his 40s. These men just exuded positivity! They were the most joyous people I have ever been around…I could have stayed there just listening to them for days on end. I remember the older father saying how his wife watches TV all day and he always tries to tell her, “Get out! There’s so much life you’re missing out there!” Loved that.

    Alexis Meads

  154. Candy

    1. A waiter at a restaurant I rarely visited was surprising upbeat and cordial. You could tell he really enjoyed what he did and genuinely wanted me and my friend to have a great experience.
    2. A positive attitude could shift areas of my life such as getting more done with projects, professional development, and organizing and prioritizing at home. All of those areas and more are things I procrastinate and don’t feel motivated to do the moment I originally felt enthusiastic about it and it’s hard to maintain that enthusiasm. So HOW I do it may actually be what gets me to stay on track.

  155. This was a very important one for a life lesson! Be sure to share it with everyone!
    However, the only problem I have is again Lack of Funds!!

  156. This was really helpful! Having a positive outlook does make a massive difference

  157. Kailash

    Hi Marie,
    Today is the first time, i visited this link and now i think, i will be regular user to visit this 🙂

    Marie, I am going through the worst conditions in my life. Marriage proposals, jobs almost everything ditched me in my life and today is the point where I wanted to put full stop in my life.

    But life gave me reason to smile and live and be confident and it’s you Marie.

    Thanks for spreading smiles and positiveness around.
    Kailash Nirmal

  158. In many interviews I have been to, they always looked at my attitude and it is what they would think of at the first time. And, yes, positive attitude is what I always say to myself. It’s doesn’t only bring me to success in the job, but in the future career and business connection.

  159. Ana

    Thank you very much, Marie. This was very very needed. And Please please always look forward to your latest videos in my inbox. Thanks Again!

  160. Excellent! Great video I like very much always!

  161. Dee

    My customers have blessed me more than they may actually know when they come back as a repeat customers and offer up to me..” your magic is in everything you create and it’s just made with sooo much love… I can still feel the overwhelming love , even months later”..
    “ I just can’t find this kind of energy ANY WHERE ELSE”..
    I absolutely love what I do and when I am not in a good headspace, well, I actually refuse to step foot in my studio. There is no since in it… basically my creations wouldn’t be carrying my energy signature that is so important to my clients.
    By the way.. It is absolutely necessary!.Necessary to have “ mini- retreat days”.. cultivate your inner peace.. You are the boss.. take care of you spirit.. your energy speaks for you.. let it be an ambassador not a traitor…

  162. Dalia

    Yeah being positive is great and probably can solve small problems,
    but ultimately facts are facts .
    For example , I feel very lonely and I would like a boyfriend , but in the area where I live ,
    there are no single men , so there are just not a possiblity for it to happen . My female friends tell me to be positive , but when I tell them a charming prince is not going to fall from the sky . Maybe they believe, that, I don’t . And I don’t feel being happy if i cannot have what would make me happy.
    But yeah if that is for solving a short term and simple problem, I agree , being cold blooded works .

  163. Jacqueline McCutcheon

    Positively is contagious, I love this statement! Simple, effective and very true 🙂

  164. Jonathan Muscella

    When I was working as customer service agent, at a long-term car park at Gatwick airport-London, one day this old couple came in to pay , they just returned from a holiday; they didn’t have any children and passed their life going on holidays- traveling the world. I could their happiness, like they had this aura around them emanating happiness, while other couples with children or just young couples, or business men who may have been married who may have had children I couldn’t feel anything from them, if not their ego; but were they really happy? Not as much as this old couple who never had children.

  165. Thank you SO much for this reminder Marie! It reminded me of a time about 10 years ago I went into a newsagent to get a snack on my lunchbreak – I was having a really down, low energy day – and the guy serving me just emananted joy and happiness, making jokes, welcoming me and giving the best service! I left on a little cloud of joy. I still remember this vividly because it was a HUGE lesson about the effect we can have on someone else’s day simply with our energy. I can sometimes be easily brought down by the naysayers, but remembering I have the power to decide my own attitude is key to my own contentment and spreads a little cheer to others too. Team Marie is awesome – keep your own happy rays of light shining lovelies, it’s the best type of contagious there is! xxx

  166. Virginia Goddard

    It’s not a matter of what, but how. So true and I wish we thought about that, more. We’re asking young people the wrong question. Juniors and Seniors both in high school and college become overwhelmed with the questions, “What are you passionate about? What do you want to do when you graduate?” Vividly, I remember dreading those questions. Honestly, I had no idea exactly what I wanted to do but felt pressured to come up with some concrete answer. I’d thinly veil my answer with a feigned confidence and quickly switch topics. Lol. As for passions? I was passionate about my faith, family, friends, horses, dance, and my dog. None of which are solid resumé content.

    To ask a person “what” pressures them to muster up an answer whose reality is actually far out of their control. #helloanxiety The “whats” in our life don’t always go as planned, be it setbacks, your career, or the person you love… But to ask a person “how,” puts the reality in your hands. Why? Because we have 100% control over how we act. And that is SO freeing.

    “Your attitude impacts everything. It directs your thoughts, your energy and most of all, the actions you take.” This is SO empowering. Why? Because it means you have SO much more power than you think. My favorite takeaway from the episode was this, “Your energy is contagious. So think about what you want people to catch from you.” It’s not just about behavior, it’s about attitude — the how. For instance, when a Chik-Fil-A employee says, “My pleasure,” with enthusiasm and sincerity, I find myself much more likely to pick up on that energy with a big smile and happy “thank you!” Much more so when they just say, “My pleasure,” while looking at the computer screen, taking the next order, ignoring me.

    I love a good cliché. So here’s another oft repeated sentence, “People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” It’s cliché because it’s true!

  167. This kind of people can make any day better 🙂 Good lesson.

    Best wishes,

  168. Roberta Giannini

    Marie, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said in this session! People are affected by others’ energy – some light up a room when they walk in. You can feel their positive energy, sometimes, just with their smile.
    A positive attitude is able to carry you through a difficult time.
    Thank you for all you do, Marie…and, your Team. I am happy to be part of this family❤️

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Roberta,
      Thank you so much for sharing these kind words with us! Keep sharing your light. We’re honored you’re in our world.

  169. Bill Stebens

    I found this to be true when playing poker. Many times I have said to myself “I want a pocket pair” and then got one. Sometimes, I need a single card to win and when I concentrate on that card, it comes to me. If I have doubts about winning, I won’t win. If I say to myself “I’m going to win”, I do win. I believe our thoughts may be tied to quantum mechanics. Look up the “Double Slot Experiment” for the proof.

    • Al

      That is positive thinking.

  170. Congrats! I hope this leads you to your success.

  171. Really awesome article! Thanks for such a good content!

    • Jennifer - Team Forleo

      So glad you loved it, Sunil!

  172. Harsham Sachdeva

    Well, the word I would use to describe this Article is “wonder”. There is simply no article better or equal to the one written by you, Marie. It helped a lot in changing my approach towards things and people in my life.

    Thanks for such a wonderful article.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      We’re so glad Marie’s work resonated with you, Harsham! Thank you for being a part of our community.

  173. Al

    It amazes me how much words and concepts change because of some misconception that sounds more reasonable than the actual definition.

    Take for instance IT BEGS THE QUESTION. That is a logic statement that is more closely associated with circular logic than what most people think of it. It does not mean that the listener suddenly feels like asking a question such as WHY? It is a very old concept that came about years ago that means one creates and argument that is supported only by an assumption made within that argument.
    I was trained in the art of Positive Attitude back in the 60’s. At that time it was very much like the concept of FAITH in religion.
    The Positive Attitude was that of unwavering belief in something and how that believe could be applied to certain life goals and that belief assist in making those goals come to be.
    Then, one day, some children decided that positive means STUPID or SMART or simply MEANINGLESS BUBBLY SMILING AND SPEAKING CHEARFULLY about good things instead of bad things even if bad things are what is really happening.

    That definition is delusional thinking in many cases and it is fantasy driven and unrealistic and toxic to relationships when those around the POSITIVE person can see actual reality and can not agree with the rose colored glasses view given the facts.
    Being positive means absolutely certain of something and not being bubbly about everything.
    However, as often happens with language, as time passes and more people find it easier to understand the misconception, that misconception will become the new definition and the old will be come archaic definition and eventually disappear.
    Check out the real definition of BEGS THE QUESTION then pay attention to how frequently people who are supposedly educated use it incorrectly. Even the news announcers use it in a way that has zero association with the definition as stated by the creator of that phrase.

  174. It’s encouraging to see writing like this online. I respect the work you do and the effort you have to put into getting this kind of material ready to write.

    • Rachel - Team Forleo

      We truly appreciate that, Mila. Thanks for being here!

  175. I have kept your website. It is illuminating and fulfilling for me. I regard the central information you offer on your site. A devotion of thankfulness is all together for posting it.

  176. Thanks for providing recent updates regarding the concern, I look forward to read more.

  177. John Moody

    Thank you Marie this was what i had to remind myself of tonight as its not that i do not want do some things. its more taking action on things that i love and bringing a positive energy to that. appreciate all your videos and advice. also your great book been so inspiring as well to read through. wishing you well.

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