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As a female entrepreneur, I’ve lost count of the number times I’ve been asked about work life balance. I have strong opinions on the topic, as do most other women in business.

I was thrilled when my friend Grace Bonney, the founder of Design*Sponge, stopped by for a candid conversation about overcoming the fear of failure, the transformational power of learning from mistakes and the unspoken truth about work life balance.

Grace’s life was turned upside down after a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. She was forced to reevaluate every aspect of her existence including her priorities and the day-to-day management of her online business, which hosts nearly 2 million readers per day. She also was struggling to deliver material for  her next book  — until she pitched a Hail Mary and proposed, at the last minute, a completely new concept to her editor.

It’s not about the mistake, it’s about how you recover from it. @designsponge Click To Tweet

That new book, In The Company Of Women, came together in record time. It’s filled with stories from inspiring female entrepreneurs who share empowering advice for the next generation of creatives and makers.

In today’s episode we talk about overcoming fear, embracing mistakes, the myth of work life balance and what it takes to manage the breakneck pace of digital entrepreneurship — especially when life throws you a major curveball.

We cover:

  • What Grace learned facing Type 1 Diabetes, 2 doctors, 6 MRIs, 12 new meds and around-the-clock insulin
  • How to decide what to pause or delegate in your business when an illness, injury or other life altering event occurs
  • The reason she no longer gives the advice to “find your voice” and what she tells new content creators to do instead
  • Why striving to be perfect — especially in the beginning — will crush you
  • How she learned not to put all her online revenue eggs in one basket
  • And much more!

If you enjoyed this interview with Grace, check out our first conversation where she shares Design*Sponge’s revenue model, her perspective on blogger burnout and two brilliant pieces of advice for new bloggers.

Now, Grace and I would love to hear from you.

What’s the most important actionable insight you’re taking away from this conversation? If you’ve got more than one, that’s great too. Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your observation may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

So often we can beat ourselves up, thinking that we’re doing something wrong because we don’t seem to be moving as quickly as we perceive others around us are.

I hope this conversation helps you take a sigh of relief by realizing that none of us are superhuman. There really is no finish line. And everyone is very much still figuring it all out.

Thank you so much for watching and sharing with such enthusiasm and kindness. I’m truly grateful for your participation and the consistently insightful conversations that happen here.

With all my love,

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  1. OOOHHhhh this is my favorite episode for now ! I really loved the energy in this episode 🙂
    I also feel so relaxed now that I know I can stop looking for that work-life balance finally, since it appears to be non-existing! HAHAHA :))
    And also that Marie is not a superwoman… 😉 You all look so perfect to me ;-))

    Love and thank you for all your energy!


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Barbara! xoxo

  2. Thank you so much Marie for having me on your wonderful show. And thank you, Barbara! I’m so glad the messages from the book could provide some comfort and support. The women in the book really inspired me to relax, let go and embrace the ups and downs as part of the process- not a sign that I was doing anything wrong.

    Grace 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Grace! We love having you on and sharing your wisdom! ♥

  3. Abi

    Dear Marie,

    Thanks for this video. This interview was simply amazing. I saw Bonnie last on Inside Quest but this interview touched on many different aspects that resonate so well with everything you do and with the multi-passionate entrepreneurs that we are.

    One of the most wonderful sections from this interview is when you and Bonnie talk about the constant shift in the internet marketing world and how one esp content marketers have to keep different plates spinning without putting all eggs into a single basket.

    I personally think that was an amazing advice especially with so much pressure in the society around successful entrepreneurs knowing their singular passion from Day 1 and doing only that and then people like the Marie Community who juggle multiple stuff not able to identify with that singular passion and feeling like thugs.

    Bonnie’s interview is such an excellent advice for us all that while it might be great to have just one passion but being multitalented and multi-passionate in today’s ever changing world is not a curse or lack of focus but rather a blessing in disguise.

  4. Hahaha, Marie, about 10 seconds before you said “yes, it’s real,” I was just thinking, “Man, her hair looks dope…I wonder if it’s extensions?” (As I sit here with a growing-out pixie cut).

    Terrific interview– so many good takeaways. In particular, it’s okay to not be perfect when you start out, and also best writing coming from strong emotion.

    And while I’m writing this comment, I have to say, I love your show every week. Thank you for all that you do!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Kirin! xo

  5. Roxanne

    Love this interview with Grace. The biggest takeaway from this for me is that you don’t have to show up polished and perform. It’s so, so easy to believe that every effort you put forward in business needs to be perfected before sharing, but that’s simply not the case and beautifully reinforced by your interview today.

    I think that finding perfect connection in the raw moments of life is the truer thing.

  6. wonderful interview – thank you both!

  7. Eline

    Ladies what a great episode! The most important thing I learned from this episode was: there is no perfect work/life balance! What a relief to hear you explain that. The past year my work life balance is such an issue, and by what you two shared about it, I really feel I can release a lot of the stress that’s acompanied with this issue. Thanks <3

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes, Eline! It’s such a relief to know we don’t have to be perfect – it helps so much 🙂

      • Eva

        I second that. Even this morning I spent maybe 2 hours reorganizing my calendar so that I could have better balance in the future. I am sick of it! And I dont even have kids yet 🙁 So thank you, Grace and Marie. You may have just change my live fo reeeeelz.

  8. I love that y’all called out life “balance” as a lie. It’s much more accurate to think of it has life harmony.

  9. Love, love, loved this interview! I continually struggle with the illusory goal of perfection and “balance” in my business and it feels so good to hear your stories of being human. I came away with that wonderful feeling of connection with other women that uplifts and strengthens and allows me to be more fully myself. Thank you for being your authentic selves and such amazing women!

  10. Thank you both for giving us permission to just be real.
    I’m putting it into action immediately as I respond to emails and subsequently when friends ask me how I’m doing.

    Have an awesome day!

  11. This is a great conversation!! Just fantastic!! As a maker, entrepreneur and designer with a growing business, supporting both of my kids through college, a plan to increase sales by 30% every year I so appreciated the grace 🙂 with which Grace spoke about finding balance, accepting what is, taking time to take care of herself without feeling guilty or scared. I think a lot of women who own their own businesses, especially when they are creating the products, feel the need to be 100% business driven 100% of the time. I know I do. I just ordered the book and can not wait to get some insight from other female makers. I applaud all female makers and creators because we do dedicate ourselves to our work as if it is our baby. And as a mom I also know how often we put ourselves on the back burner for our kids and as a maker I know I will always skip a run or swim in the morning to get to the studio early to meet a deadline. Finding that balance in this life is not easy and hearing this wonderful conversation opened the door to look closer at how balance can be had. I can’t wait to read the book!! Thank you both!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing, Bridget! I hope you enjoy Grace’s book 🙂

  12. TJ

    Thank you for sharing. I took away from this conversation that taking a deep breath while stepping back a bit does not mean you are walking away from goals. It means you are participating in the process of growing and being open. Life’s speed bumps forces us to refocus. I look forward to the conversations you share Marie. Thank you.

  13. Monika

    Thank you so much for sharing. I really apecciate it because I got inspired by your words. I try to build up a busines as a coach since I am back in Germany but I struggle with fear, doubt and not being good enough. But Now I will stand up for my dream and take it to reality. ?

  14. Thank you so much for the lovely interview!
    Great takeaways from 2 powerful women.

  15. Thanks so much for this!!!
    So great to hear such a fantastic entrepreneur Grace!and yourself Marie talk so candidly
    about the ups and downs and vulnerabilities of putting your heart, art and soul out there with all the pressures of keeping it going….and living in the “real” world!!
    I can’t wait yo buy and read the book!

  16. Jo

    Very interesting to hear you talk about illness, entrepeneurship and work-life balance. It’s something I’m still trying to figure out and I know many people who are as well. More on this topic please 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      It’s definitely a challenging balance, Jo. I thought I might share one of my favorite MarieTV episodes on work-life balance for a few more tips:

      These topics are incredibly important, so I have no doubt you’ll see more info popping up too in future episodes!

  17. Jeanne

    I was just checking out the video and ended up listening to the whole thing. Thank you both very much. It was very inspirationnal and insightful. I take the opportunity to thank you Marie for these shows. Grace, I had no idea what you had gone through health-wise and first of all I just wish you the best. I think i may have discovered your work on here a few years ago- i don’t live under a rock, I am just French:) … . I think i will be a regular reader of Design Sponge now. I loved when you said something along the lines of ‘no one wants to look like an amateur, but i like to see progress, i am looking for spontaneity’. I will be looking for your book. I hope I can find it here. My best to both of you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Jeanne, thank you so much for your kind words. We’re so glad to introduce you to Grace and her work, and I hope you love her book too if you’re able to find a copy (maybe Amazon?) 🙂

  18. Lina

    I always enjoy your moments with fantastic individuals!! This episode had so many great take a ways and the most profound one for me was taking a step away from social media. Having to feel the need to post an event or a thought to stay recognized or feel recognized. I’ve been challenging myself in not posting every moment and deal with how I feel in that moment. Feeling real in my skin. Thank you??Happy ?

  19. MF, hoping that the shitstorm has blown over without leaving too much debris behind. Thanks for the insightful conversation.

  20. Christina Gouveia, RMT

    I really needed this episode! The biggest take away is the affirmation of “failure, mistakes” and it’s okay to make them. I do learn the most from my mistakes, but to hear both of you also comment of making mistakes at your level is humanoid. It’s interesting how when women make mistakes we do shove ourselves into the shame hole but why? Lol I also love that we are not super woman, we won’t be everywhere all the time. Your health DOES come first and I can also attest to being burnt out from working too much and how it is not worth it. Thank you for this episode and of course, another book for my reading list!

  21. Beth

    I LOVE this episode. Such a real conversation. What resonated for me is the bit about no one cares for your business the way you do. Having been entrepreneurial my whole life, I learned that if you want to be successful you have to be all in – half-assed doesn’t get the job done. Your passion at the top will bring out the best and most from the people who work for/with you, and I agree that you can’t expect your staff to have the exact level of involvement that you do.

  22. Jackie Wernberg

    Wonderful!! So good to know I no longer have to strive to be perfect . I actually knew this, but still tried anyway. I have a few balls in the air right now and I’m making lots of mistakes and having more failures than successes. Get really despondent some days but good to know and realise that this is normal and everyone goes there!
    Thanks for this – I need to get that book !! Is it available in South Africa?
    All the best, Jackie

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Jackie, definitely check Amazon – the link is above in the blog post! 🙂 I hope you’re able to grab a copy!

      • Jackie Wernberg

        Thank you. Will definitely try Amazon
        Regards, Jackie

  23. I breezed by this book recently in a list and was struck with just a hint of curiosity. Thank you so much for bringing Grace to my attention and her book (which I immediately ordered). So many things she mentioned about being an entrepreneur, work/life balance, and your personal dedication to your own business resinated. I’m excited to learn more from the women in her book. I believe in keeping things real — thank you Grace!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Karrie! I hope you love the book ♥

  24. This was such an inspirational interview, so down to earth and real. My biggest takeaway (which is difficult to choose as there is so much here), is the comment about it’s AND not OR. This is something I have really started to notice in my own life and business lately and there is A LOT of depth to this statement when you start noticing it turning up for real!

  25. There is no such as work life balance
    Exactly what I need after feeling that I’m sometimes too much in my business, not enough with my beloveds.
    Time run and sometimes I can feel guilty to not be there and eveywhere

    But like Grace says and it’s a good mantra NO ONE CAN BE EVERYWHERE AND BE EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE ..and finally I think that this job is already in the hand of someone that I called God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Super episode, as always you give me perspective, energy, emotions

    Thank you

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Hadda! I’m so glad that Grace’s wisdom was just what you needed to hear. I know it’s awful having that guilty feeling, so it’s great that you’re feeling inspired to be gracious with yourself since no one can be everywhere at once. Thanks for tuning in! 🙂

  26. Jennifer

    I love this interview and conversation! biggest insight–that I can embrace the imperfect in starting up my business and that people really want to know the people behind the businesses. And that I love sharing the authentic beauty of the imperfect! Grace can exist there and it welcomes people in. I plan on putting this into action right now by being comfortable with the imperfection and just moving forward with trying, being willing to be myself and embrace all the failures as part of the learning process of starting a business–and a place where you actually can find your authentic voice. Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes, yes, yes! This is awesome, Jennifer, and it’s so wonderful to hear you’re starting a business! We’re cheering you on big time, and if you would like some helpful advice and inspiration on your journey, Marie has a whole MarieTV playlist on building a meaningful business: 🙂

  27. What an amazing episode! It’s hard to pick the one nugget of info I loved the most. Accepting failure as a lesson, calling B.S. on work/life balance, being okay with not being everything to everyone…so many important lessons for entrepreneurs (and women!). I think I’ll have to watch it again to really let each lesson sink in. I am so grateful that you both shared yourselves with us. <3

  28. Thanks Grace and Marie. I couldn’t wait to comment because I heard the best bit of wisdom the other day, and then Grace said it too! It’s this: The mistakes are not as important as the recovery. This one bit of wisdom gives me solace not only in my work life (I’m a solopreneur) but especially as a menopausal parent of a 16 year old daughter. Mistakes are bound to happen. Repeatedly. But it’s those times when you make the same mistake for the kazilienth time and you realize that, this time you recovered not only faster, but better, that gives you hope that you are moving in the right direction.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true and so perfectly said, Lori!

  29. I am learning there is no Work Life Balance but you should do work that you would want to incorporate into your life. If something feels consistently off balance maybe it’s not meant for you to be a part of any longer and that’s ok especially with growth.

    Great episode as always. Thanks!

  30. Fabulous interview! Marie, I just love it when you share you imperfect moments and failures. It just reinforces the fact that we are all doing the best we can…and thats ok! Thanks for the great work you do!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! We’re all in this together. 🙂 Thank you for your kindness.

  31. Angela

    My favorite insight was that being perfect, without flaw or fumble is not being whole. To be whole is to embrace the fumbles and move forward in ways that feel authentically you. I can apply his right now in that I often notice that when I make mistakes or struggle I tend to believe that I’m doing something wrong or that I’m in the wrong arena. I realize now that I can see my struggles at any stage as a reflection of my living and evolving wholeness.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exactly! That’s such a beautiful perspective, Angela. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

  32. Wow, what an awesome episode! Thank you for this. One of the most incredible parts for me was when she said that your followers want to hear from you, but they aren’t going to be angry if you have to take a step back or if you miss a post. As an author, I am trying my best to write great books as fast as I can, but sometimes I just need the time and space to live my life and figure out what is going on in my head before I can sit down and write an amazing fictional story. It needs to marinate. I know I need that time, but there’s this part of me that feels like my readers will be angry with me if I don’t produce quickly enough.

    I’ve been working through this a lot over the past six months or so, as I’ve simply needed time to deal with something going on in my personal life. There hasn’t been room in my life for story, and I’ve stressed myself out over the fear that my loyal readers will hate me or abandon me or be angry with me for not producing. It’s been such a lesson to be able to step back and take care of myself. If I work from a place of passion and love and take care of myself first, I need to be able to trust that readers will still be there. They want new books, but they aren’t going to be mad at me for not producing them faster.

    Great episode, thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this episode was timely and speaks to things you’ve been working through for the past couple of months. As an avid reader myself, I definitely want the authors I love to take care of themselves and not rush things at the expense of their sanity and health or the quality of the work. The creator matters more than the creation. 🙂

      • Thanks, Mandy. The truth is that I think most of my readers feel that way! I somehow invent the anxiety for myself and believe it as truth. It’s time to reframe that and get past it!

  33. maya nair

    I learned that it is okay to be not okay. It gives me the opportunity to reassess my situation and make an effort in the right direction. Thank you Marie and Grace for giving me this wonderful lesson

  34. Grace – loved hearing that you don’t encourage people to find their voice any more, and that you are looking for that honesty and sense of spontaneity in a blog or podcast. I think that can be very freeing to content creators, because it sometimes seems like on top of doing everything else, we are expected to have that streamlined brand or voice in our business.

    I made a commitment to honesty on my life coaching blog, and when I get freaked out after posting something that I think is very, very personal, people seem to respond to that authenticity more than they would to a boring “do this and your life will magically change” kind of post.

    Thank you Marie and Grace – love your work.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Erin! I’m so glad you’ve been seeing that in action on your life coaching blog. Vulnerability is the bond of human connection. 🙂

  35. Perhaps my favorite topic was the idea of doing what I love and not trying to polish it perfectly before launching what I do publicly.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad to hear that, Sylvia! And your audience will appreciate getting to see your growth because they’ll be inspired by it, too. There are vintage episodes of MarieTV from 2011 that don’t look anything like the ones today. Everyone has to start somewhere and even the experts were amateurs once. 🙂

  36. Omg! *raising hand*. Me. Waiting until “its” all polished and professional looking.
    Thaaank you for the permission to just keep it real. <3

  37. It was so great getting to hear Grace’s story!

    While the entire interview was wonderful all-in-all , I think that the piece of information that stuck with me the most was that life isn’t perfect and mistakes happen… to everyone! Also, that there really is no “finish line” in life is something that I think we all tend to forget from time to time. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    I enjoyed this episode of Marie TV very much, and can’t wait for next Tuesday!

    Thank you, Grace and Marie!


  38. “We never stop making mistakes ” ?

  39. Eejee

    First: T h a n k y o u
    To both.
    There is a few insights I totally tuned to but I think the one that I feel the more reassured about is when one of you said : there is no “one” formula.

    Some people were questioning me taking workshops and then, sometimes just throwing all I was taught out the window, almost. Not all, but sometimes I’m not keeping a lot. And also, I’m not always all over taking all the courses said I should. Many feedback blames that I just do don’t want to learn, it’s my unwillingness to learn… as if its bad.
    Things are, when you self-admit yourself a writer or an artist, you suddenly have all those invitations for retreat and courses and this seminar or another. Wére going to teach you “the way” to be successful with your art business… and if you run to all of them,
    a) you’re not doing your stuff b) you pill up knowledge but un-applied knowledge
    C) you spend, you don’t invest
    D) you drown your voice
    E) you may never be successful in the way “those” people define successful “has to be”
    There is no one single formula and hearing someone else than me saying it just made my day.
    Hearing that it was ok to not take other people voice as gospel also helped. Sometimes to tinted other people voice off!
    That’s the hardest for me. Especially since I moved where I’m expected to “integrate” or “go back home”. You tune to the “other” voice because you do want to be loved and accepted… even when you’re inner little voice is shouting ” f word it” down from your guts when someone say such inane thing as the reason you have not made it yet is you have freckles, curly hair and glasses. Stop wearing orange and people will love you. Along those lines.
    That has nothing to do, you know it… but then you “still” cave in and try, in case…. because you crave integration

    Anyway, i talked enough. People prefer 144 characters and I’m way over it.

    Thank you

  40. Great conversation! I love the talk about life/work balance. Some time ago I realized for myself that striving for life balance meant being in a place of stagnation. If all pieces of my life were in balance I would not be stretching myself to learn and do more.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a beautiful revelation, Mandy! And so true—we can only grow where there’s some level of friction.

      P.S. Awesome name! 😉

      • Thanks Grace and Marie, what a wonderful episode. So much was great about this. Acceptance that the mind and body needs to take a break and think about things and deal with the current situation without feeling like the world will fall apart. And also, “shit changes so fast” and I’ve learned that the time I have taken to follow experts and do what I “should” be doing to move forward already has changed and then I feel like I need relearn. So I keep an open mind about this and I really have to stop trying to be “perfect” while things change around me and just go with the flow. As Grace says, “there will never be a finish line.” Love it. Thanks. I now will stop beating myself up for wanting to have balance in my life while I work towards success. I’m fine with that. Creatively yours, Mary

  41. THANK YOU! Thank you for inspiring professional women everywhere that we will never be – and don’t HAVE to be – perfect. For reminding us what’s really important in our lives. For sharing your truth. For being who you are. For being fearless, courageous, and inspirational. Marie, I am SO HAPPY you titled this episode “the truth about work/life balance.” The truth is that it’s BS. Totally. We keep hearing to “balance” but what does that even mean? Something always has to give. We have to be okay with our choices and realize that it is okay. We are doing the best we can and that is ENOUGH. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! THANK YOU! (did I tell you how much I loved this? :))

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Preach, Luly! No one should have to apologize or feel guilty for going through the ebbs and flows of life and business—it’s natural. It means the world to us that you enjoyed this episode.

  42. Wow! I loved this episode! SO MANY golden points!
    My favorite and most needed (of course…) was that it’s not about the mistake but how you recover from it. This is huge. It makes you focus on moving on rather than getting stuck with something that did not work well or that filled you with shame.
    I like the word “recovery” because it has a different flavor than “getting on top of it”. It’s about how you surface, after you got hit. This word does not minimize or underestimate the pain, but instead, puts your eyes and energy where it will serve you better.
    Thank you both so much, and I can’t wait to read the book!

  43. My biggest takeaway was realizing that everything doesn’t have to be perfect to start. I’ve been working with athletes transitioning from the game but I want have a bigger reach and would like to get into speaking publicly. I’ve been sitting out because I don’t think I’m great at public speaking, but I’m ready to try and then continue developing that skill along the way 🙂 loved this episode and love this channel.

  44. I have always felt like “winning” should really mean being able to take the dog for a walk and have quiet, reflective moments throughout the day. I needed the reminder. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting the business to succeed and forget what you’re working FOR. I always feel like I am a sub par business owner when I take time off or give someone their video on-time instead of early in order to take my kid to the zoo, it was so illuminating to hear the “see-saw” analogy and realize that that’s just how life is. Time to take deep breaths and just embrace what each day looks like.

  45. Adrienne Del Monte

    Loved this episode. So many amazing gems of wisdom, also- that book is officially on my Christmas list!

  46. Robin

    This helped to remind me that there is only “now” – there’s no “there” – and I especially learned from the comments about where it is that you have great ideas – when you’re having fun. This also reminded me of how to proceed – maybe it’s better to proceed without the mental plan but instead to follow the cues of inspiration. Great show!

  47. Loved, loved, loved this episode. I am at the very end of FINALLY getting my food product manufactured. Balancing work and family never has been an issue. I already know it can’t be done or completely done. And I and they are ok with that. Some great things I did get out of this episode are: magic starts in the mistakes, it’s ok to say you are not having a good day, and to enjoy the making of it all. I will be working on those. I am so passionate about my product (Red Hot Motor Oil) and I love the whole learning process, mistakes and all. My Dad used to tell me, “Everyone puts their pants on the same way.” I have carried that with me always. Thanks again for being you! Cindy

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on your product launch, Cindy! We’re cheering you on and are super proud of you!

      • Mandy, thanks. Would you guys like a sample jar when they do the test run? It is a hot chili oil…that is to die for. 🙂 If so, email me a mailing address. Thanks again!

        • Caroline - Team Forleo

          Oh thank you so much, Cindy! We’re a light footprint company and we’re unable to accept products or gifts, but know that your gratitude and kind offer alone mean the world to us!

  48. I’m in my 50’s (which in and of itself brings a whole bunch of questions, doubts, what-ifs) and these life lessons don’t stop. Just when you think you have ‘it’ all figured out a whole new set of whammies pop in to put you on a brand new rollercoaster ride of life! Plus, there is so much ‘rinse and repeat’ of life’s ups and downs.

    I have often said to people “anything can happen to anyone” which can run the gamut of amazing success and happiness to failures and loss. It is life! We just keep on picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and carry on to live our best lives!

    Marie and Grace your transparency and honesty is such a gift to women. (although I’m continually perplexed by Marie’s always perfect hair … wink, wink!) A very uplifting start to my day.

  49. Thank you for this episode, Marie and Grace!
    What I’ve learned (and was excited to hear from you!) was:
    1. Spontaneity in our social media and videos – I was going back and forth
    2. Delegating is hard – thank you!!!
    3. Work/life balance doesn’t exist – you took such a huge rock off of my heart… thank you so much!!
    And all the best wishes to you, Grace, stay well <3

  50. Jillian Silcox

    I think God meant for me to see this video today sitting in my Inbox. I’m actually not feeling well and from what I think had been my “go-go-go” attitude for the last 5 weeks of trying to do it all! And stressing that I’m not doing enough of this or that in my relationship since starting back to school, working, commitments, & other responsibilities. I had a productive day yesterday and made time for my fiancé last night. Today, I think my body is now telling me that I need to relax. Seeing and hearing that there is no such thing as work:life balance makes me feel SO much better. I think I’m trying too hard and stressing myself out in the process. I needed to hear this today! And I’m excited about ordering this book! THANK YOU MARIE & GRACE! xoxo Jillian

  51. Kelly

    I am so grateful for this interview and candid coversation. Sixteen years ago, I started my own business, and was diagnosed with Type 1, two years in. It was a very scary diagnosis that became and continues to be my biggest teacher. I’ve been forced time again, to take of myself (due to low blood sugars), when all I wanted to do was keep going to the point of emotional, spiritual and physical exhaustion. As a result of my health challenge, and recognizing there’s only so much time in the day, I’ve gotten much more selective with who and how I spend my time. And I am very private about my illness, (due to societal stigmatization), and fear that I’ll seem less able. I feel so much less alone now, thanks to Grace sharing her story. Thank you both!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’ve definitely walked a mile in Grace’s shoes and know how she’s feeling. I’m so glad you’re taking care of yourself, listening to your body, and doing what’s best for you.

  52. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    So timely. I’m in the middle of submitting something I’ve never done, and I’m willing to be vulnerable, and believe that my heart, passion, and commitment will come through. I also have learned not to listen to those that believe “they have the answer to what I want”. It’s super freeing.

    Great interview and episode. Thank you Marie and team!

  53. Hi Grace and Marie
    I am just starting out my new business, doing everything that needs be done pretty much in my free time. SO hearing that there was no such thing as work life balance came as a major relief. Together with Grace’s suggestion of not going primarily for perfection but for what is fun to me. There is not much implementation here, I just feel that these two nuggets of wisdom support me in keeping going.

  54. Permission to not only have ebb and flow in our lives, but perhaps to enjoy it?! Thank you for such a great dialogue. I love honest conversations like this one.

  55. Thank you Marie and Grace!! I love Design*Sponge and it was really nice to see the woman behind that. I have been struggling for a while to get the motivation to start creating. I think the biggest obstacle has been my need to “get it all together” before I throw it out into the world. Thank you for the validation that if I love it, I should just do it and it will grow and become better as I do. I recently created a blog that has yet to be started, but I will start it. I will create and I will earn money on the side doing it. I just have to take the leap. Thank you!!

  56. I totally loved this episode. It’s a wake up call…Thankyou so much to both of you

  57. Sara

    What a great talk with two of my favorite people! And it was so validating – thanks Grace and Marie for putting it all out there so that the rest of us can learn alongside you. I went through something similar this year in terms of health and balance. Thankfully it wasn’t nearly as serious as type 1 diabetes, but it was bad enough for me to stop and think “what if it WERE worse?” I knew I’d be screwed, and that I needed to make some serious changes. It was really helpful to hear Grace talk about this – women really need to hear other women discussing self care because we often feel like we need permission to make ourselves a priority.

    I’d started a business that was something I’m really good at, and something I’m passionate about…but it took me getting injured and then very ill to realize that what I was doing really isn’t compatible with my life (and my two small children) right now, and THAT’S OKAY. I took a step back, and for the past 2-3 months have completely switched gears. Now I’m working on something that’s more easily delegate-able (if that’s a word), scalable, and won’t come grinding to a halt if I’m not well, or if my two little ones get sick 3 times each, back-to-back (it happened).

    There were so many great moments in this conversation, but I loved hearing from both Marie and Grace that work-life balance is really more of a see-saw, and the sooner you can chill with that, the better.

    Also CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on this new book! Ordering now.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Sara, thank you so much for your comment and sharing your experiences. It sounds like you’ve found something that really aligns with you, and that’s incredible! Sadly it is so true that we feel we need permission to prioritize ourselves, so this reminder is one we definitely need to hear over and over.

      I hope you enjoy Grace’s book and find it a great source of inspiration 🙂

  58. Aleks

    It’s amazing how the universe comes together. I’ve been getting this message about passion, the misguided concept of balance and accepting we are human, which opens for authentic conversations. It’s what I needed to hear, so this resonated very much for me!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Aleks, we’re so glad to hear this episode was just what you needed to hear and that it really resonated! ♥

  59. Thank you both Ladies for this inspiring video!

  60. Winston A. Henderson

    Marie I’m so elated with this interview. I am so touched by it I had to come over and write a comment. The best interview you did for me was the second Tony Robbins interview…until I saw this one. TR interview spoke to my mind, but this one spoke to my heart and soul! Such authenticity and realness could never be manufactured.

    Thank you for this Marie and to you Grace for your transparency!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a wonderful comment, Winston. It means so much to hear this interview really spoke to your heart and soul, and we so appreciate your kind words!

  61. Thank you Marie and Grace for this beautiful interview! I am grateful for two beautiful powerhouses being so real with me. 😉
    I really love what Grace said about the unpolished projects being the most interesting. I have several ideas that I drown with planning and they loose their inspiration. Even this comment I have talked myself out of deleting a couple of times already. I will click post comment now. Thank you!

  62. Thank you SO much for this. I recently suffered burnout through adrenal fatigue and a flair up of my crohns this summer, which led to me moving out of London and back in with my folks. This felt like a huge blow to my business and a massive ego dent to me for not ‘handling it all’. I’ve recently learnt so much from this experience and my business is thriving in new ways. I did feel embarrassed by this tho. Until I realised that this is ‘normal’ and today’s video assured me it’s okay to be constantly figuring this out!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Absolutley, Suzie! I hope you’re feeling so much better now. I have ulcerative colitis myself so I understand how IBD can leave you down for the count!

      • Suzie Bartle

        Oh you poor thing. I’m sure you’re in good hands with Marie’s Team;)

  63. Grace

    I’m stepping into a new belief that my voice has value and I have interesting things to share and what better a place than here with Team Forleo, who have taught me so much over the past two years! My biggest takeaway is that my being honest with the people around me when I’m not having a great day can open the door for others to be real and honest with me about how they are feeling. I so often say I’m fine when I’m struggling and yearning for support and connection. My fear is that I’ll make the other person feel awkward if I don’t reply with the standard ‘fine’. I’m coming to more deeply appreciate that in my vulnerability lies immense capacity for growth if I can only open up to being supported and that by showing my vulnerability I can create a space for others to open up and allow me to support them.
    Love it!

  64. Dawn Herring

    Marie and Grace,
    This interview was fabulous on so many levels. It’s hard to pick just one thing that stood out to me that had the most relevance. Doing what is FUN for you was hugely significant since I try to focus on what brings me joy. Also, pulling back on social media not making a humungous difference in your followers or in their expectations of what you put out there, but instead being more excited when you do show up. Interesting take on advertising and the changes taking place in the digital world. I think one of the most important aspects of your talk was the issue of being vulnerable and honest when communicating where applicable and how that can open up channels of trust and further authentic communication which helps build great relationships. We can support one another in those toughest of times. Thanks so much for this!

    Be refreshed,
    Dawn Herring

  65. Tina

    Dear Marie – and Grace of course 🙂 , I am a B-schooler (wohoo to all B-schoolers 🙂 ) and watching your videos for years now. But I have to admit – I never left a comment on your site. Should I be ashamed? Yes, indeed!
    But this episode today is really one of my favourites – the vibe between both of you was so relaxing and inspiring at the same time. LOVED IT! My biggest take away today is that the most important thing with mistakes is knowing the way how to deal with it. I am so bad at this – that’s one of my worst habits. And it that it was a big AHA-moment to watch you both talk about it in such honest but still positive way. So the key nugget today is realizing that the sooner I deal with my mistake instead of letting myself down – the more time I have to do fun things. So just have to relax about it, and make it better next time is a big one for me!
    I will definetly buy a copy of Grace’s book – it’s even on Amazon Germany on the best seller ranking – and sold out, congratulations! Hope I get a copy soon :-).
    Thanks again to Marie, Grace and of course the whole team for helping all of us with great content! By helping so many people, you are really making the word a better place!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Hi, Tina! So glad you popped in to leave a comment 🙂 I hope you get your hands on a copy of Grace’s book soon!

  66. Carolina Prioglio

    Thank you! That was great!

  67. Great episode! Thank you.
    It has brought of bit of confusion or shall I say challenge. In my workshop I show folks how to create a positive conversation and train others who may spend too much time on the negative. In speaking our truth on how we are doing, does that leave room for becoming the negative Nelly? In other words how do we stay transparent but still maintain a positive atmosphere?

  68. This interview could not have been posted at a better time. I’m currently working around the clock to launch my skincare blog, True Skin, in November and trying to find that work balance has been one of the most difficult tasks. I’m a mom to a toddler, a new Esthetician in the industry and launching my blog next month! I have been struggling to find that happy medium. Its so nice to hear that its totally normal to not have a zen work flow balance, that we all strive for and expect to come with success and being on the right path, so to speak.
    I also loved when Grace said we all don’t want to look like amateur and strive for perfection. That is so absolutely true for me, I’ve been so worried about making sure my site and posts do not look like I’m just starting out. Hearing someone say they enjoy watching people evolve and grow was something I needed to hear. Thank you both for being so honest about how it really is as a business owner. As a new blogger with a million blog and business ideas, I had this preconceived notion of what I thought its like to be successful. I’ve been so stressed trying to do it all and be everything for everyone, when all I really need to do is be me, trust the process, and enjoy evolving into who I want to be. Thank you again Marie you’re videos are so inspirational and I find myself turning to your website for encouragement. I always leave your website feeling like I learned something.

  69. Thank you for breaking down this myth about perfect life-work balance. It has become yet another thing on the list that we women should aspire to–and usually find ourselves lacking compared to others. (Loved your post about Comparison-schlager Marie!). In the 50’s it might have been all about being the perfect housewife and mother, and now it’s about being perfect at everything–your looks, figure, career, family, health, money.

    Think about a seesaw–it’s not perfectly balanced, it’s designed to move. That balance point in the middle is only a point we pass through on the way to up or down. This whole idea that we are going to reach a perfect state of anything–success, relationship fulfillment, health, weight, even life-work balance–and stay there– is a myth.

    Who else is ready to chuck it? Meet me on the playground!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Yes! Love this comment, Ellen!

  70. Thank you again.

    Life and business and attempting a balance – I loved Grace’s declaration that there is no balance, it’s a see-saw. I’m currently going through some medical treatment that extremely’s important, extremely delicate, and highly influenced by my ability to not be stressed. (Most stressful advice in the world right – ‘Do whatever you can to not be stressed.’ And then as soon as something stressful arises, you get even more stressed out about the fact that you’re stressed.)

    Some things, obviously, I can’t control. But I can control how much time I put into my business. Yes, I don’t want to disappoint my readers. Yes, I don’t want to lose momentum. But for the most part, readers won’t care, and as for momentum, that can disappear at times no matter what I do.

    I decided recently that I need to step back from my business in order to focus on my health … and yet I still check in, still find myself getting absorbed, and feel the tension creeping in. Thank you for the reminder that I truly need to step back right now, and when things are good with me again, I can tip the see-saw as need be. 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I’m glad this episode resonated with you on such a personal level, Charlene. Sending you love while you focus on your health!

  71. Great episode, love it!
    Thanks for keeping it real. My stand out moment for me was there’s no balancing anything. Just keep it moving, leading with action in this dance of life will always release fear, just the fact that we all have it. We all have struggles, no one escapes this. I too am fascinated by the stories of others, the story behind the product, behind the person.
    As far as the work/home life balance thing, I wonder if anyone actually makes the decision on which one slides? Does it just “happen”, so often we hear about the home life falling apart.
    Sending my love to all. Thanks. xo

  72. Patricia

    Thank you both Grace/Marie
    It was very helpful to stage of life where I’m …. not knowing when is the right time to start the volcano of ideas I have!! jish!! … but is good to know that does not have to be perfect that some people appreciate mistakes … the best part is to be honest with ourselves, my favorite quote “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” …. GRACIAS! 🙂

  73. Beautiful! My daughter gave me this book just yesterday and I have peeked in already. I love that there are women in the 50 and up group. So nice that while there is beauty and creativity…there is real and honest and bone truths. Grace Bonney and Marie Forleo in the same room is always a day where the wind shifts. Thank you both. ~Love.

  74. Amanda

    Thank you so much for this video!
    I LOVE the idea of doing projects that are fun! I don’t have the words to express how much that resonates with me & I believe that fun is essential for our wellbeing and the sort of success that feels good. I’m aware that there will always be hard times, but in the areas I can control, I want to add more fun to what I do.
    Starting tomorrow (because it’s midnight here), I am committing to finding more ways to add fun activities to what I do and to going full Mary Poppins by finding that element of fun in every job that must be done (because my errands still don’t run themselves).
    Thank you, lovely ladies, for this inspiring, soul-soothing talk!
    Love, Amanda

  75. Marvellous episode, Marie!
    What resonated to me the most is that “there is no life/work balance”. Unfortunately we all try to do EVERYTHING but in my case “something” suffers. And most of the time, EVERYTHING suffers. But being at peace with it sounds great! More and more people I see talking about “real life” and how we all have the same struggles. Basically, we all need to say “no” to something, in order to get other things done.
    The other day someone told me that “every time you say YES to something (that others want me to do) you are saying NO to you”. That sounds a bit drastic but basically, we can’t do everything. Thank you for reaffirming that, and being (both Marie and Grace) great role models by saying “we are not perfect and it’s ok” (in terms of having it all together at all times). I loved this episode. It came in a great day. Thank you!

  76. Leslie Marie

    Definitely that there is no work/life balance. I know I have days of wanting to work more and days of wanting to just be a mom more. Letting go of some fictional perfect formula, is so freeing!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Right?! It’s the most freeing thought, I’d say 🙂

  77. Carly Peterson

    Hi Grace, Hi Marie, A few years ago I had a crisis that flipped my life upside down, it was devastating emotionally. Of course this crisis came at the most inopportune time and eventually my small business did fail. That experience is something that I have learned a lot from and I have learned to value that, but now I am trying to pick up the pieces. One of the major issues I have going forward as an entrepreneur is the feeling that I have to do it alone. I feel like everyone that shares a success story has done it on their own and I want to say that assumption is wrong, but is it? Can you be successful on your own?



    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Carly, of course! There’s isn’t one right way to be successful. Some people do everything alone, and other people have another person or a team behind them. Whatever is right for you and works best for you is the way to go.

      • Carly Peterson

        Kristin, Thank you so much for the reply. I think I just need to confront my fears and get very creative if I am going to move forward.



  78. Lisa

    Hey Marie! Thank you so much for this interview! It was really good to see how someone deals with life altering events like finding out about an illness. I love that Grace was strong enough to say “I’m not perfect. And I need time to figure out how this is going to affect my life.” When my mom was diagnosed last December with essentially(she between 2 and 3) stage 3 breast cancer, there was no time to process. We just rolled with each punch that came our way and tried to keep up with everything. It was, to a certain extent, like someone pressed the pause or mute button on certain areas of our lives and the speed up on others. It’s really encouraging to see someone else dealing with an life altering event and learning how to take the time to adjust and for herself.
    I think the biggest thing I’ll take away from this interview is that there is no work-life balance. But I think that it’s more of a mobile. With someone at the middle and all the various aspects that make up their life circling them with some areas having a greater pull of gravity at certain times than others.
    I will also take away the idea that no one is going to believe in what you do more than you do. That was a revolutionary thought for me. That the only one who’s going to be my biggest believer in whatever I do is going to be me. It’s not going to be mom, dad, aunt, uncle–no, it’s going to be me. I’m always going to be the one to do more and commit myself just that little bit more than anyone else. In fact, if someone says that what I’m thinking is going to be hard and I get discouraged followed by stopping whatever it is that I’m doing, then maybe my heart wasn’t in it to begin with. Thank you both for sharing this interview, it was so inspirational for me!

  79. Nice to have a “Team” and to have someone to delegate to….

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      For sure, Cindy, but I think it can also be thought about in terms of a support system in general (family, friends, community, etc).

  80. Thank you so much for sharing these insights Grace and Marie! One of the points that struck me the most was when you said that no one will believe in your business/brand/art/thing as much as you do. I’m still in the long process of learning how to manage how much I let others’ opinions/feedback impact me and how to minimize feeling horrible about myself for disappointing people or not living up to their expectations. It was so helpful to hear that nugget of advice because it’s strengthening my faith that I’m inevitably going to face criticism and doubt from the outside — that everyone will experience this regardless of what stage of progress they’re in — and thus it’s really my duty to always believe in myself. It’s not being egotistical or letting myself of the hook, it’s necessary so that even if everyone else doubts me I can always depend on myself to have faith enough in my goals and in my potential to keep going.

  81. This week I also happened to be reading Carol Honoré’s 2004 book, In Praise of Slowness. (I must now add In the Company of Women to my list.) Both Honoré and Bonney are hitting the same note for me tonight. I am divorced and self-employed. The work-life balance was a big part of the strife in my marriage. It cut both ways, and is still a stressor. The stress arises from the insidious notion that time is money. And it is, but time is also more than money. Time is restoration, health and sharing too. And so, I am taking the time to write this comment, because despite watching many other wonderful MarieTV shows, I have chronically told myself, “I don’t have time to write a comment.” I may not have time for everything, but weirdly, sometimes I have more time, when I take time. Wishing all of you at MarieTV, all other women entrepreneurs, and all workaholic partners or exes, “time enough” for the job at hand, and joy at heart.

    • Anna-Maria Galante

      That should say Carl, not Carol. Somebody, please change that.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you took a moment to share this with us, Anna-Maria. You’re not alone! You’re in great company here 🙂

  82. Ce

    Great conversation… except Diabetes is her big life crisis? 2 doctors, 6 MRIs, 12 new meds … This made me LOL. In the last year I have had 13 specialists (4 that I still see now), 3 MRIs, catScan’s, Bone scans, Chest Xrays (looking for cancer), 6 ER visits, 0ver 7 daily meds worth hundreds of dollars… gee what am I missing? ultrasounds, more xrays, I went from fit to a wheelchair in under a year, compromised immune system and 6 incurable diagnosis. I am wondering if she would like to trade lol?! Sorry, I know diabetes is not a joke, but the email made it sound like she had an actual life crisis. I went through all my sh*t and still worked from home, from my bed. So, yes, I would like to learn how to at mid thirties accept I can not work anymore: doctors orders.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry you went through all that (and still are, it sounds like). I know everyone walks a different path in life and we each have struggles. I think all we can do is support one another with love and empathy, no matter what the personal life crisis may be!

      I wish you healing and health. You’ve got lots of love coming your way from Team Forleo.

      • Ce

        Thank you. Sorry I sounded so angry. I just wanted to share my authentic reaction to the episode/email portrayal of her being “ill.” Yes my conditions are chronic, I am always in pain, and there is no cure. I swallow handfuls of drugs a day to stay alive. My life did a total face flop: I was at my peak and now can hardly get out of bed to my wheelchair. I know life is not fair, and others have it worse. I guess I was hoping more for interview of HOW after being successful, she QUIT and listened to doctors as a Type A workaholic and perfectionist… how? Thanks for listening. I have never commented on a blog in my life!

        • Caroline - Team Forleo

          Oh wow, we’re so glad that you were inspired to comment on a blog for the first time, Ce! You’re always welcome to share any thoughts with us here – we’re grateful to have you tuning in.

  83. Emilyf

    To Grace: welcome to the world of type 1 diabetes! It’s fitting that this episode was all about being imperfect (because we all are) because diabetes is just as much of a roller coaster as life in general can be. With diabetes, you can have a great day, do the exact same thing the following day, and have complete opposite results. This year marks 16 years with type 1 for me and I’m still learning…

  84. My takeway is: Its ok and even healthy to ASK FOR HELP, and then actually let people help you! I have always struggled with it so thank you for the regular reminders, Marie.

  85. I loved this interview. I heard an audio file recently on Margaret Dulaney’s blog about what it means to be human and then I listened with awe as the universe gave me a very similar message throughout this conversation. Repetition is necessary to my absorbing the truth of what you’re saying, so thank you for saying so clearly that being human is definitely not going to include perfection and perfect balance. I’m gonna integrate that truth into my psyche one of these days soon!

    Wishing you and your team all the best, Marie!

  86. Loved this interview! Thanks for bringing Grace back on to your show Marie – she’s one of my favourites! So many gold nuggets in here. I particularly loved hearing how “In The Company of Women” came about it — a powerful story about choices and trusting your heart. x

  87. Thank you for having this conversation. I really need to hear this, it makes me feel normal. Xx

  88. Marie you are always spot on, teaching me something in each episode. Grace is amazing, I took away this huge embodied lesson on vulnerability. You are right, it is way more interesting when someone is just human. Somehow that reminder is always useful, because the brain hears it like, “yeah whatever” and only when it gets to the heart does it actually change me. Thanks, love <3

  89. I was actually changing my insulin pump this morning when I was listening to this interview! Thank you Grace for sharing your story, and to Marie for asking insightful questions. Grace, I appreciate how you have and continue to share your new experience with your audience. You’re right, there aren’t many resources for people our age with Type 1 Diabetes. I often see my experience with Type 1 Diabetes and my creativity as separate entities. I’m going to explore how I can bring this part of my story into what I share. Hopefully it can be useful to others. Thank you for inspiring me to do so, and thank you for showing up in such a (excuse the pun) graceful way in acknowledging how your life has changed. Type 1 Diabetes is not an easy thing to live with, but you have shown how it can be lived in an incredibly empowering way. Thank you.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad Grace’s story resonated with you, Devin!

  90. Ella

    Great episode, this work/life balance thing really needed to be outed! I’m 58 and been on the computer my entire career. I’ve been very successful but it’s taken a toll on me. Still can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  91. Sofia Eastmond

    This was so refreshing! The main take-away for me is the message of vulnerability that both Bonnie and Marie shared. It’s refreshing to hear to women that seemingly have it all together share that it’s ok not to be perfect. I’m still learning this one.

    I loved the piece where Bonnie said that it’s refreshing to see someone truly starting out without their project being fully polished. It can be so paralising to feel your project “should” look a certain way, and to feel a certain level of shame (and fear) for not having it perfect. I drag projects out for this very reason, so this is yet another lesson to just get it off the ground.

    Thanks again for another episode.
    With love and appreciation,

    P.S. As a result, I’ve just moved my website further this afternoon. Time to leave perfection station and grow some “balls”. Lol

  92. Deborah

    Love this discussion…honest, authentic, warm and transparent…and so wise and powerful.

    I’m a “recovering” corporate management professional. If Grace’s and Marie’s management approaches and philosophies existed in Big Business, there wouldn’t be so many of us leaving work we love because of the toxic and largely unforgiving, competitive environments. (We often joked that perfection was expected and excellence only tolerated.) Thank you to both of you for demonstrating there is another way. And a special thank you to you, Grace, for the lovely book; I expect that I’ll periodically reread it for encouragement and inspiration as I eagerly begin my life’s next chapter with delight.

  93. Enable to have a moment to watch an episode or two of MarieTV is a treat for me these days.
    Thank you, Grace, for coming on the show and share your experiences so we all can learn from. And much thank you to you Marie for what you do and the work and enormous effort you put into and out for the world.
    People like you and Tony Robbins are the gift to the world. Your work inspired people like me 🙂 to do more and become more than what we thought we could, or at times get us back on track where we’ve stray of course.
    Today episode reminded me of an article I wrote about a lesson I’ve learned many moons ago, that Life is like an Orchestra. Sometimes the string takes lead and the other times the drum. A beautiful life symphony can’t play out in harmony if one takes lead all the times, or all instrument are played at the same level of tune.

    Just like there’s no balance in life. If there is a such a balance, it’s only in the act of juggling menaces with grace. Life’s harmony lies in dancing with the unbalanced and the mixed moments of things. And if we can learn how to dance with the flow and not stressing out about it, then we did it.
    Like the story goes…
    After 38 weeks of exhaustion, the pregnant woman is ready to give birth to her child. In the midst of her labor, she’s tired and depleted and thinking that she can’t do this anymore. In pain and angst, she screams to her doctor, “I can’t do this anymore!” and so the doctor reply, “you are doing it. you are doing it. Just keep pushing forward.”

    Thank you and many blessing.
    ps. Thank you for letting us knows that’s ok to not have the perfect logos on our site or to look glamorous perfect with our work because we’re all starting out and find out space. xoxo

  94. Chryssy

    Such a calm & relaxed energy from you both, it was a pleasure to watch. I resonated with the being honest about ” how you actually are ” when people ask. I have noticed that there are two reactions to being honest with the answer 1) complete and utter bemusement and then an awkward uncomfortable silence or 2) sympathy followed by said awkward uncomfortable silence & a fast change of subject. Very rarely does it open up into a genuine heartfelt interaction, a lot of women still get deeply uncomfortable about being honest and admitting that they are struggling. Such a Great episode & I look forward to reading Graces inspiring book. Thank you

  95. Jen

    I love discovering amazing people through MarieTV. This show came at such a perfect time for me. I just love Grace! The whole theme of the episode reminds me to be gentle with myself. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I also feel like I’m failing at work/life balance. It’s a relief to finally hear that it’s a myth. Thank you for this soft reminder to just lighten up. Marie, I send you lots of light and love and hope that your difficult time passes soon. <3

  96. Hi there,
    What really resonated with me was when Grace said that we (especially woman) do not want to say when we are not ok. Why do we always feel this need to show the world that we have everything under control when the majority of the time we don’t. I personally have always felt that if I admit to not having everything under control that I have failed at being a strong independent woman. I know it sounds ridiculous when saying it out loud but that’s the truth.
    Thanks ladies for showing us that you (strong, successful independent woman) too are real human beings with mistakes and flaws and that is ok.

  97. I really appreciate these honest videos about the not so polished aspects of starting a business or keeping one going. I paused the video mid way just to say that I can completely relate to how important it is to give yourself creative freedom, and how planning and trying to succeed can suck all the creativity out of you. I was having so much fun up to a few weeks ago, and then I started “thinking about taking myself seriously”, which got me to learn marketing and “the right way to do things” and all the fun went away and it’s just not worth it! Being creative and sharing my path as an artist is much better for me and for my audience. Otherwise, it’s not sustainable.

  98. Thank you so much for this inspiring interview! I ordered the book and look forward to it.

    Wow work-ifs balance is really an interesting topic to many – of course it exists but it seems that most women struggle with it. And I think that is typical, specially as we also are the once to have babies. So if you want to have a family and be successful it really is important to get rid of old family patterns, blocks and issues that you have, so you can move forward and feel balanced.


    Work-life balance is not something outside of yourself – of course when you can let go of your setbacks and holdbacks and patterns and sadness and more, it will affect the outside too, but you have to find inner balance FIRST to integrate this into your life AND your work. 

    I life work-life balance for 25 years now, I wanted to start that when my daughter was born and I added to my experience in the last 25 years. I did not always find it – it is a work in progress. At the beginning I overworked myself at times; I backed Cakes for Kindergarten at 3am in the morning, (there were times, I had not much sleep) but I learned from all of that and learned that I am perfect the way I am and that I don’t have to prove anything to anyone or myself – mostly to myself.

    When I was pregnant with my daughter everyone was shocked that I went back to work. 25 years ago, that was not a lifestyle we knew in Switzerland. 8 years later, my son was born and after 3 month ppl. kept asking me: when are you going back to work? I was like – I am not even thinking of work.

    If you are fulfilled, if you are at peace and if you know, that you are perfect the way you are. If you do not have to proof to yourself (your mum or dad, to the collective mankind) that your wonderful, just the way you are – you can LET GO of any imbalance.

    Listening to the conversation, I also felt strongly that there might be a rather big difference in culture between the European way and the American way, which rather surprised me!

    So to hear, that you actually say: Nah I am not feeling that well today – is a pretty normal thing in Europe 😉 That does not mean we are complainers. But maybe less trained to have to say something else then what we feel…

    I think it is so important and wonderful, to actually be and say and act true to yourself, letting your Gard down and be and say how you are and really feel. Because I am sure, people want to know, what to help, want to cheer on you.

    Being imperfect, down, overwhelmed or overworked at times is the most natural thing – showing it is the most beautiful and real thing.
    Love Carollyne

  99. Very inspirational vlog 🙂

  100. I always felt guilty for not having a work/life balance and this Vlog really opened my eyes to the fact that I’m not alone. I always thought that people who seem to have it together more than me, had figured out a way to balance things but I now realize that there are phases in life. It’s not crossing the finish line of ‘having it together’ – sometimes we just have phases where we work more and other times, we live more. Thank you.

  101. I loved this episode; I really enjoyed listening to Grace and Marie in an older episode, as well. Thanks for sharing these intimate and sincere moments.

    These same thoughts have hovered over my head for so long now and throughout my attempt to grow my business, in such a way that it has had me recently pencil in my calendar “delete all distraction” I have subscribed to and have followed online that I feel have, more than being inspiring, gotten in the way of where I need to go.

    I have just relocated to Portugal from Portland and think it’s as good a time as any to start, in some ways, anew in the way I’ll go about developing my business. For one, I have decided to keep in mind great women I know or have met personally, both here and in the US, and who are just out there doing their thing, seemingly, without the pressure of filtering the gritty from the pretty, namely in the virtual world, and to whom I’ve decided to turn to more often for motivation (whenever possible, by exhausting them with questions regarding their experience – I love learning about peoples’ paths, preferably, when done in a face-to-face setting, over tea, coffee or/ and always a glass of great red wine) and make note of their words of wisdom.

    I could go on forever on the subject, but won’t 🙂 I have, however, just acquired the book… Can’t wait!

    Thanks, again, wonderful ladies, for keeping it real!

  102. Love this so much!
    My biggest insight is that it’s ok to look like an amateur.

    What I’m putting into action is creating content that I find fun to make!


  103. antigone

    THANK YOU for this great conversation. It’s a true treasure!!!

  104. More and more I’m putting my authentic self out there. This just took it up a notch! Thank you Marie and Grace. I’m getting the book.

  105. Lorri Carnevale

    Really love the honest & the heart felt conversation I am a maker who is just really starting to put myself out there in social media and yes it is hard work to put something up daily and hope that people will find it and like and/or comment. My hardest moments are why aren’t they buying from me…. I hope after I get the confidence to really do my launch & website I will be more successful as you see I say more successful because I feel successful everyday I can wake up & create. Thank you Marie & Bonnie I just reserved your book & Marie for all that you give for staying really and maybe one day you will take makers and interview them (hint hint)

  106. “I don’t have to be perfect” , this truth saved, and still save my sanity…over and over. Working in 3 languages is so nerve racking sometimes. But realizing, after years of struggling, that I could use this “imperfection” just to be me, I began to have fun writing. An English teacher at age 16 “predicted” that for some (I literally wanted to die trying to speak English!) to learn another language was out of their reach (I was the last one in my class:-). Well, I wrote my 1st book in French, just published one in Spanish and started working on a 3rd one in English. So, having FUN doing what we love is a BIG YES to me! My action? Writing an article about “Stop trying to be perfect and start having fun”. Thanks for the inspiration!

  107. It was as if you guys were talking directly to me. Because of a serious health issue, I’ve been told I need to rest for at least a couple of months. What?!? How does one do that? I’ve spent most of the time treading water in the muck that is depression. Hearing Grace say that if “I’m not going to make these changes in my lifestyle now, after being given this terrifying diagnosis, when am I going to do it?” was like a bolt of lighting. Something inside knows I need to do this. I cannot thank you enough, both of you, for the work you’re doing and sharing your process, the falls on the floor crying along with the beautiful finished book. You’ve just helped me so much.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Evie, I’m so glad this conversation felt personal! We’re sending you lots of wishes for good health and plenty of rest!

  108. Tina

    Oh, now I’m a little afraid to launch my digital graphic design business now, work-life balance is soooooo important to me. Even though I’m not married yet but when I get married I want my family to be the top priority, actually I wish if I don’t have to work but it get boring this way so I want to have a digital business to be location independent and free to care for my family. But Marie you once interviewed DR.Cathy Collautt on Marie TV 4 years ago and that episode was based on a question you got from one of your readers saying she’s afraid of growing her business that she would lose the freedom (or work-life balance) she has, so this episode is basically saying the opposite of what DR. Cathy Collautt said on that episode 4 years ago 🙁 I don’t want to settle for that to be honest.

  109. Enjoyed every minute of watching this video! Thank you so much… and now I can’t wait to order the book. xo

  110. Kim

    Oh my word! Work/Life balance is a fallacy?!?! I can stop trying to kill myself to obtain that balance?!? What a relief!! My stress level just went down so many points! Thank you! Thank you! I can relax and just love everything that I’m doing as I am able to do it without having to do it all at the same time!

  111. Dr. E

    Women entrepreneurs have to take care of themselves. As a health care provider, I see this time and time again… at the height of their careers, these strong women have a health care crisis. Too much stress is toxic. Grace was so lucky to have everything in place that she could delegate her responsibilities to others without losing her business. I truly like the fact that her business and her life is evolving. She is an inspiration.

  112. Holy crap, thank you! I have been wanting to hear about the way health problems and business overlap for a few months now, since coming to grips with my own health struggles after many years. It’s crazy how I could be very well aware that I had problems, and even sought out solutions to those problems…but it NEVER occurred to me to just be nice to myself and acknowledge that “Yeah, it’s ok that your biz isn’t going gangbusters because your body physically would collapse.” Having these issues for over a decade and yet not understanding what they are/were, and being ever the perfectionist, I got blamey with myself for not taking my business where I thought it should go. Like, “I must not be skilled enough, or there must be something wrong with me.” This episode is validating and real. It’s so so important to hear you both share your reality when it’s not always pretty. Building a biz while honoring your health (especially when the consequences are extreme and immediate if you don’t) is f-ing tricky, but as Grace said you have to learn that lesson sooner or later. I also love that she mentioned she learned how to delegate! Hooray for delegation, and learning to enjoy being in one place at a time. Thank you both for your vulnerability and honesty. Thank you for the reality check!

  113. Oh my God! I really needed this episode. It hit me real hard. My biggest insight is that we need to have patience and more often accept and admit that we are not okay everyday, and that’s alright.
    As I was working on my business to give mom’s advice on becoming “smartmommys” (organized, happy, fulfilled and who have all figured out), I was a mom for the second time in August. My son struggled to survive for his first days with breathing problems after birth. Now it’s been two months, he his doing fine and I felt really bad that I didn’t work a single day on my business, honestly besides feeling tired, not getting enough sleep I didn’t know what to say to my audience now. I felt like a fraud, no one has all figured out, especially when you’re a parent, and its okay. And after this episode I know, and it feels so right, that I’m sure that everyone will understand. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
    P.S – Marie, you’re EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE has been my mantra everyday since I got out from the hospital 🙂 and it works

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Diana, I’m so, SO glad to hear your son is doing well now — that’s so wonderful, and the most important thing above all.

      I have no doubt that your audience will completely understand, and in fact, it might be an incredibly beautiful point of connection to share any parts of your story with them that you feel comfortable sharing. We all do have our ups and downs, and it’s so comforting to know that we all experience this and that’s absolutely okay!

  114. Julie

    So many wonderful moments of authenticity. I just loved the interview. There were so many powerful statements. I loved what Grace’s wife shared with her, the wisdom to have bad days amongst the good. What was most impressionable was bringing awareness to it is not about the mistake but how we do it differently. I love the positive reframing instead of feeling like a failure. Also, doing what you are excited about. I am so excited for the book. I knew Sasha Israel, the photographer since she was little. So proud of her accomplishments as well. Marie…you, my dear, are an inspiration. I am 60 years old and listening to your shows and interviews helps me to keepin the forefront of my mind that anything and everything is possible. Acknowledge the painful moments, dust yourself off and keep going towards becoming with grace, fortitude, and persistence. Thank you!

  115. Nicole

    I really enjoyed your last interview with Grace and was happy to see you had done a more recent one as well. I hope you both know how much sharing your experiences and your perspectives on work/life balance, being polished, getting it all right, being everything to everyone helped me, and I’m sure a lot of others, take a few deep breaths, step back and trust that it’s all ok. It’s ok to share who you are. It’s ok if you are starting out and it looks like you are. I have the perfectionist idea that I have to have it all “right” and “perfect” before I even get started. And guess what? I’ve not even gotten started! But this interview is giving me the courage to do so. Many thanks. 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I so hear you, Nicole. We’re so glad that this episode helped give you more courage to get started, and know that we’re cheering you on all the way!

  116. I love the idea of being seen in all of your stages. To let the blips and bloopers be out there. The need to not be so polished right out of the gate, but to let people see the evolution. This is a great take away for me. Thank you. I really enjoyed this episode.

  117. Great! I loved the energy between them: authentic, peaceful, happy, real, honest.

    I loved when they said the phrase “If you love your work you’ll never have to work in your life” was bullshit. Because personally I sometimes think that when there’s something in my work/business that I don’t enjoy doing, the first thing that comes to my mind is “you’re not in your true calling”, because of that famous phrase!!!! I feel like I have to be enjoying my work and feeling fulfilled ALL THE TIME, and after hearing someone else (who I really admire) saying that’s not true, was something i needed. I think it all comes around to not everything being black or white, like Grace said is a seesaw… not everything will be perfect all the time, you just have to accept, relax and let go, not to try to control everything and live to expectations that someone else put in your head. Omg… so easy and sometimes we forget right?

  118. Such an amazing interview, absolutely loved it!
    “No one will ever believe and trust in your business as much as you do”. This is a great advice and reminder, especially for anyone starting out or thinking about starting a business. As a coach and as a freelancer for a few years, I still get asked when I plan on having a job and “play life” in a more “responsible” way. The thing is that when people believe that the only model working is employment and when you are not an overnight success (who is?), people will judge you and will discourage you. This is a good reason to also stop sharing all your plans, especially with the people who aren’t supportive; it’s better, easier and healthier to avoid a topic (your plans) vs feeling like you have to convince someone that your business idea works and they should applaud you rather than trying to “talk some sense into you”.

  119. Hi Marie and Barbara – This is so weird because I watched you right after posting this blog. Thanks for saying what is straight from the heart to guide us all forward! xo

    The Thinking Bench
    I have a thinking bench. I don’t text; take calls, or edit scary first drafts here. I just think.
    My time for contemplation came to an end when I was diagnosed with some serious medical problems. Then, my mother moved with great unwillingness to assisted living. Finally, people I love are troubled with things I can’t fix. Soon, I was too tired to work or to write. Instead, I lay on the floor with pillows over my head and the heavy quilt of self-pity covering up my dignity.
    Yesterday I went back to the bench. Here’s what I learned:
    I’m not in control of the universe. This came as a shocker, but that’s the price of believing in control.
    Fighting everything is part of my DNA. But I need to fight for what actually matters: my own health.
    I can accept the new realities of slowing down and self care, or I make myself sicker.
    In the end, the bad habits will get me. I do need to eat right, exercise and rest. I do need to let go, step back, make mistakes, and abandon the idea that perfection is an achievable goal.
    Then I’ll have a fighting chance.
    Today I as sat on my bench I watched the geese complete flight training for their upcoming journey south. They’ll be back next year, hatching new babies who will take their short journey from gosling to goose in four months. Who knows, by that time I might even earn my own wings and take flight in a more balanced, healthier self?
    Find a place to rest. Whatever it is that’s put you on the floor, there’s a chance that you can fix some of it, learn to accept most of it, and discover peace. I’m routing for you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Donna. Thank you for sharing!

  120. Michele

    Wow! What a great conversation! Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability! My biggest take away is understanding the difference between complaining and being honest. Here’s to being real!

  121. I think I’ve watched almost ever episode of MarieTV but this one tops them all. I’m a blogger and entrepreneur and I’ve been struggling so much with ‘trying to do it all’. My health has suffered {from sitting on my ass blogging and social media-ing} and my mind is never able to relax for fear that if I’m not a content machine I will be forgotten. This was so insightful and gave me so much clarity for my own future. I can’t thank you enough, Marie and Grace, for this episode. I’m already making a list to clean up loose ends and focus on what really matters! Much Love! Monica

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Monica! It means the world to hear that this episode was helpful 🙂

  122. “It’s not about the mistake, but how you recover from that” <—— YES. THAT. THANK YOU. 🙂

  123. Penny

    Hi Marie! As per usual, great show and awesome inspiration on running a business. My take-away was about keeping it real. After all, that is what authenticity is. It’s being real, flaws and all, NOT perfect. It seems all I ever hear/read about is creating this perfect brand from the get-go. All that does is inhibit a person, to be afraid of making a mistake, afraid of confusing the consumer on your business and what you stand for. Better to flounder a bit and SAY SO! People will forgive you, plus it gives THEM courage to press on, awkwardly and unsure, like the rest of us. Thanks for sharing your own flaws and fears. As the saying goes, courage is not a LACK of fear. Courage is moving forward in spite of fear.

  124. To mirror what the first comment I just saw said: This is absolutely my fave MarieTV to-date! Both of you ladies have such an authentic approach to business and life and it’s just hands down inspiring. Sentiments like these make me feel confident to just keep going, to be real (and raw), and let the chips fall where they may. I love the idea of doing the things you find fun, and I’m just gonna roll with that punch. Thank you for sharing. Girl power. P.S. – I need that book!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much, Jessica! xo

  125. Thanks so much for this video! It was so very calm and inspiring.

  126. Andrea D.

    OMG!!! I am so in love with the truth of your conversation. Thank you for talking openly about some things that have been on my mind for a very long time. For instance, that there is no such thing as work-life balance. I was especially moved by Grace’s honesty about the changes she made around her health diagnosis. I recently made a realization about my own health and that I had continued to push and push when what I really needed to do was to pay attention to my health and heal.

    Oddly enough, I had never heard of Design Sponge and am now a subscriber – can’t wait to spend some time on your website. Congratulations on your book – it sounds amazing!

  127. This is the best video I have seen and heard on your site Marie, so relateable and so very real. Thank you to you and Grace for being so honest.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh that’s so kind of you, Carol. Thank you!

  128. Thank you for this episode, Marie. It’s exactly what I needed to hear tonight. Currently, I’m trying to manage the stress of growing a fairly new healing and coaching online business, create and edit weekly blogs and videos, create and deliver valuable content to all my online platforms, develop and manage my website and, and, and… Needless to say, I am feeling the early onset of burnout and I am not a happy camper about it. What’s funny or not so funny (depending on how you look at the glass – half full or half empty 🙂 ) that this is where I’ve ended up.

    Two years ago I decided to leave the corporate world to start my own wellness practice. I wanted to help other women avoid what I went through in that environment. I ended up in the hospital two times in one month because of the work stress I was experiencing. Now that I’m working on my own venture, I am a little upset at myself for getting back to this point. This week’s video was the right wake up call in so many ways because I always thought that there was a way to find a happy balance between the two. Also, hearing a successful online business tell us why and how very important it is to take ourselves away from the online world to gain back some form of level footing in our lives was gold. I so needed this! Sometimes we forget to practice what we preach with our clients and with our loved ones.
    Thank you so much.

    With a heart full of love,
    Kerry-Ann Ingram

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Kerry-Ann, thank you so much for your comment, and we’re so glad this episode really resonated. We’re sending so much love your way, and hope that it inspires you to stave off that burnout and take some time to breathe! xo

      • Caroline, thank you so much. That means a lot to me.
        Today, I took action and recorded my Out Of Office voicemail and set my email autoresponder to away. Woohoo – small steps in the right direction. 🙂
        Big hug to you! Have a blessed day.

        • Caroline - Team Forleo

          Awesome, Kerry-Ann! I hope there’s lots of relaxation coming your way, and big hugs right back!

  129. Great conversation as ever, thank you both. To me, the unspoken truth of work life balance is that it’s an inside job. We have to cultivate balance within ourselves first so to achieve balance in our work and every other areas of our lives. Sadly we only seem to learn the hard way, after a burnout, the breakdown of relationships or receiving an unexpected and frightening health diagnostic. It’s clear that if we can’t say no, our body our mind, or something will say no more, and this is when we’re ready to hear and pay attention. Which is not a bad thing at all, this is how change comes about, when we’re finally ready to consider and agree to another way, we grow. Crisis resolution means evolution, life challenges help us grow as long as we vow to not let them makes us bitter, but better each and every time! And for us to feel like that, we need to attend to our inner balance first and foremost, a non-negotiable time under any circumstances. We know it but we need to apply and live it, as our upmost priority, sine qua non in latin means without which not, an essential requirement! We know that we’ll benefit from exercising more, sleeping more, eating healthier food, drinking more water and meditating more yet all of that get’s so easily skipped in favour of other pursuits. And that just because we lose focus of the essential and most important part in all of it: our selves. We have to first take care of our needs, keeping them in balance, exercise, nutrition, sleep and meditation ~ if we don’t go within, we go without (not an option).
    Not too much, not too little, not the wrong kind ~ this is how we best keep ourselves in balance ~ which means we’re at our best to handle any curveballs life will inevitably throw us. This is why we sometimes need to pause, stop and go somewhere to just relax, recharge and reset. A peaceful space where we can unplug, relax in peace so to hear ourselves again. A space where we can reflect and then leave with the clarity that will change everything. As entrepreneurs yet it applies to all of us, we have to understand that the highest R.O.I (return on investment) are only possible when we actively invest in our inner self. Invest in You now, highest returns guaranteed tomorrow!
    Final word commit to choose you and put you first ~ that’s not selfish, but essential in you creating a life only you can!
    Thanks again Marie for all that you do and thank you Grace for sharing your story, one love to you both and every one else from Jamaica!

  130. Hello Marie & Grace
    I think it is brilliant to achieve the things people want in life, but when hit with this news everyone takes a reality check. After a decade of self trials and study I now know that the key to our health is in what we put into our mouth, people need to understand the importance of the major food cures that are happening in the World, for many diseases, depression, diabetes & cancer – this no longer being a death sentence, the importance of knowing your enemy – in this case – the disease has to be your top priority, in the US you have great people doing fantastic work like Ty Bollinger – The Truth about Cancer, this has blown us away here in Europe, knowledge is power, but especially with our health, this then allows us to do the thing we love most – Live and enjoy time with loved ones. Good luck Grace

  131. Cathy Aicardi

    I really liked that she spoke about choosing what you find fun – so very important as I work in several areas in my portfolio career and although impossible to juggle them all in any sustainable manner, am observing where is it that excites me most AND provides a useful service to my community. Also, great the part about it all being messy at first as one finds a footing and that this can be appealing to people as they don’t always want to or trust or even relate to something or someone ‘too polished’. What a relief! I find it fun too working with clients who in helping themselves, move the process forwards for everyone. Last but not least, love how Grace had the courage to back out (in a reasonable and professional manner) of the initial book deal and change to something better. I find that inspiring and a good role model on judgement in doing the right thing.

  132. Hi Marie and Grace,
    This episode is a sigh of relief for me. Thank you for that! I still have not launched my website because I want everything to be perfect, and clearly amazing. I also don’t handle criticism very well. Clearly I’ll have to learn.
    The thing is that my idea comes from fun, and from a desire to do things that haven’t been done. I know there is a niche for me, but there are a lot of unknowns. I can not plan it all, and surely some people may hate me for it. When I freestyle dance it doesn’t always look good, and people may or may not relate, but it isn’t genuine if I don’t do it the way it feels to me. However the inspiration I feel when I’m on feels as if it needs to inspire others as well. This ball won’t roll unless I push it, so here goes. I WILL launch by the end of this year. It may be messy, but if one person gets inspired by me, then I will consider my endeavor a success. Creativity flows when it is in motion rather than just thinking about it. If my website goes anything like my freestyle, then I’m sure it will steadily improve with time and experience. Thanks for this extra boost of courage,
    David Platt

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, David. I know exactly where you’re coming from in terms of both perfectionism and not taking criticism very well – it’s definitely not easy! We did another great MarieTV episode a while back that has some more great tips about getting started out even if what you’re creating isn’t 100% perfect immediately:

      We’re cheering you on for your launch by the end of the year, and please feel free to comment on our blog and let us know when your site is live so we can send all the virtual high fives!

  133. So many great insights. Definitely a watch again episode! Firstly, balance is a myth. I’ve thought this for a while so thanks for saying it out loud. As long as the imbalance doesn’t involve doing a job you hate, then I don’t think it’s an issue. Secondly, I’m just starting out, figuring out exactly what I have to say and what I have to offer people and the conclusion I have come to is that if I blog and post about things that I love, that interest me and that inspire me, clarity will come and in the meantime I’ll be enjoying myself. So grateful to hear Grace say that would be her advice to people starting out. The Universe sending me another message telling me I’m on the right track.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Such a great approach to your blog, Corinne. Enjoying what we do is so important, and who knows where that might lead! 🙂

  134. Oooh! This so inspired me. I’ve been hemming/hawing over doing videos for my business site and FB….always stressing over having my hair/makeup/outfit “fit” my brand, etc….this inspired me to just do it. Not be perfect, be imperfect…I”m a real person not a plastic version of myself. Thanks! I had never seen Grace before, but she was SO real and this is probably my favorite interview I’ve seen yet 🙂

  135. Thank you so much for this conversation. It just came at the right time. I was struggling with editing a video and I felt like a total loser and that I’m letting people down. I’ve been working so hard to build my business and when I hit a wall (more than a regular obstacle) I just want to quit. I feel like the Universe really doesn’t want me to succeed and I just fall into negativity. I still don’t know the answer to my problem, but after hearing this inspiring piece, I feel that somehow I will find a way through. I will step aside, clean the house, which always makes me feel better and wait for the answer to come.
    Thanks again,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Patricia, thank you so much for your comment, and we’re so glad this episode arrived at just the right time for you. You’ll absolutely find a way through — we’re cheering you on. And cleaning always helps me feel better too! xoxo

  136. This was refreshing! I so want to be ‘perfect’ as I go forward with my new Life Coaching business. I believe I shall now ‘relax’ and just be the ‘me’ God created me to be. Yes, work hard, try hard, strive…. but don’t worry if it’s not exact! Thank you so much for this interview!

    Be assured I always learn sooo much from your writing +… all you do! Thank you!

  137. Great video, I often read articles and hear some small business owners; especially females, talk about doing it all, taking care of the children, running the business themselves and making dinner; all while stressing out all day, because they refuse to get help; as if their receiving some sort of imaginary badge for doing it all no matter the cost.
    I’m in the beginning stage of my business, and just got married this year, we plan to have children soon and I know that its not going to be an easy song and dance, but I’m prepared to grow my business and right now that’s OK with ME MYSELF AND I.

    Thank you Marie for bringing the best you have to this Free Content. It’s a HUGE Motivation to me on a weekly basis .

    Zoraida Scirecalabrisotto

  138. Éliane

    Had some “laying on the ground crying” moments recently. Relieved to see I’m not alone. Great interview!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      You’re SO not alone, Éliane — we’re sending our love your way!

  139. Leonie

    I appreciated the whole conversation. It’s hard to pick just one nugget. Generally, I like the fact that even though you both seem to make it look easy, you keep it real. I feel, especially as a recovering graphic designer, perfectionism is overrated. It is more fun to be messy and authentic, though it took me a long time for me to get there (which included my own health scare).

  140. My favorite episode ever. Honesty wrapped in awesome, I loved it!
    Exactly what a photographer in the midst of chaos (fall family photo season) needed to hear!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad to hear that, Kara! ♥ Sending best wishes for your busy time 🙂

  141. Carly

    Thank you so much for the insight that there is no formula that is guaranteed to work. I’ve been following lots of people’s “formulae” and having only limited success. I also feel so much better that you enjoy watching someone growing and maturing into the position – I have been so nervous about not being polished enough! I’ll be real from now on and just stick to enjoying what I do and put it out there.

  142. I always love your chats and this one has been one of my favourites so far. As a follower of Design Sponge for years and watching it evolve (into a bigger and better place by the way!) is sooooo refreshing to hear such honesty from two incredible women that I admire. And who aren´t giving a shit and being so real in such a frank conversation is very much appreciated.

    The pressure to be the best – mum, businesswoman, wife, whatever – is incredible and holding it all together is sometimes just so overwhelming. Last year during my busiest time of year my dad was dying and I had to juggle work (stressed out demanding brides no less!), kids, my mum and family and as well as the most heartwrenching situation of my life and feeling like I could crumble at any moment was horrendous. But I got through it with a handful of friends and a lovely husband. Watching lovely ladies such as yourselves share your feelings so honestly will encourage others to do the same and realise that nobody is perfect.

    Thank you

  143. I got a ton from the discussion about how “work-life balance” is a myth. I’ve wasted a lot of time worrying about whether I was working too much, or not enough. Instead, I’m going to focus on enjoying myself, whatever I’m doing.

  144. Best, Susan

    I am new subscriber to Marie Forleo’s work. I am so grateful I stumbled onto it through the interview Marie had with Glennon Doyle Melton several weeks back. Since then, I have viewed each segment that has been sent my way as well as Marie’s own video’s and have truly been inspired and validated on so many levels by the work and sense of being of these women. Having now been introduced to Grace Bonney, I am yet enriched again to hear her thoughts and story amid her life changing diagnosis. I can relate to her story as I’ve also faced life changes in my own work experience recently. I have also experienced that sense of peace Grace spoke of when I let go of the expectations that there IS a perfect sense of balance we must achieve in our life. I have come to realize that it’s ALL GOOD, even when it’s murky, messy and out of sorts. I loved this segment! Thank you Marie and Grace for sharing your real life experiences, advice and learning with your audiences. Keep shining ladies and I will do the same in your great company!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Susan. We’re honored to welcome you to our beautiful community!

  145. Biggest take away “If you don’t care about your health, when will you understand the importance of your existence?” Working online with busy professional women with Type 2 DM, it can be challenging to motivate them to “time out” and focus on themselves first. I think they’ll be a new quote going up soon! Thanks Grace for your nugget of wisdom (and for learning to take care of yourself first!)

  146. Dear Grace & Marie,
    Thank you! thank you for an amazing inspiring interview but especially thank you for ONE specific thing:
    When talking about women being guilty of pretending they are fine when they are not, Grace mentioned that ‘ when one person is honest, the other interlocutor feels like some door is being open’ thus feels OK to share how they REALLY feel too..

    You see – I have grown up being told from all and by all people & events around me that I am ‘weird’. After many years of silent suffering, and still sometimes nowadays feeling on some days like the whole world hates you and would be happier if you disappeared, I now try to embrace it, jokingly comparing myself to a TV character of Sheldon Cooper, and I try to accept my ‘weirdness’, and accept that most probably I am on somewhere on the autistic /asperger spectrum. Part of that ‘ weirdness’ is being often very honest to others, without ever intending to offend or hurt anyone. Someone once said to me, that this honesty though sometimes perhaps unusual e.g. in the workplace, can also help others in focusing on what is important. And your interview just kind of confirmed that 🙂

    So from my weird self – big thank you 🙂

    With love and hugs

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s so wonderful, Maja! Thank you so much for sharing your insights, and we’re thrilled you enjoyed this episode 🙂

  147. I saw Grace yesterday in Atlanta. I had no idea of who she was until my husband told me about her. He was watching Good Morning America and saw her and looked her up online and bought several tickets for me and some of his clients to attend her book-signing. I was inspired by hearing the panel discussion and getting my book signed.

    Because I coach women around dealing with their guilt, shame, embarrassment and grief that cause some of the perfectionist behaviors I found it specifically enlightening for her to talk about making mistakes and failures and the biggest life lessons are learned through those God-assigned vehicles. I am a minister and I see so much of God’s grace (no pun intended….well, yea, I guess its appropriate) shining through Grace and her book project that I believe she is going to free a lot of women from the prison they find themselves in in life and business.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh how wonderful you got to go to Grace’s book signing, Tracy. She’s really incredible, and we’re so glad to hear her message is resonating so much with you! xo

  148. Tina

    Thank you so much for this insightful and thoughtful interview. For me the whole conversation contained so much wisdom and touched on many different aspects that resonate with me. It felt really like a relief to hear about the myth of “work life balance”. I love my job and get fun out of it, still I would like to create something in the future and start my own business about the things I personally care about.
    I feel so peaceful after watching this episode. This episode was a great reminder of being honest and be genuine with myself.

  149. It’s so nice to hear from some one who has made a life about making things. I had one shot at changing my life many years ago and I wonder if I would make the same decision if I had the opportunities that are available today. I remember talking to a dear friend as I was pondering what to do with my life and I said, ” There are things I do really well. I know I am a smart person, but I cannot figure out how to make a living doing something I am good at.” Here response was, “That’s because our society doesn’t value the things you are good at.” What she meant was, although I am very creative, I manifest that creativity in making things that are viewed as feminine. Instead of fine art, I lean towards craft, among other things. Back then there was no Etsy and I only knew one person who had survived through making things. I’m sure there were missed opportunities, but today, there are so many ways to get your work out there.

  150. Laura

    OH MY GOD MARIE. You did it again! You and Grace gave the world permission not to be perfect. Thank you, as usual, for all the wonderful and genuine contributions you make. Love you both!

  151. Thank you so much for this! I have battled with work- life balance and also realize that you can’t do everything perfectly all of the time. I have missed many soccer games and school field trips. I also have taken time off from work to spend more time with my family. We all are just trying to do the best we can. It’s reassuring to realize that even people who look like they have it all together (like the fabulous Marie Forleo) have struggles just like the rest of us. We are all in this world together and need to support one another!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Right on, Heidi! No one is immune to struggles, and it’s such a wonderful reminder that we really are all in this together. Thanks so much for watching and commenting!

  152. oliver

    My biggest take aways are: No one will ever believe and trust in your business as much as you do, and no one ever has the same level of dedication to helping your business grow.

  153. Fantastic interview; thanks, Marie and Grace! So much good stuff and especially loved these reminders: there is no finish line and no one has their shit together perfectly balanced all of the time.

    I find myself stuck on both counts a lot. Hearing that others struggle too helps. 🙂 Many thanks!

  154. Giovanna

    Hi Marie and Grace,
    That was such a great interview! It was so real and comfortable between the two of you. I love hearing about changing your views over time and not falling for the typical lines we’ve been conditioned to believe over the years. And yes, I too have been in a “have more fun” mode lately and agree with that method of living. We need more people to share these experiences because as we grow from year to year, we do start to question how our lives should be lived and what that formula to success and happiness is, when in actuality, there is no formula.
    Thank you for sharing in such a clear and relaxed way!

  155. So many things about this interview spoke to my heart. The biggest take home, which is what I find myself continuing to ‘have words’ with, is just to be me. Unpolished and authentic me. I am a human, I make mistakes. Grace, thank you for the comment about your passion about your business and being ok with those who work for you having their own level of passion and involvement! At the moment I am working with a company (who’s content I love) but there is this push to be more committed and participate more and do rituals before putting on an event (above and beyond what we already naturally and intuitively do)’s proving to be counter productive for me and my happiness in that role. So that bit hit home for me…

    Ps I laughed out loud about Marie Kondo-ing your life enough as I am going through the process a second time hoping to ‘create some space’ physically in my new place for more calm LOL! Timely…. 🙂

    These interviews have become a very enjoyable part of my Tuesdays. Thank you!

  156. Tatiana

    I’ve just learned from this episode that something wonderful can happened while you are thinking that you are in troubles with deadline in other project! I like the idea the book and your two-months traveling across country for woman’s interviews. I so sorry about Grace’s diagnosis, and I so appreciate for sharing about the gap in her social life for that period of time when she’s known about it.

  157. Kate

    OMG! What an amazing episode Marie. I adore your show and what you share with the world. I have been a quiet follower – many times I absolutely love what I hear and see, but I am always too intimidated to comment, thinking who cares what I think. Or perhaps I am just too lazy. Well, I really want to change that.
    Anyway, I fell in love with Grace. I loved how important it was for her to be herself and not to hold back even with her personal life. And I loved what she has tapped into, about not being perfect and relatable. And that work/life balance is not what we imagine it to be. Totally amazing woman. Well, ladies, thank you so much!!! I definitely have to share this with all my female friends. xoxo Kate

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Kate, thank you so much for your comment. It’s wonderful that this episode really resonated with you, and we’re honored you’ll be sharing it with your friends.

      We’re so glad that you decided to comment this week, and I hope you’ll comment again on future episodes too. We read every comment and always love hearing what you have to share!

  158. Lovelovelove this!
    And the work life balance sharing – thaaaaaank you! Here´s a yoga teacher, nutritonist, personal trainer, blogger and person living with huskies (doggies need 3 – 4 hours of exercise every day) with 3 burnouts behind me while in the corporate world a loooong time ago. Loving my life, loving my job, but that “work – life – balance”… You ladies are so right! Does not exist!
    What I will take away from this and start practicing the very minute I walk out the door in a few seconds is to be real about how things really are!
    Thank you both for who you are and what you do in the world – love you for it!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Cecilia, wow, it sounds like you have your hands full with all the great things you’re working on and of course caring for your sweet doggies. We’re so glad to hear this episode really resonated with you, and we love having you tuning in with us! 🙂

  159. Firstly thank you ladies for this wonderful interview. I loved every second of this because of how real you both were. There were so many takeaways but my number one is :
    Do what is fun and learn to steer away from what just seems so hard to pull off. This a reminder for me to focus on what brings me joy, not what I think will bring money or security and to have a shot at doing what I love, without it being perfect.

  160. I just want to say that I sobbed watching this episode. I have struggled with the idea of a work-life balance for a long time. So much so that I wax and wane between “Should I go whole hog and add this / do more?!” and, “Should I hang it all up?!” a few times a year — mainly because I keep thinking I am failing since I have not found that elusive “balance!” I sometimes feel guilty when I’m not mom-ing/home-ing it as Pinterest-y as I would like to, and I always feel bad when I haven’t attended to my business with the gusto of a single, independent wealthy 25 year old. I also tend to run myself ragged working super late and losing sleep or ignoring sacred self care until I hit the wall. I get the message often to allow myself to go in and tune in more, to stop and breathe and pamper … Hell! These are the things I tell others to do!! To hear this topic spoken about so openly and honestly touched me and woke something up in me. Thank you!

    A big take away for me from this episode is that all the “trying to keep it all together all the time and make it look so perfect/easy/Pinterest-y” actually makes my sense of balance way worse. Sometimes instead of just getting my work done and prioritizing enjoying my family and me time, I’m exacting away or obsessing in overwhelm about how on earth I’m going to get where I envision going professionally. Which, I’m realizing takes me way out of the here and now and doesn’t serve to make me better at what I do.

    Again, thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are such great insights, Maggie! I’m so glad Grace’s wisdom was just what you needed to hear. We’ll be cheering you on as you’re putting her tips into practice.

  161. Elerin

    Loved it 🙂 Reminded me of many things as a fresh entrepreneur. Reminded me that I also find heaps of inspiration from raw things and happenings, even in raw drawings, when I am an artist myself and have worked on my skill to be better and yet, there are so many days I still strive for that perfection, that at the end of the day, doesn’t even make me feel good inside hehe! 🙂

    I also learned one thing – doesn’t matter that You are starting out and there is even more to do at first – take time to work out, to go outside and have a social life, even if at first it makes You feel super guilty. It will in return keep You sane and more happy and You begin to see that there is no rush. There might me moments, when You need to act NOW and be ready for this, but You don’t need to be doing lots of hard work and be ready every minute of the day. Let it present to You and this needs awareness, for You to see it and recognize it. This requires practicing being in the now and knowing how to relax fully (body and mind). 🙂

    I feel like Marie’s company is a cooperation with anyone, who wants to learn about themselves and the people around them. Like, even as a reader or a watcher of her videos – You are cooperating with Marie 🙂 Does anyone have the same feeling?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Elerin! What you shared about how taking time to go outside and have a social life is spot on. Self-care is so important, and it’s essential for entrepreneurship.

  162. Love how you both shared and wholeheartedly expressed “being a real human being!” And, for me laughter, just laughing at my mistakes brings the ‘fun’ into learning from them. Seeing you both of bring in that touch of humour is awesome. Thank you both for sharing the human side a much needed reminder:)

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Antonia. We’re so glad you loved this episode! 🙂

  163. Linda

    Learned a lot! This was one of the best interviews I have watched.

    Interestingly, one of my more stellar mistakes remains one of my more cherished family memories. It’s taken about 40 years to translate that into “it’s okay to make mistakes if you’re still learning.” Yet, in my haste to assemble my very first cake, I created what my family still smilingly calls “the Avalanche Cake.” I was about ten years old, and loved to draw, so I made some paper doll excavators and rescue workers to stick on the toothpicks that tried to hold that cake together.

    Another friend recently said to me, “If you’re not growing (learning, and making mistakes), you’re dead.”

    In many ways that can be true as well. Dead to creativity, expression, growth, expansion, experience, etc.

    I’d send you a slice of Avalanche Cake to improve your week, Marie, if it still existed. 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I love your Avalanche Cake example, Linda! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  164. Pam Lewis

    Thank you as always Marie. My takeaway is that work life balance does not exist. Too much of this and not enough of that is going to be a constant and it is not an indication of failure or insufficiency, it’s the way it’s going to be. You aren’t doing something wrong.

  165. Michelle

    The biggest thing I took away was the fact that I don’t need to be professional now, but I need to keep having fun with my Instagram and blog. I am a yoga teacher, live in a tiny house my husband and I built this past year, and am an aspiring health coach. I have a blog where I discuss healthy living and the challenges/joys of living in a tiny house. My Instagram is basically the same. I am about to launch my health coaching website this year for the first time ever. I do not want to be famous, but I do want to make an impact on the world. Yet, I can often get stuck in the internet trap of comparison. I compare my photos to other people, my yoga practice to others, or even my eating habits, and often feel as if I fall short. Yet, hearing Grace say to have fun with it and not worry about being perfect gave me a sense of freedom. While I do try to write my blogs in a way that makes sense or take photos that will inspire, I should not worry, stress, or compare myself about it. If I am getting it out there, that is enough. If I can impact one person in my life for the better, then that is enough. Thank you!

  166. This was an amazing message. Perfect message at a perfect time. Thank you for your candid message. Less guilt and more gratitude.

  167. THAT’S RIGHT Grace! HAVE TO tune out other people’s voices. But that’s super difficult to do unless you know exactly who you are. When you discover the unique Treasure Strength of who you are– your greatest gift to the world that is absolutely only you and is not discoverable from a personality test (as fun as those are)– you become RELEVANT in EVERY moment of your life. Knowing with every part of your being what makes you so uniquely valuable to the world is an inside-out process and it changes your life forever. This is exactly what I help people to do on daily basis using thousand-year-old meditation techniques passed down to me by a master of Tibetan Buddhist healing. 🙂 Here’s to relevancy!

  168. Life and work balance to some is really hard to achieve, I know a lot of successful people who are not happy with their family life, not close with their children or missing out on family dinner due to a very hectic work schedule.

  169. Chrystene

    I know I am late to this party, as this is not the newest video up. But I really wanted to share how much I enjoyed this interview. I can relate on a personal level and seriously needed to hear what was shared. Something that came to mind as I was watching was a quote I heard years ago, but no longer remember where it’s from: the center might not be the balance point. For some reason, that idea is huge to me. Because if the center is not the balance point, finding a life that feels harmonic will not be found in one go and may be – probably will be – ever changing. Being reminded of that idea alongside this wonderful interview was very helpful to me.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Chrystene, thank you so much for your comment, and we’re thrilled that you enjoyed this interview. You’re never late to the party — you’re welcome to check out our videos anytime! 🙂

      The idea that the center isn’t the balance point is such a lovely one, and such a great way to look at it. Thanks again for watching and for sharing here!

  170. Chandra

    Hey, thanks for this episode!
    Just wanted to say to Grace — you could apply a similar outlook to living with Type 1 diabetes… you’ll never have it all figured out! I’m a 41-year old small business owner and have been living with it for 24 years now! And I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It is a real life changer.
    I don’t want to post the link and get blocked, but if you haven’t already, check out the Forums at Tu Diabetes. Very supportive and helpful.
    All the best to you both! Thank you for sharing your stories and reminding us to keep it all in perspective!

  171. Hi,

    Like Grace’s, my life was turned upside down after a Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP) diagnosis, 5 years ago.(now I am 45). This is a disease that gradually tighten and immobilize the legs muscles, stopping the movement of the legs. So of course I was forced to reevaluate every aspect of my life, including my daily at home and social life and my work, In fact, I’m a freelance Pr and journalist. My greatest fear was that knowing my disease, my pr clients prefer choose another pr and press office. But, on the country, I discovered that declaring my disease captured the attention, and made me a person to trust on, even professionally. Now i’ve re- organized my way of working, feeling free to say ‘no’ to requests that are harder for me. I simply say ‘Sorry, I can’t, you know why’, and I often suggest an alternative solution which can offer visibility to the client. I’ve also changed my priorities, because physiotherapy it’s fundamental for me: so I found time for swimming and half hour a day of abs and walking on the treadmill. I especially loved two of Grace’s sentences: “your audience (that is your clients, or even your friends) wants to hear from you, but there not going to be so demanding and expectant of your time”, and “I love someone that feels fresh and different , and isn’t perfectly shiny all suddenly” and all the time. Because that’s how I feel now, in spite of Paraplegia: a new and fresh human being, so excited about new projects that will come. Because I know they will be fresh and new too.

  172. Chantal Paskins

    Trying to fit in, be successful doesn’t mean to be like everyone else. Be unique, make it be from the heart, your own life experience and about your passions.

  173. Katell

    I really like this interview and the stories discussed. It opened my mind and give me a new perspective. Thank you.

  174. I think this is one of my favourite episodes ever!! I run a cake decorating business and am married with 4 children, a cat and a dog and it is really really hard to make it all run smoothly. TO hear a discussion about a work life balance not existing, brought tears of relief to my eyes. Constantly trying to be everything to everyone is wearing me down. When Grace said that she could barely put both her shoes on without crying, it made me giggle (in the most respectful way) as I cry nearly every day just trying to get 4 kids off to 3 different schools BEFORE I can get myself off to work. Thank You Marie and Grace for making me smile, reminding me no one is perfect and giving me permission to fall, brush myself off and get back to it.
    X Nadia

  175. I TOTALLY relate to this… After 3 days in Intensive Care I was diagnosed with Type 1 a couple of years ago at 40 year old.

    I believe the immense stress I was under was a major player in developing type 1. It caused me to even entirely change my company to what is now “Stress Monkee”.

    I agree though that I am grateful for the opportunities this disease has given me to become stronger and healthier.

    It happened for me, not to me.

    Thanks for a fantastic episode!

  176. There were so many nuggets in this video. I loved it when Marie said, “Let’s turn this beat around.”

  177. Kristin Anthony

    I’m late to the party but great interview! Loved hearing you both talk about the work-life balance piece in a real sense because often we hear it and think something is going wrong if we don’t have that balance. Nice to know that when you are working and building something that there will be days without balance. Lately I have been hard on myself for feeling like I’m stretched thin trying to fit in running my existing business, starting a new one, spending time with my family, working out, eating well, blogging, and the list goes, so listening to this really confirmed that it is okay to set a few things aside here and there to accomplish different goals! Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Kristin! There’s a season for everything, so we encourage you to trust your inner wisdom. It’s totally okay to set things aside. Be kind to yourself! 🙂

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