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I’ve been a big fan of Seth Godin for years. I adore his books, his blog, his perspective on the world, and his provocative-yet-loving nature. Seth’s recent work, What To Do When It’s Your Turn, is a must-read for every entrepreneur who struggles with self doubt, fear of judgment, overcoming failure and, ultimately, wishes to find your true calling.

Among other accomplishments, he’s the author of 18 books that have been bestsellers around the world, has been on the internet since 1976, and invented permission based email. [Interesting aside, if you’re an MF Insider, permission based email is likely the reason you’re reading this right now.]

Last year, I had the chance to spend time with him during a Shopify event at Necker Island. We ziplined across the canopy of palm trees, talked marketing over early morning breakfast, and splashed around in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.

We rarely look back on our lives and say “I’m disappointed that I made my art.” @ThisIsSethsBlog Click To Tweet

I found him even more joyful, magnetic, and straight-up fun than I imagined. Yes, Seth Godin’s books are brilliant and thought-provoking. Yes, his daily blog is awe-inspiring. But who he is as a person — how you feel in his presence — that’s what impressed me most.

Seth is our guest today on MarieTV. This conversation is packed with actionable insight, so pour yourself of cup of something delicious and grab a journal. Because you’re about to discover:

  • The reason why trying to find your passion is nonsense
  • A behind-the-curtain look at why Seth blogs daily. HINT: it’s not to get more readers or sell more books
  • Writing advice: what to do if you’re afraid of being judged for your ideas, or afraid you’ll run out of ideas
  • Productivity: how Seth manages not to get overwhelmed by email or external demands and how that’s related to side-stepping common productivity killers like polishing and perfecting
  • The two kinds of quitting that are valuable for every creative
  • Seth’s approach for dealing with setbacks and disappointments
  • Why we all need to stop waiting for the ‘right moment’ and…
  • So much more!

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Here’s the link to Seth’s post on Buzzer Management, as mentioned in the show.

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  1. I’m a fan! I saw Seth live for the first time in Helsinki 10 days ago. I totally agree that he is even better in person than you can imagine from his books and interviews. He is a true inspiration on so many levels, not just in marketing but also in personal development and business.

    “Your idea is worth nothing without shipping” – hit me when I read it, and I finally started my blog with this in mind. What I admire the most though about Seth is his capability of doing a daily blog for years and also his reason for doing it. It’s not to get readers but to practice putting his thoughts out there. I love that.

    I am now working on my first book and the idea of writing daily sounds like the best way to get it done. And if Seth can do it with his busy schedule then I bet I can too.

    Thank you for your inspiration Seth, and thanks to Marie for this interview.

    • Sigrun, I’m envious that you caught him live! He truly is an amazing leader. I took his altMBA course last year and it was incredible. Like being shot out of a cannon. It’s not every day you get the chance to learn so intensively from someone like him.

      My favourite quote here was “Forget about everyone. Everyone doesn’t matter.” I’ve been talking about this for ages with my community but it’s something people are reluctant to accept. I think it’s because of this myth that you can reach the masses practically overnight with This One Special Marketing Formula and turn your laptop into an ATM. Listening to Seth here, I’ve realized that he’s been the single most impactful thought leader on me personally and in business these past six years. (Even though it was you Marie and B-school 2011 that got my business up and running proper!) Awesome interview. Thanks.

      • Caroline - Team Forleo

        Thank you so much, Heather! Seth really is absolutely incredible – I love the quote you mentioned too. So awesome 🙂

      • I loved the interview. Great information Seth Godin shared. I agree with the quote, ” Our goal isn’t to touch everyone, our goal is to touch someone.” It’s important to reach and impacts lives one at a time.

      • The sentence that jumped out at me with more intensity was the same as yours, Heather. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Seth Godin in person (yet?), but I have read many of his books and adore his simplicity, directness and honesty. Thank you, Marie for this fabulous episode.
        I have actually only truly discovered your website and am in awe of the many charities you empower and support. Thank you for making this world a better place now!

    • Ana Paula Cavalcanti

      Thank you, and success!

      • Ane

        Actually, touching a person is not easy, especially using only words. But this is the purpose of this space and we must strive to touch at least one person.

        Congratulations Nicole for your placement

    • Martine

      Hi Sigrun, I did the same thing! Finally started that blog that I’ve been thinking about for ages. Before I even finished watching the video, actually 🙂 When I heard Seth’s reason for blogging, it tipped the scale.

  2. Diana

    I thought your Chris Guillibeau interview was a life changer for me. Now this interview with my other favorite author, Seth Godin, has impacted me even more. Thank you!

  3. Marie: I love all your programs. Each one they are all so valuable.
    Thanks so much!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Nancy! We’re so glad you’re enjoying our episodes 🙂

  4. Danielle Mayber

    I love the way Seth Godin frames his answers! His metaphors are so entertaining. The “Monopoly game” way of approaching outcomes is helpful, for sure. Thanks for having him on the show, Marie! 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Right? 🙂 I loved the Monopoly metaphor too. Thanks so much for watching, Michelle!

  5. Two of my idols together in one video! Loved this so much-Seth is right, living and working online and on such a democratic platform is luck and shouldn’t be a missed opportunity. Being online connects us to so, so many and is incredibly empowering. Thank you for reminding me of how lucky I am to do the job I do as a blogger and vlogger and that no one will ever be disappointed by creating their art. I loved that Seth said you are exactly the same offline-I knew this would be the case, being genuine cannot be feigned x

  6. Seth Godin is hilarious! I absolutely loved watching this episode. My biggest takeaway was when he was explaining when to quit.
    Never during the struggle, only before and after.

    This is so relevant to me as I recently had a dream job offer BUT I would have to give up my business due to conflict of interest.

    My biz is on the rise so I had to turn down the dream job. I could never give up my biz! It’s what gives me purpose! No amount of job pay or perks could make me give up my biz mid-struggle.

    I will certainly use Seth’s wisdom about The Dip in my future projects.

    Thank you & much love
    Maddie xo

  7. Love “the long way is the shortcut.” I am a 69-year-old woman working towards launching a new e-mail newsletter. Sometimes I get anxious and just want to get it going but then think about it and decide to take my time. Age is no matter! I love to write and today, I decided to start a DAILY blog, because, as Seth said, “no one ever gets talker’s block.” At it regards to the business, I will build a base and then present it to the world. Time is on my side. Age is not an obstacle but a great opportunity. Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Age is definitely no matter, Lili! It’s so great that you’re working toward your email newsletter launch, and we’re so thrilled for you. Please feel free to comment again to keep us posted on how it’s going so we can cheer you on! xo

      • Haha! never think about my age! I just started a daily blog. Only two days down, the rest of my life to go! We’ll keep you posted.

    • WOW – Lili you are inspiring. I’m 47 and starting a new life. At first, I was scared to step out but like Seth said in the interview (paraphrasing) “you can almost hear a sound when you change your mind…” I changed my mind, not during the struggle, but after; and, I’m so glad that I did. I do not know what the future holds but the time is NOW (another thing that Seth mentioned: don’t wait until things calm down, etc.) One of my favorite parts of the interview was his instruction to help 1 person then 5 people then 100 people; don’t worry about the masses. Great Interview!!!

    • You go Lili! I’m 55 and sometimes all I see ‘around me’ online are 30 something’s and that takes the wind out of my sails…. a bit anyway. But then the written word of thousands of years ago are still impacting on us now, words are ageless and so are the people that wrote them!!

      • Irena

        Hi Kay. You know what? I am 36 and my thoughts are exactly the same – everyone else is 20 something and I feel like I’ve missed my time. But then, I’m the first one to tell others that age doesn’t matter. After all, if you make a difference, no one will ever care how old you are. In fact, I believe it’s easier to trust someone older because of the perception of more experience and different outlook on life in general. Best of luck to you!

      • Hi Kay. I’m soon to be 61 and filling my sails with wind! You got this! : -)

  8. Ali

    I’m speechless, this interview was gold. Each person you have on the show Marie touches my life and business in such a special way. Thank you for sharing, I in fact would miss seeing your work if you stopped. You do an amazing job, I’m so grateful.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So sweet, Ali – that means the world to us! ♥

  9. Love to see Seth Godin on your show, Marie!
    “Show up in the same way that you want someone to show up for you” – this is such a powerful insight! We are so, so inclined to criticise other people and yet we overlook our own pitfalls! What would be more empowering is a) always showing up in the best way that we possibly can, constantly (not just once in a while); and b) admitting what other people do well and empowering and supporting them to do more of it and even better.

  10. Oh my goodness, Seth Godin and Marie Forleo on the same couch! What a gift! I loved every second of this interview.

    1) The School System = Teach kids to lead and solve problems. “Fail at what’s not fatal.” I freaking love that! I’m teaching my kids this model daily. It’s ok to fail at doing a soccer drill. It’s ok to get a “B” in school. What did you learn? How can you fail tomorrow at trying something hard?

    2) Blog daily! Ok, I already have resistance around this… “It won’t look pretty. It won’t have graphics/images. It won’t be 2,000 words of high quality content. It will just be words on a page. MY words on a page. It won’t be around one topic or one niche.”

    Seth’s blog is just that… Simple with a unique perspective. The opposite is being taught today, hence the resistance. You must have this, you must have that, drive traffic, convert visitors, upgrade content etc. It stops me in my tracks– ALL OF IT!

    I would love to “just blog” without the flashy images and infographics. I suppose I’ll take Seth Godin’s advice and blog daily with MY words on a page. That is MY commitment and my “action” based off of insight! I’ll publish my thoughts TODAY!

    Nothin’ but love Marie and Seth! Thank you for your beautiful, deep, insightful conversation today. <3

    • Krinal Mehta

      Totally connect with the 2nd insight, and have not been blogging for the same reason. Guess it’s time, we shipped out our thoughts without caring a ton of what it would create. Let success rate not be dominated by metrics that don’t matter the most.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      LOVE it, Maggie!

  11. Chelsie Downs-Hubbarth

    I read ALL of Seth’s books and read his blog each morning. I am always activated and inspired afterwards. I have been hitting the buzzer more and creating more opportunity for myself in my work and in my community. I don’t always know what it will look like but I know it will be worth it. Thank you for the insight, wisdom and humor. It’s my turn and I’m taking it!!!

  12. I got two:

    1. Most of the people don’t let it out because they are afraid, the perfectionist disguise. It’s been almost 3 months I launched my business, and I still don’t have my website up and running, why? I am afraid it’s not 100% perfect, yet. There could be better content, better graphics, the list just goes on. Oh, I even dream of having a website as appealing as yours, but the fact of the matter is you have a ton of content, that I don’t coz I’m just getting started, so I have to be more realistic. I have to think, what is the best way of putting what I have?

    How do I plan to implement this in my business?
    – I plan to take the website live in about a week’s time from today, in whatever size, shape or form it may be.

    2. The importance of blogging everyday:
    – I came to learn about blogging in 2008, the year I entered in the field of SEO. Although knowing how important it is, I haven’t written 10 posts in 8 years time. Why? May be because I am not that good at copywriting, but now that I hear Seth say it, I feel it doesn’t really matter if people read it or not. I just have to blog, to create a log of the things I discover/examine, how I look upon them, what I think about them. And may be, someone could benefit from it.

    And most of all, I don’t HAVE to touch everyone. Everyone doesn’t matter.

    Thanks Marie for doing this wonderful episode.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I love these insights, Krinal. Seth’s thoughts about just getting work out there are so valuable. Please do feel free to comment back once your site is live so we can cheer you on – you got this! 🙂

  13. I love Seth! I got to share the stage with him in Toronto last month. And you’re so right his energy is infectious. He exudes light, possibility and insatiable curiosity. In the Speaker’s Lounge, he shared so many nuggets and even helped me name my next book!

    I love Seth’s approach to just shipping anyway. We need to get ideas out the door to get feedback. He’s inspired me to launch the imperfect, which is why I’m obsessed with beta groups right now.

    You invite a group of people who want to learn from you about a specific topic, you teach them that topic (and get paid to teach it), but you let them know they’re helping you co-create the course, so it gives you permission to be imperfect in your delivery.

    Thank you for sharing Seth’s heart and wisdom on Marie TV. ?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much, Jadah! How cool that you had a chance to meet up with Seth in person too – he’s really incredible 🙂

    • YEAH!! I saw you both on stage last month and WOW what an incredible opportunity to learn from the masters. Thank you Jadah for all your wisdom.

      I loved this interview, Seth is so authentic. It’s powerful. It made me think about going back to blogging daily. I did so for a year and didn’t find that my following grew by much – for every follower I gained I would lose one – so after my commitment for a year, I now only blog a few times a week. Perhaps the secret is that I just had to keep going a little bit longer.

    • maria

      I love Seth’s approach to shipping too – it’s super scary but way more fun than the “holding on and wait”-strategy, and it brings such amazing energy too! And thanks Jada for your inspiration on beta groups, what a great way to do it!

  14. Thank you for this fantastic episode. So many takeaways…always so much wisdom from Mr. Godin. Hit the buzzer before you’re ready is what I most want to do. I’m tempted to say I’ll blog everyday under a pseudonym and I know that won’t happen so why commit to something I can’t live up to (he had a lesson along those lines too, no?). And, having grown up near Atlantic City, Monopoly is near and dear to me and so, yes, remembering life is just a game.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Barbara, yes!! While blogging every day is a great thing for some people, that’s definitely not the right fit for everyone, and the same principles can apply to a less frequent schedule too. Like with us, we know we’ll be doing MarieTV every single Tuesday, so that expectation creates the same urgency to ship that Seth is talking about.

      It’s super smart to know what timeline feels best for you! That makes committing so much easier 🙂

  15. Gus

    Wow! I need Seth’s common sense…he makes it all look effortless. The comments on the following your passion bit hit the bullseye.
    Thanks for sharing & God bless you both!

  16. Catarina

    I’ve actually got tears in my eyes. Wise people make me tear up. It all seems so simple. And it is. It’s just a game. Thanks Seth, thanks Marie. 🙂

  17. I’ve heard about Seth as a whisper, so your email invitation to listen in was welcome. His insights are well earned. Naturally being a perfectionist – my DAD used to call my room a museum – I’d know if someone had moved something.

    At some point, when My kids were younger, I slowly let go of that. My son or daughter’s room didn’t have to be clean, if everything else in their world was fine. They figured out on their own when it was time to put things away.

    Tussling right now with my web designer. Went to her for a refresh, it looks OK to “ship” right now, and I want to get it up. She wants to wait until I get another photo next week, and a few products for my custom home decor collection up.
    I’m and ENTJ and this kind of thing drives me crazy! Especially as it keeps me from posting on my blog.
    So I’m not waiting on that. I’m still writing them, so I CAN put them up when the site goes live. Seth is absolutely right about this.

    So nice to get the introduction, Thanks Marie 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Heather, we’re so glad to introduce you to Seth and his work. He’s incredible!

      I had to giggle a little bit about your room being the “museum” — I’m the exact same way, and it’s tough to let go of that, but also such a relief to let go of perfectionism too since it can hold us back from our deepest selves.

      Thanks so much for your comment and tuning in this week ♥

  18. I can’t agree more with Seth Godin’s statement about schools and what they stood for (and unfortunately still do today) even if it doesn’t work anymore.

    I have a degree in education and worked a decade as a primary school teacher and principal but I stopped because there was no point following this school system anymore.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome episode. ?

  19. Reenie

    This came at just the right time for me. I’ve been contemplating ideas and sitting on them for the last 5 years. I can talk myself out of anything and I allow the opinions of friends and family to reinforce my fear. In the meantime others around me are doing things that I have thought about/dreamed about but could never get going out of this sense of failure.
    After dinner last night, I typed up a resume. I feel the need to put myself out there. I have a lot to offer. I’m not sure of the specifics yet but I’m going to get on the horse! I am so happy that this introduction to Seth Godin appeared in my in-box this morning.
    Now I just have to think of a “stage name” for my blog. Of, course I have no idea how to blog but I will figure it out!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Reenie! As Marie says, “Everything Is Figureoutable,” so I have no doubt you’ll have an awesome time blogging and getting started. We’re cheering you on!

  20. Jo

    What a wonderful combination – Marie Forleo and Seth Godin – I feel like I’ve been blessed on a Tuesday afternoon.
    I’m now fired up for a day event tomorrow that we’re running tomorrow on changing the workplace. I won’t worry if not everybody likes it. I’ll just be looking for that one person who needed to hear our message.
    Keep it coming Marie! x

  21. Fantastic interview – so many takeaways… like ‘you are not for everyone’ and ‘teach kids to share what is amazing about what they have done for someone else’ and ‘no one gets talker’s block’…. and so much more.

    What I am actioning is to do my business coaching homework and to stop waiting for the perfect moment or until I get it perfectly right!! Which is the reason I am doing business coaching in the first place!

  22. JOSEPH

    Hey, it’s a lovely evening here in Nairobi. Just watched this interview and its collected amazing complementary nuggets.
    My most inspiring one is ”You gain trust and permission to talk to people by showing up in a way that you’d want someone to show up for you”.
    That is a game changer to how I roll out myself out there..

  23. Thank you thank you thank you, Marie & Seth!!!!

    The point about “would you be missed” hit home incredibly deeply.
    Feeling some profound shifts happening…

    With so much love from the island of Ibiza,

  24. Victoria

    “Nobody gets talkers block” – Love it! What stood out for me: “Failure is not fatal” Let’s go make some mistakes 😉
    Every Tuesday I look forward to my email from Marie, thank you. You’re a star! xx

    • Amanda

      That was my favourite line as well! 😀
      Thank you, Seth & Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much, Victoria! ♥

  25. Sirajuddin

    Thank you, for sharing such an interesting and very enlightening talk, particularly about passion.

  26. Wow, that was incredibly well timed…I really appreciate his way of getting at that there is no “right time,” but rather the “right time is now… so much goodness in that conversation. This is decidedly not a business as much as my larger practice, but I’ve been on the verge of starting an internet radio show at a college radio station and it will involve basically having conversations with people, and I’ve been so nervous to be able to do justice to who I’m talking to and everyone’s time in listening and making the show, that I’ve even put off planning it too much. Granted, there is a lot going on in my life, but I feel like I got so much out of not only Seth’s comments on “instinct to ship” and not getting locked up with “polishing” but also acknowledging that each of us has an economy of time and energy…that’s a real thing. It has been so incredibly helpful to hear/see this today. Thank you so much!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your comment, Kate – we’re so glad this episode arrived at the perfect time for you!

  27. I love this and will do it:

  28. I am so thankful for this episode! At first, I was hesitant to watch as I recently unsubscribe from Seth’s emails. As an aspiring filmmaker, I subscribed to understand the value in purposeful writing & Seth’s style was highly regarded. Personally, his style was a little tough for me to understand which led me to unsubscribe especially since they were coming in daily.

    Listening to this interview enlightened me on daily practices, the value of failure & how long term building with strong connections can help in those instances where you may require short term gain (i.e. Seth’s Kickstarter reference).

    I recently made a goal for 2017 for “purity in process” which thankfully in the midst of next years preparations this video emerged. In order to be the genuine & caring artist that I am so that I can continue to experience joy in my craft while also sharing the experience with others. Thank you so much for sharing these moments!

  29. Natalia Moscatelli

    This is the first time I leave a comment on the internet.
    Is it maybe because of Seth invitation of writing a blog? Or because of the way you were looking at us, me, through the camera?
    I have goosebumps and I have to thank you for all your work and inspiration.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Natalia, thank you SO much for your kind words, and we’re honored that you were inspired to leave your first comment on the internet. We’re so grateful to have you tuning in with us! xoxo

  30. What an amazing interview! I had to watch it again to grab all of the valuable insights Seth was sharing with us! What impacted me the most was this: ‘There’s no price for originality… choose to matter, … interact, engage and connect to people, …be someone meaningful specific.’ This is not only very meaningful to me personally and my own small business as a Coffee Marketing Consultant, but a lot for my clients, who are coffee professionals (coffee shop owners and managers) and are worrying about how to get customers coming to exactly their coffee shop and how to differentiate from other coffee places selling great coffee as well or having similar ideas… So, I really loved how he compared this insight to the muffin store idea that went from Detroit to Cleveland; that resonated a lot with me and the concerns of my clients. Thank you! Melanie

  31. Jenn

    I LOVE Seth Godin for being the well-known guy who’s courageous enough to stand tall and audibly question our institutional dysfunction to challenge the status quo. He’s my hero; God I wish I knew more people like him within my own community. In the meantime, I’ll keep taking my baby steps and continue to trust my gut–along with some great advice of course.

    Thanks Seth & Marie, you guys completely rocked this interview!!! I can’t wait to watch it again, only this time with my teenage son.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Jenn! I hope your son loves this interview too 🙂

  32. The section on blogging really spoke to me. That, combined with “waiting for the right time”. At the root of it all is “being afraid”. Thank you for this.

  33. Thank you – this interview made me realise that I only need to be talking to one person not the whole world. This makes the fear disappear. The big take away was “write like you talk – no one gets talkers block!”

  34. absolutely awesome point of view

  35. Geoff Riddle

    Good morning Marie!
    A great interview because YOU lead it in the perfect direction for us.

  36. This episode with Seth Godin was jam-packed with gems. One idea that jazzed my brain is that of changing the learning environment to create free-range kids who fail and solve interesting problems. That and permission-based marketing means someone looks forward to hearing from you and would miss you if you were gone. Thank you, Marie, for bringing so much value into my life.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Deborah. We’re honored to have you tuning in with us and it means the world to know our work is valuable to you! ♥

  37. Whaou because this episode show what is to be an entrepreneur in time
    Some many wisdom
    The longway is the shor
    Put yourself in motion, instead of waiting the right time
    Will people miss you if you’re gone?
    I realize that this year, is a year that I receive a big Yes of the universe, I will miss to my every day audience

    I will continue to do what I like the most and that people need

  38. Yeah. Im very like.

  39. J Gray

    Wow! What gems of wisdom! THANK YOU Seth and Marie.
    I am going to be 60 in two days and have been contemplating blogging about my experiences…. I think you two have inspired me to “just do it”, “write like I talk” and – Failing is not Fatal!
    Thank you Marie for always having a fantastic show!!!!

  40. Anna

    This was so powerful to me as I push myself forward to establish passion in my life and raise two beautiful girls with purpose. I struggle, like most, in finding purpose in my business life. However, being included in your though space with Seth really feels life changing. Thank you for all of the time that creating this video takes you and your team. It is exactly what I needed.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad to hear this episode was exactly what you needed, Anna – thank you so much! xo

  41. Wow! This was wonderful to see/hear and thank you Marie for your authentic and generous heart and all you do and share. What stood out the most for me in this episode are two things. It’s just a Monopoly game and no one wakes up with talkers block. So true and so smart! As a very sensitive person I have dealt with the fear of not being accepted as someone who is a valid voice, and also the devastation I feel when someone does not buy my product. I was allowing these things to live inside of my body and effect how I proceeded with my life and career. Listening to Seth helped to lift some of that weighted baggage off of my shoulders, at least for the moment! I definitely have some work to do and every time I watch a Marie TV episode some soulful healing occurs within me.

  42. I really like what Seth said about failing. I’ve always was afraid to fail and I think one of the key reasons why my business is not as busy as it can be. I’m going to take his approach and just go out and be me, whether I fail or not and learn to move on being true to myself. Thank you Marie for always having inspirational guests on your show.

  43. My big takeaways:
    1. Looking at something that you’re sure about and finding all the ways that you might be wrong. I’ve been loving questioning my thoughts and beliefs lately, and this sounds like an amazing creative exercise for finding new ideas and new options, and a great way to break down limiting beliefs.

    2. Look at your business like a board game. It’s not personal. The world isn’t out to get you. You didn’t get the right dice rolls and you made a few strategy mistakes, but you can play again tomorrow. Amazing. It’s such a good reframe when things start to feel heavy. I’m going to work on not taking everything so seriously – this isn’t life or death!

  44. Wow, wow, wow…you are so right Marie, he’s even more amazing in person than the wisdom he shares in writing. I am going to listen to this again and take some notes. Love it! Especially the teaching about Monopoly, and what he is saying about education.

    Such perfect timing too for me…because I’ve been waiting too long to get into action, waiting for that perfect moment, the perfect horse on the carousel. My action is about writing daily…and I can write like I talk!

    Thank you so much for this brilliant and make-it-real conversation.

  45. First off, I’m sorry Seth! I definitely sent you email about 3 or so years ago. So big apologies 🙂 I really loved this segment because it helped me solidify in my mind that yes, not having a strategy…a 5 year plan…a 10 year plan IS the way to live life (at least for me). I also loved the fact that you discuss productivity and the buzzer theory. I’m such a buzzer pusher…to a fault…I’m getting better. I say yes, and I then find a way to do it. I make things happen…I never deliberate on a challenge or something exciting. That said, I get burnt out…because I keep promises and commitments, and believe in EXCEEDING expectations rather than meeting them. So, I need to work on taking a moment to say no to the buzzer. Winning Jeopardy isn’t always the goal 🙂 Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great insights, Brett – say yes to the buzzer sometimes, and get on the No Train for others! 😉

  46. Amazing and so joyful, seriously joyful. I loved listening to two people sharing their insights, experiences, failures, insecurities, accomplishments, etc… with no other agenda than to help all of us and enjoy each others’ company. So many takeaways. The one actionable one is to write a blog post every day. Fall on your face, be brilliant, whatever. Write and put it out there. I have ideas, insights, accomplishments, failures. It makes so much sense that knowing I’m going to write about it the next day or that evening for the next day is going to motivate me to notice that much more. I love this. I love you guys. Thank you for the work you do, so much.

  47. I probably say this every week, but THIS was my favorite episode ever! My biggest takeaway is “Our goal isn’t to touch everyone; it’s to touch someone…everyone doesn’t matter.” I love that!

    And thinking of that inspires & motivates me to go do my good work. Surely, I will touch “someone,” right? And if touching someone is my goal, I achieve that every single time I share my work with the world.

    Thanks so much for this episode. You just touched someone <3

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So beautiful – thank you for your comment, Linda! xo

  48. Love this interview so much!!! It is right up there with your most recent Tony Robbins interview…one to listen to over and over! I loved how Seth said he writes how he talks. I realized I am already following some of his advice. While I don’t post every day, I made a commitment to post at least 3 times a week when I started my happy, healthy and hot blog last November. With the exception of one horrid week in mid-February (where I still managed to post twice) I stuck with that commitment. When you write like you talk, you never run out of things to say!! Seth made me feel validated and confirmed that I am on the right track. Will listen again!

  49. This interview was golden to me and I needed to hear it. So many pearls that I wrote them down to call them back up when I most need them. Here are a few that resonated with me. “Even if no one read it I would blog everyday. This is to leave behind a trail of thoughtful examination.” I love that so much because sometimes it makes me so sad that no one comments on my blog, even when I think my content is great. It makes me sometimes not put my work out there. This encouraged me to keep going. I need to create my art and just keep doing what I love. I also loved when he said to “write like you talk and you’ll never run out of things to say”. There’s no such thing as talkers block. That one cracked me up. My favorite was “Don’t be a wandering generality, be a meaningful specific.” As a branding strategist I try to tell my clients this all the time, the way he said it was just golden. Thank you Team Marie for sharing this great interview at just the moment I most needed it!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Franka, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and insights. It means so much to know this episode arrived just at the moment you needed it, and that you found it inspiring. Keep doing what you love – we’re cheering you on!

  50. I thought I would be able to listen to this in the background while I worked. Whenever Seth Godin speaks, I can’t help but commit my full attention!

    I love his non-sensationalist approach to writing, marketing, and being. As someone working on their first book, and who just started a new blog because it was a topic I care deeply about, I’m inspired by his message (similar to Richard Branson’s) of, just go out and do it. Stop waiting for the right moment.

    Another great video Marie & team. Lots to think about.

  51. Loved this talk! Go Marie Go Seth!

    Permission Marketing
    My biz is a brick and mortar family run store in Napa Valley, CA. I only email a newsletter to my subscribers 1-2 times a month purposely for this reason. I know that might sound crazy to some people and believe me for the longest time I feared I was missing the boat by not emailing more frequently. Being in business for 3 years now has shown me that with just 1-2 engagements a month with our audience has developed TRUST! Thank you Seth for saying that word because that’s what it is!
    It’s amazing to me when guests walk into my store and in-person tell me they got my email and enjoyed it!
    Most of the time my newsletters are rushed in creation due to wearing 50 hats in the business. But thanks to this video today I’ve realized how special this TRUST is and I am going to carve out more time to provide even more value and depth in my emails. Thanks for this Ah Ha moment today and thank you Marie and Seth for the transformational work you donin this world!

  52. Liz

    For me, the big “path forward” item was that I will now cultivate an instinct to ship–everything! =)

  53. So incredibly refreshing to hear others question the idea of looking for your ‘calling’. As if there is one thing that you were meant to do and you need to find that thing. In truth, so much of what you guys talked about resonated with me. Thank you for yet another brilliant episode.
    Ironically over the past year, I’ve been doing a daily blog on ‘wonder’. The commitment felt big so I broke it down into more sizable chunks and allowed myself an ‘out’ clause. Amazingly, I not only did not need the ‘out’ clause, I did not want it. I’ve loved the challenge, which ultimately is very personal. And like Seth, I’ve always felt it was a blog for me and if anyone else read it and got something from it, then that was the absolute bonus.
    As for the ‘what next’ well, I’m already contemplating a new blog that focuses on self-acceptance. And maybe my ‘wonder’ blog will continue. And definitely, play more in my own back garden (metaphorically speaking).

  54. Laura

    Marie. Thank you for your episodes, always full of meaning and great content. Seth Godin is such an amazing person. He speaks as he has everything figured out which is hard for must of us, but what you noticed at the end is that what he has figured out is that nothing is supposed to be one way or the other but YOUR WAY. Blessings to both!

  55. The insights in this interview are so monumental to me. If there was one take away, only one, it would be “Go For It!”. The wisdom that Seth has shared has come at just the right time. It is like the light bulb finally went off for me. I’ve been waiting and waiting, not sure about what I am supposed to do, waiting for that magic wand to come from Source, tap me on the head and say “There you go hon, here is your exact path and what I want you to do laid out. Here is your vision”. Now, I’ve gotten information along the way this past year as I’ve walked my path healing what hinders me from seeing my future clearly. I’ve gotten insight as to different ways to bring my voice to life, but because I didn’t the feeling of the magic wand I’ve stalled. Waiting. Then there was the additional fear of knowing if what I have to say is creative enough, makes enough sense, can I really communicate this message? For instance, I started a class at my local yoga studio called the Beacon of Peace Lifeline class. I could never break more than three attendees to the class and some of the managers at the studio wanted me to change it to a meditation class or an emotional processing class. However, that was not the intention of the class. I wanted to bring forth another way to connect to social justice from a spiritual and energetic standpoint. Needless to say, I felt defeated. I conducted the last class on September 21, World Peace Day. So, instead of not doing anything, I choose to view this experience as the game of monopoly, become more open minded and see if there is a way to make this work. Try again tomorrow. And if not, that is okay. There is more to come as long as I tell myself each day to Go For It.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your comment, Evelyn. I love that you’re looking at your experience like a monopoly game, and I hope that you find a way to make your class work. Go for it!! ♥

  56. The most significant points I found were: Do not be a wandering generality, Claim it, put yourself on the spot, make a promise.

    On that note, this is why I keep telling people of a short project I am working on with a unique design.

    I like when others believe but mostly feel it makes me more and more determined to commit and better bf the idea to frutition and even if knowing there will be things that are not perfect, I do want to set a standard of strength and attention to quality and a little bit of character from the beginning.

  57. Lisa

    Hey Marie, Hey Seth!
    Thank you so much for this exchange of ideas and insights. The two biggest take aways for me were the idea of just touching and changing one person rather than changing everyone and the idea of using a different name to start out. That different name is not you. I love this idea because I have a bunch of ideas in my head that I’m afraid to put down on paper because I don’t want to be judged. I don’t want my friends and family to look at something that I’m doing and suddenly stop talking to me or attacking me because of something I did or because we don’t agree about it. So I really appreciate this viewpoint and idea.
    The idea of just changing one person I think is huge because in a world where trying to reach a huge amount of people tends to be considered a success that one person gets lost in the crowd. By focusing on the individual and giving them the attention that…is so fleeting in this world, I think that will create a domino effect for not just that one person but a bunch of others as well.
    The last take away (I know I said two but this one popped up last minute for me) is the idea of asking what was learned from what didn’t work that day. What didn’t work? And what did you learn from it? I think that these questions are not just for our children. These are questions we need to ask ourselves before asking our children. Hypothetical in my case but still…I don’t remember growing up being asked what did I learn from falling on my face off the monkey bars. I don’t remember being asked what I learned from the “D” I got in Geometry. I remember being asked what I did or what I learned in that class and reporting back that I learned this process or this fact. I wasn’t asked what did not work for me and what I did to get around it. In some ways, I was hitting my head against a brick wall instead going around the wall. But I was being taught to hit that wall, not go around it. So thank you for rephrasing or giving me a new view on the questions to ask and to not focus on what went right that day. To focus more on the improvement rather than the result.

    • “I have found that people want you to ask them and tell them what you want. Yet, we believe that they will think this/think that/do this/do that. Just because they may not respond to what/how we think they should respond to it. They will respond with the way they respond to everything…and if you’re not going to appreciate that. However, their view-point is as valuable as all of these comments. See how different they all are?
      In other words, we need to give people more slack in their responses…and stop taking everything so personal. “smokey-gray

  58. So great!! So many insights I don’t know where to start. I don’t get upset about Monopoly so I need to look at life a little more like a game of monopoly. I hate twitter… guess what?? I don’t have to do it! I don’t have to do all of this online stuff. AND… I don’t blog because I keep thinking “what can I say that’s important?”

    I realized listening to Seth, that I have insights every day. I pay keen attention to what happens around me and honestly, I write blogs every day IN MY HEAD! I should just write one of those on the computer. Wow… what a thought.
    I loved it! Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I love that thought, Lorena!

  59. Andrea V Hottman

    Marie… EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I watch an episode, I get the major “feels”. I never know what to comment in fear of coming off as “The Fan Girl”… Today, however I am saying “who gives two ducks” and giving you and your crew a shout out of epic proportions!!! Thank you Marie and crew from the bottom of my heart for showing me how to save my life… that my voice matters… that I can make a difference in the lives around me but ultimately the true grit and hard work that has to be done has to start with me. By me showing up and truly being present is the best present that I can give others.

    There are so many “Golden Nuggets” packed into this episode of Marie T.V. that I will have a feast for months to come. Feast of of tools that I will be using on my journey of self improvement. The Monopoly metaphor is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.


    -Proud MF Fan Girl

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh my gosh, what an incredible comment, Andrea. This means the world to us, and we’re so honored to know that our work is a source of inspiration to you. We’re grateful to have you in our world as an MF Fan Girl ♥! xoxo

  60. Eejee

    Thank you!
    It’s seems the universe big shout for me, at the moment, is one of reassuring.
    Not just you, Marie and Seth, but also some thought brought by people comments are like: So you were concerned and worrying and feeling down about your current situation, and for what?

    Basically, At the risk of sounding pretentious, I “heard” all that from “inside “, I sort of “knew” it, BUT (and this is a big but, I got that tendency to doubt what I “feel” is right up until I hear “someone else” saying it from outside. That will unblock a lot of energy if I actually “act” on what I intuited rather than waiting for a Seth or a Marie to voice in their words… the exact same things I’ve been hearing inside for years!

    That doesn’t mean I’m ungrateful for a Seth or a Marie … I am thankful.

    I just have to grow up and stop waiting on you guys to confirm I’m not unhinged before I act.
    Universe: you’re showing up, you’re committed and no matter how often you got thrown off the horse… no matter how it hurt… you’ve tried another one, again and again… you’re eventually fall on railroads and services often enough that you’ll be collecting. Owning an hotel on Pacific Avenue isn’t the only proper way to win at that game.


  61. Thank you Marie,

    I didn’t know Seth Godin, he sounds truly amazing! Liked this interview very much! I made me rethink some issues and I loved the way he talks about schooling! Thank you for bringing this in my world!

  62. I’ll be honest, this is the first video I’ve watched, and I can’t even express how thankful I am that it is!! It was so amazing, that I had to stop to pull out my pen/paper to write down thoughts and things that were said. I had my camera phone pulled out to take snapshots of all of the “nuggets o’ wisdom”. Thank you for starting off my day with the inspiration to hit my buzzer. :)…and to get blogging!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Christy! We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode and found it helpful. Seth is amazing!

    • haha! I did the exact same thing! I wrote things down and took snap-shots of the nuggets o’ wisdom! Fun!

  63. It was a great interview, and I am still so torn over the amount of emailing/newsletters that one should be sending out. There are so many opinions out there and I know that Seth is the extreme, at one a day. I have been faithful to my once a week blog for years but have had marketing “experts” tell me that is too much. Does anyone else have an opinion on this?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great Q, Heather! There are lots of opinions, but we find there’s really no one right answer here that fits everyone – it’s all about what works best for you and really resonates with your customers.

      Seth is definitely on one extreme by blogging daily, but those who follow him know that and love reading his daily updates. I also follow other people who blog once or twice a month, and it’s a treat to get an update from them and hear what they’re up to.

      Generally, being consistent is the most important part, no matter what that timeframe is, and then setting up that expectation with your audience. If you love blogging once a week and your audience is enjoying it, that’s totally okay and you can rock on! If you’re feeling really called to shift (either more or less), you could always experiment and change it back if you need to.

  64. Watched it twice. Nuff said.

    • Tracey


  65. I love the idea of saying yes to something before it’s ready. Two of my ebooks were created that way. Someone asked to be an affiliate for a workout plan that would compliment her programs and I say yes, and within a few weeks, my program was created.
    If you WANT something to get done, you will find a way to make it happen.

  66. Mary Rodriguez

    I hadn’t heard of Seth Godin before your interview but I am inspired now to read his books and follow his blog. While there were many takeaways from your 1/2 hour with him I’d have to say my favorite was “Ship it.” It needn’t be perfect nor polished just ship it! He not gave me the kick in the pants I needed to do just that in a literal way (I have about five gifts that need notes attached, boxes prepared, addresses located and a trip to the post office) but also just as importantly in a figurative way. I will compile recipes in book form for my children. I will pack up their long forgotten toys and books for safekeeping. I will recommit myself to my blog that had given me much pleasure a few years ago. I will ‘ship’ these and much more. Thank you Seth and thank you Marie. That was the most productive half hour (in the realm of mental/ emotional growth) I’ve spent in some time.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Mary! Shipping feels SO good! We’re so glad to introduce you to Seth’s work. 🙂

  67. Tiffany

    Hi Marie and Team,

    As usual Marie you always bring interesting people and interesting topics to the table, so once again thanks for sharing!
    There are many things that Seth said that I found interesting, but the few that stood out were “we all wait for the right time, a calm time, to do something, but Now is the time.” and “Just get on the damn horse, all the horses are the same.”
    Isn’t that the truth! Fear of taking that leap or just going for something even if your not sure can be a real head spin.
    I find with so many choices nowadays (I know boohoo) it can make decision making complex and difficult, because we have many factors to consider. I know in my case I do make leaps but I am always unsure – I think the thing I seek is that feeling of being confident in my choice – I love this – this makes me want to get out of bed every day to see what will happen next kind of feeling. Is that a common feeling for others?
    Yes, we may all get on that horse -any horse, but surely some of those horses are better than others? but I guess the point is we at least didn’t do nothing, and because of that we are already winning right?

    P.S. It’s true…There are times when you just have to sit around and watched cat videos and complained about your boss…I know shameful isn’t it!

  68. Tara

    Being on the brink of re-launching my small business, I really enjoyed this discussion. I am struggling to be productive in gaining traction with my new plans while riding out the last few months of saving money at my 9-5 job. I find the boredom and lack of fulfillment at my current job drains a lot of the ‘will points’, as my friend’s husband refers to it, and by the end of the day I just want to go home, lay on the couch and veg out. If action begets action, does boredom beget boredom? I think buzzer management is an excellent tactic to break this cycle. I have a bad habit of waiting to be summoned by productivity. Committing myself to it before I feel it could be the key. Another thing Seth mentioned that resonated with me was not quitting when it’s hard but at a key moment, like when you hit a dead end. I hate giving up, which in theory sounds very virtuous. However, I’ve come to learn through experience that trying to force a dead end can be very self-sacrificing. It’s as nonsensical as ramming your car into a brick wall instead of rerouting to find a better way. I realized giving up can be part of the process in course correction to what you’d ultimately like to achieve.

  69. This was so timely for my circumstance! I just opened my online store late last week and realize I will need to continue my day job in child welfare while I give my daydream a chance. Thank you!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Kelly — we’ll be rooting for you!!!

  70. No one gets talkers block. Love it.

    I’ll start now. 🙂

  71. Great no nonsense advice – FORGET about “finding your passion”. Just do stuff that matters. Also, love the reminder that Kick Starts are actually Kick Finishes – there is no such thing as an overnight sensation. So now, back to work!

  72. Rosa Eve

    Seth Godin: freaking brilliant!!!
    Thank you Marie for being you, one of the luminaries of our times & generation.

  73. It was after listening to an interview with Seth (just over one year ago) that I decided to use Kickstarter to launch my own project. In my case, I pushed the buzzer too soon and it did not work out so well… “Kickfinisher”, as SG says, is perfectly on point. Anyone going into crowdfunding needs to understand what needs to be in place/built before a campaign goes live.
    After many lessons learned, I was able to re-work and re-launch my project, which was successfully funded 🙂
    Actually setting up a crowdfunding masterclass and going to add this video link as an additional resource. Thanks!

  74. Lisa Scenna

    That really was a treat!
    Thank you!!

  75. Great interview Marie with accomplished smart Seth! Biggest takeaway for me, “everybody doesn’t matter” touch one person at a time and get good at that. Love it!

    Also the part about free range children! Couldn’t agree more! As I like to tell my children, “make sure school doesn’t get in the way of your education”! ?

  76. Rhonda

    Mattering is important, but don’t worry about everyone, start with one person. Consistently show up and commit to an approach. These are BIG!!
    Another fabulous interview and yes Marie, I would definitely notice if you didn’t show up on Tuesday!
    Many thanks for all you do!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Rhonda. We so appreciate your kind words.

  77. Adis Burzic

    It was so lovely to hear Seth Godin talk. Thank you Marie for this awesome show
    The one thing that I will remember for sure from this episode is: Everyone doesn’t matter and you should try to help and change one person and if you are good at it help few people, and so on. Cause not everyone will remember you, but some will and it will be those that you showed up for and touched them, changed their life.
    And also the story about monopoly is pretty useful.
    >Thanks a lot. Now get to action.

  78. Lisa Scenna

    I absolutely love what he said about school and kids failing. We really need to start teaching our kids and ourselves that we need to fail in order to succeed. This is something I struggle with all the time.

  79. Judy Curnow

    Thank you for what you do. You are amazing! Keep doing what you do.
    I have been stuck for several months waiting for the “right time”. I loved what Seth said “If not this moment, when?” and that “failure is not fatal.” There is no right time. Just get on the horse. Connect with people. So today I am going to do that!! I am going to take Seth’s words and make them my own:
    ~My goal isn’t to touch everyone, my goal is to touch someone, to change someone, just one person. If I get good at that, do 5, then do 100. But stop worrying about everyone. Everyone doesn’t matter. ~


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Judy! Thank you for watching.

  80. Seth really shined some light on things that I have been mulling over! I loved that his last tid-bit of goodness had to do with really creating an impact for one person, not the whole world! It’s true, if you can impact one person’s life, it matter’s more than the masses. <3 Also loved his thoughts on how to approach people, I think it is inline with that "golden thumb" rule we learned in elementary school of "treat others the way you want to be treated" but somehow got lost as we grew up!

  81. Thanks for this amazing interview, Marie.

    And, thanks to your guidance and inspiration over the years, I also had the amazing opportunity to interview Seth! Without your encouragement on Marie TV, I would never have had the confidence to reach out to Seth to ask him for an interview, but I did, and he said yes!

    And, if you would ever consider being a guest on my show, I would love it! My audience is nonprofit fundraising professionals and they would love to hear from you.

  82. I may have been living under a rock, I did not know about Seth Godin until I saw this and he is brilliant, I will be investing in some of his books. I took a few things away from this one is to stop polishing, just ship. Action: be consistent with upcoming projects and launch not overthink.
    Express my art, I’ve been holding back from fully expressing myself knowingly for the last 6 years. The last few months I finally started being more consistent with my writing (although I still have those lingering doubts) hearing Seth today is confirmation I am on the right path.
    Another which I will be implementing with my children is looking at a failure that occurred as we were trying to solve a problem for the day and what was learned from it. Action: Discuss it as a family during dinner.
    So much more but I will keep it short, very inspiring.
    Thank you for this.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      SO excited for you to check out some of his books, Jaqui!

  83. Debra

    Hit the BUZZER! Thank You Marie and Seth! I am now searching for my TRUSTED clients! The entire interview held ALL of the content I needed to hear at this time in my life of committing to my business plans! GRATITUDE !!!

  84. I loved the quote, “Press before you know the answer!” I am prone to meditating and meditating and meditating on a business move (and not meditating in a good way!) before I do something. Why? Because I am afraid I won’t get it PERFECT. I am contemplating a new business move now, and will just DO IT!! Thanks, Marie and Seth!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes! Go Catherine!

  85. Kseniia

    “Monopoly is not The Good Game”…that’s the line I’m going to pass on to a someone very special, riding his roller coasters of not-good-enough-for-the-humanity. Genie, you are incredible!! And you are an inspiration for me. At least for me…

  86. Jane

    loved the talk! i personally have been a little stuck in my art making and this really struck home with me, in the studio i go. i also order the The Dip.

    thanks Marie,

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Happy studio time, Jane! 🙂

  87. Linda

    In this interview you ask Seth a question, with a lead-in … “because there are so many young people starting out,” I would say that given the current US statistics that were just released about the number of people working later than before, and starting more businesses, that it is “more people starting out.”
    I do not intend to be nit-picky, because I do love your site and interviews, but general comments like this tend to irk me because it happens so often.

  88. Liz

    There is no perfect purpose.

    If I let go of ego, of the search for perfection, the strive for uniqueness, what possibilities exist?

    How will this open up space for connection? Will this interaction leave behind a trail I’m proud of?

  89. Great, thought-provoking video
    “There is no right answer” is both comforting…and scary!

  90. Ak

    Thank you….

  91. Thanks a lot for this awesome interview with Seth. I really enjoyed his point of view about taking for granted the fact that we will not touch everyone in this planet wiht our thoughts or acts as most of us want it. It’s not a matter of quantity!

  92. Where do I begin…. I actually stopped the video several times just to let the information sink in. You need to ship. What?!?! of course that is perfect and I don’t ship a lot of the time! What’s the best use of your time and return on productivity. Commit to what you love. I have already sent this link to my kids and to a friend! Excellent 33 minutes and worth every single one! Thanks. I have to go so I can press the buzzer!!!!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      So glad to hear that, Nancy. And thank you for sharing it with others!

  93. Emily

    Wow. Every time that man talks I feel like I just got drive by gurued, because the very consciousness I think with is all up and fluttering at different level. His voice makes us all write better, think better and be more honest. Truly striking. Thank you so much for this interview.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Completely agree, Emily, and I LOVE the “drive-by-gurued” term. Perfect. 🙂

  94. Les

    Today’s video was serendipity. Nice inspiration to keep getting on with the things I need to get on with. Thank you both!

  95. This episode had so much content and has made me think of so many things in an entirely different light, I am amazed!! I have listened to it twice and will listen again because there are so many points I don’t want to forget. Thank you Seth for making me look at things from a totally different perspective and thank you Marie for providing the opportunity to meet so many incredible people!

  96. I’ve been waiting for this to happen, hearing Marie and Seth discussing about how they make things happen, and it was worth it!

  97. I have a long list of “to dos”. Some of them I have not done two years later and I still don’t take them off the list. These are not the important things, just things that I beat myself up about because I haven’t done. I have so many good ideas and I ship very often, so I just need to learn to let the small stuff go and not worry about something that is not done two years later that didn’t need to get done anyway. I would rather stay in the flow of the moment and do the thing that brings the most joy and do it well. And I would like to be better at following up with people, but if I am going to do that well, I need to go to less meetings and use that finite resource of time following up with connections rather than doing something that leaves me feeling flat. I am always happy when I send that follow up email or make that call that I promise to make. Those connections that I build are important. Sometimes, the follow up does not lead to a relationship. But most of the time it does.

    I am going to focus on the one-to-one and doing that even better. I currently tutor five students. I am doing an awesome job at those five. In a few years I will be able to teach others to mentor and tutor as well as I do and train mentors and tutors. But right now, the important thing is to do the very best job I can with those five students that I have currently. Doing the best with them means I am taking my 18 year old student with Asperger’s to a storytelling workshop where he looks forward to participating with others. And taking my 12 year old student camping so that he can show off his skills at cooking over an open fire. That way he can get an A+ at something. Yes, I teach them the skills they need to pass all those tests that they have nowadays. But I also encourage them to ask the questions that lead to solving interesting problems. Thanks Seth for the encouragement to make a difference to the 1 and then to the 5 and not to everybody. Going deep with my commitment is going to take me farther than going wide. It is not possible for one person to one-to-one tutor 100 people well in the same time period, but I may be able to train others in mentoring and tutoring and have a ripple effect by choosing and creating a process that helps replicate the kind of connection I have built with my students and their families. And then I can reach 100 people well.

  98. What a wonderful episode. And great nuggets. “Matter to one person, then five, then 100.” Keeps it in perspective. Doable. Actionable. Thank you.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Boom! You’re so welcome, Tesia! Thank you for watching.

  99. Kaylah

    And it just gets better ! Amazing informative episode! I really connected with a lot of the topics you two talked about! I love Seth Godin’s input on the education system . I have also thought a lot about how the school system is out dated. I’ve written down so many ideas on ways to make the school system better. It’s one of my dreams to eventually be able to contribute and help change the school system. As a mother doing my best to raise my son to be a thoughtful ambitious human being, one my of favorite points he made about children and connecting with what they learned in school is “tell me something amazing you learned in the spirit of doing something good for someone else.” I absolutely love that way of thinking and I love Marie TV. Thank you for the Great advice and point of view on blogging .

  100. Belinda Shanle

    Thank you Marie as always a homerun! Seth is amazing and I love his books. I got some much from this conversation. Main thing I will apply is just hit the buzzer, I have a network business I have been sitting on the sidelines and watching others grow waiting for everything to be perfect before getting started, I am pushing the buzzer! Also teaching my grandkids the right way to talk about failing and sharing with my kids to also do the same. Thanks again!

  101. Marie, this was one of your best
    Seth makes soooo much sense
    Love the polish, perfection idea, just helps getting things out the door, work to the occasional tight deadline etc. You will be OK on the night, if you have done the years of groundwork in YOUR subject, you will have tons to tap into. I promise!
    I love the idea of someone missing your work, 1 person, then 5 and then 100, that’s worth the years of dedication. knowing your stuff is important it’s just about keeping going, until YOUR time is here. In the meantime enjoy that game of life Seth calls Monopoly.
    Once again Marie that was 10/10 and you have three gold stars for you interviewing skills
    Love Tony (The 60 year old Kickfinisher) XXX

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you for your kind note, Tony!

  102. My biggest take away: I love that, Seth said….Write like you talk. “Nobody I know gets talkers block.”
    I will become more mindful during my day so that I have more things to “talk” and blog about. My action is to write or video at least one more blog post per week.
    Thanks Marie.
    Also, If you are reading this I want to tell you that you have to keep pushing. I don’t know exactly what I saw but I can tell that you needed that interview with Seth as much as we did. We have given you permission and we would miss you if you were gone. So keep doing what you do.
    BTW, I love your art work. #Peace #Prosperity #Passion #Pleasure #Power

  103. Katherine McDonald

    The long road is the short cut!!!
    All that matters is ONE not EVEREYONE!

    LMAO talkers block
    Yasss what a great reminder in my journey. Thanks Seth. And Marie I admire you and you are an inspiration. I cant wait for you to interview me one day .LOOK OUT

  104. Mariana Abreu

    This was the best episode EVER!! Loved it! Thank you so much.

  105. Erin

    There was so much to learn here. Thank you! I loved the information he gave about the history of school and how it is structured. I also loved his view on failure! So many Moms I know are so afraid of their children failing. To the point where they hover too much. I have tried not to do that with my four children. I assist but I try not to micro manage and hover. You just gave me a reason to tell friends why this is good!

    I also love the analogy to monopoly. I am going to write it down and put it somewhere to read everyday. As I start my own business, I tend to drag my feet some days because I am afraid the idea I have will not work. The monopoly analogy was the best for me to take in as a reminder that if it doesn’t work, I can do something else.
    Thank you,

  106. Hi – my name is Matt Hill and I’ve just finished watching your show (for the 1st time) – this episode with Seth Godin – I’m grateful to have watched you and Seth share your wisdom. Thank you so much!
    I’m currently prepping for my 1st TEDx talk this weekend and feel your show came in perfect timing as I get ready to take the leap to this forum. An Action I’m going to do as a result of watching is: blog and share my thoughts because you both showed me – your authenticity is what people come back for because they trust who you are in honesty.
    Thank you to my fiance Kate – who sent me your links to B School a couple of years ago and I’ve kept them all in a folder – knowing I’d be ready at some point to watch and learn what you offer – another take away from your episode just now with Seth – trust your path of timing and direction to what you love doing – and also – waiting for the “perfect” moment isn’t always going to get it going faster – sometimes it just prolongs your route to starting. Thanks for this 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Matt, welcome to our world! We’re so thrilled this is the first episode you’re watching of ours, and how perfect to have it come just before your first TEDx talk.

      Please thank Kate for us too, and know that we’ll be rooting for you this weekend. You got this!

  107. Ter

    I could listen to Seth all day… What a gem!! Not everyone matters. You matter… 🙂

  108. For the entire video I was just tearing up and saying “yes, yes, yes!” Two of my favorite people. I connected with every point Seth made. We would all be so much happier if we lived without the “stops” that stifle us into waiting. “Just get on the horse, all the horses are the same.”
    Seth’s illustrations were amazing, love the Jeopardy Buzzer Principle.
    Also love the idea of making it a goal to touch ‘someONE.’ A modest goal that when fulfilled can bring you great joy, then you up that goal gradually to touching 5, then 100 increasing your joy each time.
    Marie, your Tuesday videos are always full of takeaways but this was my favorite of all time. Shared it with my husband and employees and they all feel the same. Thank you and your staff for the beautiful words of wisdom.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      You’re so kind, Teri, and it warms our hearts to know how much you sponged this up. Thank you for being here. XO

  109. This was a truly excellent discussion! All of it was impactful, but the most “Aha”-ing for me were diligently gaining trust and permission, by showing up everyday in a way you’d want people to show up for you. Saying – You can count on me for this, and then following through. I think that is perhaps the hard part – the follow through, because I must believe that my showing up is vital and important. Ie – if I HAVE to speak tomorrow on something I noticed and made an opinion about, then I will. So within that, what I really took away from this was the simplicity of his methods, which is something I’m actively cultivating for myself right now. SO – something I can put into action right now, is his practice of arguing out loud how I might be wrong in the way I’m currently looking at things. When I think something is difficult and complicated and will take too much time, and I’m just absolutely certain about that – I will start arguing for the opposite side. Thank you Marie and Seth!!!

  110. I’m about one year into writing my first book. It is a HUGE undertaking. I have found the biggest challenge, to date, happened in my writing group this weekend when I courageously submitted some pages for critique. While some experienced my writing as a life changer, others’ buttons were pushed and they intensely disagreed with my point of view. Hearing Seth speak about how everyone doesn’t matter, just touch one and then five, made me cry with relief. I’ve known this but to hear it again was the inspiration I needed to get back on the horse, sit down in front of my computer and keep writing. This book isn’t going to write itself and I am NOT going to quit now! I’d like to get one of Seth’s books, can you recommend a favorite?

  111. Kimmoy

    This is by far my favorite interview! I loved it when he said “The long way is the shortcut.” It’s a good reminder to build that know, like, and trust factor long before you get to the “kickfinisher” stage, ha! My other favorite takeaway was nobody has talker’s block LOL. He is such a gem!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      SO glad you enjoyed this conversation, Kimmoy!

  112. Colette Smithers

    This broadcast was my miracle for today. The comment that resonated most with me was ‘waiting and looking for the perfect purpose is actually a way to hide’. I’ve been hiding and didn’t even realize it. I took action right after watching, and literally pressed my buzzer. Rather than being fearful, I’m actually hoping I made mistake, so I can say ‘that’s interesting’ and try again.

    There are so many other gems of wisdom and action I have taken from your conversation, it was truly an answer to my prayer. Thank you, I am so grateful.

  113. Dear Seth and Marie,

    I respect both of you immensely, and love Marie a lot! (I do not know Seth that much to love him, just yet:)

    I DO see what you mean by saying ‘looking for passions is nonsense’ – you can put passion in anything you do.. BUT please, do respect people who DO know since they were born, what their passions are and what they want to do :). They are not worse than you Seth… maybe you are just different 🙂

    With love

  114. Such an excellent episode with so many great reminders (and key insights from Seth) on how to really make a “legit” go of it in business…and how he’s done it for decades! I particularly like his points on: (1) failing is the best way to learn and do better, (2) the litmus test for permission marketing, “will they miss you if they don’t hear from you” and ship even when you’re afraid, that’s how you get good at what he calls “buzzer management” (side note on that last one: public accountability helps!) My biggest insight is to keep sharing, loving on my community, to keep teaching and mentoring in the way I do it. For me, it’s all about iteration, making the next version even better so you can change even more lives. I had a client tell me the other day – Maya I know you’re not a fan of the word “beta” or “beta test”for a new offer. And before she even said the words, she knew she’d get a reframe from me… because I am So not a fan of that word. It’s because it doesn’t feel good…feels like there might be unethical lab rats or really bright lights and totally inappropriate probing. Instead, iteration is about making the very best version of what you’ve got, right now. Go! Share it with the world, get feedback, help your clients move forward. And *tell them* (always tell them) if it’s an introductory offer, tell them. If they are founding members, tell them. If you’ve done this a dozen times and know exactly how to guide them, tell them. Just tell them exactly what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and where you’re starting from – over communicate. Also, be sure you’re aligned and showing up how you want to feel and how you want them to feel when they interact with you. (“Beta” just doesn’t give me that warm and fuzzy feeling, but being totally candid with my community does.) Whatever it is… tell them, then go do it. Because… as Seth and Marie mention at the top, the time to get started is now (not tomorrow, not next week, not next year), but immediately right now, in this moment. Thanks for another great episode Team Forleo!

  115. Alvina

    I loved when Seth said that there’s no prize for originality! I think that’s what has scared me from stepping out. Everyone has their own uniqueness so it’s okay if you’re sharing material that has impacted you in some way. I also have a new way of thinking about launching – My goal is to change “Someone” – Everyone doesn’t matter! That’s AWESOME and definitely takes the pressure off!! Thanks, Marie and Seth!!

    • YES! No prize. This is mindblowing and delightfully amusing!!!

  116. I adore you both so much! Marie, thank you for my heart for following what you love to do, and connecting deeply to people. I’ve been taking cues from Seth for about ten years and just love this interview and all the amazing pith insights and instructions he offers, and you with him.

    Some takeaways –

    1. Just start.
    I, like many, have been held up by this feeling of needing to figure it out and invest my time and energy in something only if I could see that it would provide a valuable return (financial and human benefit) in the long run. Because I can never see that fulling, I have not really invested in my own projects. I waffle between a few that I am drawn to.

    2. No need to fit in a box.
    I am both and artist (ceramics are my love, but drawing and painting are a close second, and I am also a musician and singer) and business person (engagement marketing for twenty years, and I adore helping others design marketing strategies). I have often thought I should choose only one, or relegate one to a hobby only (obviously that is the art), and define myself in a way that will reach more people and create more benefit for them, and of course generate more income for me and my family and dreams (I am a single mom with very limited resources). However, I have a real-life example of this never working, so lately I’ve seen that going big as the only way to go (from an “idea” of big) likely won’t work. I did pursue music passionately for a while, and though I was met with support and fans and a decent album, because it was built around an idea of wanting my music to reach many and be accessible and allow me to tour, etc. it wasn’t really true to my artistic vision. So, after a few months of playing out with a band and really going for it while keeping my day job, I was exhausted and over it. I didn’t like my music, and I didn’t like performing any more. It was really sad, actually. So, I appreciate so much Seth’s encouragement to see it as a game and not take it so personally. I can go in my truest direction and just let things blossom. I can continue to help others with marketing – I don’t need to launch some big sales funnel and course to be of benefit right out of the gate, and I can make art and offer it as I wish. I can take work as needed to make sure the bills are paid, and I can rest deeply in my own nature and stay connected with my spiritual practice, and just deeply enjoy my life.

    3. Blog every day.
    I used to have a beloved prose blog (I still do, it’s just been ages since I wrote there) where I would write about the most beautiful thing, sometimes daily. It was so nice. It was a bit of work, though, and now I see that I can write every day about whatever I want and if it’s liked or not doesn’t matter. I enjoy writing and imagine the intersection of art, business and spiritual practice, where I find myself, may just be something interesting so some — “some”, another great point and insight. This every day writing is really inline with some copywriters’ advice to send an email every day. The ones I look forward to, they really have my permission. 🙂

    Thank you dearest Marie. I just found every moment of this video valuable. That is a real gift.

    Warmest love,

  117. Andrea

    I have never read a book or blog post by Seth but I will now. What a wonderful and educational interview. Thank you!!

  118. Thank you Marie and Seth for your insights! My #1 takeaway – and something I needed to be reminded of today- is, focusing on helping one person rather than “everyone”. I just finished writing my first book and it’s easy to get impatient when it comes to distributing the book and making an impact. We change the world one person at a time and my perspective has been refreshed about waiting for some big “thing” to happen. Rather, my commitment this week- go out and start building relationships with people I think I could help!

  119. Great interview. My passion about helping people find their true voice, their true calling has grown stronger. Thank you 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That is SO lovely to hear, Sandra!

  120. My passion about helping people find their true voice, their true calling has grown stronger. Great interview. Thank you 🙂

  121. Jennifer Joss

    Enough is enough! I’ve been saying that for a while but was waiting for everything to be perfect. The Buzzer management line made me just do it! First of all, I played the video a second time and added more to my notes. Then I went on WordPress and started a blog! Not sure what it’s going to be yet, but I’ve been wanting to for over a year! I did it! So many great nuggets from Seth and Marie asks the perfect questions! Thank you to you both!!!

  122. There is so much insight insight here, as always with Seth Godin (and Marie of course!). I found Seth Godin a few years ago and his truly shifted everything I thought about marketing, creativity, and the internet, for the better.

    From today, the greatest insight is with regards to blogging daily. I finally have decided to commit a couple hours of my workday to content creation- speaking’ my mind for realz!- but alas, it’s hard and I am a perfectionist. He was just the reminder I needed that, while it’s important to speak thoughtfully and intentionally, it needn’t be perfect- it’s just better to show up and be authentic (aka human!).

    So my action is to share my words several times a week. And hopefully one day, every day or close to it.

    Thanks for doing this interview! I was so excited to see it pop up in my email… case in point.

  123. This video came at the EXACT time I needed it most! I have been feeling so stuck for months and this freed me! There was so much to digest, but here are the most compelling things for me. First, I just had the revelation over the past couple of days that I’ve been using the excuse of “seeking my purpose” as a cop out. It gave me the excuse to sit in fear and do nothing!! I’m following my bliss and knowing God is with me and His blessing is on WHATEVER I choose to do, as long as it’s not harmful to myself or others and it’s impacting lives in a positive way! Second, I haven’t blogged in months because I didn’t think I had anything to say. I was blocked. When he said we never run out of things to talk about, that completed shifted my perspective. It also doesn’t matter how many followers I have. I don’t have to reach everyone, just someone. Finally, I have to reevaluate what I’m willing to give up to be productive. That’s easy, TV. I spend too much time on senseless television. I’m so grateful for you Marie. You are a constant source of light and inspiration. Always here when I need you. I’m excited about my next steps and my future. Thank you for all that you do!!

  124. Bonnie

    Talk about synchronicity! I’ve been racking myself over this very subject – what am I meant to do?? And just this morning, I thought about creating a blog. And I thought about how I should write the blog because I enjoy writing, and I shouldn’t worry about whether it would become successful – just do it because I love it. I sat down with my morning tea and I received this permission-based email in my inbox. Thanks so much for this – it was exactly what I needed!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Total synchronicity, Bonnie. We LOVE when that happens 🙂

  125. A couple of my favorite takeaways –
    Choose to matter in a way that aligns with who you want to be.
    Get on a damn horse!
    Action item: I have a blog and have committed to blogging 1x a week and I’ll take Seth’s advice and blog daily.
    Seth and Marie, thank you for your work and getting on a horse!

  126. Yes! Wonderful! Thank you both for being Wonderful.
    Fave Takeaway:Blog everyday.
    How I can move it forward in my business: Blog Everyday.

  127. My take away? Share this wonderful interview with all the young members of my family and my extended family. Fabulous!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Rose! We so appreciate you spreading the word and sharing this interview!

  128. My biggest takeaway from this interview was what Seth said about having a tantrum over losing a game of Monopoly. I’m so petrified of failure, of getting out of my comfort zone, of not having all of the answers and not playing it safe. I want to get familiar and comfortable with failure, and accept it as part of the learning and growing process.

  129. healthchick

    Dearest Marie and Team,

    Sooo many golden nuggets! As a young women who has just lost two jobs/identities I am feeling like I am “stuck” an in-between stage in life. That being said, I have definitely been focusing too much on what my “PURPOSE” is. I enjoyed Marie the Seth talking about how she loved bartending and coaching (just like I have!) just as much as her life coaching. That all of these jobs allowed her to do the same thing that she enjoys: connecting and interacting with people. For some people this is not how then thrive but I know this is DEFINITELY how I thrive! The video shawn light that it does not matter necessarily what I do but that if I find something that allows me to be social, to connect and interact with people … and it touches 1, 5, maybe someday more (but NOT all) and I am glad and happy to keep doing it then that is enough! (Hello run-on sentence!) I must stop striving for the perfect position and get out there. Start somewhere and go from there “as the long way is the shortcut “!

    Also, I have been told many times I need to write, so I take this as the final push to finally WRITE!

    Thanks so much again Maria & Your Team
    Love always,

  130. Leigh Taylor Ellis

    Thank you so much, Marie, for this amazing interview. And thank you, Seth, for sharing who you are. I feel like it’s going to take re-watching this several times and just sitting with the feelings and insights that came up for me to truly take in everything I received from this. I do know that one thing I’m taking in right now and will use today is to change how I approach my writing, to write more as I speak and to write, to tell the story to that one person. I actually have no problem at all telling a story to one person or to a couple of friends or even strangers on the bus, but I’ve gotten stuck plenty of times trying to craft the story for an audience. There aren’t enough words to express the value I’ve gotten from this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      You’re very welcome, Leigh. So glad you had some a-ha moments while watching!

  131. Fantastic interview. I’ve been saying for years that the “find your passion” epidemic is dangerous. Speaking for myself, that idea has been a fabulous way to induce so much anxiety and pain, and when I wrote about it on MY blog, people resonated. It’s a thing. A super lamo thing that gets perpetuated by big names, so I’m stoked Godin is calling it like it is. And admittedly…I feel totally validated right now.

  132. My takeaway…not to worry about touching everyone but to focus on a few and grow. My action…get back to planning some more writing workshops at Stories by the Sea!

  133. Big takeaway today — “Write like you talk. Nobody ever had a case of talker’s block.”
    My action step is to begin NOW to do that daily blogging that somehow, never got into the mix for me.

  134. Wow. So many…hard to choose. First, thank you!
    Insights: I am a perfect example of a kid who got A’s easily enough to never take a course in high school or college that I couldn’t ace so I could stay on the straight-A path to success. As a result, my comfort zone in tackling challenging things is about the size of a dime—with an income potential to match. I was always clear I would never make a order taker, let alone an obedient factory worker, but I never realized until today that I adopted a factory worker-sized comfort zone. That’s the epiphany I needed, to see why my comfort zone doesn’t remotely match my desire for independence and how it’s not serving me…small effort…small results…of small service.
    Action: To get uncomfortable. To blog my talk (so I can’t claim “blocked”). To be meaningfully specific in my service and in my art.

  135. Lucy

    Best takeaway: “Stop worrying about everyone. Everyone doesn’t matter” – Brilliant!!
    Loved everything about this interview. Thank you!

  136. It is my turn. This applies to the “game” I am playing of launching a Life Coaching business. My goal-make a positive difference with at least one person, and then 50 and then 5000 and then…

  137. Love, Love, Love learning from you elite heart-centered folk! You both touched me today and I feel a shift. I am going to start showing up everyday. It’s just a decision to make. The means are there for sure. Thank you 🙂

  138. Katie Clarke

    That was SO good! My main take away: what is school for? So huge to me that this unquestioned paradigm of school continues producing conformists when that isn’t what we need or dream of for our children! I’m off to watch that ted talk. Also, loved the carousel analogy. Just get on a horse. And the jeopardy buzzers! This was the best episode of Marie TV ever.

  139. Oh!!! How much I loved this! I am going to watching this interview everyday until I memorize it! Too good!!!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Ha, love it, Yana!! 🙂

  140. Amazing interview! Just what I needed. Thank you.

  141. I agree with the earlier posts. My biggest take away is “write like you talk”. No one ever runs out of something to talk about or suffered from “talkers’ block”. Love it!
    Action – I am going to commit to blogging weekly and creating content from the many thoughts, comments, opinions I have about the world around us. The point is not to touch everyone but to touch someone.
    Thanks so much,

  142. Kattia

    I already printed out the Wisdom phrases! This video is simply enlighting!

    Thanks Marie!

  143. Ahhh! Yes! The work I m doing now is ok…. just ok. I AM helping some, but I have so much more to say, but feel I can’t due to sensitive nature of the topic and my teen age kids. I want to be honest and forthcoming as I know it will help so many…and Seth just gave me the best frickin’ idea. I will blog under a different name…..why not? It will allow me to be free and true to my word, while protecting their privacy, and removing my “shackles” all in one simple, yet brilliant, move. I have been a fan of Seth for years, but haven’t read him in a while because I have been spinning in the ” I don’t like what I am doing, but I committed” mud. Thank you, Marie. This interview was a breath of fresh air!

  144. This interview was mindblowing for me. The biggest insights were about our school system and how important it is to dear to fail and learn from it. My implementation: daring where I am afraid to fail because I will learn so much from it – put the intention on learning not the fear of failure.
    Secondly what Seth said about touching someone and stop worrying about everyone – it gives me such a great relief and calms me. I don’t get panicked by the feeling I have to reach all and being overwhelmed by that and rather focussing on someone – person by person. My implementation: value every person and give my attention to one person. thank you so much for this work! Warm wishes from Berlin, Christina

  145. Lindsay Seabrook

    Get on the carousel! Ship something every day. So many great insights but I think the message loud & clear is GET GOING! 😉 none of us can do work that matters if it all stays in our head. Thank you, Marie & Seth!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Yes, yes, yes, Lindsay! You got it! 🙂

  146. So many great nuggets! I think permission marketing is key for me. Getting ready to start my blog (not my favorite word), I do believe that it’s not about being an expert at SEO and being perfect, because that will hold me back. So I’ll start by doing what he does, write like I talk. How much easier is that anyway! I sent this video to my husband and my kids. My middle daughter is in the process of writing essays for college apps and scholarships. She can benefit form his words, because they aren’t from ‘mom’, and learn how to give very insightful answers to all these different prompts.
    Thanks for all you do Marie, and for talking with Seth. Seth, I won’t be emailing you, BUT I will thank you here for your time, talent, wisdom, love of your craft…and most importantly…the love for the people you care to serve.

  147. I got a lot from this interview! I actually don’t remember seeing him before!
    I frequently ask myself the question “why blog” and I loved his take on it.
    To leave a trail. To build trust. It’s wonderful to hear from an expert what I felt all along. But sometimes people tell that is not so important, and people don’t really blog anymore. But I LOVE blogging. And I have been meaning to get into it for years now and I thought I had lost my “mojo”. But hearing him saying he would blog only for himself, even! It was refreshing! I also want to be seen as an expert in my field, but I don’t need to make money out of the blog, so hearing “to build trust” goes in line with my thoughts. And finally, having meaningful content! I also write like I talk, so “if you don’t run out of things to talk about, you won’t run out of things to write about”.
    I could go on and on. But blogging was the answer I needed today. I will go over my notes with my son and my husband over dinner tonight 🙂 Lots of great insights!
    Thank you, Marie and Seth!

  148. Thank you Marie, for this interview! Seth always is sooooo interesting to listen to. I gleen so much from everything he does and says! I was able to put myself in place for the world and what I have to offer TODAY. Tomorrow, I’m sure, will be soemthing else–but for today, I feel joyful and confident in what I am doing.

    Thank you again!!
    Love, love,

  149. Giovanna

    Dear Marie and Seth,
    OMG! This has got to be my absolute favorite interview, thus far! Soooooo many nuggets of wisdom to take away! Stop waiting for the right moment, is what slapped me in the face, big time. This is me for quite some time, wasting valuable time. Thank you, a million times! Loved the part about what schools are for! Priceless! And the part about not having a goal to touch everyone, just someone. I laughed and stared in disbelief at the truth that was spoken here. This was a blessing and a joy to watch. Bravo!!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      This one really is packed full of nuggets, Giovanna! So glad you got so much from their conversation – thank you for tuning in 🙂

  150. Jan

    Best episode yet! Seth is amazing. I connected on so many levels and he confirmed to me so many things that I have been thinking and wondering. Like you will not be speaking to everyone. I keep telling myself that as long as I can speak to, change, inspire one person at a time I am successful. I feel like I am at the sitting too long stage. I have pressed the button and commited to the idea and then when things get hard we sit and sometimes want to quit. I’m not sure how many times I have been around the Monopoly board but now I am definitely going to continue as I can only get better. And I NEVER suffer from talkers block to time to get writing …. I mean talking!!!

  151. Great interview!
    You’re right he is terrific. I have two of his books on my shelf, that i’ve never gotten around to reading. Now is the time.
    And I have two flights next week, so plenty of time to do nothing else than read 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Enjoy, Camilla!

  152. Inspiration on a Tuesday! Thank you both for a fresh way to look at what actually holds us hostage from our authenticity. To select one pearl on this string is a challenge. My pick, we don’t have to be it for everyone. The best reminder ever when you you are a soul based practitioner.

  153. Nis

    Hello Marie and thank you for all those great videos helping me over come all the problems I m facing everyday on my new job. I m actually finding my self not enaugh productive even with all the hours I m spending at work, and not knowing how to solve that issue. The idea of the buzzer is just amazing. It made me realise how much time I m spending on how to do things the right way, how they could be perceived by my teams or my managers, what would be the results, and how long is it going to take befor they take place and and and .. and at the end either not doing them because no time is left haha, or leaving other things I should have done ..
    From now on, I ll buzz first !
    Thanks to both of you !

  154. I have seen Seth’s Ted talk about education. I loved it, but this interview even more. It is packed with wisdom, insights, and so much more to ease my life but as inspiration to do more good. It was timely for shit hit the fan on the road to love excellence. After this episode I can say, “that’s interesting”. Thanks to all of you, including people posting here.

  155. Wow. I loved ALL of this — what I loved most was Seth’s distinction between showing up consistently and showing up consistently because your audience WANTS to hear from you and will MISS you if you’re not showing up. That’s so huge. I’m going to re-think how I’m showing up and how I can do better because of that. Thank you.

  156. Rasing free range kids, I love it. Thank you

  157. This nudged me to realise I should start blogging immediately. Screw the haters!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Yes, Suzie! Love it 🙂

  158. Failing is not fatal. I love this so much and pray I can learn from my failures because they seem to be so many. Thank you so much for this wonderful interview!

  159. maria

    What an amazing conversation – thanks to both of you Marie and Seth! ?
    So many insights and wise words. I totally love “tell me something amazing that you learned in the spirit of doing something good for someone else” and “”our goal is to touch someone”. And from now on, I’ll try to hit the “buzzer” a little quicker! ??

  160. Such a great episode! What I commit to from TODAY is to write and PUBLISH something every day. Thank you Marie and Seth.

  161. Alanna

    Marie! Thank you so much for all of these amazing interviews – Tuesday morning used to be my favorite with Q & A’s but these conversations have turned up Tuesday morning to a whole new volume.

    Seth says to us – be something to someone. You are something to me. Thank you for your wisdom, humor and spirit and for being brave enough to share it with all of … us!

    Thank you for vamping up Tuesday morning for me.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Alanna, that’s so kind of you to say! Thank you for tuning in and being a part of our Tuesdays 🙂

  162. Dih-anah

    Kick starter is the end game; playing life like the game it is… the reevaluation of school systems…doing that which fulfills and it’s aligned with self; the talking it out loud opposite perspective to have that Aha moment .. so much great content ; thank you

  163. Thank you both so much. Seth, this is exactly what I needed to hear today. I love the example of hitting the buzzer first. Procrastination and I are far too intimate bedfellows for my peace of mind. So my action is to choose my next web designer. Found 5 I loved through B-School, narrowed it down to 2, now it’s time to hit the buzzer. And what a relief to be validated by someone as wise as yourself to not get caught up in passion/purpose. That stuff makes me crazy! It makes me happy to serve my community so that’s what I will continue to do. Feels like enough to me.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Yes, Danielle! Hit the buzzer!

  164. Loved the monopoly mindset!
    Changing my point of view and living in a more playful (versus fear) way is definitively my take-away from this great interview.

    Thank you Marie for sharing with us the thoughts of so inspired humans and thanks Seth for your amazing generosity.

  165. The last cut of this video was brilliantly chosen – it stayed with me and I feel that it’s the most action-driven tip that I can take right away: to blog like I talk and blog often.

    Thank you, Seth and Marie !

  166. Sara Carlson

    Thank you SO MUCH for having Seth on Marie T.V.! It’s my first awareness of him, and I know it’s my time of the month, but I cried from happiness because I (and my sister) are right there in the misinformed stuck people zone. In fact, just this last weekend, we were doing affirmations to be willing to be open to new info. and ideas to get past this, even if we didn’t like hearing it right then. Seth is like this magical portal which makes what I needed to hear, palatable. Desirable, even. I’m sharing this with my sister when I see her this weekend so we can rewrite our whole internal dialog and get moving! What a game changer…again, thank you so much! Sara

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Seth’s insights really are game-changing, Sara! Hope your sister enjoys the interview as much as you did 🙂

  167. BerniceS

    I am not even sure how I first decided to subscribe to Seth’s emails but without him I would have never come across you Marie, or Danielle LaPort or GapVoidArt. Each of you provide inspiration and insight and sometimes just help me calm myself. I would love to see Seth in person, but seeing this video and the Ted Talks is great because I need that visual in order for some things to make more sense and for this little explanations that happen when someone is live. I akin the statement “show up in a way that you want someone to show up for you” as a bit of a twist on the Golden Rule of “Do unto others…..”. The one thing that I have always had guilt about is the whole originality concept and it is has kept me mired in self doubt for far too long. Now I will try to look at it like “yes, it has been done before but not by me and not in my own unique way”. I believe with that attitude I will be well on my way to relaunching my business. One of the things that I try to share with my son, when he starts to have self doubts and gets in that ‘Thought Death Spiral” is ‘what is the worst that can happen if you don’t get it right the first time and what is absolutely important to get correct’. When he starts to realize that yes, not everything is fatal, he starts to focus on what is important and generally things turn out okay. I think I have to listen to myself sometimes too, lol.

  168. Wendi

    Love it all. Could just eat it all up. Your work is a gift. Love the conversations you have and share.

  169. Oh Marie, I can’t pick a single significant insight. It was the cumulative effect of a lot of ideas that brought me to the action I will take. I’ve been finding it impossible to find the time to get a blog going. I have an idea for a theme, I have a blog platform and website half-done, I even have some writing in the can, ready to be plopped in with minimal editing.

    So here’s my commitment: I will test-drive blogging every day, starting Sunday to give myself time to get the website more than half-done. I’m giving myself a week to see how I like it. If I do, I’ll just keep going for another week. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    The 45 seconds that changed everything (at 9:26): Seth blogs every day not to get more readers or sell more books but to stay sharp and productive and accountable, and to build the trust he needs to be able to make the changes he wants to see in the world — in his words, a “return on trust.” Huh. So, you just write.

    That got me thinking about blogging every day, which terrifies me, but then he said something about focusing on shipping, not polishing. Holy crap. Yup, that nailed it, that’s my biiiiiig issue. So I’m stepping up and committing to shipping before I’m ready. In fact, I now recall, some of the best work I’ve ever done was as a result of saying yes to something before my brain was engaged, and by the time the fear kicked in, it was too late to say no — as you say, Marie, everything is figureoutable!

    I loved the reminder that we have finite resources, so you have to pick and choose — a meaningful specific is better than “wandering generality.” So, this is me claiming it, putting myself on the spot, and promising — to myself and anyone reading this — that starting Sunday, I will use the extra 7 hours a day that I’m not spending in meetings or watching TV to publish something on my blog every day for a week. Pinky swear.

    • P.S. I left out “mindful” — blogging every day also seems to keep him mindful, in the present, paying attention and noticing. Thank you.

  170. Ah man. That was the best episode of Marie TV for me. I have a rip roaring entrepreneurial soul and can’t help but act on it yet my husband will block me in any act that truly makes my heart sing and opens doors for things he approves yet I have outgrown. I can see how this is making me stronger and more creative and a whole, whole lot more down with personalities but man I feel I’m ready to fly. I love analogies and metaphor and I loved monopoly as a child so making the flip to that game mindset might be really helpful tool when feeling frustrated. I am way more wise and know I have way more strength and tenacity than I would know if things came easy…I feel like I have been ferreting for years to find the angle that let’s me out and at the world but Seth reminded me I certainly havent exhausted all the options. I also was blown away to hear him talk about things he wished he was doing better…how human! Thanks Marie and Seth.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So glad you enjoyed this interview, Helen! And for what it’s worth, I think if you’re feeling ready to fly, then fly! 🙂

  171. deb

    I enjoyed this Marie TV very much. I have been going through a lot of changes in my life trying to find the way to get started in bringing myself out to the world. Seth and Marie say just go and don’t think about what others will say. Be yourself and the people that find you are the people that need you. Not everybody will need what you have to offer. This is great advice. I will work on making it a really in how I think. Thank you, deb

  172. LOVE – Seth Godin!

  173. Cheryl Rose

    Thanks Marie and Seth, for continually devoting your time to inspire others!
    The whole interview was fantastic and I’m combining two of Seth’s thoughts into one motivator – “If not this moment, when?” and “This isn’t about waiting for the right answer because there is no right answer.” He’s right. And a year from now it won’t be easier or better… I will just have let a year go by, that’s all.
    I’ve been tossing around the idea of starting something that allows me to bring my marketing skills to the field of recruitment, and launch a business in the employment branding space. I’ve been stuck because I can’t really “see” what it looks like yet (is it consulting; is it an agency; is it freelance project work?), and which parts of a branding service I want to offer, and what I will do to differentiate, and how will I know that it will work?
    After watching today’s episode I realize – very clearly – I have to hit the buzzer. I will trust myself that I will figure it out. Because if not now… when?

  174. Love, love! So useful! Thank you, Marie!

  175. Thanks, Marie. Thanks, Seth. Two favorites in publishing together expanding the universe just a little bit more. Bravo! Loved all the insights and interaction. I will bookmark this one for additional study and viewing.

    I appreciate what your sharing and your choices of guests, and your own insights.

  176. Love this! I’ve been searching for my ‘passion’ for awhile and realized that’s not the way to go about it. I recently resigned from a corporate healthcare job that my soul was slowly dying in. I’m still figuring out my next path and how I can bring most value and service to others. I finally made the decision to start a lunch delivery service. I’ve always loved healthy food and sharing it with others for as long as I can remember (For Christmas I used to stay up till the wee hours of the morning making and packing sugar cookies with my grandma so that I could deliver them to my friends at school). I was so afraid of having everything ‘perfect’ that it delayed me and my husband finally went out and bought the food containers, etc. and I didn’t have any more excuses lol I served 18 lunches last week and trying to figure out how to do more with just myself and eventually grow. I am very scared of failure and putting myself out there for everyone to judge but it has been very refreshing and stressful in an invigorating kind of way. Like I need to go through this experience. I haven’t worked this hard in awhile or had the days go by so fast at the same time 🙂 Such a great interview!

  177. Thanks for the wonderful interview. Lately, I have gotten into the habit of squandering time in the morning before I head out to work. Although, I was only half way through the interview, I stopped it, knowing it would be here when I got home. Seth had just mentioned, precious resources….if I am doing this I won’t be doing that….In that moment, I committed to be as ready as I could for the day ahead. I reviewed the yoga class I would be teaching to young children and committed myself to full engagement with a generous and warm mindset, in the spirit of being a “meaningful specific” to the teachers and children I have the honor to lead. Thanks Seth & Marie!

  178. Melissa Wentzel

    I agree with Seth’s comments about not waiting for the right moment – but I completely disagree that a calling or a unique passion is a myth. I feel like that’s such a dangerous and misleading statement to make. Yes, there are mistakes you will make, and they will all be lessons on your way to your ‘thing’. But we all have something that we were uniquely designed for. I admire a lot of Seth’s work but I just feel this idea was one of those he needs to look back and say: “I got this wrong.” Also, Marie looked a bit stiff and laughed very uncomfortably in this interview, it makes me wonder if she really agrees with all the ideas he’s sharing.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Melissa, thank you so much for your comment and sharing your thoughts with us. As you know, on MarieTV we’re all about inspiring people to find their purpose and share their unique gifts with the world, and your point is a great one.

      Although I’m not 100% sure if my take on it is exactly right, what I think Seth is saying is not necessarily that following a passion is a myth, or that seeking our unique purpose in life is wrong. I think it’s more about the frequent push in our culture these days that we hear so often about “finding your one passion.”

      While some of us do have a specific passion or calling, and a few people know from a very young age what we want to do with our lives, many other people have dreams that evolve and yet others don’t feel passionate about anything specifically, so the “find your passion” advice can be alienating for some of those folks.

      The way I look at it is that for many of us, it can be more helpful to look for experiences, jobs, projects, and challenges that intrigue or inspire us, rather than worrying about one specific “calling” or getting that exactly right.

      That’s just the things that popped to mind while I was watching this episode, but there are definitely a ton of ways to look at this and those ways can all be valid – it’s all about what works best for you. Thanks again for sharing and for watching this week!

  179. Marie:
    I listened to the Seth Godin interview today. You asked, What’s the most significant insight you’re taking away from this conversation and what specific action will you take to bring it to life? Godin voiced many significant insights in this interview. I was mostly impressed with what he had to say about writing a blog and the payoff i can expect – how it will make me a better me in ways i did not expect. The action — start writing a blog — now.
    thank you for MarieTV. my world is a better place because of your input.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Denyse. We’re so glad to have you tuning in with us each week! xoxo

  180. Marie – it was through you that I originally learned of Seth Godin. Thanks for this episode.

    Biggest take away: I don’t have to affect everyone. Just someone.
    Action item: Get back to regular blogging. I blocked out time in the calendar for the next two!

  181. I realize 4 years ago reading Seth’s Linchpin book had a huge impact on me expecially a line around “don’t feed the hecklers” which hit home to me of how I did “feed the machine” and felt like a machine even as a graphic designer. I have been working to get off that hamster wheel both internally and externally and today felt a sense of validation of how I have been slowly rebuilding my platform in a more sustainable manner. More focused on what I can do to stay the course than getting caught up in the “number’s game” and not waiting until I have all “my ducks in a row.”


    Hi Marie, thanks so much for your interview with Seth.
    I have been challenged to keep going with my writing as I accept that failures are only door ways to successes.
    My one main thing I take and am actually using today is this:
    I shall now be more able to continue without the fear of my books having to be perfect before I even produce them.I guess that the treasures of my personal reality need to be looked for each time I stumble on the rock of gold and count them as good teachers and not just annoying stones which cause me to stumble {or cause me to hide from success}
    Sincerely ANNE VANDERPOL

  183. Big take away for me from Seth is “Does this interaction leave behind a trail that I’m proud of and does having the interaction make me glad that I did it and want to do it again.” It’s a great reminder that keeps you on track. Great episode.

  184. You and Seth are a match made in Internet heaven 🙂
    This interview made my heart re-grow in areas where the poison from other marketers had started to kill off living beating tissue. I came away with a question Seth used as the definition of Permission Marketing: “Am I showing up with generosity and presence so that people look forward to me being there?” Would they call and complain if I didn’t post?
    It is a privilege to have people look forward to what you share and to be missed if you fail to deliver. I’ve let the tech challenges of a beautiful website and graphic design considerations get in the way of delivering solid content. That ends today.
    And duh, I choose to read Seth’s blog before almost anything else in my Inbox and it has no photos or cutting edge graphic design. I read it to be inspired by what he is thinking, to be challenged by his observations, and to be corrected when I’ve veered from the high road.
    Excellent interview Marie. Your questions were thoughtful and reflected the respect you have for Seth’s invaluable contribution to how we think about business and life.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Kelly! It means so much to know that this episode was a great antidote to the marketing poison out there – we also just loved what Seth had to share about permission marketing. We so appreciate you tuning in!

  185. Tatiana

    I’ve realized that I missed a lot of carousel horses and circles… I will try to live in the moment and to taught one person for the first.

  186. WOW! So much wisdom in every word! Thank you Marie and Seth for such an amazing interview. It was a treat! The most significant insight for me was…(there were many, but to answer your Q) stop looking for that one thing that defines you. I used to get confused thinking, I love production so much, I enjoy writing so much, I love styling someone so much…who am I? When you guys discussed how you can feel the same joy doing different things… being a big non-profit or a small one, being a bar tender and now doing what you do (Marie), it was like music to my ears. Let’s stop defining things and do what we are meant to do all the way! Like Rebecca Campbell what lights you up and you will light up the world 🙂

  187. Loved this episode! The clear message that shines through here for me involves integrity and authenticity. Be true to yourself. Show up. Take action. Say what you mean, mean what you say and do what you say you’re gonna do! I love it! If we do this it will resonate with others and success will come organically, because we love what we are doing and we mean it! I’m throwing all the “should’s, could’s and would’s” out the window and instead I am going to listen to what resonates and do it! Thank you!

  188. I love Seth’s concept of “There is no right answer” when it comes to finding your passion. “There are challenges we can sign up for and emotions we can experience”.
    For the longest time I thought the answer was to “find my passion” and all would be well. But it doesn’t work that way. First of all our passions change throughout our lives as we grow and change.

    SO my takeaway is this – to fulfill the challenges before us and be passionate about that with all the emotion we can muster. This will then create a passionate experience.

    Thank you so much! Great interview.

  189. Pure brilliance! Too many golden moments to just choose one!
    I tried to record the key ideas but they were fast and (sweetly) furious.

    Thank you both.

  190. Sandra

    As always, I thoroughly enjoy Marie’s interview, especially with remarkably eloquent Seth Godin. What struck a chuckle from me, when he said, “don’t email me.” I think he even repeated it. When his book Your Turn came out, I ordered the double set, to share with friends but something funky happened in the transaction. Seth actually emailed me, and we resolved it quickly. I got the books and all was well. Then, the following week I happened to be in NY City with my sister and had an extra ticket to see The Book of Mormon. I don’t know anyone in NY City so I emailed Seth and invited him. It was last minute, he was kind enough to reply and graciously decline. I appreciated his realness thru both engagements.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Sandra!

  191. Andrea B

    “If you’re waiting for the perfect horse on the carousel to come around…all the horses are just as good, get on the damn horse!” LOL Crazy coincidence: Two nights ago I had a dream of being at a dinner and not being 100% sure a particular seat was mine. After checking all the other seats I returned. My seat was now taken! Insight: This is clearly a message that I need to hear:) Getting on the horse now, thank you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wow, that is totally a crazy coincidence, Andrea. It definitely sounds like the universe is trying to send you a message! 😉

  192. “Press The Buzzer” – what a perfect concept. It will help me to push ahead, rather than waiting for the perfect time… To write the book, do the workshop, keep blogging. OK – OK will do. Thank you Maria and Seth for the richly wonderful, concept filled show! xoxo

    • G LaShaune

      Yes I love press the buzzer. Go for it. The world is waiting.

  193. I’m so grateful for this interview, so inspiring !!!

    For me the last part really got me. I’m starting a project named Mindfulness Online… with online videos about mindfulness for the Spanish community and online courses. Listening that if you change someone’s life, what you do matters. Keep doing it, because after you will change 5… 10…. it was so great to hear that, it feels like every thing it’s ok, and I’m doing the things right and what I do matters.

    Thank you, I’m really grateful for this episode and the last ones, because they really help me to get back on track with all my faith, pleasure and purpose.

    Thank you Marie, Thank you Seth !

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Louise! We’re so glad to have you tuning in with us 🙂

  194. Wow! I loved this episode, clear and concise and full of ideas that are going to help me right now. The most important point for me came right at the beginning of the conversation, Seth said “Does this interaction leave behind a trail that I am proud of?”
    This idea joins up with Seth’s comments about school being a place to try and to fail and to try again. In my day to day life at home, at my job, in my art work, am I proud of trying, having a go, seeing what happens, then trying again?
    I’m going to get onto this now.
    Thank you Marie and Seth – you are wonderful!

  195. Amy

    My action – what’s the one thing I’m going to stop to be able to get good at being a youth mentor

    • G LaShaune

      I am so passionate about being a youth mentor, & I love what he said too about what will I stop or not even do at all to focus in on what I am good at? Let’s figure it out & GO!

  196. Oh my…too good!! This is such an insightful AND inspiring conversation.
    So, my biggest take aways are 1) you learn more from failure than success and 2) When you fail, “That’s interesting”…meaning move on and don’t take it personally.

    Wow, this was so good, I’ve already watched it three times.
    Thanks Marie!

  197. Ujala

    I loved his idea of having finite resources and finite time in a day and prioritising other work over twitter. The fact that he is been blogging everyday for x years is amazing. I am struggling with time management and consistency nowadays and this interview is exactly what I wanted to hear.

  198. Thanks Marie and Seth for having is all along during your “chat”.
    Love that the slow way IS the fast way.
    I usually have an opinion yet am scared to share it….getting increasingly tired of this, and feel closer to shipping a blog post or two!


    • G LaShaune

      Absolutely & I want to be the 1st to read it. I hope you can write a blog or 2 before next week. Let’s do it. Go for it. What’s stopping you? Oh you know what’s stopping you, YOU, so get to it. I’m waiting to be inspired.

  199. My takeaway: daily blog. I gave up blogging over 2 years ago when I was going thru my divorce and I just did not want to share. Nobody’s waiting on it now, so good time to get started and work out the kinks.
    I had to laugh at how he said schools should be teaching how to get your wikipedia edits approved. As a homeschooler, I taught my kids the mechanics to edit wikipedia, and they figured out how to get them approved. And I was called “subversive” for that.

  200. Thank you so much Marie & Seth, for the time out, to chill and listen to some awesome words of wisdom! My fav was about the schooling. I’m SO TOTALLY with you on that one. My boys come home from school, and I’m like, “tell me something awesome that happened today?” Rarely do they share an awesome failure or problem they just HAVE to solve. I see leadership in them everyday. In their hearts, in their compassion for others and in how they care for their friends. I’m honoured to be their mum.

    Thank you for a wonderful episode!

    Much love to you both!

  201. andrea albarran

    What he says about just trying again without taking it personally. I really liked that. What I really need to concentrate on is helping one person first and from there another one. I tend to think big and forget that I need to start small.

    • G LaShaune

      Yes I agree about 1 person at a time. That is the key.

  202. G LaShaune

    The biggest insight I am taking away from this episode would be building trust & mastering your own productivity.
    The most important action I take away that I will put into practice in my business will be to make promises to myself that I will keep no matter what. Also I will practice touching just one person, then 5, then 100 and so on.

  203. Thank you so much for showing this interview and letting me know about it. I randomly picked “Small is the New Big,” up at the library as my first ever Audio CD Book. I know, weird it took this long to listen to an audio cd book, but this changed my life. I had been so frustrated with my lack of productivity and internalized it, but Seth’s words encouraged me to let my unique perspectives and opinions out of hiding. It’s such a freeing feeling to not worry about hiding myself anymore. So this interview is especially meaningful to me and has encouraged me to not get caught up on my failures, which I’ve done in the past, but instead focus on what I learned from them. I also am encouraged with the idea of stepping up even though I feel like an amateur, because in the end we’re all amateurs in this game called Life. Thank you again for sharing this!

  204. Katrin

    Wow. That was incredible. Thank you for the clear and genuine insight. I am going to be processing this for a long time.

    Action step: I am going to start embracing failure more readily and be more excited to get back up and get started again with lessons from that failure and determination to do better.

  205. wow. He’s amazing. Yes, I think there’s so much pressure with the ‘why-are-you-in-this planet” thing.

  206. I liked his humility so much. Write every day. Don’t worry about reaching everyone. It really motivated me to just start. Just do it and build from there.

  207. Rashi

    Banality may be boring, but the attitude towards it can always be made interesting. We would not have built great monuments if every brick layer thought about why he is laying down that brick.
    Thank you Marie for always knowing the perfect points to bring up with all these changemakers. So glad to have you as a mentor.

  208. Wow! I really am glad to have set the time aside to watch this amazing show with such super awesome golden nuggets! I have to admit it has been a while since seeing any of your shows but this one really spoke out to me this morning. I left this tab open for almost 12 hrs now, so worth it!
    I was inspired by the idea of “hitting the buzzer” and “don’t act like it’s fatal”. I have been holding off on getting my book published in paperback and creating the audio to go with it for quite sometime, “waiting for the right time” and this was not right. I dislike being stuck in the loop of “knowing what I need to do, and just need to do it”, but never really doing “it”.
    I have been taking this game waaaaaay too personal which has lead me to much paralyzing effects. I remember writing in my little green military memoranda notebook a little over a year ago,” Insight with out action is worthless.” So true as I have seen the error of my ways up until this point.
    My book has been ready and available as an ebook for quite a while, but I need to hit that buzzer and take action and see how interesting things will unfold when it becomes the paperback along with audio. This way I can focus on being myself to serve more people! Thank you times infinity!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ldwain, thank you so much for watching this week, and we’re thrilled you enjoyed this episode and found it helpful. We’re cheering you on as you’re prepping to get your book out there – you’ve SO got this!

  209. Loved this on every level, its the not rushing, taking time, building whom you are in the trusted sense. I am going to commit to a blog once a week now just for this sole purpose.
    Thank you Marie.

  210. Wow! As a brand new business owner I love all the Marie Forleo interviews, but this one stands out for so many reasons. I think the most potent message from Seth, and this is my own interpretation, is to be a consistently good person in every interaction, showing up for your work and commitments and trusting that good things take time. Social media can be a gift, and it can be an ambiguous indication of growth and success – navigating this as an older millennial can be tricky!
    Also, seeing life as a joyful game, and being clear about your time and activities (i.e. no productivity hacks – just show up and do the work!) – so great!
    Lastly, as a former school teacher, ‘Free-range kids’ lit up my heart.
    So grateful for these interviews, I believe that this is a modern way for true wisdom to be past along.

  211. sheer joy!!! that’s all I have to say

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I love it, Dalit!

  212. Valerie

    “Our goal isn’t to touch everyone; our goal is to touch someone.”
    I’ve decided to pick one thing — “one carousel horse to ride” — and that is to “show up [for racial justice] with the generosity and presence that people begin to count on me and look forward to me being there” to help transform this societal obstacle.
    My actions:
    1) Begin paring back life commitments and deciding what I will be less good at,
    2) Writing/blogging regularly including “writing how I talk” so that I develop the “instinct to ship” rather than the instinct to polish.”
    My mantra:
    “It’s not personal!!!”
    Thank you, Marie and Seth, this was truly inspiring.

  213. Cortney

    Thank you, Seth & Marie!
    Insight: Hit the buzzer!!
    Action: Blog every day. 🙂
    Thank You Thank You!!

    • Misty

      YESSSSS! Loved “Hit the buzzer” too. And it’s so true. I remember playing a game like that at school I’d hit the buzzer then it would force me to think of the answer.

  214. A great, great, great interview! My take away – “press the button!”. And “it’s a game, like Monopoly”. Thank you!!!

  215. Sara Waring

    That interview with Seth was the ‘bingo’ moment for me. Marie, I WOULD miss you if you were gone. Your influence touches even the reluctant commentators like me.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Sara-jane – that means so much to hear ♥

  216. Hi!
    So many good things to bring with me from this video. However the one thing that stood out to me was the comment on kickstarter.
    I have always been thorough and done things with, what I believe is, high quality. This has in other peoples eyes branded me as slow, and they haven’t been afraid to say so, even when I was a kid. Don’t get me wrong, I can do the distinction between what needs to take time and what doesn’t. But none the less, when I entered the work environment I was so hooked on being efficient that I stopped enjoying what I did and eventually I hit the wall.
    Now I run my own design company full time and I am able to set up my own time table. But I still have this nagging feeling that I should be able to do this much faster, and get better and bigger results much faster. Look at all those kickstarters who seem to raise money over night, for example. And it was just such a nice thing to hear Seth say. Yeah, it’s because I’ve been working on it for ten years already and now its nearing completion. It was like I could feel a rock drop from my shoulders.
    We are so bombarded to do everything at once and do it fast that I feel we have lost the appreciation of taking time to reflect and actually live now and not tomorrow or yesterday. So thanks for making my method of work, with preparation and thoughtfulness feel like a good thing!

  217. We are leaving a revolution, where someone with few resources can connect with millions of people.

  218. Maja

    Productivity tips and just keeping on track will work for me, ’cause I’m a lazy perfectionist (omg, noooo!) but what really sticks to my mind is what Seth told about what we think failures are, and what we are tought of and persuaded at about what failures are. And that’s just not fair, beside it is completely wrong. I totally agree on him about education and schools today, they just don’t serve the purpose anymore. I think kids understand that better than us. What we see as them not being interested enough, or generations getting worse at doing tests, or whatever comes to your mind when you start thinking how everything was better before in good old times, is, I might say, a wake up call to make radical changes, because it’s too important. Thank you, Marie and The Team!

  219. Misty

    This has been one of my all-time favourite interviews. Seth has opened my eyes in more ways than I can count. One thing that stood out for me, especially in a time where everyone wants everything to happen yesterday is his quote “The long way is the shortcut”. It’s a great reminder of the “things don’t happen overnight” saying – and it’s very true. We often forget what goes on behind the scenes. It’s also a really important in moving forward and staying in it for the long run too. Thank you so much for an amazing interview.

  220. Grace

    I’ve been toying with the idea of entrepreneurship since I was a teenager but have always held back waiting for the right idea and to have the skills so I’m confident not to make a mess and failure of it. I think it’s time to take a few breath and leap into one of my interesting ideas remembering that the goal is simply to get better at the game while hopefully having a meaningful impact.
    Thank you so much Marie for bringing Seth Goden into my world! Such a blessing and he will be on my bookshelf very soon.

  221. Love it! Thank you Seth and Marie. Biggest insight – you don’t have to matter to everyone – I’ve been struggling to define my target client and this gave me some clarity around that. Also love the idea of Free Range kids!
    Thanks again,

  222. Sheryl Bishop

    That was truly an amazing interview, thank you Marie.
    I am going to re-listen, didn’t expect so much valuable & practical information that I can use Right Now. Never heard of Seth before, but after integrating what I heard today, will certainly explore more of his wisdom.

  223. Stephanie

    So amazing I had to comment, I never comment, so many messages in this interview that I really needed to hear. Thank you 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hooray, Stephanie! We’re honored you were inspired to comment today and that this episode was exactly what you needed to hear. xoxo

  224. Will Merrifield

    Create to ship.

  225. Kay Hardie

    So much of this interview resonate and make complete sense.
    If I have to choose it would be…. the bit about no having to matter to everyone and about productivity and shipping.

  226. Thank you, Marie and Seth!!! When Seth explained “buzzer management” I was absolutely AMAZED! I am an artist…I have only identified myself as such in the last year or so. I sooo want to be doing my art full time, but am so fearful to take that step. I live in an area that wholly supports art and celebrates unique, handmade art, and I have opportunities to promote myself, yet I hesitate to “press the buzzer”. Seth’s explanation of this gave me such a boost…of confidence, of hope, and made me realize I need to go all in if I want to have the life I say I want, creating on a full time basis. I thank the heavens above for what you do Marie!!!

  227. Kellie

    My favorite part was the whole thing about a “calling”. I think it is important to realize that everything we do, or can do, is codependent on the moment in time. 20 years earlier and Steve Jobs might or might not have invented something completely different. Imagine Bill Gates before any computing had been invented. Would George Washington Carver have created so many inventions had he been born today? And would they have even resembled the things he invented that were based partially on his circumstances in life? Talk about making your brain flip! And realizing that taking that step now is so important. So what if the step changes later, the step you take now might even create a new path later that you can’t even imagine!

  228. Could pick many things but most motivating and hardest to practice: To look for actions were one have been wrong and keep questioning until the idea flips. Great tip for any businesss and relationship. Thank you Marie and Seth. Well invested time during a lunch break!

  229. For the past 5 years I’ve sputtered through the mud of thinking now is not the right time. I found myself blaming my own heart- oh I’ve got to care for my elderly parents or I’ve got two kids to raise or I’ve lost my competitive edge in my degree profession. Hearing the discussion with Seth is my wake up call. My time is now and I’m starting a blog today. Thank you Marie for continuing to produce good and fascinating television.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That is so incredible to hear, Randall. We’re honored this episode provided a little bit of a wake up call, and we’re absolutely cheering you on as you dive into your blog!

  230. I LOVED the interview. I LOVE Seth and I LOVE you….the two of you were AMAZING together! I loved what Seth said about what permission marketing is, and what it is NOT! It’s NOT about getting coupons in your e-mail everyday, or getting blasted with all kinds of things that are important for the company to get to us…it’s about creating a relationship where the receiver of the e-mail’s looks forward to getting an e-mail from the sender. That is exactly how I feel about Seth’s daily blog! I can’t wait to read it every single day! He walks the talk! I also loved the reminder to just push the damn buzzer…don’t over think it, to the point of missing the opportunity! I needed to hear that message today! Thank you for bringing us Seth!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh thank you, Janine. We’re so glad you’re a fan of Seth’s work – we were thrilled to have him on this week!

  231. Desiree

    Freakin’ loved this. THANK YOU. I will cultivate an instinct to ship, will try to be a meaningful specific and live in the knowledge that failure is not fatal.

  232. THANK YOU MARIE! Not only for interviewing him and allowing him to share his brilliance but for your own humility and questions you asked. This was fantastic!
    xoxo Rebekah

  233. I’m amazed at the rich content delivered by, not only this episode, but everything I experience through this website! Thank you Marie Forleo and your staff.
    This was my very first exposure to Seth Godin and now I’m hooked!
    My take away is simple: Failure is NOT fatal
    How I’ll apply it: start shipping
    Many many heart felt thanks.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much, Patty! That means the world to us, and we’re so glad we were able to introduce you to Seth and his work. He’s incredible!

  234. Kitt

    Buzzer Management really spoke to me. Getting it done is better than getting it perfect (especially since we know there is no perfection). I have a few things on my plate I have been hesitating about too long — I am going to hit that button!

  235. Breece

    “There is no prize for originality.” This was also echoed in the Elizabeth Gilbert interview that I loved as well.

    As well as just do something! I have spent far to long wondering what the exact right thing is. I think we don’t often know what that is, except in hindsight. And even then, it’s probably our meaning-making brains trying to piece it all together.

    Thanks, Marie. Insight without action is truly worthless.

  236. Moment of truth, I saw the name but in my head had some mixed up combo of Seth Rogen and Seth MacFarlane and had a feeling those were not it but just never knew and so I’m SO GLAD I watched because that was the refreshing upliftment I needed!!! It’s like the things I start thinking are not ok to speak about are being shouted by a high profile person, I LOVE IT! Thank you as always Marie and Seth!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hahahaha, that’s such a funny mix up combo, Jennifer! 😉 We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode xoxo

  237. Chrissy Messick

    WOW! I was glued to my computer watching this interview. This is my first exposure to Seth and I’m so grateful that you and your staff shared him with us! Such great information on all topics of life…children, family, business. I’m in the stages of laying my foundation for my business and raising two young girls with my husband so this was perfect. A great inspiration!

  238. Kirsten

    Love this one yesterday, I had to watch it again today! …want to soak up every word. so inspiring, and very eye opening to the world we live in.

    Thanks for sharing.

  239. Keep showing up, keep showing up, keep showing up.
    I will eventually work.
    Great advice.

  240. Maria Marta Alfaro Chamberlain

    Specific action: buzzed, got kicked out and it aligns with who I want to be.

  241. Thank you Marie and Seth! Practical, real and natural. There were so many great things shared. I love the BUZZER management concept. I started thinking about the times I have done that and where I should do that more often. Like, NOW. Also, Seth gave me new insight to the whole learn from failure concept. It’s not like I don’t know this is important and a way to get smarter in development of life and experiences, but I have heard this over and over and some how today, it triggered a different view of how to approach failure that isn’t as scary. For me personally, I am now looking at it as part of my success ‘plan’ scenario. Thank you!

  242. “I Write Like I Talk” … said Seth. And so, from the voice, position and authority I’ve nurtured over the years … and now, with access to the Internet – I’ve decided to share extraordinary experiences of my design and delivery as I assist others to deliver their extraordinary experiences. I enjoy writing – so the journey begins beyond the stories I share within. Now I’ll share without, between and together. Ah – the shiver = it’s true))smiles Thank you! PS – a timely interview – what I needed to see and hear.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Stephen! We’ll be cheering you on as you’re sharing your work with the world.

  243. WOW! “What matters is, now there’s somebody in Cleveland buying something from you that gives both of you pleasure.” WOW again. What an Aha moment for me! Thank you Seth and Thank you Marie!

  244. Well, just about everything in the interview is really valuable. I do differ on one point though : I don’t think the concept of a true calling, or even a set of true callings is nonsense. Far from it. In fact when Seth says that not all ideas are at the same level, it hints at what I am saying here. One ought to do things and not wait for that perfect moment when one’s calling becomes clear. Correct. But that really does nothing to displace the fact that all of us do have that one thing or that set of similar or disparate things that furnish our calling.
    By way of full disclosure I must state here that I write a Vedic Astrology blog and consult through that ancient spiritual Indian art: obviously, the interplay of free will and determinism is a core theme to be explored there, when we evaluate Karma in life patterns of people across the world, if we are to effectively engage in problem solving advisory in the complex and varying climes, cultures, nationalities and so on which comprise the world populace.
    I have always admired Seth’s work on permission marketing and liked the references to it in this interview as well. When Seth says we aren’t aiming to change everyone, there is a corollary to this : not everyone in the present Internet age wants to, or is able to, or does work which is founded on impacting any number of people through the Internet. In other words, excellent (factory workers) continue to thrive and prosper. I personally see the wisdom of what Seth teaches and a large part of my work is a case in point. I have though been a highly skilled (factory worker) for well over a decade in another part of my working life which also became autonomous, when I thought it would.
    The fact that one is ultimately an Internet entrepreneur is clear calling and is as destined as anything else. Since it sounds like a rather tall claim, let me take up this moment to offer Marie who hosted this fine interview a complimentary interpretation of her horoscope with reference to any queries she might have about the past, present or the future, and that might enable us to decide whether my thoughts on having a calling really do have merit or not. I couldn’t help noticing that little bit of astrology in Marie’s surname : For Leo!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I totally hear you, Anurag, and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I think the notion of a “true calling” (or set of callings) is empowering for some people because it gives them validation for doing that thing they’ve always felt passionate about doing. But for people who don’t really have one (or a couple of) things they love wholeheartedly, finding a “true calling” can feel like a burden. There’s no one-size-fits-all advice since different things can work for different people, so we encourage everyone to consider how these tips work in their unique lives and dismiss any that they don’t feel comfortable with.

  245. Jennifer

    Loved seeing you two together. Without hyperbole, I gotta say, this was a life changer for me! #StayTuned

  246. The two things that I took away from watching this episode of Marie TV is 1. you show blog everyday because you do not know when you will need it and 2. You can not reach everyone therefore start at reaching one then five then more. Also I liked the thought that you can only by making mistakes can you learn how to solve issues that you run into. You are also only able to get known by getting your thoughts and feelings out there. I will most definitely watch this episode again as there was so much information that Seth presented through the interview.

  247. Corinna

    So insightful and refreshing. I most loved his take on purpose. I think that my purpose unfolds in when I tune in and really become present in the moment. So it can be anything actually. However that doen´t mean that being insecure about what to do with my life and to think anout what my purpose is supposed to be helps at all.

    I understood that there is not the perfect thing that I find ,that I am amazingly good at, because it´s god given. Also loved what he said on commiting for a decade. I think a that makes the difference. Am I willing to decide to take on a challenge and find an answer to it every day.

  248. Lina

    Touch one person at a time and make it count! The world is not only one persons job:)

    Thank you as always!

  249. Katalin

    Seth spoke about quitting. He said not to quit when it is hard; he suggested to quit either beforehand or when it is dead end. My question is, how can one tell whether it is hard or dead end? Thank you for taking the time to answer. If a Marie video is available on this matter, I would be thankful for that too.

  250. I just lve – ” Don’t worry about everyone!” It truly is my passion to do what I do, just to reach one person. Guide one person. <3

  251. What an incredible video… I ran late in my lunch and am trying to make it look like I’m working, ha ha
    I’m not sure the exact words, but “… a thoughtful examination of my world…” was a major #magicmoment for me. I’ve been trying to determine what the point is of my blog (sidenote, and not worrying about having a “perfect purpose” is such a relief). Seth and Maria, I’ve pushed the buzzer ~ my blog is a thoughtful examination of Tarot in today’s world!

  252. We need more minds like this planning our school curriculum! Thanks, lots of good lessons here for this 60 year old creative.

  253. What do you do about haters? No matter how much good I do, no matter how hard I fall or how high I rise, I have so many haters? I use my life to help others and share everything that I can or more, plus I have raised over 10 million for charity etc. Actually, I give too much, so much that I was left empty (in the past ~ thanks Tony Robbins, I don’t want to bring this pattern into my present-future) most of the time and the people that I helped became a hater. I am just now finally really paying attention to myself, my needs, my healing and using my wealth of knowledge for myself. It’s really true that hurt people hurt people (again always after helping them). I know focusing on me is key.. but what are your suggestions when you’re on top, doing you and the haters are hating? I want the best for YOU, ME & WE always… #MicheleLanfrank xox

  254. Thanks Marie! I love Seth’s dialectical practice with saying out loud to a trusted advisor why his strongly held belief is wrong. When we’re closed to new ideas and information, we become static, and then things start to come apart. What a brave self-leadership practice for keeping yourself operating at a higher level.

  255. I met Seth Godin live at a conference and had a chance to briefly chat with him. Was one of the most educational experiences in recent memories. Seth shared a nugget of wisdom that I love “how you make money and what you do for art should be different.” Meaning art takes time to cultivate and build, and if you put pressure on making revenue from it, it can kill your art.

  256. So much wisdom, so many great actions to take. Especially as I was feeling overwhelmed today, by the urgency of trying to do the NPR method.

    I’ll pick my thing to focus on, and will do it.
    I will continue to write like I talk, which is the way I write, and stop censoring myself – maybe I will need to start under a different name ;))

  257. Katie M Lloyd

    The one thing I will implement right away is the “that’s interesting” bit.
    I think as long as I see life as a game, and keep showing up to play, I will eventually hit Park Place. It is hilarious because the strides I’ve made in the past year have come from doing this exact thing. But I’ve been needing this reminder. Gotta keep moving forward despite fear and do my best to stay present and enjoy the ride!

  258. deb

    Failing isn’t fatal. LOVED that!:))
    Thanks for sharing.

  259. Yes! So glad you had Seth Godin on. I love how freely he gives away such quality advice. And it was such a great reminder that all great business ideas take at least 3-5 years to really develop.

  260. This really helped me get ready to “press the buzzer” on a project. I’d been waiting for the right time and Seth and Marie helped me decide to go for it now!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo, that’s so exciting, Joan! Congrats on taking action and going for your dreams!

  261. Elisheva Ray

    My, my, my just what the doctored ordered. Thanking the God’s that be that I opened this email to watch this episode of Marie TV talking with non other than Seth Godin.

    Seth put so much in perspective me, especially the part of hiding behind perfectionism and the monopoly example, lol, what a hoot. When you think of “failing” that way it seems quite comical that we’d get all bent out of shape when something didn’t work out as we hoped.
    I love it!
    I’m on the brink of a major break through regarding my mindset around building a business as I’ve been putting myself out there more despite not feeling totally ready.

    This interview makes me want to turn up my output of value and sharing my message with the world. That said, I love his idea about blogging every day and doing so the way that you speak – lol no one gets talkers block. I so needed to hear that. I have a ton of things to say, ALL THE TIME, but I don’t share them because I’m I get concerned its not good enough. And I think I’ll take his advice and start a blog under an alias.

    Goodness gracious I can go on and on. This was such a great interview and so right on time. Thank you Marie *Insert happy dance*

    Wining :)!

  262. Jo

    I loved this interview Marie, my first time listening to Seth Godin. What a fantastic speaker he is, so many gems of widsom here, and delivered with such an original blend of calm, present, passion! I loved the tip on blogging of ‘write like you talk – we never run out of things to say!’. I feel inspired to begin writing, because of Seth saying so eloquently: “if you know that tomorrow you have to write about something you noticed, something that might help someone else, an opinion you have that might stand the test of time, you will form those opinions, you will notice those things, you will invest that idea.” What a fantastic way to commit to growth that benefits self and others equally. This is my first time writing a comment, and sharing my view, so the writing has already begun, thank you Marie and Seth. The other thing that really resonated with me is “The long way is the shortcut” when he was talking about Kickstarter and how things don’t happen in 10 minutes.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing these awesome takeaways with us, Jo! And I’m glad this episode compelled you to leave a comment—we’re happy you’re here.

      I loved what he said about writing, too. We’re cheering you on as you begin writing and putting yourself out there!

  263. Djah

    A 2-in-1 video! This is perfect! Marie and Seth are 2 individuals who impacted me so greatly that to have them on one screen – well I’m so happy I can scream! Thank you for doing this Marie!

  264. I am continuing on my journey of creating my product. It’s too funny that I was supposed to be checking out how to set up my Kickstarter and Seth mentioned it. I’ve known that clarifying and sharing my message is necessary; you both help me see that is more possible than ever. Thanks you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Rock on! We’ve got our fingers crossed your Kickstarter will reach its goal and go over!

  265. I filled two pages with notes and quotes from this interview, only setting my pen down once to do a quick search for Seth’s books (and then open five more tabs with the ones that initially spoke to me in their titles alone!). Although I’m a fan of everything you do, this incredible episode could not have come at a more critical point in my life and business. Not an hour before (on the previous page in my notebook) I wrote the questions: “what should I be writing about, what story should I be sharing? Am I letting others down by not showing up for them?” so when I heard Seth say, “you gain trust and permission to talk to people by showing up in a way that you’d want someone to show up for you,” I almost fell over.

    For a year, since starting my business, I’ve struggled with finding my creative voice both as an individual and as a brand. When I built my business, I made a conscious effort to remove any trace of my personal life from it, in hopes of creating a strong brand that could “stand on its own”. I believed this was what made businesses successful, and would help me create something bigger than myself. But I’m finding that in doing so, I also removed the unique parts of my personality that make me who I am, drove me to create my business in the first place, and inspire others around me. It’s no wonder I sit down to write a blog post, send an email, or share a story and get overwhelmed with insecurity and self-doubt. Creativity and perfectionism can’t all happily coexist, and like Seth and Twitter, you have to choose which one you want to be less-good at, in order to be better at the other. Despite my best efforts, I’m not any closer to having a perfect business or life than I was a year ago, and chasing everyone else’s paths has only lead me further from my own. In fact, I’ve straight-up failed at all that.

    So, now that I’ve spent a year figuring out what hasn’t worked (“How interesting!”), I’m ready to show up in my life, and my business, as my(damn creative)self, and with the “generosity and presence that people begin to count on, that they look forward to being there”. Thank you both for this invigorating jolt of sheer joy, just when I needed it. – Hailey

    • Freddie

      I went into your website and clicked around.
      I was self taught in business and design and it was a great success.
      We sold wholesale only – lots of followers. After 11 years I gave it up this
      year because I need something more inspiring and also because i don’t
      want to keep chasing monetary gains – at least not for the same thing.
      I tell you this so that you know where i’m coming from when I share this:
      There is absolutely no perfect business and no perfect life. It is all your own
      perception. Work hard, work smart and let your creativity show through.
      You are the reason why people buy from you because the world is so small and
      anything you sell, anyone can find similar so they really buy because you have
      something “special”. What is your “special”? What makes me want to buy from you?
      Price, design, your message ? Find something special and build on it. Be different.
      Give people a reason to buy from you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad this came right when it was needed, Hailey! As Marie says, “done is better than perfect.” It’s totally okay to start small because you can always grow over time. Marie has some great advice on this that you may find helpful as you’re building your business: We’re cheering you on and sending good vibes your way!

  266. This episode is great Marie. My biggest takeaway from Seth was wanting to explore and fail. That failing is what leads to great answers. Brilliant!!! Failing doesn’t sound nearly as ‘mission impossible’ as succeeding. So that is my new plan. I’m going to fail. Yep I really said it.
    David Platt

  267. Sebastian

    Awesome, speechless and still thinking and processing all the inside and wisdom you spread to us with this interview. Thank You @MarieForleo and @SethGodin.

  268. Jai

    What am I prepared to give up to get better at something else?
    Simple but it spurred a light bulb moment!
    Every decision to be made going forward with this question to reduce my expansion over time management!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so smart, Jai! I’m so glad this tip spoke to you.

  269. Freddie Brown

    After reading about 30 comments, I am a bit dismayed that almost everyone thinks that Seth Godin is only all about blogging and that everyone should start or continue to blog as if it was the only thing Seth meant when he says “shipping”. I have read a lot of Seth’s book and read his blogs daily and yet, I don’t get the inspiration to run to my keyboard to start blogging like everyone here said they would. I don’t think blogging is the way to go for everyone and I don’t think that is what life and business is about.
    By the way, I owned a very successful,million dollar business without blogging a word but i made things and shipped them without looking for approval. I think that’s what Seth meant. To just ship your work. I just don’t think this interview is all about getting everyone to blog. I think blogging is so over rated and every one and everyone! is blogging – who’s reading.?

    • Caroline

      Freddie, thank you for your comment and I appreciate you input. I agree that blogging was not the point. I write everyday and most will never be published or blogged. I, too think that blogging is overrated but on the flip side, everyone has experiences that they go through. Some good and some not so good and even horrific events. Sometimes those experiences can help someone else who may have experienced or is currently going through the same thing. That being said, I most likely won’t blog and, I’m guessing, niether will you. I do love to read and don’t read as much as I’d like to. . . Just had a thought . . .reading for a living! . Squirrel!!! . . . What I AM inspired to do is to read some, if not all of Seth’s books! . .Do you have any favorites you’d recommend to read first? Thanks in advance. Curiously, what happened to your company?

      • Freddie

        Hi Caroline,
        I don’t usually post comments but Seth is my fav guru and Marie too!
        I’ve read in a few places that seasoned bloggers have wondered if blogging
        is beginning to see a serious glut – as in, it’s no longer the thing to do unless
        you’ve been in it for a long time and have built a tribe that will miss you if you’re
        gone, to quote Seth. By the way, Seth has many courses available online – they’re
        obviously great and useful. He builds his tribe in many ways, not just blogging.
        There might me one or two of his books that i’ve not read. Tho Seth is amazing, sometimes every author tends to get a tad repetitive because there is only so much
        new material. I love the Icarus Deception. His last book It’s your turn is also good.
        I’m not buying his uber expensive monster book that will be out soon. It’s a compilation of all his blogs.
        I had a very successful accessories business selling to some amazing stores (we didn’t sell retail) and being featured in In Style and Oprah. My intent or end game was to build a retirement fund and retire early enough to do things I want to do while I’m still young enough. ( i just came back last week from doing a paid charity volunteer in Kolkata, India on a whim, with people from different places) After 11 years I really got bored and needed new challenges. So in 2016, I said enough and without much fanfare, I stopped and adopted slow living – raised a vege garden and kept bees and 4 chickens – none of which i’m good at. Thinking of the next big thing for me – something with purpose and meaning – of course if it comes with monetary success again, I’m not opposed to it. Money enables you to do charity as well. However, everything comes with damn hard work, super crazy hard work and risk.
        With that comes amazing rewards – (think 7 figures in the bank in a few years). Good Luck to your endeavors-set your mind to it and I am proof that a super lack of resources or education is not a setback if you have no room for failure.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a good observation, Freddie. “Shipping” comes in many forms, not just blogging. It’s Seth’s way of encouraging people to create, build, and do the thing they’re passionate about doing. For some people, blogging is their form of shipping so we absolutely encourage them to follow their heart in that. Everyone’s dreams are different, and the goal is to just keep creating and building the life you want for yourself.

  270. Wow, I’m completely moved and blown away by this interview with Seth. Thank you so much, Marie! Is he an angel?! I’ve heard of him but never really paid much attention. Someone in the music industry. . so I thought. . Wait . .what? Wow! Did he just say all that?! Why now?! . .Why now am I listening and really hearing what he’s saying. And that way . . that way he has with words perfectly sewn together to create this beautiful masterpiece . . shut up Van Gough!! What struck me with a little twinge in my gut was when he said he writes like he talks. I often get the surprised response, “YOU wrote THAT?!! Wow!” . .. . . The sad part is is that I don’t talk like I write. I feel that there’s a disconnect somewhere and I’m challenged to bring the two together. The good news is is that I believe I could have a future in blogging! I’ve been told I should write a blog. Once a complete stranger told me, “You should write!” “About what?” was my response. “ANYTHING!” he replied, sounding a slightly annoyed then walked away. That was over 40 years ago. There’s a saying that goes like this. “If three people call you a horse, you better get a saddle”. Think I’ll just have to git along, little doggie! – Love and Light, Caroline

  271. I loved the interview, thank you so much Marie & Seth. It really hit home when Seth explained why he is not doing Twitter. In order to do Twitter he would have to give up something else in his day and he did not want to give up anything. Such a good reminder for all of us, we can’t do it all. Consciously decided what we want to do and put our all into it and not do the rest. Love that.

  272. Hey Marie, As someone who has helped people to discover their life’s meaningful work for over 5 years, I respectfully disagree with Seth. OF COURSE THERE IS CALLING- NOT EVERYONE HAS ONE, OR LISTENS. It’s one thing to enjoy connection as a bartender or as the host of Marie TV, but it’s another to confidently know your exact unique strength, impact and message for the world and apply purposefully day in and day out. There is more than just “finding something that works”. The problem is, there are some people who want more, who feel they have much more to give, more value than just a gig that works. I was that person. My calling found me. And now I help others who fell the same way but don’t see a way forward. I agree that theres not ONE magic answer, but I believe, have experienced personally and have witnessed with my clients, that self-discovery and unearthing what is uniquely meaningful to each individual allows for a richer internal life than what Seth is suggesting.

  273. Great, your interview with Seth Godin, how honest he talked about school.
    What is it for?
    I also loved the way he interacts with his children and gets answers with subjects gives him real information and therefor relation (time to be present and not only to listen as investment for a good relationship with them) which also empowers them and get them to be courageous about failures and see their opportunity to learn in it.
    My action: this last point I will try to apply to my grandchild. For my kids it is too late. Maybe buy the book about it, I’ll have a look.
    Thanks for your work.
    I would miss you and your TV even so I am far away to be like you.

  274. Tina

    I like your interview with Seth Godin. He reminds me for being impact for one person first, after that 10, and then 100. Other insights that important for me, are:
    1. The right moment is now.
    2. Sometimes people don’t see it what we see.
    3. Education should teach how to lead and how to solve interesting problem.
    4. And of course, i like monopoly metaphor of how facing life and failed.

    I want to try all i got today, putting in my action and business. I realised that the right moment is now, for being impact to 1 person first, and keep believing in myself. And have a mindset, if i make mistake, it’s ok, i can try a new “game” tomorrow.

    Thank you very much Marie Forleo & MF team for inviting Seth Godin in this episode. And thank you very much Seth Godin for sharing what you thought and believing.
    God bless you all.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Tina! It sounds like you got some awesome insights. We’re so happy you enjoyed Seth being on the show!

  275. Azzy

    I just love you guys,
    Marie and Seth Godin have a huge impact on my life…
    I trust and believe in these guys…
    I have taken notes from this video, I will em to form daily practices which suit my level of development… Like a develop an instinct to ship, to show up, to matter, to connect, to care…

    thanks and loads to Love

  276. Mirabela Elena Frunza

    I have no words to express how much your show means to me and to my human experience!Your show and wise advices have helped me loads in key moments of my life.I have seen you always as a personal guide,since your videos seemed to always cater to my needs or answer my questions in perfect timing. The moment I watched your Seth Godin show,I wanted to write you an email and tell you how amazing you are and how much your work means for me.I will do that here instead.I was actually thinking of writing you to ask you most of the questions you asked Seth.I can’t tell you how hyped I am to have found someone like you!Thank you for everything you do and the positive energy you put out there!I hope everything will come back to you down to the ”littlest” things you do for us.Best possible wishes and loads of love

    Romanian Gal living in Vienna

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Mirabela! I’m so glad to hear this episode answered a lot of questions that had been on your mind awhile. Thanks for tuning in!

  277. Natasha

    This was wonderful! I enjoyed every word! There are two main things that I took from this interview: 1) I want to start blogging every day! Seth inspired me to do that and confirmed that it’s possible. 2) I shouldn’t freak out how slow my business is going right now. When we started I thought everything would just explode with success, clients would sign up fast and the growth is inevitable! Right now things are going much slower than I thought. Everything takes time! Thank you Seth and Marie!

  278. Dori

    don’t try to touch everyone, touch 1 person.. if you’re good at it, try 5…………. this is what i needed to hear!!!!! Seth, thank you so much!!!! you are such an inspiration!!! and Marie.. thank you for doing what you doing, so we can learn and learn and learn. <3

  279. Lorri Carnevale

    I must be honest here as I am sure Marie you would expect your audience to be so here I go first & foremost I do not impress easily and I don’t really give a hoot about someone who has made it $$$ over me because I believe in me…But Seth who writes like he talks so do I and I get a lot of shit of it has really touched something I have been saying to myself all along do what you want when you want as often as you want. I design, some would say I am awesome so might not think I am and it really doesn’t bother me what bothers me is when firends tell me I am all over the place and no one can follow you or know what you really are passionate about after today I can say I am passionate about it all and feel good. I thank you and I will be blogging and hope you follow me once I do.
    Thank you thank you thank you

  280. This was truly amazing, one of my absolute favorites, thank you so much! Seth Godin’s blog is now on my daily reading list.

  281. A timely video for me. Thanks for showing up when you did. I love serendipity! Seth had some excellent if not a few novel approaches to life’s roadblocks. The comment that finding your passion is overrated actually makes a lot of sense! I’ve managed to do more for my mind/body/spirit by incorporating an early morning routine of yoga, meditation followed by journaling three pages by hand. The wisdom that comes from within blows me away at times. I’ve come to many of the same conclusions as Seth brought up. Fear is a biggie for me. I’ve found that meditation helps me catch that “voice of doom” as I call it that is always in the sidelines waiting to freeze us on the spot in fear and block our productivity. As an artist, self doubt is a major setback. Seth’s advice about not trying to reach “everyone” in my case, with my art was thought provoking. I look forward to more insightful blogs/videos etc.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re so right, Rolande—self-doubt is a massive setback. I’m really sorry to hear you’re experiencing that, especially since it’s so stressful and detrimental to artistic creation. Marie has some really inspiring and uplifting advice to help you overcome fear and self-doubt. I think you’ll like it!

  282. Janet Walker

    Interesting and made me think! Loved it.

  283. Has me wrap up my business and go into full-time employment with more ease, given nobody complained about not receiving my newsletter or any other communication I used to do on a regular basis.
    What people ask for is still available, that’s all it takes and I get to live my life.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really glad Seth’s advice put your mind at ease, Laura. We’re sending good vibes your way during this time of transition.

  284. That was a lot of insights packed in 30 minutes.
    I like his take on the school system the way it has become. To me, it has always been more a way to filter out the outcast than to bring some life education, but the way he brings it is just brilliant.

  285. Alana

    love the “talkers’ Block” analogy –
    so many little inspirational nuggets and truths and things I already believe in but heard presented here in different words.
    Hit the Buzzer… yes – sometimes I do, sometimes not. so….

    My action from here is to schedule my writing time – set the goal on completion date and buzzer hitting (polished or not) So in fact i guess that action IS hitting the buzzer?
    Also, borrow some of these insights and share with my yoga class as I continue to work on building trust, teaching from an authentic place of caring/sharing and with good humour.
    Lastly – Finish that new website which has a place to post daily (okay weekly) blog posts.
    Marie, my fave thing about your show is that you come ONCE a week into my inbox. I look forward to it and would miss it.
    Many thanks and with much appreciation

  286. Did anybody have any luck finding the Godin monopoly rules? I searched, but turned up nothing.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Dean! I did some digging and wasn’t able to find it myself either, though if it turns up we’ll definitely let you know.

  287. Bo

    Thank you so much for this interview!

  288. Wow! This speaks to me on so many levels. As someone who is setting-up in business after many years employed in the corporate world, I am that person who is measuring their success by the number of followers I have or the judgements people make of me. I am that person who is immersed in ‘stuff’ rather than seeking to be productive and asking “what will make me proud?” I am that person who hesitates to ‘press the buzzer’ and then hits themselves as someone else says what they wanted to say. Enough! Today, I have a new mindset – I AM GOOD ENOUGH! And monopoly is just a game!
    Thank you Marie for bringing this conversation to me. X

  289. I really like the story about the game of monopoly and how it applies to life, being a series of challenges where success and failure are not as critical as you may think. It’s an idea I’ve already internalized but as we raise our kids I’m always on the lookout for ways to impart wisdom like that to our kids.

    I also like the idea of writing under a pseudonym for 6 weeks… definitely a great way to help people break the ice when it comes to blogging.

  290. First, I want to thank you Marie and your interview guests! I’ve watched many of them and I’ve taken away something positive from each. As for Mr. Seth Godin…incredibly inspiring. Love his no BS, matter-of-fact, yet kind-hearted demeanor. I could listen to him all day. I don’t think there was a sentence or phrase that came out of his mouth that I didn’t jot down. He exudes wisdom. A lot of what he said resonated with me and kicked me in the butt. I’m going to blog or email to my list daily. Thank you Seth for the permission and encouragement to write like I talk and put out quality information every day; whether its 100 words or 1,000. Thank you, thank you!

  291. this so resonated with me because at times I feel that what I say has to be perfect or no one will read it and who am I to put that out there. Thank you for this very insightful interview! I love that I only have to matter to a few.

  292. Peri Caylor

    I’m sitting amid a dozen sheets of scrap paper and scribbled notes I’m ready to type up on your interview with Seth, Marie. Thanks to you both–and no, I won’t email Seth. What’s next? Sharing this with my 17-year-old twins, who have a lot on their mind in this college application season. Since their part-time departure next fall signals my moment to find paying work again, I’ve already given some thought to how what I do now touches others. No doubt I can do the same thing in my next gig, which I hope will also pay a bill or two!

  293. What an amazing interview! I’m starting up my nutritional coaching bizz literally in couple of weeks and what I took from today is that I don’t need to do everything right now. I don’t need to set up my company on twitter or instagram right now. I simply need to START as that’s what I haven’t done yet and have been afraid of. The next steps, I’ll take from there.
    I also loved the reminder about one person vs. everyone. I always used to try to talk to everyone but ended up talking to no-one. Now my focus is gonna be on one person at a time. I don’t want to talk to all people but I do want to influence someone. Even if it’s one soul I help, it’s still gonna be a blessing and a gift I wouldn’t have received if I hadn’t started.
    Thank you so much for your wise words to both of you, Marie and Seth.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Lenka! Congrats on launching your business soon!

  294. Sheryl Bishop

    Wonderful interview, I loved it all including:
    1. Taking a subject where I am sure my opinion is right, then debating the opposite point of view. So interesting.
    2. Lets recount action/s we took that failed, don’t take it personally, learn from it and learn how to do better next time.
    3. Focus on shipping, not getting it perfect because of FEAR!
    Thank you Mari & Seth.

  295. I only ‘found’ Seth Godin a couple of months ago. The two things I have been taking action on that he mentioned in this video were things I read on his blog a while.
    1. Find the smallest tribe you can make a difference for – That inspired me and gave me a goal. A realistic one. As he says. If the experience and knowledge I have can help and change even just one person … that’s good.

    2. Buzzer Management – If you wait for it to be perfect you’ll never execute. I took it to heart and opened my blog to the public last week after a month of hemming and hawing. Sure. It isn’t perfect, but if ‘some’ people can read it and comment, it will be the best way to make it better.

    Thank you Seth.

    In addition – I have know discovered Marie Forleo 🙂 … Cool. Great online presence.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Anthony! We’re so glad you found us, and that you enjoyed checking out this episode. We’re thrilled to welcome you to our incredible community!

  296. Whoa, this is some epic, epic, epic information here. Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Paul!

  297. Dene' Maynord

    Amazing! There are so many, but the overtone for me is to own my own life. I love it is a game, it is not fatal. This approach frees me up to move in the directions that move me, where I will enjoy the process and in the process serve others, contribute and flow keeps moving.
    Thanks to you both.

  298. Benson

    Awesome video. got the most value out of it. Seth Godin’s Intelligence is simply unparalleled 🙂

  299. The insights I’m taking from these are… well, all of it!! What a wonderful interview. The single most important action I’ll take, is to shift my mindset from the “urgency” of things working out, to realizing that showing up consistently, for years, is the way to go! As a classical pianist I already knew this (I started before the age of 5 and I’m now 23) but I somehow keep forgetting it when it comes to my newer career goals. Thank you to both of you. Have a great day!

  300. Becky Litwicki

    Brilliant! Thank you for another wonderful episode. I appreciate everything you do and the spirit you bring to your life. <3 Seth, you are a complete inspiration, thank you for your transparency. 🙂

  301. Vilma

    WOW – Love this, mind blowing!!!!!

  302. Debbie

    I’d like to thank you for the AHA moment I had during the talk. I started watching it yesterday, but when Seth said: “we rarely feel disappointed that we spoke up, or we did our art. We regret not doing the stuff,” I felt so uncomfortable, I said “this kind of generalizations never works for me. They, in fact, bother me.

    I do regret that I spoke up, I do regret that I shared things I am not so proud of. I do regret …

    Then today I gave the talk another chance, and as I listened to you two dear Marie and Seth, the penny suddenly dropped.

    I focused on one single event. I showed up to share a story I had written at a meeting with the coordinators of the course: “Storytelling for change”. After the meeting I felt so frustrated, and knowing that it’s available online and I can do nothing to just delete it permanently, makes me feel angry and sad even today as remember that moment.

    Right now, I can see the picture more clearly, I do not regret “showing up”. I do regret sharing my story in defensive mode. Yes, there is some previous story why I became so defensive, but now I see it more clearly.

    I do regret not listening with my heart open. I turned to self-defensive mode and blocked my ability to listen. I felt the leader was critiquing me rather than providing some feedback, or just giving his opinion, which could help me become a better writer and storyteller. Or not, but that might not have been the right moment to make that decision.

    Eternal thanks for sharing your work Marie. You never know how your work will impact other people’s lives. Like today, I was ready to learn about this amazing Seth’s work and you two guys help me figure out what happens when we go on self-defensive mode.

    Love you Marie

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your aha moment, Debbie. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for us to be ready or to hear something on a deeper level, and it means so much to know that this episode resonated with you so much the second time through. We’re honored to have you tuning in with us, and we’re so glad this episode provided some food for thought!

      • Debbie

        Dear Caroline, thank you for your support and many thanks for taking your time to give us feedback. This is another reason why we trust Marie and her team with all our hearts.

  303. Really and truly one of the best interviews I’ve seen on MarieTV (second fave, Elizabeth Gilbert :))!

    This one is important. Great one Marie… imagine having him as a father… mental monopoly in the car, go figure. Love his thoughts on what school is (should be) today.


    • Kristin Morris

      Replying to myself… forgot to mention Tony Robbins interview. So, 3 absolute kick-in-the-pants must see MarieTV vids.

      • Caroline - Team Forleo

        Thank you SO much, Kristin! Those are actually all my favorites too 🙂

  304. Nina

    My favourite insights:
    1) Press the buzzer before you’re ready
    2) Blog regularly to get better at what you do, because it forces you to pay attention and improve continually – regardless of whether anyone reads or not.
    3) Failure is not fatal
    4) We need to teach our children to solve interesting problems instead of just get gold stars for success at a pre-conceived metric.
    5) You and what you do only need to matter to *some* people.

  305. The best ever, can’t stop sharing every quote.
    My favorite. ” The long way is the shortcut”~ Seth Godin.

    Thank you for this amazing interview Marie

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes!! I loved that quote too, Maria. Thank you so much for your kind words! xo

  306. Irena

    Very inspiring interview and the analogies used by Seth. I don’t know what my biggest takeaway was because I just loved everything! I keep postponing blogging till another time when I’m not so busy, but I end up getting busy with something new, so I keep running in circles. So the action I am going to take is to start blogging regardless of any excuses. If I can’t do a long post, I’ll do a shorter one, but I’ll make sure it’s done. I loved Seth’s quote: “You haven’t run out of ideas to say yet, so you won’t run out of ideas to blog.”

  307. Thank you both–Seth I am 76 years old and have done a lot in my life thus far -played- lost and won- a lot of monopoly in my life ;-)literally and metaphorically! Three things really resonated with me 1- ‘the longway is the short cut’ 2-Make promises and keep them 3- Expand from failures As I start out in another career right now(well I’m not just another ‘overnight success you know’- I have been prepping for a few years LOL ) ,I am reassured, encouraged and excited to continue to work in the ways I am familiar with, but also in learning from you and Marie wonderful other ways of approaching and growing in my life. Onward!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your insights, Jennifer! We’re cheering you on as you’re starting your new career ♥

  308. The biggest takeaway for me today was being there for that ONE person. Then when you get good at it do 5. Then 100. I’ve been working on The Nomadic Wife (a local & seasonal food blog) for 9 months now, and I believe I’m truly serving a small handful of people at this point… but I want to take the time to dial in better and really hone on the craft. The helpfulness.

    Thank you for today’s video! <3

  309. I love the concept of blogging everyday to start thinking in that way – to notice the work and it’s lessons in a form of writing, (therapy!), analysis and help of others. I’m glad you both discussed pressing the button before you’re ready and considering where to NOT spend your time. Very informative 30 minutes, thanks Marie and Seth!

  310. This was the best episode ever. Ever. He is amazing.
    My take away? I’m going to try blogging daily and see how that goes. Posts will be shorter, and less serious. One point per post. That buzzer is a happening thing.
    Just awesome Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Elyse! We’re thrilled that you really enjoyed this episode xoxo

  311. I loved this episode! One of the biggest takeaways for me is the assurance that it is okay to act. Even if I fail, the experience won’t be worthless. I am in the very, very, very start of my health coaching business and there are so many rings that keep telling myself I “need” to do before I can be a health coach. Under it all, though, I know it is just me trying to hide before putting myself out there. And what I really need to do is just start making motions now, so that I can start learning now. I am going to focus on getting clients now, no matter that my website isn’t perfect or “done”, no matter that I feel life is busy, no matter that I feel inexperienced. The only way I will get experience is by DOING, so that is just what I will focus on!

  312. I guess I have been living under a rock for the past several years, but oh my goodness! Marie Forleo you are literally God sent! I came across this video and the thoughts that I have been contemplating on were spoken through the awesome creative mind of Seth Godin!

    1. There is no perfect purpose: Too many people are waiting around for a sign or message or vision of the exact place, time, year, person, etc. of what their purpose will be. As Seth said, the other horses are just as good. We need to just start and know that the rest will follow.
    2. You won’t matter to everyone: Keeping the one in mind is seriously my mantra for my blog. The market is so saturated with bloggers concerned with numbers, targeted audiences, viewers, etc. all for more traffic. I always say that 1 is still a number. Even if you only reach 1 you still have done something.
    3. Daily blogging: I am so starting this! Like NOW! I have often wanted to post a blog on my website, but don’t for all of the reasons that Seth named. I am so ready to just put my thoughts on my page and be more than a blogger, but a writer. It doesn’t matter if it’s read or not, this is my journey and I am more than excited to document it!

    Thank you for this video! I am so happy to have found this website and I am definitely a fan!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh, thank you so much, Ivory! We’re honored to welcome you to our beautiful community, and we so appreciate you sharing your insights here. We’re thrilled you enjoyed this episode, and can’t wait to share more with you!

  313. This is one of my favorite Marie TV. I own a small jewelry company and I keep wondering why I’m not getting bigger. Because when I do shows we sell. People buy from us at shows because of the connection. This last weekend I had a show. This was the third time at this show. The first two I didn’t do as well as I like to do. The person I work with kept saying this isn’t your target market. I just kept saying yes it is, they just don’t know us yet. Well, the third show we had customers coming back and buying. It was a wonderful show but the best part is all the connections I made. When I gave someone a hug good bye I just met, it just made my show. I feel so grateful that I do what I do, enjoying designing jewelry and connecting with people through it. Thank you for reminding me it’s the connections that count and the business part comes.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Margie! Connections really are so important, and it’s wonderful that you started to see a boost at your third show. We’re cheering you on all the way!

    • Sandy

      After reading your comment, I wandered over to your store. Your jewelry is beautiful and has lovely spiritual and inspirational overtones. Your quality is impeccable and I could see your designs in stores across the country. The jewelry business is competitive, but there’s a place for you. I can feel it with your designs. What would be ideal is somehow to collaborate with bloggers and offline people in the yoga, spiritual and self help fields. They may be interested in some of your pieces for their business endeavors. Maybe you could contract with them to sell some of your pieces that fit with their theme.

      If I were you I’d do more marketing online using social media. Think of social media as places where you can connect with people about your thoughts on intuition, spirituality and that which inspires your jewelry.

      To sell online, you need more social recognition online.

      Right off the back, I see that you could do instagram and share messages with people like you do with your blog. For example, show one of the images from your blog post and then put an inspirational thought or saying with it. People will respond to your “heart” and then go over to your website.

      Pinterest would be another place for you to do the same type of thing and also set up boards of things you love and that are inspirations.

      There’s a woman who uses youtube to market her jewelry. She talks about life in Los Angeles. She’s a jewelry designer. After sharing parts of her life, she wears some of her jewelry. I share this to say that there are so many different ways to market your jewelry online. You just have to find the right way that fits your personality and an approach that is comfortable. I can tell from your blog that you do have lots to share.

      I hope you’ll consider someways to use social media in a way to share more of yourself and then I think you’ll sell more.

    • Sandy

      Oops. Sorry Margie, I just noticed that you are already on instagram and pinterest. It was at the end of your site, so I missed it before I wrote my comments below.

  314. Jane

    Brilliant motivational speaker. Best advice: don’t wait for perfection or knowing the perfect next step – just get onboard the moving wheel of life, because failure is not fatal and should not be taken personally. And for goodness sake we should be allowing our children to fail as well, and in fact encouraging them to take risks that will allow them to experience the challenge, and the learning that comes from failing. Praise your kids for trying and engaging in life, not for being perfect. No one is.

  315. Jeannie Wilder

    Thank You, Marie and Seth.
    Your words of advice have come into my heart and called me to action.
    TODAY I am starting a blog.
    I will write every day my reality of starting a business as a MOM.
    I’ll GIVE UP time picking up toys and folding things to make room to do it.
    Big love and hugs to you both, dear luminaries.
    Xo, Jeannie Wilder

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Jeannie! We’re wishing you so much success with your blog and starting your business 🙂

  316. Mary Nicholson

    “Instinct to Ship!” Imprinted. Got it.

  317. Neima Eichenholz

    Amazing conversation with Seth Godin. I’ve been following him for about a year, agreeing with most of what he says and every few weeks being blown away by one of his insights.
    For me, the most important parts were about stepping up and speaking out and about not seeking a specific calling, but finding a place where your needs/skills are met. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, while trying out a new job for the past year. It has been quite a ride, but at the end of the day, I see that this is not something I will be happy with long term since it doesn’t suit my personality well enough. I know that there is no dream job, everything comes with compromises, but I also know that there are enough options out there where I will be able to do work that I love and will be proud of.

  318. Ola

    This is the first time I came across Seth and thank you Marie for helping me in achieving so 😉
    I loved the idea of buzzer management it is so relevant to the business im creating.
    But mostly what resonated with me was the nonsense of waiting for the right time, moment, knowledge or set of skills. Yes it’s the fears that are keeping us from it and I recently learned from Rebbeca Campbell that ” fears are our greatest gate keepers”. And now I understand that when im closer to my dreams and deeper in my passions fears are also getting stronger, thats because they are trying to keep me away from what lights me up.
    Few nights ago I had a dream. But truthfully I’m not even able to differentiate between the dream and moments when I woke up full of ideas and visions. I thought it was my calling, but now I understand there is no such a thing. in that dream i was encouraged to create a group for empowering women in my local community. I had this idea for a long time but have not done anything about it. In the dream all the pieces and ideas how i could do it started to form. Ever since that dream i felt so inspired for being able to serve others with it.
    What action am I going to take… well now that ive shared it with you all I’ve pressed the buzzer so im going to create it.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Ola! We’re so glad we were able to introduce you to Seth, and we’re cheering you on as you press the buzzer and start working toward your dreams ♥

  319. Marie – I’ve already written to you directly about this but I wanted to put this out into the world, too.

    This interview was brilliant! I LOVE Seth! I wish I could email him to tell him that, but…

    Anyway, I’ve read some of his books and I recently ordered his newest (and heaviest) creation, “What Does It Sound Like When You Change Your Mind?” I can’t wait to savour it as I have, “What to do when it’s your Turn”. As for your interview – it was fabulous. I think you and Seth are perfect bookends to my own journey – I relate so well to both of you. And I’m thrilled to say, I learned something SUPER valuable.

    Seth said, if you write like you talk, you’ll never run out of things to write – because we never run out of things to talk about! This is so valuable to me because, while I admire those whose writing sounds completely natural, I always feel I need to be a bit clever with my writing. No! Wrong. As soon as Seth said those words, I thought, that’s it!! Relief!

    Now that I know the way forward, it immediately feels easier. More authentic, too.

    Thank you, Marie. You and Seth are trailblazers and you both bring enormous value to the world.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Peter! We’re so glad this episode resonated on such a deep level, and that you decided to share here (and email us too!) We’re so glad to have you tuning in 🙂

  320. I really loved this episode of Marie TV. This short interview was filled with wisdom and Seth Godin is so easy to listen to and watch. My favorite or the one that spoke to me at this time in the life of my business was his Jeopardy example about hitting the button before you know how you are going to make it happen. Love that example so much and then his final point about reaching one person at a time makes my job so much easier.

  321. krati

    You have got a new fan Seth.
    I was one of them, who waits for the right moment, but from now onward I won’t wait for the right moment, I will do what is worth for me right away without wasting time.
    Thank you “Marie and Seth” for changing my thought process, You have given me a new insight towards life.

  322. Loved this episode! I’m been known to become very frustrated when things I’m aiming for don’t happen overnight. This chat puts it all into perspective. Fast-forward 4 or 6 or 10 years, that’ll be my true measure.

  323. This resonated. Seth’s talk about blogging, and then about trying to connect with everyone was so like what I’d been feeling recently but had not put into conscious thought. Recently I ‘pushed the buzzer’ and started a blog in my profession. My blog is in a profession where no one is writing about their experiences, so I thought those words needed to be heard, and I have so much to say! Isn’t it strange how so many people will read a post but so few will engage with it? There are too many sheep out there. I’m going to start a Tribe!
    Anytime I doubt myself I’ll come back to this interview and get smart again. Thanks Marie for a great interview and I loved hearing and seeing Seth.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Doug, we’re honored to know this episode was inspiring, and you’re welcome to come back and watch it time and time again. We’re sending our best wishes for so much success with your blog and building your tribe!

  324. Hi Marie,
    Yes! – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. This cements it for me.
    It is so easy to get caught up in the hype, sometimes it seems like everyone is an “overnight” success and you kind of feel like you are being left behind.
    But authenticity is something that is important to me. And trying to get on the get rich quick bandwagon paralyzes me. I get more done and make more progress when I do try to reach one person at a time. Thank you, Seth, for validating that.
    As always – another great episode.

  325. Evey

    Just watched Seth’s interview. Loved the segment on “free range children!” I want to take that clip to my child’s parent teacher organization and pose the question, “What is THIS school for?” 🙂 What a beautiful purpose: to solve interesting problems in the pursuit of helping others!

  326. Kathy

    Seth is new to me. I am grateful I watched this video. I will now stop worrying about everyone and think about the few who will benifit from something I say. I will be speaking to a group of people about creating a positive environment in the work place. I was worried that some people will think my ideas are crazy or dumb. I am now going to think of the people who will use some of my ideas and run with them. Thank you so much for the video.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Kathy! We’re so glad you enjoyed this video, and we’re grateful we had the opportunity to introduce you to Seth and his work – he’s really incredible!

    • Karin Vyöni

      Kathy, that´s great! I think you can even nurture this thought, which would be true for almost any audience: “Some people WILL not like me or what I have to say. With that said, I will not focus only on the ones who will be open for my ideas.” And then, your positive energy might even rub off a bit on the sceptics. Eye on the ball, right! 🙂 Best of luck!

  327. Michael Kragh

    The biggest insight I’m taking away from watching this episode with Marie Forleo and Seth Godin, is the realisation of ” life is like a monopoly game and I choose to play it with joy” and how well I just invested 33 minutes of my time!
    The most important action I will take is: to watch less TV

  328. Cathy

    The phrase “wandering generality” versus a “meaningful specific” gives a simple ability to measure the purpose of our actions.

  329. Fantastic interview – thank you, Marie and Seth! My two biggest insights:
    Business: Hit the buzzer + blog. I’ve been blogging more and it has been super useful in forming thoughts; what Seth said makes a ton of sense – I’m going to keep at it!
    Personal: Kids and schooling – what are they learning and what am I modeling for them to learn (bring home those straight As or try and fail and learn so much more)? I grew up learning to sit still and make straight As. Being willing to try and fail makes for a much more interesting life!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing your thoughts, Robin. We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode! xo

  330. Emily

    I’m just in the middle, but had to pause to say that his comments about school being used to educate good factory workers!! Sit still for 9 hours a day and do what they are told! Mind Blown!!! I have two little boys and I am so worried about forcing them to sit still all day and draining their imaginations from them!! OK… back to the show

  331. Thanks so much for posting Seth’s interview. On Sunday, I started a blog on real relationships finding “dates” to be fun again and people have either said yeah or waste of your time, but Seth’s simple advice to keep writing even if you are uncertain about how it sounds, to brush the worries aside, write for yourself or just for one boosted my energy to continue sharing my funny dating tips. Please keep sharing your friends with the world. We are listening and watching. Thanks for putting your talent out there for others like me to enjoy.

  332. Excellent … wow! I’m not going to quit on my book …. nearly finished. Looking for an editor is too expensive so I did copy cure instead. I won’t quit when it gets hard.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Holly! We love having you in The Copy Cure with us, and can’t wait to hear when your book is finished – please keep us posted so we can cheer you on! 🙂

  333. Hi, the most important insight is to press the buzzer first and action later!

    I am going to start pressing the buzzer first even before I feel that I am ready. Else as Seth says, the day when I am completely ready will never come 🙂

  334. So many great thoughts have come from this episode with Seth! Biggest moment was that my motivation to blog daily should be all about growing myself so that I can be a greater contributor to the world, and NOT to gain followers, make money, or make a name for myself.

    That’s all I really want anyway is to make a difference in this world! I want to believe in myself so much so, that I make everyone want to believe in themselves and therefore actually believe in themselves…Which I believe will have the hugest impact on this world.

    When I connect to this motivation, always, I hit the “go” button. I love that the bi-product of blogging daily is really growth, and most likely as long as I am being true to myself and I will create trust with those who might want to do business with me.

    Lastly, I am a connector. That is where my joy is most profound. I loved the conversation around how, doing anything that threads in your gift and your “joy place”, is fulfilling. Wether in a small circle or a large one. By far, I find that connecting with an individual and hearing feedback that what I said, actually made a difference for someone, is living fully for myself!

    Oh, one more thing! I do find I have a creative nature and I love that Seth completely squashed my illusion that I need to come up with an original idea or thing to find my calling. LOL, I now feel free from that stinkin’ thinkin’!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Heather! These are such fantastic insights. I’m so glad you check out the episode and got these great takeaways. Keep up the awesome work!

  335. My greatest insight from this episode is this quote by Seth, “Write like you talk; … nobody that I know gets talker’s block.” It’s inspired me to get back to consistent blogging, and I’m very excited about it. Looking forward to tonight before bedtime, when I plan to write today’s blog post.

    Thank you for this! It’s been helpful & inspiring!

    (Oh yeah, and I’ve also subscribed to Seth’s blog!) 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! That’s wonderful, Imoje! I’m so glad you’re feeling inspired to write and share your wisdom with the world.

  336. Krista

    I’ve searched Ted Talks and can’t find the talk he referenced. Has anyone else had any luck finding it?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Here you go, Krista!

      • Krista

        Thank you so much! For some reason I can’t get it to play and when I go to the tedx home page and search it, it doesn’t come up. So odd!

        • Krista

          Never mind…I found it on YouTube! Thank you! It’s a good listen!

  337. I appreciated Seth’s articulation of the value of committing fully to anything you take on and the importance of ‘pushing the button’ before you’re ready. Further, I love how his blog functions to meet both of the above goals AND refines his own knowledge and worldview while building trust with his audience.

    As far as personal action, I feel scared and excited to commit to blogging for my business in the future, and am more inspired and clear on the benefits of writing regularly for myself, as well as my readers.

    Thanks, Marie and Team Forleo!

  338. Pamela way

    Love love, Love this episode. It resonated with so many aspects of my business partners afternoon discussion today. I wish I had taken notes. I’m going to rewatch and do that.
    Good stuff! Thank you.

  339. Liezl

    Loved watching this episode. Really needed to hear those last words “not everybody matters, focus on 1, then 5 then 100” sometimes in my line of work it can get overwhelming trying to influence or help everybody at once.

  340. This is one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen from MarieTV… THANK YOU!!
    Too much insight to list here but I’ll sum up my action by saying that I’m getting back on the horse after some disappointing setbacks with my online business and will push the buzzer for finally launching my blog. <3 Before this episode I felt like I was in a fog, not quite knowing exactly where I was at, and afterwards the fog dissipated and I found myself staring at a beautiful beach and calm sea. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Raquel! I’m really sorry you had some setbacks in your business, but I’m glad you’re feeling motivated to keep going for your dreams and launch your blog. Congrats! We’ll be cheering you on and looking forward to seeing what good things the future has in store for you.

  341. Marcy

    I loved the interview with Seth Godin! there were so many truths spoken that resent with me. I don’t have to wait until I find my calling, cannot be liked and recognized by EVERYONE. I can learn to fail and that it will not be the end of the world. Thank you Marie and thank you Seth!!! You are so inspiring!!!!

  342. Ronda Gartland

    Thank you, I must have been under a rock, Seth is new to me. I appreciate the insight and information. His ideas about education are very insightful. I agree that mass commercialism has been the goal. I have worked in factories for 9 mind numbing hours a day, and I also worked my way out! Thank you for the conformation I am on the right track.

  343. I really liked Seth’s insight about how to raise “free-range” children. I am going to watch his TED talk to learn more. I also liked his articulation of how he prioritizes and makes decisions about where to spend his time. I am going to apply this to my business more deliberately to make sure that I spend my time in the highest impact places that I enjoy.

  344. tHIS was really, really good!

  345. Spencer

    I’ve been struggling in a lot of different aspects of my life and have felt very lost. I needed help and hope today and that’s what this provided. Thank you, Marie and Seth for taking the time to create this. The biggest takeaway for me was being more consistent in showing up and creating great work — work that people will miss — and doing that in all aspects of my life. Moving forward I will be challenging myself more. Sitting on the front row. Asking the difficult questions (or at least the questions that I’m scared to ask). Shipping before I’m comfortable. Being vulnerable. Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so great to hear, Spencer! It sounds like you’re embarking on an incredible path and we can’t wait to see what life has in store for you.

  346. Preeti

    This was the talk I needed to hear! Just yesterday I was “whining” to my husband about what’s my purpose in life. Well after listening to your conversation with Seth, I realize that I am “hiding” from taking any action because I may have gotten too comfortable in life. I do have a blog that I haven’t announced to my acquaintances yet due to fear of rejection and also because I feel it may not be pristine yet. Well, that is BS (Seth didn’t say that but this is what it means). I’ve decided to put my blog out there and write everyday, even if it’s just a picture with a comment! Thank you so much Marie for this interview!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Preeti! As long as you’re proud of the work you create and you enjoy creating it, that’s the most important thing. Please don’t let fear of what other people think dim your bright light.

  347. I’ve been searching for my true calling for years. This interview has changed everything. Thank you Marie, thank you Seth. <3

  348. I took so many notes watching this video. I’ve been recently reading Your Turn (while I read other things as well) and can’t even remember where I recently heard Marie Forleo’s name, so I don’t even know how this all popped up! It’s crazy! Anyway, what totally hit me, that I can take action on, was when Seth was talking about why he doesn’t do Twitter. The concept of…”If I’m going to do [it], I should commit to it. If I commit to it, I should figure out how to be really good at it. If I’m going to be really good at it, I’m going to have to give up something else.” I have a day job, gifts and dreams, lots of side projects I’ve been committed to, and an impending move (with all of its own work involved) to put me in a rich place to do something with my gifts and dreams. Just Seth phrasing it this way gives me a new perspective to approach how I spend my time. (I understood it once, when I gave up television so I could work on music at night, but the up came back down and I’ve been struggling the last year). So the action I’ll be taking will be figure out what I need to give up in order to be good at the things I want to commit to! Thanks so much Marie, Seth and the Universe 😉

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Marie! We love your renewed commitment to focus on the things you want to be good at and the unique way you want to show up in the world. Right on!

  349. I am one of Seth’s “1,000 true fans” and love his work. I have been doing a daily blog post for the last six months and Seth’s reminder about showing up and generating a generous body of work that will connect was helpful. Gotta go, the blog is waiting.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Ken! Congrats on keeping your blogging practice so consistent!

  350. Commit to something or don’t start at all. Only stop when it becomes a dead end, not when it gets hard. Ship when it’s ready, not when it’s perfect.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Gaspard! 🙂

  351. Another inspiring video-adore Seth and all his tips x

  352. KC

    Thank you Marie for all that you do and your constant inspiration. I loved this video post so much. I’m about to launch something dear to my heart that I have been equally fearful/proud of; and this post really helped me get over the line with so many parts of what has held me back in just launching! Thank you (and Seth) so much for being the fearless beings that you are. There are, no doubt, not enough people that remind you daily that your voice is needed!

  353. Tina

    This was a brilliant episode with Seth. Thank you so much. The most insight for me were “You gain trust and permission to talk to people by showing up in a way that you’d want someone to show up for you” as well as shipping the idea. I am now more and more realizing the importance of speaking what’s on my mind, expressing my opinion, finding out what I think in general, share my knowledge, support others with my gained wisdom in order to make their life/task at work – you name it- a little bit easier.

    I was amazed and estonished about the questions what’s school for nowadays. That was an interesting take on. My parents are both teachers and I guess I got again a different point of view, with enriching take-outs for my life as well and my daily interactions and attitude.

    Great episode!

  354. Chris Lloyd

    I’ve been feeling a bit down this last winter in Australia. I don’t feel so down now as I know i have touched at least one person & made a difference to their lives. As Seth says it doesn’t matter about everyone.

  355. Lorda Laurent

    This is a great video. I love the genuine answers that Seth gave. I can tell that he has a great and loving spirit. I am definitely am going to check out some of Seth’s Godin’s works. Prior to this video, I never knew who Seth was, but now after watching this video, I most definitely will keep a close eye out for him. Thank You Marie for this video and I will definitely be on the lookout for more of your videos!!!!. I loved the quote of where Seth stated “Not everyone matters…The point/goal is to find one person, to change someone….” That really resonated with me. Once again, this is a great video:)

  356. Beth

    Marie, Seth; I don’t know who I started following first. Marie, I am post couch and during the brick wall era of your blog. I know I started reading Seth at nearly the same time. So what is my one take away from this. I am a child of the 70’s and I have been saying what Seth said about the purpose of the school system for as long as I can remember. I also remember being terrible at school because I wasn’t at all interested in being “another brick in the wall”. So I am now, ironically, a teacher at a school that works with kids that are failing out normal schools for that very reason. My action item is to try and reach as many kids as will hear it that the best thing they can take from school is learning how to learn. Every fact that I can teach can be found in a book somewhere. That’s not the important stuff. But learning how to be curious again, learning how to ship what you can at the best quality that you can ship at that time, in that moment, is key. I have already been doing that some, and I will keep doing it because a couple of kids will remember. And that matters. I don’t care much about the science I am supposed to be teaching so this will be my last year in the teaching field but I do care about helping people learn how to get a little better at something every day and doing good for others every day. As I wrap up my year, I will do the best science teaching I can and the best demonstration of learning how to do something a little bit better every day that I can manage to do.
    I learned that from you and Seth, among others.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Beth! Learning how to learn is the best education there is. I’m so glad you’re imparting that to your students.

  357. Seth is one of this generation’s genius minds when it comes to entrepreneurship – he is the man.

  358. Ryan

    Loved this interview but confused by the meaning of “ship.” Any help understanding would be greatly appreciated!

  359. Jess

    Gosh what a wonderful episode!! Thank you so much for sharing this Marie & Seth!

  360. Ali

    My favorite insight: “Stop worrying about everyone. Everyone doesn’t matter.”
    I think so many of us get hung up on trying to reach too many people at once, including myself. We look at Marie and think that’s who I want to be but it seems SO far away. I am going to take Seth’s advice and try to reach just one person. I want to change one person’s life for the better. I’ll just start there and work my way up to more people as I go. Starting with one seems so manageable. Start with something that’s so small that it’s nearly impossible not to do! Thanks Seth & Marie 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes Ali!! Such a good insight to walk away with.

  361. Eleanor

    I just love this!!! both of you are AMAZING! So many insights!! I really loved “press the buzzer before you are ready”, learn to fail is more important than succeed and of course “stop worrying about everyone, everyone dosen’t matter”. I just save this video link in my email box as “play over and over”.

  362. Marie, I love this episode.

    My take away here is “Fast starts are never as important as a cultural hook….” and I wonder how much longer it will take to sink in or if it’s a fart in the wind. Perhaps good things take a little longer to bake.

    On the topic of talker’s block 🙂 ….one thing I recently come across, though, is that when certain topics come up I feel that there are really no words to describe them. Instead I encourage my readership and clients to experience it by jumping into an adventure of feeling deeper and growing spiritually by doing so. Words, in this case, often inspire but it’s not enough to truly make the change.

    Again, thank you so much for this video.

  363. UGHHHH I LOVE THIS MAN SO MUCH IT HURTS! He’s so brilliant, so sincere – #bizgoals

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Agreed, Dorothy — we love Seth and what he has to say too. Thank you for watching!

  364. This was amazing! I quit writing blog posts on my nutrition website because I felt like I had to write something really awesome but I am just going to start writing!

  365. Brooke

    Shared this with my amazing 14 yr old daughter that is used to being subjected to insights from Seth and Marie separately. Put the two together and what does this a straight A student take from it? “Blow shit up in chemistry” she says. Hahaha! She will be ruckus maker after all.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ha! Too funny, Brooke 😉

    • Lol my husband said it would be cool if our son came home and told us he blew something up :p

  366. There are so many takeaways here from two of my fav people! My number one action item right now, though, is to shift my thought on Kickstarter to be a “KickFINISHER” for my first book. When Seth mentioned lookign at it that way I was like, duh! He’s right! Thanks for all of the great work you both do!

  367. some people wait for the “right” chance, a chance that never comes. and some people make their own chances

  368. Hey Marie and Seth. This has got to be one of my most favorite MarieTV episodes!

    There were so many “nuggets o’wisdom” being dropped!

    One of the things I took away that I am putting into action right away is on my blog. I’ve been working on the best way to utilize it, promote it etc. I believe what Seth said rings true to me. I want to blog consistently to build trust and also to get my point of view out there for myself and for others. If it helps someone then great and even if it does not then I have a record. It is kind of like a public journal. Lol

    Thanks so much for sharing. I will be watching this again! Already shared on twitter 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Jessica! We’re thrilled you enjoyed this episode, and we’re honored you’re sharing it and will be watching again! xoxo

  369. Heena Mistry

    Hey Marie… i loved this episode of yours with Seth. Well said : “The long way is the shortcut”. Another important thing, start with one then 10 and then 100… stop worrying about everyone.

    Very motivating message.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Heena! We’re so thrilled you enjoyed this episode 🙂

  370. Question in response to Seth’s advice on Disappointments and Setbacks: I appreciate the reminder to take a wider perspective and not dwell on perceived “failures.” However, what would you say to those who experience discrimination in their profession, in cases where, for example, not getting a promotion or a contract is the result of active race/gender/orientation discrimination? It seems a bit harder to process this as simply a “game” we are all playing together. Thanks!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Sharna, that’s such an important question, and we so appreciate your comment. In a society and world where there discrimination is still very real, it’s crucial to recognize that and work together for positive change.

      In situations where discrimination is a reality, I personally think one of the core nuggets of wisdom for Seth’s philosophy on failures or setbacks can still apply. Not in the sense that it’s a “game,” since it’s a lot more serious than that, but in the sense that in the face of a setback, we can be mindful and we can breathe. That can allow us space to see what’s happening and not take it on as a personal failing or something that makes us bad or wrong. Especially if we’re being wronged or discriminated against, recognizing that we’re not at fault is so important.

      The solutions to inequality and injustice are complex and multifaceted, and it’s such an important conversation for us all to be a part of. We appreciate you being a part of the conversation, and thank you again for tuning in.

  371. Dace Akule

    Thank you for the excellent conversation! It helps me in continuing to set up my first business making sustainable and ethical clothing for women ? I loved the advice on not waiting for the perfect situation to launch, while also being serious about committing to something when it feels right (quitting before you launch if it does not, and not quitting when you have committed to something because it felt right for you). I will look into Seth’s blog and am sure to enjoy other content that you offer here. Thank you! P.s. If it’s not a secret, what is the name of the artist of the lovely painting on the wall behind Seth?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Dace! We’re thrilled you enjoyed this episode, and we so appreciate you tuning in. Regarding your Q about the painting, it’s actually a piece we commissioned specially for us. While we’re unable to share the artist, we’re so glad you love it!

  372. Emanuel

    I just discovered your video and related site. Great stuff! I signed up.
    The Seth Godin interview really lit a fire under me to dive into what I’ve been hemming and hawing at for weeks now. After a certain point, all lessons become review, so I’m told. Today’s experience was like that. I’m in a flurry of activity and lost my focus. Your interview helped me get it back. I am still unsure if this is going to fly, but all the horses are just as good. I can make it better as I go along, and I am reminded that I am free to do just that.

  373. Janelle Grizzard

    I received a different kind of motivation to continue my writing the way I have always done it. And to even to do it more, since I really don’t run out of thoughts that I want to share, or words and feelings that I want to express.