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“Marie, can I come over? I’ve got a BIG decision to make fast — and what I’m thinking of doing right now feels a little crazy.”

This was two summers ago when a friend of mine was contemplating the title for her latest book. One in particular was…how shall we say it, uncommonly brave.

While I knew she’d given significant thought and consideration to all her options, I could feel her apprehension about making the final call. That’s because a bold book title like this could:

  • Get her banned from certain media outlets
  • Unleash the Kraken of puritanical haters
  • Damage her reputation

Naturally, I proceeded to do what any good friend would do. I made her muscle test it in my kitchen. (Side note: If you’ve parsed through any significant dilemma using your intellect and reason and still have doubt — your body knows your answer.)

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Fast forward to today.

I’m proud she opted for the brave choice: Pussy: A Reclamation.

Regena’s book wisely questions many assumptions we’ve held about one of the most pejorative words in the English language and challenges us to return that word to its rightful place as a sacred living prayer.

This is a rich conversation and speaks to reclaiming the part of ourselves that’s been pushed far underground. Because all of us, regardless of sexual preference or gender identity, hold within us both masculine and feminine energies.

Unfortunately, the majority of us have been taught so much about the masculine (hand raised!) and very little about the feminine. The challenges this imbalance creates, both individually and collectively, is what Regena’s book aims to address.

If you’ve got little ones around and don’t want them to hear the word Pussy a bunch of times, please wear headphones for this episode.

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  1. Hi Marie,

    I know everyone begins with “I love your show”, and I do too! I enjoy your interviews and glean a lot of insight from them being a 22 year old go getter creating the life I want to live. However, I can’t help but notice that there are little to no people of color in your interviews. You make nods to our culture often and sometimes quote great African-Americans, but where are the interviews with these people?!? I’m not the only non-white person who watches either. So please book a few (at least) interviews with people that look like us, because we inspire too!


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Justice, thank you so much for your comment. While we have done a few interviews over the years with people of color as you’ve noted, this is absolutely something on our radar too, as inclusivity and diversity are things we deeply value as a company.

      If you have any suggestions of guests you’d love to see you’re more than welcome to reach out to us at info AT marieforleo DOT com. We always appreciate hearing suggestions of people doing great things in the world.

      We’re honored to have you in our beautiful community and tuning in with us each week!

    • Hey Justice. Thanks for your comment and for watching. I’m not sure if you’ve seen these interviews, but have a look.

      Also, we’ve actively been working on booking six different people (all non-white) for quite some time and have not been able make it happen simply due to scheduling. It’s all in the works my friend!

      With love,


      • Thank you both for the responses! Again, I want to emphasize that the show has had a huge positive impact on my life, and my comment wasn’t meant to detract from that at all. I will definitely email you all with a list of people who I know would make excellent interviews who are in line with your brand and audience. Thanks again for noticing me even being as huge as you are!
        P.S. I’m saving up for B-School, so you’ll see me again! 🙂

        • Hello Justice,
          Thank you for inspiring me to make my first comment here, despite tuning in for a while now. I stand with you in your comment that kicked off this thread, and am happy that Team Forleo is working on it.

        • Emily

          Humungous fan, of both Marie and Regena. I am so glad this radical book is on the market!
          One person who would be so amazing to get in conversation is Lisa Nichols. I’m half way through her book and it’s soooo good. Every time I listen to her I almost cry.

          • Carol

            Didn’t like Regena.
            Sorry Marie.
            Have loved all of your guest speakers except for this one.

        • Melanie

          Thank you, Justice. Thank you, Marie.

        • Angelina

          Wow. I’m pleasantly surprised that this has come up. And how fitting that it was the first comment on this very important topic of reclaiming the feminine. As Regena points out during this video, women of color tend to be the MOST overlooked in this patriarchal society. I truly believe that it will be sisterhood, and women embracing their feminine, that transforms racial tension and inequality. Because truly, it’s just a symptom of patriarchy gone really, really wrong.

          • Hello all,

            “As Regena points out during this video, women of color tend to be the MOST overlooked in this patriarchal society. I truly believe that it will be sisterhood, and women embracing their feminine, that transforms racial tension and inequality.”

            Thank you for that comment! I’m very grateful for this whole conversation. I love Marie’s show and this space, and being a member of this community and B-School has made an enormous impact on me.

            I came here for support yesterday, right after a rehearsal for a video game role. I needed some strategies, and who better than Marie?

            This role is giving me the opportunity to unpack some of my baggage! So I ask myself: where am I afraid, defensive, where do I play the victim, (oh, I HATE to admit that I do that!), where am I being childish, where do I just plain and simple need more practice? And the most important thing- what needs to change in order to rely on myself, trust my instincts, and friggin enjoy being creative instead of worrying?

            The reason this relates is because I believe being a woman of colour does play a role in confidence. I know personally I’ve been working hard to untangle each thread as I build my confidence and trust in myself. I have started to realize how much work I have to do on “taking space”; as a woman of colour, and as a creative person. It needs to be in that order. Being a woman of colour is directly related to my ability to trust my instincts, to have courage, and to be truly confident.

            Thanks to this space for allowing me to spill! Identity is a creative journey all on its own. I don’t usually post or comment here, but I’m spending an awful lot of time doing it now! I’m expressing myself here because this is one of my favourite places on the Internet, and I set it as a personal challenge to open up more. I think more than ever, we need to get out of our respective cultural silos, while still supporting our unique positions in the world of course, and reach for one another, especially as women!

      • Well, I’m minority within a minority within a minority…… I represent very tiny minority. So, allow a little time and you can interview me. You’ll cover at least 6 minority groups. Hahahaha.

        On a serious note, thank you for doing this. It’s really cool. You, your team, your show and your viewers.


    • Edris Thomas


      I looked the commenter ‘Justice’ up and she is doing amazing things! Book her, Marie! Seriously! Justice, I am now a new fan and I would love to see you interviewed on MarieTv. Hey, Marie and awesome staff, check out her company and blog! Anything around food, culture and living well and I am so IN!!!! This is an unsolicited endorsement as I had never heard of Justice before reading her comment and looking her up. Inspiring and Impressive. And, she is out of the charming and historic Savannah, Georgia. Love you, Marie!

    • This white girl has also noticed, and would love to hear from all my sisters of color. Thank you for speaking this, Justice.

    • Hello Justice, Maria and your team,

      I was coming on to comment on how this was a great episode and how empowering it was, and then I started to think, wait, I’ve never seen her interview people of color, I wasn’t going to say anything then I saw Justice as the first comment. Amazing how the Universe works. I was referred to you by a woman of color, we (everyone) all watch and love your work, but, it is something to think about. Not trying to start anything just sharing a feeling.

      Cheers and keep up the good work.

      PS: Copy Cure is currently saving my life.

    • Neo Raphoto from a random village in Botswana

      Thank you for that point Justice. Its great to see people of all ethnicities following their life assignments. I too, want to feel encouraged, fuzzy and warm when seeing people of colour in Marie’s interviews. Thanks for your consideration team Marie. Thanks Marie for the links below.

    • Oprah would be a good start. lol

  2. Holy goodness! I’ve been speaking about masculine and feminine balance all my life. I’ve overcame so much by redefining what it means to be powerful and I feel we all have both energies inside of us. When to push. When to surrender. This conversation invigorated a part of me I’ve been neglecting since moving and gaining my own freedom! I feel like if this show had one color combo that paints the whole picture it’s orange and pink. Vibrant. Electric. It’s filled with such loving life force! Anyone else feel it?

    • Hey Bernard, I love how you feel and see the energy vibration in color! Orange and pink are lively and fun and upbeat for sure. This is a unique tool that can benefit many. Color energy, color therapy, or Chroma Therapy, has been so underrated. Just my two cents worth. I use it all the time based on Feng Shui and Color Psychology principals.
      Yes, anyway for us to contribute and promote to loving life force, I’m in!

      • wendy joy

        Hey Colleen hey Bernard there are so many beautiful resonances to call on for support …colour being just one. Big shout out to Marie on muscle testing – to confirm my intuition wouldnt be without out it. And i check out everything from my intuition, the feminine…so much quicker! I make my decisions from what i wear, how i decorate my home, the food i eat, the products that i use for my body, what colours do i want to be surrounded by, what to listen to, what to read (why waste time on a whole lotta info you dont need) where to go in nature for nurture. And Bernard balance is what its all about. Only when that honouring and unity is in place do we get to experience the incredible love of our Greater Self. xxx

  3. Beautiful! Thank you so much!

  4. Kiki

    I am so glad that this topic has come up because I struggle with this as well. Men and women both are supposed to bring balance energy to the table ( yin and yang). You hit the nail on the head, I feel because I’m a woman I have not been valued for the many intricate gifts we bring. We are beautiful but we can be abused? No, we are beautiful we should be sacred, but we need to act that way. Women sabotage themselves . We degrade ourselves we don’t even know where own power. Why even our own Brothers abuse us? Because they weren’t taught the value of a sister, and as much as men are guilty of that, women are probably even more guilty. I am Looking forward to the day when I can look at a woman as a sister and not a threat. Thank you so much for this, and I’m looking forward to it unfold.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Kiki, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Sadly it is true that women sometimes do treat each other as threats, when we can really can be (and should be!) each other’s biggest allies and supporters. It’s been heartening to see that this conversation is happening more and more, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing it unfold too!

      • Exactly why I started a women’s empowerment community called Take Wing! We, you, me and the world, need women to come into our full potential and power for shear survival, if nothing else! I am so grateful the ideas and soul-utions are there to meet the significant need. Thank you both for sharing your thoughts on this subject. The conversation and the actions that stem from the emotional impact of those conversations, will feed the collective mind set until we reach the tipping point when it becomes the mindset and thought of the majority of people, rather than that of the minority. LOVE this conversation!

  5. Incredible! Congratulations. Loved, loved, loved!

  6. Ellen

    Oh My!! I can’t wait to read the book. I have been exploring the whole “highly sensitive person” aspect of myself but after watching this interview, it has started me thinking that I should be exploring the feminine energy aspect much greater depth!! Thank you for sharing your insights (both of you!!).

  7. I can get behind this. I have two girls, 4 and 2. I have taught them vulva since day one. In the bath we go over body parts when they are washing. They already “giggle” when they wash their vulva. Both “found it” by age two. Both reach down in the bath and I started to ask, does it feel good? The older one says “yeah it tickles when I wash it” and I said, that’s OK. It’s OK to feel good. My 2 year old is practically a nudist. One day, she took off her diaper and my husband saw her on the floor “flicking her bean” with a carabiner! I told my husband I would handle it because he freaked the F—- out. I just said “does that feel good?” and I helped her get her diaper on. They know it’s a private area. I will teach them to go to their bedroom or alone in a shower when they are older. BUT I WILL NOT LET THEM FEEL SHAME ABOUT THEIR PUSSY!

    • Amen! Awesome.

    • So appreciate and applaud you for this. We must protect the sacredness of our bodies and our minds in our children and in ourselves.

    • Leigh

      Rebecca, you are an amazing, fantastic, strong, and loving mother-sister-goddess! How fortunate your daughters, and husband, are to have you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ways of parenting your daughters. They and the worlds they will create will benefit tremendously from your loving guidance and example.

    • LOVED your comment 🙂 Thank you for sharing this about raising young girls.

  8. Whoa. Deep, good stuff. What struck me most was that comment, “I’m important enough to myself to…” have flowers, make time to connect, slow down to feel the sun on my face and enjoy the moment without it feeling like a stolen moment of someone else’s time. Ahhh…so obvious, yet so foreign at the same time. Thank you, thank you. This unapologetic-for-being-woman-and-taking-up-space mentality makes me so freaking happy for myself and because I have 2 teenage daughters with whom I get to impart this wisdom.

  9. Megan Baker

    Fabulous. To see a marvelous crone, to hear her words, to have the feminine be honored here – this episode makes a difference! Thank you.

  10. I am so happy to see this video today and hear the conversation about the imbalance in our world. I for one can see it’s harm in my life. The more I tap back into the feminine power I was born with, the better I feel, the happier those around me are and the more connected I am with others.. It just took me many years to realize this. THANK YOU for having this conversation and for spreading this message.

  11. I love this episode, Marie! This theme is so, so current and in need of lots of attention! I think turning to history and looking at the female’s role in society throughout the years is enlightening – it wouldn’t be only educational but would also shed light on how powerful women were back then and can become again. I’m eager to read Regena’s book, I think it will sit well together with one of my other favourite reads, Women Who Run with the Wolves!

    • Angela

      I was also reminded of the book “Women Who Run with the Wolves” Anca! Great episode Marie, thank you for it. I do agree that many feminine values are devalued in our culture. The end goal, at least for me, is not more more more, faster faster faster, work work work to the point of exhaustion. All these things have their place but in my life, the best days are when I’ve spent some time in nature, connected with other people who are important to me, taken time to exercise and eat well, and stimulated my mind with a great book, video (like these!) movie or conversation. Life is not just about end results, it’s about enjoying ourselves along the way with each moment and embracing all emotions along the way. Salud!

  12. Emily

    Loved this episode and shared it. At the end you had an out take about muscle testing. THATS an episode I’d love to see. I think other viewers would too! Xox thanks for everything

  13. One question – why are you both calling them your “bits and pieces?” You too guilty of the same issue ?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Deirdre, thank you for asking! In this context, “bits and pieces” was referring to the actual question Regena asks during her workshops to try to tease out nicknames people have for our private areas, and doesn’t necessarily reflect the terminology that Regena or Marie would actually use in real life. I hope that helps! 🙂

  14. Natasha

    Wow! Really love this.. so much so that it has inspired me to leave a comment for the first time. This is a topic I have always found fascinating and having grown up with three older brothers I have found it an interesting journey to embrace my femininity and not apologise for it, but instead to celebrate it. I absolutely agree that women used to be treated as sacred beings and this is getting lost, which in turn is having such a knock on effect and creating a negative spiral in the world, whether that be increased stress, decreased health, women’s pay, violence and so on. One of the main points I take away, live by, and try to share as much as possible, is the importance of pleasure. Yes, sing and dance around the living room even if it is just for a moment and let yourself shine brightly and be happy! I am very excited for this book and love the courage Regina has to put this out there… I hope it wakes people up, teaches them and that many more follow her steps.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Natasha! We’re so happy you were inspired to leave a comment for the first time, and we so appreciate you adding your voice to the conversation. We love singing and dancing around the living room too! xoxo

  15. I will NOT forget this episode for one second. My eyes were opened today because of this interview.
    “The world” tells me to work my [email protected]$$! off but my intuitions are to stop, and find pleasure in small things in life and now I understand why.

    I have a deeper sense of peace now. Though I’m a hard working Midwesterner at heart, I will learn to value my womanly essence more after today’s episode. I might even walk out to a wheat field and raise my skirt once in a while!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Love it, Heather! 😀

    • Anna Diaz

      That’s great, Heather! There’s so much power in slowing down a bit, using our intuition, and allowing the magic to flow!

    • Go girl!

  16. I love the piano analogy and how you are “having the conversation that no one is having.”

    Biggest insight: to continue standing in my power and taking care of myself FIRST (without guilt.) I strive to live in a “guilt free zone” daily so I can be the best leader, business owner and mother I can be.

    Thank you for having this conversation, Marie and Regena. You’re both trailblazers and thought leaders for women across the world. #StrongWorkLadies

  17. Jennifer

    Thank you both for talking about feminine identity. I have spent almost my entire life distrusting my own femininity. As a young child, I was abused. I believe I connected my gender with weakness and pain. I frequently wished I could be male, mostly for a sense of power and safety. I’m learning to love myself, as a woman, and work toward sharing a healthy perspective with my children.

    • Thank you for sharing about your experience, Jennifer. Your comment reminded me to think beyond myself and my own experiences. Sending you love and healing. 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Jennifer, thank you so much for being so courageous and honest in sharing your experience here – I have no doubt others in our community can relate on a deep level. It’s wonderful that you’re learning to love yourself and share wisdom with your children, and know that we’re sending so much love your way.

  18. LOVE IT!! Feeling empowered!!!

  19. This was amazing! I actually had a little cry when Regena was speaking about pleasure being the way into self-love, and that valuing ourselves enough to put flowers on the table takes a huge amount of courage. That’s shockingly true. I’ve started a mini mission to feel ‘good enough’ recently after realising that feelings of unworthiness are destabilising so many areas of my life. Flowers seem like an excellent place to start. Oh, and Pussy has gone straight on my Amazon wishlist. x

  20. Cherie Bauguess

    Whoa, often times while listening I was reminded of how I/we have been so conditioned. I believe Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. Identity is an extremely important topic for us, His daughters now. I found myself raising my hand after various statements in agreement. However there are two points in this segment that I do not agree with so I remain guarded and pray. We are Gods precious daughters, we are created in His image and likeness. While there are many truths and liberations here, my hope is that we would not get caught up in an altogether new bondage due to lack of knowledge. It is a brave topic and title, thank you for opening the door for discussion.
    God bless you and lead you in His truth.

  21. I began a blog three years ago under the name of feminism, and I received a lot of backlash from family and friends. This summer, a friend I hadn’t seen in years visited me, and during the week of our visit, she made comments about feminism, my being a sexist person for being one, a man-hater, all sorts of things. I found myself doing the exact opposite of what I would suggest another feminist do- I defended myself by saying that I had many male friends, boyfriends, that I babysit a little boy who I love. As though being pro-woman were anti-man. I gave my power away to the attack.
    The social clitoredectomies we practice in our culture are real, and I’m glad Regena addressed this, especially as it pertains to young girls. In my opinion, my friend has been so trained to just worship all of the men around her, to make them feel comfortable, to live in a man’s world, that she can’t see that she doesn’t actually need to do that. How do we stop trying to man up, and defend ourselves, our sex and our right to being powerfully? It’s so complex, and I’m glad to see such a bold title that I can pass along to other women, and I can’t wait to read it myself to gain more of my own power.

    Thanks for being icons in this Marie and Regena!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Well said, Tara. It’s wonderful to hear that this aligns with your work too – we so appreciate you being a part of this conversation!

    • Tara, I am with you, sister. The question you asked, that I think is on many women’s minds and lips, is how do we start? Where do we start? With something so deeply ingrained in our society and so many blind to its manifestations, how do we address this in ourselves to make a real difference? I think Regena’s approach is a perfect start for many women, to simply “allow” themselves pleasure in a society that clearly tells them they are not worth it, or have to earn it through extraordinary measures, rather than deserve it for the shear reason that they are alive.
      Here’s another way that has worked for me and inspired by a quote from Mahatma Gandhi. “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.” Finding and living this “alignment” with my True Self has given me the peace, courage and strength to live my WHOLE truth, and that includes all that goes with being female and the divine feminine. This is the foundation from which I co-create with this magnificent life in all I do.
      May you have peace of mind, sister, in all your challenges. Courage to do what you must. Strength to see it through, and, of course, Love, to bless your soul in its journey.

      • wendy joy

        mmmm that’s powerful….’love and bless your soul in its journey’. Very cool thank you. Its definitely all about loving, acknowledging, embracing the wounded and denied parts of ourselves. Also adding in really healthy doses of Gratitude and Forgiveness….these 2 qualities can move mountains when it comes to reclaiming and feeling ‘whole’.

      • Thank you so much Colleen for the solidarity, and especially for sending the courage. 🙂 I love the foundation from which you co-create, absolutely beautiful. Love and blessings to you as well!

  22. J P SINGH

    hello marie today i listen opinion of regan about her book PUSSY . she is very bold but not beautiful. she is running a cult or school for women only.she have some thing wrong opinion about male. shehave not read about SINDHU GHATI CIVILISATION. life cannot be full withoutboth male and female . she complain and feel stresed after making love .she live life with sisters only . are she think about making a socityof lesbetion.mother goddes are worshiped in INDIA. women are most respected in INDIA .Women is worshiped there live wealth ,happines , prosperity. man isSHIV means women and male is cmbined .without women shiv is sav means adead body .go for other civilistion you will change the opinion. you are abusing the most profound moment to a rape ? if both are not enjoying that moment then it is really a curse. but in indian system male is silent female is more active so she can enjoy the moment .life is not life if both arenot available.both have difrent role .both role are equaly important.donot try to seperate .I think you are DUKI ATMA . unfulfilled soul. I praytoGOD she got the wright path . if she have doubt then go OSHO book .her all dought will clear . think positive . life is gift of GOD . donot waste in ignorence. thanks J P SINGH

  23. Pussy is a necessay & perfect term to incite & create a movement to reclaim our feminine power! I” sitting in Washington Square Park in NYC and would have absolutely NO PROBLEM standing up on a bench, spreading my arms & shouting “I love my pussy”! The only embarrassment would be from those around me. And I understand because I used to feel the same way.

    I met the segway between female powerlessness & the need to operate successfully in a world that trained me to believe I (and all women) belonged to men when I moved to Philadelphia from the Mennonite community in which I was raised. I was suddenly rendered powerless around women’s sensuality (low cut shirts, images in movies, etc). It’s a journey too long to describe well in the comments but bottom-line: I used lessons from a professional stripper to push me well beyond my comfort zone until I was forced to decide where “I” lie on the spectrum of behaviors associated with sensuality. In the experience I gained CONFIDENCE & SELF-EXPRESSION while losing judgmental attitudes about other women who are on other parts of the spectrum than me. PUSSY is shocking enough to push boundaries. It is a wake-up call to women to say “If you aren’t comfortable with your own body parts” than you will be owned & operated by others…..just as I had been trained by the patriarchy. Reclaim your pussy Ladies!!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Right on, Tammy! “’If you aren’t comfortable with your own body parts’ than you will be owned & operated by others” – that hit me right in the gut.

  24. Regena and Marie – this is phenomenal. I yelled out ‘yes!’ a number of times while watching this – if anyone were around they may have thought I was pleasuring myself in my office (let them wonder!). This speaks to my soul and my desire to step into my self, my power and all that is feminine…and by doing so, ‘open the portal’ for other women to do the same. Fun fact? I’m starting an event called ‘Sisterhood,’ for women to come together and connect – so I almost fell off my chair during this episode (the inaugural event is November 12th of this year! Yay!). This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I am so very grateful for you both of you. Thank you.

  25. Thank you so much for inspiring me to be braver and to remember I deserve pleasure …Life can always be balanced no matter how busy we are. This book sounds amazing and powerful .
    Have a great day 🙂

  26. Raquel

    Hi Marie!

    Got to know and learn about you from Mama Gena! (MG)I love your insights and have certainly changed the paradigm of some things in my life and made a difference.
    About this talk, yes this is all about reclaiming ourselves, through our voice, talent, or whatever parts we especially as women either play dim, low, turn off or cover.
    I love MG and her revolution and this book, just by title, to allow ourselves shine through, to not play small but reclaim ourselves.
    I congratulate her, and of course you being part of her life, business or otherwise shones through too: Women standing for each other in our truths!!
    I will be at the book launch later tonight, so I look forward to seeing you three!!
    Bravo and Congratulations MG!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Raquel! I hope you have a fantastic time at the book launch ♥

  27. Philippa

    Brilliant, emotional and fascinating. I went to a conference about women stepping into their feminine power and there were some amazing stastistics. Someone has assessed countries’ cultures according to how masculine & feminine their culture is. Many of the with the most feminine, i.e. over 50% also rank near the top of the happiness indices. It feels to me as though masculine/ yang energy is so influential that balance is only achieved by having more feminine/ ying energy. A bit like how one vocal extrovert can dominate a meeting when everyone else is an introvert.
    This is important not just for women but men too, they feel happier when the world is less aggressive and competitive. Feminism is good for everyone as it’s about recognizing we’re all equally valuable but different.

  28. My biggest insight is that …We Are Sisters! That’s so important to feel and to share. Thank you sister Marie and sister Regina. So glad to be part of you family.

  29. “The degree to which you can own your light is only the degree to which you can own your darkness. They go hand in hand.”
    Tears. Goosebumps. Beauty.
    I am so intrigued by this, the mystery, the depth, all of it. 88 keys on the piano…
    I also caught the quick quote, “the discipline of pleasure.” It is a discipline!
    SO much truth in this, thank you a million times for sharing.

  30. Norma Torti

    While I am all for supporting women in all aspects, I feel she was blaming things on the patriarchal society. We are not victims! In America we have so much opportunity that other countries and culture do not have! Self love is the most important thing a woman or man can focus on.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Norma, thank you for sharing your thoughts here. It’s so true that self love is crucial to all of us, and it’s important to acknowledge that we do have opportunities many other people around the world may not have.

      The way I see it personally is that Regena isn’t suggesting that we see ourselves as victims or see the challenges in society as being worse than things other people might face, rather it’s a call to take a deep look at the society we live in and how we can all do better, love more, and create a better world together.

      Thanks again for commenting and being a part of the conversation!

  31. Marie

    Although I was a little put-off by the title of Regena’s book, I’m glad I watched, as I feel I’m living my best life, and I’m holding the “portal open” for other women to come through. By using my business smarts, I encourage other women to stop accumulating possessions in their homes and start accumulating BEAUTY (antiques, linens, flowers, dishes, luscious colored walls) in their homes. It holds backs depression and fatigue, and can be done on a budget these days. Women are artistic and detail-oriented and find this way of life fascinating! You decide what wholesome food will feed your family; make it or grow it. Enjoy nature and celebrate the seasons with a garden and window boxes or a small hobby farm that you manage (not your hubby). Use your fertility and have beautiful children that you raise and train to help run a home-based, family business that pays their college tuition. Let the husband work in the dog-eat-dog world; they’re naturally wired that way! Women are wired differently, and should celebrate it by living a sumptuous home-based life and creating whatever they feel drawn to.

    • wendy joy

      OMG love this. But i hope women support the men to take their ‘chill’ time. Its just as important for them to recharge their batteries in positive ways. A home filled with so much love, nurture and good vibes would also just naturally support a man’s Balance.

    • Amen!

  32. aarti

    Its today , that’s actually I realised that being a female, I am a powerhouse and I have so much of potential. Also it puts the pieces together that why I feel so good only with my female friends. Thanks a lot. It was a great conversation!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Aarti. You are SUCH a powerhouse! xo

  33. Joan

    You are tapping into the most important spirit on the planet at the moment. The feminine spirit is so needed, and if each of us were to tap into this, our world would slow down to be in the moment, be refreshed and carry on.

    I connected to Regena’s comments…so brave and right on!! I love to stay “in the moment,”and am looking for ways to feel everyday pleasures.
    She reminded me to feel SUCCESSFUL in finding these moments!

  34. Betsy Barnum Morris

    Thank you for all the work that you do! Below is what I wrote when I shared your interview on Facebook.
    The interview below is a powerful glimpse into life as a woman. It will possibly be controversial to some, and offensive to others, but is definitely and delightfully thought provoking. My favorite quote from it: “The degree to which you can own your light is only the degree to which you can own your darkness. They go hand in hand.”
    It means that we can only truly experience joy when we have felt sorrow. If we want to experience more if the good feelings, we need to also be willing to experience, and sort through, the negative ones.
    Life invites us to dive into the dark corners because that is the only way we can clean out the fear and pain and shame that are hiding there and holding us back from really living. Glennon Doyle Melton addresses this same idea in her book Love Warrior: “I spent the first half of my life being afraid of the pain. I found a million easy buttons to transport myself of pain: food, booze, sex, shopping, snark, scrolling. I was afraid of the wrong thing. I’m no longer afraid of pain — I’m now afraid of easy buttons. Because I’ve learned that all my courage and wisdom I need to become the woman I want to be is inside my pain. When you transport yourself out of it, you miss the transformation. First the pain, then the rising.”
    When you dive into the depths of whatever is hiding in the dark corners (the pain part), it no longer weighs you down and you are able to experience more of the joy that life has to offer (the rising part). You see the “little things” that were there all along: the beauty of the butterflies migrating south for the winter, the play of light all around you throughout the day, or the time in the car when you can connect in conversation with one of your kids because you are present and available and less distracted by your own thoughts and worries. Heck, you might even find that you enjoy being with yourself more because you are carrying less baggage in your head and heart. Lightness feels good…so dig in deep and find it!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lovely, Betsy. Thank you so much for sharing our interview this week!

  35. Just bought the book. So inspired and connected.
    I love the fact that it’s almost spring time here in the Southern Hemisphere, I can feel the feminine energy blossoming everywhere.
    Light and love,

  36. My biggest take-away here is that you have to completely own your darkness to own your light. Reminds me of Brene Brown’s teachings, but I like how Regena describes it as 88 keys on a piano, and that a life well-lived is playing them all. Such a helpful analogy, and it makes it sound sort of fun and exciting this way.

    And I agree with Regena that Marie, you light the way for so many of us, and you’re helping take all of us higher, so thank you so much for that, Marie! I’m SO grateful for you!!

  37. I loved this. I’m heading to Sedona soon, and I read that of the 4 energy vortexes that are there, one is feminine energy. This conversation with Regena makes me feel inspired to bathe in that energy, and also apply it in my life. I’ve been driving my business SO HARD with masculine energy for so long, and it makes sense why I am so unbalanced. Listening to my emotions, embracing beauty in the journey everyday, and having a fabulous adventure is what I need. Thanks for the valuable content, as always, Marie- and for sharing your fabulous friends with us! xxoo

  38. Emily

    Thank the Lord for Rupture.
    After watching Marie TV for about a year, my life has gone through a series of ruptures, not the rock bottoms of my twenties, but these painful reorganizing forces of my thirties, that create change that I wasn’t quite ready for, for instance getting relocated at work, and finding that I like the new position with less pressure so much better. Or recently my sister-in-law quit working for me, and as I slowly move past the guilt, I’m seeing my way forward with less drama and more support. I’m noticing that my ruptures come when I start overworking, and circumstances get so rigid and full of pressure that they break. Then after things fall apart, I take a breath, and this whole journey of hustling is a lot more pleasurable. Thanks for all your mentorship and keeping me on the path. Love BOTH of Regina’s episodes.

  39. Such an unexpectedly moving video. Regina’s perspective and presence was powerful AND beautiful. I couldn’t agree more. What would it be like to live in a world where we embrace and live out of our essential essences, both female and male?! Amazing! Can’t wait to read her book. And I’m forwarding this video on to all my gorgeous sisters. Thanks Marie! Thanks Regina! Much love!

  40. Looking up to both of you with love and admiration.
    I feel grateful to be living in such amazing times and to take part in widening the portal Regena talked about. Sisterhood is what we build!
    Love to you both and to your wonderful community.

  41. Marie and Regina,
    Great show! Excellent job of putting into words the thinking and being of men and women. I did not know that women were cherished in the manner they were years and years ago.
    I particularly liked the sisterhood discussion. For years I felt a competition with women. Trained to be suspicious oh yes….It hurts deeply that another female would participate and have an affair with your spouse. As I have aged and gone through some “rupture “, I have stepped back, relaxed, and tell my self I’m okay. No matter what happens I am strong and resilient to get through tough times. During times of quiet I recognize my giftings but also others. It is so much better to be okay with yourself. When I am at that place the competitiveness leaves. There is love in my heart and I truely want the good we all have to come forth. We need books and discussions that bring attention to our value as a person.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Kathy. ♥

  42. Christine Golden

    I’m new to the world of children and now I live in my family’s house where my 3-yr-old niece is. As I help with potty training and bathing, I’ve been wondering what to call her ‘girl parts.’ I knew ‘vagina’ wasn’t correct, yet the word ‘vulva’ seemed so… mature, darkly sexual even.
    I’m looking forward to ordering your book and lightening up about our feminine body parts. We’re a house full of women and everyone might value reading your book.
    Thanks for your courage!
    ~ Christine

  43. Loved this interview with two of my favorite bold and brave ladies! My aha moment is… I have been trying to succeed with pure masculine energy while burying my feminine soul and all of the deliciousness of being a woman for the sake of being perceived weak. It’s not sustainable! I am so passionate about this topic and changing this in corporate America. As a mother of triplet daughters and a coach for professional women, this has been an inspirational message. Thank you! Women everywhere need to Sister Up and support each other!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes! It’s so awesome that you’re a part of this conversation, Melissa.

  44. From Moscow with Love:) Mega “Thank You” to brave Regina for writing this book! How true about growing up and not even having a language to talk about your most important part as a girl. It was totally the same in Russia – my pussy was called NOTHING as if it was not there, but somehow it was still looming over everything as a sort of Elephant in the room. Also Love this: ” Women UP!” call to Flowers (in oppose to Arms) sounds absolutely Fabulous:) Love you American Sisters!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Sending so much love right back, Natalia! ♥

  45. Terri G Gregory

    Marie! Where were you when I was your age and could have been a better mother, woman, with this info. Oh, Yeah, you weren’t born yet. So my thanks to you and to your mother for being the portal and the tender of your lovely spirit. Also, I’d love to hear about the muscle testing?

  46. Just, wow! It’s so refreshing to hear a conversation around pleasure and the need for pleasure in our lives. It’s so true – it makes a huge difference to how I show up in my business and my relationships.

    I feel like ever self-care has been justified with the idea that “we can’t serve from an empty cup” but pleasure, we do it for the fulfillment and joy of it. No excuses required.

    Wonderful interview, Marie and Regena. Marie TV just gets better and better.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Amber – that means the world to hear! And I LOVE the idea of no excuses required. We should embrace feeling good simply because it feels good!

  47. Sara Carlson

    Hi Marie! What a breath of fresh air! Yes…pussy is only one of my fabulous superpowers! I’m finding the old use of the word rather neanderthal and like a piece of soft cheese left out overnight that’s become desiccated. (yeah, you just stay over there with your dinosaurs and your stale dried out cheese then…my fabulous pussy and I will be over here wallowing in pleasure. By the way, how’s that working for you?) I just love what Regena is all about, thank you for bringing her to us! (You and your show are a self pleasure!) Puss Puss! (In Sweden that means, Kiss Kiss! A verbal buss on each cheek…think France)

  48. Karen Fasulo

    Hi Marie and Regina,
    Thank you for this little treat in my in box today! It was the pleasure I really wanted to hear. What I heard inspired me so much, I went right onto and bought the book! I am a little bold so the title does not intimidate me, in fact it intrigues me.
    I am a mother to 4 daughters and I want them to have a positive love for themselves and embrace their femininity to soar to places they dream of. I know the best way to do this for them is to believe and practice this love myself!

    Happy Tuesday!

    Much love,
    Karen xo

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Karen! I hope you enjoy the book 🙂

  49. Yes yes yes!! A million times yet. Thank you Marie for welcoming this conversation on your show. Thank you for reminding me that women are like a grand piano with 88 keys. We have to play our range! This interview sets me up beautifully to lead my rite of passage retreat for the feminine this weekend. So many reminders…. When I teach the Venus archetype I’ll remind our ladies of our 8,000 pleasure receptors that are begging is to wake up and feel! Thank you for reminding me that this isn’t actually a paradigm shifting conversation, this is how life used to be 5,000 years ago. This is about remembering and allowing, and dancing our way back home.

    • Yes! I also loved the example of the piano with 88 keys! (And it reminded me that my own piano is lying under my bed instead of me playing on it…)

  50. Becky

    Love love love. Looking forward to sharing this with my husband and having an exciting conversation. What a great perspective.

  51. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for the shows and your wonderful and inspiring emails. I’m 30 and live in Uganda, East Africa. It’s really hard to be feminine and make it in business especially in male-dominated fields like technology. The community (family, friends, colleagues and the world around me and other African women) is at the heart of this catastrophe. At 25, I set out to create the life I want doing the business of my dream and living in harmony with myself and the world around me. Your emails, shows and guests have done a great deal to keep me on this VERY hard road (not as hard for men if you ask me). They counter all the constant negative energy around my choices (which are driven by my DEEP intuition). THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    God Bless YOU!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Stella, thank you so much for your lovely comment. It means so much to know that our work has been an inspiration to you, and know that we’re cheering you on all the way!

  52. Nicole Requena

    Marie & Regena,
    This was such an empowering discussion. There is without a doubt an imbalance between feminine and masculine energies in males and females in our current culture. This reminds me of growing up being told I can’t or shouldn’t do something b/c I was a “lady”. And I would stomp my feet and say, “no, I’m a girl!” Even then I knew that being a “lady” meant conforming to a cultural norm. Now, I am 28 and just about to launch my first business and I already have conflicting masculine/feminine thoughts. We women are so powerful and we don’t give that power of just pure existence enough credit. Thank you ladies for giving me back some of that power today x0x0x

  53. I wrote about it a month ago. Women need to know where their power comes from. No shame. When I wrote my blog post, it just came out of me. The reaction was mixed, crickets to tears from people. Men didn’t receive it well. My husband didn’t even understand it. He thought I was trying to be funny. This is the direction I’m heading. There is power between our legs. We need to not feel shame for it. We need to use it and draw our power from it, just like men draw their power from theirs. I’d love for you to read my blog post. I sent it to Huff post and it’s supposed to be featured but still waiting…

  54. Ps: I pre-ordered Regena’s book, Pussy, and just completed the boot camp she offered. Can’t wait to finish this book and grow more in the sisterhood.

  55. DiAne

    What I love is the idea that feeling stressed, stop for even 30 seconds to flood your body with pleasure, whether it’s flowers, sunshine on your face, breathing deeply, self-pleasuring. There is no problem with having the flowers on the counter in the kitchen while you cook dinner for others, closing your eyes and imagining whatever gives you pleasure. My experience with many young women today, however, is that there is a whole lot of focus on self interest, rather than serving others. How much we ignore, is the foreign male discrimination against women. Yes there is abuse here that is unacceptable. But the utter violence of men against women, needs to be addressed for men’s attitudes/violation/killing of women (even family members) found in the Middle Eastern countries. Even moreso with immigrants who come to this country who don’t accept women’s freedom in this culture to become all that we/they can become. If women in and from those countries stand to be bold to become all that they want to become, their lives are easily at risk. Their pleasures are going to be different than women who have been raised and educated in the U.S.

  56. Lori

    When Regina spoke about a “cultural Clitoridectomy,” it finally sunk-in; I cannot allow my daughters to be raised in my home where we dance around terminology in order to act “cute” or worse, ASHAMED.

    Thank you. xoxo

  57. Tracy

    Is the issue of only 9% of women are directors in Hollywood because they are shunned or because there are not that many (equivalent numbers) of women trying to become directors? I think these are two separate issues.

    If 100 men and 100 women are all striving to be Hollywood directors….would a balanced number of them become directors? Or is it that 100 men are trying to become directors, yet only 10 women are…so therefore the numbers are skewed?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Tracy, that’s a great question, and while there’s no straightforward answer, I tend to personally think the answer is that it’s probably a bit of both – that fewer women are being accepted into roles where they are deserving, but fewer overall may be vying for the those same roles.

      Although I can’t speak to the film industry on a personal level, my background is in classical music, and many of the positions across all instruments in professional orchestras and bands are be dominated my men – sometimes overwhelmingly. But looking at grade school and high school bands, the number of male and female students who play musical instruments is a lot closer to 50/50, so it’s not necessarily that women aren’t interested in playing classical music. Part of this is a history of exclusion in the industry, and there are biases that still need to be overcome, but as you’ve mentioned, it’s also important to note whether women are counting themselves out before even trying.

      To me, it’s another facet of the same conversation – if women are turning out in smaller numbers, why is that, and how can we make all industries more inclusive for everyone?

      Thanks so much for commenting and watching this week!

  58. I really enjoyed the message today. I am at a point in my career where my feminine side is so dear to me that I am holding myself back from a more profitable career shift because I am scared of the stress that it might lead to. I have worked so hard to shed the stress from my life and find balance. The problem is now trying to re-boost my own business to be more profitable but not let it take over. I guess it is trying to learn how to use the feminine side in a masculine way!

  59. Wow, this is a great episode. These words and this message is so powerful. I often blog about the subject (giving pleasure to yourself with little things) and how important that is. This episode really brings that to a higher level, because I understand even better the importance of pleasure and self-love. Thanks!

  60. Petra Raschig

    You ladies hit it right on. We all do have trouble with the word “pussy” . Like the masses, I’m not comfortable with the word and I look forward to cultivating our feminine further. I feel like I’m going to keep repeating pussy out loud today and dis own what it has meant and replace with the feminine power of love.
    Thank you for writing the book Regena. For distributing love and taking the flack for it from society. I stand with you both.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I SO hear you, Petra – I’m definitely not comfortable with the word “pussy” myself, and I love your idea of repeating it out loud. I might have to give that a try today too! 🙂

  61. This makes me feel the feels. Far too often do I try to just “keep moving” and try to “get through it” – rather than pause, dance, feel pleasure…
    Thanks ladies, I am about to do some yoga-dance!

  62. This episode spoke to me and to my feminine core. #1 — why have I not heard of Mama Gena before? Thank you for introducing her to me! #2 — I agree whole-heartedly that women must tap into their feminine energy. Then, we can rule the world and make massive change in the lives of others. This is what I simply call “shining our lights”. We can’t just shine our masculine light — we have to shine fully, all angles, all emotions, all levels, all of it!! Such a brave conversation that is long, long, long overdue in our culture.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, April. We’re honored to introduce you to Mama Gena’s work!

  63. Yes! I’ve been waiting for this book for years. Regina, you have beautifully articulated the work that me and many other women have been doing for a while now, and I’m excited to now have an even bigger platform to have these conversations. Thank you Marie for doing this interview. Here where I live on the West Coast, we have an interesting phenomenon where many of our men have embodied a large part of their own feminine energies, almost making it impossible to be with them in romantic relationship. In my community I am experiencing the opposite, over-feminized men who aren’t choosing to show up in a way that we need, oversharing in their emotions, using their vulnerability as ways to get us closer (ahhh!!!), and unable to show up to the new type of power that us females are harnessing as a result of integrating both the benefits of our masculine and feminine energies in our purpose work. As a result, I have been upgrading my standards for the men I spend time with, because as the poles continue to balance, I imagine people will take a while to learn about their capability of discerning which energies to embody and when…it will take a completely integrated and conscious type of man to be able to exist alongside the women who have stepped onto this bandwagon of pleasure, love, compassion, influence, and power. I can’t WAIT for this conversation to explode even more. Thank you, thank you!

    • Flora

      Love this.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is such a great point, Lauren! Conversations like these are not only empowering for women, they help bring men more into consciousness, which is good for them too. It’s a win-win for everybody! 🙂

      • Absolutely, Mandy! I’m looking forward to having more conversations on the implications of introducing Regina’s new book to the world. This is going to be a fun ride <3

  64. Marie, thank you for sharing this with us. Through the entire interview I kept saying “right?”. This interview has opened up answers to so many questions and I cannot wait to read Regena’s book and share it with some amazing women in my life.

    I found it very interesting to hear Regena speak of the names people give to our “bits & pieces”. It’s a shame that we find embarrassment and humiliation in naming our feminine parts. I’ve always used the term “girl parts” and use it now with my elderly Mother. In my world even the word “penis” was an embarrassment, so “boy parts” it was.

    Thank you again and thank you to Regena for bringing this gift to the world of women.


  65. EVERYTHING about this resonates with what I’ve witnessed, intuitively understood, and experienced in my life since I was a small girl. It’s like I have a fully developed tribe I didn’t know about! I love it. LOVE the title of your book, Gena (way to OWN it). And thank you for expanding a global web of women (and men) who love and revere the sacred feminine.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Flora! I’m so glad Gena’s work resonates with you and is exactly what you were looking for. We’re thrilled to have introduced you to her! 🙂

  66. Cary

    What a beautiful episode. I’ve seen Regena’s material before, but watching her in person, her passion, knowledge, and heart are powerful forces. I found myself in tears at the end of this episode, as a woman myself starting a business and constantly working in a man’s world, I’ve fought hard to protect, honor, and share my sense of vulnerability, quiet strength, and intuition, along with my hard drive, incurable ambition, and persistent strength. I find the greatest pleasures lie somewhere in the middle of all of those qualities. Thanks Marie for featuring Regena here; she’s a great pillar for what we can achieve and be.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so true, Cary. Balance is important, especially since we all have masculine and feminine energies within us. I’m so glad Mama Gena’s work really spoke to you and resonates with where you are right now.

  67. Great episode! Could You, please, tell us more about the muscle test ?! Pretty please 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Nora! I wasn’t able to find any info online, but you can reach out to Mama Gena’s team. I bet they’ll be happy to help!

  68. Strait from my MASCULINE energy and soul… I feel proud and moved to hear you ladies providing the world.. both sexes.. with such such amazing insights, inputs and unique mindset.
    I am glad and feel so lucky I got to live to see and experience all these revolutionary breakthroughs within this ancient controversial fascinate subject.

    Thank you so much for your ambition and entrepreneurial thinking:)

  69. Thanks …Great episode…The final quote is one I hold as a vision for all humanity…May we all only ever see the Divine in the eyes, heart, and soul of everyone we interact with in any way.
    Peace and Blessings

  70. Marie and Regena,

    Thank you for having the guts to do this episode, write this book, and speak these important truths. In my 20’s, I spent a lot of time in a sweet, caring lesbian community, and I often wished all women could see how divinely supportive it felt to have this circle of badasses holding me up, sometimes forcefully, sometimes softly. I appreciate the piece in this interview that brought the forward the importance of women supporting each other.

    Many blessings from the depths of my kickass woman parts!
    Melissa Monforti

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Melissa! I’m so glad you’ve seen the power of sisterhood and feminine community firsthand and can attest to its divine beauty. I hope there’s more and more of that in the future!

  71. Michelle Desreux

    So in the spirit of “how can I take this knowledge and use it to help myself and others”….today I am taking a beautiful bouquet of flowers to a “sister” who is stressed to the max running a not-for-profit that supports people (mostly young women) with eating disorders. She has been to “pain” and is learning to find her ‘pleasure” (but happily in healthy ways now) so the flowers will be a sisterly Rx to support her mental health. She has been hugely helpful to me in writing my resumé as I re-pot myself (at age 61) – and begin my journey “from success to significance” in the work world. My goal is to find the place that will help me wake up inspired and go to bed satisfied (with appreciation to Simon Sinek) – and yes there will be flowers on whatever desk that turns out to be. Thanks for the inspiration ladies – my cortisol levels are dropping as I type!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s lovely, Michelle! Your kindness is definitely going to make your sweet friend’s day. 🙂

  72. Kimberly DesChamp

    I salute you, Marie and you, Regina, for discussing this subject, and I too am doing my part with a project I started 2 yrs ago, and would be honored to have your participation in. It’s a compilation of essays answering 4 questions about what drives them to be such inspiring examples of great women today.
    If you will consider being a part of this project, I will be honoured and forever grateful. Thank you for your consideration of my request. I will buy your book, Regina and am happy to proudly display it to my friends.

    Kimberly DesChamp

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Kimberly! Feel free to send details to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom.

  73. This was amazing and something I so needed to hear right now. Hearing that I need to find my pleasure so I can help another woman stand in her pleasure, supporting each other instead of feeling like we have to fight each other, women taking our world to a higher level. Yes! Yes! Yes! I am buying this book and going to tell everyone and use it as a guide to help me raise an empowered step daughter. Thank you a million times over.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so wonderful, Monica! I’m really glad to hear you’re raising an empowered stepdaughter. I know she’ll be so thankful!

  74. Connie Love

    Many things spoke to me. I am in the throes of recapturing my Divine Feminine and it is so easy to lose the discipline of pleasure. That stuck with me, Pleasure is a Discipline. The best one I’ve ever decided to peruse.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Connie! Keep up the awesome work.

  75. ChristineC

    Hey, Marie… I think there’s a t-shirt in the waiting here:

    “Wave to the Wheat”

    Proceeds or part of proceeds could go to a women-centered cause…

  76. That was good. Very inspirational. I liked the title. Give you something to think about.

  77. Regena Thomashauer has been a mentor of mine for many years and I can tell you, this conversation is the tip of the iceberg! What she teaches is revolutionary and flips your life upside down in the best possible way. In her work, she has made “Pussy” a sacred word, and has guided thousands of women to amazing lives. And they have come from around the world to learn from her.
    Thanks Marie, for shining your amazing light on this woman. With this and everything else you do, you are a powerful force for change.

  78. Hi Marie, and thank you Regina,
    I am a heterosexual man and I have always embraced my feminine side. I received a lot of flack for it, as well as being boxed in by people’s perceptions about my femininity. Regardless of that I stood proudly in it, however eventually I wore down under the barrage of insults and degrading input from others, and decided to embrace the masculine in me. It was great for a few years, but slowly I felt my identity was being squelched. Currently I am working more to incorporate more feminine in my ways. I care about me, so if people don’t want me to express myself, then who cares what they think because their judgement of me is 100% imbalanced in patriarchy, therefore wholly untrue. Already I feel more alive! This is the warmth, the creativity, the passion that I can’t seem to find in more masculine ways. Patriarchy as a standard for being in this world is not balanced at all.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, David! I’m so glad you’re embracing your feminine energy, being yourself, and ignoring the people who wrongly try to put you in a box. If they can’t appreciate who you are, they don’t deserve to be in your company. 🙂

  79. Pam Lewis

    My takeaway from this is the benefit of being in touch with my feminine side as a tool of power not weakness. The power of “stopping to smell the roses”. Staying aware of the thousands of sensor I was born with and allowing my best natural self to step to the front and dominate rather than my learnt self!

  80. Thank you Marie for this Episode!
    Her message resonates a lot with me! And I love what she has to tell.
    What is her webpage? I couldn’t find womanly art by google it.
    Thank you!

  81. Libby

    Beautiful! Love it! Thank you <3

  82. I love this interview so much. Thank you for putting mamagena on my radar. Got the book.

    I continue to wonder, (and feel free to muse in succession) what would happen if all of these totally inspiring interviewees (women with badass commitments to being completely themselves) committed too to healing the earth by coordinating their networks on environmental stewardship projects/initiatives/efforts around the world? Women need to do the work of boldly protecting our planet, the rape of the planet is the rape of the female body, and to be long-lasting, the work must happen at the ground level. If women who already have a network of women who are eager to make shifts in their lives for the collective good took collective and coordinated action to stop the destruction and pollution of our ecosystems, we might stand a chance at creating a future for our grandbabies that is healthy, sustainable, and balanced.

  83. Dear Marie and Regena,

    Thank you so much for this brilliant interview. It was so refreshing to hear you talk about the era of the Goddess/The Feminine that came before patriarchy. Too few women are exposed to this knowledge, and it’s so important for us to bring this knowledge into mainstream conversations so that women can recover their memory of themselves as leaders and sacred beings on this earth. Your conversation in this interview did just that. Thank you! Furthermore, Regena, I love that titled your book ‘Pussy’. We need that wake up call., and I absolutely agree that “We’ll never have access to our power until we can own every bit of this gorgeous female body.” And finally, thank you for your brilliant discourse on Sisterhood. It’s one of the best I’ve heard. You and Marie are modeling Sisterhood in a big way and opening the portal wider and wider. Here’s to every woman reclaiming the Feminine! Warmly and gratefully, Tabby

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      These are such awesome takeaways! Thank you so much for your kind words about the sisterhood Marie and Mama Gena are sharing. The world always needs more bold, strong women stepping into their power. 🙂

  84. This is a powerful wake up call. Thank you for it.

  85. Melanie Dodd

    Amazing talk! So looking forward to reading this book! You are putting to words the frustrations I have been feeling. The frustration of being friends with women who always put themselves last. Living in a society that makes me feel like when I claim my joy that I am selfish. Being a mom to boys and a wife and living in my own home where feminine characteristics are not valued. How to change the tide?

  86. Alodie Spires

    I loved this episode and this topic. I do believe there has been a gross imbalance of power between the masculine and feminine and that living in balance and full respect for both of these energies is needed for our species to thrive. Clearly our planet and our species are suffering from this imbalance of power and understanding and bringing this back into balance needs to happen FAST! I would like to point out that most of what Regina would like women to learn, reclaim, embrace and stand up for are also things that men need as well – healthy pleasure, emotional expression, freedom from restrictive social roles. To achieve balance we need to allow and celebrate the feminine & masculine energy in women and men and raise our sons and daughters to embrace both energies. Thanks for the powerful topic and conversation.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really excellent point, Alodie. Embracing the feminine energy really is good for everyone! It’s a win-win for women and men alike.

    • Yes Alodie! Thank you.

  87. Kristen

    Thanks so much for this info! I myself am working on bringing my feminine empowerment out in the spot light 🙂 Something I have struggled with my whole life. I also love the importance of stress management. So many women I know (and my last boss) wear ‘busy’ as their badge of honor, act like everything is fine, and ‘choose’ to by happy. It’s like it’s necessary to make them valuable but I’ve learned stress catches up in the long run and life is too short to wear a mask.

  88. Dewi

    Thank YOU so much for sharing this Marie, it is really a lesson that really required to be learnt by any women. There’s still a paradigm from society that think devalue the woman strength, like when there’s a woman who happen to brave enough to show their “real truth” of strength she classified as a “dragon lady” or a workholic, but when we showed up our feme’s look (being polished) we are assumed as “a beauty thing” that is not capable to do intellectual or serious thing. I think this is a message that any women need to share and discuss and really comprehend that we, woman are worth it and really have the right to gain our real truth.

  89. Thank you, Sisters! Fabulous episode. I was saying AMEN to every sentence.

  90. Donna

    Terrific Interview! I Love Regina!

  91. G Lee

    Thank you for this video! I’m all for women supporting each other, feeling empowered in their bodies, their choices, and in their pleasure, and for myself it’s an ongoing journey. We need to continue reclaiming damaging or limiting words and notions handed down from centuries of patriarchy. The patriarchy is so institutionalized, conversations like these are essential and need to be brought into the mainstream. To me, challenging the patriarchy also means questioning the binary that keeps it in place. A definition of Gender Binary (from Wikipedia): “The gender binary is the classification of sex and gender into two distinct, opposite and disconnected forms of masculine and feminine.” Our culture tells us that “masculine is like this”, “feminine is like this” and this is limiting…. I think it’s crucial that we acknowledge that “masculine” and “feminine” qualities are culturally specific. In this video, some of the words used to label “the feminine” (“compassionate” and “intuitive” for instance) feel like language from long ago, the very words used by men to keep women “in their place”. Philosophically and personally, it has helped me to completely question this two channel system.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, G Lee. Having gender be so rigidly defined is damaging for everyone. Questioning the two channel system is definitely a smart thing to do!

  92. Fay

    body language not good between you two ladies…….you are both crossed legged to each other

  93. Paula

    Bravo Regina (and thank you Marie). Can’t wait to read your book.
    Pussy-palooza all the way!

  94. CVG

    Why not use the word matriarchy?

  95. I work and educate primarily in a woman-dominated industry, yet watching and listening to this, I see that we are very busy trying to wear a masculine armor. We think this is what is needed to be successful women entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. I feel like I just woke up, and I am excited to explore this and bring it to my style of deliberate delivery of support and insight. Thank you!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So, so glad this was helpful, Jill! I hope your actions will inspire everyone around you to embrace their feminine energy too.

  96. Merari

    I loved the part about pleasure! This opens up a new dynamic to what I have been trying to understand and teach myself in the arena of slowing down, enjoyment , breathing, taking breaks and transitioning. This feels like another tool to my chest and I also love the spelling out about the feminine qualities, I never have understood it so well as I did with this video.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so great to hear, Merari! Mama Gena totally understands that oftentimes we have to relearn some of these instinctual things about feminine energy, so she does a good job of making her teachings accessible. 🙂

  97. Thank you for this interview, really important for both women and men.

    The power of joy is little known or consciously used by people.

    Also, women not claiming their femininity hurt themselves and are also hurting men. Relationships are hurting because women are not feminine and we need to learn to be feminine – how weird is that? – it’s a most chronic phenomenon in our society, especially in North America.

    Thank you, Regena, that title needed to be a wake-up call.

  98. I’m a firm believer in women standing in their power and as the universe works this video and topic of discussion validated the direction of the work that I do.
    Thank you both for being courageous in your work and merging mind, body, and spirit.


  99. Jen Davis ~Seaglass & Moonstone

    I really needed to hear from you ladies today. I am struggling to find my voice, and how to use my words to elevate the divine feminine in service to the entire planet. I am a domestic violence survivor, in contrast, I’ve known great, wild love and deep connections with males as well as female friends. Yet, I am in a state of stress more often than not. I do believe in taking those little moments of pleasure, and I can see that quite simply it is time to be bold. To make it a priority, make it my JOB to go there, to own those darkest parts of me and celebrate the light as well. Excellent interview, I will surely be reading “Pussy” as soon as it hits the shelves. Thank you for all that you do, both of you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you’ve seen the power of sisterhood and community firsthand, Jen. We’re sending tons of love and healing wishes your way. MarieTV is your virtual sisterhood too.

  100. I am so pleased to see the conversation below with Justice. The back-and-forth shows you really care about your audience and I appreciate you even more for this – thank you.

  101. Sonrisa

    Thank you for this great interview!!! I can relate to everything in this interview; self-pleasure for a long time had a negative connotation for me; something infely guilty about. Only now am i learning the importance of it and plan to make it an integral part of my routine.
    Thank you marie and the entire team! You guys are awesome!!! I cant wait for next tuesday!!

  102. Eejee Art

    Mega thank you.
    It dawn on me during the episode:
    a) where my strength came from in the pile up I barely physically and psychologically survived.
    b) How MUCH I miss sisterhoods.
    A few moons ago, I lived and worked with people that would, on a daily basis, remind me I was unlovable (verbally or otherwise), unworthy and incompetent. Those people are still doing that and there is nothing illegal about it. Well there is, but I am not in an economical situation to bat off all the balls all the time. I grew to trust into people being able to know who I am, albeit taking longer, and make their own ideas about it if they listen to their version of the “story” or if they trust what they see and hear.
    I am making progress, I have less and less of those people around. They are mostly at the professional and outsides the home now. I took care of surrounding myself with a better crowd. There are just people (no matter how the feel good fixer makes it sounds easy) that you created dependence with in the past (like legal contract or work contract or financial ) that can’t be replaced over night… you got to extricate yourself in a way that is sustainable!
    Something said during the episode literally turned my shame of having the strength of being able to “live what I feel” if not in pride, at least in acceptance that this is the very thing that saved my life and therefor I need not lose it, shun it, even when pushed, encouraged, bribed to.

    See, my strength is to feel, trust and care. It is not a contrast in my nature or a flaw. It adds to my cerebral and my logic self. Unlike Vulcan, emotion for me are not something to suppress, dominate, obliterated or control. How you express it to others, yes. I mean, why if I am angry would I chose to manifest it in throwing an object by the head of another?

    In my culture, how I was raised, is to express with restrain yet feel totally 100% my emotion. Not repress it. In my culture, where I grew up, it was totally normal to be angry and say you were (express the word loud, but not insulting the other party, that was a no-no… you don’t call people names!)
    It’s not a fantasy world, it is what we grew up to know as “normal” for 35 years.
    If you are watching a movie and you are moved to tear, even in a theater, you get the kleenex box out.
    No shame.
    You may even end up sharing the box with a guy (stranger) that stereo-typically should not (in the new culture I am plunged into) cry. No one after the show will push a psychologist business cards inside your hand or yell a what’s wrong with you? Or be scared of you.
    In my culture, you get on the bus and say hi to the driver, thank you when you leave… say hello to people on the street without anyone thinking it is odd that you are so friendly or comment about *boundaries*. There are still boundaries, don’t get me wrong. Like it is frown upon to chat while siting on the ivory throne, from one cubicle to another. Conversation cease there and reprise when you are at the sink washing your hands.
    And when asked how do you do and you are not too too well, you are saying, shortly, with a waving hand in the air… aw…. so so… and if the person want to talk about it, they close the door and sit, or they ask if you want to talk about it or they just say: I don’t want to know then, and leave. No offense taken. Or just say: sorry to hear. And go on with business trusting that even if you’re feeling heartbroken or anything, you can still take care of business.
    I grew up not associating having feeling with being unable to cope or overwhelmed on the professional side.
    Having feelings, especially if justified by the context, was totally ok for 40 years of my life. They were not called mood swings or illness.
    Being overwhelmed where I come from was not negative, it was not a reason to fire you, it was a reason to go sit in the office and discuss fairly what was your load and see what you could say no to, re evaluate the demand on you from other staff.
    I was only taught this was an undesirable trait HERE, where I live right now.
    Apparently, it scares people up. If I wanted friends and to be accepted, my emotion ALL needed to go. That I was too easily hurt, too easily moved and by too many things and that it was a psychological illness. There is a pill for it, take it and everything will be just fine.
    Anyhow, I had to adapt here as this culture here is NOT wanting you to show you are scared, scarred or otherwise a bit blue outwardly. They don’t want you to express it, feel it inside.
    What you said about the cortisol… true.
    I was going toward a major heart attack if I had continued there or if I am taking on as much gagging I was back then… verified by test.
    What you say about the pleasure, true as well.
    I am permeated to neglect and poor treatment like everyone is, no matter how brave they like to look officially. But yes, having the capability to just have a run around the block, go on a balcony or a roof top… cry in a very hot bath… take a shower with shea butter… eating comfort food sitting down at a table, on a chair… slowly… that makes everything tolerable. You pass through it. Besides, you have to. I mean, since we are all interconnected, if I mired in my *sorrow*, I am leaving the circle. Why would I make the decision to continue to lose?
    Some people (they were not saying it while being pleased, you just feel it!) compared me to a Clown Bop Bag. They yelled I was supposed to be done, how come you’re back up…? Where is that pride come from?
    No pride, it’s 2 or 3 hours crying my eyes out and yelling it all out…that’s a painting or beating clay… celebrating life and whatever I got that is working in spite of the other things not working, in spite that yes, it is precarious, yes, I might lose it all, but I still have it for now…
    It’s not because I live in a world where they judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree that I have to start believing I am a bird or a lizard and should ever climb one. I’d be valued for who I am more and more. It will shine, it will show. It has to.
    But yeah, not having a sisterhood physically accessible and having to rely on facebook or email is somewhat of a lack… my husband is wonderful and his extended family… don’t get me wrong… but there is something to say about *eating with your own cutlery* rather than depending on hand-me-down all the time.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing what you’re going through with us, Eejee. I can tell you’re going through a rough time, so please know that our team and the whole MarieTV community is here for you. We’re a virtual sisterhood of sorts and we care about you.

      I also wanted to tell you that no matter what people do to bring you down, you are infinitely loved, worthy, and enough. I’m really sorry to hear people have been treating you otherwise, but that’s a reflection of them, not you. Marie has a playlist of MarieTV episodes about overcoming fear and self-doubt that I think you’ll find inspiring and helpful: We’re sending tons of love and healing energy your way.

  103. Erin Hurray

    Hi All,
    I am 50 and this was a great talk! I have been through marriage, kids, divorce. What stood out the most to me is that women are full of emotion and that it is ok. We should embrace our emotions. I would be a millionaire if I had a dollar for all the times I showed emotion and my husband would look at me like I was crazy.
    I shared this with my close girlfriends. I hope they watch it. We are all at a new season in our lives because we are almost empty nesters.
    Thank you!

  104. Dear Marie,
    Thank you for this video.
    I am going to assume someone in you office reads this in you office… As a wise gay man who values his feminine side and masculine side. Cares about beauty and art, also winning and getting to the top, Also someone has worked around women more then men. I am curious if you have a video about patriarch type of society or the way a man can be in a feminine society.

    Because in general women from what I observe or encounter : feminine or not are a just as cruel , vicious and overbearing as the masculine…and that is not developed from a patriarchal society. Because men enjoy their brilliance and brilliance of others ..they honor each other. Women go for the dominate male.

    So will have a video revolving around this. I may get a lot of controversy around this, but As one of your video about not taking this personally…that’s yours (their problem).
    Love you videos. You are fab.

  105. Marie and company,
    For I know it takes a village…
    From the first time I discovered your videos, MarieTV, and all you do, I have keep you in my inbox, a place reserved only for those with whom I truly feel a kinship and that have something special to offer the world. Today’s topic and guest were so aligned with my own passion for empowering women, that I’ve spent a good deal of time engaging with the multitude of respondents simply because it made me feel good to do so! It thrills me to see so many positively affected through your offering. I feel a swelling, a surging of energy toward this topic as we women begin to reclaim our personal power. Let us remember we are a community, not a commodity.

  106. Dear Marie,
    Thank you for this video.
    I am going to assume someone in you office reads this

    … As a wise gay man who values his feminine side and masculine side. Cares about beauty and art, also winning and getting to the top, Also someone has worked around women more then men. I am curious if you have a video about patriarch type of society or the way a man can be in a feminine society.

    Because in general women from what I observe or encounter : feminine or not are a just as cruel , vicious and overbearing as the masculine…and that is not developed from a patriarchal society. Because men enjoy their brilliance and brilliance of others ..they honor each other. Women go for the dominate male.

    So will have a video revolving around this. I may get a lot of controversy around this, but As one of your video about not taking this personally…that’s yours (their problem).
    Love you videos. You are fab.

    • Stephen
      “feminine or not are a just as cruel , vicious and overbearing as the masculine…and that is not developed from a patriarchal society.”

      With respect to your opinion, are you so certain that these traits in women are not at least in part directly due to an oppressive, patriarchal society?

      Cause I can see how they absolutely could be in ways that maybe you cannot.

  107. Wow. I am so moved. I have recently discovered how, as a man, I have been unconsciously living in and perpetuating the patriarchal domination of women. I can see it in how I relate to all the women in my life, especially with my wife and mother. Thank you for bringing this powerful and important conversation. I agree that the world is ready for a shift away from woman being oppressed and toward women being celebrated, empowered and revered.

  108. Tara

    Puszi (spelled differently, pronounced the same) is Hungarian for ‘kisses’ and I believe it’s commonly used sign off text messages or phone calls. Puszi!

  109. Marie and Regina,
    Thanks much for a great interview! I totally understand what Regina was talking about having been thru depression, underpaid, and under appreciated. It was time to make some changes. And now, 3 years post divorce, I’m working a business (with my sister), head over heals in love with my life, husband, kids, girlfriends and MAN does it make a difference! When someone asks “How are you?” my normal response is “FABULOUS!” I now understand the joy of a bouquet, a song, dancing, sunshine, bird’s songs and how it positively effects my entire being.
    I’m looking forward to reading your book for even more insights!
    Thanks again, Mary Jo

  110. This episode speaks to the core of many female issues that need to be addressed. Often, I, we ignore our female bodies and accept the exploitation by music and other industries silently.
    Bravo, for having the courage to bring the subject to the forefront with your book, and for Marie TV for sharing with this community! Stay Happy By Default

  111. Hallaluyah! Praise thy pussy! I’ve been cheering throughout this whole interview. Such an important message that I’m only just discovering and that needs to be spread. For so long I’ve felt weird about my ability to enjoy the silliest things and at the same time go through a galaxy of emotions in one day. It made me feel messy and unbalanced. Now that I’m starting to own that as part of my womanhood, I’m feeling mucho badass about it.

    Love you immensely Regina and Marie, my sisters.

  112. Hi Marie and Regena,
    I loved this – “the degree to which you can own your light is only the degree to which you can own your darkness”. I fully believe that the grace and power we use to handle our bad times give us access to more enjoyment and happiness in our good times, what a poetic way to put it. Thank you both for this re-connection to all that is wonderful about the feminine.
    PS: PUSSY <3

  113. This interview had me cry. A cry of joy, especially when Regena said “You want her to feel the consequences of her paying attention to her joy as a value in this world”…Amen! This was priceless to hear.

    Many years ago, I was considering to open a shop called “El placer a lo femenino” in a latin country (Feminine pleasure). A shop that could offer workshops and tools to help women to regain their personal power through joy, including the sex part. Like Regina, I went to see a business friend and presented the concept to a few more. The idea was great but I was advised that the risk of loosing my reputation and even my residency status was too high in a culture highly influenced by machismo.

    Today, I do something that helps people to experience joy, self-love and empowerment, but through a message that can be heard…without me loosing anything :-).

    I also realized, viewing this episode, that I was at a “rupture” point right now and that for me to experience joy was a matter of emergency to continue to express my calling with power. I am going to make a list of what brings me joy and will take action on it…

    A BIG thank you Marie and Regena, sisters at heart.

  114. Karen

    I have wanted so dearly to become more educated about this topic, but I’ve seemed only to find groups or courses that put men as the carrot dangling in front of us as an incentive.
    Example: Find the Goddess within you so you can attract more men than you ever imagined, or find the Goddess within you and you will discover the man of your dreams.
    This interview was like the clouds breaking open and the angels singing a huge Hallelujah for me! Why? Because we are enough dear women, everything else is icing on the cake.
    I am 60 years old, recovering from a very complicated divorced after 37 years marriage. I decided somewhere along the way that I do not like sex and have no sex drive. Maybe there is still hope!
    At this time I am nourishing myself with the Divine Kris Carr to eat with love, speak to myself with love and listening to her meditations that bring me back to center. Next stop! Nourish my vulva with excellent information and loving thoughts.
    Thank you, Marie for you work. You do not know how much I have learned from you, thus far. You my darling are amazing!

  115. O M G…THANK YOU!
    I’m 48 years-old and I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost myself. What happened to my confidence, my self-esteem? This piece brought me to tears.

    I’m a history chick and I’ve been doing some research on the female condition, and I find myself asking “Why do they hate us?” That feeling is only underscored by my personal interactions with men (some of them anyway). My past couple of relationships have sapped my energy in a way I didn’t expect.

    The examples Regena uses really hit home. I love flowers. I see them at the store and want to buy them, but I don’t let myself do it. Why? I think I don’t deserve them, they seem like an indulgence. Really? A $5 bunch of sunflowers is too much?

    And middle C. That’s been me for the past several years for sure. Just the other day I was asked by a colleague in passing, “How are you?” I replied, “I’m good thanks!” I was leaving work because I was experiencing severe abdominal pain!!! I was NOT GOOD! It was so ridiculous that I actually noticed it and thought, what the heck was that? Why did I go all cheery and sweet? Yes, the colleague was a man.

    I am so excited to read Pussy. I am one who didn’t have a name for it growing up. And I never even thought about that until now.

    Thank you Regena.
    Thank you Marie.


  116. Stacy

    I love sisterhood and especially needed it in my 20’s and 30’s when my children were little. I remember going to the Michigan Women’s Festival with a dear friend and seeing women walking naked through the festival grounds. I had never seen so many shapes, sizes and colors of women before in one place. I wanted to feel that free too, but had so much body shame at the time. Just being witness to other women’s freedom and comfort with their bodies was healing to me on a deep level. I still struggle with my body image issues. I still crave being with other woman in sisterhood and am finding more ways to welcome that in my life. Thank you for the reminder of bringing more pleasure and beauty into our lives. Just gazing at the sun steaming through my white flowered curtains brings me pleasure.

  117. Goddess… I Love This!!! Every woman should hear this. I posted it on my facebook page, as well as writing a post about it. I mention some of this in my new book (don’t mean to spam, haha, but it’s so perfect): Sing Yourself Well. ~ Much Love to you, Marie, you are a total inspiration always, and thank you Regena!! You speak to and from my heart! <3

  118. That was incredibly beautiful. Being a scientist, I’m often in my left brain and slowly learning how to be more in touch with my feminine side. Just before I watched this I took a break from work to bask in the sun, so it totally resonated with me. Thanks so much for sharing ☺

  119. Powerful! Thank you.

  120. I’m not sure how long this video has been up. But it seems so timely with the upcoming election. Obviously we’ve all cringed at the male conservative criticizing his female opponent for going home and, um, sleeping. His pride is he hardly sleeps at all and his achievements seem to be insulting people better than anyone else.

    This was a breath of fresh air, knowing we can embrace who we are including that we are women with special gifts and pleasures. And so this reminds me of a story.

    I have the best husband. The other day we were in the home store and he looked at an LED shop light. He said, “This might just be the thing for above your workbench.” I of course said something like “What I have is fine.” And he turned to me and said, “No Mary, I want to do this for you. Because this is who you are and what you do. You create jewelry. It’s a part of you.” So my takeaway here is to embrace the creative part of my business (instead of feeling guilty) as my personal pleasure in who I am.

  121. Thank You!

  122. We don’t know what we don’t know we don’t know and there’s times that gets in our way and when that happens God /The Universe sends us something to bring us awareness. Your conversation today, Marie and Gina, brought up one of those “didn’t knows” today. OMG we don’t even have a name for that which is the source of so much pleasure for us! How did that happen? How the freaking hell did that happen????
    And is THAT the reason, the fact that we don’t even have a word that comfortably defines our feminine bits, that even worse pejorative words are used to describe those same body parts? And then that word (the c word) has even MORE negative connotations? And that same word has even more “violent” (is that the right word?) and nasty energy when used. How the freaking heck did this happen? More to the point, what do “we” have to do to change it? What do … I … have to know or do to change this in myself?
    I’ll start with sitting with the word pussy, cos’ I notice some energy around the word.
    Wow… Thankyou ladies…

    • I am drawn to share my next layer of insight, that came as I opened up to expand my feelings about the word “pussy” – and that is that men don’t have a comfortable name for their genitalia in total either! They have penis’s and testicles, with all their weird and various other derogatory names they call their genitalia too. So, I am thinking that this is a both genders sexuality thing.
      And that cave picture – was that ancient wise woman telling us that through the power of our sexuality, through our effect on our man’s sexuality, we impact on the way he hunts? (These days it would be the way he stands out / works in the world?)
      So my next layer of insight was – since we know that the fastest way to get something for ourselves is to give it someone else (I know there’s deep layers in that, but this is a quickie post) THEN I could gift my man with that sacred support to bring HIS confidence in all that HE is around HIS genitalia. I can feel the caution in my head about that last sentence cos’ I can see that it’s an answer unique to me, coming as another layer of insight as I consciously work on a more loving relationship after 35 years of marriage. Will I / Won’t I share these thoughts… ? What the heck – we’re all sisters here and I’m sure only the “right” people will read it!

  123. Hooray for PUSSY! I can’t wait to read it. I am filled with hope at the insight, courage and beauty of those of us choosing to celebrate ourselves and our sisters. Statistics show that in places where women join together and take control of their bodies and businesses, war no longer occurs. Great interview. Thank you Marie and Regena for embodying the new brand of feminism. One that includes our whole selves rather than the old one that shouted at us to imitate men. At 51 years old I always felt confused because I loved being a woman and all that came along with that but I was told that if I wanted a seat at the table, I better show up in a suit and tie ready to break balls. I now feel we are coming into our own ideas about what it means to be an empowered woman and a supportive sister. It is an amazing time to be alive!!!

  124. Sharon L. Gray

    As of this date….there is a man that I heard. How he raped a woman when he was younger, and talked about it in detail. He was telling the woman he lives with.
    She supported him and would just say, don’t say anymore about it. Dah da
    What does that tell you? 2016!

  125. Just ordered the book on Amazon and I am so excited to read it. My daughter is studying feminism in college with a seriously out of date reference so I can’t wait for her to read it as well! Thank you for talking about these issues in a real and straight forward manner. I feel like I have gained new insight and words to voice feelings I have had my whole life!

    Very powerful!

  126. LetyM

    Hi Marie, first of all love your show, the episodes I had the opportunity to see are fenomenal. I also want to say ?Cheers on that book title. It gives the rethorical use of the word a different connotation. Love the insight, I must say, my belief is that women for centuries have been taught to apologize for enjoying their lives & taking pleasure in celebrating moments in time, to diminish their capacity for the sake of keeping the peace, that to some level we are conditioned by culture, society or perhaps due to lack of education to believe that strength is correlated with a masculine prototype, and that to some extent this diminishes a men’s strength & worth. Women are multifaceted and I believe that just as males should not be shamed for having emotions, feelings or sentimentalism of some form and be graded into the realms of feminine, females should not be shamed for having the opposite qualities. This type of labeling creates differences versus understanding, conflict versus discussion, interpretation versus educated information. I believe that just as women should not be shamed nor labeled for saying nothing at all, as perhaps that’s how their happiness is defined,that those women shall do the same for those of us that do, without the added labels. The more we speak about those subjects the more educated we become, for I learn everyday from all those women’s who choose to speak & from those who teach me to simply enjoy life, beyond labels.
    Thank you for the great content & this interview was very educating to me.

  127. This was great! I’ve been thinking a lot about this matter recently, feeling myself waking up to my potential as a woman and my birth rights as a daughter of the goddess creator. I’m so ordering this book right now, looking forward to reading it. Thank you for a great show Marie, together we sure can change this world 🙂

  128. fantastic. thanks for being on the front line Regena and Marie. much love and respect for all that you do. xox

  129. Sandra Slavec

    Hello Marie & Team,

    Fabulous Marie TV episode. I happen to think that Regena’s new book title is Awesome! I’m truly excited by everything you both covered in today’s video. So much so that I’m ordering a copy of the book pronto. Interestingly, I had a very synchronistic symbolic and vivid dream this morning which was about getting in touch with and feeling my own feminine power. Love your work. Women Rock!

  130. Jennifer Moore

    I’ve forwarded this interview to a few ‘sisters’ before the video had finished! I find that I grow in confidence with each new interview posted here- thank you, Marie! If anyone is interested in a book that would be a great companion to this interview, I highly recommend Layne Redmond’s book, “When the Women Were Drummers”. The book takes us back thousands of years as it examines women’s value and prominence within her community through ceremonial drumming practices. I love this book for so many reasons, but on a personal note, when I was a child and had the opportunity to finally select an instrument to play in school, I proudly walked up to my teacher and told him that I wanted to play the drums. I was told that girls don’t play drums. End of discussion. So I took my flute home and have spend decades unpacking that experience… I will say that as a music educator today, most of my drummers are girls 🙂

    A great conversation- one that I’m still trying to grow into!

  131. Oh yay..celebrating your courage–both of you–to bring this topic into a visible forum and public conversation. I LOVE Regena’s message and it is so vitally needed now. As a student and teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence and Daoist sexuality, I see more and more the revolutionary/evolutionary power of pleasure, beingness, feeling, and the ecstatic force of woman. Let’s play all 88 keys–when we really come into our bodies and our feelings the world will HAVE to change. Looking forward to my copy of “Pussy” ! What chutzpah and what better use of the shock value of that word…and so cool that you muscle test, Marie…it’s a key tool in the transformational work I do.

  132. Lorri Carnevale

    Love this topic I’m a woman I’m proud of this fact. Maybe women aren’t stepping into Thierry power because they feel they must think and feel like a man. I don’t why because I don’t want to be a man. I’m sadden when I hear a woman swear like a truck driver to me this makes her less a woman why are we giving up this power? I hope we see what we are doing see the beauty of the PUSSY

  133. Iva

    So many “nuggets of wisdom” in this episode!!! I have heard of MG for quite a while now but never landed on her work. and what a treat to get to hear and see her beauty and wisdom in an interview with lovely Marie whom ‘ve been following and learning from for few years now! Every word resonates.
    Taking about names given to vulvas… mine was called “the smelly one”. All I can do is laugh now… because my momma and grandma were part of a generation full of shame around the femenine. My sister and I where the breaking point in this history and are not only reclaiming our feminine but raising beautiful daughters and sons, with healthier intentions. Go sisterhood, only real union creates strength!


    Hi Marie, well done girl on the interview pertaining to the book, PUSSY.
    I have recently published my second book.I am reasonably satisfied with it, but have become deeply aware that I have only begun to step on to the ladder of high climbing with my true potential. I was so afraid to soar with the reality of the inner pussy called ME. However I couldn’t figure what the gut wrenching problem was that stopping me breaking free.
    Quite simply I wasn’t allowing myself to function with the greatness of balance in sweetness and strength. Recently I have begun to pay some serious yet simple attention to the true feminine self and have have been quite shocked at just how empowering it has been. If I truly soar as I see fit, then the small time anomalies of earthbound creepers and harassers shall never be able to destroy what is the real and beautiful inner me
    Heaps of thanks to you and Regina.
    Lotsa love from Anne Vanderpol

  135. Ginger

    After watching Marie’s interview with Regena (a name that means queen, btw!), I was inspired to buy the ebook on Amazon this afternoon which I devoured in one sitting. Such a powerful book and a powerful message. Thank you to Regena for her work on behalf of the neglected feminine in today’s world. I’d like to offer here a brief excerpt from an ancient Sumerian story collection about Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth. This was written during the height of goddess worship, some 2000 years before Christianity and even long before the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone, which Regena references in her book “Pussy.” Here’s the passage:

    “When she leaned against the apple tree, her vulva was wondrous to behold. Rejoicing at her wondrous vulva, the young woman Inanna applauded herself.”

    Within Inanna’s collection of stories and hymns in praise of her in the following centuries is the world’s first written love story as well as the first resurrection story in humankind. Inanna descended into the underworld to meet her shadow-self, Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld. Inanna is dead for three days and then rises to new life. I could go on and on (an on ) about this story that praises feminine power, in particular the power of the divine vulva as the source of life and all other forms of creativity. At the very least, Google “Inanna,” but if you’re really inspired, read the book “Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth” by the Jungian storyteller and folklorist Diane Wolkstein, and the Assyriologist Samuel Kramer. They’ve translated the original text and provided outstanding commentary. Also, you might want to Google and read an ancient poem entitled “Thunder Perfect Mind,” which I believe is the goddess Inanna/Ereshkigal in a state of reconciled opposites. I honestly believe that if more women and girls read these ancient stories, a wave of self-appreciation and healthy boundaries would be the norm.

    So a note to Regena if you’re reading: Please, please include Inanna in your workshops and other core teachings! Since you’re familiar with the works of Jung and Campbell, I’m sure you know that all characters in mythologies are aspects of the Self. This is juicy stuff happening within us all.

  136. I love that you muscle tested the title of the book! I use dowsing in all areas of my life and absolutely love it!
    I just want to make a side note that it’s really important to really think about the question when dowsing. Formulating the questions should take into account all of your goals, use clear words (no double meaning words or jargon), and include the who, what, when, where, how… A good dowsing question is usually really long.
    I say this because most people dowses wrong and it breaks my heart as this is a wonderful tool when you know how to use it. I have a great free guide on how to dowse and there are a lot of little-known ways to use your body for dowsing.
    I use dowsing all the time in my business and personal life!

  137. What I took away from today’s interview is the conversations I need to have and look forward to having with my daughters. One is only 7 and the other 5 months, but when the time is right I cannot wait to have them read books like this and know that there are women in the world like Marie and Regena. Thank you both for the work that you do for the world!

  138. Nina

    Hi Marie and team, I was listening to this video and Regena said some good points that made me realize that I subscribe to these masculine ideals too — thinking all along that I am independent and strong being that way. But that’s the easy part. As you guys were talking, I was suddenly aware of the glaring truth that my mother is very much guilty and passionately/willingly subscribed to masculine bias too. She’s quite independent and very strong too, she’s our mom and dad in one person. But growing up, I remember her shaking her head and saying, “I don’t know why I was born a woman/If only I was born a man.” ON A DAILY BASIS. Us, her little girls paid no attention to it, never thought to ask why, and I suppose, agreed with the idea without any internal resistance. Our father compliments her whenever she says or does things like that, and how awesome it is that she is tough and manly. And so that was our ideal. I aspired/aspire to be like her. But I don’t worry about myself. It is within my control to change my mindset. My question is, what about my mother? She is 59 now and seems set in her ways. Should I introduce feminism to her? If so, how? Talking to her is out of the question because she does not like to talk about her feelings and actually gets angry or depressed when her kids express/act emotional/discuss ideas that center on emotions. Should I let her be, and have peace with the thought that this is how she’s lived her life? Thank you for reading.

    • Hi Nina,
      I don’t know if you’ll receive this comment but as I was reading a bit of everyone’s thought here — and yours as well — it just appeared to me.
      Send her a video from Marie TV. I’d say not this one. She might just think this is too “woo woo” (whatever that means) and throw it up. Maybe a video about a more “masculine” problem like how to be more productive or something like. I’m sure in this huge Marie TV library there’s something alike somewhere.
      Then 1 month later, you send her another one, etc. If she asked you why you do that, you can say that you send to friends and family videos you just watched and liked. You don’t have to say it’s for her (she might be against it at first.) Then, later on, maybe, you can send her this video.
      I don’t know your mother or anything like that but, still, it might work. And if it might work, it’s worth trying.

  139. Wow. I watched this this morning and it completely changed my life. I am the CEO of a skincare company and I am often ‘manning up’ with the men I work with in order to feel respected as a business woman. I want to be known as a strong leader and I have really been challenged in how I bring my beauty and softness into a business meeting without feeling like a sex object or ‘less than’ my male counterparts. This video has bridged a gap in my mind about how to allow my feminine to be part of my empowerment and not a hindrance or disrespectful to myself. That which one believes about themselves is what others believe about them. I am genuinely excited to see how this new perspective is going to transform my company. Thank you Marie and thank you Regena for being so courageous sharing your truth. You have changed the lives of many.

  140. The name is good, though not as shocking-I was hoping it would be C*nt-I think we need to reclaim this specific word, it’s power, juiciness and femaleness; for the same reasons. The fact that both words are used and accepted as pejorative and derogatory is evidence of the state of insanity we live in and are expected to just go along with. There was nothing new about all the stats Regena presented, and that’s exactly the problem, in 2016 we’re fighting the same battle. Props for your boldness, and stamina Regena. Thanks for the interview Marie.

    • Dane

      Darling, check out the book “Cunt” by Inga Muscio!

  141. Shana Martin

    I have to say I never really thought about how much I might be ignoring the feminine nature when it comes “success” or what my idea of success happens to be and how often this causes me not to listen to myself and intuition. But after watching this I see that there are many areas of my life where this is probably true. The first step is always awareness, so that’s a good thing! 😀

  142. Brenda Rose Mathisen

    Beautiful ladies,

    THANK YOU! I’ve been watching Marie TV for years and this is the first time I’ve felt so called to share a comment.

    The power of this message showed me how much I was devaluing the work I do – which helps entrepreneurs and other creators and thought leaders to bring full power and balance to their lives and business – because I didn’t trust that my clients would be willing to make the leap from old masculine-centric values of get-shit-done into slowing down enough to return to balance.

    Of course, me holding that subtle shame in myself was preventing me from being able to shine that light for my clients to see how valuable the feminine is for their business.

    THANK YOU!!!!! <3 <3 <3
    Brenda Rose

  143. I’m a huge fan of both of these ladies!! Such inspirations! The biggest thing I took away from this talk was the reminder to truly honor myself in each moment. That I am important enough to have flowers next to me (or whatever it may be in the moment). It seems like such a small thing, but it’s the acknowledgement and honoring of the self that is so incredibly humbling while empowering at the same time! To fully act upon, what will make me feel joyful and pleasurable right now because I deserve it because I am that important. Yes. One to constantly remember – I am that important. THANK YOU!!!!!

  144. Not just 9% of films are directed by a woman, it may be more like 7%, and there are also far less leading roles for woman, white men dominate the leading roles in all films, and woman still get paid less for their roles as was mentioned recently by Jennifer Lawrence, and there is also not one woman who leads a major motion picture studio.
    I went to a conference on Women in Tv and Film in San Diego a month or so ago and heard a couple of panels of women in the biz speaking on the bias. and yes, it was really pissing me off.
    Mostly bc I’ve been hearing the same things since the mid 70’s. A little disappointing yet, having said that, there have been some huge improvements in the industry and women are getting more jobs and more promotions than the old days, in the dinosaur ages.

  145. Maya

    That was amazing. Thank you so much for the most powerful message ever. It gave me a strong courage to from the inside. I hope I can spread your words Marie and Regena through my work too. I completely agree with having a good relaxing retreat now and then. It’s not worth it to die from stress and heart disease. Our hearts are honest and it hurts when we are under so much stress. It’s a crazy world we live in, and it’s really hard sometimes when we are on survival mode, but we really cannot forget to take a rest. Thank you so much for today’s epsisode ❤︎

    Love Love Love to the World 〜❤︎

  146. Hi Marie, Hi Regena
    Just saw your video and started to cry because I was so touched.
    I’ll launch my online store in 2 weeks and I have to tell you I’m pretty stressed out and overwhelmed with everything. Anyways I’m so thankful and passionate about my business that I can’t wait to finaly launch, serve the clients and see where the market gets us.
    I was so touched by you awesome ladies because, a year ago all started with you Marie.
    And I coulden’t thank you more for giving me the strength, confidence, willpower and support with your B-School! Without you, your School and the hole community I would never ever dreamed of being an entrepreneur! My growth in only a year is almost unbelievable and once again, it all stated with you!
    Thanks so much for inspiring me and pushing me forward every week with your videos!
    With all my love

  147. Hi Marie,

    I love your show, but have to say not so loving the title of your friend’s book, Pussy!

    Honestly, I feel the title is super sensationalised to get quick attention and doesn’t do justice to the role of women in modern times or in history.

    When a man is an asshole we call him a dick. This feels the same. Why use a derogatory slang word and try to give it a “meaningful twist?”

    A woman is not a “pussy,” not a “breast,” not a “twat” not any individual aspect or body part.

    I’m a wife, mother, daughter, student, teacher, healer, lover, boss, leader, friend… Least of all a “pussy.”

    I’m a WHOLE person!

    Besides, how are we going to teach our children about being a WOMAN when we have to put our head phones on to even listen to Regina’s interview???

    OK, rant over. Thanks for listening!

  148. Loved the interview with Regena. I had a terrible boss, an older woman who terrified and hurt me professionally and I felt so let down by her. When I spoke to friends about it they told me “is she a woman? She might be jealous of you?”. I genuinely do not think that’s the case but I started out admiring her so much for her powerful position at work and was very surprised that she did not like me. I don’t want to experience those feelings of inadequacy in my professional life anymore and because they came from a woman I professionally admired, they hurt even more.
    I was able to leave and now I’m starting over in a new job. But I want to remember this lesson from Regena about claiming back our power of the feminine and being comfortable around other women and finding the sisterhood we crave so much. Imagine what we could do if we were truly united and in synch with our feelings. Thank you for this powerful interview, the first thing I’m going to do in my new job is to have some flowers on my desk!

  149. Raluca

    I agree with all the ideas this gorgeous, cool, feminine woman has presented 🙂 as I feel there is this need for balance in our lives and in the entire world. Stand up, woman up, be who you are- a Woman, etc- we need this and the world needs it. She expresses it in clearer way and I feel gratitude for her doing so. I would love Regena to know that women from other parts of the world (such as myself) feel the way she does.

  150. Annemieke

    Hello Marie and Regena, I loved this video! I am working on self love and to trust in myself and do all kinds of spiritual practice. The insight of this video about the female and the way it is exposed now in the world opened up my mind in different ways and it’s beautiful to realize. I sincerely believe in the fact that things are changing in the world and this is a great step again in augmenting consciousness of woman and men. Thank you! I was especially moved by your mentioning the beauty of flowers for yourself. I put them next to my bedside a year ago and it felt sod good! Also my daughter (5) wanted it so she has it as well, to help her dream beautiful dreams she says :). I realize now she has fresh ones as she insisted a couple of days ago and mine a dried out, so now I am of to the garden!!! xox

  151. Bec

    I loved this video Marie! Such an inspiration to hear from people who value women so much. I work in a male dominated field and it is still the standard to have the majority of women in the business as assistants in skirts. I am in more of a leadership position and it kills me. It’s difficult to know what to do and how to progress! Bringing this type of conversation into the open helps. X

  152. I have never missed an episode and I don’t think I will EVERRR!!! I’ve got the COURAGE to actually start consulting from here: Marie TV and Marie Forleo, and I want to thank you for this.
    This episode was absolutely brilliant and it completely resonates with what I feel and how I think, as a woman who come from a society where her grandmother brought her up saying – “you need to show to the world that you’re daddy’s son and not a daughter.” And where my mother would tell me, “this is how it is for women.” I never got that. Now, my husband (who actually really loves me and I love him too), believes that women are the “weaker sex.” It’s like we’re never enough for anyone, despite everything we do. We get so conditioned with nuanced behaviors and attitudes that we forget what our power of femininity could do. I know I’ve been in my masculine zone since forever. I’ve almost forget to show my feminine side due to that.
    I just just love this episode. Thank you Mama Gena for bringing this out in the world, you gave me courage to actually really slay that thought in my head, which said, “oh no, what will the world think if I bring this out.” We need more stories, we need people who through their work will make a difference. I strive to do the same.
    Warmest regards to all, Marie, Team Forleo. :*

  153. Such inspiration imparted!! Really and truly, magic just happened. So many dots were connected. When I stand in the portal and invite other women in, I see why they are reluctant and feel as if they can’t come through. I have the joy of working with my hands and creating beautiful things that are useful and comfort others. I had the opportunity to leave the corporate world 20 years ago and am much happier for it. I’m going back for a second listen and will be buying the book!! Thank you both for this very important discussion.

  154. Louise

    Hey Marie,
    Thank you for the interview I watched between you and Regena. I salute Regena for her success and courage in releasing a book with such a provocative title and important message. However I stopped watching the interview when Regena started describing male ‘values’ as being: ‘work, work, work’ and ‘don’t, feel, just think of the bottom line financially’ – I believe this was disdainful towards men’s values and innacurate. Yes, we have been suppressed by them in the past, but what gives us the right to generalise on how men think and act? Doesn’t that make us culprit to the very prejudices we’ve been oppressed by for hundreds of years? I think we should always aim to strike a balance and look for inclusive ways to be successful in this world.

    • Louise, a very perceptive observation. And I so agree. I know many men who have found the balance. Of course I’m a musician so hang out with very creative men (and women). And my husband’s a poet. So I can sense when he’s struggling for balance in his life by his writing (or lack thereof). We all have to find our joy in what we were created to be. Yes, we were created to work. Most of us have that internal sense. But we were also created to embrace and celebrate each individual’s value. This does NOT exclude men. Life is balance.

  155. Great interview – loved the video and the concept of the book. The world needs this so badly and we all need to reclaim our feminine power and allow pleasure into our lives. Bravo!!!

  156. Lisa

    I find it interesting that there was talk of balancing masculine with the feminine in this talk when I was just reading The Fire Starter Session by Danielle LaPorte where there was more of a discussion of there not being a balance in life. The balance is definitely more a mobile where we are at the center and we get pulled or weighed downing one direction with the other parts of our life get neglected. I also thought that the idea of standing strong and bold in our femininity was such a huge concept. I love it!
    This subject is one that doesn’t get discussed so much as danced around in conversation. I couldn’t believe that women have 8,000 nerves devoted to pleasure and that we tend to neglect a huge part of ourselves by, not only indulging, but taking the time to take care of our pleasure. I loved the idea of a “pleasure break” and that it doesn’t have to be a day at the spa (though that does sound wonderful, doesn’t it?). It can be as simple as putting flowers on your desk or feeling the sun on our faces. I also really liked learning more about the history of women and the idea that women were valued more in the past than we are now. Very fascinating!
    Thank you so much Marie and Regena!

  157. Lynn

    Hi Marie,
    I love the concept of taking “pleasure breaks”. A simple, yet powerful, tool.

  158. Inge Madden

    Absolutely love and honor this book and it’s title. Just because it might offend some people doesn’t mean we should not talk about it…it means the exact opposite. ( And I am a Jesus lover on fire for God!!) The point is good – that women need to start owing their femininity and only when women start doing this and standing up for these attributes we all have will we allow other women and also men to start valuing this as well!! Thanks for this message , I plan on coaching women in this area somewhere in the future here in South Africa when I am ready to go! All the best with this book I am certain it will be a popular hot topic! 🙂

  159. Betsy Swartz

    Hi Marie:
    How refreshing to hear this material being brought into the spotlight! I have been working with this material (masculine/feminine) for many years, and feel that culturally, we don’t really understand what it means to be living in a Patriarchial society. We, men and women, are so accustomed to the bias that we don’t see it, thus we don’t think it requires any attention. Women are not the only ones hurt by this bias, men also suffer from the Patriarchy. It’s not about male vs female, as we all have both parts to us…both masculine and feminine. I am a woman who had my “default” set to masculine for various reasons. The answer to most of my ailments/issues/concerns is working with that default to re-set it to the “feminine” so that I am in balance. We all need both, but we need to be aware of which one is driving us. Like Marie, when I’m in my “hard-charging” mode for too long, I become exhausted and unwell. Reminding myself that I need to incorporate/balance my masculine with more feminine is always the answer. I agree with Regina, that the “feminine”, whether it exists in women or men, is a huge source of untapped energy. I suppose that is why the Dalai Lama said in 2009, “the world will be saved by the western woman”. The qualities of the feminine, as beautifully outlined by Regina in this interview, could put an end to war, divisiveness, the false belief that we are separate and be the connection that builds metaphorical bridges and brings us together as one, once more. No more walls, no more separation. The Patriarchial function, the shadow side of the masculine, has been in power for way to0 long. Women will be the champions of the feminine, women will lead the way….if we can begin to understand how the Patriarchy is affecting us and how to move toward in a different way. Thank you, Marie, for introducing me to the work of Regina. Many blessings!

  160. In my work as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Health Coach, I am amazed at how stressed ALL women are about their body. It doesn’t matter how successful other areas of their lives are, or what a mess everything is. Over and over I listen to women lament about, if they could just lose the weight, had bigger breast, could get rid of the cellulite, weren’t showing signs of aging, etc… And the sad truth is, even as a feminist and a psychotherapist, I have some of the same thoughts. I believe part of devaluing the divine feminine is controlling how it is “supposed” to look, and we’re all victims to this societal control. I’m quite frankly sick of withholding total self pleasure in any experience hostage to the extra 10 lbs I keep thinking I need to lose to feel happy! And I’ve written a book on healthy weight loss-but this paragraph is now going into my opening chapter! I want to support people in being healthy, and eating healthy. But I will no longer support this self loathing connected to not doing it “perfectly” and looking like the size zero that society wants us to be. Who wants to be a zero?! Talk about minimizing the feminine in society!

  161. Prerana Kohli

    Hi Marie,

    Thank you for bringing Regena to the show! I am from India, that is recently suffering from very grotesque sexual violence and child abuse. I really feel teaching little girls about their bodies is so so important for women to really take ownership of their bodies and their rightful power and place in the world. In fact I feel little boys could use help in this area as well. We need speakers like Regena to take a leadership role and train others in creating this awareness across the world.
    I really love your show and you! Keep up the great work! Muah!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for this comment, Prerana. You’re so right – everyone needs to learn how to take ownership of their bodies and respect other bodies at the same time!

  162. Patricia Janes

    For this world to be balanced, the feminine needs to reclaim her spot in the hierarchy of humanity. It’s time for women to show up and speak up. All the things that we value on the deepest levels are of the feminine: love, nurture, kindness, compassion and human connection to spirit. The title of the book is perfect! It’s powerful and that’s what women need right now.

  163. Dear Marie and Regena,
    I watched this conversation over and over yesterday, watched it again today, and forwarded it to my grown daughters. I have struggled with self-hatred all of my life and never had this particular cultural context for it. I had no names to give my daughters for their “bits and pieces.” I was too ashamed to speak any of those words out loud. I love the image of playing all 88 keys of my emotions, rather than being confined to middle C, giving myself and my daughters and my mother permission to be full-spectrum women, rather than holding back out of fear of hurting others or being hurt. I love the idea of taking time to listen to our cells, and bringing joy into our lives to liberate our cells from being suffocated by stress hormones.
    Thank you for this potent conversation!

  164. Hi Marie and Regena…my beautiful sisters,
    Wow, wow, wow! That was such a fabulous episode and a topic we desperately need to be discussing! Women don’t even know why we are depressed anymore and sometimes don’t even have the awareness of how our society does not support the divine feminine. It is essential to who we are, and we are not supported in letting this part of ourselves flourish in all its beauty. This book is so timely and so needed! I have become more acutely aware of how the feminine is continually repressed and am trying to bring light to this topic in my own way. (I manage a team of women and have 2 daughters). Regena, this is the first time you have crossed my path and I’ll definitely be looking at your website and purchasing your book….and reading your book openly in public, perhaps hoping the title catches someone’s eye and opens up more conversation.
    PS – I am writing this comment beside a vase of scented lilies I bought for myself. 🙂

  165. You two brilliant, blazing lights……..
    Thank the goddesses and gods for your courage and conviction and voice and bold mission to be in your fullness and radiance.
    You each have helped me over the past years to deepen into my own power and vision and willingness to join the wave of women changing things on this planet in a bigger way.
    I lift my skirt to you 🙂

    Vancouver, BC

  166. Jocelynn Rodrigues (they/them/she/her)

    Hi there.
    I really appreciate this video – it is so important for women to come together in sisterhood and find our strength again that has been squashed by oppressive patriarchal forces. I appreciate this video and the information therein so a heartfelt thank-you.
    I am a person of settler descent living on Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver, BC) who is white and queer. As I watched, I needed to remind myself that this information is coming from (from what I could tell) a hetero-white view. Nothing inherently wrong with that, but it does mean it’s only one voice/one perspective and this is important when we consider the context of whose voices are often heard and what stories are often told. At times “all women” was said and I needed to remind myself that, that this wasn’t necessarily true for all women and it’s important to not paint *all women* with one single brush. I certainly want to strive for the future where we can look everyone in the eyes and feel like sisters – AGREED. I mean not to discount the importance of what is being said in this film, I sincerely hope I have made that clear, but merely to kindly draw our attention to the importance of socially locating ourselves (gender, race, ability, socio-economic status, religious affiliation) so that it is clear to the audience that the perspective being spoken is *not universal*, and merely one of many. While there may be commonalities, there will be different experiences for women who experience intersecting forces of oppression (which can vary dramatically based on ones social location(s)). When the “feminine” way of being was described (which I love because it resonates so deeply with my being) it actually reminded me a lot of a more Indigenous worldview and I think it’s important too for listeners to understand and recognize the beauty of Indigenous worldviews which in North America has been silenced for too long via genocide, and on-going colonization of Aboriginal people. I want to regain our womanly strength with all voices heard, within all the intersections that oppression shows up! 🙂 I want everyone’s voice to be heard. As a white person of settler descent I feel it’s important for me to engage with other white people to break the silence, to encourage our own learning and research, and an on-going critical self-reflection of where /when we may be engaging in activities harming others we may not even be aware of as we’ve been socialized to internalize our dominance. It has been normalized into me too. I mean nothing but respect and hope for an open mind and heart which from the video it appears both have this 🙂 I am happy to chat further if anything I have said is unclear or raises any other thoughts/feelings as it’s pretty intense stuff -but that’s how we move forward 🙂 Thanks again ! 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So well said, Jocelynn. There’s such a broad, beautiful spectrum of experiences across all people and intersectionalities. While this episode shares one view, it’s so important as you mentioned to keep an open mind and for us honor our differences as well as similarities, and to love and respect each other as sisters (and brothers). We so appreciate you being a part of this conversation!

  167. This is so so so true! Coming from a very female oppressing culture (east Asian), I’ve been taught to put my head down and work hard. I feel guilty when I’m not “busy”. I’m taught that anything females are not good or second class. I never had any conversation or any (nick)names for my female parts because it’s embarrassing or taboo and should be hidden. I’ve grown up with girls sabotaging girls, fighting over boys. The common values are all women are nagging, jealous, manipulative, back-stabbers or vulnerable. At work everybody’s in competition of who’s the busiest or suffer the most …. you name it. I’m so tired of all this. Don’t we all want a good life? So why do we enjoy competition of misery? It seems like we have to compete for the very few good lives on earth, but I don’t believe in limited happiness.
    Thanks for pointing it out and having a conversation about it. It takes courage to break the traditional silence.

  168. Jude

    Thank you Marie & Regena! What a special message. I felt your insights on the value of the feminine energy very deeply. It’s something that’s felt ingrained in my soul, but is softening with each step forward. Thank you with all my heart for your bravery.

  169. Good on you Regina and thanks for having her on your show Marie! We all need to be in touch with our feminine power in order for the world to be back in balance. When I look at the patriarchal values have done to our world, our environment, politics and welfare of animals and humans, all I can say is you are so right in what you said in this video. The world needs more of the nurturing touch of the feminine. I am going to go and download your book NOW! Thank You for being so brave.

  170. Warmth and good wishes~ woo hoo Regina and Marie!! After listening to the show the biggest insight is how incredibly valuable and important it is to share our stories and support each other, wherever someone is in their journey. And sharing pleasure is a pretty wonderful way. Pussy yes! I honestly never understood why it was used in what was supposed to be a derogative manner, when heard it used that way, thought, ‘pussy? yeah, well I got it and it’s wonderful!’ . Every person on this earth has come through one, unless c-section, come on how amazzzing is that? Not to mention the strength and courage. When my friend and I were starting out into the world of puberty, we were wild, in a wonderful way: free, light hearted, speaking our minds, running around, riding bikes through the woods, swimming in the ocean, having great adventures, and would laugh after someone flirted with us. We’d look at each other and say ‘Pussy Power!’ , neither of us having yet entered the sexual realm with another. It has evolved to so much more and of course we are much more than just the enchanting pussy…To this day my friends, old and new, share fun around the Pussy that makes us laugh…such as ‘Praise the Pussy.
    I was raised in a house with all women after my father left when I was in sixth grade, but even before that we were open in our house about bodies, body parts and functions, not overly, just as a natural part of life. So my heart extends to anyone who has no relation with theirs, or shame, confusion. Let me tell you your pussy is wonderful! Enjoy it! The ability to give life, whether to another, a creative project, etc., is Divine Abundance already = woman…we have a built in procreative force and beyond that in women’s bodies the neocortex connects the hemispheres of our brain (it doesn’t do that in men) hence experiencing pleasure on multiple levels, and I imagine Regina knows, on top of that we have a clitoris that has no ‘physical function’ besides being our most erogenous zone (technically speaking) . If that’s not obvious testament to the necessity of pleasure in our lives, what is? This pleasure is not limited to sexuality. Pleasure as an opportunity to drop into the yumminess of ourselves and rest in the beautiful feminine quality of receptiveness, to be and to receive, it fills our hearts and spirits as we nourish ourselves with the bounty of life. When we’re nourished life flourishes around us: projects, families, businesses, whatever it is. It’s all connected to the cycles of nature where the sensual and wholesome are not mutually exclusive but are inherent qualities of life. Our worlds are made up of sights, sounds, tastes, textures, words, vibrations, thoughts that abound for us to take a moment to enjoy. I feel today it’s about balancing the active and receptive principles within us through (as women) our feminine essence, which looks different than through the masculine. That living in a sensual world is much much different: healthier, vital, creative, inclusive, encouraging, appreciative and uplifting and loving than living in a sexualized world. I want to be woman in all her munificence and the same for the others around me. Sometimes when people talk to me about spirituality there can be the belief of giving up things we enjoy. I’m all for growing consciousness and having healthy radiant addictions, but really they’re talking about denying the senses and life to ebb and flow through our bodies. We can cultivate both a sense of pleasure along with heartful compassion, sincere deep listening and understanding at the same time; it’s not an either or universe. Sharing pleasure is a gift not only to ourselves but others as well that affirms there’s plenty, for all of us, and opening the door for others that, hey, yes it’s good to feel good, to receive pleasure in this moment: this eye gaze, a smile, the wind on your face, being present for another, the moon spinning in rapture over you, fragrances, stars singing, a child in all their moods, someone passing, floating the undercurrent of joy that supports our lives by merely being alive…calling to us all the while…in so many ways.
    A sense of pleasure from within beams into the world and through all we do and is a blessing to share. There’s infinite ways of engaging with pleasure moment to moment, and as mentioned sexually is just one of these…I do have to add, as the comment comes to a close, that you were very deliberate and conscious in the show about not wanting to scare others when the term of self pleasuring came up-which is great, thank you, yet in the long run I have to add to know about pleasuring ourselves physically is important and empowering. To have a healthy intimate relationship with your body and being: what you like, need, respond to, desire is really each of our own responsibility and pleasure. Otherwise at a certain level it keeps ‘your’ pleasure outside of you, dependent on someone else…what you know about you in terms of pleasure, physical and in all the other imaginable and soulful, joyous ways, can be shared with the right person in the right way at the right time. Pussy Power..shine on all you ladies, enjoy the adventure, inside and out!!! Thank you Marie and Regina!!!!

    • Donna Gratton

      Beautifully said!

  171. This is such a “taboo” topic in the culture we currently live in. I gotta admit the title made me clinch a bit and I think myself a feminist 🙂

  172. This was my fave interview of all time. I will be sharing this – and it will be my first share! More of this kind of magic please.
    Keep rockin it sister!
    XoxHeather Kristian

  173. Whitney

    I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful talk, it couldn’t have been more well-timed. It resonates so acutely with me right now because I have been struggling with my “drive” and my masculinity–trying to make my business go and be a wife and a mother. I have no time for pleasure and I beat myself up constantly over it to the point that I’m not productive because I’m in a constant state of struggle and imbalance. I certainly don’t enjoy life most of the time and my roles as mother, wife, and artist/entrepreneur. I have so much shame and guilt around pleasure because of a specific experience in my childhood. I’m so sick of being ashamed of my feminine essence, this needs to change and I’m excited and hopeful for the potential growth and self love that will come from this awakening.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind comment, Whitney. I know shame is something that so many of us struggle with, especially women, and it’s definitely time for that to change and for us to embrace ourselves more fully. I hope this episode serves as a point of inspiration, and we’re so glad it resonated! xo

  174. Mariana

    Hi Marie,
    I think that Regena did a great thing standing by her book’s title, nonetheless her “speech” seemed to me quite inaccurate and misguiding regarding what the feminine means, what patriarchal values are versus the matriarchal. The feminine and masculine are concepts by themselves that do not correspond to what patriarchal and matriarchal mean. Therefore the confusion among people remains and that is why we see women who are worse than patriarchs when it comes to deploying power, because they become matriarchs. Equilibrium in both men and women resides in letting both the femenine and the masculine express themselves. Women were worshiped and considered sacred before matriarchy…which is as sick as the patriarchal system that we already now. There are a couple of tribes that actually revere both the feminine and the masculine within their communities. An these values both the feminine and the masculine do not belong either to men or women, but to both. An example of this tribes in the Americas is the Q’eros of Peru. It would be very interesting to have someone on your program who really can point out the characteristics and differences between the feminine and the masculine and not what was discussed today, which was basically men and women’s roles…spiced with some sisterhood…

  175. Kristen Arndt

    Hello Marie,
    I laughed so hard at the end when Regena said come over and I will do a muscle test on you! Haha that is so me!! You two are brilliant together and I totally relate to that episode! Empower women together, I’m on board.
    Xoxo Kristen

  176. Donna Gratton

    Loved it! Loved Regena! The title does not offend me. In fact I am going to read it cover to cover, whilst sipping my fav wine or sucking up me tea from my fav mug with my fav candle and then I’m going to call together all the women I know and I know a lot and I am going to get them stand in their own power!
    I encourage all people to stand in their own fabulousness every single day!
    Thank you for such a fabulous interview! Now, where shall I spend my pleasure today…
    You can’t see me, I’m jumping for joy – mwaa bless you both

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hooray, Donna! I’m jumping for joy with you 😀

  177. Annie Scott

    Pussy has always meant cat to me and I love cats, I had no idea it could mean anything else. So the title doesn’t land with me in terms of personal impact but I like the notion of women finding voice, value and re balance, this is definitely where I am right now. Just doing the feminine power course so it all ties in beautifully, thank you.

  178. Aleks

    I love the expression “discipline of pleasure” and the explanation what pleasing myself does with the hormones in my body. It makes all the “unreasonable” feminine desires like decorating a table with flowers very reasonable indeed! 🙂

  179. Omg…just got my copy of “Pussy” yesterday. I could not put it down. This IS the revolution sisters.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Ellen! 😀

  180. Penelope Gordon

    This interview was amazing! Thank you so much, it’s so exciting to part of this community! Cant wait to read the book, this really is life changing stuff x

  181. Heather-Feather

    ​To know me is to know I am far far farrrr removed from the whole “feminist” movement. I really don’t give a ripple… If you ask me, not only do I have to cook, clean, rear my children… but now you want me to work a 9-5+, or vote, or think!

    What the hell…. leave me bare foot in the kitchen I’M GOOOOOD!!!! LOL

    However… I do love being a women, I love being empowered, exploring my essence, and feeling pretty 🙂

    This interview came across as something very intriguing to me and I think I am going to look into the book titled PUSSY.

    Cant wait! Marie, thank you for all you do… your content never disappoints. xoxox

  182. A provocative book title can attract some readers and deter others. Personally, i would have elaborated on the title to explain a bit what it is about, if the title is just one word.
    Have you ever been summoned on the street by a stranger who utter the sound
    It is most degrading. I would rather be looked upon as a tiger than a pussy. Given that, we still need to take this word out of the closet, and in doing do, we neutralize the emotional charge associated with the word pussy, and with pussy itself. I know a journal called: Bitch. It brought that word into main stream. The same happened with the word Homo. But they replaced it with the word Faggot. People who want to put you down, will always come up with new words to insult you.
    A woman is not defined by her pussy. Her gender is defined by her pussy. But a woman is not a pussy. She only has a pussy. Some men are psychologically feminine, but do not own a pussy. The interview was certainly empowering for women. It holds a special significance for teenagers and women in their early twenties, who are at a stage of exploring their body and pleasure. When i was a girl, i never touched my pussy. Not until i passed age 18. I just assumed that it was a dirty body part, because no-one in our family ever talked about it. I think i also inherited genetically some Victorian attitudes from my past lives. Since most of my genitals were inside, hidden, i assumed it was not only dirty, but something that nature has intended to hide because it is ugly! Well, you live and learn. Obviously, we have to claim all our body part as important, but although society objectifies us and defines us according to our body parts, we must never define ourselves by our body parts. A woman is a woman, even if she lost her breasts or uterus. Angelina Jolie comes to mind here. Yes, pleasure is denied to women in misogynistic society. And western culture is very misogynistic, although we like to think of ourselves as more evolved. I think this book is going to help liberate women from society’s prejudices against their gender. So, it is all good and timely.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Gloria. I agree this topic is so timely! I’m not sure if you’ve checked out the book itself, but I believe the title on the cover is “Pussy: A Reclamation,” so that will definitely help clarify that it’s actually about taking the word back!

  183. Kellie Caswell

    Marie, I guess I’ve been under a rock for a long time because I’m just finding MarieTV and what you are all about! I have to admit I’ve binged watched your interviews like a good Netflix series:) I’m reading everything on your site and the people you’ve interviewed … I’m reading their books if they have one and subscribing to their websites. I’m writing this today from a place of major depression and anxiety which has resulted from my masculine drive and world I grew up in and have lived for 46 years. Work, get ahead, no time for fun or pleasure and well if I did step out and find a little fun or pleasure I was criticized and told by society and others close to me to ” get back in line!!” “Who are you to do that?? ” I’m sad that it’s taken 46 years to realize this but I credit a lot of my awakening to finding your website, your show hots, etc. I’m running out to get Mama Genas book today!! I am hopeful in my work that I can realize my potential, embrace my feminine and take my life back. Thank you for all you do!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Kellie, we’re so delighted to hear that you found us and that you’re diving into our work. Welcome to our beautiful community! ♥

      I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been going through depression and anxiety, and it means so much to hear that our work and the incredible people we’ve featured are encouraging you to take your life back. We’re sending so much love your way, and keep pursuing your joy and pleasure! 🙂

  184. jenny

    We would love to live all 88 keys of our emotional virtuosity…but that’s how we go labeled hysterical and illogical….they use our gifts against us and so do we.

  185. I love the power of the sisterhood and how we all help each other to climb up up up and conquor the world… it’s magic! Thank you… keep the power growing one gorgeous female at a time… x

  186. Ana

    Hi Marie and Regena,

    Thank you for that interview. I am taking away the part about every woman being a role model for their daughter, sister, etc. I know that when I am shining all around benefit from that and yes we can all together raise this world to the next level! I love that you talked about owning your darkness because I think that it is so easy to try to deny it but much healthier to let it be. Personally I tend to hide it away partly because I don’t believe in adding to the negativity more so I guess it’s challenging to balance the ownership and acknowledgement of your downs with striving to be a role model that shines.
    Go Regena! Challenging our self-imposed acceptance of society is great growth and brings awareness to how we can help both genders do better.

    Love what you do Marie, you are adding some much needed spotlights on areas of life and ways of being!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good point, Ana! Balancing owning the darkness and acknowledging the darkness can be tricky. I think it’s good to let it out so it doesn’t eat at you, but it depends on when and how you share it. It sounds like you’re really respectful of the people around you, which is awesome.

  187. Sex is dual in nature….male/female. Therefore sex, and anything associated with it including our sexual organs, is a part of the DUALISTIC nature of life. Our conscious evolution is moving us toward UNITY…characterised by the qualities of the FEMININE, most often called LOVE. The true design of the universe is feminine. The masculine is, in fact, the wounded feminine, most often called FEAR, which exists only in a DUALISTIC world…the world which includes sex. Our conscious evolution is dissolving the fearful masculine…an evolution into love…where the fear/love duality no longer exists. We all embody both masculine and feminine energies, until we learn to overcome the fearful masculine. So to associate the FEMININE with the female sex organs is erroneous. And to assume that it’s women who are going to save the world through an increased feminine, is also erroneous. Only when we rise above the SEXUAL AGENDA will we exalt the feminine. Simply BE LOVE…and SEND LOVE…to all.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s beautiful, Marg! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

  188. Claudia

    Is Marie stuck on the word? She referred to it as “That word”, but I never heard her use the word pussy. I thought this conversation was great, and I plan on reading the book.

    • Mojca

      She did say pussy in the beginning. I guess she just didn’t want to repeat herself? xx

    I am so greatfull you talked about this. There is a part where being embarassed about heartbreak is mentioned. I am so ashamed of how broken hearted I usually feel. I try to hide it but now and for all I need to understand that its okay. I do thank everyone and everything that involved me feeling this way because from those situations I was able to discover this beautiful talented writter in me. I have realized that even in the worst situation and in all the broken heartedness in me and around me , there is always strenght and beauty. I will not give up remembering that its hard to stand back up because I am not only standing up for myself, Im tapping into a power that is meant to be shared.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re so strong, Andrea. It’s totally okay to let yourself feel a full spectrum of emotion, even heartache. Thank you for sharing your heart with us—we’re thinking of you and sending healing wishes your way.

  190. Awesome. I had SUCH CHILLS when I realized who this interview was with, the are coming on now again just writing about it, and when it started that I knew this resonated on a VERY FULL LEVEL!

    Thank you Marie and Mama Gena! I LOVE YOU!


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much, Sarah! ♥

  191. J.U

    this video was amazing. You ladies have hit each and every key i’ve learned on my own in 2016 in just a few minutes. Im so glad I tuned into this episode, this conversation needs to occur in every circle of girlfriends all across the world. All I can say is Wow! You knocked it out the park again girl.
    This conversation showed me that i am on the right path and that taking time each day to love myself in anyway i need to on a daily basis is essential to my success in business. Whats crazy is that I thought i was strange of naughty for doing that before. Now I know that it feels wrong because it’s right! I’m also taking with me the confidence to remain in my femininity my love for mundane objects and the beauty in them all.

    I do have a question. What are some things you’d suggest I can do to moderate the conversations I’ll be sparking up with the ladies in my life? What I mean is this, I liked the way you gave your voice through out the dialogue to facilitate understanding amongst women who might be on the brink of this journey to owning her brute strength and femininity or even haven’t thought about it at all? Im a passionate person and I know speaking on this topic can make me sound like a clueless hippy skipping through the forest. And it doesn’t help that I’ve got this Fro on my head. Im going to be around a lot of special women in my life very soon and I want to spark the flame of sisterhood and community again.
    so lastly could you also ( or anyone reading this) suggest some specific actions you took to form your lady league™?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      J.U., thank you so much for your comment, and we’re so glad to hear this episode showed you that you’re on the right path! It’s wonderful that you’re looking to form more conversations around this topic. One great place to start might be to check out Mama Gena’s new book, as I believe part of it is about connecting with other women and continuing this conversation, so you might get some great ideas that way.

      Although the overall topic of the episode is a bit different, I thought I might also pass along this great MarieTV episode about networking: That might help you explore ways to build your lady league and connect with like-minded, incredible women, so I hope it helps. Thanks again for watching!

  192. I’m a big fan, a BSchool grad and have rarely missed a Marietv episode and have loved it all, but this interview takes the cake, is at the top of the pile, and may be the most inspirational talk I’ve heard in a long time. Regena puts into words so eloquently the thoughts that have been circling around my consciousness for the past 5 years…I can’t believe I had never heard of her! Thank you for the fabulous introduction and for this episode, it has changed my life.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ruth, thank you SO much! This means the world to hear, and we’re honored that we were able to introduce you to Regena! ♥

  193. I love when someone can come in and speak so candidly about masculine and feminine energy balance. I’m a huge feminist and truly believe that it’s not about “pushing” one gender down, but instead about finding balance between the two genders to create a beautiful world. Great episode!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Completely agree, Zoey. Thanks for joining the conversation!

  194. Jennifer

    Oh, hallelujah! This is so inspiring and I am charged with energy and challenged to give voice to women to own their feminine power and embrace the wonderful ways we contribute, releasing guilt for owning our joy and pleasure, and being a blazing beautiful sister! What a fabulous episode. I think this gave me more courage to own my own gifts and understand how my choice to blaze brightly (even taking pleasure in flowers!) opens up opportunity for others to do the same. Sometimes we hold ourselves back for fear, and the message today spoken by 2 shining examples doing just that inspires others to rise up! Thank you!

  195. Brilliant interview!

    I am left with a yes Yes YES!!!!

    Pleasure is Power. I shan’t be denied.

    This is My kind of power…life giving, soul changing…Love. Makes me eager to spread this infectious life altering vibe to the womanhood that surrounds me.

    I am a portal with a birds eye view. A come hither wink offering permission to Soar!

    Thank you!

  196. Holly

    Wow – I am going to have to re-watch this. So inspiring – possibly my favourite interview ever! Thank you so much for sharing, needed to hear it, loved it!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      SO glad to hear that, Holly!

  197. Michelle

    Thank you, Marie and Regena.
    For the work I have been doing on developing my business to serve women here in Australia and around the world, this is a very timely conversation, both to inspire and remind me that I am on the right track with my ambitions. I wholeheartedly believe that we are in a world where the feminine is being called back to help us restore a balance in a planet quite out of control. I am Irish and as a young girl, I learnt about Gaelic folklore which was steeped in tradition and stories of the blessed place women had in ancient society to keep such a balance. As each human, we hold both the feminine and masculine in our psyche. However, the masculine has been dominating the psyche of men and women for millenia. Our politics, commerce, governance, and health will continue to grow “out of kilter” until this restoration takes place.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Michelle! I want to go read some Gaelic folklore now.

    • Regarding the ancient empowered feminine in Gaelic culture… check out ‘sheela na gig’ (seen on old churches and other sacered spots! Gives us a clear idea of our former relationship with pussy. I like the word ‘Yoni’.

  198. Edith dupuis

    Thank you for this wonderful interview!

  199. Pussy! Yeah! What a great title! What a great body part! What a great word! Let’s all enjoy that. 😀
    Thanks as always. Love everything about the show. Love my pussy too! xo

  200. Steph

    I LOVED this episode of MarieTV. Pussy! When I heard the title I gasped loudly and scared my husband. The best take away from this episode is feeling good, feeling of joy and pleasure is a must. It’s something I don’t do enough and even when I do-buy those flowers or hang by the beach for a bit- I get the sense of guilt almost as if I don’t deserve to feel this good. And what’s better is knowing that when I’m feeling good, it allows other woman to do so. Love love love this! I can’t wait to share it with my sisters.
    Thanks Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh gosh, I so hear you on the guilt thing, Steph, though it definitely is a gift to others though when we can allow ourselves to experience joy and pleasure. We’re so glad you’ll be sharing this episode, and we so appreciate you tuning in with us!

  201. It is ever so tempting to just keep going and not stop and care for myself… BUT, I’ve slowly learnt that stopping, resting, and being with even my scariest feelings, opens up much more energy. I just got home from my part-time teaching job, and it was a rough morning. My son is in my class, and he got really distraught, and I found it pretty distressing too. Now I’m home, I had a yummy lunch, I still feel a little shaky, but that’s ok I tell myself. Now I am going to do what nurtures me most, and turns off the cortisol and turns on the yummy hormones. I lie in a restorative yoga posture (imagine being tucked up like a baby) and listen to my dear yoga friend’s audio yoga nidra recording. Deeply healing and enables me to be with these feelings that come and go, with kindness. Thanks for the reminder that I am indeed on the right track. Because I still have moments of forgetting, and we women need to remind each other that kind self-action is imperative to our individual and mutual survival.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Sounds lovely, Anna! You’re SO on the right track 🙂

  202. I loved this episode. My blog is also about teaching women to live a more empowered life and Regina’s insight solidified to me even more how important it is that we as women empower each other to build our lives on our own terms and chase our dreams.

  203. Manjit gill

    This is so powerful , inspiring and very important for all to see – men and women.
    Totally agree that women have been devalued over the centuries and it still continues today. We need to end this path and re – educate the whole of mankind ..

  204. Mojca

    Amazing episode Marie. I started watching with a comment in my mind in advance (first impression of the book’s title for me was that it was maybe a bit gimmicky and only to attract attention) but having watched the episode I really LOVED the message. I still feel the pussy in the title might actually detract from the awesome topic the book is addressing as (at least to me) it sounds a bit superficial (it’s not about the physical after all), but on the other hand, the more eyeballs it gets the better, cause the message is so important!
    I feel I really learned from this episode. I love all people and value men and women equally so have never felt particularly connected to ‘sisterhood’ but Regena’s point of view kind of opened my eyes about this – it’s about honouring the feminine values and bringing them to the fore so they can balance out the (currently dominating) masculine-driven world! Brilliant. Glad I got this new perspective of the whole ‘sisterhood’ concept 🙂
    Love you, your team, your show and everything you do <3

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Mojca! We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode and the sisterhood concept in particular. I love what you shared about balance – that’s what it’s all about, and we’re so glad to be a part of this conversation! 🙂

  205. i love love love the point about how if we are dismissing claiming the feminine moments (like making time for and honoring flowers), it may very well be that it is because we ourselves are conditioned by a masculine-dominated way of being. i totally relate to this and have a whole new respect for and understanding of feminine aspects. thank you Regena, Marie, and all you other bold, brave, feminine-celebrating creatures out there for opening new portals!

  206. I’m really looking forward to reading this book and thank you so much, Regena for being brave with the title and also writing on this topic. The feminine energy has been so ignored, misunderstood and not discussed for way too long. For centuries women have felt that the only way to be taken seriously, or even be listened to for that matter, is to behave like men, and they were right in so many ways and that is unfortunate. I truly believe that the more women who understand the power that is in the feminine and learn how to be heard through their feminine, the world will be effected in a beautiful way. Damned, I’m 55 and have only begun to really understand what “the feminine” is over the past few years. Fortunately I got past feeling that I am competing with other women years ago and love sisterhood. Once again, I thank and salute you for writing this book which I can’t wait to read. Much love to you, Regena and to Marie as well. xo

  207. Alyssa

    I completely fall into that category of “I have to get everything done.” I’ve been so, so stressed recently and am having a difficult time dealing with it. Put on top of that weight gain when I’ve been trying to lose weight for over a year and I’ve just been yo-yoing within the same 15 lbs. I know I need to take more time for myself to just breath and do something I enjoy, but really find this challenging. I’ll probably go through and watch this again because it is really important for me.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I’m in the same category myself, Alyssa – I SO hear you there. Although it’s challenging to breathe and just enjoy, it’s definitely something that’s really important for us and our overall well being. I hope this episode helps inspire you to relax and enjoy a bit more!

  208. Patricia

    I am looking forward to reading that book. Congratulations for this entertaining and above all interesting conversation, Regina and Marie!!!

  209. Sukhbir Kaur

    I had been feeling the same from couple of months as if I had to regain control over myself, my time and keep pleasure in my checklist. Yes I have a family of five including a teenager and at times felt lot of stress to cope up. So I took some baby steps:
    First: I called for HELP from the friends i thought could help me.
    Second: I am building a routine for massage on weekends.
    Third: I have out sourced my work on weekends, in other words taken help at home front.

    Now I feel The intensity of Monday blues has reduced. But with this talk show you have validated my feelings and now I am going to speedily focus on My pleasure and self love.

  210. Nicole Salemme

    I think what I took away was that we need to be kinder to ourselves. Take a deep breath and feel the warmth of the sun. Those things do help. My daughter just called from college and said she is “having the worst day ever” and I immediately told her it was one day, take it one issue at a time and go outside and feel the sun on her face and take a deep breath of the cool crisp autumn air and that will help. This kind of break from stress has gotten both my girls and myself through some difficult times. So thank you for reaffirming we need to take better care and enjoy those moments in our lives.

  211. What came into my mind was: What about the men? If we want to connect with masculine energy in a way we´ve never experienced it before we need men who are ready for that. The more women I meet these days, those who wake up more and more and find out about their deeper meaning, the more I have conversations about “not finding a men who can handle this”. I mean this not in a condescending way but in a way like “what can we do to allow men to find their feminine energy”?

    p.s. One of my favourite episodes, thank you so much ladies! And WILL buy this book.

  212. Cami

    This was amazing!!! I now want to share this video with every woman i know <3

  213. Nair Bonito

    Started crying as I watched this video. It struck such a chord with me as I have recently been working 7 days a week non stop in order to keep myself and my son afloat financially. I have been trying to take time out in order to have space for myself and finally had to call into work sick today just to make sure I had time to rest. Watching this video on this day has really really hit home! Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Nair, we’re so glad that this episode really struck a chord with you. I hope that you had a chance to rest up and relax — it can be tough when we’re working so hard to support ourselves and our families, but taking even the smallest moments to care for ourselves helps so much. Sending so much love your way!

  214. Here’s what I REALLY see stopping women in the world today.

    I believe women stop women more than men stop women. I understand that this is a controversial statement, and I stand behind it.

    I see women who are in competition with each other for men’s attention, resources and opportunities, rather than working together to support one another. I see women leading with their sexuality and appearance first rather than with their greatest inner value (what I call your Treasure strength)– because YES men do respond to that. But they will also respond to you claiming your highest self-worth. But you have to know what that is.

    That’s what I’ve dedicated my life to helping people uncover. I want you to know what is ultimately so precious and uniquely valuable about you so that you can begin to live it EVERY MOMENT; so you can give the world what it craves from you and rock your most meaningful life.

    With love, Nicole

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Girl on girl hate is definitely a real problem. Mama Gena is a big believer in sisterhood because there’s real power in women banding together to support each other. I hope you enjoyed the wisdom she shared on that in this interview, which is a small taste of the discussion of sisterhood that she dives into in her book.

  215. Hi,
    I’m a Dutch spirit junkie, new feminist en no-nonsense happy activist. I just heard the news that the person that’s going to be the president of the USA is not helping us any further on our paths together. To watch this interview was a beginning medicine to the grief and pain that I now feel so I am very thankful and grateful for that. Thank you. Keep on making these amazing books, clips and texts Marie Forleo, Regena Thomashauer and all the others that are reading this.
    Thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this was helpful, Lauren! We definitely share your concerns and can relate to feeling anxious about the future. Marie has always been committed to providing inspiring, encouraging content and we believe that’s more important now than ever before. Thank for your for bright spirit and for the beautiful work you’re doing in the world.

  216. Laura

    Hi Marie, I just want to tell you that I absolutely love your show, it gets me going every morning!! I love your spunky attitude!! In bold approach to reclaiming your power, I think the woman you were interviewing made a big mistake when she said “because no one wants to be a pussy, or have a pussy.” I was gravely, gravely offended by that. Who does she think she is ? There’s nothing wrong with that word, it comes from the word “pussycat!!” I’m not sure what she meant by that, and if it maybe just came out wrong, But i’m very proud of mine and I love mine and I wouldn’t rather have anything else between my legs!!! And I call it that often and it’s not offensive to me! She can’t speak for all women, and she’s trying to, and that’s my problem with that interview. Ufffhhhh— that wasn’t what I wanted to hear in the morning, or ever. It makes me upset because she might not want hers referred to as that, and that’s her business, but don’t try to shine your old-fashioned views on us, bc we love our pussies.
    Thank you.

  217. Dena

    Since reading The DiVince Code and the parts about losing the Feminine Goddess in the Catholic religion it was clear then that the value of women had taken a nose dive along the way. Embracing our femininity instead of taking it on as a curse resonated with me. As the eldest of 3 children in a broken marriage I saw first hand how marginalized little girls became when a family went through divorce in the 1970s. How, without a father in the home, we became instant prey to predatory males in the neighborhood… Adult males , older male kids as well as male kids our age. I have been a warrior since … still honing my skills. Looking forward to attending the January 2017 Mama Gena’s seminar.. and reading and using her materials in being an advocate to women who have been victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence in my area. Peace. D

  218. This woman has such a wonderful energy. Very inspiring episode!

  219. Tracey

    I love that Mama Gena named her book what she teaches. She is a leader in opening up the divine feminine in a woman. The SWA literally saved my life and began me on a path of finding the love within. I can see how I was one of those women caught up in my masculine self of work until I burnt out and negative towards women. She opened up all of my emotions, which I numbed out from a painful childhood, and gave me permission to express every emotion I had stuffed and moved into the realm of “I’m fine” which was far from the truth. I have so much gratitude for her work, Bubbe – her mother and the incredible sisterhood I have been connected to and their stand for me.

    As for Justice comment, I agree! Here are some of my recommends of amazing sisters doing incredible things in this world. Bernadette Pleasant; Rha Goddess; Jo-Na Williams; Wokie Nwabueze – Seen & Heard; These off the top of my head besides the obvious ones that are Oprah; Alice Walker; Ava Duverny, Shonda Rhimes; and so many more!

  220. Noeriin

    Thank you both for this open and direct conversation between sisters.
    I’ve always felt this sacredness, it’s been key to getting through tough situations but I didn’t have the language for it until much later due to what an unbalanced society feeds young minds. Often times when I tried to articulate it, it was met with typical reactions of having said something inappropriate or even disdain.
    I’ve recently been doing a lot of reflecting on this very subject and am so grateful to have been guided to this conversation.
    Everything resonated deeply within my Being.
    I particularly love the challenging of old and persistent conditioned thoughts on feelings and pleasure as taboos.
    AND highlighting that although it’s empowering to feel pleasure during intimacy, there are numerous ways in which we can begin to take pleasure right at this moment, just by being present and sensing the wonderment that life is.
    It was a truly powerful talk, I feel a renewed sense of hope for the sacred feminine.
    I bought the book in the middle of the interview and will be sharing it with all the divine women in my life.
    Thank you!

  221. Katie

    I was really disappointed in this interview. Regena’s use of “we” when referring to women is really assumptive. Not all of us women feel oppressed and victimized. Not all of us feel like the other women in our lives are threatening. Things are not perfect, but I feel like these are old, tired cliches that women as a group have worked hard to change, and have largely done so successfully, and by continuing to ruminate in them, we are preventing them from truly becoming things of the past.

  222. Beautiful episode. Biggest take-away: community. I work as a psychotherapist in my own private practice and (although I’m in a committed relationship) I live alone and work alone. In the past 2 months I have been INTENTIONAL about connecting with other women both professionally and personally. It has made such a big difference in my pleasure and life satisfaction level on a daily basis. I run a women’s group I call the SSS Women’s Club (Strong, Smart, and Sassy) and this bunch is just kicking off for fall. Every time I market for the group it amazes me how I run into the greater resistance of suspicion and under-valuing time for female growth and community. In a big way, this time around, I am “relearning” in my own life just how hugely important those things are for ME to be very intentional about. And I always love and gain so much from the women who join the group!

    • Heather-Team Forleo

      Beth, this is awesome! Congrats on taking action and bringing these women together. It will be a gift for you and for them. Here’s to being intentional AND taking action. We’re cheering you on. xo

  223. Sara Pastore

    Sooooo powerful!!! Thank you so much for this interview with Regina! The two of you are amazing! I’m really grateful for your work and hers! I just graduated from the School of Womanly Arts Mastery 2019, and my life is forever changed! Now beginning the journey post-mastery. I’m excited to now connect more with your work as well, Marie. Thank you!

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