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Last year, I got a lovely surprise.

Someone tweeted at me from 30,000 feet to say they saw me in an inflight magazine. My first thought was, “Hmm, that’s odd. I don’t remember doing any print interviews recently.”

Turns out they saw my name because I got a shout out from someone else. Specifically, a brilliant actor and director named Bryce Dallas Howard.

Bryce was doing press for the release of the blockbuster film Jurassic World and shared that she was ‘obsessed’ with this online show, MarieTV.

I was surprised, honored and very grateful. So I reached out to thank her and realized that we lived close to each other and she’s a B-Schooler!

The goal of an artist is to be unignorable. @BryceDHoward Click To Tweet

As I learned about her journey overcoming learning disabilities, postpartum depression and her relentless work ethic as a creative multipassionate entrepreneur — I knew I wanted to have her on the show. In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How she turned her childhood learning disabilities into a lifelong source of strength
  • Why the harsh statistics Bryce’s grandmother taught her about acting when she was 16 have fueled her past countless rejections. HINT: this mindset can be applied in any industry
  • The value of day jobs, side jobs and financial planning for all creatives
  • How she wisely sees comparisons and identity mix-ups with fellow actor Jessica Chastain as a very good thing
  • Why she refused to stay silent about her postpartum depression and how important it is not to hide our most difficult struggles

Bryce is a talented, humble and extremely hardworking mom who takes nothing for granted. I think you’ll really appreciate this glimpse into the heart of a woman we most often see up on the silver screen.

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Now, I’d love to hear from you.

What part of this conversation was most impactful for you? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your story may help someone have a profound shift.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

While Bryce works in the arts, the conversations about rejection, perseverance and financial planning are useful and relevant no matter what industry you’re in.

And — if you love magical, whimsical stories as much as I do, catch Bryce as Grace in Disney’s Pete’s Dragon!

Thank you for reading, watching and adding your voice to the conversation.

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    Loooooooved this interview! Specially the part she mentions that we should know more about statistics, so we could be more realistic about the things we want to try! And at the same time it helps us to don’t give up! Never thought this way! Normally, numbers just makes me give up on new things. This perspective is much more gentle to my heart! Thanks for the always awsome content.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Ana! xo

    • I agree. This perspective is so helpful if you’re working in a competitive field.

    • Ana, I completely agree with you. I tend to take ” No’s” like a dagger to the heart and as a network marketer you can’t let that happen but I do because I’m so passionate about it and it eventually takes my drive away or sap my motivation but hearing that was so helpful. I just dig her even more now. She was so inspiring and relatable and spoke so well. I felt like I was included. Lol. Like I was there with them. Marie, you are the master at guiding and leading us with your wisdom. I am eternally grateful. Xo

    • Rebecca

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you. Marie. Bryce. My soul needed this. I think I knew some of these things deep down before but it was so helpful to have it reinforced. I’m walking away with the number 64; for auditions, men, whatever. ?

    • Thank you Marie and Bryce Dallas for this! Many take ways. For me, the nr 1 is the number of auditions Bryce went on, that she didn’t give up and even expected to go on way more before even consider quitting. Being prepared for NO and not seing this as failures is spot on. I’m in a product-based business and will bring this mindset with me for an upcoming launch. Also LOVE how Bryce here clearly gets thought with what you Marie always says – -to focus on the unique thing YOU can bring into this world.

      Finally, (this might sound odd) love the funeral description. Thanks!

    • Ana

      This interview is so inspiring ! I love how she used her diagnosis to focus on her strength ! And then, she focus on the positive sides like with the statistics to win an audition, to have side jobs, and to embrace the fact that she could be critized and it would be a good sign ! Thank you the team for this interview !

    • Diana

      Yes, Ana, it brings so much peace to give up expecting to get a yes on a first try. I agree with you, that one of my biggest take away of this episode.

  2. I had to stop the video at 9:34 because I started crying… what the heck?
    “Having common sense is maybe the most important thing to have in life.”
    I’ve been telling my daughter this her entire life. I guess hearing someone else say it really hit me right in the tear ducts.
    Watching her struggle through school and seeing how stressed she would be over things like handwriting or geometry was so hard. I would tell her that no one cares if your handwriting is a little messy, you’re kind and thoughtful. We would dread test days and back to school. She just graduated and now that the stress of homework and tests is over, she’s like a new person. She’s always been wise beyond her years and now I can’t wait for her to find her special gift and share it with the world.
    Ok… starting the video again.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Kelly — thank you so much for sharing. It’s wonderful that your daughter has graduated and she’s like a new person. We’re sending her so much love to you both! <3

  3. Loved this episode!!!
    It’s funny how parts of me want to be that quiet type because I feel like I can be too out there, but I feel like Bryce just gave me permission to go big.

    I should know better… I used to work in television and theatre!!

    Thank you, Bryce and Marie! ❤️

  4. Of all the videos I have seen, this was the most impactful… took me by surprise! Bryce’s story of postpartum depression, learning disabilities, financial stability (big one) and the story of the funeral (break out the kleenex) resonated with me on a very personal level. Time for some integration after this one… Thank you for sharing!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Wendy — that means the world to hear! <3

  5. Wow. Just…wow.

  6. Myers

    Grit. Optimism. Inspiration.

  7. jill ungar

    All the interviews are awesome – I loved this one because of Bryce’s honest approach to the time it takes and the encouragement to keep up and be kept up, as the yogis say. In other words, pay the rent AND keep your dreams on path. I keep thinking if I’m working doing something ELSE that I’m, as I call it, “dancing around my dreams”. Now I am heartened and inspired that the dance is all a part of the dream! Thank you!!

  8. Love this soooooooo MUCH too! I love how relaxed the interview is and how inspiring it is. I feel like I understand her way of thinking so much. I completely am not keen on detail and love big picture wisdom thinking. I feel motivated from this! Thank you Marie! xox

  9. Sibylle Jasinski

    What a great interview! I fully agree with you, the dark stuff doesn’t get talked about enough, and yet it is what really connects people, makes them feel safe and accepted, and most of all like they’re with another human being.
    Having grown up to be a perfectionist, and having come to realise how destructive it is to live that way, I now make it a point to share my failures and hurts with people. It takes the edge off and people are instantly drawn to you knowing they can let their guard down, too.
    And btw, you, Marie, and Bryce, are two exquisitely beautiful, wise and entertaining ladies! A pleasure to watch and listen to.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Sibylle! Sharing our challenges and dark moments with others can truly foster deeper connection and understanding. We’re all humans, and it’s totally okay to not be perfect! 🙂

    • Wendy

      I totally agree with you Sibylle on talking about the dark stuff. It’s healing to our souls to be able to connect with one another in such a deep and meaningful way especially when we share on our journeys where we have been and how we overcame those dark moments.

  10. Jenette Williams

    The work ethic foundation she received from her grandmom.

  11. Oh my goodness. I’ve always loved Bryce Dallas Howard on the big screen but now I love her just as herself. It’s so cool how she’s a Marie TV fan and B-schooler, like myself. How incredible to know that we share that. Who woulda thunk it!

    Biggest insight is “Doing work that’s unignorable”. I’m going to really bring that more into my life. Such a great motto to live by. In fact, just last night I have a breakthrough about why I haven’t truly allowed myself to be seen and heard that way I need to be. I believe in the work I’m doing and believe people want to see it but I’ve been hiding a bit. With this new idea about doing work that is un-ignorable I realize that because my work is so important and people are in search of it I gotta stop ignoring myself!

    Gosh this whole episode and getting to know her story more and more really makes my heart happy. What a wonderful woman. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing yourself so honestly and openly. You’re both gems!

  12. Beth MacLeod

    Bryce shines her authenticity! Very inspiring.
    Thank you,

  13. Amazing episode! So fun, honest and full of “common sense” (haha).
    Marie, you have the unique talent to bring up the kind of topics we really need to hear when we really need to hear them.
    I’m a designer and I’m about to do a big change in my carrer and in my life right now (with moving to another city included). The most challenging thing that I’ve ever struggled with is FEAR (panic if not). Even though I’d never let it stop me, it definetely make very hard and slow the whole process of taking big decission.
    This video was encouraging and it make me start thinking about things in a different perspective, in a much more practical way.
    I adore you and Bryce is a treat! Such sweet, stong and talented actress. Thank you both.
    Have a great week! Greetings from Misiones (Argentina).

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Florencia. It means the world to hear this episode really resonated with you and you found it encouraging!

  14. Bethany

    This is the best interview I’ve ever heard! Bryce is so real. I learned that it takes stick-to-itiveness to be a creative and I absolutely loved the emphasis on being memorable instead of ignorable. Brilliant hour!!!

    • Bethany

      I had to add, after being a teacher and a mother, that it also brings tears to my eyes when I think about all the people who don’t see disabilities for what they are and then recognize their strengths and focus on those! EVERYONE has strengths! Bryce is an amazing example of what this can do for a person. And I just love that she says common sense is the most important strength which I have always said myself!!!

  15. Wow. Amazing. I grew up with similar learning disabilities, or as Bryce calls them… “processing deficiencies” (I love that term!). I leveraged my strengths and personality HARD growing up, which allowed me to squeak by in math, statistics, algebra, chemistry, geometry and physics on charm vs comprehension. I would even flirt with my college statistics professor (he was a cute TA, so it wasn’t too creepy) in an effort to have him not entirely disregard me as worthless. Where I lacked in processing I made up for with creativity and communication and now use my natural strengths as a writer in my career. I see my learning challenges as a retrospective blessing. They helped me problem solve and develop different forms of intelligence. Thank you for speaking so candidly about the challenges you overcame, Bryce. You’re an incredibly beautiful and talented woman who I respect. And Marie, as always, thank you for what you do.

  16. Wow.
    Thank you so much. This is wonderful and relevant.

    I’m going to make my husband (recently quit his corporate job to do his photography full time, but we are struggling financially, and he is feeling really let down because he needs a day job that is flexible). He said, “I feel like an idiot for quitting my job.”

    I said, “You HAD to. It was sucking your life dry. A day job is different than a career job. We’ll be fine, and your photography will NOT get left behind.”

    Anyway, I’m going to make him watch this.

    On another note, and I know it’s not THAT big a deal, but it’s part of my speciality clinically….Postpartum Maternal Anxiety and Depression (PMAD) or it’s earlier term Postpartum Depression (PPD) is a clinical term…it involves OCD, anxiety, depression and psychosis…The term “Postpartum” simply refers to the time after the birth of a baby. It can be easily misunderstood when referring to the clinical issues of PMAD as “I had postpartum.” I sometimes have had to differentiate for birthing mothers that when “postpartum” is referred to, we are not referring to getting depression or feeling anxious. That’s Postpartum Anxiety/Depression/OCD, etc…


    • Sheila

      Thank you for saying this Dylan. Of course this is a wonderful and inspiring interview on so many levels. But calling Postpartum *Depression* (or PMAD), “Postpartum” is further undermining the seriousness of it and further stigmatizing the sickness / condition of depression in general. Statistics say that somewhere between 25 and 40% of people in the world will deal with depression at some point in their life; it should’t be a dirty word.

  17. This interview also deeply resonated with me. As an aspiring actor, the financial grounding and persistence in auditioning touched my heart. Thanks you for being an inspiration to me Bryce and Marie.

  18. Oh I love that combination of goofy humour and profound, even heartbreaking, story.

    My biggest takeaway is how having a day job lets you take risks in your other work, how it in facts frees you to be downright weird or out there instead of toeing the line.

    B School really helped me get that perspective about how I might give back; now I have a day job (part time) I’m super happy with, as it lets me continue my work with a charity which is involved in some groundbreaking postpartum mental health work in the UK, and it also lets me do my own thing (write novels, launch eccentric doodling courses). Before, I was trying to scale up some of the client work I’d been doing into a fairly ‘safe’ product, which was feeling all wrong, a bit like a prison.

    Yippee, what a fantastic woman!

  19. Oh my gosh… that is the perfect word. Traumatizing. I hadn’t ever thought of it that way and the fact that something wonderful (we adopted 3 kids from 5 to 15) could be so subliminally painful. It is has changed my life (of course) but also my business and I really am just bouncing back 3 years later. And boy does it look different than I thought it was going to be before we got the kids. I am creeping back to loving it, but man is it sad to know that the parts I used to love so much are a causality of my kids. I like that Bryce did help to vocalize that feeling and talked about it so eloquently. Thank you.

  20. Beautiful and honest especially about the postpartum depression, which rang true for me. Its wonderful to be a b-school member of such a diverse and multi gifted group of incredible women and men. I’m honoured to be a part of this community of inspiring people.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      We’re so honored to have you in our community too, Shirley! <3

  21. Rosanne Feneley

    Great interview. The take away message is persistance with your dreams – thank you.

  22. Wendy

    You know this whole convo has just been so enlightening for me. So I am going to use my words very carefully here because I want to say this with as much grace as possible. I loved the interview so much. I think too that I have some kind of challenges. I have however managed to push through in life and school and ended up making a fairly decent living. I just don’t know what the technical term is/are for it if any. I never got tested but I know that I am just AMAZING at some things and certain things I am not. Right now in my job and the company that I am at I am having huge challenges( because of my challenges- perhaps adult ADHD ) and I had to have a really hard conversation with myself. First off I always wanted to work at this company and when I achieved that goal I was so impressed with myself but it very quickly turned out to be a complete nightmare working there, for the past 18 months now.
    So I had a chat with myself this week and said: Hey hun, you have had many career success in your life but right now you are not coping. This is not a defining moment for you, just because you are struggling right now, it is not a defining moment of who you are and what you are capable of. You know your gifts and your talents, just be diligent and keep on going at it. Yes I have a business on the side too as an Image Consultant and that has been hard work trying to build it into an online business.
    So instead of being hard on myself, I am regrouping and saying, hey it’s time to move on. As a single parent I still need my day job and so yes I will move on and look for something else and I will find it and continue building my business on the side but I also know that me admitting that I am not coping is not failure. And since I have made that decision and came to this realisation, I felt alot more peaceful about coming to terms with my current situation.
    I loved this vid and yes “Common sense as I always say is not a flower that grows in everyone’s garden”
    This video also affirmed everything for me about success and failure and how to rephrase things and not give up. I am looking forward to the future knowing that things will change. Many aha moments for me. Love love loved it. Thank you so much Bryce and Marie. Awesome vid!

    Love xx

  23. Great video! Most valuable insight was going on keeping an open mind towards 64 auditions before you get a job. I’m a professional dancer, had a brief 2 year hiatus at 18, but once I got my groove back after fixing some health issues, I got back into taking class and auditioning. Although it was s grueling process to go through rejection and I would cry almost everyday after classes and auditions, I would always come back for more because I was motivated by my growth, and my love for dance. I am now an accomplished choreographer and so grateful for my persistence. I gave a TED talk highlighting self realization in the present, and infinite capability to overcome adversity and I have to say that unlike the funeral perspective mentioned in the video, I believe that what we truly are is not exclusively the mind, body, or soul, but a piece of the infinite intelligence coursing through everything in the universe capable of anything we wish to achieve. I really appreciated the discussion of constructive criticism as well. Thank for another amazing episode Team MarieTV! Love, Victoria

  24. As a time management strategist for mompreneurs, this interviewed appealed to me tremendously! I loved when she talked about knowing the statistics as a creative. It’s so true! Sometimes, you feel like the problem is with you. You don’t know why you are not making it bit like many stories you hear from online entrepreneurs.

    Like with time, being aware of things such as how long it takes to perform certain tasks, can be very liberating. And a boost to your success.

    Lovely, interview, Marie & Bryce!

  25. This was such a great episode! It’s amazing to be able to relate to such inspiring people like you and Bryce.

  26. Bel

    Thank you! Thank you! Thannnnnk you!!!!
    The conversation about day jobs. I’ve been told that because I choose to have a dayjob and have ambition in that job that my dream of my own coaching business is a mere hobby.
    The better I do in my day job, the easier it is for me to invest in myself and my business. It also eliminates sleepless nights caused by not having bill money.
    I tried to build a business while broke, I began to compromise my true goals because I was chasing the money versus those I can truly help. Now, I can focus on how to be of service instead accepting whatever pays the bills.

  27. This interview was incredibly powerful! Thank you Bryce and Marie for almost palpable vulnerability and honesty…we need so much more of that in this world. More than anything you have said (and you have said a lot of good stuff!), your humility and lack of pretence has made an indelible impression on me Ms. Howard- thank you! As a newbie Marie TV fan, I am constantly surprised by the delicate thread of common human experience and heart that connects us.How wonderful that I can call the likes of Marie, Gabby Bernstein, Mastin Kipp and many more visionaries (introduced to me through Marie TV) teachers and mentors even though I live a million miles away in South Africa.My sincere gratitude to you for the beauty and wisdom you bring to this world.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Liana – I love what you shared about the delicate thread of human experience and heart being a connection point for all of us. Beautifully said, and we’re honored to have you tuning in with us!

  28. Kate Culver

    Great episode once again, Marie!
    I was most struck by her words (and my new mantra): my work is unignorable!
    I think this applies to everyone, not just artists. Even an accountant can do their work with the attitude of “this spreadsheet is worth studying”!
    I also loved her comparison of unignorable to an attitude of success. Striving for success seems a bit more about personal goals without the added umpf of relevance or impact.
    Thanks for another impactful episode of MarieTV!

  29. Kathleen O'Neill

    What a wonderful discussion! Most important for me is, “The role of the artist is to be unignorable.” That is now up on my vision board! Such a great word. Thank you both for the insights and the caring. Off to work. My count starts today!

  30. Thank you so much! I think it’s my favorite interview so far!
    I will remember the statistic about the 64 auditions. But my biggest insight was realizing that having a day job is not giving up on my dream, but actually propelling it!
    Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Flavie! Go for that dream 🙂 xoxo

  31. Nancy Fain

    So wonderful that Bryce has an open heart and mind to live life to the fullest. She is so grounded, which I attribute to excellent parenting as well.

  32. Mojca

    OMG, Bryce did Manderlay with Lars von Trier, true!! I LOVED that movie! 🙂
    Amazing interview, so real, love it. 😉

  33. This interview caught my attention especially from around minute 8” till 15”, where she clearly started gaining confidence and used that throughout her further life.
    It helped her to believe in herself for further situations.

    This interview and her story is very similar to the 15 successful people I interviewed for my new book ‘Awaken Your Confidence’ where each share their journey and how they gained confidence to become who they are now.
    It amazed me to hear people like SJ Scott or Stephen Schedletzky share how they started, how they were as a child, and how they learned to build their confidence and follow their dreams.

    I really love this stories to inspire people that they can become the person they really want to be!
    ~Rachel Smets ~

    • Love it, Rachel! Gaining confidence is so important and I’m so glad Bryce’s words resonated with you and your work. Keep up the wonderful work you’re doing in the world!

  34. Haha…I thought she was Jessica Chastain at 1st..she is a great actress.I loved her in “The Help”..Jurassic World was 100% emotional engineering, but she was still very good in it and really pretty too…great example of keeping focus, perseverance and belief…

  35. This is one of my absolutely favorite interviews ever! I loved everything about this interview. Incredibly refreshing to experience such truth and transparency. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So happy you enjoyed it! Bryce is definitely a breath of fresh air. 🙂

  36. Theresa

    I wanted so much to see all of this video but it kept stopping and wouldn’t start. I kept moving it forward and got bits and pieces but missed a lot of the conversation. I will keep trying. Always love the content on Marie’s shows – never miss them.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so strange! I’m really sorry to hear you encountered some tech trouble, Theresa. It may help to refresh the page. You can also check it out on YouTube if that’s helpful: Please keep us posted and write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom if you continue having trouble!

  37. Loved it. I especialy loved the 64 auditions then starting to recount when getting to 100 and also focusing on work that is unignorable. I have been doing this all my life without realizing.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo


  38. I seriously love this episode! I love her laugh, because I have a similar laugh and I love how distinctive it is! My favorite part is her personal story and vulnerability Postpartum and admitting she is not fully healed from it. WOW, big eye opener for me being a young mom as well and trying to juggle so many things while going after my dreams! Love the part about the day jobs too! you guys are AWESOME, thank You thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s amazing, Jennifer! It means the world to us that Bryce’s insights really spoke to you. We’re sending tons of love your way and we’re cheering you on as you go for your dreams.

  39. I really love this stories to
    inspire people that they
    can become the person
    they really want to be!

  40. Rebecca

    I found this to be inspiring and intruiging – what especially caught my attention was the being unignorable – now my new fave affirmation! I loved the statistics story as it was factual without being critical and helped me have a morw balanced perception on how and why percieved rejections and failures actually were more redirection – try another way or new approach or even a whole new “career path” as what I thought I loved I actually hate but I thought I loved it because it gave me SOME of what I asked for but not ALL of it – and I have learnt to quit settling for second best or someone elses standards. Thought provoking and just started taking accountability financially on a more practical level now by making a few changes like staying away from social media until i get my house in order – so far in a few weeks got 2 volunteer jobs at local charity shop, and Abbey. Today yeilded fabulous results in finally taking my readings onto a market stall in partnership with another reader I wasn’t expecting after following signs from Spirit and my intuition. I will now look into B School too! Thank you both so much for this video!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Rebecca! I heard a quote once that says, “There’s no such thing as failure. You either win or you learn.” It makes sense with what you said about how failure is really a redirection. I’m so glad you’re listening to your intuition and making your dreams happen.

  41. Ann

    Absolutely loved this video! Thank you Marie & Bryce. The part where you talked about having side jobs when following your dreams was a big “aha” for me! I was one of those people that thought if you go back to work you are giving up on your dreams but just the opposite is true. Also thank you for bringing up her struggle with post Partum, heading over to read that article now. Thanks again ?

  42. Was this video was just for me. Above all that I am, I’m an actress who has been playing an entrepreneur for the last 10 years! Loved loved loved this! Thank you so much for sharing this message.

  43. the piece about keeping your day job was ever so helpful, as I have found myself denigrating this timeperieod of necessarily teaching………. thank you!

  44. This is such a great episode, Marie! I love Bryce’s optimism, the fact that she shares stories so sincerely about her difficult times, as well as about how she found the bright side of things when as a child she had to overcome her learning difficulties. She’s such an inspiration to everyone and especially to those who doubt themselves and their abilities to achieve their dreams!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Such a remarkable role model! We’re cheering you on and are so glad you tuned in this week.

  45. Oh. Em. Gee. This was one of my fave interviews, Marie! As a multi-passionate mom of 4, entrepreneur, actress, singer, writer and fitness personality, I can totally identify. I LOVE love love seeing other mamas bring life to their passions with purpose and vision. More mompreneur interviews, please!! 🙂 Thabks for all your incredible work, Marie!

  46. Senait

    One of the best interviews ever! Bryce has such an energizing presence and her success story isn’t scary – just real and down to earth. Super motivating. As always, thank you for Marie for creating your own space in the world to have honest discussions about life & growth. So inspired! xoxo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank YOU for watching, Senait! I love how Bryce keeps it real too. There’s no such thing as an overnight success and Bryce’s dedication really drives the point home. So glad you’re feeling inspired!

  47. Literally screen shotted this quote, “When you are choosing to keep a job in order to provide for yourself and to provide for your family and create a strong financial foundation that you’ll be able to stand on for the rest of your life – that’s so powerful, so strategically smart, and so dignified.”

    I sent the captured image to my personal email and ended up writing an email to myself… I applauded where I had come from, all I have accomplished, and how much I loved the person I am right now. It was a beautiful moment in time I know will keep me keeping on. Thank you for this interview!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s AWESOME, Leslee! I’m really happy you were inspired to do such a powerful exercise. I hope you’ll hang on to that email for years to come. Congrats on all your accomplishments and the many more in your future!

  48. Stefanie

    Oh my goodness! I loved this interview and I love Bryce Dallas Howard more than ever. Two things she talked about really spoke to me. One was the financial stability part. I am doing a 180 in careers right now, going from science work into a creative field and I’m dreading having to find a job to “pay the bills.” I spent many years doing working only to pay the bills and I don’t particularly want to do that, but the fear of not having enough will definitely dampen my enthusiasm and creative spark, so now I can see my day job as a wise decision rather than a cop out. The second is the quote “The goal of the artist is to be unignorable.” I was looking for a goal and there it is. Thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad this video came at just the right time! We’ll be sending good vibes your way as you transition and follow your dreams.

  49. Jamie

    Good video. Having said that, Bryce Dallas Howard could do audition after audition, and take risk after risk, because she has always had a safety net. Her parents may have not been indulgent as other wealthy parents, but at the end of the day, failure in Bryce’s case will not ever result in catastrophic disenfranchisement. She has had every advantage possible, and lots of help for her “LD” issues. Not that impressed with her accomplishments given all the help she has had since day 1. She does not inspire me in the least.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We totally understand that not everyone Marie interviews will be inspirational to every viewer. We encourage you to trust your inner wisdom and follow the people who speak to you.

    • Kathryn

      Hi Jamie,
      I loved this interview…but like you(maybe?) I kept wondering when she would talk about her parents…ie daughter of Ron Howard. That is a pretty big thing to exclude and it hung over the entire interview for me. I understand Bryce is independent and was raised to not expect a trust fund and she might feel that people will be somewhat dismissive of her efforts, insights and achievements if they know her background…”Oh it,s easy for her to talk with all the family connections she must have”.. etc etc etc. That may have helped when she was starting out(didn’t sound like it though) but to have sustained and continued to grow her own career at this point is down to her own efforts and abilities . Maybe Bryce has had to deal with that “parent” criticism throughout her career and obviously likes to keep her career seperate but I would have preferred to hear her deal with it directly in this interview instead of avoiding it. She is so articulate it could have been another valuable insight to share…rather than skipping a generation and going to the grandparents instead. Anyway, great interview and insights…64 auditions is my favourite. I’m going to pin that one on my studio wall.

  50. A few things caught my attention. Two particularly hit home. “Do work that is not ignorable rather than successful” and “that having a job is not giving up on your dreams”. In my early educational experience, the latter was that you could not have both. Which makes your life harder than it needs to be.

    I don’t have any regrets… but i would have liked to hear that in my early thirties!
    Great interview!

  51. This is my absolute favorite interview yet, Marie. Bryce is so real and relatable, and her words are so wise. As a freelance writer, rejection is ongoing, no matter how good you are. I once attended a writing conference where the speaker said you need to 1,000 rejections in order to get a ‘yes’ to your pitch. So he was super excited to be rejected because it meant he was that much further along to getting the ‘yes’. Sounds a lot like what Bryce’s grandma taught her, and it really helped me reframe the negatives.

    Thanks so much for this one, Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true, Elisabeth! Everyone has been rejected and the most talented people have been rejected more than anyone else because they’re the ones who kept trying and didn’t let the rejections keep them down. Keep going. 🙂

  52. Bryce Dallas Howard, you are an inspiration! I listened to this interview three times today. As always, thanks to Marie for providing such helpful content.

  53. Terri Gregory

    Love, love, love

  54. I liked the phrase from this interview, “Be unignorable!” Also, I resonated with the “baby blues” part of the interview. I felt that after delivering twins as a surrogate a couple years ago and I am reminding myself that it can happen again, but it is all part of life. It makes life raw and real. Cute lady!

  55. One of the best interviews about not quitting and accepting (questionable?) shortfalls as an opportunity!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true, Achim! It’s funny how the things some people perceive as deficiencies or shortfalls is seen as a strength by others. Pretty cool!

  56. WOW. This was absolutely synchronistic timing for me…I literally *just* wrote a blog on the topic of actors becoming entrepreneurs/adopting the entrepreneur mindset.

    I am an actor myself, and have recently set out on the path of starting an online business so that I can build financial stability for myself and ultimately support my acting career. And my mission is to support/inspire/encourage others to do the same.

    ALSO – this blew my mind – I did the same online course with Isabel Foxen Duke last year! My jaw dropped when I heard that Bryce was in the same class as me.

    So. Cool. This interview has literally left me feeling more inspired, empowered, and on the right track than ever before.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Rock on, Natalie! I’m really glad this was synchronistic and that Bryce’s words really spoke to you. 🙂

  57. Dewi

    Hi Marie, miss your educational video so much. The most profound message on this video is how crucial it is to be perseverance during our journey in reaching out our dream, to keep having our mind healthy and clear. And also, I am so amazed with the hard work of Bryce in ensuring their financial stability by keeping her day job. This story is really give me the reality check and make me to not give up easily.

    Thanks Marie.

  58. Stephen Vete

    Goal of being unignorable. Know the statistics. Financial planning is part of career planning, the importance of a day job. So much common sense … are some of the lessons learnt that come to mind. I look forward to learning many others when I read other comments as there was so much. Being in the late 60’s age group, I loved Bryce’s references to her grandmother. Thank you for time well spent.

  59. Symoné

    Uhmazing Women!?!
    Thank you both for sharing such beautiful, applicable real life experiences …. as Marie has stated in the past, “The Good, Bad & the Ugly.”
    Having owned a business and managed others, I’ve been heard to say, “You can’t train common sense.” However, we can lean towards being thorough and never giving up….64, 100 maybe even up to 200 times?

  60. Thank you so much for this incredible discussion.

    I was floored when Bryce talked about how there’s dignity in having a regular day job to keep a firm financial foundation to maintain one’s creative goals and personal business. I’ve been searching and have interviewed for a much better paying corporate day job that would improve my finances and help me build my business and future. Yet, as I wait for them to complete the interview process, I keep thinking, “Why am I putting so much sweat into this job offer? Am I losing my passion for my writing and my coaching business?” It felt like I was going back to old habits and killing my creative endeavors.

    I’m so glad to be assured that my desire to continue a bridge job does not mean I’m abandoning my creative business goals nor compromising freedom. Maybe I’m handling my life with business common sense after all – a concept shared by the lovely Bryce. It seriously had me weep with relief. This discussion came at the perfect time.

    Marie – what compassion and inspiration you provide. Thank you.

    And Bryce – Thank you for being so open, not just about postpartum depression (which my mother suffered from undiagnosed), but also about your learning disabilities. I come from a 1970’s-80’s school system where various degrees of learning cognizance was more of a measuring stick on which level of class to place you in. Although I haven’t had it confirmed, I suspect I’ve handled similar learning issues you did while at school; however, for me – I was just a student who couldn’t keep up. That squashed my confidence. It has made me live a life less than what I know I am capable of. However, I’m learning in middle age that I can reboot this mindset.

    Bryce, you prove, more than ever, how our character and spirit is more important than the limitations placed upon us by academic standardized expectations. You are a testimony to your wonderful family, and strong gem of an individual. Thank you.

    I’m gonna go watch this again!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love this, Debi! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. We’ll be cheering you on for your new job and your business. The level of passion you have for your dreams feels unquestionable to me—you’re willing to do what’s needed to make them happen. I’m so glad you’re shifting your mindset and doing what works best for you. Nice work all around! 🙂

  61. Narges

    Thank you,
    This interview was also very inspiring and helpful 🙂

  62. Tony Bigmile


  63. Rebecca

    Holy Moly. This is fantastic! Amazing that she was able to understanding herself and her early learning challenges, and focus on that 1%. SO much good stuff…. knowing yourself…. that she needs time to process (something I am becoming aware of that doesn’t always fit in an IT field of work), and that it’s ok to have multi day jobs to support yourself. I am a fan of her for life.

  64. Wow, this was so powerful…I teared up so many times from the authenticity and vulnerability that was shared.

    The part that really hit home for me was the segment about “day jobs.” I decided to move out of the web design business to pursue my passion in the wellness industry as a nutritionist, herbalist and educator. It was too difficult to run two businesses for me but monetarily the new business isn’t supporting itself yet so I took a part time job for my friend’s marketing company as her creative director so I could do that half time and work on the new biz half time.

    There have been so many instances when I just feel like I’m a fake or not making it because I can’t pursue my passion full time. I feel like today’s episode just lifted a huge weight of guilt off of my shoulders…one that I placed there myself for sure, but it’s always nice to hear others’ stories that you can relate to. I have felt that way for so long…that having another job gives me the freedom to not worry about money so I can do the things that I care about, rather than having to do them to make a living.

    Thank you for all you have shared, this video–like many others–came at just the right moment.

    • Also…I’m stealing that mantra of not doing anything ignorable. Such a powerful approach!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this video was helpful and that you’re feeling better, Nicole! There’s no shame in doing what you have to do to survive and help your business thrive. You’re doing great! 🙂

  65. Kayla

    Ah, that hit me right in the kisser. I loved this interview.

    I don’t have the starving artist mentality. I have to have my basic needs met before I can ever step into a place of or feel good about creating. It was comforting to hear others say/feel/shout the same.

    Electronically Chest-Bumping You,
    Kayla D.

  66. Alejandrina Vostrejs

    Make your work un-ignorable. I don’t think this is exactly what Bryce said, but this is what I took away from that little bit of wisdom. This is my new mantra.
    Also, she is so right on about not fully healing from very difficult events or times in our lives. There will always be a scar and grief will come and go, but it is part of being human. Strength comes from wisdom.
    Thank you for great interviews with interesting and inspiring people Marie and staff. B-school is in my near future 😉

  67. Lorna M. Wood

    Well, today I wasn’t even going to watch this video; however, the video post kept nagging at me, so I watched it. It’s one of those things, that if I had missed it, I wouldn’t have the insight I have now.

    I can really relate to Bryce. I never quite fit in at school. I struggled with processing information too quickly; a big wow insight in itself to think there is someone else that also has difficulty with this. I can truly say; “I am an artist,” but I struggle so much with the gifts that I have. Not feeling good enough, intimidation from others; the usual. I can also relate to the weaknesses and strengths that Bryce mentioned. That being really good at one thing is a godsend; it makes one’s goal a lot clearer on where to concentrate one’s self.

    One thing I took away from the video today was the clarification that people can not be strong at everything. They shouldn’t be. People need that special gift you have. Thank you for this Bryce. I really needed to hear this. You came at the right time today. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you decided to watch the episode, Lorna! It’s wonderful to hear how Bryce’s words resonated with you. Keep sharing your special gifts with the world!

  68. I wish I had seen this 10 years ago when I was acting and going on auditions … But I do see how I still quit too soon now with all my ideas and projects instead of persevering … For me though quitting is also about letting go and letting a higher power help direct me… Turns out my online school launched when I let go… I didn’t quit it I let go of trying to do it my way…thank you Marie and Bryce. I also had some intense postpartum moments mine was passing out seconds after giving birth and actually being taken up to the light and having to be rushed to the ER as I wasn’t coming back… Intense… I wrote about it 18 months afterwards (8 reasons to live after almost dying…) and only now 5 years later do I feel whole and healed 100%. It took a long journey back to my roots in the South of France to find my heart again but yes… It is a strange thing to watch a child grow and all the pressure to do it right. It took a lot of letting go and spending quality time in nature and meditations for me… Plus realizing the immense divine hand in everything … Children are like little awakened beings walking around helping us awaken as well. Intense but worth the near death experience for sure.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s so good to hear you’re healing and feeling whole again, Alixe. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world.

  69. Elizabeth Durney

    Clarity of thought is represented by clarity of speech. Thank you for wowing me, Bryce. I aspire to communicate the way you do.

  70. dear marie
    thank you for this interview ~ i love it ~ especially around 29minutes when you talk about vulnerability and sharing, touching and strong. thank you for interviewing such a common sense great artist and woman! it is encouraging for my own journey (working in a kindergarden and being a singer). love and blessings to you and bryce. <3 stephanie.

  71. Giovanna

    What a wonderful soul! For me it is amazing to see how she maintains her authenticity, spontaneousness and freshness. Of course happy to know she is a B-Schooler, makes me prouder of being one too, and… looking forward to Pete’s Dragon release here in Spain within a few days, it will be a sweet dive back into childhood 🙂
    Love and appreciation to Bryce, Marie and the entire community,

  72. Kathleen Quinlan

    Byrce! I am such a huge fan of your work, especially since I’ve known you since you were little. I especially loved your frankness about cultivating your financial plan as an Artist and cultivating other work. Hope to see you in the future.
    another B Schooler,
    Kathleen Quinlan

  73. What a beautiful interview! I love Bryce even more now! My biggest take away was hearing Bryce talking about finding work that was unignorable and hearing what she went through with postpartum depression. Its true, we look at celebrities in the media today after having their kids and it can seem so effortless and easy for them and when it doesn’t work out that way for us it can seem like.. shit, is there something wrong with me. So refreshing to hear someone like Bryce being so open and authentic. My world definitely turned upside down when my daughter came along too.
    Thank you both. x

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Leena! Her authenticity really is refreshing. You’re doing great. 🙂

  74. Christine

    What a wonderful interview you did! Bryce Dallas Howard is so open and honest about her life struggles and joys that I was sad when the interview was over. Her insight about her difficulties and how focusing on what she was good at was inspiring and comforting to me as the mother of a girl with many of the same issues. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So cool, Christine! I hope Bryce will be an inspiration and role model to your sweet daughter as she uses her unique gifts in the world.

  75. Rae

    I sooooo needed to hear this, especially about not feeling less than for maintaining a day job to provide for your family and to fund your art. I struggle with feeling like Im not fully invested in my art/passion with having a full time job, but hearing those words that I should be proud, and that it’s smart, and “there’s nothing wrong with it” is encouraging. I still want to ultimately work for myself but also not beating myself up in the process just because I have a 9 to 5. Also this is the 3rd time in a month that im hearing and listening to finical planning I see that this should be high up on the list of priorities as well. Awesome interview Marie & Bryce thank you for these jewels!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Oh wow! Third time in a month could mean the universe is sending you a message. 🙂

      • Rae

        I agree Im paying attention ! *slow and steady and dont be so eager to jump ship before I’m ready*

  76. This interview is exceptional. The chemistry between Marie and Bryce is so natural and truthful. I loved the honesty shared between these greatly talented women. It allows their collective wisdom to enter one’s soul and settle in places where growth is ready to sprout. From Bryce’s exceptionally unique learning competencies to the story about her grandmother embracing her acting career in her 60’s to her experience as a young mother who suffered post partum depression she discussed important issues women face along the full spectrum of life. So insightfully lovely.

  77. Patti

    Inspiring, encouraging, insightful and by far one of the best guest interviews you’ve done yet!!! Biggest takeaway (two really): I can do my art and still have a day job. (For me) it was always black and white: if I have to work my day job I’m a failure, it means I’m not really an artist, I’m pretending, a want – to – be. This interview gave me permission to think differently and more importantly tweak my perception of “success.” I am successful doing both, staving off the financial pressures of “black and white, either/or. And even though I’m not supporting myself financially through my craft, I’m supporting something by working my art – perhaps equally if not greater: my spirit and soul.
    The other takeaway was monumental: something as simple as ” stick to it and thorough” are considered strengths…again helping me define things I’ve taken for granted (many times not liked and gone unappreciated, one for me is “happy to be around”… I took this “strength” as just some personality trait quite useless…after listening to this interview I’m choosing to see this as a strength and pondering it useful in (at times) undesirable situations and being “that person” who brings sunshine into the day. Thank you for such a wonderful interview with whom I now consider an extra special person(s) you bring the best out in one another.

  78. Thank you Marie TV, this was an amazing interview. Perfectly timed, spoke directly to me (and it sounds like to many others from the comments) and I am inspired, hopeful and less “flattened” (and definitely more pumped up) than I have been in awhile.

  79. I LOVE this interview – so meaningful on so many levels and I love Bryce’s approach to her life and work. The conversation on postpartum struck me on a personal level as I had a baby 2 months ago and have been struggling to make sense of how I feel, how my life has changed in both good and difficult ways, and how to move forward with less stress and anxiety. It’s so very helpful and healing to hear others say that two sides of the same coin can exist – you can love your child and still need space to figure out this new version of yourself. I also will be holding onto the 64 auditions story as I build my art business more slowly than I would like – what a beautiful reminder to keep moving and trying with a positive spirit. xoxo

  80. Donna

    I was most impacted to realize that when you are securing your finances from another source , it allows you to fly . One of my biggest fears is not to be able to earn enough to support myself while pursuing more creative options . But once that’s off the table , the fear is gone & allows you to try different options

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Donna! Marie definitely believes that too. She worked other jobs for seven years while building her business and not having to worry about rent and food really freed up a lot of creative headspace.

  81. Thank you so much for sharing this! The timing was perfect. I had two big takeaways: When Marie and Bryce talked about working a job doesn’t mean that you have given up on your dreams – it actually means that you support it more. Secondly, when Bryce talked about how helpful it was to model yourself after someone who is doing something similar to what you are doing – finding it more helpful if they are even better at doing it than you…..yes!!! As a life coach, I model myself after Marie Forleo – I am so thankful to have such an incredible role model 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re so sweet, Heather! Thank you so much for your kind words. Our whole team is sending love your way.

  82. I think I finally got over my ‘needing a unicorn story’ story. It’s all a journey & it’s a great one.

  83. I soooo needed this today! I have been struggling with making my artwork known and getting no responses from galleries or no sales has been getting to me. the fact that Bryce eloquently put that it takes “1 out of 64” auditions just to get work really put things in perspective for me. That this struggle is happening to everyone who wants to live a big life, not just me. So thank you for that! (starting me step 1 now…)

  84. I have a lot in common with Bryce – young kids where I have put my creative life on a bit of hold, had PostPartum Depression with the first but didn’t find out til after the second (still can’t believe that happened to me), building a financial foundation (through my biz helping teach others infant potty training) so that when I get back to creative acts (like acting and filmmaking, myself) I can do so with FULL freedom, and being a B-School alum!

    My takeaway? That if Bryce can do all she’s done, SO CAN I. She is methodical, passionate, and informed. I loved this interview. Thank you, Marie.
    xx andrea

  85. Karla

    Great interview. What I loved most about Bryce was her way of talking & sort of jumping from one sentence to another while she was finding the right way of approaching a subject. I do this too as I have so much to share and sometimes don’t know where to start. I loved seeing the result as an outsider. She nailed it with her authenticity & gorgeous soul. And I loved Marie’s allowing, to let Bryce get the story out in her own way/time. Gorgeous episode – thank you.

  86. Chris

    This was one of my MOST favorite MarieTV interviews. Interestingly I’d just watched The Help last week, so it was fun to see the real Bryce Howard. What a down to earth, kind, wise, beautiful woman. I was touched by so much of what she said, and I will be sharing this interview like crazy. Possibly the part I most needed to hear was what her grandmother taught her about not giving up…and I love that she took it to heart–and what an inspiring work ethic. My heart breaks for her for the postpartum depression that she went through, and I believe she has done a real service to women who feel ‘less than’ because of their own similar experiences. Bryce is truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing this interview!!!!

  87. Bryce is such an authentic human being. I loved all the insights and nuggets of wisdom. Always a huge fan of Marie TV. Hugs from Uruguay!

  88. Lisa

    Thank you so much Marie and Bryce! Big fan here, of you two! I loved this episode, you have such an inspiring story, Bryce!!!
    My take-aways:
    1) YES! It’s totally fine to have a “day job” while pursuing your dream. I’m doing just that. Sometimes I feel like I’m failing my dream. I lose sight, seems the day job is such a chore. And I feel some burn-out, working day and night…not getting enough sleep, having no social life. But after watching this episode I have renewed encouragement that it’s all going to be worth it.
    2) And I have some problems keeping focused, while working. But we all have to manage with what we have, our strengths, as you shared Bryce! Learn how to get around the challenges, maybe in other ways.
    I’ll be re-watching this one for sure!
    Thank you,

    • Dewi

      I also agree for that, we, the big dreamer. The one who want to pursue the ultimate version of our self, sometimes think that we could just be whatever we want to be right away. I think if we learn from all of discussion regarding personal development, we know that the bigger our dream is the harder its path. All that matters is our consistency to keep doing our best without losing my mind and going crazy. One of the most logical solution is keeping a day job.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Lisa! I’m really glad you’re feeling rejuvenated. Keep up the awesome work!

  89. Deborah Mccormick

    This is a great interview – thank you.

  90. I can’t even begin to explain how much this video meant to me. I am an ex/still-aspiring actor, entrepreneur, mom and wife. Her story touched me on so many levels; from her dedication to the struggles of artists (64 auditions is soooo good to remember), to her honesty about motherhood, to her resilience in the face of personal difficulties. I keep watching Marie TV episodes, and keep thinking the next one can’t possibly top it… But then it does. Thank-you, Marie for bringing so many amazing people together. For always find new ways to inspire and touch us. And thank-you to Bryce for sharing her story.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Emanuela! It means a lot to us to know this episode inspired you. Your dreams are important and we believe in you.

  91. Thanks! I needed this today. Feeling like a failure because my strengths are not in the areas I need them to be right now. And yet I have so many talents. I also have my 4th child coming in a month or less, so I’m feeling that stress.

  92. Julie

    It really hit home when she said that some things that are supposed to be fulfilling (and may be) can also be complicated and painful. Not everything will feel or turn out how we expect it to. It’s also interesting to hear that she hasn’t healed. I’m sure there are a lot of people wearing “ripped suits”. It made me question if it is healthy to try desperately to become who you were before a trauma. Can we comfortably admit that it’s changed us and just put back the pieces as best we can? For me, it has been excellent food for thought. I love how she acknowledges and honors her mentors. This video is a gem!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good point, Julie! Definitely food for thought. So glad you picked up this incredible insight.

  93. Annette Phillips

    Three Genius quotes from Bryce –

    “I need to think about myself as a business.”
    “I wanted to figure out what I was hoping to create and how could I be of service?”
    “B-School is the perfect compliment to one’s day to day, busy life.”

    Bryce is a beautiful example of how I am can consciously embrace my abilities and disabilities .

    Thank you Marie. You are a gem.

  94. Natalia

    Amazing interview!!

  95. I loved this interview and the 64 additions that Bryce’s Grandmother taught her and her professor

  96. Cherie

    What a special person and totally unignorable!
    Watching ‘The Help’ our whole family just wanted to slam her character into the door! Totally unignorable! But in other movies just love love love her! That is a truly gifted artist who can make people feel so deeply.
    And Thank You Bryce for sharing your not so glossy start to motherhood – I think all mothers experience these feelings and frustrations when we leave one ‘life’ to embark on another.
    Thank you for the interview.

  97. Sofia

    I loved this episode. The biggest thing I’m taking away is what Bryce shared about statistics. So powerful! We’re all under a false illusion that things happen overnight for others. And if they haven’t for us, there’s something wrong, or it’s time to quit after just a few attempts. I get that I just need to keep doing the work and being consistent and getting as much joy as I can out of the process. And, of course, keeping it real.

    Thank you both, goddesses, for the inspiration.

    With love and appreciation,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So, so true, Sofia! There’s no such thing as an overnight success. Really “overnight successes” are years, even decades, in the making.

  98. I watch all the Marie TV episodes but this has to be one of my hands down favourites. So lovely to see a fellow B-Schooler being interviewed too. I loved every single bit of this interview and am about to watch it all over again. I’ve had a girl crush on Marie for a while but now I’ve got one on Bryce too – what a pair of incredible, inspirational women. I’m also going to share it with a friend whose daughter has just been diagnosed with learning disabilities. Ok, time to stop gushing and start watching again.
    Sophie xx

  99. Thank you so much, Marie, for inviting Bryce for this wonderful interview. Last year I had the pleasure and privilege of working with her for one day of filming on “Pete’s Dragon” (I had a tiny role) and it will always remain with me as a very special day. Your interview with Bryce reflects perfectly what I remember from that day – a dedicated professional and a warm-hearted woman who was considerate, kind, good humored and totally without ‘star allure’. How lovely to find out more about her and what she has been through, and I know that so many women will relate to what she speaks of, as a woman, as an artist and entrepreneur, as a mother. I love her first rate common sense attitude, one of the most valuable gifts one can have in life, and her clarity. Your videos are always inspiring as well as fun, but this is a special treasure. Thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Jade!! It’s awesome you got to meet Bryce on set. 🙂

  100. Another great Marie TV. I loved where Bryce talks about having common sense. I have a huge amount of common sense but actually thought that destined me to always be the ‘great employee’ but never the entrepreneurial business owner. She has renewed my spark. I loved her description of how depression made her broken and the metaphor of the rabbi and the torn shirt. So many gems in her words.

    I also love your reminder Marie about being ‘multi passionate’ I’ve just finished university (in my 40s) and trying to choose between several options… I was able to breathe a sigh of relief today when I realised I don’t have to choose 🙂

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to check out B School ?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Entrepreneurs need lots of common sense, so you’re in good company! 🙂

      Write to us at bschoolATmarieforleoDOTcom if you have any questions about B-School and we’ll be happy to help.

  101. Uma

    I just loved this video. It’s very very encouraging. Especially when I heard from Bryce that one has to do supplementing work to stabilise your finances while focussing on your other field or creative field you have passion of. And that is so dignifying. I just loved it. I’ll make my bro watch this video. Thank you for introducing such inspiring people, Marie.

  102. V school, B school? What is this? Bryce kept talking about so passionately I’m keen to find out more.

    Thank you

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Gracy! B-School is an online program Marie started to help students start and grow their businesses. Check out the details in our Program Tour: Write to us at bschoolATmarieforleoDOTcom and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

  103. Kevin

    It is good to hear that doing multiple jobs to provide for the family is great! This is what I am doing currently. I am working as a IT contractor, which obviously would not have any continuity at certain points if my contract is not extended. I take 1 hour each day after work to catch up with my errands before I start Uber driving at night for 2-3 hours each night. I am getting more exhausted now but I keep telling myself I have to grind and keep doing it for my wife and my young 5 years old son. I am confused at the same time…I still want to startup my own business but I just feeling so lost now how I can achieve this…I already skip dinner, less time for gym and I can only read books or watch inspiring video for about 30 mins before shower and off to bed to get ready for battle next day.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That sounds really tough, Kevin. I can tell you have such a strong work ethic and a passion to build your dreams and take care of your family. The awesome thing about entrepreneurship is that you’re the one in control, so you can take as long as you need to start your business. Baby steps are definitely the way to go. Marie has some great tips on building a business here: (It’s a pretty big playlist of videos, so take your time.)

      • Kevin

        Dear Mandy, thank you for your reply. I never expected a reply really.
        I will definitely check out the link you provided and hopefully I get to find some guidance.

  104. Great interview. I love Bryce and her grandmother’s system of counting the auditions when they started, or restarted, as the case may be. I put my dream of writing aside for about 20 years and picked it up again in my late 30’s. I counted, and still do count, my rejections in the same way. Each submission and subsequent rejection is considered progress–one down, 500 to go. 🙂

    I also really appreciated Bryce’s honesty about her postpartum depression. I suffered serious postpartum depression after my third child, having not experienced it with my first two, and I waited way too long to seek help. It’s important that we talk about it.

    However, the biggest insight I took away from this conversation was Bryce’s and Marie’s comments about having a day job while trying to create. I started an MFA program this year at 45 years old. I love the program, the people, the instructors, and I love having monthly deadlines for creative work. However, I also have three children, one of whom I homeschool due to some special needs. In order to be available for him, I work three long days, Friday through Sunday. I lose valuable family time by doing this, but the job provides me flexibility and offers medical insurance for my family. I have so many moments in which I feel that this job is taking away from my creative time, or my family time, and that I’m not doing any one thing as well as I’d like. Many online creativity sites advocate for throwing your entire self into your creative endeavor, to consider it your full-time job, and that anything less than that represents a lack of dedication to your craft, so to hear Bryce and Marie talk about the value and dignity in keeping an unrelated day job in order to provide for yourself and your family was very inspirational and comforting to me.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      First I have to say congrats on getting your MFA! It’s so wonderful that you’re writing again. I’m also really glad Marie and Bryce’s words were comforting—you’re doing what you have to do to take care of your family and there’s no shame in that whatsoever. I know some people do throw their whole selves into their creative endeavor, but that doesn’t work for everyone.

  105. Laura Williams

    So enlightening! Very honest! I struggle myself with learning disabilities and have found that drive to continue to keep trying.
    So glad to hear this interview .

  106. Jill

    Loved her! I especially liked the comment about common sense. I always felt like I was the one with the common sense but never felt like it meant anything. I was really hoping Bryce would mention her father. I grew up watching Ron Howard and went on to enjoy his directing, and was hoping for a comment on how he affected her career and life.

  107. I loved this episode and seeing Bryce’s unstoppable spirit and energy. Super inspiring, especially knowing that it’s TOTALLY fine to have many, many attempts before we nail it. Thanks Marie & Co. for providing yet another wonderful episode.


  108. Anette

    Great interview! I am currently in the dilemma of looking for a new day time job or focus all energy on my business and this interview confirmed that it is 100% ok to have a day time job while working on your business. So thank you for that! Feels so much better now 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! That’s awesome, Anette. So glad you’re feeling better.

  109. Beatriz

    This was an magnificent interview. Bryce was so honest and brave that it almost took all my breath away. Celebrities are most of the time a constant reminder that we’re not good, pretty, talented, rich, important enough (maybe that is why disgusting gossips magazines are so lucrative, to make some people feel better about themselves when others fail). Exposing her mundane side, in all its colors, full of gifts, flaws, bravery and insecurities, was so incredibly generous to everyone who listens to this interview. She reminded me that every human, no matter the background, is in this journey trough life, full of internal and external obstacles along the away, but able to fight vividly, to make it happy for ourselves and those around us. Thank you so much Bryce and Marie for helping us to feel good about ourselves by connecting and honestly sharing!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exactly! Love this, Beatriz. One thing Marie says that always makes me feel better is, “you are enough.” We are enough, exactly as we are, flaws and all.

  110. Such an authentic and lovely interview! The bit about statistics – 64:1 – I so needed that! I’ve been counting my art/gallery rejections and feeling pretty bummed but this interview made me feel a whole lot better about myself and my artwork! Thanks Bryce & Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Every rejection is one step closer to finding the perfect gallery for you, one that will love and appreciate your work. Keep going! 🙂

  111. Nicole Reilly

    YES! A HUGE thank you for being real! I have a 3rd grade daughter with you exact “dis” abilities. Thank you for helping me come to grips with my feelings. Keep speaking up! You are a blessing. Thanks Marie for an excellent interview.

  112. Leidy Michel

    Enjoyable, it was an example of how disability can become a strength in someone’s life and how to see it positively.

  113. Sumbul Bilgrami

    Loved the episode!
    I really liked how down-to-earth, realistic and intelligent Bryce was. Her sense of humor and her sudden adorable change of intonation made me keep rewinding and rewatching! 🙂
    The content was very very meaningful. Especially the statistics bit. That is a HUGE insight that a lot of people should know. I am especially one to be very hard on myself, but from now on, I will make sure I know the stats!

    I also wanted to know about the string of tests she mentioned earlier? Would like to take them too. “The importance of knowing what is that one strength that you have”.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Sumbul! I’m not sure exactly what test Bryce took (they were given to her at school), but we’re big fans of the StrengthsFinder test which you can find online. Everyone on our team has taken it and has found it really helpful.

      • Sumbul Bilgrami

        Alright, will check it out. Thanks 🙂

  114. Guillermo

    Marie: I love You more than yesterday. I´m a huge fan of Bryce and listening to her story just made my day. And she´s so gorgeous!! So all I have to say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Hi,
    I am retired person.
    All the interviews are awesome. I loved this one because of honest and encouragement to keep it up. In other words, keep your dreams on path. Now I am heartened and the inspired that the dance is all a part of the dream.
    Thank you once again Marie.

  116. My name is Anil Ramchandra Sahastrabudhe. I am 63 years old. I am Indian Citizens. I was born in Akola (Maharashtra- India). I lost my parents. My elder sister is staying my house and she is purely blindness in her age of 2 years due to suffer from rickets and under my responsibility and my elder brother is staying at Aurangabad (M.S.), my Third elder brother was expired. I have two childrens and my wife.
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    These amazing wealth Affirmations will change my life and finances. Unlimited Abundance is Mine. To-day I expand, my awareness of the abundance and prosperity are my birthright. Money is positive energy that takes care of my world needs and desires. So many great new things to learn and perfect campaign to my work as a awaken Higher Brain Living Center. Owner and Provider among many other things. I had been looking into the link between spirituality and science. Thank you so much and may you have success in all your endeavors.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We love your bright spirit and positive outlook, Anil! Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  117. Wow! This video just gave me life. I love when actresses who are a part of a “Hollywood Dynasty” blow me away with their point of view and story. I hate to admit it, but out of respect and love for Bryce I am coming clean here… sometimes I fall victim to the idea that actors from a Hollywood lineage have it easy. Thanks for knocking me in the head in the sweetest most common sense way ever Bryce… hard work wins the game. And hard work places in our hearts habits and understanding that prepares us for our success. You are a jewel. And the 64 auditions for every 1 booking just gave me so much inspiration. Actresses are soooooooo hard on ourselves! When you said that after booking THE HELP when you went back to acting, you started that count back over at 1!!! OMG… LIFE. I just loved this interview. I feel like I’m jumping all over the place in my comment… All this to say, thank you. And thank you Marie for BSchool (I’m an alum:) and the way it brings awesome humans together. Bryce, YOU ROCK! Golden! This interview just got me so hype for BSchool 2017 and for my auditions! SO. MUCH. LIFE.

  118. My favorite takeaway was the statistics part… 64 is a good number and it helps to put things in perspective. I just got rejected today for an art show and watching this interview was really refreshing 🙂

  119. Two things really stood out to me from this video. The first was Bryce’s mindset regarding rejections. To not let them faze her, and think about the average. Inspiring!

    The second was the advice to BE UNIGNORABLE. I’m a novelist, and I’m constantly hearing the advice that books should be written in a defined genre, that they need to adhered to the conventions of that genre so as not to disappoint readers’ expectations and not to write outside of my chosen genre unless I want to lose readers. And I get that. It makes sense. But I’m also multi-passionate. I have story ideas that many of my current readers may hate, but some of them would LOVE. Readers like me who can hop from something sweet and inspirational to something terrifying, dark, and challenging.

    The books I have in my mind to write that don’t adhere to my current back-list would definitely be more unignorable than what I’m writing now … And maybe, despite conventions, that’s exactly what I should be doing next. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s so interesting that conventional wisdom tells writers to stick within clearly defined genres when so many award winners and bestsellers are genre-benders! I’m so glad you’re following your heart. Your current readers may be pleasantly surprised and you could always pick up some new readers along the way. 🙂

  120. Nevena

    Marry ,
    This was great ! Bryce has such wonderful energy ! Best part is her hartiness !
    Thank you both very much !

  121. Thank you SO MUCH for this interview! I didn’t know much about Bryce before I watched it, and now I’m in love.

    I so appreciated her talking about the struggles of being a mom. I was interviewing a mom friend of mine last week, and we were both saying how it’s just not talked about enough. There’s an enormous amount of pressure on women these days to be the perfect mom, spouse, employee…while looking amazing, doing it with one hand tied behind your back–WITH NO HELP–and being happy 24/7 while doing it. Thanks a bunch, internet!

    Plus, no one really talks about how HARD the process is of becoming a mother. Even without postpartum depression, it’s hard! Crazy things happen to your body and your mind–things you would have never imagined (was I really just flooded with a desire to lunge at my hub’s throat? Yes, yes I was). And really, your body isn’t even really your own for a good long while (as in years) when you add up pregnancy, infancy, and beyond. As Bryce said, it’s a bit traumatic – but most people don’t want to talk about that part of it.

    It’s inspiring and validating to have someone who is so poised, put together, and well-spoken to raise her hand and say (paraphrasing here) “hey – it’s not easy, and it’s okay to admit that, and it’s okay that it’s not easy. Just because it LOOKS easy for people in the public eye doesn’t mean that it is.”

    I was having one of those days where I was dog tired (my kids are both under 5), feeling dumpy and down in my yoga pants (did I mention my small children?), and being crushed by guilt that I wasn’t accomplishing more while my kids were at the sitter.

    Seeing this made me feel like “okay, this isn’t permanent. Everyone struggles, even people who seem like they have perfect lives. It’s okay to rest/watch TV/spend the day looking at color schemes and birds instead or whatever it is you’re ’supposed’ to be doing–if that’s what you need–and then you’ll try again. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

    PS: I can’t agree more with everything she said about B-School – especially the accessibility. I had actually talked with the heads of an arts admin program about going back to school and what they told me was exactly what Bryce said: that I’d have to pause my life for two years or more to get that piece of paper. Enter B-School! What a wonderful way to continue my education, while having (gasp) fun!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I so love your openness and honesty here, Sara! It’s definitely hard being a mom, spouse, and employee/entrepreneur, so I’m glad you’re reminding yourself to not be so hard on yourself. You deserve a break too—self-care is such an important facet of entrepreneurship. And we’re thrilled you’re in B-School and having fun!

  122. My favorite part was when Bryce talks about how her goal is to be unignorable. She talks about critics and people who maybe didn’t like things she did, but in the end, whether someone liked her or not, at least she got their attention. There are so many times when Ive been afraid to do something (especially things involving going after my dreams) because I wasn’t sure how it would be received by others. It is such a great & motivating perspective.

    It’s always so refreshing and inspiring to hear about the true realities of what it takes to get where you aspire to be in life. Bryce seems so grounded and honest about the things and the people to where she is today. Society is so obsessed with the “unicorn” overnight success stories that it puts an unrealistic pressure on all of us to be successful immediately. Hearing from both Marie & Bryce that success wasn’t built overnight just gives me even more determination to keep going after my dreams.
    Thank you both so much for sharing!!

  123. For Bryce Interview:

    • I love her work ethic, no really, her work ethic–maintaining a ‘day job’.
    •I also, respect people who aren’t afraid to admit his or her privilege.
    •Also, her thoughts on ‘not being ignorable’, via her former colleague.
    •Lastly, her willingness to continue self education- AKA: B School.

    Such a great interview….

    I wish you both the best!

  124. Jamie

    What a great episode! It came right as I was releasing a big project and feeling totally nervous about it. This episode reminded me how long it can take to create and the importance of enjoying the creative process. Such a cool and soulful interview!

  125. Thank you so much for this exceptional episode. As someone that is right now battling almost depression (and trying to pull myself out of it) as a result of my marriage dying a sad slow death. This was exactly what I needed to hear for some reason. Just someone strong saying that you will come through the darkest times scarred but you will survive them and be better for it. Thank you Bryce for your clarity and strength. I’ve always also been a person of extreme common sense but seem to have lost it the past months with all I’ve been dealing with. It took someone else to say it loud and proud to make me see one of my talents again and to walk forward in my truth and knowing what I have to do.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      What an absolutely beautiful share. You sure will come through, Madeleine, AND be better and stronger for it too. We’re sorry things are so tough on your heart right now, and sending you loads of support as you walk forward one step at a time.

  126. Jasmine Perez

    I loved this episode Marie. My daughter struggles with very similar learning disabilities and is currently in middle school. How amazing to see Bryce give moms like me this hope of knowing it is gonna be ok. I really needed to hear this, thank you so much.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      It’s deeply touching for us to hear that, Jasmine. Sending you and your daughter lots of love from us. xoxo

  127. Eva

    Loved this! Insightful and inspiring. Especially the advice about day jobs. Sending this to my friend right now who is a bit down about not “making it” and still having a day job.

  128. Marie! I’m so excited that you interviewed Bryce! I’m an actress and always walking that line between entrepreneurship and artist. This was so amazing! Usually I don’t get to hear things from the business side that I can directly relate to as an actress and this was very refreshing. Two lovely souls! Great interview!

  129. So many lessons from this video that I don’t even know where to start. So I guess I’ll start with the lesson I learned just reading the email/post before even actually watching the video. In times of “likes 4 likes”, “mkt collaborations” and all other giving-only-to-receive types, this Hollywood girl mentioned someone that inspired her in an interview that Marie could potentially never hear about. It got me thinking how nice it is to actually give credits to someone when we learn something from them instead of pretending we’re born with all this knowledge. I do acknowledge a lot of people already, but Bryce inspired me to give even more credits to people I learn from or am inspired by, starting with this video that I’ll definitely share! Thanks, Marie, for all the amazing work you do in this world!

  130. It is through the tough challenges of life that we learn: about our strengths; our boundaries; where and how to push the limits; and so much more.

    BTW Marie, your dress this week is beyond adorable on you! 🙂

  131. Today is my 26th birthday and all week I’ve been pensive and frankly a little blue. This episode couldn’t have come at a more perfect moment – I’ve always been a big fan of Bryce and when I saw that she was being interviewed I literally squealed! Years ago I thought I would have my shit more together by this point than I actually do – so it’s a breath of fresh air to listen to two incredibly inspirational women discussing the personal/business worlds behind performing arts.

    I’m a performance artist in Chicago who does mostly choreography, acting and burlesque. I’ve struggled to keep a steady day job mostly because I have a brain-block against them: I’ve romanticized the idea of being truly independent and self-providing almost to a fault that I’m now constantly stressed about money and where my next gig/paycheck is coming from, all while failing to provide myself a financial cushion as I left my day-job to pursue acting full time (supplementing income through being a Lyft driver).

    The quote: “financial planning is career planning” resonated SO INTENSELY with me that I had to pause and sit in silence to be like “whoa…. Yep. Yep it sure is. Duh, Grace!” And I am SO THANKFUL FOR THAT. I stopped to be thankful and practice some positive psychology for myself by recalling and acknowledging things that make me grateful. One of them being that this week alone (maybe due to the powerful full moon or it being my birthday) is that I’ve been offered two paying gigs since Sunday, one being steady and well-paying! And I met a woman who needs practice clients as she builds her personal coaching business, so I’ll be getting complimentary private coaching – how serendipitous, what an awesome week!

    I don’t come from a family that has a healthy relationship with money, so saving and planning ahead for the future has been something I’ve had to constantly learn the hard way, on my own and through the examples of what NOT to do…. But when thinking about it in terms of career planning, it is much more logical and motivating to consider it that way instead of this oppressive means to simply “make ends meet.” We are meant for so much more than just paying bills!!! If I want to truly manifest and make my dreams a reality, then I have to find ways to support those visions with the proper financial foundation that it needs to grow and thrive.

    I have a really good feeling that this year will be my most financially and artistically successful year, and I’m gonna get my butt over to B-School and also check out a lot more of what Marie has to share about self-development 🙂

    Thank you so much for this absolutely inspiring treat, Marie!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Grace, we LOVE what you’re gleaning from this episode — it’s such important stuff. You can absolutely have your own money path, separate from and far more healthy and rewarding than your family’s relationship with it.

      What exciting things you’re pushing towards and seeing clearly, and at such a young age. You have far more figured out than you even realize.

      Our whole Team is wishing you a —

  132. Catherine

    Wow! What a great interview! Bryce is absolutely adorable and engaging…she’s a bubbly fountain of information. As a voice actress, I loved hearing her story about her grandmother and the 1 in 64 auditions. I’ve struggled with sounding like another more famous actress, and just hearing Bryce’s spin on that, really and truly opened my eyes. I’ve been afraid of appearing to mimics or ride this person’s coat tails, when in fact it’s just a super easy way for others to quickly understand my abilities. Even loved hearing her talk about how fabulous “B School” is.

    Thank you Marie for continuing to bring us great content! And thank you Bryce for lighting up our minds!

  133. My biggest takeaway: not to be ashamed of my day job and keep it while I create, grow, & profit from my art.

    Another takeaway don’t be in such a rush to get there. Keep chugging away day by day, and I’m doing just fine.

    Thank you Marie for always providing us with excellent 5 star interviews like this one, you’re the best!!

    • Belén Drake

      Woow, I love your web. Thanks, Melodee. Great comment.

  134. Angie Cushing

    I loved the entire interview, so much, that this is the first one I am actually taking the time to leave a comment. (Although I love them all and have been following Marie T.V. for a few months since enrolling in B-school.) I really liked the part about the work ethic, and it also fits in perfectly with a book I just read, theWARofART by Steven Pressfield. (Great Book!) And my one big take away (there were many), was that most people want to go back to school or learn something else as an adult, but find it difficult with our busy lives, raising children and demanding careers. I love the internet because we can continuously learn at our own pace, and continue to expand our breadth of knowledge as part of our personal journey’s. It was interesting that even someone like Bryce – a creative soul with a big career, would participate in B-school and have the same kinds of take aways from it as the rest of us. Thanks Bryce and Marie for sharing. Xox

  135. It’s interesting how Universe has been presenting things to me lately: just today I took my daughter and her friend to see Pete’s dragon, and this interview popped into my inbox. The movie was great, btw – i had two 12-year old in tow, and they really enjoyed it:)

    What an inspirational story from Bryce. So so many nuggets of wisdom, from finding and focusing on the smallest possible talent/achievement to being OK with things taking time, and not giving up, to being OK with being compared to someone wonderful in the same field.

    I’m also a B-school alum, and have experienced so so many wonderful things in my life and business since taking the course.

    Thank you for all the amazing work you do and all the inspiration!

    • Belén Drake

      Now I’ve got to show the movie, for sure. Love your comment.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      We’re honored by your kind words, Natalia. And so thrilled to hear you loved Pete’s Dragon too!!

  136. A great inspirational story . A life worth emulating. Thanks for sharing.

  137. Thank you very very much both of you for this so inspiring interview. For long I had trouble understanding the true importance of taking care and respect me, and now that I’m working hard on these issues is so important your contributions on economic stability and be able to sustain.
    I’ve always think: if only this, if only that. You know, that kind of excuses and paralyzing fears. I think your examples are so powerful. I’m a writer and the story of the sixty-four auditions touch me very deep. It’s like: earth calling Belén, stay in reality and common sense, please. Love it!
    It has helped me a lot to reaffirm my will to resist and keep me on my way with a good strategy, I’m also a b-schooler, so I have a great teacher and I have me and my strengths, and more important I’ve got a job!! Jajaja, my new mantra.
    Thank you again, ladies, such a great honor.

  138. This interview couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I’ve been struggling for the past year about having the day job I currently have and feeling like I’m not truly living out my passions. Like competing my horse and starting my new abstract art business.

    It’s only been 8.5 months since I started my new art business, but have felt like it just hasn’t been taking off and battling depressed feelings because of it.

    Thank you so much for your inspiration and a reality check for what it really is like to get an artistic career started.

  139. Robin Nicole Otis- Clayborne

    My name is Robin Clayborne. I’m a 53 year old person that have all over again. My husband ‘s job move us to North Carolina. We have a daughter that have autism. I finally found a part-time job at Goodwill as a salesperson, it a good job that go good around my daughter’s schedule. I like working at Goodwill and the customers, but I went to school for fashion designing and really like to create. My side hustle is doing alterations, dressmaking, crocheting, and fashion illustrations. I really like the crocheting opportunity because I’m doing commission work for a yard shop. Your interview with Bryce Dallas Howard gave me the o.k. to go for my dreams and to have the responsibility to take care of business by working a stable job. I got the job at Goodwill by doing a fashion show for them call ” Rock the Runway” where I took use clothes and made a beautiful collection by redesigning a difference look by taking it apart and sew something totally new. After the fashion show I apply for a job at Goodwill. Thank you for the wake-up call and telling me not to give up.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Robin!!

  140. Abigail

    I’m completely blown away by this interview. I have to say it opened my eyes WIDE on what a good work ethic is and why people are where they are. I’m ashamed to admit that when I first saw Bryce in the movies I had a cynical attitude “of course she’s in the movies, Ron Howard is her dad.” I’m completely humbled and eating my words because I now see the tremendous effort she displayed and the tremendous talent she has to accomplish what she has so far. Yes, Ron Howard is her dad and therefore she has an amazing artistic heritage that she WORKED HARD to build into who she is today. She had wonderful mentors and took advantage of those, yes, but that in itself is a trait of genuineness. I hadn’t even noticed in myself that I would have such a preconceived notion about someone. So I am very grateful for this opportunity to see beyond what I thought was “obvious” about this beautiful soul. And also to learn this about myself so as not to do it again.

  141. Maria

    Wow, Just WOW! It’s impossible to name just one golden gumdrop from this episode.
    This episode was the perfect huge from the universe saying ” Girl, you got this”…. This episode has helped with a critical self confidence issue, a fear of not be seen or heard as I am…I have been ignored or misunderstood so many times. I know that my story and purpose here is great and I am, really…patience, consistency and heart. I will carry this with me always…and one day…Gulp….I’ll be sitting on MarieTV sharing my story with the world. I love you Team M. Thank you!!!!


  142. deb


  143. Loved this interview!! The point that stood out to me; be unignorable (I think that was the word? ha) I always feel like my writing is ‘out there’ and maybe sometimes I go a little too far, that I make people uncomfortable with the content. Having said that, there’s simply no way my work is ignorable. It was a terrific point and something I see frequently in television series, movies, books etc. The most shocking, the ones that hit you deep down, are the things you never forget. You never forget ‘that scene’ in a specific movie, or ‘that’ character in a series or that shocking plot twist in a book. Amazing, beautiful, thank you for that terrific interview:-)

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So true, Michelle! I love Bryce’s litmus test – only doing work that is unignorable is such a smart idea!

  144. Jenisparkle

    Bryce is so articulate it is difficult to believe she could have been diagnosed with any learning disability. Although, after listening to her speak I am certain I have an undiagnosed visual processing disorder! She was so relatable and encouraging, (as are you, Marie) I want to share this interview with everyone I know. The only thing I love more than learning about the 1 in 64 statistic is that if you make it to 100 without a hit, you just start over counting! That was beautiful! I love you both and thank YOU for sharing those incredible gifts with the world that only YOU have!

  145. Tina

    Thank you very much Marie & Bryce for all the story that you both sharing.

    I’ve got an information that money problem or health problem are a part in the way we live. So i don’t have to worry about it again. Hope I can go through it too.

    Bryce remind me, that we have doing a daily job, doing what we really good at and do giving to each other. And the last one is, must have a mindset to do work that is unignorable.

    God bless you both. And success always.
    I’m gonna watching your next movie, Bryce.

  146. Loved hearing Bryce just chatting away. Listened while unpicking the most massive georgette wedding dress hem.
    Things that resonated with me was the 64 auditions & the range of jobs she did to enable her to pursue what she loved.
    I have had those jobs: date entry, receptionist, house cleaning & ironing, fabric sales assistant, production lines – replacing Australian standard fittings in European shower packages & making back to school lunch packs – cool pack, drink bottle, cup, sandwich box & stickers, double sided tape on Mitsubishi car signs. Boring as hell but the faster you worked the more CASH you get paid. Pamphlet delivery for power & water outage upgrades.
    It make you appreciates when you are making money doing what you love.
    I still make very little from my bridal accessory business, but rake it in with my expert alterations on wedding dresses, fashion parades, TVC, catalogues & celebrity appearances. I’ve got to hang out with some of the most amazing stylists & celebrities to come to Melbourne for big events.
    So if you are ever in Melbourne, Marie, & need a nip & tuck on an outfit. give me a yell 🙂

  147. Allyson Nettles Fink

    Random early morning FaceBooking and I came across your site.. I am a FOREVER STUDENT of this world and in the midst of doing some researching I came across this site, Marie TV and the wonderful interview you had with Bryce Dallas Howard. (MY AH HA Moment) was learning I share Many, Many of the traits, with Ms. Bryce and it was like taking a deep breathe and finally exhailing!! As a grateful woman who is quick to acknowledge Blessings as they appear….I must say Thank You!! To both Bryce and yourself for this gift. Thank you for sharing and putting your true self out there….As a true Southerner, From Charleston S.C. I must say….Most Sincerely, …..Bless Your Heart!!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Allyson! We’re thrilled you found our site. It’s great to be connected with you!

  148. Livia

    Hi Marie, I love all of your videos! You and each and everyone of your guests are amazing. I have been wanting to ask you, what is the name of the artist who painted the painting that is behind your guests?
    Thank you!

  149. Diana

    Thank you so much for this!!!! xoxo

  150. Thank you Marie and Bryce! Amazing interview. My favorite part was the topic of being traumatized after a life transition that you weren’t expecting and how to move forward from that. I think if I weren’t shaken by my own life experience, I may not be pursuing my dream of becoming a photographer! It’s highly possible that I would be living a mediocre life without even realizing it! Now, I am moving forward with my photography career, and doing work that makes a difference- which is my passion. I hope to do B school next year and if you are ever visiting the San Francisco area, please let me know! I would love to hear you speak in person! You are amazing. And Bryce- thank you for showing us how to handle rejection and trauma with an open heart and grace, because that’s the way to persevere!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Amazing that you’re not settling for mediocre, Karen 🙂 So glad you enjoyed this interview, and we would be honored to have you in B-School next year!

  151. I’ve been following Marie for a few years now, and like Bryce I’ve been doing the work to leverage my career. I connected with every word in this interview. I almost feel like I’m her long lost twin!
    I have this interview on repeat as I work. I also worked through disabilities and I’m starting to see my daughter (also an inspiring artist) struggle with the same. I’m so grateful I have this to watch with her. To give her a new perspective and hopefully help her gain a new confidence. To start working in the light of our strengths.

    My work has freed me and serves as my voice at times. I want my daughter to know she has something special to offer the world.

    Thank you Bryce for sharing and being so open with us. You’ve helped many people feel not only special, but that they aren’t alone.

  152. Wow–loved getting to know Bryce and hear her story. The single biggest thought I’m taking away is that our pain will actually turn into our benefit if we allow it. I so appreciated the sharing of Bryce’s younger years and how that journey impacted her throughout the rest of her life–and I won’t forget the story of Bryce’s grandmother. What a beautiful lesson on continuing to show up. 🙂

  153. Thank you so much for this episode. It felt like it spoke directly to me, as I’m sure many women felt. Having dealt with severe postpartum depression, Bryce’s honest thoughts and feelings about it really touched me. I feel even more inspired in my quest to use my experience to help other women going through the same. ‘Cuz at the end of the day we should all be lifting each other up. Thank you again!

  154. Sounds like ADHD, I also experienced these challenges with Math while being in the top 5% for writing. ADHD is amazing in other ways – those things you can focus on and which do come naturally are blazing talents. It’s brilliant to be aware and find workarounds. Good luck!

  155. The role of a day job, whether part-time or full-time, in the life of a creative is something I’ve been thinking a LOT about over the past few months and it was so refreshing to hear Bryce talk about it from her perspective.

    I wrote about my own experiences earlier this year, and I had great feedback from people in my community who really needed to hear that message. It’s a message I believe needs to be spread, especially in the online entrepreneurial world with all of its “quit your day job” hype.

    I was recently listening to an episode of Tiffany Han’s podcast and her guest was Emilie Wapnick, who has a great TED talk about multipotentialites. Emilie was talking about all of the different types of multipotentialites and referenced the “Einstein” type. Albert Einstein famously worked at the patent office during the same years he developed his most important scientific work. Having a day job allowed him the mental space and stability to work on his own theories. I’d say that being like Einstein and relying on a day job to pay the bills while pursuing your own projects is nothing to be ashamed of.

  156. Paula

    I loved this interview, Bryce is so authentic, fresh, humane! And so thank you once again Marie for making being yourself while trying to be and do your best, and express your best into the world, into a TV show and supportive wisdom and more! Yes, the world was in absolute need of your special gift, that only you have!
    God bless you all
    Paula from Italy

  157. Stacy

    Thank you Marie and Bryce! I have two kids who are quite bright, but have learning disabilities. It’s hard to get them to realize that it will all work out and will all be OK. I played them the beginning of this interview and it was very encouraging for them to see someone with similar struggles doing well as an adult!
    Love MarieTV

  158. Beth

    I loved this interview and especially the 64 auditions for 1 job statistic. One reason I love Marie so much is that, unlike many interviewers, she actually listens and engages and acknowledges her guests. She isn’t compelled to cut them short so she can get a word in. This was particularly true in this interview – Bryce had so much to say, and Marie let her communicate! Such a rarity and a reason I keep coming back to Marie interviews! Thanks for another great interview, Marie!

  159. This episode was really amazing for me to watch. I’ve pretty down lately about where I am with my business. Having to split my time between it and my day job has left me frustrated with the rate of progress I’m making. So the nugget of wisdom for me was the part where a it thumbs up was given to it! I have a new found respect for my day job that will allow me to be less tough on myself. I also loved the statistics part, it really helps put things into perspective. I’ll be putting up quite a few (if not all) of the nuggets of wisdom from this episode on my dream board! Question – would it be possible for you to create a downloadable document with all the nuggets of wisdom for each episode please?

  160. The entire interview was great! It’s cool to see that even celebrities (who we tend to put on a pedestal), have the same concerns as everyone else. I also love how she chose to focus on the fact that she was really good at one thing and decent at a few things rather than moaning about everything she wasn’t good at. I think people would be happier if they focused on their strengths rather than their weaknesses.

  161. Love this – I have a little boy who is showing signs he may struggle at school and this gave me fodder to tuck away in my mind for him later on. And the story about 64 auditions was great for me personally as I am a photographer and it made me think about the sheer volume of work I need to get through to become as “unignorable” as some of the photographers that inspire me.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      So grateful to hear you’re tucking this one away, Sarah, and we love the thought you had about the sheer volume of work to get through and practice with. We’ve always loved this Ira Glass video for that exact concept: 🙂

  162. Mariana

    Marie and Bryce:
    Thank you and your amazing teams for making this interview possible! I know that there are a lot of people involved and I just want to say that you keep making the world a little bit better with each one’s work. Thank you, thank you!
    Regarding this particular interview, I was so inspired by it! I’m currently in media management but originally I wanted to be an actress. I’m not from the United States and I’m not from a wealthy family, although that’s neither bad nor an excuse for not making it. I began working really young to afford acting classes, dancing lessons, voice lessons and I began to book some minor roles here and there. In my country, the entertainment industry is mainly for gorgeous, good looking actors and actresses and my profile is more like a character actress so I was having trouble getting more important roles. An opportunity came by and I took it right away: I was so excited by it! My first role in an important theatre company!
    As time went by, things began to change. I’ve had more training in dance so I was the female swing of the company (the girl who knows every single role and plays it in case an actress gets sick or can’t make it on time for the show) and I began to feel really unhappy: my job, the amount of times that I got on stage and my payment check depended on how many times I let the stage manager come in my dressing room while I was changing. It was horrible. I never let him in of course so I began to work less and less. I didn’t have chances to practice on stage and he began to forbid me to get up there. I was miserable. I spent entire weeks without working and being the mock of this creepy man: he told me I was so uptight to be a serious actress and that I wasn’t serious about my future in the industry. He told me that things were that way and that I’d just have to be okay with that, otherwise I wouldn’t get to work anywhere else. I was 18 at the time. I began hating theatre and everything in it because I let this man get to me and because I couldn’t quit or else I would have to move back to my home town where there aren’t much acting jobs. I felt trapped in the paycheck I received each month and I began to forget why I loved acting so much, I just cared that the money arrived on time so I could pay my bills. I came to a breaking point eventually and came back home to study communications. I just graduated from college last month. I don’t regret any of it and I know that not everyone is like that, it was just luck or destiny that I came to know this man and I wasn’t ready to face him. I believe a part of me always felt guilty for giving up so easily but I wanted to have more choices: I wanted to know that I could do more if someone ever treated me that way again. I wanted to be sure that I could quit and that I could calmly search for some other opportunity because I wouldn’t be evicted: I had other choices and I could do many other things because I knew how. Thankfully, I ended up falling in love with my career and enjoying what I do but I’m still working towards my goal. A dream of mine has been to study acting for film in the United States and I’m saving up to go for a short period of time next year. I’m still doing local theatre and short films. I’ve built a ballet barre in my bedroom out of some curtain rods and I do a ballet class at 5:00 am before I go off to work. At night time, I download and learn monologues and I watch movies as I’m following their script so I learn the dialogues with the correct pronunciation. I know it’s still a crazy, hard dream to achieve but I haven’t lose hope in the fact that it might happen.
    I almost cried when you assured that a side-job was a good thing to do. I realized I don’t need to feel guilty anymore because I’m still working towards it. I know it may be harder: I’m older now and there are many talented, younger actresses out there, but I’m still giving me and my dream a chance in my life.
    Thank you so, so much for this beautiful talk! Thank you for inspiring us to follow our dreams and to believe there’s a place in this world for this one of us!

    You both are amazing!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Mariana, your hope, vision, and stick-to-it-ness is amazing, and we’re 100% rooting for you! Thank you for your kind words too — they mean a lot to us. XOXO

  163. Love Bryce! She is a real woman that is easy to relate to. Thank you for sharing your time and spot light with her. I was “flattened” with my daughter and desire to have more conversations with women so they know they are not alone. Marie your show is always at the right time, my time squeezed in my wonderful busy life. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  164. I love everything you do Marie! I look forward to attending B-School! This story I can so relate to! I experienced it all in school! One teacher believed in me and he changed the way I thought about myself and my abilities versus my dis-abilities.

    I learned what it takes to excel and worked harder than anybody else until I became a science Olympic student. All it took is really common sense and hard work, and a change in perspective. “Slow” really comes from the fact that you can literally observe life in its very detail, without rushing through it, without losing any moment, in that slow mode you can truly experience the magic of life.

  165. Chelsea - Team Forleo

    Roxana, thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing about your story with us.

    And we’d be delighted to welcome you to B-School if and when the timing is right for you!

  166. It was such a nice interview! I’m an opera singer, and it’s such a similar way of thinking that has developed throughout the years. And I love her way of explaining how to be kind with yourself and just accepting how reality is, and still following your dreams. Plus, her honesty about her life experiences is so inspiring.
    Thanks Marie & Bryce (& Team Forleo for this interview! You are all wonderful!

  167. I loved the part where Bryce talked about having her baby and the feeling of having depression or a hard time. “When you achieve things that you’ve dreamed of your whole life but you’re going through a difficult time that undermines the experience, it can flatten you.” I could relate to this so much and felt encouraged that I am not alone in this. While preparing for my wedding, to move to another country, and just graduating from college, I fell into a huge emotional/mental crisis. I felt scared and guilty because what was supposed to be an exciting time was tormenting. It continued on for four years, but I’ve made a huge change and am so close.

  168. Megan Baker

    Three take-aways:
    1. the value of the day job
    2. work ethic and discipline as a practice
    3. “Do work that is un-ignorable!” Not perfect, not meaningful, not fame-inducing, not wealth-making, but UN-ignorable.

    Loved this episode. Thanks. A quiet conversation, full of wisdom.

  169. Vicky

    I really resonate with what Megan has said above. I have been considering whether to take on a bridge job again and loved how Bryce just positioned it as smart and sound. Felt like such a relief!

    Unignorable also struck me. I’ve been so conditioned to not stand out during my life. I’ve learnt to be myself regardless, but always thought I was paying the price. Maybe I’m not!

    I have a question – what is the technical name for common sense that Bryce was tested as being in the top 1% for?

  170. Tania

    Love how open she is about her learning disabilities as she was growing up and how she dealt with them then and now. So positive! Helpful for me as we recently found out our daughter has dyslexia. I really enjoyed how she transformed her disabilities into positives and as they truly are gifts!! Thank you!

  171. Wande

    Love, love the interview with Bryce. So inspiring. My son Montana (whose 9) also has learning disabilities which Bryce so eloquently described and it has been a real challenge for both he and I. Thank you both for giving meaning to the beauty and honesty in the gifts he has given me. As you know, it is a daily struggle but after listening to Bryce talk about the beauty in it all – it assured me that he will be ok. Thank you and stay blessed.

  172. Beautiful conversation.
    1. Never give up
    2. Be honest to yourself.
    3. Appreciate every given moment.
    and much more!
    Thank you, Ladies!

  173. Rikki Kuehn

    Loved this episode! It touched my soul so much that I watched with tears. Thank you Bryce for sharing so much of yourself and Marie and your team for bringing it week after week! Thank you!

  174. Beth

    Just read/watched this post. Thank you Marie and Bryce for sharing. I really enjoyed this episode. In this world of ‘quit your day job & pursue your dreams’ it is so nice to hear someone say hey, it’s dignified to to both. (As you may have guessed, I do not feel I can quit my day job & I am still going for my dreams!)
    You both inspire me.

  175. I love Marie’s interviews (and here interviewing style) but something about this one in particular really stands out for me. While most of Marie’s interviews have a easy-going, conversational atmosphere it still seems like most of the guests are so polished and prepared that at times it’s almost like they’re operating on autopilot or have their own scripted go-to answers. I’ve heard some of Marie’s guests on other podcasts or shows while doing things like book promotional tours and realized each time I was hearing about 90% of the same stuff across different platforms. I’d never heard of Bryce Dallas Howard prior to this interview but something about the way she pauses to consider everything in the conversation combined with her own self-awareness about her circumstances while growing up made this whole interview more insightful and a touch more “real” than the usual MarieTV episode. Perhaps her commentary and storytelling style are a result of the “processing deficienceis” or learning problems she spoke about but the result for a viewer like me is that she seems way more relateable than many other guests on the show (even though I’ve generally really liked all of them!). Her “processing deficiency” really just seems to make her answers more thoughtful and considerate rather than coming across as canned or generic interview fodder. All in all, the insights and wisdom she’s shared about the trajectory of her career and personal life were fascinating and I really wanted the interview to go on longer.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thanks Paul, she’s indeed a very special lady and we’re thrilled to be able to share her insights with you through MarieTV. Thank you again for sharing your feedback!

  176. Amazing interview, me liked all. Congrats on your efforts

  177. Patrick

    Bryce is such a down to earth young lady. Very grounded. She must have been raised very well. Lots of wisdom in this interview.
    Great stuff Marie. Keep up the great work!

  178. Katherine Longhi

    Thank you thank you thank you Bryce and Marie! Hearing how the day job is essential and empowering really was what I needed to hear right now. Love you ladies!

  179. Absolutely incredible. My key takeaways:

    1. Forget the unicorn stories. Understand what real success looks like for most people. If you’re comparing yourself to the best of the best of the best, you’ll basically beat yourself up and will probably quit. Just keep going!
    2. Her learning disabilities only strengthened her ability to see her strengths and focus on those. So admirable!! I can relate to this, not because I have learning disabilities, but because I have numerous health problems that can often make me feel less capable. But I would like to thank Bryce for being a good role model in showing that focusing on your strengths instead of your weaknesses is the only way to live a happy and fulfilling life and actually pursue and achieve your dreams.

    Also, thank you for speaking up about postpartum depression. I see more and more celebrities talking about this, and they’re covering it on major TV shows. It’s so important to help new moms deal with this issue while erasing the guilt and shame associated with it.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome takeaways, Jennifer! Sounds like you and Bryce are definitely on the same wavelength. Thanks so much for tuning in! 🙂

  180. Wonder, wonderful this interview with Bryce Dallas Howard. I love it how she dares to be herself in such a natural and honest and still enthusiastic way.
    I think it is great that she knew before head that she had to do so many trials before being accepted on role.
    The most I got out of her way to see the advantages of her learning disabilities looking at her capabilities (I speak various languages but I’m not good in written language). Common sense is what we have often use to go on …

    I really loved this and thank you Marie, for sharing all your knowledge even so I did not participate in B-school. As well to see ‘not being ignored’ like something useful, here I have a big chance, as I am mainly ‘foreigner’.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Lydia! We’re so glad to hear that you find our work useful, and that this episode in particular really resonated with you – Bryce is wonderful!

  181. Laura Coulter

    No doubt I will get the wrath of the group for posting this but I was surprised and distracted by how scattered Bryce is in her speaking. She said, “um” over 150 times. It’s a filler. It looks unprofessional and is distracting from the main message. Committing to a newsletter/email in this day of message overload is a huge sign of respect. Sitting down to watch something longer than 10 minutes is a commitment and full of anticipation for what the content will be. To listen to someone ‘um’, ‘and um’, ‘and uh’ is so disappointing. The message was lost in the delivery. This can be correct by speech coaches, preparation, Toastmasters, friends correcting/counting for you.

    I expect a long list of people chiming in with how that wasn’t the point, how everyone is different, etc which is fine and yes, the message was solid, the experience valid and varied and creative. But, I had to turn it off as I couldn’t take any more ‘um’s’ from a professional actress and got lost in the scrambled storytelling. If you have to write out your speech, practice it so much the statements become natural, so be it. Just don’t um and ‘ok,um’ your message away. Recently with the MarieTV comments, I only ever see long lists of praise of 250+ agreeing with the message. I’m sorry this wasn’t one – for both of us!

  182. Ann Hallam

    I love hearing from BDH. Loved the learning disabilities, persistence and financial planning/work ethic parts. We are distant cousins so am going to show this to my kids to pass on the family wisdom that she so masterfully put into story.

  183. Thank you for this! I loved how day jobs were talked about and now I have a whole new much needed perspective. I’m very grateful, uplifted, and excited 🙂

  184. Ryder Richards

    At 37 with the help of Elizabeth Gilbert and this interview I am finally letting the torment of not being a full time artist go and honoring that your day job is a good thing.I loved how Bryce explained the fear and pressure of supporting ones self and I loved that Marie added in its a smart artist. I loved that Bryce was such a fan and so humble and intelligent. It was an interview that felt so natural and interesting it was absolutely unignorable!

  185. Lisa Rene

    I absolutely love this episode. I can feel the raw emotions well up inside of me as I watch the interview. I am filled with gratitude, empathy, and inspiration. Thanks to both of you for this. THIS is the kind of sharing that I long for on a daily basis and wish that we could all do as the norm. Thank you for the vulnerability and the willingness to share your experiences and really, your true selves. I can relate to it all: being an artist, being a mom, post-partum depression, grief, facing and overcoming challenges, personal insights, etc., etc., are the stuff of real life, but not talked about enough, in my opinion. This type of sharing is healthy and important to build healthy relationships with others as well as with self. I could go on and on about how much I appreciate both of you for discussing these topics, issues, and experiences that make up real life in such a genuine, open, vulnerable, down-to-earth, articulate, intelligent, fun, and sensitive way. My love and admiration for you both is amplified.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I completely agree, Lisa. Sharing on a deeper level creates such vital connection, and the ripples of that make life so much better and richer for all of us. We so appreciate you sharing here, and thanks so much for watching! xoxo

  186. She is so sweet and beautiful. Meaningful episode!

  187. Kami H

    Bryce’s comment about not fully healing from her postpartum experience resonated with me. My daughter went through severe health issues that resulted in a rough few of years for us. She is doing so much better now and I have felt so guilty for not just getting over it. Thank you so much for your insight! My daughter Kate loves you in Pete’s Dragon, you’re wonderful!

  188. *Fellow Artist* ! This was my favorite interview yet, this just really struck a chord with me – the torn clothes piece brought me to tears. So much truth here. THANK YOU Marie and BDH, love love love <3

  189. I absolutely loved this interview!!! I especially like the part where Bryce talks about focusing on your strengths and her resilience to accept rejection as part of the process. I also love her down to earth advice on being financially stable while you build your creative career; that there’s no shame in it. Sometimes it can feel like you’re a failure when you’re doing the side hustle and sitting in a cubicle 9-5. I just signed up for B-School last week and I get more excited everyday to be a part of this community. So inspiring! Thank you.

  190. Jennifer

    OMG!!! I loved this interview with Bryce! I so resonated with her struggles in school growing up, as well as motherhood. I am just now getting started with B-School and beyond excited. As a SAHM, I’ve struggled to find myself and this new-found life. I’ve always had so many interests, and struggle with choosing the right direction to go in. I’m hoping this program will help me find my focus and follow through. When Bryce said she is the top 1% in common sense, I freaked because that is me too!!!!! That was certainly and “aha” moment for me 🙂 So excited to be a part of this community.

  191. Liz

    Beauty abounds, such a thoughtful interview…has me feelin the feels! Thank you both for sharing.

    My biggest take-away was Bryce’s confirmation about the multi-layers of career necessary to do the creative work we love. ❤ It is so helpful to hear this as I’m just starting b-school and I will carry this pearl of wisdom with me as I embark on my journey.

    Much love, keep being AWESOME!

  192. Melissa Macdonald

    As an artist, I loved every second of this. Thank you! Every part of this really resonated with me.

  193. Mahal

    Really appreciated this video. Helped me fall back in love with the day job and embrace as part of the gift of the discovery process instead of viewing it like a dead weight to be ashamed of. I am re-encouraged that nothing is out of line and that all things have a purpose. Great reminder that this is about “creating a business that is completely unique.”

  194. Jose

    Thank you for this invaluable interview. It’s everything I needed to hear as an artist and filmmaker. Big hug to Bryce, Marie and the MarieTV team!

  195. Laura

    Ruben Polento:
    a little mistake in the video transcript 🙂
    Theater is Caller MITU, not ME TOO

    • Laura

      Sorry, my bad. Ruben Polendo, not Polento. Sorry, Ruben!

  196. “Do work that i unignorable” is such a great reminder for me to just focus and do my best to make something beautiful and great. <3

  197. CJ Osuala

    Albeit, I’m always kicking myself in the butt for “wasting time” or being anxious about “not using my time well/as well as…”, I am SO SO SOOO glad I watched this (entire) interview. I’m an alum of NYU Graduate Acting program and have struggled with my identity/self-worth while working side jobs and taking a hiatus, of sorts, while I build up my financial foundation (becoming a new member of b-school this year being part of that plan), as well as my emotional and spiritual foundations and well-being. I’ve often felt like I was straying from “my path”, etc. Just the statistics of auditions (which REALLY would’ve helped me when I started out!) and trusting the character building- of myself vs in someone’s script, etc- through working side jobs, has helped put A LOT in a REALISTIC (vs. romantic) and GROUNDED (vs. airy-dreamy) perspective. This is not to say dreaming is BAD (HELL-NO, not at all! And I still do it all the time!); but the knowledge and wisdom shared in this video helps me put into perspective the step by steps in life I’m taking to run, and take flight into/towards those dreams I have. The information shared here is already helping me in my ongoing journey of balancing “the elements” , of sorts, in life and on “MY unique path” towards, in what must also be, in the truest sense, my unique dream(s) for my own unique, invaluable life.

    Thank you.

  198. This is one of my favorite interviews. First off, Bryce, I *loved* your performance in The Village. Definitely unignorable! My biggest takeaway was about keeping a day job. As an opera singer, I spent 10 out of nearly 15 years in NYC working as a legal secretary & while I loved the stability it provided, I found my artist self getting lost in all the office. I left the job, moved cross country, & vowed that I would do everything in my power to stay out of another office job. But the truth is that it’s always been relatively easy for me to find that kind of work, & your perspective & this conversation on keeping a day job was really helpful. My goal, should I need to take on work beyond my singing career & health coaching business while I establish myself in a new city, will be to take flexible work that supports my artistic efforts & my bank account. It’s SO EASY to feel like a failure as an artist when you have to rely on something else to pay your bills. But for crying out loud, even Mozart worked on commission and still ended up in a pauper’s grave. Surely, I can survive needing a part-time job. Also, I really applaud your attitude about your learning disabilities. We tend to focus on disabilities, rather than abilities. Thanks for the inspiration, ladies! Onward!

  199. Ceci Landeros

    I love this episode, I love both of you, were so inspiring, I take especially in the part about the unignorable, that go directly to my heart.
    Love and Gratitude

  200. This is my favorite Marie interview! I loved Bryce’s “Common Sense” wisdom and the fact that she is such a big fan of B-school.
    Thank you Marie for attracting amazing guests and for your heart-centered interviews.

  201. Cheryl Partridge

    Marie your staff lead me to this episode. I have hung onto every word. It is exactly what I have needed. Trying for the last 8 years trying to get my program off the ground, working 3 jobs all being an at home mom of a two year old. I was ready to give up this week until I saw this. Thank you both so much !!!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad Bryce’s wisdom is inspiring you! Building a business isn’t easy, though we believe in you wholeheartedly. Be kind to yourself––you got this. 🙂 We’re cheering for you!

  202. Dipika

    Dear Bryce and Marie,
    Love you both for sharing your self in an honest way. It is refreshing to see how beautiful souls connect and spread the joy in the world.

  203. Dan Dee

    Hi, I’d like to simply comment on the day job aspect for artistes. I’ve been having music composing contracts for the past 15 years, but still can’t live from them. So I do have a day job, which is in the field of arts, thankfully. But the big problem with this is that I work 35 hours a week at that job, and then in the mornings, nights and weekends I fulfill my other engagements to my music contracts for another 30 to 35 hours. So I find myself working 7 days a week for the past 4 or 5 years and when I take 2 weeks off from my day job, it’s to launch a new album or to advance some related music project. My point here is that it’s extremely demanding physically and mentally having 2 full time jobs with no vacations for so long. It’s not a healthy life even if you saw it’s dignified.

  204. Hailey - Team Forleo

    Hi Dan! Thanks for sharing a bit of your own experience as a working artist with us. You’re so right– balancing a busy work schedule and making time for creative projects can be difficult. In fact, Marie built her own business while working several day jobs for many years to support her creative work and she understands the unique obstacles many creative entrepreneurs face while building their businesses. This is also topic that has come up often on MarieTV and I’d love to share a few other episodes that may provide an extra bit of insight and inspiration for you: Marie has also shared the importance of taking time off from work to rest and recharge, which can also be a great way to spark some new ideas and find inspiration for your work. Of course, we understand it may not always be possible to completely disengage from work for a period of time, but sometimes, small changes in our daily routines and habits can have powerful impacts. In addition to your day job and creative work, we’d also love to encourage you make time for activities that help you rest and recharge– you never know what doors may open as a result! Thanks for being a part of our creative community.

  205. “The goal of an artist is to be un-ignorable” was a concept that I had never thought of in relation to my art. It is however, the concept that I will be moving forward with, keeping always to the idea NOT to do things that are boring. Boredom, while it has its uses as a restorative, squelches creativity. And when my creativity is squelched, I walk around in a daze. Thank you both Marie and Bryce – what AN AMAZINGLY POWERFUL VIDEO! PS I’m so completely happy I’m in B-School you just have NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!!

  206. Victoria Mast

    Loved this!!!!! The stats about auditions was truly an eye-opener. I screenshot each little nugget as they were all so very true and will serve as much needed reminders from time to time.
    I always thought being similar to someone else wouldn’t serve me well, but Ms. Howard’s thoughts on it will be a total game changer for me. What a great way to look at it!
    I could go on for days. Such a huge fan of hers in every way. LOVE!

  207. I absolutely LOVED this interview and so many things about it. Hearing about her grandparents made me appreciate mine even more, especially because they played the role of my parents for so long. I needed to hear the part about statistics as I’m currently enrolled in B School as well and need to be realistic to “no” and not take them as a direct reflection of my abilities to be creative!! I loved how open she was about postpartum depression (I have also experienced this after having both of my children, though I was more prepared after my second). I also loved the “be unignorable”. I want my name to bring thoughts of happiness to others, I want them to feel like “Chelsea would never release content (especially if she’s wanting me to pay for it) that doesn’t have her heart and soul put into it”. I felt like I was a genuine part of this conversation and can’t wait to watch more videos! Thanks!!

  208. Oh my goodness, I think I may have stumbled on my new favorite person with Bryce. I also grew up with a learning disability, which they also said would go away. SO NOT TRUE! You just LEARN to deal with it and what your strengths and weakness’ are, just like she says. It completely changes your mindset from beating yourself up to being like this is me, and I love me and this could actually be a hidden strength. Plus she has taken B School which i just signed up for!

  209. Stephanie

    Truly what I needed to hear right now! I’ve always been a dreamer, not motivated by money but rather the experiences money can bring… the financial advice coming from someone you would assume “had it easier than most” hits a note I haven’t heard before. When you’re told and end up feeling like you ARE what you do, and your day job is what you mainly do, it breaks the heart of the artist inside and makes you feel like a misunderstood failure. I’ve gotten stubborn trying to prove to the world I can make a living in the way I want to, not in the way my family and friends do, simply because I felt doing it any other way meant wholly letting myself down or accepting defeat. But getting a day job or side gigs doesn’t mean you’ve “finally grown up or taken your head out of the clouds and learned your lesson and joined the herd”, but can be seen in this light of taking action on your soul’s mission as an artist – kindof making your job work for you, not the other way around! Priceless info here, thank you so much for sharing!!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this conversation with Bryce hit home for you Stephanie. As a creative, it can be really challenging to convey to your close network what it is you’re doing and how you make it all work, especially if your way of working and living is different. I love that taking a side gig or a day job feels expansive and supportive to you at this point. If it helps, we definitely encourage you to rewatch/relisten to this conversation as many times as you need!

  210. I love, love, love this video so much! I’m a writer and mother of a teenage son with learning differences. We watched this video together, and he kept stopping me so that we could discuss it. So awesome! I sent it to eight friends and moms who are either artists and/or have children with learning differences. So far three have already responded back and said how much they love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! XO

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We love hearing that, Gayvin! We’re so glad you and your son watched this interview together and that it’s resonating with other kids and parents. <3

  211. I loved Bryce’s story! As a visual artist myself it is so inspiring to know that other artists have gone through the challenges they have and have come out on the other side. My challenges with life experiences have also been many but they made me strong and I can see they have done the same thing for Bryce. I admire that. And although challenges in life are so hard to deal with and painful, that is where growth comes from on the other side if you leave yourself open to it.
    The takeaway for me was the quote, “The goal of an artist is to be unignorable.” That has been my mantra for so many years but I never could put it into words. So now I have the words. Thank you.

  212. Being similar to someone else can be HELPFUL because it can help CONTEXTUALIZE when painting a picture for someone else. Huge takeaway which I take to heart.

  213. Loved the twist on the day job, and being similar to someone else to help contextualize your work and even expose you through referrals. I think we are so programmed to see success as a solo act that seeing the ecosystem of success is often too hard and we rob ourselves of the chance to act.

  214. Loved this interview! Bryce is down-to-earth, endearing and insightful. I love the idea of focusing on work that is unignorable. I have written this down and am going to remember it when working on new ideas in my business. On another note, I can’t wait for B-school to start!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re excited too, Amanda! Thank you for being a B-Schooler. 🙂

  215. branden

    That there’s nothing wrong with working survival jobs, potentially even beyond needing them for actual survival — the confidence it gives you is worth a lot. ALSO, the 1 in 64 auditions! that’s been very meaningful for me to think about the last few days. I don’t feel as discouraged any more by things that don’t go my way.

  216. Vanesa

    This frase is the winner: “Having common sense is maybe the most important thing to have in life.”

  217. Jamie

    This interview is incredibly helpful and I am so grateful it is referenced in the start the right business program that I am working through (which I am SO grateful for!) — before I dive into the bschool modules. The thing that I have been wresting with is whether or not to start the program having to choose between the business I am conjuring, and my creative artistic endeavors and identity as an artist itself. I have always worked and found ways to continue creative endeavors until a debilitating health crisis. Now that I am starting over, I have been trying to decide whether to follow an idea, or go back to “being an active artist” and trying to make that my business focus. I’d love to get some coaching around that if possible, as I want to start the project with clarity! The thoughts around the idea that working can support and give creativity more freedom from both Marie and Bryce help me reframe how I am approaching this whole process. Thank you for those insights! And now I have a new set of questions to wrangle… I’d love if anyone on the team could point me to the best avenue to getting some feedback. For now I will dive back into starting the right business. <3

  218. Nicole Salas

    This interview was great and inspiring! I love her honesty and how she can laugh at herself. Right from the start saying get clear on what your strengths are and I’m going to add; get clear on your weaknesses as well. People aren’t and can’t be strong in everything. (<- Good stuff)

    I think so many people in this world strive too dang hard for perfection (including me) that we really should take a deep breath, realize that we aren't perfect and we are not going to be great at everything, and that is ok and breath out all of that pressure.

  219. I just wanted to say how amazing this interview was! when she shared her experience with post partum depression so honestly I was reminded of when I experienced the same thing and didn’t really give it a voice. Having her share that helped me feel like I wasn’t a bad mother or crazy (which is how I felt at the time)….
    Big thank you to Bryce for so this and for such an amazingly wise and inspiring interview and for the sensitive, empathic way you (Marie) holds space for such meaningful exchanges:)

  220. thank you so much for this episode!! I love it. and I love that she is such a big fan of you and of B school. I’m working my way through it as well. and I’m realizing that as a painter trying to make a living from it, I’m actually right on track even though it is taking a long time and sometimes I feel like its not working. I’d love to see an episode with a painter sometime. (I recommend Amy Sherald!!! or Rebecca Rebouche!). I feel like painters don’t get interviewed as much because their “voice” is so behind the scenes. thanks again!!!

  221. I so needed to hear this today! ??

    My 2 year old daughter has a disability, which means that she is significantly delayed in her development.

    Where a typical 2 year old can do things such as stand unsupported, climb, walk unassisted, walk up and down stairs, run, jump, hop, my daughter can’t do any of these movements. She never learnt to crawl and is also non-verbal. She needs extra help throughout the day to help her reach the “usual” milestones and so she doesn’t miss out on the fullness of life.

    Despite her challenges, each day we keep going and focus on her amazing strengths and her unique gifts! ?? We don’t know what her prognosis is, however I know the Universe and Angels have our back and I trust in the process wholeheartedly! ??

    Thank you Bryce and Marie for such an encouraging interview. All topics covered were truly inspiring! ?

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Teresha, thank you so much for sharing your story and heart with us. We’re honored the interview was encouraging to you! All of us on Team Forleo are sending you and your daughter big hugs and love. ?

      • Thank you Team Forleo! ? Your loving words mean so much to us! ? Keep shining your light on the world! ?

  222. I was very moved and this interview was full of good information. I would have liked to hear it before conditioning my creation by making money. BUT I left a job in the Public Service here in France to open my own Word Store. & even if it was very very hard (source of the part where I relaid my dream and where I was still not happy). I don’t regret leaving my food work. And I couldn’t do it any more. I have thought countless times about going back to work but I CAN’T JUST. I love being free of my time and my energy too much.

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      We’re so glad this episode resonated with you, Gaëlle! Thank you for sharing your big heart and inspiring story with us. This quote from Marie came to mind as I was reading your comment, “I win or I learn, but I never lose.” Even though the work of opening your own store is super hard, you’re absolutely on the right path! Keep winning, keep learning, and all of us on Team Forleo are cheering you on! ?

  223. I’ve just watched this as part of Start The Right Business curated resources within B-School and found this video to be so helpful. In particular, Bryce talking about creatives building a financial foundation is smart and strategic so that more pursuits can be taken and that the art doesn’t have to pay for itself, especially when creative work is like gambling at the nickel slots.

    I appreciated the conversation around leaning into your one major strength AND also to welcome comparisons of others who are doing something similar yet different from you.

    Excellent interview, Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’re so happy Bryce’s wisdom spoke to you, Jennifer! We believe in you and are so happy you’re letting your creativity flourish. <3

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