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Dread. Angst. That feeling of just wanting to…disappear.

That’s how I used to feel anytime I was in a new social setting and someone asked, “So Marie, what do you do?”

My problem: I did a lot of different, seemingly unrelated things. And I never quite knew how to explain all that in way that didn’t make me look scattered and unfocused.

When Tanya wrote in struggling with the fact that she too is ‘multipassionate’ — I jumped at the chance to answer.

Having multiple strengths & passions can be a tremendous gift, as long as you embrace it. Click To Tweet

If you’re someone who keeps switching your focus and everyone around you (including yourself!) fears you might be hopelessly confused, today’s show is for you.

In this video, you’ll learn six smart strategies to help you explore and do all the things you love, without looking or feeling flaky.

I’ve got to say, even if you’re not multipassionate…

What you’ll learn in this video is extremely helpful when you’re starting any new project, career or business. You’ll learn the value of positioning, and how to strategically own your narrative (both internally and externally) to set yourself up for success.

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Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to know.

Do you ever feel like your multipassionate nature has made you feel or look flaky and scattered? How do you deal with it?

For bonus points, who are some other multipassionate people (besides those I mentioned in this episode) that you admire, living or not? Leave a comment and let me know.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your experience may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you as always, for watching, sharing and allowing me to be a part of your world. It’s a true honor.


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  1. Oh my! I feel like I want to talk about so much and very multipassionate yet I guess the secret weapon for my brand and life is color! I noticed that if it makes me feel magical and excited then I can talk about it because people mostly want me to be happy and excited which ultimately gets the fired up and feel the zest of life!

    • It gets *them* fired up! See what happens when you get oober excited to talk.

      • Bernard, I really love that idea if it makes me feel magical and excited then I can talk about it! What a great way to approach it.

        Marie, I’m also a multi-passionate entrepreneur and I SO KNOW what you mean about not turning EVERYTHING into a business. I love the outdoors so much, doing mud runs, climbing high ropes, kayaking, I love it all and thought about how great it would be if I monetized it. But then I really thought about it and decided I’d actually just rather have this as one of my hobbies. And that way I don’t push it to be something else other than for my own personal enjoyment!

        I’m definitely going to think about how I want to position myself, my journey & story for my business though. I feel a little scattered!

        Thanks so much Marie. You are as always a total inspiration! <3


        • Elise start with what you love the most and could talk about the most! What does excite you-then see how can that fill a need.

        • Elise–LOVE LOVE LOVE your “House of Brazen”–brilliant!

  2. Leanne

    Great topic choice!
    This is going to be my new personalized license plates
    ” multi passionate” ?

    Thanks Marie

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Love it, Leanne! Send us a picture!

    • That’s funny! I’ve been working on a book that explores the spectrum of creative types (from the very chaotic to the linear), and coined the phrase “fusion creative” for the multi-passionate folks that are a blend of the two extremes. I was thinking of making “FUSION” my license plate!

      • Lynelle Paulick

        Wow, great ideas you’re working with, Lisa! I’m personally looking forward to reading your book when it comes out!

      • Wow–I very much think I must be a fusion creative. I love organization and numbers and big picture stuff and the little details and creativity through words and photography…oy. Checking out your website now, Lisa.

        And Marie–thank you so much for this! Definitely what I needed to hear.

      • Faith

        Wow Lisa, your book sounds very interesting! I subscribed to your list, so exciting. I’m exploring your site. I love being creative in so many different areas/ niches and this episode nailed my indecisiveness about what website name to choose and what to blog, etc.

  3. Karie Price

    OMG I needed to hear #5! Every time I find something I like, I feel like I need to think about turning it into a business! LOL I haven’t always done it, but I feel TEMPTED to do it. Such a great reminder that I’m allowed to keep those things as hobbies and just for fun.

    Thanks for all the tips!

    • I used to be the same way. Once I realized that not every idea I come up with has to be turned into a business or that every idea I come up with doesn’t even need to be done anytime soon (if ever), a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I created a “future/idea” bin that I put all of my ideas into. That way it is off of my mind, but it is there for me to look at in the future if I want to. It has left me room to grow my business so much faster than before. If I come up with an idea, I write it on a piece of paper and throw it in the bin (to be looked at in the future when I have time to see what ideas I came up with). That’s my future gold. haha

      • What a great idea Lynda! I really need to do that, and I have just the box in mind to make into my idea bin, it’s a little treasure chest my husband gave me for my birthday.

        • Lynda M. West

          Oooh, that’s perfect. A treasure chest for your treasure of ideas. The beauty of the future box is that you might never look at it or you might look at it, but at least it’s out of your head and you can clear room in your head for things you are working on NOW. Yay!!

      • Kala

        That is so simple but such a friggin great idea. Like every few months you can open the bin and reread, perhaps even toss out some that no longer resonate??? Or I would-thanks for great idea.

        • Lynda M. West

          Yes, exactly. What I found ended up happening with me is that so far I have never even looked in the box. Just creating the box and throwing ideas in the box helped me see that I don’t have to DO every single idea I come up with RIGHT NOW!! (That was one of my biggest stresses in life is that I thought I had to do everything I thought of right away or I would never do it.) Well, in reality, I probably won’t do every idea I come up with AND, like you said, many of them won’t resonate with me in a month or two anyway, so it’s best to let them sit idle until I’m ready to do them.

          It’s a great exercise in restraint, too.

      • Doe

        Future/idea bin – love it! Pressure off to do it all now.

      • Paula

        That’s an amazing way to keep your ideas handy for the future! Thanks for your comment, I will try that as I always come up with different ones and I’m already thinking how to make a business out of it.

    • Haha! Me too!

      Even your name has a price on it! I can’t blame you. 😉 Sorry, was browsing through the comments and I saw your comment and name. Can’t help myself! :p

    • Faith

      Yup, I’m so exactly the same way. That was very freeing! I don’t have the obligation to turn everything into a business or monetize everything in sight. lol. Thanks Marie for being a light today!

  4. Donna C

    This is EXACTLY how I feel on a daily basis, but I also tend to give a lot of ducks what others think. This must change, and I have to get comfortable in my multi passionate state!

    Sir Richard Branson, Oprah, and yes, even Vanilla Ice have a variety of talents and ambitions. We see them as innovative, so why not me! Thanks Marie!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Exactly! Why not you? 🙂

    • Sharon "Smokey"Gray

      I dig it, dig it, dig it

  5. “Relishing obscurity” – Talk about classy reframing! thanks for a another great ep, enjoy your break! xx

    • Fay

      Wow! I’ve never heard of someone with my name – just had to say- tho mine is spelled Fay Anne. Cheers!

  6. This Q&A spoke to me loud and clear! For years, I carried around a Snapple lid with “Finding myself by process of elimination” printed on the inside. I was a paralegal, a food blogger, a part-time baker, a yoga teacher, a copywriter, a social media strategist, a photographer. While all of these things seemed directionless and flaky at the time, in hindsight, I see their common thread: wordplay, photography, and creating a written voice. I’ve since packaged up my passions into my own business, where I offer copywriting, social media management, and photography for small local businesses. I refer to myself as a “nano agency,” a term that gets a lot of smiles and nods from prospective clients. Just because your trajectory doesn’t make sense at the time doesn’t mean it’s not right. Stay the course and give yourself room to figure things out, as well as enough room to play.

    Thank you for touching on this topic, Marie! I know a lot of women will feel the same.

    • Amaren

      I needed to read this! I keep changing my business in hopes that I will find myself and people are losing hope in my reliability.. And I’m lost and without an identity. I feel like I am floundering and people are gawking at me like “there she goes again.. Wonder what bird brained HOBBY she’s going to kill next”.. Which also happens to be my voice chanting with them sometimes.
      I thought I’d have a career by now but I just can’t box myself in … I need to chase the bubbles, not live in them!!

      • Helen

        Hi Ameren, I’ve been exactly where you are and found that this searching for my identity responded well to ‘being there’ for my-self. At a deeper level a part of me felt lost and so I practiced simple things like deep abdominal breathing and silently with love and kindness saying ‘I’m here for you…you’re not alone’. I didn’t change over night but gradually these kind of self awareness practices really transformed my life. Once I found my lost (Inner Child) self, my outer life came together! Hope this helps, Helen x

      • “There she goes again…Wonder what bird-brained HOBBY she’s going to kill next…” Amaren, you quoted verbatim what my inner self-critic said for YEARS. I was in a constant state of feeling flighty, directionless, and in an “all-in-until-it-becomes-boring” cycle. When I realized I could package the overarching themes of my passions into one business, it all clicked. And remember, we’re all going to have several careers within our lifetimes…Our generation doesn’t find stick-to-it-ness as relevant or valuable as generations prior. Keep chasing your most favorite bubbles!

      • Hi Amaren,
        I know exactly what you mean. I felt the same way, too, until a coach of mine had me do one simple task: make a list of EVERYTHING I love doing, everything that “lights me up” when I think about it and when I’m doing it. My list was lengthy (about 30 things). First I thought it was bad that so many things lit me up, but realized that shows how passionate I am about many different things (and nothing more than that). Because I am passionate about so many different things, I am more fun to be around because I can relate to so many different people. Fortunately, I quickly learned how to combat that feeling of giving a “duck” about what anyone thinks about me because I realized with each new idea came tremendous personal growth.

        As I attended networking meetings having something “new” to share each time I attended, I would introduce myself this way: “Hi – My name is Lynda West. I am in a state of transition and growth, so I will tell you what I am currently working on and I will tell you that I am loving every bit of it.” Then I would say what I was working on at the time. By telling everyone I was in a state of transition, this caused many people to come talk to me after the meeting because they, too, were in a state of transition but they didn’t want to tell anyone because they were embarrassed and didn’t want to be judged. This opening up of myself made them relate to me because I was willing to put out there verbally what they were feeling.

        Find people who are like you (your tribe) and you will be much better off. It’s possible the people you are currently hanging out with don’t “get you” and will never understand what it’s like to be multi-passionate. Once you find your tribe, you will relate to them and will no longer feel the need to explain yourself when you have a new idea because they will get you.

        I used to always say to myself, “I’m so flaky. I’m just floundering trying to figure things out.” Once I realized being me is so amazing, those voices disappeared and I will never invite them into my head again.

        My recommendation is to make that list of everything you absolutely love doing and then sit down with the list and figure out a business you can do that incorporates as many of those things as possible. At least start that way and see what journey it takes you on.

        I left my corporate job as a judge’s secretary 1 1/2 years ago and since then I have done all of these things and had the need to explain all the changes throughout the last 1 1/2 years:
        1. Put on huge foodie festivals to raise money for charity.
        2. Run a nonprofit speaker series where I bring nonprofit professionals in to speak to charities to help them grow.
        3. Started a t-shirt design company.
        4. Co-run a speaking platform for both professional and novice speakers.
        5. Put on small fundraising events.
        6. Play bass guitar and sing in a rock band.
        7. Now I am running a mastermind/accountability program.

        Best wishes to you in figuring this out. Once you realize how amazing you are for having all of those talents and embrace it, you will soar and your “hobbies” will turn into successful businesses. You go girl.

        • Amaren

          Holy wow. Thank you all for responding. I’ve been in such a rut, feeling forced to Figure my life out at 35. I’ve always been different and you hit it on the head Lynsa-my so called friend didn’t get me which is why they dropped me. I’ve become secluded and have no idea how to find a tribe. My personality is abrasive initially Bc I have social anxiety so it’s hard for me to feel comfortable as myself upfront. I watch people and seem distant. My business brought a different side of me out but my sensitivity caused me to question myself at every turn. I have children looking up to me and I’m just wandering around, unable to show them a path Bc I’ve yet to discover it. I needed such positive words today. It’s made my heart full and refilled my balloon that was deflating quickly. Thank you all so much for sharing a little bit of you with me.:)

          • I have an offbeat idea that I”ve done. Is there something-and I feel there is-that you secretly love but feel you can’t do it for work??? If so or anything that you do enjoy for pleasure-start a Meetup group for it. YOu’ll find a tribe, even if small who are jazzed about same. I started a local tarot group I called Tea & Tarot and have met some of the sweetest folks and we “geek-out” together. Think like tech guys or comic book nerds.
            Hope that helps.

          • Lynda M. West

            I’m so glad you posted the original post so you could get responses like you are getting. It sounds like all of us have experienced what you are experiences. I agree with Kala (below) about starting a Meetup and then scheduling meetups with your tribe. If you create a meetup that is something that you LOVE doing and then post a time for people to meet you, 1 or 2 people might show up the first time who, too, are looking for someone else who “gets” them. Heck, 5 or 10 people might show up. You never know.

            When starting a meetup group, don’t worry about how you run it or anything. The secret is to “Just Do It.”

            If you’d like to talk about any of this stuff, I’d love to talk to you. I hate to see you give up on your dream just because you haven’t found the right peeps to help you through these tough times (of which there will probably be many). Next time you start having thoughts of giving up, you can have people lined up and ready to talk to.

        • These comments are really resonating with me. I feel like Marie’s episode was exactly what I needed today. As I am reading these comments, I am getting choked up.
          I have been feeling so lost lately, and my motivation to do all the things I love is plummeting, because I have been feeling so overwhelmed. I am definitely a multi-passionate person. My husband and I are complete opposites in this way. He has a hard time understanding this part of me, and I know I come across as flaky to him. I am so grateful and thankful for my husband; he works so hard and he has provided me the opportunity to start a business without having to work a job on the side.
          My husband’s job takes us to places all over the country (and possibly other countries…which I don’t mind because I love to travel) We just moved to a new location and now I have to up and start all over with networking and growing an audience.
          I am a classically trained harpist who also loves to sing. I love playing in orchestra, but I also love arranging and composing for harp and voice and have recently felt more of a draw in this direction, but I don’t want to leave the ‘classical world’ so to speak, because I feel like I wouldn’t be doing my instrument justice. I am also interested in being a Session Musician, and interested in continuing a freelance music path getting whatever gigs I can. Since my recent desire to create more of my own music, I have felt lost because I am definitely in a transition and there seem to be so many music paths I COULD take, but I don’t know if I want to choose just one. When it comes to creating my own music and style, I am starting from the beginning…I need to build my repertoire of arrangements and compositions before I feel ‘ready’ to play a whole set in public. And, as I shift my focus to try to arrange and compose more, I feel sad because I don’t want to lose my classical music repertoire. Keeping 100% on both genres of playing does not seem possible, and that saddens me.
          I am 25 years old and have been playing the harp for 16 years. I was very established in my hometown and the area I attended college. After marrying my husband 3 years ago, I have lived in 3 locations and will be moving around for the next 10 years or more. I was able to establish myself as an orchestra/freelance musician in the location we last lived. But, now I have to start networking all over again! (The previous location was a blessing because circumstances made it so I did not have to network much, and jobs sort of came my way easily…It is much different where I am now. No magic fairy this time!!)
          My strong suit is in creating music, and the business side of things is all so new to me. I feel so overwhelmed!
          Besides music, I love to paint and draw and have a passion for yoga, and holistic health and nutrition. And, my husband urges me to be a more logical and straight forward thinker, and so I try to educate myself in economics and politics…those are his interests. …But, that is all so unnatural for me. I want to be a well rounded person, so I do want to educate myself in other areas, but doing all the things I love and trying to be more well rounded, and trying to grow my music business and find exactly what I want my music business to be like becomes so overwhelming!… So, my motivation slips away for all of it and I end up not wanting to pursue anything. But, obviously that makes me unhappy, so I am currently trying to dig myself out of this negative mindset.
          I know listening to Marie’s advice and taking all her tips will help me…that is why I am here.
          Blessings to Everyone

          • Amaren

            I actually did start a local FB group just to make friends. Which was totally unlike me to reach out. It has 12 members but I seem to be the only one making an effort. No one responds or posts.:( so I kinda feel like I put myself out there and again, flop on da face!:/
            We are military so it’s become kinda normal to me to just not try knowing it may end again.. It’s been 6 months and I’ve only had a conversation with one other person. No ones been to my home or invited me to theirs. It’s just another notch in my suck self esteem belt. It’s so lovely though to know I’m not alone Bc sometimes, when the hubby’s deployed and the kids are at school.. I forget that… I forget there is life beyond the four walls. So I try to occupy myself with things and I just keep flopping around.. It’s hard to try when it just seems pointless. I watch people on Instagram get so much attention and think.. Why am I not right there with them?! I’m pretty damn awesome when you get to know me and my IG account is REAL. It’s not bought or edited or ignoring followers.. It’s me so why am I so alone in everything I do? Where’s the starting point? I’m still looking and while I sometimes enjoy the scenery.. Other days I wish I could see the world as others do.. But you guys really.. It’s so uplifting to see what multi passionate people can accomplish.. Maybe I need to embrace it instead of running from it Bc everyone else is telling me to grow up already…

          • Lynda M West

            Hi Michelle,

            It sounds like you and I have a lot in common and so do our husbands.

            I am a musician (I play bass guitar and sing in a rock band and played flute for 10 years in concert and marching band). My husband is the more structured person who is analytical. He is not like me and I am not like him and neither of us tries to be like the other. That simply does not work because we are such opposites.

            I’m going to venture to guess that you : are imaginative, are a risk taker, like surprises, are curious, are intuitive. You have an imagination and rely on your intuition. Some of the things that frustrate you are: too slow a pace, overtly structured/predictable events, absence of humor or fun, too many numbers, absence of opportunities to be creative.

            Did I get any of this right?

            I’m going to venture to guess that your husband is : logical, analytical, fact based, quantitative, likes numbers, knows how things work. He likes brief, clear and precise info, well articulated ideas presented in a logical format, technical accuracy. Some of the things that frustrate him are : excessive “chatter” in group discussion, inefficient use of time, lack of clarity, too much flexibility in the agenda, appearing illogical content.

            Did I get any of this right?

            Let me know if either of these are right. If they are both right, then you and your husband fit the same mold as me and my husband. haha. We have been together 28 years and we have figured out how to communicate so it works best for both of us. I don’t try to do what he wants me to do unless I want to do it and vice versa. I know it may sound counter-productive for a marriage, but it actually works so much better since we started doing this form of communication. I communicate the way he needs to be communicated with and he communicates with me the way I need to be communicated with. It’s actually very fascinating.

            Sorry for the rambling, but I love this topic.

          • The title alone spoke to me!
            I love it, I am a multipassionate entrepreneur and proud.
            I’ve never cared about others opinions of me, but what has hurt the most is having an unsupportive spouse. I spent about 10 years trying to find a creative-ish career that he would be supportive of because he was making the big bucks after all and if he was going to pay for it he needed to agree with it.
            My list of jobs held span wide and long, so I won’t bother listing them, but what I have learned this past two I am confident I can run an e-commerce. I am still trying to decide my path…time will tell.

        • Susan Hague

          Lynda, I love your concept of being in transition! A great way for me to respond to those people who are still enquiring about how my photography is doing when it has taken a back seat to my current transitionary occupation of hand bookbinding. I see the bookbinding as a possible way of combining all or many of my previous creative passions from photography through weaving, knitted lace, sketching, paper dyeing, writing, etc. It may happen or it may not. The important thing for me at the moment is to develop my skills to the point where they will organically flow together, which I know they have the potential to do.
          As for multi-passionate / talented people, I can’t get past my all time creative heroes, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo!

        • Wow. Lynda, thank you for sharing your inspiring story!
          I’m from Asia and marrying and moving to Switzerland where my husband is means learning a new language (as we are in the village area where not many speak English) – doing so right now with books on my own.

          At the same time trying to figure out my passion for so many things. I love to write, am a trained dancer (hurt my back and couldn’t continue professionally – continued my search for new passion ever since), I love anything health and fitness related, trained to be a yoga instructor in India, explored the world for 5 years as a flight attendant, I love to create art and currently picking up calligraphy on my own. And my love for health got me reading on indoor gardening.

          I am turning 32 in October, constantly feel like time is running out and now having to learn a new language to probably make progress, I am feeling rather stressed that everything is slow. I am working on a website to share my interests in health, yoga, ayurveda and anything to make people laugh and inspire positivity.

          I am horrible with technology but I am starting the website anyway. I have to start somewhere with what I have and Marie did say that everything is FIRGUREOUTABLE 🙂 in another video –

          Lynda, thanks again for listing down what you’ve done. Hopefully, one day soon, I get it all figured out like you did!

    • Diana

      Thanks for sharing your story, Laura! It brings me hope 😉

      • I’m glad to hear it, Diana! You’re so welcome. 🙂

    • Marie, you are amazing! You have a gift for expressing yourself in a way that speaks directly to the heart of other creatives. I appreciate your work so much!

      I can really relate to doing so many different things that are actually have a lot of common threads… interior designer, makeup artist, photographer, painter, classical singer, librarian, outreach specialist, project coordinator… I could go on. In my day job, I work at a well-known space agency as a librarian and have a Master’s degree in library science (which I got because I thought it was ‘practical’), but my true love is visual and performing arts, which is what my bachelor’s degree is in. I started doing wedding photography professionally when i was 19 and LOVED IT but then I convinced myself that I should get a “real” job instead of starting my own business. Those dreams never went away, though and here I am 16 years later, preparing to launch a wedding photography company. 🙂 Thank you for reminding me that it’s ok to be multi-passionate, that I have a right to be me, and I don’t owe anyone an explanation.

      I think it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there. Thank you for charging ahead and using your gifts to make the world a more beautiful place.

      I hope you and your colleagues at MarieTV have a fantastic vacation!

    • Elly

      Laura I resonate so strongly with your background – though I feel I am stuck right in the middle of that exploration stage and haven’t quite got to the point where it comes together (although rather than saying I am stuck, I will start saying I am ‘still relishing’ that exploration phase!). Your concept of a ‘nano agency’ is fantastic – congratulations on finding your niche and thank you for your sharing, some further fantastic inspiration after Marie’s great advice!

      • Hey, Elly! I too know the feeling of being stuck, or being on the edge of something really good — you just don’t know what it is yet. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Heck, I still have plenty of days when I wonder whether I’m still too multi-passioned and I need to distill things down even more. Then I ignore myself and get back to work. 😉

        Stay the course and listen to your intuition; she’s a smart cookie.

    • A nano agency! Brilliant!!
      I was thinking how everything you did kinda had a common thread, I’m so happy you saw it too.

    • emily

      Love the term nano agency! Just that in itself sells your creativity 🙂

    • Dori Dumont

      I enjoyed your post Laura!

    • Great response Laura, and thank you for your comment. This Q&A put a lot of my worries to rest, and your comment confirmed I need to stay the course. THANKS to all!

  7. Thank the lord for you Marie! I’m a multipassionate entrepreneur and feeling more proud of this after watching your video. I’ve judged myself for not being niched enough, but I am more so than I think, because I’m being me and people who resonate, get me and those that don’t – great! Not everyone wants to live their heart’s truth and purpose.
    Love you xx

  8. hahaha BRILLIANT – zero ducks and the whole big piece of advice! I am one of those people but am happy and fulfilled…finally (even if still looking for a proper job ;))

  9. I loved and appreciated this video on the “Multipassionate Entrepreneur.” I #GIVEZERODUCKS too!! Thank you MARIE!!

  10. wow, what a great topic. People think of me that I am still searching, but I am not. I just want to do so many different things, it is probably part of the “create the business and life you love” for me. Doing the different things I love to do, is actually what makes me who I am!?

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Isn’t that a breath of fresh air, Irene?! 🙂

    • Sheima

      KEEP on searching And experimenting! ⚡️GET?IT⚡️

    • Dori Dumont

      Great post Irene! I so get what you are saying. Keep adding to the richness of who you are…and enjoy the journey.

  11. Great advice, Marie-the last one being my favorite. I aspire to always be in alignment with no ducks to give about external opinion. Officially “duckless.”

  12. Maryn

    Exactly what I needed this morning – from the content to #givingzeroducks

  13. I totally embrace being multipassionate, even though people find it strange. So what? I am a social media/adwords expert as well as a food coach with a Udemy course (in English and German) about food intolerances and allergies and two blogs about that (in German) as well as a publisher of coloring books and journals and one of the few people on Earth who translates coloring books… 😉 And no, I won’t turn my harp playing into a business, that is only for my joy (and for the family, neighbors and people at renaissance fairs who happen to hear me playing).
    My biggest idols besides Leonardo da Vinci (who is my firstchoice, too!) are Wolfgang Goethe, who not only wrote really good literature of various kinds, but was also interested in geology, nature, etc. etc. And of course David Bowie, who not only made his wonderful music, but was really into creating and absorbing art.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I love your mindset, Julia, and the amazing range of interests and passions you have!

  14. Sofia Händle

    Thank you so much for this video!
    I´m only 19 years old and I was feeling a lot of time sacred because I´m a multi passionate person.
    I like writing my blog, working on my social Entrepreneur idea, learning everything about architecture, reading books about psychology….
    After watching your video I realized that it is okay to have this strong passion for a lot of things.
    Best wishes from Germany (I´m so sorry for my English)

  15. This was excellent timing (and at the same time, I wish I’d watched it years ago;)! I divorced my first husband because he thought something was wrong with me. He would google adhd and I’d walk in on him and ask what he was doing and he’d say something must be wrong because I can’t focus on one thing.

    I have a successful life coaching practice and a thriving clinical practice (I’m a nurse practitioner and nurse midwife) plus I’m a professor also pursuing my clinical doctorate (done in 15months)! Did I mention I also have been a professional mountaineering guide, yoga teacher, massage therapist and health coach? And there’s more.

    I feel I’ve “gotten away” with being a multipassionate these days because I do tend to succeed at what I do…so while I am not as criticized as I once was when I first started exploring these things, I remember those days clearly.

    I have to say it was exhausting loving so many things, and that for me it was important to find a way they all came together for myself, so my brain could see the mandala I was creating. When I saw all my passions were helping women create freedom, adventure and purpose then it helped my mind relax around all the things I was doing.

    Now I am entering the next chapter of my multipassionate life and can’t wait to see what I come up with next.

    Thank you for this inspiring reminder to love what we love, Marie!

    • Jayne Anne

      It sounds as if you know exactly who you are. Bravo 🙂

      • Thank you, Jayne!

        • Melissa Love

          Ana Verzone
          You’re an inspiration. I’m finding myself in a similar situation I really wanted to become a nurse practitioner and have started taking the pre-reqs to become a nurse to work up to that. This would be a career change in my life going from an advertising art director. But I’ve always had the desire to help people and be more in touch with them then what advertising would allow me to do. How would you advise on making it all happen to do nursing school and work at the same time to provide livelihood while going to school as a career change? I’m also considering Pilates instructor after really getting into and loving Pilates and appreciating the mobility benefits it’s provided me getting rid of a lot of pain. I’m not so sure either can provide me w living expenses while I pursue nursing. Please an input in how you made all of that work is appreciated!
          Thank you!

    • ” my brain could see the mandala I was creating” I LOVE this so much! Thanks for sharing!

      • Dawn

        Mandala creation!! This I can see too… The tapestry we are all weaving on our passionate journeys !
        This topic showed up at the perfect moment today. I’ve been wrestling with embracing my curiosities and realize they are all gifts.
        Much appreciated!

        • I agree Dawn – I needed this reminder too:)

      • You’re welcome Constance! Yes the mandala image resonates with me because it’s “busy” on the surface, but so interwoven and all parts are essential to the whole.

    • You get all the RESPECT for walking away from someone that did not “get you”. You probably were too much for him to comprehend. Kudos for finding strength in all your passions!!

  16. Ryan Peters

    I love the tip on playing in private. It’s so easy to find myself talking about a new idea because I’m excited about it or passionate about it. We don’t want to lose credibility during the exploring stages because we will need it when our ideas manifest into reality. Good for Y’All on the 2 week refresh! Have fun!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much, Ryan!

  17. Great topic! I spent years worrying about being a jack of all trades because I had diverse interests and enjoy variety and taking on new challenges. Today I am a professional business writer, a budding artist and author, and I run a successful online fossil store. Art + Science – that’s who I am.

  18. OMG, it’s like you *knew* exactly what I needed to hear. LOL. Thank you, thank you, thank you from this mercurial gal. 🙂

    Some of my favorite multi-passionate entrepreneurs are YOU, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Danielle LaPorte, Paul Jarvis, Rich Roll, Oprah, and Kris Carr.

    Thanks again!

  19. Timely, timely, timely. Thanks Marie. Once we engage our passion it’s like a firehouse – it’s shooting out all over the place and we’re just hanging on to the beast. Then comes the judgement of “why can’t I focus this thing”. So maybe we turn on the firehouse in a place that needs a lot of watering and it doesn’t matter where – just let it rip. Beware DUCKS – you’re about to be doused with loving intention of greatness.

  20. Another great message girl!! I started writing a book about “How to Get Through Your Crappy Divorce” and a blog. Friends and family (and about 125 followers so far) say they absolutely love my blog, but when I tell them I want to make it my full time gig they give me the side eye. :/
    I know I have to earn a living to support my kids, but I also want to pursue my dreams. #zeroducks

  21. Hi Marie,
    I don’t think I’ve ever identified with a Q&A topic as much as I did with this one!!
    In the last 3 years I went from wanting to be the best interior designer in NYC, to buying and selling furniture, to graphic designer to baker!!!
    I’m always afraid I will be perceived as a flake! I am most definitely multipassionate and one my strongest passions is being an entrepreneur and living life on my terms, be it financially or creatively. One big take-away for me from today’s Q&A is: don’t try to turn every passion into a business! That one tip really struck home. And of course: #givingzeroducks !
    Thank you for being awesome. You’re a big inspiration in my life 🙂

    • Cherish

      Same with me! I’ve been interested in so many fields, fashion design, interior design, web development, etc. I currently do web design, but I’ve been wanting to do so much more. I also run a fashion/lifestyle blog, so I wonder how I should brand my website.

  22. OH MY GOODNESS. You reached into my life and wrote this video just for me surely?? My career history goes like this:
    – Entrepreneur at 15 – owned a coffee bar
    – Bed maker
    – Tea lady
    – Mc donalds worker
    – bar tender
    – accounts assistant
    – insurance broker
    – construction assistant
    – Degree in Mehcanical Engineering
    – manufacturing sugar
    – working on aerospace engines
    – own business selling footwear
    – own health and lifestyle business
    – merchandiser for a supermarket
    – robot research
    – sustainability & waste reduction
    – community regeneration & heritage activisim
    and now life coaching!

    I NEEDED No. 5 for real today!

    Thank you. xoxo

    • Jerry

      Impressive list, and similarly varied with the Mechanical Engineering mixed in with the robot research and sales and activism. Impressive Multipassionate.

  23. Ooh girl, I normally just praise you but you have an amazing TEAM! Hilarious…

    And I totally resonate with this. Always been following whatever I feel as the most inspiring, aligned and expansive and it’s a multi passionate adventure for sure.

    My 2 cents:
    If you were my lover I would let you pin me down, but if you’re trying to ‘define me’ then I will keep on shapeshifting and following my heart until you give up trying to google translate me into a box with a label that you can understand.

    Raising my glass to the freedom do be and do anything.


    • BEST QUOTABLE!!!!!
      “If you were my lover I would let you pin me down, but if you’re trying to ‘define me’ then I will keep on shapeshifting and following my heart until you give up trying to google translate me into a box with a label that you can understand.”
      I loved that one, thank you Ronja!!

  24. K.

    Benjamin Franklin! He discovered/invented so much we use today. Many unrelated.

  25. Nevena

    It is good to know 🙂 All..

  26. Great advice. There’s so much push today to turn every passion into the next billion dollar business. You are so right – some things are just meant to be enjoyed.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Dan. There are plenty of things that are meant for our enjoyment – not for business!

  27. I LOVE your point about not trying to monetize things. Have hobbies! Have fun! Enjoy your interests for just what they are, and I believe this helps to avoid burnout.

    I truly think we are all multi-passionate, though it’s the courageous ones who act on this.

    Love from a leadership coach, facilitator, nonprofit pro, yoga teacher, aerialist enthusiast, nature lover…..

  28. Loved this episode Marie… you and your team make me LOL!! xo

  29. Hey Marie! I love your advice to not make each new idea a new business…or even monetize them all, at all. I know a woman who teaches lay midwives and doulas for money. *Everything* else she does she gives away for free. Homeopathy, mediation, advice, delicious coffee and conversation…all free. She is a woman of many arts, but she only *charges* for one thing. If only we all were so generous (myself included! – working on that!) – and YOU, MARIE, are like that. You charge for BSchool. You give the rest away for free. Yes, it’s all pretty much biz and life stuff. But you get what I mean.

    Thanks for highlighting this for me. Needed to hear it today. Way too many ideas and too many kids and little time to monetize or build biz’s out of all of them! 🙂 xo

  30. Emmanuel Kilwana

    Thank you for such great words.

  31. I specially loved this video! Thank you so much Marie, i admire you so much! And it’s a very encouraging feeling!

  32. Thanks Marie! And thanks Ana Verzone for “my brain could see the mandala I was creating”. That’s exactly right. All these interests come together over time to form a common thread and beautiful balanced life. If you let yourself explore and keep making the connections you’ll find the pattern that leads to your own mandala. I’ve been called flaky most of my life. In my 20s and 30s I used to cry (actually cry!) “Why can’t I be just one thing? Why can’t i just want to be a lawyer or a doctor or something?!” I turned 50 this year and I can laugh at that now but it was so painful then. There was no Marie TV or internet to connect to other like minded people. After trying many “practical” career moves I finally realized being practical is impractical for me! Once I accepted that and started being fully multi-passionate things came together. My passions are joy, courage, education, creativity and love. As an interdisciplinary teaching artist I get to do everything I love and help others express their creativity. It’s a beautiful life. My multi-passionate idols are Lena Horne, singer, actress, Civil Rights activist, and more! And Tracee Ellis Ross. She is EVERYTHING + fearless and funny!

  33. Thanks for this episode Team Marie! I too quickly move from having a cool idea to how do I monetize it way too quickly, mainly because I’m trying to figure out how to make some money to feed my family. I’m an unemployed lawyer who is not not looking forward to returning to the profession. I don’t have hobbies, I have anxiety.

    As for other inspiring multipassionates, I think of Viggo Morteson, the actor/writer/artist. He’s a guy who doesn’t give a duck about what others think of him and he puts himself out there.

    Keep up the great work, Team Marie. Thanks for the virtual support.

  34. Good night! You are speaking my language here woman! Such great advice!

  35. Giving Zero Ducks is my new mantra! Thank you! Also, glad to be in obscurity right now while I narrow my current business/profit focus.
    I love Oprah as someone who has followed her dreams and done many different things to massive success. As well as a previous mentor Karen McGregor who keeps following her heart and creating the life of her dreams, it’s very inspiring!

  36. Emily

    This episode is a classic. Oh so good.
    Right now, I’m relishing obscurity, and playing in private a lot while I write the book to help define my business and get rid of the LAST 1/3 (!!!) of my baby weight. Such great advice, thank you!
    But I have to say that when I do tell people about my business, I think what gives me the confidence to represent it well is the fact that I know I always follow through with my multi-passions. If I really want it, I do it.
    I had my baby, published my stories, moved to a new country etc. Whereas when I was younger, my family or friends may have been naysayers, now I’ve reached the point where they either offer respect or get out of the way.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s beautiful, Emily – “if I really want it, I do it.” That mindset must take the pressure off!

  37. Mohammed

    Thanks Marie for putting humor on being multi passionate. I thought I was confused and kept going through biographies to find my direction. When I read about David Allen (GTD), I thought that was a relief. Really appreciate the your take on it. I especially will consider your strategy of not trying to make a living of all my multipassions.

  38. YES! YES! YES!!! Oh my goodness. My crazy path started at the age of 10 when I chose to play the violin. It stuck, but then so did the clarinet, and then the saxophone. In college, I was an engineering student who switched to architecture. Then, as a professional, I’ve been:
    – An Aerobics Instructor
    – An Architect
    – A management consultant
    – A brand strategist
    – A design strategist
    – A wellness entrepreneur
    – An author
    – And now, an artist
    And, if you were to ever ask me my 5 year plan, I’d be a deer in the headlights. I struggled A LOT with the diversity. Someone once said: You can’t stay broad forever, you need to choose something and go deep. And that haunted me for a long time. PLUS, going to a traditional MBA program, I find many classmates constantly confused by my path. I have no doubt they think I’m completely a flake.

    Today, I’m so proud of the accomplishments I have, and am always excited about what’s to come. The fact that I can earn the money I would earn in a traditional job, but doing what I want to do, creating my own business/journey/path, is so rewarding!

    • OH my gosh! That is what I struggled with – the whole you have to choose. So, I chose teaching where I got to do a lot of things with 7th graders in a self-contained classroom.

      I’m so glad I’m not “crazy” because I enjoy so many different pursuits.

      Thank you for your post.

  39. Yaaasssss to being multipassionate! I’m an acupuncturist, and admissions counselor recruiting acupuncture students at my alma mater, and I run an acupuncture marketing website where I write and sell continuing education courses and interview other acupuncturists… Even though the common theme is clearly acupuncture (!) sometimes people are like, “Why Don’t You Just Do Acupuncture? You Don’t Like It? You Don’t Want To?” Like there’s something wrong with my choices… And all I can think is: Because I’m good at lots of things! And I love all those things! And now I have a name for it: Multipassionate. Thanks, Marie!

  40. I 1000% needed to see this today. THANK YOU MARIE!! I’ve spent a lot of my life hiding the “flaky” side of me to be more serious or to fit in or to follow other people’s advice. And you know what? Those parts didn’t go away, and I just felt like a shell of a person. No more! I’m in a part of my journey where I’m gonna hug up on my multi-passionate side 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Hug up on it for sure, Leslie!!

  41. This is living life on your own terms.
    I flipping love it! You gotta stop giving *ducks* and just live it.
    My philosophy:
    Follow your curiosity.
    It’s always the way to go. Things unfold naturally. All of the things you learn go into the toolbox and you build and build on who you are and what you do. I’m amazed at how I grew as a person and in my craft. I am living my dreams.

  42. This was really funny. (And beneficial too.) Bravo!

  43. I really needed to hear this as well. Ever since leaving my engineering career to follow my husband overseas I’ve struggled with what I want to do with my life. It seems every day I think of something new I could be doing when I’ve already done so much in the past 3 years… Travel/expat blogger, French pastry baker, Crossfit coach, English teacher, apartment greeter, bootcamp coach, translator and social media manager for a design agency… And it seems the list continues. I’m always giving a whole lotta Ducks but I need to remind myself not to. It’s so hard to explain what I do..

    I am happy and feel like the luckiest person I know… But not exactly sure how fulfilled I am. I’m just started to get used to the idea of being a multi-passionate and accepting it. I should read up on those role models for inspiration.

    Thanks for this episode and all the others.

  44. Jessamin

    Mary I seriously cannot tell you how grateful I am that you made this video. It was made for me! I grew up with parents who were Multitalented Entrepreneurs. My mom is a jack of all trades and to this day my hero. Growing up I always wished that I was just good, really good, at one thing. Instead I had so many different things that I was Ok at but nothing that I could pinpoint as this is my calling in life. I went to art school and everyone else seem to have that one passion for this one medium and every art class it was my new favorite thing and I could not decide what I wanted to major in. I loved it all! Since graduating college I have pursued many different passions. I think I have driven my friends and family a little mad with all of my new endeavors! Shout out to my husband who has supported me through all of it! But I felt like I was having a midlife crisis in my 20’s! I just couldn’t figure out what I really wanted to do! What would really sustain my happiness and feed me. At one point I was afraid to really pursue anything in fear of choosing the wrong one! So I dabbled in this and dabbled in that driving me and everyone else crazy. So I did eventually stop telling anyone that I was trying something else out! That helped. 🙂 Then I really just had to all the “shoulds” or should nots” and focus on myself. Truly finding out who I was and what made me happy. I found it and I am starting a business pursuing that passion. I am excited and nervous but after watching your video I feel my next step is to just embrace it and not give any ducks what others might think of me! So thank you thank you for liberating my creative multitalented entrepreneurial soul!

  45. Carlos Neustadtl

    Thanks for the advice. Passion Entrepreneurship, looks great.
    Have a nice day!

  46. stacee

    My favorite response so far to the “What do you do?” is “About what?” 😉
    Love the multipassionate phrase…it fits with my artist, hospitality, dog sitter, horticulturist, self actualization self.

  47. Multipassionate, that’s what I’ve always been and always will be! Because I never cease to be amazed at how many interesting things there are in life. I’m 52 and already counting hobbies and not hobbies. And the way I deal with it is: I ‘ve never given a damn about what people think, because a lot of people I’ve met along the years don’t even have one single interest apart from sitting on the couch to watch TV. Duck them.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      YES, Miriam! Love it.

  48. Oh. My. God. This could not have come at a better time, Marie. I woke up in an extreme panic at 4:44 AM with the dreaded, “what the hell am I doing and why do I think I can succeed as an entrepreneur, and you better go back to that full-time job you hate because you can’t expect to be able to live your dream, I mean, who are you to get what you want?” tape just rolling on infinity repeat inside my head. I have struggled with this “I am a flake” shame since I wrote a novel about the Holocaust in 6th grade and my classmates were like, “you are too weird.” My whole life I’ve heard, “are you sure you aren’t ADD?” Or “what haven’t you done (as a sly put down)”. Or “you seem a bit manic (that’s enthusiasm Sleepy!)” or “if you could just put your energy behind one thing you would realize your potential…(or kill myself with boredom!)” Thanks for this “give zero ducks” pep talk. I’m really needed it today. Love, love, love you for being a wonderful example of how to rock being multi-passionate.

    • Awesome-ness!! I’ve dealt with sly put downs and even “but you work so much, when are you going to live?” I love my jobs because they are based on my passions!! I am tired but happy. And I AM living!! If you don’t get it, the problem is yours. Well said Rachel… Duck them!!!

  49. Jodie

    This was great, Marie. I’m pretty good at playing in private but that creates a personal feeling of “being flaky” which is much hard for me to accept. I’m a planner and I get wrapped up in analysis paralysis which adds to the constant back and forth about how I can combine my strengths and passions. I appreciate you making it clear that I’m not alone and there are some practical ways to deal with it. Thanks!

    • Priya

      Yes. You are not alone. Analysis paralysis is my thing. I think anybody with some decent intellect has that problem. For me, this blog is the first ever that even addresses this issue.

  50. Marie,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. I think I really needed this today as I went to bed last night thinking, “what am I doing with this beautiful life that is surely a gift.” You just saved me today.
    I see and know many people who pursue different passions and some at the same time. Some can do it. One of my favorite famous person you may have heard of is ‘Richard Branson’.
    I related to this video a lot because it wasn’t just serious ‘coaching guru’ style but a style that really relates to me. Funny, yet really addressing the question that many have. Also, I want to thank the person who sent this question to you.
    I have plenty to say but I think it serves best if I just thank everyone on your team and your audience for doing what they can and making a difference in my life. Hope I can pay it forward or return the gift.

  51. Awesome episode, Marie! I am a Business & Career Coach with a track record in Business Events, Community Management, Customer Relationships Management, Personal and Corporate Insurances and Hospitality, all interests I acquired after doing my BA is Sociology and an MA in International Tourism. The result? I’m a better coach for my clients AND I can run various areas of my business after experimenting while working for someone else. 🙂

  52. Sue

    Love this topic! The book that saved my life when I was overwhelmed with my million desires was, “Refuse to Choose” by Barbara Sher.

    • Helen

      Me too! Brilliant book by a brilliant woman!

  53. Julie

    Thank you Marie!
    I used to think I was broken (for years) because everyone I knew seemed to have a specific direction, and I could not stick with one career path. I took career tests, classes, seminars, etc.. And yes that infamous question “what do you do?” made me cringe! Family and friends would gently tell me to focus, or pick one thing and stick with it.
    I’m now at the place in my life where I own and really appreciate living the buffet life! How blessed am I that I can and choose to try many things! Barista-check, Wedding planner-check, fire investigator-check, intuitive energy worker-check, landscaper-check and so on!
    The place I get stuck in is the money pit. I tend to marry any creative venture I do with having to make money from it. I realize this is the quick way to kill creativity, yet I am still in that pattern, but working to shift!

  54. Xan

    Another multitalented person we can identify with is Benjamin Franklin. His joy and sense of fun and humor in a multitude of projects is infectious to this day! Also Thomas Alva Edison(although he didn’t get the royalties for the company of his own name) Very inspiring work process as well: He’d problem solve by taking a nap with a pencil in his hand and when he drifted off to asleep and the pencil fell out-surprise- he had his answer.

    • Yes! I forgot how much I love Benjamin Franklin. He is a perfect example!

  55. My favorite part was when you said “Multipassionate Muffins.” LOVE IT! Thank you for this. I am definitely one of those people. I have a degree in health education, an MBA, I have a beauty/lifestyle YouTube channel, work in IT staffing and am pursuing a PhD in International Education. I seem like a hot mess but I feel like I am living life to the fullest when I am doing all of the things I want to do. No shame here!


    • We have Education, MBA and Technology in common!! I’ll add music too and those are my 4 passions (and my 4 jobs!). You totally nailed it when you wrote “I seem like a hot mess but I feel like I am living life to the fullest when I am doing all of the things I want to do. ”
      I couldn’t agree more, Kristen!!

  56. giving zero ducks – that’s awesome. Gonna ‘borrow’ that from now on. 🙂 couldn’t agree more. love your messages Marie!

  57. Amazing episode as usual! I am definetely a multipassionate person and always treated as I didn’t have clarity and thought that the only thing that kept me away of looking flaky was my computer science career. For years I’ve been doing tons of things as hobbies and follow some different business without feeling really an entrepreneur. THANKS Marie for bringin more clarity and clarity to our lives! You rock!

  58. Maggie

    I love love love when you talk about being multipassionate. I literally teared up the first time you did because I can relate to you and this topic so much but felt like I was the only one in the world who didn't know exactly what to do with all of my talents/passions. Thank you, thank you, thank you! *Oh and Oprah has to be at the top of my list for people I admire.

  59. I’m definitely a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and I’ve been told so many times that I have to focus on only one thing in my business, but it will not work. When I tried to follow that advice, it always felt like something was missing, and things got boring after a while.

    It’s great that someone brings this up, because there are too many out there who don’t know that not everyone fits into the square box.

    The rebrand I’m doing now embraces all of it under the artist & intuitive, plus it shows more of who I am as a person. Multipod-nature, humor, attitude and all. In the meantime, I usually say I’m an artist and intuitive with something up my sleeve 🙂

    I’m #givinzeroducks and if they insist on pushing cookie-cutter solutions on me, I get pissed off.

    I believe cookie-cutters only work for baking, not for business 🙂 Be who you are and own it!

  60. Helen

    I used to dread the ‘So Helen, what do you do?’ question. I’d spend forever rehearsing responses hoping I’d sound ok to others’ I’ve practiced a massive amount of unconditional self-love and got to a place where I didn’t give a….duck! I listened to your interview with Tony Robbins and then watched his film on Netflix which had some great nuggets for me. I feel like I’ve finally come to end of the ‘who am I? What can I do/offer?’ journey and am about to start up as a Coach/Energist ( it’s been a LONG time a commin). I love your weekly video’s and today it was great to listen and say ‘Hmmm you’ve come a long way girl!’ Thanks Marie and Team for all you do ♡

    • Right! Marie and her team are awesome. I love the Tony episode!

  61. I’ve known I have been multi passionate for a while now. Which has led me to try and figure out how to mess or even sort out of the things that interest me. I even have the websites to prove all these lovely interests. 2016 has been the year of discovery and growth so I am working on getting my life! Thanks Marie, I now have a new phrase that sums up what I am, a multi passionate entrepreneur.

  62. You are speaking this former pharmaceutical qc lab technician/media coordinator/fashion design student/product coordinator/now dog walking business owner’s language! Love your videos so much.

  63. Michelle

    Loved. Needed. Grateful. Thank you.

  64. I cannot believe this episode arrived when it did! I just a few days ago said almost those very words when my successful, single career husband requested I attend a function with him! I shrink when people ask what I “do”!!
    chef, nutritionist, health coach, innkeeper, film maker, fisherman – I have worn many hats. Today I am planning Women’s Wellness Adventures on a remote Georgia Barrier Island – truly multi-passionate! Thanks Marie and team for your perfect timing – yet again!!

  65. This was super timely. I’m a photographer but my husband and I are buying two gyms and I’ll be managing them and my current business while he focuses on his day job and handles the financial part of this new venture. We love doing things that help us stay healthy and when this opportunity came up, it felt like a light bulb went off, here we can help so many more people have more value from their lives by getting and staying healthy than I feel I can through my studio. I’m not giving up my studio, I want to do both. I for sure am OWNING this multi-passionate self and am excited for the journey! Good episode!

  66. O Marie how accurate you are — yes multi-passionate I am. Thanks for the reminder of Leonardo da Vinci! The world is filled with extraordinary people we can learn from. I have so many favorites, “curiosity is a magnant for an exciting life.” The person who inspires me is Richard Branson. I quote him often to keep me on track when there is a sense someone is judging me – especially me! He says, ” You never know with these things when you’re trying something new what can happen. This is all experimental.” And, Marie, it’s you I come to for a breath of fresh air and listen and open myself up for greater growth potential. I learn, I teach and learn some more, and all the while you show us to have fun doing it!

  67. Karyn

    Ooh, do I love me some Marie TV!!! This is the ONLY email I look forward to every week! <3 I am also multipassionate, however for the most part…in my mind. :-/ I really need to start doing instead of dreaming. Tips anyone?

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Take action! Think about which passion excites you the most right now and take steps to actual do it. Maybe that means signing up for a class, finding a mentor in that field, or taking lessons. Every little action will bring you out of the thinking process and into the doing 🙂

    • Pick just one dream/idea and delve further into just that one thing, whether it is research into the subject matter to get yourself more aware of what’s involved (like mine was of having a horse ranch until I found out I needed a lot of money and a LOT more education on how a ranch would be run). One way was for me to get into the industry as a ranch hand and learn the ropes that way (which was not available to me at the time). But at least I learned something new about the dream, which is probably more important than anything else – at least to me it was. Someone once told me that the difference between a fantasy and a dream was that the fantasy would not come true while a dream could come true if you worked at it. Also a fantasy can become a dream with hard work.

  68. #Give Zero ducks! great.

  69. Hi Marie and friends
    I’ve been dealing with this one a long time. Recently I decided to take a break from giving a Duck about it all and I’m allowing myself to just flow for another year…. with the focused intention of coming out of it with a better idea of where to put my passion next.
    I’m multi-passionate due to living in crisis mode, and HAVING to learn to do something in order to survive. This is my year to do what I want for no other reason than my heart wants to. We’ll see if that brings some direction to my life and business. I do have a gift (or two) that I need to get out in the world and I’m a gonna shine some light on it!
    Wish me luck!

    • Good luck!!!!

      • Tammy

        Thank you Cynthia!

  70. When it comes to being an “Artist”, multi-passionate is celebrated by society.

    But what about those of us that express creativity and artistry in the professional business landscape? Wearing multiple hats and constantly moving forward in embracing new skills does not need to be looked down upon, simply because it triggers others.

    A lot of times, we fear what we don’t understand.

    So start educating your tribe and celebrating your many hats (and shoes)!

  71. Christine VR

    I am in the baby steps process of bringing my multipassionate dreams to life, so this week’s q&a is timely. I’m especially thankful for the tips about “own your flake”. I’d rather be considered an interesting one of a kind flake than a one trick show pony any day of the week. I could give zero ducks to boxed-in people.

  72. Gillian

    This so resonated with me! However, the opening joke was so corny that it was hilarious – a jolly rancher. Thanks for brightening up my morning.

  73. Marie & Team! This episode is so timely… I’ve just been contending with this exact subject. I totally relate with the concept of being multipassionate. My personal journey? From Biological Engineer to Investment Banker, to Finance Controller in Oil & Gas, to Life Coach and Entrepreneur. Along the way, I’ve also trained as a Pilates teacher, Art of Feminine Presence trainer, and I’m currently attending an Image Consultant program — just for bonus points!
    As a Life Coach, I’ve been struggling to narrow my niche and ideal client. There are so many angles that I want and love to explore! That’s been my most recent conundrum. I feel embarrassed about having shifted niches so many times… And I’m about to do it again, as I was feeling out of alignment with my business.
    I simply love your advice on this episode, Marie. Sometimes, I have the impression that you’re a mind reader!
    As for other multipassionate people I admire… You certainly come on top of my list!
    Lots of love from a 2013 B-Schooler,

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Elsa — sending loads of love back your way.

  74. Great advice and I feel better about my many passions, whether I am currently involved with them or have been in the past. Really liked the advice about not turning everything into a business. While I am pretty much obscure with my jewelry business, which I am currently passionate about, I am happy since I am creating something with my hands. That is my ultimate unifying passion – working with my hands, whether it is creating jewelry (including beaded Kumihimo), paracord items, sewing, knitting/crocheting, embroidery, wire work, etc. So thank you for the inspiration to allow myself to be happy with what I do, no matter what anybody else thinks. Although I do need some help with my addiction to buying more and more beads 🙁

  75. “Give zero ducks!” OMG I love it. As an additional resource for anyone who loves this mindset, there’s a parody book of “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” … it’s called “The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a *Duck*” … and it is excellente! 🙂 Thanks for this A to the Q, Marie, I need this as much as your other listener did. PS – Greg is seriously killing me in the beginning of this video. <3

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      HA! 🙂

  76. Sandra

    Thanks for this timely episode, Marie! I am definitely a multipassionate entrepreneur and not being able to describe to others what I do has been one of the things holding me back from putting it out into the world. The title “multipassionate entrepreneur” feels right so I’m going to go with that! Thanks again and have a wonderful summer break!

  77. Great video, as always! As an actor and entrepreneur, I’m so inspired by women like Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Alicia Silverstone who combine acting careers with health-based businesses.

  78. Eve

    Loved your episode !
    My favourite modern multi-passionate entrepreneur is definitely Gwyneth Paltrow.
    Very inspiring !

  79. Janet

    Tanya’s question included building. Building a career through a progression sounds valid! The wonderful answer seemed to address multi-passionate business owners (like a variety-pack of little cereal boxes), but Tanya’s question indicated growth and advancement from project to project. That’s respectable!

  80. OH MY GOD. Anyone who makes me feel as cool as Leonardo DaVinci is my new hero. Thanks for this glorious reminder.

    I was super worried about being multipassionate back in my early days, especially as I moved from entrepreneurship into a more traditional role. But all the things I love have made me AWESOME at the work I do. For instance, my interest in life coaching and personal development made me the go-to person at my office for chats about negotiation and career building. My yoga teacher certification meant I would teach lunch-time yoga chats at the marketing agency I worked at. My extensive experience living abroad led to an awesome job at my all-time favorite travel company.

    And now that I’m working for myself again? I spend my spare time writing personal essays—even though I make money writing website copy—because those essays help me land new clients and connect with new readers, even though it has almost nothing to do with my day job.

    It’s not flakey, it’s human. And we’ve all got it.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Marian, LOVE your fusion of cool things, and your attitude about it all. Awesome!

  81. Vesna Babic-Burns

    All I can say is….. I love you, thank you!!!

  82. Thank you Marie! This past February I started a personal blog because I felt like it, not because I had any idea of how to monetize it. Your post reminds me that it’s OK to do this for no other reason other than it’s a passion.

  83. Just yesterday I was watching a talk from a highly successful entrepreneur whose message included the need to focus, obsessively, on three strategically important things, to the exclusion of all else.

    What a boring duck!

    Would you want to go to dinner with him, or with a multi-passionate person?
    There is room in the world for all types. I have a 14 year old daughter who is totally focussed on her one single passion. I also have a 12 year old who has already retired from several successful ‘careers’. Long may they both thrive on their chosen – or stumbled-upon paths!
    Me? At 55, I am still wondering what I want to be when I grow up…

    And on the question of multi-passionate types, how about Jonathan Miller. Brit, Doctor, comedian, director…go google!

    Enjoy your holiday 🙂

    Deb x

  84. Ooooh, one more comment to share here!

    Years ago I was complaining to a friend about my desire to write a novel, open a coworking space, keep my day job AND teach yoga. And she said said this:

    “How would you feel if you could look into the crystal ball of your life and know that that you were always able to bring in money and provide for yourself, but that stability came from a wide variety of sources? A contract job here or a freelance gig there. Maybe you sell a book or teach English or open a yoga studio? And it wound up being this beautiful patchwork of things that you did while ALSO doing other things? Does that not feel like a life well-lived? Is that more or less valuable than having built and worked on only one specific skill and that’s it?”

    How freaking magical is that? So magical that it feels more fun and adventurous and inspiring to have a patchwork life than to just Be One Thing. Ya know?

    • Delaine Ross


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes, amen to this!

  85. Amy

    Right on time as usual, momma Marie. I don’t know how you read minds, but you’re damn good at it. Maybe one of your passions is being psychic as DUCK 😉

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      HA! 🙂

  86. Vesna Babic-Burns

    What a relief to hear incredible people like yourself publicly sharing that not only is it OK to be “multi-passionate”…but, it is something that should be encouraged and supported! Elizabeth Gilbert did a fabulous talk on the subject on an Oprah Super Soul Sunday episode and after watching it, I felt as though I finally had “permission” to exhale. Marie, your short video has taken that feeling a step further for me….you’ve added the UMPF!!! I loved how you said we need to own it….and hug it!!! I often find myself being very timid and somewhat apologetic when people ask me how my small business is going. I know so much of it has to do with my lack of confidence currently. If we don’t believe in ourselves fully and own our quirkiness, how can we sell or give what we do to others? It starts at “home” with ourselves. I’m going to keep watching and listening and learning from you. Keep spreading the love and the sparks that help ignite those of us who know we “have it” but, just need to scuff the surface more to shine again! ps. LOVE your interview with Tony Robbins! I hope you get a ton of views! I was fortunate enough to attend DWD in December…every time I hear him speak, I gain something positive. Thank you for sharing and for all of the awesome work you do!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind note and share, Vesna.

  87. Zoe

    Thank you so much Marie I love this! … What’s that? What do I do? – You mean what don’t I do?! ? x

  88. Cub

    Love it! Multipassionate Entrepreneur who gives zero ducks!

  89. Thank you as always for such great advise. #IDontGive2Ducks and #IDontGiveADuck are my new favorite hashtags. Seriously Marie… we are BFFs and you don’t know it yet lol. You look and act sooooo much like one of my girlfriends, the resemblance … it’s crazy!

  90. Gloria

    This was the bessssssst! Marie makes me feel like she is my biggest cheerleader and supporter. Such SOLID guidance here. Own it, claim it with confidence, and trust that you’ve got it going ON. My biggest release this year was not caring what people thought about my self-declared “career pause” … it’s all part of the plan that only I know, and you just cannot let others get in the way of your dreams with their judgements. Also, I really appreciate the tip on playing in private (I am currently getting started on breakdancing and NO ONE knows and it is such a sweet little secret with myself!)

    Thanks Marie – this one will be one I return to regularly for the pep talk and reminder that I am staying on purpose. Much love!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      THRILLED to hear that!

  91. I had a really hard time explaining what I do after selling my kettlebell gym after 8 years in May 2015. Over the years, I had gotten promoted in the certifying body Strong First and was traveling to teach instructor workshops and certifications and that became more exciting than the day to day operations of the gym and I felt like I couldn’t do a great job at both so I chose workshops… But those are weekends only. So then I started doing info products for instructors on how to teach and teach about 8 private training sessions/classes a week. I went to an engineering school and missed that component when my hobby became my profession and what I went to school with wasn’t relevant to my career. So when an old friend contacted me about monetizing websites by paying to drive traffic and make money on ads, I was all over the analytics stuff. And because all of these streams are not consistent and I can’t plan a budget based on a guaranteed income, I bartend at a local sustainable seafood restaurant that closes early enough for me to get the rest done during the day and have time to volunteer. At first I had a hard time explaining it. But then I read a book called “The Art of Work” by Jeff Goins and he described it as a “Portfolio Career” – doing multiple things you are passionate about to add up to one career. It sounded so exciting to one man that he interviewed me for his podcast called “The Big Life.” Thanks so much for this video – it lets me know I’m not alone!

  92. Oh my! I love the #givingzeroducks concept! I’ve felt and quite honestly still flaky from time to time. I love painting (many different things and hate sticking to one subject), I do children’s book illustration (which of course have nothing to do with my paintings) and teaching English, and music… and list goes on and on. I try not to be too scattered, but at the same time not to limit myself too much, which is so hard to do. I really admire people like Marie, James Franco, Natalie Portman and so many others who seem to make it all work. It’s still a struggle, but here’s to #givingzeroducks 🙂

  93. Maureen Cioni

    I have a full time job, I am a virtual assistant, and I share recipes for Paleo eating – however I also bake and decorate scratch cakes. The last two are constantly bumping into each other. How can you promote paleo and make cakes? Well, I don’t eat the cakes, and they make other people happy, so why not? 🙂

  94. Great episode of MarieTV – love the message and I may have to put ‘multi-passionate’ in my LI profile somewhere. I combine two passions (mountain hiking and coaching) in my business but have others too (reading, skiing, golfing and motorcycling among them) while occasionally running into new things that get added to the passion list.

    It’s great to know I’m in the good company of Marie and others who have commented here who are also multi-passionate and multi-talented

  95. I love this episode, Marie and Team.

    For most of my adult life I felt like a flake. Even as a nurse, my specialism was generalism; I had 7 different posts in 13 years, predominantly within the field of general medicine.

    I knew a little about a lot which I saw as a bad thing.

    What I have come to realise is that I am a curious soul who loves to learn. I’ve also discovered overarching themes regarding what I gravitate towards. I am passionate about exploring how we learn and what makes us tick. This falls into three broad categories of: inner health, human development and creative expression.

    I used to think that broad and narrow was inferior to wide and deep, but I recognise that it lends a global perspective and ability to see patterns and connections that might otherwise remain hidden.

    I am a huge fan of Erykah Badu; singer, songwriter, queen of neo-soul; actor, activist, producer; homeschooler, midwife-to-be and doula. Erykah ushers new souls into the world and old souls out of it. She is an all-round multi-passionate Badass who even has her own charity.

    (My almost thirteen-year-old daughter was hovering in the background as I was listening, surreptitiously soaking up the goodness. Hopefully #givingzeroducks will come natural to her).
    Thank you xo

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Angela, I love the insight you’ve gained around what you called your global perspective — that’s so good and so true. And we’re thrilled to have your daughter “hovering” and tuning in too.


  96. How very timely!!! In 5 days I retire from my full-time job as a nurse practitioner and am launching my Life Coaching/Clinical Health Coaching/Intuitive Eating Coaching Career—-PLUS I have two blogs and I’m writing a couple of books. Some well-intentioned (giving the benefit of doubt here) friend said, “Maybe if you settled down and did just one thing it would be better.” Gut check said, “Nope. Not for me.” Besides at age 65, nearly 66, I’m too old to settle. Down or otherwise!

    Thanks for this Marie! I’m heading onward in my kooky way doing the things I love to do for me—if it helps someone else so much the better!

  97. Who isn’t multi-passionate?! Am I right? No human can be put into a perfectly labeled box. Everyone likes different things. Different strokes for different strokes.

    I think it’s super important to remember even if some people don’t “get you” or get what you’re about there are a ba-jillion who will get you and love you for the things you do! Keep at it!

    Another celeb I love who is totes multi-passionate is Ellen DeGeneres. She has been an actor, TV host, author, Cover Girl model, Stand-up comedian, activist, and voice-actor (totally crushed the voice of Dory!) She totally radiates confidence in all she does and is totally authentic in all of these roles. So as Marie says quit giving ducks and start shining about all the fab things you’re into!

    Who doesn’t love an interesting, multi-passionate person? I know I do.

    Love this episode Marie + team! Many thanks 🙂

  98. Stephanie

    I am definitely multi-passionate but I’m also an expert at procrastination :/
    Someone would probably tell me that I have ADD because I can’t focus on one thing or stay motivated very long. So I cannot be very good at anything if it makes any sense. I would loooove to be multi-passionate and ALSO creating and doing all the stuff i’m interested in.
    Am I alone in this? 🙂
    Great video as always!

    • Amy

      Ahhhhh this is also me!!! I never used to be like this, but I have now realised I feel like I need to be 3 people at once, in order to be able to focus enough to do the things I want to do as well and sustainably as I want to do them. However on the other hand, if I do anything too much it loses its luster, so I have learned that dabbling a bit here and there across different things keeps me interested, but that applies more to my hobbies. When it comes to making an income, I have a normal job to keep me stable so I don’t completely fly off into space, however even in that sphere, I don’t want to be limited and am always trying to ‘broaden’ my portfolio, I am best working as a generalist rather than a specialist, something I’ve only recently come to accept about myself. This considerably limits my career options as my jobs require specialisation, so for now, I am sticking to generalist jobs. We should catch up, sounds like we have a lot in common.

  99. Savitra Bhagwat

    Hi Marie,

    I sincere appreciate you for the work that you have been & helping people through your channel.
    Like others, I am looking forward to getting your guidance.
    I have been an average guy all through my life of 25 years. Right now, I am working in a 9-5 job which I hate a lot.
    Not only, I am sure that 9-5 job is not something which I would like to do all throughout but also I am not able to figure out my passion or something which I can pursue wholeheartedly.
    Sometimes, I feel as I am multi-passionate & can adapt well to anything that I choose or I am crazy & unstable.
    Please help me find the way.

    Thanks a lot

    Savitra Bhagwat

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Savitra, you’re not alone in how you’re feeling and we’re absolutely delighted to have you tuning in here as you search your heart and uncover the path ahead. We hope our work continues to serve and inspire you.

  100. Oh my! I am just now beginning to step away from the confused state and just DO what I do regardless of what other people think, what is “normal” for “most” people and how much or little conventional schooling I have received. It is hard to distinguish sometimes between what I should be adding to my business or just doing in private/as a hobby etc. I love you Marie!

  101. Mike Cooper

    Passion is a fleeting feeling of emotion, not a Plan. Amateurs think their going to arrive some where. Don’t follow passion. Your constant, consistent Discipline of excellence with every heart beat and breath until your last revels your passion, avoiding a life of regrets.
    Mike cooper

  102. Juliette Watt

    Oh my God!!! I am your poster child for this topic!!!
    I started out as a Playboy Bunny casino dealer in 1967. Then I became a full fledged cabaret singer in my teens and twenties. Then I became a musical actress and decided the other side of the stage was much more interesting so I became a working playwright with eventually having a play produced in New York City. I have always studied dance but didn’t really want to become a dancer so I decided to teach a ballet/exercise class in New York City which became the most successful class in town for almost 18 years. I have been a soap opera writer and wrote for “One Life To Live” on ABC Daytime TV and won two WGA Awards and have been nominated for a Daytime Emmy. I am an airplane pilot and instructor with 5000 hours , 6 ratings and I am qualified to fly 19 different aircraft. In 2003 my husband and I moved to Utah and worked for an animal sanctuary and I spent a year in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina using my own airplane to fly rescued animals all over the country. Then and now still – my current passion is horses. I am studying their language and how they think as well as ride and show them.. I have 3 rescue horses whom I have rehabilitated (along with 5 dogs, 2 goats and a feral cat – all rescued). I work with some of the greatest horsemen in the world. Buck Brannaman is one – check out the movie “BUCK”. My goal is to become a Master Horseman.
    I have survived some pretty dreadful stuff along the way -being held up by Palestine terrorists in Beirut at machine gunpoint as well as numerous other life challenges. I remember being 15 years old and thinking how much I did not want to end up like my mother (who was 46 at the time and deeply bitter and angry with everything). So I decided if it scared me I HAD to do it. No matter how terrifying or difficult, I would work until I was accomplished. I would always, “jump into the dragon’s mouth”.
    I want to be able to inspire more people than just who I know and love to “jump” too. Now I’m 65 years old with an amazing husband and my next and latest pursuit is to be accepted to do a Ted Talk and hopefully find a niche in public speaking.
    Wow. Just realized this is a very long comment – but I was so thrilled I just had to.
    Thank you again, Marie. You are indeed a friend at large :-))

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Juliette, what a beautiful and amazing story you’ve already created. Can’t wait to see what’s still to come for you as you keep going after your goals. Thank you for sharing!

    • Amy

      Brilliant brilliant brilliant. What a story, you really need to tell it! I also appreciate that you have written about your traumas along the way, because we all have them, but some of yours sound quite intense, perhaps you can write a movie some day? Would be fascinating. I had the exact same experience at 15 of looking at my mother (who was 43 at the time and was resentful and unhappy with her marriage and life) and deciding I never wanted to end up like her so I would do everything opposite! It didn’t quite work out exactly like that as there are still practical realities of life, but I gave it a go!

  103. SJB

    Recently, I opened up a new Instagram account for my ghostwriting services in a particular niche. I made no announcements but Instagram took it upon itself to announce that I was on Instagram under another name. Most people(friends and family) knew I had two other accounts but this one ,in particular, I didn’t want everyone to know what I was doing. Needless to say, I was a little annoyed that experiment I was trying, revealed itself to everyone I knew. I changed my settings but I had to finally stop stressing about who knew what. I currently give no Ducks about others to It is what it is. At least they know I’m go-getter and not afraid think outside the box..

  104. Most people who know anything about me ask, “What HAVEN’T you done?”, but when they ask what I want to be when I grow up, I get the deer in the headlights look and I can feel an anxiety growing in the pit of my stomach …. “I’m never going to grow up!” is my ‘go to’ answer because I don’t think I could pick just ONE thing to do for the rest of my life. I have always had the thought that I only have one life and that I need to experience all that I can.
    It’s so great to be reminded that this is okay and that I am not some lost soul. Cheers, Marie and to all the other Multi Passionates out there!

  105. Jeana

    One of the best posts ever! Thanks, Marie

  106. Kathi

    AS usual, I loved your show. I love this topic and it is one of the first things about you that attracted me to be a follower! I am multi passionate with competitive swimming, pilates , yoga , strength and conditioning – teaching and practicing all of them. I am interested in most things health related and how to connect with higher self. I struggle with what is my purpose because I have so many including being a wife, mother, friend, sister etc….at least I know I am not alone! Thanks.

  107. Great job on this topic Marie! I don’t personally resonate with labels like “multi-passionate” or “multi-potentialite”but have learned not to give a duck about what people think. At the end of the day, no one else is going to take responsibility for your success, so why care about what they think?

    Generally speaking, I think corporate culture has trained us to put complex individuals into convenient, understandable boxes. This way, we don’t have to think too much or spend too much time getting to know anyone. Saying: “I’m a Grade 25 Accountant” is a hell of a lot easier to understand than a bunch of seemingly unrelated talents. Having a simple title makes other people more comfortable.

    During the past several years I’ve worked in Facebook advertising, co-written a non-fiction book on using your intuition when you’re dating, co-written three romantic comedies for Kindle, written e-mail marketing campaigns, done editing and am currently developing a complex, marketing automation/sales system for a client that sells water filtration products. I have another client that is an attorney for whom I’m going to develop a sales automation system. The quality of all of the work I do is outstanding.

    I think that two of the points that you missed are 1) the perception that you can’t do a lot of different things and do them well or 2) that you have to do something for a long time to do it well. Anyone that’s successful at a lot of different things knows that you’re translating knowledge and skills from one area to another over time. In your case, maybe being a fitness instructor or dancer doesn’t seem anything like being a business coach. Yet, the skills you learned making videos no doubt helped you spread your message to life coaching and then subsequently to what you do now. You took a “piece” of what you learned and applied it to another area of business.

    I whole-heartedly agree that because of social media there’s definitely a lot of premature over-sharing of business ideas and everything doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) a business. The problem in the over-sharing lies in looking for external approval. Build a foundation for what you want to accomplish and then the naysayers don’t have any effect. When you over-share what you’re doing before you have accomplished anything that can cause anxiety over feeling judged by others. Generally speaking it’s not valuable for others to be exposed to your process. I can post pictures on Facebook of every single step I take making a cake showing myself putting every ingredient in a bowl. However, posting a picture of the beautiful frosted cake is a better approach. If I show a picture of putting several ingredients for a cake into a bowl and then get called off in an emergency and don’t finish, I look like a flake that doesn’t complete tasks. Or, then if I explain the whole situation that dragged me away from the cake, I look like a drama queen.

    When people ask me what I do, I say: “I’m a writer.” I figure if they want to know more, they’ll ask and if they don’t then they’re satisfied. It says more about them than it does about me whether they ask or not. And I don’t mean that in a negative way. Maybe someone I’m never going to see again at a party just wants to get a general sense of who I am.

    If I do elaborate on what I’ve accomplished, who cares if they think I’m a flake? Chances are good they don’t have several books written and a marketing/sales automation system. Saying: “I sit on the sofa all day eating chips and watching Netflix” is very easy to understand.

    I’ve accomplished a lot, I’m proud of it and if someone else has a problem wrapping their head around it “who gives a duck?”

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      So great to hear your perspective and thoughts, Maryellen — thanks for sharing.

  108. Great timing! I always thought and others have thought I was a confused person. I just love to explore and learn new things because I love to help! From studying business to art, to technology, even baking, and writing, it sure helps to give zero ducks what others think. I am multi talented, multi passionate, and great not having to put everything in business.
    I have to say, one person that came in mind as a multi passionate Entrepreneur is Donald Trump! Do I have to explain? His next passion is running for President of the United States! He sure has a lot of talents. And he gives ZERO DUCKS 😉

  109. I’m still in the midst of figuring out how to marry my French coaching biz with acting, but I may not marry them at all, after all. I can have them separately, and they could marry themselves LOL

    Other multi-passionate peeps… I think that most successful people are.

  110. I’ve always been a Many Things vs. Just One Thing kind of creator. It’s how my energy and creativity flow the best. I’ve tried the latter, but it felt SO confined and it drove me nuts. (Not in a good nuts kind ‘o way!)

    My past includes: professional dancer and figure skater (12 years), horse trainer (35 years), actor (15 years) voice and performance coach for TV/Radio news broadcasters (25 years), pro voiceover artist (25 years and counting), pro photographer, writer, speaker (all current).

    There’s one thing that ties them all together: Voice. Finding it, using it, showing up fully within it. It applies across the board to all that I’ve done and do now, which is fine art landscape & travel photography, writing, teaching, voiceovers, speaking. It’s the hub, the context that makes it all feel amazing, directed and purposeful. No matter what I create, it all applies to The Voice. That hubspot is what I can always talk about and create around.

    It actually took someone on the outside (awesome coach Makenna Johnston) to see that thread… even though it seems so obvious to me now. Sometimes your face is too smooshed into your own stuff to see what’s staring right at you. 😉

    So I’d say the two things that have currently helped shaped my business and purpose the most are: Finding the point where all the multi-passionate threads converge (for me: Voice) and if you can’t figure out that point on your own… find someone you trust on the outside to see it for you. Then experiment till it sings!

    At least, that’s what’s worked for me. It’s given me license to follow the path of everything I love… because they all connect and make sense in a true “life as art/finding your voice” kind of way. 😀

    Thank you Marie – for all that you do, are and have generated for so many. It takes a mighty, mighty village!

  111. This is definitely one of my favorite episodes. Right now I’m trying to blend my passions in to my online business. I’m a health and fitness coach but I love skin care. I finally found a skin care company that I believe and can share with my clients.

    I also love photography, history and politics. I’ve figured out how to blend health and fitness together. I also add the photography in my business by taking my own pictures and history by talking about the history of nutrition and fitness.

    However, I’m having a little hard time how to blend the skin care into my business. I love it and want to share it. Any tips would be appreciated.

    • Aurora

      Hi Mirley
      you and i have a lot of interests in common 🙂
      My humble advice would be to incorporate your skin care biz as part of a person’s overall health/fitness regimen especially right now during summer. Making sure we have our sunscreen to protect our clean, healthy skin helps in preventing skin cancer. As i am also into health and fitness, skin care is just part of my entire routine in taking care of ME.

  112. Gillian

    Wow Marie, this show is bang on time for me. It’s actually quite spooky how relevant this is. I’m about to ditch one career to explore other avenues and have this little voice inside saying “not another thing!”. I have so many interests and now is the right time for me to explore them further. Loved the line, don’t turn every passion into a business. Great advice!!
    Thanks….love the show

  113. Marie thank you! I needed to hear this in this very moment! I am so borrowing that phrase ‘multi-passionate entrepreneur’. For years I struggled with explaining what I do because I couldn’t fit it in one box, I did energy healing, life coaching, health coaching, I sang and wrote songs and designed clothes and I felt like I was just a scattered human being. What I realised was that I was trying to fit in to the box society creates for us, and instead of embracing my gifts I was cutting myself off so that I could sound ‘normal’. So I resonate very much with the #givingzeroducks tip because it’s only last month that I said wait a minute, I should embrace my diverse range of talents. Interestingly when I look at it, there is a common thread, it’s all about healing & creativity. Whether it’s energy work, nutrition, coaching, music or clothing, my work is about raising consciousness through healing and creativity. After I figured that out, my feelings changed from confusion to appreciation. I now feel so blessed to have these gifts and for the first time I’m owning it. And this episode helps me own it even more, yay! Thank you Marie & Team Forleo. And yes I’ll see what needs to stay a hobby and what can be brought into my business. Much love!

  114. The must multi passionate person I know and admire is my mother.

    She raised six children practically on her own and pursued her passions. From learning multiply languages to starting and achieving success in varies MLM businesses.

    She did it all and at 69 yrs old continues to pursue her passions for fun and business.

    At the end of the day my mother continues to grow and learn from life because she chooses to live her life and not give a DUCK.

    Quack Quack

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo


  115. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now! I have many interests, and I’m finding that more than one at a time pull me to them big-time. My passions are art an music, and I’m still playing right now with the art. Opportunities are starting to pop-up business wise, so I really appreciate the six strategies you gave. They are awesome!

  116. Deb Costanza

    As a newbie to your offerings and webinars, I have to tell you I no longer feel like this lone wolf who can’t seem to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. I have often thought of myself that way, no real direction, but as I have aged, I have found a passion and thanks to you and a few other individuals, I’m feeling better about all the things I would like to do and have also figured out how to encapsulate them into a comprehensive model. Some of those things are on the hobby side and some of those things are on the passion side, but all can be together. But thank you for helping me with my inner flake. I have since moved to the next phase of my inner flake to mobilize and evolve it into my dream. Thank you! I’m already on your email list.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      So thrilled to be connected and to have you in our world, Deb!

  117. I used to feel ashamed when in my earlier twenties I kept changing studying of different subjects in schools. I went from studying teaching of geography & biology, through nursing, sports management and training to philosophy and psychology. My friends used to laugh at me calling me an ever lasting student. Inside I always knew I did all of that for a reason, trying to find who I really was and what my life focus and journey should be. Now, more than a decade later, I know that all of the knowledge gathered along the way made me a person I’m today. I’m proud of my desire to learn and can’t wait to study more. I even discovered that it’s one of my strengths:-)
    Thank you so much for this episode which reminded me again how natural it is to have many passions in life. And that I’m not alone!
    Marie and whole team enjoy your well deserved holiday time.

  118. Amazing as always! I’ve been searching for along time how to describe what I “do” and to not confine myself to the definition of “designer” or “photographer”.
    I do believe that all my passions are all related to the bigger picture of my life and always try to embrace that. Thanks for the new, very meaningful word – “multipassionate”!


  119. Yese Flores

    Love it, Marie! #ZeroDucks philosophy since today <3
    We have to do what we really love, because we only live once.

  120. Love Love Love this!!

    Yes I am a Multi Passionate Entrepreneur with a capital “P”! Fabulous, Fabulous video today that validated everything I do. Thank you Thank you!!

    aka: realtor, vacation rental owner, event planner, floral designer, energy healer/worker and Mother Extrodinaire

    • Ieva

      Love this!!!

  121. Karla

    Can so relate to this – thanks so much for your words of wisdom!

  122. Oh my goodness! I relate so much! It’s so unfortunate that we are all pushed to “specialize” this day and age rather than embrace the polymath way if we are so inclined! Personally I admire the renaissance ideal when people were versed in science, literature, sports and the arts. As a singer/songwriter/dancer/blogger/vlogger/entertainer/fitness lover I realize that I have given MYSELF a hard time trying to conform! I neef to rewatch this episode now, take it in…Thanks Marie and have a great holiday!

  123. This is so ME!!! I love learning new crafts all crafts of all kinds! sewing, clothing design, photography, wood working, arts and crafts, inventing things, painting etc. and I just started cookie decorating . My husband asked if this was my new business LOL (poor guy) Totally have to stop starting businesses just because I like doing something.

    My photographer friends think I’m a flake because “i have potential” but am too busy doing so many other things. When I am doing all those things I am at my happiest.

    I started a youtube channel for crafting and photography- editing etc. its very small but I am working on it in private although a few friends know about it. This advice could not have come at a better time for me!!! Not giving a single duck over here! Whoop

  124. THANK YOU! This arrived in my in-box at the perfect time. I’m looking at changing up my career a bit and have been exploring ideas and telling them to a few trusted friends for feedback. Responses have ranged from “girl, you can do anything” to “stop being so rabbit-assed”. ?
    I’m in a highly creative field and am a part time academic. I love my work, but simply I need more – and I want to give more.
    So, all advice you gave today is perfect and let me join in by not giving any ducks to the naysayers. Thank you for that, thank you soooooo much!

  125. Jackie Blake

    MARIE!!! Today’s segment on being a multi-passionate entrepreneur was everything I needed! Thank you so much for posting this segment as I am currently building my own website and I am a B-Schooler and I am trying out a few different things to see what takes off. I love you.

  126. Jäz

    Really thank you so much. I had to laugh so hard when I read todays topic as I ´ve just lately been having these discussions whether I am not confusing myself enough or running away from commiting to one thing. As soon I feel I´ve mastered one thing I jump on a new thing and I also feel I am progressing … but it is kind of hard pinning all this down making a nice bundle of what to do professionally to really build up, not only build sideways… Your video reminded me of just staying confident and putting things in a charming way so that I don´t degrade myself and…the duck part!!! Have a great holiday everyone and thank you for sharing the way you do!

  127. Tania M

    OMG you are speaking directly to me. XO and thank you

  128. Kerri

    Love it! Love it! Love it! I can totally relate to Tanya as I’m multi-passionate but I realized–after several years–that many of my passions were a subset of a bigger passion. I tried out a few things, trying to make a business of some of them, but it took me a while to realize that there was really something else I was looking for and I can just do some things for fun! (Cue the angels singing as the light dawns.)

    I’ve listened to the “Are you going to just keep trying things and move on when you get bored?” and “What are you doing NOW?” comments. Now I say, “Duck off!” because I don’t give any ducks about what anyone thinks any more! I know what I’m passionate about and what makes me happy.

    Thanks, Marie, for all you do! xo

  129. THANK YOU for exploring this topic, Marie! As someone who ventured from the stage, to lawyering, to wellness coaching, I can totally relate to worrying that others perceive me as scattered (though the progression seemed natural to me!). This was a wonderful reminder to embrace my journey and the many interests, passions, and talents it includes! #allthejobs #zeroducks

  130. Pamela

    WOW! Great insight! Are we multipassionates having fun yet! YES, always — because there are so many things to discover and enjoy!! Plus we have the ability of infusing and transferring ideas from one genre to another. On my journey, when someone would ask about “what I did” I would have already asked the question to them FIRST (adding what did they enjoy doing) so I could relate one of my passions to their interests. I also find that multipassionate people are usually very interesting & great conversationalists! They are always willing to learn new things to apply to their current interests… and we are attracted to each other! I accepted that God made me this way for a reason and always saw it as a win-win to have many interests. It has helped in all kinds of social situations. So FOR THE KIDS OUT THERE — do as many things, with as much in-depth interests, as you can. You have time now to experiment, before you have to make money to support your everyday habits as an adult!! Thanks, Marie–great video!

  131. That was my question hahahah That’s awesome. I asked this a while ago and then happened to be in a Facebook group to ask a question and someone sent me this video. As I watched it I knew that was my question. hahahahha TIMING THANK YOU SO MUCH WOWOWOOWOWOW

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yay!! Thank you so much for your question, Tanya. You can see by the replies here that you’re not alone in how you’re feeling and what you were wondering about.

      • Thank you for answering. I kept my name private as I was hiding this thinking it would devalue my brand. Im glad to say that I have since embraced it all hahha. She did call me out though. Everything was a business hahahha. Xo

  132. Marie, you are amazing! The passion you have for helping people is truly beautiful. Thank you for being you! ❤️

  133. Elena

    Hi Marie,
    thank you for this wonderful video!
    Being multi passionate is something I have been struggling for a long time.
    The problem I have is that I don’t know which thing to pick up and make a business out of it. I am passionate about yoga, healthy-style of living, clothes, languages…I just want to pick one thing and follow it. Since I have a limited amount of time, I can’t be as good as I really want in all of these things.
    My question would be “How to know, which of my passions is something I can make a business out of it? Maybe by trial and failure?”
    Someone I really admire and consider as a multi passionate, is Victoria Beckham. She has been a singer, a mom of four children, a model, a designer, a writer…and she looks always amazing 🙂


  134. A multi dimension-personality only leads to a fuller life. In my case several streams of diversified incomes.
    It also has served my ultimate passion…Patty Ann’s Pet Project.
    Don’t look back or have regrets. Try all your ideas on for size and see what fits best for you. 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love that advice! 🙂

  135. AmandaH.

    This episode was right on time!! Great message.

  136. Narges

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you sooooo much for this video. I love all your videos and I find them very helpful, but I especially relate to this one a lot, because I am a multi-passionate person myself, and it’s been hard for me to talk about them in some situations where people expect you to be focused on one area or one career.
    After working for a while, and then moving to Canada 6 years ago, I studied a second field of study and it took longer than expected, and recently I was feeling really sad about not being where most people my age are in terms of having a career. Your video really lifted me up, and inspired me 🙂 Now, I’m focused on what I can do and the great possibilities 🙂 Thanks a lot.

  137. I have gone through several career phases that on the surface may look like I am just wandering around, but the truth is they all have the seed of the same desire. Each thing I have done has been the shoulders that the next thing stands on. Each thing I am currently doing – writing, speaking, coaching, teaching – is a spoke in the wheel of my business. So to me (and that’s what matters) they are all related. Explaining it to others in a concise manner has been a challenge so I usually cite my mission first and then describe the things that I am doing to support that mission.

  138. Kat

    I am definitely multi passionate! It’s really hard to hear, “just choose something already” or “how can you not know what you want to do?” because I know my journey has a purpose and it will all come together in due time. I now know that I needed to break free (from being the pleaser, the enabler, the person that always cared about what other people thought, the person that let her own demons/ self negative talk hold her back) in order to move on to the next level. It has been quite the ride! I have finally decided to engage something new, something that I’ve always thought I was not smart enough for…going back to school for science… at 42!
    Today “the other me” was in my head full force. I decided to turn to your videos again and yes, I watched a good number of them including your interview with Tony Robbins and here I am, now back on track! I know there’s still a lot of work ahead but it’s all “figureoutable”. My next hurdle is paying for school, do I tap into my retirement account or do I take out a student loan? I rather do neither but I’ll figure it out.
    THANK YOU MARIE!!!! the timing of today’s email was perfect! and thank you, thank you for being one of my guiding lights!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      You’re so welcome!! Thank you for tuning in.

  139. Holy Crap. Came in the inbox at the perfect time. I’m on it! Bless you and your staff chicka!!

  140. Mariza

    Loved loved loved this video!!! Happy holidays Marie & amazing team!!

  141. This video has my name written all over it! Thank you for the awesome tips! This is such a great question.. I have felt like a flake most of my life because of my need to learn and explore new things and ideas.. I am finally to the point where I am actually doing what I want as far as my career..and turns out I have been setting myself up for success by exploring and reading and digging into the multiple passions I have! Your messages open up doors for me, so thanks again!

  142. How much did I need to hear this today!!!! This was a brilliant episode, I really appreciated the actionable advice ? thanks Marie and team

  143. Thanks for the video, Marie.
    I’ve got this dilemma right now, so I watched the video with interest. I’m a Physicist and I’ve worked for many years in technical positions, mainly in manufacturing companies but also in other fields. I love numbers and analysing data to make sense of them, for example going from a set of numbers to relevant conclusions presented in a clear way.
    But I also love languages and I’ve got studies in translation, so around 1 year ago I gave up my job to become a freelance technical and scientific translator, mainly because I wanted to be my own boss.
    But I miss the numbers (which may also pay better) and I’m thinking of offering both data analysis and technical translation.
    From the video I don’t know if this could make sense businesswise (as I understood it, the question focused more in how to deal with criticism from friends) and I don’t know how to go around it (my main doubt is, should my customers see both services in my webpage and Linkedin profile)?
    Anyone can give me any ideas?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Naomi Iziegbe Osemedua

      Hi Diana,
      It’s amazing what you do and you must understand and appreciate your Uniqueness. I believe moving forward starts with you embracing this and being unapologetic with all that you have to offer. From what i read,it seems pretty much related so I dont think it will be a problem indicating your multi-passions on your LinkedIn and web pages.
      I hope this helps.

      • Hi Naomi, thanks a lot for your advise and for your support! I’d like to try doing both, even though I know that every time I start something, it takes a lot of time and effort that only pays off later (if it does at all!). But it’s better to try and I find trying out new things stimulating!
        Have a nice day!

    • Jerry

      Not sure how to put this, language is amazing and speaking and understanding multiple languages is even more amazing. Math is simply one of the languages that you speak, as someone finally going to school at 46 taking Engineering classes (a lot of math and science), someone who can translate that language of math and science into a native speaking language to make it understandable for someone is an amazing ability that should be championed. An amazingly well written science textbook is a rare gem to help you get through, if I had to translate the language as I was going along I would never complete my studies. Embrace this rare talent, we need more!

  144. Jody

    I admire David Byrne. He is ALWAYS creating something new.

  145. Christine

    Fantabulous! Ever since I graduated IIN I’ve been following you and you SO very often touch on subjects that I need to hear about, even when I don’t realize it!! I think this video should be shared with guidance counselors. I have three sons who struggle with shame because ‘everyone’ else knows what they want to be/do and they all trot off to swanky expensive colleges. This video/topic speaks to them too! I will share. BTW, one of my other super favorites from you is ‘clarity comes from engagement, not thought’. LOVE! I tell the kids to go try new things, because you never know where your new passion will come from! Enjoy your break, you certainly deserve it!

  146. Great topic – Thanks!

  147. Jen

    I use 3 life changing words! Once I discovered them, my nervous system calmed the duck down. The 3 words I use are, “At the moment”….At the moment I am working on a book and exploring ways to build my business”. Next week it might be, “At the moment I am toying with the idea of going to India”…..unlikely, but possible. Everything is a possibility and when I get to the end of my life, I am going to be ducked off if I listened to the voices of those who were to afraid to follow where they feel lead to go….I have enough fear of my own with out listening to anyone else! Thanks again Marie! xxx

  148. Natalie

    WOWWWWW A perfect video at the right time. Today was a heavy day! was going to sleep because I felt so tired of what was going on. I was feeling unproductive and down :/ … as soon as I went to sleep, I couldn’t. Switched on the laptop and Marie’s email caught my eyes…..Thank GOD! phewwwwww Now I feel so much better, everything you mentioned is exactly EVERYTHING I FEEL and I am going through. Thank you so much for your work
    Natalie from B School 2016

  149. Noreen

    Multi passionate, I love it! BUT not going to lie, I envision myself like a fish on the shore line flopping around getting no where but a sun burn and maybe a few splashes of water now and then. Only enough to breathe. Follow you all the time and then try to remember the world needs something only I can give.
    Right now the only possibility is dinner. Filet anyone?

  150. FINALLY feeling normal after watching this video. As a part time photographer and a part time consultant for medical offices, people always thought I was wacko when I told them what I do for a living. Thank you!!!

  151. Arianne

    Thank you Marie!!!! I really needed this today. I am job hunting and trying to show how my somewhat “unconventional” resume can highlight my strengths. I have had two interviews where one person said, “You don’t like to work in an office setting, do you?”. And another said, “You seem to have talents in several different areas. What do you see as the one area you want to pursue?”. Um…
    It has been really challenging and this episode helped SO much.
    I am going to embrace my multipassionate ways and embrace this time to seek opportunities that fire me up. THANK YOU!

    • Hi Arianne, I am a resume writer (one of my multi-passionate entrepreneurial pursuits!) so I will recommend also that you adjust each resume for the job you’re applying to. You can go through the job posting and focus on the key words and skills that the employer is looking for in that particular role, and bring those to the forefront of your resume. This way, you’re able to narrow your focus, but only need to do so in that particular situation. It will help avoid those kinds of questions from potential employers. Hope this helps!

  152. Natalie

    Wow I love this!

    I’ve been trying to figure out a brand for myself as an artist: I like to paint, write/illustrate children’s stories, write screenplays and series pilots, and my number one passion is acting! But, for the past 8 years, I’ve been focusing more on my sales JOB.

    I used to love doing sales demonstrations because it kinda felt like acting, PLUS I love connecting with people and changing their state (which is why I want to be a professional TV/Film Actor). Sales is too far removed from my real passion to fulfill me anymore. But, I’ve learned a lot from doing it for 8 years, and I don’t want to throw that experience away when I present myself at parties or networking opportunities.

    My big take-away from this is NUMBER 1 coupled with your awesome title: Multi-passionate. I can call myself a Multi-passionate Storyteller who’s favorite thing is acting/interracting with other people. I can see that really helping me connect at work while simultaneously keep me focused on other goals.

    ONE QUESTION about Number 5:
    How do you know what to monetize? I’d like to sell the kids books, so I don’t have to do the direct selling anymore. I am also at a place where, if I really want to act in TV/FILM, I need to spend time landing an agent. And then I will need to spend time going to auditions. I also have these stories inside me that need to get out because the timing feels so right. And I want to produce things for myself to further promote my acting ability. It all feels tied together but at the same time, is there even time to do all of these things? How do I know what to pick? Do you see my dillema?

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Natalie, absolutely! There are so many factors and individual life circumstances, as well as your own intuition, that’ll weigh in here.

      We did an episode a while back with a slightly different perspective on being multipassionate, and I think you’ll especially love the 10-year test concept shared in that one. Here’s the link for you as a little follow-up to this week’s episode:

      Marie also often says that “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” Perhaps looking for ways to take action towards any one of these goals will help you with finding greater clarity around what to monetize and then knowing the next steps to take.

      Thank you for tuning in, Natalie!

  153. Thank you for the brilliant advice, Marie!
    I’m totally multi passionate and good at a lot of things, so people always tell me: “You should sell that”, “Turn it into a business”… I didn’t even realize that I was feeling pressured from that. Thank you for freeing me 🙂

  154. I love this message! I have been designing jewelry for a few years now and I am transitioning from a hobby into a business. However, I also want to get into real estate, which seems to be unrelated. I feel like I need to choose one field but now I realize that I can do many things I’m passionate about. In fact, the part of real estate that I like is interior design so both of my passions are related to one another with design. Now I’m excited to say that I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur! Thanks Marie for the confidence boost!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome! And the beautiful thing about striking out on your own is that you can determine your schedule, so you can spend time doing both. 🙂

  155. Olamide

    Thanks Marie, I must say this blessed me! For me it started with loving to cook, then it was planning wedding and now it seems like it’s food production. But one thing I have learnt all the way is to never stop exploring. Presently I combine a paid job with once in a while event planning jobs and i also produce, package and supply snacks to mini marts. I get to ask myself what really do I want to do everytime but I have decided to keep at all am doing till I find a balance.

  156. OMG! This is ME all the way!!!
    My head spins sometimes with all the interests that I have. And yes, I try and make a business out of everything. From this day forth, I will treat some of my passions as just plain ole hobbies.
    Thanks for sharing Tanya’s question and answering it just right. You have set me FREE!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hooray! And if you did decide to turn one or more of your passions into businesses later, you could always do that if you want, but no pressure. Have fun and enjoy being multipassionate! 🙂

  157. Izzy

    A great video, and lots of great comments too! So many that I can identify with :o) I was wondering though if anyone has the problem I have… I am definitely ‘multipassionate’ but I also have a weird fear of failure thing going on, which means I never fully commit to anything, instead I just skip off to something else! All this means is I feel like I have irons in 20 different fires but none of the fires are very hot. I don’t think I mind the idea of juggling 2-3 different businesses at once (i’m pretty much resigned to that!) but I’m wondering if anyone has any advice about how to get over the fear of putting stuff out there to stop myself from jumping from one thing to the next? Anyone successfully overcome this?

    • Naomi Iziegbe Osemedua

      Hi Izzy,
      I was drawn to your feedback because my middle name when shortened is Izzy…so Hello Namesake…*smile.
      Fear has been described by many as False Evidence Appearing Real and for you to move forward,it is important that you sometimes go on ahead and #doitafraid. One question that has helped me is…What is the worst that can happen? When you realize that failure is when you fall and dont get back up,it becomes easy to go on regardless. Also,it is important to find a Mentor. Someone who you can trust to Coach and guide you through your journey to discovery and greater heights. I hope this helps…

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Izzy! Marie has several episodes of MarieTV about this:
      Follow-Through Habits for Serial Quitters:
      Why You Never Follow Through and How to Fix It:
      How to Keep Fear of Criticism from Crushing You:
      How to Get Over the Fear of Being Judged:

      I hope you’ll find these episodes inspiring and helpful.

  158. Kim

    Love this. I’ve been an equestrian, preschool teacher, special ed teacher, and bellydancer. I am in school to be a behavior analyst and after that I want to take herbalist classes. There are a million things I want to do and I will do them, no shame. This was a great video, Marie. <3

  159. Admire: Oprah & DaVinci. My training and first calling was as an artist, I mean I drew beautifully as a pre-teen, went to Music & Art H.S. in NYC. But at Saturn Return around age 27ish, I suddenly got into yoga & spirituality…so I’ve been (not inclusive): a professor, a cashier (multi-times,) cook/cook assistant, visual artist, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, massage therapist, freelance writer (with bit of web-design & SEO thrown in.) I’ve confused even myself! Coming from an immigrant family they would have been happy if I just became and remained a nurse. But no. It is all coming together- I’ve realized its beauty/creativity & education those are the two main streams. So now I’m using my developed intuition as a tarot reader-God forbid, they think I’ve been going downhill rapidly. But I really can feel I’m just now hitting my stride. Simple.
    Great advice I resonate with-keep some stuff private “until” and it doesn’t all need to be a biz.
    Love you and thanks for highlighting Maya Angelou, I had no idea-I knew she was smart n creative but not the breadth of things she had done.

  160. Gail

    Maybe we are simply renesence women! It used to be a normal thing for men to have many areas of genius and maybe it is simply your time to do so as well Marie. Xxxooo

  161. Helayne

    I now put up boundaries to keep people at a distance, and outta my face, who give me grief/negativity over my choice to be a writer. Something you’ve also spoken about. By doing this it’s much easier not to give a duck…what they think! Thanks for your all work Maire.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s wonderful that you’re a writer! Your passions are meant to be celebrated. 🙂

  162. Great topic.
    I am a formally trained artist who used to have a gallery career, I became a nurse, and I was once in the military, I was also a flight attendant at one point. I have two degrees and I’m about to start working on my masters degree. I now own two businesses one in jewelry, the other, in organic cleaners. I am forever getting the whole WOW! How do you do all that? Almost 99% of the time this is from the male species. It used to bother me loads, now, I just smile and say “I’m one of those super efficient types.” and move on talking about something more interesting than their inability to wrap their minds around a multi talented female. 🙂

  163. Naomi Iziegbe Osemedua

    This is amazing Marie. I absolutely loved the part about when people ask what I do…Before now I would walk away feeling maybe I said too much in my Introduction…lol.
    Well, I definitely embrace my uniqueness and I am thankful for the answers you shared.
    I am so Inspired by your work and your style.

    Much love,
    Naomi Osemedua

  164. Jenn

    I just LOVE your sense of humor and your delivery of support and compassion. THANK YOU Marie!

  165. Thank you so much Marie and everyone here, after a life dancing as I was breathing, and getting myself through interpreters school to get a job which in turn I played out into translation, copywriting, teaching languages and interpreting skills, as well as voice skills, at 34 with a 15 mths old baby in my arms I go back into a full time dance teacher training, I get invited upon audition to join the study group of Isadora Duncan’s choreography, I open a dance studio and organize classes, perfos and intl seminars, then I have my second baby and after three yrs I go share a studio with a tai chi master and ostheopath….then I relocate w my two kids of 5 and 10, I am 44, to a big city by sea, where my girl finally heals her skin and my boy eases his breathing allergy, I get offerred immediately a conference job w the city’s mayor, then to stage the choreo part of a kids theatre course led by an excellent actress and school teacher….then officially singled I relocate to Tuscan countryside fighting w the bumblebees while I teach dance at one of the oldest city’s gyms in the most btfl piazza of this ancient tuscan town, while I also get hired to lecture at Pisa’s university for two crazy years. Then I move caught in a one year long transition to Florence get injured and ill while moving and settling down w my two kids, and now, after a btfl HOLIDAY by the blessed sea, at 49 I am resetting trying to put my multiskills and passions out there to a WIDER audience, and having also found the Big LOVE of my life, a wonderful MAN, I am just joyously adventuring myself in this new blogging world, totally incosciente and carefree! Being a kid at heart I know istinctively what counts in life: love, our four kids and what really makes you happy.
    Lots of love to everybody , tune out the buzz and tune into your passions, they will show you the way.
    Keep the crazy joy going

  166. Mariiiiie! This is my favorite Marie TV episode in SO long (and I have been watching since the brick wall backdrop days). Thank you for reminding me that it’s ok to be multi-passionate and experiment. I forgot that it’s okay to do things without telling anyone, just to see where it goes. I think I’m stuck in entrepreneur mode thinking everything that lights up in my brain has to be translated into the next biz plan. Aaah, freedom! I would love love love more content like this. Thanks!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hooray for freedom! Sometimes it really is nice to not have a ton of people asking you about a project. You can experiment, change direction, and take things wherever you want them to go without worrying about confusing anyone. 🙂

  167. Wow. This episode has come at the right time! The famous quote from my friends “I thought you were doing…” but i seriously love too many things. I have worked in retail, hospitality, printing, government and finance. In my spare time, I love dance, acting, photography, videography and read into personal development, entrepreneur books, neuroscience, psychology and sociology. Phew (No wonder people are confused). But my aim and ultimate vision is increasing human consciousness within myself and others. It is important to find the balance of what efforts can give you the best returns – depending on your priorities – emotionally and financially.
    But a MASSIVE thank you for this clip!! Seriously best episode for entrepreneurship EVER.

  168. zoryer

    OH my Gosh!! this is exactly what I need to see today. I was feeling so bad, because I can`t understand what I want to do exactly. Thanks!

  169. Terri G Gregory

    Seriously!!! I just sold a business and people are asking me “watcha gonna do now?” and there are so many choices! I find it interesting that while I’m seen as “eccentric” by some, they all want to be at my parties and involved in what I’m doing. Hmm. Thank you, once again, for hitting on such a relevant topic and making me feel less flaky in doing so. MWAAAAH!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Good point, Terri! That goes to show multipassionate people are fun, and definitely the most interesting folks at the cocktail party. 🙂

  170. What a fun episode! I now know that I have been giving way too many ducks!!! I know exactly what to do since watching this episode.
    Thanks Marie

  171. Dawn

    Thank you!! I am at a point where I am about to change careers, after 30 years, and young enough to enjoy it. So exciting and truly terrifying. I needed to hear, #1/3/4 and Especially #6!! Oh my goodness….do I ever require lots of practice on Zero Ducks! Your advice and show are a blessing and downright hilarious, occasionally. Love MarieTV- it is The Place to BE!!

    -Dawn Marie 🙂

  172. Alana

    so funny – thought that i would not like this episode as much because… well, i’m not sure. But i am totally that person… i love to paint, write, sell/market, teach yoga, help people , love my family, play the ukelele …. the best advice… not all things can be a business.

    not that I care a duck what you think ;0


  173. I am in an amazing place and blessed with much to appreciate. I made a huge move 4 years ago and the payoffs to this day I could never foresee. I have not had anyone tell me what I do is silly and cant be done. They help me embrace new ideas and growth in more ways than one. The person I am today is someone I thought I could never be – its a 720 degree curve – professional fitness trainer on land and water, own business starting whoa woman you for everything you do. I sooo needed to here this today as I have been a flake before – hey the snow is pretty special one at a time – so are we each as people 🙂 Have an awesome day!

  174. Dori Dumont

    Marie! Oh. My. Gosh. I just discovered you a few days ago when I watched you interview Tony Robbins. I have since watched four others of your interviews. LOVE them all! You, my dear, are magical! Today was my first, “MarieTV!” Yay! Loved the topic. I have to work on staying more focused. The candle is burning. LOL. Here is a short multi-passion list of mine.
    1. An animal lover – became an animal control officer.
    2. Hurricane Katrina hit – decided I wanted skills to help in a disaster. In 2006 (at age 50), I went back to school and obtained an A.S. degree in Veterinary Technology and became a licensed vet tech.
    3. Joined a National Veterinary Response Team and assisted with Hurricane Sandy.
    4. Joined American Humane Association’s deployment team. I am currently an active member and have assisted on two deployments.
    4. Took an interest in animal forensics – took a bunch of course work.
    5. Decided to pursue my writing skills. Went back to school; graduated last month with a B.A. in Creative Non-Fiction Writing…at 60 years old.
    6. I’ve started the ground work for an interview I want to write.
    7. I have an interest in writing thought-provoking articles and stories for children’s magazines.
    8. Have an idea for a fiction YA book.
    9. I exercise regularly.
    10. I am spiritually fed.
    10. My day job (processing invoices and contracts) is working for an Agricultural/Animal Feed worldwide company. It barely pays the bills. Not real satisfying, but I work with great people.
    No wonder I experience serious sleep issues…I am always so excited about all the things I WANT to accomplish.
    It’s easy for me to feel like a loser (but one with lots of very rich life experiences..LOL), because I haven’t figured out how to turn my passions into a financial success. Now a voice in my head is trying to tell me I can’t write. AGH!
    I’m still frustrated, but I whole-heartedly enjoyed your message today!
    People who inspire me? People who are focused enough to live their dream and make a living at it, all while making a difference in the world.
    Question – What is the difference between “dabbling” and being “multi-passionate?”
    Thanks for such a great MarieTV episode today!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad to have you in the MarieTV community, Dori! It sounds like you’ve had a lot of amazing experiences and that you’re using your gifts in unique ways. That’s awesome! And you asked a great question. I bet this is something a lot of people are wondering about, so if you’ll write to us at we’ll help you submit it for consideration for a future Q&A Tuesday.

  175. OMG! I felt the FIRE today Marie! Thank you!!!! I needed to here #5. Right, I always forget that I’m “allowed” to give myself permission to do some things just for *fun* and not have to think about getting $$$ from them or turning them into a business… REALLY REALLY felt this one…. THANK YOU. XOXOX

  176. Many old souls have multiple talents and could be ‘multi-passionate. We have to focus our business but not our passion. Great talk <3

  177. Marie, this one spoke right to me! A follow up Q to your A: what if it’s myself that I look flaky to? I don’t care so much what other people think, but sometimes I think I’m doing myself a disservice by not being able to focus on and fully immerse myself in one thing. How can I become an expert in anything when I’m dividing my time between so many unrelated pursuits?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Monica. Although the following episode is about how to overcome the fear of being judged by others, Marie also shares some insight about judging yourself that I think you’ll find helpful: I know that doesn’t fully answer your question, so if you’d like to submit it for consideration for a future Q&A Tuesday, write to us at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom and we’ll be happy to help.

  178. This episode totally rocked my world! I had NO idea how to articulate all of the wonderful hobbies, interests and business pursuits I have and now I’ve got the perfect word: multi passionate entrepreneur. Brilliant! I am a dental hygienist, actor, dancer, singer who loves animals, has her own small business of health and wellness products who also loves to paint, crochet and write poetry! Whew! The best part is that I totally give no ducks about what other people think! I love my life and the many colors I have on my canvas 🙂 I wouldnt have it any other way. Amazing Marie, thanks for all
    Of your insight xoxo Miranda

  179. Can I just say “BIG LITTLE, IN THE MIDDLE” Genius! Love your crew Marie! LOL!!!

  180. Ashley Garcia

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you for choosing to answer that question!!!! As a “Multipassionate Entrepreneur” (Yay) I definitely needed some encouragement that allowed some breathing room from all the trials and errors in life. I appreciate your guidance on learning how to take steps forward and your lovely sense of humor. Again, thank you guys so much for all that you do. It’s so appreciated!!!! I know this video will help so many.
    Warmly, Ashley Garcia

  181. Anesh

    Thank you for the latest Marie-TV.
    This has been a real self-confidence boost. Converted from feeling flaky and flighty to multi-passionate.

    Happy Summer Holidays to Team Forleo.

    MF Insider
    South Africa

  182. I learned I was a multipassionate / multipod / scanner last year and it was life changing to realise I wasn’t broken. I am really good at a whole lot of things and it has been hard to answer that question of ‘what do you do’ when I have studied and hold qualifications in computer programming, systems analysis, health, fitness, massage, aromatherapy, fashion styling, have written a book – not to mention being able to horse ride, ride a motorbike, ski downhill and cross country, compete in ball room dancing, coach and mentor, etc etc etc , I seem to have a two year cycle – once I have mastered something I am onto the next thing and it seems to be two years max. Have not had a job for 25 years – I contract so I get to go to different companies and work on vastly different projects. At age 50, the list of ‘I can do’ is very, very long and I stopped talking about it and was embarrassed about my love of learning. But having read Barbara Sher’s ‘Refuse to Choose’ and watched Emily Wapnick’s TEDx talk I have discovered a whole tribe of awesome people to which I am proud to belong. Another amazing woman in this group is Ada Lovelace, acknowledged as the first computer programmer but also a write, poet and mathematician.

  183. Fabulous Marie! Thank you for this.

  184. Nancy

    I totally understand what it feels like when people think I’m flaky ’cause I’m multipassionate. All my education, work experience, travels and volunteering have been geared towards one field. I’ve explored this field as an entrepreneur with some of my own ideas and they just weren’t good business models, so I learned #5 the hard way! lol. I totally agree that we can just leave some interests as hobbies and it’s SO refreshing to be able to do this. I’m sure that it’s great for the human soul to have hobbies that aren’t monetized. It was a huge mind shift, but really so much more rewarding for me. Thanks Marie for sharing and I see that there are MANY people that are Multipassionate Entrepreneurs. Love the term 🙂 xo

  185. Barry Hall

    Great TV as usual Marie many thanks – Barry.

  186. Yes! I am multi-passionate. I come from the medical background, being a Registered Nurse and First Surgical Assistant for Reconstructive Head and Neck Surgery. I also have my own skincare line for 30 years. But I am also a photographer and writer! I just love poetry and art, and am deeply spiritual. Some say the medical and spiritual don’t mix, but this is me! Thank you for this.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s one of the best things about being multipassionate—you can mix passions that some people can’t fathom going together. It’s wonderful that you’re doing what you love!

  187. I´ve learnt over the months of my unemployment that I do not want to discuss many things with my friends or even former or cureent colleagues. Well, the whole process of having legal business, so many steps, they would never undestand. People looking at me and thinking, well she is too young, too dumm, too female 😀 And the truth is I am the same business – tourism for almost seven years. I´ve heard it so many times in the past, that I just keep on ignoring it. I go my way, follow my intuition and my heart. It feels sureal that I am finally doing it. And now I know how to call myself – multipassionate! 🙂 Thanks, Marie…

  188. Alexandra

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve been feeling flaky a lot lately since I have many interests that all go together for me but that I don’t see how they all fit together yet. And I do dread answering what I do. (Graphic design, acting, writing, gardening, coffee roasting… Etc). I’ve been thinking lately that maybe if I live to 250 it’ll all come together and trying to make peace with the fact that if it never does I at least spent my life engaged in the world around me in ways I found inspiring and beautiful. One final illustrating point: I used to play sports and always hated running and lifting weights. I did it because I had to. Then about 6 years after I finished my sports career in college, I went running one day to get out of the house and clear my head. Would you know I kept doing it and started loving it? Then got into lifting and was so excited by how much better it made my time that I kept at that and ultimately ran way faster than I ever had when I was in sports? As a passionate person I’ve come to see my passion as my motivating superpower. It gives me charisma and drive that no amount of iron fisted discipline can. The only iron fisted discipline I employ is getting myself to the place where the passion can take over. So I hope it all leads to some amazing successes down the line but if not, I can’t imagine spending my life any other way than engaged with ALL the things that give me joy.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Alexandra! What’s important is that you’re doing what you love. Right on!

  189. This was so needed. Thanks Marie. I came across this- which is an app you create your own ‘what you do’ story. Totally not sponsored or selling- not associated, but thought may be useful. XX

  190. J. Miley, MD, MRO

    If you pick one thing and follow it through with passion, that gives you the freedom to be mulitpassionately flaky with everything else. Who says you can’t be the prima ballerina or a doctor and after you’ve met that all consuming goal, go on to do so many other things? I have a passion for competitive dance, only work afternoons and have a primary care clinic, a holistic health center, a pain management practice, an aesthetic medispa, a certified hypnotherapy partner and a detox/addiction medicine group, so I am never bored. They each offer a different kind of reward. People take you seriously and are more inclined to invest in multiple entrepeneurial off shoots after you’ve shown you can stick to a passion long enough to develop credibility and earn respect. Stay true to your passions, be diverse and your work will always be a joy.

  191. Ela

    This was such a great Q&A! Inspiring as usual. I have the same “problem” or rather blessing. I have several passions and I refuse to quit or sacrifice some of them just to do ONE job. I used to work in HR for a big company and it was just too boring to do the same 9-5 every day, especially that my duties were slowly cut as everything has to be put into a process these days. So I was only responsible for a small part – do you know how boring that can be? Now, a year after quitting, I’m working on building my business together with my bestie – we offer psychological counselling, career advice, we prepare people for job interviews and tailor their CVs. We also help people find their strengths, ways to deal with stress, we educate on the importance of mindfulness etc. We built our own website, we do our own graphics. Our motto is: “do more of what makes you smile” so that’s what we do ourselves! I’m also developing my coaching skills and teaching English, and I’m looking for more ideas because I like to be busy with different projects! This way I avoid being bored and I continue to give my best and grow as a person by constant learning. However, when I get asked “what do I do?”, I usually feel like my answer is not satisfactory as I don’t mention any big company names or job titles. Oh well. I guess I just keep on #givingnoducks! Thanks a lot for this one Marie!
    btw – I love the new studio set!!

  192. Dear Marie,
    You may never know how you have helped me and inspired me. I’m Radhika from India. Past 3-4 years I have been on a transforming journey. I had hit my rock bottom in 2013. Since then the journey began. Everyday since then I have lived a life of a new born. Constantly learning, absorbing and growing. This also started my quest to know my life purpose. I realized I enjoyed making people happy by imparting hope, healing, talking and showing them new ways. I learned Reiki(3A), Theta Healing, Oracle card reading, Chakra Balancing, EFT, Assertiveness Coaching, Mindfulness coaching and the list goes on. I read books/blogs of world famous authors like Dr.Wane Dyer, Louise Hay, Sonia Choquette, Robin Sharma, Thich Nhat Hnah, Sarah McLean, Sarah Woods, John Kabat Zin and even this list goes on. I realized I had been just juggling and struggling to make ends meet and could help me bring everything that I have learned into ACTION. I got my website done, my business card, and designed a program which is includes healing, coaching & empowering souls by applying all that I have learned and all that I’m still learning. I designated myself as a “Life Artist”.
    Recently I got an opportunity to be a part of a “Healing Festival” organized in Mumbai. The organizers first question was “What do I do?”
    When I said I am a “Life Artist”; they asked me to elaborate, saying an artist would be misunderstood as singer, actor or dancer. I elaborated as “Energy Healer, Mindfulness Facilitator and Life Coach”.
    The moment I messaged them, their comment that my identity as a life coach might be misunderstood was pondering in my head. And guess what !!
    I started scrolling FB and after 3-4 posts came across this video. I can not express how I felt. As if Divine and my beloved angels are by no means leaving me alone with any doubt. I felt as if the work I want to Persue is inspiration of the almighty and I’m just a medium, hence there is no way that I can fail. Your video as always has been a source of light in the dark. I’m ever grateful to you and your entire team. Your work is flawless and beautiful inside out. God bless.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Radhika! Life Artist is a beautiful description of your multiple talents. 🙂

      • Thank you Mandy,
        You made my day ?

  193. Thanks so much, I really needed to hear this! Makes me aware I am still trying to fit everything in one box (starting my own business) and that just doesn’t work. Recently just talked with someone having problems to focus. Turns out he is just so curious and interested in so many things hat in conversations you can jump from one topic to the next. (I do too!) Most people get crazy and can’t follow, but we had a great conversation about EVERYTHING! and loved it. Multi passionate, I embrace it now as my greatest quality, thanks!

  194. Natasha

    I loved this episode! I am also a multipassionate entrepreneur and have faced the same feeling of not knowing how to position myself, and also feeling alone in terms of not fitting neatly into a box. One strategy I use to keep my confidence and feel supported is to realize that I’m never alone, and I literally ‘talk’ to that part of myself that feels doubt, in the mirror, by writing on the page, until I get the feeling that I have totally go my own back and actually don’t need to care what anyone else thinks! I even sometimes take myself on dates or our for dinners to celebrate my multi-creative outlook…

  195. This is just what I needed. Sometimes, I just don’t know how to cope or process all of the things I want to do. They include being a Journaling and Writing Coach (current project), doing a PhD, being a writer, owning a wine bar, running a movie memorabilia site (and shop), studying history as an academic – the list goes on. My partner and family consistantly roll their eyes at me, and its soul-crusing. I feel stupid a lot of the time, like i’m hopeless in their eyes (probably because none of these ideas have taken off). I’m glad to know that I’m not alone in this. This has helped me more than you know!

    James Franco is one of my heroes. So is Arnold Schwarzenegger – he was a bodybuilding champion, a property magnate (who made millions), obviously a successful Hollywood actor, an avid fundraiser for charity, and also a Polition. A prime example of a multipassionate soul.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m really sorry to hear the people in your life don’t support your passions and have made you feel stupid. You’re not at all! Having multiple passions doesn’t mean you’re stupid—it means you’re smart in a lot of areas. 🙂

  196. Ivana

    Thank you Marie!
    I’m switching jobs write now and almost everybody around me are like: That is not wise thing at all, you should stick to your “safe” job.
    But here is the thing: I do not believe in that kind of safety, because that jobs makes me feel tired and miserable. So I’m pursuing what my soul wants and now I practice that #givingzeroducks advice of yours!
    Love you!

  197. Hi Marie,

    What a great message!
    I too find myself as a Multi-preneur . A term I coined several years ago.
    I often found myself in that uncomfortable situation of not knowing how to describe answer that “what do you do?” question.. In fact my wife would often ask ” what do I tell people you do, if they ask?”

    Glad to know I’m not alone!


  198. I’ve read several books on the subject, most notably The Renaissance Soul by Margaret Lobenstine and Refuse to Choose! by Barbara Sher. A couple years ago I came across a group of “Creative Generalists”, and last year found Emilie Wapnick’s TED talk. I recently joined her online community of Puttypeeps and am “workshopping” my way through her Renaissance Business book.

    Before that, I STRUGGLED. I’ve built an impressive portfolio under the umbrella of “health coach”, building community around local food and farms, but people treat the positions I’ve held and projects I’ve created as standalone entities. Food is still very important to my work, but now that I have a goal of being location independent, I’m working on integrating my expertise as a facilitator, coach, and tour guide into a series of offerings.

    I’m still struggling to pull it all together, but now that I have a community of like minds and the book, I’m starting to feel lighter and there’s a sense of ease now that I have a structure to frame my business and personals goals around.

  199. Theresa Stolk

    Marie, this speaks volumes to me. When you are multi-passionate people really do see those of us thankfully afflicted with this facet of our nature as flaky. You really hit the nail on the head with this post, so thank you. Finding your truth and which avenue to take is a more difficult and convoluted route than the average person, but once found you take every opportunity to affirm, pursue and embrace your truth.

  200. Love this!
    I’m a registered nurse, but was previously a speech and language pathologist. I’m also a blogger (plantbased recipes, eco-tourism, having less “stuff”) and a public speaker. And that’s just the beginning! 😀
    “What don’t I do?” – exactly!
    I’ve recently just turned down a promotion and quit my permanent job to work more flexibly and pursue my multiple passions. A lot of people don’t get it, but I am happy and I’m fulfilled and… I give zero ducks 😉
    I’m not an entrepreneur but I still really enjoyed this video.
    Thanks Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      No quacks about it! 😉 You being happy is the most important thing. Rock on!

  201. Multi passionate? You can say that again! I’ve been struggling to focus on just one thing – maybe it’s because I shouldn’t feel like I have to choose one or the other!

  202. Halle-Duckin’-Lujah!! 😀
    This is soooo me!
    And you got the timing right too…
    Thanks so much for this motivating kick in the butt 😉

  203. Becky

    Wow, thank you for this video Marie! I’ve always struggled with having too many passions or interests. i always feel like I’m being pulled 10 different ways. I have a Bachelors in Business, I’ve worked in nursing homes as a CNA and now own my own business as a massage therapist but I also just started substitute teaching and am thinking of getting my masters in teaching.
    It’s good to know there are so many others in the same boat and good to know that I don’t have to focus on one thing- I can do many things! I like the idea from some of the other comments to write everything down that I currently do and/ or live to do and see what they all have in common or what I can create from them.

  204. Cathy Hull

    This was great for me to hear! I love doing so many things but have really only put a couple of them together! I am a self-employed bookkeeper for many different types of small businesses and franchises. I have owned a consignment shop, (a dream of mine because I love picking – going to garage sales, estate sales and finding great deals that I can resell at a profit) but after putting so much money into the business for 5 years, I closed it. Still really enjoy working retail – many because I love meeting people. I work at a client’s vintage store on the weekends and love it but now they are closing. I love helping children and animals but can’t do much volunteer work because I need to make money for my family, I love crocheting gifts for others. I have started a couple short stories but never could give them an ending for some reason!!! So how do I combine all this into a profit. And yes when talking to family and friends, they always seem to give me that look of “she’s going to fail again!” So from now on I’m giving it a zero duck!!!! Love your videos!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Trying new things and moving on to new horizons isn’t failure at all! I’m glad you’re listening to your heart and letting your passions guide you.

  205. Lurvv this episode, wonderful timing as always <3

  206. It’s like you read my mind! I just wrote a blog post about being a career-hopping millennial, something I feel like people generally look down upon. I’m so grateful for my multifaceted background in both the arts and fitness, and love that I get to pursue all aspects of my interest.

  207. Perfect timing in my life to see this. My entire life I’ve been known as a “Jack of all trades.” Funny, since my name is Jackie. I’ve been a teacher, artist, realtor, writer, fitness and dance instructor, lecturer, musician, and networker. While I’d love to just write for a living (I’ve published two books and have a column in our local newspaper), I’ve finally found my balance with my career in real estate; a profession that allows me time for my passion. I’ve learned to integrate all facets of my life into everything I do. Thank you for reminding me that multi-passionate people are a gift to the world.

    • Kiné Corder

      Me too Jackie. And that was a funny comment about your name! It’s great to know we have a team of people similar to us. Go team Multipassion!

  208. For a long time, I would talk to my friends and express frustration at being pulled in many different directions. I wanted to write; I wanted to go into software development; I wanted to paint and explore music making. My friends would say over and over, “you’ve got to choose your one thing and stick to it.” I couldn’t fathom giving up any of the things I was working on. One day, I got tired of feeling defensive and fighting, so I pushed back. “I don’t HAVE a one thing,” I told them. “That’s not who I am.” It felt great.

    I really enjoy talking to one of my multipassionate friends: he is a songwriter/rapper, professional gambler, and dreams of opening his own coffee shop. He wouldn’t dream of choosing one thing; in fact, he is putting himself in a position to realize all three at once.

    As for me, I am happily learning about software development while working on a tech blog chronicling my journey. I have started writing a fiction novel. I do freelance writing. I paint when I can. And I’ll be working on reorganizing and decorating a friend’s office soon (which, if it goes well, could turn into another wonderful opportunity). It’s stressful, and I don’t know where all the pieces will fall yet – but that’s okay.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Demiera! Being who you are is a celebration and, really, no one does *just* one thing. Good for you for embracing your multipassionate nature. 🙂

  209. You had me at Hello! Just last night I was talking to my husband about how I feel completely lost in my career given that I’ve tried out so many jobs, gigs, ideas, avenues for making money, etc.. I feel like I have no credibility and therefore have labeled myself as a flake. I have a million ideas but all that pressure makes me do nothing, NADA. Uhg! At the end of your video, I had a few tears of relief because you reminded me that what I am doing is what’s best for me. I just have to take a breath and chill. Easier said than done, but I’m ready to shed the guilt and not give a flying duck.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Zania! Doing what’s best for you and listening to your heart is so important.

      (Also, you made me giggle with “not give a flying duck.” Too funny!) 🙂

  210. This is so perfect! Literally thinking about it today. Thanks so much for sharing, Marie. Also, your hair is so beautiful! #HairGoals!!! 🙂

  211. I’ve heard a few people say that when they looked at older resumes and websites. Then they would ask again, “So…what do you DO?? . This video reiterated what I already felt inside, and added a few very helpful pointers! I was definitely that entrepreneur that wanted to monetize everything and create media pages and e-blasts for everything I could do, wanted to do and would be good at doing! So thank you so much Marie for ALL of your gifts to us, and I look forward to attending B School next session.

  212. Looove this one. It has great energy, too! Thanks Marie

  213. This was me for many years. I recently learned to separate my passions into two business and one hobby. Now I do Financial Therapy as my primary business, meditation workshops as a secondary business, and I do fitness as a hobby. These were all things that I was interested in. I toggled between them hoping that one would take off but I wasn’t putting enough energy, attention, focus, or faith behind either of them to get the traction I needed.
    The moment I prioritized my lifestyle and did what I call the “You Formula” I gained the traction needed to create the life I wanted. Financial Therapy is my biggest passion and it was the thing that many people really needed from me. (my unique blessing to the world) The other things fell in place and now I have harmony in my life.
    This lesson was so important so thank you for sharing it. I honestly wish I would have learned it sooner but everything happens the way it is supposed to. So I surrender to my lesson.

  214. Erin

    Fabulous episode and spoke hard to me as a multipassionate entrepreneur! Love the advice to let some things simply stay hobbies!! Enjoy your holiday!

  215. lamson songthiang

    Thank you marie for encourage me.

  216. lamson songthiang

    Thanks marie for encourage me

  217. This was so great, Marie. Thank you (and Tanya). I’m multi passionate as well and just recently told myself, “who cares?” So what if I like to do a lot of things. I’m actually amazed and an admirer of those who are and who have actually become almost experts in other areas. Your episode helped me realize I don’t have to try to incorporate everything into the one thing I’m trying to make as my business. It has been a challenge when people ask what I do and my mind tries to come up with that acronym that includes all of the things I love to do. (kidding) Have a great day and see ya next time.

  218. Esther

    Dear Marie,
    I must admit this is the first time I’m leaving a comment on your blog…but I felt I had to because the topic of being multi passionate -and I love that word- resonated so much with me!
    I’m beginning to think I should relabel myself as a professional dabbler! I think my better talents are writing, but I’m pretty creative or so I’d like to think so I’m always willing to try new stuff. I especially love making gifts for friends and family, I’ve realized I’m a decent cook, I love music and dancing, and definitely writing. I love teaching and being with people and listening to their stories. Not all of this is monetary but it’s definitely fun and fulfilling!
    Thank you for being such an inspiring role model for all the multi passionate people here and out there!
    Much love,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad you commented, Esther! We’re so glad you’re here and that this episode really resonated with you. 🙂

  219. I loved this topic as it certainly applies. IV been a multi monetizer.

    But Marie, why have you backed yourself into a corner recently? I miss the spaciousness of seeing you in the middle of the room. It feels like you are going backwards after working so hard to get here. Did you lose half of your stage somehow?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Robyn! Thanks so much for your feedback. The full studio space is still there—we just like mixing things up every now and then. Keeping it fresh. 🙂

  220. Mo Gilmartin

    Thanks Marie so much; I totally identified with today’s video. I took a couple of years off after 20 years teaching Spanish in inner city schools, a career I’m passionate about but wanted a change and not to burn out, to just do n try other things I love such as yoga and writing. Many friends and colleagues bombarded me with questions and tried to pin me down and get me ‘focused’ on one career path and what my plans were I feel with their constant questions and worries for me. I know now we are being courageous and absolutely fine to try other things, as life is so short and not everyone is the same and wants that one job day in day out. Thank you while I get busy planning my next career move and passion!

  221. Love this episode! I am a Multipassionate Entrepreneur! I have 3 businesses and have struggled with how I frame this, but this put it completely in perspective and I was able to totally wrap my arms around all 3! I make handcrafted all natural body care products, I have a travel agency that does health and wellness cruises and I am also a Wildtree rep (because I fell in love with their products. It is all about health and wellness! I am completely passionate about what I put on my body and in my body! And it all ties in together. Thank you Marie!!!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Nice! Sometimes there are threads tying our interests together and it just takes some creative phrasing to help others see that too. Awesome work!

  222. Angelique

    GREAT reminder that I do not have to “monetize” everything in my life! Thanks for that!

  223. Multi-passionate is ME. I was so excited to see myself and others like me that I did the running man after reading it! I absolutely had to learn to play in private. And to give no ducks. Thanks Girl! P.S. Are you 100% certain we can’t monetize everything???

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Lisa! I don’t think Marie was saying that you *can’t* monetize everything if you really want to. I think she was saying that if you’re feeling pressured to monetize all your passions when that’s not what you want to do, to remember that it’s okay to do things just for pure enjoyment—they don’t have to make money. I hope this helps!

  224. I LOVE this! I get this all the time, I do digital marketing and I write fantasy novels. Sometimes it’s hard promoting myself because I am a lifestyle entrepreneur and I want people to read my books, but I want people to work with me! Ah! I’m glad I’m not alone in the multipassionate world – but I do want to monetize…well, everything I’m good at. There are some hobbies that I’ll just keep to myself.

  225. Marie, what a wonderful video and you’re always making me smile. You embrace people. make us feel better about ourselves. Have a wonderful holiday, Marion

  226. Kirsty

    Thanks Marie and team. I love love loved this episode. Especially the examples of multi-passionate people in history. And best of all was the “don’t turn everything into a business” #5 … I totally agree with this and the value of hobbies. It’s funny – being a child of the 80’s who did every sport and activity under the sun – usually competitively – it’s like my parents raised a mult-passionate person without knowing they were. They were so proud of all my art and creative and sport awards. Then I became an adult – and my parents want me to have one safe reliable job, and one safe career. They have both worked for one employer their entire working life. I think the clash of the above maybe makes us multi-passionate creative people feel like we have to validate all the different things we want to explore and make. And the most common cultural currency to validate the way we spend our time, is with how much money it makes. Ironically I now watch with interest as my dad approaches retirement age – and am curious to see how he transitions – because he places such a low regard on hobbies for pure joy. I think his parents were the same – being “hardworking” was a value they all admired. Meanwhile my three top values are family, balance and curiousity. Of course you can still be hardworking and have these other values – but it just means you might ‘change career hats’ a bit ;-). I’m sure there are plenty of other folks on here who can relate … I loved the tips this video had to help be ok with multi-passionate curiousity.

  227. Sonja

    Thank you! I am a multi-passionate!

  228. Rachel McPherson

    Listening to this as I change my personal website (again) 🙂 Thank you! And a few of my favorite multipassionate entrepreneurs are Erika Shannon (soul cycle instructor, mom, and broadway star who has a business training others: “Don’t dodge the dance call”) and Jared Matthew Weiss (from owning a internet /production company, making appearances on TODAY, while riding a unicycle, and hosting sex talks)

  229. I always feel that way! I love doing blogging, speaking, image consulting…as well as teaching people how to do those things, and many other things! I’d love a boutique someday…I want to teach more workshops…I think about running a collaborative work space…I love art and design…and the list goes on. People often tell me they love seeing me explore, so I try to embrace it as a good thing–I inspire people to follow their curiosity!
    The person I admire is Rachel Hollis of Chic Site. She talks about fashion, recipes, kids…and she designs clothes and writes books…and advocates for adoption, among other things. She’s amazing!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad people support your multiple passions! It sounds like you’re having fun, too, which is wonderful. 🙂

  230. “From the top to the bottom to the middle to the side.” Ha!!! Love that.

  231. Still learning to embrace my flake, but having a term like multipassionate makes it easier! Sometimes I struggle with completing projects, and I wonder if this is part of being a multi passionate. I’ve learned that I do my best work on projects and fun initiatives when I am able to have a partner who can keep me accountable or someone who is more focused and action-oriented. It’s a great balance.

    For a different perspective, I’d also recommend listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast with Derek Sivers as they address the dilemma and pressure to “choose one interest.” This is discussed at around the 1:55:30 minute mark on the podcast episode “Developing Confidence, Finding Happiness, and Saying No to Millions.”

    Thanks for a great post and video, Marie!

  232. The timing of this post couldn’t have been better – I’ve been running a new venture since February helping businesses get organised and online, I want to run a food-based business with my culinary skills, last month I trained to be a Zumba instructor and I’m exploring the idea of licensing Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map course – so I totally feel the multipassionate flakes from time to time. I am so excited to start saying I’m a Multipassionate Entrepreneur though! Thanks for that title, for years I’ve struggled with my career as it’s been a rich and diverse journey (positive spin yo!) but because of that, many people have a different opinion. So, as I’ve gotten older I’ve been better at giving fewer ducks but it still hits here and there. So thanks for this video and for acknowledging that there are so many of us who thrive on so many different things! Cheers to Multipassionates!!

  233. HAAAA! I am finally understood… and I finally feel normal. Thank you, Marie!
    This really hit hard on me today. I have been through a multi-passionate journey from a nursing career to health coaching, to financial coaching, to life coaching and more! I’ve lately been questioning how people are seeing my journey and even doubt myself sometimes when I hear loved ones say I’m just “confused.” This episode has given me peace and has given me the courage to stick to my core calling and design in life. I truly appreciate you for it. I have always been passionate about helping people deal with various circumstances in life and I’ve always been the “run-to” person for friends and family needing encouragement and motivation, so I am concentrating on this area now through my faith-based integrative health coaching. I will boldly live by Design and will definitely give ZERO ducks. 😉

  234. Brady

    I have gone through a lot of career changes and new ventures, but its just a part of my journey that brought me to where I am now! If none of those things would’ve happened then I wouldn’t be about to launch my own life coaching and yoga. I’m still multi-passionate, but I’ve nailed it down to just a few things that I can do to earn money for and other things that I can do just for me because I enjoy it! Great advice as always Marie!

  235. Hi Marie,
    My favorite multi-passionate stars are YOU and Ellen deGeneres and Oprah and Angelina Jolie and Maya Angelou and my parents and my daughter and … you get the picture 🙂 I LOVED “forget the speech, enjoy the beach!” I could SO relate to what you were saying about the hours of trying to figure out how to ‘label’ myself (so others knew what drawer to put me in?). This real life metaphor comes to mind (true story): When I first had moved to Kaua’i, Hawaii, a little 5 year old local boy scooted over to me on his tiny bike and asked: “So…what are YOU here for?” and he stared at me with his sun-kissed blond hair and stunning light-blue eyes (didn’t think that, right?). I felt like at a job interview, his intense innocence made me nervous. And I launched into this long story about what I had come to do and all kinds of plans I had, translated into kid-friendly. He patiently let me finish, then just shrugged his shoulders and said:”Well… I came here to BE,” grabbed his bike and pedaled off.

    And left me standing there, open-mouthed.

    That was my first (of many) big lesson that Kaua’i taught me (pretty magical place, I tell ya). Hope that inspires as much as you do.
    Thank you so much for your great video yet again.
    Big fat smile to you and it’s quite possible that I’m the Tanya you were talking about.
    Tanya (no speech, just beach)

  236. Am loving this episode. Thank you Marie!

  237. Jasmine Lewis

    I had to share this with my boyfriend because he’s definitely multi-passionate.

  238. Marie and team! You give have my LOOOVE! I literelly LOL watching this episode! “She does ALL the job!” hahahah.

    I’m a Multipassionate Entrepreneur and sometimes I do struggle telling people what i’m doing and yes I try turning everything in a business, well not anymore now, thank you!

    Much love, XOXO

  239. I finally have wrapped my mind around this, or at least I’m starting to. Here’s what I wrote for potential speaking engagements!
    I’m a certified Transformational Voice® teacher, the creator of Authentic Performance, author of Six Degrees to Your Dreams (an iUniverse Editor’s Choice award recipient) and founder of the Authentic Expression Wishweavers Circle series (description below), which will be launched this fall.
    Possible Presentation Topics include:
    • The Transformational Voice® cycle of breath-based vocalization and how to speak with resonance
    • The Five Fundamental Acting Ingredients and emotional espressivity
    • The value of a mastermind (Wish-weaving) circle
    • Live and grow in the thriving zone
    • Be your own biggest fan
    • Don’t die with your music still in you
    Then in smaller letters the description of the 10 week AEWWC series.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this message; I appreciate it.
    All Best Wishes,
    I’m getting closer all the time to describing how I write, act, teach, sing, play piano, facilitate, speak, and help people grow while I’m growing myself.

  240. Thanh

    Mary, You are brilliant and flawed at the same time. I love you because regardless of your mistakes, you always figure out the way to get better, love yourself and shine like a cute light bulb.

    By the way, in my country, brothel is illegal.

    Grateful for your existence,

  241. I used to say: ‘I wear many hats’ but I love the new term ‘Multi-passionate Entrepreneur’. I love everything that I do and don’t want to give up any of it. I’m so glad that this is not ‘weird’. Today’s episode really hit home for me, especially because one of the things I do is train horses. So funny that you said that. Obviously it’s a sign that I was meant to watch today.

  242. Jerry

    Love the topic and the definition of being multipassionate. I’m 46 attending ASU as an undergrad for an Engineering Management degree as I try to learn something to further one of my interests that I don’t even really talk about, talk about “playing in private”. Yet, I’m still self labeled as flaky and need to “embrace my flake” (probably by others as well).

    I have literally had 100’s of business ideas over the years, my first business was a neighborhood directory that I sold ads to businesses at 12 years old. I have mostly been afraid to really follow those ideas because I never know if there might just be a better one around the corner. Following just one of them would also seem to be limiting to future change.

    I have finally got to the point that I allow myself to think about a new idea, and do the fun research part I really enjoy, but then I take the time to really compare it to an idea I’ve thought of and am working on. This way I’m constantly challenging the old ideas with new. After an old Idea wins out, I forget the new idea and can spend some more quality time with the old idea and expand it. In this way I keep a group of ideas that I’m actively (at least in my mind) pursuing, since they keep getting expanded they also become stronger and better formed.

    I have one of those old ideas that I’m going to actively pursue now, just filed my state nonprofit articles and will file my 1023 within the next couple weeks. Being a student has definitely allowed me to pursue these passions without some of the critique, I can always just claim it’s for a “class”. The entrepreneur spirit at ASU is impressive, from a school standpoint.

    I also categorize my ideas which I find helps.
    * I have the nonprofit public benefit idea, the people I want to help besides myself.
    * I have an idea that I would throw to the VC wolves that would have a startup phase followed by an exit.
    * I have an idea that is so far out there that my mind cannot fully wrap itself around all of the facets of the idea. (reason for school, I can’t learn it anywhere else)

    This categorization allows me to test my ideas against each of these categories to see if I’m going to follow that course. It also allows for multiple ideas to coexist since they have different goals.

    Right now the other multipassionate person(s) that I admire the most would be John Maeda, Engineering degrees from MIT with a Ph.D. in Design and an MBA. I wholeheartedly agree with his desire to change STEM to STEAM (adding art). Also the philanthropy ideals of Craig Newmark, from craigslist fame.

    Sorry this is so long, it’s probably mostly for my therapy than your consumption :-).

  243. Therese Engdahl

    This was one of the best ones ever! THANK YOU!

  244. This is so me! Difficult to have so much idea’s and capacities.
    I was a buyer in men’s fashion now portrait-photographer (high end) and owner of a positive gift-brand.
    How to present yourself on Linkedin, not easy!
    Now I get an idea for a name: multipassionate-entrepeneur will be multipreneur, haha!
    Thank you for your vlog, it is fun and helpfull!

  245. Kristin

    Marie! I loved this so much. I am a multi passionate entrepreneur! Currently in the private play, learning to not give any ducks and THANK YOU for saying not everything has to be a business. I learned this a few years ago and since then have actually made time to just enjoy things without there needing to be an end goal. The play time generates great creative energy in me that I can use to focus on my business when the times are right. Thank you as always and great jumper by the way! :)))

  246. Barbie

    Giving ducks has never been a problem for me–I’m a very happy “flake”. My problem is I struggle to change gears between interests. Changing focus is hard. I teach and play piano, I’m an artist, I ride/train horses. I make bits of money doing all these things–so they are monetized by necessity. I love the variety, I love having more control over my time than when I was 9 to 5 and I specially love making money doing these things, which are my passions–I’m good at all of them. But doing all three, changing between these three activities and still managing to be creative is tough. Coming home from riding and trying to be artistically creative is a struggle. I’m maintaining, am far from rich and would love to be able to be more creative, specially in the art field where I think is where I could make more money. But changing gears between these fields drains quite a bit of energy. Does this make sense?

  247. PJ

    Your show today was especially helpful for me since I left a marriage at 61 being multi-passionate (love this) with depression but pressing on regardless. My ex spent his time telling me what was wrong with me, how or what I should be doing and blaming me for everything under the sun. I am now finishing my BFA part time and boy do I get comments about it. I know that it’s right for me and work hard at believing in my self and my work. Fortunately I have some amazing supportive friends. Now I am trying to hang on to finish up and get my degree, almost done. I am concerned about the next steps after this, how that will look, managing my depression and where I will live. Love you and your show, thanks!

  248. Quisha Girard-Lau

    Today marks the start of the countdown to when I join you on your show for an interview to join your mission of changing the world. Until then, I shall enjoy relishing my obscurity 😉

    Thank you to Tanya for asking this question and causing this video to be birthed. You’re changing the world lady, and you may not have even realized it yet <3

    I shall continue to enjoy being a 'show flake' without having to show anything or everything…until I am ready to. Golden.

    Love and light to you and yours, thanks to all of you at MarieTV that make this available to the world. Marie, your hair…girrrl…mmmhm!

  249. Joop

    You Marie have a fantastic website! and it is fun all the time.
    I am doing alternative medicine like homeopathy, Avatar, Oneness, German new medicine, dr. Peskin, Body code and Emotion code of dr. Bradley Nelson, Ayur Veda of Deepak Chopra. most of it totally non-mainstream.
    this video about being multi-passionate and own it is doing me good. thanks.

  250. LOVED this episode!
    My favorite multi-passionate couple = Charles and Ray Eames!
    They went from architecture to graphic design, to toy design, to movies, to photography, to product design, to… etc etc etc!
    Love their work and passion!
    Also, I love this quote from Charles Eames, and I think it applies here: ” It makes me feel guilty that anybody should have such a good time doing what they are supposed to do.”

    Thank you Marie and Team Forleo! Enjoy a well-deserved holiday!!!

  251. Ok, my good friend sent me the link to this video! So, I must be obviously multi-passionate. I have always felt weird about me needing to learn/know about so many different things. My soon-to-be ex didn’t understand that part of me and often made me feel bad about how I looked at life this way. I am actively pursuing 4 different opportunities. I don’t make much of a living with any of them right now so I’m sure that’s considered flaky, but 2 of them are getting most of my attention and are very different in nature. One I’m totally passionate about and the other I’m just learning! I’m finally realizing that I am a Renaissance woman and that’s just ok!!

  252. I never forget being told I was too enthusiastic because I was passionate about many specialisms when training to become a dietition! I left and became an entrepreneur which I love. I’m 53 and I tell my kids not to worry about figuring out what they are supposed to be/do as I’m still not sure what i want to be when i grow up so they’ve got plenty time to keep trying stuff.

  253. Tumi

    The idea of being multi-passionate is actually new to me,I’ve never opened myself to focusing on other things other than studying .I have been putting my dreams on hold with the plan pursuing them when I am done with my studies but since I started playing with the idea of being a multi-passionate I am looking at ways to balance studies and pursuing my dreams. I must say this whole concept of pursuing my passion and being a multi-passionate has ignited a new flame of excitement in my life.:)

    Thank you Marie…

  254. Kai

    I feel as though you did this video just for me.
    I cannot tell you how much I have struggled with people telling me, I need to focus, I put too many eggs in too many baskets. I have so many passions and I want to do it all! Thank you for this!

    With Aloha


  255. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for this practical approach to dealing with being multipassionate! My various activities are so opposite of each other, that it’s been difficult to figure out how to present myself to others. I am quadruple board-certified doctor (MD) and a DJ/VJ; I am also a Reiki practitioner and teacher, Hospice Medical Director, beginner-entrepreneur, support group moderator, and have a few other projects that I am working on. Since I never know how to present myself, I find myself hiding my gifts out of fear of offending or confusing others. Telling other doctors that I am also a DJ sounds unprofessional (I know that most of them will no longer be able to take me seriously) , telling other DJs that I am also a doctor sounds confusing (if you are a doctor, why are you doing This?). Being a Reiki practitioner/teacher and entrepreneur sounds contradictory (if you are light worker, how can you be a business person at the same time?). On top of that, doctors don’t believe in Reiki, and Reiki masters may not approve of crazy nightclubs. The list of contradictions goes on and on. I feel like I don’t fit into any box that’s easy for people to comprehend. As much as I don’t want to disturb anyone’s mental peace with my varied interests, it may be time for me not to give any more ducks. Thank you for helping me feel supported and not alone! Cheers to being multipassionate! 🙂

  256. Nailed it! Very useful for future dinner parties. Fantastic episode Marie 🙂

  257. Donna Bazzone

    I went from floral designer to Event coordinator to gift basket co. To candy buffets to now possibly opening a candy store. All in the same sorta field yet family thinks I’m flaky & uncommitted. All this over a 40 year span, id say I’m committed ?

  258. Jenny Lynn

    How serendipitous! Last week I asked a good friend for some feedback, three questions, one of which was “What is my blind spot?” and she replied – “You are really passionate about so many things, you then spread your energy out too thinly & quickly deplete yourself, leaving yourself feeling low and deflated – Ironically your passion in one of the things I admire about you the most. “. It resonated with me. I journalled on it and listed everything I am passionate about (it was quite long!). I really appreciate Maries advice – I couldnt be any other way so I have to own it, I just need to learn how to work it better to make my life easier because I do burnout. I do have a strong sense of integrity so I do stick with things I commit to, at least for while – I do tend to get bored with things once I have mastered something. The latest thing is I love Yoga and wondered if I should do the teacher training, but really I dont want to turn it into a business I just want to immerse myself in a new experience. Thats what its all about!

  259. I always felt a little flaky because I was quick to make decisions in my career based on intuition and the experience I was getting or going to get. It wasn’t until I started my own business that I realized that I wasn’t flaky for wanting to do other things I was just trying to figure out my passion (which I have! Small Business Coach FTW). I have other passions to that I think Marie hit on, that will stay as hobbies as I grow this, but I am not ashamed anymore about my multipassionate interests!

  260. Lia Tran

    ” A mermaid cares not about the opinion of shrimps”. Just stay fabulous and don’t pay attention to what people say (especially if they are not relevent to your hapiness or success, basically if they are “shrimps”).

    • Kara

      Love it!!

  261. Wow this one really spoke to me right up close and personal. I’m literally wrestling with this issue currently. I am currently a newborn photographer by declaration of anyone who sees my work. It’s a niche I’ve been assigned and I do agree, I am best at it. However, I would love to be a interior designer, florist, chef, life coach, wedding photographer and travel the world doing ALL of these things. HA!
    You definitely have some clarity and assurance to embrace them all, pursue the ones I am most inclined to adhere to my existing public light in a way that is conducive to my progress and practice the ones I am less fervent on in my own time. Thank you love!

  262. Really resonated with this one! Thank you Marie!

  263. Els

    What a relief when I heard this! I hear every time “you want success, you will specialize in one thing, your focus to one thing” This didn’t feel well of good for me.
    A multi passionate entrepreneur? oh yes I love it!

  264. Im a multi-passionate entrepreneur as well. Im learning to focus on one thing though. I think they all fall under one umbrella though. Thank you for highlighting this. It’s a real issue for most entrepreneurs. As always, you give great insight!! Thank you!

  265. Jill

    OMG..this is exactly what I needed to hear, at the right moment in my life as I transition from one path to another. There has been and continues to be a flood of ideas coming to me at such a rapid rate that its exciting, overwhelming and not always sure where I need to focus and you know what, that’s ok too. Ive been in an investigatory mode and exploration into so many modalities. And discernment of who to talk to is critical. I keep having to learn and relearn who I can talk to about this. Learning a bit of the hard way on this but it’s all good. Learning who my “tribe” is. <3 Thank you Marie, Im loving your vlogs. Blessings. Jill

  266. Thank you for the permission to be myself…when other professionals advise to stick to one thing I feel like they’re asking me to cut my arm off! I have embraced the fact that I am happiest when pursuing multiple passions and am blessed to have family and friends who support that and do not try and box me in!

  267. I love this because I feel like in our society today we have to fit everything into a box. We need 1 career, 1 sport or fitness passion. The truth is I believe those things can change as well.. we go through phases. For 10 years we can love one thing then in an instant something can change and we find other passions, doesn’t mean we completely drop what we loved prior and it just means we are growing! I love that we don’t have to cram everything into one business! Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right path.. but maybe just going with the flow and going with my instinct.. trying it out and seeing what happens. Growing up I always cared about what people think.. but Giving 0 ducks is great! There is a freedom to it. I no longer live to impress others, its about what my experience is and what I love.

  268. I am passionate about travel, health and fitness, the water industry, sports, and helping people. I have worked for a network marketing company in the travel industry, I have a health coaching cert, PT cert, I manage MMA fighters, and work as a water systems operator for a very large system. I also have a wife and 3 kids that always come first. It’s rough to try and figure out what to do to further myself. Opening up my own gym has been a life long dream. My drive has never been stronger.

  269. Colleen

    Awesome video! Great question! Thank you! Every time I here someone say a version of “give zero ducks” My brain automatically says, “yay but we have to care what people think to some extent because they will be our customers/keep us in business/ or potentially be screening us for employment”. Can anyone else me recocile not giving a duck with still being responsible for maintaining a professional image and brand? (Especially in the age of the internet)

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great question, Colleen! There’s really no one right answer, as it will look different depending on what your brand and image are, but I always like to think of it as being unapologetically YOU, no matter what that YOU looks like. For some people, that might mean being a bit more crass or “out there,” but authenticity doesn’t have to look like that — or like anything in particular. It’s all about honoring who you are and what fits for you and your brand.

      We did a great episode about that a while back, so I thought I might share that one as well for a few helpful tips:

  270. Marie I love this! Especially the “zero ducks” part! It’s my life motto and how I am able to advance anything and everything in my life and biz! Love you. Love your work. Thank you for inspiring me every day!

  271. Michelle

    This vid came at the perfect time for me. I have often felt like I was a bit strange because I had so many interests and millions of ideas. I have friends who are very successful, but most of them still only concentrate on a few things. For years, I’ve gotten reactions like “Wow, you did what?” or “You’re so brave!” when I’ve gone forward with an idea I’ve had. Even when friends called me brave, I could still feel that they thought I was off my rocker.
    Recently I’ve come to realize that I’m just plain different than they are and, you know what? The world needs us different thinkers! It’s people like us who come up with those ideas that make the world better. So many times I’ve heard people say “Wow, I wish I thought of that.” Well, I think it’s us multi-passionate entrepreneurs (love that phrase!) who come up with those ideas. We just have to be willing to let them flow freely.
    Thanks for the awesome video and for affirming thoughts I’ve been having in just the past few days.

  272. This is me in a nutshell! and your tips are super helpful! Thanks Marie!
    I’ve been doing the whole multipassionate thing pretty much since you coined the term, and people didn’t get it for the longest time. Last year, though, all the things I was doing finally came together and it made sense to people. “OH, she documents historic indigenous villages and their modern cultural centers. Then writes books about it. Then makes documentaries about it. Then those tools are spun out to become educational tools for the kids in the tribes she works with. Then all of those things are used marketing fodder for the brand strategy of the project! And the funds raised from the paid services make money to support the educational ones!” WE GET IT!” Finally, after all that time of feeling like I was running in 10 different directions, it seemed to all make sense. And I wasn’t the only one who figured out what I was about! This year, I was recognized as a “Woman of Influence” by the state’s business newspaper! ; )

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      LOVE it, Rachel! xo

  273. I don’t know if this flips the apple cart but I think that I am a multi-passionate person, never thought of myself that way, yet my underlying drive or purpose is still realized in all of my passions. Marie you explained this so well, it’s okay to have multiple passions and pursue them with vigor and it doesn’t mean I am flighty/flaky or can’t make up my mind. I wonder how much richer the world would be if more people embraced their desire and ability to embrace multiple passions.

    Two people that I admire because of the multipassionate nature are
    George Washington Carver and Vanessa Williams.

    Thanks again Marie

  274. I relate to this for sure:-) I definitely do a lot of things and there are times when I talk about all my passions, that people look at me like I’m crazy! I work, I write, I’m trying to learn two new languages – okay, so that’s probably too many languages at once – the point is that I have a lot of interests and I actually find it strange (and a bit boring) when other people don’t have a lot of interests! Life is short, why should you stick yourself in the corner when you can explore the entire room?

  275. MAI

    I Love you Marie

  276. Elise Taylor

    This speaks to me so much. THANK YOU for bringing this issue up and validating my life. I recently had a “friend” tell me she thought I was lost because I don’t seem to stick with anything and I jump from one thing to the next. It took a lot of courage to politely explain that no, I’m not lost. I’m fine. I’m pursuing all the things I want to pursue and having new experiences every day and that’s who I am and who I’ve always been and I don’t need to change. This experience taught me a lot about really living your life for yourself and not for anyone else! Who cares what other people think about your life!
    DO YOU.

  277. Loved this video! I’m starting to embrace my inner flake and the gifts it brings to my life and giving zero ducks what others think! Thanks Marie for this boost of confidence.

  278. I love the reply “What am I not doing?” or “What don’t I do?” Right off the bat, sets the tone that I got a lot going on rather than “not much”. I always love your videos, Marie. Funny, informative, and sassy! What don’t you do!

  279. Marie, timing. Oh my goodness, the timing of this Marie TV episode!
    I am a multipassionate (almost) entrepreneur too and I love calling myself a multipotentialite.

    My favourite tip from this episode is #5! I need to hear that often to remind myself that I can have hobbies and passions that don’t have to turn necessarily into jobs.

    I have been worrying for my whole life, feeling the urge to understand what my “one true calling” was. Once I thought I had found it, something within me changed and I wasn’t that sure about my calling anymore.
    Time after time, this situation repeated itself.
    Lately I’ve realized that yes, I am a multipassionate person and there’s no true calling for me.
    At the moment my main passion (and job) is yoga and teaching yoga, and it will probably be the main occupation for my whole life, but…who knows?
    I keep having other passions 🙂

    A person that was fundamental for me to realize that I can do many things at once and there’s nothing wrong with that is an incredible woman I met when I lived in Cork (Ireland).
    She was my Kundalini Yoga teacher, and she still teaches yoga but also teaches arts in school and is an artist too!

    Again, thank you Marie and team for this episode.
    Much needed!


  280. Marie,
    You beautiful soul! I love that I found your channel and wowza the wealth of information is amazing. Well, go ahead and stick me in the ‘confused’ grey folder because I have been stuck for some time searching for my purpose. When I was a little girl I wanted to be an architect, a writer, a painter and a fashion designer. By the time I went to college I was obsessed with fashion sketching and thought design was my purpose (also since math was not my strength, I dropped the architect dream). Then I realized yikes – I’m terrible at sewing so I dropped out of school. Since then I have continued admiring art and fashion from afar. I needed to make a living so for 13 years I worked as an admin assistant and have found it OMG so unfulfilling! Five years ago I launched a fashion blog as a tool to cultivate my writing and connect with like-minded people, but it hasn’t really taken off the way I thought it would. I guess it’s more of a hobby at this point. In the last year and half in the process of seeking my purpose, I have found a true interest in spirituality (stones, angel cards, meditation etc) which has made me question what steps I should take next. Still, I am at a loss as to what else is there for me at 43 years old? I sincerely feel better in creative environments but also have those darn, stubborn, negative voices nagging me in my head. I also have a ton of guilt because I grew up in a family where everyone just went to work and did it for the money. No one in my family is doing anything because it’s their ‘passion’. What I do know is that I want to do something that is meaningful. Working in large companies IH have felt like just another number. I want to serve in some way and feel that my work is making a difference. How? Doing what? That’s my dilemma. I welcome any ideas, advice or direction. Thank you wholeheartedly for all that you are doing for so many of us.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Maria, thank you so much for watching this episode and commenting. I know you’re absolutely not alone in wondering how to make a difference in the world and discover your passion. I thought I might pass along this amazing collection of MarieTV episodes with tons of great tips that you might enjoy:

      There are some incredible episodes in there covering a wide range of topics, so feel free to explore those as you’re considering your next steps. We’re so glad you found us, and I hope that our work helps serve you in the best way possible!

      • Thanks for the response Caroline. Yes I have already watched many of these great videos and believe me, I will be re-watching several again. Keep up the great work!



  281. Jemima Davis

    Dear Marie,
    Where have you been all my life? I have found the term that can positively describe how I have felt for years. A little bit of this and a little bit of that has been my story. To name a few I love languages, traveling, forensics, cooking, psychology, dancing, writing… What a relief! This episode is timely as I have shifted from the 9-5 to owning my own business, again. It’s no small feat, as I have big dreams of being used up totally. I have too much on the inside not to share. I appreciate your transparency, candid spirit, and sharing of yourself. I am on the verge of releasing my own business page, it’s scary but exciting. You are a true example of what I aspire to model after. Thank you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Jemima. We so appreciate having you tuning in!

  282. Thank you for coining the phrase GIVE ZERO DUCKS. The next time my friend tells me that I’m putting another iron in an already crowded fire, I won’t give a quack about it.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Haha I love it, Robert!

  283. I needed to hear this right now. For the past year I’ve been struggling with the decision to phase my current business out (that I make a living from) in order to focus solely on abstract painting again. This helped me decide to keep doing what I’m doing and just paint for myself. Besides, I can always change my mind later :). Thanks Marie.

  284. To date this is THE MOST relatable to me video I have watched anywhere. Thank you Marie for making this! I own a niche real estate marketing company, am working on launching an educational products online for both real estate and creatives, I’m also a fine art & editorial photographer as well as a songwriter, mountain biker and homeschool Mom. I love all of these passions equally and pursue them (not all for money) all and they couldn’t be more unrelated if I tried. The two things I learned is that:

    1. Trying to turn everything into a business is a huge mistake (you are so right Marie). I found that for certain things, it tainted my love of it when I tried to whore it out and make money from it. So I am very protective of certain hobbies and passions now.

    2. If I forsake not following my passions I die a little bit inside. Each of my passions is what makes me who I am and without one I can’t have the other. My clients know that they get a multi-talented individual when they work with me and 99% of them are really impressed with everything I do. I ran out of ducks to give for the other 1% a long time ago 🙂

  285. Gloria

    Este video llegó en el mejor momento, parece que lo hubieras hecho para mí!!!, saludos desde Colombia.

  286. ‪#‎GivingZeroDucks‬
    Thanks Marie Forleo for another great episode, once again exactly what I need to hear as I re-position and crystallise my brand.
    This week alone I am:
    writing my first book
    developing companion resources
    planning my new website
    recording new videos
    working on lead generation ideas and
    helping clients reduce the drama in their everyday lives
    I am ‪#‎multipassionate‬

  287. This phrase has always helped me embrace my entrepreneurial journey. I love the idea of trying things while your audience is small. I have def tried several things and now that my audience is growing, I have narrowed my focus and I don’t share everything I doing.

  288. I’m definitely going to think about how I want to position myself, my journey & story for my business though. I feel a little scattered!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Muhammad, feeling scattered can definitely be a tough part of being multipassionate. We did another related episode a while back that popped to mind while I was reading your comment about what to call yourself, so I thought I might share that for a few other nuggets of wisdom:

      Thanks so much for tuning in!

  289. Gladi

    Marie, thank you for your awesome insight! You are definitely one of those people I admire. I am multi passionate too and always have a hard time answering people when they ask me: “what do you do?” Because aside from loving too many things, I move too much and that makes me feel scattered and often stop myself from pursuing anything fully out of fear. How do you get over that fear to embrace your self and not give a duck? I’m on the verge of opening a business but I’m not sure its what I want but can’t tell if it’s just a fear I need to overcome or if its truly not what my heart desires. Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Gladi, we’re so happy to hear this episode resonated with you as a fellow multipassionate person! Regarding your question, we did a wonderful episode a while back about fear vs. intuition, so I thought I might pass that one along for a few nuggets of wisdom:

      Thanks so much for tuning in, and we’re cheering you on all the way!

  290. Laura

    Omg thanks Marie – i really needed this! Thank you 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Laura! xoxo

  291. Holy cannoli! It seems so obvious and yet, this episode has been so helpful for me today!! I meet monthly with a clarifying mastermind-ish group and last month I went in looking for support in gaining clarity on how to speak about my business. I LOVE my business. I LOVE everything I create and share. I am absolutely clear on how it all works together and makes sense. Yet, I realized, after all the work I’ve put into figuring out how it all makes sense together plus getting it out into the world and observing it making sense to others, I still couldn’t verbalize a quick description of my business. Everyone in my group was floored with confusion because they “get” and love my business and were shocked to witness such a lack of confidence on my part. Confidence became a key topic for me to explore and I’ve been trying on different business descriptions for the past month, but until this episode, I hadn’t given myself permission to keep it simple and sweet. I’ve been trying to describe each facet and shove that into a sort of elevator speech and whenever I do I see that foggy haze come over the person I’m trying to describe my work to. I also notice people who care deeply about me who witness start interjecting their take on my business to make it seem clearer and that always makes it sound even more flaky and confused. Suddenly, out on my morning walk, listening to this episode I said out loud, “I run a multi-passionate yoga-inspired business!” I suddenly have clarity on how to continue verbally when the next question inevitably becomes, “Ooooh. What does that mean?” THEN I can say, “I teach and create entertainment and a product line. Everything I share is inspired by my 23 year old yoga practice!” …. It’s as if ***I*** asked you this question, Marie. (Once again) you’ve given me just what I needed and an empowering nudge in the right direction. THANK YOU!!! I might just be simplifying my website about page today! LOL!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Maggie! xo

  292. Oh my GOD! This just saved my brain a million ducks. Exactly what I needed to hear, right now. Thank you!!!!!! #givingzeroducks #MultiPassionateEntrepreneur ♥♥♥

  293. rosie

    thank so much Marie !
    i know exactly this is for me, I’m just 18 years old and i seem like a multipassionate person but i also face another bigger problem : i cannot stay focused on one thing for so long. i find it easy for me to fall in love or hate something.
    I know i’m quite young, but in ages i’ve not felt happy or excited extremely abt everything. I don’t know how to lift my mood up. So now i decide to watch your vid. ( the 1st time I comment ). Hope this shed a new light on my confusion.
    Love you from VietNam

  294. I love the talk by author of Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert. About how some people are Hummingbirds and others Jack Hammers. Curiosity versus Passion. This video takes it even deeper.
    thank you.

  295. hi there…
    Thank you so much for sharing with us. I’m in South Africa and would like to think that I’m in the creative side and believe that is my down fall #hiddingface. I always have ideas and i dont know were to start with them. Honestly i feel Flacky and i like Scatter brain and this show spoke to me.

  296. Crazy! I found this site while searching for interesting website designs – because I want to start a blog about being multi-passionate! And I literally just fell into this post, by accident. Well, it probably wasn’t an accident at all! I’m unapologetically multi-passionate, and I want to showcase people just like me. We are a tribe! Thanks for putting a lot of thoughts racing through my mind together into one episode. I can’t wait to dig into your site deeper and find tons of inspiration as I pursue MANY goals!

  297. Kristin - Team Forleo

    Welcome, Jaime! So glad you found our site, and this post in particular!!

  298. karen

    I absolutely love your show. Working for Start Ups in the past, present and now trying to get my Non Profit off my feet. I feel I sometimes am a little bit everywhere but a lot of it is because people think I am all over. I think it is ok to have more than one project going but I know sometimes that has lead to chaos. It is nice to know I am not the only one.

  299. Jen

    Wowza. Uh, yeah. I try to cram all the stuff I do on my resume and it looks like a jumbled nonsensical mess. So now I will clean that thing up and I will play in private. And I will not give any more ducks 😉 !! Whew. I feel better. I felt like a freak before I watched this. I love you Marie!

  300. Russell

    Actually I’m pretty OK with multipassionate because life needs more diversity to keep going. To learn a new skill really makes me feel refreshed, no matter for my brain or body. When I get up in the morning, I become very excited and can’t wait to practice the new skill. So not only keep my original own things, but also try to find new ones to let me feel more amazing. I really admire those people who have a successful business, sweet family, and many hobbies at the same time, like Bill Gates. That’s the real life!

  301. As a multi passionate person I handle myself two ways 1) I’m quite private about it, I don’t display my process on social media because that is very personal and vulnerable and could impact how I feel about my work or project and 2) I make sure what I’m doing is exceptional, the best it can possibly be so that when I do reveal something, it creates an impact. After all, passions are for me and I love a whole variety of things! I think variety makes life spicy and interesting! But for me it’s very personal.

  302. Hi Marie and Team!!!
    how could they think I’m flaky? Scattered? Well yeah…
    When I started a landscape company by getting a friend to taxi me in his station-wagon, and lend me his push mower. I’d give him half of the money for each job, and of course I’m doing all the mowing for like $8 a lawn. I was making real strides when I got my very own 1977 Ford Limited Station-wagon with wood paneling, and lime green leather interior, complete with push mower. The rest of my time was spent making peanut butter cups for a candy store. Each night I slept in the wild as close as I could find to the coyotes and deer, waking before sunrise, I’d ride my bike in the dark no flashlight to a pond where the most beautiful sunrises would accompany my bath before work. The moon howled to my soul like stars showering and blooms flowering, dancing the power in, to pour it in, then settle in. Then like I knew it would I found great success with real accounts employees, networking and trucks, and eventually sold the company to buy property in Colorado. Why? Just building with what I know.

    How I dealt with it was I gave zero ducks and I savored every minute of it! I felt very much alive and fulfilled. You nailed it!
    Benjamin Franklin is most inspiring to me. What was special about him was that every time he had an interest of any kind, he’d take it quite seriously. At the same time while he works its like play. Genius!!!,
    Thanks!!!, David Platt

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a wonderful story, David. Thank you so much for sharing!

  303. Divyank Saha

    Love your show marie…one of the most debatable topics for today’s youth as they want to do multiple things at a time but dont get anything done!!! I am completing my bachelor degree in architecture next year and i am very much interested in dance and business too…it becomes a big issue for my own mental peace if i am not focusing on either of the above equally. I have been ignoring my fitness and dance for a long time, now a budding architect i dont get much time ( a very usual complaint these days). what do i do? please help me align all of these in my lifestyle…

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, Divyank! Sometimes blending your passions requires some creativity. Since you mentioned that you’re a budding architect with a passion for fitness and dance, is it possible you could specialize in designing dance studios, gyms, theatres, etc.? I’m just throwing ideas out, but that could be really cool!

  304. Patsy

    Hey Marie! Hope you are having a spectacular day!!! I love this topic about being multi- passionate without coming across as flaky! I am an artist and good at what I do… However, I can never focus on one specific style of painting…. If someone loves my abstracts I think” maybe I should become an abstract painter”… Or if someone else loves a traditional painting I’ve created , then I think…” Oh I will paint traditional subjects” The thing is I am multi- passionate about all painting styles and subjects and it is hard to focus on one for my business; ( I would like to make a living at this!) How do I embrace my multi- passionate nature yet not look like a complete flake as an artist? Hope this question makes sense. ?
    Thanks for all you do! Patsy

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Patsy, that’s such a great question, and something that I totally understand personally, as a musician who really likes playing ALL genres of music 🙂

      There are a couple different ways you can unpack this, and ultimately it’s up to you. If you’re really excited about doing several different things at once, you can absolutely do that if you’d like to.

      You might also consider building up one thing at a time, focusing either on the things you love the most or the things your customers want the most (especially if the things you love and the things you customers you want are the same thing!). You can always branch out as you grow, but focusing on getting one aspect of your business or one revenue stream going can be helpful. For more on that, definitely check out this other great episode:

      As Marie shared in this episode too, so much of it is about positioning. Many people understand that artists may work in a variety of genres, so you can absolutely find ways to convey that on your website in a clear way.

      I hope that helps, and we’re sending our best wishes your way as you’re working on your business!

  305. amy


  306. Yvonne

    OMG! Thank you so very much giving a name to what most of my peers call “Flighty”.

    I, too, am multi-passionate and because of it, had not found my niche…until now. – thanks to you! I can love and embrace all my passions without feeling ashamed, guilty, or embarrassed when asked what I do. And you know what? After watching your video, I was able to home in on what it is I really found I wanted to do in life by writing down all my passions and finding that one common link that they all have…so a HUGE Thank you for that!

  307. Thank you Marie and Team! My husband and myself are both multi-passionate and live in a small town in central Mexico. So folks know everything we do – comedy, acting, improv, design, art, therapy, cooking classes and a retreat center at our house. We never apologize for who we are and what we bring to the table. We LOVE what we do, and when people joke with us about all that we do, we laugh along with them and explain that we’re “multi passionate!” in the performing arts, decorative arts and healing arts. Most people are super encouraging and supportive. And of course, we tell everyone about MarieTV:)

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That is SO awesome, Joseph! 😀

  308. Michael McDonald

    I just want to thank you for your help thank you. For taking the time to answer questions. I haven’t had time to look at the video yet but I will also it’s hard to look at all the comments I have a tiny phone.

    I haven’t got a computer right now but I will try to manage. I have a little bit of a short of intention span. I’m not big into social media, but if you’re looking for someone to talk to you and shoot ideas with then please by all means feel free to contact me.

    We Would love to offer support and network with other people that are both creative and also just looking for support system and looking for good friends.

    I definitely know that I don’t have the certain talents and abilities to do things like you guys, but I do believe that I am meant to help people, maybe just at an elementary level, it doesn’t have to be so heroic or in a super hero way. Even if it’s just taking time to pick up other peoples garbage or hold the door open for someone else, all these little things add up to a better society and let me accountable for being a better person.
    Finding your own path and being true to it lighting it with your own beliefs and morals All way staying true to your family and friends if you have them. I’m Grateful for your family that you do have an wishful for the family you might. I like the positive energy and I shared a lot of information with my girlfriend tonight and I think that she’s finally on board and understanding what it is to make a commitment and what it is to believe and success rather than hope. Thank you again for the great tips. And I will vow to make time to be able to catch up on the videos and everything that you’re sending I really do appreciate all your efforts.

  309. This is AWESOME. I’m constantly feeling crazy for loving and wanting to literally do #ALLTHETHINGS. Thanks for helping me to embrace my ‘multi-passionate’ nature as a strength! x

  310. I am so glad that you have coined a term for this. I have felt scattered a lot, because I am into a few different things. I mean, they all make sense to do together, but I’ve never felt confident in trying to explain what I do at networking events. Thank you for this!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh thank you, Andriea – we’re so glad you enjoyed this episode! ♥

  311. Carrie Elder

    So grateful for this post!

  312. Kirsten Havenga

    Hi Marie and MF Community,

    Greetings to you all the way from sunny South Africa!

    I stumbled across your blog the other day and have been enraptured by your content ever since. Thanks for putting out such great stuff!

    This particular episode of MarieTV resonates so much with me as I have been struggling with this exact issue for SO long!

    For the past 9 years (I’m currently 27) since graduating high school, I feel like I’ve been
    flailing around totally lost and confused about what I want to do.

    I’ve tried several career paths from serving as a G.O. at Club Med in Malaysia to having a brief stint as a financial adviser. Yet I still feel like I haven’t found my niche – the area where I can best serve others and truly make a difference. I’m such a driven, results-orientated person so feeling like I’m not making any progress towards something drives me nuts!

    Like you, I’m passionate about a wide array of things. Everything from cooking, fitness, hiking, entrepreneurship, marketing, singing, wine…just to name a few.

    I’d really love to start my own business, however I’m having huge trouble selecting a particular niche to go into. I’m good at lots of things however, I wouldn’t say that I excel in any one particular area in life which makes it difficult to know which direction I should go.

    In another one of your MarieTV episodes: “Should you combine your passions or choose one?” you say that its ok to talk about your love of your various interests on your about page, however you do recommend selecting one thing to be an expert in when you first get started. I agree with this statement, yet the struggle is real when it comes to choosing what niche I should hone into.

    I’d really appreciate any advice from the MF community on this matter so I can at least make some small steps towards my goal.

    Thanks a million x

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Kirsten, your question is such a great one, and I know you’re absolutely not alone there! It can be wonderful to have so many dreams and goals, but also overwhelming when you’re just starting out and aren’t sure which direction to go in just yet.

      We have some other amazing episodes in addition to this one and the other one you watched that I thought I might pass along for some more helpful tips and nuggets of wisdom:

      One great place to start is with something that interests you the most, or if you can’t decide, picking something you can more easily jump into right away and start exploring. You can always adjust course later on, or go in a different direction completely. As Marie shares, clarity comes from engagement, not thought, so by diving in and testing things out, you might find some really helpful insights about what you would like to do. Even finding out you DON’T want to do something is actually a really good thing, as it means you can safely check that off the list and move on to something you might enjoy more.

      I hope that helps, and know that we’re cheering you on all the way!

    • Kristen, I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU GIRL!!! It’s the sole reason I watched this video actually! Because I have SOOOO many GREAT ideas for great businesses, but I can’t do them ALL. However, I’m finding it close to impossible to just pick one because I am so passionate about all of them and I feel like they will all be such a great business. So where does one go from there? I’ve kind of picked one that is something I can do with not a lot of money to start and have been focusing more on that one right now until I get my check from school in October and have money that I can use to advertise and stuff. But it is VERY hard to get anywhere with that business because I’m always researching or working on all of my ideas. It’s almost impossible for me to focus on just the one business. And when a business is a blog, it has a lot of parts to it that need to be focused on. So I just continue spinning my wheels and not ever making any actual money because I’ve been in the planning stages for months!! It’s just awful!

  313. Oh Man, that cowboy!! So damn funny…a jolly Rancher…Hilarious!!! can’t stop laughing…You guys are doing pretty amazing stuff! love it.

  314. Wow! So amazing! I am going to watch all videos from Marie TV.

  315. Thomas

    Thanks Marie – this is helpful!

    Yes, I absolutely feel this way. What do international politics have to do with music, conflict resolution consulting, and experiential design? Everything! 🙂

    Other multi-passionate individual: Jason Mraz.

  316. Rita

    I can relate. I am a Geologist, i make Jewelries, I write reports and reviews from time to time. Am talking classes on remotely-sensed data and image processing, am about to quit an online-store i kinda opened to start a blog. This episode is a “lifter”. Now i know better than to feel flaky and i will have to learn to play with myself in private more!. Thanks again.
    Rita, from across the Atlantic

  317. Thank you so much for this. While I actually do give zero ducks what people think, I do care too much about whether my multi-passions fit into my current photography business and how I can monetize them. It’s nice to get slapped over the head with the advice that some things can remain hobbies that are purely for joy or that little pocket cash. <3

  318. So funny listening to this… guess what- You’re talking to me! As always, when I find a video that hits the spot I want to do a happy dance, praise the Lord, celebrate! I’ve been multi-passionate as long as I can remember, from playing the piano and flute as a child to painting and gardening as a teen to teaching art and music, to designing across so many genres that I think I’m flaky, don’t know what anyone else thinks! (and obviously, that shouldn’t really matter- yay for zero ducks!)
    The biggest decision maker for me has been how the options fit with my lifestyle, those that are too time-draining, or would swallow too much investment for little return have become more of a hobby. And they still give me pleasure as they’re still part of my multi-passionate life.

  319. Ah love this episode Marie! Thank you for your authenticity and honesty! Too true that we’re often held back from living our fulfilled lives because we give too many ducks! Love and light to you! xoxo

  320. Vasoulla Kissias

    Marie I love this once again, you are so light too even though serious at what you do. I have tried quite a few business and it has not panned out, c’est la vie! At one point I thought whats up with me and well that’s self defeating talk, its not about age or time its about I believe when you are ready to be taught and prepared to feel the fear and do it anyway so here I am !!

  321. Delnada Akins /360 Lifestyle


    Thank you for this post. I have so many passions I couldn’t figure out how to monetize them all and I was getting really frustrated.

    Eliminating one I would like to keep as hobbies, left a business model that pass the 10 year test.

    Thank You so much for your sharing your insight with us.

  322. Hahaha… on a more light tone. As I was listening about Leonardo DaVinci, Maya Angelou and James Franco ability to be multipassionate, I was thinking to myself, hold on… they all sound like they could be sun sign Aries in the horoscope birth chart… Bingo! Lol

    Love you Marie (and Team Forleo)

  323. Jill

    This has by far been one of the most to-the-core revelations I have had.
    All along, I just thought I was unfocused and couldn’t commit to one “thing”. Turns out, I have just been multipassionate my whole life. Growing up I wanted to be a writer, fashion designer, classically trained musician, explorer, doctor, and so many more just in my 0-18 pre-college years. Then enter College. Man, oh man did I think I had it all figured out when I was 18. I wanted to by a physical therapist because I wanted to help people heal (based on my own experience with injuries). I so thought this was my one and true calling so I went full steam ahead! Cut to junior year and being burnt out and seeing there is SO MUCH more to my life than being forever cornered into one passion of mine. I had to win over much of my family and friends who were my biggest supporters to my aspiring PT career, and still do to this day 7 years later. But honestly, I feel in my heart I am right where I need to be at this moment in time. I still finished my pre-med degree, after all I was 5 classes away to graduation. But even now in my post-college years, I find myself constantly chasing my passions. And even more, I still find myself trying to win over and explain my ever constant change in careers/jobs/passions when I know my supporters would wish I just settle down and pick one.
    Long story short, I just thought I couldn’t commit or was fighting the system but have come to realize I am and have forever been multipassionate. This road may not be as smooth as the others I walked away from but there is a great sense of confidence in my heart to know that this is the path set out especially for me. The clarity of being multipassionate and everything Marie Forleo has taught me in my short time of being here is priceless.
    A million Thank You’s aren’t enough to express how much I appreciate all this video and Marie have given me.

  324. Jessie

    For the last 20 years I’ve spent so much energy feeling trapped and overwhelmed by my “multi-passions” and being upset with myself for never knowing which career path is the “right” one to choose “for the rest of my life.” And halfway through watching this video I welled up because I saw for the first time that I’ve been looking at this all wrong. It is a blessing to have so many things I’m interested in and proficient at doing. While on paper my experience working in professional theatre, marketing/branding, nannying and photography have nothing to do with my wanting to go to social work, each of these professions has given me different tools to relate to and see people. And now I’m about to become a foster mom, which may be my most meaningful “job” yet.

    It also really helps to know that so many people out there have mutipassions, and that I’m not alone in my journey to figure out how to synthesize my work experience and interests into a singular career. Thank you Marie for this gift you’ve given me today. Truly.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so wonderful to hear, Jessie! I’m so happy that Marie’s words spoke to your heart. We’re sending lots of love your way for all of your many passions, but especially for your new role as a foster mom. You’re doing beautiful work in the world and making a difference in people’s lives! <3

  325. Alexa

    Hi Marie,
    Thanks for the great insights . It’s a topic that’s still not very well discussed out there, and this video was very helpful. The highlight for me, was when you mentioned how difficult is to answer other people’s questions regarding “What do you do?”, as if a job would simply define me. Now I’ve learned how to answer this question with without feeling so uncomfortable in those scenarios. Great boost of confidence here! Thanks a million!

  326. Debbie Griffin

    Thank You so much Marie, the best post I have ever read , I so needed to hear that and now I’m not going to give a duck or be embarrassed when asked ” What do you do “.
    Thank you for a major confidence booster.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So happy to hear that, Debbie! Keep up the awesome, multi-passionate work. 🙂

  327. Robin

    Thanx for that Marie!! I definitely needed to hear that last point also. Although they don’t say it outwardly, my fam and friends do consider me a bit of a flake, but a long time ago I decided I don’t give a flyin’ duck!! I need to do what makes me happy, and if changing my direction every now and then does it, so be it!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Robin! Your happiness is important. 🙂

  328. I am a chocolatier by way of being first a historian, then acupuncturist, yoga instructor and pastry chef. When people seem confused by my progression, I just look them in the eye and say, “Yeah, I love my job. My life is awesome.” It works great because there’s really no arguing with a statement like that, and you can see the other person’s head start to spin with thoughts like, “I want to love my job!” “I want an awesome life too!” You get to be a part of planting the seed of limitless possibility for someone, and that always feels so good.

  329. Erica

    Such great advice! Thanks for all the tips Marie!

  330. Desi Darlene

    Hi Marie,
    Thank you very much for this session. I felt like you were talking about my own situation. I’m a writer, I love fashion, Public Relations is my strongest point and, I also teach kids Spanish while working on my first book. Sometimes I feel completely lost, I don’t know how to put everything under one roof…..but thanks to this chapter I became clearer about my future plans. I’ve seen the light! Thanks!

  331. 30 yrs old Information and Company Professionals Stanforth from
    Cold Lake, has hobbies and interests for instance quick cars, and soap
    making. Recommends that you just go to Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.

  332. Stephanie Cottam

    This is so helpful. So many people supported me, but because opportunities didn’t work out, I went for something else and kept going. I have found now that I have lost all that support and don’t know where to start or what to do.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for watching, Stephanie – we’re so glad to hear you found this episode helpful! It can be tough when we’re not feeling supported by those around us, and your note reminded me of another MarieTV episode that talks about creating your own personal development posse.

      Although the topic is a bit different than your stuation, the concept of creating your own little posse of people to support each other (in person or online) is really wonderful and something you might consider:

      Thank you for tuning in with us!

  333. Alaina

    Since I was young, I have been the person who has been interested in SO many things. Until I found this channel and community, I had never figured out that I am multipassionate. So thank you for letting me know that I’m not crazy or alone. While I am so far from feeling like I’ve got this figured out, I think the first step is understanding that there is nothing wrong with me. For this, I am so grateful!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      YES, Alaina! You’re so not crazy and absolutely not alone. Being multipassionate is wonderful, so embrace it! 😀

  334. All my life I’ve been trying to fit myself into a box, thinking that having all these interests and passions of mine was a bad thing, believing all the crap about how we have to pick one things if we want to succeed, and succumbing to my fears of failure. I literally thought that I should completely abandon drawing and illustration (went as far as getting a graduate degree in it….), and my creative and visual design work, in order to give way to my deepest passion for life coaching, that was always my purpose. All that was only making me feel more inadequate and unhappy, until I started to really put myself first, developed self-compassion and self-awareness through mindfulness and various spiritual healing techniques, and listened closely to what made ME happy. Soon I began to hear… and, it made me realize I was missing out big time.! Now, aligning to my authentic self and living my truth is my #1 priority. If we aren’t happy internally with ourselves, how can we begin to serve others well? No wonder we start commodifying each other. What else are we to do when we are desperate and freaking out about how there isn’t enough to go around. Personally, I’m still trying to figure things out, but I know nothing will stop me now. #Noducksaregiven :)))

  335. Mona

    OMG! I relate to this episode so much:) Since I remember I wanted to try everything and I had no idea why my passion comes and goes without reason.
    I was doing stuff from paining, playing guitar, dancing many different styles, interior designer, mountains climing including cave crawling and climbing, user experience for application, testing and programing, project managment, team leader, game design and creating my own application, writing, life coaching, self development, mbti and other psychology models addction, speaker and now diet specialist and cook.
    It was botherimg me till 28 years old, I called myself hobby vampire that takes others hobbies and then leaves them just like that.
    I clearly remember that day when I was crying because I had no one passion that I truly own and that sucks I thought. So I was looking for a books that helps to fix me and I get one “Refuse To Choose” by Barbara Sher. Since I read it my whole idea about my hobbies style has been change completly. I read this book 2 years ago and it is helping me to share all my all interests and feel greatfull for all the things I do! I am so lucky that I get this book and I reframe meaning from grasshopper to skanner. This makes my life fullfiled and I am happy to be multipassione person 🙂

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Mona, this is AMAZING! What a gift to receive from that book that allows you to live your most authentic life in the way that fits you the best. Keep following that curiosity of yours- you never know where it will lead.

  336. Izas

    Thank-you so much!!!!!!!
    At last I found what I needed to hear.
    I love marketing, writting, health, nutrition, yoga, dancing :)))) and a few more things.
    The voice I listen to, all the time is focus focus focus in one thing..but I can’t.
    It is nice to know that there is a community of people with the same gift.

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      I can assure you, Izas, you are not alone. It’s Marie’s belief, and ours, that people are more likely to be multi-passionate than not. We hope that helps 🙂 x0

  337. This is my whole life!

  338. ERMRGRD! Totally! My hubby is like… “Another business??” But, really, they all feed into each other. Mostly. LOL!

    I do tarot readings, teach tarot, and also teach spiritual entrepreneurs how to set up their businesses. And I’m learning to teach yoga. And I’d like to learn make-up application and hair. And more art classes. And, I always have a book in my hand. I have a curious soul!

    Thank you for showing us all of the examples of multi-passionate people – I think my favorite for diversity and activism is Maya Angelou.

  339. I love your content so much Marie!
    I think I relate to every single point you made and I am def. ready to #givezeroducks about what other people think and I will start to say “What DON’T I do?!” when people ask me the question: “Soooo what do you do?”

    That one is a tricky for me atm, and also when my family asks me what my plans are. I feel small every single time. Now I am gonna start #givingzeroducks.

    Thanks for this episode Marie!

    The multipassionate people I love and adore are YOU, Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou. Thank you for everything! <3

  340. No, I didn’t look flaky, because I kept it together – meaning I’ve engaged in one passion (acting) until it didn’t make sense anymore, so I started my online French coaching.
    BUT, what I went through was the shame of giving up acting after I swore on its altar my life and my blood 🙂
    So, now, going through this video as part of the Start the right business (inside of B-School) I can’t thank you (and my Universe for having known you) enough for bringing me peace. The actor’s lifestyle was NOT something I was going to continue – I love acting, but not the lifestyle, so I can do my own shows when I want and when it makes business sense.
    Thank you so very much!

  341. Ava

    Gah! Every time I’m feeling down about myself or what I’m trying to do, I magically end up watching MarieTV. This episode is basically me in a nutshell and I’ve struggled with it for awhile. One of my biggest issues seems to be what people will think as I put out another venture or what-have-you and looking like I obviously don’t have my life together. But I know that I do and this episode totally helped reassure that I’m an awesome multi-passionate entrepreneur! Thanks, Marie! <3

  342. Sohaib

    Great points especially the point that you don’t have to monetize every interest you have they can just be hobbies. Yes that could clear up a lot of things.

  343. So adore YOU!

  344. It’s more like multi-personality entrepreneur for me. LOL This video and post has inspired me to continue with my latest idea. I’ve just revamped my writing website with a slogan of “more than just your writer” to acknowledge that I also know Photoshop and have video editing skills. After all, most writing nowadays includes both text and visuals. One thing a person with multiple passions could do as well is to simply be a teacher. You can teach anything and teach as as many courses as you want. Same with running your own production company, which could include as many personalities and channels or blogs as you have the time to keep up.

  345. Nikolina

    Hello Marie, I’ve recently subscribed to your videos and I absolutely love it! You can tell that you love what you do.
    Now the question was about looking flaky because of your multipassionate nature. So the answe is yes, it made me look flaky and people wouldn’t take me serious. They would be like oh you have no idea what you wanna do, and that brought me certain insecurities… and doubts in myself.

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you’re in our world Nina! Hopefully this episode brought you some new perspective and solace that being multipassionate doesn’t equate to flakiness. Keep exploring this idea, and these feelings – you know that multipassionate people are always welcome in our community.

  346. Nicole F

    Marie! Thank you so much for mentioning Maya Angelou’s history as a sex worker. Most people try to gloss over that side of her and it speaks volumes about your character that you didn’t.

  347. Laporsha Carter

    OMG!!!!! I am sooooo excited that I have met you. Of course not in person, however you have and continue to answer my unanswered questions! I have been a MULTI PASSIONATE entrepreneur FOREVER and didn’t know it until I met you. I have sooooo many different passions that I desire but my issue is that I get caught up with doing and stopping because I want to do them all. How do I focus on the one and not loose sight of the others. I have a track record of unfinished projects and I look at that as a HUUUGE NO NO reason why, is i look like a quitter and I don’t like that look. Although I don’t like that outfit it’s starting to look like it fits me and fits WELL! Please help me organize and get my path started and focused on the things that matter the most to me

  348. Lara

    I was laughing all the way through this video because of how it was done. Great advice, Marie! I’m multipassionate and #givezeroducks what others think or say. My life and I have to be happy with it, not you or you or anyone else. Me! I need a shirt that says that!

  349. Amber

    Thank you so much for what you do. I don’t even know how I have managed to stumble across your website…. but clearly I was really meant to. For most of my life- I have had feelings of shame around the fact that my resume looks like I have multiple personality disorder. Your advice and words of wisdom are truly awesome and I feel I am gathering the strength and focus to pull it all together – get out there and make my dream shine.
    Thank you!

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you stopped by, Amber! We’re thrilled that Marie’s messaged resonated so deeply with you and has helped you see your own unique experiences and strengths in a new light. We’re grateful to have you in our vibrant, multi-passionate community, and we’re cheering you on as you continue going for your dreams!

  350. Roxane G. Guerrero

    Great video. It was very eye-opening, and I thought I was the only one that felt scattered. I’m glad I’m not alone.

  351. Crystal

    This spoke to me greatly! I have tried EVERYTHING at some point and I’m pretty sure everyone thinks I’m flaky. Thank you for helping me embrace my multi passionate entrepreneur tendencies. It absolutely is a gift and I should feel proud that I’m so interested in life and ALL that it has to offer!

    • Jillian - Team Forleo

      Yay Crystal! We’re so glad that this episode gave you some relief, and is allowing you to leap headlong into your multipassionate identity. It’s an amazing gift, and we love that you’re so present in all that life offers!

  352. Kāʻili

    I can’t tell you how much I can relate! No one is harder on myself than I am, so I MUST feel like what I’m doing is worthwhile, or I feel useless. Right now, I’m working at a place that has to do with one of my passions – ʻukulele – but I’m not really making a difference and it’s slowly draining my life bar. I have many passions and I not only feel like a flake when I get more interested in doing something different, I feel inadequate and like a failure.

    I do look up to the multipassionate people you mentioned in the video, but I also very much look up to the last Hawaiian monarch, Queen Liliʻuokalani. She was an amazingly strong leader, an incredible musician, a great theologian, and loved her people. We’re it not for her, many of us Hawaiians wouldn’t be alive today, since my ancestors wanted to fight for our land but didn’t have the resources to win against the US’ invading forces. She kept us alive and gave us hope by telling us to stand down and live.

  353. So happy you did an episode on this because I’m really struggling! I’m happy to see all these comments from all those who seem well-balanced on this topic.

    I’m in a moment of transition trying to decide on my next career move. I’m currently working in my field, but there are many different directions I can take so that I’m exactly what you said – confused. I’ve identified two possible sources that I can ask for mentorship, but until I’m off these 12-16 hour days, it’s curtains down on moving forward. Wish me luck Marie Community!! I’ll keep my chin up by checking you all out on here!

    • Julia - Team Forleo

      Hi Andrea! We’re so happy you’re here, and that you found this episode and conversation helpful. Be gentle with yourself during this time of transition, and trust that you’re headed in the right direction – no matter the pace. Keep listening to that small, wise voice within guiding you forward.

      I have a feeling you’ll find this episode helpful as well, right now:

      Sending all our best wishes your way!!

  354. I so relate to this! I love the term “multi-passionate”. I have always had a lot of interests. I danced and taught and performed after I got out of art school and had started freelancing. I have had several careers: an aerobics teacher, a sports massage therapist and Pilates instructor.
    I have always liked having my own microbusiness and I love to write so I have a new holistic health writing blog that I have been working on for about a year steadily.
    but I still have other projects on the back burner a creativity blog and that no one knows about. and I have a personal art blog with a novel I have been chipping away at for the last 8 years and some 3D designs for toys I am playing with.
    I am not sure which one I will end up doing for a living yet but I am having fun exploring them all a little at a time.
    It is great to be reminded that I don’t have to make money with all of my passions. It takes a lot of the pressure off.
    I used to be really embarrassed that I had so many things I loved to do and I felt like I had to explain myself. My sister labels me “A.D.D.” (like there is something medically/mentally wrong with me) because I have so much I want to do. but I see how all my different skills and interests complement each other. But I don’t give a Duck what people say! It’s a process and you can’t choose one thing to focus on for a business too soon. you have to be messy for a while and just let it rip!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Right on, Zoe! There’s nothing wrong with you––being multipassionate is a gift. We’re thrilled you’re figuring out great ways to blend your gifts and talents to make the world a better place. 🙂

  355. Aviva

    Ahhh I loved this video so much! Going through STRB and this one really hit home. In fact, I had a massive breakthrough about what it is that I do which combines all of my main passions, strengths, and skills. Feels so good to have some sense of clarity! Also, such great advice about positioning it properly. We all have the power to choose our thoughts/words/actions, and this is a brilliant way of re-framing that universal truth. #givingzeroducks 😀