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This week, we’ve got something special for you — the talk I gave at Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions event.

I was so honored to be a part of a full day that included incredible speakers and endless aha moments.

I’m so grateful I had the chance to do this, and I truly hope you’ll enjoy it. And if you’ve ever have the mistaken idea that I always ‘have it all together’ — this one’s for you.

You can watch my talk in its entirety below. (You can also check it out, and many others, on their platform.)

UPDATE: The book Everything Is Figureoutable, is available for order now! 

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to know.

What’s your answer to my question at the end of my talk: If you held this deep conviction to be true, that everything really is figureoutable…

What would you do?  Who would you become? What would you heal or transform or transcend?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

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And, share as much detail as possible in your reply.

Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your story may be exactly what someone else needs to move ahead.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing with such warmth and gusto.

I am so deeply grateful for you. More than you’ll ever know.

With all my love,


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  1. “What we need now, more than anything else, is people who believe in what’s possible.”


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      YES! 🙂

      • I think I know on a cellular level that everything actually is figureoutable, it’s just my mindset that takes a little time to catch up sometimes.

        But if that didn’t hinder me at times I KNOW I would be bolder and more brazen in life. From my relationships with my friends, family and my partner, to the tasks and activities I do on a daily basis, to my business. I wouldn’t hold back knowing that whatever came out me, no matter how difficult or challenging, it was figureoutable.

        Oversized pinatas and all 😉


        • Karen

          Thank you from the bottom of my heart for YOU Marie Forleo ?
          It’s no coincidence I found your site. My Dearest Sister in-Law who I owe this HUGE Gratitude to for literally saving my life through a Paired Organ Exchange. My struggles to regain my health took me 2 years. I am Eternally Grateful for a third chance to learn to change my life by your videos and meditations. Thank you Denise Little for forever changing my life. ??

          Ihave appreciete with marie forleo am coach ali mubiru a ugandan so from all members in forleo team are all welcome in uganda throught marie forleo come open projects in uganda .
          The uganda fishers sports gym as my project has to stop because of money and training equipments this gym has games like boxing,kick boxing ,body building and yoga.
          A head coach of sports in eastern region in uganda and we are lucking sports equipments come and open that business.
          Yours in sports

    • Jamie

      That’s the same quote I wrote down while watching 🙂

      • ^_^ It was all compelling but I mos-def felt that was the winner-winner-chicken-dinner.

        [So much so that I forgot the beautiful Qs at the end of the article.]

        To address – I’m becoming a Spiritual Sherpa and helping to be initiated into sacred healing ranks!

      • Nina

        Such an important believe. I’m not fully there yet but I have experienced glimps of believing everything is figureoutable and it was powefull moments. When I hold on to this thought it makes it so much easier to put action behind my ideas and jump into uncertanty with faith and trust in myself and in life.

      • Marcus Sackie

        Thanks to you all i am so love and and happy for all you have don’t , my dream is to travel, and live with my partner , that is my wife to be from among you right there in america to be.

    • I didn’t write it down during the video, so now I am happily copying it from you to my ‘inspiration’ quotes :). Thanks Steph!

    • So true!

    • YAAAS!

  2. You totally owned that stage, Marie. Way to get up there and give people ‘the goods’. [Insert golf clap] 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Todd, yes — all the golf claps 🙂 Thank you so much for watching, and it’s lovely to see your name in the comments today!

    • Right! I felt riding the wave with her! This is such an honor to witness so much heart!

    • Thanks Todd 🙂

      • Naveed Ahmad

        Marie! I simply love you. Your words are truly comforting and relatable. I love the new video. Just the other day I put a picture quote on my phone that says “Everything is Figureoutable” so needless to say I really connected with this one

  3. Lisa Sneed

    Marie! I simply love you. Your words are truly comforting and relatable. I love the new video. Just the other day I put a picture quote on my phone that says “Everything is Figureoutable” so needless to say I really connected with this one:)

  4. Oh my goodness this is the exact remedy for my life right now. Going from chaos to redefining order in my life after an abusive attack. This is my mantra through and through. <3 You make me feel at home.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Bernard, we’re so glad to hear that this was just the remedy you needed at the moment. Know that we’re sending so much love your way, and we love having you in our world <3

      • I appreciate it so much so! I’m taking every day in honor and reverence! Here’s too a Figureoutable lifestyle! #buythetshirt haha

  5. I think on a deep level, I feel that everything is figuroutable. But sometimes on the surface I forget, get frustrated and blow a fuse lol! I think if I always remembered this I would see the million dollar mark sooner rather than the five years I have planned. I would stop letting my husband, daughter, fears, or lack of confidence stand in the way. Thank you for the reminder Marie, sometimes we need that kick in the ass “you can do it… figure it out” kind of thing! Congrats to you for being on stage with Oprah, you are killing it girl!!

    • Correction: my husband and daughter don’t stand in the way, they are just an excuse I use….

      • Caroline - Team Forleo

        I so hear you on that, Maryanne. It’s especially tricky when our brain comes up with excuses that don’t necessarily look like “excuses.”

        Being frustrated sometimes is totally okay — I always think of the ups and downs as just part of the process, and definitely trust that inner wisdom you have that KNOWS it’s all figuroutable! We’re cheering you on 🙂

      • Nice adjustment Maryanne 🙂 XO

  6. Angela

    Hi Marie, I was captivated by your talk, thank you for sharing it. While I feel I can figure out what I need to do in most cases, it’s the “doing it” that frightens me. I allow fear of everything (rejection, judgement, failure) stop me from moving forward and your talk has inspired me to take a chance and if it doesn’t work out, I can of course figure it out again. I’m a writer and with this, I have a deep desire to contribute to voicing the effects of climate change – so in terms of healing, helping heal the earth. Thank you for all that you do and congratulations again on your talk, you were wonderful!

    • Melissa

      Hi Angela!
      I was touched by what you wrote and your honesty. We need to hear what you feel you have to say so please keep up 🙂 !!!!!!

      • Angela

        Hi Melissa, thank you for your kind reply and encouragement. I certainly will keep it up, I wouldn’t know what else to do with myself if I didn’t 🙂 Much love to you!

  7. You nailed it! Awesome job : )

  8. Annie

    You had me in tears so fast.

  9. Megan

    So wonderful Marie! Well done

  10. Stacey

    What a great speech! I’ve always thought that everything is figureoutable and have told my husband that for years. I have no problem following my heart and passion. However, he doesn’t seem to get it. So that’s one of our big problems. Any ideas?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ooh yeah, that’s tough, Stacey. I can totally relate, as I also have no problem figuring things out and following my passions, but not everyone close to me shares that mentality either.

      One MarieTV episode popped to mind that I thought I might pass along for a few ideas, as it’s been helpful to me in similar situations:

      It’s on a slightly different topic of personal growth in general, but I love the episode because Marie shares a few tips for sharing the things you believe in with others who may not be in alignment with those ideas (yet). I hope that helps, and thank you so much for tuning in this week! xo

      • Caroline-The link to to the marietv episode you shared isn’t working.

        • Chelsea - Team Forleo

          Hi Miriam! I just tested the above link, and it appears to be working smoothly. If you’re not able to click through though, you might try copying and pasting it into your browser and seeing if that works. Otherwise, please feel free to reach out at infoATmarieforleoDOT if we can help troubleshoot!

  11. Dear Marie, thank you again for your words of wisdom.
    I wish you & Josh all the best and all the love you need now and in the future. My hubby and I have also been together for 13 years as a couple … staying strong … it is figureoutable 🙂

  12. Bel

    I’m sitting here with tears rolling down my face. Last night I prayed for something to help me move forward yet, I just didn’t know how. Marie, you answered my prayers. I’m vibrating with solutions in this moment and am going to get started on them TODAY. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s so beautiful, Bel. You’ve got this! xoxo

    • Those sound like some GOOD vibes Bel 🙂

  13. Nikki Landry

    What we say to ourselves in the privacy of our minds, matter. Speak kindly to yourself and set the pace for greatness.

  14. Wow!
    This is a revolutionary speech!
    Your message put me on fire – no more holding back.

    Thank you, Marie for being the great & inspiring role model and for sharing your beauty <3

  15. Linda

    Marie – you always seem to hit on what’s in the hearts of so many of us, that “we’re not going to make it”, or that we aren’t capable, or good enough. So many years of conditioning our souls to believe in things that just aren’t true and we forget that we are who we THINK we are. Change what you think and you can change everything! Thank you for sharing yourself with us all. You are a gift.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Linda!

  16. I had the privilege of being at Super Soul Session 2 in person and you rocked it Marie!!! Thank you for putting your heart and soul into your presentation and all that you do! I am bravely living the motto that everything is figureoutable. I’ve shifted gears from being a CPA and then a stay-at-home mom, to now being a motivational spiritual teacher and a Happiness Coach. Life is good!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh, how awesome that you were there in person, Tracy! We’re so thrilled to hear that you’re living by “everything is figureoutable” and creating the life of your dreams 🙂

  17. I promise, that from this day forward, I WILL NOT Waste one more minute of one more day saying to myself ” I don’t know if I can do that” .. because YES I CAN <3 <3 <3 Thank you Marie

  18. Oh, Marie. PREACH!!
    I laughed. I cried. I gave a standing ovation.
    Incredible!! Well done to You!! ?

  19. Michelle

    I cried. I so needed to hear this story. Thank you for all you do. I will be showing this to my 7 year old when she gets home today. I wish I would have heard this years ago. God bless.

  20. Dear Marie,

    1st of all, thank you for sharing your story – you are my hero, my inspiration and.. so I am sorry for saying to know that you had such tough moments & challenges, that helped – because to me you are a perfect star to the level of whom I (feel I) can never aspire…

    2nd more importantly – I am sorry but I do not believe it anymore..
    I used to: oh yes I did, for so long, from abusive poor family, being told at 13 ‘I’d never ever sing due to health problems’, leaving all, working since the age of 15, working in offices for 15 years now when all I am made to be on is stage, being ridiculously poor to follow the heart and passion and dreams I believe in – because like you, I believed the world is a better place if we all, me included, do what we are meant to do. I did it all..
    I tried to figure out the unfigureoutable – they told me I am too old, I still did it.
    I became a professional singer defying all the odds, at a very late age of 25, and despite many moments where I should have been dead, or no one, I am still here…

    But dreams did not survive: you see, sadly despite giving it more than 10 years, despite believing it is about talent so I could do it, because ‘ everything is (I thought) figureoutable’, despite giving it all and more, tears, years, money, time, sacrificing all, all that I am left is a broken soul.. In show business sadly some nationalities are better off than others, skin colours – as well all know – too, and after years of having another audition for a prostitute (( I am British but with Polish parents), being asked to deliver prostitute lines in a heavy stereotypical Eastern European accent to a Hollywood a-lister, I had enough. It was never about talent, it is always the same role and no matter what I sacrifice and how hard I fight, it never works out.. because in show business, sadly it is about age / skin colour / accent & passport / sex etc.

    So my question to you Marie is this?

    What to do when you LOST all your faith in ‘everything being figureoutable’ & you do not believe it anymore? When believing it and giving it all killed you inside to the point of being a functional zombie that feels more dead than alive? broken, yet functioning.. oh yes, life is still amazing and has its miracles, but what if you lost any remaining FAITH AND HOPE that your dreams can ever become true, no matter NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU FIGHT AND SACRIFICE OR TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT?


    because your speech is great, but all I can say sadly – until you try showbusiness being a foreign actor 🙂 – not everything is figureoutable…

    Yours with love –


    • Hi Maja,

      Here’s a few thoughts to consider.

      1. You always get to choose what you believe, and more importantly, whether or not you’ll make the suffering in your life redemptive and meaningful, OR proof that nothing ever works out. If you want to dive deep into this philosophy, read Viktor Frankl “Man’s Search For Meaning”

      2. I know a fair amount of people in entertainment, at every level and in every part of the field (production, actors, writers, producers, costume people, sound engineers, editors etc.). When you enter that world, you sign up for some pretty tough odds and a lot of rejection. Most people I know, who are generally happy being in entertainment, fully embrace that fact and do other things to support themselves as well, especially during lean times.

      But realize, that if you’re done with that part of your life or that industry, you can choose to dream up new dreams. You get to choose the role you’ll play in your life Maja…that of a victim, or that of a victor. Write your own script and play the leading role.

      And if you haven’t watched our episode with Elizabeth Gilbert, I think you should — you’ll really enjoy it.

      Sending you an enormous hug! XO M.

      • maja

        Dear Marie,
        1. thank you for answering!, made my day though also made me cry (in the office, as I gave up on all and dreams I do dead end boring sales job).

        2. HOW Can I chose what to believe when everything that ever happened sadly NO MATTER HOW I BELIEVED OTHERWISE – sadly confirmed there is no way I could make it?

        3. I did watch that Liz Gilbet talk (thank you for that too). Sadly I did try to make up other dreams, I did and still trying – e.g. here trying to convince myself I can like the office and forget the stage… 🙂 only to find myself crying and knowing I can’t.. but can come back to playing another one line prostitute NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRY AND GIVE AND FIGHT AND TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT …

        4. so what if you cannot give it up, and no other dreams come to heart, but that one thing is never going to be figureoutable?

        it may sound shocking but if i could, if i was depressive or had self harm in me, i often believe jumping under something is the solution – or I have to live a life of a victim (no my choice where i was born etc..) with broken wings with broken soul and no hope or faith left… Better to be dead than with a dead heart, is my philosophy..

        thank you for reply and hugs


        • Caroline - Team Forleo

          Maja, as a fellow creative, my heart goes out to you in a big way.

          In addition to what Marie shared above, I wanted to mention something that really resonated with me personally regarding what to do if you don’t have any other dreams in your heart, and that is just following your curiosity. It’s something Liz Gilbert writes about in her book “Big Magic,” and it also comes up a bit in some of her podcast episodes called “Magic Lessons.”

          She tells a couple stories in her book about both herself and other artists who suffered huge failure or experienced creative blocks, and they played around with curiosity to help heal and find their way back. One example was that she once took a painting class when she was feeling creatively blocked, and even though (as she said) she wasn’t a great painter, it helped her access her creativity again.

          It doesn’t have to be something you’re super passionate about — it can just be something fun like drawing, playing an instrument, something that you just do for yourself. It could lead you in entirely new and exciting directions, or it might just be a way to tune in to your creativity.

          There’s a lot of pressure we put on ourselves, not to mention the external pressures of the industry that you’ve mentioned, so giving yourself permission to play and experiment can be so healing for your heart and soul, and it may lead to some wonderful new discoveries.

          • maja

            thank you, and yes i agree – and i love and did experiment and advise it to everyone…

            But what if no matter how enjoying it can be, you know you just know WHAT you should be doing, yet you also know no matter how hard you try it is never going to be possible, due to some factors of how some businesses are run?

            Better be a dead-inside zombie doing something you do not want to do, or – as shocking as it sounds – really dead? It may sound shocking, but that is my question.. I keep pretending doing other things, then crying every time I realise, like when watching Marie, I lost all the faith and hope and belief I ever had, and worst I do not believe it ever could be back…

            Dead-inside, social functioning, zombie…
            but thank you! with love – M

          • Natasha Currie

            I seen so many comments that touched my heart. Your questions are powerful and can be challenging but they are real. If you give up on your self or dont know who you are or what you are capable of they might seem impossible to answer. Im going to tell my story then answer the questions and this story is for people who have given up. Who dont know that your statement is true, everything is figureoutable. You just have to believe. I am 27 with 5 kids got pregnant at 12. I come from an adopted family my mom left my grandma to take care of me and my 2 sibilings but my grandma died when i was 12 on christmas my daughter was 8 monthes she only got the chance to name her. I was lost my auntie stepped up to the plate taking care of me and my baby plus i was pregnant with another baby now my auntie couldnt have kids but god gave her heart to figure out and to not give up so now she dealing with her mother being going taking care of me and my sister plus my 2 kids so not only did she become a mother but a grandmother also. This was all new to her. Since then i had 3 more kids and my auntie has past away i didnt know a thing about really being a mother when she died i was her oldest child and i had responsibility that i did know first hand about but i knew i had to figure something out and still is its life ive been dead broke been to jail still struggling right now but know that everything has a solution i keep going. Thank you Marie idk how i found you but i found you at the right time because im just now figuring out that giving up isnt a option specially when you have people looking up to you depending on you this year i couldnt really do anything for my kids for christmas because so many trials but i wrote my kids a letter letting them know that its not the material things they will remember me being there when its all over. Now to answer your question. What would you do? I would give bk the knowledge I’ve learned over the years. Who would i become? I would become the best mother motivational speaker that i can be. I would inspire and internship upcoming mothers and fathers whose lost who dont have anybody i would give back to my community and live a life of love and joy in helping and seeing others suceed.

        • Hi Maya,
          I saw your comments and I am very concerned. I see that you’ve tried so hard. You’ve tried so hard to take care of yourself, you’ve tried so hard in show business, you’ve tried so hard to be positive but as you say you feel “broken”. I just want to tell you that I see how hard you’ve tried and you are still trying.

          It seems like you’re in a lot of pain. You’ve mentioned a few times thinking about death. You acknowledge that this is shocking. There’s a part of you that is seeking help by commenting here. Again you are trying! You try so hard.

          My suggestion may seem counter intuitive but seeing as trying isn’t working for you right now, how about not trying for a while? Lean into the pain and go down that rabbit hole in a safe therapeutic environment. Marie’s work is very future focused but I sense that you have things unresolved from the past. Thinking about the future now seems overwhelming. Therapy is all about going into the past and healing our wounds.

          I believe that we are all in a swimming pool and that we need to reach the bottom before we can push ourselves up again. Everyone has a different depth to the bottom of their pool. Going down deeper and darker can feel scary, take a guide.

          I don’t know how you feel when I say this to you but would you consider a professional therapist? You need someone that can support you along side cleaning out the wound. I can almost hear you saying now, “I’ve tried that.” Well if you have it’s likely that you went for regular talking therapy. That doesn’t work for everyone ( I mean nothing works for everyone). Because of your passion I think non talking therapy may be more appropriate for you.

          I’ve worked with children who have attempted suicide before and through play they have healed. Play and the creative arts have a way of tapping into the unconscious mind, the deep dark emotional recesses of our brains. Would you consider some kind of arts therapy? Could be Art or perhaps music or dance therapy which would make sense given your background. You are drawn to these for a reason. They are healing in a way that talking just sometimes isn’t.

          Don’t get me wrong, talking and coaching are so valuable but you have to be in the right state in order to benefit. Come back to Marie’s teachings another time, she’s not going anywhere. Let me know if I can be assistance in finding some recommendations of people in your area.
          Sending you healing vibes xxx

          • And hugs! xxx

          • maja

            oh btw yes i did therapy, it is a great thing 🙂 i have few friends therapist, i recommend it to anyone 🙂 Sadly, from what i know, therapist cannot change show biz yet ? 😉 so sadly what would it help? 🙂 as great as it is.. and no i am not depressed.. far from it. i know what i want, and how i want to live, and well if i cant, i may chose to not live 🙂 even if i believe that life is a great thing 🙂

          • maja

            Darling Rachel Winston

            for some reason my first long comment to your comment disappeared:
            so let me rewrite it:
            i may sound suffering and mention death but if you met me you d hardly believe i am the same person writing it: you see, i have a nice job with lovely people – who all know i am an actress and singer – loving bf, and all. i take care of my body. sleep, smile, eat well etc.. meditate and all.
            YET i do not believe in dreams coming true anymore, and yes inside i am broken not having that faith – i always believe you can do it, talent means something, and i ll get where i want blah blah.. then years of trying and racism in show biz happened, and no i dont believe it anymore.
            but i am FAR from depressed 🙂 i enjoy little blessings like hot shower or coffee on my desk, music, sleep, playing on my keyboard, laughing etc.

            YET i am broken yes, and i believe as i always did it s better to live happy short life than long broken one being broken inside, not believe in dreams and fighting and making it anymore…so yes i may believe i prefer to die, but it has nothing to do with depression..

            first case of euthanasia in spain was a man full of life, yet paralised who decided he preffered to die. society did not like that but one can chose…

            i am broken inside, i do not believe in good things, i do not believe everything is figureoutable .. i may smile and laugh and be all ok, but i lost all faith one can ever achieve dreams … not in show biz! try it and it ll kill you and eta you up 🙂

            that is being broken! far from sad disease of clinical depression – i know too well having mom and dad and brother sick and me being the happy go lucky fighter and survivor…

            but i fought, and gave all, and it could not change anything because show biz is the way it is and i know i dont want anything else even if yes other things are fun and nice and there is many blessings..

            i may chose to go and leave it, if i cannot do what i love and have HOPE inside.. for oscar dreams, for making it etc.

            but thank you nonetheless for care and love 🙂

            with smiles


        • Jenna Verenka

          Hi Maja and Marie
          I read this thread, and I have the following thoughts…
          figuring out our problems or even our path in life we use our ever capable problem solving minds and our skills, but when we suffer loss and pain, the emotions that result often drive us to drastic solutions.. keep in mind our emotions are not something that to be “figured out” its better to accept our thoughts and feelings….even feelings of deep hopelessness and despair… The trouble comes when we get “fused” with our hopelessness…”fused” with your brokeness..Maja you are having an experience of brokeness but you are not broken… together we can help each other find our wings..

        • Tracy

          Why do you believe the only place for you to share your talent is in USA/Hollywood?
          Why not think of taking your heritage and talent to its origins? ie. Europe?
          Denmark, Sweden, France are excellent film makers.
          UK? You telling me they wouldn’t be interested in a beautiful soul like yourself playing a real role? Their actors are very real – crooked teeth, skinny legs, funny accents real.
          If you hadn’t noticed, I am an “everything is figureoutable” type of person!

      • maja

        ps you say :ENTER that world – i do not believe this is EVER a CHOICE – i wish i could chose not to do it, but stage or being on stage is not a choice rather something that sadly choses you.. I wish i could chose sales or finance instead! Helas..

        • Maja,

          Thank you for sharing all of this. I loved reading this and Marie’s response was amazing! I know how you feel and you can find every way to prove that right now. I get it, I’ve been there. But what Marie is saying is that you CHOOSE what you believe in. You Choose what you feel is possible. You choose the thoughts you think that create your reality.

          Why don’t you build your own stage and stand on it!?

          I’m rooting for you 🙂


        • Maja – you can be proud of yourself for trying. Maybe you are blessed to know what you love and want to do…even if it hasn’t come to pass AS YOU WANT IT TO. Some (many) people don’t know what their hearts desire and will search all their lives.

          Is it better to have loved and “lost” than to have never loved at all? That is rhetorical. There will always be love, there will always be light. In the darkest places light shines through even the tiniest of cracks…


          • maja

            Dear Kerry
            thank you! for reading my comment and my post and understanding! and not telling me ‘to imagine it’ or other blah blah from people who kind and wanting to help but having no idea what it’s like..

            yes i did try, gave all, and lost..
            so badly i feel dead so inside i often wonder if it would not be better to be real dead..

            but i did try and yes i always knew.. and it hurts like hell
            but i did try..

            thank you god bless you X
            wishing you never feel that broken ever

          • FreddieBrown

            I don’t want to sound like a heartless person but after reading all your comments and replies, I think you feel a lot of SELF PITY and you actually enjoy your PITY PARTY because you are getting attention.
            People like you will not respond to reasoning and loving suggestions. You have made up your mind about the world you live in and nothing anyone can say will change your mind. So, go ahead and enjoy your own pity party – and remember you don’t have to invite others to join you. Remember also, that you are OK as you are.

  21. You’re such a great storyteller, Marie. I felt like I was right there in the airport with you.

    If I held that conviction to be true I’d put myself out there and finally do the food and nutrition videos that I’ve been planning forever. I’ve been caught up in the how to’s and trying to make it perfect while getting nowhere. Thanks for the inspiration as always. And congratulations on the session, you did a great job!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Go for it, Marisa! I always get caught up in perfection and “how-to’s” myself, and found this MarieTV totally game changing in that regard, so I thought I might share it just in case you hadn’t seen it (it’s a great one!):

    • Ode

      Marisa, you and me both. Mm!, mm!, mm! I’m gonna break away from that though, I really am, and I’m wishing you the same.

  22. maja

    “What we need now, more than anything else, is people who believe in what’s possible.” –
    what if you no longer are able to ever believe it, Marie?

    is what I am saying….

    in tears –


    • Rache

      Hi Maja,
      I want to share this to you with love…
      1. Even if the solution is already in your face, if you believe that there’s no solution at all, then you will never see it nor notice it. Your actions will stick to whatever you believe in because you dont want to feel wrong about what you claim to believe. Right now you choose to believe that there is no solution for you. So thats what you see. Im not saying that if you choose to believe that there is a solution to your problem then the solution will appear to you right away (but most of the time it does). You have to be commited enough to your dreams that no matter how tough things are, you are loyal to your dreams (and not to those who says you cant nor to the circumstances that tell you you can reach it.) Ask yourself, are you committed? Are you loyal to your dreams?
      2. Whatever you feel right now is because of how you define your situation. If you say that your situation sucks then that how you will feel. If you define that whats happening to you now is just a test on how commited and loyal you are to your dreams then you will feel differently (maybe determined instead of sad). If you want to change how you feel instantly, then change the the meaning that you put to your situation right now.
      I hope this helps Maja. 🙂 ♡♡♡

      • Dana

        You are your hero.
        You are not a victim, unless you want that.
        With love I’m writing. Your strong believes dictate your life. Try writing down what you think about your dream job and realize that that’s your reality. Try changing those believes if you want something different to happen… I totally agree that we learn to think a certain way because of our experiences but stop. You can’t attract anything better if you continue to have the same believes that brought you here.
        Warm hugs,

      • maja

        Dear R
        1st of all thank you for your care
        2nd : you see if you met me, you d never guess i wrote all this:i work in a great company doing sales (they know i am actress and singer), i laugh, i sing, i smile etc…
        I am not’ suffering’ outside meaning the fact that show biz is the way it is, well it s not like depression or sickness and yes i sleep eat and make myself happy i.e. my body. You may be broken and lose faith in dreams because you did try and sadly not everything is figureoutable, esp not show biz :), as racist and limited as it is, and function, but not be ‘depressed’ esp not in a medical way.
        I believe it is better to live short, than to live unhappily.
        I do not see how i could get an oscar and make it in the business that does not want me. so yes i can think of dying, without being depressed…

        i always believed it s better to jump up from high and die than to live in a lie, doing a nice job with nice people and pretend to be happy..
        but it does not mean i am depressed. probably quite the contrary..

        thank you nonetheless..

    • Amy

      Maja, let me add my encouragement to the voices here. In your comments, underneath your frustrations and questions, I still hear your hope in possibilities. You’re still searching. And bravo for not giving up, even when you feel like giving up, ESPECIALLY when you feel that way!

      And forgive me, if this seems silly, but a small voice in the back of my mind wonders: how are you caring for yourself? Are you getting enough sleep and exercising and eating well? All those things we “know” we should do, but sometimes forget about when life gets stressful. I encourage you to be sure you’re caring for yourself so that you can keep seeking and hoping for the best of possibilities.

      With love,

      • maja

        thank you Amy :*
        sadly i DID give up, and I DID LOSE all hope and faith.
        and yes i care about myself – good note!
        but that does not change the way the business words, or my past / where i was born etc, or nothing really.. as good as it is (so well thought!) thank you and love x

    • Ode


      I hear your cry and frustration which are genuine by the way, but as someone else stated, you might be letting that cloud your judgement. It is true what they say that, if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem begins to look like a nail to you.

      There’re things/aspects/characters, etc. from your culture that might not have been written about or portrayed yet in Hollywood that has let you down so much that you could wow us with if you’re willing to create and figure it out.

      Screw Hollywood, create your own stage.

  23. Deb

    Thank you so much, Marie, for sharing this story. This was utterly amazing; worth all the blood, sweat and tears you put into it. I laughed and cried at the same time. I am in the midst of starting a business. The pendulum between self-confidence and self-doubt swings wildly. Thanks for helping to swing that pendulum in the positive direction.

  24. Powerful talk, Marie. Thank you for sharing what makes you you and for the inspiration.

  25. Crista

    Wow! You nailed it Marie. I was in tears throughout, mostly in laughter! But also in pride for the phenomenal job you did.

    And your message was so powerful. Ever since first meeting your work, “Everything is figuroutable” has become my own mantra.

    So if it’s true, then I’m going to be okay. My husband just asked me for a divorce, because I too love my work. So now I’m on my own. I’ve got nothing but that seed of a business I’m birthing. But that business (thanks to BSchool) is already taking root and has helped hundreds of others. So I will start this new life one step at a time, in faith, knowing that when I feel lost or alone, I will figure it out.

    • Louise Bartlett

      Sending you so much love and light!

  26. Wow Marie! You are SO awesome!
    Had to take a deep breath to sinc in all the wisdom and emotions that came up during your talk. As I see you talk, I thank you for your YES to YOUR purpose and mission, and makes me think: what if I could help people that deeply by saying YES to MY mission and purpose? Since everything is figureoutable, I am gonna figure out how to put my light out there. Thank you Marie. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    May everything Holly always bless your vacations, your piñatas and your marriage.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lovely, Marina! I love your question about saying yes to YOUR mission. That’s such a great thing to ponder and dig into. Shine your light 🙂

  27. Beautiful presentation, Marie! Very inspiring and touching, I even shed a tear of joy! Everything IS indeed figuroutable.
    You’ve got yourself a fearless and wise mom there, Marie, congratulations!
    Love your style!

  28. Everything is indeed figureoutable! Love it.

  29. Inbal

    Wow, I cried several times. Loved your speech Marie.

  30. Daniela

    Gorgeous Marie!

    I may just say that a beloved teacher said once that God
    is like a antena on whoich we may choose to tune it or to other frequencies ..of entertainment!


    each one on his field! JUST THE HIGHEST VALUE^TO DELIVER!

    IMAGINE! 🙂

    success forward!

  31. Marie, you are an amazing speaker! Your story had so many golden nuggets!!!! From the effort it takes to mend and keep relationships, balancing your two loves and rolling up your sleeves to make whatever you need to happen to Mama Forleo words of wisdom.
    What could I make happen if I truly believed that everything is figure out-able? There was something in your story that is related to my hearts heart desire. The impact your mom made on you about saving money, wise spending and hard work is exactly what I want to raise awareness about, the impact we have on our children in regards to money and spending. I want to help parents be aware and choose how they want to model and teach their children about the value of money and how to utilize it for what it is, a tool.
    Hats off to you Marie for your words, stories and impact you are making in your causes and hearts desires!!! Thank you for this video today!

  32. This is absolutely true… Awesome video!

  33. How to get to the next level, how to let go and employ help to back me up. I can figure out how to go from being a one woman show to attracting the people into my life who will empower me. I will figure out how to build the infrastructure to support my expansion, the people who will support my growth. It’s all there, I just haven’t accessed it yet. At 62 I’ve just started to believe I am an artist. Now it’s time to build the business of sharing my art, my products, my vision. I have the desire and the drive, I will figure out how to go to the next level, and so it is.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh, it’s so lovely that you’re believing you’re an artist now. That belief is so crucial and I think it’s what makes all the hustle and drive possible. We’re cheering you on, Laurel!

  34. Amen! Amazing job and amazing message. Thank you for speaking into so many lives and inspiring us to transform our thoughts and actions. My entire life and work mission is to rise above the life circumstances. We always have that choice to move forward.

  35. Loved the presentation. I don’t watch many as I feel I have seen enough. You were/are very good. Incidentally in answer to your question. I would learn to market myself digitally in order to make the most of my talents. I have a four book series to self publish and I already dread the process of trying to be noticed. Que sera sera. I can and I will.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      “I can and I will” — I love that, Gary!

      When you’re gearing up to get the word out there about your books, feel free to explore our MarieTV library. We have so many amazing MarieTV episodes that talk about marketing and building a reputation in an authentic, heartfelt way, so you might find some helpful tips there!

  36. This was amazing! I am so very very happy for you.

    I have been working on a few things and feeling a little overwhelmed with it all. This message today helped me to realize that everything indeed is figureoutable!!!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much!


  37. Marie, I just watched your talk, and I got tears in my eyes! You are such a wonderful human being! Thank you so much for doing what you do and inspiring and encouraging me and so many, many others! You are a rolemodel to me. Letting shine through all your heart and soul through all what you do is just wonderful beyong words! Thank you so much!

  38. What a great talk, Marie. Congrats on nailing it! Your message is one I hope to pass along to others. In terms of my own life, I’m a fairly determined gal who tends to agree with your message. I think my biggest takeaway, however, is the idea that if everything is figureoutable, I could benefit from calming down a bit and reminding myself that things will get sorted out, in due time. In other words, sometimes the pressure and urgency I place on myself hinders my ability to be effective as I figure stuff out! So that’s something I want to work on.

    • I really love what you shared A. Rob and agree 10,000%~

  39. Linda

    Thank you for this talk and for being the authentic amazing person you are in the world Marie! When I watched your talk I was so touched by it, it moved me to tears! Such inspiration and authenticity!

  40. I would stop fearing some vague consequences, problems or imaginary issues that I can’t even know *would* happen, if I reached for true greatness.

    I would become unstoppable in helping others, inspiring them to consciously choose happiness and joy in the everyday life.

    Beautiful talk, Marie. I especially smiled at your plane story, as a similar situation happened to me and my partner on JFK too! For us it was on the way back from holiday though, heading home so we did take the plane next day. I admire your creativity in that moment and it’s a perfect example of how strongly you believed that you could make it.

    This really made me think. I thought I already had that “mind talk” down. But now I choose to be even more mindful. THANK YOU. This was a touching experience.

    Sending love to you, your family, your team and all MFInsiders here,
    Kat xx

  41. I lost my husband, my love of my life, perfect-for-me, best friend, soul mate after 7 blissful years together to cancer on Super Bowl Sunday. He died in a hospital bed in our dining room after a 2 1/2 year long battle with metastatic melanoma. After three months, I’ve been actively grieving, leaning into the pain and sorrow, reading all I can about grief, talking to a hospice counselor, and trying to understand this foreign place I’ve found myself. Your talk was truly transformative for me this morning. I sat here doing my own ugly cry, feeling inspired and heart broken, hopeful and desperately sad all at the same time.

    I am figuring this out and John knew that I would. It made it easier for him to go. Next month I’ll move back “home” to Portland, Oregon to be closer to my family and friends. It’s a big step and I’m taking it with a lot of unknowns. I’ve been second guessing that decision but your message has affirmed my faith in myself and my ability to navigate this very unfamiliar ground.

    Thanks Marie. You are a blessing. You blessed me in a huge way today.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Julie, I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband, and please accept our sincerest condolences.

      It means so much to know that everything Marie shared here really resonated with you today, and we’re sending so much love to you.

  42. Hi Marie,
    You’re inspirational. A big thank you to your Mother for helping raise a strong, determined and charming woman. Everything IS figure-out-able! The world is yours for the taking. There are no barriers in life… These are principles I am also teaching my son. I’m glad I randomly came across you, I’m all the way in New Zealand, with big goals and big dreams. One day I hope to meet and speak with Oprah, or even be on that same stage as you sharing something insightful and life changing. Is there any way you would do one-on-one business mentorship with somebody on the other side of the world? You never know what opportunities await you… You should visit New Zealand. God bless.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Teuila! We’re so glad you came across our work, and that you’ve been tuning in all the way from New Zealand. Although Marie doesn’t do one-on-one business mentoring or coaching, we have hundreds of amazing MarieTV episodes that you can tune into anytime (for free!) and we also have some incredible business training programs too (B-School and The Copy Cure).

      If you have any questions about those programs or anything we do, please feel free to drop us a line anytime at info AT marieforleo DOT com! 🙂

  43. Sue

    Congratulations on your talk! Everything really is figureoutable. xoxo

  44. Bravo Marie! Great talk and great message. I believe everyone has the ability if they apply themselves.
    It reminds me of this great word and concept we have in India –

    It is generally used as a word to- represent an innovative fix or a simple work-around,[2] used for solutions that bend rules, or a resource that can be used as such, or a person who can solve a complicated issue. This meaning is often used to signify creativity to make existing things work or to create new things with meager resources.
    – Wikipedia

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I love that, Shivani!

  45. Meral

    You are truly wonderful, Marie!!! Thank you for all the wisdom and authenticity.
    Saludos from Buenos Aires!

  46. Brava, Marie, brava!

  47. Absolutely beautiful, Marie. Thank you for the inspiration and congratulations – that was one outstanding presentation you delivered.

  48. Ela

    Great speech. I felt like watching Carrie Bradshaw, and that’s good cause I miss her!

  49. Lee Tonia Lenoir Smith

    Dear Maria
    My name is Ms Lee Tonia Lenoir Smith, I want to say thank you I miss watching on Sunday but I watched the others and I thought I would time on Monday but nope I went bed late after cleaning up today God made it possible your email was the first thing seen and I know God was here with me this while listening to you no one knew my doubts about writing my book I have been writing it for a while and I am almost done but I find myself Doubting myself but today is day I will look fear in face and say no more.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you. LeeToniLeeToniaLeno

  50. Cathy

    oh yeah, Marie, you nailed it in that talk! I was taught a similar lesson at the tender age of 16 when I was told I couldn’t go to France with my French class because the school wouldn’t approve the trip. Long story short – when I told my mom, through my tears (after working to pay my own way and all expenses entirely on my own), she said – “just because you’re told no, doesn’t mean it’s always no – we can figure this out and you will take that trip”….I ended up going – not knowing a soul from other schools and learning the best lesson of all “just because you’re told no doesn’t mean it’s always no….get up and get moving girl! ” . That was a life lesson that has moved me forward every day. Thanks, Marie, I needed your reminder that everything is figure-out-able in the midst of working on a project I’ve been struggling with….I love who you are and your upbeat messages. Everything really is figure-out-able.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a great story and lesson to learn at a young age, Cathy. It’s so awesome you were able to go to France and make that happen! 🙂

    • Kerry

      Awesome Mom….:)

  51. Thanks for sharing your story Rie! Figureoutable is a mindset. What would I do? Create – create value that the entire world could benefit from.

  52. Shery

    I am doing the ugly cry. Wow just awesome !

  53. I haven’t watched this yet (I’m about to), but just knowing it’s out in the world already makes me wanna cry. I love you so much! My day has been made.

  54. That was amazing. Thank you.

  55. Great job Marie, I cried and laughed. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Great message. You rocked. I already have answered this question long ago, with B-School and your help in changing my life. Thank you all over again. xoxo

  56. Well done! Awesome talk…
    It made me think of the Dutch saying “Where there is a will, there is a way”
    What I’d do … I am doing. I want to know & discover how the world works, how we can heal it, ourselves. I want to know what the meaning is of life, if magic is real and how powerfull we really are as humans. I am doing my research and writing my book. May take a while but i’ll figure out how to get it done 🙂

    Much inspired & motivated by people like you and Oprah, thank you!


  57. Kim

    I absolutely, positively needed to hear this, this morning. There comes a point in your life where you have to embrace what you’ve got and follow through. My favorite line is “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again” Loved every word Marie!.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you…

  58. Mariss

    Wow — did I need this today. As always, thank you. You are a life changer. XO

  59. That was beautiful Marie…you are an amazing soul….love, love loved it!

  60. Ha, Ha, Ha! What a blast…Thoroughly enjoyed listening. It feeds my soul to watch Marie doing what it is she’s meant to be doing in this lifetime. Marie your fiercely you and you’re loved so much for for your authenticity.
    What would you do? – I’ll continue to keep evolving, to be the best version of me I can be and allow that to unfold exactly as it’s meant to.
    Who would you become? – A leader for those I’m meant to serve in this lifetime.
    What would you heal or transform or transcend? My mind…those limiting thoughts, patterns, beliefs and behaviours that keep you small and hold you back.
    Ultimately I’d fulfil a purpose and serve. That’s precisely why we all should strive to figure out how to keep letting go of what keeps us small and limits our creativity.
    Hell yeah…of course it’s always figureoutable!

  61. Bravo woman. I laughed. I cried. It was better than Cats. (Seriously) Currently working on a new talk and your clarity and passion are such an inspiration.
    The thing I want to believe is figureoutable is climate change. Specifically plastic. I know plastic is a symptom of a single use consumption mentality, but it would still be swell to have an alternative to something that never goes away for single use items.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hahaha, better than Cats — I love that, Emily!

  62. So many Amens.

  63. Marie, You are a beautiful soul. I’m one year in to having my own coaching practice. I know that I’m here to serve, but sometimes I feel the urgency in “making it work” and that I’m not making the impact I’m born to make in the world. Again and again, your words remind me that I have to do is keep showing up and TRUST that what is in my highest good will be presented to me if I only listen and keep my eyes open. Thank you and bless you!

  64. Wow Marie, you are truly growing from strength to strength. This is one of the best talks I have heard you do.

    Thank you for figuring out who you are and what you can bring into this world. You are a true mt mentor from afar and inspiration.

    I am slowly evolving into the person the world needs me to be. Not that I am conforming to societies standards but rather taking what I was born for seriously and wholeheartedly. I am slowing figuring out that I need to be able to learn and grow on my own natural timeline. Being able to stop and believe in what I am capable of and how my uniqueness can help me encourage and invest in those around me. And it’s ok to fail and fall as these are the moments we truly find how brave we can be.

    Never stop growing and learning. Believe in your true calling and reach for the impossible.

  65. Hi Marie,
    I really LOVED this. You are so real and true.

    Katie 🙂

  66. Marie – so very splendid. You are on magnificent form here. Truly in your power; it’s an extraordinary thing to listen to you speak – sharing such personal moments – and translating them for a collective understanding. You are so inspiring to me: thank you!

  67. I’M all about Marie Forleo! You absolutely rock Mary. You did a great talk and all the head crunching and mind blisters thats you got, writing that speech down, don’t matter anymore. You figured it out amazingly!

    Bravo! Très inspirante.

  68. So amazing and inspiring!!
    This testilony from Marie gives strength and inspirations. While I’m facing some issues now, I already know I could make it. But sometimes, hearing succesful people like her just give the kick in the ass to face every kind of things.

    Thank you so much for all.
    Greets from France,
    Raynald, “Peace light and guidance to every breathing ones.”

  69. Angelique

    Wow – that was awesome! You are a force to be reckoned with. What a way to start off the day!

  70. Marie, WOW, you never stop encouraging and inspiring me – Thank you for sharing so much of your personal story! Right now I feel so incredibly motivated and I’m certain that eventually I’ll figure out how to become a successful (and well paid) artist and surface pattern designer.

  71. As I sit here, after just wrapping up B School. I could have never imagined that I could be any more inspired than I have been over the last 6 weeks while learning from you.
    But you did it – once again – there are tears, laughter, and so much inspiration!
    Thank you Marie! For being who you are and sharing it with us.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Liz. Thank you so much for your sweet note, and we’re so glad you enjoyed Marie’s Oprah speech. Such great timing at the end of B-School too! 🙂

  72. Ron

    I wish I knew what I was born for Maria, 69 next month and my search still has no answer. I’ve slowed down a lot since reaching o.a.p status though and I suppose that’s what happens -plus these hormone injections to keep prostate cancer at bay has played a huge part in having my motivationl taken away. A hinderence yes no doubt about that, but me being such a curious wotnot it’s still not a dead duck. SO, SOD IT it’s not over yet, i’ll just have to get fired up in short bursts and gain momentum again that way.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ron, it’s definitely not over and it’s never too late to ask those questions. I’m sorry to hear that you’re battling cancer, and we’re sending loads of healing wishes your way.

      While I was reading your note, I thought I might share another recent MarieTV episode we did that talks about finding the work you’re meant to do for a few other little nuggets of wisdom:

      Keep following that curiosity – we’re cheering you on!

  73. Lakica Beatrice (@lakishabeatrice)

    Thank you. Am going to figure out how to leave my night mare job. My boss never gives me peace.

  74. Our family did this. We took the plunge. We left successful careers, sold our perfect Gentleman’s farm and moved to Idaho to run a 1200 acre regenerative agriculture farm. We were soaring high, featured in Fortune Magazine, selected as a 2015 Savory Hub candidate (one of 30 in the world under Alan Savory- one of the top 6 agrarians in the world). Then, mold struck our family due to a builder’s error. Suddenly our family was crippled by neurological tics, semi-hemiplegic migraines and neurocognitive issues- our children literally went from Mac OS X to Apple II in cognitive capability virtually overnight as their bodies writhed in pain. The children & I had to leave the farm in search of healing- with a resolute promise we’d return. My husband is still there- caring for the farm & his 95 year old mother. It’s been a year & we’ve learned a lot. We’re going back. We still don’t have all the answers but we are firmly resolute that “Everything is figureoutable.” With faith the size of a mustard seed, we will heal ourselves, the land & the community to complete the vision of sustainability we committed to when we started the farm. Miracles will happen. Thank-you Marie, I needed the reminder & am posting it on my mirror so that it reminds me daily. We already have the victory- we just need to remember that fact.

  75. Joan Tuck

    I so needed to hear that. Thank you . At a very low point in my life but I will figure it out. Very inspirational.

  76. Michelle Burnes

    Marie, you had me in tears! I laughed my butt off (at work!) watching you on stage running through the airport. Oh my gosh, you were GREAT! Thank you for keeping it REAL, like I knew you would! I’m so honored to be a B-Schooler 🙂
    Okay. Now on to my thoughts inspired by your questions.
    I wouldn’t let fear stop me from living the life that I know I was born to live. I’m in the middle of a divorce right now. It’s a confusing time and I’m really scared. I question how I’m going to handle all of this and show up for my kids the way they deserve. The good news is that I DO believe everything is figureoutable. I too grew up with a mom who taught me this. An amazing, strong, courageous single mom who never gave up (and fixed her own stuff too).
    I’d also be be more vulnerable and share my stories more to connect with people through love. I’d write the book, launch the business, and be a loving guide for young women to see their own value and worthiness early on in life.
    These are just some of things that I would do. Better yet, WILL do / AM doing 🙂
    Massive gratitude and love to you and all of Team Forleo! XOXO

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Michelle — thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. We’re sending so much love your way for navigating your transition and figuring it out — I know you will! We’re so honored to have you as a B-Schooler! <3 <3

      • Michelle Burnes

        THANK YOU, Caroline. Your kindness is inspiring and appreciated so, so much!

  77. Inspiring and motivating as always, Marie! THANK YOU for sharing your gifts with the world. I feel inspired and have been taking small steps to move into my greatness. I always have the mantra of everything is figureoutable in my head… and it keeps me moving on little by little. I’m celebrating my small accomplishments and stepping into my greatness and know that finding you and B-School was the catalyst in doing so after experiencing some severe post-natal depression. You came along at exactly the right time and I’m forever grateful for you and your work and helping me see that I need to step into my greatness and start kicking some ass!
    THANK YOU for all that you do!!!

  78. I am so truly grateful for you Marie. Thank you for fueling my soul. Exactly what I needed to hear today.

  79. Susan McLaughlin

    Thank you so much for sharing this! My answer to your question, what would I do knowing that everything is figure-out-able? I would step into my power and make it possible for others to do the same. I would build a business centered around lifting other people up to reach their dreams. I would use my story and my tools to give others the strength to find their voices and their passions.

  80. Sally

    I would educate women and children worldwide, so that they can live without fear.

  81. Megan

    You rocked it. Completely inspiring. This is a keeper that I will watch again and again.

  82. Wow Marie, what a moving talk, you were filled with such heart and love. And I felt so proud of you 🙂 The strange thing is I searched for your talk on the super soul sessions site this afternoon, then just after watching it I opened my inbox and there was your email about your talk!
    Thank you for the reminder, everything is figuroutable, it was just what I needed today. It has giving me a nudge to keep doing little things everyday to move my business, the Happiness Practice, which provides holistic mental health, forward. Thank you again.

  83. Oh Marie. I fall in love with your glow, gumption, and inspiration more and more. It’s not a new message you shared, but your delivery tugged at my heart and filled my eyes up with tears. You’re able to share a repeated message in a way that strikes a new chord every time I hear it. Right now, I’m in the process of working through feelings of overwhelm trying to figure out how to make an old office building into the cafe location of my dreams. Really, I’m trying to figure out how to piece all of the present opportunities in connection to my bigger goals pulling me forward. “Everything is figureoutable” is definitely going to be one of my default mantras now. I’ve evaded sitting down and writing a business plan because I keep thinking, “Oh my gosh there’s just so much to research and learn, how am I going to do this?” Everything is figureoutable, and I’m well on my path right now achieving exactly this. Thank you Marie, sending so much love and light your way!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes!! You’ve got this, Jasmine. We’re sending tons of love right back! xo

  84. Bravo Marie! You had me laughing and crying! Thank you for the amazing speech and personal stories. I know I’ll remember them always and they will be there when I need the inspiration.

  85. Wow, Marie. Congratulations and a half! Looking forward to watching. Glad I’m able to see it from Australia, as sometimes these kinds of videos are blocked outside the US.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh that’s awesome, Elly! We’re so glad it’s visible in Australia, and hope you enjoy checking it out 🙂

  86. Thanks Marie,

    I really needed to hear this, of all days today.
    Yesterday was my birthday, and after several months of pretty harsh financial difficulties I had been feeling quite downcast and “defeated”. The company I founded with a friend on Novemeber hasn’t been able to actually take off, almost all of the projects we had developed had been cancelled and only a couple remain on the “maybe will happen” side.
    Still there are many things I can try, to figureout a way to move forward. I cannot dwell on the feelings of defeat, tiredness, depression.
    It has been one of the most difficult periods of my life, no income, about ot be sacked from the house I rent (for lack of payment), multiple debts, etc… My girlfriend has been amazing, helping and supporting me as much as she can but in the end this whole situation I must figure it out.
    I will figure out a way to become succesful in my profession as a consultant and life coach, I will regain the peace of mind and heart to continue helping my coachees and clients to become succesful themselves.
    Thanks again Marie, for sharing and amazing and truly motivating message at the right time.

  87. Anasuya

    Here’s what I, not only would do, I will do: Find a way to ensure that all people have clean water to drink, education for women and children, support meditation programs in K – 12 grade schools, become a motivational public speaker, write and publish my life story and at least 8 other books that I have titles for, express my gratitude in a financially meaningful way to friends and family who have been so deeply loyal over my lifetime, be a leader in uplifting the quality of life for all of humanity and the life of our planet. Yes, I know these are lofty and grand ideas. For far too long I have thought of myself as way too small and not valuing who I am. No longer. I am great! I am a brilliant, intelligent, loving soul and I am here to love myself profoundly and teach others how to do the same!

  88. My god, Marie. It’s a good thing I am at home watching this and not in that audience. I am balling my eyes out. You speak to my soul. Thank you for for being so brave in this world and empowering me to feel the same.

  89. Wonderful. I love the story of your mom. She sounds like an amazing woman and role model. To answer your deeply profound question, I would end animal cruelty and would find a way to ensure that biological diversity was maintained globally. This is by far an enormous task and seems daunting. Animal cruelty lurks EVERYWHERE and dealing with humans who don’t value life – human life even – seems beyond difficult…even impossible. How do you rationalize with irrational people or people who don’t care or hold the values you do? But, as I sit in the airport on my way to a Wolf Sanctuary to find ways to work with them and spread the word through art and outreach, I am dedicated to the cause and continue to hope that change is possible.

  90. Marie,

    Your airport story had me laughing! I could relate to your story on so many levels! I have to remind myself that although a situation might not be funny at the time, if I can look back and see the humor in a tough situation, my life is infinitely more interesting, blessed and happy than it may appear at first glance. And yes, everything is figure-outable! Out of necessity, it’s been my motto since I was a young girl. Thank you for spreading your words of humor, encouragement and hope. Sending you much love.

  91. Tomas

    You are spot on! The only thing that stops us is us. Thanks for the reminder. Now I have to get out there and kick some ass.
    Love , Tomas

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Woohoo, cheers for kicking ass and taking names! 😉

  92. Gracie Davis

    I would stop telling myself that I’m too old, too limited, and too busy to find and follow my dreams. I would create a life where my mindset would allow the day to day grind to wear me down. I would accept baby steps as progress and be okay with the process of finding my true calling. With so many interests and duties, I have lost my authentic self.

    I believe I can find her again. I can heal the wounded child so that I can give fully and freely again without whittling away to a shell. My interests and inner voice would not be silenced for the sake of others’ comfort level. It is time to work around what I perceive as my limitations- many of which I have created. I want to create a legacy that I can be proud of. One in which I share my gifts with others and in turn help them create a happier life.

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with world and me, Marie. You are my inspiration!

  93. Thank you Marie I would first do what your passion is will continue donating to compassion collective your incredible

  94. Monique

    Tears of Joy, Marie! If everything is Figureoutable, I would become a Law of Attraction Master, create a life I love, and teach others to do the same! You so rocked it!

  95. So many things come to mind when I imagine truly BELIEVING that everything is figuroutable! It makes me realize how many limits I place on myself and how I accept the status quo.
    – I would figure out a way to buy a home for myself and my kids when we live in one of the most expensive areas in the country.
    – I would put more effort into my work to prevent underage drinking and substance abuse in our community – despite the resistance and daunting statistics.
    – I would take more action on a daily basis toward building my business instead of falling back on excuses like I’m “too busy” or “too tired”.
    – I would re-commit to my yoga practice despite my health challenges and (false) belief that I can no longer do it.
    The list goes on and on.
    Thanks for showing us how it’s done Marie. You’ve helped me so much through B-School and are such an inpiration. Thanks for keeping it real. You rock.

  96. Marie, if there was one–and there were lots and lots more believe me–but if there was one message I took away from b-school it was this line from your mom. I have heard it in my head dozens and dozens of times over the past two years. It has been an inspiration for me, truly. Yes–I can; Yes–we all can. So thank you so much your words and all you have inspired. I have figured out more technology, stepped way out of my comfort zone so many times, based on “figure-out-able.” Whew. Goals for me: unite this mantra with the metaphor of growing a garden to growing my business to the next level. With conscious integrity. Thanks again, Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Jeannie! <3

  97. I’ve never switched from being so emotional to laughing so much in one go! Absolutely brilliant storyteller as usual, Marie. This line was my favourite part of the whole talk – gave me shivers! “Meaning that NOTHING, no thing, no situation, no circumstance…will ever again stop you from moving ahead.” Thank you <3

  98. WOW Marie! Bravo for an amazing talk, you continue to wow us all the time 🙂 A true inspiration. thank you for being you <3 <3 <3

  99. Thank you Marie! Super inspired by your powerful intention to make it and to inspire others to make it. Your mama taught you well 🙂 My mama has been guiding me in spirit for many years now. Much love + good vibes!! XO

  100. Marie – I LOVED your story and your message is quite timely. I know deep down I believe anything is possible but even acting on it I have my ups and downs. Right now I’m working on my second novel, and growing my business, both are those require a lot of time and energy and attention. But I have to remind myself I can do this, I’m building a dream, I’ve seen success in the past and I will see it in the future. I will get to the next level, I will make big things happen. I will not give up. Because everything is figureoutable, I just need to keep reminding myself of that fact!

  101. Pamela Gold

    Brilliant and inspiring! I am going to share what I have to offer. I am going to launch, thanks in no part to B School, what I was destined to create. Thank you Marie, for EVERYTHING YOU ARE!

  102. Fab

    Amazing balls!!! Thank you!
    I’m going to figure out powerful and compassionate ways to communicate and collaborate with an ex who navigates this world in very different ways than I do and find solutions to co parent in respectful and friendly manners that it works not only for our son but for the highest good of all involved. We are all in this together! ??❤️

  103. romani bays

    The greatest change I want to be a part of making in this world, is not about myself, it’s about peace and kindness to all living things… not just the human form…. I sign petitions daily and have been for many years, to try and make a difference.. to bring awareness to the holocaust for animals, the factory farming, the chickens, all types of birds, fish.. all creatures.. what I wish for is not impossible, that is why I will continue.. even tho it does seem impossible.. change doesn’t happen unless you try to make change… it will not happen in my lifetime… but I want kindness to ALL life… world veganism.. no more hunting, no more fishing, no more cruelty and captivity for our fellow Earthlings…

  104. A: To inspire and train a new generation of mom entrepreneurs, to show them they don’t have to settle for the status quo – racing home to pick up the kids from daycare, feeling guilty the entire time. To know that you CAN create a meaningful business from your ideas, skills and experience….but more importantly, that you are worthy of that type of freedom + success.

    Great talk, Marie. We’re going to make it.

  105. Gillian Thomas

    Marie, I listened to your message on Super Soul TV and I absolutely love it! Thank you for the reminder.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, thank you so much for tuning in, Gillian!

  106. Surabhi Avhad

    Hi Marie… You jacked me up with so much courage, belief and hope that I’m ready to take my life in my hands because it’s nobody else’s business, it’s mine. The answer to your question, I will design, make patterns and construct those 6 garments required for my graduation fashion show and I WILL DO IT IN TIME! Doesn’t matter if the captain (College) says we will be running late. I WILL make myself proud. THANK YOU SO MUCH ?❤

  107. So freakin’ good on so many levels. As a b-school grad, I’ve held your mama’s wise words in my heart ever since. And when I get scared or tell myself that I don’t think I’m cut out to handle the task at hand, I remember that “everything is figureoutable” and get myself right with God and let Him show me how. I’m writing a book and there are days when I think, “what on earth made me think I could do this?” and then I remember, “everything is figureoutable” and get myself right with God and let Him give me the words. It took me a long time to be where I am and there is a part of me that is so envious of your success at such a young age, but then I remember that God’s divine timing is always perfect and right on time. I’m grateful for you Marie and grateful to be teachable even at sixty!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I so love this, Kathleen. Trusting in that divine timing of our lives is SO important and such a great reminder. We’re so grateful to have you in our B-School family! xo

  108. WOW — TRULY TRULY TRULY if I thought everything was figure-out-able … I would find a way to make the public school system work for EVERYONE (of all races, genders, religions, ability levels, giftedness, SES… EVERYONE) So we could REALLY See justice and equality start to evolve in a real and tangible way in this country …

  109. What an amazing talk! First, Marie, as you said in the email with this link, “And if you’ve ever have the mistaken idea that I always ‘have it all together’ — this one’s for you.”

    If there was any moment in that talk that you didn’t have it all together, girl, you are my new guru! Because I didn’t see one!

    As for the question, what would I do? Well, when you put in terms that “Everything is Figureoutable”, I would have to start with the simplest fact first and the rest will follow – if everything is figureoutable, I need to stop worrying about things not working out. After that, anything is possible – building a successful magazine, building a successful graphic design business, being an amazing mother and wife, taking a vacation…the list goes on.

    Thank you, Marie, for a positive start to my morning and life.

  110. Christina

    So awesome! I loved it, and I live by this mantra. I told someone the other day that I may not have all the natural talent in the world, but I am nothing if not determined. Someone else telling me that I can’t do something lights my fire like nothing else. I just look at them and say, “Oh, yeah? Watch me!” It may not be pretty, but I’ll get it done.

  111. Ahhhh! Love the video and your realness. It’s so refreshing! Been feeling the midlife questions popping up: Who am I? What next? What do I truly want and How do I do it? How? I figure it out!

  112. Everything is Figureoutable…dammit it’s finally time to learn Adobe Premiere 😉

    Thank you Marie for sharing a beautiful, vulnerable, powerful story with a message we can all apply and learn with.

    With gratitude, Karina

  113. WOW that was an amazing speech, Marie!

    Just like many others who have commented, your speech had me in tears while laughing as you truly owned that stage and demonstrated your brilliance as a storyteller. You reminded me of what my mom told my brothers and sisters and I, “Play the Hand You’ve Been Dealt”! Much like your mom, my mom was the most resourceful woman I’ve known and she never backed down from figuring things out to move our family forward.

    There are not enough words for me to express the gratitude I feel in my heart for you, your work and the timing of this message.

    Thank you.

  114. Alishia

    My favourite part was watching you walk out on stage. A moment of arrival. How absolutely breath-taking. And the cherry on top… a wonderfully crafted speech that took a simple moment with mom, expanded it to a deeply heart felt struggle with love and then further expanded it to apply to all the challenges in life we all have the opportunity to tackle. Truly inspiring! I hope to one day have a similar view to what you saw when walking out on that stage…. a profound opportunity to have such a deep impact while honouring the beauty and wisdom of those you love. Thank you for showing me what is possible.

  115. Brittany

    This was everything that I needed to hear and then some. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. One of the mostly powerful talks I have heard in awhile. I just started a new career and I have been struggling with my confidence. This reminded me that my thoughts are everything. It also reminded me that I am capable of anything I set my mind to.

  116. Nailed it! Wow! What a great talk, thank you, Marie.

    So in answer to your question, maybe I hold a similar belief inside because I wouldn’t do anything different to what I’m doing now. My mission is to decrease the statistics linked to suicide and homicide rates directly caused by domestic violence. My ultimate mission is to help people jump on a journey to a better them, so they can see beyond the pain they are experiencing in their life today. I’m on this journey and all the pieces of the puzzle are appearing in divine time.
    When I couldn’t change the facts, and I couldn’t change the laws (on a State level let alone an international level that I was aiming for!), I was inspired to help people change themselves and change the support that’s out there for them – and to help them believe and cling to the hope from this notion – that nothing is unfigureoutable – even in these crushing, seemingly-hopeless, relationship situations. I offer practical, forward-moving support to women AND men. I’m just in the process of wrapping up my book, which I hope to have published and then I’m creating a couple of programs to aid my mission and I am excited to see the continued journey ahead unfold.

  117. Ruth Ann

    Thank you Marie for the inspiration I needed to not be afraid to go after my dream. I love Australia but am too “old” to get a work visa there. It may seem selfish. I don’t have this grand vision of saving the world – though I do love and help people twice weekly with my volunteer work. I just want to live my life in that wonderful place. When I am in Australia I feel a sense of absolute peace and contentment. I love it and believe it loves me too (I know. Sounds crazy). I’m meant to live there but don’t know how to accomplish it. It’s figureoutable though. I gave up too easily, but your talk has motivated me to keep moving towards my heart’s desire. Thank you for your love and your wisdom.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Ruth Ann and not selfish at all. Our hearts are wise, and I like to remember it can all be part of a grander plan. Keep seeking ways to fulfill your heart’s desire, and please do comment to let us know when you make it to Australia! 🙂

      • Ruth Ann

        Thank you for the encouragement Caroline! It means a lot. I’ll let you know when it happens. I’m not in a hurry and am trusting and believing that everything will fall into place as it should. I have the courage now to work towards what I want and to not give up in defeat because I’m “too old.” Life is good.

  118. Keegan

    This was such a great start to my Tuesday – thank you. (And I’m taking notes on stage presence. Loved all the motion during the story!) Admittedly, it feels like I’m putting myself out there commenting publicly like this with my answer and that honestly surprises me a little. I’m usually pretty outspoken and definitely not shy but this is coming from a much deeper place than I’m accustomed to sharing. Love this idea of ‘figureoutable’ and it’s pretty spot on for my own belief system. My answer is a bit more clear than it has ever been:
    I will work for myself & create days that have room for quiet AND connection.
    I will surround myself with family and strong, real friends.
    I will cook – finally, I will cook.
    …and somewhere in between it all, I will write.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So beautiful, Keegan.

  119. Mira Sophia

    This was deeply profound. I’m drenched in tears.. I know it’s important to me to comment right now..

    Our mamas could be sisters from another mother..
    I grew up in America, a first generation from Europe with mom (and dad, too) both knowing they had to figure it out because returning to communist Europe was a non-negotiable after having tasted the expansion America had offered. I grew up with this double-whammy gift and always knew that my parents were special and in a big sense, original. Taking interest as a very young child in paying attention to how they operated was fascinating to me. To this day I live from their influence where nothing will fail under me. I excel in whatever I set my mind to. But what is the top-of-the-food-chain-important to me I haven’t allowed myself to fully go there yet. When it comes to growing as an individual who can influence my sisters around the world, to the point that it could only happen in my dreams, I stop cold. The same physics are not applied.
    I’ve succeeded and excelled in marriage, in raising our children so far because it’s always felt so easy to me. I’ve known from forever that my biggest growth will lie in creating a mega business from scratch where I teach the world how I figured out a lot in life without going and getting high degrees in school, but instead listening to myself and choosing my education a la carte and what I deemed as useful for me. But the most educational platform I’ve had hands down- real world experience. I want to show my sisters how to relate to each other, to be each other’s cheerleaders, to communicate, to be present, to be whole, to connect to our womanhood, to excel in life and know without a shadow of a doubt what she wants to be remembered for.
    I know everything is attainable, but the tapes I run in my head so far have been, “it’s already being done, how will this be original and useful?”
    Thank you Marie for your unstoppableness, your heart and vision for a better world. I want to join you. By saying this aloud, I feel I’ma step closer to awakening the napping siren that’s been lying dormant within me.
    May you all be blessed. <3

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing, Mira Sophia. While I was reading your comment, this other amazing MarieTV episode popped to mind about “it’s all being done” since this episode speaks to that exactly! I thought you might enjoy checking that one out if you hadn’t already 🙂

  120. Great job Marie. I wasn’t sure where it was going at one point but you told funny, endearing stories that kept me glued. Loved it! Thank you for sharing

  121. Yoav luz


  122. Katie

    Marie thank you so much for your sharing, your stories, and teaching. I always gain something really useful from your presentations (and of course b school freaking rocks so thanks to Marie and team for that, too).

    I have this belief that people want service and they want love but that don’t want to PAY for love mastery. You see, I have a love coaching business that is pretty much starting out and I haven’t been able to lock in any new clients yet. I think that perhaps this is due to my inability to shift to the next level in my leadership and confidence skills surrounding business. Keeping is small has been easy and comfortable but it definitely isn’t serving myself or others as well as it could. I’ve made leaps and bounds in my overall confidence level over the past several years and I OWN that, but can’t seem to translate that to my business as of yet. Doubts about being too empathic (can someone like me really handle running a business?) and not being money or tech savvy has me feeling a bit freaked out and uncertain.

    If I operated 100% from a place of everythingisfigureoutable, (instead of like 90%), I would reprogram my brain to have more faith in my leadership skills and abilities surrounding business in general. Would love to hear your thoughts, if possible.

    Thanks much!! Xo Katie

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You can do it, Katie! It’s really tough when you’re first starting out and trying to build your initial client base, but your business is definitely figureoutable. I think you’ll like this MarieTV episode where Marie is talking about what to do if people don’t want to pay for what you teach:

      • Katie

        Thanks much Mandy!!!

  123. Kathy

    This made me laugh and tear up, what a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing and making my day. On my computer, I have taped a quote from Albert Einstein who said “I am thankful to all those who said no to me. It’s because of them I did it myself.”

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What a fantastic quote! Those are definitely some words to live by. 🙂

  124. Richard

    Thanks Marie for you talk. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. As this is inspirational.
    I want to make a great gift to the world, something evolutionary that reflect the love I feel for life.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Richard! We can’t wait to see you share your gifts and talents with the world. 🙂

  125. funmi

    Wonderful Video………………Everything is figureoutable. Proud of you Marie

  126. Yep. This is it. This message is everything. It is the antidote to fear, to apathy, to avoidance, to cancer of the spirit. You echo what another Jersey-born thinker, Walt Whitman, famously wrote: “I contain multitudes.”
    Thanks, Marie, for the powerful reminder that we are all divinely blessed and, therefore, limitless.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES! That’s such a beautiful way to put it. <3

  127. Amazing talk! Happy tears:-) Love and appreciate your transparency.

  128. Just love you Marie. God bless and keep you always. xoxoxo

  129. Marie – This came at the perfect time! Since a layoff in March, I’ve been slowly pursuing starting my own business (while looking for a job). I make strides every day and believe the universe is working with me, to help me help others – my passion. But, we all have self-doubt from time to time. This IS figureoutable, I will get there and make this happen and solve the problems along the way! Thank you for all you do yo inspire us.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I totally hear you, Kimberly. Self-doubt creeps up and it’s awful. But the good news is that it’s figureoutable and Marie has a number of MarieTV episodes to help! I think you’ll like these: Congrats on building your business! We’re cheering you on. 🙂

  130. Kathy

    We need to first heal our bodies and minds. Love yourself with healthy foods and healthy thoughts.

  131. Emily

    Marie Forleo! You rocked it !! … I loved the vulnerability of your talk, and I could see and hear your mom like she was in the room!! Thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome! Mama Forleo is a wise lady and I’m so glad she felt so real to you as you listened to Marie’s talk. 🙂

  132. Clare Bresnahan

    Wow, Marie. Thank you for reminding us of what’s possible. If I owned the mantra “everything is figureoutable,” I would run for office and become a decision maker on how we figure out the complex issues our nation and our world faces.

  133. Inspiring story! Really needed to hear this today <3

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful! I’m so glad Marie’s message came at just the right time. 🙂

  134. Marie, I have goose bumps all over! Thank you for this wise and inspirational talk. I will watch it whenever I need a reminder, that I can do it, yeah 🙂 You are great. Sandra

  135. Laura

    *I Cried* Marie you are so inspiring, JESUS!!! Thank you for everything you share with us. I just made this banner for my office door with your Mantra for Today: EVERYTHING IS FIGURE-OUTABLE. Your mother should be, always, incredibly proud of yourself. Blessings!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Laura! I hope your new office door banner brings you a spark of inspiration every time you see it. 🙂

  136. Amanda

    What will I do? I’ll finish my master’s thesis and get my PhD in civil engineering. This will enable me to work on more complicated projects as work, as well as open doors to let me teach civil engineering at the university level.
    Who will I become? I’ll be a loving, kind, thoughtful wife, daughter, sister, and friend, and a competent engineer.
    What will I heal/transform/transcend? I will transform my current life into a better one. I will help transform small communities in my state by helping to provide them with better water distribution and collection forms.

    Aside, a big thank you to Marie and crew for all the hard work. You all put out quality content each week that is inspirational. Getting a hit of MarieTV early in the week helps set the tone for the rest of my week and gives me energy to keep going. Thank you.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’re on a wonderful path—congrats! It’s so awesome that you’re using your talents as an engineer to help communities have better water distribution and collection. We’re proud of you and we’re cheering you on! 🙂 And thank you for your kind words about MarieTV; it truly means the world to us.

  137. That honestly brought tears, Marie. What an amazing talk, especially after just finishing B-School!
    If everything is figureoutable, then I will figure out how to fully make my living from my folk band and other music projects. I will remember that everything is either a positive easy path, or just a challenge to work around.
    Thank you again, Marie, I needed this!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! Congrats on finishing B-School and for taking important steps to grow your business and share your music with the world. We’re thrilled you’re here and are so glad you’re feeling inspired after watching Marie’s SuperSoul talk!

  138. “The consciousness of a victorious human life is born of that faith that dares to challenge each recurring incident of life that confronts us with the appalling spectral of human limitations with the unfailing declaration: ‘Even if I cannot do this there lives within me someone who can and will do it.'” Indeed, “Everything is figureoutable.” Bless you.

  139. No words can describe how thankful I am with this piece of yours from Super Soul Marie. I am miles away from you but it didn’t stop you from influencing me to always look at how incredible and wonderful life is. THANK YOU!

    Now, with your question…

    I’m now in doubt again.. Doubting my dreams, my capabilities, my worth, my future. My dream is to own a travel agency business and travel the world. I have relatives I want to help lift their lives because they’ve lived all their lives in poverty. I believe that having a business will fulfill that goal. I’m also a firm believer that the world is meant to be explored. Sadly, some people (including me) couldn’t see this as possible because they don’t have enough money to do just that. That’s why I wanted to build this business ’cause I’ll be hitting those goals all at once. But, it seemed that things aren’t going my way. I have already made the necessary research and attended a seminar on how to run this business. But, I don’t have the capital yet and I don’t know where and how to obtain it. I felt like my dreams are slowly slipping away from my hands.

    But, slowly I’m beginning to realize that great things need time to grow. That’s why right now, I’m doing things that would lead me to my dreams with the resources I have. I’m not going to wait that the money I need to start the business would land on my hands. I’ll start small, connect with the right people, establish my name, and I’m positive that these things will build up and will push me closer to my dreams.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us, Dulce. I know it’s stressful when things are moving slow, but starting small is really smart. Marie has an episode of MarieTV about this, too, that I think you’ll like: I’m so glad you’re planting the seeds of your dreams so they can grow, flower, and thrive.

  140. Thank you so much for this! It brought tears to my eyes as well as joy to my heart. My father, who was a polio survivor, always taught me that you can do anything you “put your mind to.” He had learned it from his mother who expected him to do all the things the other kids were doing even though my dad wore a leg brace and walked with crutches – a “functional cripple” after enduring over 100 experimental surgeries to combat the effects of polio. He never complained, he never felt sorry for himself, he loved and helped others all his life. He’s been gone for 8 years now but as I sit here writing this with tears streaming I know he would echo your words and say “you’re going to make it. You’re going to be okay. You’re going to raise your daughter and make a great life for her. You’re going to continue to make a difference in people’s lives. You’re can do whatever you set your mind to!” Thank you Marie for this gift.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wow, wow, wow! Your dad sounds like an incredible man. I’m so glad Marie’s message made you think of him and the wisdom he shared in his life. <3

  141. Tabitha

    Beautifully conveyed, Marie.

  142. Helen

    Gurl…you had me at the edge of my seat crying and laughing and becoming ever more inspired to move onward, make that change, make a difference…no matter what! Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Onward and upward! You got this. 🙂

  143. Marie,

    You are so inspiring and engaging! I could not wait to hear if you made your flight

    Thanks for sharing your light + inspiring us all,

    With gratitude,

  144. Natalie

    I loved hearing your story Marie on Soul Sessions. I was really inspired by the stories of your mother and her “figuring out” everything! That’s the kind of mom I aspire to be, especially now that I’m without a job. I’m using your story, inspiration and resources to help guide me to my truer and more meaningful purpose. Don’t quite know exactly what that is, but hope to figure it out and get there soon. Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We’ve got our fingers crossed you’ll find the clarity you’re looking for soon. Marie has an episode of MarieTV about finding your special gift, which I think you’ll find helpful during this time of searching:

  145. Phenomenal! Your question at the end is the key to it all! I know with utmost belief that everything is figureoutable and I’m smiling because of it. 🙂 xo

  146. You SOOO rocked that talk, Marie!! Such a powerful speaker and presence. Thank you for your humor, heart and huge soul song you gave through the Tropicana Orange radio and Barcelona successes.

    I would figure out how to offer my singing gift to the world again.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Laura! We’ve got our fingers crossed you’ll make beautiful music through your singing. I know putting yourself out there and doing your creative work is scary, so I wanted to share my favorite episode of MarieTV, which is all about living a creative life: I think you’ll find it really helpful and inspiring!

  147. What would I do? How would I transform? What would I heal? Such powerful questions. If everything were figureoutable I would touch the lives of thousands of women by creating my Coaching practice to help women who come from abusive backgrounds which led to PTSD and some sort of addiction dependency. These women are now in Recovery and are Inspired to embrace their Desires by stepping into the Light. There may be roadblocks of false beliefs in their way, but by the Powerful questions I ask and the Self commitments they make – their Desires are manifested. All of this is possible because I hold the space for these women to remember who they REALLY are – Divine Beings placed on this Earth with unique gifts and talents. Through my work, I have financial liberation and comfortably support myself and daughter. I have freedom of time to volunteer at her school. I am an example to my daughter of a strong woman owning her power through actions of self-love and Divine remembrance.

  148. Thank you for the powerful message. Don’t let a roadblock stop you! Everything is figureoutable!

  149. Deirdre Claridge

    Marie! I loved hearing the origins of “Everything is figureoutable”. Your mom is amazing! Her inventiveness, resourcefulness, and tenacity are so inspirational. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Love, Deirdre

  150. I was laughing, then crying, then more laughing, and lastly you left me with a feeling that I can do anything. You knocked it out of the park! Thank you so much for this!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay! I’m so glad you’re feeling empowered. You got this, and we’re cheering you on!

  151. yes – everything is figureoutable! thank you for this message!

  152. I cried at my desk just now. So powerful and it’s soo from the heart and that’s palpable. My figure-out-able is to create my own meditations using my training as an NLP practitioner, spiritual seeker, and life-philosophy junkie. I’m so happy to have Marie Forleo share her stories and wisdom.

    Sending everyone so much love right now! Let’s stand together and shine!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Monica! We’re big believers in the power of meditation (Marie has an episode on her practice here if you haven’t seen it yet: We’re sending positive energy your way as you make it happen. 🙂

  153. Thank you for sharing this personal story ! Very inspiring 🙂 and a great way to remind us that we all have this power within ourselves to figure out how to change the things we’d like to change…

  154. I am SO moved-thank you Marie! You are an inspiration

  155. Brittany

    Amazing job Marie! You had me crying on the bus ride to work this morning… You are an inspiration. #everythingisfigureoutable #hugtheslog ❤️

  156. lina

    Beautiful and inspiring!! I would act as the speck of God that I am.

    I will speak in the present tense as to manifest this as if it exists now!!

    I provide a Love Human Healing Center that is not for profit (accessible to all in need). In these nationwide healing centers, there is abundant wholesome food prepared with love and nutrition in mind (cooking classes for those who do not know how to cook wholesome meals and nutrition explained), shelter and warmth for those that do not have it and education on how to achieve your dreams. Practical education that allows you to tap into your desires and needs so that each person can awaken and we can come together as the specks of God that we all are and liberate ourselves from the bondage that holds us back in love and life and unity.

    This is the first step, how I will get there I do not know. This is my journey. I can start by opening my heart more and accepting everyone as my brother and sister.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Oh my gosh, I love what you shared about how we’re all specks of God and how we have to open our hearts more and accept everyone as our brothers and sisters. That’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us and for your desire to make the world a better place.

  157. Becky

    Thank you Marie for being so transparent and real.

  158. Marie,

    You absolutely KILLED it!!!! Thank you for being so open, honest and vulnerable (something a ton of people talk about but don’t actually demonstrate).

    Love your “everything is figure-out-able” attitude and I’m inspired by how you applied it to Compassion Collective Mother’s Day campaign. Appreciate you sharing that opportunity with all of us 🙂

    With sass and class,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much, Alex! And thank you for your support of The Compassion Collective and for your big heart. We love your sass and class! 🙂

  159. Glynn

    So inspirational Marie! Thank you thank you thank you

  160. kajsa ingelsson

    I will become someone who inspires other people to take action and end this environmentally destructive society we are living in and replacing it with something that works both for us, the planet and the animals living on it.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s AWESOME, and so important!

  161. Marie! You are such a great storyteller. I wish I could have been there live. Thank your mom for the reminder that everything really is figureoutable! “No circumstance will ever again stop you from moving ahead.” You rock!

  162. Congratulations Marie. This was an amazing, incredible discussion. I often feel those moments of having someone say “You aren’t going to make it, ” or “You are going to do so great,” goes much deeper and transcends to other aspects of life.

    Last Memorial Day I left a relationship that should have been left years before, but I was afraid. I was afraid because I had no money, we shared a business together that he threatened to sue me for, we shared a home, a dog, a life.. He was my person and while the relationship was terribly, terrifying and unhealthy, he was also my safety net.

    Finally I couldn’t anymore. I decided that I don’t care if I had to move back in with mom and dad, all the way across the country, borrow money from everyone I knew, quit my passion of training at crossfit, get a 9-5 job I hated or give up my dream of running a fitness business, it would be worth it to leave that relationship. I knew I could temporarily give up the things I loved than to give up the dream of ever being fully happy.

    So I took the leap. And here I am today, in my own apartment, in the exact location I want to be in.. Running a new business that I love and feel passionately about.. With my dog.. In a wonderful relationship with someone who wants to celebrate life with me.. Going to Regionals with my Crossfit team.

    Because it all was, and still is, figure-out-able.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So amazing, Kyra! Huge kudos to you for taking that leap and building a life you love. Kick some butt at regionals 🙂

  163. Great talk Marie!! Congrats on being on stage with the one and only Oprah! Your words have really challenged me to use your mantra that ‘everything is figureoutable’ as a lens through which to view opportunity. It opens the mind to infinite possibilities! Thanks for the eye-opening and soul-opening words.

  164. Hell yeah! I was so moved by how you told your story, the real was and honesty in it.

    And the sense of POSSIBILITY you created, and the calling for personal responsibility in the matter of change and action.

    When I embrace “everything is figureoutable,” I’m clear that is finish my book (and wrote several more) and be playing on much bigger stages for women to see, and activate, their pure potential. I’d be giving money away in a much bigger quantity to causes I believe in. I’d be showing up as the leader I am. Game on. Thank you for the reminder. I already knew this to be true, but you are an absolute freakin’ rockstar.

    PS this first book I’m writing is all about how relationships are truly he number 1 thing we care about most, and how to improve them. So the story about you and Josh landed 🙂

    With love and gratitude for what you do and who you are,

  165. Laura

    Congratulations on a phenomenal accomplishment. It must blow your mind to think of the millions of people you were able to reach with your talk.
    I am wrestling with how my childhood beliefs have silently limited me. If everything is figureoutable I can tell my internal nine-year-old that:
    1. Circumstances beyond my control were not my fault. I release myself from the familiar but entrapping practice of self-blame.
    2. Nothing is too much to handle so I don’t have to run at the first sign of trouble. I am capable. I am effective.
    3. I am worthy of time and attention and care. I do not have to be ill or a hot mess or the walking wounded or the best in show to garner attention. I am worthy of resting in the kind attention of loving presence.
    If, indeed, everything is figureoutable I am free to heal from a childhood wounding of losing my sister to cancer and losing the presence of my family to their own grief. I am free to claim my authority and live my life as an artist and a healer. And I am free to enjoy getting my little baby business off the ground and imagine it forward in abundance. And I am free finally to quiet the stories that preemptively kept me away from the messiness of love. I am free to stop fighting my life’s history and just be.
    Thank you for your work, Marie.

  166. Nedrra Lanakila

    When you stepped out on that stage last month, after Oprah said “Marie FOR-leo!!!”, there was a squeal (a SQUEAL!) to the left of me, screams in front of me, and of course that was in addition to my own extra-enthusiastic clapping and cheering. We all calmed down to listen and watch you deliver the impact of the story with extra zest through your physical movements (all the pics I took of you are blurs btw).
    Then we all shot out of seats to applaud you. With love. With…pride! We looked at each other and the group question was essentially, “Do you know Marie?” As in, do YOU know MY friend?!
    One of the two seated before me said, “I took B School last year” …obviously an insider to simply mention B School with no other qualifier.
    The other in front of me said, “I’m going next year!”
    The young one to my side squealed, “No!! But I have watched EVERY SINGLE YouTube I could find of her – at least three times!!!!!!!”
    And I had the proud moment to exclaim, “I’m taking BSchool right now!!”
    FYI: Marie, honey, we out here love you. And we are proud.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh my gosh, that’s so sweet, Nedrra. We’re so grateful you were there in person, and it’s so amazing that you were surrounded with other B-Schoolers! We truly do have the absolute best community in the world, and we’re so honored to have you as a part of it. <3 <3

  167. Christina

    Marie, thank you for sharing your talk, I really had hoped to go but the price was a hindrance at this time. You are a wonderful sharer!
    When a person” gets it”, their lives are easy because of the belief that “everything is figureoutable” , they are in tuned to what it is not to fret about things that don’t go the way they want , they are flexible! That is the essence! If something in their lives are not going well, the path might change a bit, but the path is open and another should open. At times it is human nature to be overwhelmed by life and miss the magic of “figureoutable”. To those times: be quiet , define the problem, and realize that you are off in the ease of what your life should be, yes we sometimes have to do things to make ends meet and not have ideal jobs or scenarios . But that is the charm of life and the wonderful stories that you’ll look back on when you reach your ideal. The grateful life is the magic. Think of all the good all the times and then in the moments that give you trouble will be “figureoutable” be creative!

  168. Loved your talk, Marie, even more so knowing how much work you put into preparing it. I do believe that “everything is figureoutable” and my most recent application of that is that hey, I don’t actually have to figure it out all by myself. MarieTV has taught me so many things. I love your positive approach and how your advice crosses all areas of life. Being someone who can easily slide down the slippery slope of not good enough or not smart enough, your work gives me that regular kick in the pants I need to stay pointed in a positive direction. Thank you so much for all you do.

  169. Emma Greenwood

    Very good, Marie. You were one of my favourite talks from the event (watched online). EVERYTHING IS FIGURE-OUT-ABLE! There really are times when this seems so untrue, but everything does always work out, maybe not how we wanted it to, or when we wanted it to, but in the end, all’s well. Wishing you all the very best, Emma x

  170. Andrea

    Wow Marie….this talk had tears running down my eyes!
    Thank you for being open, honest and transparent. Know that I never missed a Marie Q&A Tuesday and love you to pieces 🙂
    After 13 years, I found myself in the exact same situation…and when you told your story, it was like listening to my own. Yes, indeed, everything in figure-out-able!
    I use that ‘Marie term’ every time I get stuck, or tell myself I don’t know how.
    With recent loss of my father on Xmas day, I had the same moment as you had at the airport, when they told you, you are not going to make it.
    I returned from Europe in February, and had a ‘come to Jesus’ moment. Ever since, I am restructuring my whole business and my life. And I know that I will figure it out.
    I don’t have all of my ducks in a row yet – but they are all in the same pond, so I have at least that going for me 😉
    And I know this too, is figure-out-able!
    Thank you for being you…and thank you for the inspiration you bring each and every week!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Andrea, it sounds like you have a lot of things on your plate, but moving in a beautiful direction. I love the idea of having all the ducks in the same pond.

      I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your father this Christmas, and we’re sending our sincerest condolences and so much love your way.

  171. Thank you Marie! As everyone else said, you rocked it! Every week I look forward to your emails. I feel inspired and excited over and over again! I want to help heal the planet by raising awareness about the significance of veganism. I’ve recently become vegan after watching “Cowspiracy”, mind you, I’m a Puerto Rican girl who grew up in Brooklyn, NY eating chicken and pork on a daily basis (oh yeah, and cheese pizza!) So I never in a million years saw myself becoming a vegan. But once I became aware of the amount of water and land being used to raise these animals to satisfy our own greed…one that is destroying our planet at a dangerously rapid pace and causing so many species to become extinct…I knew the time is now. So I got a job serving at one of the best vegan restaurants in Tacoma, WA (where I live now) and my mind was blown! I never knew vegan food could be sooo delicious and fulfilling in so many ways! I’m hoping through my photography and words I can inspire, as you do, and raise awareness! Becoming a vegan is fun, it’s joining a community..a movement, it’s delicious, it’s healthy and it will help our planet begin to heal itself and thrive. As a new wife, I one day would like children and eventually grand children…and I want to make sure they have a healthy home to live in♡

  172. Daniela

    look Marie , I don *t want to abuse your time and coments space here..but

    your experience with your mom and wise advice that everythink is
    FIGUREOUTABLE! impressed me to tears!

    I*m glad that you passed well the 7 th years crossroad with your man Josh,
    I*ve ruined two relationship at th year that just wonder …

    I*m just now able to share with you a nice story about a 3 hours escale in NY
    noit because I believe it was like magic, but because in the end it was the souls bonds to make it happen!

    summer 97, a trip that was supposed to be honeymoon after marriage in NL, marriage delayed and never happened , but the trip not! me pregnant and man combined a business trip with a honey moon like vacation for me..

    it happen something strange as me pregnant , rushed my man to rent a car, to travel the NY to the Empire States City even when we don t know the city , and the traffic jam.. just in 3 hours escale in NY from Amsterdam final destination Los Angeles..

    yes we get teh road travel free as we where kings of teh road, was what I name the Universe conspiracy to free the pathway and condens the time to make it happen! yup, it happen twice also in Madrid , but that s another story! 🙂

    so reaching the empire States Building, finding a park place free under…getting inside, surprise! the lobby was majestic but full with turists! so no chance to reach the top and make my pictures with my proudly Canon camera exposed on my pregnant belly..

    my man was upset and sitting on some stairs said..

    I can*t imagine you fooled me once more to do crazy things! is impossible to reach the airplane just in time, or the roof of this building!

    i said excited, don*t worry, we get it! 🙂

    looking arround I meet the eyes of a extremelly thinny black lady in some uniform, maybe some green up to dark suit ? so smilling in my no english knowledge that time said.. me romanian, man Holland, 3 hours los Angeles we 3 tall poeple(see the hand showing tall than hand on the belly 🙂

    pleease! help! that was it! she make us the sign to wait! my man was eyes rolling up nervous not sure if he talk with her.. than we wait.. meanwhile my man said right now we go to the airport! aso

    the lady come, give to him the tickets , we look at the wait line and she said.. when you hear they ask for you just walk to teh elevator it may take you up!

    thank you, thank you!

    well we hear than like on central station for teh trains

    persons 3 hours escale may come …

    it was the most majestic walk to the elevator , without daring to look to the people on the right side waiting line.. for shame..

    we reach it I make my pictures arround like for panorama choosing the next reperpoint after another , than drive down give back the car and get the airplane …

    strange enough the fact that the pictures get just mist! not the whole role,
    teh pictures face to face with the Liberty Statue me hanging on a bridge wood, behind the World Trade Center towers the joben hut from France on the head! what a feeling!

    soo deep and soo important with the left hand up like boxing, facing the cold Liberty Statue! it was a flash of emotions and gravity that may never forget it!

    the beauty part of the story was that before we live, as my man payed before the tickets she came with ..I refuse to go until my man gave me 10 dollars! he refuse and re here in USA not Romania to bribe someone..

    I not for the bribe! than he said ok, than one dollar is enough!

    I was red with angryness but even so I make it small in my right palm and get search for my lady.. she appeared within people…so I get her my hand but palming into her teh dollar! she rise the hands up not taking it as burned, said don*t!

    i said small value but dream real, please! take it!

    when you need mostly teh help may come to you the way you act!
    she accept it! and I can say I love that soul communicationg more with signs from my part but her eyes reacted warm as understood! heartfully people can communicate.. that s the proof!

    Is not sure I may recognize that lady ever but I count hardly on the fact that somehow some registrations have catched the story! to help me find her and give thanks!




    It start from the education and when God teachings is missing from science CERN or political policies.. count the society huge humanity price.. Georgia Stone pays no value on the people, kill it! in many ways.. as part of the NEW WORLD ORDER treaty..

    we can t afford to loose no single soul worldwide because God knows us all before the birth! and have a purpose for us all!

    Just this.. I start to read the Bible since dec 2008! is for sure that my life could be otherwise if know it before.. that was it the ONE DOLLAR story.. the whole world own America very much so I believe now is time to pay back and restore teh HUMANIYT FOUNDATION like in teh USA forefathers, IN GOD WE TRUST! and WORK MUST HAVE GOLD STANDARD VALUE not the opium maps politics display.. worldwide.. and wars and payed prostitution on teh name of **civil rights* are not!

  173. Bridget

    My finances are figure-outtable. Eradication of debt and creation of wealth is figure-outtable. My work is figure-outtable. Living my dreams is within my reach. Thank you- so much. This one changed me.

  174. Outstanding, Marie! Kudos!
    It has been an unbelievably difficult 15 months. Last year my mom, 85, went in the hospital for heart surgery. Her recovery didn’t go as expected. She’s not able to live on her own and requires around the clock care.
    Her house was a disaster. She’s always been a collector and pack rat. Years ago my dad bought the house next to them to store all their antique collections. So it was up to me to clean out the houses–ack! It was back breaking work and heartbreaking, too. All that my sweet parents had worked so hard for and now it really means nothing, except to me.
    With the help of my beloved and a couple of close friends, we made our way through it, although even after 2 estate sales, we’re still not even close to done! 🙂
    During this last year, we worked, but we didn’t have any extra time to devote to biz development. As you can imagine, that’s not good. God provided for us last year when normally we’d have struggled. Now we’re back to pushing again, but not without more sad issues. My beloved’s mom passed away in March after months of struggling with dementia.
    This was right in the 3rd week of B-School. I felt overwhelmed, untethered, and generally frustrated with life. The night my fiance’s mom died I went to a meeting where our business was featured for a talk about patents. I went for us because I knew it would be important to our future. And the law firm had done so much work on researching other companies similar to what we’re doing, it just seemed not right to not go. BUT, my sweet friend and mom-in-law-to-be was dying–it was a HUGE dilemma.
    Going with Marie’s idea of everything is Figureoutable, I went, having the feeling it would be great feedback. Oh boy, was it! Turns out we have an excellent chance at getting a patent. The firm that was there that night talking with me about it is a huge firm here in Dallas. They do a lot of pro bono work. They are taking on our IP patent for free!!!! This was a miracle of profound depths. I was also able to make it back before my beloved’s mom passed.
    At a point where we were both ready to just throw up our hands and give up, we stayed on the path, believing some how, some way, that all was Figureoutable–of course that meant knowing that God was making things happen behind the scenes!
    The last 2 1/2 months have been incredible. B-School was just what I needed and taking that leap of faith and signing up when there was 0 money coming in was huge. But we’re about to launch our first program in June. AND we’ve had so many other wonderful things happen, just by being fearless and not being afraid to ask and to try!! There’s too many to mention here, but if you’re going through a rough time, no matter how big or small, just keep pushing, trying and putting one foot in front of the other–hour by hour. It is all Figureoutable! We’re still pushing; we’re not out of the proverbial woods yet, but this is my declaration to tell you all: We will be! And so will you!! Sorry for the book length 🙂 but you’re not alone.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wow, such an incredible story, Krisandra. It sounds like you’ve been through so much, and your story is such a beautiful example for what’s possible when you keep staying the course and figuring things out. Thank you so much for sharing, and we’re sending our very best wishes your way!

      • Krisandra

        Thanks so much, Caroline! I appreciate that so much! Working on my course today and so grateful for all of it! Thanks to Team Forleo, too! You guys are really amazing and have so much to keep up with–YOU ROCK!! 😀

  175. Lisa De Nicola

    Marie!! What a great talk you held at Oprah’s Super Soul Session – LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it! I actually saw it on TV but then had to go online to get the FULL session. So inspirational and loved hearing about what a warrior and brave soul your mom is! Right from the heart and definitely relatable 🙂 I was happy to hear that you and Josh celebrated your anniversary, Bless you both! 🙂

    Soooo, the loaded question you asked – I am still in the process of exploring what I would do, etc. BUT I do know, I have a genuine passion in helping people and using my voice to impact the lives of many in a way that will allow them to see their own lives in a positive light and embark on a journey that will allow them to pursue their dreams. I have overcome a few of my own hurdles and still working on my spiritual path so I am looking forward to tapping into my life purpose and exploring my options 🙂 Thank you again for being you. xo

  176. You are a dynamic speaker and delivered a wonderful message. You always give me that extra little push when I need it most. Thank You!

  177. Wow. I don’t cry enough, but this … this had me running for tissue! I’ll continue to work everyday to open my mind to the what ifs; and when I stumble, I’ll think of the orange & the overstuffed piñata. Thank you Marie & God bless!

  178. Michele

    What a perfect start to my morning!!!!!!! Such a heart expanding inspirational video. I loved it! and YOU!!!!! Thank you for having the courage to bring your gifts to the world. I am ever so grateful you did.

  179. Dana

    Dear Marie,
    This was the most inspiring speach. Your work is a blessing, and I’m grateful for having the time to watch it. Full of emotions, this video made me cry. I felt vulnerable listening to your story. However, I got more courage to do whatever it takes and stand up for my dreams.
    Marie, thank you from the button of my heart for sharing your inspiring story, “everything is figureoutable”. It meant the world to me.
    Love your work and love you ❤️

  180. My mother also grew up in the projects of Newark, NJ. Well, she began life in a very comfortable middle-class setting but due to some mistakes her dad, the family was shifted into the projects when he went to jail for 20 years. Anyhow, like Marie’s mom, she found a good life for herself and my brothers and I had a nice upbringing.
    Since B-School, “everythingisfigureoutable” has been my motto and I teach it to my own child.
    –Terina Nicole

  181. I love the your mama’s statement that; everything is ‘FIGURE OUT ABLE’! It is for sure! As a result of listening to your talk this morning, I will complete my preparation for my video taping session next week. I will courageously continue the section on how educators can create a positive ripple effect in their school communities. My focus is on; “Our thoughts create our words, our words create our actions, our actions create our habits and our habits create our life”. (great timing to hear your session) I will also continue to inspire, empower and ignite individuals to live joyful and fulfilling lives! Thank you for the challenge Marie! I accept!

  182. Such words of wisdom and so well told!! This message is so relevant for the times we find ourselves in… Moving forward is the only solution!
    Thank you Marie for using your gift to inspire and teach! ?

  183. Dimitra

    So brave of you Marie, to get up on that stage and share a piece of your soul. That line in the middle of the story “You are not going to make it” had me in tears within seconds. I felt your pain. Way to go for not giving up.

  184. Shari

    This really hit home for me. What really stood out for me was this idea that ‘no fate, no obstacle and no situation should stand in your way, and you can always move forward’. My job is primarily as a problem-solver, and sometimes I get some doozies! But even if it’s just baby steps, if I believe I can do it, then I will. Even if I say to myself ‘I don’t know how to figure this out’ what I should say is ‘I don’t know how to figure this out YET, but I WILL.’ If more people adopted that, along with the Oz Principle of ‘See It-Own It-Solve It-Do It’, how powerful would that be?!? 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Shari, yes! “Yet” is one of my favorite power words 🙂

  185. Thank you Marie and the team for posting this talk.
    I was so needing this mantra, it is funny how life puts things in your way even at the most absurd moments.
    I had seen your e-mail pop up, around the beginning of the afternoon, as I was going through a difficult moment I told myself I will check it out in the next few days.
    I, unconsciously, found myself rechecking my mails later on that afternoon and God just whispered: “Will you sit you ass down, girl, and watch Marie Forleo’s talk” 🙂
    Being an entrepreneurs is the toughest thing ever but the most rewarding one. We all are in this together and even if we are not in the same city, state, country with social media we can still be connected and motivate each other.
    So thank you Marie and your team for this constant, great, freaking and amazing vibe you send us!

  186. I’m figuring out – every day – how to slow down, stop getting caught up in other folks’ ideas of success/standards, and live my fairy tale as I see fit to write it. When my Talking Mirror throws me shade, I know it’s just reflecting my own insecurities back at me. When the ways of the world get me down, I can put the puss in boots and turn it all around. Any magic beans I might find at the intersection of what I want and what I need will be put to right use.

  187. Denene

    Before I watched this I said to myself , ” oh I learned everything is figureoutable from my Mom.” And it is a guiding principle of my life….until I get stuck really badly and find myself discouraged, floundering, and having a little pity party. So thank you for refreshing my belief that everything is figureoutable. This is really the underpinning of my resilience, a trait that I value second only to being kind. Thank you!!! Now I can get on with tackling my new venture.

  188. Girl…I had TEARS streaming down my face watching this. Thank you for sharing so beautifully, hilariously and awesomely. You rock sista! Love, XoxHeather Kristian

  189. That was one of the most dynamic speeches I have ever heard, Marie. I am in the midst of learning how unstoppable I am, and all of us are.

  190. Marie you are amazing. This had me crying and laughing all at the same time. No matter where we struggle – in our work or in our personal life – everything really is figureoutable. You taught me that 2 years ago and I took it to heart. Who we are matters on what we tell ourselves. Please keep shining your light, the world needs more of you. Thank you for being you!

  191. Nice! I felt like you were my family stepping out to that stage…to tell them all the things you tell us. You did great! Thanks for sharing something intimate in a powerful way. Am in a figuroutable time – can’t see how yet but and I am certain it will work out in an astonishing way

  192. *Wiping away tears* Loved the story. Loved the lesson. Am living right now with my new husband and totally am getting what you were saying about quality moments. Our biggest issue is we put a deposit down for a formal ceremony wedding and now might not be able to afford it let alone cancel and now owe 75% to the catering hall. He’s ready to quit his full-time job and get tested for possibly having aspergers which makes it hard for him to keep work and I am growing my own business and working part-time. We don’t know what the future holds but I told him no matter what happens we have each other and we will figure it out. We know the Black and White truth of the situation but I also know that it’s possible we can make the money we need to get by AND pay off this debt. Trying to keep a chin up and not get stressed. But I know in my heart we love and care for each other and we will figure it out. Thanks for the reminder Marie. Your the best.

  193. Lisa Caton

    This was awesome! Thank you so much. I was emotionally moved. I have been stuck and suffering with this one issue and now I am saying to myself…this is figueroutable. When this morning I was thinking the opposite…I dont think I can get through this. Now I exploring something different. Thank you!!

  194. Thank you Marie, for encouraging a personal to global outlook to problem solving and engagement. Congratulations!

  195. This talk brought tears to my eyes and spread a giant grin across my face. You’re an inspiration. Thanks for being you.

  196. Natalia Stefanova

    Superb talk, Marie!

  197. Marie,
    These moments from your life made you stop and think. When we are in those moments, reflecting on the real message with in our own powerful positive mode we can move things into a different direction. I relate to this, I don’t hear certain words that are negative, I choose to find a way. Everything is figureroutable.

    Right now… I’m actually in the process of the most amazing, incredible want to shout it from the roof top happening. My ah ha moment is happening! I really want to share this incredible untold true story that has guided my heart and journey for over 40 years. IT began with a moment that stopped me in my tracks and became my everything. I’ve never penned a story before but it’s figeroutable right?
    I process things in a way that you describe, I have from a little girl. I thought we all did, as I’m learning it’s not so…
    With all my heart, I believe and know first hand that our positive thoughts guide us. They’re real, every thing is figureoutable. When real life experiences are shared they become the tools that show us the way. Oprah is a master at sharing these things, and connecting us with speakers that inspire.
    I’m so excited you shared this today on your blog. I so wanted to come to La, tickets were sold out, but this was perfect way to start my day, a quiet home office with a latte.

    Thank you Marie, you continually inspiring us to look within.

  198. Barb

    Awesome message! You transcend generations and your message resonates with different generations. I have learned so much from you and you have given me such inspiration to grow and continue to learn for the second phase of my life after being a Special Education Teacher for many years!

  199. Claudia P

    Just what I needed to hear — great job 🙂

  200. Marie – I want to express infinity gratitude for who you are and what you do!
    This talk came at exactly the right time for me – when I was feeling doubt, fear, and an overwhelming sense of smallness and powerlessness.
    You have transformed not only my day but also my life!

  201. Your message always applies to some area of my life. Thank you for sharing your gifts as I continue developing mine! ?

  202. Marie – thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us and for making us realize that it can all be figured out. I cried along with you during your airport story. I especially loved how you were so overwhelmed and teary after your speech when you hugged Oprah. You FEEL life, and we get that. That is why we follow you and connect with you. So, thank you.

  203. Elena

    Marie, you’re incredible! I adore and admire everything you do. Thank you for inspiring me again and again.

  204. Marie,
    Thank you for your inimitable energy, your vulnerability and your clear, core message. I’ve been an MF Insider for a few years now and when I think of you, I *always* think of this message.
    I think the biggest thing I am called to transcend in this lifetime is shame, in all its chameleon-esque forms. Beyond shame, there is so much LIVING to do and so much LOVING to extend. I also often battle a belief that there’s too much noise, that we in today’s world are drowning in false connection that overwhelms rather than nourishes us. The question for me is how to contribute meaningfully to that rather than being part of the noise. And I know, I know in my bones, that what God wants me to do is just keep showing up as fully as I know how.

    Thanks Marie. I needed to voice that today.

  205. Liz

    Marie, you are so good at pulling people into a story. I really felt like I was sweating an overstuffed pinata on my way to catch a plane.
    I love that you say the mantra is a practical discipline, putting the responsibility firmly in each of our hands.

  206. Aisling

    Thank you, Marie for sharing your story! I’ve been following you for about a year now, and I have to say I *live* by your mantra that everything is figureoutable. There are so many times in my business that I freak out and question how I’m going to do this or that, or how I’m going to get everything done. Then I take a deep breath and realize I’m capable of doing anything as long as I put my mind to it, as long as I believe in myself and my business, I will figure out the how. With these thoughts in mind, I have overcome many obstacles in my business. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still learning and some days the struggle is real, but this mantra keeps me grounded and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your insight.

  207. Monique

    What I would do or change if indeed everything is figureoutable? Well let me start by saying that going through BSchool already taught me that it is as true as can be. Yesterday I had no clue about WordPress, today I’m at the point where it’s installed, I have a theme, pages and a plug in going on. This strengthens my believe that Yes I’m able teach people to rely on their intuition more, yes I can get companies to look for longterm goals and the welbeing of their employees much more and YES I can get men to trust their gut feelings and open up. The first exampled showed itself today. Amen:) Having said that Marie I loved your performance, you clearly practise what you preach (I saw the emotion, I heard the stories and I felt the energy)! A million thanks to you and your team

  208. Stephanie Summers-Culver

    Wow – with tears in my eyes, I write this. In less than a week, I will graduate my oldest Son from High School. A few days before that I will remember the tragic day that I said goodbye to my Mother at the young age of 60 from injuries sustained in a car accident. Listening to you today – I quickly realized our Mothers were very similar! My childhood memories might not be as significant as yours however I feel that the grief and pain coma I have been in since she left this earth 8 years ago is clouding my vision, or should I said crippling. I am so grateful that I took the time to listen to this today. I have a short Summer to make this type of remarkable impact on my first born before he travels off to College in Chicago come Fall. This grief and loss should not define us but rather the perseverance our loved ones have laid upon our hearts. This week of celebrations, tears, lasts & firsts will be…figureoutable! Thank YOU from my whole heart!

  209. Dearest Marie,
    Thank you for sharing such a powerful story. You are delightful! I have just completed B-School and it has rocked my world. Thank you for creating such an incredible training program. I am on page 2 of my 4 page list of implementation items! 🙂 So close to re-launching my biz!

    My answer to your question is this:
    I would see to fruition the grandiosity of my concept for a training/coaching program for women that helps them identify their truth, speak that truth and then stand fully in their power. As far as I am aware this holistic approach is not currently available. I believe that women who embody their truth live happy healthy lives. I believe that happy and healthy women aligned in mind.body.spirit raise happy healthy children. These women and their children will continue the revolution of higher consciousness and change the world. I want to create a tipping point.

    Big love to you and your team,

  210. I recently received the nicest compliment from my 18 year old son. He too has a mother who believes everything is figureoutable. And now, he’s able to see how it shaped his life, even when divorce and unemployment could made things pretty scary for him. If you live your life this way, the shadow you cast is one of possibility, and you never know who will be touched by that shadow.

    Thank you Marie!

  211. Marie you are truly an inspiration. I cried. I took a leap into a new career & I have been making the excuse I just don’t know what to do. Thanks for the release. Thank you also for sharing your story about your mom and the struggle in your relationship. I used Leading People to Fish as part of my signature. I am adding Everything is figureoutable, Marie Forleo

    Love and appreciate you

  212. Oh my goodness, Marie.

    I was just having an off morning, and this was the kick in the pants that I needed. I can’t believe you had the guts to share that story of your “failing” relationship, that’s always a hard thing to admit.

    In the last two years, I have moved 5 times. Five-fricken-times. Each time I moved, I had a new sense of hope and adventure, so excited for a new start, a new beginning. Each time, my husband and I were moving forward with our careers and trying to find out where we belong.

    But, this last time, it broke me. I wasn’t ready to move. I didn’t want to move. I was finally exactly where I wanted to be for my career and my business. There wasn’t a cell in my body that wanted to leave where I was already at. And therefore, I didn’t see the new beginning or the hope that I had in previous moves. Somethings just snapped. Every move, I would have to re-build a community, meet new people, stretch myself beyond what I thought was possible. But, this time… I didn’t feel like I had anything left. I had already given away everything I had to offer. All of that led to depression, doubt, anxiety, procrastination, and an overwhelming sense of “This is impossible. I can’t do this.”

    My husband is going back to school, and not only do I need to “re-start” in my new location, I am getting a full-time job to help support us. So, I’ll have less time to work on my business and get it off the ground. And, let’s be real, it kind of sucks.

    But even so, everyday things start to get a little easier, I try to see the silver-lining in going back to work, and I know (even though it’s hard) that I can figure this out. I can do this.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Alecia, oh my gosh … moving once in two years is more than enough work, let alone five times. I’m so sorry to hear that the last move was particularly rough for you, and it sounds like exploring the silver lining a bit each day is starting to move things in the right direction.

      I hope that everything Marie shared here can help serve as little points of inspiration, and know that we absolutely believe in you and you have our little team in your corner cheering you on!

  213. Girl, you’ve truly become a transformational speaker. I once saw Lisa Nichols lecture about the difference between a speaker, motivational speaker, inspirational speaker and TRANSFORMATIONAL speaker. The latter is able to take us with her on the journey. We feel as if it’s happened to us and internalize the message. We don’t just take action then. We carry the message with us and it changes our lives forever. That was this talk. You go girl.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh wow, what a lovely thing to say, Dawn! Thank you so much for your kind words, and we’re so glad you enjoyed Marie’s talk <3

  214. I MISS Marie TV…
    Marie TV is something like “Dragons Den” you can watch it for 10 years and never get bored.

  215. I’ve been having a hard time pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams which I think stems from the fact that I don’t have any entrepreneurs in my family. There are so many missing pieces and I found myself feeling really disheartened. This is what I needed to hear to put me back on track. Everything is figureoutable and by God I’m going to figure this out and create my success because this is about way more than just me. When I am able to be a lifestyle entrepreneur I will essentially be breaking a generational curse and opening the door for those after me. I have to make it because those who I came to serve need me and they deserve the best of me.

  216. Loved it! and I so needed it today… I wrote it down on my journal so I can remember to live through it everyday, and I’ll be unstoppable 🙂

  217. Melanie

    WWMD? (what would Marie do?)
    Figure it out (of course), rock the stage and connect straight to the hearts of all super soulers.
    Your talk was sensational. I freakin’ love the pieces out of “that special something that only YOU have”! So happy that you and Josh are ‘are making it’ and making it good ;)!

  218. Fantastic! You did a wonderful job. I loved your story and the way you told it. You were in it to win it. So excited for you to be on this world stage! Go Marie Go!

    xoxo LL

    Bschool grad and total fan

  219. Outstanding!! Imagine what we collectively could accomplish if we REALLY believed that everything is figureoutable! SO INSPIRING!!

  220. Hey Marie, I love your stage presence and story telling. I was fortunate to be at the last RHH Live in 2012 where I heard you tell the story about your mom for the first time. I love how you applied it to your relationship with Josh. To answer your question I’ve been doing a lot of things I never thought I would or could do over the past year or so such as completing my first obstacle course race (4 miles up and down ski hills while maneuvering over, under & thru 37 obstacles) . I did this just a few weeks before turning 35, (for the 16th time:) I also visited the Middle East by myself to visit friends in the military and was there during the Paris and Beruit attacks. While I was a little scared traveling home, I had a strong trust/faith that I would be fine and I was. Over the last few months I started run/walking charity 5k’s and am in the process of training for my first triathlon sprint. I have a huge fear of riding my bike alongside traffic, but I know I’ll figure it out. In my business I help a lot of people feel good on a physical and emotional level and I’m in the process of figuring out how I can make an even bigger impact by transitioning from mostly bodywork to predominantly EFT coaching. I recently received my advanced level practitioner certification and now I’m gonna take the time to go thru B-School 2016. I know I’ll figure it out.
    A big thank you to you and your team for all you do. You truly are helping to change the world in the most beautiful way.
    Much love & hugs,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’re doing some truly amazing things, Dawn! We’re cheering you on all the way, and hope you have a wonderful time training for your first sprint triathlon 🙂

  221. Grace

    Thank you so much for sharing this message Marie. Since giving up my full-time job as a Naturopathic doctor and becoming a full-time Mom, I feel like I have lost my truth and identity. It was my choice to give fully of myself both physically and emotionally to my child and husband. It has been my purpose to serve these two truly amazing individuals for the past four years but my body and soul are asking for me to return home, to my true self. I am exhausted and don’t have the excitement and passion I used to have for life. The last 10 months has thrown me been one difficult challenge after another: moving to another state, breaking my ring finger getting pneumonia, having my dad stay with us after his second divorce, and finally (the biggest blow to my ego) losing massive amounts of hair. Each time I now see that these challenges was the universe trying to get my attention. I am now in the process of “figuring” out how to stop this hair loss, but more importantly how to come home to myself. Listening to your Oprah talk has sparked my hope that I will feel fulfilled again… with a full head of gorgeous hair ?

  222. You Rock, Marie!

  223. Georgia Balmir


    Everyday is an opportunity for me to progress and move forward. I see this as a pivotal moment in my life where I have been able to turn a negative situation into a favorable one that served me in the end. I’ve had several experiences in my life where someone told me something wasn’t possible and after reviewing and processing the situation, I was able to accomplish what I had intended. My significant other has told me “No” on several occasions that he couldn’t help me out financially and God turned up at the precise moment and made it happen for me because I found a way to help myself in the process. This all goes to show that everything is figureoutable. When one door closes, another one opens because for me I have changed my perspective and how I view myself and the way I see the world. I can turn a negative into a positive and even have my adversary become my teacher. It is in those moments of difficulties and adversity that I am able to look within and take another look at myself and change the way I think simply by forgiving the other person and myself. I have found inner peace, happiness and solace. I am ready to face the world and be prepared for whatever life challenges I must face without fear because there is a light in me a fire that burns to be seen and it will not be denied. I can heal broken relationships and see the lesson behind the problem and become a guide for others and truly serve. So yes, everything is figureoutable.


  224. Bridget Morris

    the pedestal I have you on just got higher. wow! just wow! Mom Forleo raised an extraordinary woman and we are all so lucky that you are sharing the wisdom you learned from her. <3

  225. Look for love and then marry her I am 26 years old

  226. I love you Marie! What an encouragement this talk had been for me, I’m glad I didn’t see it any earlier than today because today I’m ready to believe it.
    I’m currently working on improving my internal narrative so this is a timely message for me.
    If I believe everything is figure-out-able (by the way, tell your mom I said thanks for that wisdom. It’s sweet how you honor her when you share it with others): I’d be a successful medical and children’s product designer, creating tangible products that help and inspire others.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Laquesha! Timing is so important — I love when the universe sends us the right messages at just the right time 🙂

  227. Shannon

    Solving the collective housing challenge of owning a home debt free for single moms and single dads. Create a “Simple Living” design community for these familes. Create a 2 year residential housing solution for human traffickers by women and there children to prepare them for purposeful work, living out their passion. Own that bone level Identity, and show my son that everything is figureoutable.

  228. Tropicana OJ!! Thanks for the blast back to my childhood! We had one of those radios too – and a beach towel, and a watch that lasted FOREVER (my mom might still have it somewhere). I am a chronic figure-outer who loves learning but also can get impatient with not seeing results soon enough. I am right there with A. Bob in needing to work on dialing back the urgency and pressure. That said, much of the time, I’m working on the next step of what lights me up and am not super-clear on what my final destination is going to look like. I am still figuring it out. 😉

  229. Thank you Marie! You spoke to me today, I made the decision to take a position in a completely different career than what I have now. I was feeling quite anxious about whether I was making the right decision or not, after listening to your session I am sure this is what I want to become. Thank you for thoughts.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Gisset! Congratulations on getting started on your exciting new career!

  230. Tara

    I so needed to hear this today. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

  231. Michelle Seabrooks

    For the last 3-4 years (after a lot of life changing work on myself) my mantra to everyone has been “there is more than one way to do anything” which I believe equals Marie’s “Everything is Figureoutable”. My son who is 18 and has autism is the perfect example of someone who only sees one way or no way out of a situation. Through my constant reiteration over the years of there being more than one way to do anything and stressing that if plan A doesn’t work out we can always institute plan B or C, we now always discuss alternative ways to get what we want or need and he’s even coming up with his own plan A and B. Your talk just reiterated for me that we choose the roles we play in our lives… “that of a victim, or that of a victor”. I choose to be a victor! Thank you Marie!

  232. God bless you, Marie. So many of us waste so many opportunities due to hesitation, to self doubt. You cleared all doubts now.

    What i would do is i would find a way to broadcast hope and inspiration to those who need it. I’m on the way there. It’s been my lifetime calling and my dearest dream.

  233. Amazing job – I had tears in my eyes by the end of your airport story. Lord knows, you’ve got to keep on trying when you feel like all your other options have failed. Yay! True inspiration and extremely motivated. xoxo – JMV

  234. Hello Marie!
    Just watched the video – especially at a very crucial moment when there is actually something I am trying to figure out! But I am not one who will give up that easily – the clock is ticking and there are EXACTLY 23.5 hours to make it… Tomorrow you will receive a message from me that finally it was figureoutable!!!
    Waiting to share that thrilling moment with you!
    Loads of love,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s so awesome, Uma! We look forward to hear about your thrilling moment — you got this! 🙂

  235. Nui

    Thanks Marie for sharing your stories. I’m glad I listened to it.

    I truly believe everything is figureoutable. However, living in this modern busy life, we just keep going and going and going. I end up with a super long to do list, unfinished tasks and being overwhelmed with frustration. I’ve figured that I should slow down, stop, think and try to figure out how to get out of this mess, so I could become the person I wanna be.

  236. Yessss, so well done.
    I’m showing this to my15 yr old daughter.

  237. Monica

    Love this! Sitting at my desk with goosebumps and chills. Marie, you once again touched my soul.

    In answer to your question, I would be a healer, someone who helped people heal at the soul level, help them find their self and remember why they are here. I believe if more of us were able to really be in touch with our true self, it would heal the world.

  238. What an honor to be on that stage! What makes a talk great in my opinion, is sharing the human stories; because I believe that which comes from the heart, reaches the heart. Well done Marie, and now I have to figure out how to get on that stage, and share, empower, and inspire. Any ideas :). Thanks for sharing!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Danielle! In terms of how to get on that stage (or any stage!), it’s all about honoring your voice, your authenticity, and then simply hustling and getting your work out there as often as possible.

      We have some amazing MarieTV episodes that talk about all kinds of ways to share your gifts with the world, so feel free to explore our collection for lots of great tips and ideas!

  239. What a wonderful talk, Marie!! I loved it. Yes, I agree! I will pass that to my son, too! Amazing your airport story and adorable all the memories of your mom “doing it all”!
    Sending love and gratitude to you,

  240. Dennis

    Amazing speech Marie, you had the crowd up on their feet and they loved you. I wish you and Josh the best. Congratulations. Dennis.

  241. Cynthia Cassady

    Thanks Marie you are an awesome bundle of love, inspiration and empowerment!!! I love your statement of truth=everything is figureoutable❤️ I believe that we will figure out a way to make our mlm biz succeed, and I believe we will be able to figure out how to buy the house we just looked at yesterday….. I believe we will get to relax on a beach? Much love to you and God bless.

  242. What an absolutely brilliant and inspiring talk!
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ is something we need to remember when things in business and life get too much sometimes.

  243. Marie you are simply AMAZING! I love you and I love what you stand for. Such strength and grace all rolled up in one. We are all so blessed to have such an empowering role model for women. You have made a difference in my life and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Julie, that means so much to hear! We so appreciate your lovely note, and we’re sending tons of Team Forleo love <3 <3

  244. Sheryl Anderson

    Fabulous Marie !!! Captivating and inspiring message. Thank you for being so authentic and sharing your personal story.

  245. Great presentation, very real. I think it resonated with all who watched and listened. It even brought a tear to my eye at one point, yours too I noticed. What I saw in the faces of the audience and in myself was the thought, what do I see in my life that is to be figureoutable?
    As a massive procrastinator, I have been to lazy to get of my butt and figure anything out, but know knowing that whatever it is (in my case the procrastinating), it shall be figured out.
    Thank you.

  246. Eva

    Ever since joining B-School I embraced your mom’s (and now your) “everything is figuroutable” lesson.
    So much has happened since and I feel like I’ve come so far… yet I know things are just getting started. And no matter how many challenges we face, we will be OK and will even gain wisdom from every single event.
    Your talk brought tears to my eyes. Because I know what you’re saying is absolutely true.
    Thank you so much for your work.
    And keep taking time off to recharge the soul 🙂 We all need that to keep going.

  247. Miriam Mishkin

    Marie, you ROCK! I have always believed “Everything is Figureoutable” and will add it to my list of mantras that have served me well over the years. Such as: “It is what it is. (We can’t control everything)”, “What’s the lesson I’m supposed to learn from this?”, “This situation is what I make of it.” “I won’t let negative instances define me or how I view or “show up” in my world.” (Viktor Frankle), “What do I need and who can help me get to the next step?” (I am usually generous in helping others and I have a nice network of friends and acquaintances).

    As an intuitive person, surrounded by fact-based, rational folks most of my life, I was asked, but often could not answer WHY I thought/believed/acted a certain way. Life was not always easy and my esteem was put to the test (but that is for another time). I thought I had to justify the whys so I began to work HARD to define how/why I made decisions, etc. I rose in my career because I had built compensating skills, (balanced facts and intuition) but at a BIG time and energy cost. I was not playing to my strengths. (Thanks Marcus Buckingham for helping me see that I was enough, just as I was.)

    Now, I know better and honor my internal voice (intuition) that gathers input from many factors and observations. My husband and I gave up our careers to start our own business and after 1.5 years we are starting to see the benefits of all our labor (time, money, energy, sleepless nights, etc). We did a lot of due diligence before beginning this venture, and went in with our eyes open. We did NOT have all the answers, but we had faith that EVERYTHING is FIGUREOUTABLE and we took the plunge knowing that by leveraging our experiences, and with our tenacity, things will fall into place.

    Your question – what <> would I do/create… if I believed it’s all figureoutable? I aim to make a difference in all the small ways I can influence my world (in hopes to find the BIG ways):
    a) I teach my kids to trust their inner-voice and play to their strengths (recognize where they might need to enhance their skills but not at all costs – only enough to get by and collaborate with others who have complementary skills), to help others see what they are capable of (and in tern, it helps them see what they themselves are good at),
    b) I support my employees by hiring positive, collaborative, thoughtful people (No A-hole Rule), and asking them what activities strengthen them (to what do they have an affinity?) so that they are working with their strengths and not wasting energy on things someone else (with complementary skills) could be doing.
    c) I would stand on the roof tops, teach youth groups, write a book and tell everyone to “Trust your inner voice more!” Don’t listen to nay-sayers. [Great quote – “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead]

    THANK YOU for spreading positive messages in BIG ways. From one of your BIGGEST fans. (Loved hearing your Mom’s name is Miriam!)
    All my best,
    Miriam Mishkin

  248. Just like your mom taught you, my mom taught me…in slightly different words…that everything works out in the end. It’s the main reason I haven’t given up my dreams at age 53. I keep growing and learning because to do anything else is boring. I want to live life until there is nothing left for me to do. And no matter what comes at me, I feel empowered to conquer it.

    Great talk Marie!

  249. Olesya

    Maria, it was amazing! I’m from Russia, and my english is not so good, I do not understand some individual words, but I understood everything !!! It was very sincere and inspiring! Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Olesya! We’re so glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  250. Yes!! Mama Forleo is Carrying the way!

  251. Mia

    Thank you for this, Marie! You are such an inspiration – as always! I am tuning in from Sweden and am about to start my own online business soon. There is so much to research, prepare and….well…to figure out. So this is definitely the right time to start with the mantra that everything is figureoutable. Thank you again! ?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Congrats on starting your business, Mia! I’m really glad you found Marie’s talk right as you’re starting because, like you said, there’s a lot to figure out. I think you’ll also like Marie’s business advice—we’ve grouped all those MarieTV episodes together for easy reference. 🙂

  252. Your work provides such a buoyancy to myself and I suspect so many more!! A heart felt thanks for all you do!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank YOU for watching, Mary! I also love buoyancy as a description. I hadn’t thought about it like that before, but that does describe how I feel too. 🙂

  253. Your story of balancing work and home resonated with me deeply [and the timing was crazy surreal]. I’m struggling to find the right balance and getting lost in the work I love. It’s time to step back and evaluate my priorities for the balanced life I aim for.
    And figure it out.
    Thank you, Marie.
    You are the cherry on my business pursuit sundae.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Karen! I’m really glad Marie’s message was timely. It’s definitely hard trying to find the right work/life balance. Marie also has this episode of MarieTV about work/life balance that you might like:

  254. I love this so much, Marie! I see myself in you when you tell the story of making the flight to Barcelona. I have the same mindset that everything is possible, or as you say, everything is figureoutable!! Traveling internationally on a regular basis, I’ve been in several situations similar to this: almost missing the flight from Milan to Paris, almost missing the flight from Rome to Mozambique. Instead of giving up, I find a way to make it work.
    When the village where I lived in Mozambique flooded and the Peace Corps said I couldn’t go back, I knew that there must be a way to continue serving my community without leaving them. I talked with friends in nearby villages to see if I could stay with teachers, nurses, or their friends. I convinced Peace Corps to visit the nearby villages to see if I could stay there and continue commuting to my village to work at the hospital. I knew that I couldn’t go home– that my work wasn’t done. After much back and forth, Peace Corps finally agreed to let me live with a friend in a neighboring village– one without electricity or running water, with no market or public transportation. I stayed there and was able to continue working at the hospital and serving my community. I even extended for a third year, developed amazing friendships with the people in this new site, and now run an organization dedicated to empowering women Mozambique through education and entrepreneurship! Everything is figureoutable! Determination, optimism, and not taking no for an answer has helped me a lot in life! Thanks so much, Marie, for being an inspiration to us all!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s AWESOME, Elisabetta! You’ve got figureoutable all figured out. Seriously, it sounds like you’re doing amazing work and I’m really glad you’re staying true to the community you love in spite of the challenges that come up. You’re doing beautiful work in the world and we’re really proud of you.

  255. Oh my God, Marie, your speech had me well up with compassion, relief, and total adoration for you, Josh, and your story. I had expected to find you at the Super Soul Sunday round table. I was STUNNED to see you step in front of such a big noble audience. Standing ovations (great audience, too)!

    It was like watching a movie. I didn’t want you to stop! I could SO feel you, your power, your emotional whirlwind, your energetic movement moved me, then that running climax at the end. WOW. What a performance. I wanted to come through the screen and help you carry that heavy load. I literally FORGOT that this was a speech. The camera went right with it, too. And you looked gorgeous, gifted lady!

    1,000 “I love you”‘s could not have said “I love you” like your figureoutable-inspired action – and speech – did. You made magic happen for your man, your relationship, and millions of viewers, and it will continue to increase for generations to come as your video will travel the inter(dimensional)net through spacetime. Powerful!

    Not many other women would have done what you did, and Josh must have seen and felt that as well. Oprah was as smitten and captured by your speech as I was, I could feel it even more than see it. You impressed as a speaker, and we need to SEE YOU MUCH MORE in that capacity, please. That video should be in every school, university, and other place around the world. I mean it.

    Told you, Ellen DeGeneres will want you on her show soon. And might we see her in one of your interviews soon?

    Thank you for Marienading the world,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Oh my gosh, Tanya, THANK YOU for this sweet and heartfelt message! It’s so awesome that Marie’s message really resonated with you and spoke to your heart. We’re super grateful. <3

      (Funny story, I recently mentioned that Ellen DeGeneres was on my list of "dream guests" for MarieTV. I'd love to see her on the show too! 🙂 )

  256. My life, and my life style require ‘figureoutable’ mindset! Thanks for reminding us…
    We’re gonna make it!
    Rocked it Marie!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You got this, Laura! 🙂

  257. Brenda

    You truly lived that moment with passion, Marie. I have heard your story of the Tropicana Orange Juice radio, but not with the conviction you had on that stage. And your airport story? Well – the frantic mess that led up to you getting on that plane seemed to give you all the couple’s therapy you needed . If that moment in time didn’t prove your love and compassion for each other, I don’t believe anything could.

    What would I do? Through my creative writing, I hope to create a more soul-filled, passionate world. I provide the ability to create and ensure a memorable impact for both entrepreneurs and individual customers. For entrepreneurs who want to convert website visitors to customers, I help provide the message they want to convey. For individuals wanting to remember the past, enjoy the present or plan their future, my personalized products and services help them to do so. (website forth-coming)

    Thanks so much for sharing your heart with the world!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s really cool to hear! I’m so glad Marie’s story hit home in a new way in this talk. 🙂

      We’re cheering you on with your creative writing, especially knowing your mission is to create a more soul-filled world! There can never be enough soul and passion in the world. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

  258. Just a wonderful address, Marie. You have been blessed with —and have developed —such a positive and sensitive inner voice.
    I can’t thank you enough for sharing…
    It was incredibly motivating for me: I WILL muster up the drive and confidence to finish the novel I have been trying to write for the past two and a half years.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wow! Writing a novel is a huge undertaking, but you CAN do it. We believe in you!

  259. Marie my darling you’re amazing! I love it! Iwas there with you at JFK and then with your mom your storytelling was perfect and as EVERY single video I’ve seen from you a life lesson. You’re blessed and the most important you know how to honor it. Lot of love. Maria

  260. When I can figure it all out, as big a dream as it can be: every woman is an artist, and every little girl is seen in her true talent and presence; she feels safe, respected and considered, as a human being. She is capable and unstoppable. She feels beauty and produces it. There is no “system”. There are only human beings building colorful cities.

  261. Thank you Marie–I love how you really really went for it!
    I would become an international educational advisor to show educators and students how to transcend fight or flight in the classroom using tools I learned to do the same. We are so much more than our neo-cortex: we are our physical, emotional and spiritual selves too. It’s time to connect and use all of these in the classroom to develop into the uniquely talented beings we all are. The new education would incorporate the heart, the body, the senses and the brain.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That is so, so wonderful, Therese! There can never be enough heart-centered people in the world and started early in school is such a beautiful way to encourage that. 🙂

  262. Marie, this was amazing! It touched my heart. My husband and I are at that 7-year mark and your story has inspired me to give ourselves more time off. Yes, yes, we must always believe in possibility.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yay! That’s so great to hear! I hope you create even more beautiful memories together on upcoming vacations. 🙂

  263. That was completely awesome, Marie. Thank you!

  264. It’s such a funny story, but it made me well up with tears! Thank you, Marie! You are an amazing and inspiring women and I’m so thankful for you figuring it out.
    Every little thing you’ve ever figured out on your journey has a ripple effect of success.
    I’m deeply grateful for you (and your mom!).
    In joy,

  265. so very inspirational, Marie, you made me cry at first then laugh with your airport story… OMG! One phrase that stuck to my mind is that “… everything you do is shaped by what you believe” – your dear mother was such an inspiration, she must be so proud of you! Well done, you shone like a star on that stage xx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kindness, Cecile! We’ll be thinking of you and sending positive energy your way. Marie’s words are true—everything you do is shaped by what you believe. 🙂

  266. Sarah

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this, you are so captivating and I have always (ok not always but mostly always – you know, we all have THOSE days) believed that everything is figureoutable, I can do anything I put my mind to. I have had a health issue for a few years now and all specialists I have seen have given me vague and not so helpful answers but I know that I am going to figure this out and when I do I will let them know what the situation is so they can help others with the same issue. I never quit and I always finish what I start, we are all capable and I love the simplicity of everything is figureoutable, small miracles happen every day and we can all make it happen. xo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You have such an amazing, resilient spirit, Sarah! I really hope your doctors figure out what’s causing your health issue so you can get the treatment you need to heal. I hope your “everything is figureoutable” attitude will rub off on them! In the meantime we’ll be thinking of you and sending healing wishes your way.

  267. I’m in tears. I love this so much. No matter what it is, it is figure-out-able! Thanks Marie!

  268. nadine

    bravo marie! i have watched you for years but have never commented on anything. but as soon as i heard your great talk i thought of a real example. at 23 i was dg. with ms, have been on ssdi for years, at 35 was in a nursing home, etc. then my partner figured it out! the best hospitals had given up on me but she did not. i was treated off study with hsct (chemo, my own stem cells) at northwestern. not to give false hope but i went from a wheelchair to walking. i know i can’t share my short story here but if c. had not exhausted every option possible i would still be in a nursing home. so YES (almost) everything IS figure out-able 😉

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so, SO glad you kept your “everything is figureoutable” spirit and that you’re out of the nursing home and able to walk again! And I’m really happy you had your sweet partner by your side during such a tough time. There’s such power in believing things are figureoutable.

  269. Sooo Inspiring! It all changes. The world just opened up for me, my husband, and my children ?? Thank you Marie for reminding us that “everything is figureoutable”

  270. A very powerful and confident presentation . You are a woman of stature. You can inspire people with your leadership.My comment is philosophical. Something I have learnt from Ayn Rand. She explains that you cannot change the nature of metaphysical facts. Here she means the sun, the moon, stars ,moutains rain . All things we call nature. For example you can not ask rain to stop raining. However, there are man -made facts which should not be accepted blindly and when neccessary they should be challanged. Most of them are not perfect .There are errors. Your mother is right when she says everything is figureoutable. I am sure she meant man-made facts. Most people do not know this and easily give up even when they can do something

  271. Rosaline

    Beautiful talk, Marie! Well done! Very engaging and inspiring!

    In response to your questions: I would become confident in the idea that I will be a steward of great resources. I would have greater intuition on how to use the time that has been given to me. I would have deeper trust that my actions reflect the core of who I am. I would have deeper trust that my actions matter to me, my loved ones and others. I would connect with the people that it would be a joy to serve and the people who deeply need and value my services.

  272. Hi Marie, this is such a great talk and your wonderful personality really shines through. Since adopting your everything is figureoutable mantra I have learned so many new skills (which I now provide as services to my clients!) that previously I would have thought were totally beyond me and extremely technical! It’s all quite straightforward once you apply yourself to figuring it out.
    There is another saying that you can’t be more unless you know more and this is why you have to be determined to figure things out because then you can no more and then you can BE more!
    Thank you for all your inspiration!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s so cool that you’ve adopted the “everything is figureoutable” mantra and have learned so many new things! I know your clients are really grateful for your wisdom too. I really like the “know more, be more” mantra too. So good!

  273. You truly are AMAZING Marie! Love your story – it is authentic and so relate able. My Dad always taught me to work through challenges and that life will always present us with challenges to help us grow. Anything in life is “figureoutable” There will always be a way….we just need the patience and belief in ourselves. Thank you Marie!!!

  274. Hey Marie! I just want to say thank you <3 your words have helped me so much over the years, you have no idea! You put in words things I've always think about. Keep it up! Love and all the best for you (and Josh) I'm so glad you made it! ^_^

  275. Claudia

    chapeau – great talk!
    everything is figureoutable is my mantra for decades, and it´s working for me, never mind it´s not the easiest track. but it kept me moving as a working student, made me survive my internship, helped me trough incredibly dangerous situations in Africa and so on…

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I think you really hit the nail on the head, Claudia. Figuring things out isn’t always easy, but having the “figureoutable” attitude makes a big difference in how we approach things. I’m really glad you survived your internship and the dangerous situations you were in!

  276. Laura Gonzalez

    Thank you Marie, you are amazing, unstoppable, gracious, fun and talented. I love to watch you and I strongly recommend my students, neighbors and friends to follow you.

  277. I’m so glad I watched this. Perfect timing 😉 You are such an inspiration Marie. I’ve been following you online for about 5 years now, have done B-School numerous times, I even got my Dad to sign up to your emails (and he told me he thinks you’re crazy – haha, I told him that’s why I follow you!) I had goosebumps and tears throughout your talk. I know exactly what I need to do to get my ass into gear at the moment, it’s just like I keep waiting for someone to give me the permission slip to do it, and here it is! Thank you for being you and owning that stage with so much grace and power. Deep bow and all love to you!

  278. PS – awesome outfit! 😉

  279. Roxanne

    Hi Marie…I am a business woman a true work horse…love my work…but soon this world that I have known will be coming to an end…my 20 year run with my business will end because we are selling it….I’m not sure what the future will bring but I’m on this whole spiritual path…been loving all the big gurus for years…I studied fashion; I’m a Naturopath and I am very good at a lot of things…but I have no idea what to do next….I would love some advice. I feel lost and I absolutely love your hilarious f+++++ personality! you Rock! I know we’d be best buds if we ever met…anyway; I would love to hear some words of wisdom from you, so if you have any…please send ’em my way babe! …Btw; you were insane…what a fab talk you did. You and Oprah. Rock stars!!!!! I’ve loved Oprah all my life…met her about 3 times! awesome chicks. thanks for all the encouragement.

  280. Outstanding Marie!! Brought tears to my eyes and reignited the fire in my soul. Thank you. You should be so proud.

  281. Lovely talk Marie, thanks for your words and wisdom. I loved hearing your mom’s story. My dad grew up in Newark too. He was such a happy person because he never forgot how much he had to be grateful for.
    The answer to your question would be that I would continue to create events where individuals can hear and share their storie and their truth with love and humor.

    It is all figure-out-able <3

  282. Everything is figureoutable!! Love your mom too. 🙂 What a great story about your airport journey. I’m going to finally complete my book, Sex, Love and Food and it’s going to be a NY Times best seller and a movie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! We’re cheering you on! 🙂

  283. Jennifer

    Awesome Marie! So brave, and inspiring!! Thanks for sharing the vulnerable story of you and Josh. I can really relate, and needed the reminder that everything IS figure-outable. Much love to you, and gratitude. namaste, Jennifer

  284. Sue Kaiser

    Two years ago my health started to decline. I was in pain almost everywhere, I was so tired I couldn’t get enough sleep and I was weak as a mouse.
    All my lab work came back fine and I went and saw every Dr in the area to see what could be wrong. Everyone said they weren’t sure, or it was Fibromyalgia.
    I went from Dr to Chiropractor to physical therapist and took every supplement that was recommended and even did acupuncture; none of which helped. At this time, I was on about 13 pills a day and an pain patch.
    On day about a month ago, while laying in my usual spot on the couch, I thought, this is it, this is what the rest of my life will be like and I began to cry. Then a little voice inside said, “NO WAY, I am only 54 years old, I will be damned if I am going to live like this!! I am getting healthy some way, some how!! I started doing some stretching, light walking, and working on changing my diet. I found a great physical therapist that works with people who have been in pain for years. I am still in pain, but not using the pain patch anymore and I have stopped taking 4 other drugs. At first I couldn’t make it a day without a nap but now I can go without on most days. I truly believe this is figureoutable!!
    I firmly believe this mind shift was necessary to get me working at it again.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you’re doing so much better, Sue! That’s definitely something to be proud of. Cheers to your improving health and your “figureoutable” outlook. 🙂

  285. Powerful! Great storytelling and meaningful and impactful message. My answer is to really step up and share my story as a source of inspiration for others and not let my story be something that defeats me. From being homeless, battling addiction, just to name a few, I have made it my mission to come back strong and empower others – because if I can, anyone can. Thanks so much for your leadership and your courage. Many blessings.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wow! It sounds like you’ve been on an incredible journey. We can’t wait to see you share your story on an even wider scale.

  286. Dear Marie,
    Thanks bunches for sharing this video with us – I wasn’t able to attend the event and very much wanted to …As always, your story and insight was so inspiring! Your Mom especially must be very proud of you for taking her mantra to heart. Congrats on figuring out that potentially huge problem and for salvaging your relationship with Josh. Thanks again for being such a bright light in the world and encouraging us to live our best lives.
    Much respect and gratitude,

  287. Pam

    So true — you’re a gifted storyteller and person. Glad you found your calling so others can learn from you. I certainly have.

  288. Michelle Marino

    I think you have to be doing what you truly love and are meant to do to believe that “everything is figure-out-able”. I’ve been trying to make that work for the last 3 years and it just wasn’t going to happen. I finally decided to quit my (regular paying) job and go back to my love-design. Now I feel like everything is figure-out-able! I wish I would have known this mantra 3 years ago. I would have never left my business, I would have just tried to make it a better business. So this is where I am……go big or go home.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you’re back to doing what you love! That’s so important, and I’m glad the “figureoutable” outlook followed you as you transitioned back to design. It really does make all the difference. 🙂

  289. Beautifully said, Marie! Really touched a chord with me. I am in full alignment and am reminded of our divine essence (in each of us) that is able to have us do things that we could never imagine. I am a big dreamer, believer in myself and others and loved the reminder that everything is figureoutable! Way to go – you are a powerhouse! Love your style, your authenticity and so adore you! Thank you!
    With gratitude and the umph to get the heck out there, full throttle,
    Julie Reisler
    P.S. My big hairy audacious dream is to also someday share on Super Soul Sunday…thank you for the inspiration! You rocked’ it! 😉

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so cool, Julie! Being on Oprah was Marie’s audacious dream early in her career, so it can work! 🙂

  290. April

    Marie that was an outstanding Oscar award-winning sincere performance with great storytelling and great speaking expertise. You really are a pro! Such a sweetheart with a great heart full of compassion for Marie that was an outstanding Oscar award-winning sincere performance with great storytelling and great speaking expertise. You really are a pro! Such a sweetheart with a great heart full of compassion for others. unfortunately I don’t agree that everything is figure out able. Especially if you have depression or bipolar. It’s hard enough just to get by. And it’s too much to aspire to figure everything out or to think that you’re capable of picking figuring everything out. But for the Nero typical people out there… Yes I believe it is possible and should be something everyone should aspire to! However if they have depression, it ain’t going to work.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you for sharing your kind words and thoughts with us, April. Having known several people very close to me who have suffered from depression and other mental illnesses, I absolutely hear where you’re coming from.

      Sometimes a more immediate issue like an illness can take priority over focusing on other dreams — sometimes for a long time — but having personally seen many people rise out of serious mental illness and go on to do amazing things they’d never dreamed of when they were in dark times, it’s absolutely something that I believe is figureoutable too!

  291. Marguerite Hart

    Marie I loved the talk and your mom sounds like a gal I would love to have as a friend!

  292. Serena

    Brava! This was the most inspiring moment you’ve delivered yet! THANK YOU for all that you do, and thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Marie, you’re my spirit animal.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So sweet, Serena! Thank you 🙂

  293. Absolutely amazing! Thank you! My answer: I will build my Contagiously Positive empire 🙂

  294. Pia

    It’s funny how the timing of your emails and subject matter show up in my inbox at the most profound moments in my life. My husband and I very recently left our life and 20 year careers in NY (well, the Universe started slamming quite a few doors on us and made it clear that our time there was up), and moved to southern California. We had a small vacation home in the Coachella Valley and decided to go there to regroup, figure things out. There is nothing related to what we used to do in this area, but we knew we had to do something, so we started our own business. Talk about fear! I was scared out of my mind! But, the 2 things I kept telling myself over and over is this: “I am my mother’s daughter. We will figure this out.”
    You see, my mom was just like yours. In fact, in the eulogy I gave at her funeral was a story about coming home one day and finding my mom on the roof! I asked what she was doing up there and she said, “What do you think I’m doing up here? We have a leak and I’m fixing it!” She was a stay-at-home mom who raised 5 kids. After my dad left us, she never had a lot of money, but she sure had a lot guts and a fierce determination to figure things out, one way or another. Lately, I’ve been thinking back to those days of hardship and remind myself that if my mom could figure things out on her own with very few resources then I sure as hell can figure this out too. She is my inspiration and so are you. I know now, without a doubt, that everything is figureoutable!
    With love, thanks and gratitude,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a wonderful story, Pia, thank you so much for sharing. Your mom sounds like she was an incredible lady! xo

  295. Lea

    My new mantra… Everything is figureoutable… Everything. I am so grateful for the gift of your light Marie. Thank you for this and all the ways you touch and inspire us. Much love to you!

  296. Maria

    hi marie,
    this talk was wonderful and touched me on a deep level. I’m working in the field of an NGO during the refugee crisis in europe. I always meet people telling me that things aren’t possible, that it’s too hard, that it takes too long. but together we’re creating right now the change that needs to happen. and it’s so beautiful to be surrounded by souls who believe in that too. thanks a lot.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Maria. Thank you so much for the amazing work you’re doing for refugees and contributing to the real change that’s happening right now. It’s the people that believe who help make it happen. <3

  297. Hi Marie. I wanted to let you know that after watching your show for years, I feel so much gratitude and joy watching you work. Watching this video I felt waves of energy and excitement watching you step out on that stage. It sort of felt like I was with you, like you were bringing all of us with you on this journey. Thank you for being that kind of leader.

    Here’s what I want to figure out: my business, as a conduit for other businesses to grow, specific ones that I personally believe in. I want to figure out how to do it very very well, and live free and focused on what matters.


  298. Hi Marie , That talk was just fantastic . So well done. I’d love to meet your Mother. ! What an amazing lady . I think you may have just saved my life and I’m serious about that. I love you . Big hugs

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So beautiful, Nida – that means the world to us. Big hugs and lots of love right back.

  299. Wooooow wow wow, Marie! What an impactful talk! You are a Rockstar! Everything is figureoutable and I wanna be you when I grow up 🙂

    I want to help people build the business and life they love. I want to help them become better communicators and overcome their own limiting beliefs by becoming the person they want to be.

    As a language teacher and an intercultural coach, I help every day my students to overcome the language and intercultural barriers they have and learn how to communicate more effectively in their new environment while living abroad.

    What I’ve been figuring out is how to help people who move to Germany to design the life they moved for and become the person they want to be by communicating better in German, connecting with the people in their new environment and building the life they want.

    Marie, you are a huge role model for me. I believe that I can revolutionize the way adults learn foreign languages and spread intercultural awareness about how enriching it is to learn from other cultures and share our own uniqueness with the people around us. Because what I know to be true is:

    The world needs that special gift that only each of us has.

    Love you to the moon!

  300. Silvia

    Congratulations Marie. I am a B-Schooler. I truly enjoyed the Super Soul Session. It´s fantastic to see you there on stage with Oprah. In B-school you talk to us about achieving goals, about following our dreams, and it is an honour to learn that from you, not only from your words but also from your example.
    Loved the story about the airport, a memorable example of how “everything if figureoutable”, the more I think about it the more I like it.

  301. Marie!

    Bravo bravo bravo. Thank you so much for this beautiful act of courage and for wearing the will of the human heart on your sleeve. I’m so touched by your words and so inspired knowing the struggle that preceded them. I’m pretty speechless. So much love.

  302. You rocked it Marie!! Thank you for the great stories about your mom and validating the worth of figuring stuff out yourself without having to go learn about it first (although this is often very helpful!), or find someone else to do it for you. I’ve always believed that “everything is figure-out-able”, just like your mom did. Lots of times there’s nobody else that can do it anyway, so we just have to. Will definitely keep the carry-on bag trick in mind. Did miss a flight once because of that (no luggage stores around though).
    Big hugs!! xoxo

  303. Dear Marie,
    you are a SuperSoul. a SuperPerson. I Just took Bschool and it changed my life. You changed my life. You´ve put a name on any feeling I always felt. ¨Everything is figureoutable¨ is just one more of these names. The fact that you name them it made them real. And feelings are the spark for one´s actions….so I turned in to a firework of new amazing actions building new amazing realities for me and the people around me.
    I would love to see a world where everybody lives in abundance and awareness and spend more time doing what they love, spending time with their families, taking care of our beautiful planet. I want to see a world full of happy people who don’t have time to envy, be jealous, take from others, fight…
    with more people like you we can get closer to it
    and I want to be one of those inspiring lifechangers like you…while living my dream of being a full time mom (and partner) as well as an actress-director-producer of amazing projects.
    this is my dream, my goal, my path, my mission….thanks to you I’m few steps closer…
    thanks dear Marie, and congrats for your talk 😉

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Amazing, Valentina – I have no doubt you’ll be bringing all of those dreams to life. We’re honored to have you as a B-Schooler, and look forward to hearing about the things you’re creating in the world!

  304. Velma

    That was so so good. I needed inspiration that is so real. Crying and snoting in airports. I can relate. I’m trying to decide to continue, suspend or stop. I think I will plan a vacation. Thanks for sharing…

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes, Velma! Vacations are so important 🙂

  305. Oh. My. God. You totally hit the point Marie. When you say perfect timing… your soul session talk came at the perfect moment to me.
    I can’t think right now of all the things I could do and change by holding that incredible mantra as true. But I will try to hold it as true.
    I’m sure my life will change for the better by doing so.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Much much Love!

  306. Pam

    Wow, Marie! that was the best message and delivery! Your mom is inspirational, making you inspirational as well. I will remember that everything is figure-outable as I launch an online jewelry business because the “world needs that special gift that only I have to give.” So I can’t let my age or my lack of computer skills hinder my progress. I did not grow up in a positive environment and I still tend to have a negative outlook but I will keep on going. Thank you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Go Pam! Keep on going, and know that we’re cheering you on as you build your jewelry business. It’s all figureoutable! xo

  307. Stephania Chikanova

    past two years were really rough for me, but with your comforting and inspirational wisdom every week on Marie TV I I made my way out of the dark place and today I know that I can make it, and I keep this truth within me anywhere I go.
    Your talk is absolutely breathtaking, UNBELIEVABLE!! Such a generous, bright, phenomenal woman you are. Your words and what you stand for resonates with me deeply. Thank you. Like in Stones song, she comes in colors everywhere) You are rainbow for all of us. Beautiful human being. Fantastic speaker and story-teller. What you shared from the stage was so brave, so whole-hearted and powerful, it got me transfixed.
    Answering your question, I need to live out what I already know to be true and (considering that EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTTABLE) make a first step to my own entrepreneurial endeavour and bring social “edutainment” media project to my country and reach the thousands (or millions?) of great people there. Today in Russia we need humanity, sense of connection, faith in human potential more than ever. And I know that my belief that I can make it, my highest energy will help me to make a difference here on Earth.

    Marie and team Forleo, thank you so much for your work! God bless you!

    With all my love,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your kind words with us, Stephania — so incredible. We’re honored to have you tuning in with us, and that our work has been a source of inspiration to you! <3

  308. Hilary

    That was absolutely AMAZING MARIE… thank you so much for sharing such personal experiences. Most of all, thank you for sharing your mother’s guidance and love.
    This powerful story, the meaning behind it and the phrase that ‘everything is figueroutable’ will no doubt positively change the way that people think and who knows where that might lead. xx

  309. Thanks! that was AWESOME!

  310. Hola Marie!
    What a beautiful message! Here are my answers to your questions.
    What would you do?
    I will share my message in a bigger way.
    Who would you become?
    A messenger of God
    What would you heal or transform or transcend?
    I would heal the world by transforming True Love in a relationship something easy to find for everyone.

  311. Marie, woman! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!! You are the most amazing example of going after your dreams time and time again. I’ve been on a wild ride since winning a scholarship to RHH Live 4 years ago and now I’m doing something I never thought I would do and am SO fulfilled doing it.

    I couldn’t figure out what move to make next in my coaching business, and End Sex Trafficking Day and so I did what shocked most online coach personalities and I quit. I quit without something else launching, without a new product or plan. I just quit. I didn’t have any other courses or ebooks up my sleeves. Golly did that crap scare me. I mean, I spoke at TEDx and was in the USA Today, which = a big EGO boost and a good reputation. To leave that all behind was so nerve-wracking, but I knew I had to do it.

    And as soon as I let go of my “good”thing, something even more wonderful came along, and it certainly wasn’t in the package I was expecting. It was figureoutable, I just had to quit before I figured it out, which is quite a contradiction I know.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your talk, your reinvention, your energy, your positivity, it’s all been here guiding me along…you’re like a little biz angel on my shoulder 😉 I love you dearly and am praying the waves of getting out of your comfort zone, taking action, wisdom, favor and doors of opportunity continue to open for you.


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s amazing, Erin! Sometimes we do have to leave something good to get to something great, even though I have no doubt that was completely terrifying at the time. Thank you so much for sharing!

  312. Thank you Marie. It’s so great to hear that someone so successful has the snotty episodes too. I’m so glad you two have worked it out and so grateful that you are brave enough to open up to the world about every day stuff that everyone goes though at one time or another.
    I am figuring out my online business and how to bring enough $ in whilst it is building up with the help of B School ?
    Venessa x

  313. What an inspiration. Thank you Marie

  314. Pavlina Czech

    Thank you so much for this beyond inspiring talk. It touched me deeply. I also really appreciate your idea of the Compassion collective!
    I am going through a big transition now… A new cycle. I must leave my past and start anew. I am prepared in my heart, but fear keeps entering my mind. If everything was figureoutable, I’d leave my job right now. Move out to my dream country, get a well paid representable job that makes me fulfilled, create little joys for myself and other people, help the environment, and find the right masculine match for me. Who would not resemble any of the toxic men from the past.
    I would be free, happy and share my experience.
    Thank you for inspiring me to think that it might be figureoutable.

  315. kat

    Killed it! Love how you worked your Jersey in;) The message was powerful and poignant and perfectly you!

  316. I have a post it note on my computer that says ‘I believe in my ability to figure things out. If I do I am seeking the next level, if I don’t I’m settling’.
    Thank you for reinforcing my belief in my ability to figure things out, I often fall short of the mark however my dreams and goals rise to the surface quickly to put me back on track.

  317. I cried too!
    Thank you Marie for sharing your stories, they’re so powerful. For me, right now, I want to become a writer and a great communicator. At the moment I may not be super clear on how it’ll progress into a business, but I’ll keep moving forward and clarity will come. After all, everything is figuroutable. 😉

  318. You made me cry and laugh like millions of times. Thank you, Marie.

  319. LA

    This was a “timely” talk for me. Today was tough. I’m realizing just how removed I am from all things “me”, consumed by how to handle a rare lung disease, I never talk about it, to anybody. Not my family, not my friends. There’s so much I haven’t done or “figured out” in my life. I’m 54, have dreamed of having my own business for years. I’ve created different things over the years that I dream of sharing with others to help improve their condition but yet I haven’t done it. What if it’s too late? Then I think of Marie’s talk and say, “What if it’s not too late?! Be involved, love who you want, create what you want, figured it out as you go. Start the business!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I love that, LA. I’m so sorry to hear things have been tough — I can’t imagine how hard that must be to cope with. We’re sending so much love your way, and do keep us posted on your business. We’d love to hear how it’s going!

  320. GREAT JOB Marie!! Soooooo happy for you!!

  321. Dennis Laughlin

    I loved your message. I admire your command of the story. I am certain many others beside myself were nurtured with your acknowledgement of struggle and triumph. Thank You,

  322. I have a REALLY BIG dream. It FEELS really big to ME anyways. But it can be scary having a big dream and as much as I have a positive attitude and have made great progress towards that dream, I sometimes still feel like it may be too big for me to achieve. I just wrote down “everything is figureoutable” on a note card and put it in a place where I can see it every day. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  323. Wow! Lightening bolt material! At 56 years old, I am unsettled in life. I truly believe the latter can be far greater than the former. Figureoutable? Yes! Yes! Yes! I can and must follow my dream. What is that? I desire to make a difference in people’s lives. I especially feel called to women. My mom died at the age of 71-young in my opinion. Problem is she never lived. Never traveled. Always struggled financially. Relationships were difficult. Life was hard for her. Much due to her choices. I want to encourage people to live. To make everyday extraordinary. I want to let ladies no it ain’t over until the fat angel sings. I believe in instilling hope in young girls to the oldest woman.

    Thank you for your encouragement! Your words bring structure to me and a simplicity to just go do it. Look for me!! I am resilient and so are we all!! I am not sure if I could run through the airport like you, but if I had to I will!! Missy

  324. Wow. Marie, you had me in tears! The past few months have been challenging and this video hit me so deep I can’t even begin to express how it feels!
    THANK YOU for being such an incredibly powerful and amazing woman, you have inspired me to really BELIEVE and continue to have FAITH! I want to give you a massive hug and just say THANK YOU!! <3

  325. Hi Marie and to every Super Soul that reads this.
    Be warned: You did say be as detailed as possible. So get a drink, a munchy, and relax, we’re gonna be here a while.
    To lay the groundwork we must start with my childhood. We were poor, as well as abandoned by our father, yet my mother was (is) a duplicate of your mother (Marie). She knew everything was figure-outable. and so we never knew just how poor we were.
    At the age of ten two events happened that changed the course of my life. we met an all girls gospel choir from Manchester England. After they continued on their tour of the U.S. my mom told her three children that the next year she was going to travel to England to visit our new friends. That started the gears in my head a turning. I was at that time helping a farmer down the road from us periodically earning $1.50 an hour, and I had a small paper route earning me about $15 a week. This financial abundance spurred me into asking my mom if I could go. Her response was; yes, as long as you pay for it I can’t afford for for both of us to go. This being my plan all along sent me into the stratosphere. Two years later alone I traveled five thousand miles and spent six weeks with people I barely knew. It was years later that I discovered that my mom did not expect me to actually do it. She figured that after a couple of weeks I’d go back to buying baseball cards and 45’s (records not guns). By the time I graduated high school I had gone to England three times, bought a car, a van, and a motorcycle, as well as learning how to fly. It was also many years later that it occurred to me that i was doing things people my age didn’t even think of.
    At the age of fifteen I became very ill, and again years later found out I was not expected to live. (It’s amazing the things you can do when you don’t know you can’t do them).
    Resulting from this ordeal the only career I had ever seriously considered was removed from the table. From the age of seven to seventeen the only thing I dreamed of was being an airline pilot.
    The scar tissue I carry with me caused me to be termed a permanent medical reject by the military. In that instant my world was swept out from under me and I fell into a twenty seven year free-fall into hell.
    This destroyed me. I had run into a wall I could not figure out. I descended into a universal sized pity party which included drug addiction, to which the experts said I was beyond the point of no return. When I entered recovery no one was putting any money on me. At the top of that list was me. I. more than anyone knew I was beyond salvage. yet here I am twelve plus years later kickin it, more and more every day.
    I have journeyed back from spiritual,mental, and intellectual death, physical death was nipping at my heals. I was truly a train wreck.
    Today I am vibrant and loving life. After becoming a certified health coach and sharing my story everyone was telling me I had to share this so that others might know they too can figure it out.
    The problem confronting me now was, as a result of the previous lifestyle I had removed myself from the human race, which means I knew no one. After writing my first book, (“I Am” The Creator) and trying to find places that would allow me to speak proved to be far from satisfactory. Being a nobody to the author/speaker circuit has caused me to go inward and revive that “everything is figure-outable attitude.”
    It occurred to me one day that I just needed to start my own production company. I have done just that with my first event happening in less than two weeks.
    And in a not to subtle way of letting you know, Marie, you are in the bulls-eye of my radar scope to be a keynote speaker in the near future. You have for some time now been a true inspiration to me. I absolutely love your spirit and authenticity, and look very much forward to meeting you. Yes, I Am manifesting the life I know is waiting for me.
    Everything is life is truly FIGURE-OUTABLE!
    Thanks, for all you do Marie!
    to all; Be Amazing!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What an incredible story, Steven. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and courage with us here!

  326. John

    Long time follower (so I’ve heard the story about mom & the radio before), first time responder.
    Thanks again, Marie, for the story, the passion, and the encouragement. It really is all figureoutable. Add that to the little things that truly matter done over time and we can create or help create that better “mousetrap”/world/widget that can make our world a better place – if we really don’t care who gets the credit, or who’s in the limelight.
    Keep on Marie & Josh! (Celebrating my 35th anniversary with the same spouse later this month! She says it’s all good, if I continue to buy her jewelry.) Continue making your part of the world better, cause if we all do that eventually all our parts will connect!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      John, thank you so much for your note, and we’re delighted that you were inspired to comment today after following us for a while now. Congratulations on your upcoming 35th anniversary — that’s so wonderful!

  327. I loved it Marie! It’s what I needed to get unstuck.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  328. I would become a woman who earns a comfortable living with my jewelry, with plenty of time for friends and family, plenty of energy to do the things I want to do, and time to be of service to others as well.

  329. Brilliant! Simply brilliant. Thanks Marie xx

  330. Susan Mason

    Marie you are Awesome!!!
    Congrats on your talk with Oprah! I have been watching you for a while now. It seems like every time I need a pick me up your next Q/A or Marie Tv is the perfect match for my issue. You Crack me up! I relat to your sense of humor 90’s girl… yo 😉
    Keep up the good work. I am figuring out my new tennis school and I know its FIGUROUTABLE. Your the Best Marie !!!
    Thank you from Newfoundland Canada
    Susan Mason

  331. Very beautiful Marie. I have a similar airport story where my fiancee and I with his parents almost missed the plane to Disney World. We got held up at security and they closed the gate just as we arrived. The flight attendant said we were too late and the door to the plane was shut. I begged and pleaded but she said there was nothing she could do. My future mother-in-law broke down immediately into the negative tantrum, “this is a horrible day! what horrible luck we have! We will never make it to Disney World!” . Usually, I’m mild-mannered around the in-laws, but at that moment, something in me snapped. I looked at her fiercely in the eye and said “No! Take that back right now! I will not tolerate this negative behavior! I demand that we all think positively and keep trying to get us on that plane! SHHH!!!” just then, a miracle happened, the flight got delayed suddenly due to a mechanical check and that gave the attendant an opportunity to open the door back up and let us in. Positive thinking is indeed magic at times.

  332. Kersten

    What would I do to be true? Well, that is the question of the hour and something I have been trying to figure out for quite some time now ( like since a year ago with B School! lol). Truth is, yes I want to help people who struggle with making healthier lifestyle choices – from food to mental/emotional to physical – but I have trouble regurgitating all the material I have learned. And I have yet to really resolve my own self just yet. Yes, everything is figureoutable.. I do agree, but sometimes these things take awhile and quite a bit of introspection before they fall into place, I guess. It takes a great amount of clarity to be able to dig oneself out of the hole one find him/herself in! 🙂 And clarity to figure out the seemingly unfigureoutable stuff – something which I am slowing doing through much meditation and Qigong.
    Your talk was invigorating and inspiring Marie – thank you so much for sharing!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So true, Kersten. Figureoutable doesn’t always mean “easy” — the best things in life are so rarely easy, but always worth it!

  333. What a beautiful, powerful, honest talk Marie! I could not take my eyes off the screen for the whole thing. I agree, everything is figureoutable. I am recently realizing this through how I am applying myself to this positive thinking with my actions. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  334. Holy cow…I ended in a body covered with goosebumps! Powerful and shared from a heart that has been broken and healed! Beautiful…inspiring…you are on top of your game Marie Forlio! You are unstoppable…capable and a whole lot of other good things! Thank you for sharing a glimpse into the hard parts of your life to shine a light on the fact that “everything is figuroutable”. What a mama you have…I will will with one last comment. May God richly bless your honesty…integrity…and faith! I applaud you and thank you!
    Most sincerely, cmd

  335. Tara Hansen

    You owned it Marie! I loved seeing you step into your fire. At the brink of so much positive change in my life and at times I let the fear of potential failure hold me back. Thank you for reminding me, and all of us, it is totally figureoutable and I have the know-how to do it. I got this!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes! You so got this, Tara 🙂 xoxo

  336. Sheila

    What a great story Marie, and a great message. I believe I am an ‘everything is figureoutable’ kinda person, have been from the start. I had a rough early start – lost parents when I was young, teen mom, abusive relationship. I shook free from the abuse, did the best I could easing my son, managed to put myself through college and got a professional job. Now mid 40s and a grandmother, working and earning decent salary. Somehow thru it all I maintained a strong sense of dignity and stability, to protect and help, and be genuine. I’d love to share my story with women struggling to break free from abusive relations, or to help the average person understand and manage money in a way that gives them a feeling of being knowledgeable, aware…and even free. To breathe a bit. I haven’t figured it all out but while I’m working my regular gig I have a strong sense that it’s figureoutable. And hope to stop putting it off and get to it! Thank you again for sharing your story. Absolutely loved the description of your mom – and I am happy to say as a young mom I had (have) a lot of that in me too! 🙂

    • Sheila

      And agree with the above – you really did own it! I was in that airport with you?

  337. As I watch you Marie, glowing your glow, I know just how far you’ve come. You were always a natural in how you connected heart to heart with people, but what I see as you speak is the hours and years that have gone into learning how to present in a way that keeps people’s hearts open, wider and wider. Speaking doesn’t come naturally… It’s a skill that I can learn, which I am learning and getting better at. Just today I recorded the video for my new sales page, professionally. Feels great. X

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So sweet, Anna — thank you so much for your kind words. Big high fives for your new sales page professional video!

  338. Marie,
    You make me proud to be a Jersey girl☺??

  339. Els

    I actually teared when you said ‘Josh, we’re gonna make it’. Thank you so very much for this. It really spoke to me and motivates me to keep going even faster!

  340. Marie, that was a very powerful message! And very well delivered….
    Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  341. Yay Marie !! I loved your super soul talk. It was so inspiring. I got a little verklempt at the end for me and for you. Thank you for reminding all of us to believe and be all that we can be. I love that you got a standing ovation. I am standing and clapping too. Bravo!!
    Thank you

  342. Pilar

    OMG, I Admire you so much! Thanks for being!
    Best regards from Mexico!

  343. I love your passion, vulnerability and courage in this talk, Marie. I am a B-School alumni and had heard you say, “Everything is figureoutable” but I didn’t know your mother taught you that. It helps me when I’m struggling to figure out something technological, so I thank you and your mother for that. Your mother sounds amazing, by the way.

    Your Oprah Super Soul Session is a great lesson for me in how to tell stories that people can relate to and remember.

    I am a communications strategist and copywriter and have been helping clients write their About Page by using the structure of The Hero’s Journey. We identify the obstacles and challenges they dealt with on their journey, how they were transformed and what gifts they have for their tribe. I love doing this work and have figured out many things since B-School in 2014.

    You are so impressive, inspiring and wonderful in this Oprah Super Soul Session, Marie. You are a master story teller and I love watching and listening to you.

  344. Lea

    Marie, I’ve been thinking about your question all day. As I write this I realize, that I want to change the “would” in my statement to “am.” I am becoming the true me and the joy in my heart, my optimism, my abilities to find the possible in the impossible will radiate out from me more than ever before. I am going to help others reclaim their own joy, their creativity, and their connections to their bodies and how to take care of themselves. I am going to teach people how to find the broken pieces in their heart and soul and put them back together again, in creative ways and better than ever before. I am going to find ways to bring more beauty into the lives of the people I meet and the family I create. And I am going to enjoy the many gifts that life has brought me, some in packages I never wanted until now. Because everything is figureoutable. Thank you again, with all my heart.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Lea! That change from “would” to “am” is brilliant <3

  345. I totally believe in the things are possible. When someone tells me I can’t it is my sign to learn to be #figureoutable. Then teach how I made it happen. Standout in a crowd – not blend in

  346. Oh Marie, I feel like you know me so well. You often say the things that are exactly what I need to hear. Your talks often give me courage and inspire me to move forward & keep going.
    I’ll admit, I often have doubts about my business. I’m boot-strapping because I am too scared and not confident to do it without a “safety net”. I often feel like I’m out of ideas how to push my business out, how to get in front of more people, how to convert people who visit my website. And the truth, even though I’ve received many positive feedback from people who visited my site, I haven’t made a sale. That scares the s*** out of me.
    But when I look at what the business is about and why I’m doing it, with the positive feedback I’ve had, I know I’m not ready to give up. Because I haven’t gotten to the very end of everything I can do without burning myself out completely.
    So thank you! For once again telling me that I’ve got this and I will figure it out. I love you so much.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So much love, Asmin! Things can so often start out slowly at first, but the fact that you’re getting positive feedback is a great sign that you’re moving in the right direction. We’re sending our best wishes as you’re figuring it out and working on growing your biz!

  347. My goodness….that was one of the best and most inspired story I’ve ever heard in my life. And I love the message to the story and you are an inspirations to MILLIONS of people especially women. 5 stars to Mario Forleo!
    Thank You!

  348. Danielle

    I love this mentality. Thank you so much for spreading your goodness around and making me believe in myself.

  349. Mary Lahti

    What a great story (and your mom – love it!). Such a great reminder. There are many times that the unexpected can happen so you just keep trying and keep going. Never give up. Thanks.

  350. Very inspiring! I loved the story about your mom, made me cry until the end of your airport story. This hits a spot, especially at this time of my life. I’ll always remember this, everything is figure-outable. Thanks, Marie! xo

  351. Joe Falzon

    Marie, YOU ARE OUTSTANDING!!!! What a well crafted, inspirational , amazingly uplifting speech. That message of “Belief”, that message of “You will make it” and of course, your mom’s message of “Everything is Figure-out-able!” These are concepts that everyone needs to embrace and embody and convey to every cell. Wow you’re Good! Damn! It was definitely worth all the slogging.
    Thank you for you and thank you to Super Soul Sunday for the Momentous Opportunity!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Joe! 🙂

  352. nicla

    Great Video and great stories.
    A very similar quote is on my bedroom’s wall. This year I need to read it every day… I left the safe shore and I am swimming in the middle of the ocean with the only knowledge that it was the right decision if I wanted to align my heart and life mission to my career.
    Last year I have published my first book “Breadcrumbs from the Universe”, I thought publishing it was enough and something to be happy that I have done it and that’s it.. but the Universe knows it better..
    When I was 2o, the first time I spoke in public I fainted, and now, many years later, for some strange reason I m taking a public speaking course, I m still having an out of body experience just in writing that, like it’s not me… I don’t know why but I know I have to for some unknown reason… I know one day the all puzzle will be complete and everything will make sense and my career will be aligned to my heart but for now I keep swimming, one stroke after the other repeating to myself that I can do it, I can figure it out with the guidance of the Universe.
    Thanks again.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Nicla, wow that’s amazing that you’re taking a public speaking course. Huge kudos for listening to that little voice inside of you and taking brave steps and figuring it out.

      Just for fun if you hadn’t seen it before, I thought I’d share this amazing MarieTV episode we did with her man Josh, since it talks about public speaking:

  353. Midya U

    Marie, wow, that was a great speech! You left it all on that stage, it was so emotional and inspiring. You go girl! Sending you much love.

  354. An amazing talk!?

  355. Girrrl you made me cry! What a great presentation. I love your honesty and humility. You give so many valuable nuggets of wisdom that have helped me in so many aspects of my journey. Thanks for being an inspiration to me. Xo

  356. Patricia Bebout

    You’re absolutely right everything is figureoutrable ! My mother was also an inspiration to me from saving money to saving the enviroment and her contribution to save the ones who need it more she is my hero . Well my problem is I have to many ideas and I know I want to help people like me. How I am surviving with a spouse with disabilities, pain, depression and the realization that life goes on. I kept everything inside for years trying to tell myself things will change . him having to sell his business and me gaining weight, credit card debt my depression not being able to get help till one day I saw your you tube videos and I saw a light at the end of a tunnel. I could write a book about it. I had to change my mindset to be positive because of my son now almost 17 now. I want to tell the world that you could change if you look inside yourself and forgive yourself first in order to change and accept reality as painful as it is . I am a survivor and can tell you that I have change in so many ways it takes determination and courage to change is necessary and it could be done . I found peace in my heart and can tell you anything is possible!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That is so incredible, Patricia — what a beautiful example of overcoming so much hardship and being a survivor. We so appreciate having you in our world and taking a moment to share a bit about your story with us here.

  357. Yamini

    Just who I needed to see and what I needed to hear today x thank you Marie x

  358. Mel

    Holy shit M! Well done. That was fucking amazing.

  359. Wow! Marie, I adore you & I could not hold in the tears as I was watching your Soul Sessions talk. It really struck me from deep within so thank you so much.
    You are such a passionate, creative & super soul & I love what you do & what you stand for.
    Everything is figureoutable & my goodness has this changed how I am going to be dealing with things & moving forward with my business & my life.
    Thank you Marie for being you & making a difference to the world
    Leah X

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a sweet note, Leah! Thank you so much, and sending lots of big Team Forleo love <3

  360. Karolina

    That was so beautiful Marie! The way you carried your ideas, moved from one to another, changed the tone of your voice, paused when needed – it was delightful to watch and so powerful. You are such an inspiration!

  361. JJ

    My company is all about being a good example. We need people who dare to stand in their spotlight and own it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service. You are an example to me, as I am for others….and that is how the ripple-effect goes. Lately I have been in conflict, because fear is trying to focus me on ‘the money’…. But money is figuroutable 😉 I will pursue my dreamlife and my dreamjob. Grateful for your presence in my life. JJ

  362. Julie

    Marie, thank you for reminding me that everything is figureoutable! I really needed to hear that today! And I enjoyed your running through the airport story, made me laugh so much 🙂 Thanks again!

  363. Dear Marie,
    It was sooo great speach! And you were giving birth to it in pain. I am so proud of you. And your mother must be SO proud I can’t even imagine.
    What would I do? I would organize a demonstration in Den Haag, The Netherlands, with a goal of free and green energy here and now. I would start a platform for engineers who can together work on the implementation of free, green energy.
    With Love,
    Natalia Uzieblo Kiyak
    Life awareness coach

  364. I wish I had been in the audience to applaud you!! That was wonderful!
    I think my if I answered the question at the end of your talk, my answer would be that my whole life would change. Everything..which is really scary, but it’s true. I think I believed that everything was possible, my life would change completely. In a good way <3 Thank you so much, Marie <3

  365. Awesome. Loved it. Made me laugh and cry. Would be a great TED talk.

  366. Marie, you nailed it again! I love the approach you took with your talk. A perfect balance of being entertaining, inspiring and most of all – relatable. You are awesome!

  367. Congratulations Marie ! You were so strong up there! Funny, passionate, honoring your roots, your mama, strong and driven, inspiring. I will probably never check for a plane again without thinking of you ;)What I loved most about your talk is that you lead us with one very very important sentence: It is all figureoutable. I love talks when you get lots of wisdom but sometimes, it doesn’t leave an imprint. The magic about your talk is that it left everyone with a powerful mantra they will NEVER forget. Thank you for all the energy and time and love you gave there. We felt it. Love from France <3

  368. Marie…this is yet another impressing performance and message from you! You rock! 🙂

  369. sally harding

    Hi Marie, loved your talk, i totally believe everything is figuroutable and am just embarking on a new journey of my own and feeling excited!! When are you coming to Australia would love to see you here!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Sally! While we don’t have any plans in the works to visit Australia, it’s on our wish list. We’ll definitely do our best to let everyone know if we have anything going on there in the future (and anywhere else around the world of course!)

  370. That’s the very belief I have. I just never realised or knew it in that way until just now. Thank you so much for putting it in those terms.

    I’ve always believed we can create a healthy world, with food, shelter and clothing for all, where nature grows abundantly and where everyone’s basic needs are met. I’ve never stopped working towards that vision. I’ve never imagined it wouldn’t happen in this lifetime, and I’ve committed myself to working as long and as hard as I need to, until I have helped birth such a reality.

    I have my moments of challenge. Those times when I despair in my ability to get things done, find solutions, or keep myself going forward.. But I know that with time, and a bit of breathing I can work through all the challenges, and get to a solution sooner or later. There is nothing that can’t be figured out. Thank you for inspiring that wisdom in me.

  371. Hannah

    Marie, you are magical. That deeply moved me and I’m thanking you from the bottom of my heart for sharing those intimate moments with us. I even started crying during your speech.

    I’m 22 years old, I’ve been following you ever since I was 18 and not in a good place. This is the first time I’m commenting and I just want to thank you sincerely. You’ve helped me transform myself into the woman I am today. You’ve shifted my mindset, my thoughts, my behaviour and my actions. And now I am my own boss and I’m doing better than most people my age and learning new things everyday! I’m in the UK, in the middle of the country (no where) and I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiring me and many other girls just like me. You’re my role model.

    I wish you health and happiness and lots of relaxing vacations! 🙂
    Kindest regards,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hannah, what a beautiful comment! We’re so honored to know you’ve been tuning in and that our work has been a source of inspiration to you in your journey. I love that you were inspired to comment today, and it gives us the opportunity to thank YOU so much for being a part of our incredible community.

      We hope to see other comments from you if you’d like to share anything about future episodes, and know that we’re cheering you on and sending lots of love your way!

  372. Camila

    Hi, Marie. What an amazing video. I have been following for over two years now and everything you do is an inspiration. I already feel like in a strange way, you are part of my life, like a friend! I am currently studying in Australia, trying to link all the dots of my life and figuring out what to do next. I already know that my passion and motivation is helping people. I am discovering so many things about leadership, innovation, creativity and how we can use all these tools to solve the social and environmental issues that are affecting us. I am especially focused on applying all the things that I have been learning to change the lives of so many people that are struggling in Latin America, given that I am half Bolivian half Chilean. I am not sure what it is exactly what I should become, but I feel there are huge opportunities out there and so much to be done! I am just trying to be confident that God will guide me to find out which is my mission (I have my antenna tuned!). I hope whatever it is, I can help and transform lives in the way you and many others do. I am so grateful (and scared at the same time?) because I have received so much and I feel I have to do something to give back. I am trying every day to keep learning and improving (and how much I have changed and healed in the last years!) in order to be able to inspire others to do the same.
    Thank you for your support and inspiration!

  373. Debbie Meech

    One to remember and keep as a mantra, thank you Marie.

  374. Vonda

    Just what I needed to hear!

  375. Stacie Barber

    Go girl! I love your conviction. It is truly a powerful source.
    I DO believe that anything is figureoutable, and actually just made the decision to listen to that voice recently to step out away from my comfort zone, begin my own business ventures and create more time for my family. Why are we so scared of the unknown when it provides so much clarity and joy?? I feel like I am shedding of layers of undesired baggage that I have carried for over 6 years now because of the comfort of childcare, benefits and guaranteed pay… but I wasn’t happy. It took the recent death of my father to open my eyes, to realize that damn it, LIFE IS SHORT, and take the leap of faith. I couldn’t be more proud of the steps I am now taking. Thank you for your ongoing inspiration!! I love you Marie

  376. Linda R

    I have been listening to your shows and this is the first time that I have to leave a comment. My mom passed away unexpectedly 5 days ago. She was a strong 90 year old, who raised and inspired me. I thought about my mom as you talked about yours. My mom was a Rosie the Riveter and she was strong and fearless. Her love of family kept her doing the things she had to do to raise us, almost alone most of our growing up years. I am the oldest daughter, and she has placed me in charge for most of our family events, gatherings. I must now prepare her funeral arrangements, with the help of my siblings, but for the extended family – we are a huge family. I woke up this morning feeling like how are we going to pull this off, while in mourning? This video has given me the message that “Everything is figureoutable”. Thank you so much! I can do this now and my mom will get the best send off that she so deserves. Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh Linda, I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, and we’re sending our sincerest condolences to you and your family for your loss. Your mom sounds like such an incredible woman, and I have absolutely no doubt you’ll make her proud and honor her memory in the just the right way.

  377. Go ‘confidently’ in the direction of my dreams and ‘live the life’ I imagine.

  378. This couldn’t have come at a better time. You are brilliant as always Marie, thank you!
    I’d love to know if it’s available to watch at any time because I feel this would be great during my moments of doubt.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Margaret! I don’t believe Oprah’s team is planning on taking down any of the Super Soul videos, so it’s definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. Feel free to re-watch it again anytime you need a little dose of inspiration!

  379. Again my heart is filled with so much love and passion for life after listening to you Marie. Like thousands of others you make me laugh, and cry, you pump me up and you give me this incredible feeling of belief – the belief in myself, the universe and that everything is figuroutable.

    Putting all my fears aside I want to become a life coach. I want to teach people how to create the life they truly desire as I know we all carry what it takes already inside us. In all honesty, I want to make people feel the way you make me feel – empowered, positive and reassured. I’d like to shape a world where we all believe in our own power, live by our own creativity and drive. How much brighter the world would be? How much more filled with happiness, love and dedication.

    I guess what I’m trying to figure out is where my niche is, how I fit in among all these life coaches that already exist. What makes me special? What uniqueness can I add to this “industry”? I’m thinking of combining my passions for marketing, psychology, writing, giving back, making others feel good and surprises.

    What I’m really curious about Marie, did you take coaching courses or speaking classes? Or did you read a lot and taught it to yourself? How did you start your business? With your YouTube Channel or personal consulting via phone? Do you have any recommendations for me from your experiences of starting as a coach?

    I’m so very grateful that you share all this amazingly empowering words of wisdom.
    All the very best for you and your incredible team!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great questions, Christine! Marie trained as a coach when she was first getting started, and in the very beginning she coached clients one-on-one, while working a variety of other jobs. She’s a lifelong learner, so I know she’s participated in classes and workshops, and also studies a lot of topics herself.

      If you’d like to hear a really comprehensive of Marie’s overall journey and how she got to where she is today, definitely check out two of our favorite interviews with her as she answers some of your Q’s in depth here, and there are also some incredible nuggets of wisdom you can keep in mind as you’re building your own coaching practice: (this is a new one we’re really excited to share!)

      We also have some amazing MarieTV episodes that talk about building a business and coaching (including this one about coaching specifically:, so feel free to explore those for more great tips!

  380. This Was AMAZING Marie! When I was 10 I had to become the mom to my brothers and sisters and I just knew instinctively that I would Figure it out and keep trying until I did. It is amazing what your mind will come up with when you have this mentality.

    Now many years later 5 kids of my own and married for 21 years(not without struggle) This mentality has changed my life!

    Always be open and know you will always Figure things out.

    You are such a Powerful speaker!!!
    Thank you!!!
    Sandra Perez

  381. What an inspiring talk Marie!


    I want to share that since I have started to trust that I can figure things out, my life has changed, in so many ways. And I want to share that the more you practice that belief about your ability to deal with what’s in front of you, the more that belief becomes a part of you. It gets stronger.

    For me, it started with my work and that was transformative, but now this way of approaching things is spreading out into other areas of my life too. And I can 100% agree that it is “an approach to life that makes you unstoppable”. I am just beginning to see the power of that.

    I watched your talk yesterday afternoon and a couple of hours later my husband said ‘you have to watch this talk by Kelly McGonigal about the “biology of courage”’. So I did. And after watching your talk and Kelly’s talk I wanted to share something else here.

    In her talk, Kelly states that “how you think and how you act can transform what your body does in response to stress”. If you BELIEVE stress harms you, it has been shown that it does in fact harm you. But if you believe stress is a normal biological response, then what your body does is completely different- your arteries do not constrict in the same way and it does not have the same cumulative damage on the body.

    She says: “When you choose to view your stress response as helpful, you create the biology of courage.”

    And so going back to your talk Marie, where you say “your actions are shaped by what you believe”, it’s also possible to say that your biology, your fate if you will, is also shaped by what you believe. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

    Here’s the link to the talk (I hope it’s OK to share here):

  382. WOW Marie, that was absolutely incredible. I didn’t think I could admire you any more but far out, you hit it waaaay out of the park. So incredibly inspiring. Massive congratulations!!!! XXX

  383. Lindsay

    Your Oprah talk brought me to tears. It was so poignant, real, and a true reflection of who you are.

  384. Martina

    I would find the way to inspire people to end wars. I would then go on and inspire those who have experienced unspeakable trauma. My heart bleeds when I see children suffer as much as they do. I’m trying to make a small change every day and I start with myself. I don’t watch TV or follow bad news but i’m concetrating on not adding more negativity to the world. However, at the moment I’m not sure what the answer is. Spreading the word and showing everyone how many children are killed each day so that someone will do something about it, or just doing my own thing, try helping how I can and shut off the rest? So if anything was possible, I’d do anything to help these children. Love to you all xxx

  385. Marie, I knew this was going to be good but I had no idea what I’m getting myself into….

    This talk made me laugh, cry, then cry some more, then laugh (because I have an airport story that suspiciously resembles yours), then cry again, and then shout YES, YES, YES…

    And girl, I’m not the emotional type…. Good job, fantastic job, it’s so true that we connect most when we peel of the layers that make us who we are and go deep.

    Thank you for sharing, I know it took amazing courage and billion of self-doubts. It was worth it.

  386. Kirsty

    That was absolutely fantastic!!
    I signed up to BSchool last year, thinking I was signing up to a business course but being part of that kick-started a massive change in all areas of my life.
    So, in answer to your question; knowing everything is figureoutable has led to a deep and profound healing of a core belief I formed as a child – to believe nothing would go right for me so I wouldn’t get my hopes up and experience that crushing, painful disappointment again. A necessary belief for me back then but hugely damaging to me now. Years of therapy hadn’t enabled me to go as deep as I have over the last year and really dig out that false belief and see it for what is was.
    I’ve quit my job as my new business is supporting me, a new exciting work opportunity has come my way and after three years my partner and I are moving in together next month. But as fabulous as all this is, it doesn’t compare to how good it feels to believe my dreams are possible and Marie, you’ve been a huge inspiration to me in this. I can now move forward into my future knowing everything is figureoutable. Thank you so much.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s amazing, Kristy. It sounds like you’re doing wonderful things with your business and we’re so excited for you. Please do keep us posted on how things are going with your new business — we’d love to hear from you and cheer you on 🙂

  387. Great job Marie! Your story telling is captivating and inspiring! You make me want to be the best version of ME!!

  388. Bonnie

    BELIEVE in myself and my ability to see that everything is figureoutable. I seem to be able to do this for others and definitely in a fast moving work environment, but when it comes to my own personal life, I lack that confidence. Faith in myself is low on my priority list. This message is giving me the courage to face the hurdles, speed bumps, forks in the road and anything else life sends my way, from a new perspective. To honestly and truly believe that everything is figureoutable will take me to places I have never thought possible. This will be my new mantra, “believe that everything is figureoutable”. Thank you for sharing your insight.

  389. Jacqui

    absolutely terrific talk, Marie! really hit me. Need to start making some changes in how I think about things…my inner dialogue. I am a pretty optimistic person, but at times I let things set me back. Going to remember this talk, dust my pants off, figureitout, and move on. thanks again!

  390. In answer to your question I would take my camera, my eye for an image and the next generation that being my kids on a journey of wonderous discovery documenting the worlds great environmental treasures & cultures and educating my kids through interaction, compassion, love and engagement that the earths environment & people’s are not expendable commodities.
    Of course everything is figureoutable, I like to say Dont think Do , I’m a perfectionist with most things I undertake comes with the job however I’m learning the art of compromise which is helping in bring things to together however the biggest thing for me is financing projects / dreams figureoutable I’m sure just not for me as yet.
    Dreams are big & the head is clear, pockets are empty working towards it.

  391. Mette Millard

    Thank you, Marie
    It seems you always reach me where I am.
    Love from Denmark

  392. Anna

    I cried, I laughed, I loved every minute of your talk! Thank you so much for doing what you are doing, you are such a great inspiration and I am happy that there are people like you to bring this message to the world while being so real, so honest and simply wonderful!

  393. Angie

    Oh I LOVED this!!! Thank you Marie!

  394. All the tears. Amazing. Thank you x

  395. We love your Mama!

  396. Jersey Girl

    I thought this was just a blessing on being born in Jersey – awesome moms who know that there is always a way.

    (my mom: eldest of 8, dropped out of school to work for the support of the family at 14, became an *exec* in Bell Labs in the early eighties, now singing opera without formal training at 81).

    Rock on, Marie. Love your stuff!

  397. This is so powerful! I have been a fan for a long time, but this surpasses all. <3 I had tears in my eyes watching this.
    I remember being in a really bad place, around 5 years ago… And I realised that I can change, that I didn't have to stay where I was. And since then everything has changed. But right now I am starting to feel stuck. Career wise, everything is going well. Especially with the housework and relationships. I have been single for over 2 years now – im a single mum of two amazing people (19 and 11), have fulfilling work in a number of different sectors (multipassionate and multitasking) and I'm not sure if I will meet a good guy ever, and even if i do will I be able to have a healthy relationship… based on my track record, I have so far attracted mostly men who have addictions and/or commitment and I am aware I need to change those beliefs, so if everything is figureoutable: everything is figureoutable, so I will choose to believe that I am worthy of love, that I am capable of having a mature, healthy relationship where I can be myself and still loved for it, I can do my work, spend time with my kids, and you will do your things, and we will also have time for one another. We will be patient and kind and loving, and take our time to get to know one another. We won't smother, we will nurture one another. I don't need to be afraid or distrustful, because I trust you and you trust me too.
    2. The current situation of massive human rights violations for palm oil, minerals, and other supply chains of commodities from more vulnerable economies (especially tropical countries). Companies are bullshitting us with their green washing. They only act when they are under pressure, same goes for politicians, but that in itself is part of the solution. I believe that people do care about where their food and fuel is coming from, but they don't always know, or if they know, they don't know what to do. If enough people put pressure on companies and governments to make supply chains for forest and mining commodities such as palm oil, minerals, cocoa etc. If we choose to consume and waste less because we are aware, then true change will happen. Spreading the word is the first step. Then we work from there.
    3. Housework – from global to micro. Start from the home. I found it impossible to keep my house tidy cos I'm always working or hanging out with people. But obviously it is not impossible because it's figureoutable :D. I can find a few minutes a day to sort and clean, i can rope in my kids, i can get friends to help, and hopefully pay for a cleaner once in a while 🙂
    Phew – im going to get off my phone and get started

  398. Marie, your talk was amazing. It was actually what I needed to hear in this moment. You’re absolutely right, everything is figuraeoutable. I wrote this mantra down on an index card to serve as a reminder that I have what it takes to figure things out and keep pushing. Thank you!


  399. Thank you so much for this video! Truth is truth and the way you share your life with us as you share truth is a joy and causes transformation. Question: is there anyway I can share this on my new website that is being developed? I was told there are only a couple technical options for adding videos and the embed option won’t work.
    Much Love, Eileen

  400. Sheri Woltz

    Thanks Marie! I’m going to college at 43 to become a psychologist because I believe everything is figuroutable! I am hairdresser, i have two grown children that live at home, a grandson I babysit 4 days a week and a husband that needs a lot of attention! With all that, and keeping house and budget and my mom and I could go on for days but I go to school for two reasons. First, i want to make more money do what I love and that is talking to people. Second, my daughter was attending the local community college and I kept talking her how important it was to get her education. So when I saw her interest fading, i said to myself , I’ll go to school and show her it can be done no matter how hard it seems. If I can do it, maybe someday she will too. Always a pleasure to hear you speak. Thanks for the boost!

  401. WOW.

    I would believe in myself more and consistently take action to creating the life of my deepest desires. I would move forward with the necessary steps in my business to give everything to my family. What an amazing and inspiring talk, Marie. Gratitude!

  402. Laila

    You are such an inspirational woman!

  403. Love the mantra – it’s a belief I hold, but didn’t love the term. It was put to test last summer Chicago O’Hare on my way to Italy with my 13 year old son – my mom and sister already there – and the agent told me passport was expired. Expired? What? I’d checked it over and over – every time seeing the 5 in 2015 as a 6 – so I was good until April 2016 – ah, no! I embraced that moment as a teachable one for my son. I could sink to the floor and cry or I could take a step toward getting us to Italy. The reality of it seemed impossible, but I did not let that stop me. And so it didn’t. In the space of a few hours, I made it downtown and got a new passport. It wasn’t easy. There were trains to catch, running and more obstacles along the way. But 24 hours later we were in Italy. Everything is truly figureoutable.

  404. Marie, I loved you before, but after watching that talk….well the love is at a whole new level. Thank you.

  405. Angelique

    Hi Marie,
    That.was.AWESOME! Thank you for being so vulnerable and open. My negative thoughts about myself have been sabotaging my life and snuffing out my passion. That changes TODAY.

  406. Congrats on the talk with Oprah! That’s so exciting!

  407. Such a beautiful talk from a radiant heart; thank you Marie for shining you light!
    I completely agree that everything is figureoutable and I’ve been living this motto for the past couple of years when it came to moving abroad, feeling at home there and learning the local language (in Finland)! It’s worked out great so far and now I’ve set my sights on building the career I want, in the same realm: helping others transition more seamlessly between languages, cultures and homes! I strongly believe this careerpath is figureourable, even when things tend to take longer than I’d like. I do notice however that maybe things don’t always need to take so long…so my takeaway is to put more attention towards questioning whether things do always take longer than we’do anticipate. Sometimes a healthy dose of reality can be a very good thing 🙂 food for *my* thoughts.

  408. paddy faller

    what a wonderful thought to take away after listening to your talk – fantastic!

  409. Absolutely incredible speech. Loved your vulnerability and that you can laugh at yourself. And it’s a perfect catch phrase for life. Thank you for sharing.

  410. WOW what an amazing job Marie! You had me laughing out loud and then in tears of passion in my cube. <3

  411. If I always believed everything was figureoutable I’d figure out how to balance my hormones/PMDD/Depression with simple diet change and better habits; not medication. I would transcend the belief that I am limited by my disorders. I would transform the way I look ay my emotions, my health and my self.

  412. Laurie Landa

    We live on a tiny island in the Pacific…the dream vacation and destination of many. I raised my children here and now I moved my Mom on to my property. We live a simple life..feeding the chickens, ducks and goats and growing our food…off the grid with water catchment and solar power. I had another dream property that I sold to Oprah five years ago when my life was falling apart at the neatly sewn seams. Shocking memory really, having never met her myself. I’m at a crossroads of my life, watching your videos, seeing your enthusiasm about everything..I wonder what comes next.

  413. Linda Naprstek

    Thank You So much for the link to the show. I love to watch Oprah on Sundays. I record it and watch it right before bed. I was upset that I could not watch the total show, as I do not have computer access at home. I was dying to know the rest of your part. I do agree with you on looking from problems from all sides. Thanks again for the balance of the show!

  414. Amazing talk Marie! It left me in tears and so inspired (as you often do).

    I agree completely that everything is figureoutable, thanks for the reminder. As is the case in your story, I notice that it often requires us to stretch ourselves while being firmly grounded in why it is important to us.

    Fabulous job!

  415. Love this! Your message is exactly what I needed to hear and a reminder that my way of figuring things out as it relates to my writing may not be like anyone else’s and that’s OKAY. Thanks, Marie.

  416. Amy Serbu

    I have always had a deep resonating feeling that everything is figureoutable. I happen to live my life in a similar mindset knowing that no matter what comes up or gets in the way, (A lot has come up and gotten in the way) that I will figure it out and land on my feet not in the same place as before, but one step further ahead. This has been my way of being since before I can remember and it’s also been my way of surviving.. But to answer your questions.. If I could be anything more it would be to show more of myself and trust more of myself knowing that the answers are alway within and that they are always the right answers. It would be to play a bigger game knowing that I have a strong intuition and simply wanting to share my love and respect for my inner self with the world so that everyone can love and respect their inner selves through inspiration. It would be to listen more often and to get stuck less often. And lastly to allow myself to become as great as I know I already am so I can help others with their greatness. To add an end note to this comment.. I found your airport story quite comical and wanted to share a story from when I was fourteen years old. It was my first trip across Canada along with my sister and we were about to fly home. Not only did we go to the wrong terminal but we missed our flight entirely. My sister had a breakdown and was full of worry and fear about the what ifs for not making it back on time. I was twirling in delight at the fact that I may get to stay in that City a little longer as we were told nothing could be done. But somewhow through my acceptance and lack of resistance I manifested not only getting on a plane 15 minutes later.. but they up’d us to first class! This was definitely a divine experience and it taught me a lot about mindset.

  417. Nancy

    Wow. I hadn’t had time to watch the video yesterday when I received the email, but the day for me to watch it was today. I SO needed it and it spoke to my soul. I’ve had a really tough year with some hard punches. I have felt lost and defeated at just about every turn, where it’s a struggle to keep the good thoughts center stage to keep going. But your talk reminded me that everything can be figured out, and it sometimes going down another path to get where you want to go. So thank you Marie, you were amazing!

  418. Hi Marie, I really liked the message behind your Story. It reminded me, that everything indeed is figure- out- able. What I would do? Create a Food System that enables everyone to feed themselves and their families with organic Food and reconnect to farming and agriculture.

  419. Amazing, amazing delivery, Marie! I’ve adopted this new mindset the moment I heard it in B-School. “Everything is figureoutable!” It’s a mantra that I’ve applied to almost every area of my life. Thank you for sharing this story and enriching our lives with such a simple yet profound phase. And huge congrats on the delivery of this talk–it was fan-freaking-tastic! ; )

  420. Thank you for doing so good to me.God bless you!
    I want to make a difference in the world by inspiring people good healthy habits and see their transformation,through my experience,enthusiasm, knowledge and the tools acquire at IIN.
    I have my heartfelt farm back in Portugal where I used to grow my organic food, and my dream has always been sharing /give50% of it to feed children and teach them how to grow food. This unique property was acquire and made by my Father and it is as ecologic and pristine as it can be. The water is abundant..
    I need help!

  421. Marie,
    As you started your story and were first told you were not going to make it, I thought, “forget checking the bags, throw them in a locker and GO!”

    I guess I am living my own figureoutable life. Thanks for a GREAT message.

  422. Karen

    Dear Marie, Your story and message could not have come at a more opportune time for me. Just last Friday, I got a huge disappointment when a grant proposal I’d been working on for a month (and, if it had been awarded, would have provided an income for me for the next two years) did not get submitted at the last minute because we couldn’t get the budget formatted properly. It was hard to break out of the feelings of devastation and despair – I had attached so much hope and significance to this proposal, which would have helped me to advance my mission of developing a resilience training program for firefighters. Now I’m in the position of having to figure out my next move and work on other opportunities to move the ball forward (not to mention figuring out how to create an income stream for myself). I’m putting my trust in the belief that “everything is figureoutable,” and that my efforts will be met by an equal force in the universe that wants me to succeed. Your words of encouragement have helped me pick myself up again. In the meantime, coincidentally, my husband and I are leaving tonight for a vacation in Europe, which I hope will help to clear my mind and give me a fresh perspective for when I return. Thanks for once again delivering the right message at the right time.

  423. Catherine

    What an extraordinary feeling it must have been to stand on that stage and share these words of wisdom that will resonate with me for a long time.
    I don’t know how many times you have been the voice of hope and courage in my life and I sincerely thank you for it.

    Great job keep being the best.

  424. Cat

    If everything is figureoutable… I’d have the courage to go after my dreams and stop assuming that level of success doesn’t apply to me. I’d become the successful business owner that I know I could be. I would finally heal my belief that I’m not Enough. I would transform my drive and ambition to push me forward when I fear it most…
    I’m well on my way to heal old wounds and I love working with people and helping them heal theirs, but I know that at some deep subconscious level I still fear greatness. And this makes me sad.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reminding me of this truth… Everything is figureoutable!

    God Bless. xo

  425. YESSSSSSSS! Everything is figureaoutable! I love it!

  426. Thank you Marie, After publishing a book it was a life-changing moment for me that opened the doors to helping thousands of people. At the same time it is sometimes overwhelming to have such an outcry from so many hurting people in need of help. A part of me wants to run and hide. There are days when certain things are so heart wrenching that I ache from hearing it. Everything is figureoutable- is a new term to me that resonates so much personal power without that burden feeling. I really admired and loved your speech and the way you connect with such conviction. -Thank you again, Eugenea

  427. Do you know how amazing you are, Marie?
    I think you do, and I’m glad for that, because you remind me that each of us matters.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO very much for your kind words. XO

  428. Paul Magnus

    What an amazing communicator you are. Your ability to tell a story is over the top. Have an extraordinary & amazing day.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Paul, we deeply appreciate that — thank you.

  429. Brava Marie! I read your previous post about how long and hard you worked on this talk and every minute counted. Thank you for sharing your story, not just about your mum, but also about Josh. Everything is figureoutable is my new motto and one I proudly repeat to myself knowing it is true and I can no longer deny my authenticity and power. With love and gratitude from a long-time fan.

  430. Julie Jensen

    Honey-girl, I think your mother knew my mother… Figuring things out is how we survive.

  431. Shoaibraj

    Thanks Merie, you asking so most important question -what to do you believe & possible idea ,yes i think its different idea (make a theme), actually day by day people can’t grow up self confidence ,then losses future-& hopeless mind-STRANGE, why? when my courage mind give a theme-dream-& more confidential courage then soul says- “Go ahead…….” without help any near able ?….insure this man honest- courage- politely potential confidence as me, but who am i ? yes need a change the world -i believe ” Never give up hope”

  432. Everytime I listen to you, it just keeps getting better. You make me feel that everything really is figureoutable. Thank You

  433. Carla Lazzari

    It’s my first time leaving a comment here in what?… more than a year since I’ve been following everything you do, Marie. I’m not much a “commenter”, but right now I can’t help myself.
    It’s SO amazing to watch you SHINE at that stage, with this fantastic talk, this fantastic message and energy!
    And what is most amazing is that I feel your courage and your fear.
    Don’t get me wrong, you were supreme. But I can see your fear right beside you while giving this talk, and I can see you making peace with it, turning it into your strength. It’s clear how much this opportunity means to you. Seeing you getting there and completely succeding, ohgod.. this inspires me so much and tells me how close you are to me and other “mere humans”. How we are alike and how we all can figure things out.
    I’ve been through tough times. Depression, panic attacks… and today, after many years, I’m healing myself. I finally feel (and know!) I can do more.
    I just want you to know that you are part of my conquest.
    Keep going for your dreams, Marie. The world needs you!

    Thank you! XOXO
    Carla Lazzari
    São Paulo – Brazil

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Carla, we’re honored this talk made you have to leave a comment!! Thank you for your incredibly thoughtful and kind words. We love knowing how inspired up you’re feeling, and are so grateful to support you in continuing to grow, heal, and figure things out.


  434. Kaiser chief

    Hi Marie. What an amazing speech. Your passion and drive and belief really shined through. I may be in the UK but girl you should run for president . Now that is something I’m sure you will find ‘figureoutable ‘ some day ! Thank you so much . Keep doing what you do .xox

  435. Danielle

    Thank you, thank you, thank you xx

  436. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! You made me laugh and cry. And yes, everything is figureoutable. I totally believe this and it has changed my life. It has helped me push past fears and stay true to myself.

  437. Emma

    Just watched this from New Zealand – and I just about had tears in my eyes by the end. Thank you for such an inspiring talk, I needed that today right as I’m feeling like things are hard and nothing is working out. I feel like I have been motivated to get back at it, and keep trying. Thank you, Marie!

  438. Mary

    Incredible talk Marie! Thank you!

    I would tirelessly inspire the world to create win win win win… situations.

  439. Anita McKenna-Murphy

    Quite simply I would make room to become what God has planned for me to become. It’s time to open the channel, or tune in to the station in your Mom’s case.

  440. Even helping out so many people in the brink of suicide, I did not have support to keep going with my NGO (and my financial life was blank). Of course I got angry and kept chanting the mantra: “Capitalism is the root of all evils. PEOPLE DON´T CARE.”.

    After all, I was being forced to quit my dream: to shut down my NGO and never turn it into a Social Business.

    I was hurt, I was angry, I was being driven by fear: “Life has never been fond of me anyway, take my abused childhood for instance… So why am I being so STUPID to believe I can make a difference when I can´t even pay my own bills?”

    It was when I came across you Marie and your crazy sexy friend Kris Carr. And I had proof that: SOME PEOPLE DO CARE, a lot! And capitalism can be the root of so many good.

    Yes my dear, everything is figureoutable, we just need to take our wounded egos out of the way, take fear by the hand and let love be the only driver.

    AMAZING SPEECH, you are on fire girl!

    Thank your mom for making you and thank you for being you!

    All my love 🙂

  441. Linda Wolfe

    Great presentation! Wow!! If I believed that everything is figureoutable, I’d be practicing true forgiveness in every moment, living a life filled with the miracles of Love. And I’d serve the Holy Spirit’s purpose as an actor by demonstrating to myself and others that at some level we are all the same and that this whole world’s an act and not to be taken seriously! And I’d make a great living while doing so! And for good measure, I’d win the Emmy, Golden Globe and Oscar awards! : )

    • Linda Wolfe

      Thanks for the wonderful session and question!

  442. You were amazing Marie 🙂 I keep saying this!! You are the example of humility, compassion and authenticity. May God Bless you always 🙂

  443. Eva

    I create a new possibility for myself where I overcome my fears in order to follow my dream: working in the human rights field 🙂

  444. Soo inspiring!! Thank you Marie!!! I have been silently struggling with a fixed mindset for most of my adult life, thinking that ‘I could not’…whatever it was I was not feeling confident or competent about. Now I have a son, and the beautiful responsibility of raising a kid made me take a step back and looking at how I act, what I say, how I react to circumstances and obstacles in my path, how I interact with people, and also my relationship with money. In doing this, I unveiled a lot of stuff that is not serving me well in life and unconsciously passing on my own limits to my kid. Your talk is incredible. It showed me that ‘I can’, and I believe in it. And if I believe it, my son will too. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  445. Thank you so much Marie! I love this saying and thank you for sharing your personal story too. I truly believe that everything is figureoutable… and thanks to you I am sharing this unstoppable mantra with my two sons and helping them to have the self-confidence to give everything a try. You are amazing x

  446. Thank you so much Marie for the inspiration – it went straight to my heart!

    What would I do – I will inspire people to dare to succeed in their careers. I write a blog where I also give inspiration and advice to others and would really like to reach to more people and help them to achieve their goals and dreams.

    I would also like to help organisations to become better so that their employees will thrive and grow together with them.

    I would like to help people to find jobs and projects in a world where more and more become freelancers. A world where people are unemployed at the same time as others work too much and there is still lack of “the right” manpower.

    Thanks Marie for inspiring me for the last years – my dream is to be able to help others in the same way as you do.

    We can all make it and should do what we love and love what we do,


  447. teresa pimenta

    Marie Forleo, I’m a single 43 year-old-mum of 2 boys (9 and 17) from a small town in PORTUGAL [neighour country to barcelona ;)].

    This is the 2nd time you enter my life. The first time I knew about you was while watching your interview to Elizabeth Gilbert on her new book. I was watching it because of her to be straight honest, but for obvious reasons your being draw my attention. Today, your name came across on an article I was reading, and after 2 clicks there I was… watching the video of your talk.

    Your mantra was what I needed to remind me that’s exactly what I believe but I had forgotten it. Our mind tends to kick in and take over the beliefs that empower us as human beings and substitute them by disempowering beliefs.

    I’m so grateful for your words and for having had the chance to listen to them.
    You took me back to my empowering belief. I used to be crazy about a series in the 80’s, “macgyver” – do you remember? He was the solution man, he would improvise and would always figure out a way.

    I REMEMBER now… I had an awesome incantation myself about everything being figureoutable. Even my friends at school would call me macgyver, because I would be so creative in coming up with solutions for almost about anything.

    Everything is coming out now… there was this friend that once she said “you are the kind of person that if you had to go hunting and had no dog, you would go hunting with a cat”.

    I have just finisehd Tony Robbins coaching certification at Robbins Madannes and I did it because I do believe that whatever you set your mind to you can do it.

    “Who might you become?”, you ask.
    I would become a healer and developer of the human spirit, inspiring and teaching people tools for them to live their lives with joy and fulfillment. That would be my contribution to this world – sharing wisdom!

    I would help women embrace their feminine energy and be at peace with their essence. I would help women believe in their power and strength and unleash it.
    I do believe that if you change one, you change all. Fulfilled and happy women have fulfilled relationships, they turn into fulfilled and happy mums, who will bring up fulfilled and happy kids who will be fulfilled and happy human beings.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      So beautifully put, Teresa. I’m so excited for you, the path you’re on, the clarity you have, and the direction you’re putting your energy in. Thank you so much for sharing this, and we’re delighted to have now crossed paths with you twice!

  448. I will continue on my path to help fellow health coaches improve their relationship with money so that they can pursue their dream of location independence. I will travel the world speaking about the empowering, beautiful and amazing attributes of an On Purpose Budget filled with gratitude, purpose and love. Thank you for your awesome talk and incredible message, Marie. I proceed as if success is inevitable and use your mantra daily: Everything is figureoutable. So far it has helped me fill my coaching practice, taken me to Bali and allowed me to pursue things I used to only dream of. Much love to you.

  449. Oh wow! Having just finished B-School I didn’t think that you could affect me so deeply Marie. You had me in tears as you described your mum and in fits of laughter at your oversized piñata running! I loved watching this so much. As for me, if everything is figureoutable then I will teach mums to become happier in themselves, knowing that it makes their families happier in turn, and their relationships better too. I will teach them to make decisions to better their lives. I will teach them how to face their fears and use them for good. I will teach them how to make calculated risks and to live their dream lives, not the life that others expect them to live. And through the income I make from teaching this I will be able to help the families living in shanty towns in Mauritius, by donating a portion of my profits to local NGOs who are working to educate and improve these families’ lives. That is what I will do if everything is figureoutable. And having just graduated from B-School I can fairly safely say this is all going to become a reality. Thank you Marie, for everything. Sophie xx

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love that, Sophie and we know it’s all going to keep becoming a reality for you too. Thank you so much for your note, for watching, AND for being in our B-School family.

  450. I would focus on just taking the next step in my business, trusting that the next next or the next next next step will be figured out when needed.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Amen to that!!

  451. Safae Akki

    Your’re amazing Marie, I would have liked to be there.
    Thank you Marie.

  452. I agree that everything is figeroutable. I act like it is so even I feel fear or worry. Since last year I am back in Munich and try to get the coaching buisiness beyond L. Hays Philosophy run. A lot know L. Hay but to atend to a WOrkshop is a totally different part. But I started to have events about WS even my environment is very negative. I believe thats my inspiration, I do it anyway even their is fear. My dream to show people how easy it is to live truly happy. ? Sending lots of love. Monika

  453. Amazing Marie haha I’m in a train station in Newcastle crying. A true inspiration.

  454. OMG! That was HUGE! Thank you so much for being such an inspiration!!! MUCH LOVE! XOXO

    • The impossible is the new maybe. I do imagine often, and big, and my truth came out that I can fill up with love, as often as needed, in order to send love out, to change the vibrational energy of any thing, and any one, into something better.
      The last couple of days my internet service failed, no explanation, except perhaps the jester of Mercury coming out to play, as he does three times a year, for three weeks, when the planet Mercury appears to be going retrograde in the sky-the famous Mercury Retrograde. It rains of chaos in anything that moves, computers, electricity, transportation, travel plans, even day to day appointments. So I filled up with love, which is always accompanied, these months since I learned about the Ho’oponopono Hawaiian technique of asking for forgiveness, which works with machines. So, I told my computer that if I had offended it in any way, by thought, word or deed, then I was so sorry, I asked for forgiveness, I thanked it for all the work, it had done so well for me, and I sent it love. Laugh if you want, but it worked.
      In fact, I remember one time, at the computer, I had just had some “words” with my husband, not pretty ones, and the printer that was running, literally, physically crumpled up the paper it was printing. I had never seen anything like it, and never again did it happen.
      I took the 68 seconds, that Abraham mentions through Esther Hicks, to send pure positive energy, into that printer. And the machine responded, the document came out perfect.
      So, sending out love to everything, to everyone is my mission. My personal vision is to do what I can do, in this moment.
      And like you, there is a new fuelled belief from almost 6 years ago, when I was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, after losing my right breast that I will be more joyful than ever, and that I can, and will be cured.
      Every thing, every circumstance, every event, and every person will walk away from me, or from which I walk away, will be better, because I have sent it/them love.
      Everything is figureoutable. Thank you for what you do Marie, I admire you, I admire your team. Sincerely, Joanne Grace Larkins

  455. Giovanna

    Hi Marie,
    “Everything is figureoutable” is on a sticky note hanging by my computer, since the first time I heard you say it another time. 🙂 I’ve got stickies all over the place, lol! Your talk was so honest and brave for you to share with the public, gotta give you credit for that. As much as you sprinkled in a healthy amount of humor, I was moved to tears a few times as well. You touched on so many things that resonated with me and I appreciated your storytelling to get the message across so well. Your mom sounds pretty special and must be so proud to have you share that very special teaching mantra with the world. Thank you for teaching and sharing so much great knowledge and helpful tools. Lord knows I need them and a healthy dose of many reminders! You looked beautiful! xoxo

    • Giovanna

      Almost forgot about the question….. I’ve been a stay at home mom for 20 years! ( 3 kids- 20, 15, 11) I’ve hit a crossroads since I turned 50 last summer and throughout all the confusion w/questions about what to do with my life now and what’s my purpose and what kind of life should I really be living……I would put a big focus on finding the answer to those questions by starting somewhere. As Liz Gilbert says, “what are you curious about?” and I’m reading Big Magic which was perfectly timed to help me through this transition too. I love art, fashion, travel and rely a lot on my faith in God so I’m looking for signs but understand that I really need to get off my butt and DO SOMETHING. I need to stop with the excuses and start exploring my options and prepare for this new chapter in my life to receive it with open arms. 🙂

  456. awesome and inspirational!!!! – BUT…..I have to know what you did with the empty suitcase????

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      HA! Apparently, Josh negotiated something and they were able to dispose of it outside or something. We all know that the stuffed piñata MADE THAT FLIGHT though. 🙂

      • Teresah


  457. After suffering crippling panic attacks for two weeks after attempting to launch a project, I needed this so much. I will become a light in this world. I’m watching this on repeat to feed my soul. Thanks so much.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Kristin, you’re already a light. And we’re deeply honored to have reminded you of that and the goals you have within. It’s all about one step at a time for all of us, and we hope you feel free to pocket this and watch it as many times as you need it.

      We’re rooting for you.

  458. I am a website designer. It’s what I do and I enjoy it more than any other job I’ve had so far in this life. I have an awesome contract job boss, I learn so much from her, I have a flexible schedule, and on the side I’m building a local freelance web design business. It’s all good. 😀

    But one of my dreams has always been to write stories (fiction). Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had notebooks where I’ve sketched out potential stories. I would observe people on the bus or at school or (later) at work in various jobs, and I would jot down character ideas on scraps of paper. I still have some of the most memorable of those torn pieces of paper. They’re in a box, and I feel like they’re waiting for me.

    Not that some of those ideas are still in me — like Elizabeth Gilbert talks about in Big Magic, I’m sure the muses for those ideas have flown on to give them to writers who were ready for them, writers who were willing to be open and do the work and not let the ideas die out over the years — but I feel like there may be new ideas to be written, to be nurtured, by ME. Somehow, if only I would just find some time in my day to be more open to those muses and make the time to do the work, writing them out and shaping them into something real.

    For a long time, I’ve worried that my writing passions had been shelved. Why bother? I’ve lost the energy for it, haven’t I? That was a child’s dream. I’m 43, who cares what I have to say? What do I know anyway? I’m not good enough to join the ranks of “real” writers.

    But there’s a part of me, deep deep down inside, that sobbed when Marie said those words, “Everything is figureoutable.” When she talked about the importance of taking on that mantra in our lives, keeping it in our line of thinking, and how the world needs people who believe in what’s possible, I just sobbed and sobbed.

    I don’t know that writing was specifically what I was crying about. I’m not even sure, in the moment, why I reacted so drastically, why I felt so affected by Marie’s story. But in the end, I always seem to come back to the thought that I want to be a writer. And Marie’s speech reminds me that if I try, even that dream may be figureoutable.

    If I need to shuffle my schedule, carve out an hour a day, whatever it may take, it IS possible. It may not turn out to be a great American novel. It may not even be a mediocre short story. I have no idea what I’d write. It may simply turn out to be a fulfilling exercise for ME. And that’s good enough. 🙂

    But the point is: if I want to do it in some way, on my own level, I can do it. It is figureoutable. If I allow myself the space to try.

    Thank you so much, Marie! <3

    P.S. You rocked that speech. It was FANTASTIC. Well done.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Sherry, 1000% YES to what you said here:

      “But the point is: if I want to do it in some way, on my own level, I can do it. It is figureoutable. If I allow myself the space to try.”

      I love your whole share, and we’re so grateful to have helped you crack open to get a good look at that desire buried within. I’m so excited for you and you making that space for yourself, in the way that Elizabeth writes about it in Big Magic — just because you want to write, because you love it.

      Thank you for posting this.

  459. Kathleen

    In this moment I would believe more fully in our youngest son who just decided to suspend his college education to pursue another dream. As a trained coach and his mom I would look at the possibility that lies ahead for him and stop worrying (as much).

  460. Bravo Marie,

    Your SoulSession was just in time. I truly felt your message was from the soul as it touched mine. You are an inspiration and I will hold a special place in my heart for your message that EVERYTHING is figureoutable.

    Thank you,

    -A long time follower

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Kordae. That means a lot to us.

  461. elissar

    increadibly amazing as always Marrie ❤❤❤ , i totally agree /practice this magical mantra that “EVERYTHING IS FIGUROUTABLE”

  462. wow!! absolutely amazing! stunning! well done Marie! your such a beautiful inspiration and your message has helped me so much! love your passion and grace!

  463. Marie,
    As usual, you were awesome, inspiring and I know you helped to change the lives of many that day! You have a Gift and…you’re making the most of it….that’s what you’ve taught me! Thanks for all you’ve done and will continue to do!

  464. AMAZING, Marie. Your talent of transporting your audience thru your storytelling is absolutely awesome. I was right there with you in that airport. I already believe in everything is figureoutable, thank god, but I also believe in my own UNSTOPPABILITY 🙂 always following my drive and empowering all of us to life live to its fullest. Thank you, Marie!!

  465. Best presentation I ever saw

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for that!

  466. Marie,

    You and your stuff are delicious. Marie TV is one of the tastiest part(y)s of the week .
    Your talk Super Soul (SUPER) Talk – well, you knocked it out of the park…. raw, real and with a message that maybe the most important one we need to hear in our world right now.

    I ADORE how a Free Tropicana Radio, wielded by the right person has the power to change lives !! Who knew 🙂 ?

    High Five on The Compassion Collective 😀 Miracles happen when we work together !! Thank you for being part of the platform sharing such a wonderful project. I look forward to hearing how it evolves 🙂

    You asked :
    What would you do?
    Firstly, take an approach of relentless kindness, respect and honour for all people.
    Focus on connection. Reminding and encouraging people to connect with who they are through easy, effective, regular meditation to bring them INTO their bodies. Added into the mix various cleanses and movements to re-WILD them and plug into their inner wonderstuff 🙂

    Kick starting n turning up that amazing inside compass so we can all be the make magic happen…

    Who would you become?

    A cheerleader and travel partner for those peeps.

    What would you heal or transform or transcend?

    When I was a child I was always hearing peoples emotions over their words ( when I say hearing I mean feeling ) . At first I found this very confusing. I soon began to realise hearing ( feeling) their emotions meant I knew what their true intentions where and it gave me a very clear compass on what to do next. I learnt to trust this compass.

    This compass although clear is subtle and so many times its easy to miss. I show others how to turn up and use their compasses. Connecting with your inner compass allows healing, transformation and transcendence of whatever keeps you stuck in your life.
    And has you expressing the real you.
    I believe if each person is living from their most authentic place – only great things can come from that place and into our world.

  467. Marie, you are phenomenal. Thank you for sharing this amazing moment.

    My biggest challenge in life has always been “getting started”. By believing everything is figureoutable, I no longer feel lost. All I have to do is make the conscious decision to jump in and begin. The universe will guide me along the way. I just have to be open to all possibilities, knowing everything is figureoutable.

  468. Ryan

    Wow, this was an incredible presentation! I’m a dude that usually has the emotional range of a teaspoon, finding myself getting choked up a few times as she told her story.

    Great job, Marie!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Ryan, we LOVE that!! So happy to hear it resonated with you. Thanks for watching.

  469. Nice one Marie 😉

  470. Athina

    If everything was figureoutable, I’d transcend and transform the dysfunctional family dynamics I’ve been part of into a loving and supportive family where we each bring out and support the best in each other. The intention behind that is that when we each feel we are worthy and deserving and that everything is figureoutable, we then take this energy and belief into the world and create a world where relationships are the cornerstone of everything we be, do and have. I’ll do whatever it takes for however long it takes. Love is the answer.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Athina, your comment gave me goosebumps! Thank you so much for adding your answer to Marie’s question here — we love hearing this from you.

  471. What an inspiring talk! Thanks Marie!

  472. I loved your speach Marie. I had the same situation missing a flight check-in from Paris.
    I could think it´s over. But not for me :). Crying with very little French knowledge, I decided to negotiate with the manager. I told them that we are students and we will stay in France without money and they will have a problem :). We made it safely home. Great parallel with other life situations.

  473. That talk gave me goosebumps! So so good, and just what I needed to hear today.

  474. Thank you for sharing! It was so heartfelt and empowering. I cried at the point in your talk when you’re finally on the plane and said to Josh “babe, we’re gonna make it” I could feel the emotion.
    Such an empowering message and just what I needed to hear. Everything is figureoutable! I love that it can be applied to everything in life from business to relationships. Thanks again for sharing your gift and wisdom. 🙂

  475. Hot damn Marie, I love you so much! This has got to be your best yet!
    I have created my business just this year, and I am unstoppable. I promise to keep moving forward and embrace my creation with the fullness of myself and my life.
    P.S. Ah-mazing outfit!!!

  476. Lynelle Paulick

    HEY, Marie!!! GREAT JOB!!!! You were totally authentic as yourself and with every ounce of your passion intact right then and there — you killed that!!! I know how hard you worked for it, and I’m really (not surprised, first, but) excited for you in this accomplishment. You touched the world with yourself.


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your lovely note, Lynelle!

  477. Terra Goeres Ramachandran

    Bravo, Marie! Superb speech, and a unique message. VERY engaging! Loved it!

  478. Stand in power, open and unthreatened, to express my deepest insights with clarity and be my truest self.

  479. Thank you for this Marie, I appreciate being able to watch it after the fact. I love that you made yourself vulnerable and open in this talk, I could feel the power and emotion in you.

    For me, I have work I love. I’m a ceramic artist and even love the grunt work involved in this career of 25 years I’ve grown for myself. I consider myself deeply fortunate to be able to say this. But I still hunger for 2 things and they are biggies. My answer to your question- said with welling tears – is that I would finally finally have some time off. I would take weekends off, and maybe even a vacation or 2 a year. It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve had a vacation and I work super long hours. AND equally important, is that finally I would make the work that makes my heart sing. Find the right customers and make the work. Yes I love my work now, but it is so tweaked to meet the desires of my customers and I know my best work lies in my own creative drives – making the aspects of life I love most, engaging with that deeply. This is what I yearn for. I’m working towards both wholeheartedly and hope to achieve at least measurable progress this year. Thank you for asking, thank you for caring!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ruth, oh my gosh, my heart so goes out to you. It’s wonderful to do work that we deeply love, but taking time off to relax and go on vacation is so important too.

      One thought popped to mind while I was reading this … perhaps both of your goals are in alignment — it may be that when you bring in more of your truly ideal customers, that may allow you to make some adjustments to your schedule and offer some more time off. We have lots of wonderful MarieTV episodes about growing or boosting your business, so definitely check out our MarieTV Library for some helpful tips:

      We’re sending our very best wishes your way, and thank you so much for watching!

  480. Thank you! How inspiring!

  481. Francesca

    This brings so much peace to my heart and reminds me that all I need to do is get in this mindset and relax to it! Relax and hear my inner intuition, and I believe that my infinite power is here, and be true to the moment!
    And my health will return and I have so many amazing things to tell the world and ways of helping! Just be grateful for everything and where I am, and where I will be! You are amazing and deserve everything you have! Thank you so much for inspiring me! I, and WE are going to make it…!! <3

  482. I am a college student who wants to be a creative freelancer (focusing on writing, public speaking and program planning). I am going against the confusion/disappointment of my family, and the majority of the counselors at my University who tell me that a life outside of an office is unrealistic. I’ve even gotten discouragement from people because I’m a black female and have been told that I don’t have the connections or the look or the qualifications (usually an Ivy League white male) of someone who can be an entrepreneur. I follow my teachers, I read good books, and I have informational interviews all the time with freelancers/ entrepreneurs to remind myself of what I can achieve. I am creating my own representation, and well..figuring it out as I go along! One day, I hope to give talks and create spaces that inspire just like you Marie! Thanks for being a representation of what can be achieved if you live with confidence and grace. Crying right now after your talk- THANK YOU <3

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your note, Tiara. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re being discouraged from following an entrepreneurial path, and it means the world to know that Marie’s speech was a source of inspiration.

      We absolutely do believe that everything is figureoutable, and more and more the world needs entrepreneurs and people with an entrepreneurial mindset. It sounds like you’re taking some amazing action steps and forging some connections with freelancers already, which is awesome, and I definitely encourage you to keep exploring that. Sometimes the best response to naysayers is to happily go about following your dreams no matter what they say (for a little bit more on that, definitely check out this great MarieTV episode:

      The world needs your authentic voice and what YOU have to offer, and know that we’re cheering you on all the way!

  483. Read

    Doing simple soulfull interviews which will become a self-published kindle book this year. I’m 65, doing this project to reignite, connect, and live an inspiring life for the rest of my days. Who knows where this will lead, I’ll be ignited, connected, inspired and inspiring!

  484. Katrien

    Thank you Marie, I had tears in my eyes while listening!

    If I held the deep conviction that everything is figureoutable (and I, thankfully, keep getting closer to being just there) then I would spend my life coaching and teaching people that they are safe, loved, wonderful and that THEY can believe and live according to the conviction that everything is figureoutable 🙂 Thank you for being a model and showing the way!

  485. Vesna

    Loved the session Marie! It was exactly what I needed to hear. Your message sunk in deeply. Thank you.

  486. Wow! You crushed it, Marie.

    As a presenter myself, I’m admiring the way you pulled all aspects of message together: inspiring and highly descriptive message, captivating stories that we can all relate to, using your movements to reinforce the message and wearing a distinctive Spanish-flavored ensemble. It’s hard to take Oprah’s stage to a new level, but you did. Congrats! #NewBenchmark

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh, that’s so kind of you, Michelle. Thank you so much for watching and for your sweet note!

  487. erin

    Great message! Thanks for sharing this :0)) Everything is for sure figureoutable! When you really want something, you will find a way…

  488. Amy

    Wow. I’ve had this bookmarked to watch for a few days now and I happened to hit play when I was doubting if I am going to succeed at in new business. Something I doubt a lot, no matter how positive I seem on the outside. But after watching this I know that the little voice in my head is the thing holding me back. I’ve decided to make a list of my strengths so I can be reminded of them every day. Thank you Marie for my new mantra x

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a lovely idea, Amy! We’re so glad that this arrived at the perfect time for you, and we’re cheering you on as you’re working on growing your new business!

  489. hi everybody, there´s so so much compassion and value shared in the comments. omg. it´s amazing!

    and for the talk, Marie: Thank you so much! And, wow, on top of that you gave a very sweet lesson on how great story telling gets your everything out there and connects 🙂 amazing. So much fun while watching.

  490. Virginia Reeves

    Marie – your speaking comes across with a big pow and pizzazz. I know it from your short videos on MarieTV. Don’t think I’ll forget the image of you running with that huge pinanta duffle bag in the airport ! You are unforgettable and everything is fixable if you put your mind to it.

  491. Hi Marie, finally, I could watch this and am so grateful that I didn’t miss it. I am aware that I am currently in a big wave of life changing period, and I feel this “Everything is figureoutable” mantra will take me to a new world where I can reach out, and help, more people who need my support.

    You have been guiding me to the right direction as an entrepreneur. You’re my online Guru 🙂 Thank you so so much! Love xxx.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So wonderful, Nalikolehua! We’re sending our best wishes to you as you’re exploring those big waves of exciting life changes. xoxo

      • Thank you so much for your wishes! Many blessings to the Team Forleo <3

  492. Gozi Halima Nwachukwu

    Wow Marie, thank you for such an incredible story layered with a powerful message. This is something that I am beginning to understand as a truth – there is always a solution! And like you say, just because we have this mindset doesn’t mean that we won’t face challenging situations, however, what changes is our attitude when faced with these situations. Thank you so much, you totally owned that stage and here’s to you and your endeavours. xoxo

  493. Jessica

    Great job Marie! Loved watching this.

  494. Louise Elfi Sóley Gade

    Oh My god I love this talk! you are an amazing storyteller! I feel SO inspired to learn to tell stories like you! How do you do that? how you always been good at that or did you also need to practise and learn?

    When I have learned that skill I want to be a speaker and inspire and empower others to be free spirits and have fun with life!! Life in love, not fear! <3 Louise Elfi

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Louise Elfi! I know Marie always enjoys telling stories, though it’s definitely something she’s spent a lot of time working on and practicing too.

      We did a great MarieTV episode a while back that talks about how to get really good at pretty much anything (it’s one of my favories), so I thought I might share that one for a few fun tips. Marie also shares a bit about her own process and her very first workshop, so I thought you might really enjoy checking it out!

  495. Everything is figure-out-able! <3 Thank you so much!! Much needed, this message is! Love!!!!

  496. Amanda

    Amazing…. Totally captivating and in the final minutes when you delivered your challenge and revealed the crux of your message I had goosebumps – this rarely happens in real life, let alone over video. Well done doesn’t even begin to provide the encouragement to you that I want to…. Wow! Is what I will have to leave it at for now… Wow!

  497. Margarethe

    Everything is figouratable!
    I have 2 tall trees in my backyard that will cost around $2,000 to trim them. But now I got inspired and figouratable enough to start trimming them by myself. With the help of a manual tree saw. I felt so ridiculous but kept on doing it until I took down 2 branches. Then a good feeling of accomplishment raised my spirit.
    Now I can tell you “everything is figouratable”. Please thank your mom for me.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Margarethe! Plus doing something physical like that with your own hands feels pretty great too 🙂

  498. Sheree McMillen


    I think you did an amazing job! I’ve watched it for a second time, and I think that’s what has allowed the message to sink to a deeper level in my bones. There is something about the words “you’re not going to make it,” and how it pierced the fear that you had that touches me. You seamlessly integrated personal stories/experiences into a meaningful presentation of the truth. Thank you! I appreciate all the effort it took to prepare the message you shared. Well done!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Such a beautiful note — thank you so much, Sheree! xo

  499. Erin

    This left me with a big smile on my face. Well done Marie! This was a great talk. You have a wonderful gift, and, by sharing it, so many of us are benefitting. Thank you.
    One of the things I realised about this talk was the profound impact your mum has had on your unique viewpoint. I am a new mother; my son is 7 months old. He is a very happy and healthy little man and I love him to bits. But, as a creative person, I am struggling with having so little time to myself. Sometimes I find myself (ugly) crying on the sofa, wondering about my talents, and what will become of them. And if they will ever go anywhere. And if there is any meaning to me even having them, if I can’t share them with the world. But I realise now that although my son means the world to me, actually, he kind of is the world. Because who knows what he will go on to do? By having a positive impact on him, I could be having an unimaginably positive effect on the society of tomorrow. At this moment, I cannot know, I can only hope. But that is enough for now. So thanks again. xx
    P.S. My favourite bit… ‘and I can’t even wipe them!’ 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a wonderful perspective, Erin. I know it can be both wonderful and incredibly tough to be a new mom, and know that we firmly believe there is always a purpose to having the talents and gifts that we have. I love what you shared about your son being the world, and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here!

  500. Fabulous speach, Marie. Thank you for that. I’m in tears. Thanks to your Mum. “The story of life is to dream of things that are all impossible”, said Dr. Robert H. Schuller once. But now we know: Everything is figureoutable.

    With love from Germany

  501. Cub

    Wow! Thank you for a wonderfully inspirational talk. I’m not sure what I would create, heal, transform or transcend, but I’m sure that “everything is figureoutable”. I’m making a sign for both my offices that says – Everything is Figureoutable! for daily inspiration and motivation.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Cub! I hope those little signs will be a source of inspiration for you!

  502. Amanda

    I LOVE THIS! Thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences and giving me perspective. In a world where most people conform to what they’re supposed to do….I have always been one to just jump and figure it out. It’s so wonderful to hear that I am not alone and that there is more to life, and it’s all about perspective.

    You are truly inspiring.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for watching and for your sweet note, Amanda! It’s wonderful to hear that you love jumping right in and figuring it out — what a great way to be! 🙂

  503. Gabriel


    Hello beautiful friend Marie, God loves you because his people love you too. They love for the good thing you do for them. I love you too. You have a good heart to help others and yourself, there is nothing wrong with that my friend. Never worry again about anything in this world, just keep doing good to help you stop worring.Don’t worry ,every thing will be alright( song of Bob Marley). God said to His believers,just have Faith in Me with Hope and Love, and put love in Action and I will do the rest for You.

    God loves you my friends so don’t worry anymore like people who don’t believe. Pray and trust your God only as he is the One who created everything for us.

    I love Marie and your group /team. Help me when you will feel like helping someone in need.I read all comments about Marie ,no bad ones about her, it is good for her to be good for others and keep being the same way if she can. I love you and your family too. Have a nice day friends.

  504. I live this idea and believe in all the possibilities of my potential. It has been proven to me as a daughter of Narcissists who did not graduate high school or have any reason to be the problem solver that I am. I am building a company that will create jobs for the developmentally disabled and employ and mentor young creatives who don’t fit the traditional educational model. My business life and my personal life will always merge, I will find the stability my family needs while creating products with a soul that help others. I am a multi talented maker, creator, idea machine mom-preneur on a mission!

  505. frances

    Marie, thank you so much.
    “Amazing story-teller” can also be added to the long list of amazing things that you do.
    Bless you! xoxoxo

  506. Your best video yet Marie!
    Total rock star!!
    So inspirational!

  507. Lori M.

    As always, your message really “spoke to me”. You are an amazing soul and I feel so blessed to be part of your audience. To answer your question, I would say I am doing exactly what I want to do BUT your message has really resonated with me today. Like you, I have a very hard time doing “nothing”. I was never one to just sit and relax without having something to do. Whether it was reading a book or crocheting a baby blanket, I was always doing something after a long days work. When I exited “Corporate America” 4 years ago, I had two interests…one that now pays the bills and makes me feel like I am truly making a difference in my chosen field and another venture that is truly a “hobby” business. I have really tried to give up my “hobby business” because it truly is the business that is causing me to take time away from my family, but it is so hard to give up because I don’t want it to come across as I am failing. My other business is very rewarding and “pays the bills”, so why am I still so focused on my “hobby business”?

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Lori, I’m so glad Marie’s talk resonated with you! And as far as your hobby business goes, it definitely sounds like there’s something about it that your heart loves. If it brings you joy, I think there’s value in sticking with it like you are!

  508. OMG Marie this video is amazing! I don’t usually comment (booooooo) but wow I loved your speech it spoke to me and gives me courage to figure out what I want to do. Well, I know what I want, I know how to do it, but sometimes I lack self confidence and just listening to that was all I needed!
    Btw, you’re a great story teller 🙂

  509. Marie, thank you for saying yes to this opportunity and “doing the work” (as Stephen Pressfield says in “Do The Work” and “The Art of War”) that it took to craft and deliver this brilliant, elegant, soulful message. We are all benefiting hugely from your gift to us! I could see your mom, I could see your airport moment, I could feel your power. Now to use your gift to keep figuring shit out! Rock on!

  510. Marie, I’ve been wanting to watch this video since it hit my inbox last week and I just couldn’t find the time. This morning I sat at my computer stuck as I’m writing my course for women starting over after heartbreak and I stopped bc I felt discouraged than my message wasn’t coming across as I wanted it. I took a break for breakfast and finally had a chance to see this and I truly know that I hadn’t had he time bc this is the very moment I needed it most. Thank you! Thank you for your amazing words, and being such an inspiration! I can and I will do what is set out to do and your message was the push I needed to reaffirm that I have what it takes.
    PS you rocked this talk like nobody’s business, you’ve never looked or sounded better 😉 xoxo

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So glad to hear you enjoyed Marie’s talk so much, Alicia!

  511. Jeannie Penrod

    I just got around to watching this and I had chills and tears in my eyes. I teach 9th graders and have for 10 years. I am approaching the close of my 10th year and after summer the beginning of my 11th. I try to tell my students and teach them that their life and dreams are “figureouttable.” I love that you know put it in to a talk that I can share with them Marie. Next school year I’ll be spreading your message to young minds to know that they too can figure out any situation, any dream, and anything they can imagine. Beautiful presented and thank you for sharing your creative genius with the world.
    Jeannie Penrod

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That is AWESOME, Jeannie! I know I speak for all of us when I say the idea of a classroom watching Marie’s talk gives me chills. So powerful! And such a great lesson to impart on young minds. Thank you for the beautiful work you’re doing in the lives of your students. 🙂

  512. Ada G.

    Great talk Team Forleo! I felt inspired and even got tears eyed, not only because the topic hit home, but because I could see how proud you are of this accomplishment.

  513. Well written, well presented and, I’m sure, well heard! Brilliant Marie.

  514. Thank you Marie! You are amazing and your speech touched my soul and I couldn’t hold my tears away, so thank you for sharing. I do agree as well that everything is figureoutable! Sat Nam

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Jeanette! I’m so glad Marie’s talk spoke to your soul. 🙂

  515. Claudine Dufroux

    Marie, you are inspiring. Your speech was amazing and funny and thank you for sharing. I’ve always thought that there is always “a way” to solve anything that we think goes wrong. Thank you for giving us hope and believing that we are all capable of climbing up the mountains.
    Cheers Beautiful Marie.
    Claudine D.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true! It’s like that old saying, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” 🙂

  516. Well, WOW! What a speech! You have mentioned that everything is figuroutable a few times, but they sound so much more empowering in this speech. This made me think of what my grandma tells us (grandkids) – we are kids of the King of kings (God it would be :), and we should behave and treat life in an appropriate manner. I feel so much stronger now in my pursuit for wedding photography business building + developing a few other business ideas that will allow me to create a more flexible schedule (more flexible that it is now) for spending more time with my baby and (God willing) accepting foster babies into our home and supporting other adoptive/fostering families.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautiful, Yana! I’m so glad you’re feeling stronger in your business and inspired to foster children who need a loving family. That’s so wonderful. 🙂

  517. Anna Karadimitriou

    It’s been a year now, that I watch almost all your Q&A Tuesday video Marie, but this … was something else!
    I simply want to say that I am GRATEFUL and yes everything is figureoutable!!!
    With lots & lots of love,

  518. You taught me something that if I can implanted in my brain, I will make it. As today, I am going to posted everywhere in my room, so that I can think it without thinking. Thank you

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad Marie’s “everything is figureoutable” mantra resonated with you! I hope you’ll be inspired every time you see where you’ve posted it around your room. 🙂

  519. Kellie

    I loved this so much because it resonates so much with where I am in my life right now. I have a dream to be an amazing thought leader. I was scared because I could see where I wanted to be, sharing my messages with many and helping them find the beauty within. But I couldn’t see how to get from where I was to where I want to be. Until I took that leap of faith in to believing that somehow I’d find away or make a way. You see many years ago I felt that my life wasn’t worth anything it had no meaning and I tried to take it, gladly failed at that. Fast forward to now and I feel that I have one choice and it’s to help people find the beauty within through what I see as agápē self love a love that the universe has for you and you have for it and it sees nothing but the perfection in you. I don’t know all the how’s all I know is that everything is figureoutable!

  520. Sarah

    Wonderful speech Marie! Funny, honest and inspiring!

  521. Natasha white

    When I was 12. I was in a group of friends. Or so I thought. They were the It Crowd. I reallllly wanted to be, like them. I envied their family settings, two parents, family holidays. I really had no idea if this perception was true of course. At that time it is where I was in my thinking of what was what and how it was.

    I was attractive and Funny. Mixed race. Poorer than some, but not all. I don’t want to make a meal out of this so I won’t. One afternoon during the summer holidays. When romance was intriguing and fashion appeared significant. We were hanging out at the park around 6pm. I didn’t feel as though it was a day different from any other that hot sunny August. A group of us headed toward the park gates to say “seeyalater”. We were not far from the park gates. They were shut. One of the older girls in the group probably about 14 showed up and called me a few names which are inappropriate to display here. Offensive, racist that sort of jive. She had found one of my hair bobbles. She set them on fire and a everyone gathered around. She yanked out my big loop earnings (my favourite ones). Threw them down on the ground and said I should go back to my own kind and “£?#% @~¥”.

    I was stunned. Shaking.
    No one there was on my side! I thought I was safe. With friends. Cool people. I aspired to and wanted desperately to be like. I could not have been farther from, yes, the truth.
    That tall girl threw a bucket load of abuse at me whilst ragging me around by my pony tail. I fell to the floor (I cried a lot before I decide to air this so I won’t stop whislt these left over healing tears drop). I could not tell who was pushing, punching, kicking me or throwing rocks at my head. I saw white flashes of light as my head felt blows from God knows what. I blacked out for a moment.

    When I came round. My clothes were torn and apart from an egg sized lump on my forehead and bleeding grazes and cuts, I was able to stand. Walked to the gates as they continued to throw whatever they could find. I could not breathe properly. I was beyond humiliated and forget the way I looked, in my at the time 80s trend. I was lost. One of the lads helped me over the fence and even walked me home. I am so grateful for that.
    I went home and was too embarrassed to tell my mother and locked myself in the bathroom. There is more. Though I’ve told enough to set the tone here I think.

    That part of my life has been labelled. It’s what’s known as a “traumatic experience” or a ‘trauma’. I’ve recently learnt some tai chi movements for wellbeing (TMW). I’ve been a little pron to meditation for as long as I can remember. So It has all helped and I have been slowly healing. I moved on. (I was too young to process those emotions so I locked in my cells). I was, like any other mixed race person forced to somehow redefine myself or take sides. For a while.

    Then I realised my colour was unique and I stood on my own terms, no one else’s.

    I grew up. Worked, studied . Got two degrees. Did my own thang. Lived life. Somewhere, inside there was always a doubt though. Was I good enough? Why did I deserve that? Good enough for what? I stopped believing in myself. I didn’t particular like myself either. I admit it affected my self asteem. I turned away from some of the gifts, things that come most natural to me because of my lack of confidence. I chanelled my energies else where with no regrets or biterness.

    I’m older now, not the oldest. I’m wiser now, not the wisest. My journey to today. To the thinking that I approve of, to the version of myself that I am confident in, the way I do business. How I operate mentally, spiritually. The version that gets MY full approval. The adventure to learning how I now love and respect myself, has been a long road. I guess we all have our own stories to tell right? So this is one of mine.

    Why is it relevant?
    I just watched the show. Of course I cried. I’m an overthinker, over emotional type. Oh yes and proud. I had all of this history, these memories surface again. Like something triggered on a cellular level. A reaction took place in me.

    Inhale, exhale. So hum. Here am I.
    I’m lucky to have made time to watch the show. The effect on me was positive. Deep. No suprise three hey. I like how simple the word “figuritoutable” was put in the context of your own life experience. For me it resonated with the healing that took place (during the circle of wellbeing-a gesture in the TMW) a couple of years ago, once I had released all the hurt that took place in my twelfth year and began to love it. Own it. I now considerate as important as all the love I have experienced in my life. After all it lead me here. At this wonderful stage of my life. Settled with my two children and the love of my life and let’s not forget, I’m sooooooo happy building a business and I life that I love! I’m boasting when I say, I figured it out. It is therefore true, everything is figuritoutable.

    So you know what they say….sharing is caring.

    Here is the share
    I had a little vision. Wouldn’t it be great, if there was a t’shirt. Not just any old t’shirt though. Maybe one exists already like this?
    It is made ethically. Sourced environmentally. Simple in design and available in every size you can imagine. All profits are paid forward to a well worthy cause. It’s plain. It simply says, “everything is, figuritoutable”. May need a spell checker there though ?

    So with love, I send this forward. Soul to soul. Maximum love and respect to one and all. ?


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Natasha, thank you so much for sharing this story. I can’t fathom what that experience must’ve been like for you, but it means so much that you shared it here with all of us. You sound like an incredible woman with SO much heart and wisdom – and with a vitally important story to tell. Thank you again – we send you our Team Forleo love!

    • Hello, Natasha. After reading your story, I just couldn’t leave without saying anything. I’m so glad that you’ve made your story a happy ending one (though it will yet continue as a happier story, I believe). Many blessings to you <3. Thank you for sharing.

  522. Wow, what a powerful, moving story Natasha. Thank you for sharing. It’s wonderful to read of your happy place now, with the love of you life . . . and Thank You Marie for your profoundly inspiring message, and how it relates to the love of your life 🙂 This is all particularly special to me because it also resonates with the love of my life! We have been very happily married for 21 years but if there is ever an issue on the table, it is the amount of time I spend working – building my dream business, with the phenomenal help of B-School (thank you for this too Marie and Team Forleo!). So I’m taking your words to heart as a timely reminder to maintain my focus and attention on all of the things that really matter in my life, and to keep these from having to be figured out 🙂 At the same time, I embrace the wisdom that everything is figureoutable. LOVE it!

  523. Sheena

    I laughed, I cried & I ran alongside you on that concourse cheering you to the gate.
    As always you inspire us with you wisdom, humor and real life motivation. All too often, I am one of those people who “accept” the limits but this story really resonated with me.
    Last year I was finishing my course at IIN & planned to attend the live spring in New York and finally get to meet some of the great women that had become friends during the previous year. The night before I couldn’t sleep I was so excited and I always have last minute panic attacks before traveling. Anyway, I set my phone alarm but somehow it didn’t go off or the volume was down …whatever the reason, the reality was …I slept through the 4am alarm. Thank God, my cat Oliver woke me looking for food around 5am and imagine how I felt looking unbelievingly at the clock showing 05.10am. We live in a small town in the Midwest area with a daily connector flight to Chicago. In order to get to New York, I had to be on the 5.55am flight that boards at 5.30am. I should have already been at the airport & here I was still in bed in my PJ’s.
    I nearly gave up and sat down to cry but I had so been looking forward to this experience…To this day, I’m not sure what kicked in that morning but…
    Forget a shower, make up and my specially chosen “travel outfit” – I grabbed jeans, t-shirt, jacket & my running shoes, threw my carry on “weekender” bag in the car – took a minute to put down some food & water for my cats and pushed the speed limit all the way to the airport. Grabbing a parking space as close to the terminal as I could, I ran through the rain to the airport terminal. At our small, rural airport, our ground staff fill in everywhere & as I came through the terminal door, one of them spotted me wet, upset & close to tears. She yelled out “Are you for this flight?” I nodded & replied “Has it Left?”
    Her response was to speak quickly into her walkie – talkie as she grabbed my bag & headed to the closed desk. Quickly asking my name, I handed her my ID with shaking hands and 2 minutes later she was helping me through security to an empty boarding area and onto a plane that was waiting for me to get on.
    I got to Chicago, made it to New York for 2 amazing days and made a point of stopping at the airport when I arrived home to thank the wonderful that got me on my flight.
    Too often, I forget that things are figureoutable and accept defeat – thanks for the reminder that how we think and what we believe can change how we respond and what we achieve.

    • Erika Lee


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Sheena! And I love that you thanked the airport official who helped you get on the plane. The universe was working in your favor. 🙂 So glad you made it and had a wonderful time!

  524. Harriett

    Great talk on Soul Sessions. I would have left the clothes. I admire your work & dedication. Continue doing what you do.

  525. Lindsey Lock

    Marie, you are the jam – thank you so much for your work in this world. You have lit a fire under my a** so many times when I was in a fog not knowing what to do. You do it with style and humor and it’s a reminder to be authentic and light – you killed it on this talk, great job!

  526. Pia

    What an awesome and inspiring story/talk. I too do believe anything IS possible and figureoutable and you are one of the persons inspiring me to take actions in the areas where I have allowed myself to be stopped for way too long. So what I am taking action on is creating my personal brand, using the awesome tips and tools from the copy cure course (it rocks!) and other sources. Through this process I already know that I am figuring out what’s next for me, what I desire to communicate about and what my business is asking for both as a brand and its services. The cool thing with creating your personal brand is that you get to look at all the external factors too to see if they align with the inner brand of you 🙂 Essence branding is an area that calls to me as well as coaching and photography. What that will look like I’ll figure out as I create over the summer. Thank you for being you and the inspiration you are! xoxo

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Nice work, Pia! It’s so awesome that you’re passionate about branding, coaching, and photography since all those things are super important for businesses. We’re thrilled you’re in The Copy Cure, too! Keep us posted on how you’re doing—we love cheering you on. 🙂

  527. Erika Lee

    Very, very WELL DONE, MARIE!

  528. That was beyond what words can express. I can only describe the amazingness of that in one emoji: ? Thank you Marie for being such an inspiration???

  529. This really resonated with me and I got teary eyed watching you Marie! Thank you, you are an inspiration!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Lauren! That means the world to us <3

  530. Marie words cannot describe how much this session spoke to me. Your words always have a way of coming at the right time and boosting me when I need it the most.

    I am a solopreneur and I struggle at times with what I am doing and whether it is all worthwhile. At times it can seem like such hard work that I get quite despondent and question if I’m ever going to get to a place where there is a more healthy balance in my life. Your words inspired me greatly and has helped me realise that it is up to me to create what I need and want. And how important it is to correct my thoughts and attitude and to make sure I keep connected to my vision and truth. To stay strong and believe that I can succeed.
    Thank you so much for being who you are and for being such a positive + supportive influence to many many people (like me :-)) xx

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Melanie, we’re deeply touched to hear how this spoke to you and resonated with your heart. I absolutely love what you’re taking away from the talk — that it’s up to you to create what you need and want. What a freeing, important, and honest lesson to tuck into your back pocket and practice applying.

      Thank you so much for being here with us, and for allowing us to be a part of your path in some way.

  531. Excellent talk, Marie. Thank you so much for your transparency, and congrats to you and Josh for sticking it out through thick and thin. As a fellow writer, storyteller, and speaker, I absolutely loved how you weaved the two stories–the one about you and Josh and the one about your mother–together to poignantly deliver the point of the talk.

    To answer your question, I actually recently reached the point in my life where I truly believe I CAN do anything I need to do (thanks to studying Les Brown, Tony Robbins, and some others), and this talk reaffirmed that. I’m an author, speaker, journalist, and soon-to-be author success mentor (I’m currently building that business now), and the self-doubt is dying. It’s awesome. The journey is uncomfortable, as it must be in order to create growth, but the discomfort decreases as my mind strengthens and rises to the task. Thank you again for all you do.

  532. Caroline - Team Forleo

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Mellissa. We’re so glad you enjoyed Marie’s talk, and we’re wishing you tremendous success in your own journey. Believing you CAN do anything is where the great stuff starts to happen 🙂

  533. kamla

    Amazing. If i held that thought in its entirely I would stop worry about what I should do, what people expect, stop worry about keeping up with others, and fully make my choices on how I feel and what I believe is right. Thank you. This is love

  534. Hi Marie,

    I have found your page a wonderful place to feel welcome and share with friends. I also belong to another sharing community group of friends called CrowdRising where we help someone for-fill their dreams, goals and aspirations.

  535. Stefan

    Important message for Marie and her team!!!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Stefan! We love you too!

    • Love it. 🙂

  536. Charlie Lemmer

    I think everything is figureoutable……it just feels like a lonely task sometimes when you are doing it on your own. Which is why its so amazing to find you and your site and the inspiration and encouragement that you bring. I need to find a like-minded tribe that I can work with and create change with…….And the change that I would make is….giving everyone who is suffering from an illness or disease that ‘ everything is figureoutable’. Dont give up in your quest for wellness because the doctor won’t listen to you! Don’t be put off in finding answers because people tell you its all in your head or there is nothing you can do! There is something you can do and you will find answers and you will get better! Just keep going and you will find someone who will listen to you and take you seriously and help you heal.
    I had an autoimmune disease and healed myself through nutrition after years of being rejected by doctors and being told I was a pain in the arse, crazy or both! But I didn’t give up. I am now healed and also now a Nutritional Health Coach. “Everything is figureoutable”
    Love Charlie xxxx

  537. kay

    What an inspiring message…

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Kay! We’re so glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  538. Marie, thank you for sharing this message. I wholeheartedly agree, even though I may forget this truth in moments of deep challenge and struggle. But, I love your refreshing, matter of fact delivery of this amazing message. Thank you.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Vania, we’re so happy to hear this struck a chord deep within you. Thank you for your kind words.

  539. Jen Molitor

    That was amazing! So captivating and authentic! You did an amazing job delivering your message in an empowering and inspiring way. It was so fun to watch you in your element! Thank you for sharing this with us.
    I really connected with you and your stories and could feel your nerves as you started. But, you totally delivered and you made it look effortless. So proud to be a part of your network!! 🙂 Hugs! <3

  540. That was AWESOME Marie.
    I finally got around to watching your talk on Super Soul Sessions. Great story that anyone can relate to…and you made a full circle while sticking to a tight concept and message. Loved it.

    Thank you !

  541. I felt like a proud mama watchin’ this. Teared up hearing the story with Josh and then again at the end as you looked out at the crowd. Awesome, awesome, awesome. And ouh girl you were really runnin’ too; I felt out of breath for you. <3

  542. My life revolved around my work and I would get so competitive that I would forget everything and everyone around me. I would get consumed by work and aiming higher and higher… until recently I hit rock. I went through some troubled times starting my business and staying in the game. I’m making some progress now and I do want to credit Marie and team forleo for the awesome inspiration on Marie TV and this platform. Thank you and indeed everything is figureoutable. While i think ivw figured it out finally for my personal life, I’m trying so hard to imbibe that thinking in my business (I’m a newbie).

  543. Thank you so much Marie! This talk brought me tear. I feel so much connected with the circumstance that you faced. Mine is not just relationship alone but my business too. I will gain my self-believe together with your mantra and rise up both my business and love of my life. xo, Anita

    PS. You are like my invisible/imagination big sister….someone who I’ve never met but you teach me a lot how to live life. Thank you for being you and gifting you to people like me 🙂

  544. I love this talk! Great reminder that self doubt and fear is just a wall. Everything is figuroutable! Amazing talk!

  545. Errol

    Thanks Marie, you are amazing and an inspiration! I would never give up even when things aren’t going my way and would keep looking for a way to become a better version of myself. Take a look at the things in my life that needs to be changed to become a better person, you see I think life is somewhat like a game of cards. you can choose to play the hand you’re dealt to the best of your ability or you can quit. I do agree with you that everything is figureoutable!

  546. Tears. Streaming. Down. Face.

    Thank you Marie <3

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Renae <3 <3

  547. Christina

    Nailed it!

  548. Ula

    Marie, you are simple the best! Thank you so much for being! I hope you realise how much you give, how much you inspire, how much you are! I am in tears. I am for ever grateful. Thank you!

  549. Dear Marie,
    I so enjoy your attitude! I am a Jewelry Designer and I have had some success but I haven’t reached the level of income I need, but, I have always believed I will and my belief stems from my faith because I follow the Creator of the Universe who promises to bless the work of my hands. I also mentor other Designers who are doing quite well bc they follow my instructions. They have told me that I empower women bc I have this kind of confidence and when I tell them that they will succeed, they believe me rather than when others say it and it sounds like empty words. I believe who you listen to is very important and I like your message since it is one of unwavering success! Thank you so much! God Bless! Ann, Esther Destiny’s Jewelry

  550. Marie, this was the most awesome talk I’ve heard you give! It was incredible! You are incredible! I could listen to you all day as you inspire me so much. Thank you for allowing me to view your video here. I wish everyone could watch it and be inspired. Just think how much better our world would be! Sending you much love!

  551. Very motivational. What a great speaker.

  552. Quel beau témoignage, merci Marie!

  553. Maryanne Hill

    Love You Marie!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      We love you back, Maryanne!

  554. Team Forleo,
    Wiping away tears – I signed up and have gotten most of the way through Bschool. I signed up and have listened to all of Copy Cure. I signed up, listened to and did all the exercises for 3 Steps to Having everything you want. I am getting there incrementally, but something is coming together, especially after writing out my Top 10 Excuses and what I’m willing to do instead. I will be going back and doing ALL the writing exercises in both Bschool and Copy Cure. I’m writing you now to say that I will be writing you again next year at this time to let you know that I am well on my way to achieving my goal of being a self-sustaining artist, writing about her journey, and ultimately writing a book for other artists who are struggling along that path, because everything is figure-outable. Thank you so much for everything ALL of you do because I know that as charismatic and wise and determined and overall a-fucking-mazing as Marie is, she could not do it alone. With so much gratitude and respect – Evie

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Evie, we’re so grateful to hear how this talk resonated with you to your core.

      It’s humbling and amazing to have you sponging up our work, being in our Copy Cure, B-School, AND Insider family — all while working so hard at taking baby steps for your art, for your gift to the world. We’re 100% rooting for you and so excited for all you have to share with the world still!

      Keep us posted. xoxo

  555. monique


  556. HOLY SHIT Marie! And I’m not sorry for cursing. Talk about embodying what you teach! You were channeling God on that stage. Seriously. God spoke directly through you and it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

    I’m a Bschool graduate and an entrepreurial “failure.” My first business idea did not work out at all. I’m still trying to figure out what the lessons were for me but what I did take away from your talk is I need to start living in purpose. I don’t need to take on the world to do that either. I need to start at home.

    I’ve been feeling like both of my children are too bored with life. They spend a lot of time playing video games, watching TV, and staring at their phones. I’m not doing much to inspire them either. This is where I’m going to start living with purpose. My job will be to inspire and challenge them to be better human beings, to teach them that everything IS figureoutable, to dig deep, and to leave people, situations, and things better than they found them.

    Maybe my purpose isn’t starting an online business that makes millions of dollar. Maybe it is just leaving people, situations, and things better than I found them. Sounds like a really good reason to be alive.


    I cannot type those words enough to express how grateful I am to have watched this video today, in this moment.

    Thank you Marie.

  557. Victoria Theodore

    Fantastic!!! I’m going to start practicing this more in earnest right away. Thank you…

  558. Alyssa

    You are such an engaging and inspiring speaker! The end of the session moved me to tears by the beautiful and meaningful things you said. I have had many people roll their eyes or suggest a different profession when I tell them I am pursuing art in school. I’m constantly being told that I won’t make money and that art isn’t practical as a profession. It’s difficult to tune out the naysayers. Despite criticism I have received, I still hold my conviction to be true that one day I will be where I want to be, doing what I love and making an income from it. Thank you for being a positive voice!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Alyssa! We firmly believe in the power and importance of art, and have talked about that quite a few times on MarieTV. It can be tough dealing with naysayers and critics, so I thought I might share a recent episode we did that talks about the value of art in our world for a few more nuggets of wisdom:

      We’re cheering you on all the way! <3

  559. It is so true! everything is figureoutable. I started to believe that a couple of months ago and I learn it everyday. That’s why I am already on my journey, at the beginning of it. I want to make a lot of money doing what I love and I am passionate about and in the process…inspire, help and touch lives. I started an online business a few months ago teaching shy and introverted entrepreneurs to increase awareness of their businesses through networking and building connections with people ( I am not techy and online businesses are not popular in my part of the world but I needed something that would give me flexibility to travel, something that would help me leverage my time and I love to meet new people). I am figuring it out one day at a time. It was scary and it still is. I get stuck but every time I do I ask myself what the next step I need to take is and somehow I find someone, a book, a video or an article that provides guidance. So truly, everything is figureoutable.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      How wonderful that you started a business, Lotanna! Figuring it out one day at a time is definitely part of being an entrepreneur, and everything really is figureoutable. We’re cheering you on!

  560. waaait…i’m teary, my cells feels so alive, my soul…i know she’s deeply in joy…i have to breathe in…hold…breathe out…i’m savoring that beautiful message…beautifully, emotionally, comically delivered. my mind and body feel renewed, empowered, brave, ready, unstoppable, hopeful, trusting.

    THANK YOU Marie. thank you to your MAMA❤❤❤

  561. Congratulations – that was a fabulous Super Soul Session… you were amazing!

    As I’m sure it won’t surprise you, Marie – this video was very Divinely placed in my life today as there’s a lot for me figure out (the most recent is a total website crash that’s throwing a slight glitch in my work). I’m a B.School grad, and have always appreciated your phrase – “Everything is figureoutable,” however, today it held an extra (loving) punch – thank you.
    What I’m creating is a way to help people heal from emotional pain – ‘A safe, private, empowering community where you heal at your own pace’ – (divorce angst, deep regrets, addiction and regret, tough childhoods, lost dreams, grief, lack of self worth, etc). My pilot group is going fabulously, and although the answers to all the ‘hows’ haven’t yet arrived… there are a few things that hold me strong to my dream – trust, knowing it’s my soul’s purpose, and realizing that yes, indeed, everything is figureoutable.
    In Gratitude for your reminder and encouragement, Shannon

  562. This was so powerful! thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Jenna! We so appreciate you watching xoxo

  563. I appreciate it so much so!

  564. Thank you for sharing this with us and with the world. It was just what I needed to hear just when I needed to hear it.

    I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with several daunting problems, one of which is really eating away at myself. I’ve stopped and started many times over, but with the new mentality – that I’ve posted to my computer monitor – I’m going to keep going. To keep fighting for what I believe in as shown up in a problem I’ve got to overcome.

    Thank you for sharing your message.

  565. Vasudha

    I liked your talk, ‘everything is figureoutble ‘ .. I have heard you say this many times and I believe you are so, never give up, attitude. … I love it. My husband is so too, he doesn’t panic and always comes up with a solution whatever be the situation… And I on the other hand, press the panic button at the very outset. But am learning, and every episode of yours, there’s something that I learn and now more than ever, I adopt in my life, it has helped me be better for myself. Thanks for sharing this.

  566. Faye

    Marie, just watched your super soul talk on the Oprah show. Yow were and are terrific….. Poised, intelligent, funny………..a wonderful role model for everyone and anyone, including me a grandma of 8 amazing and loving grandkids, I’m a “retired”
    (But not retired from life) English teacher, I’m an artist , mother of 2 sons, and a woman who is striving for self improvement each day.
    Thank you for being great and for your gift of reaching out and making this world greater and more enjoyable.
    I love my life and would love it more if I could find another soul mate – a great man.
    I live in the Hudson Valley area and it’s a beautiful place all year round to be, do art, roam, love life and take in the natural beauty of all four seasons.
    Love to you and your funny, clever and loving staff,

  567. I thank you Marie for sharing your soul, your knowledge and your enthusiasm. You do know how important it is for a woman to see another