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Strange but true. Kuma is a dog that likes to shop. Whenever I’m walking him around New York City, he tries to drag me into any open storefront. From bodegas to high-end boutiques, he loves them all.

Invariably, while I’m awkwardly explaining to the store clerk that he’s “just looking” I notice countless marketing, copywriting and branding do’s and don’ts.

Since he’s painfully cute, he often walks away with treats. Since my business brain rarely shuts off, I often walk away with fresh inspiration.

You don’t have to hide who you really are to have a professional, successful business. Click To Tweet

On a recent outing, I got dragged into a retailer called Marine Layer. To my delight, it led me to discover more than a few super smart branding strategies that were applicable to any business owner. I’m serving up the top 3 for you in today’s episode of MarieTV.

These simple but often overlooked branding strategies are things you can implement right now to build a brand for your business.

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Two extra notes for you from this episode:

  • Want to write better, more compelling and human copy for your brand? Then you must, must, MUST must get our free writing class and free writing tips at Your readers, fans and customers will thank you for it!

Now, I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, let me know:

Which of these 3 smart strategies shared today do you need to focus on the most and what’s the one action step you can take right now to move ahead?

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Enormous thanks for sharing your voice and making Tuesday one of the BEST and most beautiful days of the week!

With all my love,


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  1. #2, baby! All the way.

    • What’s your action step, Tara?

      • Number two for this Tara too! I am just getting started as an eating psychology coach. I have my prices listed (where I aim to be) but right now I just want experience. I have no testimonials, so I don’t have much brand trust/leverage. I want to gain that trust and like-abiliy. I have been toying with the idea of throwing a popup special (two free sessions) on my website acknowledging I am just getting started and that I want to help those that curious about the work I do. This is a great nudge for me to do just that.

        • ruth

          Hi, Tara. What is your site? I’d love to look at it.

  2. I love this! Watching this episode made me actually think of your brand Marie! So refreshing and genuine! And your sales pitches are definitely not pushy but actually sound like you will help me!

    For my business, I think, I need to work on perfecting all 3 of the strategies but I really want to incorporate sales more into my website and any material people will see.

    Thanks again!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Yana! I hope you enjoy incorporating these awesome strategies. 🙂 xoxo

    • Copy Cure was a magic decision in my life, and my first language it’s not even english! But helped me to get more clients :p

    • Faith

      I know right? I love watching Marie, very easy to watch. Quick and engaging!

  3. Oh Marie,
    This was soooo….. good.
    I loved the example of Marine Layer.
    Actually, when I write (not enough and in my native language, French), I give that kind of taste to my texts but I have never been sure people like that…
    You comfort me that this is the good path to take.
    Thanks and love…

  4. Another great episode, thanks Marie + team! I think that for my business, both points – “create trust through transparency” & “don’t be afraid to sell” go hand and hand. I think that being an expert sometimes comes about through experience and since my story includes validation and proof (I teach about money strategies and paid off over 120k in student loans)…I need to learn how to not only write about it but explain it in my branding as well since it’s a HUGE part of why I do, what I do. So I am going to focus on these two points by showing more funny stories about how I felt and what I did during the process in a humorous way. Thanks for the great tips!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Yvonne! I know financial topics can be hot button issues for a lot of people, so bringing a little humor to it can be a wonderful way to sell, create transparency, and ALSO have fun in the process!

    • DNN

      Oh yes. Selling is mostly personality and approach.

  5. Thanks for this episode, Marie! I’m going to go through my copy today (at least the home page) and see how I can add more of the real, quirky me in there 🙂

    • Hey Kat, you know what, thanks to Marie and her team, I might just do the same with my website.. put a little bit more of the real me on my website so that my prospects can get to know me, like me and trust me more 🙂 All the best x

  6. I think I need to work more at the first one. I’m currently re-writing some of my pages to do that, and I think the daily videos I’m posting on my facebook page help.

  7. I am struggling to be “refreshingly real”. I get along great with everyone, in person. I am struggling to let that personality come through my branding.

  8. Ugh, I relate to #3. I don’t like to ask for money/sales. I noticed my Dribbble page has a “Hire Me” link right on it and I think I need to take a cue and add that phrase to my website instead of “Contact Me”.

    • Hey Judith! Given what you shared, I think you’ll really love these two episodes.

      How To Take The Shame Out of Self-Promotion:

      How To Get Paid When You Hate Asking For Money:

      • Thank you for sharing these extra links Marie, they are just what I need right now too!

      • Oh yes, I’m a #3 too. Thanks for the links Marie!! We LOVE U

    • @Judith, I think that is a great idea!
      @Marie Forleo, would you mind if I shared this episode on It is an expanding site based in Madrid, Spain, but, besides Spain it also has a large audience in Mexico and South America; especially Brazil. Let me know. Thanks.

  9. Thanks Marie,

    I hope that I’m showing the real me when blogging 🙂

    My biggest challenge is selling myself as an employee (looking for a job) or selling my services as a consultant.

    Take care!

  10. Brilliant!
    #1 and #2 make #3 so much easier.
    Being real and transparent helps me not feeling salesy, but actually stand 100% behind my products and offerings.
    Thanks, Marie – you are my inspiration!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great point, Dilyana! When we have something authentic we’re really excited to share, it totally makes kind selling a no-brainer 🙂

  11. Hi Marie,
    What a great episode! This was really eye opening to me, I tend to “button up” too tightly, I’m an illustrator/artist and there is always this hesitation and reluctance when it comes to showing new artwork I’ve made and asking people to purchase.

    This video inspired me to try a new approach! Thank you!

    • Your art is gorgeous Kiri! Don’t be shy about sharing it 🙂

  12. Hi Marie, show us Kuma next time! And what Kuma bought. Thanks to your teachings, I have become better at letting in a little more of me minus the professional corporate business me. I grew up on hiding behind the corporate mask. It has been a little scary but I’m singing that “Getting to Know You (Me)” without a mic at this point. I say, show your style with a smile. Well, unless your style is a frown(?). See ya next time.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Haha, I’m not sure what Kuma bought, but I’m sure he was absolutely delighted to receive dog treats. You can see the sweetest Kuma pic linked above ( … he sometimes pops up on Marie’s Instagram 🙂

      Thanks so much for watching this week, Mary!

      • Mary Lahti

        Cool, thanks for the link, Caroline! Have a great rest of the week.

  13. Love this, especially since my specialty is working with ecommerce owners! I hadn’t heard of them before, but as soon as I went to the website I fell in love, signed up for their newsletter and followed them on Instagram! They are doing everything right!

  14. Larissa

    I’ll be focusing on #2. There’s times that I feel like I’m still too disorganized to be effectively guiding others but, perhaps the fact that it doesn’t always look or feel pretty will support others in owning and sharing their unique gifts regardless. Thank you!

  15. Lynn

    Definitely No. 2 Sometimes I underestimate the connection between me and my clients – the more open and honest the more they feel like part of the family.

  16. Great video and information.
    # 3 – Don’t forget to ASK! We all know we need to do it, but there is a softer way of doing so that doesn’t look or sound like you are desperate.

  17. Definitely love the COPY CURE!
    Buy it.
    Anyhoo, I want to focus on strategy #tres! I forget to say buy this, help me buy toothpaste… stuff like that! I generally just put a link and assume people know to click, but alas, I don’t think people do know how to click a link without the fancy bow telling them what the link actually is.
    I love showing up being happy, adorable and super sunshine but I feel ugly and angry at myself for not including the call to SELL!

  18. I’m a self published author and I recently decided to start a new brand. Rachel S. Rose launched from idea to physical within a couple of months. I write fiction normally, which I love. Yet, I wanted to try a new genre. I decided to write contemporary romance, but I wanted to do something different.
    After my own journey of self discovery after having a lot of failed romantic experiences, I somehow came up with the idea of writing a fiction trilogy about a woman named Melissa. A thirty year old who still hadn’t had a proper relationship because she didn’t value herself enough not to jump into bed with men who only wanted one thing.
    The trilogy follows her story from being closed off, to finally getting her man, only to cling to him, causing friction. The last book is where she finally opens herself up and starts her healing journey. She discovers herself through healthy sexual experiences, on her own, and with the man that stuck around after her clingy stage.
    To go alongside the trilogy, I’m also writing non-fiction books for women reading the fiction. Hopefully the character’s experience will resonate with them and they’ll want to do what she does to improve their self confidence and empower themselves with a connection to their own feminine sexuality and sensuality. The first non-fiction book is titled: Empowered Feminine Prompts: 365 Daily Prompts to connect to your inner feminine and increase self confidence.

    I need to work on #1. Although the prompts come from/through me, sometimes I hide behind their poetic meaning. It might help if I sometimes wrote more personal blog posts about what inspired me to write the books in the first place. The first action step I can take is to write a new blog post today!

    Thanks, Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Rachel, it sounds like you’re exploring some really exciting new ideas! We’re so glad you enjoyed our episode this week, and that it’s inspiring you to share more of your own story. Thanks for tuning in!

  19. Very real.
    Marie reminded us of our humanity. We create greeting cards that celebrate the LGBT+ community, hand-crafted by rural, HIV-positive men and women.

    We too often forget the human part of our business. Thanks. We’re going to focus on that right now.

  20. This are realy great advices. I’m struggling with 3 of them, but selling is the worst. What is funny I don’t see a problem when I buy from other services, business. I don’t feel pushed by their information about selling. Problem is when I want to sell. I realy need to work it out. Thanks!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Bogna, thank you so much for watching! Selling our own services or products can feel really tough. We’ve done another great MarieTV episode on that, so I thought I might share that just for fun and a few other nuggets of wisdom!

  21. Thank you Marie you are a bright brilliant person

  22. #3: Don’t be afraid to sell. When any of my friends/family comment on the class I emailed them about yesterday I am asking them to share the link with THEIR friends.

  23. Working at an orthodontist office and running the marketing department this gave me a great (actually 2) ideas. We need to show that our office staff as a (real) person and even the quirky side to them. I am going to feature an employee each month and give tidbits and maybe even have our FB fans try to guess which employee we are featuring…

    Another idea is the Transparency part. I am sure that many people wonder why braces can be costly. I can make a breakdown or a “day in the life” of how braces are made and give a little transparency of what actually goes into making someones perfect smile.

    Thank you…AGAIN!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What cool ideas, Juliann!

    • The first idea is great! I remember that I specifically friended a dermatologist on FB because they did something similar- it was hilarious. Meeting those people that were so funny in the office, was like meeting celebs when I finally met them. Gives your audience someone/something to connect to!

      A GREAT example of this is Jess Rona on instagram- do you follow her? It’s hilarious!!

    • I think this is a great idea. There are some products and services people just don’t know that much about. I’m also going to make some videos on how my canvas rugs are made because most people don’t know what they are or all the labor that goes into them. thanks for the idea!

  24. Liz

    I’m so bad with #1 and #3.
    When I try to be honest and say that I’m awkward I seem to come off inauthentic or even bitchy. I don’t think my sense of humor is easily portrayed in writing. Maybe I should do videos instead, but I’m always so uncomfortable in front of the camera! It’s scary.
    And as far as telling people “hey, come buy my stuff” I feel like there should be a “why” – like I need to explain why my paintings are so great when, really, there just there to make people smile. That’s a hard message. Especially when people are taught that art is a luxury and that all paintings meeeeaan something. When I say “there’s no hidden message” I don’t know if that’s coming across the right way.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for watching, Liz! I know selling can be particularly tricky with art, and we did an episode a little while back that talks about that, so I thought I might share that for a few thoughts:

      In terms of your greater why, making people smile or offering them something beautiful (or exciting, fun, joyful, fascinating etc) that they can appreciate is a pretty awesome why. That might be something fun to share about your work, though you may not need to address the why at all — often when people fall in love with an artist and their work, they don’t need a “why” to buy as the joy they feel by interacting with the art is enough.

      Regarding coming off as inauthentic, you might like to try experimenting and playing around with your copy. If you have a friend you really trust, you can actually run things by them and ask them if it sounds like YOU. Telling your real story is only one part, as finding the right words to do it is also key.

      For some more strategies about that, here’s another great MarieTV episode:

  25. Tejas Gautamt

    Your all videos are just ģreat and friendly to understand and this one is just great i appreciate it and loved the 3rd strategy

  26. So funny how this landed in my inbox this am, Marie. I JUST had my pops critique my new Etsy shop a few moments ago. He said that what I wrote below, see : “Girrrrl”, was too cheesy sounding, like I was trying too hard. What made me a little P.O.ed is that this is how I actually speak!

    Girrrl, you can wear it anyway you like, with whatever you like! Turbans are a BOLD STATEMENT piece, so they are not for the faint-of-heart, or faint-of-fashion. I suggest rockin it with a high messy bun to a music festival, or throwing the full turban on in a daring print to liven up your little black dress. In case you need some suggestions, please check out these short videos on how to pull off that turban magic:”

    And yeah, I know he’s my dad, so I’m taking it with a grain of salt. I think I’m leaving it in. What do you guys think?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Milda, I don’t think you can go wrong writing how you actually speak! Not everyone uses the same words to describe things. Your dad probably doesn’t say “girrrrl” I’m guessing 😉 and that’s actually great. It means you can connect more easily with people who are great customers for you, as they’ll resonate with your authenticity and uniqueness.

      What tends to trip people up is that they try to sound like someone else, instead of themselves, and that’s where it can sometimes come off as inauthentic. If you were hearing from people “that doesn’t sound like YOU” that might be something to change, but if people say “that’s just SO you,” rock on!

  27. I absolutely love this kind of videos where you analyze an existing brand. Having a real example helps a ton in figuring out how we can implement this tips on our own businesses. In my case, I could definitely include more of my personal voice in some of my pages, specially in those where I describe my services.

    Thank you very much for sharing this! 🙂

  28. Emily

    This is episode was awesome! I am on a huge learning curve with content creation right now. I’m writing an e-book and making a cache of blogs to help launch it. So the branding lesson I really appreciate is to be refreshingly real by sharing jokes, mistakes and being more conversational. One insight I had recently, is this works like a charm when I’ve had something HUMILIATING happen. It sucks for a couple days after the actual event, but then composing the blog post about it is HILARIOUS. It’s such a great release. I guess I’ll have to post it to see if it actually resonates with my audience. =) Thanx for the tips!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I love that tip, Emily! Laughing about those tough moments can be such a great release. Thanks so much for watching this week!

  29. Ask for the buy. This is classic sales teaching and for some reason always the most difficult to do. I’m not really quite sure why. Great reminders and nice example. Thanks Marie.

  30. Anne-Marie

    Thanks for this great episode. I really need to work on #3. Have to think about i what the first step has to be. I guess rewriting my advertisements and more important not feeling myself stupid about what I am selling. Thanks. Copy Cure is on my wishlist 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Woohoo, Anne-Marie! We’d love to have you in The Copy Cure when the timing is right 🙂

      Feeling stupid about what we’re selling is common and you’re SO not alone there, but it’s definitely something that can be overcome. If you have something to share with the world, it’s totally okay to shout that loud and proud! —

      • Anne-Marie

        Thank you so much Caroline!

  31. Oooooh ooooh oooooh. Good stuff! For me it’s the being really real. The awkward bubbly me self that I am. When I was just starting my career in public accounting I received a review that I needed to be aware of how I presented myself. What the reviewer went on to say was my use of words such as “wow” or “super” made me look unprofessional. I was traumatized, the wall went up and the sanitizing scrub of self judgement over anything me that came out of my mouth proceeded to happen over the past 10 years. Not anymore. Now I consciously scrub to make sure I’m NOT filtering…because WOW that would be SUPER unauthentic. Game on real patrol!

  32. This is yet another confirmation that I need to buckle down and totally do a re-brand! I’m a graphic designer, and have branded myself as a business name rather than branding myself. I know now I don’t want to grow into a multi person biz, so I need to re-do and brand myself and be completely authentic!!! Thanks for the great content Marie, you never cease to inspire! ~ Vicki

  33. Sophie

    I am having a hard time figuring out what it looks like to have my own quirks intertwined into my brand.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ooh yeah, that’s definitely something that can be tough to tease out, Sophie. Each business incorporates unique voices and quirks in different ways, and there’s no one right way to do it.

      There are a few awesome tips in this other MarieTV episode here:

      Mostly it’s about experimenting and seeing what works best for you in terms of both what you’re comfortable with sharing, and what fits with your brand.

      We also have an awesome series of free copy tips you can sign up for over on our Copy Cure page and you’ll receive those right in your inbox, so if you’re looking for some really cool strategies for boosting your copywriting, definitely check that out!

  34. Marie, on a November 2015 trip to NYC I was drawn into that store for one reason..I like softness with my clothing. Their bamboo and birch shirts are amazing…This is the only store I visited in west village and I love my comfortable awesome shirt. Paid a nice price but it was worth it… I have been in the wealth management business for years and I currently have a practice in Norfolk, Virginia. I am proud of my small business and I’m always open to new ideas and processes Being more transparent about what my services cost and the value I give is an area I work on and your current blog address this issue very well… Asking for individuals business is a long process for me and I am very patient to get to know my clients . At some point you need to just ask them to get started and open that account…Being more honest and transparent has helped me build trust and loyalty. Thanks for confirming that ..

  35. Love love love this. There have been so many times when I’ve felt incredibly strange and inauthentic because I thought I needed to use a more “official” and “professional” voice. But when I connect with a company, it is always via a voice that is real and they simply feel like a friend.

  36. Mary

    #3 I work with non profits and asking people to support us is key to our mission.

    The others are great too, I think relaxing more and being less buttoned up help people relate to you and your mission, and just make it more fun!

    Thanks Marie!

  37. Great thinking exercise! 🙂
    The strategy # 2 (transparency), I have always used. Strategy # 1 (being natural/original) I have used mostly in the emails (newsletters) to subscribers and NOT on the (new) website. Yes, on the articles I write, but not on the general presentation of the website, which is still in progress and looking quite soulless! That shows me why the old website was so much more popular – it had indeed more of the ingredient #1 . So, that is the one item I need to focus more and start implementing right away.

    Strategy nr 3 is the most difficult for me, and I sense I’ll be only able to elaborate on that after #1 is in place. By then, I’ll have recovered my audience (and my confidence). Hm… It makes sense, right? 😉

    Thank you bunches, Marie! Your style inspires me and brings me back to myself!


    Rose T.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Rose! xoxo

  38. Chelsea

    #3 – although I am passionate about my work when I describe it so perhaps that’s why I don’t feel like I’m pushing for someone to “buy”. My action for today is to broaden my scope a bit – I’m going to contact a few people in my network that I use know when I first started, update them with my business and how it could serve them, and ask for recommendations on others I should contact within their network.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Chelsea! Feel free to pop back in here after you’ve reached out to those people in your network so we can send along virtual high fives and cheer you on 🙂

      • Chelsea

        Thanks, Caroline. I reached out to three contacts, sent them business cards, and will follow up with an email in a week or so!

        • Caroline - Team Forleo

          Rock on, Chelsea! High fives & happy dance 🙂

  39. #2 is what I need to work on. This episode came at a perfect timing. Thanks, Marie!

  40. Good stuff! Transparency is the word for the time, showing the real you, the good or fun parts anyway. Being entertaining or quirky could make buying from you an experience… Sport shopping is an adventure, very different that sustenance shopping…
    Thanks Marie,

  41. Heather Figi

    Great video, thanks so much for sharing!!! I was hoping Kuma would be in the video 🙂
    I used the 1st tip to help me write my newsletter this month – I work with teachers and boy oh boy are we tired at this time of the year. I am talking about this in a sweet and honest way to connect.

    Best wishes, Heather

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Heather! While Kuma didn’t pop up in this video (I’m guessing he was shopping instead haha!), he occasionally pops up on Instagram being totally adorable

  42. Mine would be number 3, I kind of shy of not sure I even Wana all those things that I’ve made or sewed and not sure how to price the product too..

  43. I am a high conflict divorce mediator/strategist – I don’t know how to sell that??? Although I’ve written a few books – perhaps I can sell those a little more aggressively. GREAT video!

  44. Numero 3 for sure is my weakest link… I’m an incredible salesperson/cheerleader for others (business, life, etc…) but I get all dumb when it comes to the jewelry I design & make… I need to be my own head cheerleader for sure… My strategy? Yikes, get the nerve up and start tooting my own horn! Go team Marinella!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Woohoo, go Marinella! We’re cheering you on — cheerleader pompoms and all 🙂

  45. The selling is definitely my hardest to do! Of course having a service I know I need to do this but sometimes get stuck but know my coaching, speaking and organizing services are so worth it!!

  46. Great vid but not sure the actor at the start helped.
    I love the transparency of the clothes store. Twice I have written articles on LinkedIn that were open and honest and they have been featured by their staff and had hundreds of views. The starchy careful professional ones are never picked.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for watching this week, Wamuyu! The guy at the beginning is one of our team members, and he’s actually doing a funny spoof of our “Love Your Branding Baby” introduction. You can see what the original looks like here:

      Goofing around and having fun on the MarieTV set is just par for the course 😉

  47. Luciana

    Thank you so much! I think they must ve changed the page TODAY bc I just peeped it and “our story” looks different than what you show..
    Great advice.

  48. Marine and team.
    Thanks very much for this episode, I love the strategies, and the example of Marine layer.

    I am going to take in account the first strategy, and I Wan’t to be the same in my biz and in my life, I am the same person, why to be diferent?

  49. ALL of them!
    I’m rebranding my business and am currently writing website copy. I needed this reminder to be myself and not so “buttoned up”.
    Love you Marie!

  50. Awesome, awesome, thanks!!
    Love Poo Pouri, and I may use it, now that I live in an apartment 🙂

  51. Hi Marie!

    As always, thanks so much for your insight. Side note before I begin…your video reminded me that I need to include more action steps and questions in my content!!

    The tip that spoke to me most was to “be refreshingly real”. I have two sides of myself that tend to fight… I call them my good side, and my naughty side. Sometimes, it feels like the naughty side is reserved for people that I know will accept it.

    My “good side” is the professional side of me, she sits up straight, she speaks with authority, and she is very serious. But the happier, more relaxed side… the “naughty” side seems to push herself through when I’m tired of feeling so dang uptight. My naughty side is honest, and real, and straightforward, and uses cuss words, and likes to tell dirty jokes, and makes people laugh. I kind of like her, a lot. And she just feels so much healthier, and real.

    Without going into too much detail, I’m creating a business around coaching women to feel normal around food, and good in their bodies so they can go on to spread the magic within them. I have all these great ideas full of personality for blog posts and videos, but when I actually go to create them…they seem to come out dull and too serious, and just…mediocre.

    I don’t want to scare away potential clients, or friends and family members that have only seen my “good” side, and have that image of me. But I also want my work to be real, and enticing, and relatable…especially to women like me (the ones I want to help!)

    I suppose I’ll have to work on releasing my fear of being criticized or looked down upon for being real. After all…if people see a different side of me and choose not to accept it, that’s okay with me! I want people to love me for everything I am, not like me for something that I’m not.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lauren, I think we’re cut from the same cloth! I really relate to having that “good” side that most people see, and the more “naughty” side as well. A lot of people have a bit of variation between how they behave in different company (some more than others) and so much of it comes down to what you want to showcase.

      We did a great episode about that a little while back, so I thought I’d share that one for a few helpful tips:

      If you’re feeling like you enjoy the “naughty” side of you and it feels more authentic, that’s definitely something you can bring into your business more and play around with!

      • Caroline,
        Thank you SO much for your reply! It’s always great to hear when others can relate…makes me feel more human, and normal!

        I’m excited to check out the video…that’s just what I needed 😉 Thanks again for sharing.

  52. Absolutely no doubt in my mind that the area I need to focus the most on right now is asking people to pay for our services. I can feel the tension in my body even thinking of this. 🙁

    • Yes, I used to feel this way as well! It’s because selling seems like such a BAD thing, when in fact there are people who NEED and WANT your services and products! You can do it!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      You’re absolutely not alone there, Eva! As Angela shared, there are people out there who need and want your services, so know that selling is totally okay and can actually be authentic and feel good. For a few tips, here are a couple of my favorite MarieTV episodes on the topic:

  53. #1 – Be refreshingly real. This is so true! Sometimes when I’m doing research I see so many entrepreneurs copying each other’s styles and branding, and it seems like the trend. However, I have to remember it’s important to stand out! There are marketing agencies and freelancers who do digital marketing like me, there are authors out there who write better fantasies. What makes me unique is my personality and my quirks and that’s always important to remember, that’s my edge!

    …And now I’m going to go shop at Marine Layer…

  54. I need to work on my story and the road I have made
    it just match with a conversation that I have with someone for an hour two weeks ago who was impressed by my story and my experience
    it’s true that I don’t share as much I could to inspire people
    Let’s start writing for my new website coming in a few months AN INSPIRING ABOUT

  55. Shan

    Hey Marie,

    First time that i felt I should write something. 🙂
    I love this video. I am now building our own brand which was focus on manufacture only.
    thanks for these strategies sharing. Those are not so huge but essential.

  56. Such great advice! I definitely need to work more on #3. I love how ML did it in such a fun, light way. I didn’t feel “pushy” at all, and their sense of humor made me like them even more.

  57. Amy

    Just the little inspiration I needed to kick into gear on my new idea… Action step, build that website! Thanks!

  58. Great episode, thank you Marie & Team!

    #3 “asking to buy” is something, I’ll need to implement, when writing my “work with me page”. As I’ll donate a portion of my sales to good causes, I could write “Book your coaching now and support my donations to….”

    Also #1 is something, I’ll need to “re-learn” after having worked in a corporate environment, where I needed to fit in (until it made me sick and I finally dared to leave…).

    Sending you high fives, Stephanie

  59. Love this! The tip I need to focus on most is to be refreshingly real. My step will be to practice writing copy that is even more unique to me!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Woohoo, Yuki! We love copy 🙂

  60. Vaida Jasiuleviciene

    #1 is so powerful! And I accidently found it out a day before… I was going to a very important contest, actually to a final meeting of it and I prepared to look serious, official, you know I prepared my mask 🙂 And here I am, waiting for the elevator. And a guy comes, so smiley, and says “I hope you didn’t wait for a long time, you didn’t push the button”. And it was the moment then I started laughing, just being myself and went to that meeting with this huge mood boost experience and it went just wonderful! So yes. My next step is just encouraging myself to be truly me. Every moment. It’s so precious. Thank you Marie, for enlightening me on this again!

  61. So timely! I am re-writing my “about me” page for my coaching website so this reminder is perfectly timed for me, thank you.
    My action step today is to make sure I don’t sound too calculated in my self-description and that I provide that part of my story that I believe helps clients trust me to assist them bring their goals and dreams forward. I think if I had not seen this episode I would have missed this second part which I’m told is a pretty important part of why people hire me.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great action step, Elizabeth!

  62. Betsy

    Marie I am very upset with this video! Where is Kuma?! I expected to be swooned by seeing your sweet dog in the video OR at least a pic of Kuma getting a treat at the store he dragged you into. LOL 😉

  63. Someway along the way, I feel if I don’t use a professional voice I will not be taken seriously. This has been a struggle for me. I really need to open up to tell my real story! Selling is also difficult for me. I feel like I’m begging! I just need to be bold enough to stand behind my dream and passion. Thank you for this video. Very helpful tips!

  64. Wow, this was a great episode. I really loved the stye and spunk of the Marine Layer shop! One thing I haven’t done, is actually ask for the sale. (duh!) I just went to my website and changed the language in my about section, asking customers to purchase my fine art prints so the messages they contain can continue to be seen and shared.

  65. Andrea

    I need to figure out how to tell my story in a way is compelling to others! Being real but professional! I think is more about a good transparent content. Thanks for sharing your inspirations! 🙂

  66. First of all, I was laughing so hard at the beginning of this video I had to restart it twice. So good!
    I feel like I need to be really focused on transparency and asking for the sale. I just started working on a new business plan to get super focused on exactly what my products are, and I feel like once defined, I should get more comfortable asking for the sale. It’s time to treat the business like a business and make some profit from all my hard work!

  67. Marie, thank you for this, o.m.g.oddess! Perfect timing. Just last night, I was working on setting up my new online store front (that’s my action step). I’ve rewritten my ‘about us’ blurb a million times, and each time I feel like I am trying to poetically cover up what, at the time, was a huge embarrassment for me, but an integral part of my business herstory. So literally, last night again, I reduced my ‘about us’ page to 3 lines and decided to deal with it later.

    I am a sole proprieter, and run my business to sell my oil paintings and teach art classes. When I was earning my master’s degree, I used my student loans to pay for a public studio space in a super busy art district in Denver. After I graduated, of course I had to start paying back my student loans, which was more than my studio rent. I ran some classes to try to save my studio, but didn’t have enough students, sales or experience to keep my studio. So less than a year after I graduated, I had to close my doors, loose all of my in person traffic and an artist community which had been my creative home for 4 years. I worked my ass off, but alas, I turned in my keys. I felt like a failure and did for a long time. It’s 6 years later, and I still don’t have a public space, but I do have a plethora of other great things that I wouldn’t have if I had kept my studio.

    I have a tightly run ship in business, I manage my money very well and only spend on what is truly needed, researched and effective. My husband and I made our dream of living by the water reality by moving to Seattle. And I have branched out into the community by selling in person at art fairs and teaching at various public art schools. I sell online on networks like Etsy and Fine Art America, and just recently
    found a super awesome shopping cart for my website (Ecwid) that is affordable and super snazzy!!! I still dream of having my own physical place someday, and I know that when that day comes I will have the experience that sets me up for sucess in ways I couldn’t have experienced if I had been able to keep my studio. In my heart, I am my own hero. I’ve never given up, I have so much to offer and my community reflects that back to me when they get emotional about my art and the healing that happens during my classes.

    I feel this episode of Marie TV really spoke to me at the perfect moment. I am going to be more transparent about my journey in business on my about page. I feel empowered about writing it as I feel it is, a sucess story in progress, rather than trying to do whatever the hell I’ve been doing.

    Thank you so much for this you guys, so much of what you do is so helpful, but this one really, really came to me in the perfect moment and helped me get unstuck in a realm I was comfortable even last night, blowing off.

    Thank YOU!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing, Shelley — we’re so glad to hear that this episode arrived at just the right time for you. That means the world to hear! xo

  68. Hi Marie, been watching your videos for a while now, and they are all so great! I work in real estate, an industry not especially known for people being “real”, and not especially known for its transparency. Great advice that I will try and incorporate asap.

    Thank you for all the great videos, and best regards.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I love it, Randys! I have no doubt having real and transparent people doing business in real estate is definitely needed 🙂

  69. Azzy

    Thank you guys for another refreshing, valuable video…

  70. I need to ask for the sale!! I do a decent job of keeping it real and being transparent, but something inside of me hates asking people for things! I’ve been told that the devotionals I have written are awesome, and I know there’s an audience who would love them, so what’s holding me back? If I’m being honest, 20% fear of failure and 80% fear of success. Failing doesn’t scare me so much because, well, been there, done that. But success and the pressure of staying successful might put me over the edge. Right now, I don’t have too far to fall, but if things ever took off? Wouldn’t it be harder to recover from a higher height fall? With that said, I’m working on a new writing project that is putting me out in front of people selling my idea before I’ve even written a word, and I’m excited about it. And lastly, anything I’ve ever written, no matter if it was well-received or not, has aided in my personal growth. Making money from that of course would be nice, but becoming who I am supposed to be, without full pockets, is a better payoff.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh I so hear you! The fear of success is a very real thing. We did a MarieTV episode about it a while back, so definitely take a peek at this one for some helpful tips:

      You so got this, Abby, we’re cheering you on!

  71. I love using social media to show my personality, be clever and personable and ask for the sale.

  72. So, yes, the Third idea! I’ve got a great new page on Amazon selling my print version and eBooks, but I haven’t “bothered” to put it on my websites. DUH! Power nap, then a new page will magickally appear through the ethers of cyberspace, causing everyone that sees it to buy my books and then, of course, click over to the page where they can book to speak for them at their next event and help me make enough money to quit my day job and do this full time! MWAAAHAHAHAHAHAH! Way kewl. Just way, friggin’ kewl.

    Thanks, Marie! (again!)

  73. i truly enjoy Marie TV – you walk your talk and authentically be you –
    i am inspired to enliven our brand with a couple of the ideas on yr video – we’ve lots of interesting story especially about our supplier that i love working with – and personal i am transparent so time to get it out there and pick our most interesting stuff for our fans!

    thanks for all you provide for free – and your lively inspiration to keep up the good work.
    have shared your video today on my FB too!

    gratitude in many forms to you today!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your sweet note and for sharing our episode, Wendy. Boatloads of gratitude coming back your way for being a part of our MarieTV family! xo

  74. Hey Marie! Love the 2nd one. I make a handmade product and have dabbled in doing a “studio series” that shows the customer from start to finish how the product is made. I am going to make this an ongoing thing — so everyone knows how much love is put into their product!!!! P.S. — Love your new site and webdesign!!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Alexis! ^_^

  75. Hey Marie,
    Great episode as usual. I am working on tip #1. Be the real you.
    When it comes to sharing the real me, I feel kinda boring. I am an introvert who loves to read all day. As a work in progress. I want to take what I am learning and share that insight with my clients. But I also love SciFi , great design, and hope to travel one day. I am always volunteering for causes I believe in so I share that on social media as well. But I feel those things don’t really have a connection to my business or my brand, instead making me looking crazy and all over the place, aka not professional. 🙁

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Aisha, you’re so not alone. We have lots of big time readers on our team, and as a fellow introvert, I can say that’s definitely not boring!

      In terms of whether or not you’d like to share some of your interests as a part of your brand, you don’t have to share everything (or anything!) about you personally if it doesn’t seem to fit or if you don’t want to. However, people do love to hear about the real person behind a business, so even incorporating some of your thoughts in small ways can go a long way to build connections — it doesn’t necessarily have to come across as scattered or unprofessional.

      One example is how Marie sometimes talks about Smurfs in our episodes, since, well, Smurfs are pretty cool 😉 We don’t have Smurfs all over the place on our site, but if there’s a fun way to rope in a little story about a Smurf in a MarieTV episode, we’ll do that from time to time. It also ties in to the overall MarieTV episode, either as an example or just as a funny aside, so it doesn’t feel too off track.

      Maybe a good way to think about it is to not be afraid of bringing in little stories or snippets from time to time, perhaps in your emails, or even just a little bit on your About page. That way you can try popping in a little bit about yourself without worrying about it seeming too scattered.

      Just a few brainstorming ideas to play with!

  76. Well I really need to work on ‘don’t be afraid to sell’ although I believe and love my products sometimes I \’m afraid to be too pushy and end up letting people just guess, and guess what? They never buy it. My strategy for it will be build some relationship first so than I’ll fell more comfortable offering my awesome-ness 🙂

  77. Staci

    Love this. I could work on all of them (and have been eying up the copy cure for awhile), but I think the authentic voice is where I need to focus. Here’s why its a little difficult, I’m a landscape architect and garden designer (past educator/school administrator). People spend a lot of money on making their outside beautiful and usable and I’m great at making that happen. But, my fear is that if I’m a little quirky, my clients might not respect that they are spending (expendable) income on their landscape with me….rather than the stoic designer. Now, I’m an idealist at heart and I actually do a school project for free 1x/year because I know that the gardens and landscapes and nature are one part in the much bigger picture of wellbeing and higher cognition and learning. So, my struggle is being me and still attracting the clients with the money to spend on my gifts and talents. I think I need to be ‘buttoned up.’ I’m also an avid world traveler and study gardens all over, and my big use of money is for my own kids….education, travel, making them really awesome human beings. Make any sense? Feedback welcome. Thanks for the awesome episode.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for tuning in, Staci! I know for me personally, I think I would rather work with a landscaper who is more fun and quirky than someone who is just kind of stoic. Landscaping is definitely an art, and I think many people who hire landscapers would appreciate someone who has a bit more of a unique or quirky personality. Quirky can still be super professional. The most important part is conveying the value you offer and showing your ideal customers that YOU are the person to do it 🙂

      As one of our awesome B-Schoolers (yay!), this might be something you’d like to ask in the Facebook group too if you haven’t already, as I’m sure we’ll have lots of folks who can weigh in and share some great feedback too.

  78. Love this and learn 3 tips below
    1. Focus on product till it would not convert to brand
    2.Honesty my own quote on this
    “Sincerity, Maturity, & Accuracy in Business – Make these the 3 pillars of business – These three attributes are the key to success – Those who lack any or all don’t reach the pinnacle of succees – And those who have these… charter any heights! ”

    3. the best one for me as a passionate Sales Professional (know how to sell or art of selling : )

    with love
    shine , success and smile 🙂 to make wonders have a great day with Smile 🙂

  79. I feel like I’m good at “being the real me” in person and in networking situations, but I am struggling to find a way to get that message across online. I’ve been told that my character lends real well to the type of work I do (Video Biographies/Personal Histories for the elderly) , but I am having trouble connecting with my target audience via my website or social media. Senior Citizens DO use social media, but not in the same way that I do. I have already set aside a “no client” week mext month to try and unify my brand, so I am hoping that using tasty time chunks and really giving it some focus will help. Any suggestions?

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Hi Kelsey! A week set aside to focus on your branding sounds great, and it also sounds like spending some thinking time that week to figure out where your clients hang out online will be helpful (online newsletters, social platforms, AARP, etc.)

      We have a few other Love Your Branding episodes you can watch for ideas too on how to focus on your branding and learn from other examples we share.

      You might also check out our free training over at to get some ideas going on how to include that character and personality you have in your online outreach and writing. Opting in for that training will also get you started on some free tips from Marie and Laura too — I think you’ll love it!

      Thanks for tuning in today 🙂

  80. # 3 I need to sell, sell, sell. I love to give, give, give for FREE. What I have created is AMAZING and it’s really helping tons of people, feed back is great and my traffic flow keeps growing but it’s now more of a hobie than a business. I need to make it into a business now. Steps to make it happen….I need to focus on my classes, revamp them a bit and SELL!

  81. I have a small t-shirt business too since 2012, I have read so many things online and offline, applied and tried so many techniques and methods for online marketing, in short I tried to get it just right but for some odd reason I couldn’t. Until I realize and as stated in the video above, that all I need to do was to be myself. Yes to be authentic about my process, my product, accept all my flaws, awkwardness and just be myself, and trust me guys that has made all the difference.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Naved!

  82. Being more positive about my brand and product. Plus confident

  83. Beth

    I just had to tell you that my 18 year old son is in love with the company Chubbies because of their marketing. They send out the funniest emails weekly. They nailed it when it comes to their market focus: guys. I don’t think anyone is more “real” than these guys!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love it, Beth! I’ve seen Chubbies and their marketing — it’s totally right on and they know they’re speaking to a specific clientele with each word they write. Thanks for sharing.

  84. #3 !

    I’m going to go to my website now and add my current offering to my sidebar AND homepage.

    Thank you Marie and Team Forleo!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Boom! Go Leah 🙂

  85. #3 for sure. I have huge mental blocks when it comes to charging people for what I make, but I’m working on it. It’ll get better because I’m finally ready to receive and I see the value of what I make now 😉 Thanks for another great episode!

  86. Hey Marie,
    Love this. Yet always have one struggle. My buying audience is diverse. I’m a change strategist, I get the sale, and I love who I serve. My struggle is blogging or vlogging. One needs the more serious me, and I’m pretty sure if they ever stumbled across my playful side (that drives strong connection with my other audience) a higher ranking decision maker may just pull the pin.
    I know you’ve done a post on that ( I think where you went all jersey on a rude bike rider) but how does that play out in the land of Google my personal brand? Should there be just one voice and one audience on the web??

    With gratitude

  87. Definitely the third for me, despite just finishing your B-school program! I realized on my weekly blogs, I wasn’t wrapping it up with telling the reader to consider my life coaching services up until this past week. That will definitely be something I’ll implement every week from now on. Loved this!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Claire — that’s a great place to start!

  88. Wonderful tip on not being afraid to share the awesome thing you want your customers to buy. Thank you!

  89. Jodi Trudeau

    I need to focus on all 3, but if I prioritize them, I would:
    1-Be Refreshingly Real- I tend to go into business voice mode instead of just being me.
    2-Don’t be afraid to Sell- asking for the sale is not always my strong suit because I tend to be in business mode and not myself.
    3-Create Trust Through Transparency- I like the question “is there anything you could share that would help them know, like or trust you more?”
    As always Marie, your episodes motivate and encourage me.
    I highly recommend anyone considering the class The Copy Cure, do it! You will be entertained, encouraged, motivated and a much better writer. Time well spent. I plan on going through the course again for the second time.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Jody, glad you prioritized those. And thank you SO much for what you shared about The Copy Cure. It means a lot to us to hear that.

  90. I have just had my third website built and I think its great but needs a bit more work. I have a great story about who was involved in creating the new website so I’m going to add it to the site. Its really personal.

  91. I need to be more transparent. Being in the fitness & wellness industry usually means pretending to be perfect. I know I’m not by any means but sometimes I just don’t share my own personal struggles. Make it my goal to have at least one vulnerable post a week.

  92. Sarah

    Hi Marie + team!
    I haven’t launched my business yet, but watching this episode is so comforting because it is encouraging me to be real! While I feel I’m not ready to launch my business, I know I have something to offer and it’s the fear of not sounding/looking professional enough that’s holding me back. Thanks for the tips, moving forward I won’t be so held back by worrying about not looking absolutely perfect and put together 🙂

  93. Georgina

    Genial! Great tips! Love the creative and informal way they use! I´d never imagine telling these kind of things in a website but it felt good to read them, feels really authentic and yet professional. (Mental note for the web of my business… coming soon!)
    Thank you soo much!

  94. Nat

    Love these branding videos! I’ve tried hard to take these tips and tips from the copy cure put them into practice on my website for my company Taste Tea Naturals. It’s an e-commerce business and I feel like great branding is a little bit harder to do in this area but maybe I’m wrong. I think the copy is good but I have to work on tip 3 now and get sales! Buy some tea (in a tiny voice lol).

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes! And also allow yourself space to evolve a bit as you learn. It’s good to experiment and keep trying new things in your branding and copy so you can keep learning and growing and fine tuning.

      #3 is a great place to start!

  95. I need to work on #1 and #2. I need to be more “real” and more “transparent”. I’ve taken the copy cure, so I feel I’m getting better at showing the real me in my copy, but I still think I need more practice to really let my personality shine through.

    I also need to be more transparent. I’m in the personal finance field, but my own financial past is not something to be desired, and I still don’t have it all 100% together. I have had a lot of financial successes though, despite my messes. And that’s what I want to help people realize. You don’t need to have it all together in order to get your financial shit together. I can’t show that to them if I don’t put all my own shit out there – the successes, the messes, and everything in between.

    I’ve just been scared that no one would want my advice if I share all that, but you inspire me Marie! I know I can help people, but I can only do it by being me. Thank you!!

    • Betsy @

      My first thought was that your messes is what will make you seem like you can help people! Go with it! I’m a weight loss coach who used to be fat. 🙂 I go with it. Good luck!

      • Thanks Betsy! There’s no better way to learn how to solve a problem than by going through it yourself I suppose. Good luck to you too!

  96. Nikki

    I actually need to implement #1 and #3 in my branding. Considering that my main product is cosmetic foundation it would be a definite different approach to be refreshing real and not afraid to ask for the sale in my branding as these are approaches not often utilized.

  97. Cherie

    Be genuine and honest. In our space its hard not to get caught in ‘business speak’ but I think we can do it and still sound professional. Just need to convince the boss!

  98. Ah this is so great! I think #3 for me… all of them but that would be the biggest issue for me. I really want to help people in my business and sometimes I forget I need to ‘pay the rent’ too!

  99. Quickly: I’ve started calling you Auntie Marie because my son was born in February and while breastfeeding I have done all of B-School, The Copy Cure, B-School Bonuses and Q&A Tuesdays, so after my voice, my son has heard your voice more than anyone else! Back to the main topic: I need to work on #1. Because my work is nutritional formulas and rebuilding my clients’ health from grave illnesses, it is very tempting to stay safe on the super serious, conservative, and probably boring side. I know there are ways to work more personality into what we do and I’ve only nervously dabbled in inserting more personality into the copy across the business. I will meditate on it and then do a few experiments (Thank you for the Google Analytics training from Brandon) and see how our clients respond!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      “Auntie Marie” is an amazing and never-been-said-before phenomenon — love it!!

      Thank you also for your share, Jillian. We’re so glad you loved that B-School training to get a real sense of what your clients are doing on your site.

  100. Such a great example! I was actually not familiar with this retailer but their story vibes with my ethical fashion line. 🙂

    Truthfully, I know we don’t share ENOUGH about how and where things are made. I have to ask myself why because we have awesome, on shore factories and use some of the most expensive, luxurious and sustainable fabrics. I feel a bit of fear around it since I’m not a designer by trade, like someone may call me out for not doing something properly. Is that weird? I like that Marine Layer positions themselves as transparent but not flawless.

    Which bleeds into point 2, don’t be afraid to sell. I do a great job of getting real, but going in for the sale and charging prices that justify our eco friendly fabrics and ethical manufacturing is a tough one. I’ve always line priced with more mass brands like Lululemon when in fact our fabrics are about 2-3x more, and our labour 10-20x. For a business model to truly take off, we need to get our pricing in line and ask for the sale more.

    Thanks, always my favourite day of the week!

  101. Thank you for another great episode, Marie! I’m sure I could use work with all three points that you mentioned, but I really love how you always encourage us to keep things “real.” A lot of what I’ve read about blogging tells me I need to write for the search engines — it seems interesting to me that when I’ve written from the heart and written what I’ve wanted to say I’ve gotten a much greater response from my social media outlets. I also like your other ideas very much and will work on my transparency and fears of selling. I just have what I call “a little blog that could” but I’ve been writing on it on and off since 2007 and I have grown comfortable with it. It’s not a super-duper blog-o-sphere blog, but it gets some attention, and I’m going to go with it for awhile. I like to think your tips and tricks help to set me apart. As always, thanks for the great inspiration!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Love that, Laura!

  102. Jasmine

    As always an awesome video, thank you so much.
    I feel like I need to focus on all of them ?. I’m a “budding” Entreprenuer, so I’m new to the “game”; which feels far from a game might I add.
    But I’m constantly in sponge mode taking in as much as I can.

  103. Rod

    # 1, being real and authentic.
    Always too scared to let the real, slightly zany me show through in everything I do. In trying to make things perfect, I lose the personality!

  104. Thank you so much Marie! I love your videos and this one is so timely. I am currently working on updating my website (I am a Wellbeing Expert!) and I am taking on your advice as to how to write more interesting and authentic copy for my content. You’re the best!

  105. I’m in the process of rebranding and #1 is definitely the one I am focusing on the most straight out of the box. I blog about life with chronic illness which has always required a certain level of realness but in part of my rebranding, one of my goals is to help readers take things that others may see as negatives or faults and turn them into something to be embraced and celebrated. I am awkward and introverted. Part of me always felt that was something that needed to be fixed and I’ve always felt the world thought those were qualities that needed to be fixed – immediately. But I’ve learned that they are not faults or defects so instead of hiding them, I’m going to embrace it and celebrate it as a part of my branding.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Jamee, and we’re so glad you’re now embracing those unique and lovely qualities in your branding and in your self. As an introvert, if you’re not yet familiar with Susan Cain and her work, I highly recommend checking it out, especially her book Quiet that Marie discussed with her on this MarieTV: It’s so helpful and insightful!

  106. I just have thank yous flying out to you from everywhere!!! I listened and watched and took notes and then became clear and did a post on my Instagram and the main thing – I felt good. A little like sprinkling fairy dust. I embraced my age of 45 and have taken away to always be transparent and authentic. Thank you x

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      YAY Nicole — feeling good is huge!
      We absolutely feel your thank yous flying around 🙂

  107. Thank you so much for your episode on Branding.
    It has helped me focus on what changes I need to make with my website and my business.

  108. This was a Great Episode…. Thank you so very much Marie…. I am excited about building my BRAND and the part about Selling… is just what I needed to hear….. I am a bit shy about selling and always think I am being pushing…. Hearing the tip helped to know I AM in business for business and I can’t make money without selling… THANK YOU for helping me understand I can actually sell my products with out appearing … well you…

    Thanks again.

  109. Jackie

    As always, love your advise! Just starting up my health coaching business and I’m so worry about wanting everyone to like my post I overthink them. I need to remember not everyone is my niche market. I have a great sense of humor and need to let that show. My next step is to be me on my Facebook post and encourage responses wether I like them or not!

  110. I loved the # 3 I sometime struggle to sell my business to potential clients and by just watching the video today I can say I can do it now

  111. #3 – Sometimes we are so focused on keeping it real (which is not being pushy) that we don’t put it out there. Thanks for highlighting a way to promote/sell without being fake or pushy. Your insights are always appreciated!

  112. I’ll make sure I’m asking for business more clearly and regularly. I have something to offer and the world needs it! I’m reviewing my website and marketing material today to see where I can be “refreshingly real” and ask for business.

  113. Hi Marie, all three of the strategies are areas to work on. #1 show more of the real you, will be fun to play with, reminding me of when I was in nursing school and my best friend and fellow nursing student would come home and rehash our clinical with so many expletives that my three sons would comment ” where did you learn to talk like that. mom?” So the purest can become a bit more real!
    #2 My mother in law and I are marketing her two books and we both want 40 percent of profits to go to missionaries that we know and appreciate in Uganda and Ethiopia. Sharing this will add to who we are and that this is a choice we are making.
    #3 Am working on selling and gained more impetus with this video.

  114. Gail

    Of these 3 smart strategies, I need to focus most on the third: selling. As an introvert with a desire to be a REGULARLY published writer, I do need to pursue this strategy more effectively. Well, just MORE, actually.
    The one action step I will take now will be to research a market for my latest short story and — gulp! — send out that query letter before I can change my mind or, worse, edit it into oblivion.
    You rock, Marie! Thanks for this video kick-in-the-tush. Just what THIS writer needed!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Gail, that’s a great step to take — good for you! I just shared this above with someone too, but if you aren’t yet familiar with Susan Cain’s work, you might find her input, especially in her book Quiet, really helpful.

      Marie interviewed her here — — and I think her advice about focusing in on one person at a party or event can also help in publicly writing or sharing anything, as an introvert.

      Thank you so much for watching, Gail!

  115. Another awesome episode Marie!
    I need to work on all 3 but the biggest one would be #2 which I can implement by updating my website with some more information as to how some of my products are made.
    Thank you so much! 🙂

  116. Good day Marie
    I really enjoyed listening to your video and it increased my awareness of doing business. I liked the third strategy most because it reflected very close to my actions.
    Your last statement in the video to keep going with your dreams was very encouraging for me and I’ll make sure that I stick to it.
    Wishing you success in your future endeavors.

  117. Hi! My action step is #3! As a B-schooler I’m getting my business up and running. Just booked my first workshop series with Wanderlust Hollywood so will be more direct and fun in my marketing. Great tips, thank you!
    Donna Reina

  118. One thing I’ll try is #3, not being afraid to sell.

    My action step will be to… Well, I did it this morning, actually. I posted a question in my FB group to see who would be interested in pre-ordering my next product. I got some interest and someone emailed me, so I whipped up a pre-order page and sent her the link. She spoke with her wallet! And the others were willing to do it if the price is right.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That is AWESOME, Brian! 😀

  119. I love the honesty. Because what I sell is via my blog I find myself being totally honest and real and me in my blog posts, but then all the other “serious” pages I lose that side. Time for me to revisit those pages and make them just as real as my blog posts. Thanks for another great episode Marie and team 🙂
    Sophie x

  120. I loved the first tip. It’s something I have been using in my blog at but more by intuition than intention, so really happy to be reassured that this works.

  121. Blo

    Love it!

  122. Nevena

    Very encouraging messages.
    Thank you !

  123. I liked the first strategy most but find I need to implement all 3. I will head on over to and learn more. I haven’t had a chance to listen but now I’m on day 2 of full time entrepreneurship. I hope to read more and learn more from you.
    Thanks for the strategies!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Kathleen! If you have any questions about The Copy Cure after checking out our site, feel free to drop us a line at thecopycure AT marieforleo DOT com. We’re always happy to help!

      Cheers for day two of full-time entrepreneurship! 😀

  124. Great information. Really brought to light the fact that I could be sharing more personal insights instead of just general information. My next focus will be focusing on creating a more personal relationship with my readers.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome, Megan! Your readers will love that. 🙂

  125. I think I need to focus on #1 and #3. My business is new so I’m trying to find my authentic voice and continuing to work on my sales and marketing. The action I’m taking to address the gaps is to focus on improving my copy all over my website. I want to make sure it sounds great and has the right CTAs. I’m also consuming as many books as possible on sales, marketing and copy writing to improve my overall skills. As a recent B-School grad and new business owner I’m trying to lay the right foundation for future success. Thank you for sharing and for continuing to inspire so many of us.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! Nice work, Sarah! It sounds like you’re on the right path, and we can’t wait to see how your business continues to grow. 🙂

  126. Renee Mackenzie

    I enjoyed this episode so much. I feel innately that we all need to be candid and real in business and in life. I am working on just putting the truth out there – it feels really good. People totally respect and embrace you when you do. As a retailer I have definitely struggled with #3 but after a year into running my business I know I have really good products that will help people look and feel great so I’m not afraid anymore. Thanks for the great inspiration. Now I’m going to buy some Marine Layer shirts.

  127. Becky

    I am going through a total ‘re-brand’ right now. Don’t even have a website up, yet. The timing on this video was impeccable. While I will use all 3 key points as I design my new website, I will really focus on #1. Loved the concept of being refreshingly real. As always, thank you for the tools to help us create a business and life that we LOVE. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s wonderful, Becky! I’m so glad this episode was timely. Congrats on working on your new website—that’s a big step and we’re proud of you!

  128. Awesome! I discovered Marine Layer a few years ago in the Marina District of San Francisco when I had horribly under packed for the literal marine layer that was chilling me to the bone. I love their brand & love my cozy sweater from that day. Thanks for highlighting their brand. I certainly could use some work on “not being afraid to sell”. I always find this challenging as I am selling health services as opposed to a product. Today I sent out a newsletter to a group I did a talk for yesterday. I highlighted my practice locations along with the freebie info they were receiving post talk. In future, I will work to be more light-hearted about the good ol’ sales pitch.

  129. Thanks Marie,
    Great video, thanks so much for sharing!!!

  130. Yes, yes, and more yes!!! ^_^ …I am going to focus on #1 be my authentic self as I build my business and my action step is to rework my bio and start here page!

  131. I was sitting here at my desk, winding down after putting the kids to bed and decided to watch this week’s episode of Marie TV.

    And wow. I literally had to pause the episode midway through and grab a pen. Over the next hour I wrote out the story of where and how the idea for my workshop came from. I was absolutely amazed by the depth and feeling in the story that poured out of me!

    So THANK YOU, MARIE, for sparking this genius, creative, a-ha moment. I can’t wait to share this story with my people in my next newsletter.

    You are such a blessing to all of us in this community! ??

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      This is WONDERFUL, Sarah! Hooray!!

  132. Hey Marie, My friends Amanda and Tom have started a wildly successful hand poured candle company called ‘Cole and Canary’. I think you might ‘Love Their Branding, Baby.’

  133. Once again, Marie, you have thrown the windows open for me! Number 3 is definitely my most sensitive issue. Being a writer about authentic living, I have no problem with being real and speaking out. BUT, while a marketer and artist’s manager in the past I have excelled at promoting others, as a writer, I am dismal at promoting myself. I have taken to heart your advice to artists and last year published my book “Exhilarated Life” through Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. I have also taken to heart your advice saying that ‘when you are talking to everyone you are talking to no-one’ and continue to search for that niche market where my book will thrive.

    However, and it’s a big however, Balboa being a hybrid indie/traditional publisher, the marketing falls to me but the pricing is their jurisdiction with the result that my book is priced way above similar books of its genre (happiness and self-fulfilment) and as an unknown I am competing with established authors like Wayne Dyer, Elizabeth Gilbert and others who have an established following and whose books are considerably less to purchase than mine. I am sure I am not alone in this conundrum.

    Having said that, I find it difficult to promote my book and get behind the list price. My only solution is to purchase the rights and self-publish. I will lose the reviews and momentum I have achieved but gain control over pricing. But, as I share in my book – freedom is the only safe place – and I know with a little help and sage advice from my cyber friends – Marie et al – I will conquer number 3!

  134. All 3

  135. Thanks Marie, always good information. I am a beginner. I tried and pushed myself that I got sick, so I give myself a break and see how my next Workshop will be. Monika now living inGermany.

  136. Monika

    Thank you Marie. I am a beginner. Since last year I am back in Germany and I pushed myself that I got sick, with not much succes. Now I give myself a break till I am offering the next Workshop. Sometimes I want to give up and I think maybe its just for me to learn a healthier life. but when I listen to your video’s I get inspired to bring my ideas out while so many people suffer and could get healed with easy tools.

  137. #1. I find that I try to maintain this “professional” appearance on my website, when really I’m a chilled out, funny guy. I think revealing a bit more of this side of myself to readers could help my business by building more rapport with potential customers. (I first realized this after I started seeing someone new who pointed it out to me) 🙂

  138. Russell Kuo

    This video is so important to me as I’m also building my personal brand, being an entrepreneur.
    I’ve never done that before, so the critical point for me is to selling myself out. My previous working experience was just based on the big company’s reputation. Right now I need to do it and nobody can help me. And yes, I have to build some trusts that people will believe in me to support my business. This is the hardest part I’m facing but searching possible approaches to achieve it.
    I’m still on my way to my goal. Pray for me!

  139. Ngozi

    Hi Marie , I love this episode & I think I need to work on #1 & #3 especially #3. Sometimes I feel afraid to sell,wondering if it will be appreciated as well as the price .
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring me.

  140. Thank you Marie!

    Honesty is the best marketing skill.
    That’s what I learn from you!

    Love from Buenos Aires


  141. I love love love your energy, Marie! Can’t wait to play with Copy Cure.

    But okay, I need #1 for sure! I’m just starting out with my new business venture (integrative nutrition health coach, coming at y’all!), and I definitely feel pressure to put on a facade when I’m speaking to my audience. In terms of an action step, I’m struggling a little. Being more real in my next Instagram post just seems a little too simple, too similar to the tip itself. But hey, that’s what I’ve got for now, so I’ll go with it. Thanks, as always, MF team. Love you guys! xx

  142. #1 and #2 I really need to think about ways I can improve. #3 🙁 I am still afraid of selling. I think I am still hanging out with people who criticize sellers and marketers. I feel I need to know new people who are passionated abou marketing…

  143. I definitely need to work on #3 and not being afraid to sell. I am on the shy side, so I find it hard to market myself or product. Right now I am training to become a health coach, so I think the first step for me is to actually tell people that I am doing it so that they can be interested and/or follow me once I set up my business.

  144. RC

    Love what Marie is wearing here! More about it, PLEASE!!!!

  145. Meleana Hunsaker

    Thank you for doing this branding tips video clip!
    Asking people to buy is something I need to work on doing.

  146. Selling. I will put up a pricing/offering page on my website.

  147. Lina

    Thanks for the 3 tips. I have to say the first 2 settled in me. I have to break free of myself and just do it.

  148. Triple love this video and that brand! Love how some businesses are so transparent and witty, it really creates an amazing brand. Food for a lot of thought 🙂

  149. Hi Marie,
    You’re fantastic and thanks for the kick-in-the-butt reminder about #3. I’ve literally just launched in the last 2 weeks and despite being terrified about starting, I’m going to start asking for some business today.
    Have the best day!

  150. Loved this. Best insight for me was about showing more of me. I tried to do it on my about page, but I think I need to do it more, be more open, and not be afraid about being imperfect 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes! Love that insight, Daniela.

  151. Liz

    I’m late to the party! This made me realized I really need to amp up the About Me page on my author website!


  152. The most important of these strategies for me is to ask for business! I am often too shy, too fearful, too afraid of rejection. Ridiculous, I know. Hesitancy only assures failure.

  153. I think I need to work on being refreshingly real and transparent. Thanks so much for the tips.

  154. Donna

    #3 – I’m often afraid of being a “pushy salesman,” but the truth is, I have an awesome product, and people are capable of saying “no” if they don’t want it.
    My action step is to remind myself of the high quality of my product especially when compared to other similar products on the market, and to practice telling how amazing it is.

  155. I definitely think I am too stuffy. I believed because I am trying to appeal to CEOs and business owners that I needed to be on a super high professional level where in retrospect, my business is about customer service using positive psychology. Hello, sometimes the answer is blindingly obvious.

  156. Amy

    This article reminds me of a local store here in Niagara that employs women in southeast Asia and cares very much about the environment, giving back and has been doing it for many years.
    I love companies like this!

  157. Luciana

    Hi Marie. I´m writing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. LOVE YOU.
    I´m a weirdo and a few years ago I realized I didn´t have to come up with an “identity” for my business, I just had to be my sweet crazy self.
    Yesterday I was thinking of saying something like “Therapy is expensive, please buy my sh*t”. Your videos are always so clear and spot on. THANK YOU and all your team.

  158. Love this! I need to work on #3…asking for the sale. I am a holistic health coach with a sassy blog called happy, healthy and hot. I definitely let my personality shine through, and have no problem keeping things real. Right now the income I derive from the blog is through affiliate marketing. But I don’t think I really ask for the sale there. I also want to “put myself out there” a bit more and sell my actual health coaching services. This episode was really helpful because it showed real, concrete examples of a very cool business.

  159. Thank you Marie – really enjoy your focus tips. What grabbed me though was your closing comment along the lines – “insight without action is worthless” – I’m going to quote this in one of my holistic health workshops which I about to run today. Thanks again. Louise

  160. Michael Forman

    I write for a few magazines and online publications and have been told that I have a wonderful voice by all of my Editors and am concerned that my voice will not translate into the business that I am building as the goal of my company is to create 1,000,000 acres of new, organic, sustainable produce farmland and I do not know the voice to write from to create this business.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Michael. When writing for a publication you’re inevitably trying to match your writing to fit the voice of the magazine, so I can understand that you don’t necessarily want to replicate their voice in your business. Have you considered writing in your natural voice? If that’s something you’re interested in but don’t feel confident about, Marie’s copywriting program, The Copy Cure, may help:

  161. Hi Marie,
    I need to work on number three most. I still have my corporate job that consumes 12-14 hours of my days. And year-end bumps that up to about 16-18. So, making the time to produce salable content is tough. And it does feel a little awkward to ask people to buy it. That comfort will come though. I have just created my first worksheet/exercise to coincide with a blog so I have a start. I just need to do more of it.
    Fabulous content here! I’d love to chat about a possible collaboration project; whether a joint blog or empowerment video, etc.
    Thanks for the support and inspiration, Marie!

  162. Always so love your videos Marie! You defiantly could have used yourself as an example in this one.. your fun, quirky, straight forwardness is always awesome! I so struggle with all 3 but number 2 I would say is my biggest, should I say wall to climb – I have been working on it and in fact have some copy help happening this next 2 weeks, so I can quit staring at the blank page and get the voice and the technical stuff all combined into something that works. Saving this video to watch over and over this next week as I gear up for our anniversary month of pomo’s. Thanks as always for making Monday better!

  163. I spent this morning slogging through my work-in-progress website, making a list of all the stuff that needs to be fixed, finished, axed, pumped . . . UGH! So just as I was feeling like, “oh shit, how am I ever going to get this done?” Marie came along to blow kisses back into my sails! Thank you!!! Be Refreshingly Real is going to become my mantra! I’m a songwriter and a poet, so ugh, there are SO many beautifully poetic things that read like a book nobody wants to buy. All the things that I marked for re-writes are exactly those things, and I am TOTALLY going for refreshing and real. Conversational. Honest. And not afraid to say, “I wish I could take this class, because holy wow, it’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to get started! I’d love it if you would join me!”

  164. Mahal

    I so needed this video today. Thank you for posting. The two items: create trust through transparency and don’t be afraid to sell. Action steps: record and post a 1 minute video about parenting a teenager. Invite social media friends to a local parenting chat (workshop). Uh-oh, now i have to really do this.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We believe in you, Mahal! I’m so glad you’re feeling inspired to move forward with your dreams. 🙂

  165. LOVE this! I’m working through B-School and this is perfect timing for my website design. #1 Be Real is a big focus for me already, especially getting rid of the corporate lingo of the last 25 years!
    BUT…#3 is what I really need to work on. I love the honesty of Marine Layer stating: buy some shirts so we can pay the rent! This is awesome and makes me want to visit the store AND buy some shirts. I will be combining honesty with selling on my site.
    Thank you Marie for the awesome content!

  166. All 3 are great reminders I always need to hear. It helps me to focus my efforts. FYI I was on vacation last week with my family. I realized I had missed your friendly videos! Catching up…

  167. Rajul

    Hey Marie!
    I am excited to start my play school right away. The videos are really easy to implement. But I am getting stuck in relation to the education part. Could you please help me out? I am read to kick start my Grammar Workshops and school but the pricing and branding is getting tricky.

  168. I definitely agree with your ideas. Thank you for sharing.

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