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It’s all on your shoulders. You’re responsible for being both the creative genius and the business genius of your career.

Meaning, you have to generate the actual work (your writing, art, designs, recipes, music, performance, inventions, curriculum, code, _____________ fill in the blank).


You’ve also got to take care of customer service, contracts, scheduling, invoicing, prospect calls, social media and marketing to making sure more paying business keeps coming in.

Starting out as a one-woman shop, this is something I wrestled with for years. Even now that I work alongside an incredible team, it’s still a balance that’s tough to strike.

The dividing line between success & failure can be expressed in 5 words - I did not have time. Franklin Field Click To Tweet

If you’re a creative person grappling with finding the time to do your work and grow your business, today’s MarieTV is for you.

Watch and learn two smart strategies that’ll help you get more good work done in less time, plus…

Discover one HUGELY important question to ask, and answer, before you keep hustling to grow your business. Warning: this episode MAY induce cookie cravings.

As I mentioned in the show, here are two other productivity episodes to check out: Four Things Really Productive People Do Everyday, and The 4 Minute Trick to Massive Productivity.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

  1. Have you ever struggled to both do your work and promote your work? What specific strategies help you strike that balance? Are you using tasty time chunks or smart automated systems in your business?
  2. What actions can you take now that might be able to help you get more done with less effort?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember, please share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and what you have to say could trigger a major breakthrough for someone else.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted.

P.S. We’re getting ready to head into production on our next season of MarieTV!  If you have a Q that you’d like me to A, please submit it here.

Huge thanks for sharing yourself so generously. You help make Tuesday one of my favorite days of the week!

With so much love,


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  1. Bam! This is exactly what I needed. For me being efficient means everything because I deliver really potent intuitive readings and I could neglect the whole keeping the scales in balance. I love creating it’s what I do best. But I struggle with the promotion so I’ve been tagging my creations with a promotion lol. Two birds one stone. I’m gonna continue tagging my stuff with where I want my people to go. I’ve built it. They are here.



  2. mmmm….cookies!

    When I need to be creative or need some space to write I schedule time at our local business centre where I can be productive around productive people.

    I find that my message is clearer, my actions are done and my focus is on what is important. This normally takes a 2 – 3-hour chunk of my day leaving me with plenty of time to work on my business.

    One small confession. My weeks do not always look the same. I need the variety in my schedule to make sure I am top of my game.

    Thank you again for a lovely inspiring episode.

    • Robyn, I agree that if I need to focus on a project giving myself a time chunk to do it is really helpful, and working somewhere public (or just switching it up from my home office) really helps me stay focused and not get sucked into distractions.

      I know I tend to be most focused and creative in the morning, so I start my day with something creative, preferably not on the computer.

      I also have found that even mini Time Chunks can be tasty — if I am having trouble starting something I’ll set a 15 minute timer and by the time it rings, I’m in the zone working on that project!

      My next steps are to automate…I’m going to add some questions to my contact form and make common questions more obvious on my FAQ page. Yeehaw!

      Cheers, Karina

  3. Great post, as usual! I believe you have to schedule a time every day to promote your business. I like to promote first thing in the morning and in the evening. I know there are certain times that posting is best on each individual social media platform. So, I automate some posts.

    Automating posts takes very little time. I like to automate my posts for the week on Sunday. And I like to do post myself in the morning and evening. It takes consistency and discipline. But it can be done!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so smart, Kelly! And having your posts automated frees you up to engage more with your audience when they respond. That’s the fun part! 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, Marie, I feel like this video was made for me! I am also an artist, and I am really struggling with balancing the business end of things along with giving myself some time and space to be creative and create new products. It NEVER feels like there’s enough time! I’ve been trying to get better about scheduling my day, and normally I do an AM and PM schedule, but I will try scheduling more “tasty time chunks!” Thanks!

    • You are so welcome Michelle. And, experiment away. You’re bound to find combination of methods that works perfectly for your unique flavor of creative genius.

  5. Big fan of the time chunks strategy. I also tend to theme my days… so for example Mondays are reserved for strategy sessions with potential clients, Tuesdays are reserved for blog management and social media strategy planning… and then for my clients’ work, I plan it out similar.

    Those tasty time chunks are def the way to go!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s awesome! Themed days sound like a really good way to stay focused. Nice work!

  6. I am definitely struggling with the lack of tasty time chunks. I have been harried to bits posting in Facebook Groups and creating content all with the hope of attracting the dream clients that I can actually HELP! I have a burning desire to help 100 creatives find their yes by this summer and I have created a creativity-sucking time vortex with my exuberance. My key take away? Use that Airplane mode, you! thanks Marie. I’ve been away from your site for a while and I’m glad I came back today. you’re going in the Feedly, baby!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad this episode resonated with you and that you checked it out after being away awhile! Maybe that was your intuition tapping you on the shoulder. 🙂

  7. Hi Marie,
    I first heard about the “working on your business” versus “working in your business” from Jenny Shih, who was a B-schooler of course, and that was such a big trigger for me to look at the way I work on / in my business with a different perspective.

    Thanks for another brilliant video!

  8. Thanks for the helpful ‘cookie chunks’ time advice.

    Early on in my business development, after having found the time to visit the dentist two or three times in a row despite me believing I had NO time to spare for creative work, I realised that if I could make time for the dentist, I could make time for the core work of my business, which is Design. So I started a weekly practice I called “Making Friday”, where I would take time out on a Friday to work on non-work projects.

    My business has grown a lot since then, and I have a lot more time for creative work, but I still believe in the Making Friday and make time for it (sometimes on a Monday). The other thing is that my “Making Friday” blog posts soon became my most popular, so they grew my brand, even though they weren’t about the things I was actually selling under my brand.

    Interestingly, this week, I’m about to launch a new section in my online shop called “Making Friday”, where I’ll have small-batch things I’ve made, alongside the DIY things that I sell, in the hopes of motivating more people to have a Making Friday practice of their own. It’s kind of magical!

    Thanks again,

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love that, Heather! It’s awesome that you scheduling creativity as part of a Making Friday has become part of your brand. Not only are you sharing your gifts with the world, you’re inspiring them to go out and create too. 🙂

  9. Yes! I have certainly struggled with doing my work and promoting it. Dividing things up into bite-sized chunks and blocking out time on my calendar certainly helps me get uber productive. However, there are still so many things to do in a day between running my marketing business, promoting my epic fantasy series and writing my next book. I may need to get another pair of hands in the pot of magic!

  10. Great topic!! Although I have employees working for me I am still feeling like a one woman show creating custom work for clients around the world. After years of looking like you in your video, multi tasking to the max, I am finally taking steps to make my long work days flow nicely. “Tasty Time Chunks” is a great way of saying “If its not scheduled, its not real” -Maria Forleo 🙂
    I start my day responding to emails from my international and late night clients, then I do creative work with my computer in front of me responding to clients immediately by acknowledging their email and letting them know I do my estimating and invoicing in the evening and if they need pricing sooner I can get them pricing right away. It lets my clients know I am willing to do what is needed to get them what they need, but also keeping with my schedule of estimates and invoicing at night. Also, the advice about giving your clients answers they will ask on the web site is SPOT ON!!!! I am rebranding and creating a new web site that does exactly that AND will have forms to fill out that will help me and my clients through the process of ordering. Being a one person show (even with help) is not easy but scheduling tasks makes life so much sweeter. Great Q&A!!!

    • Amen sista! This resonates so much with me! I have found it essential to write everything down and really prioritize the urgency of the needs. I am a very social person so my tendency is to promote, network, and not build my business. I constantly have to remind myself that content is very essential before I go off marketing to the world. As i was just writing this, I realized perhaps I’ve missed my calling as a talk show host;)

  11. Love this! I definitely need more ‘tasty time chunks’ in my days! I remember watching something by Brendon Burchard about the dangers of always ‘context switching’ and how much time we use each day. Shocking!

    I think I’m going to set up some more canned responses in gmail to save me some time when I’m email batching. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Nice! Email autoresponders can be super helpful, and not just when you’re letting people know you’re on vacation/out of the office. 🙂

  12. Thank you Marie! Just what I need to hear this morning. I’ve been burning myself out trying to grow my illustration business and forgetting to time-chunk in the process. Even though building a business is fun, my creativity has suffered because I’m chasing to-do lists, running errands, posting on social media, promoting, etc. At the end of the day I’m tired, almost no illustration work has been done and I’m no richer for it. Aaah!

    Creating a step-by-step system for potential clients seems like a brilliant idea. I’ll give it a try!

  13. Thanks Marie! This was exactly what I needed for today and for the upcoming weeks. I’m going to try the tasty time chunks now!

  14. Marie! What did you get into my head this morning and then send me personal email directed exactly at my needs? My problem is I feel like I don’t have enough time to soak up all of your wisdom!

    Always a source of inspiration- thank you! Meagan.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Baby steps. Be gentle and gracious with yourself. It takes awhile to pick up new habits, so don’t worry about trying to do too much at once. 🙂

  15. I feel the pain! As an artist, I feel like I wear a million hats. I’m also at at home Mom to 3 small kiddos and I feel like I’m pulled in so many directions. Time chunks work for me, but I plan them into categories. If I have website work or blog work to do it falls under the “writing” category and I only spend one chunk of time per week on it and get it all done at once. The same goes for painting, researching, business tasks, etc. I try to schedule social media in advance so that is done in one category as well (planning of instagram posts, twitter, facebook, whatnot). There are a lot of plates to spin, so always making sure your tasks are getting you closer to meeting your goals is key. If my tasks aren’t helping me make income, then I need to reprioritize it and figure out why I’m doing it.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re so right, Megan. Making sure what you do is getting you closer to your goals is key!

  16. I definitely used to struggle with that in the past but I became obsessed with finding a solution! I now have a completely automated paperless business with systems in place that save me time. One of the biggest things I’ve done is set up email triggers that send certain emails right to my Evernote account. Now I’m teaching entrepreneurs how to do it too! So if anyone has questions about it, feel free to join me on my paperless journey!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      NICE! I love that you saw a problem and took steps to make the solution work for your business (and the environment).

    • Love this! I’d love to know more!

  17. When I create I do it in chunks. I’ll write a few blogs at once, then I’ll take another set time to schedule them at once, then as they are released I put it on my planner to put them all over social media (I use to schedule all my posts for FB, Twitter, IG and linkedIn) and then I use that blog post for my next email newsletter, so I make sure to promote the heck out of what I post for a couple weeks at a time. It means less time creating posts, videos, etc, but I take the time to ensure my audience sees them.

    I also like to take advantage of #throwbackthursday for example to use old posts in case new followers haven’t seen it. There’s always plenty of content to promote!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s super smart, Kyra! Your old posts are already there, so it’s great to be able to share them with your audience who may not have seen them before.

  18. Hi Marie! Yes, keeping life and business in balance is a constant task. From your earlier videos I developed time blocking and it’s helped incredibly! Thank you for your wisdom. 🙂 What I like most about a tasty time chunk schedule is that it keeps me on track and reminds me of what I’m supposed to be doing. Like drinking a green smoothie when the kids come home! Having a schedule–even a loose one on those crazy days–helps me thrive.

    NEXT I’m working in automating tasks (signed up to, adding FAQs and a detailed contact form to my website and creating an operations manual with easy-to-folow processes to pass onto a new team members.

    Oh! And to keep me present and on track during my time blocks I’m using And, of course, embracing “Progress not perfection” helps too! 😉

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      People swear by the Pomodoro Technique! It’s super helpful.

    • misty

      What a great Q + A Tuesday. Thanks, Meegan! I learned a lot from your post too.

  19. Great Q&A today Marie! I need to hear it… It was like a “come to Jesus” conversation with me about what I need to do to take back control of my time.

    I need to be more disciplined and commit to sticking to the “time chunks” I’ve defined for my life and business. I have a tendency to let them bleed into each other and eventually lose control of them which leads to chaos!

    Really appreciate you sharing these great nuggets of wisdom with us.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad this episode was helpful, Sean! I’m glad you’re taking back control and drawing some lines between your business and life. That’ll be really helpful in staving off burnout.

  20. Holy Toledo, Marie…this hit my soft artist underbelly!

    I’m a painter and I’ve always said that, as a one-woman shop, I spend 75% of my day on “non-painting” tasks…everything you mention in the video: emails, phone calls, social media, etc. All of which I actually like doing (I’m lucky). But then the actual *painting* part of being a painter—the whole reason for choosing this career—gets squeezed out of the day on more days than I’d like to admit.

    I plan on implementing your great advice TO-DAY! Ok technically it will be this afternoon, since I’m writing a comment right now at 7:30am instead of working out. 😉

    (I just got a big restaurant commission a few days ago so this advice couldn’t have come at a better time.)

    Thanks Marie & Team Marie for all your hard work on these Q & As…and especially for this one!

    Aimée Hoover

  21. Tasty time chunks is where it’s at! My best work is done when I chunk my time out and turn my email offline so that it doesn’t download automatically. I typically work out of my inbox and it’s distracting when there is new mail sitting and taunting me to be read. I also have notifications off as well so no pop up emails while I’m in excel or working diligently on something.

    I like to print my daily calendar and take my to do list and write in what I will work on for the day and when. Having time expectations helps or hard cut offs so can move on to a new task.

    I’d like to get more automation going which would streamline and creT communication efficiencies as you mentioned.

    Love all the productivity tips Marie! Thank you!!!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Turning off notifications is so smart! That’s definitely a tip we can all use. Airplane mode for the win!

  22. I can totally relate!

    I ran a fashion line for over 2+ years while working full-time with no employees.

    I found the key is to schedule time in every day to perform only sales + marketing activities. Additionally, outsourcing to virtual help or occasionally engaging friends, family and interns for help as needed definitely bridged the gap between no employees to the 4 employees that I now have.

    Great vid Marie!

  23. Hi Marie! What an useful video your made today! As a dancer and dance teacher, I have to divide my time between so many things that could made an infinite list in this comment.
    I struggle day by day to balance all of them and “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” – feel free to hum that U2 song here 😀
    Right now I’m also spending some of my time in learning how not to waste it. I don’t know exactly what my problem is and how to solve it but your tip today is definetely a good start. Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  24. Wow – If this isn’t a sign of perfect timing, I don’t know what is! I own a cleaning business and we’ve been in business 6 years, but this weekend I had a complete breakdown because I am so overwhelmed. I have employees to help do the actual labor, but all other hats are worn by me — including that I’m still doing labor as well! By the end of the day, I am exhausted and cannot find the energy to move or get anything else accomplished. I have so many ideas I’d love to implement — if I only had the time! This weekend, I finally made the executive decision to start looking for someone who can help with labor but also help with management, customer service and scheduling as well – like an assistant to me. It makes me nervous because I need to find the right person — and that task seems daunting. But I’ve come to realize this will hopefully free up a time chunk for me to focus on my B-SCHOOL and everything else having to do with Bella Cleaning!! Often, I feel alone as a small business owner, but MarieTV always shows me that there’s others in the same boat who can relate! Thank you for that! <3 Juliet

    • From what you shared Juliet, you’re definitely in need of help. An assistant (or two) will help tremendously.

      Just a word of caution. When you make this move to hire and delegate, — at first it can feel like you’re more overwhelmed.

      Finding and training the right person is hard and time consuming work. But don’t despair, because once you do find the right person, and get through that training curve and you have the right people onboard, it will all be worth it.

      Here’s a MarieTV that can help: How To Delegate Like A Pro In Five Steps.

  25. Brilliant episode and exactly what I was stressing about today too! I´m a one-woman band (well, one-woman wedding & events designer actually) and always find it so hard to find a good balance between promoting my work, answering emails and actually doing my job especially at this time of year before full-on wedding season kicks in and I´m drowing in brides.

    Thanks so much! Just what I needed to see and hear today.


  26. Great episode! I do use “tasty time chunks” and now that I have a baby, it’s even more of a ready-set-go mentality—giving myself specific time windows to complete tasks (before she wakes up). ***I’d like to know though, does anyone struggle with being creative during your scheduled time? It seems the ideas flow much easier at night, or 4 am—times when it’s probably more beneficial (for me and everyone in my life!) if I get some sleep instead. Often I struggle with creativity at the allotted 10 am slot. thx!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Lena! I think it’s important to pay attention to your energy levels throughout the day and try to work when you’re feeling most creative and alert. Being foggy during your scheduled creative time might be an indication that that part of the day isn’t the best time for you to work on that particular task. It may help to try different things to see what works best for you.

  27. Yay, Marie! You’re a woman after my heart!

    I could not agree more, especially about the tasty time chunks. Back in my previous job running an international performing arts festival (in Italy), it would get super busy in the few months leading up to the festival. As in, I go to pee and there are 14 voicemails waiting for me when I get back, along with another 30 new emails. It seemed counter-intuitive, and my co-workers thought I was nuts, but I would close my email client and not answer the phone for a few hours so that I could get the stuff done necessary for keeping everyone safe, happy, and free to practice their craft while abroad. Sometimes we would even close the office for a day or two so we could catch up on the kind of work you need to do without constant distractions. Also completely agree with the automated systems – this is an extremely low-tech way of handling it, but I kept drafts of emails for answering commonly asked questions (ie, this email is about arrival info, this email is about repertoire, etc.) so that I didn’t have to waste my time typing the same stuff over and over.

    I also think we have a lot to learn from other cultures when it comes to the 24/7 work cycle. Working in Italy forced me to slow down and realize that the world wasn’t ending because I didn’t answer an email 5 seconds after it landed in my inbox.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a good point, Sara! Some cultures definitely have a lot to teach us about work, productivity, managing stress, and self-care.

    • YES on Italy!

  28. I was wondering yesterday where the heck did my day go. . .now I know! I need to make a habit of creating a rough schedule to follow and stick with it. . .inspirational video, Marie!

  29. DW

    I work in my family’s business, which is growing my leaps and bounds. However, that means I am the social media manager, web site manager, sales manager, accounts payable manager, accounts receivable manager, bookkeeper, and marketing manager. In addition, I am finishing my graduate degree, starting a side travel agency for families of kids with disabilities and creating an online professional development program.

    With all of those jobs to juggle, I have to create a daily list of what I want to get accomplished. Sometimes that means working later e.g. Yesterday was a 9am to 7pm day. However, just yesterday I updated our website to help answer some of the questions. Plus, I realize that there are additional features I can add that would make my job a bit easier. Thanks for planting the bug, Marie.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad this week’s episode is prompting you to do more automation in your business! Let us know how it goes. 🙂

  30. I like this post in theory, and I agree that time-management is essential. In my particular business however, I find it next to impossible for several reasons. One example happened to me just last night. I got a request in from a client who’d like an estimate by 2pm. If I don’t hop to it, very simply the job will go to someone else. If I had turned off emails etc… the job would go to someone else. Sadly, in my industry, this last minute hurry-up-and-wait scenario is all too common. Also, every day is different for me. I have days where I’m on a shoot all day, or for days in a row, and I have days where I absolutely have to edit the entire day. Trying to work out a set calendar around this feels near impossible. I know I sound defeatist, but in my reality, as hard as I’ve tried to create and maintain structure – I’ll admit it is challenging at best. I even set aside full days for marketing alone, but inevitably those days are pushed back due to a shoot or an edit. Maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t seemed to successfully get time chunks to work for me. I still appreciate the reminder to aim to do so!

    • DW

      Hi Terri,

      I feel the same way. I can’t dedicate each day to run a specific way. I keep my email open all day because clients want a response right away when looking for an estimate. Unfortunately, we live in a time where everything is available at our fingertips.

      I will say one of the biggest helps has been using an automated service. We use Hubspot, but there are others. We can set up all of our social media, blogs, etc. well in advance, that way we never have to worry that there isn’t new content. It is a bit pricey, but it has made a big difference in our business.

      I am also thinking of looking into a virtual assistant that I can turn all of the social media stuff over to and eliminate it from my plate. That would free up a lot of my time. Have you thought about using something like Hoot Suite for marketing?

      • Thank you DW! Glad to hear I’m not alone in this battle! ; ) I haven’t looked into Hoot Suite but I will. My industry requires very specific marketing though, so I’m not sure it will apply. I will look into it for sure though. I do use industry specific channels for my marketing (for eBlasts, promo mailers etc… but each requires a good amount of personal time to create them, choose content etc…

        • Hi Marie,

          I feel like I have the same problem. One woman show the difference for me is I own a retail store. I am a very organized person and every day say I’m going to stick to one task. However I may start on making the glasses and the phone rings and someone needs to book an appointment which moves me over to computer, hen the door opens and someone is looking for glasses, then UPS comes and there are boxes to open. I have grown to a staff of 3 but we all fall in the same trap. I don’t see anyway around it until I can grow more and hire another person. However I feel like my head is going to explode every day! Any suggestions for retail people?


          • Camille / @millelovesbooks

            Hi Jodie,
            I’m trained in retail in Denmark, and know and have felt all those traps as well as you.
            I found, that you can do several things to structure your day and help yourself and staff to keep up the spirits and energy 🙂

            1) Try adding time-zones to your day. Red, yellow, green.

            RED = No unpacking, no emails or practical stuff – only focus is go with the flow, meaning taking care of customers and telephones & lunch breaks 🙂 e.g. from 12-16 (if that’s where you are the most busy).
            Oh, and in this zone there is no clutter, mesh from unpacking or projects. Your store is trimmed and you are ready for business. If UPS comes, takes parcels to a designated area where there out of the way for you and customers; if the storage is just in the back – get it quickly out of the store and leave it for later.

            YELLOW = part of staff does inventory duties, orders new products, responds to email and other part is handling ongoing calls and business – the difference here, is that they can be pulled away from tasks if need be (staff sickness/busy holiday season). Time e.g. 10-12 and 16-18.

            GREEN = This is when your not busy or not open. This is when you get items from your storage (and IF time fill the shelves), unpack items and label them prices, do you window display. You don’t necessarily need to be all staff unless is maybe the holiday season. But it’s a great way to get started on your day, and talk with your colleagues about the tasks of the day and delegate shifts. The more clear you are about your each others rolls and tasks in the day, the easier it will be to handle when all the unforeseen happens – because you are prepared. And you can always brief your colleagues of there needs to be change, and explain why – it’s so much more transparent and relate able; yes, and calm for everybody.
            e.g. 8-10 and 18-19 (preferably a little before and after opening hours)

            >>AND, remember to be open for adjusting the timeslots with feedback from your team-members. But try sticking to this for 2-3 months, then you’ll probably never want to go back 🙂

            2) Try adding internal email responds time to two specific timeslots a day.
            – make a auto-respond email that says you’ll get back in touch in 24-hours. This is saves time for you and is a great service to your customers, because I’m guessing that you’ll write them back sooner, so in the eyes of the customers your responds is quicker than they thought – and that’s a plus and great service -yeah!

            3) If the phone continues to ring, ring, ring, try having it on silent mode in either yellow or red zone. So that, if, your not busy – you can pick-up (the now only blinking) phone and answer calls. This reaaaally helps if your getting to a point, that you almost get a mini-migraine from the constant buzzing of the ring tone.

            I hope this helps you and your team. Not a lot of retail do this properly, and it’s just to sad, because it makes the day much more productive, manageable, calm & happy.
            If your need further explanations, please let me know :o)

            Best of luck!
            Camille from Denmark

    • Hey Terri!

      We actually did another video I think you’d appreciate, specifically for folks (like you and me) who have very VERY different schedules day to day.

      Regarding your challenge about not being able to turn emails off for fear of missing out on a job: one workaround is having an assistant scan your emails once per hour (or whatever time increment you prefer) during times when you have to keep your head down and prevent yourself from being distracted.

      Train them on what to scan for, and even to reply to let the prospective client know that their email was received and that you’ll be getting back to them shortly.

      So when/if an urgent job related email comes in, have that assistant on a Slack Channel (which always stays open) OR simply have that assistant text you with the details.

      This way, you could stay focused on whatever creative or marketing project you needed to stay focused on without fear of missing out on a time-sensitive email.


      • Hi Marie! Firstly thank you for your response – I truly appreciate it! I will watch the link you sent for sure. I LOVE the idea of a full time P.A. and while my business isn’t currently in a position to take that on, talk about a great goal to have! As a side-note – I appreciate that your videos are content rich with minimal filler. I showed this one to my husband tonight and he said he needs to implement more tasty time chunks into his day as well! : )

  31. Another great episode. I too am a one woman show, as well as being a single mother who has a full time job as a mortgage lender, to pay the bills. I started my business in 2009 and launched my website in 2014. In 2015 I published my first issue. It has been a difficult journey and times I just want to give up. My difficulty with balance is working a full time job while trying to grow the business of publishing my magazine and eventually making it my full time job. I am trying to increase sales and gain more advertisers. I have a social media marketing company who said they could help me grow the sales side of business and that has not happened. I feel like I need to find another company to help me grow my sales, time is what I have so little of. Today I have a new graphics team that put the publication together but what I need is someone who really knows how to help me market the magazine to increase sales. I pay a lot of people and have not realized the kind of growth that I have anticipated by hiring these companies to help me grow. Do you have any suggestions on how I can better manage these growth concerns from 6PM to 10pm, that’s the time I generally use to work on my publication?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Angela, thank you so much for tuning in this week, and I hope that you find the chunking tip helpful to you as your business grows!

      In terms of managing your marketing and growth, there are so many options out there for leveraging your time, so while I’m not sure what the best fit for your particular business might be, I thought I might share a few of our best MarieTV episodes with marketing tips in case those are helpful for you:

      The most important part, no matter what you decide to work on, is being clear on your goals. The more specific you can be, the easier it will be to hit your goals or decide to ditch something if it isn’t working.

      I hope that helps, and we’re sending loads of best wishes your way!

  32. Being a one woman show with a service oriented business this is has always been my biggest struggle! I have attempted to “manage” my schedule before but it got lost in the “trying to fit in clients” here and there. I have been looking for some assistance here but without first doing it myself I will be at the same point! And I want to grow the business into more for the whole person so this is now a mandatory non-negotiable plan that I must implement or I fear I will fall flat on my face and not to mention the stress it would relieve if I did! I am soo grateful for this insightful time blocking approach, I am going to start this asap!

  33. The best aid I’ve found for breaking the workday into tasty chunks is a little thing called Tomato Timer. Basically it is a glorified egg-timer, but has an interesting history: it was originally developed in Italy by Francesco Cirillo to help children who are learning to play a musical instrument.

    It is free and works on anything.

  34. Very nice, I was just gettiong ready to plan my day and this is a great help.
    the art is sitting there waiting for me to get to it but I have to clear the desk. so I’ll do that first then create with a freed up mind.
    thank you Marie, looking forward to another year of B School!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh wonderful, Laurel — we’re so glad this episode was timely! And of course, we’re so thrilled to have you in B-School this year 🙂

  35. Thanks for a super helpful and enjoyable episode, Marie!
    I’m a total beginner at all of this and I’ve definitely felt the challenge of doing my art and creating a business for it. Tasty Time Chunks are the way to go (Even though I never thought to call them that 🙂
    Creating structure and the right space for specific tasks has really helped me stay focused on a daily basis. Thanks again 🙂

  36. This is so me! Because I’m an Online Business Manager, not only do I work “in” my own business – but those of my clients! I feel like I don’t ever get my own work “on” my business done, like launching new offers and services. I’m definitely going to start time blocking more seriously and I think get clearer about what the right growth plan is for me.

  37. Until very recently, I was SUPER stubborn about creating a schedule for myself. As a personal trainer, my day doesn’t always start and end the same way day to day and week to week and I used this as an excuse for keeping sporadic hours.

    However, this year I’ve been focused on getting more sleep and I’ve now created a routine for myself that focuses on a consistent wake up and bedtime each day.

    The result of this added structure has (much to my surprise) been MORE versus less freedom and productivity.

    I now get my workout in before my first client and feel more energized and organized throughout the day.

    For anyone looking for more tips and research on this topic and the how of creating a better routine, I highly recommend the book Triggers, by Marshall Goldsmith. It has lots of great tips and tricks. I recently wrote a summary blog post with 7 of my favorite for anyone who wants a preview.

    If you aren’t chunking time and creating a routine, you’re definitely missing out!

  38. This is a great episode. More than “time”, what I have an issue with is “focused time”. Time is of course an issue in and of itself. I am a single mom with an artistic business. I’ve noticed a wild difference between my productivity, even when I sit down to work on something, depending on my mental clutter. I’ve been wondering about making a weekly routine for myself with categories blocked in, and this supports my theory. My only issue is that I feel like it’s hard to force creative work at specific times. Curious if anybody has any suggestions with that – usually I like my schedule being open so I can do my creative work when I feel most creative, but this clearly isn’t working out too well. Wondering if anyone has any jump start tricks for getting their creativity rolling if they blocked out time and can’t seem to summon the creativity at that moment?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s a great question, Rachel, and I know there are different schools of thought on that. I personally find that it is absolutely possible to schedule creative time and actually be able to summon your creativity. Your muse may not always show up 100% every single time, but even just doing a little work can help you take steps forward, and sometimes just getting started makes a huge difference.

      One of our favorite people who talks about scheduling creative time and getting that work done is Steven Pressfield. We’ve done a couple great interviews with him, so I thought I might share those for a few helpful tips:

  39. Carmel

    This is exactly what I need right now! As an artist and illustrator and B-schooler, I have a hard time balancing everything, then I get burned-out, end up working all the time, and it’s a nasty spiral. Yay, this really hit the target. And I can visualize “tasty time chunks.” I need those visuals!

    I’m sitting down right NOW and getting my tasty time chunks laid out for the day!

  40. Bless you for this advice, I needed it more than water 🙂
    Thank you and also others for sharing their wisdom.

  41. Great topic, and one I can totally relate to. I’ve also started to try to tame my rather epic to-do list by identifying the three or four things that absolutely have to get done today and do those first. Doesn’t always work, but it feels so great when it does that it’s a powerful motivator.

    BTW – your videos have always looked great, but this one had something extra. Love the new graphics and polish in this episode! Kudos to you and your team.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh thank you so much, Lora! That really means the world to us xo 🙂

  42. I find being the creative and being the boss, overwhelming at times. Most of the time I would just like to be creating, but I am the one who can really upsell on the retail side, so that’s where I spend most of my day.
    Your tips did get me thinking though, thank you.

  43. Marie!!

    Thank you so much for this video. Your work is so legit – I’m always inspired, and today’s vid helped clear up an issue I’ve been struggling with lately. I’ve been alternating days (working on “admin” stuff and then creating/writing/editing like a madwoman the next day) and it hasn’t really been working for me. Thanks for breaking it down so simply!

    One-woman shows for the win!

    High fives and good vibes,

    Monique 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Monique, yes … hooray for one-woman shows! We’re so glad you found this episode helpful, and we’re sending high fives and good vibes right back!

  44. Yes! I teach time chunking to my clients. It was a HUGE shift in my business. It is so much easier to get in the zone when it comes to writing and creating content then to try to squeeze in between other tasks.

    I’m a huge fan of Acuity Scheduling, too. I have created intake forms autoresponders for various types of appointments – including my interview show on Blab. Now each time a new guest is scheduled I get all of the information from them without having to chase it down.

    Routines, Time chunks and systems have saved my sanity!

  45. Isnt a 40% loss equaled to: 60% productivity then?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes, I think you’re right, Judy! Good catch. Of course the more distracted we are, the greater the chance that 60% could become even less. 😉

  46. HUGE challenge for me. And the problem is, I LOVE both sides of the business. I love working with clients (even initial emails), marketing, even accounting, but I also obviously love writing, taking photos, and the creative side of the business. (Hint: I’m not the best delegator.) I prefer using time chunks. Not only does it keep me focused on the task at hand, but it also gives me an excuse to turn off my phone and email or stop reading and researching as needed. Plus, I can let clients and peers know when I’ll have something available – “Oh, you sent an email? I’ll check and respond by 4:30.”

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh yes, chunking is a great way to set boundaries. Great comment, Tori!

  47. I Love Time Chunks. I use time chunks all the time in my agenda. I know this sounds silly but thanks for the reminder to put my phone on airplane mode. It’s such a distraction when I’m trying to get ish done. Such a simple tip but can be so powerful in increasing productivity. I’m always looking for ways to work smarter not harder. Also liked the idea of bulking tasks together when I have to leave the house. Especially since sometimes that doesn’t happen for days at a time. Love these tips to be more efficient so I’m not working 16 hour days like I did when I was in corporate. 🙂

  48. Marty Harger

    Liked the simplicity of this message. I’ve used Time Trade software for appointment setting with success – but I don’t find it to be that easy to operate. Anxious to try your suggestion about Assistant.To. Love your energy and smarts!

  49. I gotta say I love the question and I love the answer even more!

    I am in charge of everything in my small event planning business, and I do struggle keeping up with the schedule that I, myself created in order to avoid wasting time. My ADD is intense, and sometimes when I don’t make the schedule for the following week, I start working on something then jump to another task without completing the previous one and without even notice it… And when I am able to stick to the schedule, I do see improvement in my productivity. So what Marie says here is completely accurate and so beneficial. In my case, I just need to be consistant in making the schedule because once I have it, then it’s easy to for me to relax and not feel anxious thinking that I might be missing something or wasting time. 😀

  50. Tasty time chunks is what I need ! My business is based in my home to it’s flexible but can be TOO flexible. I need to SHUT the door to my office and get to it ! I’m going to start my tasty time chunks right NOW !!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Woohoo, go Susie!! 🙂

  51. Megan

    I definitely needed help with this. I end up kinda jumping from task to task feeling stressed or just sluggish from a lack of focus. When you have your own business and you set your own schedule it seems like one of the biggest obstacles is the fact that you don’t have a schedule made for you. You’ve got to create one AND stick with it. I find this very challenging.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      You’re SO right, Megan! It’s definitely much easier when we have a set schedule in an office or something with more rigid timelines.

      I thought I might share another great MarieTV episode with you that has some awesome tips about creating a schedule if you work for yourself, so I hope this helps:

  52. Hi Marie,

    I found this episode really practical and so helpful. I liked that you gave an example in your own life as it validates that I’m on the right track. I do find this is something I have to work on. My use of time.

    I really have been working on productivity and keeping my mind focused – it has so much importance in a world where everyone is so reactive.

    This exhausts our mind. This really is about keeping a clear head.

    Katie 🙂

  53. This is exactly what I am looking at.. I am getting systems to do like automate my newsletter and schedule it.. REally looking at what works for me.. batching video.. I do 2 a week now and that is good.. really scheduling posts ahead of time.. I dont do that.. I am just looking at what feels good and works for me.

  54. Oh my goodness, the trials of a one-woman show effect other people too…not just me. 😉 Imagine that.

    Like a few other commenters here, I started the new year by “theming” my days. On “this” day out of the week / month, I work on all client projects of “this type.” And that’s all I do that day.

    While some themes can’t be complete just one day, this concept has cut my project time in half. Easily. I’m more focused, more creative, more organized, and way less stressed.

    As always, Marie, your advice is right on!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Kate! Your “themes” days sound like such a great way to chunk out your work — thank you so much for sharing!

  55. Megan

    I mean honestly, I went through such a severe burn out that I almost closed down my company. Twice. I think when people start a business there’s this very real misunderstanding of just how hard it truly is. It’s not an easy task to juggle it all.

    The only thing that saved me was bringing on a few managers to help spread the tasks. Social Media Manager, Bookings Manager, etc. That left me the task of keeping things organized and structured while the rest of it is handled by fully trained, trusted, competent managers.

    Sometimes the best thing is looking for help.

    • Agreed! As soon as you possibly can, it’s important to get that support in your business.

  56. Sandy

    I love this episode! Love love love it. It is so simple and logical. I enjoy the fun in the language you use to describe things too. I’ll always remember “tasty time chuncks” now. Also the tech tips like smart automated systems to support me are great. Thank you for you continuing to do Marie TV!

  57. Hi Marie,

    Thanks always for the insight! I am a writer and I have a small business. I was finding that I never did any writing because everything else got in the way, but then a friend who is an artist, gave me The One Thing for Christmas and it changed my life! I finally get it, you have to do your ONE THING first or it doesn’t get done. My husband and I thought the book sounded simplistic, till we read it, and though, yes, a simple idea, he helps you name your one thing in different areas, then much like tasty time chunks, figure out how to make it all work. I have been writing 5 days a week since reading this book and it’s amazing. Now, I am retaking B-School so I can get my business in order and figure out how to effectively sell our product. I love the idea of tasty time chunks and I’m fitting B-School in as one of those chunks! Thanks again for your insight and if you haven’t read The One Thing, I think you would like it. I’ve read many of the books you have suggested over the years and I think this one is right in there. Sending a huge hug your way! XO


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your great comment, Jane. I haven’t read The One Thing myself, but it sounds awesome! Sending big hugs right back xoxo!

      We’re so thrilled you’re joining us again for B-School too 🙂

  58. Irina

    This is brilliant advice. I’m lucky because my husband and I are building our business together.. so it’s more like ”two guys in the garage” rather than ”one man/women show” but true must be said, it’s still damn hard to pull it off sometimes 😀

    We write ”to do lists” the night before and try to stick with it.

    Good luck to all the hustlers out there and thanks Marie for sharing 🙂 Lololove xxx

  59. Yes! always a struggle. Even after 21 years as a business owner. I have FINALLY started to make changes that make things run smoother. I’ve adjusted previous form emails to be more effective, and created a vetting process for potential clients so neither of us waste our time. I am not the right designer for every potential client, and not every client is the right fit. I still need to review all of my information to see if I can rework so that there are less questions…….some come up simply because people don’t read what is there. To those I am directing back to where the information is in case they missed it. As far as tasty time chunks, I started putting my creative work first so that I can explore new mediums and it doesn’t fall to the bottom of the list. So I start my day with creating. Fit a chunk in at the end of the day to get away from my desk, outside in nature and walk myself and the dog! between that, after lunch client calls, branding design work, bookkeeping, marketing, etc. What I need to create more time is somehow consolidate AR/AP/bookkeeping. It’s bottom of my list because I hate it. And it takes too much time away from creative time. But I am working to embrace it and look at is part of empowering myself. If I can find a way to do that it allow me to create more (Yes!!!), work on rebranding my business, be less stressed and manage my time more effectively. I am completely clear on how I want to grow my business and I need to employ more TTC so that I can put it into action.

  60. Oliver

    I still do not have an official business. Although as I work towards having a business the tasks and objectives I accomplish between now and then are like a movie preview of my prospective business operating standards. Knowing this makes me concious about every new decision being made.

    At this stage Marie and her friends are providing so much useful information that a lot of replanning, reconsidering, and refining are going on to extract more production out of my time and improve my social promoting skills among coworkers, family, or unsuspecting receptive strangers present at stores where I shop.

    I am not using tasty time chunks. I am a struggling amateur among thriving professionals, which means I want to use tasty time chunks and I continue to alter my drive, conviction, and determination to get tasks accomplished so I can get there. I don’t get side tracked by distracting, apathetic and malicious people. I am constantly trying to learn new ways to work around, with, or thru them so they don’t throw me emotionally off balance and mire my mental focus and strategic planning. At the same time I also have to make sure to practice more discipline. I am finding that discipline is key to making progress after embracing an idea or concept. That means using and annuciating the word discipline throughout my whole day to make sure I stay the course. I must learn new methods of discipline so I don’t eat and then take a lunch break for two hours. I must learn not to let one successful accomplisment during the day lead to a two hour break that then might turn into a four break if not more. I must learn not to do to many unrelated projects when possible so that I can remain focused on a single task and improve efficiency.

    So far I have not smart automated my personal finances.

  61. This is a great strategy! I usually plan my day like that but sometimes it is difficult to stick to it, specially with my email inbox. I find pre-written emails to be one of the best solutions for this. Even if you make everything super clear on your site, there will always be people who ask the very same questions. Having presaved messages to answer some of these common questions really saves a lot of time.

    By the way, awesome animations in the video! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Cris, great tip! Pre-written email drafts, even if they are only partial, can be so helpful!

  62. This is just what I needed today Marie!

    As a goldsmith hand building everything from scratch I can spend 20-60 hours per piece. This is what pays the bills and I often put it over and above everything else.

    Bschool is teaching me that I need to devote just as much time to getting new business and that’s hard. A 60 hour piece is still going to take 60 hours to make!! So I either need more helpers or I need to put my prices up!!

    I try time chunking, but sometimes I just eat all the cookies lol!!

  63. YES! Thank you thank you thank you. I’m at this major turning point with my art business where I’ve finally hired someone to help me. I have been a one woman show for some time now and it has gotten to a point where it’s totally unrealistic anymore. That said, that first piece that you talked about… What does Growth mean to me? This is a question I must answer. And, I have a hard time doing so. I See the benefits of a variety of ways, but I’m not clear in it yet. Thanks for the budge to get that clear!

  64. So glad someone asked this question! I’m an illustrator as well and I definitely have this problem. I recently downloaded the app Hours which lets you time each project you’re working on during the day and this helps me to stay on track and stick to a schedule. HOWEVER. With so many tasks to complete in the day, I feel like a few hours actually sitting at my desk illustrating isn’t enough time to complete all my projects which all have imminent deadlines. Often I end up putting my “personal work” chunk of time aside (or marketing time) so I can meet a deadline. After awhile I end up exhausted, uninspired and creatively dried up juggling so many jobs and still broke. Maybe this means I need to look at raising my fees! A scary task…
    Thank you for sharing!

  65. I don’t use tasty time chunks but am going to now! I typically create a task list (started doing it the night before, per your suggestion, Marie), but I haven’t been in the practice of chunking out my day. I totally see the benefits of it. I am a schedule oriented person and can see how it would be perfect for me. Thank you for the great episode today!

  66. Lyndon Rich

    At my age and the things I have done in life, retired from the Navy, 15 years on nuclear submarines, taught at high school, elementary school, college, university, managed 2 tech schools, worked at large insurance company, am a Toastmaster, been on several Red Cross national disasters and now do event photography and fine art photography-flowers, landscapes, etc., I find that I tend to run out of time to do all I want to do. While researching the thought of learning programming I came across an article originally published at The title is – The first step is to start. This little statement has ramifications much larger than the meaning of the words. Think about it, if we continually think of things we want to do, be it strengthen our family relationships, get a different car, photograph in exotic places, whatever and we just think about it an put in on a mental bucket list but never that the first step, nothing will happen. I am sure you can fill in what needs to be the first step in whatever venture you want to undertake but we need to take the first step. So this is my discourse on what holds us back and to me it is always the first step. For after you take the preparation necessary to take the first step then in most people’s mind they have started and now are committed to complete whatever it is. Once started it is difficult to just stop and let it lay there. So my input is to convince people they need to take the first step. Thanks for letting me spout off. All the Best and much success, Lyndon

  67. I use my workout time to visualize what I want to have happen in my work, personal life and family. That means that I have to walk, run or cycle off road or in studio in order to have the focus that allows me to meditate in motion. I also do this in the early am so that I am fresh and ready to knock out the nuts and bolts of my everyday responsibility.

  68. One of my fav reasons for signing onto Marie TV is to see what cute, cool, creative and fashionable new apparel Marie is wearing. Today I just LOVE the necklace!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      So sweet, Patty Ann – thank you! 🙂

  69. In addition to your wonderful suggestions, I have my 10-min chunks of time list for those tasks that will only take a short amount of time (or I can devote short amounts of time – like during a break). These are usually my least favorite tasks, like filing, but are made so doable if I know it’s only going to be 10 minutes!

    Also, I motivate myself to stay on task by giving myself a small reward if I do. One of my favorite rewards is being able to scoot over to the golf course before it gets too dark to practice / play.

    Thanks, Marie, for all your advice and your wonderful clips. You m make Tuesday lunchtime so much fun!


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Ohh I like the 10 minutes of “least favorite task” time. Great tip, Lynn!

  70. I use those “tasty time chunks”. Sometimes I feel a chunk of time is wasted when it is not my fault. So I always make sure to have a book on hand or a good French app to brush up on my french. It really helps not to waste valuable time. During that “down time” I am still learning something 🙂

    • I love it when you can spend “down time” on anything that’s still valueable! :-))

  71. Great video! I needed to hear this! LOL!

    I actually started with something kind of like “Tasty Time Chuncks” two weeks back. The difference is that I also make detailed to-do lists within those time chuncks. I love crossing off things that are done.

    It’s extra motivational and effective when I know that between 9 o clock and 13 o clock for example, I’m working on creating an illustration. And within that time I’ve listed all things to be done about the illustration, as detailed as possible 🙂

    Specially I believe detailed to-do lists is making BIG to-dos seems smaller and easier to accomplish 🙂 And the time chuncks makes you more focused and effective.

    I’m struggling a bit still with balancing creating my business and working with the product LOL. Will work on it! thanks for the video, Marie! It was helpful to me! 😀

  72. Perfect timing! This has been my biggest question since launching my business in January. How do I possibly find time to market my business – particularly when marketing is not my thing and I can’t yet afford to hire someone to do it for me?

    I absolutely agree with the concept of scheduling the work in chunks. Right now I’m experimenting with “chunking” by weeks in the month. First week for social media planning; second week for researching & writing my newsletter/blog; third and fourth weeks for creating new products/services.

    Hope it works:)

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your tips, Elisabeth! There’s no way to do chunking wrong as long as it works for you. The most important part is dedicating the focus time, whether that’s in a day or over a week 🙂

  73. Alberto

    Excellent blog. Simple and effective advice on how to organize the day to be more efficient in our day to day work.

  74. Thank you, Marie! Another brilliantly hilarious and helpful Q&A Tuesday! I’m at that stage where my days are packed and I’m jumping from writing to social media and so forth. I’ve also just created an Instagram account for my biz so it’s all a bit crazy getting to grips with a new platform. So this is a great tip to really focus and split my time.

    I’ve already got some social media post topics set and will spend a Sunday for example just writing them so I can easily execute them every day that week at a certain time during the day allocated to social media. I’m also gonna try the flight mode trick! I think that will serve me 🙂

    Thanks again!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Rosina! We’re so glad this episode was helpful and yes, flight mode is totally our secret weapon 😉

  75. Thanks Marie! This is a fantastic approach.

  76. Lyndon Rich

    Hi Marie:
    Hope you don’t mind me addressing you by your first name though we have never met. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I am planning to use my comment that I sent as a part of a speech I will be giving in a contest on March 19 in Galesburg, IL. Darren LaCroix, a Toastmaster World Champion Speaker sent me an email from, Darren LaCroix, CSP .Anyway there was statement that I wanted to paraphrase as the start of my speech. So I emailed him and included the comment I sent before but now have edited it. It is below.
    All the Best, Lyndon

    At my age and all the things I have done in life, retired from the Navy, 15 years on nuclear submarines, taught at high school, elementary school, college, university, managed 2 technical schools, worked at large insurance company, am a Toastmaster, have been on several Red Cross national disasters and now do event photography and fine art photography-flowers, landscapes, etc., I find that I tend to run out of time to do all I want to do. While researching the thought of learning computer programming I came across an article originally published at The title is – “The first step is to start”. This little statement has ramifications much larger than the meaning of the words. Think about it, if we continually think of things we want to do, be it strengthen our family relationships, get a different car, photograph in exotic places, whatever and we just think about it and put in on our mental bucket list but never take the first step, nothing will happen. I am sure you can fill in what needs to be the first step in whatever venture you want to undertake but we need to take the first step. So this is my discourse on what holds us back and to me it is always the first step. For after you make the preparation necessary to take the first step then in most people’s mind they have started and now are committed to complete whatever it is. Once started it is difficult to just stop and let it lay there. So my input is to convince people they need to take the first step. Thanks for letting me spout off. All the Best and much success, Lyndon

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lyndon, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here. It’s great that you’ll be participating in the Toastmasters contest, and we’re sending best wishes to you for a great speech on March 19th!

  77. I recognized that my best work, professional time is in the morning – and try to stick with letting the afternoons be more creative time.

    xx Johanna

    • So great that you know your creative DNA Johanna 🙂

  78. As a former bodybuilding champion who has included structured play (a.k.a “exercise”) into her daily ritual for 38+ years, I KNOW from personal experience regular, physical movement done intelligently provides profound mental clarity and fuels energy reserves.

    Marie states in Module #1, “Clarity is POWER” and I couldn’t agree with her more! A clear mind is a POWER-full, creative mind! Moreover, a clear mind is receptive to receiving INSPIRATION!

    A body which receives care via regular movement (and life enhancing nourishment) has a HUGE reserve of ENERGY to perform INSPIRED actions!

    There is no doubt in my mind body whatsoever structured play is key to creativity, emotional wellbeing and productivity.

    IDEA to contemplate: Mind body are not separate. They are ONE. The mind is the invisible body. Body is the visible mind. That’s WHY movement for the body clears the body of stress and toxins while concurrently doing the same for mind!

    Be Play-full. Be inspired. Be productive. Be POWER-Full.

  79. Tabitha

    I already regularly do both of these but I needed the reminder as to why and to stick to my guns on the cookies. Great one.

  80. Today me and my dear friend Sanna have decided to get together and work each week, both on different projects but brainstorming ideas and collaborating. Feels really inspiring to work with someone else, and good to set of time in my calendar and get things done! I find it hard to focus on one thing but i’m definitely going to apply these time chunks!
    <3 your show

  81. Marie, thank you for the cookie idea. Managing time is the biggest struggle especially now that I have a full time job, a part time job (in a dance company, youhou!), that I take writing workshops, that I am a B-Schooler AND that I still want to write my script in the middle of this. Ha! And the research and reading parts are my biggest enemies. I do not know how to handle those bad boys! Thanks for being so funny and inspiring. Cheers!!!!

  82. I really needed this. I’ve been struggling to find some way to balance both the business side and creative side of my one woman design online business. I found myself being drained by all the social media marketing and maintaining my website/blog that I didn’t feel like being creative, so I was pushing myself to do the one thing that I do enjoy.

    This makes a ton of sense and I am definitely going to start implementing this kind of scheduling. I’ve been craving Tasty Time Chunks and didn’t even know it. 🙂

  83. How do you get it all done? Outsource the projects that do not generate any revenue. 🙂

  84. Hi, Forleo Team,

    I just enrolled in B School and am already loving all the tools, strategies, and wisdom that Marie offers through the program. I’ve started using tasty time chunks in my life and they have helped so much! I loved Marie’s tip on putting your phone on airplane mode. I feel that my phone always distracts me with email and group chats! I’m definitely going to start using airplane mode when I need to focus on a project. I also love the idea of creating forms on my site. I’ve seen that other successful coaches and speakers have forms on their sites, and it’s time I do the same to save myself time. I have one question for you: what are your thoughts about putting prices for speaking engagements and coaching sessions on my website?

    As always thanks for your wisdom and advice!


    • Hi Elizabeth!

      There is no right answer to your question about pricing. Successful people do it both ways 🙂

      One pro to having prices available, especially for your coaching services, is that it makes it very easy for prospects to know whether or not they can afford to work with you, and often – book a session with you on the spot.

      I’ve paid for expert sessions online and loved that they had their prices front and center. It made working with them really easy.

      Speaking: I’d say leave the prices off your site because you’ll want to customize your quote depending on the organization and what they want from you (travel, time, etc.). Also, if you pursue speaking professionally and want that to be a significant portion of your revenue, at some point you’ll want to get a speaking agent to negotiate on your behalf.

  85. This is a great one, Marie! Love how you create the forms and easy access to info. Great idea!

    As an artist myself, I find that blocking out FULL days is best. To get into the ZONE, it’s often hard to switch gears and go to business tasks at the end of the day. I like to do business tasks one day, and creative work the next. Thanks again Marie!

  86. Yay! SOML! Thanks for creating this episode! Totally speaks to my biz challenges and goals for this year! And I’m def getting better at the tasty time chunks 🙂 That cookie productivity stat is legit.

    Posting on social media each day is one of the biggest areas I feel like is all garbled and inefficient for me. Do you have any recommendations for tools/apps to use for this? I would LOVE to figure out and schedule a week’s worth of posts in one day!!!

  87. Such an impactful episode! I’m so thankful for you! You are totally on my vision board! Not only do you inspire me but you always inspire me to action! Xo

  88. anna Matthews

    I had the same question as Benj ~ I was wondering the exact same thing. Thank you Benj and Marie for making it happen!

  89. Thanks for this great video Marie. I’m glad you mentioned about going off-line as being constantly online is a MAHOOSIVE time-eater furthermore we’ve become hooked on checking social media/email etc so it requires willpower to switch off.
    Even if you are not an entrepreneur Tasty time Chunks work wonders if you are busy. I used it then and I really need to start using again now that I’m a solopreneur as Benj’s description mirrors mine.
    There is also a great feeling when you complete a task.

  90. I love tasty time chunks! It’s the only way I can get everything done. I’m even creating a workbook on the topic.

    Managing time this way is also crucial to managing my depression, which I’ve had my entire life. Time chunks, schedules and sorting tasks into easy, medium and difficult ratings help me get things done, even when I’m feeling sluggish and distracted.

    It’s a great way to maintain self-care strategies too. Like Marie, I include exercise, meditation, rituals and other self-care in my time chunks. Sometimes those activities don’t seem so important, or they get away from us when we have work to do. Without self-care, there’s a hole in our boat!

    Shove a little tasty time chunk in that hole and keep paddling!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      YES, Ella! Self-care is so important to include in our time chunks. And your last line had me totally snort laughing over here 😉

  91. This video should be on weekly repeat for creatives! I love your clarification of working ‘IN’ the business and ‘ON’ the business – such a great distinction!

    I’m an artist and have struggled with this so much, most when my son was born and I went from full time artist, exhibiting and offering commissioned paintings to full time mom. So – 60mph to 0mph – BAM!! While I know there are a lot of artist parents who have encountered this struggle, mine felt so difficult because I paint large abstract paintings in beeswax and I couldn’t paint with my little one around, so I dropped the painting of course.

    The pressure of creative build-up that caused exploded into my first artist + mom blog and helped me discover the precious ‘Mini Moments’ that come as a multi-tasking artist. I started sketching again, quick illustrations whenever my hands were free, then poetry, then ideas to help other artist parents. What I learned, and what you’ve reinforced so well in today’s video, is that if you don’t control your time, it will control you AND unexpected insights just may manifest if your window for working is restricted into time bites instead of a feast. So, whether you cook them up as tasty time chunks, mini/micro moments, setting time for creating and working on your business can happen as long as you plan for it, which brings me to point two.

    The second part I do (mostly) is to strategically plan those mini-moments and guard them like a wolf-mom guarding pups. They way I do it that’s helped me is to pull back and get a broader perspective (like looking down in an airplane) and to plan in reverse. What I mean by that is, I start with the end goal for the year or for a project, roughly plan out the steps backward that it takes me to get there and then plug in those steps into the tasks I need to do to get me there. Then, I break the tasks down further in to mini-moments (tasty chunks) into my daily and weekly calendar.

    Do I always do this? No! But this is my guiding plan and if I blow it for a day, I blow it, then get back on track the next day.

    Thanks for the video reminder Marie, love it!

  92. Hi Marie,

    This video did help remind of on word – PRIORITIZE!!!
    I needed this really a great deal – as an independent recording artist and now recently being asked to launch a social media management company for Realtors, I needed this really. I work a full time job as well. Man I wish I can talk with you about lots of this. But simply want to say thank you and I will use those tips and will come back with more comments

  93. I have a “tasty time chunks” schedule that I use. I just haven’t been using it enough lately. Thanks for the 40% / 100% info. That’s a motivator. The song you picked for your “frazzled” segment sure brings back memories…..Benny Hill chasing half dressed women all over England…lol

    • Thank you for sharing your 2 strategies!
      I will definitely check out gravity forms as I answer 1 question every single day many times through e-mail and I still didn’t apply it into my business. I can see that I will leverage my time tremendously. I love how CLEAR you are with every question and answer. Thank you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hahaha! 😉

  94. Julia Thornton

    Tasty time chunks keep my day full & productive! I’ve always followed the six daily goals method, since my job usually means several fire drills making firm schedules impossible. But then I realized it was SO hard to focus whenever it was time for a buckle-down work sesh. In fact, I was never fully present in any of my activities anymore & felt like I was always apologizing to everyone for not following through – these “firedrills” always took priority, & made them feel unimportant.

    So, I did a productivity audit. Every day for a week, I wrote down my activities in 15-min increments. It was super annoying, but then I kinda enjoyed it once I could track trends. The next week, I started planning out my day with a huge paper desktop (like, OG desktop, as in on the top of my desk) calendar. Each sheet consisted of 7 days, with a column for each day. There’s enough room to plan out my entire day (down to the :15). It helps me to anticipate the day’s priorities & carve room for things that are important to me (like Marie’s videos!). When the fire drills happen, the missed activities go back on the docket and I swap out time chunks as needed. I’m more fully engaged in my activities AND better able to manage priorities (like saying no to fire drills!)

  95. I have always used tasty time slots! My hubby was saying I filled up my calendar with too much stuff, but I have found that when I actually do the time slots a) I do the stuff and b) I feel great ticking it off!


  96. Lindsey

    This was a great episode. Loved the stat on how toggling tasks decreases productivity. I struggle with overdoing a task when I dive in, and it depletes from the time I spend on other tasks; so when I know things like, “I only have to post 3 times on X social platform per day, and make 10 new connections online–but I will only spend 30 minutes online, so whichever comes first” I know I can be done and then move on to the next thing at a particular time and I just set the clock. If I’m done ahead of time, sweet.

  97. Marie, this video could not have come at a more divine time! I am currently going through the struggles of this – building my business and also creating the work. It’s been very hard for me to get focused, I can become so distracted… but I recently found out about this batching technique and starting to apply it to my routine and I think it’s getting better! I even downloaded the Pomodoro app to help, haha.

    My strategy is to dedicate certain days in the week to different tasks. Tuesdays – Admin and Follow Up, Wednesday – Social Media, Thursday – Copy and Content, etc.

    Another quick Q – do you or anyone know of any tools to schedule Instagram posts? I’m struggling to find something that works well!

    Thanks Marie!

  98. Laura

    In Marie voice: Ooooo, that episode was juic-ay!” I will def be looking into gravity forms, I had wanted to put one into my website and just didnt know where to start. MarieTV has my back like that. Great episode thanks!

  99. Marie,

    You have NO idea how much this episode has helped me in what…the time it lasted?! I was just working on precisely designing those tasty time chunks you talked about and researching I got to your episode! I got my baby business in Interior Decor and Design (facebook and IG as for right now) and I want to balance between Doing and Promoting my work. Thanks so much! You’re my business angel 😀

    Regards from Honduras all the way to where you are.
    Sara GalHer

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Sara! We’re always delighted to hear when our episodes arrive at the perfect time 🙂 xoxo

  100. Great question and response! I use these strategies in my business to make time for self care and creativity too. I also write these items on the top of my To Do list with my work items. I LOVE crossing items off my To Do list – so this is a great teaser for me to actually do them. x

  101. Hi Marie,
    Loved your episode today. I definitely utilize tasty time chunks and it absolutely helps me to do the creative work for my business and the work outside of my business. What I try to do every day is to mix outside work with my own business work so I know every day I am doing, at least, ONE task to move my business forward.

    I have created a strategy session format that I do with all new clients to get some idea of the marketing they want to achieve. I am also starting to implement more automated emails into my business to cut down on email time.

    Keep the good advice coming!


  102. Denise

    When we created our new website, we took a list of the most common questions/problems that we always got and made sure they were all addressed on the new site. The number of those types of questions dropped dramatically. We still get the occasional person who didn’t bother to read, but it is nothing like it was before.

  103. Jade Varley

    Great video. Thanks Marie 🙂

  104. georgia

    THANKYOU! So friggin simple but so valuable! Perfect timing. Watching this has given me a good kick up the backside! Time to get to work. 🙂

  105. A comment to your first question. I spent the first few years in the business just working for the business and not enough working on the business. It’s a hard balance because letting go of things that I loved to do and did well is hard. But if I’m not getting new work then I am not doing anything. I am now finding that same level of love in working on the business.

    Thanks again for another great video

  106. Manny

    Hi Marie . Great tips , I will star applying them .Thank you .

  107. I appreciate this topic so much Marie! I work full time and own a Marketing business full time, while having a 3 year old child to take care of. I am feeling stressed. I am still working on my website and because of word of mouth, I gained 2 clients this week. I am very grateful. I am just feeling the HEAT. I am a one woman show. Tonight I was feeling like I wanted to give up. The stress is making me sick. I am in bed right now! Tomorrow I will make my tasty time chunk schedule.

    Thank you so much.

  108. Hey Marie,

    Love this! I talk about batching a lot and get people (and myself) to draw up – and constantly review – their ideal week. We put it all on colour coded bits of paper on a board (you can use a pinboard or a magnetic board – whatever floats your boat)
    This way when you sit down to work each day, you know what task that chunk of time (or cookie… oh… maaaan!) has been assigned to.

    And of course things are going to pop up, so then we can just switch them around – that way nothing important (like down-time, exercise & making great connections) gets missed.

    Love the cookie analogy 🙂 You are so awesome at bringing this sort of thing to life.

    xx Miriam

  109. I’m an author who also works to pay the bills. So, my days are somewhat scheduled and I estimate the evening before how much time I actually have to work with, and what may need to be put aside. For example, tomorrow I have some reading to do for my volunteer work, plus I have to make some time consuming phone calls and also have to sort out some banking stuff before the receipts and bills take over my desk! So tomorrow, I decided to skip writing because it’s quite time consuming and I won’t be able to focus properly, knowing that my days is packed solid of extra task (over and above my job, social media, emails etc for my writing side and somewhere in there, I also try to fit in a workout;-) My schedule isn’t as organized as the one you described, but I have general time slots when I do things and I find that it works pretty well. Having a list is a MUST and I cringe anytime someone says they are super busy and ‘don’t have time’ or interest in writing a list. I think I would lose my mind if I didn’t have some sense of organization in my day – even if things sometimes get a bit off track:-) Thanks, another great Vlog!

  110. Kirin Bhatti

    I create “tasty time chunks” in every part of my life. I am definitely a multi-passion person and have learned over the years which of my passions I want to have as part of my business and which I would rather not monetize. BUT running a business can often leave little time for anything creative/passionate that’s not business related. So this year I wrote down ALL the passions, hobbies and volunteers projects I want to accomplish for the year and worked backwards to figure out how much time each month and week I would need to spend to get them done. It’s been great because now instead of feeling like I NEVER take time to explore new music (a HUGE hobby of mine) I have scheduled a full day of music exploration and downloading once a month. So doable actionable and gives me permission to do all the things that are important to me in my life 🙂

  111. Tasty time chunks are great. Do ’em all the time! I do a mini celebration or zero cost reward on completion. Powers me up for the next chunk.

  112. Franca

    Fantastic advice! Thank you so much.

  113. Gloria

    Loved everything about this one but mostly I’m just here to say that I loved the intro scene – I found it so adorable and natural and fun and love Marie’s personality – and also laughed out loud at Marie’s “life you loveeeee… and you want to squeeze it until its eyeballs almost pop out.” lol just cuteness all around this one! 🙂

  114. Carson

    Hi Marie
    Thank you so mutch I have been having this problem in finding proper time to run my Business I also run my own business. I manage it doing the physical, production clientele and books and so on and find it sometimes very hard to get to all the tasks. I am going to start with some of the things you mentioned, sometimes it is good to have a little change in your path

  115. Add “single mom” to the equation :).
    But I love it and will never stop! Thank you, Marie, for so much great content, I totally dig it, you are so much fun!
    So nice to hear about your early days. And yes, both time chunks and automated systems work wonders, I confirm!! The more I use both strategies, the more productive I am and feel at ease and much more creative.
    Two years ago (which was 10 years into my freelancing career) I decided to hire a part-time assistant. Life is so much easier now, she does the invoicing and the spreadsheets and helps with the technical stuff like Mailchimp and communication with my website programmer. It does cost money but it´s so worth my freed mind and more time for creativity.
    Greetings from Europe. Any plans to speak/visit here? Nina

  116. Sonja

    Hi Marie,
    I am always looking forward to watching Marie TV, and this was really very useful for me, I definitely need Tasty Time Chunks in my life. My mind is just so not calm otherwise. The 40% time loss you stated is an eye-opener, I can totally believe it but just never had the perspective to see it. What is still difficult for me is to schedule the right amount of time for each task, I always underestimate, but I’m working on that.
    Oh and I love your Smurf glass, it somehow made my day.

  117. Great episode Marie! 🙂 I have had the same problem for the last 1,5 years as my partner left the company. I now run it as a one man show, and trying to think smarter every day. Tasty time chuncks really helps, but I still feel like I need 40 hours a day to get through everything. And the time chuncks have a tendency to float out (I don´t stick to my own schedule, because I am not close to finished with what should have been done within that time). Two things that helped me in additiion to time chucks was: Working smarter (prioritize the things that gave more income) and meditate twice a day istead of once (It really helps!!). And I am constantly looking for ways to earn more with less work. My biz is steadily growing, but I still feel I haven´t creacked the code completely, and I open to all advice that can get me further!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Those are great tips, Anne, thank you so much for sharing! I love that twice-daily meditation is part of your routine. Genius.

  118. Amanda

    Tasty time chunks… ? On my plate as of right now. Thank you, Marie ?

  119. Ah! Loved this one!

    My two strategies are:
    1- Do the personally important stuff first thing in my day. So work out first or get my personal projects done first. ( if you put yourself second all the time you end up building resentment to the thing and people you are meant to be loving on – well I found I did)

    2- I break my to do list up in to 3 sections.
    To do – Today / this week / this month (this was actually from one of you B-School ‘how to schedule’ lessons)
    That way I feel like I have achieved something (because its not just a 5 page to do list of never ending tasks) and I still get to work in long term projects into my day to day.


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love your tip about putting yourself first! You’re so right and that’s such a great tip for us all to remember. Thank you. 🙂

  120. My biggest take away from this video is Tasty Time Chunks!

    I’ve been working slowly towards making changes to my schedule so that I may focus complete days to certain activities. I am a yoga teacher and a life coach, so I plan to dedicate 3 days a week to teaching and 2 days a week to coaching and all the businessy stuff that goes with it. Then, on those coaching days, to chunk it up into time to coach and time to business.

    Multitasking is highly over rated. When we muti task we lose time and energy each time to switch between thought and actions. We also forgo any opportunity for ideas to develop completely.

    Chunk it up!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true, Christine! Giving ideas the space to develop is so important for creativity and business. Multi-tasking is definitely overrated.

  121. Heather

    Thank you for this! It was the first episode of Marie TV that I’ve watched and SO timely for me. I just jumped in to starting a freelance writing practice in Januart, and have been struggling with exactly this issue – in fact I just talked to my husband about this last night! Heading to work now and going to plan some Tasty Time Chunks for my morning! Also just shared to video with my networking group. Looking forward to catching more episodes — thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad your first MarieTV episode was so timely! We’re thrilled to have you in the community. New episodes are released on Tuesdays and we can’t wait to share more with you. 🙂

  122. This is wonderful and a real keeper! I am watching it again tonight (yes, when work is technically over for me but it’s so enjoyable to watch, it’s a gift. Will post all this information at my desk as a daily reminder. Thanks Marie!

  123. Tony


    I am a Social Media Specialist and have been slowly growing my business for 2 years. I am not getting more clients and finding it hard to juggle time. About a month ago, I created a schedule for myself of times when to do client work, and when I stick to the schedule, I am very productive. No TV; no phone calls, (I have to be better on ignoring emails).

    This video confirmed with me that I am doing the right thing. Thank you so much, and thank you Benj for asking this important question.

  124. Oh Marie.. you so nailed this. I have been in a web/graphic design business with my husband for the last 9 years (My Virtual Project). We always struggled with *busy work* and trying to coordinate the administrative and the creative work. I also have an art business (Second Touch Art) of which I am the artist creating hand stained art on wood and acrylic paintings. This adds the “double whammy” factor. As an artist, I usually find that my creative window falls somewhere between 11 and 3. Art can’t be forced… So putting in a time chunk for my creative work on the graphic, web and art side will need to be a bigger chunk! And NOW, my husband has decided to take an interim position outside our home office for at least the next 4-6 months which means I have all of the administrative/marketing tasks as well!! Talk about OVERLOAD. But I am so determined to make all of this work because it is all a good thing. I am in the process of streamlining most every process we have to make things more automated, more concise and yes, in time chunks! I already use Gravity Forms on our websites (2) and take advantage of asking the questions. In addition, I track my time with a time keeping tool called BigTime and manage clients and their projects with a cloud based software called Insightly. My inbox is sorted by category too so the client work pops to the top. I’m trying to make everything cloud based so I can work from any device 🙂 These things all help make it manageable (most days 😉 ). Thanks for sharing this – it really hit home and I got a few wonderful “chunks” to make me even more productive!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      WOW, Susi! It sounds like you’ve got a lot of super helpful systems in place to help streamline things during this busy time ahead. We’re cheering you on and are sending positive vibes your way since you’ve got a lot of your plate.

  125. Tasty time chunks – love the name and definitley need to incorporate more of them into my life.
    What also helps me to stay focus is to stay away from social media. I’ve heard Marie say some time ago “dont consume before you create” or something along those lines. And now I only go on social media after I am mostly done with the work for the day, thats when I scroll thorugh my comments, post more content and engage with my tribe.

  126. Great video Marie! The tasty time chunks will really help me in the future. Thank you so much for all your wonderful advice, you’re the best!!

  127. Thank you very much for the great insight! I am curious about what Marie talked about, working IN your business and working ON your business. I see those as two big categories right there, balancing your creative side with your marketing and operations side. It is huge! How long will it take to eat the delicious cookies until I can see the result of my goal? I am challenged with the balance, the time and result.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question! I found an article that discusses the “on” versus “in” distinction here:

      Your question (“How long will it take to eat the delicious cookies until I can see the result of my goal?”) is a good one, though it really just depends. It depends on whether it’s a long term goal, or short term goal, how in depth the goal is, etc. I think you’ll find that things like that can vary and it’s more of a case-by-case basis.

  128. Hi Marie

    Thank-you! I LOVED this episode! I’m a mom of two gorgeous boys aged 3 and 4 with a business I love love love (squeeze it till it’s eyes pop out!) on the side… so I have to fit everything (and I mean everything) into a max of 6 hours a day before I pick the boys up and focus on them in the afternoons… some nights I get back to work after they are asleep but I try carve out evenings for my Hubbie as much as I can 😉

    I guess caramel flavored “tasty time chunks” are a treat I’ve been chewing on out of necessity for some time now… it’s just so awesome to hear it summed up like this! Can’t believe the 40% decrease in productivity stat – makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks again for being YOU, Marie. You and your team rock!

    See you in B-School!
    xx Janice

  129. This was spot on! I didn’t realized that, lately, I was doing tasty chunks (out of instinct I guess, I have a name for it now), just not as well explained as Marie’s description. This made me realize how important that strategy is specially for me as a designer, and that I should not only keep doing it but make it my “official time management system”. Great ideas, awesome advice! Thank you!

  130. Love tasty time chunks. I try to use this method, but the way you put it places it front and center now when I schedule my day.

    I also find that I can work in blocks of 25-30 minutes at a time. I actually set a timer, then I get a 5 minute break. After I have done 4 blocks, I get a 30 minute break. It sounds rigid, but this system works perfectly for someone like me with a massive ADD brain. Plus, I don’t get burned out if I know I will be taking a break.

    Can’t wait for B-School to start!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad you’re excited about B-School, Karen! It sounds like you’ve got some helpful habits in place to help you make the most of your time, which is fantastic. Module 1 was just released this past Monday, so feel free to dive in if you haven’t already! We’re cheering you on big time.

  131. Great post and video- here is an assiciated problem that we have into with our new marketing agency. In order to build our reputation in the beginning, we went to great lengths to exceed the expectations of our clients, often prouducing content that a much higher value (and time component) than they were paying for. Now that we have become in great demand and our resources are being stretched thin, how do we ‘wean’ these initial clients away from this premium service so that we can free up time to spend more time with our new clients? Sometimes going ‘above and beyond’ can hobble your growth.

  132. OMG!! SO needed this!! Doing time chunks now and keeping the phone on airplane mode! Ain’t no stopping NOW!!
    Grace & Gratitude,

  133. Love this segment of tasty time chunks, Marie! After seeing your sample schedule, it’s no wonder I feel so burned out. I have entirely too much on my plate for one day, and I need to be more organized by blocking out calls and texts during my creative hours. When you played your “frazzled” piece, I had to laugh because that is totally me on many days. I appreciate your insight and will still carving out tasty time chunks so I can accomplish my goals in a much more productive and less frazzled way.

  134. Peta-Ann

    OMG, this is ME! If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m currently working a 9-5 days days a week, I’d wonder when I sent an e-mail as ‘BenJ’. When you’re as tired as I can be at times, you often wonder if/when you did certain things that feel familiar. I need help. ^_^;

    Thanks, Marie! My time is very limited, but I’ll implement those Tasty Time Chunks as best as I can until I can work for myself (again).

  135. Great episode! I’m also an artist and struggle with the exact same thing. It’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole of administrative duties and forget to do the REAL work- my art!

    It’s almost impossible to plan all my days to be the same, but I’ve found it helpful to set timers for myself. If I’m working on website content, for example, I’ll set a timer for 2-3 hours shut everything else out (except maybe for some good blues or jazz music.)

    I also set timers for the creative work. It really helps me tune everything out if I know I don’t have to think about anything else until that timer goes off.

    If I have to be somewhere such as a meeting, event, or a class, I set an alarm for 30 minutes before I have to leave. That way, I don’t stress about what I’m going to wear, but I’m not rushing out the door at the last minute, either.

    I dedicate on entire day per week to housecleaning. Usually, it’s Mondays. (The blues music comes in handy there, too…) It’s hard to get work done in between loads of laundry or when you’re noticing the sink needs to be cleaned. So, I knock it all out in one day and only spot-clean during the week.

  136. OOoh! I loved this one! I wear WAY too many hats…but I’m working on delegation, automation and tasty time CHUNKS! <3

  137. You’re a classic!!!! Love your work!!!! You go girl!!!!!
    Blessings from Downunder

  138. Oh my god!

    I had to stop that video at 2,15′!!!
    Cause I wanna figure out this fabulous question first, before I dive into your smart exercises. Cause it dawned to me: this is the clue to why I was looking for to get back into my flow.

    My first insight: I wanna be booked more from other institutions!
    Why? Because THEY come up with challenges, ideas and key apects that I would never have thought of – and that makes my work even more DIVERSE – and by that more FUN. Besides, they spark my CREATIVITY, challenge myself and I learn so much more about what I am able to offer already now!!!

    Such a good question. I take it with me. And consider it throughout the day.

    Thank you, Marie, thank you Bench (hope I spelled it right) for asking the question and thank you, all the people out there, who supported Marie along the way!


  139. THANK YOU, Marie! I’m an artist and that one was super helpful. LOVE

  140. Carola

    Thanks Marie as always for such great advice!
    But there’s something I always struggle when it comes to tasty time chunks. I have one big project and many smaller ones, but even if I dedicate a little bit of time to the smaller ones and like 3 hrs. a day to the big one, there’s this annoying voice in my head sometimes that says ‘You’re not doing enough!’ or ‘You’re wasting your time with Project C! Do more A!’. It’s not always there, but when it is, it’s hard to ignore it.

  141. This was a great reminder to myself to segment my time and stop trying to multi-task all the time. But, why is it I really really want a cookie?

  142. Oh Marie, this was so timely! I implemented the GREAT tactics I learned from B-School a few years ago for collecting important info from potential clients ahead of time—that questionnaire and subsequent step-by-step process brought my business up about three levels. But I’ve still struggled with being a one-woman show and getting everything done on a daily basis. I seem to always feel “a bit behind still” at the end of each workday. It’s a terrible feeling when you work so hard!

    So I’m really grateful for the Tasty Time Chunks advice. It’s something I’ve tried but never done in earnest, but now I see I need to get serious about it so I don’t lose my mind! 🙂 While I do list everything out and prioritize each day, I think creating the dedicated time chunks will help a lot … thank you for your always-sage advice and for being wonderful YOU!!

  143. Ana Perez

    Thank you Marie!! I loved the illustrations and extra captions to remind us the importance of not only blocking the time in chunks, but concentrating completely in the task by staying away from distractions. The statistic you mentioned surprised me greatly! I didn’t know distractions lower productivity soooo much down to 40%!!! Could you share your sources? Would love to learn more 🙂

  144. Exactly what I needed, right now! You are indeed an inspiration! Love your dancing, since I teach dancing too!

  145. Thank you Marie for taking time to answer Benj’s terrific questions. Super helpful! I’m learning to batch task and time saving techniques for my business are essential. Looking forward to more like this!

  146. I love the idea of 50% due upon booking 50% due upon completion however as a freelancer almost all companies I work for are Net 30-45 for payment. Is it common to ask for a deposit? Is one typically able to negotiate a down payment with a bigger company?

  147. Olisa

    Absolutely brilliant!
    I am an artist and illustrator too and I’ve tried in different ways to create daily plans, but I’m not able to implement it because of the number of things I have to attend to.
    But this your short video has given me insight on how to overcome the problem and maximize my productivity. .
    U are awesome indeed and I’ll do my best to try out your methods(tasty chunks and leveraging time).
    Thanks alot..
    Remain blessed

  148. Just stumbled across this via facebook…. awesome vid thankYOU! I love it how you selflessly share info to the benefit of others. You have another raving fan! Happy daze TKx

  149. Hello Marie Forleo,

    Your tips are so dam helpful.

    This post deals with, what I was exactly looking for.
    Thank you for sharing this among us.
    Have a great week ahead.

    Shantanu sinha

  150. Ngozi

    Thanks Marie. Tasty time chunk is what I really need and I’ m going to try it.

  151. Hi, excellent reminder of simple time management techniques… as you said, it’s the “knowing” versus the “using”… tasty time chunks, I like it!

  152. Thanks Marie! I’m struggling with the same thing! I do use tasty time chunks, but I need to do it religiously!! I just moved to an on-line scheduler and that has done wonders! I’ve been working with other on-line tools to help me automate other parts of my business.

  153. Great episode! And I loved the related episodes you mentioned too!
    I really struggle with this. In the recent past I have done my creative work on the side of my job job, and the condensed time and lack of it being a “business” kept things productive. Now that I shifted my side work to be my main thing, I am struggling hard with the balance between creative work, expanding my clientele, self – promotion, and time/space/energy for new creations (my favorite part!) The overwhelm had been debilitating at times–and it still feels like I have a really long way to go.

    I do have a couple of strategies that work for me–but they are a pretty woo woo. One, I take whole days to do whatever I want! This is hard, but I am practicing giving myself some space so that my heart can speak up.

    The other strategy, is using the energy of the moon to guide part of my day! This has been fun to do, and I love observing my productivity when I work with astrological energy. I am eager to compliment this woo with the systems that you mentioned in this video, and in the 4 minute productivity trick vid.

    Thanks so much for the work that you do! It helps heaps!

  154. A huge time saver I started doing was having canned responses in email for requests I got all the time (brands reaching out to me to do a sponsored post on my fashion blog). Just google canned response gmail for tips on how to set it up!

  155. Yes, time batching is key, when I don’t batch I don’t get anything important done!

  156. I looove this episode!
    I am also a one-woman-show and I always struggle in finding balance between creating and promoting.
    I teach yoga (plus some more things): when I started out I was totally focused on creating… now I am more into promoting and at times I feel I am promoting nothing, because I’m not creating anything new!
    I’m going to start applying your first suggestion, it hit something within me. Thanks! 🙂

    Oh, and welcome back, I had missed Marie TV!

  157. Dear Marie,
    I love your video and your advice is excellent! Thank you for inspiring me and so many others!

  158. I am still working on the one woman show thing. For me I have a very odd circadian rhythm, I tend to be a night person. I get up between 12-1 pm, get focused – coffee, breakfast, going over the day with business partner, by 1-2 pm I am working. I do most of the business computer work in the day, run errands, Dr Appointments, family and so on. Come 9 pm the world gets quiet the phone turns off and I paint, sculpt, write or whatever the project current is. I am alone and covered in paint and glue and NO ONE interrupts my play time. I usually get to bed between 3-5 am. I have health issues and often don’t sleep much, so I take naps if need be, around 6-9 pm, but not everyday. I do not beat myself up about it, I just grab the cat and snuggle under.

    I still spend a lot of time studying how to run an art business online and would love to be able to go to B-school, but I just lost both my jobs and am living on very little money, but lots of friend support. So I just keep plugging along and am looking for a bit of graphic freelancing online. A friend is helping me learn the freelance circuit ropes.

  159. I saw the video yesterday and it didn’t impress me much at first – thought I couldn’t apply the time chunks to my job.
    But your words (and the tasty cookies) kept popping up in my mind the whole day, and this morning I found myself creating mental time chunks and batching like todos.
    And I HAD to write here. Thanks, as usual, for your clarity.
    I have a big question though. What if my answer to the one big question you ask in the beginning of the video was 2 options? Yes, I want better paying clients and more staff. How can one create a good strategy to reach all goals?

  160. I only email one time per day (tasty time chunks), but I keep an ongoing list of people I have to email. So as I think of people I need to contact throughout my day, I just add them to my email list and then email them during my allotted time.

  161. TASTY TIME CHUNKS! Ah I am in love with this concept. I have been trying to balance the feeling of being immersed in my business’ daily tasks and the business development that needs to happen to grow. Thank you for the insight and for inspiring me to make the updates on how to work with us! Yay 🙂

  162. Hi Marie,
    Exciting to meet you here.. 🙂

    One of the best advice indeed.. I agree with your all point of views for business management.

    Starting business is fun but managing and sacrifice is more necessary to keep the value and brand of company.

    Any way I have learned many things from this article. And I just can’t hold myself to comment on this beautiful post, you know.

    Thanks a lot for sharing such a great guideline for us.. 🙂

    Have a good day to you..
    – Ravi.

  163. Hi Marie Forleo,
    Your tips are very helpful.
    I am also a one-woman-show and I struggle in finding free time and good moments for myself.

  164. Hello,
    This video resonated with me. I am a cofounder of a start up. I am blessed because, I have been following Marie Tv, have read Lean startup, by Eric Reiss, Running Lean by Ash Maurya, and 4 steps to the Epiphany by Steven Blank, and am now onto #garyvee
    I try to share all of this with my team.
    I shared this video, about tasty bites with my team yesterday. Their feedback, was for a start up to make the video a little more realistic, in term so of the true hours spent.
    4am-6am work 6:10am-8 get kiddos up and to school, 8-9 work out ( or spin and do a conference call)
    10-2:30 tasty chunks, 2:30 pick up kids, back at tasty chunks in between taking kids to activities, family time, and then fit 2 more hours in.
    Imagine most of us working as founders are easily putting in 16 hour days.
    Other than that the message was excellent.
    Thank you

  165. I do the time chunks as well and love it!

  166. Loved the graphics in this one! (And the content, duh!)

  167. This increases as yyou spend more time as a Reserve, so
    within fiv years of joining, yoou would receive an extra £1,600 a yr.

  168. Marie,

    This was amazing. I need to start writing up my own yummy time chunks. That would really help me achieve more, especially since I work from 9-5. So the tips that you mentioned would definitely help me feel more organized while also getting more work done and also getting some creativity in throughout the day as well. 🙂

  169. I LOVE this topic! Your answer was REALLY helpful. I’d also love to know how, in the beginning, you did this while doing so many different things (bartending, teaching fitness, growing your biz, etc.) — I’m just getting started in business, so I’ve got four “things” that I’m pretty evenly focused on so “time chunking” is even more tricky!

    Would love your help on this 🙂


    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great question, AnnMarie! It’s definitely tricky managing your time when you’re doing a lot of different things at once. There’s likely not a one-size-fits-all approach since different tips might work under different circumstances, so I’d encourage you to check out this MarieTV playlist which has a variety of tips on productivity and making the most of your day:

  170. Effective article for blogging. I believe, for business these blog tips helps me a lot.

  171. Love the new site Marie! Please tell me where you got that great necklace from? Your looking beautiful as always! And great content to boot.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Justine, thank you so much! We’re thrilled you love the new site. I’m not sure where that particular necklace came from unfortunately.

      For jewelry, we do love Satya’s work and Marie has a few of her pieces, and we also created our own Be Blessed line with them that you can explore here if you’re interested:

      Thank you, again, for your kind words, and for tuning in!

  172. Anais

    Hi Marie! I loved this episode! I’m struggling with the same thing! Also, if you are a creative, people sometimes hire you for your unique style. How can you get help than, if you are the only one who can make things the way they look? I’m in need of help too, but I actually like being a one man show … But… I would have to multiply myself or have more hours in a day 😀

  173. Amy

    Fabulous start to my Saturday! Thank you. SO needed this. I’m learning the invaluable difference chunking time can give – wow. It is less draining and actually energizing and is a relief to just have the luxury of focusing on one thing. I use a goal sheet from Darren Hardy to help focus my week on what needs to be accomplished in all areas of my business/calling and life. It’s terrific as is this!

  174. Great show! Yes, I have had issues with time management in the past and some present days. I love the idea of “tasty time chunks”. It sounds so nurturing and I need that in my head. There are days I’ll go 16 hours without eating or drinking only to feel sick at the end of the day. Not good! Now, I’ve make a list of to do’s then go down it and take out the “meh’s” and then make a timeline and give myself breaks for food, water, rest. It makes a huge difference. As I continue to delete and automate the things on the to do list I find I’m less stressed and that translates into a nicer me. Thank you as always.

    • This is so great.
      I too suffer from the ‘I forgot to eat and now I feel like a zombie”.
      I actually made “EAT” one of the tasks in the pomodoro app I set up today.
      And it worked!

      Self care is good for the us and everyone around us!

  175. Gosia

    It was my first episode, but I love it. Thx Marie!

  176. Hey ya’ll. Loving this video! Just submitted this to Marie, but thought I’d also throw it out here:

    I’m wondering how I should go about defining what growing my business will look like… Is this purely a what-do-I-WANT scenario, or is there perhaps a route that is better to take for the nature of what I do (custom wedding stationery and business branding)? Can it be a combo perhaps (like adding an assistant AND also increasing my rates)? I feel like that’s a moderately dumb question, but this is a big potential change for me so feeling the need for some clarity.

    I just recently quit my part time job (supplemental income), and I know I need to get more focused before I can start charging forward (which I need to do quickly with my first child due in 14 WEEKS! Eek!). Thanks for the advice.

    <3, Emily

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Definitely not a dumb question, Emily! And btw, a huge congrats. You must be so excited about your little one 🙂

      I think this is a really interesting question, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. I think the ideas you presented make a lot of sense – now it’s just a matter of deciding what feels like the right move. Looking ahead to when you have your baby, will you be out of work for a period of time? Would having an assistant AND raising your rates make that stretch smoother for you? Or would you rather wait until you’re back from maternity leave to set all that up?

      I think defining your business growth has major roots in figuring out what you want. What feels the best to you? What sounds most in line with your vision? Even small growth is still growth – and if something isn’t working after a while, you can always change course!

      Good luck with everything. Exciting times for you coming up! 🙂

  177. Marie, I have just discovered you & watched one of your videos, I will definately be watching more. Well done & thank you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hooray! Welcome, Mary — we’re so glad you found us and we’re thrilled to have you tuning in! 🙂

  178. I definitely struggle with this! Even before I got a day-job. These tips are great even the sub tips like turning my phone on Airplane Mode and pausing my inbox.
    What helps somewhat is during my commute home and knowing I have stuff to work on for my business/creativity is having a pep talk and reminding myself why I want to do the work (I do it because I love what I do and impacting people’s lives with my photography).

    Looking forward to seeing the other videos!


  179. Zoë

    Time chunking has been a survival strategy for much of my life. Now that I am moving more towards my creative energy I am still learning to apply this strategy to thrive. Thank you for the advice Marie ✨

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      So grateful to hear that, Zoe!

  180. I have a question for Marie. What do you think of paying someone to do your SEO for your website? And do you know if it will increase your website sales?
    I hope you can answer this.

  181. perfect advice…thank you

  182. Tasty Time Chunks?!
    Isn’t it amazing how words can make and idea ‘smell more delicious” and make actually DOING IT, edible?!
    Dang girl! I love it!
    I just installed the BeFocusedPro on my computer and phone and I have to say – I rocked it!
    Of course I set it up so that it would work for me – with a little trick that I call HaBits. I increased my break time to 10 minutes instead of 5 (because, heck – it takes more than 5 to pee and get a glass of water, much less anything else) and gave myself an easier goal for the day of 6 chunks, in lieu of their 10.
    And I got more chunks then that done anyway, with time left over to celebrate and give you KUDOs for making my life a little bit more tasty today!
    Cheers to US!

  183. Good idea to have a client going into a system before contacting me.

  184. I will definitely be using Tasty Time Chunks! My days feel exactly like the part of the video where things are crazy.

  185. Christian Kennedy

    I believe my best friend’s expression is, “Awesome sauce!” This was exactly what I needed to hear today. Tasty time chunks is an approach I have always taken for my current day job but had not been apply to my own business. What?! Thank you for the reminder and great recommendations. Also like the tips on gravity forms and
    I’d also like to throw this one out to the crowd. On the email front, I did find I was often getting a lot of similar questions. I updated my copy (bam!) and created an email library for myself, pre-written responses that I can quickly pull up and customize. Extremely helpful and a nice time saver too.

  186. Well-planned strategies for any business is one of the essential keys to success that helps in building brand and business reputation.
    Here are some valuable points that we need to keep in mind if wants to be successful:-
    Set aside at least an hour each week to pursue your goal
    Always be learning and adapting
    Identify and minimize distractions
    Network and spend time with like-minded people
    Find a mentor or a coach
    Prioritize and focus on one thing
    Develop a positive mindset
    Spend time building relationships

    Thanks for sharing great article

  187. Pam

    I love the idea of tasty time chunks. The other piece of this I’ve learned is that I have different kinds of productivity at different times of day. First thing in the morning my best use of time is on quiet focus: actually working on something really complex or something really creative. During those first two hours I can get twice the creative work done that I can during any other time of the day. Keeping that time sacred is like getting an extra two hours a day. And I could *really* use that!

  188. Marie,
    I have a business teaching Fine Artists how to market and sell their artwork. (Thanks to B-School, it is growing so much!) I often receive emails asking how to get it all done – and I always refer them to this video. I must’ve watched it a dozen times. It is such a great resource. I just wanted to say, thank you so much!

    • Heather- Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for spreadin’ the time management love, Jessica. That means the world to us. We’re honored that you’re a part of the B-School family.
      Keep us posted on your business – we love hearing the stories of our B-Schoolers.

  189. Amazing tips and tools Marie, thank you! I’m in an overwhelm slump right now, so this was very timely.

  190. Jennifer

    Everything is better with “Yakkety Sax”. So perfectly implemented. Love all of it and thank you!

  191. I consistently struggle with working in my business and on my business. I definitely tend to work in my business way more – and I know it messes with my creativity and everything else. Lol. Totally using the time chunks.

  192. Livy

    I already heard about the time chunks strategy… I think it’s awesome but what I find difficult actually is identify and prioritize the time chunks. That’s how I end breaking the chunks because even if it’s not my “email time”, I have that really important email to send now, so I end up breaking the chunk, gong back and forth between different tasks… 🙂

    • Livy

      Any ressource that could help me ?

  193. Kat

    I quickly saw this as a problem in my business. When work was slow, I had the time to work on marketing, updating my site, etc. When I got a lot of client work I was struggling to keep the momentum going and do client work.

    For me, once I month I sit down and ask myself what I can automate in my business. As a result, I’ve incorporated CRM and accounting tools like 17 hats or Dubsado to take care of my client lead and onboarding process and Calendly to schedule appointments with my clients. It has helped my productivity and I dont have to spend a lot of time managing this part of my business.

    Right now, I’m in the process of hiring people to take on some of the extra work so I can continue to keep the momentum going.
    Also, like Marie said, use time chunks. For me, this means I have 2 days in the week where I simply DO NOT take client meetings. I use these days to work on content + to work on biz development.

    Also- do a digital detox. About a year ago I put my phone on silent as its default setting. And now, I added an app that does not check my email during my non-work hours. And you know what? My business has not fallen apart. If anything, Im more productive and able to recharge better by not always working in or on my business. Hope this helps!

  194. Great advice. I recently started committing myself to tasty time chucks – I love that phrase – in getting work done on my business and around my home. I have a big clean up project in the basement (clearing junk accumulated by 5 people over 23 years) and my studies, my business and fitness. I actually found that putting a defined time aside for each was really helpful and I was able to alternate between desk work and physical work which I found was a great motivator as well.
    On the second strategy, I still need to manage my social media posts and find the best tool to do that. It’s important to me not only to schedule my own posts, but also be able to see posts of other vendors to keep on top of potentially good sales events. That’s the tough part because I miss so much in the over saturation of my news feeds. Do you have any recommendations?
    thanks Marie

  195. I love tasty time chunks and also the Pomodoro technique, to work 50 minutes and break 10 minutes.

  196. Rachel Sherwood

    OMG your hot mess clip made me laugh out loud! Yes, that is my life unless I force myself EVERY MORNING to organise my day in time chunks. It doesn’t always happen 😉 I find that the Best Self Journal works for me – inspirational product and company!

  197. Great video! I struggle with getting interrupted by people asking questions at work, as I work in an open cubicle land. What I’ve found to work is to block out time in meeting rooms, so that I basically can go heads down into work. Also, I block calls with clients and prospective clients in the afternoon, so that during the mornings I am able to focus on timelines, project management and the tasks I want to focus on. I try to bring my lunch into work at least 3x a week so that I can still make healthy decisions while working fairly jam-packed yet productive days!

  198. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Android app development.

  199. Thanks for sharing these tips. I’m so excite to incorporate them into my small business, I have waisted so much time trying to manage it all.

  200. India

    Thanks for such a great video! I actually took notes and found your suggestions helpful. My photography business will be one year old in October. The difference this time is I have recently been able to find a job that does not force me to work 50-65 hours a week that limits my time to work on my own projects (that was my 1st struggle). My 2nd struggle has been being a single mom and often having to squeeze my work in when she sleeps or I have to find ways to keep her entertained. I definitely feel the Time Chunks method will be helpful for me in having someone else available for a few hours that can tend to her while I complete time-senstive tasks. I haven’t missed deadlines with cloents but my plans for self promotion have fallen through many times due to not having the time. The advice to tweaking my form on my website (which I also master) was a great idea. I will certainly check out your other videos.

    • Hailey - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much for sharing, India! We’re thrilled that this video sparked some new ideas for you to implement in your own life and business. Congratulations on the first anniversary of launching your photography business! It’s clear you’ve invested a lot of heart and hard work into bringing your dream to life and it sounds like you’re setting a beautiful example for your daughter to look up to! We hope these time-management tips help you find more joy and peace in the process as your business grows.

  201. Hailey - Team Forleo

    Thanks so much for sharing, India! We’re thrilled that this video sparked some new ideas for you to implement in your own life and business. Congratulations on the first anniversary of launching your photography business! It’s clear you’ve invested a lot of heart and hard work into bringing your dream to life and it sounds like you’re setting a beautiful example for your daughter to look up to! We hope these time-management tips help you find more joy and peace in the process as your business grows.

  202. OOOOHHHH!!!!! This is so true. I am a dog walker and pet sitter as well as a growing dog trainer.
    While I am walking dogs I am not working on my business. I need to find the balance to grow, as well as hire people, so that I may work on my business and not in my business.

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  204. I’m all about tasty time chunks and planning the night before! Hey, you must be a creative!!! Thanks for all:)

  205. I’m feeling pretty embarrassed because this is essentially the OPPOSITE of how I am running my business right now! I think people may be able to relate to the feeling of squeezing it in every spare moment, of doing it during down time, of catching up first thing in the morning or last thing before bed. I have currently been functioning as someone who would rather have crumbs than nothing at all. I have started to automate with things like Acuity (for scheduling confirmation and reminders) and Squarespace for automated welcome emails when people sign up for my newsletter, but that’s about it. My job is so much about in person contact it’s hard to not get super personal when communicating about it. I will commit to making templates for different emails and seeing if I can’t write a bunch of social media stuff all at once and automate that!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Emily! It’s great that you’re already thinking of ways to automate and work more efficiently. It really can make all the difference. 🙂

  206. Karen C

    I love the idea of ‘tasty time chunks’! Thank you so much.

  207. Excellent actionable tips. Thanks Marie.

  208. I love the idea of schedule blocks but I can’t seem to get them to work for me. I own a wellness center and personally see clients mon-fri 8-3, from there I pick up kids from school (where I’m the PTA president), dinner and homework, run kids around for athletics again mon-fri (yay for competitive swimming and a traveling hubby) then home for bed time. This is usually where I get in my housework and responding to emails, but thinking to let the house go and just work.

    Please any tips would be great. I want to get to a point where I wean off doing all the services but right now I need the money.

  209. Whoa did I ever need this today! Search and you shall find. Love the idea of providing answers to common questions on my website so I don’t have to spend too much time on the phone with potential clients.

    TIP – As a WFHM I’ve started booking family appointments only on Fridays. That way the majority of my week is devoted to working. Bonus – it helps to remember when appointments are.

    Thank you yet again, Marie!

  210. Oh the cookie guy is soooo cute.

  211. Carolyn

    I love this video! Organizing your life makes you so much more productivity. The real challenge as usual is planning to organize. The other challenge is not completing everything on the list. You have to give yourself room for not finishing it all. All in all organizing and prioritizing is essential to your sanity and efficiency of your business and yourself. Marie, thank you so much for doing what you do and doing it great!

  212. Natalie

    OMG I love the tasty time chunks

  213. Because of previous experiences and what we called “time management” back in the day, I’ve always used time chunks! But I wasn’t being realistic about my goals. Your video was a great wake up call to change it up and schedule the time chunks into areas that will actually work for me. I hold my studio open to the public 11am-5pm Tues-Sat. So my creative time needs to be Sunday and Monday, uninterrupted! I am also a one man show so those quiet chunks of time during open hours, can be used for the administrative jobs, promotional efforts, etc. I was unrealistically setting aside time that I was unable to actually make happen, now I know what to do. Thanks, Marie!

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Yay! So glad this video resonated with you and helped you smooth out your productivity flow. So many of us overestimate how much we can get done in a time-frame so you’re absolutely not alone. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, Gwen, and keep going! ?

  214. Melanie

    Thank you Marie!! I’m just bumpping into this video while doing the follow through on B-School!

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