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For the past few months I’ve been in California. One of the things I love most about being here is how connected I feel to nature.

Often, I sprawl out on my back porch to write, soak in some sun and catch the hummingbirds splashing around our fountain.

Lately, when I walk Kuma, I can hardly go a few hundred feet without stopping to take a gargantuan inhale of the sweet, narcotic smell of Jasmine— which is blooming like crazy right now. Simple moments like these help me stay fully in my body (vs. getting lost in my sometimes crazy-making head!) and strengthen my heart, creativity and intuition.

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy miss the incredible beauty that’s right in front of us. We’re constantly staring at our little screens or completely lost in thought.

There’s always something you can be grateful for. @LouieFilms Click To Tweet

My guest today is Louie Schwartzberg, an award-winning producer, director and cinematographer who has devoted his entire career to giving us a glimpse of the magic and wonder that surrounds us all. If you feel like you’re speeding through your life, watch this episode.

We also talk about:

  • Finding a way to do work that lights up your heart — even if it goes against logic
  • The power of FOCUS, especially when you’re afraid you’re not choosing the right thing for your  ___________ (career, business, relationship, etc.)
  • Why he believes that the struggle ends when gratitude begins

Louie’s work is stunning and his message is important. As he shares,

“I hope my films inspire and open people’s hearts. Beauty is nature’s tool for survival – we protect what we love. If I can move enough people on an emotional level, we can achieve the shift in consciousness needed to sustain and celebrate life.”

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Now, Louie and I would love to hear from you.

What’s your biggest insight, aha or take-away from this episode? What resonated most and what small change can you make as a result? Let me know in the comments below.

Don’t forget —share as much detail as you can. Because thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and the more concrete and specific your share, the more it can inspire and support someone else.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they often come across as spam.

Thank you, as always, for reading and watching and sharing. And, thank you for inviting me into your world.

With all my love and appreciation,


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  1. Wow! I will definitely watch Louie’s films, thank you for introducing him to us. 🙂

    My biggest aha is to really be present and focused in every moment, to slow down and to really, REALLY be grateful for everything.

    Because in reality EVERYTHING is beautiful, if we choose to see it. I love the quote from The little prince:
    “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”.

    And it’s important to also be grateful for all of our experiences, even the bad ones. Because without them, we wouldn’t be where we are right now.

    Thank you, again!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      LOVE The Little Prince, Tiasha! Great quote. So glad this episode resonated with you!

      • Long time appreciator; first time commentor. Loved this interview. So life-affirming. Thank you!

    • Milla

      I love this episode so much! It touched me in a deep level, and I had so many insights. I want to thank Louie for his humble spirit of seeing things from different perspectives than the human’s perspective. I also want to thank Marie, who’s been an important influence to me since last year. I’ve been following you and it’s been really inspiring. My gratitude to you all that make this possible!

    • Cynthia

      I found it interesting that at 6:28 in the interview, you note that you hope that there aren’t “so many (pretty women), moving forward” used to sell cars. Aren’t you a bit hypocritical when you exploit your own beauty/sexuality/high heels and high fashion to market yourself? Different audience, different sell, but same idea. Sex and beauty sell product. Whether it’s a car, or your own website, classes, etc.

      • Candra Adams

        I noted that, too. However, usually the women in commercials are highly sexualized. My word!! Marie looks great while maintaining class. In other words, she looks good to slobbering, drooling men and to the women who avoid them! IMO

      • Candra Adams

        I noted that, too. However, usually the women in commercials are highly sexualized. My word!! Marie looks great while maintaining class. In other words, she looks good both to slobbering, drooling men and to the women who avoid them! IMO

      • Let’s look at this from an uplifting perspective. Marie knows her brand – appealing, well put together, sophisticated, elegant, feminine and happy / colourful.
        She isn’t exploiting her sexuality here – she’s celebrating her feminism, owning her space, consciously playing up her ‘assests’ and by that I’m referring to any feature she views as an asset including hair, smile, hands.
        Marie adds so much value overall – personally and in business – can we not celebrate each others’ positive contributions instead of being hell-bent on pointing out flaws? This is something I’m consciously working on personally so I’m not pointing fingers here. I’m looking forward to the day that we all, as human beings, celebrate our humanity and responsibility to make our surroundings – people, animal and our planet – a better place. Start with just one thing today – look for the good.

        • Mary

          Dear Petra,
          Great reply and excellent POV!
          Kind wishes,

      • Mandy - Team Forleo

        Great question, Cynthia. The line between objectification and empowerment is a fine and often confused line. The difference is who it’s for—in the case of pretty women selling cars, it’s for the male gaze. The women there are not in a position of power since they’re being used as a tool to sell cars primarily to men. They’re likely not there by any merits beyond what their bodies can offer. While some women may find this empowering in their own ways, others don’t. In Marie’s case, she’s the one in the position of power—she’s not dressing to appeal to a male gaze and no one is forcing her to dress a certain way to sell anything. No one is forcing her to do anything she doesn’t want to do—since Marie is in the position of power here, she can make choices for herself.

        I found a great article that explains this in more depth if you’d like to check it out. Thanks for tuning in and contributing to the discussion!

        • I’m looking for a pretty girl we practice love and I am 24 Jemil Ould

          • Hi you all!
            I think of Marie’s lovely style being like the flower that attracts the bees. She’s alluring and attractive in a way that draws to her the “bees” she needs to pollinate and spread her work. She’s the flower…WE are the bees! LOVE IT!
            BTW, I’m in her B-School class this year and it ROCKS!

      • Interesting observation. I think that there is beauty, which equals attraction in the natural world and there is sexuality, which also equals attraction. In our lives and our business, we can, and should! use our innate beauty (inner mojo & love shining out along with the superficial attractions-nice smile, hair cut, and pretty colored clothing) to draw others to our message and our mission. It is wise to choose beauty attraction over sexuality attraction in every situation outside of the bedroom. That’s my code of ethics. I think that we all have our lines, but Marie is more about attracting based on her innate qualities and not sexualizing her brand and content.

        • Steven

          Beauty attracts through the heart. It relates us to spirit. Along with truth and goodness, beauty has enduring value. Sexuality attracts through the hormones. Sexual attraction is ephemeral. Sexual desire wanes. As Louie said, our DNA wants to replicate, but our hearts also yearn to be whole.

    • I couldn’t have said it better, Tiasha.

      Louie has just got a new subscriber on YouTube.

      And if you get a chance you really should check out his TED talks. So inspiring.
      We need more Louie’s in this world.

  2. Monica

    Love this episode! Nature, the natural beauty of our home, has always soothed me, calmed my troubled mind, ings to my soul. I have been stressed to the max for the past couple of months. This past weekend, we had some warm weather here in MN and I was out cleaning up the yard and my flower beds and it all just clicked… mind was calm, my stress was gone and my soul was singing loudly……I was back in the flow, back in my groove. Today’s video reminded me to stay in this groove, I just need to get in touch with the natural beauty of my environment. Thank Marie and Team Forleo for another beautiful, soul warming episode.

    • Elien

      mmmm, that’s lovely, Monica. Thanks for sharing that experience, it warms my heart <3

    • Hey Monica, it’s so great that you felt this upliftment after being outside. Did you know there is a bacteria in the soil that improves your mood? This clever little bacteria actually increases serotonin production in the brain – it’s natures way of restoring us and keeping us happy 🙂 We breathe it in anytime we are working in the garden or as kids playing in the mud and it’s also got immune boosting natural vaccination properties too! So there’s scientific validation for your good mood 🙂

  3. This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I have totally hit the reset button these past few months because I had become very unconnected to the magic and the wonder. Thanks Marie for reminding us all that it’s critical.

  4. I love this perspective. I look forward to learning where we can see more of his work!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Jessamina, you can check out his work here on his site: 🙂

  5. Jessica

    This is too weird. I’ve been in an indecisive place lately. I need to figure out my career; Do I want to be a web developer, or would I rather throw caution to the wind and go to film school? I woke up this morning and meditated. I asked the universe to point me in the right direction.

    I opened my eyes, and what had come in, right as I finished asking the universe for help? This video.

    Thank you, Marie.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      How wonderful, Jessica! Filmmakers have such a unique power to make a difference in the world. We can’t wait to see what you create! 🙂

  6. What a beautiful message Louie! Gratitude stops negative thinking and puts everything in the right flow. As a coach, I love spending time helping clients focus on consciousness and gratitude. In my own life, when things are wanky I know I need to stop and break out some gratitude. How can we enjoy life if we are not pausing to look around or having gratitude for the things and people in our life? How can we raise unspoiled kids if we don’t instill a sense of gratitude? Having a gratitude practice is such a wonderful key to unlocking happiness and more ease. Thank you Marie for the wonderful interview and topic!

  7. Hillary

    I loved this particular interview as it not only covered such an important topic such as gratitude and the importance of mindfulness and the environment, but also the amazing work of Louie Schwartzberg. I can’t wait to watch all his documentaries!

  8. Tina

    Louie is one of my favourite artists. His work is so breathtaking. I will carry with me his insight that we need to nurture and savour our good moments, that we let them fade too soon. Thank you, Louie.

  9. Thank you mucho mucho! Big take away—slow down – the universe will allow things to happen.
    Just launched a new business and have been getting some serious and interesting opportunities that I didn’t expect.
    Was spending between 3am and 5am worrying about what or if I should follow through with any of them.
    Then – BAM – your video and the message: Slow Down.

    Thank you both!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      So happy to hear this episode came at the right moment for you, Lynn!!

  10. This has been an amazing discovery! I love nature documentaries but I haven’t watched Louie’s films yet. Really looking forward to it. The biggest insight I’ve taken from this is just the reminder of how important is to focus on little things and see life from different perspectives as a regular excercise 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful video!

  11. This was one of the most beautiful things I have heard lately! His work seems so peaceful and it looks like he goes- lives- with the flow. I would love to know how is his real life at work. If he stresses out to decide on what to focus on. If he gets tired sometimes and wonders which direction to move on. If he ever felt the pressure of doing what is right vs. follow his heart?

    My most important insights were remembering that the foundation of life is a Feminine story based on Relationships, Cooperation, Symbioses and Nurturing. Beeeautiful!!

    There’s so much to take from this episode. Something to watch over and over again.

    Thank You so much for doing it, Marie!

    • I am human and need to focus on gratitude when obstacles confront me.
      I also feel like I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders because I am determined to save our precious earth from degradation leading to loss of species and diminishing a future for our children. That stresses me out, and I have to focus to find peace and patience and trust the Universe is behind me and slow down to let the goodness come through.
      I am honored to share the path with all of you who want to celebrate Life.

      • Thank you for your WORDS, Louie. I’m so humbled. You encourage and inspire me to be BRAVE and to TRUST, and to COMMIT to also inspire others to live with integrity and love for this Planet.

  12. Evelyn

    Fill your bucket with gratitude…then there isnt room for anything else 🙂

  13. This is what i needed to watch right now! Thank you ? marie ? #U R Awesome & ? louie ?
    Having a new home and using Garden therapy as way to become mindful and appreciative of what i do have. Im still stuck on the starving artist mentlity but watching this has inspired me to jump on neflix in my⌚ (rest period) 11.11 and watch more of louies stuff – yay! I better hit the hay its now 1.23am in Australia…. Big ? laura

  14. Teresa

    Thank you for sharing Louie with us! GRATITUDE for what we have, what we are, what we do sounds so simple but so easy to miss.

  15. Thank you, Marie and Louie.

    This is such a beautiful conversation.

    I work with a number of African photographers from Photojournalist who capture everyday life to Nature photographers and Historical archives. The one speck of inspiration that all these creatives highlight is that they really appreciate the small single moments in life. Which Louie highlighted in this conversation.

    Even when you look at a beautiful image or footage you are transported to that moment where the photographer and the object are captured in time and space. A moment that you have simply observed at a later time. That is relevant to us. We need to stop and focus on what is truly beautiful around us.

    Thank you for reminding me of this. God knows that I needed to hear it today.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s such a great point, Robyn. I love the idea of appreciating the small, single moments of life!

  16. Judi Nurnett

    Thank you. I will share this exquisite episode so full of beauty and life giving nectar.

  17. That episode had me sob almost all the way through, and that was good. As in, relieving. Being dedicated to growing my business, as much as I want it, feeling the passion for what I do and want to create and contribute – unfortunately tends to also lead me to that constant problem-solving, stressful mode that Louie talks about. I put so much pressure on myself, struggle to take time off, to enjoy my family, because basically – I’m so afraid to not succeed/ or maybe it is survive, as Louie explains. I’ve had this on my mind recently, but this episode helped me see it clearly: i’ve gotta find ways to relax and enjoy my journey, days, moments; to slowdown and be grateful – or I will burn out. I’ve always known this, but practicing it is really another thing – because in practice it tends to feel like “but if I slow down and enjoy life, i’m not gonna get anywhere”. Still, I’m going to explore this as I go forward. Thank you for a wonderful episode.

  18. Kim

    This episode was so timely for me. I woke up this morning to find that my roof was leaking and I had a giant puddle in my office. Immediately, my mind started to spiral out of control, down that negative vortex of everything that was wrong.

    And then I decided to stop and breathe.

    When I finally got to my desk after the clean up, I opened my email to find this episode and it reminded me of all the wonderful things I do have in my life.

    Thank you Louie and Marie for reminding me that focusing on gratitude changes the energy of everything, even a leaky roof.

    In Gratitude,

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Oh no Kim! So sorry to hear about your roof. But cheers to you for having such a great mindset despite the chaos that started your morning!

  19. karen

    I look forward to these videos each Tuesday, but when I logged in today, I got a message that the video was restricted. Does anyone know why this happened?

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Hey Karen – that’s strange! Would you mind emailing us about it at infoATmarieforleoDOTcom so we can help you troubleshoot?

  20. With gratitude and reconnecting with Nature, human beings can regain our center and reshape our future. Thank you Louie for reminding us of our true Home and the importance of creating moments of gratitude every day. Thank you, Marie for sharing your joy and enthusiasm for finding our focus through slowing down and smelling the flowers!

  21. michelle khan

    your talk with Louie was great. The 2 things that stood out for me were:
    1. to CHOOSE our focus and to choose our life journey because there are so many distractions in the world and 2. that once you change your world view to GRATITUDE, everything begins to flow.
    thank you Marie and Louie

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Those are fantastic takeaways, Michelle! I’m so glad you enjoyed this episode. 🙂

  22. This episode came at the right moment, feeling so overwhelmed by everything that I find I HAVE to do…..Louie’s message – that by being present and mindful we generate compassion and gratitude – cleared my mind, warmed my heart and lightened my spirit! DOing less and BEing more is what I feel I really need to do! Thank you!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so happy to hear that, Roxane! I’m glad your head is clearer, your heart is warmer, and your spirit is lighter. 🙂

  23. This was such an inspiring episode! Thank you Marie and team for bringing it to us, it was a real pleasure to watch. I love that *gratitude* is a favourite practice for you too, guys. I think it’s the one thing that can change a person’s life free and instantly. It changes every moment for me.

    Plus, science has proven that if you write down 3 new things to be grateful for every day for 21 days, you’ll have completely changed your mindset for good! Nice, huh?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes! We’re big fans of keeping a gratitude journal. 🙂

  24. Thank you SO MUCH for this episode. this is my personal first time seeing a prominent visual artist talk specifically about using their talent to impact is to focus on the present moment, the small moments, and gratitude.

    This direction / category of work is currently unexplored by many photographers and cinematographers but hugely important, because as visual artists part of our job is teaching our audience a new way to see, and if that can include gratitude for one’s own life then we’ve gifted a beautiful gift.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      We couldn’t agree more. 🙂 It’s wonderful how Louie is not only inspiring people to see things in a new way literally (nature) but also see things anew within themselves (gratitude). Art has power!

  25. This was so absolutely perfect for me! Thank you!

    Appreciation of nature has always been a huge part of who I am!

    My artwork is completely inspired by my natural surroundings!

    Since doing Module 1 I’ve been able to clarify how important it is for me & others to be surrounded by natural beauty. And how I want that to come across really strongly in my brand. Watching this helped me to get even more clarity.

    I do feel sad though, that God is hardly ever given credit for any of his incredible creation! The interactions between just flowers & insects, as an example, is mind-blowing. There’s NO way that this amount of incredible design could have come about without a designer!!…….

    I loved Louie’s comment “The drive for life to go forward is so strong it’s unstoppable”…It’s fascinating to see all this at work….. I’m gonna have to watch his films.

    Thank you Marie x

    • Wow Carla. I just checked out your artwork – it is INCREDIBLE. Truly inspired by the awesomeness of nature and your own Divine nature. What a wonderful gift you are sharing with the world. Wishing you great success with your business. onelove

  26. Take the time to be grateful. That is all I needed today.

  27. Thank you Marie! The biggest insight for me is that I am definitely on the right path in letting go of all my personal needs and demands of life. Letting go of what I think I need, so I can receive all the wonder that life has to offer. When I relax, flow can happen by itself through me. So many times I am worrying about my mission and purpose and what to do. But when I relax suddenly I have inspiration to write and I start DOING without effort.

  28. I loved it. It tottaly spoke to my heart. Living in the countryside and working at a farm is something that makes me see the miracle of life everyday, and very often be grateful for nature. I’m very thankful that you use your Marie Tv to share subjects like this. For me a precious nugget from this episode was making a paralell between focusing on the beauty in your camera, and in your life, because I’ve been wanting to use this nature side of me in my business that does’nt relate to it at all (B-schooler, yes!). And now I think I know how. XO Diana

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Diana! We can’t wait to see how you incorporate your love of nature into your business. 🙂

  29. Marci Ramsey

    Marie, I just loved this episode. I have always loved photography but could not put into words why. Now I can. What a beautiful idea about beauty, survival, overcoming diversity, protecting life, and gratitude all wrapped up through the lens of a photographer!

    When ever I need a good, useful pick-me-up, I turn to Marie-TV.


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Aw, we love hearing that, Marci! Thank you! 🙂

  30. I really really appreciated the simplicity, and the calmness of this interview. “Filling your Bucket with gratitude, there isn’t room for the negative energy to come in. ” is my favorite quote. I always told my kinds when they where little: “Take time to make mental picture of everything you see for when the bad day come it will be your medecine”. They didn’t understand what the heck I was talking about up until they did had rough spots and i reminded them of that.

    Thank again for this really interesting interview.

  31. This interview really struck home. Watching it felt like a drink at an oasis.

    I hear comments often from self-published fiction writers (which I also am) who are obsessed by their daily word count and work like hamsters on an exercise wheel. What do they have to write about if that is their life?

    In gratitude, here is a quotation from English poet and artist William Blake (1757-1827):

    How do you know but ev’ry bird that cuts the airy way
    Is an immense world of delight, closed by your senses five?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re so right, Lindsay. This actually reminded me of an essay Ann Patchett wrote in her book This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage. She was talking about how one of her writing professors encouraged students to go out and do things, live their lives, and gain all kind of adventurous experiences because “I can teach you how to write, but I can’t teach you how to have something to say.” It’s wonderful that you’re enjoying the world around you and practicing your writing craft too—there’s definitely room for both. 🙂

  32. John

    In photography you choose what to focus on and de-focus the background distractions – same with your life purpose. Great analogy, thank you.

  33. Cindy

    Wow, awesome episode! My take away – slow down; focus; gratitude; nature. I’m going to change my “Bucket List” to “Gratitude List” Thanks Marie, I am so glad you followed YOUR passion!

  34. Thank you! This was wonderful! Super refreshing in our instagram-world to hear from a photographer who truly admires nature. I loved the bit about having a narrow view, too: great reminder to widen our own lenses a little bit.

  35. Veronica

    I wholeheartedly love this episode because it’s as though its speaking to me. I’m always in a rush from one place to another, although I know I don’t need to but it became a habit. I’ve been more mindful to take slower pace, taking time to appreciate things and people around me. Thank you for this timely reminder. Truly needed it.

  36. Such a lovely and calm and beautiful interview! This made my day. Many tools were given for being in the now. Looking forward to viewing more of Louie’s art.

  37. Marie, I have enjoyed and benefited from your videos for awhile now, and I thank you. You are a wonderful, encouraging human being, and when you interview others with the same nature, it just sends out tidal waves of positive energy into our world. I don’t know how I have lived as long as I have and never heard of Louie. What a sweet, sensitive soul! His words and artistry resonate in a special way with me right now as I embark on new journeys in writing. Louie’s spoken words and film work are so much more eloquent than posts in Medium, and even though I lack such ability, I am thankful to know the fellowship of kindred souls. By the way, you are one of the most skillful interviewers I have ever watched.
    Thank you for your work and sharing your heart with the world.
    Onward and upward!
    Mike DePung

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      That’s so kind of you to say, Mike, thank you! So happy to hear you enjoy Marie’s work so much 🙂

  38. Fayann Dsouza

    “Being able to see the world from a different time and space, it changes your world view” Brilliant interview, and great subject ~ thanks Marie + Team Forleo. Fantastic inspiration as I dive into creating my own video production house this year with the help of B-School. Much love, and a load of gratitude to you all x

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad Louie’s interview was timely, Fayann! We can’t wait to see what magic you create in your videos. 🙂

  39. LOVED this episode! Thanks so much for introducing me to Louie Schwartzberg. I am aware of his films, but I wasn’t aware of his philosophy. This was really interesting to me because I am also a visual artist (painter) and definitely share Louie’s perspectives about nature and the lessons we can learn from studying and appreciating it’s beauty. I TOTALLY agree with all of the points about gratitude, as well. I really loved when you said “Gratitude is a spiritual power tool that can instantly turn things around.” Awesome:) Thanks, Marie and Louie!

  40. Thank you for sharing, Marie. As always, your wisdom seems to come at the right time.

    My business is a home flipping. I am hoping to grow this business, create a blog and eventual online store based on the home being a beautiful place that inspires peoples highest selves and fulfills their deepest longings to create the life they want for themselves.

    Sometimes I struggle with doing a business based on sharing beauty. This video helped me realize how important it is. I particularly liked the “Nuggets O’ Wisdom”. I screen captured them each time : )

  41. When my house burned down years ago I got the incredible gift of this lesson: stuff doesn’t matter. Be grateful for people, relationships, moments. Slow down and keep it simple. Empathize.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Genevieve, I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you. It sounds like you had some major realizations about life through that tragedy, though. I fully commend you for that!

  42. I was reminded to carry on the calmness throughout my day. Thank you Marie for having Louie on. I ran across his bee video a few years back and shared it with everyone one in my life. I will be watching Louie’s work on Netflix after my work day. Thank you again.

  43. What an interesting man.
    The greatest impact I felt from the film was the imact of gratitude on our lives and how it can help us kicking out the negativity putting you in the calm spot ready to carry on and change your point of view.

    Thank you Marie I really appreciate your efforts passing on all this valuable information

  44. Shelagh MacKinnon

    Loved this wonderful, rich conversation. My take-away is to use gratitude when my mind goes into that dreary problem-solving mode…I felt this episode was extra special because today would have been my Mum’s birthday,and she died in 2009: she loved hummingbirds and I experienced them as spirit messengers after her death. She would have have loved this too! Thanks.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear of your sweet mum’s passing—I know that’s a pain that never really heals, so we’re sending lots of love your way. I’m so glad this episode was released on her birthday and that it spoke to you. 🙂

      • Shelagh

        Thanks for this kind reply, Yes, her words she spoke to me as she transitionned to heaven were of her unending love for me. Nothing could be a better or more important gift thanks again

  45. Jo

    Oh thank you Louie, beautiful words – ‘be patient, be thankful..’ much needed, thank you thank you thank you :))))) xx

  46. Ian

    Point of view, yes, nature has one that we miss. We have an organic dairy and before we started to milk with machines we milked by hand. Now to the cow, you’re her baby. She gives you of her body to give you life. As you approach her you try to be her calf. Touching her gently, nuzzling, then a little bump, fingertips like the calf’s tongue, then more until you are accepting the gift she gives you. You can feel this “mama loves me” feeling as her oxytocin hormone releases and floods the space between you and you get this sense of her love. Her milk starts to come in great gulps for your hands. It’s amazing and one of the most mindful, peaceful, non-ego driven activities that you can just “be” in… a close second is plowing with a team of 6 horses while the soil turns, the birds fly by catching insects, and the air moves with the power of breathing and sweat and muscle to a purpose as old as civilization. It’s a tough living, but it’s a fulfilling life.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful image, Ian! Having a fulfilling life is super important, so we’re really proud of you for doing what you love.

  47. Wow, what a beautiful message from Louie and Marie. With a constant to-do list and computer work on my mind, I really resonate with losing that love of nature, of the simple things, of remembering to pause fast-paced life and be still to appreciate all that is beautiful around me and in me. Thank you Louie and Marie for sharing your wisdom, your stories and inspiring others to be true to themselves, and enjoy life everyday. Keep up the amazing work. xo

  48. Paulina

    I loved this episode! Specially because being grateful is something that I need to practice more in my life. All though I must say I always start wondering when I think about gratitude… How do you find balance while being grateful but also wanting more from life? What´s the limit for letting go as Louie says and actually taking action to change something?
    Listening to this episode really made me think about slowing down! It was a breath of fresh air for my day.
    Thank you Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is an excellent question, Paulina! Marie has an episode of MarieTV where she asks that very question: does wanting more mean you’re ungrateful for what you already have? I think you’ll really like her answer.

      Check it out here:

      • Paulina

        Mandy, thank you so much! I looooved this video and it definitely helped me!!!! I loved the “this is it” theory that Marie shares. I´m so grateful for all the work Team Forleo does for so many of us!! Best wishes to all and keep up the amazing work!

  49. Kristyna

    Hey Marie,

    I really enjoyed this video. The most i took away from it was to really use gratitude to pull yourself out of a negative spiral.
    I have been laid off for almost 6 months now and i have fallen deep into a negative black hole. Gratitude is really helping open my eyes to how plentiful my life really is. Not focusing on the things that aren’t going well only makes you sink. Focus on the good, instead of the bad gets you to where you want to be and feel.

    Thank you for all that you do and contribute to this world. I will continue to follow and watch your videos and life path. Don’t stop!
    Love ya!

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Kristyna, I’m so sorry to hear how hard the last six months have been for you. I hope things turn around soon! And fear not, we won’t stop putting out videos like this, especially knowing how much the messages in them resonate with folks 🙂

  50. “By filling your bucket with gratitude ,there’s no room for the negative energy to come in. And once you change your world view things begin to flow.”
    This quote speaks to me so much! The turning point in my life was after I watched The Secret and began a gratitude journal. My perspective of the world quickly shifted before my eyes and I was in absolute awe! I felt perplexed that no one could see what I was seeing and trying to find words to explain my experience has been coming along over the years by exploring other forms of art that say similar things in different ways.

    This quote explains my experience so beautifully it gives me chills! Life has been flowing ever since. I allowed my husband to flow in, a move across the country, passions for photography, spirituality, meditation and veganism. I love my life and I couldn’t see all that I had already until I started to get grateful! Thank you Marie and Louie♡

  51. I believe this is my favourite episode yet. My pagan tree-hugging heart is singing! What a wonderfully wise soul Louie is, and I HAVE to see his movies.

    Thank you for this, Marie!

  52. Awesome interview! Thank you.

    Where are the links to Louie’s videos that Marie said would be included with this article?



  53. Kelly McCoy

    This was an inspiring episode. As they all are. But this is extra special, as I have loved Louie’s work for several years now. And this episode just cemented something I have been experiencing very strongly the last 2 weeks. Thank you this has brought me great joy.
    Grateful for being able to slow down so that I can physically and spiritually bear witness to everyday moments that surround me. And all of us.
    Thank you Marie and Louie!

  54. It’s just incredible. I changed my life nine years ago so that I could work with flowers. I’m a floral&event designer, and i’m really passionate about flowers and nature
    Louis expressed so well the sentiments that arouse when watching the nature.
    In my manifesto and in my slogan whtat I want to trasnsmit is that with the semplicity of a flower you can give love and the beaty helps the world to be better.
    Thank sso much for shring it

  55. So, so many golden nuggets to take away from Louie! I could listen to him for days…he’s so soothing and peaceful…maybe some of it would rub off on me. The two things that struck me the most were his mention that we have such a narrow view–not something that’s top of mind, but it’s so true. Even widening it a tiny bit means progress…and I can do that. And the other piece was being present and mindful and observant….I think about those things, but am I doing all three at the same time? Maybe not. Thank you for great content…every time I am touched by at least one thing that really is making a difference in my life. It’s more an evolution than immediate change, but I’m hoping the cumulative effect is more permanent that something that happens overnight. 😉

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yes, Abby! All steps forward are progress, even if they’re small. And sometimes those small changes over time really do have the most profound impact. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here, and we’re so glad you tuned in this week!

  56. Sarah

    Thanks so much Marie and wonderful to meet you Louie. Very excited to learn of your work and cannot wait to watch your films. Thank you both also for talking straight from your souls.

  57. What a great reminder that everything is sacred!

  58. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful, generous, wise, and gentle soul. I LOVED this interview. Profound on a million levels. “When you’re grateful, there’s really less room for negativity… And there’s always something to be grateful for.” Also, discussion on the seduction of beauty as a protective tool for nature. Amazing. Thank you! Can’t wait to watch some of his films with my children 🙂

  59. Lynn

    Such a beautiful reminder. So simple. Be. Grateful.
    Thank you! 🙂

  60. Hi Marie,
    Thank you so much for sharing this very inspirational story about opening-up our hearts to nature to rid ourselves of all those negative thoughts that can bring us down. I don’t know if you had a chance to read my personal story (I emailed to you) that relates directly to this subject, so please allow me to share it with you here….The most important lesson I ever learned in my life was from a very wise ear training/singing teacher named Rhoda Yamamoto, from the old country in Japan. She taught me that it’s not important that I “catch” every single note. But if I can just catch one a day, I will be a complete and utter success!! And she wasn’t just talking about do,re,me,fa,so,la,ti,do. She was also talking about such notes as a friend in need, a dog wagging its tail, a hard worker that deserves a compliment, a one-liner that makes me laugh, a person’s kindness, a child’s smile, a beautiful sunset, a gorgeous flower, the river water hitting the rocks, a dream for the future, a letter that needs to be written, and so forth. Bottom line, this type of consciousness gives me the ability to breathe, think clearly, smell the roses, and be so grateful to be alive! I hope you enjoyed this story. The End! :-))))

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful story, Mitch! We always do respond to every email, so if it looks like we haven’t responded within a day or two, it might not have made it to us. If you’d like to resend your email, please feel free to send that to info AT marieforleo DOT com, as that’s the best place to get in touch!

    • That is a truly beautiful and wise story. I’m so glad I got to read that. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for this inspiring story! I’m grateful of your insight!


  61. Libby

    I have so much G R A T I T U D E for this episode. I always need a reminder to slow down and this has made my tired heart very happy. Next time I go for a walk – iPhone is getting left at home! Thank you 🙂

  62. Barb

    All of your episodes are so inspiring and this one with Louie is at the top. I learned to focus more on nature and being mindful that often the smallest creatures or things hold so much beauty, just as in life.

  63. I just looooved this episode!

    This episode brought Marie full circle for me – I am such a nature lover (my design business is even called Forest & Fern!) There were so many incredible insights and inspirations and quotables. I think I am going to have to watch it twice! (Thrice?)

    I have had my nose buried in B-School, and it is so amazing to be reminded that beauty and seduction amoung other things that I love (and sometimes feel guilty about it, weirdly!?) are ingrained aspects of our lives… We can celebrate it in the flowers of our own life, and in sharing with the world what we have to offer!

    Thank you for this episode.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Yes, Christine! We love that you’re diving into B-School and building your business, but we definitely encourage you to take time for yourself and enjoy the beauty around you, guilt-free. Practicing self-care and relishing in the beauty the world has to offer are equally important parts of the journey. 🙂

  64. Jackie

    This message was very timely for me. The simple reminder to take in the life around us and to be grateful will help pull me out of what is the beginning of a downward spiral. I had a friend who died recently and another almost lost her life a week later and remains seriously ill. It hit hard. There is still so much more to life and I believe this will help support my desire to give more and be more. I say thank you Marie and Louie with journal in hand to record my blessings.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Jackie, I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend, and please accept our sincerest condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with your other friend too as she recovers from her illness.

      Life can hit so hard sometimes, and know that we’re sending so much love your way <3

  65. Wonderful interview! My biggest takeaway was that “Being present and mindful generates gratitude…and the struggle ends when gratitude begins.”

    It’s occurred to me that I have been seeing my life and many of the opportunities that come my way as a series of obligations rather than privileges! When I become more present and mindful, I switch into an attitude of gratitude which seems to take the veil off of the Privileges that looked like Obligations when my focus was not set on Gratitude.

    Thanks for sharing!! Looking forward to approaching each day of this year with a new outlook.

  66. Mine

    Marie, thank you for this intrwiew. It came right on time to help me out. I was not feeling the best this morning. I am not sure if j am coming down with something or I a overwhelmed with B Scool that I am in this year. So this video helped me to calm my body, mind and soul down and realized & appreciate all what I have. I feel great now. Thank you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Mine! We’re sending big healing thoughts your way and hope you feel better soon! <3

  67. Keri

    WOW! This was incredible and everything I have been studying in almost every facet of my life! From gratitude & appreciation to photography. Noticing the little things, taking nothing for granted and faith in the process. Thank You Marie and Louie for blessing the world with your talents! Everyone who witnesses them will only be better because of them <3

  68. What a tremendous gift to read all of these comments. I truly thank each of you for sharing your thoughts with me. I’m going to float all day!

    In gratitude,
    Louie Schwartzberg

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      SO much gratitude right back, Louie! It’s such an honor to share your work.

    • Happy floating Louie! I think we are all floating with you. Thank you so much for your work in sharing nature and gratitude. This has been a very inspiring episode.

  69. I think I’ve seen most of your shows Marie. This one was so full of synchronicity and resonated the most for me! Especially when he talked about having no money. He pursued his creativity and made voluntary sacrifices which slowed things down for him. But within this he discovered so many treasures, that allowed him to acquire something of greater value above and beyond his art. It has all unfolded for him and for us, like the flower.
    Wow just a beautiful testament to the true creative spirit and the trust in unseen workings in hope for a new and better life! Beautiful.

  70. oliver

    As you pursue a passion the barriers of productivity and progress before you start to disintegrate once you encouter a trade, skill, or objective you love to pursue.

  71. Ken

    What a perfect break from everything. You can even hear the peace and gratitude in Louie’s voice. Looking and sensing nature and your surroundings in silence is all it takes to slow down. This is where inspiration exists, even in the cracks of cement.

    Marie, Thank you for sharing all you share:)

  72. Rinee Drayton

    Love Louie’s work and his sweet being!!! What a blessing he is to our lives!!! To see and experience Nature in this way with his films is such a profound gift he has given all of us.

    Last Sunday in church our teacher asked the question:
    “How are our prayers answered?”

    There were so many great answers as to how people in our Sunday School Classed viewed how God answered their prayers or if God did not answer their prayers what did they think and feel and why.

    I had thought about when I feel closest to God, and can feel the sweet presence and love that is imparted on me. The strongest of these feelings are certainly when I am in Nature! No words can explain the Joy, Love, Hope, and deep Gratitude I feel when I am in Nature.

    I spoke up about how I feel God answers my prayers. This is what I deeply feel and provides me with an everlasting Love and Hope during my earthly time on this planet:

    It seems to me that all my prayers have been answered when I feel and experience GRATITUDE!! This is the ANSWER to ALL my prayers from my loving Heavenly Father…. GRATITUDE!!! When I feel GRATITUDE even in my deepest hours of struggle, hopelessness, weakness, and sadness I know my prayers have been answered!! To experience GRATITUDE is to know GOD and his LOVE for each and everyone of us!!!

    I hear us all at times say, think and feel “why has GOD done this… given us broken marriages, tornadoes, financial difficulties, death of loved ones, sickness, cancer, etc. We think he is punishing us or people he feels are doing wrong. I have come to believe that my vision of GOD is that he is a loving GOD and he does not punish us with these difficulties, he blesses us with the opportunity to feel this deeply profound “GRATITUDE of Life”. The Joys, Happiness and Peace he blesses us with are also answers to our prayers, and provide us with an easier answers of feeling and experiencing GRATITUDE. The deeper level of GRATITUDE that is experienced in our times of struggle is one that shapes us to know GOD and LOVE in a more profound way!!

    When I am in Nature, and I see these films by Louie it helps me transcend to that deeper peaceful loving place where GOD resides!!!

    Thanks Marie for continuing to reach us all with our wonderful spirit and providing us with wisdom and knowledge from you and all your interviewees!!

  73. Loved especially the focus story, I totally believe this is so important for your life!

  74. Michael Peterson

    Biggest insight: Amid all the losses (sadness) that life brings or could bring or will eventually bring, to get present in the now, to all the gain (joy) that life itself represents in its many forms, and many ‘timeframes.’ This for me is gratitude. Louie Schwartzberg has added to my breadth of gratitude, being aware of life at all its diverse ‘speeds’ from tree and flower to hummingbird.

  75. wolf

    nice piece.

    i do not recall talk about ‘Finding a way to do work that lights up your heart — even if it goes against logic’, which would be of interest to many i think. and unfortunately, nobody anywhere yet, seems able to outline for people ‘how to find your passion’ but assume people ‘know it deep inside’ and lost it just can’t ‘find’ it when more likely we never really knew what it was in the first place aka have dozens of interests and can’t pick a major or career path to focus on. maybe we only believed we knew what excites us most or it was only for a period of time.

    my take-away was ‘find things to be grateful for if you’re in a slump or feeling blue/down’ even if you have to ‘fake it till you make it’ and feel silly doing it.

    i like marie’s closer: “stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special gift that only you have.” even if its just your gratitude, a smile for others, a nod to the unfortunate.

  76. Dear Marie,

    I have enjoyed the interview , but what stood out for me was the power of gratitude and how it creates positive energy. In whatever situation, even the so called negative situations if one focused on the positive aspects to which one should be grateful for makes the situation more bearable.

    I will apply this principle of the power of gratitude.

    thanks once again

    regards n blessings


  77. Amanda

    This is my favorite interview you’ve done, and I’ve loved them all, but this was nothing short of beautiful. Thank you.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Amanda! We’re so grateful to hear this interview in particular really resonated with you. It’s such a lovely one!

  78. This was such a wonderful episode! One of the things I want to do with my life and business is share the beauty, amazement, and life lessons I find in nature. But sometimes I feel like people would think I was stupid or too woo-woo, so I tone it down.

    Never before I have I seen someone who so eloquently and tenaciously shared this passion with the world. Louie has paired his work and his words so well, in such a relatable way and to an awe-inspiring end. It’s everything I feel and strive to create in my life and I am so thankful for you both.

    I am definitely inspired to bring more of this self into what I do and share with the world. I think it’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else is saying in their lives and business, that you might not feel what you see and have to say would be worthy or “work”.

    Beautiful work! Thank you both from the bottom of my heart! <3 <3 <3

  79. Marie, I’ve been following you for 4 years but this is the first time I’ve ever commented on something!
    This interview is just fascinating.
    The one thing that resonates the most for me is how life can be viewed from so many POVs but how sometimes we focus on our little and narrow ways of seeing life. I felt so tranquil and content just by watching and listening to Louie’s voice and ideas.. Thank you so much for this interview!
    Can’t wait to watch his work.
    Light and love,


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Larissa! Thank you so much for your wonderful note and for sharing with us. We’re thrilled to know you’ve been following our work for years now, and SO grateful that you were inspired to comment today. xo

  80. There’s nothing that makes me feel better than sitting quietly among nature, listening, taking in the scents and being in awe of what surrounds me everyday. When I lose that sense of being a part of it all, is when I start to lose myself. I will always remember – “the struggle ends when the gratitude begins”.

    Thank you Louie and Marie! I’m grateful for both of you and your work!

  81. This may be my favorite interview so far. What a beautiful, inspiring human. I have been inspired by nature, studied biology and worked as an ecologist, before becoming a creative director and graphic designer. The last year or so our business has reached a point beyond “survival mode” where I can and should bring more focus and direction. His story gives me confidence that we can take our own little creative studio in the direction I would like to go (toward art and nature). I love his metaphor of bringing focus to life as a cinematographer brings focus to a shot and a story. Pure truth! Thank you Louie and Marie.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Christine! Congrats on growing your business—doesn’t it feel great not being in survival mode? We’re super proud of you and are so happy to hear Louie’s message resonated with you. 🙂

  82. I’m with you Marie! Gratitude is a spiritual tool that has brought so much to my life and keeps me well. Its kinda a big big deal in my life. What came up for me is a distinction in my gratitude practice and the evolution of it. When I was younger and now I always resist people (especially my Dad) saying, “Well, at least you have…(food, choices, safety).” And I knew there was a truth to what he was saying and that he was trying to clumsily instill gratitude. But the distinction of “at least you don’t…” or “at least you have…” and my gratitude practice is actually a pretty big distinction. Gratitude comes from deep inside me and is nourished by awareness and love. Patience and trust. Slowing down to take in the details and knowing how lovely the details are in the macro view of this life. The interdependence…the ebb and flow…macro to micro. Its not generated from someone instructing me or generated by comparing my gifts or pains to someone else’s. Or putting anything on a value scale. I think when we do that we are objectifying our gifts and blessings instead of BEING with them. More to say…but will stop there and be thankful for this discussion and interview;) Much LOVE! xo

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Andrea, thank you so much for sharing your insights with us. Especially that great point about gratitude coming from deep inside rather than “at least you don’t …” That’s such an important distinction!

  83. “We protect what we fall in love with” ugh. So. Beautiful. Explains everything. xo

  84. What I took out from this episode is a LOT of wisdom.

    However, the element that particularly caught my attention is that his genuine personality trait combined with his passion-dream brought him to make a HUGE difference on the planet for its inhabitants.

    Back to B-school program…I needed a break and this episode was the PERFECT one!

  85. Nony Morgan

    I love the sounds, scents, and colors found in nature and I spend a lot of time hiking and camping. I always have binoculars with me to enjoy the beauty and wonderment up close – the texture of bark on a tree, bees harvesting the nectar of flowers, the amazing patterns and colors of a bird’s feathers, or the expression in the eyes of a grazing cow. Binoculars allow such an intimate experience of nature.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s such a good tip, Nony! And I feel like I’ve even seen mini binoculars that might fit into a purse or small bag, too. Wouldn’t it be cool to get into a habit of carrying them around to explore nature on a deeper level even on the go? I want to try that now. 🙂

  86. I love this episode and I watched it slowly and savored it, just as Louie suggests. 🙂

    My biggest takeaway is that the processes that move the nature forward are based on feminine energy: on love, beauty, support, compassion, cooperation! So wonderful, so powerful. I am hoping it will be a big encouragement for all of us to tap into our own feminine energy!

    Thank you Marie and Louie, I will definitely go back to this episode.

  87. Melanie Blake

    What a magnificent soul this man is – so inspirational and I so needed to hear this today. I have a deep love for our planet and all her creatures and it hurts my heart everyday watching them suffer at our hands. Humans can be so lovely but tragically there are many that can cause such harm and destruction in the name of greed and so I am so grateful to a man like Louie Schwartzberg who is showing the world the beauty of nature. My greatest wish is for everyone to always choose kindness for each other, for our planet and for all of her truly magnificent creatures. What many people do not realize is that the bee and the worm can live without us, but we cannot live without them. Thank you Marie for your outstanding videos and for you. I get e-mails from people thanking me for telling them about you – as I think the world of you!

    • So beautifully said Melanie. I totally agree.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Melanie, I love what you shared about how we can’t live with out the bee and the worm — wonderfully said.

      Thank you so much for letting us know you’re sharing our work, and it means the world to know that it’s being appreciated!

  88. There is so much about this episode that touched my heart and makes me want to dance a happy dance. I live, breathe and teach nature connection so to hear Louie’s wise words on the subject made my heart sing – there is so much joy to be found in the simplest of things. When I walk around with my camera I always zone in on the details – there is sooooo much that we miss by walking fast and not shifting perspective. I’m always sharing pictures that I hope will inspire people to slow down and look around because as well as watching beautiful images from around the world it’s important for us all to be able to see the beauty in our local environment – as you said Marie, even amidst the concrete!

    I love hummingbirds – I am surrounded by them every day and we encourage them further by planting the flowers they like in our garden and I am definitely looking forward to watching the slow motion footage of them. But just as inspiring was what Louie said about what happens to us when we view them and other species – our heart opens and we feel greater compassion and connection.

    I am so overjoyed to watch this video today (my birthday) – to have the path I am on with my life and work to help people enjoy a deeper connection with nature so beautifully affirmed. Thank-you Marie – I’ve got lots of favourite episodes but this one just got the top spot! I’m filled with gratitude. Onelove

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful note, Terri. Thank you so much for watching, and we’re so honored to hear that this episode really resonated with you today. Sending big happy birthday wishes from all of us! xoxo

      • Thank-you Caroline & Team Forleo <3

  89. Carmen

    Watching politics lately it’s really gratifiying to see that to share your message you don’t need to be the loudest in the room.

    Gratitude certainly is the basis of abundance.

    Love this interview. Thank you Louie & Marie for this beautiful episode.

    Nature is amazing and we are part of nature, therefore we should be living out our potential in full. Loud & clear 🙂

    • Flis

      Hi Carmen

      I really love your point “gratitude is the basis of abundance” – perfect!


      Thank you

  90. Indiana

    How true! If we all took a moment and appreciate that particular moment we will know how fortunate we are. Thank you once again!

  91. Stephenie

    Hi Marie,

    I just want to start off by saying that I really appreciate all your inspiring work. I do admire you greatly, I think it’s wonderfully how you are able to add different content to your Chanel and it still be relevant to not only building your dream work, but also to building a life. I would love to get your input on what is the first steps to take when initially starting a business. I’m currently working as an Administrative Assistant, in a nation wide medical group. Although my work is not as bad, it’s not were I see myself. I want to start my own all natural costmetic line , but it sometimes seems out of my reach. How were you able to get the ball rolling? What do you do when your fears paralyze you?

  92. Thank you Marie and Louis for this. Wow! Gratitude and Nature, you really nailed it with this one. Having a vocation that connects people with nature and beauty is one of the most important jobs at this time on our planet. I am really moved by your work Louis and the palpable heart connection behind it. I believe when we as humans are truly connected to the beauty of all life and the natural systems that support it we become much more inspired to choose a path of nurturing life whereby participation in activities that harm nature and our environment becomes impossible.
    Thank you both for your valuable work.

  93. Amanda

    This was so beautiful & soothing. My biggest takeaway was the reminder that “by filling your bucket with gratitude, there isn’t room for the negative energy to come in. And once you change your world view, things begin to flow.” Thank you so much, needed to hear this today!
    Love, Amanda

  94. Ann Maynard

    Thank you Marie and Louie! “The struggle ends when gratitude begins!” Wow!

  95. Lindsey

    Big takeaway: We don’t pause because we’re constantly in “survival mode.” I think that’s way deeper than I could ever process in a day. It’s a reality check to hear that when I’m being frantic, I’m not trusting the things I do have and should be grateful for. I don’t have to be afraid I won’t survive this moment–I’ve survived everything so far, and there’s been a lot worse than this moment! Pretty profound.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Lindsey. Thank you so much for sharing your insights!

  96. Diane

    Loved it! This is so inspiring! Two things struck me most : how gratitude is what can make us snap out of our downward spiral–I know it’s true, but to have it spelled out like this makes it easier to remember when stuck in the vortex–and the idea that beauty is nature’s tool for survival. I’ve often reflected on and wondered why we react the way we do in front of a sunset or a flower or else… I’ve often asked myself what was the ‘function’ of beauty and how I can relate to it in my artistic work, etc. Louie’s idea makes so much sense! It’s also interesting how beauty can help, say a flower species survive, but to be surrounded by beauty myself also helps me survive on a psychological level. Beauty sparks joy! Beauty is mutually beneficial! Again, we tap into a form of cooperation/symbiosis.

    Great, great work. I can’t wait to watch more of Louie’s movies. Today’s interview and Louie’s work will definitely keep feeding me spiritually speaking as well as my artistic search/path of discovery! Thank you immensely to both of you! 🙂

  97. This is such an incredible interview. I love the message extrapolated from his experiences with nature and how it helps us to change our perspective of the world, even the world around us.

  98. Kathy

    THANK YOU for this perfectly timed video! What a gift in my inbox today. I was having a sort of crummy/Judy Moody day and literally before watching this, I took a moment to stop, hit reply all to a gratitude email thread my friends and I have going, and list at least 5 things I was grateful for. Then I watched this video, and was reminded how Mother Nature really teaches us what we need to know about life. I love Louis’s work – Wings of Life is an incredible film that I’ve watched several times. I’m an elementary science teacher, run a side business and am studying for a science test I need to take for a fellowship I’m applying for…so obviously a million “to-do’s” and wanting to “solve problems.” It was a beautiful reminder to stop, slow down, connect with the universe, reflect on what I’m grateful for, and trust that everything will fall into place.


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Kathy! We’re so glad to hear that this episode arrived at just the right time. I hope your day has turned around! xoxo

  99. Loved the beauty in this interview! One of my favourite mentors always says that gratitude and judgement cannot co-exist… we have to choose! And it is so much more blissful to be grateful for everything rather than doing non-stop judgement of ourselves and the world… <3 How does it get better than this?

  100. I love this tangent you’ve gone on – more please… Louis was a delight and I hung on every word. I’m sitting in my home office and watch a flock of birds swoop and fly every morning out my window as the sun comes up. I still don’t know how they don’t bump into each other! Oh the wonder of nature… thank you! 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Oh I love when birds do that — so amazing. We’re so glad we could be a little source of inspiration for you today, Noelle! 🙂

  101. What a beautiful episode, Marie, thank you so much for sharing with us! I left inspired and nurtured. Now back to writing content. Got this inspiration idea about flowers being pollinated and as a relationship coach I feel I’m that bird pollinating clients to find their soul mates :-). Love you. xxx

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s perfect, Darya! I’m so glad Louie’s wisdom inspired you. 🙂

  102. Perfect timing!! On my way back home to NL after two months of Hawaiian lusciousness.
    At Stockholm airport I missed my last flight although I had been at the airport just chilling for 5 hours. Silly. 🙂 So now I fly to Amsterdam tomorrow afternoon instead.

    And as with everything, the actual circumstance is infinitesimally insignificant compared to how we respond to it. Recognizing that I can always (ALWAYS) choose my inner state of being, no matter what’s showing up “on the outside”.

    Sure, feeling upset is an option, but what’s the point? There is sooo much love overflowing in my life and everywhere, I can’t feel anything but complete joy and gratitude for everything.

    Why? Because:

    “We’re on this earth for 90 maybe 100 years.
    Let’s enjoy every moment of it.
    In the grand scheme of things, our problems really aren’t problems.
    The only moment that matters is right Here, right Now.
    This breath…
    It’s a miracle that in this moment, We are Alive.
    Tomorrow, even the next moment, isn’t guaranteed.
    So let’s live in Celebration!
    Let’s choose to be thankful for what we have,
    Let’s choose to follow our curiosities, our passions, our loves.
    Let’s choose to be absolutely courageous, free to be who we really are, who we dream to be!
    Let’s choose to spread happiness, compassion, and love, for others, and ourselves, all along the way.
    Let’s choose, to remember, we’re in this together.
    Humans, nature, animals, plants,
    Let’s radiate love, dance our dance.”

    In the last hour after missing the flight I’ve had profound, heart-bursting-open-with-love conversations with three of my dearest people.

    This bliss and connection means more than anything. A missed flight doesn’t even case a ripple on the ocean of this love.

    Live your dream. Love deeply. Be YOU. Limitless.
    Thank you for being a co traveler on this crazy beautiful ride we call life.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Ronja! This is absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring wisdom with us. 🙂

  103. Ellis Megee

    That was one great interview! Louie is so down to earth making it irresistible to fully tune into what he is saying. Thanks for having Louie on the show!

  104. What a beautiful video from such an incredible artist. I will be visiting his work, and look forward to sharing this video with my friends. Thank you!

    Marie, I also live in Los Angeles, and understand what you mean about taking the moment to smell that blooming Jasmine. It’s intoxicating. Also, having a dog that likes to slow down and smell every inch of land (like I do – I have a Basset Hound) makes you take the time to take in the moment. Be present. Be. Here. Now.

    While building a business and working on various opportunities to manifest – this video comes in the most synchronistic time for me. It’s almost as if the timing of my viewing it is a little message from the source.

    I’m a New Yorker who has lived in L.A. for 5 years now. I’m so profoundly grateful for having made the move. I’ve met new friends, created a new mindset, re-built the way I approach life, and have worked on being creative and wanting to help others with their creativity. I drink in the beautiful weather. I smell that gorgeous floral spring air. I’m happy with the moment. However, I miss NYC. I feel the pull to move back there. I ache to live there again as a primary resident with the freedom to come to L.A. in the winter and work there Feb – March.

    So, I’m preparing for the move. Clearing out my place. Shedding financial burdens (I’m getting rid of my car and walk/biking/Ubering!) while working on my business. I’m working on making connections and opportunities for bridge jobs in NYC. I’ve put out the intention. Detached from it. Yet stumbling constantly into the question of how the hell is NYC gonna happen? I have some big demands! (No chaos. Good bridge job pay. Nice apartment. Cool neighbors. Near a Flywheel for spin. Good creative community. Nice pet friendly apartment near a park w/dog run.)

    Just an hour ago, while in the car, after walking my hound and returning to my day job – I started talking to myself. (Yup, I talk to myself in my car – while I still have it), “So, if the universe has my back, and I’m supposed to send out my intention for success and NYC and opportunity and the growth of my writing and my biz – what good is detaching? Isn’t that dropping the ball? So, I detach and then one year goes by, and another…and another… Will the universe really have my back if I’m patient? Because I really want a full life back home soon with NYC opportunity opening up to me. I don’t want it to take so long that I lose hope.”

    Then I saw this video. And what resonated with me deeply – like, time stood still a bit and everything around me fell away for a few seconds- was when Louie spoke of detachment and being patient. Yes, I know this. But after just coming off a personal “talking to” myself and the universe – hearing it at that moment felt like a very loud sign.

    So, universe – bring it. I’ve sent out the intention…I’m tending to my garden…and I’m backing off. Meanwhile, I’ll be grateful for hummingbirds and my hound – who loves to find a deep shady area under a palm tree to rest knowing full well I have to get back to the studio – as a reminder that I need to slow down and be patient.

    Thank you Marie! Thank you Louie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Wow! It sounds like you’ve been on an incredible journey and all the pieces are slowly falling into place. We’ve got our fingers crossed that the universe will answer your intentions when the timing is right, and we’re wishing you luck with the big move back to NYC! 🙂

      • Thank you, Mandy and Team Forleo! I could use all the crossed fingers and good vibes I can get. 🙂

  105. Extraordinary. Thank you Marie & Louie
    Louie’s down to earth yet super soulful belief in his purpose & passion in life is an extraordinary gift & an inspiration. If you build it, believe it, create it, live it or just plain know it – they will come. Piano, piano as they say in Southern Italy – all things in their own time… + Boy bees in Bars? Who knew?

  106. After sitting at a lab today faced with a newscreen of rapes, war, killings, car accidents and the like… same as in hospitals and clinics…. I have been looking for alternative healing visuals to approach them with…. thank you so much for this in so many ways. Gratitude, slowing down, mindfulness, the absolute mystery and wonder of nature…. can we dwell there more please?

  107. Mandie

    Marie, your interviews are always so interesting. I’m inspired to check out Louie’s work. I also give gratitude nearly every single day for good food on the table, and a roof over my head, as well as being surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty that is everywhere when you open your eyes.

  108. Flora

    Thank you Marie and Louie.
    Beautiful in so many ways.
    Just hearing Louie speak, takes me to the slow rise of joyful presence of being around nature that he films. The depth of simple grounded warmth that he exudes brings me such a gift today.
    I am grateful but have allowed some negative people into my heart and wrestle with how to kindly get out of that…I feel like, in the true spirit of his community of origin, he shows the way out, a path that he has made, by example. And somehow in doing so creates space for me and I am sure many others to do the same.
    So grateful already at the prospect of exploring his films.
    Thank G-d your parents survived to bring you into this world!
    Been listening to Marie a long time and often adore your work. But…this may be tops.

  109. Vicki

    That was a fabulous interview. I so appreciate that you take us outside ourselves and share these amazing people and we listen to their take on life. Gratitude for me also has been a turning point in my day to day life and that means to be grateful for the small things as well as the big things. Thank you

  110. Dear Marie and Louie,
    Thank you for this wonderful interview. Your questions, Marie and Louie’s
    answers were so deep and beautiful. ” The struggle ends when the gratitude begins. ” spoken by Louie and you Marie shared agreement in
    your life experiences. Both of you are artists in your own fields. Thank you for your gifts.

  111. Meegan

    Beautiful interview Marie!

    My biggest take-away is to slow down and appreciate all the good in life.
    When life gets a little crazy I like how bringing my focus back to gratitude realigns everything. Always look for the good in a situation and be thankful for what you have.

    Thank you for introducing Louie Schwartzberg to your tribe. He has a wonderful soul and I am in awe of his work. <3

  112. Joi

    This was such a lovely episode. I’m so grateful to have found this community. There were a few things that really resonated with me. First, the necessity of adopting a perpetual attitude of gratitude. Also, the importance of finding your focus. It was nice to get the perspective of a cinematographer in that the camera can only focus on one thing at a time. It doesn’t mean that the other things are not important, the power is in choosing which story to tell at any given moment. Finally, the endless beauty and magic of nature. As someone who works in the field of environmental sustainability, it’s great to think about how I can share the beauty of nature in my work to inspire people to want to protect. Thank you Marie, Louie and Team for adding value to the world.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So true, Joi! I love what you shared about perspective and focusing on one thing as a time as a way of telling a particular story. I’m so glad Louie’s message spoke to you. 🙂

  113. Shannon

    I love this guy! I would love to talk with him for hours on end. Thanks for the introduction. xo

  114. Michelle

    I love how he put into perspective the fundamental importance of beauty. It is definitely a driving force for me. Colour, light, beauty… these things make my heart sing!

  115. Anik

    Thank you Marie for this amazing and inspiring video! I love being in nature, and am often in awe of what I see! What a beautiful reminder to slow down, appreciate the moment, nature, the small things. Focus and not get lost in all the distraction. Also the power of gratitude. So many lessons and beauty in this interview. I look forward to discovering Louie’s work. Thank you for this and thank you for all the wonderful work you do (that I am just discovering!).

  116. Fantastic interview.

    His perspective is so refreshing.

    A few things I am taking away

    You protect what you fall in love with…

    What happens when we slow down….
    We see beauty that has always been there but we were to busy to notice.

    To focus on gratitude leaves very little room to focus on anything else.

    Thanks for another great interview!

  117. Flis

    My thanks to both Marie and Louie for this inspiring interview!

    Louie’s thoughts on gratitude balanced with mindfulness/appreciation, gratitude’s direct links to personal values, and it’s capacity to change perceptions and develop both compassion and “flow” deeply resonated with me.

    My take away thought is: “the struggle ends when gratitude begins” …this is definitely a keeper for me : – )

    And Marie …as always your timing is perfect – I really needed to hear this message today.

    My thanks to you both (fm Australia)

    All the best

  118. Helga E

    So inspiring and huge trigger where you are willing to be and where you truly blong. Nature. Thanks so much to remind and reconnect where we naturally want our focus to be…bliss

  119. Grateful for you and this share. So appreciative of how Louie Schwartzberg reminds us that Mother Nature is our teacher. “slow down to speed up your success” is my mantra. This interview showed me more ways to enjoy the art and heArt of this message. Namaste <3 <3 <3

  120. Lisa

    Hi Marie,

    I love your inspiration and the message of slowing down was perfect for me today. Thank you! I also have a VERY personal (hopefully not considered rude) question for you….do you have children or plan on having any? If so, I’d love to see how you manage things then!! My greatest challenge right now is keeping our children as my top priority and everything else for our home and lives but also trying to build a dream of mine. There just isn’t room and I feel like I’m not doing either well most days. So maybe that’s the answer…just wait or achieve your dream before Mommin’? Would love your insights! xo Lisa

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Marie has a stepson, though he’s grown up now. We’ve seen a lot of moms start businesses when their kids were young or start a business then have kids. We absolutely believe moms can raise their families and build the business of their dreams. Check out Marie’s take on this in this MarieTV episode:

  121. My take-away is that I’m so very grateful to the friend who referred me to you. What an unexpected blessing that’s helped me from the first email I received. I absolutely love seeing messages like this and think it’s fantastic that you held this interview. My respect for your brand, your messages and just you in general grows every day. Thank you for making these videos and insights convenient and worthwhile in my chaotic life!

  122. Hello Marie,

    This has got to be the best interview I’ve ever seen…thank you! Louie is brilliant in the simplest way. I am also an artist and have a deep admiration for Mother Earth/Nature. I’ve centred much my artwork around this concept. Nothing is more beautiful in this world than the nature of creation. Louie has reminded me to be grateful even when the need of survival tugs away. Gratefully yours 🙂

  123. Therese

    This was by far the most poignant interview for me as it relates entirely to my new business. I have never heard of Louie before but am so excited to watch his films. I took so many notes, and loved his way of enchanting and “slow” that made me want to listen even more. His take on nature relating to life was so different from anything I’ve ever heard. Thank you SO much for posting this today. It made me even more excited to go in the direction that I’m so passionate about.

  124. Wonderful, I leave on an organic farm where we grow lavender, thyme , rosemary and save for essential oils and experiencing the bees pollinating is brilliant ! The honey that they make is so delicious! Nature provides us with everything to be grateful for! Thank you so much for sharing !

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That sounds like a dream! What a beautiful space to live in. 🙂

  125. Rosanne

    Mostly, I appreciated the beauty of the slowed down cinematography. It reminded me that when I was told “You’re slow, you’re intrinsically slow, you’ll never speed up”, I should have said “thank you for the compliment”. There’s true beauty in slowing down the camera to capture nature at its most stunning & extraordinarily beautiful.

  126. Loved this episode – it is so important to be reminded to slow down in today’s world. Thank you Louis and Marie for all that you do.

  127. I just wept- he gets it- he’s sees and feels it- the beauty of the Earth, the miracle of the bees and flowers and Mama Earth the intricate web of connectivity we are all one. THANK YOU SO MUCH Louie!

  128. I loved this so much! Connecting to nature and slowing down are corner stones in my life. Biggest take a way…”Mother Nature really teaches us how to live a creative and sustainable life.” Louie Schwartzberg. So beautiful, so true.

  129. Regina

    I loved it!!! As a beauty seeker in nature and in life this made my heart and soul sing!!! I am filling my bucket to the brim with gratitude for all the beauty and blessings of this world! Deep love and gratitude to you, and Louie!!!

  130. Diya

    My biggest take away was Louie’s comment on the power of focus. We indeed have to choose what to focus on. And once we know what to focus on, our life becomes a beautiful journey towards whatever our heart and soul truly desires.
    I have to express my heartfelt gratitude to Marie for this as well as all the other videos. I know I am not the first one to say this, but I will say it anyways; you have simply changed my life and I will forever be grateful to you.

  131. As a business owner and new mom to a sweet little 8 week old, this hits home for me. Slowing down doesn’t mean you’re less. It means you have the courage to savor what matters most in life. I’ve been reminding myself of this constantly in my new role as a mama. Our lives are all about choices and making the things that matter a priority. This is truly a testament to just that!

    Marie, you’re AWESOME 🙂

  132. Liz

    So wonderful! I loved the way this conversation connected how grateful I am for my resilience to get through tough times. Brilliant!

  133. Barbara

    It reminds me of a nature movie I saw lately that said something like “we are not our to do list, we are not our unanswered phone calls or our full inbox, we are not our unpaid bills,… we are nature” 🙂

  134. Alejandra

    The true, true power of gratitude!

  135. Joni Crimmins

    Thank you for this. I make it a habit to watch Louie’s Ted Talk periodically to remind me to stay present, as I’ve yet to be able to completely live it. What a wonderful legacy he will leave behind.
    Since I’ve lived my life with gratitude, that part comes naturally for me, but what I’m reminded with this discussion is to follow your passion, and let it evolve. It seems I’ve been trying so hard to find my place, and the harder I try, the more disconnected I feel. Thanks for that reminder.

  136. Wow, I love this! As someone who is still working her corporate day job, trying to start her dream business, getting back into the dating game after a 14 year marriage ended and just generally trying to keep day-to-day life together it really speaks to me. And more incredibly it gives me even more confidence thst my business idea, which is rooted in the idea of “slowing down to savor the sweet life,” is on the right track. Thanks for the uplifting and inspiring message to keep me both motivated and sane as a budding entrepreneur!

  137. This brought back memories of my Grandmother and her take on gratitude. She always said that if I started feeling sorry for myself for any reason to just take the time to stop and look around me. You will quickly find others worse off than you are and will quickly have plenty to be grateful for.

  138. Julie

    Great interview! Very inspirational. I appreciate anything that promotes gratitude. It really is the key to living well. I’m going to try to slow down my day tomorrow. I’ve been slowing down my physical workouts with amazing results; I can only begin to imagine how working in my greenhouse will be enhanced with this additional perspective. I’m a little excited about it.

  139. Makeba

    Marie… are shaking things up for sure! I have watched many of your talks but this one here was bomb-bastic!!! I so darn needed this…for the last few months I have been in the ultimate rat race.

    In this episode there were so many nuggets that I will chew on for a while….my 2 favorites…

    “being present and mindful generates compassion and gratitude”
    (if you are scattered how can you appreciate anything)

    “when you are grateful it’s not a lot of room for negativity”
    (my goodness this is heavy)

    I will post these on my bathroom mirror so this will be the first thing I see when I wake and the last thing I see before I sleep.

    Mr. Louie, tomorrow will be the day that I will slow down….my frame rate of life will decrease so I can see the beauty.

    Again it is the small things that causes this great earth to move….

  140. This was an amazing conversation with Louie. I can’t wait to find his work on Netflix. I was very impressed with the discussion about the human POV at 24 frames per second which is too slow to pick up the speed of the movement of the Hummingbird. So to us their aerial acrobatics look like blurs across space. I had never thought that to a hummingbird they must have a faster POV and a fellow hummingbird doesn’t seem fast at all. If they watch us they must think we are statues or at best sloths! I was a little disconcerted to hear about the plight of the bees how key they are to the survival of life itself on the planet.

  141. Aly

    Wow – I loved loved LOVED that interview! That really spoke to me. And I’ve just been learning more about how powerful gratitude is and feel very motivated now to practise it more regularly. Daily. I’m such a fan of nature, and that interview just highlighted why. Thank you.

  142. A beautiful interview, thank you Marie for sharing Louie Schwartzberg’s amazing work and insight.

    I’m a BIG nature lover and through my work I encourage people to connect with nature and enjoy gardening for health and wellbeing!

    The word ‘biophilia comes to mind when listening to Louie, as we all have an innate connection to nature within our soul and need this regular connection to keep our emotional and physical wellbeing in balance.

    Louie shares nature in such a magical way that we can all get a good dose of nature.
    Thank you

  143. Jadene

    Really loved this video… Biggest insight? That it is OK to slow down.
    (Nice thing to remember!)
    Thank you

  144. Reminding ourselves of all that we have to be grateful for is, like you said, a powerful tool! When the constant energy of entrepreneur life feels too face-paced, I like to recall the story of the “fisherman and the businessman.” We already have what’s important. 🙂

  145. Patricia

    Wow! This video touched my heart and I am still moved by the profoundness of Louie’s words and humanity. The message is simple and everybody knows that being grateful makes life better and allow you to say goodbye to anger, lament and negativity. Maybe this was the right moment for me to see this video, I do not know… In any case, I recommend it to everyone!!!
    Thank you, Marie, for your great videos, interesting interviews, and commitment to your fans.

  146. Britt

    Lovely interview Marie. This man is tranquility itself. I’ll be sure to watch his films…so inspirational.

  147. Sue

    Thank you for this. I have had a few downward-sucking spirals in the past year which took such effort and considerable mental pain to overcome. I hadn’t thought about using gratitude as a tool to stop those – I can see immediately how powerful that will be. Thanks again.

  148. What a wonderful video and topic to bring back the awareness to stay present and to live every day truly, thank you for sharing all the wisdom that was spoken on this interview! Gratitude is so powerful that it could change the outcome of our days and so forth.

  149. Jennifer

    Snuggled in with my daughter after painting the living room and we both fell asleep to the beautiful images and voice of Meryl. We both woke up cheerful and look forward to returning to That magical world. Thanks for sharing!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      How sweet is that 🙂 Thank you for tuning in!

  150. Lori

    Marie and Louie,

    This was the perfect message for me to hear today!

    I have been focusing on what a am grateful for lately. Honestly, there are days I struggle and seem to easily shift my attention to what is wrong in my life. i was really touched by the thought that we seem to focus on the negative and allow ourselves to feel joy in what we are grateful for for a fleeting moment instead of nurturing these moments.

    This is truly a turning point for me. Thank you so much for sharing this message that we should nurture and celebrate what we are grateful for.

  151. Alexandra

    What a beautiful and inspiring talk! LOVED it, definitely will watch his films. My biggest insight is LOVE, the importance of practicing gratitude at every moment and having a positive outlook.

  152. Gabriele

    I loved – Gratitude opens the heart to love and fights negativity. Also his comment re that we all need to preserve life. If we all subscribed to that then we would not be destroying our world – his perspective and films open us up to preserving live. I loved his comment that nature uses the tools of attraction and seduction to preserve life. Too often mankind uses sex to destroy life.
    I am so grateful we have people of his ilk on earth right now.

  153. salman

    I loved it

    such an inspiring interview..

    love to him again

  154. What a lovely way to start my Friday…I’ve been holding off watching it because I needed to be ready for this powerful message (even though I had no idea what direction your discussion would take). A beautiful interview and reminder to take pause, see what is right in front of us, and be grateful for taking a moment to be aware. Gratitude is a place, not a destination. I’m excited to watch his videos this weekend and be reminded that there is purpose and beauty behind all that we do not see.

  155. I was completely unaware of Louis Shwartzberg and his work. Thank you for turning me on to him, Marie. What a wonderful and insightful interview. Louis is a well full of wisdom and vision. I will be looking up his Ted talks and films. Thank you for sharing this, Marie.

  156. I had such a wonderful time watching this video and will definitely put Louis documentary on my Netflix list. My biggest takeaway, was how when I started watching the video, I was thinking about all the things I had on my to do list today, and was starting to feel a bit anxious about it, however, immediately when Louis said, the minute we start practicing gratitude and let go,the universe automatically drives us to our inner most desires, even if its to get through the day stress-free. Great reminder!

  157. Ahhh, this episode was like a breath of fresh air for me.

    My two biggest takeaways/reminders:

    1. Gratitude is the universal salve for all “problems.”
    2. Focus on one thing. Master it. Single task.

    This is especially helpful for me as an ambitious person who wants to do a lot – much like most people here, I’m sure.

    Thank you Marie!


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes! Such beautiful takeaways, Lula.

  158. Molly

    I am deeply grateful for this interview with Marie and Louie, two people I respect most. I have seen Louie at the National Bioneers Conference for several years and I love his work.

    This interview comes at a very critical moment in my life and I realize much of what I need to focus on is gratitude and finding my passion. So, on to researching how to become grateful and find my passion, thus far a lifelong pursuit. Any other tips?

    Thank Marie Forleo team and thank you Louie!

  159. Thank you for this terrific and enlightening interview with Mr. Schwartzberg. As someone who takes the art of cinematography seriously, it was refreshing to hear his philosophical perspectives about how he approaches his filmmaking subjects and how they impact his approaches to life. I am embarking on the difficult road to feature film production, and my takeaway from this interview was that the cinema can indeed make us view the world in new and exciting ways and that sometimes it takes a professional cinematographer to capture and preserve the beauty in the world we regularly take for granted.

  160. This was so wonderful-so simplistically profound. Thank you x

  161. amy

    Absolutely LOVED this video!!! Your questions were so well thought out and worth asking… not everyone has this talent. And as for Louie, that’s a man I could fall in love with! What an incredible soul… he’s a beautiful person inside and out.

  162. Avis

    I’ve been dealing with some difficult issues lately. This interview was exactly what I needed today. Thank you.

  163. I love this guy and this episode. There is so much beautiful content here, and I will definitely check out his films. My favorite thought? Actually, his deep sense of spirituality and how the natural world has so much to teach us. The idea of the seduction in nature, and how our DNA is always moving forward to mate, to connect…and the focus on the flowers and bees, instead of the prey/predator fear (which stops me from watching nature shows).

  164. Netilia Williams

    I enjoyed the interview. My take away is focus and gratitude.

  165. Netilia Williams

    I enjoyed the interview. My take is focus and gratitude.

  166. Phyllis PapadVID

    One of the most beautiful episodes you have done.

  167. Very beautiful. Thak you for promoting nature.

  168. Hi you all!
    Thanks so much for this conversation, Marie and Louie…what an uplifting exchange!

    I think of Marie’s lovely style being like the flower that attracts the bees. She’s alluring and attractive in a way that draws to her the “bees” she needs to pollinate and spread her work. She’s the flower…WE are the bees! LOVE IT!
    BTW, I’m in her B-School class this year and it ROCKS!

  169. Marie and Louie,

    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful inspiration. My heart is smiling.

    You’ve strengthened my resolve to keep following my dreams. I’m beginning to paint again after a traumatic period in my life and a long illness. Nature has been my solace the entire journey and I’m so very grateful. No more struggle. I’m also enrolled in B-School and will stay on the path. Ever forward!

    With love, light, and peace,

  170. Rivka Sherman

    Thank you so much for it all: Louie for those wonderful good energies you give us all and Marie for introducing this lovely positive man.
    Nature gives us all we need, balance, beauty and all the basic needs for our mind and body. One of the ways to bring forth positive energies and attitude, I believe, is by taking our children, as early as possible, out into nature, open their eyes and mind to the world around them, elevate their curiosity and by that taking them out of themselves into life around them.
    In Israel, where I live, it became obvious at a very early stage of this wonderful state, that by picking wild flowers we are diminishing natures wonders, so the government started a campaign in pre-school and school, and this is before we had TV in the early 1950’s, to stop picking wild flowers. The campaign is no longer going on but for half a century we do not pick wild flowers to put in our homes… Teaching the children at a very young age, to come out of their own needs into others is a crucial aspect in growing up to be a good positive person. May we all become good people and help each other in even a small way. Thank you again, Rivka

  171. Amanda Wise

    I loved this video and can’t wait to check out Louie’s films. I practice gratitude and agree it is life changing – my biggest take away from this was “beauty is nature’s tool for survival” As an interior designer and creative person, I have always believed that our environments support our overall wellbeing – but sometimes, as I grow more spiritually, I have conflicting feelings regarding the importance and expense of having highly designed spaces, that this is somehow materialistic or not a necessity of life, when there are more important things in the world, or inside of us for that matter – but things in nature are beautiful and perfect and balanced and Louie’s comments regarding this just enlightened me in a new way of how truly important the design of our spaces is, and how it can and does help us flourish inside and out. And I have recently begun studying Feng Shui and so this is a beautiful synchronicity! Thank you for sharing this Marie and Louie! xo

  172. Amazing interview, I’d never heard of Louie Schwartzberg before but I shall definitely look out for his movies. Gratitude, gratitude, and more gratitude. Regardless of what’s happening right now in your life, there’s always something you can be grateful for: you’re breathing, you’re alive!

  173. georgina sudron

    interesting interview its great to discuss about gratitude as im learning on that

  174. Mel

    Hands down my favourite interview. Thank you for this introduction to Louie’s exceptional work and the man himself who has such a beautiful zen like nature in the way he talks and conducts himself. I am bursting with joy and awe and appreciation.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      So happy to hear that, Mel!! Thank you for letting us know.

  175. Bridget

    I am in love.
    What a beautiful person – thank you so very much Marie, for introducing me to Louie’s breath of work, incredible!
    Gratitude truly can change your world.
    thanks again for the amazing interview.
    As I walk home today, I’ll remember this.
    PS I have never commented here before but today, I just had to!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Bridget, we love that THIS is the first episode you’re leaving a comment on, and completely understand why.

      His work really is like fresh air swirling all around our hearts and minds, and we hope you continue to breathe it all in on your walk home and many quiet moments in the future.

      Thank you so much for watching, and for joining the conversation.

  176. Lindsay

    This is amazing! MarieTV always finds such interesting people, thank you for interviewing Louie and introducing us to such beautiful work. My biggest insight was taking the time to appreciate how wonderful nature is more often. I’m also in California and am so grateful for the abundant sunshine and beautiful spring blossoms.

    Side note- I visited Louie’s website and am SO excited he is making a film about fungi!! I have loved Paul Stamets works for a long time and am so happy he’s telling this story – so just by watching this episode I also learned about another cool project I’m going to help support!

  177. Rena

    This video is aligned with my 2016 vision of being more grateful. I was inspired by the comment “Once you find your path you will never lose your way.”

  178. ALICIA

    I can’t wait to watch some of his films with my children. Such a great message ♡

  179. Erika

    Thank you Marie for introducing us to Louie’s work, I can’t wait to see his documentaries!
    The thing that resonante the more with me today was the piece about gratitude and the most important, that when we are grateful there’s no space left for negativity. I am becoming more aware that this is something I practice a lot, to choose to look a the bright side of things and to be grateful for good and bad experiences. I’ll keep the practice!
    Certainly, I needed to reaffirm the slow down advice, I am a fast pacer who is practicing to live more in the moment this year and I can say that I’m enjoying more my days and I feel so grateful for the things that happen around me.
    Thanks Marie!! your episodes have become an important part of my week that keep me inspired. Blessings to keep doing your amazing job.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Erika! It sounds like you’re in a really good place right now, which is wonderful to hear. 🙂

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    what a beautiful soul! thank you so much for this interview. It touched my heart.

  183. Erin

    “We protect what we fall in love with.”
    A way to understand why I feel so passionate about the work I want to begin that in its summation will help mothers and daughters and families grow, inspire and nurture. Thank you Marie and Louie for spending some time and going into some depth for this discussion. It is so refreshing to see videos like this that spend time on necessary conversations rather than 2 minute clips for the average TV consumer. Bless you both.

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  185. Great video. Loved seeing some of Louie’s work. It was breath taking and I will have to check it out further. As far as my biggest take away or aha moment… Actually, I would have to say it’s more of a confirmation because I was moving in that direction… it’s focus. We get bombarded with so much information and if you love learning like me, I just love to take it all in. However though, you kind of get lost in the shuffle of all of this and yes lose focus. So I have been pushing things to the side and when things come up, it it doesn’t align with my specific goals… I just hit the delete button so to speak and continue to focus on the plan at hand.

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    This episode was wonderful! Louie’s work is fantastic and I loved the way he passionately talked about his work and how grounded and soothing his voice was at the same time. That shows a man with confidence who knows exactly what he’s doing and why. I got inspired for my upcoming project! Thank you!


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    I love the part where Louie said “It’s the little things that make the world go around… That story is a feminine story because it’s about relationships, co-operation, symbiosis and nurturing, that is the foundation of life”. This made me feel so proud of being a feminine women and all the small things day to day that I have to offer.

    Also, I’ve been super busy recently, really going for it while working and studying. This morning I went for a walk and after took some time to stretch under a beautiful maple tree in the park while focusing on breathing and my amazing surroundings. It was gorgeous. Now while eating some breakfast I decided to watch something on Marie TV to be inspired and came across this, I just looooved it! It is true “the struggle ends when gratitude begins”. Tis easy to get lost in life’s distractions, that ever so much for this reminder.


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Love it, Alana!! That sounds so relaxing and inspiring. And I love that you eat breakfast with MarieTV!

  189. So inspiring! I just love Louie’s energy. This is the work we do daily. We love to share how nature can calm the spirit. How the tiny little things we pass by daily are the things that provide us with clean air, water and food. The power of a healthy ecosystem to provide is mind blowing. Understanding these interactions is crucial for everybody to get because our lives literally depend on it. These are not hard concepts to understand and understanding them brings wonder and excitement to your mind, body and spirit. Thank you for having such a gifted and beautiful person on your show. Truly amazing!

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