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Today’s episode is inspired by a question sent in by Harold, who’s wrestling with how to make the best choice when your gut and logic disagree.

I think we’ve all been in a situation where something looked really great on paper but, for whatever reason, we couldn’t shake that funny feeling that said, “Something about this just isn’t right.”

Logic can sometimes lead us to a starkly different conclusion than our intuition. And when those two forces are in conflict, naturally we feel torn and confused.

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While I’m a person who relies heavily on intuition, experience has taught me that it’s wise to have a series of questions to work through, especially when emotions are running high and the pressure is intense.

You’re about to learn 5 smart questions to ask (and answer) when logic and your intuition don’t agree.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Have you ever felt torn between your sense of reason and your sense of intuition? Any tools or practices that have repeated helped you intelligently and strategically work through dilemmas?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember, please share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your story may be exactly what someone else needs to make the best choice for them!

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Enormous thanks for sharing your voice and making Tuesday one of the brightest, most beautiful days the week!

With so much love and appreciation,

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  1. I LOVE this episode. It’s exactly what I needed today. I also have a very strong intuition but sometimes ignore it because of logic.

    This is a sure sign to trust it more often, if not always.

    I missed MarieTV so much the past two weeks! I was practically counting down to this episode. 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing, as always!

    And I can’t wait for your new website.


    • Oh I most definitely agree! This one time I didn’t listen to my intuition when it came to getting my own phone plan. Relying on the parents was convenient. But convenience is not always the smartest move! So my intuition is bigger and better now that I read intuitively through cards and color!

      • Good one Marie! I love this one I try to always trust my intuition,,, your tips are a great help, to solidify what is going on in my mind, heart and gut. My husband and I are working on publishing 3 books right now on fitness. We decided to go with self publishing at this time mostly because that’s what we can afford and I felt we can meander through the confusing process and make it happen. I He was worried about not being taken seriously… but I kept telling him its going to be Fantastic! Its going to be an amazing business card at the least and help many people at the best
        Thank you,

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awww thank you so much, Lula! We’re so happy to be back 🙂 xoxo

    • I’m on the same page, my logic and intuition fight with each other frequently. I usually just give whatever it is a try anyway because I have issues “reading” my own intuitive guidance for myself; too much emotional attachment there LOL.

      If it’s not something that’ll bankrupt me, I figure it won’t hurt to at least try it and see what happens, if it doesn’t work, then I try something else!

      • Yeah, I totally get that! Great approach. Rock on. XO

    • Jen

      I went through a very similar situation a few weeks ago. I consider myself to have a strong intuition by my logic was also yelling loud. The decision wasn’t a clear cut yes or no like some other decisions I’ve made have been.

      My life coach gave me some great advice. She said when the answer isn’t a HELL NO or a HELL YES figure out a way to take the situation and make it so that it feels comfortable and exciting for you.

      That’s what I did. I renegotiated the opportunity so I felt comfortable and excited and now it’s a definite HELL YES!

      • Nice Jen! You just inspired me to get off the fence and negotiate a situation in my life to a “Hell Yes” instead of kicking the can down the road.

      • Susan

        How do you renegotiate? Sounds very helpful, just not sure how to start. lol


      • You and I Sex Oki

    • Hello Marie! I am a super fun of your work!
      This year I will finish my Economics bachelor degree, and the next logical procedure is to take a master degree in my country, Portugal, but my intuition tells me to work instead, since a Master degree will only give a diploma and do not qualify to accomplish my main goals in life. However everyone thinks I am crazy to take this step in my life.
      I know that this is a normal situation to occur. What are your suggestions in this case?

      Thank you so much for being who you are and inspiring us everyday, also with your amazing team!


  2. One of my practices for making big decisions is… eating them! “Wait, what Natalie?” Let me explain 😉

    When you’re torn, sit in meditation and let each option you have appear to you as a piece of food and imagine eating it. How does it taste? How does it go down?

    I realize this may sound a bit woo-woo to some people but it never hurts to try a new process.

    Happy New Year!

    • Hmm, I have never heard of this. I’m going to give it a try next time.

      • I want to practice the love with a girl

    • This is an interesting take on making a decision! I might have to try that~ thanks for the share Natalie!

    • I love that approach, Natalie! Thank you for sharing…it feels in line with my Honest Body philosophy 🙂

    • Libby

      So I have four different projects I’m working on.

      Amazingly – I tried this. . . And here’s what I got:
      This new venture where I would be selling products for a company I really believe in but hate the sales structure: Tastes like a very fattening cheese cake- with cherries on it… translation – its alluring but It will make me very fat – and embarrassed.

      2. A camp I’ve been trying to put together for years- and I know its a brilliant idea. – This tasted like – the most perfect baked fish- with capers and a yummy salad – along with a Kale, Apple, Avacado – smoothy! – not even kidding here.

      3. Life Coaching – I’m really good at it… – I think I can do it simultaneously with the camp. . . . Tastes like – a yummy – crispy Salad.-

      4. Writing the second book in my book series — No food came to mind – really – absolutely nothing!!

      I really love this exercise – I think I’ve finally got my answer.

      • kk

        Very cool progression of deciding…but im hanging…help

        Since no food came to mind on your second book…what does that mean for you?!

        Thanks, kk

        • Libby

          I really have no idea what that means quite… isn’t that helpful…but if I have to guess – I have to start writing it and then imagine it as a food -the story exists in my mind but not on paper… I’m a very selfish writer and I like to write what I want, when I want – I’m not ready to be on a schedule with a book that I’m uninspired to write at the moment. . . How about you? Are you a writer? What do you think it means?

          Love to know your thoughts

    • Angie

      Thanks, Natalie! I really like that! I felt my throat instantly constricting with one idea, like “I so do not want to eat this!”. Problem is that the other option I have has a strong component of that too, but it’s different. I need to rehash this, together with Marie’s tips.

      I seemed to be facing two options that are equally unattractive though both have a positive aspect too. But I may have been overlooking some other options. So what Renee Leverington writes, about trying to tweak one of the options so that it does become a “Hell, yeah!”, that’s a very good tip too. And I think I can identify what I can tweak by working through Marie’s list.

      (Great timing for me, Marie.)

  3. Being a solopreneur, it feels like I am torn every day. Even just a simple “how do I name this product” dilemma makes it difficult for me to handle. I think there was some point in my life that I became painfully indecisive. My favorite thing is when I don’t have a choice to make, so I can get started.

    Basically, what I listen to nowadays is my gut feeling, as well as some input from my audience, and most importantly HOW THE TWO MESH. For me, a balance is the best way to approach these kinds of situations.

    Thanks for the awesome strategy, Marie, I’ll try it. 🙂

    • Angie

      Ah, that may be about honing your business skills! Teaching yourself to trust your own snap decisions, because you have to be able to do that in business, sometimes. To grab an opportunity when it appears.

      See if you can find some activity, can be something like basketball or a kind of game, in which you have to make decisions very quickly without having much or any time to think them over. Place yourself in situations in which indecisiveness is not an option, in other words. That may help in a fun way.

  4. Hey Marie! Happy New Year! This is an awesome episode. I love all your videos. They are so interesting, well structured and inspiring!

  5. Ahhhh, Marie! Always THE advice I need in my life RIGHT NOW. I love it.

    I’ve been dealing with a situation where I’ve had intuition and logic really battling it out and my sister has been telling me to write that pro/con sheet, but I keep talking to other people instead.

    Now, I will finally do it and use your other tips (maybe this is a good excuse to buy another journal? 😉 ). Thanks for your help and Happy New Year 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Catherine, buying another journal is always a great idea 😉 I’m so glad this episode was timely for you — we love when that happens! <3

  6. Thanks for the video Marie! Hope you enjoyed your holiday break.

    As always, you provide great reminders for all of us. I’ve found that there are certain situations where I am more likely to trust my intuition — when I’m out driving and don’t have immediate directions I’ll trust myself to figure out where I am and where I’m going.

    For most other activities in my life, however, I seek out as many resources as possible, but when it comes down to actually making a decision, it is always hard to balance my gut reaction verses the data I’ve surrounded myself with.

    I think the easiest wait out of the muck of this situation is determine what the different choices represent as far as values to you. That way, you can make the decision in alignment to who you are and what you represent. That does take some work to decipher and know your values, but it’s worth it.

    Thanks again and Happy New Year!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Lucy! We all had a lovely holiday break, but we’re so glad to be back too 🙂 Happy New Year! xo

  7. Jacqui D

    I feel this way so much. I feel like the voices in my head and the people around me say to just go grab any job and just take the road well traveled.

    I feel that this is not for me, struggle with in me.

    I am pretty broke right now but working very very hard on my dream of having my own business from home. A business where I can help other people reach the dream of owning a business and have that help with marketing and social media.

    It is all I want to do and make a living doing, I feel done with the struggle.

    • Brandy


      I feel your struggle. About a year ago I quit one of my jobs to focus on my biz, putting me down to only 20hrs a week. Things ended up falling through with the one part-time job I had (state funding fell through), and I thought “oh well, now I can REALLY focus on my biz.” Fast forward to today, and I am still paying off debt from it. I have now outlined my finances so I know exactly where I’m at. I found a job that I love and allows me enough time to build my business. And without the stress of having insufficient finances, I have made MUCH better strides in my business. I now have people truly interested in learning more from me, I have held my first local workshop, have a nice website, and videographers who have shot video testimonials, workshop promo vid and other great videos. What’s most important is, I am building to achieve my dream rather than all-or-nothing, now-or-never. It feels great!

      I hope me sharing my story helps you in some way.

      Much Love,


      • Marie

        Hi Brandy,
        your story helps me a lot, I ‘m not sur I understood everything because my english is not perfect, but it sounds like my story but you are in advance from me!
        So it gives me hope, a light on my path! I really am interested for knowing more about your biz , workshops, etc..
        Can you please share more about that?
        With Love,

      • Angie

        That sounds so great! Thanks. What an uplifting story!

    • I feel this too. I DO think it’s really, really vital to find a job to support your day-to-day needs, even if it means you have to work twice or three times as hard in your off time to accomplish as much for your business dreams. I did the same for myself this past year, after years of trying and eeking by a living that wasn’t in keeping with my values. I LIKE nice things, vacations, to have plenty of healthy food on the table. I like time off, and spa days at the hot springs. I don’t need the massage, but I want the soak! At least a few times a year!
      I see a lot of my friends quitting their work to make their dreams go and the vast majority of them are not successful for some time – some as many as 5 years, which I think really had to happen so you can ‘earn your stripes” as far as knowing what you are doing. I’ve ebbed and flowed with that for 8 years allowing the Universe to take care of me… but it was the perfect job I found that finally allowed me to be sure that my rent is paid ahead, and I can work when I want and take the time off that I want to too. But that came with, as Marie so kindly points out in this episode, being 100% clear on what I wanted from my “job” as well as my dreams, from the logical stuff (head) to the emotional stuff (heart). I planned mine out on a giant aerial map of Taos I had left over from a project. I just graphed everything I wanted, then connected the ideas so that they were doable, and made sure that what I was doing was also building content. Finally, this year, I think I’ll be able to have EVERYTHING I want, including writing several books and getting my documentary out for people to see, despite the fact that I am working a “real job” and starting a non-profit. people ask me all the time if I sleep. And the fact of the matter is I do, and alot (10 plus hours a night right now. yay peri-menopause. Not! LOL!). but I am always plotting and scheming how to do more with less.
      I wish you luck on your journey Jacqui. I just wanted you to know that sometimes it’s okay to go backwards and make sure you are taken care of in the ways you want to be while you build your dreams into doability. With that comes the freedom of doing what you really want to be doing. I hope this helps. Dream on girlfriend!

      • Ps my current job is part-time only. That’s all I can afford with my big dreams and audacious goals. ; )

    • Bang on and so timely. Not just for me but it seems for so many others. I think we all struggle with this at some point or another. This was informative and insightful. Love the structured and fun way you present the material. Highly engaging. You guys are the best. Thank you, Marie and Team. Merci from Canada and a Happy New Year!

  8. saira

    Literally spent hours this morning debating something I’ve been mulling over for weeks (okay, months). And WOWSERS who would have thought writing it all down would actually give it some clarity!

    Love this Tip, thank you!
    Saira xxx

  9. Wow, you are speaking my language! I am a first-timer on the self-publishing path right now, and it has been a rich experience. Still loads to learn, but I would not do it any other way… this option offers so much insight into the industry because you are forced to DIY.
    As always, thanks for the stellar advice!
    p.s. If anyone is interested, search BIG MOVES on Kickstarter for my project 🙂

  10. Thank you Marie! I started an online workshop with Christa Meola this week and was really looking forward to your video this morning. Your video was very pertinent to what I’m struggling with right now. Wishing I could just air my dirty laundry to you in this email and get your opinion! I have a decision to make that will affect many lives- all of whom I care deeply about. No matter what, someone will be heartbroken. We all just want to be happy, but I read something this week that I thought was key and wanted to share with you. The article had me asking myself, ” what am I willing to suffer for?” instead of ” what do I want out of life?”
    I feel like I have to ask myself, “how much pain do i want to go through to make it to other side?” Trying to make a huge decision like this at the same time building my photography business is very stressful, confusing, and a lot of mental, emotional, and physical work. I feel like I’m almost out of energy treading water and am about to drown.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s a really helpful thought, Karen — every situation has downsides and challenges, no matter how ideal they are or how much we want or love them, and it’s about deciding which of those downsides we’re willing to work with. I’m sorry to hear you’re facing a tough decision at the moment, and it’s so tough when people will be affected no matter what.

      One thing I try to ask myself when making those tough decisions is, whether the end result will be worth the temporary pain — even if it’s really bad for a little while. It’s not easy to make a decision that will result in heartache, but so often NOT making a decision can actually result in pain over the long term too, so in some cases it can be worth it to face that heartache in order to move forward.

      We’re sending lots of love your way!

      • Angie

        Imagining the outcome five or ten years from now, and imaging yourself looking back, that can help too.

        Also, if you do end up where you want to be, any trouble on the way is often forgotten by then but it can also actually strengthen you, give you a boost in a way that is hard to put in words. (A feeling of “I did it! I pulled through!”, maybe.)

  11. Thank you for sharing this video. Your tips are amazing and I’ve started following my gut more and been better results. I learned not to ask people for their opinions because they will make decisions based off of their own issues and experiences. It’s okay to get advice from others but most times receiving advice from successful people who have done what you accomplish is better than asking a family member or a friend. Happy New Years Marie 🙂

  12. Cort

    This came at the perfect time as I am I smack dab in the middle of logic and gut! I’m hoping this tactic will help me in making a pretty tough decision. Thank you for being such a smart cookie and for having this site as a fabulous resource!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Yay, we’re so happy to hear that, Cort! I hope it helps with your decision, and sending best wishes 🙂

  13. In struggling with a similar situation, I am adding to Marie’s great list from this episode another question: If I keep doing what I am currently doing, I can pretty much figure on getting the same results I have been getting. Am I ok with this? Do I want to stay put or do I want to stretch? Sometimes when faced with a decision, a choice is to do nothing and that might not be good, either. There are rewards and costs involved with nearly every decision, not all of them financial. Happy New Year, Marie!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Right on, Jeannie. Great thoughts!

  14. Lisa Cleveland

    Hello.. I appreciate this video so much. Specifically because I have been sick in my stomach all weekend about my decision to self published. My book is in the designing stage and will be available in February… I’m not sure how well my book will do but I’m more comfortable now with moving forward. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Lisa — congratulations on self-publishing your book, and we’re cheering you on!

  15. Me me

    Hi Marie
    Help me get into my dream b school

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Me me, our B-School program is coming up soon! Feel free to check out our website and sign up for email updates so you get all the info right in your inbox:

  16. Lindsay

    This advice is always welcome!! It is so easy to just start talking to others about important decisions that really only WE know the answer to. I always welcome the reminder to stop looking around at what others are doing, and make the best, most educated decision for yourself. You are the only one who knows what is best for your journey.
    The other part of this for me is to do a check in about my physical and emotional state before I actually make the decision. Answering these questions when I’m especially tired or hungry won’t give me the same answers as when I’m feeling more centered. Being out of sync physically can really make me question my instincts more than anything else.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      YES! Great tips, Lindsay. Making sure we’re in a good space physically is SO important!

  17. Awesome way to start off 2016, Marie!

    This is a question that comes up all the time for me and my clients.
    Especially when we are doing work that we love, it’s easy to feel torn because our heart is used to being involved in our lives.

    Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer but what I will say is that there is value in both: listen to your heart AND use your head to bring that powerful combo of ‘heart-centered smarts’ into making decisions.

    It’s not either/or; it’s both. Find that sweet spot and you’re set. ?

    • I also want to add that I honor my intuition/heart/gut no matter what because it knows things that my brain doesn’t.

      A lot of times, my logical side will try to talk me out of something just because it’s ‘not logical’ and I’ll say, “thank you for looking out for me, but I need to trust my inner guidance.”

      …and my heart leads me to amazing places that I wouldn’t trade for all the logic in the world.

  18. Love the advice in this video … Those questions sparked some answers for me in a situation I had to make last month. I was asked to commit to a part time teaching gig at a local college and agreed to last semester … When they asked me to renew I had a weird feeling I should do it–however it made absolutely no sense with my work schedule, and it actually had been putting me behind in my work. Through the questions that Marie asked at the end of this video I realized that I was only ever doing it because someone asked me and I felt bad–so I did it. I think my gut feeling to do it again was a fear of letting them down.

    As someone who is led often by their gut feelings–I find these questions invaluable to ask myself so I can make sure there is a good balance of logic in it as well.

    Happy Tuesday!

    • Digging underneath your decisions and being honest about “why” you’re going for them is a great, useful practice Bryce. Good for you for realizing that part of that teaching decision was not wanting to let someone else down!

  19. Jeanette

    Such great advice! Thank you so much Marie! The five guiding questions you list are so helpful, and very applicable to both business life and personal life!

    Happy New Year!

  20. Thank you, Marie. Appreciating the questions in this video and write them down. I remember you also had a video on how to tell apart fear and intuition. This is where I confuse myself – my intuition has a strong first impulse and then it get smothered by fears – heady arguments, pros and cons. And I see how putting it all on paper could be helpful.
    It also signals me that I am appreciating my rational mind. And why not? Happy New Year to you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thanks so much, Oxana! Telling the difference between fear and intuition can definitely be tricky. If you’d like to check out that video again, feel free to take a peek here:

      • Cecilia

        This link goes to the right page but the video isn’t there. Hmmmm…
        Has it been taken down?

        • Chelsea - Team Forleo

          Hi Cecilia! That link goes to the blog post and then the video is about half way down the page just like this post. The video hasn’t been taken down or anything, so if you’re having trouble seeing it, please feel free to reach out to us at info AT marieforleo DOT com. We’ll be happy to help!

  21. Amy

    The only real regrets I have had were when I followed logic instead of following my heart/intuition. By this point in my life I always follow my insticts whether I can justify it logically or not no longer matters. Regret is the most painful emotion.

  22. Kara

    I am struggling with this RIGHT NOW. My boyfriend and I are Long Distance and I am building a company (and really working my dream job – well, almost) in another country. My timeline to be with him most of the time is 2 years and his is a little sooner. We are at a crossroads in our relationship. We have been together (officially) for just a few months, but we have both agreed that if we aren’t going to work later, we should probably do something about it now. I am torn whether I choose my job (which is a huge opportunity) or my relationship. I think I can have both, but it may just not be on his timeline. I am trusting his choice and hoping he can remain flexible. The thing is, I could go home and start another business doing what I love (my actual dream job) but would have much less support there. What I am doing now is wonderful for my resume and my experience, so I just don’t know. My intuition is hazy. On one hand a part of me says go. But the other part is justifying all the reasons to stay. Thank you for the list. I am hoping it will help me clear things up.

    • Hi Kara,
      Just a thought coz I was where you are six years ago. I was working my dream job and I met my guy. We got married pretty quickly then continued staying on different continents, he in the US and me in Europe. I went against all logic and packed up my whole life to be with him in the US -Best decision I ever made. Had I gone with Logic, I’d never have known a love like his. Today we are creating a life between the two continents, so it all worked out in the end. But I was only able to move because of the big ‘marriage’ commitment we too, I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. I went with my gut to marry him and then to move to him. Good luck to you

  23. Wow, this is so relatable! I remember when I first started out, logic would say that I had to take on whatever project/job came at me but my intuition said, nope. I wanted to really set myself aside and be able to be in a different market, even if that meant struggling for the first few years of my business. Stick to your guns and remember what really is constructive criticism and what is just blabber. My own tip: Take advice from people who know what their talking about. Family and friends have the best intentions for us, but they rarely know the nitty gritty of what we do.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great point, Jackie!

  24. Danette

    Ooh I’m a big fan of writing it all out I also have a FREE WRITE + Meditation writing.

    With either I almost always get insight and wisdom I don’t get by talking or running over and over in my head.

    Contrast breeds clarity. WRITE ON.

  25. Chad

    Great message Marie!
    Experience and hindsight are great teachers and as we do more of this type of thinking, I know I am getting better at it; or maybe better at trusting my gut.
    There are a few things I am working towards in life. They have been put on hold, delayed and passed over many times due to practical over gut….
    While frustrating, the gut feelings always come back and help me make that decision. Sometimes slower than I would like, but maybe that is why it happened this way?
    Thanks for the message Marie! Analytical gut trust!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Chad, you’re so right that it can take some time to get better at trusting our intuition. It can be slow at times — especially when you’re not as used to trusting your gut, but it gets easier with practice. Definitely check out our episode Marie suggested about boosting your intuition for a few tips!

      • Chad

        Very True Caroline! Patience is slowly growing on me!!
        Thanks for the feedback and am working on the trusting and patience. Enjoy your Tuesday.

      • Hi Caroline,
        Marie mentioned two videos. This one and one about knowing the difference between fear and intuition? Could we have that link too as I dont see it any where on the blog.

        Thanks so much.
        Rebecca x
        P.S is there an easy way to ‘keyword’ search Marie TV so you dont have to do all the leg work 🙂

  26. So glad to have you back in 2016, Marie – and on my birthday, too! Woo hoo! Already a great start to my personal new year. 🙂

    As to logic vs. intuition, trusting your gut is a practice. When I was just starting out in business, I would get SO upset when appointments needed to cancel/reschedule, but over time, I came to trust that if that space was clearing on my calendar, it meant that something even better was going to fill that space. And now, that happens almost 100% of the time. So when someone says “I need to cancel/reschedule.” I say “GREAT!” which usually takes them by surprise.

    So if you’re first getting started on trusting your gut, pay attention to what happens AFTER you decide. Look for confirmation there and reinforce your choices after the fact. That will train you to make better intuitive decisions in the future.

    Lastly, LOVE the advice I once got from Jonathan Fields. He said to write down the worst-case scenario and then strategize about how you would recover from it. When we’ve got a game plan for getting out of the perils we think we’re facing, that pretty much kicks fear in the butt.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Lisa, ohh yeah that tip from Jonathan Fields is awesome. Big happy birthday wishes to you from all of us — we’re so grateful to have you in our world! xoxo

    • Happy Birthday Lisa!!! Wishing you a year filled with SO much love, joy, and creative adventure 🙂

  27. I get a nap on it
    It seems a non active way of make decision
    But every time I did it after having a logical process on it, I wake up with the right info even an except idea that give me breathe and the inside go that I need.

    It very useful when my intuition or guts are in blur because I’m TOO emotional involve.

    • I love the phrase “Get a nap on it.” Hadda! The subconscious mind is an amazing problem solver that knows exactly how to integrate all of the wisdom available to you. Sleep works wonders!

  28. Christina, RMT

    Yup. This is SO true. Pros & cons list & when u see it all laid out in front, it allll makes more sense. Shudda listened to my gut when I made a financial decision a few months back….didn’t and now I’m paying….again. But this time for better & professional & reliable outcome.
    Thanks again Marie. Even when a particular moment has passed for me I know there will be yet another challenge I can (& will) use your advice for. I bank everything you send me!

  29. Hector

    I will try to do this, thank you Marie! I am constantly feeling like I am on the edge of breakthrough, on the edge of the cliff, about to jump and do something I truly want to do do and not sit here under a boss that makes everyday cringe, but I just don’t jump, and when I look back, I see that it has been years since I have felt this way. I WILL jump, and I must thank you very much for all of your help!! 😀 <3 Hector

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Hector and you so got this. 🙂 We’re so glad this episode was helpful!

  30. Welcome back Marie, I’ve missed your episodes … I really love listening to
    your inspiring videos whilst painting 🙂

    However looking back I can see that gut decisions were usually the toughest but they worked out the nicest of all.

    I believe not only logic is your “enemy” but ego as well. One can be proud, stubborn or afraid … on top of logic saying “it doesn’t make any sense”. But I believe if one is really honest with themselves they know the answer. I know I mostly do but I don’t always want to admit it.

    Right now I went on a path of testing my gut feeling … it is not pleasant but I believe it will bring me satisfaction as nothing else would.

    A tip on how to listen to your gut feeling … be still as long as it is needed and the answer will come. Just be open to it, whatever it is.

  31. This video is so timely! I’ve been back and forth with one of these decisions this past week. Every new year I give myself a word instead of a resolution. This year my word is Trust, because I find it hard to trust myself in many situations. This is not good and I’ve watched it hold me back many times. After watching this, it reminded me to trust myself and not second guess my inner voice. I’ll let you know how it works out!

    Thanks for sharing, Marie and Team!!

    • Please do Amanda! It’s one of the best muscles to build 🙂

  32. Ode

    I’m in the same situation right this moment. I started out wanting to launch a blog about my cooking tips and techniques. However, I came up with two wonderful products that I know will change the game in my area of interest. Rather than pour all the time and energy in running this blog and filling it with the kind of quality content that I’ll want, I’m thinking to rather focus on developing my product(s), source for start-up funds and all the time consuming brouhaha that comes with every start up.

    My gut feeling says go with “developing the products lane”, but my adviser/consultant whom I’ve shared all these ideas with thinks I should do the blog first as I could use that medium to establish proof of concept and viability and so on.

    My question however is that, how did people establish proof of concept before this whole blogging phenomenal? Also, a quality, content-reach blog is not a walk in the park, should I be putting energy on something I know would be temporary or just go for the jugular? I’m about to put Marie’s process on paper right now.

    Wish me luck and happy new year to all of you. Marie, thank you so much you mind reader you!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great Q’s, Ode. In so many ways, developing products vs. writing your blog first is really a “chicken or egg” problem and there’s no one right answer. It can be easier in some ways to blog about your product once it’s been created and developed, but on the other hand, building an audience right from the start doesn’t cost much, and then you have potential customers already when your product launches.

      Before blogging became a thing, it was a lot more difficult in many ways to gain traction and establish any proof of concept — without the internet, business owners had to rely on investors or things like paid marketing to get going, so having the internet as a tool for modern entrepreneurs is awesome.

      If you’re not interested in doing a ton of blogging yet, you can get a website up and do just a few pieces of really good content like Derek Halpern suggests in this episode:

      That way you can get that up and running, but spend more of your focus on developing your product. It’s also totally okay to invest time in your product first if that’s what your gut is telling you and it makes sense for your biz.

      If you haven’t already, definitely do try the tips Marie shares in this episode, and I hope they help you in your decision!

  33. Happy New Year, Team Forleo!

    What a great question and an equally great answer. Even using my intuition professionally for others, I STILL have moments in my own life where logic and intuition fork, and there’s a struggle of “which way do I go? which instinct is right?” Like Marie said in the video, no matter how big, bad, or enormous our decisions or the worst case scenarios seem, there are always opportunities to course-correct and make another choice if we seemingly choose “wrong.”

    For me, my best advice in using intuition in decision-making has been focusing on choices that expand my heart chakra vs. choices that contract it. If when considering a choice I feel expansion and lightness, I will take that heavily into consideration. If I feel a contraction or a pulling away, that’s my intuition telling me that choice is probably not for my highest good.

    Thanks as always for great advice and videos!

  34. Love this. Funny enough, my first book was self-published and then was picked up by a publisher. I too had a terrible concern in the back of my head about the stigma of that! Now I have four! Go figure!

    That said, I love the questions you pose. Having a process for your intuition is actually really helpful!

    • Congrats Brett! AND I saw your book in a local shop in Venice, CA. Warmed my heart and I sent you a big virtual high-five!! WELL DONE 🙂 Xo

  35. It’s exactly what I needed today!!! I just self-published my book on Amazon and it was a huge leap of faith! I trust my intuition! Let’s see the magic of 2016! Thank you Marie.

  36. Marie once again you are fabulous! I have to say that if I had had this message about eight months ago, I probably would’ve been eight months ahead. My gut told me to move on to a new adventure but my head and everyone around me was telling me to finish what I started. The problem was, I would’ve had to compromise my deepest convictions to finish. Now that’s for eight months and I have gone back to that original got decision and I am so at peace and a little scared because it’s risky but I know it’s the right thing from the deepest pit of my gut! Lol
    Again thank you for affirming how to go with our gut!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Heather, for your kind words. We’re glad this message struck a chord, even if it felt like it was coming 8 months late. Best of luck with your next great adventure!

  37. One tool I discovered last spring was through a week long mini-course with Ramit Sethi and a retired Navy Seal.

    This practice really helps me when a challenge or idea keeps bouncing around in my head and taking up space, usually indicating there is a conflict between intuition and logic. I find myself craving time to sit and perform this thought process, knowing I’ll come out of it with a clear decision.

    Hope it helps!

  38. Chicken soup for the self-publishing soul?

    Thank you Marie! for another well-timed episode – so glad I sat in…

    Reading a few comments I felt at home: being or choosing to be broke while torn btw a creative life and traditional comforts; to self-publish or go the other ‘agent’ route…whoa…I am smack in the middle of both.

    But I’ve never really felt torn.

    It is this phrase I recently picked up that feels closest to my current creative life – ‘People who enjoy the stresses and uncertainty of the (starving) artist lifestyle are ultimately the ones who live it and make it.’

    Exactly the way we envision it.

    As for writing it down, my go to mantra: a big, fat, black felt-tip marker, a piece of card stock and the list. Write it bold. Read it often. Let it go. Trust yourself. Enjoy what happens.

    Auguri di buon anno a tutti!
    Tanti Baci

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      We’re so glad you “sat in” with us too. 🙂

  39. Kim


    You nailed it. Both the dilemma and solution. What a great way to get started in the New year. You’ve won over a new subscriber to your TV.

    Thanks so much.


    • Awesome and, thanks Kim! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Welcome to the family and Happy New Year 🙂

  40. EP

    I definitely relate to this. As someone who feels stuck in a job I really don’t like or care about, I have been wanting to go freelance for a very long time, but I have so much fear about money and instability. I think it’s because I have always lived as an adult in a precarious economy, rife with contract jobs and very little “steady” work. And also receiving messages from my parents and others in my industry.

    The “logic” for me is to keep working crappy 9-5 jobs for other people in order to make money, but the “intuition” totally trumps that logic — it seems illogical to keep doing something that makes you consistently unfulfilled and unhappy.

    I feel that we live in a world where this mentality is all too prevalent: To keep doing things you don’t like in order to “get what you want.” But really, what is it that you want?

    I know what I value, I just have to take a risk and make that leap…

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, EP. Wishing you whatever courage you need!

  41. Tiffany

    Marie you are spot on again!!

    I was making a tough decision recently and felt torn between my head and my heart or between the logic and my gut. I always go to the list of the pros and cons (I secretly love spreadsheets! haha) but I should have started with question ONE: What’s the result or outcome you most want in this area of your life. This is where I discovered the answer within me and my gut decision became all more clear.

    Thanks again for your words of wisdom each week!

  42. Kathy


    Perfect timing.

    I have to make a huge life changing decision in the next 48 hours but my logic is over riding my gut. Obviously your intuition and timing was right on for my life…thank you for sending me this email today and enticing me to watch your video.
    My evening will be spent with my pen in hand going through each of your steps … following which I will no longer be uncertain of the next steps for my life changing decision.

    • Really happy the timing worked out for you today Kathy. Sending you love!

  43. Teodora

    But why “Romanian – are you freaking kidding me?” What is so strange about romanian?

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Hi Teodora! There’s nothing strange about “Romanian” at all! That was just the “negative-self-talk-kiss-of-death” character talking in the episode and acting surprised that Marie’s book was published in so many languages despite her starting as a self-published author. Marie’s proud to have the book published in so many languages so that it’s available for people all around the world!

      • Teodora

        I know, because I speak that strage language. Just kidding. You have to chose a not so known language for the “are you freaking kidding me”

  44. Trisha

    Thank you Marie for this list of excellent questions and Harold for asking the question. Very helpful indeed, I had written a pros and cons list but this is much more inclusive.

  45. LOVE this episode!! I’m adding these Qs to my toolbox!

    One of my fave exercises to tune into my intuition when making a decision is this —

    1. Write each option on separate Post-Its (for example: A. Self Publish, or B. Traditional Publisher)
    2. Place each Post-It on your floor, pretty far apart.
    3. Stand in the middle of the Post-Its
    4. Take a deep breath (or 3) and tune in to your body
    5. Take one step closer to either option and feel into your body to see how it feels to get a little closer to one option and a little further from the other
    6. Keep taking little steps in that direction and then switch it up to move in the other direction to see how that feels

    Most of the time you’ll get a pretty clear answer pretty quickly as to what your body and your intuition are really saying and which option it prefers.

    This exercise is super fun! It’s something I consistently recommend to friends and clients. 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Fun Karen — thanks for sharing! Love that.

    • Amanda

      Thank you so much Karen, Marie & Team!

      I love the idea of putting all possibilities on paper and then actually move toward one of them. The next step in my career will almost certainly entail moving to another country, so the spatial component of this approach is all the more appealing to me. 😉

      Thanks again! These videos are brilliant, always – and I mean ALWAYS – come at the right time and I love to search for additional gems in the comment section.

      Happy New Year!

  46. Indiana

    Absolutely very helpful. Sometimes in order to take that very important decision I discuss my ideas with a couple of ppl and note their comments and see what may weighs more.
    Happy Tuesday and thank you!!!

  47. Christopher

    Thank you!!! I have been working on the terrible decision of divorcing my spouse or stay. I am going with my heart and gut. I must stay. It will be hard but the negatives of divorcing are far too great. Plus spiritually, the choice to stay is a no-brainer. Thanks again.

    • Hey Christopher. You’re right, that is a really tough decision. If you’re open some support on that topic, I recommend Tony Robbin’s Ultimate Relationship Program. I think his work around relationships is some of the best there is. For many — an unknown part of what he does. If you like Tony, I think you will get a lot out of that program right now 🙂

  48. Mirabela Elena

    Greetings from Romania!!!You guys are freaking awesome.I would love to see an episode where we could get to know more about Marie’s brilliant team.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Mirabela, and for the MarieTV request. We love having you tune in from Romania!

  49. LOVED this episode Marie! Fantastic work, and perfect timing for my life. Thank you!

    • Awesome to hear that Steven 🙂 Sending you loads of love and HUGE hug!! XOO

  50. This was a great video, Marie.

    In the works of finding a middle ground, being a part of Chalene Johnson’s SMART Success Academy has been so incredibly helpful. She mentions having intrinsic and key priorities. I feel having my key priority in mind, I make the best decisions with what I need at the moment. That key priority is my logic, if you will.
    In turn, I feel less anxious because I know I am taking proper action on something that is important right now, which lets me do things my gut, creativity, and passion drive me to do.

  51. I like the coin flipping trick. Take a yes / no decision and apply the yes / no responses to each side of the coin. Flip it. Look at it. You have 3 seconds to FEEL what it would FEEL like were your fate determined by the flip of a coin. After 3 seconds good ol’ logic brain chimes in. So say you start with practicing with small things – should I eat chicken for supper? Flip says yes, you should. But you feel heavy, contracted, and catch yourself scowling. Probably not the best choice. Your gut is reacting to the outcome and giving you clear signals. Alternatively say you feel light, and expansive and smiley. Chicken for supps probably a good option. Be careful though that you only listen to what your body feels for those first 3 seconds. Brain logic will then start with, “Oh, but chicken is full of protein, you already defrosted it, blah blah blah.” Once you practicing on tuning in to your gut feelings on small things you can start using this technique on big things.

  52. Miriam

    Hi Marie
    I have been watching you for sometime, and I love your MarieTV!!
    Thank you for this episode! I’m struggling with having my business or stay employed! I already made the upsides and downsides and they were equal! But now I will do the 5 steps!!

    • Awesome Miriam, keep us posted and we wish you so much luck with this!

  53. Maria

    I love your videos and i read your book. You are sooo good!….but i don`t understand the joke with romanian?! You have something with them? I am asking because i am romanian and i felt ofended with this stupid joke.

    • Hey Maria! I LOVE people from all over the world. I’m sorry you felt offended. Since you’re a regular watcher, you know that I’m a person who pokes fun at many things — MOST often MYSELF!! I sing horribly, I make fun of my New Jersey/Italian american roots and a lot of other things. I show you very REAL bloopers of me making mistakes and saying really silly things. While you can choose to hang on to being offended (your choice!) you have other beautiful Romanians here in the comments who understand my heart and, the truly lighthearted nature of our sketches. Wishing you all the best!

  54. Mine

    Great info. It came right on time.

  55. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for the great questions to ask yourself! Apart from the worst case scenario, I always think of what could happen if I follow my gut, or if I follow my logic. Visualizing the possible outcome of both is a powerful tool for my decision-making process. Hope this helps others as well!

    Best, Nicoline

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      That’s great, Nicoline — visualizing outcomes is such a helpful step!

  56. Harold proposed a good question. Sometimes you can have a strong inclination to make a decision one way, but personally I believe that it is best to go with wisdom. I believe that wisdom saves the majority of heartache that could be experienced in the future by going with sound knowledge & advice.

    When it comes to making a decision, I also agree that it is good to write everything down–write down your Pros & Cons. I do this with a whiteboard and then decide what I’m aiming for after considering them.

    Does anyone else tend to write out their Pros & Cons before making decisions and then narrow down their options?

  57. Love the point that by writing it out we can see that the worst case scenario is rarely something that we can not recover from. Also, I have found that allowing myself to release the fear of making mistakes has helped so much. We know that children learn and grow from their mistakes. We accept that. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we think that no longer applies. Not true. We ALL learn, or at least can learn, from our mistakes. So, if it’s not life and death and I make a mistake, I can recover. There’s grace for that! Thank you Marie. Always on point!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautifully said, Karin!

  58. Boy did I need to hear this today! Thanks Marie, your story applies to me directly! It is powerful to hear about lives lived in alignment with intuition. It’s been my experience that it never steers my wrong. BUT!! I always take the time to meditate and journal about the issue/decision so I can be sure. It is rushing and not taking the time to explore that is the kiss of death for me. Happy New Year! Hope it is filled with joy.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Danielle, thank you so much for your kind words. We’re big fans of journaling and meditating too.

      Wishing you a beautiful 2016!!

  59. Loved this episode! And I’ve always loved the way that you end your videos. That phrase gets me every time! 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo


  60. Sonja

    Hi Marie,
    I love Marie TV, it’s the coolest thing.
    I was struggling with the same decision as Miriam (5 up) just two and three years ago after having my two kids. Everyone and everything suggested I should be more than happy to lean back into my safe and well-paying job, but it felt bad in my gut, so I didn’t and started my own business. And I’m just so glad I did, though it’s all far from perfection, but I can still look into that mirror. Dark circles are temporary 🙂

  61. Joe

    SO glad i found you …. thanks for all the help! … example: your 10-minute meditation is in my regular rotation and currently my fave …. anyways, could go on and on about what a great service you provide … when I’m thinking about something you magically pop up in my email with advice/thoughts about that very something … awesome … thank you!

    • Thanks Joe! Glad that meditation is working for you 🙂

  62. Ana Lúcia

    I’ve subscribed to updates and I watch your videos as soon as I get them down here in Brazil. Loved this one on the hard decision between the logical option and the insightful option. Actually I was dwelling to make a decision and jumped to your 5 item check list. The second item made my decision so clear that I didn’t even need to go to the end. Thank you.
    Also just the other day I was cleaning up book shelves and found your book. I bought it years ago I didn’t even know that you were you kkkkk.
    Beijo ! Thanks!
    Also I would like to suggest you to share with us your feelings on ho oponopono. I find the technique very helpful.
    Happy 2016!

  63. oliver

    If we are lucky, reasoning improves over time and today I am reasoning that I am in over my head in paper work administration and tasks required to complete a building management project.
    Three factors are recently making an impact on improving productivity:
    1. Recent Scary Dreams: I try seeing the inherent logic that can be gleaned out of scary dreams. In one sense they are intimidating and in another they are inspiring.
    2. Mentor: This weekend while fixing an exhaust leak on a car a kind hearted soul assisted me with some decision making and cast light on my decision making flaws.
    3. Decision Making Model: In response to realizing this weekend that my decision making is flawed I created a model to improve my decision making.

  64. Rochelle Alves

    Hi Marie,
    Welcome! I’m so glad you (and your team!) are back! I am a big fan, frequently recommend you to my friends and am seriously considering The Copy Cure and B-School. I would like to gently provide some feedback regarding one area of your videos (and maybe it’s not fair because I have been “marathoning” them over the Christmas break). I started at the beginning when you didn’t always have a tag line and got thru the red tape quickly (ding ding and gold star), but the more current the videos, it seems the more creative you try to get delivering the necessary lines, because you don’t want viewers to be bored hearing the same old thing, “The place to be to create a business and life you love”…a great motto, and one I say to myself without thinking about it now….but no one needs to hear you say it more interestingly, or most especially more slowly (as in today’s “say it with me”)…we just want you to get to the good stuff. It feels brutal of late to listen to the different ways you say that phrase. Brutal might be a slight exaggeration. OK – i realize I am speaking for others, but I gotta believe I’m not alone. And at the end….I don’t know what all the stuff is called that you say EVERY time (but I get that you need to do it for newbs), but if somehow it could be summarized or shortened once in a while, at least one of your fans would be pleased. Yes, I know jumping over that part is an option, but I don’t want to miss anything!

    Thanks for your great advice and guidance, and mostly especially presenting it with such stellar style, killer humor, kick-ass wit, great intellect, and uber-hipness.

  65. Ale

    here’s a Romanian shoutout to you guys :))
    i love your videos Marie! besides the great content (for which i return to youtube again and again as a newborn antrepreneur), you and your team are always so fun and creative i always end up smiling for an hour after watching you.
    Thank you. Love and hugs from Bucharest.

    • Thanks Ale!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending you love and hugs right back 🙂

  66. I like using the X diagram for decisions as it is appealing visually to see each quadrant (which you could mesh with the steps above for more direction):
    What’s the best if I do?
    What’s the best if I don’t?
    What’s the worst if I do?
    What’s the worst if I don’t?

    I think incorporating how it will impact your network is a great idea and starting with what you really want in mind. The quadrants of the X help you visualize the weight of each.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo


  67. Great video. This past year I’ve systemized the intuition/decision making. lol

    When I’m unsure about something I do what you say, Marie, write it all out, the pros and cons. Then I read it before I go to bed.

    In the morning I think about “the thing” and see how I feel. I find when you are still half asleep your body gives you strong signals.

    If thinking about “the thing” puts a smile on my face, gives me little excited butterflies in my belly, I’ll move ahead with it.
    It I feel contraction vs expansion I read my notes later on and make a decision based on that.


  68. Great episode, great timing!

    I usually rely on my gut and strong intuition works best for me. It certainly takes longer to make a decision by writing it out, but that works best for me too. I also wait a day or two before, if I need more time, and things somehow become clearer. It it feels right at the end of a day or two – its a go or a no! Right now I’m deciding to Blog or not to Blog for my beauty biz. Marie, I love your tip #1. Going to use that one. Thanks Marie!

    • Linda,
      Go for it and Blog. You’ll be happy you made the decision to do it. Have no fear and just do it!

      Smile and smile more…

  69. sandie

    It’s “funny” that I have learned over the years to always trust my gut feeling. However, I am in a situation now where I don’t know what to do. I will put the concerns on paper and follow your advice in doing so.
    My situation is that while being in a 30+ year very unhappy negative marriage–with all the trimmings–I prayed many times that at some point before leaving this life I would know love for me–every inch, every quirk, every way that I am. Giving my husband every chance, turning into a comelian (sp?) had not worked. The day came that I met such a person after separation in marriage. But we have remained married, both out of fear of financial ruin, and for our family’s sake–but totally separated for over 10yrs. The one who loves me is not financially secure and disabled–but nothing stops him. He pushes on in life, and loving me in the way that I asked for–and I “know” it. I’ve struggled through the years that we now have known each other, asking myself “why would I block myself from a complete relationship with him”, always knowing the answer–fear. He has now asked me to marry him…omg–help! How can I get over that fear? Many things are involved with that fear–and it’s immense. After recognizing this “blocking” on my part, it’s now been three yrs I have struggled with these questions of fear. And now, he asks me to marry him, inspite of myself and the hesitation that I know he senses. He is extremely intuitive and knows me better than my own “husband” ever did. And he is still “here”, patiently waiting for my move…I probably need counseling! But even then, I think I know what would be said—“It’s your decision”….
    So how interesting that this “shows up” in my inbox, and good for me that I actually opened it up. Thank you, and hope to hear back from you–or someone! I will, though, do the 5 questions, and write it all down, and may end up seeing how ridiculous I’ve been…! 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Sandie, I completely hear the battle going on in your mind and heart, and that’s really tough stuff. Good for you for taking the time to write it down, and examine your thoughts and inner wisdom. I thought you also might like to see a response Marie shared with Christopher above, so here’s the link to that comment above:

      Thank you for tuning in today, and hope you gain some greater clarity asking those 5 questions.

  70. Angela C

    Thanks Marie and everyone for all the awesome advice! A great reminder: Write down the pros and cons! It’s advice I always give and I didn’t do it!!!

    I recently re-read one of my favorite books “The Alchemist” because it was calling me. To follow your heart and continue to fulfill you Personal Legend. That has helped me. I also went through some old journals, going back 16 years. It was a bit depressing but also inspiring in the sense that what I’m doing now, just needs to end. Less overthinking, more action.

    This came at such a perfect time! Thanks everyone! and have the best New Year:))

  71. Anthony Katona

    Dear Marie,
    Thank you so much for this episode, it spoke to my soul. You see I am at a cross roads right now trying to decide which way to go on a very important matter. My logic is telling me one thing and my intuition is telling me to run like hell. And so, I intend on taking your advice and put it down on paper. Hopefully, my outcome will be as rewarding as yours was to you. I am grateful to you for your ministry. May God continue to bless you and your mission. Sincerely yours, Anthony

  72. Kristina

    This video is EXACTLY what I needed this morning! I have been in a battle of two minds for the past year about what should be my next move. One part (gut feel) tells me to travel more and work overseas and gain as much experience working for someone else in the fitness industry before I set up my own Reformer Pilates & Strength Conditioning Studio. The other logical part of my brain tells me to stay at home in Aus, work my job until my home loan gets approved at the end of this year, before I begin the travel/work goal. I want both of those things, my apartment, and to travel and work internationally before I set up my own studio. I think it’s just the process of ‘waiting’ for these things to happen sequentially. I am fearful that by going after these goals, it will mean I may miss out on other things in my life, like a relationship and starting a family (which is the fear of God that other people tell me). CROSSROADS! Thanks for your questions, I have written them down and will give them thorough answers tonight! XO

  73. Oh Marie, I have missed you the past two weeks. This was great thanks. I have been recovering from a very long chronic illness and have lost track of what is intuition and what is logic. Just bobbing along with doctors that feels all out of my control. So much fear around decisions. I will watch your other vid on that. Love ya xoxoxo

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      We’re happy to be back, Holly! So sorry to hear about your chronic illness, but hoping you feel better very, very soon 🙂

  74. Katha

    Hi Marie.

    This video is proof that you are indeed a mind reader.

    I’ve started the new year working with a business coach and we had our first phone call yesterday. My big struggle is that I would love to (and quite likely have to) change my focus. I still want to offer print design and branding services, but I need to be much more specific about my target audience. At the moment I seem to appeal to everyone across all kinds of industries, which is why my goals are very generic (as is my website copy) because I don’t know who exactly I’m talking to. I can’t even put a gender and age range down for my ideal client. This has partly led to my passion vanishing over the years.
    I have this crazy thought of pairing my love for print design and branding with my love for animals and focus on small business owners working in the pet industry. Just thinking about it makes me happy… and this is where my hyper rational brain starts shouting. It speaks an entirely different language than my gut 🙂 Do I really want to start (more or less) from scratch again? Isn’t this all a bit silly and childish? I know I have to make a decision very soon if I want to move forward at all. My coach has given me some good advise. We’ll speak again next week and I have some soul searching to do until then.

    Sorry for the long winded story. I wanted to tell you how much your video has helped (I’ve never posted a comment before but today I just had to). I’m going to sit down and go through the questions and hopefully they will help my gut and brain to communicate with each other.

    Thank you for all the time and effort you and your team put into these weekly videos. You guys are the best. Best wishes and a very happy New Year from Down Under, Katha

    • Katha

      The confusion you are talking about is SO common. But do you need to really think about it in terms of starting from scratch? Can you not approach it as building on the success you have had to date?

      When it comes to your ideal customer, it’s ok to have more than one ideal! How about building a niche around animals without scrapping the other work that is probably your bread and butter. Over time, you could grow the animal related stuff – that will make you skip to work – while the other work drops off naturally – as long as you have a plan to make the transition so you don’t lose direction. Your gut is telling you to do some that you love, your head is telling you to be practical. You can keep them both happy! Best of luck with the decision and the future.

      • Katha

        Hi Polly.

        Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.

        You’re right. I want to keep on working with my current repeat clients so I still make enough money to pay my bills. But my new brand and new business goals will all be geared towards my new ideal audience. Hopefully my new direction will be successful enough so I can slowly make the full transition. That’s my head talking and I agree, it’s a bit less scary doing it this way. But then my head keeps on going into worst case scenario mode overdrive 🙂 And usually I listen to my head, because gut feeling and intuition sound a bit woo woo and I’ve always been a very rational person.

        Anyway, I’ll follow Marie’s advise and work through the 5 questions.

        Best wishes, Katha

  75. I recently made a decision that was very much head led but my gut was yelling at me and I let my head ignore it because it seemed the only option at the time Result? A lot of stress and anxiety!

    I see a lot of my clients battling with this tension too, although I find that it is more than logic and intuition that comes into play – a lot of small businesses are heart and dream led and I see them jump at opportunities that they feel fit the picture but they don’t have the full picture. Taking the time to work through the pro’s and con’s really helps to weigh it all up.

    We all lean in one direction more than another naturally when it comes to logic, heart or gut – working with our natural tendencies using simple questions to challenge ourselves is the best route to successful decision making. Thank you Marie – a great episode.

  76. Waiting. The right decision will shine brighter and brighter. (Cue celestial revelation music.)

  77. Excellent advice today. I wrote down the 5 questions discussed in the video and put them into my goal notebook for the New Year to help me resolve my future business decisions. I intend to make 2016 my year to achieve and succeed in helping others with the launch of self publishing my book and starting to do motivational speaking.

    Thanks for the positivity and motivation.

    Smile and smile more…

  78. Hello Marie l am so glad for yuo motivate and positivity retornation to our mails .l can ser that yuo enjoiyed yuor vacations and the hollydays whit everythings that was wonderfull.and nos the message thath vive uso toda y is very interesting and motivator. Marie feliz regreso y deja me decirte que este tema me hace recordar algunas cosas que me han pasado y no han sido muy asertadas y gracias a esto que nos pasa en la vida aprendemos y tomamos mejores decisiones que ayudan a nuestra vida en conclusión la intuición es mejor que la lógica sin ninguna duda y ahora que veo tus propuestas mas claro me queda.Te escribo en español también porque soy muy lento para escribir en english pero espero me entiendas .Yo soy tu fin por algunos años y tengo guardados todos tus correos que me has enviado y es mi colección predilecta.Bienvenida de nuevo y que este año sigas iluminando nuestras vidas con tus mensajes tan bonitos que nos envías con mucho amor a todos los que te queremos y seguimos.recibe un cordial saludo y un abrazo a la distancia pero con mucho cariño.que tengas muchas bendiciones este año y siempre hasta la próxima Marie con amor Manuel!!

  79. Hey Marie happy new year. This is an awesome episode that l love like all yuor vídeos..They are so interesthing and well structured and inspiring .Thanks for sharing us .l send yuo love and hugs right back!!!! Marie!!

  80. Lynnzi B

    Great Video. I had no idea that you self published your book. I do believe that listening to your gut/intuition is very important. And then you also have to look at all sides. When I was going to quit my job to focus only on my business I knew that my husband and our finances would be impacted so I talked with him about it and really made sure I had his support to and that we were both aligned with the choice. Why, because I care about my relationships 🙂

    Thank you again!

  81. Liz O

    Yea I always face that problem! When everyone around me saying one thing in my gut I know I have to do the opposite! Usually the opposite is harder but much more rewarding!! And it can’t lie. I feel like we need another word for what we call intuition because it’s invalidates the whole concept!! Outrageous I would say!!

  82. Wonderful episode on one of my favourite topics, Marie. Doing some deep breathing exercises before writing will help you stay in an intuitive space / expansive for the duration of the exercise. For major decisions, I also ask my dreams for guidance and do intuitive readings – once I receive the symbolism, I work on the interpretation. There are so many inner and outer resources that help in these situations. Thanks for adding to my tool kit.

  83. Great segment! Much needed! I’m torn about something right now–but if you really think about it, if your gut is telling you something, there could be a little bit of logic in there as well. #3–Upsides and Downsides made me realize that.

  84. When I read the email about this video yesterday, I thought, “been there, done that. I’ll watch the video but it doesn’t really apply to my life right now.”

    And then the crap hit the fan, and this episode is SO on point it’s almost spooky! I will definitely be going through these questions as I figure out how to move forward. Thanks, Marie, for this video!

  85. liz w

    Hi Marie, I love all your episodes even tho I dont often comment.
    What you said here is awesome but after working through it I am still at a loss. My issue has been going on for 8 yrs (thick headed huh!), having bought a property at peak and then it nosedived for years. I had to hang on from year to year loosing our savings hoping for market to recover. It had only just picked up in the past 2 yrs but still not reaching even what I originally paid for, not to mention the incopious amounts of money in repairs maintenance and fixing after tenants (thank god they help pay part of the mortgage interests on the interest only loan). Please comment on what I should .. to wait till things pick up further in a couple of year (as is the prediction) or just cut losses now. Shame that after hanging on for so many years, everywhere else in this country has appreciated excepted in this region which is a highly volatile tourist resort. Its killing us and the house is getting old, needing more and more repairs! Am very stressed and lost. Please email me your comments or anyone who has suggestions. I cant think logically but gut feel says to hold on as things will pick up…???

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Liz, I’m so sorry to hear about the situation you have with that property! I think you should trust your gut feeling, but maybe it would also be helpful to talk with a professional. Maybe a realtor or a financial advisor? It sounds like this is a complex situation and while we can’t tell you what to do, I’m sure you could speak with someone who has experience in matters like this and come away with information to help with your decision. Good luck and keep us posted! We hope it turns out for the best!

      • liz w

        Hi Kristin
        Thank you so much for your response and good wishes. I am so stressed that just a moment ago I wrote a comment below enquiring why I cant even find my comments/queries here and after I just sent it, I found its here all along and you even replied. Apologies for the mess up. At the start of this year I told myself the word “stress” will never be in my vocabulary again but here I am again, stressed blind! About my situation I had done what your suggested but only get conflicting from various Realtors and not much help from financiers. There was a recent offer which is worse than an auction offer of 12 mths ago and I just learned tenants are leaving in April, a challenging time to find next tenant. Sigh, so I am still in a jam!

  86. I love the insight you have, your wit and everything you deliver….You are fantastic and give me a skip in my step anytime I watch your episodes! YOU have a that special gift, thanx for sharing it with me!!!

  87. Hi Marie! I loved this episode and I was curious if you had a printable version of those questions you listed. I am a paper pencil girl and would love to have a copy to refer to. Thanks!


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Jenn, we don’t have a printable version of the questions available with the video but you could take notes while watching it and jot down exactly what you’d like to keep in a hard copy! 🙂

  88. I love this video! Thank you for what you do Marie. I’ve been watching your videos for a few years now and they have really pushed me to do what I love a seek for success. This video really hit home as I’m going thru a similar situation but it’s a bit more personal. My gut is telling me to end my current relationship of 4 years but when it comes to logic, I really don’t have a reason to end it. It’s just a gut feeling that this relationship is not right for me. I will definitely follow your advise and put in paper. Thanks Marie!!

  89. Debbie

    What I liked best about your five questions was, who will it impact? To stay on your game….keep pursuing your dream because the world needs that special gift that only you have. That brings value to the table for me because I thrive when I am able to do something for someone else and have it pay off for all involved.

    But, seriously, I have done quite a lot of goal setting, made dream boards, placed post-a-notes to keep me focused, practiced positive affirmations, read motivational books, and attended workshops on everything from Tony Robbins, to mastermind groups and still haven’t achieved any of the things I thought I wanted because eventually, I would loose my mojo.

    We live in such a self absorbed world today. The self love doctrine in my opinion has produced more anxiety and fear than good.Too much self love, self serving, and self absorption has taken us to a new era of superficial grace. I have been completely turned off by it so much that I guess I kind of dropped out of life, which isn’t the answer either.

    I want what I do to impact others in a pivotal way for the better. It is so much more than acquiring a position, or money, or fame, or power to me. It is touching another life in a way that will always be remembered. I’m inspired by your video right now because of the fifth question. I do have much to offer the world and I think I will move question 5 up to question 1 because at least for me, it answers all the other questions.

  90. Hi Marie, so glad to have you back! I know you said you’d have links to the other videos, but I don’t see them, I would LOVE to check out the one on fear vs. intuition, it is something I still struggle with a bit.

    The older I get, the more I realize how important your intuition is…I feel like it really is the voice of the universe and the more we strengthen in, the more in touch we are with our higher purpose and the easier life will flow.

    However, sometimes when we go against it and the outcome isn’t great, we may feel like we have chosen the wrong path and “ruined everything.” I’m sure most of us know that this is not the case but I like to use the mantras: “the universe loves me and wants me to be happy” and “my destiny in joy.” They help remind me that even if I make a decision that went against my gut or I am facing resistance, that the universe will always give me the opportunity to be happy and reach my goals, I may have just taken a longer or different way to get there. And time is never wasted as it’s always looked at as a lesson in trusting your gut.

    Another great vid Marie, and so needed right now!

  91. Dana

    Wow, this came at a perfect time! I am in the midst of this right now. Since starting a new “perfect on paper” job, I have had a funny feeling in my gut. Something is not quite right. Now, my boss has shown her true colors, so to speak, and I’m having extreme fight or flight feelings. I don’t really have anything lined up to leave yet, and I truly do enjoy the work I’m doing. But my boss and I don’t see things the same way and I’m worried if I stick around things will not end well. So, while I absolutely know in my body (read: tight chest, overwhelming anxiety, weight loss, dread whenever I get an email from the boss) that this is not right, I’m going to try to stick it out for a few months to see if we can figure out a way to work together. If by the end of Q1 I still have all of these awful bodily sensations, then I’m outta there.

    The exciting thing is this has given me to motivation and spark to really build my own hustle. Saving money, and boosting my alternate income streams is not a priority. I am preparing myself to be self sufficient with being my own boss, taking clients and having a successful business. B-School last year helped set the tone, and now I can really act.

    Love this episode, B-School and all of the insight from Marie and the team!


    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Dana, I’m so sorry to hear about your job, but I think it’s tremendous that you’re listening to your gut and honoring it. I hope everything works out for the best!!

  92. Hi Marie and Team Forleo,

    Glad to have you back!

    One situation comes to mind for me, similar to yours, Dana. I was just finishing graduate school and had been building my business on the side and preparing to launch into full-time self-employment after graduation. It was scary, but I felt excited and open to what was going to manifest.

    Then, before graduation, I was offered a position at the university by the department head. It was salary with benefits and seemed silly to pass up, everyone around me thought it was a great opportunity too. But it just FELT wrong… I felt like I should take the risk and go with my business.

    I ended up taking the job and sure enough, right away the salary ended up being lower than initially promised, the work was meaningless for me, and I just spent more time working on my business on the side or using work time to think about my business. Now that I’ve been doing my own thing it feels SO GOOD and the universe is supporting my work.

    I wish I’d had these questions to be able to assess the situation, but I’ll look forward to using them in the future. And, I did end up learning a lot about myself and how to handle situations with that job, and now I have NO doubts about doing my thing!

    Thanks Marie, and Happy 2016 everyone!

    Cheers, Karina

  93. Thanks so much for this episode Marie! This came at a perfect time for me – I’m dealing with making a big decision in my personal life and it truly is logic vs. intuition.

    As far as some insights into what has worked for me – I have found that stream-of-consciousness writing has really helped me to gain clarity in my life. I have often found that while writing, I have insights and epiphanies and sometimes about things I didn’t even know were on my mind. Simply writing whatever comes to mind and asking myself questions has been extremely helpful the past few months. And I don’t censor what I write, especially if it’s something that’s hard for me to even admit to myself! Because I believe if you can’t be honest with yourself, then you’re just lying to yourself and everyone else.

    Thank you so much for your videos! You’re awesome!

  94. Thanks so much for the advice, Marie!

    I tend to be very intuition-reliant at times and other moments my logical side says not to go in that particular direction. At first it doesn’t make sense. Like you said, make a list of all the questions and reasons. Then follow up on why those reasons make sense.

    In my niche, you can take so many directions. Theres healthy herbal teas, organic herbal teas, herbal tea recipes, and herbal tea benefits. Each can be like a mini niche in itself yet when kept on one site they can amount to a lot more viewers and clicks. And thats what I want.

  95. Chloe

    Hey Marie thanks for the video. I suffer from being in this type of situation alot especially when it comes to relationships then, I end up choosing something other then what my gut tells me and regret it in the long run. I am learning now to let go off the mistake I made as a result of not following my heart or gut feeling and work harder to do so in the future. Pro and Con list are a good and simple way to figure things out as well as personal reflection.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wonderful, Chloe — glad this episode helped!

  96. LOVE THIS! I think that putting together reason and intuition is our MISSION 🙂

    Thank you for this Marie and TEAM!! I am signing up to Marie Forleo School this year and cannot wait! There is lots of decision making for me: business wise, love wise and life wise on 2016. Thanks for pushing the envelope and for supporting life journeys in higher growth!


    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Alexandra, you’re so welcome. We love that this really resonated, and we cannot wait to see you in B-School 2016 as you push your own growth to new levels!

  97. This is such a good reminder! I’ve been delaying on a certain project because I knew I *should* give it a try, but I just haven’t been feeling it. And it’s so true, that when I weigh out my worst case scenarios, and I explore other paths to get to where I want to be, the world won’t come crashing down if I don’t do it.

    So I am proud to say I just scratched that contracted, icky, and safe option, right off of my list.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Woohoo! That’s great to hear. 🙂

  98. Sofia Eastmond

    I love this episode. I notice that as my trust in myself expands, I have less and less difficulty making tough decisions. When I go through periods of self-doubt is when I struggle the most. One thing that helps me is meditation, and another is to focus on helping someone instead of my own internal turmoils. As soon as I shift the attention, things balance out again. Lastly, gratitude really helps expand my inner guidance, which I find ends up leading me to the knowledge I need at the time, to get a good result. Thanks, Marie. Brilliant as always.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is so wise, Sofia! Thanks for sharing these great tips with us. It sounds like you’re on a great path. 🙂

  99. Deb

    Wow. I was just talking about this exact situation to a friend. I’ve been there so many times. My go to strategy when faced with these dilemmas is to go to my tarot cards. Now, now, for those of you rolling your eyes, I’m not referring to anything occult. The right hemisphere of our brains, an immensely valuable decision making resource, speaks in pictures. By exploring my big decisions via the archetypes and pictures on the cards I get insights beyond what I get with pen and paper alone. Having said that, I totally agree with you, Marie, that writing it all down is an essential technique. Loved the 5 questions too. Thanks for this episode!

  100. This is such a timely episode for me right now, thanks Marie! I love these structured questions to work though my dilemma, and I aim to strike a balance between intuition and logic to make my decision.

    I also find so much comfort in the Rilke quote, “Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”

    It doesn’t say how to answer the questions, but it gives me peace in order to make my decisions from a grounded place of love rather than nervously grasping at any solutions I can find.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful quote! Thank you so much for sharing Rilke’s wisdom with us. 🙂

  101. Lee

    Where can I find the 2 links to the episodes Marie mentioned in this clip. I don’t see anything posted below.


  102. Lynn Cook

    Thank you Marie and Team Forleo for this episode – this is exactly what I need to do right now. I’m working in a job which is not great, so I’ve been looking for new work … but part of me has been nagging away saying “don’t get another job, you need to work out how to sell what you’re good at, not move into a position where you’re comfortable, and you’re earning money, and it’s convenient for everyone else”. So I’ve kind’ve been stuck moving between the two positions of devil I know v devil I don’t know.

    The 5 steps you’ve laid out make writing my thinking down and expanding it much more doable. Thanks heaps!

  103. Hi!
    Making stuff – writing – playing – doing something hands-on is a great way to sort out the voices in your head! I agree with Marie – I usually follow my gut and it usually works – but I have to do one of the above to verify my own intuition before I act. Walking is brilliant too – just take a note book along!

  104. Darral Andrews

    Reminds me of the Star Trek shows between Captain Kirk and Spock. Spock would always do the logical thinking and Kirk would take big risks of what he thought was right.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s the secret to live long and prosper!

  105. I use intuition as my main guide, both in business and in life (I even teach others how to). I’ve had several clashes between logic and intuition, but the biggest one was whether to end my marriage or not. Logic had the upper hand there. It will be done, but not right now.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really tough decision. We’re sending lots of love your way for the times ahead.

  106. Khalida Wild

    Thank you Marie. I love the video.

  107. Torn between your brain and your gut… who hasn’t been there? It seems like your gut always ends up being right, too…

  108. I actually wrote notes while watching today’s episode! Great advice. It’s interesting how your advice always comes along at the right time. This week I published my latest book and had the opportunity to have a radio interview on a local show. Logically, this was a smart idea. Intuition wise, I wasn’t feeling very good about it. I wasn’t sure how to proceed, so rather than making a huge decision, I took smaller steps. I contacted someone who worked in media and asked her thoughts and explained why I was feeling a bit ‘off’ about this situation. She gave me some awesome advice and rather than saying an all out ‘hell yeah’ to the interviewer, I instead stalled her a bit. One of the best lessons I have learned in my life is to never feel pressured to make a quick decision – as in, right this SECOND – that, in itself, is always a bad sign. Oh, and I also self-published and I’ve been quite successful (despite all the people who told me I was crazy) something just told me it was the right decision for me…at this time:-) Thank you. Awesome Vlog!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you trusted your instincts and talked to someone in media who gave you some insights! I totally agree about being pressured to make a quick decision. Having time to research things and make sure they’re a good fit is so important. Nice work!

  109. You are so right. I use those 5 steps too and after all that to determine which way to go I completely trust myself when I am at “peace” with the decision, or when a calm settles over the decision I have made then I know that is the right direction to take.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s so smart, Kati. Calm says a lot! 🙂

  110. Thank you so much Marie! I needed to hear exactly what you said!!! 😉
    Intuition intuition… I choose this year to do what I like and what I’m good at. I choose to use my talents. I’m following B-School to be sure to succeed! I would like to self-publish a book also, maybe this year! 🙂
    See you soon,

  111. ravit

    Here’s how to follow your intuition without going to your brain at all…
    Do this energy check on any situation, person, personal or business decision in life:

    True or False…Light or Heavy.

    The true always feels light,
    False always feels heavy!

    Right thing to do – feels exciting and makes you want to dance!
    Wrong thing to do – feels Yucky and makes you want to go to sleep!

    Your own opinion feels light
    someone else’s opinion feels heavy!
    Light is Right
    Heavy is Wrong!
    How does it get any easier then that?

  112. liz w

    Hi Marie,
    Did you receive my comment last week? I cannot see my comments/queries appearing in your column of responses.
    How does it work? I typed it in a box similar to this and pressed comment but cant see it anywhere here.

  113. Lisa

    Listening to your gut is not an easy thing to do. I truly believe that you have to practice everyday how to listen to your self and not allow other people to influence your decision.
    I have learned this the hard way. I have made some really bad choices in the past because I didn’t go with my gut feeling! Huge learning curve!!
    When I don’t go with my gut, I’m never happy with my decision.

    Thank you Marie for sharing tools that can help me in this area!
    Your video always inspire me and allow me to grow!..:)

  114. I loved this question, as it addresses some of the decisions I’ve made since moving cross country.
    Most recently I chose to bail my BF’s house out of foreclosure and start a new location based business there. (The Dome Asylum, a B&B and Event Space.)
    There were so many red flags and most of the people I spoke to about it called it a bad idea. I knew it was risky and didn’t necessarily make sense, but I also knew it was right.
    I made sure I looked into all the possible outcomes, did what I could to protect my investment (hired a lawyer, etc.), and probably most importantly consulted with like-minded friends. I asked them if they thought I was being careless and if they could see anything I hadn’t considered. They all confirmed that I seemed to have considered all outcomes and was moving forward with my eyes open and by choice.
    My only caution with that advice is to be careful whose counsel you seek. Like I said, I was well aware that it didn’t look good on paper and most people (not in our community) shy away from risk.
    I am now looking at the very real probability of having my life (hospitality and holistic well-being) be my livelihood!

  115. A person’s sense of logical reasoning and their sense of intuition are NOT mutually exclusive. Therefore, expectations of making MORE fruitful decisions based on intuition may result if the a person can temper that sense of intuition with some degree of logic, in my opinion.

  116. Kris

    I love that tweetable! “sometimes going with the gut is more than a snap decision’.
    It reminds me of something Brené Brown writes in her ‘Gifts of Imperfection’ on the cultivation of intuition and faith: Namely that inuition doesn’t just tell us ‘go right’ or ‘do xy thing’ – “it it can even tell us that we don’t have a good instinct on something and that we need more data.” That includes ignoring warnings “to slow down, gather more information, or reality-check our expectations”.

    Charging right away into big decisions, may be a way to avoid vulnerability and uncertainty and “because we don’t want to know the answers that will emerge from doing due diligence”.

    I found out for myself that it’s most of the time exactly about going through that process, facing fears and staying open to unconventional and new inputs, solutions or pathways. And sometimes I come out with the exact same conclusion as my gut, but just way more informed and I get to understand that yucky feeling and what caused it.

  117. Thank you for this Marie. I recently made the choice to self publish first and then find an agent and publisher for my book. I’m a B-school 2015 alum. Your course combined with the process of writing my book and fine tuning it with my rockstar editor has brought me an amazing sense of clarity around my mission, message and medium of being of service to my audience and the larger world. Thank you for all that you do. Please keep doing it.

  118. Hi Marie! One time in a peaceful beautiful setting I found myself suddenly worried about mortality, and felt that I should walk away from this place. Logic kicked in and said,”C’mon man. Are you kidding me? You are being paranoid! This place is sooo not dangerous. Take some deep breaths and relax!”. Two minutes later I got mugged, and punched straight in the lip! In that scenario I really learned that I should trust my gut regardless of the logic.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry that happened to you, David! That’s awful! It’s incredible how strong our intuitive voice can be, isn’t it? It sounds like even before your mind realized there was danger, your gut sensed something was off. I’m just sorry that happened to you!

  119. When reason says one thing and my intuition says another there are a few different things I do. Here are 3.

    Walk. Yes, I find walking and being present to my whole body through movement, aids finding clarity.

    Draw. Including drawing with my non-dominant hand. It is surprising what message may surface from a drawing.

    Imagine both options one at a time as if I was choosing it right now. I bring it all into my being with all of my senses so that I can get sense of what it will feel like be like, taste like etc – sometimes by doing this exercise it is very clear that one or the other is the right choice at the time. If I find a sense of expansion, freedom and ease that is the choice I make.

    There are many more ideas on my website and in my ecourse on trusting yourself.

  120. Marie

    To be in contact with your intuition it´s the best thing we can do for ourself, but not always is easy to be in contact with.

    I like so much the steps you give us.


  121. In both hypnotherapy and NLP, there are total systems such as parts therapy and parts integration that are concerning different “parts” of your mind in conflict. Neuroscience is also coming out with some interesting research about it how parts of your mind can act like a whole.

  122. Every episode is filled with fantastic tidbits. I love your style, your energy, your passion and knowledge. You kill it every time. Not to mention how funny you are. Not sure if its a Jersey thing but I get where you are coming from and its really refreshing. Thank you for smart insights on human & business issues and a straight forward call out on bullshit. Also, the sometimes needed small kicks in the ass. 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Stephanie!

  123. I loved this episode so much! It was really powerful to be reminded that I’m on the right track and I happened upon it just as I was questioning my faith in my intuition!
    I’ve been worrying that I trust mine too much (old Mercury Retrograde giving me sluggish self doubt) and don’t use enough logic! But this video has reminded me that I have a good balance of both.
    My most invaluable tool for tapping into my intuition is meditation. It’s no instant doorway to intuition but, with a regular practice, should help you to get more and more in touch with yourself. I find that my trust of myself and my self-empowerment grows steadily with each year that I keep up my daily practice. Another thing that meditation gives me, which I find VITAL to this topic, is giving less of a Sh** about everything!! I channel my inner Bill Hicks and remind myself regularly “It’s just a ride” and when things get stressy, I try and remind myself that it’s all a big game. A poor decision can be even more helpful than a good decision as it teaches you what NOT to do ever again!! I have been chastising myself for a few poor decisions I made with my business over Christmas but have now reminded myself of the valuable lessons I have learned from those boo boo’s!!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love your positivity and optimistic attitude about learning new things even from decisions that weren’t the best at the time. And it’s wonderful to hear that meditation and tapping helps you! Marie is big fans of both of those techniques, so I wanted to share some episodes you might like where she’s discussing meditation and tapping. You’re doing great and we’re cheering you on!

  124. Rachel

    I would love to get the links to the 2 other videos she mentions at the end of this one; “4 ways to strenghten your intuition” and “how to tell the difference between fear and intuition”. If anyone has those links, I would be very grateful for a reply!

    In Love and Light,

  125. Erica

    I think there are also times when one has to stop thinking. Once during a horrible phase of my life I had two choices to for what I would do next where I was working. I was dithering between what I thought I ought to do and the other. I remember my husband asking me ‘What do you want to do?”. My response was immediate, no thinking. I realise looking back on it that my intuition was practically shrieking but I’d had no practice listening 🙂 So I guess what I’m saying is sometimes overthinking is your enemy.

  126. soumaya

    hi Marie ! i’m SOUMAYA from morocco . I’m 19 years old and I’m a student ; these year I got my baccalaureate degree . and I was so exciting to attend university to continue studding my favorite subject ; every thing was good and amazing ;I was just waiting for the inscription . But that did not last for a long time. after I discover that my father don’t agree and he was thinking about another Currier for me . in every time we gather to talk and to discuss about each one argument . I was looking like an crazy because the only argument i had to defend my view , was that i love these subject and i fell hopeful to study it , in another meaning , all my arguments are emotional and not logical because i was basing on what i fell and what my heart say . when my father and the all family were looking very strong and right whit there very logical argument (the school that my father want me to attend was near the house and i needn’t to travel ; also in these subject there wasn’t a lot of student so i have more chances to succeed…..ex) . everything they say seem like if it’is the right decision and the only way the succeed .in these moment and whit all these pressure i did what they want . but now i don’t fell good . i really regret and i fell so bad about my self and my life . what make it more harder is that there is no way to change these reality . please can you help me ?? i need some advises about how i must forgive myself and continue living will . thank you

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Soumaya, we’re so delighted to have you tuning in from Morocco. I’m sorry to hear about the struggles and questions you’re wrestling with in your family and around your future. We’re firm believers around here in following your heart and intuition, staying true to who you are and what you love, and that each person on the planet has a unique combination of skills, experiences, ideas, qualities, and strengths to offer to the world.

      It sounds like there’s something gnawing at you from the outcome of that talk with your father and the resulting decision, and we hope you keep tuning into that, listening to your heart in the process. It’s not always easy, but you’ll know best what the right course of action for you is, and we’re sending you tons of support in making that decision.

      Thank you for being here with us, and we hope our work continues to support your dreams within.

      • soumaya

        thank you so much for your support . I really appreciate every single thing you do and you did for me and for every one else . I really need to heard what you said ; to keep believing my self ; and keep fighting for my dreams . and what make your comment more special for me , is that for the first time in my all life , someone believe me and support me !! so thank you soooo much . and I promise that it’s gone be the first and last time I sacrifice my dream for someone . thank you again

  127. HI Marie,
    Thank you for this great video. This is super. I came home wanted help with deciding on an apartment. I have several options of which of a few days ago I had 0 (ZERO!!). This is great, however I have a agreed on one…. so of course two more showed up after the fact :-/ It rains in pours. So now, I can change my mind last minute or stay with this decision.
    Although, I have not made my mind up yet I at least have written everything down and will make an amazing choose that will keep my going for my dreams and the best I can be.
    Thank you!

  128. Hey Marie:

    Today, 09-22-16, I took a googol on the following search term:

    tempering gut reaction with logic

    I think you’ll be pleased to hear that your site was the first hit! As an aside, today was the first time I heard about you and your site.

    Thanks for your list of five written topics to help decide one’s way forward when one is conflicted between logic and gut feeling.


    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s so awesome, JF. Thanks so much for letting us know, and we’re so glad that you found us! 🙂

  129. I have Romanian version of the book.

  130. nyinyi

    Aww good Like we so Mariw TV Lifeshow Good.
    In foreign it is a Goodlike to International Educational.

  131. Erin

    Hi Marie,
    I have watched this video several times and find it extremely useful for decision making in many areas of life. However, I’m wondering if you still think this advice applies when it comes to love relationships? The classic head versus heart debate? I’m currently dating 2 guys, and one is absolutely perfect on paper (checks off all the boxes in my head) while the other is a bit of a “project” but he’s the one my heart screams for. Having been divorced once already, I wonder if going with your heart is really smart in choosing a mate? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, you dazzle me! -Erin

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good question, Erin! It’s definitely a little trickier with dating. Marie also has an episode of MarieTV about relationships and how to tell if you and your partner are meant to be: I hope you’ll find her wisdom on this helpful!

  132. Rachael

    I am recently going through a phase in my life where I am madly in love with a guy. Every logical cell in my body is telling me that it’s crazy and it probably won’t work out with him and I can literally name at least 10 things that I will have to sacrifice to be with him but something inside me tells me that he is the one and somehow everything will fall into place someday. I’m currently torn between going for it against thinking it through again. I hope things work out 🙂

  133. Martha fileto

    I love your video

  134. I am having the decision if I should work or rest for the day. This is a Monday and I won’t be going to school, but my teachers still assigned work for the day.

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