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Depending on how long we’ve known each other…

You may already know that I love karaoke. And, hip hop. And, sharing ideas and possibilities that fuel your life forward.

But never did I fathom a day when I could do all three, pretty much at once. Thank the sweet goddess of pumpkin lattes, that day has come.

The spark of inspiration was lit when Donna, one of our delightful readers, wrote in asking about how to change her company’s culture as an intrapreneur.

I'm a creative genius and there's no other way to word it. @kanyewest Click To Tweet

She has a bucketful of smart ideas to take the company profitably into the future, but she’s feeling stymied because she’s not the boss.

Hers is a tricky and important question: if you’re not in charge, how can you create positive change within the business you work for?

Frankly, even if you are the boss, these five steps will help you more effectively create alignment and gain faster momentum within your company. Personally, this framework can help get your significant other, family or friends onboard with your next exciting idea or big adventure.

Oh yes, about the Kanye part.

I was listening to some classic Yeezy before working on this episode and, voila. Some of Mr. West’s most popular tracks contained jewels of insight that could serve as the guidetrack (and soundtrack) to Donna’s dilemma.

A fast cross reference on YouTube’s ever-growing audio library of approved music confirmed that we could joyfully and legally create a Kanye inspired guide to corporate change.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you.

Have you ever spearheaded change from within an organization? Specifically, what worked and what didn’t?

Or, if you run a business and have lessons to share from your own intrapreneurs, I’d love to hear them. Leave a comment below and let me know.

Remember, do your best to share as much detail as you can because thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration. Your experience may just be what someone else needs to have a breakthrough.

Important: please share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. may be deleted as they can come across as spammy.

Gigantic thanks for reading, watching and sharing with such exuberance! You’re an undeniable demonstration of how lovely and supportive the internet can be.

P.S. Next Tuesday is the release of my first ever jewelry collection with one of my favorite global brands Satya Jewelry (pic here of yours truly modeling all 3 pieces). If you might like one, set a calendar reminder for October 6th.  As usual, we’re giving away a set or two and it is time sensitive!

All my love and appreciation,


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  1. Hi Marie and everyone!

    (Jewelry?? OOOOOH!)

    I spent 33 years in the corporate world and there were times I spoke out and it was ignored and times it was received and acted upon. You’re right when you say we need to align our ideas with what the company’s goals are. (And if they’re not similar, you might want to consider a job change!)

    It’s possible, I think, to effect a change in the culture and we really need a shift but that shift doesn’t happen overnight. My suggestion here is to be judicious with your voice, know when it could have a greater impact and choose your battles.

    Have a great week!

    • Shifting the mentality of the world happens with us. Our thoughts and actions reflect the greater image of our culture. I want to choose consciously and effectively. And even choose principles that matter to the REAL you. No matter the tricks and cost to get out of your own integrity.

    • I don’t know. I worked in a company that I “gave” lots of ideas to improve the work itself, make the process faster, etc. Simple things like use a software to convert JPG to PDF and on and on. Then I start to help with clients and I wasn’t hire for that, some things I said they heard orthers just ignored. (Abd the salary, aways the same).

      It’s funny that if you are small in a company people may tend to never give a **** for what you say but if they hire a Super-Mega-Marketing-Professional and this professional says the same as you did, they will (probably) ‘obey’ and pay a lot for something you already gave for free.

      Funny but it happens!

      • Kat

        Maybe it’s time for a change? I’ve been there and the best decision I’ve made was to quit. I since found a way better fit. There’s always someone who will value your input and appreciate your efforts. It just takes time to find.

        • I quit too.
          Now I work at home, few projects better income. It’s all about have time to enjoy my life and get away of the negativity around. I’m so much more healthy now. But to be honest, there was a time I was really happy working there. Things change and we grow.

          • Kat

            Congrats! This is very exciting.
            And agreed. Sometime people outgrow the company they work for. I’m getting to this point again in my life but this time building a business to transition to. It’s inspiring to see other people do it. Thank you for sharing.

          • C

            I wish I had the guts to quit aka cut everything off cus that’s the only way to leave family. I literally dread every day but there is always that little voice that says you can’t give up on family. There has got to be a way. I think I’m going to try to align my next idea pitch to the directors goals though they’re personal and not organizational I think that may get through a bit more. Seriously always important to never work for family straight up biggest mistake of my life.

  2. Daniela G.

    This put a huge smile on my face this morning. Get it giiirl! Great, engaging and authentic content!!

  3. i’m grinning from ear to ear…

    that noise kanye makes during the screen transition. love it!


    I LOVE this girl….Marie you are sooo cool….!

  5. Hey Marie, for probably the first time in the past four years I just can’t get myself to press play on your video with the ominous title of ‘The Kanye Guide’ to…whatever. Not even as a teaser. I. just. can’t.

    xoxo Lee Ann

    • Rachel

      Bahahahahahahaha! I am with you on this! I was really reluctant to watch it and then I had to turn it off halfway through because it was like nails on a chalkboard to my soul having to hear his music. Sorry, Marie! Love you, but I can’t do Kanye. Not now. Not ever.

      • I was not thrilled by the name attached to this either but I always appreciates Maries advice so I went ahead. I was listening in at work and actually thought my boss would come over and see what I was doing with Kanye music blasting from my pc!

    • Maris

      Ah, you guys missed out. I am very creative and ALWAYS seem to see changes that would benefit the organizations that I work for…but this gave a really great STRUCTURE to making a proposal, something that I “kinda” already do, but this was even better. Although I love all sorts of music, I am just not that familiar with Kanye’s work…just missed it, I guess. Hey there is a reason this guy is so successful. He pulls a lot of creative people into his work and I highly recommend that you enjoy this vid and look at the message. Marie really highlighted her message with the FEW Kanye bits. And it added a little fun and bounce to it. Which woke me up today.

  6. Loved this episode! I was laughing and learning at the same time.

    I’ve been a “culture-changer” in an organization before and I can say that you cannot underestimate the power of interpersonal skills in trying to convince anyone to do anything. That point you made about keeping it positive is spot-on. I would add that it’s also important to make sure you are consistently performing at a high level BEFORE you start trying to add value by changing things. Because you can’t add value until you first meet expectations. And, whenever possible, don’t go it alone. Find like-minded people with good reputations to shift the culture with you. Teamwork makes the dream work!

    • Kelly, you nit the nail on the head! Excellent point about sharing ideas after you’ve demonstrated you’re a top performer. Spot on.

  7. Thea

    I’m becoming a business woman!! One Tuesday with MF at a time…..

    • jon

      I LOVE KANYE!!

  8. The moment I started speaking up and sharing my ideas, the more willing my company was to come to me for insight and they started taking me more seriously. They gave me more projects I enjoyed doing and I felt better about the impact I could make in the company.

    Just last week, they sent me from the US to London to participate in a major client presentation even though everyone else there was a VP and I’ve only been with the company 4 years. They knew I had good ideas and skills, but if I hadn’t made it a practice to share those ideas with confidence and a positive, collaborative spirit, I would not have had that opportunity.

    Even if they don’t accept your idea, they will respect you for doing your part to further the success of the company. And that can only lead to good things.

    Thanks Marie for another great MarieTV episode!

    • Great story Natalie and congrats on your London adventure!

      • hi Marie
        its Chalmers tell truth I retired of work tell what can I do now at over 80 years bored nothing to do just trying make money on line love that me my love
        yours with love chalmers

  9. Hi Marie,
    I’m a B-schooler, I love you and congratulate you on another amazing episode of Marie T.V.

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve joined the Mommy masses and my 4 year old (who is off school this week,) has become an official Marie T.V. fan.
    “again again again!!!!”

    I expect we’ll soon be getting one page proposals on all the Garcia/McDougall family policies he’d like to to see change.


    • Oh Nika, I can’t take how precious this is 🙂

  10. This is exactly what I’ve needed lately. I work in food activism during the day as an INTRApreneur (when I’m not discussing doo doo as an entrepreneur) and we are doing a LOT of awesome things, but I definitely see some great programs we could be enacting. This is the motivation I needed to really hammer out these plans for presentation.

  11. Great title and topic!

    I think your voice is so important and you never know who’s listening. It’s important to think of your intention of whatever you are doing, whether it’s a company or in your personal life before speaking or taking any action. If we all remembered this, our world would be so different and more positive.

  12. Hi-five this video is awesome and made me laugh! Thanks so much for sharing and for letting your personality shine through! For me, running my business is important, but what’s tougher is coming up with a name! I want it to stay true to my fun personality and not be just another, boring business out there. I’ve been inspired, encouraged and I’m going to go be a creative genuis today!

  13. Hello Marie,
    For some time I follow your videos … but this specifically could not help me to write you a comment … it made me laugh a lot,:) and it was for me one of the best issues addressed so far.
    I do my best on managing a community of women entrepreneurs in Portugal, PALOP (African Portuguese Speaking Countries wich are 6) and the all Brasil.
    We just arrived last week from our first internacional networking in Praia – Cape Verde Island, and it wasnt easy, but its also very passionate!
    We are totally right in your vídeo, but you als just to have a very refined and flexible sensitivity of dealing with people, and dealing with them shoulder to shoulder, but also having our purpose well dash, fair, honest and really thinking of them.
    Discorver the passion for charing!!

  14. Super fun episode – just what I needed to start my morning off! Great, great concepts too that’ll help clarify future change with influence.

  15. Joe Miklosi

    Hi Marie!

    I just started my company – a Benefit Corporation called Bridge Consulting to empower international nonprofit organizations achieve their goals. My wife introduced me to you and I adore you and your helpful advice!

    The Kanye West was hilarious! I will have you know that I made three albums in high school. My nickname was Dancin Joe. If you ever need a backup dancer let me know!

    Joe Miklosi

  16. Brooke

    I really don’t like to comment negatively but, you DO ask for comments and silence can be perceived as agreement. I have always enjoyed your videos in the past. Using Kanye was a big mistake for me. I couldn’t even see it as funny. IMO, there is nothing about him, or the Kardashians, that I think is valuable and I cant stand to even see his brooding, smug, unhappy face. They are the epitome of what is wrong in society today. There are so many other people you could have used that would have spoken to your audience in an uplifting way and to promote someone who is so narcissistic is a big negative. I do understand that you were trying to talk about promoting ideas but, his rude, shameless self promotion is NOT a healthy example…to me. I am disappointed. If I get bashed from your other followers then so be it. It is just my opinion and I may be a minority of one.

    • Hey Brooke, I’m not a basher and not a supporter of that behavior on any side. So I certainly wouldn’t allow any bashing of you (or anyone) on my site. While I don’t share your perspective, I understand it and respect it. All my best!

    • Rachel

      Brooke, I feel you all the way! You’re not alone. ❤️

    • Gisella

      I understand Marie’s message but I have to agree with you Brooke.

    • I hear ya Brooke!
      I don’t like Kanye one bit, but I do understand if Marie appreciates his music and creative art. It is a good creative episode to help people take in the points and have fun with it – if Kanye is not in your way. If he is in the way, don’t let him be. He doesn’t deserve that much of your attention, right?

      There is a great lecture on the lack of empathy and the increase of entitlement and narcissism in the present societies. Check out Dangerous Ideas: Anne Manne – The Narcissism Epidemic on Youtube.


      • I just listened to this lecture referred by you and thought it was really interesting–disturbing information to be sure–but still interesting. Hearing the caution against importing Ayn Rand’s narcissistic ideology (which permeates much of our society in this country) worded this way when Anne Manne said: “If it was a car we’d call it a lemon.” was perfect. I liked the ideas some schools she referenced have adopted in helping young students develop empathy–the antidote to narcissism. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

        I too, found Kanye’s contribution to this video distracting and what I know of his self-aggrandizement made the combination with Marie hard to reconcile. Good content tho’ in spite of the distraction.


    • Lauren

      Right there with you, Brooke! Thanks for your courage and for sharing.

      I am sure we are all HUGE Marie TV fans and highly anticipate the next video. This comparison certainly disappointed me as well. KW should not be endorsed or celebrated, especially along side all of the authentic, amazing contenders we get to ‘meet’ on Marie TV!

  17. Can you make a page at the end with all the points covered at the end so I can snapshot it please and can your next video be on transparency or how to practice what you preach in Aqaba light heaaaarted waY thaaaaank you keyboards aaaaaacting weird one love one sEntence

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Ezana, while there’s no page with the points bulleted out, you could always take notes and keep them handy! And we’d love to hear your suggestions for MarieTV here Just scroll down to the Be on MarieTV section and you can share your Q about practicing what you preach!

  18. Marie and crew, you rock!
    Marie, you are friggin’ hilarious and inspirational. I love what you are puttin’ out there in the world sister. My business and life have definitely been positively impacted by your great work. Keep it comin’! <3

  19. Kim

    Dear Marie & Team! This was frikken epic. Marie you are the ultimate queen of killer content. I’ve been watching your videos since the get-go, and I bow down to thee you absolute legend! Keep up the good work. Kim.

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Kim! That means the world to us!

  20. Thank you for this episode, Marie! It fascinates me every time how perfectly timed your advice is! How do you do that?))

    Getting heard in this noisy corporate world can truly be a challenge! I’ve experienced it many times and this year have finally learned my lesson! Being what they call a “natural leader,” I’ve always struggled to follow somebody else’s direction and stay engaged and supportive working on those ideas that didn’t resonate with me!

    No that I’ve uncovered how to be better at following and stay true to myself (I used to perceive it as a weakness or act of manipulation, while it’s not that), I’m building an online course to teach those things to the passionate intrapreneurs who really want to make their voices heard!

    So happy you shared this in your episode, which means that somebody is actually interested in making that change rather that quitting and moving on to a different company!

  21. Oh Marie!!

    I may not have Donna’s dilemma but I just HAD to watch because I had to see how you would creatively throw Kanye in the mix and still spread your helpful messages.

    Loved it, you had me shaking my head asking what is she doing, whilst equally loving the creativity. Virtual High 5 Marie! I love how you have fun with your business and continue to produce great work and inspire.

    Thank you x

  22. Kori

    Great Episode Marie!
    By far, it’s one of the best I’ve seen this year. I didn’t think that it would relate to me, not being an intra/entrepreneur, but I gain a lot of insight and inspiration from it. For that, I thank you Marie 🙂
    P.S. I can’t wait until 10/6 and will keep my fingers crossed until then in hopes of winning Satya jewelry (so pretty!)
    All the best!!

  23. Sometimes the best ideas can come from “outside” your company as well. Service providers familiar with your brand and mission (graphic designers, web designers, etc) can offer great suggestions — something about looking in from the outside with an entirely fresh perspective. Make sure you are always listening.
    P.S. Might have been a bit distracted by that awesome jumpsuit today! 🙂

  24. Tammie Burton

    Marie, You had me laughing and dancing all the way through my morning coffee! Thank you for your passion, insight and humor. Have a blessed day!

  25. High-five for another awesome show!

  26. Great points Marie! No matter where or with whom you work, understanding the need to change can be hard! However, if you can simplistically SHOW others, the impact or benefits from a change… They’re more than willing… But by showing them it has to be simple, in their language and quickly understood… I call theses the ABC’s of Business…show them by doing=’s A for your actions…which can be accomplished with B— you back it up! Then folks in the org begin to buy in to your C which is change… One page: where the company is and where they can be. Paint that picture and add in details to show benefits- financial, operational, emotional… Now get to it :-)))

  27. OMG that was fun! I’m still laughing. Just wanted to share one experience. I used to work for a large organization and I decided to spearhead a change that would save time and money (we were duplicating some work). What I discovered was a great lesson in humility. The change I suggested was a good idea, and the managers agreed, but it sure was a lot harder to implement than I thought. What I didn’t realize was the complexity of the system and how what I suggested caused issues for other people (like our systems manager, accounting, and case management). We resolved it all in the end, but it taught me that I don’t have the big picture sometimes (and very often few of us do). I still advocate for changes, but these days I’m more conscious about asking lots of questions and doing my research. Thanks for another positivity booster shot.

  28. Tabitha

    This is one of my favorite videos so far, Marie. I am an intrapreneur but have been watching for years. I find that many of your tips are still applicable to me and my role, but this one hit home. I didn’t have such a clearly laid out game plan to follow as this, but I blundered through exactly this process in some of my most successful career steps. It can be difficult, especially if you are a young gun, to be taken seriously. Do the homework, ya’ll. Know your audience. Know what they care about. Know how your goals can help achieve theirs. It pays off.

    I have a related question. As an intrapreneur it can be exceedingly frustrating to be at the whim of management’s moods, especially (as in my case) when that is a family business where the climate of the extended family can drastically affect the business and it’s momentum. Do you have any recommendation on what someone who functions at a high level of care & investment in their company (but is not the owner or upper level management) can do to positively effect culture that has become toxic because of lack of appreciation & a tendency to focus on the negative? How do you help the powers-that-be shake off the cobwebs and see the everyday worker & their need for simple affirmation and human engagement with their leadership? When they seem completely out of sync with what is going on in their company, how do you get the owners to engage & get their heart back? Or at what point do you stop trying to raise the dead, even of those you care about, and just… move on?

    • Beverly

      No one but you can actually answer that question.

      Here were some of my clues though. It was costing me my mental, emotional and physical health. Do you throw up before you go to work? Does your body tense up waiting for the next attack?

      Sometimes you can encourage change in a company. Sometimes the change is your butt going out the door. If you can’t find anyone above you in the ‘chain of command’ that is willing to listen and take ACTION… then it’s time to make some choices.

      How much is it costing you to stay? What will happen to you if you do stay? Is it worth it? That’s the question only you can answer.

      If you ARE able to get management to listen and not view you as a threat but an asset then amazing things are possible.

      Best of luck in everything,

    • BeeBell

      Tabitha, unfortunately this sort of attitude is pervasive in a lot of companies and not just one comprised of family. I would suggest reading a very short book by author Seth Godin called The Dip. I would further suggest that you subscribe to his blog. It is generally short, to the point, extremely insightful, and doesn’t come cramped with pictures and marketing hooks and other unnecessary crap. And as the other responded said sometimes if we don’t make a choice the choice gets made for you…… mostly when you are unprepared. Good Luck. 🙂

  29. This was sooo Helpful! Thank you. I’ve been in a funk thinking I couldn’t make changes/be a leader at work. This has re-inspired me to look differently at the ways I can create change without having to jump ship.

  30. Ann

    Just wanted to put in my 2cents… I’m assuming that a large majority of your viewers are women, as am I. Therefore, I am compelled to add that being a woman is a HUGE part of being heard in the workplace. I have implemented several changes throughout my career and here are my thoughts:
    1. You have to be respected to be heard- if you’re not a hard/smart worker, no one will listen to your ideas
    2. Frequently women are invisible in corporate environments- so don’t give up after one try
    3. Women sometimes lack confidence and come off like they are unsure of their ideas- use the right language, don’t ‘uptalk’ ever, don’t let men talk over you, don’t be afraid to talk first.
    4. It helps when pitching to tie in the person you’re trying to convince – I’m not really making it sound like their idea (instead of mine) but I’m using something that they’ve said or done in the past in my proposal so they can see how they are already a part of the idea or solution to the problem. MIND GAMES, kind of, but whatever it takes!
    Lastly, I say WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. Every thing that i do at work to make operations smoother or increase sales or a creative solution I write down in my CYA (cover your a**) notebook. At review time, I pull that notebook out as a reminder of how awesome I am!

  31. Oh my goodness, that Ehhhh Kanye head is so funny.

    The throwing up hands up tip is important. When I used to work for a company I had many of my ideas passed over. I learned it’s important to not let setbacks change the way I show up.

  32. Marie,

    I have always loved your style and tips, you’re just fantastic. But today hit so close to home when mentioning do some GOAL DIGGIN’!
    I just launched a Kickstarter for the Goal Digger Planner! And I have to say part of the confidence to launch this came from watching you!

    Would love if you could see this project: GOAL DIGGER PLANNER 2016


  33. Sonja

    Great advice…so timely! I’ve been preparing a mini-presentation regarding the decor and setup of our office (we’re in real estate and our agents sit at cubicles that are more like monoliths of the ’90s- BUMMER).

    The decor SCREAMS “where’s the TPS report”??

    I’d like to see a more collaborative, dynamic workplace but it wont happen when the office looks/functions like this.

    We wont recruit great agents with this time machine.

    Now I’m off like Cyclops-

    ‘One of the problems with being a bubbling source of creativity – it’s like I’m bubbling in a laboratory, and if you don’t put a cap on it, at one point it will, like, break the glass. If I can hone that… then I have, like, nuclear power, like a superhero, like Cyclops when he puts his glasses on.’
    -Kanye West

  34. Wish I was brave enough to challenge anyone’s culture tbh. For as long as I remember, I’ve always suffered impostor syndrome, even when I really know what I’m doing. Recently I’ve had people question my “authority” and challenge my character, and it’s been hard, but you gotta work for your win, so…
    I’m gonna throw up my hands in the skyyy. 😀

  35. So glad you addressed the need for “intrapreneuring.” I loved the big consulting firm I worked for and the people I led there. But when my boss announced her retirement, and I realized “holy sh#%, I don’t want job,” I had to think more intentionally about what was next for me.

    After investing in professional coaching, I had a clearer picture of what I wanted to do different than what I was doing, and knew it would be good for the company, too. So with the help of good dollars & cents data and real-life examples gained from a trade group, I created a business pitch to run my own internal coaching program inside my existing business. It got approved, and gave me the freedom to sample whether this was indeed the work I wanted to do. After a year, I knew I needed to do this completely, so jumped into my own business. But I never would have done that without the opportunity and blessing to test drive my talents by intrapraneuring first.

    If you’re a high performer, don’t assume the answer will be no. Many companies would rather partner with you to recreate your role than to lose you altogether. And you may have to compromise a little–I still did some of my strategic consulting work while building the coaching program. But it was worth it–I’m glad I took the risk to ask for what I wanted, because it got me to where I am today. Thanks for the reminder!

  36. Martina

    Hi Marie and everyone,

    Great episode! I love all of your videos, Marie, you are a huge inspiration to me. I work for a company and often have lots of ideas and opinions that I’m not afraid to share :D. Luckily I do get heard and my ideas often do get used, which I’m very grateful for. One way to make people see your point I found is not just talk about it, but show them an example. This may not apply to all ideas, but in my case – mostly design ideas, just talking about it is sometimes not enough, until people see it they may have no clue about what you mean (it doesn’t have to be the final product, just a scatch, someone else doing something similar etc.). And regarding other ideas too, I think good timing is important, trying to explain in different ways depending on the person you talk to and the way they think, positive approach and enthusiasm can help a lot as it’s contagious 😉

    Best wishes,


  37. What a fun video! Creative, entertaining and engaging. Rock on!!

  38. laouamen

    hello , I want to say thank you so much ,you do not how much you helped me I am trying to follow every word said by you . I feel good now . I will continue . keep it up .

  39. Love this video… so freaking helpful!

  40. Loved this episode!! I was just having a moment of discouragement and this video gave me so much inspiration. Thank you Marie!

  41. Hey Marie,

    great input as always!

    Two of the greatest misunderstandings about improving are not to talk about ist and waiting for better ideas.

    If you have an ignorant boss just ask yourself if you are in the right place.

    Best to you and your tribe from Germany

  42. Michael Robertson

    The moment I saw you mention Kanye, the king of egos, you lost me. I tried to watch the video but I am, definitely, not a Kanye fan and therefore, stopped. Kanye is not a creative genius, if you have to call yourself something, regarding genius, generally, you are not. And with a degree in fashion design and seeing his efforts, to me, he is, definitely, not. If next you use any reference to the Kardashians you will have lost all credibility with me, you’ve almost done so, just using Kanye. But everything else that you share I have loved. And I’m sure there is some great info in this video but again, with Kanye in it, it will be lost to me. Still, I look forward to the next.

  43. Maria

    Hi Marie! Thank you thank you thank you for your episodes, each and every one of them leaves me with the fuel, the energy, and the load of ideas to put in action in my life, my business and my profession.

    I used to work as the head of the visual merchandising and marketing department for a retail chain. When I started working and monitoring the work of managers, visual merchandisers, sales people, etcetera from over 40 stores all over my country I realized that customers weren’t going to get “the idea” of how cool our brand was unless first, people that worked with the brand get to know how cool it was and where truly happy of belonging to a family. My proposal was to create an internal magazine where they would express, contribute and even nurture it with their experiences running a store in the beach or near a big city.
    They all loved the idea!
    I no longer work there but I am proud to say that we published for almost 2 years (me designing the magazine and then developing the project as a freelancer editor and designer)
    And the things employees wrote to me and how they asked every month for more magazines sent to them, they being able to show families and friends what their job was, it was gratifying!

    I think it’s always gratifying when one idea is absorbed by a group.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Maria, we’re honored our work leaves you fueled up and ready with ideas. 🙂

      I love your share about what you created at the retail chain!

  44. Debi

    Love this! Love it to bits. But I hate to be the negative Nelly here. But how can we even propose new ideas when companies who want to hear fresh new ideas are hiring Millennials? Isn’t diversification a cool way to bring forth experience and new ideas to improve a company’s success? I get it when there are people of an older generation not contributing this way, but that’s an individual’s personal issue – it’s not prevalent to all of “a certain age.” I’m trying to start a business so I won’t have to be counted out when it comes to making a living and loving it – so I can work on my own terms.

    I do love these ideas as someone who is working as an entrepreneur. But if I hire people, I want ideas from a larger spectrum of ages. Young and old.

    Apologies for taking this very useful email and going in this direction, but when I heard “I’ve hired Millennials” to solve a problem because the family business was stuck in an old mindset – it bothered. Can we all just implement Marie’s sage words and hire those who can help us succeed regardless of age?

  45. Marie – You crack me up! This is a great video. I love your tips and love that you’re covering intrapreneurship. Super important for anyone who has that entrepreneurial feeling but working at a large organization.

  46. Marie! I have been watching for years and that was the THE BEST VIDEO you’ve ever done. Seriously. Not only entertaining, it was rich with great content. Well done!

    Kanye is truly a master example of owning your sh** and not giving up and not getting beat down by the critics. Love that you integrated this in to your guidance. I’m an entrepreneur but I found the 5 steps could easily be applied to running the show too. Way to rock it sista! BTWs – LOVE LOVE LOVE the jumpsuit. Kanye would be proud. XoxHeather

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Heather. 🙂

  47. Always choose your battles. I followed the steps Marie outlines pretty much when I had a corporate job and my boss laughed in my face by not having enough respect to read my proposal. I had to go with a change the company wanted to make that greatly impacted me and as disappointed as I was, I did what they asked. I realized that it was that particular person and not management in general. Once I didn’t answer to that person, I felt comfortable to offer constructive input, was respected and heard. I was able to impact some changes that meant a lot to me.I love the idea of leadership from within, even when management isn’t asking for it. I think employees who lead respectfully are a tremendous asset to a good leader who wants to be great.

  48. OMG, Marie, retire now, cuz there’s no possible way you could top this brilliant and outrageously creative MarieTV episode. Done. Throw your hands in the sky!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      HA – love it, Tara! Thank you big time.

  49. Is

    Unlike some of the folks who couldn’t watch this due to your Kanye-isms, its totally what made me click through. My coworker was cracking up at the HANHHHH between segments. And as obnoxious as he can be, I’m glad you were able to get through the noise that is him and really push through some of these points. Kudos on the Creative.

    Separately, these are great tips as I’ve definitely felt the “no one listens to me” especially when outside people pitch the same ideas that I’ve already mentioned … *enter frustrated emoji face here*

    I think in picking your battles, sometimes you realize that a place is simply not for you. For whoever is in a family run business or somewhere they do really love, maybe they can’t leave, but I think these are great tips for presenting for ideas regardless of what you’re pitching for – change or otherwise.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Is — we appreciate that and love that your coworker got some laughs too.

      You’re so right about sometimes realizing that a place (or relationship, or whatever) really isn’t for you. Thanks for your share.

  50. Bonjour, Marie !

    I love brainstorming with my hires, they know the best the problems that they encounter, and I like having a weekly brainstorming meeting.

    Merci ! 🙂

  51. My favorite way to make changes in a company I’m working with is to show, not tell.

    This means sending out an important company-wide email in a fun, conversational tone which might not be what they’re used to. Ask for forgiveness later.

    Show two samples of work:
    1) the old way
    2) your sparkling NEW way
    Your NEW way should blow the old out of the water. If it doesn’t – go back to the drawing board.

    Offer to try out your new idea for a limited time of a few weeks or so. Promise your bosses if they don’t see the change you promise, you’ll scrap it and move onto your next idea.

  52. Elizabeth

    Excellent advice, thank you so much! I made it 6 steps – I was impatient to get through the Kanye padding to hear the next steps. You don’t need him. I guess you had fun making the episode though.

  53. Niki

    One of your best. xx

  54. Yes its true, Marie comes with killer Content all the time. Have enjoyed this episode a lot. I love Kanye too. What a combination Marie and Kanye. Respect comes your way you two. A wink goes to Team Forleo for the Comments, they come with lots of insight. Keep shining – Thomas!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Thomas 🙂

  55. Oliver


    What great timing for this video. It is very helpful. I am currently trying to spearhead changes at my condominium association and at work where I am a custodial worker.

    Twenty (20) years ago I spearheaded a change in accounting which included adding macros to our spreadsheet. The change was done by an outside accounting company and I did not stay long enough with the organization to see the results.


  56. Sekina T Okonu

    Hi Marie!
    Another inspiring topic! As for me; to be a change agent you have to first of all earn the respect of your colleagues and also ensure your integrity is unquestionably.
    Also ensure you present your new idea/ project in such a way that shows you are not out to steal anybody’s position within the organisation. Carrying the team along would ensure others would advocate for you so long as your idea is beneficial to the organisation.
    Marie featuring Kanye just goes to show her versatility to work with anyone that she feels her ‘multiple view’ fans can get inspiration from. I’m not a fan of Kanye either and to my fellow ‘Kanye averse’; cut out the noise and get the message! Just like I did! Love you Marie; you rock!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Sekina — we love you back and so appreciate you adding to the conversation here.

  57. This video looked like a lot of fun to make. Thanks for all the great interviews you’re doing, Marie.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Yes, it was SO fun to make! Thank you, Joe. We’re thrilled to have you tuning in.

  58. Allison


    I just want to thank you for being you. You have such heart in your work and it so truly resonates with me and my visions for my upcoming business. My inbox is filled with so many business people out there that like to bring on the negativity to get you to buy their stuff. You never do that and I love you for it! You just keep on the positive vibes and fun, and its easy to see you are truly aligned with your work. ♥

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much, Allison! Your comment made my day xoxo 🙂

  59. Oh Marie you (and your team) are just crazy!

    Although this week’s Marie TV wasn’t relevant for me, I just had to finish watching Kanye Karaoke.

    Thanks for being amazing as always. See you next week 🙂


  60. Pessimism is POISON!

    I have learned this lesson over and over and OVER, and have watched so many people crash and burn because of a poor attitude. I currently am an intrepreneur for a multi-billion dollar fashion corporation. And let me tell you, the quickest way to NOT get what you want or to knock yourself down a couple rungs on the ladder is to have negative word-vomit on a regular basis.

    It’s ok to get frustrated with a slow process or a broken system. Do what you can to fix it, and don’t complain about what you can’t fix. Be adaptable. Be bold to affect change when you can. Don’t be a negative ninny when you can’t.

    Sometimes you’re on a ship the size of the Titanic, that can’t turn and adapt on a dime. But that doesn’t mean what you have to offer can’t make big waves. Don’t sink you’re career on account of pessimism.

  61. What a great episode! Making change from the inside is tough when you’re just a worker bee and not the head honcho. That’s why I created – to help us employees realize we have power to make change and encourage us to put that change into action – making for an all-around happier workplace. It’s much better to try to make positive changes where you are instead of running from place to place hoping it will be better. If you haven’t found your dream job – create your dream job where you are now!

    At the job I’m at now, I met with the president of the company and worked to launch quarterly volunteer days company-wide! Volunteering fulfills the employees as well as the company mission so it was a win-win.

  62. Rolene

    Loved this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How would you go about changing very old fashioned ideas and management of a fundraising organization that is largely made up of volunteers who have not had much experience in the work force? In order to increase donations and members something needs to be done. Help!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you, Rolene! The tips we share in this episode might be a really great starting point for you. It’s all about getting clear on what your organization’s goals are, then finding one specific idea (to start with anyway) to help address one problem area.

      Those techniques can work really well even if the management is something like a board where they may not have direct experience in your field. It’s still really important to respect their goals and expertise (shining the light on them), but you can also bring your own knowledge to the table when you’re proposing an idea — especially if you have skills that they might not have themselves.

      For some more great tips on being persuasive, check out this great MarieTV episode:

      I hope that helps, and thanks so much for tuning in!

  63. Hey em here for the first time.. Mostly apart from other blogs i like your image blogging.. Its pretty damn awesome.. 🙂
    I do love these ideas as someone who is working as an entrepreneur. I’d like to see a more collaborative, dynamic workplace but it wont happen when the office looks/functions like this and i find that many of your tips are still applicable to me and my role, but this one hit home. I didn’t have such a clearly laid out game plan to follow as this, but I blundered through exactly this process in some of my most successful career steps.

    Thanks for an awesome article.. Have a great weekend dear.. 🙂

  64. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for this AWESOME information. My husband and I recently made HUGE changes in our family and work lives. We had to implement these exact strategies that you spoke about. Now we work together for the first time, doing something that makes us REAL money.
    Thanks again.

  65. I worked for a very long time in a huge multinational and my role was to influence the bosses and change culture (I was HR manager, but now I am entrepreneur, yay!). What I see worked great with my boss was to spell out the idea of what I think we should do differently (agree with you, Marie, that it should be totally aligned with the goals and clearly communicate the value) and then to pause a bit. First time my ideas were not rejected but… ehhhh… OK, but I am making it my way I I know how to do it – that was the reaction. Then I started to talk with the team, 1 by 1, little by little, talking about my idea… they talked to the boss, I expressed my thoughts here and there… and finally after some time my boss was saying with confidence: “we will do it like this”, expressing what I was communicating and believing that it was his idea. So, my approach is not to do pitches but little by little integrate the ideas into the people, show how it works so they finally they think this is theirs.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s fantastic, Varvara! I’m so glad your boss listened to your ideas. I know that’s a great feeling.

  66. Rebekah Venturini

    This episode had me rollin’! So hilarious (and informative!)! Thank you so much for these fantastic tips. I can wait to start proposing and shining!!!

  67. Luciana

    Great episode! Fun and informative!

  68. Hello!

    Great points, and I’d like to add one. Changes likely to be implemented without resistance in an organization, are often small tweaks to already existing procedures. Small changes can have great effect, as I just learned from reading “The Power of Habit,” by Charles Duhigg. And BTW, Marie, he’d be a great guest on your show!

    Thanks for keeping me entertained and informed!

    ? Ann

  69. Best video yet, Marie! And that onesie. Super hot, woman. Love you sister.

  70. Michele

    LOVE the show, blog and everything in between. I share it with many young women I know or mentor- you are well received by all. I have found the best way to get ideas moving down the progress pipe is to:
    Be Positive – always pint out what’s working and what we need to be doing more of. Congratulate a job well done.
    Collaborate – socialize your idea with the team to not only gain support, but to truly listen and improve upon your idea.
    Test it out- can you create a microcosm of change ti test out your theory?

    • Michele

      Aaaatghhh I hit send too soon!!!!

      Test it- can you get buy in to try your change? Maybe we only do this on Mondays, start in a small department or with a handful of peeps. If there’s auccess, broaden the test trial.

      Measure it – you need to get the boss to agree to the metrics. What will success look like? Be specific: 20% reduction in cost, 0 absences for the month of Nov, 10% revenue increase to a new market or customer for a given time period. The boss loves data!
      Communicate- be authentic when pitching your idea and talk like a regular person. Don’t use weird business robot- speak. Flaunt your own style.
      As someone once said: I’m a Creative Genius… There’s no other way to word it!

  71. Marie, this episode is too funny and one of the best on all levels. I think somethings are taking too seriously, we need to look at the message…
    I have one thing to add to the comments which has always worked for me when delivering comments and suggestions:
    ‘Good Bad Good’ start with something positive, then follow with your suggestion then end on a good note! This has worked for me in business and in my personal life.

    Thank you for your continued hard work, inspiration and motivation,


    Amma xxx

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Amma, so glad you enjoyed this episode and I LOVE your suggestions of delivering info in a Good/Bad/Good pattern. So nice to cushion the critical feedback inside of some positive words.

  72. It can be very difficult to get people to understand what you you are trying to communicate, especially if the first thing that comes across is CHANGE. A skill I’ve started to learn is “Show me, don’t tell me” I create visual documents that support the trends or design elements I’m looking to implement. I site what sources they came from and the dates found in stores or online to show currency or frequency. Then I pass the information on without forcing my case verbally. Just set it on the table and allow people to make the same discovery, or even make a new discovery that I hadn’t seen before. In all cases, the information I provide adds to the table and we create something engaging and interesting. It also keeps dialog going with departments I may not otherwise have frequent dialog with.
    “Show me, don’t tell me”, takes time but is non-invasive and it’s a respectful way to get your point heard.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Great tips, thank you for sharing!

  73. This was the funniest MarieTV ever.

  74. You’re a genius! Love this. Changing a company culture is difficult but I’m happy to know that I’m on the right track. I’m the Queen of the Power Proposal! I’ve had some great wins with this approach and I look forward to doing to making other changes happen as needed. Thank you for this video!

  75. I tried to solve a problem in a company and It did not work. I did not use all these steps and I can see now what I could have done better. Thank you.

  76. I work at an agency who’s goals for the year included increasing productivity. Our meeting culture is an ongoing struggle for people because we need to get the information we receive during them, but we also all need time to get sh*t done. I had been hearing so many business owners on podcasts talking about batch working they days, and really wished I had more availability to do so in my schedule. Since meeting rely on so many people’s schedules, that was a bit outside of my control.

    Taking feedback I had received from other people, what I had been reading, and statistics on how much time and money is lost due to low productivity and context switching, I presented the idea of having a 3-hour Meeting-Free Block that we would pilot for a couple months and then send out a survey so see how it was functioning in real life and adjust from there.

    I presented it to our CEO during a 1-on-1 and got approval to present it to the company the following Monday.

  77. Julia - Team Forleo

    Awesome idea, Chelsea! That’s so exciting. We hope your presentation goes really well – we’re sending you tons of positive vibes. Great job on seeing and creating a positive solution to a problem within your company!

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